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California upholds ban on same-sex marriage

May 27, 2009 by  

California upholds ban on same-sex marriage Ratifying the results of last year’s popular vote, the California Supreme Court upheld a ban on same-gender marriages yesterday, sparking fierce debate between critics and supporters of the move.

The ruling is based on the passage last November of Proposition 8 which sought to restrict the definition of marriage to opposite-sex couples.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins has praised the court’s decision.

"California’s constitution gives its citizens the right of self-governance and we are pleased that the court resisted demands to strip the right of the people to amend the state constitution," he stated.

"Even this widely-recognized liberal court understands that overturning Proposition 8 would represent a repudiation of the state constitution it is sworn to uphold," Perkins added.

Meanwhile, supporters of gay marriage, who called the decision a sad day for freedom and fairness, have said the civil rights struggle this case represents has not yet ended.

"Across the state, community gatherings will demonstrate the continuing support for marriage equality … and prepare for taking the necessary next steps forward toward securing civil marriage equality at the state and federal levels," LA Gay & Lesbian Center said in a statement.

Yesterday’s decision preserves the 18,000 same-sex marriages performed last year between the justices’ ruling in May that same-sex marriage was constitutional and the passage of Proposition 8.


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    God made the institution of marrage for a man and a woman. He made this insitution Holy and blessed it. It would be a disgrace to God to take it and make it a curse. The same God said that it is an abomination for 2 men to lay down together. So for the same people to take something that is Holy and turn it into an abomintaion is the ultimate insult to our Loving Creator. So the very definition of Marrage set by the one that created marrage is One Man and One Woman.

    • Ron F

      If God made the institution of marriage then why is the government involved? I thought this site was for proponents of civil liberties but apparently this doesn’t apply to everyone.


      • L Huff

        strong textI remember not that Long ago when all the gay activist wanted was the same rights as married people. Now they want to be married like every one else. What next? Our God is there God and they the gays are so self centered that they condemn those who find fault with there views and carry on like there being persecuted as bad or worse than any group in history. I’ve had many Gay friends in the past but never knew vthem to feel or act the way these radicals are. I’ll not bother going into the History of Greece or Roman Empires that became sexually perverted with all kinds of sex including lots of Homosexual activity and there moral behavior swo weakened them they fell. Well why do not the Gays just all move to states that gave them Marriage and become the majority population that they would like and prove to the rest of us there good for society.

      • 13th Gen. American

        Excuse me, If its is so right then why hasnt it been considered a marriage for the last thousands of years? You can do whatever you like in your own home but NOW YOU are taking God out of marriage and making US live by your standards.The gays started this mess and now since people dont believe its right and should be held on the same standard as GOD given marriage their having a fit. You are the ones trying to justify your actions by making it legal but weither it is legal or not it isnt right. Next it will be the boy lovers who want to marry because they were born that way. Then the donkey and goat lovers because they have loved their animals from birth so God made them that way. Then child molesters have it in them so God must have made them that way too so they should be able to have sex with children and marry them. They all feel the same way the gays do that it their right but it is all wrong. You can do whatever you want and justify it however you like but dont take OUR GOD out of our goverment because it was founded on Godly principles.

      • Kat

        There is a just God and he belongs to everyone and having him in a marriage does not have him in Government. Common sense is that marriage should not change. Why does everyone want to destroy the family unit of a mother, father, and children into something deviant and different ? Find a different kind of name and unionize yourselves outside of something called “marriage”. If your so unique then why not find a unique name for being together as one sex as man and man or woman and woman ? Why do you INSIST on DESTROYING FAMILY UNITS ???????

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        They are keeping God out of government, why in the hell do you think it is so corrupt and dirty? If God was in government, you wouldnt have guys taking bribes and getting in bed with special interest groups, taking their money to give them what they want. They would be doing what they were elected to do, so serve the people they represent, without regard of whats in it for them. Its not supposed to be about what is in it for them, and they arent supposed to get things. They are supposed to just get a paycheck to serve the people that elected them, plain and simple, that is it. The job title is public servant. But when you kick God out of things, the servanthood is gone. Jesus came here for one thing, to serve man. He gave His life for us. Those elected to office are to have a servants heart, and give of themselves for others. But since God isnt allowed in politics no more, they have become a godless group of vipers, all seeking money and favor, and they have lost their way in the darkness and wander about in the wilderness. So rather that it be what you say, to leave my God out of government, for it to work right, we should only be electing Godly men into office. But if your in the darkness, I dont expect you to understand.

        • Ron F

          Who decides who is “godly”?
          -The Catholic Church has a great track record of “godly” pedophiles.
          -Evangelicals have plenty of examples “godly” men embezzling money and cheating on their wives.
          -Heck, a “godly” man just killed an abortion doctor.
          -Millions of people consider Osama Bin Laden “godly”

          History is full of “godly” men who were anything but.
          As a matter of fact, more people have been robbed, raped and killed in the name of their god.

          Most of the wars in history were started in the name of “god.”

          I respect your right to believe in god, but please don’t be so ignorant that you or anyone else can tell us what god really wants. The sheer number of religions in the world, none of which can claim a majority, seem to prove my point.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          To Ron F. God decides who is Godly, and thats it. Many men will rise today on this earth, and either tell you they are Godly, or others will tell you they are Godly, but judge them by their deeds, not their words. That is the key. There are many false prophets in the world my friend, and many of them are put there for people like you to see, to keep you from finding Jesus Christ, and the eternal life He has waiting for you. Dont let mere men make you miss the bus my friend. They are all over, as are the hypocrites by the thousands. By their fruits we will know who they are. See what fruit they bear my friend, and you will know if they are of God or not. Its that easy. One day Jesus gets to make all wrongs right, and we all get to answer for things. Rest assured of that.

      • M. Hiller

        Ron seems to be the only person on this blog who, if born into a religion that told him to kill for glory, would be thinking twice about strapping on a bomb and following orders from his magic book. The rest of you are no more rational than the “other” religious fanatics you so fear. WAKE UP PEOPLE. YOU ARE THEM.

        • http://naver samurai

          If believing in God and knowing that our country was founded on Christian beliefs makes me a nut, so be it. You and Ron are the nut cases here and are complete morons! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Eric Bischoff

      and you know this because what, God spoke to you and told you this.

      Love is what’s holy.
      Love thy neighbor.
      Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

      I say live and let live to all you hypocrites.

      Why can’t you focus that energy into more urgent problems like world hunger; or the planet being in danger of not being able to support life; or billions of people living on a dollar a day; or poverty and illiteracy in the US; or a still rising cancer rate; or the ever present and growing rate of rapes; or an ever accelerating rate of divorce amongst the heterosexual community; or the financial and government corruption that has destroyed the world economies . Should I go on? Aren’t these more worthy goals?

      I have a theory that the most vocal homophobes have deep seated mixed feelings and they really can’t deal with them so they take it out on others who represent their suppressed feelings.

      I demand separation of church and state. Its is my God given right. I’ll pray how I want, where I want and I refuse to associate with your despicable, corrupt, hypocritical churches/religions.

      I believe in equal rights, democracy and a free market and I think we should try it already.

      From a happily married man to a woman for the last 28 years.

      • Mike D.

        A civil union can have many different names, such as marriage. It is defined as a union between a man and a woman. I believe you can choose any name, for any union you wish and still have the same rights as any other. I believe EVERONE is entitled to equal rights under the law. So why do these people want to get up in arms over the name of an institution already defining a particular civil union, marriage? Talk about wasted energy! All they need do is to use a different name. But they wont do that for they find it more satisfying to try and force their ideology onto someone else. THIS is when the gov. gets involved, do its job to protect the people and administer justice. Yes, even conservatives have rights under the law!

        • Ron F

          Mike D. You are missing the fact that you get more government and business benefits from marriage than a civil union. I say remove those benefits and let churches marry whoever they want. It is no ones business who is married and who is not.

          along the same lines, wouldn’t it make more sense to tax people MORE for having more children as they will use more social services?


          • http://naver samurai

            Sorry moron, but this nation is a Christian nation. Our Christian history, from the founding of the colonies to the declaration of the SCOTUS, America’s heritage is built up on the principles of the Christian religion. And yet the secularists are dismantling this foundation brick by brick, attempting to deny the very core of our national life. Consider the following facts which are being systematically erased from our nations memory:

            1. 1892, the SCOTUS declared, “This is a Christian nation.”
            2. During the Revolution, Congress resolved to import 20,000 volumes
            of the Bible because, “the use of the Bible is so universal, and
            it’s importance so great.”
            3. The New England Confederation stated that the purpose of the
            colonies was “to advance the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and
            to enjoy the liberties of the gospel in purity with peace.”
            4. Harvard College required that each student believed that “the main
            end of his life and studies is to know God and Jesus Christ which
            is eternal life.”
            5. “The Christian religion is…the Religion of Wisdom, Virtue,
            Equity, and humanity.” John Adams.
            6. Engraved on the metal cap of top of the Washington Monument are the
            words, “Praise be to God.”

            Soory Ron, but you cannot deny our Christian founding, God, and Jesus, when it comes to our nation’s history. Go peddle your atheist nonsence somewher else. We’re not buy it. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • http://naver samurai

            Seperation of church and state, separation of God from public life, never intended by our Christian founding fathers. Instead of get God out of our government, you should say get traitors and fools like you out of this country now! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Robin from Indiana

        ‘I demand separation of church and state. Its is my God given right.’

        Where is that found in the Bible? From your attack on Frank, I get the impression that you don’t believe in God. If you did, you would know that this is indeed Biblical that marriage was ordained by God to be between one man and one woman. Adhering to God’s written word does not make one homophobic. God’s word reigns supreme.

        ‘Why can’t you focus that energy into more urgent problems like world hunger; or the planet being in danger of not being able to support life; or billions of people living on a dollar a day; or poverty and illiteracy in the US; or a still rising cancer rate; or the ever present and growing rate of rapes; or an ever accelerating rate of divorce amongst the heterosexual community; or the financial and government corruption that has destroyed the world economies .’
        Shouldn’t you be saying this to the gay rights activists? California put this to a vote and they lost. The Supreme Court in California has ruled and they lost again. It isn’t the so called ‘hypocrites’ that keep stirring this issue up, it’s the gay rights people. They lost… They need to focus on other things, just like you are telling people who oppose gay rights. THEY need to give it a rest…..

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Hey Robin, doesnt it seem like these people who are adamant that God needs kicked to the curb, or that there isnt a God, or that He isnt their God, are awful hate filled towards Him and the Christians, then they seemed filled with compassion for gay rights and gay marriage, like someone is full of hate when they speak the truth that it is against Gods word for us to be with the same sex. Isnt it kind of hypocritical for them to spew their opiniated hate towards Christians and God, yet we arent allowed to site solid Biblical evidence of the word of God being against homo-sexual relationships. Why are we all supposed to be so tolerant of everything immoral and anti-God, but there is no tolerance for the beliefs of Christiandom? Why when they have all the hate crime legislation, it is allowed to hate on the Christian? I for one find it very interesting that all those who cry for tolerance and cry for acceptance, have no acceptance of Jesus Christ and His place in our lives. Without Him, we are as good as a sunken ship, as every dynasty before us moved away from God, until he totally removed His hand from them, and they were all delivered unto lesser enemies. This is where we are going, and fast.

      • 13th Gen. American

        A happily married man hu? I wonder who has the suppressed issues now. I like the rage. “Its my GOD given right!!! then say Take God out of goveriment. Who is the hypocrite here? AND if you didnt notice the correlation of it all America started to really fall apart when we started to take God out of goveriment. You cant have it both ways and use God to get what you want when you want. If your so into your God given right read about what HE thinks about it all yourself and then go argue it with him.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          13th Gen.American, I agree with you. The best thing of all, is that all these people who want to kick God out of everywhere, and say there is no God, despite the evidence of Him being all around, is that there is one fine day when they get to look Him right in the eye and tell Him that. Suppose on that day they will realize that their arms are to short to box with God. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior 11 years ago, and my eyes and ears were opened at that point, and I do understand that I see and hear things that those walking in the darkness dont, but they just want to totally push Him out when all He is doing is standing there with His arms wide open, full of Love and Power for them, saying come to Me and I will make you whole. Instead they are swayed by Satan and all that glitters is gold, and seek out money and sex and what ever they think will fill them. But it doesnt. No matter how much you have, or how much you get, until you fill that Jesus shaped hole in your heart, you will be searching for something on this earth, that will never fulfill you, because your not finding what you were designed to find, the love of Jesus Christ. Figure it out now, or you can figure it out later. But you will figure it out.

      • john w

        I am not a homophobe. That is a name that was made up to try and convince people that having feelings other than there’s are somehow wrong, that FAGGOTS are normal. They are not, they are deviant sexual perverts and should be treated as such!

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          I have to differ with you on this one. Jesus didnt dump me to the heap pile when I was a lustful drunken sailor, He still loved me and called me out of the darkness, but not until I was 40. We should pray for these gay people, that they too will come out of the darkness, as the Lord does not want any to perish. By the same means, I do not accept their gay lifestyle, because I know it is wrong, as evidenced by the word of God – “It is an abomination for a man to sleep with another man as he would a woman.”. And you know what, they know it is wrong also. We are wired as such, that we know when we are doing wrong. We all know the difference between wrong and right, and we can sense it. Your right it is a sexual perversion that causes this, the same one that led me to having sex with woman after woman when I was a young man. Sin is sin, and its all the same, sin. What they do is no worse a sin than the sin I comitted having sex out of wedlock. Its no worse a sin than it is for you to hate them and say we should treat them as faggots and sexual deviant perverts. Im not saying accept their life style, because I dont, I totally reject it because I know it is wrong. But I have to extend to them the same forgiveness Jesus Christ extended to me, until I reached the point where I finally reached back to His hand that was reaching out to me. His hand is reaching out to them also, and hopefully many of them will reach back and take His hand and be saved and turn away from this perverted behavior. You are right in your accessment of what it is, deviant sexual perverted behavior, but the solution isnt to gay bash them, or hate crime them, the solution is to pray that God will reveal to them the wrongness of what they are doing, and that He will open their eyes and ears, that they too may have the saving redemption I and millions of others have had extended to them by the Grace of God. We all fall short of deserving His grace, but He gives it anyways. We should follow His lead, and extend this grace to others different than us.

        • 13th Gen. American

          Hey, ya know the whole idea of gays creeps me out I want to heave sometimes but I do have friends that are gay and they are just people. Kind loyal smart funny, mostly better dressed, people. It is a creepy sin and thats why people hate it but remember in the eyes of God a sin is a sin. A straight man having sex with tons of women is a sin. Stealing,lying,(Theres 10 ya know).Jesus died for the creepy sins, the horrible murder children sins,the rape sins, and the I just talk about my neighbor sin. So if you dont have Christ as your savior you could be the nicest person in the world but end up standing next to a gay child molester on judgment day. Thats their problem too. They think if we dont agree we hate them. They want to justify their sin by legalizing it. I think were better off not showing hate with signs that say your going to hell fag but maybe. Its wrong to be gay but Jesus loves you any way. Were not fighting against flesh and blood but powers and principalities. You fight fire with water. Hate with love.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Eric, I guess I dont understand you. I mean, I do not believe in gay bashing, and I know many gay people, and they pretty much are a peaceful lot. They are not threatening to me in any way, nor am I to them. However, they do feel threatened by the fact that I am a Christian, because down inside Eric, they know what they are doing is wrong. We are all wired that we know right from wrong. We do know when we are doing wrong, whether it be a homo-sexual thing, stealing from someone, cheating on your wife or girlfriend, or taking a pen from work. We know its wrong, its in our being. We were created by God, to be a pleasure to Him. For any of us who claim Jesus Christ as our Saviour, we do recognize the Bible as the undisputed word of God. It is written, “for a man to lay with another as he would a woman, is an abomination to the Lord”. Some things in the Bible are symbolic, and some are literal, and I dont see how this can be taken any other way that literal. Man was not made to be with another man, or woman with woman. If it was so, then we would be able to multiply with our own sex. News flash – It aint gonna happen. And to expound further on this, I have spoken with Christians who were gays in their past, before they found Christ, and everyone says they used the cop out phrase “I was born that way”, and they all said what it really was, was sexual perversion. It goes that way with heterosexuals also, this sexual perversion thing. I know, because when I was a young man, I was one of them, counting the notches on my belt for my conquests. It was nothing but sexual perversion, and deep inside even back then, I knew it was wrong when I was doing it, but I had no means of stopping myself until I found the power it took to control myself, and that was the faith in Jesus Christ. So for you to tell this guy how does he know, did God speak to him and tell him this, well Eric, yes, God did speak to me and tell me what I was doing was wrong. Actually Eric, He spoke to me very clearly. I talk with Him everyday now, and He sets my path straight. If you knew Him, you would know this, and you would know that it is wrong to sleep with the same sex. To say it is ok, means you live in that gray area of live and let live, dont worry be happy, to each his own, lets sit around the camp fire and sing kumbaya. Eric, there is a white area and a black area, a line of right and wrong. The gray area is a copout where you dont stand for something, but you fall for everything. Sorry, there is a truth, and its called Jesus Christ. And someday we all get to meet the truth, and give testimony to the things we have did. Know what Eric, there are a lot of things Ive done and still do that Im going to be ashamed of, but I know where to go to correct them, and slowly but surely in my life and Im getting better at making Godly decisions concerning my life. But as long as Im made of flesh, I will struggle and fall time to time, and knowing God doesnt give me a license to sin. It gives me a reason to hope. Thats it Eric, thats all I got. Take it or leave it, its up to you.

      • http://naver samurai

        Show me which paragraph says anything about separation of church and state in the Constitution. I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t there! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Matt Dean

      How about get government out of our God! Government should not be the entity to set our standards and moral beliefs. They make laws to protect us (which initially were based on the standards of christian beliefs, but that is beside the point). Moral beliefs and standards should be based on personal connvictions through religous institutions, or family upbringing, or some other entity more personal or local (separate the state from the church). In the spirit of moral relativism, (which is an absolutely stupid worldview), please tolerate those who believe that gay marriage and homosexuality as a whole is wrong and immoral. If you believe that those people haven’t “evolved” or have not been “enlightened” and are “homophobs,” I would have to say that for one, they probably don’t believe in the whole evolution process, and two setting standards for one’s self based on a belief that is different than others, does not mean they hate you. They just believe differently than you. Who’s the better person? I guess we’ll find out in the end.
      How do we fulfill all of God’s laws and commandments? Love God, and love others. Sometimes love is a tough thing.

      • Mike D.

        Ron f., In fact I specified that EVERONE get the same benefits. Making marriage (and any civil union) more economically attractive will strengthen moral fiber and family structure, missing in to many households today! As far as taxes go, we can't even trust our own elected officials to pay their taxes much less who's filing single or joint with dependents.
        My opinion stated that the word"marriage" defines a certain kind of civil union and is only being attacked for an ideological reason against conservatives.

        I will not begrudge any one who wants a same sex union.That is their business,but I believe that marriage between a man and woman is my business.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        It is against Gods word to be involved in a homo-sexual relationship. It is a perversion, no ifs, ands and butts about it. Being involved in an extra-marital or pre-marital sexual encounter is wrong and perverted in Gods eyes. Its not the design He has for us. It is also wrong for those who get involved in gay bashing, and acost these people. It is our jobs as Christians to pray that their eyes and ears may be opened to the light. We have had God revealed to us in Jesus Christ, and we do know right from wrong. But those who are still under Satan’s charge, have their blinders on, and the light is not in them. It is our job to show them the light by how we live and carry ourselves, and how we interact with others. Unfortunately, many who call themselves Christians, give us a black eye by running around telling people they will go to hell for being gay and other things. You dont go to hell for being gay. You dont go to hell for being a murderer. You dont go to hell for being a thief. You dont go to hell for being a hooker, or a pimp, or a cheater, or a thief. You go for one reason, not accepting Jesus Christ as you Saviour. Thats it. So my fellow Christians, stop telling people they are going to hell for what they are doing, because its not true. You go to hell for what you dont do. There is nothing you can do to inherit heaven, its all been done for you, when Jesus spread his arms and said I love you this much, and took the nails for you. You cannot pray your way in, you cannot work your way in. Its allready done. All you need to do is believe. Stop giving Jesus a black eye by telling people they are going to hell. All these things are fruits of un-belief, they tell us these folks do not believe in Jesus, but its not what they do that sentences them to hell, its what they dont do, accepting Jesus as their Saviour. Thats it, and thats all it is.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        While they cry tolerance and acceptance, they all fail to tolerate and accept God and the Christian. We are kicked to the curb, where our beliefs are not tolerated and our opinions are not counted. We are to tolerate the gay life style. We are to tolerate the illegal alien. We are to tolerate Islam and its belief to kill all of us. We are to tolerate the foreigner taking over our land. But we are not tolerated in this country founded on the belief in God, to proclaim Christianity and the name of Jesus Christ, the one and only name that keeps us free and offers us life. What happened to the United States of America, where we threw away all that was good, and let others come and have their way with us and throw our beliefs and culture to the curb? Thank you politically correct left wing liberals. That was the start and it will be the end of us, if we dont act quick. The democrats have sold us down the road and delivered us to the enemy.

  • John Wilson

    God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and STEVE
    Had he created Adam and STEVE and they lived the way of the gay
    Then you and anyone else supporting gay marriage certainly would not
    have a voice to express your views cause you would never have existed.

    In the case you don’t believe in God then why are you worried about marriage
    in the first place, it is a religious institution and existed long before our government
    so its not our God in your government, its government that needs to get out of
    our God! Most people know the United States government CANT resist sticking
    its nose into everything including areas where it does not belong. The government does not GRANT marriages it only recognizes them for legal purposes.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      There is a lot of agenda connected to this gay marriage thing. A lot of them want to be able to carry their other half on insurance, and states are allreadly allowing this. To me, it is opening a can of worms. I see a legitimate lawsuit, where a guy with a girlfriend should be able to sue to be able to carry her on his insurances as well. Why not? Also, will the gay marriages be held to the same child support and alimony laws as the heterosexual community? I sure hope so, because fair is fair. That way when they flip partners every year, because it is a proven fact that the gay lifestyle is a very promiscuos one, changing partners very often, so the lawyers are going to make a lot of money here with a ton of gay divorces and settlements to follow once this thing gets rolling. So if you guys and gals that are gay are asking for this, be prepared to pay the consequences when you break up, because these lawyers will see you for the dollar signs you represent to them, that is why they are so anxious to get this legislation passed. It will be a gold mine for the law industry. You aint seen nothing yet. These lawyers are getting ready to cash in bigtime on this one.

  • Luvenia

    Why not just change the way you get married. First, all must be married by mans law. That way everyone would have all the legal rights and I mean everyone, gay or straight. Then those that want to be married by a church could get a second certificate from their church. I think God knows who he has blessed in marriage but if you are so insecure then get the certificate. Not all marriages are blessed by God and I do not believe just because you are straight means yours will be. Get off your high horse and let everyone have the legal right to marriage, or just change the name but not the legal rights.

    • Mike D.

      Luvenia, You wrote” just change the name but not the legal rights.” And that is what I say!

  • SkipFoss

    It is about time that the court remembered that the majority vote rules. When 51% or more vote on something the law is that the if the majority wins then that is the law not what the court thinks. Just as ovomit said “We won”

  • Bladerunner

    The problem with this entire discussion, including the article itself, is the premise that the CASC “upholds [the] ban on same-sex marriage,” when in fact Prop 8 states “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.” Now, surely anyone can read that as a ban on same-sex marriage, but in truth, it is simply defining the natural, ordained sanctity of the most vital relationship on earth.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      But it will get overturned, as what is wrong will become right, and what is right will become wrong, it is written will happen in the end times. Were getting close.

  • V.N.Havlík

    The same sex marriage is unnatural – against nature; man and woman are different in relation to sex but complementary to have children, to form a family and sound nation. VH.

  • Mung

    This is a sensitive issue folks, and I am glad that God has the final words for this solution.

    • Mike D.

      And that he will!

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        I know we are supposed to have compassion for all, and not want one soul to be lost, but just for one minute, the thought enters my mind, as to what it would be like to be a fly on the wall and watch God hand down his judgment to the likes of Barney Frank, and Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy, and see how they answer for their decadent life styles and for all the lies they have told to get their way. It sure would be interesting, eh?

        • Kim McGough

          Yes it would be interesting, but it would be more interesting to see them saved, and see how they react to the issue’s then


    God created marrage. Dont use Governments to change Gods holy laws. God intended marrage to be Holy. He said that they would become one. And thru there children there genes do mix and become one person. Why use government to try to change the unchangable God? If Homo’s want to have sex who cares just leave my children alone. you have no right to broadcast what you do in your bedroom. That is the ultamate perversion. So leave the children alone. Leave Gods Holy laws alone. Leave the chruches to teach what is right and wrong and let the government protect us from invading armies. We do not need protection from a Holy God that loves us and protects us.

  • Bigvinu

    If you’re god believes in bashing people based on their preferences, shunning those that do not share the same views, and seeking to openly deny rights, why don’t you try switching to this wonderful religion that practices tolerance and peace called Christianity and follow it’s doctrine: The Bible?

    I don’t, but I always find inspiration from it’s core principles?

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      My God doesnt bash people. He loves them. He sets down guidelines. He came in the flesh, was beaten beyond recognition for us, nailed to a cross, and suffered up there until he died. A horrendous beating and suffering, for my sins and your sins. He rose again on the third day. He did all this in coming to serve man. He will come again in triumph, this time to judge the world, and to judge us by our deeds. There are those who have no use for God, and have made it clear. They say He doesnt exist. They say He is a mean God. I guess they forgot about the part where He came and was beaten beyond the recognition of a man, then nailed to a cross. So when He comes again, He will simply just tell all of you who wanted nothing to do with Him, that He will send you to a place where He will never bother you again. Yes, He will give you what you always wanted, to live in a world with no God. So when this day comes, please, I dont want to hear any complaints, when you get what you cried for all your life. It will be as you ask. Amen.

    • 13th Gen. American

      Not agreeing with someone doesnt mean were bashing them. When a person is driving down a one way street and he is told not to is it bashing? Even if he likes to? Its wrong and the gays are bashing their agenda down our necks making us accept their point into society. HATING US! The Libs are forcing us into a way of life even the russians are making fun of. My mother is a self proclaimed witch. Tell me its not wrong. I tell her God doesnt really like witches. Its in the bible. She tells me I hate her. When someone doesnt want to admit a wrong they turn it on the other guy. It may work for them against us but not so much when they face God.

  • American Citizen

    The old immorality is becoming the new morality. The thing is, there is such a thing as right and wrong. Every society that became what ours is on the way of becoming has perished. Those who will not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    • Mike D.

      American Citizen, You are exactly correct. Immorality, abuse of power and wealth will always be the fall of all great civilizations. Including this one!

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      The Greek Empire was great and large. It became perverted and decadent and Godless, and was delivered to a lesser enemy. The Roman Empire became huge and great and vast, and became perverted and decadent, and Godless, and was delivered to a lesser enemy. The Medo-Persian Empire was great and vast, and became perverted and decadent and Godless, and was delivered to a lesser enemy. Yes, it seems like we are not learning from History, and are doomed to repeat it.

  • Ron F

    You all are funny. Most of the world does not believe in the same god you do. Heck, most Christians have problems with other Christian demoninations.
    Which is the right denomination? No one will ever know.
    Is there a god? No one will ever prove it.
    If a church decides to “marry” gay couples (and there are plenty that will) then let them.
    I agree, keep the government out of religion, but more importantly, keep religion out of the government.

    You Christians are all for it now, but when the fastest growing religion in the world (Islam) passes you up, I bet you won’t be such a supporter of it.

    As for morals, I know plenty of Christians with little or know morals and, resting on the belief that Jesus died for their sins, commit all types of sins.

    Most of my gay friends are equally if not more moral than many of the so called Christians I know.

    As for marriage helping to create a stronger moral fiber, well more than half end in divorce and if you are paying attention in public like I am, it seems far too many married parents have far too few morals.

    • Mike D.

      Ron F., You are absolutely correct on all except the part about Islam.

      I have several relatives who are gay and I feel the same compassion for them as I do any other relative. They are Christian also.

      As a Christian myself I to have some degree of skepticism in the church, but that is ONLY because of some of the people who are involved in running it. Following the 10 Commandments is about all you need to do to be a good person in the eyes of ANY God! That is what is important!

      As far as morals and marriage goes, most people don’t have a clue about what it really means. They watch stupid TV shows and videos thinking that is reality. Everyone needs to be impressed not embossed. We need another John Wayne!

      We need Gov. to protect religion not run it!

      I strongly believe that everyone deserves equal rights under the law, but not the” right ” to attack and dismantle institutions that support morality. It just doesn’t make sense .

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      So sad Ron, but you speak the truth. I am a Christian, and I am appalled at some of the behaviour of Christians I see, even here in the local churches. I see so much division. I see Baptists telling people they will burn in hell for this and that, when only not accepting Christ is the tenant for that. I see Catholics praying to the Pope, and to Peter, Paul and Mary, when only Jesus can answer prayers. I see Christians attack the gays and tell them they are going to hell for it. But you see Ron, in truth, you dont go to hell for being gay. You dont go to hell for being a murderer. You dont go to hell for being a whore, a pimp, a thieve, and adulterer, or none of this. It isnt what you do that condemns one to hell Ron, its what you dont do. Jesus Christ did come to this earth, did take a beating that left Him beyond the recognition of a man, did take the nails on the cross, and did come back to life after 3 days. I know this for a fact, because He lives inside of me, and from the moment I accepted Him, all this was truly revealed to me. It is a fact, whether you want to believe it or not. But there is a day coming, where we all get to tell him the account of ourselves. For now, I feel comfortable in the shoes I wear when this day comes. I pray for you my friend, that you will be able to say the same when this day comes. Have a good day.

      • American Citizen

        Mark, Catholics do not pray TO the Pope nor the saints. They ask them to pray for them to God. Yes, we can pray directly to God, but we also pray for our brothers and sisters. It’s the same thing.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Sorry, I know what my eyes have seen. I grew up with all Catholics, was married for 8 years to a Catholic, attended some 20 different Catholic Churches, and in most everyone of them, I not only observed with my eyes, but heard with my ears, the people praying to Mary asking for her help, and praying to the statues on the side of Peter and Paul, asking for them to intercede and help. Sorry, these guys are dead, like I will be one day. Last I looked, one out of one die. Only Jesus Lives. The scriptures tell us, there is only one mediator between man and God, the God-Man himself, Christ Jesus. Only Jesus can forgive sins, no man, no Pope, no nobody but Jesus. Yes it is true, I can forgive you for something like stealing my wallet, but your sin still stains you, until to have Jesus cleanse it, which you have to confess to Him to get this done. The Pope is just a guy, and when he passes, you elect another guy, just like we do the president. It is a prestigious position, sure, but the power to forgive lies only with Jesus Christ. I do not believe in praying to statues of mere men, as this to me is idol worship. I am not a Catholic basher, dont get me wrong, but I see many unscriptural things happening there. It is as the Bible tells a church in Revelation, “I hold this against you, that you have lost your first love”. This is the Roman Catholic church of today. Their first Love, Jesus Christ, has been lost in favor of their current love, The Roman Catholic Doctrine. But I also know the Catholic church forbids reading this book, as it does reveal quite a bit about them. If you would do yourself a favor and do an indepth study, and use something like Matthew Henry’s Bible Dictionary or Reference, and pray for insight, and study with others, and seek knowledge from those senior in the faith, you might learn a thing or two like I did. Again, please, dont take my word for things or anyone elses concerning scripture. It is something you need to study and seek the truth on. Anyone can tell us anything, from the pulpit to being on the streets, to this thread here. It doesnt mean its true. Thats why we study this stuff, to verify and learn and grow. Please do.

  • American Citizen

    Mark, I don’t think you have ever really studied the Catholic religion. If you had, you would not have so many untrue statements in your reply. People may have been looking at a statue while praying, but they were not praying to the statue. They were asking/praying to that person the statue represents asking that person for help. It’s like looking at a picture of a relative. They believe that person is already in Heaven having been declared a saint. Since the saints are already in Heaven, just as Mary is, they ask them to talk to Jesus and God, the Father, for them since they are right there with them.

    AS for the Bible, I have studied it. I know that the Lord Jesus came down in the form of a human man to die for us and open the gates of Heaven which God closed when Adam and Eve sinned. They do not believe the Pope or the saints or Mary can forgive them their sins. That’s why they have the sacrament of Reconciliation. Jesus told the Apostles, “Whose sins you forgive shall be forgiven, and whose sins you retain will be retained.” The power to forgive sins was given to the Apostles and through them, to the ordained priests who act in Jesus’ name. It is really Jesus who does the forgiving. The Catholic church is the only one that can trace itself directly to the Apostles.
    After Jesus rose from the dead he walked the earth for 50 days. During that time, he instructed the Apostles in what they should teach and how to act in His name. That’s all not in the Bible. The Bible says that Jesus said many other things, so much that the world could not hold all the books (an exaggeration to make a point). That’s why tradition is so important to the Catholic Church in addition to the Bible.
    The Pope is the head of the church, first among equals as was St. Peter with the Apostles. Just as the Apostles elected Matthias to take Judas’ place after he killed himself, so do the Cardinals elect the new Pope.
    Since the Church is made of human beings, they are sinners who need to be forgiven. In fact, we are all sinners who need forgiveness by God. But we first have to ask forgiveness from whoever we have injured. Jesus said, “Before you bring your gift to the altar, first go seek forgiveness from your fellow man.”
    Yes, Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven. By this I know, I, too, have the same chance. We all will at the end of the world, rise from the dead and be divided, goats on one side, saints on the other. It’s in the book.

  • Truth Be Told


    Laws discriminate against THE BEHAVIOR NOT THE INDIVIDUAL!

    Who you are is NOT defined by your sex acts. Sexual desires alone should NEVER guarantee someone “special rights” Desires do not justify the behavior and should never have any impact upon our laws.

    There should be no legal class of gay or straight, just a legal class called person. Excerpts from Dr. Frank Turek’s book

  • MStoneManiac

    The rise of the homosexual movement is a textbook example of societal morality devolving into societal amorality and ultimately immorality. The rationale behind societal amorality is the myopic question: “How does my immoral behavior hurt you?” The answer is: It may not, in the short term. But when society sanctions immoral homosexual behavior – that does hurt me – it hurts us all. If millions of people accept the deviant as normal, that reshapes society in vastly destructive ways. A homosexual’s moral self-destruction may have no consequences for me, but destruction of societal standards always has consequences. When the stigma left single motherhood, society felt the sting in rising rates of single motherhood and juvenile crime. When the stigma left sexual licentiousness, society felt the sting in rising rates of teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, emotional emptiness and nihilism. Immoral homosexual personal behavior may not personally affect me, but exempting their immoral behavior from societal scrutiny certainly does. A society without moral standards is an unhappy, unhealthy society – a society with no future…and all of us have to live in that society. Regardless of the final Prop 8 outcome, the ruling judge chosen should not be partisan to the 3 to 5% of a protected class with a personal and political agenda to see homosexuality accepted on par with traditional marriage and by defaul have a vested interest in serving, but the MAJORITY of California and families that will likely be adversely affected by a redefinition of marriage and forced acceptance of a lifestyle most find distainful and degenerate.


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