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California Supreme Court Says Illegal Aliens Can Receive In-State Tuition Rates

November 22, 2010 by  

California Supreme Court says illegal aliens can receive in-state tuition ratesIllegal immigrants in California are eligible to pay lower college tuition than documented out-of-state students, according to a ruling by the state's highest court.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the California Supreme Court has reversed a lower state court decision that struck down a law that provided reduced tuition rates for illegal aliens. Nine other states also have laws that allow undocumented students to receive financial benefits.

The news provider reports that about 400 in-state students at the University of California (UC) are illegal immigrants, while other state colleges say that they do not monitor students' citizenship status.

The New American reports that the the UC in-state fee is approximately $12,000 per year, compared to about $35,000 each year for out-of-state students.

Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS), a nonpartisan organization, has condemned the court's decision and hopes that the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn the ruling.

"Our infrastructure is crumbling in an overpopulated, financially-strapped California, and the legislature provides an additional $23,000 per year to each illegal, foreign student — a gift that is not available to U. S. citizens in other states," said Marilyn DeYoung, Chairman of the Board of CAPS.

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  • http://?? Joe H.

    They do this and RAISE the tuition on their in-state students as well as out-of-state students!!! Again the US citizens are footing the bill for illegals!!! Find out who supported this and vote them out!!! Push for impeachment of the court justices that supported it as well!!!

    • HFlashman

      Welll….if anyone bothered to read the Cal Supreme Court decision….there was nothing indicating if they did not live in-state for the required time to qualify for in state tuition they would still receive in state tuition fees.


      • JC

        Why should they get anything at all?
        At my expense?

        They’re ILLEGAL – Period!

        • herman richardson

          Didn’t you know it is only illegal for the folks that are citizens to show their displeasure, you have to be a politician to corrupt the world, as long as we continue to take it they will continue to do it. HOw long are we going to put up with it?? NOw if you complain you are considered anti American, and are put on a list, just like they did with HITLER, are we going to continue and just get on the bus and go to the gasings???????? but consider most of these illegals are not American, so they do not give a damn!! STOP THE INSANITY GET RID OF THE NAZIS, OR SOCIALISTS OR WHATEVER THEY WANT TO BE CALLED, it is time to take care of AMERICANN NOT MEXICANS

  • Vigilant

    My question is, what business does the SCOTUS have in saying anything at all about a state education policy? The 10th Amendment gave education policies and laws to the states by default, not the Feds.

    • JimH

      I wonder if it is legal to ask the student for proof of identification to prove they are here illegally. We couldn’t just be giving that rate to a legal citizen.

      • DREAMER

        yes it is illegal to ask people for identification of citizenship….first of all who would the police ask?? all those who look illegal? brown people, people who dont speak english well?….it all goes back to racial profiling, That is exactly what Arizona’s SB1070 was doing. Racial profiling is illegal which makes it illegal for police to ask for ID

        • Granny Mae


          If your looking for a blonde cocker that ran away you sure don’t check out the Delmation on the corner ! If you are looking for Mexican illegals you don’t check out white english speaking people ! Get a grip ! It isn’t wrong it is logical !

          • libertytrain

            Granny Mae – as always a nice logical comment – well said. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

        • Jay

          Why is it nobody notice’s this. It’s illegal to ask for proof of your statues when I’m asked daily “Can I See Some ID Please.But it’s illegal to ask a mexican or any other. Their “ALL” Dem. who want a free ride from the American citizen who works for a living and abides by the laws of this country and Fights for this country. Want to see how fast the illegal would go home. Tell them they will be put on the front line’s and if they make it back they will become a citizen try that and see what happens.

    • Larry

      I believe the headline says California Supreme Court Says Illegal Aliens Can Receive In-State Tuition Rates not U.S. Supreme court

      • Vigilant

        Please read the fifth paragraph of the article.

        • Larry

          You got me however that says HOPE lets hope not

        • a skeptic

          Ok, you’re right and you’re wrong. What you say is true: education is a state and not a national matter. Clearly, then, the California Supreme Court has jurisdiction and the U.S. Supreme Court doesn’t.

          It’s not at all clear why the writer accepts DeYoung’s idea that an appeal to the national court is possible. Of course, DeYoung also qualifies the affordable rate as “a [$23,000] gift that is not available to U.S. citizens in other states”, which is obviously a gross misrepresentation.

          The $35,000 foreign student fee is aimed at rich Asian or European students, and in this the universities are simply charging what the market will bear. They understand that families who work, pay taxes, and live – legally or illegally – in the U.S. simply wouldn’t have the resources to see their sons and daughters get a better education. They lose customers and a whole segment of the population gets shut out from improving themselves and being more productive in the economy. Twelve thousand bucks a year is tough enough for any family; for most Latino or other relatively recent immigrant families it requires real personal sacrifice.

          Now, people will howl about “How can we give this benefit to illegals?” but the fact of the matter is that the community has accepted to include these immigrant young people in its public education system and the students, in turn, have distinguished themselves through several years of dedicated study in middle and high school to the extent of their being accepted into college. This is not a “cross the U.S.-Mexican border and head for the enrollment line” situation.

          Seems to me if there ever was a immigration reform that deserved implementation it was the DREAMS Act just this fall. The Republicans – who had a chance to extend a peace offering to the Latino community, while still insisting on tighter borders – defeated this in the federal legislature, under pressure from the xenophobic, anti-immigrant backlash.

          All arguments of legality and fairness aside, it’s just unrealistic to insist that immigrant families:
          a) cover the costs and dislocation of returning to their countries of origin;
          b) go through the uncertain, lengthy and costly process of applying for legal status;
          and then, having exhausted all their savings,
          c) come back, re-establish themselves, and finally send their sons or daughters off to college when these young people are no longer young.

          …Something to think about when we shut the door to these positive, dedicated youth striving for a more useful role in our communities than hanging around on street corners.

          • H.R.I.M.

            All well and good, BUT ONLY IF…
            the federal government did NOT ever again give so much as a dime of my tax money, for ANY reason, to the the state of California. jms

    • wayne

      Remember Vigilant, NObama thinks like a dictator. That is why he and his cohort liberal Congress members need to be voted out of office. I am dumb founded how the folks could have elected Nancy Pelosi again. This tell you the mind set of the people in Nancy Pelosi’s district. I think we all know.

      • Joe K


        you said “I am dumb founded how the folks could have elected Nancy Pelosi again. This tell you the mind set of the people in Nancy Pelosi’s district.”

        I used to believe that you really could tell the mind set of Americans in different areas of the country by who got elected and re-elected. How did Ted Kennedy get a 40 year career in the Senate after Chappaquiddick?

        How does Barney Frank continue to get re-elected? Harry Reid? Maxine Waters? John Kerry? I have concluded, in my own mind, that elections in so-called “strong democrat” areas of the country are pre-determined. Witness the selling of Barack Obamas senate seat in Illinois.

        We like to think our elections are free and honest, I would like to think that, but I am frankly convinced the the will of the American people is rarely seen in modern times on elections days. Frankly, I find it impossible to believe that even Obama was honestly elected by the majority of Americans. To believe that, I would have to believe that the whiners, the criers, the complainers, the wannabe communistic socialist and the generally stupid outnumber intelligent Americans.

        For my money, Pelosi did not get re-elected. Her senate seat has been bought and paid for, just like Obamas presidency.

        • 45caliber

          One thing I find interesting is that Pelousy had only 45% or so of the vote prior to the election – but got 80%. Boxer was in even more trouble. So was Reid. In fact, I saw one poll for him that showed him at 26% of the vote but he won. And he won in the last hour of the voting. It was as if all his supporters waited until the last moment to run in and vote.

          Rather than that, I believe the voting machines were programed as some were shown to be in the early voting: four out of five votes for his opponent were changed to his votes. Further, I believe that most of these districts that vote by such overwhelming numbers are the same. Take Houston for instance. Shiela Jackson Lee filed charges because a group of poll watchers, following all the rules, were watching in her district for illegal acts. She wanted them out – and then started campaigning for votes at the machines – which was very illegal!

        • http://gunner689 gunner689

          It’s a little known fact that there is a river known as the Dumbo which has it’s source in Red China and surfaces in California, then goes back underground and reapears in Mass. It has branches that flow to Atlanta, Chicago, and some other major cities. These cities derive their drinking water from the Dumbo and it destroys common sense and reality, turning the drinkers into liberal zombies. “Yes we Can”, “Yes we Can”, “Yes we Can”, “Give Dope, I mean Hope, a Chance.”

          • Dan az

            I think you may have something there!

        • wayne

          Joe, you are most likely correct on this. It seems that most of the political system is controlled by money, not by integrity. Being an honest man myself, which is the way my parents raised me, I know I am naive to think that all people are honest. They are not. In my opinion, the public has to take part of the blame for this as we have allowed it to happen. We should screen the background of all those who run for office and all the folks running the political parties. I think that corruption starts with these two parties. We know that neither party vets their candidate. All people running for any political party should be vetted. Folks with felonies on their record should never be cnsidered for any office, period. Example, like Marion Barry, Mayor of DC, being sent to prison for selling drugs and then running for office again and getting elected by his constitutents. What a castastrophe. We need to demand that both parties (Democrats & Republicans) need to have the people running for office fill out an application just like you and I would have to fill out. They should be required to show their original birth certificate, have a police check filled out on them showing no felonies, they should be of good moral character and etc. You see my point. Until this happens, there will never be an changes, and the crooks will be running our public offices. I, for one, am very disturbed the way the political system is being run.

        • Jay

          I’m Glade you said about time someone did.I agree 100% . We the People do not exist anymore. It’s We The Party” nuff said.

    • pennsyltuckian

      SCOTUS has every right to reject this stupid policy because MY out of state tax dollars are going to support colleges in commiefornia. They have every right to give illegals in state tuition, just so they reject federal funds and I’m not paying for illegals to get rates my kids can’t because they are legal residents of the US. If the university knows they are illegal they should be reported to ICE and deported, not given special treatment. No wonder commiefornia is bankrupt, both fiscally and morally.

      • a skeptic

        The ruling doesn’t say that illegals get a better rate than what you would get; they still have to ante up $12,000 per year. Nor can you argue that your tax dollars are more precious than the tax dollars of hard-working parents, albeit illegals and under falsified identities, who want a better life for their children.

        The tax man takes his due and cares little if the activity or person is legal or illegal.

        • 45caliber

          What makes you believe the illegals are paying taxes? Many work for cash only. (This saves the employers money since they don’t have to pay taxes on them.) Many other illegals have two sets of ID papers and draw welfare for 6 months on both sets while working on the other. Then they file two income tax forms and get all their income taxes back. The only tax they may pay is sales tax.

          Further, if the parents are here illegally, then I don’t really care if they pay $20,000 a semester for their kids to go to our schools. They shouldn’t be here in the first place. I believe that the college should check the immigration status of all students and any found to be illegal should not only be turned over to the INS but the INS should see if they can’t find the rest of hte family too.

          • http://none Mike

            45, A skeptic there = a liberal. He touted how the illeagles should get a break. If they were here to better themselves through education, What he fails to see just like any other good democrate liberal is the fact that they are here illeaglely. I guess you could find that same reasoning in his/hers support for them reciveing medical benifits,health care benifits and social security. For me all that ends at the illeagle part. Sam withe their supposed innocent anchor babies. Kinda heartless I know but this has got to stop just because you darted across the border and had a baby for free in one of our hospitals does not give it automatic citizenship rights. Mike L.

          • HFlashman

            45…as you stated, some work for cash and employers use that to evade the ta man. As I have stated many times…most TPers ignore the true criminls in the undocumented worker issue…the employer. Instead they are admament we punish the guy whose only ‘crime’ is looking for and getting a job.

          • Vigilant

            “45…as you stated, some work for cash and employers use that to evade the ta man. As I have stated many times…most TPers ignore the true criminls in the undocumented worker issue…the employer. Instead they are admament we punish the guy whose only ‘crime’ is looking for and getting a job.”

            Flush, cut the sh*t. I’m tired of hearing this non-argument. “TPers” ignore no one in the issue. Show me ONE, just ONE posting from a conservative who advocates allowing the employers off scot free.

            Speak now or forever hold your peace!

          • a skeptic


            I’m just suggesting that in principle the DREAM Act, if limited to direct family members, is not necessarily a bad thing. Right now it wouldn’t hurt to make a small gesture of goodwill to Latinos in general, and to these young immigrants who you yourself have admitted have met other in-state requirements and who are trying to improve themselves and make positive contributions to the community and economy.

            Call it expedient if you wish, but realistically, what are the options that would lead to a more positive result? If we go the present course based on the hate and prejudice that I read here everyday, we’re shutting down the hopes of these positive and studious young people, and leaving them in menial jobs, or worse, on the street. Let’s, for once, be fair about it: it’s BULL that they’re getting a break that their fellow classmates don’t.

            Like I say, here is a chance to offer a simple gesture of respect to those young people and to the Latino and recent immigrant community in general.

            But people prefer to hate and go along with the wolfpack instead of reason: in the present political mood, it’ll be difficult for Republican representatives to educate their electorate on the fairness of this. This is especially so if every time someone brings up some reasonable accomodation, the issue gets muddied with other emotional and not-directly-related issues such as you have done here, with accusations of welfare abuse.

            Yes, by all means, clean up the welfare abuse and sanction the abusers… but at the very least, be fair about it and recognize that people from ALL races are guilty of this; as we all know, so too are the major corporations and banks, but at an infinitesimaly grander scale.

            45caliper, why did you think it fair to bring this up?

            In reality, Latinos are among our hardest workers, often doing jobs that others won’t. ‘Course, that’s not anything that you’d ever admit to agreeing with.

        • Suzette

          Illegal aliens don’t pay taxes, don’t contribute to society, don’t care about our laws, don’t carry insurance etc.
          Illegal aliens must be either fully integrated and participate in our society or they must be deported.
          As illegals they are just enjoying a free ride at the expense of everyone else. Rewarding them for not participating and not paying taxes isn’t the solution.

        • wayne

          Skeptic, Illegals should not be in this country period. It is liken to some one invading your home, and you don’t have enough sense to remove them.

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      Vigilant’ Repeat after me: The “CALIFORNIA SUPREME COURT” get it? It’s not the SCOTUS.

      • Vigilant

        WIA Repeat after me: READ PARAGRAPH 5 OF THE ARTICLE, get it? It’s DOES have the potential to involve the SCOTUS.

    • HFlashman

      Vigilant….you do shame to your name. You should be asking why is this Conservative group ready to appeal to the SCOTUS when in probability there is lack of jurisdictional standing? Seems they don’t like the 10th…

      • Vigilant

        “Vigilant….you do shame to your name. You should be asking why is this Conservative group ready to appeal to the SCOTUS when in probability there is lack of jurisdictional standing? Seems they don’t like the 10th…”

        Flush, you do shame to your brain. If you had any reading ability, you would have seen the following: “Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS), a nonpartisan organization, has condemned the court’s decision and hopes that the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn the ruling.”

        What part of “nonpartisan” don’t you understand?

        • Vigilant

          “lack of jurisdictional standing?” You’re dumber than I thought.

          One of the jobs of SCOTUS is to do precisely that: determine the jurisdictional standing of an issue before the court. You don’t even understand how your own government works, do you?

        • Vigilant

          And, Flush, resign yourself to the realization that you will NEVER win an argument with me on the basis of facts, logic, civics and historical accuracy.

          If you think I’m worried about bruising your self esteem, you obviously have me confused with someone who gives a damn.

  • Gail M. Alario

    Unbelievable…this government has sold this country down the river. One must ask themselves if there truly are borders. We fail to guard them and we allow illegals to become part of our society even though they do not belong here. Time to rid our country of this goverment before they get rid of us…the legal people footing the bill….

    • Paul

      For whatever reason the elected official of our government seem to adore and place numerous gifts at the feet of the illegals. Some of whom are absolutely bent on destroying this country. By the time “We The People” wake up to that fact it may be too late. It is sad that many have chosen “change” without thought of what they are changing. I suggest that we all learn what is required to remove rogue politicians from our particular states and get rid of those who wish to corrupt our country. immigrants blessed with opportunity, have made this country what it is today. Illegal immigrants with no moral compass will bring this country to its knees.

      • wayne

        Paul, I feel the way you do. I am sure that a lot of people feel the same way as we do, but they are oblivious to what is actually going on in this country. It would take a bomb to drop on their heads for them to wake up and actually see what the hell is happening.

    • Patrick Henry

      That’s what the recent election was all about, thank God for the Tea Party.

      • wayne

        Amen to this, Patrick.

  • Teresa

    Total State and Local
    ■Total Debt Issued: $48,497,179,249
    (-26.7% decrease from 2009)
    ■Total Long-Term Debt Issued: $40,111,119,249
    (-15.7% decrease from 2009)
    ■Total Short-Term Debt Issued: $8,386,060,000
    (-54.9% decrease from 2009)
    State vs. Local Debt Issuance (SLC)
    ■Total Debt Issued by State Agencies: $13,173,144,683
    (-58.2% decrease from 2009)
    ■Long-Term Debt Issued by State Agencies: $13,168,544,683
    (-36.1% decrease from 2009)
    ■Total Debt Issued by Local Agencies: $34,865,715,566
    (0.6% increase from 2009)
    ■Long-Term Debt Issued by Local Agencies: $26,484,255,566
    (-1.8% decrease from 2009)
    ■CA Student Loan Corporation: $458,319,000
    (0% 2009)
    ■Total Debt Refunded: $12,773,272,274
    (31.8% Total long-term debt)
    ■State Debt Refunded: $4,571,675,666
    (34.7% State long-term debt)
    ■Local Debt Refunded: $7,743,277,608
    (29.2% Local long-term debt)
    ■SLC Debt Refunded: $458,319,000
    (100% Total SLC long-term debt)
    Ratio of Debt Sold Negotiated vs. Competitive (Dollar volume)
    ■Statewide Issuance: 93.1% to 6.9%
    ■State Agency Issuance: 99.1% to 0.9%
    ■Local Agency Issuance: 90.9% to 9.1%
    ■Enhancement: $3,863,468,290
    (9.6% of total long-term debt)

    Our money is paying for this state EVERY SINGLE day to stay out of dept…..we cant afford to send our children to college but yet we can send illegals on grants….AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joe K

      Amen to that. I was not able to even consider college for myself, nor for my own kids. However, since colleges these days tend to turn kids into arrogant, mindless socialist and leftist nut cases by the droves, I no longer consider the lack of college education to be much of a personal loss.

      If we ever manage to get our entire educational system off the politically correct path to national stupidity, maybe then it would mean something other than larger paychecks for those who go along to get along.

      • 45caliber

        When I was in high school, college was accepted as a place for the rich or the really talented. Now it is considered a must for all high school students. As a result, colleges are far too big and they care more for enrolling students than they do having jobs for those students when they graduate. High school education has no real meaning any more when a good percentage of those graduating can’t read, write, or do simple math. The main reasons are the “12 and out” mentality and the PC feeling that it might harm some poor student to have to repeat a year for failing to learn anything. Even college is beginning to get that way, particularly when they spend more time trying to teach the students the liberal socialist way rather than the studies he/she needs to be able to support themselves upon graduation.

        As someone said, a BA degree means they can better say, “You want fries with that?”

        • Dan az

          I always felt that if you had to take a test to get in it would be one of common sense and if you had it you failed.

        • Vigilant

          I graduated in 1964 from high school, and I maintain that we graduating students were (and still are) more truly educated than the leftist automatons with bachelor’s degrees.

    • a skeptic


      An impressive list of financial statistics – although it’s not clear if you’re saying there was an improvement or lessing of debt. But where the hell do you get the cockanamie idea from these statistics that our money is being used to give grants to illegals?

      • Teresa

        Written in LA Times:

        Where some tax money goes
        As anyone who has looked at the University of California (UC) system of the California State University (CSU) system knows, in-state tuition is granted based on whether or not you attended three years of high school and graduated from high school in California.

        There is no requirement to prove that you are a legal resident.

        This means that illegal immigrants can obtain in-state tuition for the UC and CSU campuses, provided they meet the high school graduation requirement.

        UC and CSU systems are subsidized by the State. Your tax money goes to pay for the subsidies, and some of the money subsidizes tuition for illegal immigrants.

        Now, I tend to believe that if you are illegal you shouldn’t have access to ANY benefits. This includes education. I believe that by allowing access to education, health care, and welfare programs, California is actually creating a situation that is attractive to illegal immigrants.

        I definitely don’t like the idea that illegals are attending college at in-state prices.

        The argument is that illegals, who are brought here as children, have no choice in the matter. They should be given the same opportunities as other children. However, if this is true, then there are no consequences to bringing your children here, rather, there are incentives to bring your children to the US with you – illegally. There should always be consequences for illegal action. There is an old quote, “Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law.” That applies here.

        However, California is offering incentives. These are people who go to college – and take spots at college that should go to legal residents – and pay less for the privilege. These are people who lament, at graduation time, that they cannot get a job that puts their degree to good use because they are illegal. Then what are they doing getting that degree here?

        At the same time, California makes out-of-state, legal residents pay more. Sometimes it is almost double the cost of in-state tuition.

        Some out-of-state students have challenged that California is breaking federal law by granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. This is because illegals in California cannot be legal residents, and cannot gain access to perks for legal residents. Illegal immigrants are already barred from accessing federal and state grant and loan programs for tuition assistance.

        Many illegal immigrants say that they will not be able to attend college if forced to pay the higher prices. They say that their illegal status makes it close to impossible to afford higher tuition prices. The solution to this is to enter the country legally, not illegally.

        • Mike W.

          Teresa well said sounds like you have been doing your homework . a skeptic seems to just want to give the law breakers a free ride from everyone elese’s pocket’s .That should not be allowed not any more . Not in Ca. or in any other state . Illegal means against the law and should not be that hard to understand nor should it be rewarded . But for some it sure seems to be .

          • a skeptic

            Teresa and Mike M.

            So, what do you consider to be a reasonable solution to the situation?

            As I stated earlier, “All arguments of legality and fairness aside, it’s just unrealistic to insist that immigrant families:
            a) cover the costs and dislocation of returning to their countries of origin;
            b) go through the uncertain, lengthy and costly process of applying for legal status;
            and then, having exhausted all their savings,
            c) come back, re-establish themselves, and finally send their sons or daughters off to college when these young people are no longer young.

            …Something to think about when we shut the door to these positive, dedicated youth striving for a more useful role in our communities than hanging around on street corners.”

            P.S. BTW, thank you for arguing respectfully. In many other conservative forums, people get so all wrought up they can’t even see clearly… something that only denigrates the true conservative perspective.

    • HFlashman

      Grants? where do you read anything about student loans and grants allowed to undocumented students? Jeesh ….

      • Teresa

        A lawsuit was filed in 2005 by a group of out-of-state U.S.-born students (42 students and their parents from 19 states) argued that a 2001 California law extending “undocumented illegals” the right to pay the same in-state tuition in California’s public colleges and universities is unfair to both in-state and out-of-state college students.

        California is one of nine states that allow illegal aliens to pay in-state tuition rates. The class action suit argued that 60,000 out-of-state college and university students who are U.S. citizens, have illegally been forced to pay higher costs to attend California’s public institutions of higher learning. The in-state cost to attend the University of California is $6,769. The out-of-state cost to attend the same classes is $24,589. Why the extreme difference? Because California taxpayers subsidize the education of their own children. Out-of-state students, not being legal California residents, are not entitled to that taxpayer-funded subsidy. NOR SHOULD ILLEGAL ALIENS who are not legal in any sense.

        If that isn’t bad enough, here’s the rest of it. When the plaintiffs in the original lawsuit asked the University of California, California State University and several community colleges in the State how many illegal aliens were enrolled as full time students, most said they did not keep records on that information. The University of California said they only had 407 “undocumented students” enrolled. In point of fact, California colleges and universities average 15,000 illegal alien students. Translated into real dollars, California taxpayers are digging a little deeper into their pockets than they realize. To educate illegal aliens each year, California taxpayers are coughing up $267,300,000.00 so that illegal aliens can pay in-state tuition rates.

        Think that’s bad? Now, multiple this by the nine states which now offer illegal aliens in-state college tuition rates and you discover that taxpayers in nine States are digging into their pockets for 2 billion, three hundred ninty-five million, seven hundred thousand dollars so illegals can go to the colleges they wish their children could attend. (Sounds like a lot more money when you spell it out, doesn’t it?) And, it makes you mad, doesn’t it? If it doesn’t, it should. Talk about taxation without representation. This is covert taxation that most citizen taxpayers in those States don’t even realize they’re paying. Most of them think the $6,769 each illegal pays in tuition costs covers the cost of their education. Most don’t like the system, but since they think it isn’t costing them anything, they shrug and go about their business. That’s how social progressiveness works. Make the little lie work, and then expand it. But, before that lie gets so big it destroys all of us…

        Catch your breath and wait for the next shoe to drop. Get your adding machine back out. New York and Texas are also offering reduced tuition for illegals. It’s almost like they’re advertising for undocumented college grads to come there. Add to that, Massachusetts is pushing for the same thing. Trust me, this is only the beginning. It’s just like dominos. Once they start to fall, you can’t stop them.

        Here’s the real reality we are facing. This stealth education program for illegals will not only grow into other States it will multiply once it does. Here’s how. It’s likely that the parent-student group that filed the original 2001 lawsuit in Yolo County Circuit Court in California will likely appeal the California Supreme Court decision to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. If the verdict is upheld, California’s education giveaway spreads to Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington State.

        Let’s imagine someone challenges the Texas giveway and it ends up in the 10th Circuit, and the State prevails. That decision impacts not only Texas but Louisiana and Mississippi. Are you starting to get the picture? And, as the practice spreads like a cancer, the taxpayers of the United States will be footing the bill..

        California went “rogue” a long time, ago-and copycat states will follow-some willingly and others because they are affected by US Circuit Court of Appeals decisions. We need to stop the Pancho Villa raid on the American education system because if it continues, every State in the country will be affected. It may take assisting the current litigants to make sure they win at the appellate or Supreme Court level, or it may entail initiating our own action. Clearly the United States is not enforcing the rule of law. If they did, President Harry S. Truman’s Federal Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, which makes it a felony for any person, groups of people, businesses, corporations, advocacy groups or elected officials to assist illegal aliens..

        If the United States refuses to enforce the rule of law, the taxpayers of America should not be forced to foot the bill. AmeriPAC feels obligated to step into fray and help those fighting this abuse of the taxpayers by offering the legal expertise to win this case on appeal and stop the nonsense that forces American families to foot the bill to educate those who steal into this country in the dead of night while the educations of their own children are compromised. Entering the United States illegally is a crime, and we shouldn’t reward it. Nor should our children be penalized because they are natural born or naturalized citizens.

    • Suzette

      Who are these judges that made these decisions?
      Who hired them?
      Do Californians realize what a joke their state is becoming?
      They have so much hollywood money there – let them pay for their crazy ideas.

      • Vigilant

        California has been a joke for some time now. The CA Supreme Court, like the 9th Circuit, is filled with leftist activists who couldn’t give a fig about Constitutional law. They use their positions to traitorously circumvent, side step or outright violate their own oath of office and the Constitution they are sworn to preserve, protect and defend.

        And good old George Soros has been very active in pushing for appointment of judges (rather than voting for them) in many states. I wonder why he wants to do that?

  • Kurt

    America whare are your Bazz? Stop this madness. Spin Cali off and watch them die. Illegal is what it is. You are fined and sent back, end of story!

  • http://http/ john littlefield

    what a crock of you know what.

    • http://BobLivingston Blackbird

      If you really want to see what this country is going to look like in 25yrs,go to youtube and type in Gumball Immigration. But be warned you will be angry and you will be sad . Also this is about legal immigration

  • Mathew Chackos

    I wonder if some of the California judges are illegals or they don’t care for the State or the Country. Vote all of those supported this bill out.

    • wayne

      Mathew, I keep wondering to myself, where are all the decent people? Don’t they care about this country, or are they too blind to see what is going on? All the good citizens of this contry need to rise up and vote these idiots out. We have had a start this election, but the people did not go far enough. We need to get rid of those judges in California, and people like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, and many more of those liberal minded people that is ruining our contry. Surely, we have more decent people, at least I want to think this anyway, than the liberals who are working against the good hard working Amercans who want to bulld a better country for our kids.

      • Joe K


        “Decent people” have been relegated to irrelevance. We still outnumber the indecent, it’s just that our politics have been taken over by a machine that we no longer own.

      • 45caliber

        Many of the decent people are out hunting jobs since they aren’t of the race/class to be given welfare. They don’t have time to get involved in politics.

        • http://none Mike

          45, Brought to you personally by none other than Obama. Really makes you wonder dosent it? Mike L.

    • http://none Mike

      This happens when you appoint anyone to a lifetime position. This is one thing I will never understand and think should be changed. No one and I mean no one outside of the courts are afforded a lifetime appointment to any position. Also Appointed with very little recources for the american people to get rid of them once they go bad. Maby if we all got a petiton going for a take out the garbage bill we could get this changed. But I see this happing around the same time as snowball fights in he!!. Mike L.

  • Harry Potter

    Unbelievable. It is inconceivable to me that any judge could rule in favor of giving illegals such benefits. This type of ruling is the core problem in our society, and we need to uproot judges making decisions like this that bankrupt us even more than we are. What’s the matter with these duds thinking like this???

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      NWO Harry Potter, and besides you and yours aren’t brown skinned enough. Try this one: A friend of mine just came back from a trip from San Jose, CA. Big POW WOW festival, and low and behold Mexican Indians are now exploiting this tradition, you see they are claiming the lands of ATZLAN “AZTEC”, and they are the real “Indians.”

  • FlaJim

    The observation above that the feds have no dog in this fight is correct except that the UC system receives Federal funds, thereby opening Pandora’s box.

    What is more worrisome, since I have little or no sympathy for CA, is that Gov Moonbeam, once inaugurated, will demand a federal bailout because the state is broke. Bankrupt, actually. Why should we have to pay for their idiotic excesses? The feds are already lending them $40-million/day to pay unemployment claims and the state pays some, including those claiming income tax refunds, with IOUs (I’m not kidding).

    • wayne

      Let’s hope all the folks watch their Congress members on this one. If any of my Congress Members, in my district, vote to bail out California, they will never get my vote again. If this would happen then New York, Massachusetts, and the other bankrupt states would be wanting to be bailed out too. Our whole country needs bailed out. Why would we bail out a state with leaders that will keep right on spending. My philosphy, those who carelessly get burned, let them sit on their own blister. I am tired of all this stupid spending by our states, and the Federal Government. When Congress does this they are only to seeking to buy votes. People should not be so stupid and fall for this bull. If this continues we will fall like Rome did…

      • 45caliber

        They were bailed out once about 1970. So their politicians assume they will be bailed out again regardless of how much they over-spend or what they spend it on. I think it is time that they accept the problem and start cutting to pay off their debt. One of the first things they can cut is the funds they are giving the illegals.

        • Vigilant

          Do you remember the NY Daily News headline when President Ford refused to bail out NYC? I think it said, “Ford to New York: DROP DEAD!”

          Ah, the good old days.

  • Bleh

    This is truly pathetic. A bunch of real, live Monkeys could have done better.

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      Bleh, Please don’t insult the Monkey Species.

      • Bleh

        My sincere apologies to the Monkeys, I meant them no disrespect.

  • jabusse

    Don’t blame the court. Even though they don’t weem to be able to reason (said that because our of state citizens who cheat and go to school here can get in state tuition, so can illegals) They followed the stupid law the people we elected made without the consent of the people. That law said if you have cheated the taxpayers for your undergrad by claiming a residence other than your own (illegals shouldn’t be here at all and an out of state person can’t go to HS here if they claim their residence out of state) then you can cheat the ttaxpayers for your college education. The lesson is to vot the meatheads out. Who knows? maybe adult politicians will nominate adult judges. Right now we are governed by Meatheads. And Jerry ,rose byrd Brown is the gov. Why? Cuz we didnpt do our job and nominate an adult for gov. It will be worse

  • Edwin Mack

    From how I see it, the State of California is bankrupt. The state judges and the federal judges are forcing bankruptcy through our system. The Hollywood stars(?) are getting overpaid so no one gives a damn. Legal fornification by court order; great way to live isn’t it?
    Airlines are going through sexual abuse charges sponsored by this great government of Obamas. One hell of a lot of officials just got re-elected who had no business being there in the first place by really dumb-ass voters. SO now, who is at fault. If you ever hear anyone say “political correctness” while we are in this situation we’re in, just hang them. Justice is no longer in our system; Laws made by a corrupt judge and government are pulling the weight.

  • Marilyn K

    Let us face it, representatives of CA are Egg Heads. Generally speaking, CA is a very mixed culture…true melting pot and those California reps, like Pelosi, are just not savy when it comes to representing the true American Citizens. CA politicians want the people of CA to give up their hard earned bucks to service Illegals. It doesn’t matter if local or out of State American students cannot afford college but it does matter if Illegals cannot afford college tuition. This is very strange thinking but as I said, as long as the rich Californians are not affected by this stupidity, it is all right to let the legal masses suffer. CA is not of this planet.

  • wayne

    These judges must have Illegal Mexicans in their family, or they have totally lost it. This type of asinine liberal thinking is ruining our country. Are these idiots voted in by the people or are they selected by the governor. Of course, we know we have a bunch of pot smoking liberals that voted Nancy Pelosi back in as their representative. I am sure that the Mexican Govenment would not afford our people the same privledge. Our country needs to get rid of these liberal judges and Congress members if our nation is to survive.


    Wake up you idiots! This DEMONIC COURT is just following the CLOWARD and PIVEN way to DESTROY THIS COUNTRY, REPLACING IT WITH A NEW WORLD ORDER!

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      ALFRED E. NEUMAN, You are so right on the spot!

  • David in Ma.

    To many things are being ruled by judges as being un-constitutional, maybe these judges should read the Constitution and stop relying on “case law”.
    The people of California (and other states) voted on issues important to them and as in this instance were ruled as un-constitutional, maybe, just maybe the judge(s) were wrong in their ruling(s).
    The last time I “skimmed” thru the Constitution I believe I read that a/the decisions were under “States Rights” and the final decision was “ultimately up to the people”, regardless of “case law” or any provision in the Constitution. If the PEOPLE want it, the Constitution says they get it, now, to me, when the people vote, even on a previous Constitutional decision, how in the hell can it be un-constitutional? The people via Constitutional right are saying, CHANGE THIS!
    They are not changing the Constitution, they are using it the way it was intended.

    • Patrick Henry

      BUT, the Constitution was and is intended for the American People, NOT anyone that just walks, swims, or flys in. Also, the people of a state can not change the Constitution, it has to be changed or amended by 3/4 of an elected COngress of all the states.

      • 45caliber

        The people of Cal. did vote to change THEIR state constitution (gay marriage). But the judges are trying to rule that the amendment isn’t constitutional. So how can we expect the judges to rule that the US Constitution means what it says when the judges don’t believe in it in the first place. And certainly Congress and the President don’t.

        • Vigilant

          You’re right. Judges take a solemn oath and immediately flush it. Look at Sotomayor and Kegan.

          When “social justice” takes priority over Constitutional law, we are in BIG trouble. These judges should be impeached and speedily removed from office for breach of oath.

  • David in Ma.

    If anyone thinks it is bad now, wait until aliens (illegal or otherwise, not citizens of America, as in Amherst Ma.) get the “right” to vote.
    Now, also consider this…it will follow that they will be allowed to run for public office and make policy on Americans, and then hire or appoint other aliens to administrative and policy making positions, further imposing upon the American people and in most instances contrary to the Constitution and the wishes of the citizens.
    Welcome to the New World Order/One World Government via Europien style government…..or in other words, world socialism……which sucks!

    • Patrick Henry

      Exactly David, Amnesty after Amnesty = Open Borders! Illegal aliens are NOT Immigrants anyway, they are Trespassers and subject to Law Enforcement like any other Trespasser, NOT Immigration. We had a “one-time” Amnesty in 1986 with little enforcement, (and several other amnesties), they don’t work, they encourage more Illegal trespassing! Finish the “approved” 2-Layer fence, mandatory E-Verify, and enforce excisting LAWS!

      • 45caliber


  • David in Ma.

    There is a simple way to address this……
    No American should go to any Calif. schools….
    Boycott by not attending the damn places.

    • wayne

      David, yes, I agree with you!!!!

    • Teresa

      AMEN…now theres thinking!

    • Warlord X

      That would seem a good idea; IF we were actually FREE American citizens we could boycott. Unfortunately, this same idiotic court ruled a few years ago that parents DO NOT have a right to HOME SCHOOL!!!! State law REQUIRES attendance or suffer legal penalties.

      It’s time to enact a term limits amendment for ALL government positions, including judges. At the very least, any politician that serves more than two terms should be subject to a national referendum to retain their seat. Those @ssholes effect the legislation for all of us so should be approved by ALL of us. Hopefully that would automatically eliminate idiots like Boxer, Dodd, Frank, Pelosi, Reid, Waxman, Miller, McCain, and ALL rinos et al.

  • Patrick Henry

    This is purely Unconstitutional, giving NON-Americans rights and privileges intended for only the American People, especially when they do not give these same privileges to Americans! ! !

    • http://none Mike

      Patrick, This all started with affermitive action many years ago with the quota system. Here we see it being carried to the Next Level where the non U.S. citizen is now being afforded rights under the plan. And there is further supression of the citizen’s right to do anything about it.45 said it best in his not the right race/color comment about reciveing welfare. Its not a racist comment its just stateing facts.Mike L.

    • wayne

      We, the people, could change all this nonsense if we got enough people to stick together. We, the people, need a strong leader to come forward to start the ball rolling. If the people only had a good representative who is an inspirational speaker, who knew what was going on in this country, I bet we could get at least 60 to 70 percent of the people to go along with what it right. I believe this man/woman is out their sme place. I just hooe they come forward before it is too late. We know what is happening today in this country is not good. We need motivational leaders, with good values, in our government. We don’t need a Marxist Muslim like we have now.

  • http://google Florence

    I don`t think NO one who was borned here should get anything at all untill they go home and come back and try to regester here.
    If you can`t do that then you should stay out of our Country.

    • 45caliber

      I agree with you.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    I have a son in college and a daughter who will be going next year. It’s so terribly costly. How are they even able to afford in-state rates? California has some of the most corrupt policies I have ever heard of. If it were to fall off into the ocean, it probably wouldn’t really be a bad thing.

  • Bill

    Glad I don’t live IN CA. What, they are about 40 billion or more in state deficit. Now they are going to give illegals financial breaks with tutition. TOTAL INSANITY1111

    • 45caliber


      The politicians there have everything figured out … they think. Back in about 1970 or so, they were a couple of billion in the red. The feds stepped in and bailed them out. Ever since they have spent money as if there is no tomorrow with the intent of having the feds bail them out again.

      I was against it then and I am now as well. They will only cut their huge expenses when forced – and we need to force them to do it instead of continuing to let them farm their money problems off on the rest of the country.

  • Samkd

    Hopefully this will make it’s way to the US Supreme Court, as the CA Supreme Court is way far liberal and most of their rulings will always benefit those that are not US citizen. They are like Obama and want a socialist country. God help all of us…

    • http://none Mike

      Sam, What makes you so sure of that? Look at recent rulings and passes the supream court has given constitutional issues. No my fear is this will make it to the supream court. Then all states will be forced to follow the California concept that there is no such thing as Illeagle. Buyer beware in what you wish for. Mike L.

  • marvin

    i live in alabama we the voters thru the dems out after 135 year of ruling this state my 1st term blue dog rep was replaced by a conseritive rep and if ms roby can not hear us she is history in 2012 change is not allways good but if you work for me, it,s my way or the highway, are new gov said he would not take a pay check tell unemployment is lower,the 250 dollar bribe money for ss recipants i don,t want it we are broke the unions fed worker need a raise far less then i do, rep issa said their would be a bunch of people call up for hearing on their law enforcement or lack their of 1st ones he should calls nepolitano holder, morton and coven [ice]for none enforcement of immigration laws,we did not get in this mess over night but if we the conseritive voters will stick togetter,we worked on fixing some this nov and in nov 2012 a few more,when the repubicans said they would cut funding for obamacare sec of health said i have enuf money in my budget now for obamacare, so sorry not affer your budget is cut,i thought it was a federal law about no instate tuition for illegal, criminal, undocumented, aliens

  • http://com i41

    Also don’t give them any more fed funds for colleges until illegal aren’t going there, or that matter any college or in any state. Just another issue to go after this crap is thru the House to stop funding this. We know the dumbocraps wll give every body freebies except the citizens.

  • Mike W.

    I live in Ca. and I am apalled at our state legislature and the people of this state . I am born and raised here. The majority of the citizens here seem to have blinders on to what is going on or they just do’nt care or get it. I do not know which . My family and I have lost our home and I am stuggling to find work . There are many many more people here in the same peril as I . But it seems even more people are worried about the illegal’s that are here breaking our laws and causeing some of these problems for our state .I say some cause there is so much going wrong here it can’t be listed . The state just voted back in Jerry Brown and gave Boxer free reign to destroy more of our state . If there our more people from Ca. reading this WAKE UP our state was once the eighth most powerful COUNTRY in the world get a clue . Now we can’t even take care of our own state citizens and the liberal’s here worry if the illegal’s are getting fair treatment and a good education what a joke . Save the state save the country cause what happens here will be coming to a state near you soon …….

    • 45caliber

      I certainly hope that any liberal here reads and understands your comments here as they are given. And you have my prayers that you will soon find a job. Good luck.

      • Mike W.

        Thank you … We can use all the prayers we can get … Thank you..

    • http://none Mike

      Mike W, I hear your plight because we are liveing through it here in Tennessee too, We have several plants in the area that bus in illeagles to work for them. They have been busted for this numerous times. I overherd one of their formans talking about it one day. He said it was still cheaper for them to bus in illeagles and pay the fines for it. Than it was to hire leagle U.S citizens to do the jobs. Untill we enforce immigration laws and employment laws it will continue to be bad. Mike L.

      • Mike W.

        Mike I agree with you whole hartedly I could not say it better . Enforce the laws . No aministy no nothing .

      • Suzette

        You should really try to let people know who those companies are and so we don’t support them financially.
        It’s time for people to put their money where their mouth is.

    • Dan az

      Mike W
      Sorry to hear that but your not alone out there Millions are in the same boat.Get out of there its not going to change pick a state that believes in the same things that you do. I left 18 yrs ago and never regretted it you need to do it now before you get to deep into the system.Hey theres cheap houses here give it a try!

  • http://LibertyAlert CSchutz

    People in CA are all idiots!

    • Mike W.

      Not all but, I agree there are alot in the majority but ,I would imagine your state has afew also maybe not as many as Ca. but, still some .Rather than name calling people need to get the IDIOTS to wake up or get them out of the offices they are in the country as a whole,and it seems alot of idiots voted this moron into to the white house and now all of his liberal buddies are running amuck everywere . So what should be done . Call people names or try and find a solution . I am all for standing up and fighting but it takes more than fist and bold words now it seems . It needs people to actually care a belive . I read Marilyn K’s blog and she is rite on in her thought’s someone elese also mentioned the Cloward and Piven strategy that is was is going on in this state and has been for awhile .But like I said what happen’s here will come to your state soon cause if they can bring down this one your’s will be no problem . Wake up pass it on . Don’t allow any more liberalism to infect the rest as it has done here learn by the example it does not work . This is a REPUBLIC FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE and OF THE PEOPLE . The liberals in this country have forgotten this and have a whole different belief system they are the IDIOTS they are what is bad for this STATE and this Country as a whole we either stand together or die alone I think the saying goes …. I dont know just a thought . I am not much for BLOGING but lately I am becoming I dont know more apalled at what is going on everywere we are in deep trouble WAKE UP PEOPLE ….

      • 45caliber

        One of the problems with the liberals is that they don’t want to face the consequences of their behavior. So they try to make it legal. Further, they try to convince everyone else that their behavior is the only one to emmulate. For instance, if you want sex with anyone you might see, then convince everyone that free sex is the way to go. Do you sin and enjoy it? Then force the religions to no longer consider what you do a sin – or get rid of them completely. After all, God must do what man insists, right?

        • Mike W.

          Very good point . That is what is happening . The problem many people are to blind or to uncaring to see it. Very good point ….

  • 45caliber

    I can sort of see their reasoning. In most cases, the college-bound students have lived in California for longer than necessary to become a California citizen for registration purposes.

    BUT … they aren’t officially citizens since they aren’t here legally. The court is basically recognizing them as legal residents of the state – even though they aren’t. As far as I’m concerned, that is wrong and should not be allowed. In fact, the moment they are recognized as being illegaly here, they should be picked up along with their illegal family and sent back where they are legal. They can then apply through legal channels to be here – and pay the appropriate fee at that time.

    • Mike W.

      I agree but I cant not see the reasoning at all .It is so wrong and misguided .

    • a skeptic


      I agree that the matter of legality is paramount when we deal with court decisions. However, we really are dealing with a societal decision not just a legalistic one.

      There’s a lot of hate and hysteria here, but I think that with a little more light and a lot less heat on the subject, a fair policy can be had. Please read my comments at the first of and throughout this forum as a rebuttal to what you’re proposing. I’d welcome your reply.

      • Mike W.

        I have read your prior comments and I must say I disagree. It is not rite for person’s who are not of this country to use the system as they do . If they have parents that snuck in to this country in the dark of nite or lite of day it is still wrong . Hiding on the outskirts of socity feeding off the backs the the citizens that have the rites is wrong and it should not be rewarded in any way . What does it say about our country if we as a nation built on and off the backs of a socity of immigrant’s that came to this country from the start in following the rule of law ( All though the American Indians may see this differently ) say about us a whole . Why do we have the laws we have if not to follow them . Just because someone snuck into this country and they or there parents have been here for awhile does not make it rite .It does not give them the rite to any thing nor should it ever . If we reward people for just breaking into our country and exsisting why should we not also reward the thief that breaks into your home and steals your things perhaps he may put your property to a better use than you but does that make it rite for him to violate your freedom . Just the same goes to an illeagl immigrant they are breaking into our country and demanding what is mine or my childs rite as a citizen . Many people have died defending my rites as a citizen how do we repay those sacrifice’s by rewarding the theft of one of our most prized abilities an education noway . It so wrong on so many levels . You do not get something for nothing . What example does it set when the parents of an illeagl sends their child to school and we pay for it.What do we say to our children who most of the time are taught to do the rite thing and follow the law .But we must tell our children that they dont deserve the education because we need to educate lately it seems the popualtion of Mexico cause they need it more than they do . Were is that rite . America is for Americans and it should stay that way . But in the same those freedoms we have give me the rite to my opions and to you yours . But, remember the cost of the rite for you to wantly so freely give it away that others have paid in their live’s for you to think the way you do…

        • Vigilant

          Mike, good post.

          The liberals whole stock in trade is chipping away at the rule of law. The so-often-heard argument from them is the emotional argument because they can’t touch the logic of rule of law. When they don’t get their way, everyone who disagrees with them is a racist, bigot, homophobe, sexist, you name it.

          They learned long ago that they could not change the system through the mechanisms provided by the Constitution, so they now use legislation and bought-and-paid-for judges to circumvent the established law.

          Executive order is another way to bypass the people. A recent Dick Morris e-mail states:

          “Does President Obama plan to move to the center in response to his overwhelming rejection at the polls on November 2nd? No way! Instead, he is moving to implement, through executive action, two of the most controversial items in his 2010 agenda — a carbon tax and pollution permit system and a ban on the use of secret ballots in union elections. Through executive action by the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the Obama Administration is planning to effectuate both policies without asking Congress.”

          The gradualism of the progressives has put us on the slippery slope already. For the last 100 years or so, the erosion of respect for the rule of law, i.e., that which made America the greatest nation on earth, now threatens to throw us into anarchy, and will progress to tyranny within our lifetimes.

      • 45caliber

        I still say send them all home and make them pay the “out of country” rates. Others do it all the time. Why should my tax money go to help them get an education or live the live of leasure?

        The colleges may charge all the market will bear, as you say, but most simply charge the fee that pays for ALL their costs. Even private colleges have donors that partially pay for the cost of the students’ enrollment. For instance, many have sponsored “chairs” that pay everything and a student pays nothing to hear that person teach. Many colleges (most of them) receive federal and/or state tax money. So the fee to a local student is actually far less than the family of that student pays.

        Frankly, I’m not sure a family must pay anyway. I paid for all my own costs in college with only staying with my family for one year. They didn’t pay any of my school costs. I’m sure many other students could do the same – IF they have the right to jobs the illegals are crowding them out to take.

      • 45caliber

        Keep in mind one thing. If these illegal students are outstanding students here in lower grades, they should have more education and training than anyone in their own country normally has. Instead of staying here and competeing for jobs we need, let them go home and use that schooling to make a better country of their own.

        When our country was about as poor as Mexico is now, many school teachers only finished the eighth grade! They didn’t need special college degrees. In fact, college over most of the US was unknown until after the 1960s.

      • Suzette

        The whole error in your thinking is that you are not fully integrating these people in your society. They can only be integrated if they become citizens.
        You are creating a society outside the society.
        A society that doesn’t have to pay taxes, follow laws, or carry Insurance. Where do you think that’s all going to lead?
        These kids all grew up seeing their parents not paying taxes, not respecting legal authority etc…That is a huge contrast to immigrants that came over and worked hard, paid into the system and became a part of the system.

        • Suzette

          This reply was aimed at Skeptic’s comment

  • William Hendrix

    As a supporter of newly elected State Senator LaMalfa I stated to him in Sept. of this year “it makes no sense to vote and have some stupid judge overturn the will of the People”. Why let one person override the majority?

  • chuckb

    solution: annex california to mexico,

    • JLC

      chuckb — That is exactly what La Raza wants —— la reconquista!

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal

    WELL,it shows the leftwing communist in california have usurped the rights of all american citizens in california,my granddaughter has a 4.0 grade average and is attending a university in california and our family had to put up a massive amount of money for her to attend,yet she did not recieve any help from the state of california because she was not from a minority race or from a family from a lower income bracket,and did not qualify for this help because she was white and from a middle class home,i wonder how many of the people that do qualify for these grants,have families that own homes that pay for those grants through taxes on those homes.not many i think.may be time for another jarvis mans bill to be put on the ballot,except if you own a home or a bussiness you would get back the amount payed out to these illegal students,due to the fact that it would be paying taxes,(INDIRECTLY) to any foriegn nation to aid their people,while denying our own,(ISNT THAT CALLED TREASON?)

    • a skeptic


      The matter of grants for minorities or people on welfare is a separate issue. Basically you’re arguing that people on welfare shouldn’t have the right to get subsidized further education for their children to improve themselves. There are many here who would agree and others who wouldn’t.

      The question here, however, is not how special grants or subsidies to underprivileged students are handled (though that in itself is an important debate): it’s how we can establish a fair policy for families who’ve lived here and contributed taxes for several years, though not officially registered as people with full citizenship rights.

      While free public-school education is one of these rights, matters relating to higher education aren’t.

      • http://GOGGLE vaksal

        TO:to SKEPTIC,your outlook has a valid point,but education should not be a tool to punish or handicap any young student,and my point is when the taxes are being paided by those very people paying those bills and their childern are denied those same breaks that the poor students get,wheres the justice? education should be fairly given to those who show the potential and the skills,not punished for being white and from a middle income family,thats called cost money,of that you should agree,and if a person pays taxes on their homes that fund this states schools,why should those peoples kids not get the benefits of those taxes their parents payed to the system in the first place? personally i never got the chance to get a free ride,and sadly didnt finish my college education,because i just didnt have the resources to pay for it,but thats ok,because i studied at home and educated myself,i speak two foriegn langugages,and have several united states patients,and co-inventor of two international patients,and am working on another one even though i am 64yrs of age,and the point of my banter is,(YOU GET WHAT YOU WORK FOR)and believe this,it feels much better when you do it without help.

      • 45caliber

        I would agree to grants for deserving minority students from poor families – but they have to be deserving, not just from some poor family. The problem is now that many deserving students (those you could expect to get 4.0 grades) are pushed aside to allow not-so-deserving (alright, say their grades are so poor they shouldn’t even be in college) students the right to go instead.

      • Vigilant

        “…though not officially registered as people with full citizenship rights.”

        What a euphemistic way to say it. They’re called “illegal aliens.”

    • Mike W.

      We have two son’s in the same boat your grandaughter is in. It is very hard to tell your child that what they have worked so hard to achive must go to someone less diserving than they . Not because they are not as smart but, because they are not of this country and that our children who achive what should be their’s by rite of birth are not going to receive because of were they are born with out paying large sums of money . It is so backward’s this is not the country I was raised in or the state that I once so loved . I understand what you are going through and it is so very wrong… Tell your grandaughter to keep working and studying hard and support her the best you can her mind might be the one that saves us all… Good Luck God Bless …

  • guyb

    illegals are only doing what everyone else would do if they were in there position… That does not mean we have to let this happen… If America is going to give this great country away then maybe we should stop voting these far left anti American democrats into office. Americans are very trusting and also very gullible… our elected officals play on both of these facts….. We need to hold our elected officals to the same standards or higher standards then they hold the American people to….

    • http://GOGGLE vaksal

      HELLO,guyb,i hope this reply doesnt get you upset,first i am a tea party supporter,and believe in the republic,the california election this year was a slam dunk for the democrats,WHY? look at the two female canidates that ran,the things they pulled in their past careers,outsourcing jobs overseas and giving themselfs millions of dollars in perks,sent a message to every voter,(BAD NEWS,danger)self serving elitest at best,maybe next time we can put up better canidates that dont have so much dirty laundry with them,then at least we could have a chance to bring better government to this state.this is just my wishes.

  • Mike Austin,TX

    Are they really judges? Federal law prohibits this. They cannot allow a non-resident to get lower tuition unless all can get the same.

  • http://Persoanllibertydigest Jim

    What is wrong with California Supreme Court, I’m not surprised — Were these judges were appointed by the fruits,nuts and flakes or the liberal California Government — The heartless fact is, these children are criminals — plain and simple what ever the age, They weren’t invited and crossed the boarder with their parents with- out permission, and should be deported to their homeland, not educated — If we go to Mexico can we collect any benefits, why of course not they don’t have such a thing — This is why we have an illegal alien problem — Its past time for a meaningful change –

  • http://BobLivingston Desiree’

    What next: housing, that’s right illegals get free housing, medical, that’s right illegals get free medical, food stamps, that’s right they receive food stamps, cash assistance that’s right illegals probably already get cash assistance, Hell, why don’t you just hand them the diploma they never had to work for anything else.

    • http://none Mike

      Shh dont give them ideas lol. Sad but true. Mike L.

      • Mike W.

        Its to late they allready herd the whisper they have more rites than us. Has no one seen them marching in our streets waveing their flags. Demanding to be herd . Demanding they have a say in a country that does not belong to them . Demanding rites that are theirs to demand .

        • Mike W.

          Demanding rites that are NOT theirs to demand …

  • hundabuxt

    The thing I marvel at is we rant and rave but do essentually nothing but vote and complain. The Tea Party is a good start but the powers pulling the strings will see to it that controversy will somehow diminish the political strength befor the next major election. The liberals have a taste of power and will not relinquish it easially.
    I can’t say in this means of communication what might be a more forceful stratigy but regardless of the wins recently in the plebicite, we’re losing, because people like Pelosi and Reid and their minions still have power. Nothing is being done about the slow but sure rise of the Muslum power, nothing serious is being done about the flood of people from south of the border, nothing is being done about the outright theft that we suffered at the hands of Wall Street and powerful banks, we got ripped off big in a way that makes Enron look like a Molopoly game. The stupid Republicans are arguing to keep the tax cuts that idiot Bush made for the rich while Rome is burning. Look, I don’t know about where you live but a guy paying property tax on a $500,000 home here gets a bill for more than $8000. The guy who has a home worth around $225,000 pays about $3000. Neither gets any better benifit from the higher tax. We all get the same smow removal, trash service, water service, schools and so on. Get it? Warren Buffet can afford more than 17% tax. The rich love it when the middle class argues in favor of giving them more relief from the tax burden. The old trickel down theory. Get you heads out of your behinds!

    • Mike W.

      So what would be your remedy to the soulution . If we don’t express our discomfort here on Blogs like this or at the voteing boths, How should we actually voice our opinion’s ? What do you or anyone here think should be the best way for us to express the I dont know the oppression from the left that is so overwhelmingly takeing over every aspect of our live’s ? If the Tea Party can’t do it and we are to meek to do anything about it then what is the answer . I agree we all need to wake up befor it is to late … But does anyone have a solution to the how…..

  • hundabuxt

    Take a lesson from historically successful resistance like with Gandi, Martin King, hell even the gays have a loud and beligerent organization called “Act Out” or Act Up” where they get in people’s face. As long as we’re relatively passive, the power brokers will not do anything but throw us a patronizing bone and pat us on our little behinds. Organize, get in their faces, resist their BS with the same kind of energy you’d demonstrate if someone broke into you home trying to rob you of your wealth and safety, because that’s what they’re doing. Use your rights before they succeed in taking them away. Go to local city assembly meetings. Contact your state and federal representation by phone, email and fax. Make them dread seeing your name. They’re supposed to be representing you and fellow constituents not special interests like they are. If you’ve ever been in a structure where it was infested with Cockroaches or Silverfish, where you suddenly turn on the light they run for cover, politics is like that. We’re represented by too many roaches and if they know you’re paying attention, particularly if organized, they’ll be afraid of the light of scrunty. Start your own organization of like minded people. We should try to eventually change the means to get elected to one where it doesn’t take millions to accomlish and good people can have a chance to get elected. Mr. Smith goes to Washington. Those millions come from the wealthy and powerful interests and there’s always strings attached.
    We don’t want it to get to the point where we have to build lots of guillotine’s if you get my drift. But then the thought makes me smile.

    • Mike W.

      Great points I am doing that , more so than ever but, the way you made it sound ,it was as if you thought the Tea Party ideas were not to savey I miss read I think your implication’s ,of the party , I agree with you but, now that you mention it I think a few guillotine’s might be more useful in some respects but maybe not as a whole .

  • JeffH

    I remember clearly the words of Governor elect Jerry Brown during his campaign, promising to push for funding all students including illegals.

    Californians just seem to gravitate to these types and you don’t even have to wonder why we’re a bankrupt state. The proof is in the pudding!

  • Janice Fortin

    Old Glory is disgraced by illegals, wiping their feet and behinds with it. Not a word of protest from the U.S.President, after all, whatever did the first family do to that sacred symbol in their youth?
    Obama says muslims can ignore obamacare, and janet of homeland security says muslim females can forget airport security porn because it offends them. What is going on? What exactly is going on? What exactly indeed. The world’s guffaws have not been silenced yet from the tardy discovery of turks and others bringing prenatal medical records with them when they birth their “anchor” babies. USA a la obama is the darkest of comedies. Just a slicker up there panning off America to the cheesiest offer. Islamic terrorism can be efficiently terminated by the world deporting (l) whole mosque back to a muslim country for every terror threat rec’d. If you want terrorism halted, you will do it.

    • Dan az

      Janice Fortin
      Who needs terrorist when you can do it yourselves!We all are on the same roller coaster that has no brakes its just a matter of time when we all just get to worn out to even care anymore.Things are going to either change come Jan. or there is going to be some real change coming.Calif. is a lost cause they have been doing this to them selves for a very long time.Its Just Not Going To Happen so lets stop all federal funding and let them sink.

  • hundabuxt

    mike w

    Don’t get me wrong. At the moment I suspect the Tea Party is our best immediate hope but given the apparent strength of it resulting in a massive change in the balance of power (not enough but a start) and the impressive amount of money set in Millers lap, which even shocked the opposition, the shields are coming up. Personally I don’t think Sarah is presidential material yet but she’s the power behind the rise of the movement. Her value is in her down home girl personality and the good looks don’t hurt. She’s no Janet Reno or Pelosi who’s faces could scare bacteria. We have to keep the momentum going and be mindful of what the liberals will do to discredit the organization. Over and above that you represent the power of one motovated person who loves his country. Influence family, friends and work mates assuming you’re allowed to discuss politics. Organize. Gather some friends of like mind and make it enjoyable like a wine and cheeze party with designated drivers of course. I don’t care if its a worm dirt party, make it something people would like to come to. A snowball starts with one beautiful,unique flake.

  • Sneddog

    This is just flat out WRONG! What part of ILLEGAL do these clowns (really wanted to use much stronger adjectives) not understand?? Instead of giving them instate tuition and probably grants for housing, books, food, etc. they should be deporting their ILLEGAL butts! I’m a native Californian and was lucky enough to spend 12 of my first 18 years on this earth living overseas courtesy of my Dad’s job. I graduated from HS in Hong Kong and came back here for college. Even though my folks still owned property in CA and paid taxes on that property I was considered “Out of State” I ended up going to school in Colorado anyway as CSU had a great program for the major I wanted. but that is just ludicrous that someone who is ILLEGALLY in this country and not paying taxes of any kind gets better treatment than the the kid of someone paying taxes in this state. God help us all! If you voted for “good ‘ol Jerry” and or Pelosi or Boxer you will regret those votes, mark my words. When your job and house are taken away and given to an ILLEGAL maybe you’ll pull your head out of the dark crevice.

  • stephen russell

    Now watch students head to Pvt colleges vs Public ones. I wont attend any thats for sure. Bogus BS this is.

  • Alfonso

    When the hell are we going to stop to cater to these illigal aliens? They should no even attend college in this country unless they have their papers just like any other foreign student. But our god damned politicians are looking to get the votes so they can continue to screw this country. Instead of considering any special interest group, consider us citizens and get rid of illigals.

    • http://none Mike

      Alfonso, Its because us citizens are much less likely to vote for them. You dont think people like Reid and Pelosi know what they are doing by pushing amnasty as hard as they can? They know it will cement them in their seats for the rest of their un-natural lives.It will drive the leagle immagrants to the republican party but the illeagle now far outnumber the leagle. Its a vote trade pure and simple.Give away the farm and the people will allways come to you for the milk and eggs my friend. Mike L.

      • Suzette

        I agree that Pelosi and Reid are trying to get the mexican vote but waht they don’t get is that the mexicans will vote one of their own in.

    • wayne

      Well, they say we have any illegal for a president. Maybe that is why Obama can’t, or won’t, get involved with this.

  • rodney burke

    How do we legally trash the california supreme court and get them out!? Iowas did it, let’s do it with the whole bunch, they have truly lost their minds or they are poisoned by the demoncrap kool aid! California needs desperately some conservatism SOMEWHERE!! Where is it? And we wonder why California is in such deep you know what financially?

    My home state is in such a state it will never recover. Maybe it needs to be taken over by someone or a bunch of someones with some fiscal common sense! And they have that failure, Jerry Brown going to run the state? God help California! I’m reasonably sure he hasn’t learned anything since his last DISASTEROUS stay in Sacramento! It must be the WATER! Or what someone is putting IN that water!

    • http://none Mike

      rodny, The only way to do it is a constitutional amendmet.States can vote to make term limits on their own high courts. But good luck getting anyone in California to vote for it.Some of those rock heads there cant even spell amendment much less vote on one. Mike L.

    • http://none Mike

      Getting tired lol missspelled it myself there the first time. Mike L.

  • Eric

    I am so p!$+ off, these illegal’s are get away with everything. I am unemployed now for 2.5 years because of all those illegal’s with fake ID’s someone has my job for less money. My daughter can’t get a $5,000 grant, just $5,000 to continue her education to be a math teacher, in the country we were born in, paid taxes in, W.T.F. Yet an illegal can have whatever they want. I AM SO P!$+ OFF I THINK I WILL START A NEW SPORT.

    • http://none Mike

      Eric, My nephew is going through the same thing. My sister makes about 500$ a year too much for him to get grants.He did get an athletic scolarship which helps but not much. So he is going to be saddled with student loan payments for the rest of his life most likely. And we even have a lottery here that is supposed to be for higher education.Which by the way has turned into a giant slushfund for the politicans.Mike L.

  • Bob Wire

    well these people need access to an education but at who’s expense and when was social or government entitlements of any kind afforded to illegal activity?

    I live in a state to where an expired drives licenses is viewed as invalid, and you have no legal right to drive, cash checks, sell scrap metal, by prescription drugs, rent a car, board a plane, or be a liability insurance holder.

    So I guess my question is, what is it that I’m not understanding about “Illegal”?

  • da norseman

    Yep! The California Socialist Republic is so flat broke that they still think they can afford to provide state tuition fees for the benefit of illegal aliens while at the same time throwing in a lot of capital into this proposed high speed rail network. The California Supreme Court is so corrupt as well as these elected Sacramento lawmakers that they don’t care how bad off the state budget is.

    The bottom line is that California is permanently stuck deep down in the red. They better not beg other states to bail them out – let the state suffer!!!

    I unfortunately live here and it sucks politically and it is getting worse and worse when voters are constantly re-electing all the garbage, that is their now, who are the main cause of the corruption, and they appoint some of the stupidest judges to represent the State Supreme Court that sympathize aliens who have entered illegally and protecting the welfare of these so-called sanctuary cities. Voters are cleverly being duped by all the lies these re-elected pro-amnesty morons shove down our throats, exposing through their yarn about “bad” things their opponents did, including something irrelevant to politics such as exposing personal situations with smear campaign techniques, which I don’t fall for, to make it all sound believable for their own political gain and, yet, promising to do something about illegal immigration at the same time, which many of us know will never materialize during their watch once they are re-elected.

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      If Ca. wants to piss away what little money they have on this nonsense, let them. Not a dime of fed or other state funds should be contributed.

      • da norseman

        AMEN!!! Well said!

  • Francis



    READ the facts about the Dream Act and not the propaganda from Senator Harry Reid’s Liberal party leadership that must–END? Sen. Jeff Sessions put out the following release last week on the DREAM Act, that it’s an incremental illegal-alien amnesty bill. IT IS A VERY CAREFULLY PLANNED AMNESTY, FULL OF RHETORIC? BUT EVERY TAXPAYER NEEDS TO READ THE FULL TEXT OF THE WHITE PAPER. Remember your taxes are certain to accelerate upwards, to pay for all these indecent provisions. American citizens are already having money extorted from them to pay for the babies of illegal aliens born here, the education of illegal alien children, the health care for all family members and crammed prisons and jails for convicted illegal alien felons. All needs to to be paid for by your taxes? High on the list of Negatives is that the students, will be able to sponsor immediate family members under the chain migration law.

    Not so much the students who would become naturalized citizens, but the chain migration that would snowball for all family members. As I have said before we are committing financial suicide, because the majority of guarantors never honor their affidavits to support the people they vouch? In the end the older family folks who have never paid into the Social Security system, become another public welfare liability. Hundreds of thousands or may be millions have been allowed into America on the surety of the original sponsor, who failed to support his-her immediate family. Over the years taxpayers have been confronted with this issue, as the US government never had the man-power to enforce this sponsorship law. Years of non-compliance has be come yet another Social Security, (SSI) Supplementary Income of Tax payers left to pay even heavier taxes in support of people who were sponsored and then neglected. The amount of money that cannot even be estimated, that is being appropriated every year to account for the illegal immigration invasion.

    Another provision that misleads the public, is the fact that an illegal alien can join the military in this time of conflict and collect as a gaurantee a path to citizenship. Under under current law (10 USC § 504), the Secretary of Defense can authorize the enlistment of illegal aliens. Once enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces, under 8 USC § 1440, these illegal aliens can become naturalized citizens through expedited processing, often obtaining U.S. citizenship in six months.

    The invasion hasn’t stopped and never will until we cut of all welfare entitlements?

    WANT THE REALITY OF COSTS? GOOGLE—Illegal immigrant costs and find out for yourself and then you decide? Then go to the Heritage Foundation website and it will explain with graphs, projections and text by the reputable in-depth analysis by Robert Rector.

    Next week will add further enticements for illegal immigrants to come here, if this Dream Act passes?

    Here is the full text of the Dream Act (S. 3827: Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act of 2010:

    These corrupted legislators will not even tell you the real costs, for settling instant-citizenship infants (Anchor Babies?) Here is the last chance to harass your Senator or Representative by phoning (202)224-3121. Challenge them to stop the Left wing zealots for planting another Amnesty in America called the DREAM ACT. HOW CAN SENATOR HARRY REID AND HIS HIERARCHY OF LIBERAL CRONIES, PUSH PASSAGE OF THE DREAM ACT WHEN 15 TO 22 MILLION AMERICANS ARE GROVELING FOR A JOB. IN MOST CASES ANY JOB TO FEED THEIR FAMILIES OR LOSE THEIR HOMES TO FORECLOSURE?

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    College by and large is one of the greatest rip-offs going. From the price of books to student fees used to pay for queer clubs, college is a con job. It has just become an extension of high school where many kids don’t have to grow up for another 4 yrs and can party on their parents or the gvt. dime. I have heard many young people complain about not being able to pay for college. But when I suggest they go into the military and earn the GI Bill, like I did, they run like raped apes. As to illegals, they already have advanced degrees in border jumping and scaming the system.

    We need to cancel the foreign exchange program for muslims. It’s a very easy way for terrorists to enter the U.S. I was talking with one of my old professors and he told me that his college had (3) muslim exchange students apply and were excepted. When they never showed up for class he found out that they never showed up at school. they used their student visa to enter our country then dissapeared into the wood work.

  • Tasmanian devil

    Mexico is causing us nothing but grief. Solution…Take Mexico out.

  • CA Refugee

    You need to look at the longer picture….I was born and raised in the central valley (The conservative part of Ca) I had to go back to college as a single mom in the early 1990′s. This stuff was ALREADY going on! When the few semester grants were handed out for the “needy” Rn student it always went to the blue-eyed blond with the Hispanic husband’s last name. We had the same grade and she would always come and apolagize. We just laughed it off then. My son wound up joining the military for his college. He couldn’t get a break.
    Then I got to work in a hospital with very sick and often dying children. There was a major differance in the way the illigals and the legals were treated. The one side had interpretors and all kinds of assistance. The poor parents that had insurance had to leave their child’s bedside to “take care of business” Not much help for them from the state. Then we went to the polls to vote….why do you think they are getting all the goodies legally??? They vote – legal or not.
    So all I’m saying is…I now live were I can afford a house, can afford air – and do my shopping by web. Yes there is life after the rat race of CA


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