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California Screamin’

May 28, 2011 by  

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • BrotherPatriot

    Yeah…Obama…*cough*…Looser…*cough*…Fraud…*cough*…Usurper…*cough*…Illegal Alien…*cough*…Not what he seems…*cough*…(fill in the blank)…*cough*.

    He ruined an honest man’s career. (Lt. Col. Terry Lakin <— True Patriot). Then a few days later provided the "proof" of his birth certificate (not). Think about the kind of man who would do such a thing…and this is only the TIP of the iceberg about this guy.

    I have great doubts about him but they are quelled by my concern about the Skull & Bones people & the rest of the Illuminati.

    Wake up my brothers & sisters…do your RESEARCH!

    God Bless!

    • Ben from Texas

      There are more of us than you realize Brother Patriot,and I and millions MORE ”Red Blooded” Patriots share your views.John 3:16 KJV.God Bless

      • Andee

        I would hope that there are millions interested in marching on DC…Sons of Liberty Riders and other groups are trying to get a million or more together to do just this…if interested, contact William Windsor and join his group that will join this march as well as they are working toward doing away with the corrupt judges…this is going to be hard because their cases will be heard by corrupt judges no doubt.

        • Ed

          we should all march to Washington and demand these THUGS to step down. It is very interesting that they all voted at the time that no one of them can be sued and taken responsible for their action, with that they made themselfs nothing but legal criminals. Time to take care of them as they take care of us.

          • nax777

            All packs need to join together as one pack. Does not matter which one. The first step is for them to talk to each other and get feedback from their perspective members. To keep money from being an issue no pack has to dissolve. Money issues will weed out the insincere.

            When the majorities stand as one the media’s and politicians will only be talking to each other. Belief that you cannot beat the powers makes you just as guilty as any crime you claim the powers made.

            We (you and I) win our seats back and we can start over with a more experienced but copied US Constitution. All courts will be replaced and battles will start over. Replace single payer social programs with individual payer. Have one special tax to uphold old promises and help the truly needy. Freeze immigration at 100,000. Eliminate tax on labor. Eliminate the IRS and central bank. Eliminate all internal Federal departments except the FBI and leave it up to the States to govern.

            I am sure that there are things missed and more to discuss. But just the things I listed are hateful irrational ideas to the powers. And not a one of them in a seat or that seeks one want to prevent overpopulation from immigration. The fact is they all say that it is inhumane for any nation to prevent overpopulation from immigration. Therefore any culture can conquer another with babies as their weapon.

  ,, are free to join but like all successful causes they require active bodies and donations. has links to them you may be able to click my name.

            P.S. Have you heard of “you cut” @

        • always right

          Isn’t “CORRUPT JUDGES” a redundant statement anymore?

        • jim tibbs

          Andy this is the best idea since sliced bread. I am so sick of this liar, I can’t even watch him and any of the rest of his ilk on the tv. I would like to be part of the event, and I know a lot of others who would join in.

    • http://aol Bill

      Better seek help for that misdirectred hatred. You listen to uneducated draft dodging hatemonger sarah palin, jane coulter, and rush too much.

      • MN

        Hey DUMBASS, Jane Coulter??? Not a very smart lib that’s for sure. It’s ANN Coulter and maybe you should try listening to them one time you might learn something.

        • always right

          Hey MN, isn’t Not a very smart liberal” also a redundancy? think about it. If one was “smart” one couldn’t possibly BE a liberal.

          • BKWsr

            Can someone explain to me how Sara, or Ann could be draft dodgers.

      • Bbby T

        and you are an idiot

      • Patty

        Bill – Dradt dodging? There was no draft when she came of age to be “drafted”. We pulled out of Nam in 1973. She graduated high school in 1982. Palins son is serving in our armed forces, voluntarily. At least she has transcripts from a college unlike the POTUS. It is obvious that you are programmed to believe whatever the MSM feeds you. Why don’t YOU get some education before you open your mouth again with your pollution.

      • Andee


        Perhaps you need to get off this site! You know you libbers think that DC is doing right… what they are doing is: doing away with jobs one way or the other…newest…rural people having to quit jobs because they cannot afford the gas to and from; then you have this bozo in the DC OUR HOUSE..wants to tax the mileage…then, my libber non friend, he will get more to quit…nanny state…well, we are close to that….when that happens, America is gone…and your kids, wife, etc. have to suffer under the same REGIME.

      • jibbs


      • Stan Smith

        Hey! Libtard Bill! Is your Libtard hate site Daily Kos been too quiet lately?? Better take your Meds! Liberalism is a Mental DisOrder! and you are a living proof Bill!

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Aaaah!! A new token of a liberal to bash! Just lie down on the altar and take small breaths.

        I was glad to know Sarah Palin was a draft dodger. Which draft did she dodge; I don’t recall.

        Being non-athletic, I dodged the draft by teaching technical subjects in a community college. Don’t you think teaching young men a useful trade was better than having my brains scrambled and all my education wasted on a battlefield of s war we did NOT want to win??

        Or does the thought of scrambling brains with machine-gun bullets turn you on more than preparing students to have a productive careers in and for our nation?

        Just curious.

        How did you mange to dodge the draft? Did you do anything productive for your country? Did you learn how to kill and then die?

        • Alej


        • John Woodbury

          Hey CS er Lewis Munn. Hope you enjoyed you bit of anger recording. I for one would have loved to dodged the draft. But I did not. Besides a year in Viet-nam (two six months tours) I also spent a bit of time in Israel in 1973. I sure could have lived without that experience but WTF, S*&t happens. Glad you had a happy time in your life and missed the bonding experience, because we do not need stupid Fs like you, unless you want to vote O out then welcome aboard.

        • Dale

          Ahem! The draft has not been used for years and from the 60′s until it stopped, I believe in the 70′s, women were not drafted. Even in WWI and WWII and Korea (as well as Vietnam) I do not have any knowledge of drafting women – they always volunteered.

          To Americans, not socialists, please do use name calling like Socialists do. That is how they stoke the fire. Their only strength is like that of Satan – using people against themselves.

          When you are morally and ethically correct, God is on your side and you are not a frothing at the mouth extremists like many Socialists. You have good sense, use it. When people are absurd enough and can’t be reasoned with don’t get upset but laugh at the absurdity.

          I hope Socialists wake up before they destroy what gives them jobs and freedom. Freedom is not to be restrained to one group of people. Freedom is not to be abused but cherished. It is not freedom when you break the 10 commandments of God – it is bondage in the worse sense.

      • JC

        Bill says:
        May 28, 2011 at 9:51 am
        Better seek help for that misdirectred hatred. You listen to uneducated draft dodging hatemonger sarah palin, jane coulter, and rush too much.
        Geez! ANOTHER one who puts scotch on his “Hammer and Sickle” flakes in the morning. LOL

        • http://?? Joe H.

          They seem to be multiplying, but in actuality it is that they are using multiple screen names!!!

          • JC

            Schizophrenia will do that for ya! ;)

      • NIKI

        Bill, Haters – my my what an educated person you are. Sarah Palin is a woman that does not back down from you liberals that use words like racist, haters, bigots which in fact you are and will NOT admit it.
        Sarah Palin does something you cannot think to do – tell the truth as it is not as you want it to be.

      • always right

        “draft dodging Sarah Palin”… need to lay off the “↨♀☼herb♀♪♥♂…man…☻”. No matter how much you gliberals get hung up on the lie of “equality” between the sexes, there is no draft for women. Futher, Sarah has a college degree and years of hands-on experience as an executive of a very prosperous state. And you?

      • pompey

        ……don’t need help, my hatered is aimed squarely at the fascist left and its unlikely to miss……sleep well.

    • EddieW

      I really get a kick out of Calif. 25 BILLION Bankruptcy!! Let’s see, they pay lifeguards, $100, – 200,000 per year, invite illegals, give then a home, free medical care, free schools, free cell phone and a host of other freebies..I just can’t understand why they would be in debt over this….Give more freebies and see if that wont improve the situation…like Obozo, our Liar in Chief that seems to think we can spend ourselves rich!! It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist should it to figure things out???

      • Harv

        55 million $/ month for illegal aliens’ anchor baby benefits in Lost Angeles county (sic) alone, not counting schools, emergency room HMO’s, not paying taxes, identy theft, carnage on the hi-ways, marching for che guevara, castro, hugo chavez, mecha, la raza, democrats and for obama to push US the borders back to 1785.
        lancaster, taxifornia
        push 1 for english ONLY in the USA

        • crisscross

          Not to mention the tragic and irreversible implications for an culturally diluted and fractured America that is already a mere shadow of its exceptional founding principles and historical greatness.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I pushed that button a long time ago!! Unfortunatly it didn’t seem to register in DC!!

        • http://n/a Gaffer

          You said “push one for English – only in the USA”

          Well, unfortunately, we Canadians also have to push one for English. Wait until you have to read the bi-lingual medication instructions on the side of a bottle in print so small, you’ll need the eyesight of a child. Total lunacy!

          Best regards,

    • Carol J

      I don’t believe the so-called “official” birth certificate either. My son was born in Hawaii in 1962, and his doesn’t look like the one shown.

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Does your son’s look more like the vanished Kenyan certificate that showed up? And promptly disappeared!

        • http://personallibertydigest lu Martin

          I am not so concerned with the poorly-done and photo-shopped birth certificate from Hawaii which was presented….My focus is, and always has been this…It is a known FACT that Barry-O carries a social sec card (issued by state of Ct…from 1971–77)…A clear replacement for the soc sec card which was truly assigned to him, or, it was a re-issue due to a (private) adoption…or, another clandestine reason, none of which comes to mind is positive in any way….Barry-O has never been to Ct during the 70′s and would have no BUSINESS with a Ct.-issued card….it simply “fits” the age which he is….hours after I saw this in print, bam…bam….we took out a big terrorist and this “stole” the headlines….I just can’t get this thought out of mind…perhaps the (original) soc sec card contained one too many 6′s….ya think ?? There has to be SOME explanation…..Look over HERE, at my phony birth records, while I hide my jack wagon Soc Sec card….an old (Houdini) trick…..and, poooooof, it has disappeared…..after a $ 1M cover-up…..awful (convenient) that his granny has died in recent times….Hey, my nana blabs EVERYTHING….old ladies have few filters on the pie hole…I just cannot ever forget that Michele, his wifey, was his BOSS when they first met…keep an eye on that one…Peace out…

          • always right

            Actually, last I heard, that Ct. SSN now comes back “no record on file” since hte word on that got out. It seems he’s changed it again. It’s great to have friends in high places.

      • Sheila Maulding

        It it took him 2 years and a few million to have a fake one made. Not to mention he has sealed his passport, school records, thesis paper and oh so much more. How can anyone not have reasonable doubt about this President. And the passport being sealed is very telling as it would be stamped when he entered this country. It would be enlighten all Americans. When they ask for McCains (as he was born in Panama due to His father being stationed there for military duty, yet born to a mother & father both natural born US Citizens)He certaintly produced it along will all the Liberals ask for. His Passport would be more telling than a birth certificate. It needs to be demanded NOW. Wish Trump had demand he produce both while he had the chance.

        • http://personallibertydigest lu Martin

          It was Trump’s investigators who FOUND that Obama has a (fake-replaced) Soc Sec card….(Ct)…couple weeks later, Trump announced that he would not seek office….that announcement (press) of the Ct card…which Barry-O holds, struck a RAW nerve….may have led to the (phony) news story of the terrorist killing…Hey, I thought Special Forces were for the ground ops….and the Navy Seals were water-based….dunno….but, no surprise that Trump pulled out….cause Ivanka is pregnant now (daughter) and we really would not want another “accident” like Princess Diana…..and, Trump went away, quietly….just a thought….

          • JC

            A fairly valid thought at that…
            I jokingly wonder if all presidential candidates aren’t shown fils taken “from” the grassy knoll.

          • JC

            Should read film…not fils.



    • letitsnow1

      lets just hope the fools of this country wake up before we are destroyed for ever. eveil is in the White House.

      • Bud Tugly

        there is plenty of evil to go around in politics these days on BOTH sides of the aisle. Some of the leading GOP candidates are as bad or worse than what we have in the White House. The Dems’ health care isn’t the best, but Ryan’s attack on Medicare is a boondoggle for insurance companies. We need serious leaders, not drone ideologues who puke out the party line.

    • Kelly Jones

      Anybody who has researched him knows exactly who and what he is. It baffles me that nobody inside of the leftist media can announce that the Emporer has no clothes on !!! We are upside down at this point !

  • Penny Fuentes

    obama is the most corrupt and unethical person “ever” in the White House. People will say that we’re RACIST” because we “hate” him, yes I will say hate, not because he is african but because he is EVIL. If it were up to me, I think the world of Dr. Condoleeza Rice and thought she would have been brilliant in the office of President. Allen West is another great man who would have brought pride and dignity rather than this illigitimate, little man.

    • Ben from Texas

      Penny ,I agree with you also there unseen forces putting these ”puppets” like Obomite in office.These people like George Soros,Russian Communist,American communist,Unions and their henchmen, local foreign and local socialists and communist,the ignorant,the deceived,Banks local and foreign,,wall street,all the people and companies and banks and Illuminati that get hand outs ,bailouts,loans,countries that get aid,the people of the so called ”Federal Reserve”..It doesn’t matter weather its the Demogogs,or Republicrats that get elected..They are all bought off and corrupt to tow the rope of communism of the New World Order the Bushies spoke of often..I do vote but I feel it does little good because of the electoral college..Hillary won the popular vote with the most votes but they gave it to Obomite..I despise them all..

    • Bob

      Obamination may turn out to become the most corrupt President ever, but so far he is way, way behind Bill Clinton. Slick Willie averaged nearly one scandal per week while occupying the White House. He and his team didn’t actually invent spin control, they mastered it.

    • http://naver samurai

      Good post and very true, fellow patriot. Thank you, Jana, and April for sticking together with my wife on prior poat sites. Strong women always seem to work together, especially patriotic Christian women. Hopefully the pretender will get booted out of office next year. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Andee

      He and moosechelle are socially inept always; they run down America and Americans; he has never had a small business; he has never been in the military (if he had, then he would not be hell bent on election to cut their pay for fighting to save his ugly arst and the uglier arst of his moosechelle and brats…oh, I could go on and on …..

    • Gerd

      Oh I hate his white half too! I am not racist.

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Good for you!!

  • kenneth kilmer

    Obama’s greatest fall is when he is at his highest then plundards to the ground, and then will we realize our suspicion of his past will be revealed.I believe in the old adage ” you can run, but you can’t hide”.

    • Frank Seymour

      I agree with you! when the BASTARD falls, lets hope he takes the Anti-American BASTARDS REID, Pelosi, Holder, Clinton, all his CZARS and his entire CORRUPT cabinet with him!!!

      • http://personallibertydigest lu Martin

        I am sure glad you included Clinton’s name in there…Look, the couple of BRAVE ones are Ruth Bader Ginsburg ( US Supreme Court) and Ron Paul (Texas)…..I used to think Hillary was different, but she has been lying through her teeth lately….(allergies ???) oh, come on, now….I am just sooooo glad to see that we have so many smart people on this blog….My family thinks I am nuts….(open your blind eyes, and unblock your deaf ears )….family….sheeeeesh….

  • Ken Huffaker

    The shame of all of this information is: it only reaches the patriots and not the ignorant that are afraid to read the truth on conservative websites.
    A liberal will pull the trigger on a conservative patriot, but we try to show love toward our enemies and ignorant neighbors.
    God’s words always win in the end even though we do not see it in our time. I just hate to watch my loved one’s suffer at the hands, and minds, of fools…!

    “Thinking themselves wise, men became fool’s!”

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      It is hard to get those who need to know to read these columns.

  • Pat McIntyre

    I can’t believe what I am reading………..this Country has and is going to Hell. What Sick people make up what ONCE was a Great Country.
    Thank God you all are only a very small percentage…..a sick bunch of morons and illiterates….hateful and spiteful….bigots.
    Being retired Military and a veteran of 2 World Wars makes me wonder what in the hell did I fight for……todays existing Trash.
    Terry Lakin was and is guilty of disobeying an order…he knew what he was doing and paid the price…..stupid idiot like so many of you.
    Obama is the BEST thing that has happened to America for some time…..
    he is cleaning up the mess that idiot Bush left behind.
    Obama in 2012…with or without trash like U’all.

    • Curmudgeon

      Oh puhleeze, you Commiecrat phony.

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Shhhh. He probably believes all he says, as long as he keeps getting rewarded.

    • JR

      You can keep your head buried and think all is well and do nothing. Typical Cow mentality. When your check doesn’t come in from the Gov. maybe then you’ll pull your head out and wake up.

    • bill

      How much kool-aid are you going to drink you POS. Dumbomer has done nothing but drag this country down the hole of destruction. This idiot never produced the necessary documents to show he was qualified to govern this great nation (that requirement is in the conctitution if you would take the time to read it) Dumbomer has lied to the american people from the beginning and continues to lie to this day. Laken was not given the ability to defend himself in the military court marshalL. He refused to follow an illegal order which is in the military regs because Dumbomer hasn’t shown that he is qualified to be president. Are you that blind not to see what he is actually doing by turning this country into a socialist country. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.

      • marcel duranleau

        obama is a kenyan marxist professor.Fools vote for the prince of fools.Beware we have a new Lenin at the White House.Check out: tubefemacamp Why Brazil will send us plastics coffins can have 3 0r 4 people in it paid by US citizen? Look femacoffininbrazil Check out:
        algoterrivelvaiacontecer2de2 America are you ready for yours new homes?CONCENTRATIONS CAMPS! Look at the trains convoys,busses,electric fences.Why oven in thoses camps? It is for pizza or human beings? Two US states lost theirs fourth Amendment.Forget the US De Facto Corporation Gov’t. Joint Republic De Jure Gov’t. America be free. Beware of him.Be not afraid of theirs faces.Fear God only.Ben Franklin said, “If a man makes a sheep of himself,the wolf will eat him” “A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves.” FACT:Crooks in Gov’t want Socialism,High Taxes,”Paper Money” & Wars.ALL TRAITORS HANG THEM HIGH.

    • Dave

      @Pat McIn tired
      As the last living WWI vet is 110 and living in the UK…you must be one of the numerous deceased voters who helped elect obummer.

      • kilrntex

        You said exactly what I was going to come back with. I wonder how long this guy has been dead. Maybe he was killed by friendly fire or had the first case of AIDS.

      • Patty

        Just another lying democratic blogger trying to get his point across BY LYING. No surprise there!

    • Grandpa

      Pat, I wish to thank you for your many years of service to our great country. However, this is the only statement you made that I can agree with. Lakin was not sure if he was disobeying a legal order and merely wanted clarification, as I’m sure there are many other military personnel with the same concerns who needed an honest answer. The president has chosen to make this a political hotbed and could have averted this tragedy several years ago if he wanted to. The people have a right to know. This president has caused more division of the people of this country than any other. I do feel sorry for you.

    • kilrntex

      I can’t believe you made it through the chow line with your beliefs! Surely you can’t be serious about this poor excuse for a human being. Apparently you didn’t serve with any pride in your country or else you were stuck in an office out of the way. Maybe you were like Al Gore. They gave him a camera instead of a gun because they were afraid he would shoot his own men. They were afraid to let him lead any troops fearing he would be killed by friendly fire. Too bad you weren’t!

    • independant thinker

      I doubt very much you were in two world wars. WW I was close to 100 years ago so that would make you 118 or older. In fact since you have lied about that I also doubt very much you even served in the military. You are much more likely a recent college dropout who could only get a job posting pro-obama drivel on concervative sites.

    • Macawma

      Gee Pat, you must be older than dirt if you fought in BOTH World Wars I & II! You don’t know your a$$ from a hole in the wall…

    • Cold War Gunner

      Pat McIntyre:

      Just how bloody much koolaid have the Marxists/Socialists/one worlders forced down your throat, or did you drink willingly?

    • http://PLD Master Sergent J. Bowers

      You are a fraud Pat McIntyre.You state that you are retired military AND a veteran of two world wars. Using 16 years of age at enlistment even if you went in at the end of it (WW1 was 1914-1918) THAT WOULD MAKE YOU AROUND 109 YEARS OLD. Your use of speech in the comment is modern not that of a 109 year old. I would place your age to be 20 or 30. If you WERE retired you would not refer to your self as retired Military “but as retired Army,Navy,Or Marines(from that era)¨ You are a fraud and a poor one at that. Try to calculate the numbers and verify your facts before you spew whatever it is you are selling. If your point of view was valid you would have no need to hide behind some fictions persona.
      DUMBASS MSgt James Bowers USAF (Ret)

      • Dale on the left coast

        Lieberal are toooo stupid to do math . . . otherwise they would figure out the Country is BROKE!!!

        • Kate8

          Dale – Isn’t it funny how libs simply don’t do their homework before stepping in a pile of #$*&.

          Just like the ones O hired to forge his BC (several tries now, and they still can’t get it to be even convincing).

          Either they think we’re too stupid to notice the details, or they are simply inept.

          I think it’s the latter.

          • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

            The one found in Kenya is much more convincing, tho I suspect by now a commando raid has reduced it to ashes and sprinkled it over the rail in the Pacific!

            It had a footprint too, for comparison.

          • JC

            Kate the fake BC is working well enough on Obama voters…they mostly can’t read anyway. :)

      • http://personellibertydigest Marcus

        I would have to agree with MSgt. Bowers ,My Grandfather was a WW 1 Vet ,My Mother was a WW 2 Vet , To read what this Liberal Weasel posted did not make me sick ,But close to it !!! Anyone that claims to have fought for this country or loves this country ,Should be shocked and horrified at what this Communist from Kenya has done and will continue to get away with doing ,When will ( We The People ) rise up and protest !! When Janet Nappy No ( The worst Governor in the history of the state of Arizona ) and Comrade Obama hand out Voter Registration Cards to illegal aliens as they jump over the Fence in the comission of 1 felony and 2 midemeaners ,Of coarse the Liberal Weasels will print them in Spanish

    • TIME

      If you were a Vet from two world wars, all I can say is you pulled off one hell of a gig Bubba.
      But oddly Pat the last True Veteran from WW I passed on a while ago, so that makes you an outright lire.

      Well I guess now after you have been exposed as a 100% FAKE, you may wish to retract you outlandish remarks. If not all I can say is that You make me sick what a Low life Puke you are to sully the GREAT Americans who’s sacrificed it all to allow such a PUKE as you to exist.

    • Ron S

      keep bending over and touchin your toes.(offensive words removed)

      • TIME


        Is your post directed at me?

    • http://yahoo richard

      welcome to the American version of the USSR

      • JC

        The USSA?

        Not for long.

    • http://naver samurai

      Oh my God soldier, what is your major mental malfunction? You lie like a rug, just like the illegal immigrant we have in office. Veteran of two world wars and retired military, don’t make me laugh. You are no patriot, but a traitor and coward paid to come to this site. I don’t like plants comming to this site. I guess its time to do a little gardening and remove this weed with a quickness. If you think Obama bin Laden is a good thing, then I suggest that whatever you have been smoking it is time to stop. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • WildBillCody

      Pat…you said you served in 2 world wars…that’s ironic because the last world war veteran (Frank Buckles) just passed away at 110 year old…so, since you start off with false information, I can now put your consider you comments null and void…just like the rest of your type that hate America…you can disguise yourself as a war veteran, but deep down you’re just a pitiful excuse of a human being…if you can’t stand being a true American…then, by all means denounce your United States citizenship and move to a country that you do love…yeah, just as I thought…all mouth and ignorant of the harm being done to our nation…you are what is wrong with our nation…please don’t tell others you are a veteran…it’s shameful and disrespectful of all other Veterans that have given life and limb for you to spout unfounded Anti-American garbage…

      • BikerHoop

        Just as an aside, Frank Buckles was the last COMBAT Vet from WWI. There was another British chap who was the last WWI Vet, but saw no combat as (if I remember correctly) the war ended just as he was finishing basic training and he never saw combat. He was 114.

    • http://aol Bill

      From a fellow vet, AMEN, bless you, and Semper Fi.

    • chilipadi

      What a phony you are, Retread Padded McOutTire! Enough said.

    • JC

      Pat McIntyre says:
      May 28, 2011 at 8:23 am
      I can’t believe what I am reading………..this Country has and is going to Hell. What Sick people make up what ONCE was a Great Country.
      Thank God you all are only a very small percentage…..a sick bunch of morons and illiterates….hateful and spiteful….bigots.

      Just another phoney liberal communist bigot spreading hate lies and deceit. Slither back under your rock please…

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        JC, I am not convinced it is a such a small number. The Liberals have modified our public schools greatly. When I went through high school, we did not touch much on the early history of our country, nor especially on WW2…the question on the exam was “who won?”!! There really as no time in one semester to cover the modern history other than a few high points.

        Any wonder people know little or nothing of the great wars, and little or nothing about what it meant to be an American.

        And no economics, either.

        This was in a college town, too.

        But no study of great speeches of the past, not much to make one concerned or patriotic!

        Fortunately my folks gave me books of our great heroes, for a while, and I loved to read.

        Those books are replaced by “Chucky has three fathers!” Or somethings like that.

        • JC

          And that is exactly why I get directly involved in my kids education.
          Every right thinking American needs to.

    • grreed

      Hey Pat
      You lie and say you fought in to wars. I don’t believe you. I think you are just another left wing duschbag that has nothing better to do but sponge off others and cry when you don’t get your way. Say goodbye to big O he has shown us what he really is and you too.

    • Frank Seymour

      I am a retired NAVY Chief and you mister are a Anti-American MORON! I also have to agree with one of the previous writers on this guy, that if he fought in both WW’s, he has got to be a FRAUD, just like the USURPING BASTARD Obama!

    • Pakinpastor

      You are not telling the truth, just like the King Obama. You are not a veteran of 2 world wars. ‘Comon, you just want to have a word, where you sound so smart and like you have really done something. By your spelling, I don’t think you made it through one of the current wars. Maybe, but you need to stop believing in a fairy tale. Obama and his administration have been following the republican and democrat policies of the past thirty years or more of destroying this country for some of the iluminati, and there is more proof of that than you would admit to. To think this country is getting better, is just dishonest at it’s best. $4 gas, food up nearly 40% in the last year, eneergy rising at a rate we cannot keep up with just to please Obama and his henchmen and the rest of the world rulers. Just look up what the word liberty means. You can’t tell me this is liberty! Remember, Jesus is coming back for His own, and He will not suffer fools!

    • Don

      I call you a lier, you never served a day in your life, troll !!!

    • BOB

      Obviously you had to be hiding behind the skirts of someone and out of anr real danger to have survived.

    • Denno

      What a lying fruit. Make that, a DUMB, lying, fruit. He does the libera whine about “nasty” people and then goes on calling everyone names. Typical

    • Patty

      come on Pat McIntyre. Waiting for you to defend what you posted as are all the ones above. You have no defense. You better change your name before you blog again. You have lost all credibility here.

    • Wild Bill

      Pat McIntyre
      There is only one thing lower on the face of this earth than a draft dodger and that is a LYING PIECE OF EXCREMENT like you claiming to be a veteran.Your claim to be a veteran of two world wars is nothing more than an outright LIE.Cpl Frank Buckles,who passed away this last February was the last known WW1 veteran.

      I think the only thing you are a veteran of is the gay/liberal prostitute service that was run out of Barney Franks basement by one of his gay lovers.And no,you do not get a purple heart for contracting AIDS “in the service of/or in your case servicing your senator”.

      I have wasted enough time replying to worthless, anal orifices like you who blindly and most times knowingly,pursue the progressive agenda of lying,cheating and stealing elections to attain your treasonous goals.In short ass-wipe,GO TO HELL and take Obama and the rest of your species with you.

      In ending I would like to thanks all veterans and currently serving service members for their dedication and sacrifices to the ideals that have made America the greatest Republic on earth despite the machinations of those that would seek her destruction.

      God Bless to all on this memorial day
      Wild Bill

    • duffy49

      Thank You for your military services. However, seems the 2 wars experienced by you must have left you brain dead or mentally challenged.

    • MG34shooter

      Your a “veteran of two world wars” are you? Would that be world war one & world war two? That would make you what…..110 years old or so? I’ll bet you were also one of the secret Navy Seals that took part in killing Osama Bin Laden, huh! Are you also the one that forged Obummers birth certificate? Another lying dumbass liberal dipwad! The only good socialist is a DEAD socialist!

    • jibbs

      You are a piece of human garbage, I can’t believe you fought either!

    • JimH

      To all the real vets. and not you Pat, we will remember all of you on Mon.
      To everyone, have a wonderful Memorial Day.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Are you talking to us from the grave??? I happened to read in the paper the other day that the last WW1 veteran had died!!! There have only been two world wars, WW1 and WW2!!!

      • JimH

        Joe, Maybe Pat came back from the future and was in WW3& WW4.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Been watchin too many Audie Murphy movies!!!!

    • http://personallibertydigest lu Martin

      I am a 70% disabled vet….PTSD….and I agree with what you said about Terry Lakin…..he knew he had a wife and family when he tried to buck the system and make a name for himself….trying to become a hero of the people…..and he did lose sight of the oath he took on joining….follow direct orders….without question….always follow the orders FIRST….but, it is just not Obama who is evil….and driving the economy down, eroding our civil rights….even under Roosevelt, all of the citizen and privately held gold stores were confiscated…..JFK was decent, but asked too many questions, and , so…..and Jimmy Carter was a richeous man….but, the rest of ‘em can take a hike…..My vote is for God…but, you are entitled to your opinion, of course, right or wrong…..(” I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it…”–Patrick Henry)….I think everyone who defends Obama should have to sleep with the guy at night, if ya ask me….

    • BikerHoop

      A veteran of two world wars? How can that possibly be, you fake? The LAST Veteran of World War I died recently and he was 114 years old. My Dad is a Veteran of World War II and he’s 85. I defy you to PROVE that you are a veteran of two world wars. If you are, and can prove it via a DD-214, I will buy you a one-way ticket to any Middle East or North African country you so desire… deal?

    • Rebel44

      Pat,your whole post is a “CROCK OF S**T”.You may have fought in WW11,but don’t believe you fought in WW1.Furthermore,Lt.Col. Lakin is a “HERO” in my eye’s.I’m a Vietnam Vet and would have done the same thing if that POS in the Whitehouse was there when I was ordered to go to Vietnam.Why don’t you just take that hump on your shoulder’s and stick it back up ODUMBO’S arse and go back to sleep.With that said,I appreciate your service in WW11.

    • usmadgirl

      Pat McIntyre,

      First of all, thank you for your service. Despite what you think, we’re NOT all sick, hateful, spiteful, morons or illiterate bigots & I hate to burst your bubble, but the “small percentage” you THINK we are is in actuality about 5/8ths of the country! NO, you didn’t fight for TRASH, unless you fought for the progressive criminals & thieves that are ruining this country NOW.

      Just out of curiosity, how old ARE you? If you were in TWO World Wars, you HAVE to be at LEAST 113 years old. My dad was in WWII & if he hadn’t died of Lymphoma at 42 years old, 45 years ago, he’d be 87 right now. I’m shocked that you can even read, much less “can’t believe what you’re reading”! No wonder you don’t know what you’re talking about! You’re so old you f@^t cob webs!

      As for Terry Lakin, he was only asking YOUR president to produce the same thing HE was asked to present numerous times himself. YOUR president has brought all this on himself by simply not producing a document that any of the rest of us could produce in a couple of days, but he couldn’t do it for two years & now that he HAS, it’s a proven FAKE! Why should Terry Lakin take orders from someone who couldn’t PROVE that he was a legitimate Commander in Chief & REFUSED to do so? If someone has nothing to hide, then WHY would they HIDE it? Where there’s smoke, there is usually fire!

      No, Bush wasn’t perfect, but the only “mess” he left is what the Dumbocrat House & Senate caused. It’s way past time for the “Bush Blaming” to be over. YOUR president has been in office for over two years & Bush hasn’t said one negative thing about O’Dumbo & has kept his nose out of this administration’s business, but YOUR president can’t take responsibility for ANYTHING bad. It’s always Bush’s or someone else’s fault. O’Dumbo has done nothing except taken us down the “fast track” toward Communism! Is THAT what YOU fought in your TWO World Wars to take our great country to? It has always been my understanding that the purpose of our military was to fight to preserve our LIBERTY, NOT support the criminal leaders who are trying so desperately to rob us of the FREEDOM our founders set in place for our REPUBLIC.

      If you think O’Dumbo is the greatest thing that has happened to America, then I have no idea WHY you fought in your TWO World Wars either, because YOUR president is succeeding in tearing down EVERYTHING you fought for. You and YOUR president are destroying everything you both took an oath to protect & defend against enemies foreign & domestic. If you agree with him, YOU are why our country is going to HELL, not the conservatives on this site who believe in upholding our Constitution & saving our Republic.

    • Kelly Jones

      Thanks for reinforcing our resolve. At the polls, Idiocy and immature idealism must be defeated from here on out. Period.

      • karolyn

        There’s something wrong with idealism???????? Isn’t that something this country was built on?

    • S.C. Murf

      Time for you to make that popping sound patty. By the way 2 wars, what were you a spoon?

      up the hill

  • Joe America

    The CRF, the Trilateral Commission, Bildebergers, Skull & Bones, Illumiati and all other secret organizations are in control. All the average person can do, now, is sit back and watch events unfold. At best, one can be working to help their families and friends survive what’s coming, and it won’t be pretty. The prepared will survive and the unprepared will not. Enough said.

  • J. Longendyke

    Bless you Mr. McIntyre. We have been preaching to the choir; now we have a non-choir member on the site. Listen well, sir. The present administration is evil. Not just misled.

    Watch the “democracy” ploy in the middle east, because down the road it will be shown for exactly what it is…an Arab push for Islamic control of the world, funded, in part, by our money.

    God has blessed America; we just forgot to thank Him, and until we wake up and do that, we remain on a downward spiral.

    Obama may be the best thing that has happened to America, because he is causing the silent majority to finally wake up.

    • BrotherPatriot

      ^^ True ^^

      I became awakened to the truth of things just under 2 years ago now.

      It floored me & I’m a Veteran. I had no clue about the secret societies control on things.

      Continue educating others…and awakening their minds to the truth.

      God Bless.

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      Write to Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan, or look them up on line.

      They still know history, and support freedoms. And are thriving. Worth looking at and listening to their monthly commentary.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Lewis, I get their monthly Imprimus. couldn’t pass it up seeing as I’m from Adrian/Tecumseh michigan area, about 20 miles from there!

  • barry

    I suppose Pat McIntire’s senility should be overlooked due to his age. Being a veteran of 2 World Wars would make him old enough to have outlived his brain! Lakin IS a real American hero, like Michael New and others who stood up against tyranny and evil!
    Sadly, even 2 years of Obama has not awakened the apathetic American public. Just this week Americans snoozed while Congress extended the Hitlerian Patriot Act to destroy our 1s, 2nd, & 4th Amendment freedoms and give Obama more tyrannical powers

    • http://personallibertydigest lu Martin

      Lakin is a brave guy, but a dummy….He had a wife and kids to care for…..Heros do not decide which direct orders they will obey and which are not okay…..On enlisting, Lakin raised his right hand and promised to follow all direct orders….not just the ones he likes….good thing he is married to an asian girl…..cause, as an american woman (veteran of the Navy) I would have thrown his azz out on the sidewalk for putting my small kids in a bad spot…..lost his retirement….what ?? We have a saying in the Navy…..CYA…..means cover your azz…..hero ?? I say DUMMY….like, in numb skull….

  • Bruce Porter Sr

    Mr McIntyre, I’m a combat wounded veteran also. What you think you fought against is now in the White House. You appear to be too hypnotized to recognize it. A few moments of research on Hitler and Stalin, and, if you like, a slew of others would make that obvious.
    As for Bush, based on policies I’d say that the Kenyan is an extension of the Bush family, the only one of which should garner any real respect is the elder who did fight in WWII but since has been bad.
    Since Ike we’ve only had 2 “American” presidents, JFK and Reagan….they killed Kennedy and tried to kill Reagan.
    Breaks my heart that a fellow veteran can’t see that he has voted to put in power the same evil he had the courage to fight against in his past.

    • kilrntex

      You’re right about the best presidents being Kennedy and Reagan. Reagan was the last of the good men in government. Bush Sr and Jr barely beat out Clinton, but a damn sight better than Carter and this POS we have now. DC begs for vets and patriots to end this nightmare.

  • DC/Tex

    Obama is the absolute worst president, (wish I could wright that in smaller letters) commander in crime, Antichrist to ever set foot in the US. God only knows where he was born but surrounded by the evil witch Nancy, the fruit cake Barny, the greedy Harry, and the rest of his Chicago crime mob he will do what he has been groomed for, ignore the Constitution and destroy this once great country. What gets me the most is how anybody could vote for this group.
    “O”ne “B”ig “A”ss “M”istake “A”merica

    • Patty

      Because they have been programmed by our public school system for generations now. It started right after they shot JFK.

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Only correction is the mal-education started back in the 19-teens, and built year by year, dumbing down texts, and changing orientation.

    • http://personallibertydigest lu Martin

      I am so glad to see someone brave enough to use the word Antichrist….(Obama)….cause it is what I am thinking….got so excited when I read that, I almost wet my panties…LOL….I really like you guys on here….

  • AJ

    Pat McIntyre people like you are the reason this country
    is in the shape it’s in. I won’t call you stupid because I feel
    compassion for and others that think like you. Do your resurch and realize you fought to make the Military complex richer, and Bush and Obamma are of the same stench. Rotten to the core both bought and paid for. Instead of slinging mud educate yourself.

  • Alex

    My folks are like Mr. McIntyre. My father works for the post office, and his sole concern is for his job. He believes the Republicans are trying to privatize the post office. In my opinion, it would be a good thing. Like most entities functioning under government control, the post office is operating at a loss. People like Mr. McIntyre are democrat and liberal because they look to their own needs rather than the needs of the country. They approve of Obama and believe he is doing good because they are ignorant of true finance and economics. They scream and cry for continued handouts and bad business under government control to protect their own interests. In the meantime, the massive hemmorage of debt pouring out of Washington has set in motion an irreversible trend that is going to lead to a depression unlike anything we’ve ever seen in our country. It’s not doomsday nonsense. It’s not an opinion. It’s a mathematical fact at this point. Steps can be taken to make it less painful. Steps can be taken to limit the duration. But when one considers that the folks in Washington have to be either completely stupid or utterly deliberate, it is clear to me, at least, that nothing is going to be done to prevent the poverty and bread lines. They are a necessary evil to effectuate complete disarming and domination over the civilian population. There’s no other way that they would be able to convince Americans to give up their freedoms wholesale.
    They’ll wake up, but too late. They won’t realize what the government stole from them until the government owns their house and arbitrarily relocates them to a ghetto so they can house troops.

    • Kate8

      MacIntyre also managed to control the direction of this thread.

      They do it every time.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Nice point, Kate8.

        But the information has already been brought out in this thread, this…this will spark someone, somewhere to start asking questions. Once they then learn the truth, they will then inform another.

        The truth is like water. It’s damn hard to block it forever and once freed, spreads…

        See how my mind looks at things? I’m an optimist and believe in the spirit of humanity & America.

        I think we will win this war once it starts. I believe the opposition hasn’t calculated for something that is going to derail their plans. This something is due to their very nature as they simply cannot comprehend it. They will be crushed as they think they are winning.

        God works in mysterious ways and so does the human spirit.

        God Bless.

  • JC

    Folks, Always keep in mind that there’s a difference between hate and contempt. Hate is an emotion and suggests that there was once love.
    This may suit those who voted for the kenyan imposter if they have come to realize their mistake. Contempt is something patriots have always held for all things socialist, fascist or communist. In other words everything the kenyan imposter represents.
    So when the demented liberal left suggests you hate him because he’s black…point out that he is in Ireland getting in touch with his “white roots”. So what is he? black, white or mulatto?

    Tell you what, everything about this low life is a lie, and for that, I hold him and his treasonous crew in utter contempt.
    And you should too.

    • Frank Seymour

      I wish I could have stated your sentiments as well as you did! You are OH!! so RIGHT!!!

      • JC

        My dad taught me well Chief.
        He’s a retired USN CPO. ;)

  • Marcia

    It would be nice to see you guys stay on topic once in a while. This one is about our prison system and so often you completely bypass the subject and go straight for President Obama.

    The “drug war” is majorly behind our overcrowded prisons and very few of you are immune to how drugs have ruined the life of someone you know, possibly even love and care deeply about. Between that thought and the price we are paying financially with your money, even if it isn’t affecting you in any way except financially, maybe you can consider in this case, to educate yourselves a bit instead of attacking the current president for something that started way back with Nixon and thinking California is planning to release serial killers and rapist.

    The prison system is costing us a over $50 Billion dollars a year. We are building a new prison every year, at the cost of another billion dollars, filling it up as quickly as possible, starting on the next and the “Prison Industry”, is not much more than a privatized business investment. It is alive and well at the expense of many, including you. We’ve built 23 new prisons in the last 23 years. Do you think we really live in such a dangerous country that this is justified or do we really just have an incredibly corrupt business arrangement going on here?

    Our “War on Drugs” had a budget of 1 Billion Dollars in 1995. This year it is 16 Billion Dollars. We aren’t even half way through the year and are already 1.2 Billion over budget. The number of addicts has not changed at all. Still 1.3 %, as it was in 1971, but our population is much larger than it was in 1971…

    NON-VIOLENT and VICTIMLESS drug charges, then later, minor infractions and “violations” of those non-violent inital charges – agan victmless and non-violent, make up more than 53% of our “dangerous felons” incarcerations.

    Many are not “chronic drug abusers” nor have they committed a crime, other than small amount possession or being under the influence – I would venture to say many that read this site, have gotten a few sleeping pills or pain pills from someone you know or given them to someone you know, at some point in your life. Many others have smoked a joint or two…

    In many cases, these “dangerous felons” are still kids – 18, 19, 20 YEARS OLD and their lives are being ruined by a broken system.

    Many others have been in for years, since they were kids, and are literally unable to escape this broken “justice” system.

    These are the prisoners being released.

    Across the board, OVER ONE MILLION are incarcerated, at a cost of $50,000.00 per inmate, per year, often for simple and sometimes unavoidable, minor infractions or violations.

    But the cost doesn’t end there.

    Millions of children are victims of this broken system, growing up without a mother or father, as most of those incarcerated have minor children.

    In many cases, the remaining single-parent household cannot make enough money to cover expenses, so welfare programs come into play.

    For tens of thousands of other children with a single-parent family, with that only parent being harshly sentenced to years in prison, often for minor infractions or violations, the States are forced to take that child or children into the Social Services System.

    These are NOT children from abusive families and the REAL toll from this “Drugs are a Crime” Policy, has a very high price that truly, never ends.

    Lastly, ALL children suffer due to budget cuts in education to finance prisons.

    California used to be in the top rankings of the Nation’s education system. Today we’re next to last. We have the highest drug-infraction incarceration rate in the world.

    Prisons became privatized decades ago and the goal of these private investors is to keep prisons as full as possible, while building more as quickly as possible.

    Decriminalizing Drugs would be a huge step in really helping our National and State deficits.

    Drug education and comprehensive drug rehabilitations are far less costly and far more effective. Rehabilitation programs enable fathers and mothers to provide for their own families, whereas the stigma of being a felon almost eliminates any hope of a future.

    Most adult drug offense prisoners were working until they were sentenced.

    We, the uninformed public, are allowing these million lives to needlessly be ruined, along with their children’s lives, in the name of corporate profit, by not being aware of this crisis or worse, being aware and thinking it’s not your problem.

    If you want a real eye-opener about what’s up with our prison system this YouTube video is unbelievable – sadly true, none-the-less – it will take you quite a while to come to grips with the fact that this is in the United States and not some crazy communist country–XaE

  • cali-girl

    Pat McIntyre is nothing more or less than a paid troll who is deliberately stirring up controversy and planting the seeds of doubt for readers of this blog. He is not even a good one at that. Served in both world wars? Really?! How old are you? A centarian? I think you are merely an over-paid, undereducated obot troll. IMO

  • grreed

    GOD bless every one here that stand up against the PATASS’S of the world we are united one and all. Keep up the good work folks and lets kick all commie lefties to the curb. We did it in 2010 and we are going to do it in 2012. GOD BLESS YOU ALL and you to pat.

  • Janice Fortin

    British Secret Service code Word for obama: SMART ASS? I note that the secret code word for his bitter non proud gauche queen hugging half was so bad they didn’t dare publish it.

    Yeah Ireland will believe that 2 face “will stand by them alright”…..the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Isn’t that right Mr. Netanyahu? WE THE PEOPLE ARE ON THE SIDE OF ISRAEL, NOT ITS NEIGHBORS……AND WE HOPE VERY SOON TO GET A PRESIDENT WHO WILL REPRESENT THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA.

  • Harry S.

    Why waste time arguing with idiots? The sad thing is that these Socialist Obama lovers vote!

  • http://sovereignsociety Jack54

    At this point in time capitalism is still in control of the USA…the totalitarianism protects capitalism noting:
    1. the Supreme Court sided with big business to allow them to donate to political campaigns as if they were a citizen
    2. both governmental and business leaders work in unison to control the US population…basically, they have records on everyone we can not see and dispute…the employer is all powerfull…this is a major problem as it allows limited change and rewards the current system of deceiving the people to self perpetuate…I think all political parties and donations should be elimated along with the lobbyists…anyone who holds office should concentrate all their efforts on conducting business to run the country efficiently…fundraising is a conflict of interest to Democracy or any type of legitimate government…all political parties have their staffs of writers and media people to project propaganda in their favor and criticize the opposing political parties…when a person accepts a high ranking position of authority in the government it should pre-clude them totally from future employment with businesses that do business with the government or businesses that receive any government assistance or tax legislation in their favor(Tom Ridge and retired Admirals/Generals should not be working for the oil companies…one can easily see the economic-political circle of wars for oil whereby the military industrial complex and oil are both benefitting and controlling our government while making huge profits at the tax payers expense(not even considering the lives and limbs lost by our military guys and gals as they are sent to control people who dislike us)…
    3. As one can see by the comments on this website Americans seem to be concentrating on fighting each other instead of working together to remedy the mess…that is exactly what the true power players want…Obama has been cornered by the true power group and has been educated about the real world and has continued on the same path as the previous Bush administration…Israel will be protected as always…
    4. Governments are corrupt unless you pass and enforce real laws that are just and cover actual operational activities for both the governmental and private business sectors that every one has to be part of as the nations work force…our governments leave gapping loopholes or legislate bi-partison laws for special interest groups…these laws are often unconstitutional as well…we may have enough laws on the books to make the majority of the system work but just are not enforcing them or are selectively enforcing these laws as
    political favors are given…George W. Bush refused to legislate bonuses for Wall Street…there surely should be laws on the books that prevent businesses from giving bonuses to executives until the full life cycle of the business operation in question has been completed and an actual profit has been made(DUH…the banking/housing scandal is a prime example of a system that allows corruption or it is just not being enforced to allow manipulation by those at the top of the business chain)…
    5. Obamacare…what are the real facts here?…I know from personal experiences that we have a health care system whereby if someone needs an operation the surgeons demand their requirements…the hospitals demand their requirements…the healthcare provider decides what they are willing to pay for and you as the individual are stuck paying for whatever the healthcare provider will not pay for(common sense tells you that a law should exist that guarantees standards of service and payment for all individuals requiring surgery by the healthcare provider at all hospitals and by all surgeons…all basics should be covered…not a run up the laundry list and fill your pockets while bankrupting the average individual)…also, corporate officers of charities and supposed non-profit hospitals do not need million dollar salaries and bonuses…but they are part of the new new nobility created by capitalism…capitalism is the best way and the most efficient way if every thing is done correctly and we eliminate the politics…every thing can be based on a reasonable performance based formula whereby goods and services are provided and individuals are reworded for their successfull efforts…if a doctor screws up a surgery…then they should be responsible to fix it period and a reasonable amount of money is due the patient for the pain and suffering involved…no lawyers and lawsuits required…

    May every one enjoy Memorial Day and be thankfull to all military guys and gals past and present!

  • perot-wise

    Did you all hear Gary Johnson on Hannity last night, now he is a patriot!

  • Warrior

    Is ed shultz a relative of keith olberman’s? Ben, as long as there are liberals, you’ll never run out of material.

  • i41

    Who ever is claiming to be a vetern named Pat, must have been trained in ebonomics to be able to count like that, or is using dog years. I notice Gary Johnson and any other “libatarians” promoting legalization of drug use. They answer or never mention the cost to society or who ever is going to cover their medical costs of drug usage. Guess the dumb bastards will blame and sue the drug dealer like smokers do to tobacco companies. Guess what idiots will think it OK since there will be Nocare to cover medical problems or they will need a new lobby of dumbocrats.

    • jibbs

      We all rady have over abusive drug users that we pay for, if it’s legal we can collect the tax. Did you ever hear of someone smoking pot and robbing 7-11? I don’t think so!

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Not robbing 7-11′s; the reports do not state what the criminal was on at the time.

        I do know of a guy high on pot who stole a disabled woman’s special van, modified so she could drive it and earn a living. And he wrecked it beyond repair.

        She now cannot even get out to shop anymore.

        Just one case, but it was proven. And a very liberal group refuses to compensate her.

    • TIME


      You have clearly displayed your “Progressive Programing” quite well.
      So what does the Human brain emit to relieve pain if one gets hurt?

      A, Bunny farts?

      B, An Opium like substance?

      C, Aura?

      D, Canabinioids?

      The answer is D, WOW ~ How strange thats the same active ingredient in Pot, as in THC?

      But hey what do I know when all I have learned is TRUE Science when compaired with you and Anslingers Progressive agenda based on
      Of what was to control the US Population, but hey why let the TRUTH stand in the way.

      Also lets look at this for a moment, say next week all drugs were made LEGAL. Would you or anyone you know run out and start doing drugs? Would we find you on Horse, or would you be smoking crack?

      I would venture to bet not, no more so that you would drink yourself into a blind state and then drive a car.
      At least I hope your not driving a car while blind drunk.

      FYI, whats it cost the {US Tax payers} per year to keep up the following government jobs ~ The DEA, The BATF, let alone what we will end up paying in Retirement as well Medical Care for said persons of what I didn’t include in the noted figure of nearly $500 Billion dollars per year and as this also comes from State tax’s its not as clear cut on the Government spending in plain words it could in fact be much more.

      Add in how much is spent on Court cost Jails, Prisons per year for people just like you who smoke a few joints and all the cost of such absurd behavior by the Government.
      BTW ~ again of a “NATURAL” occurring chemical that every Human who has HAR 1 has. Well its just about 1 Trillion dollars per year.
      WOW ~ money well spent, hey?
      Kinda of rings of the Clorart & Piven theory, WOW ~ it is in fact the early PROGRESSIVES C&P theory.
      But again why let the TRUTH stand in the way of good Junk Science!

      Wow, send me to the Cone of Silence for breaking the TRUTH to you dude. But really to be ignorant is one thing, as that can be cured.
      But to spout utter Stupidiy well that’s fostered over time and talk about what the education system produces and how deep it is, need I say more. Keep in mind its a DRUG FREE ZONE, yet 1 out of ever 3 kids is on a “Government mandated DRUG!” PLEASE WAKE UP People.

      You claim you believe in Liberty and Freedom, yet your post speaks volumes on a totaly differant level to those of us who do understand what these words really mean.

      Thus you are in fact more in line with a Marxist who feels that everyone else is wrong if they don’t follow the “JUNK SCIENCE” you take a truth. How sad indeed.

      This is one reason I am not in favor of many Conservatives as they are in fact no better than the persons whom they feel are BAD / Wrong and or not within the vien of what they feel is right.

      Again how bloody sad is it to go from the pot to the pan.

      God I fear for this nation as its full of Idiots and Nano Witts on a collision course with the Progressive agenda and most are running as fast as they can straight into it. Now talk about STUPID.

      Learn what the true meaning of words are such as
      {Personal LIBERTY, Personal FREEDOM.}

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Excuse me for seeming to argue, but isn’t it endorphins that the body produces in response to pain?

        • Karolyn

          I think you’re right, Joe. Hey, Time is wrong for a change!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            do me a favor and don’t use me to further your prog program!!

        • TIME

          No I put down what it is. Saddly Joe most folks don’t have intel thats worth the paper its written on as we see daily posted here, not unlike our WW I & WW II Veteran who posted and how can we ever forget 47 D cup’s trips into the vast ranges of insanity.

          The chemical compound you noted is whats known as a “generic” name, in plain words its covers any reaction with a single ray of light responce. Not unlike MSNBC or NBC news where a single ray of light is the main format of Intel with little in the way of value.
          When broken down into each sub level Chemical compound each action has a differant responce / chemical compound. thus for the reaction to pain what I posted is what your body produces.

          Look into Anslinger what you will find is that everything I ever posted about him is dead on. As well the research being done by labs not within the US you will find that what I post about Pot is also dead on.
          If you look into the many benifits of Pot, you would drop and eye tooth, I don’t say this lightly its a “WOUNDER HERB.”

          It alone can cure Cancer, its a highly nutritius food, also a great form of curing skin cancer, a far better grade of paper that what wood pulp makes. It also makes far better ROPE than the trash made from oil based products.
          It also would eliminate the need for many oil based product’s such as {all plactic’s} as in all of them its also 100% biodgradable unlike all Plastics made today.
          It also is a far better material for cloths as it last 10X longer than cotton jeans coats, let alone shoe soles. It also would be a far better way of making car bodys as they would also are 100% biodegradable and don’t dent.

          And thats just the tip of the Ice Berg but what would happen is that first the Government would have to admit that they Lied about the herb’s true value.
          They would also have to admit that they have been active in the drug trade for the last 50 years. But even more so they would have to admit that Anslinger was a Progressive who wanted to bring down the United States Government!
          But wait Our Government would also have to admit that it was instrumental in creating an Environment of “Hate and Discrimination.”

          Joe, really do you think our Government will admit to anything EVIL they have done? Hell we can’t even get a simple Birth Certificate!

          K, no I am not wrong, but thanks for posting anyway, and Please do keep playing as your post at best are amusing.

          Yes indeed 95% of them are of little value for anything else. But the good news is we all really do need a good laugh per day and you supply them with such a consistent flow, not unlike a tide pool it fills and drains twice per day.
          Oh what little goodie’s can we find after it drains today.

          You just keep on being YOU. ;-)

          • BrotherPatriot

            I have to say that I agree with you with the majority of what you said about Hemp.

            I honestly feel that it being illegalized has helped create the problems that we have in our world for American’s. It is being suppressed in order to help suppress us all. The benefits of what that weed can do for our economy could be enough to save us all. It can, as you say, produce all manner of beneficial by products…

            Medicinal Use
            Building Materials

            The simple fact that a crop can be harvested several times a year and then able to create all the above…we could mass produce it in such quantities that we can provide for the entire world. We could help feed & cloth all those poor countries where people are going without.

            But it’s all being suppressed because our controllers & handlers don’t want world peace. It’s not profitable. They want world discord to help them in their plans for putting us all under a single governing, corporate entity called…dun dun dun…The New World Order. I’m speaking of the people from the Skull & Bones and the rest of the Illuminati/Masonic movement. A organization/religion that is in every country and indeed…does exist & is following an Agenda.

            Become educated to the truth, people. Bring out EVERYTHING into the light of day and let the light of truth burn away all the impure.

            It will hurt.

            It will be hard…but I guarantee you…everything will be OK. God will provide and protect us all. Believe in moral standing and proper actions…live in the light & the world will brighten.


            Only the truth and a determined, moral movement by Patriots backed by God can succeed.

            God Bless us all in these troubling times.

            So says an American Veteran…one of many.

  • Charles

    Michael Moore> His new handle is!!! THE FAT ASS UGULY AMERICAN
    Please, this is no pun against heavy people. Most heavy people
    are beautiful,just not Michael Moore.

  • Charles

    To the People that believe in our country and what we stand for,
    Winston Churchill said what we don`t want to stand for.

    • TIME


      Great Post!

  • duffy49

    May God Bless America Now & Always.

  • one old dog

    We need to get on God’s side and beg forgiveness, and pray for the strength to stand against the evil, that is coming, from the Marxists and the Fascists, and the just plain greedy and power hungry, in government, including the many Un-Constitutional Bureaus.
    “The Government which governs best. is the one that Governs least.”
    Support Our Troops,
    So they will not have died, or suffered in vain.


    pat is suffering from “ideas of grandiosity ” its becoming the #1 side effect of the liberals trying to find ways of interpreting everything that come out of their coward leaders audio orrifice (mouth to all the higher learned liberals who went to ivy leagues )Poor ole socialist progressives wouldn’t it have been wonderful if mr o really changed into a rabbit instead of the devil.The devil is the father of all lies and all the libbers are so smart they believe him.Well , guess what? You’re next stop is hell, Repent ! Before its too late !

  • Stephen

    George W., Clinton, old man Bush, Obama, where do we keep finding this trash who hate this country and prove it by every pen stroke while they are in office.

    • BrotherPatriot

      With the Illuminati, of course. The good ol’ Skull & Bones boys have dug themselves in quite nicely.

      Do your research. For starters you could read, “Brotherhood of Darkness” by Dr. Stanley Montieth. Then research each of the various organizations that he talks about. Get your facts from several sources and triangulate the truth. Do not rely upon wikepedia or snopes as they are controlled by the people who are following this Agenda. Good luck.

      If you do your research properly, it will take you into the conclusion that this family operated venture reaches down past the Pharoa’s of Egypt and is indeed a secret society with their own…dun dun dun…religion.

      God Bless.

      • Jay

        Contrary to myth being fabricated, Islam does not pose a threat to the West. Rather, Islamic “terrorist” organizations have been created to serve Western imperialistic objectives. These groups are intertwined with Western power through a network of occult secret societies. This relationship dates back to sixth century BC, and the birth of the Kabbalah, in Babylon; a plot to seek world domination through the use of magic and deception.

        Herod the Great incepted a series of cooperative dynastic relationships. Their first conspiracy: to corrupt the emerging Christian movement, imposed upon the Roman Empire  as Catholicism, with which they would struggle ever since for supremacy over Western civilization.

        During the Crusades, these dynastic families associated with their counterparts in the East, members of the heretical Ismaili Muslims of Egypt, known as the Assassins. Templars were believed to have “rescued” a number of these “Eastern Mystics”, and brought them to Scotland, being the basis Scottish Rite Freemasonry.  The legend also led to the formation of the “Asiatic Brethren”, founded by followers of the infamous Jewish false-messiah, Shebbetae Zevi.  The Asiatic Brethren then became the successors of the Illuminati, and became involved in the development of Egyptian Rite Freemasonry.
        With Napoleon’s conquest of Egypt, Freemasons in his army reconnected with their brethren in Egypt, sparking a relationship that was pivotal to the development of the Occult Revival of the late nineteenth century.

        These associations were part of a grand strategy, as outlined by Albert Pike, who originally devised a plot for three world wars, culminating in a third against the Muslim world. However, because the Islamic world had been successfully dismantled, both through the instigations of the West, and by way of their own corruption, they were incapable of mobilizing any kind of threat.  It therefore had to be contrived.

        This was the agenda of the Oxford Movement, to spread Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the Middle East, headed by Lord Palmerston, Benjamin Disraeli and Edward Bullwer-Lytton, a leading occult figure, as head of the SRIA, or English Rosicrucians, which evolved directly from the Asiatic Brethren.

        The agent of this strategy was a notorious impostor by the name of Jamal ud Din al Afghani, who became the founder of what is called the Salafi “reform” movement of Islam. According to K. Paul Johnson, it was Afghani, as head of the occult Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, or HB of L, who was responsible for teaching Helena Blavatsky her central doctrines. Helena P. Blavatsky, the famous medium and mystic, was the godmother of the New Age movement, whose books are considered the “bibles” of Freemasonry. Numerous other leading occultists affiliated with the English Rosicrucians and Egyptian Rite Freemasonry travelled to Egypt at the time, and on their return, established branches of the HB of L, out of which emerged the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), the most notorious member of which was Aleister Crowley.

        The Nazis were the result of a merging of the O.T.O of Crowley and the Thule Gesselschaft of Germany. It is presumably for this reason that Hitler, when he wished to create an arm of German Intelligence in Egypt, contacted a leading Salafi and Freemason, named Hasan al Banna. With the demise of the Nazis following WWII, control of the organization was transferred to the CIA.  It was its eventual head, Allen Dulles who spearheaded the move to hire ex-Nazis to train the terrorists.

        In 1954, after it was discovered that the Muslim Brotherhood was responsible for an attack on his life, President Gamal Nasser of Egypt ordered a crackdown. Fleeing members of the Muslim Brotherhood were then shuttled to the CIA’s ally, Saudi Arabia.

        The Salafi movement has since come to be spearheaded by Saudi Arabia, and identified as one and the same as the heresy of Wahhabism.  Wahhabism was created by the British, in the eighteenth century to undermine the Ottoman Empire, and to achieve Western control of the world’s primary oil resource.  Today, the promotion of Wahhabism is part of a larger Western agenda, involving the CIA, to denigrate Islam. According to William Engdahl, it was Henry Kissinger who orchestrated the Oil Crisis of 1973.  The subsequent wealth achieved by Saudi Arabia then served as a hidden slush fund for CIA covert operations.

        When John Loftus, a Justice Department official in the eighties, was permitted to peruse classified government documents, he discovered that the British Secret Service convinced American intelligence that the Arab Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood would be indispensable as “freedom fighters” in preparation for the next major war, which was anticipated against the Soviet Union.

        And so, when the Americans wished to lure the Soviets into their own version of Vietnam, they did so by funding factions of the Muslim Brotherhood in Afghanistan.  Financed and coordinated through the assistance of the Pakistani secret service, the ISI, it became the largest CIA covert operation in history.
        It was all part of the larger the Iran-Contra Operation.  Through the devious activities of the Aspen Institute and the Club of Rome, in collaboration with the Muslim Brotherhood, British agent the Ayatollah Khomeini was installed in Iran.  The Americans then began illegally trading arms with the country, proceeds of which were used to fund the right-wing Contra thugs of Nicargua, in return for cocaine which sparked America’s crack epidemic.  These funds, in addition to growing heroin trade in Afghanistan, were used to fund the US’s covert war in Afghanistan.

        Through this strategy, not only did the Americans succeed in bankrupting the Soviet Union, but they also managed to create a budding network of Islamic terrorists, brainwashed in the radical ideologies of Wahhabism and Salafism, who dispersed across the world, and who were then blamed as responsible for the great false flag operation known as 9/11, which allowed its hidden planners to embark on their War on Terror, Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations”, or the beginnings of Pike’s WWIII.

        • BrotherPatriot

          Some of your posts…they just floor me, Jay.

          Ty for taking the time to type that up.


          God Bless.

  • Karolyn

    Reading the comments here, I can only think that even if I do believe some of the stuff you conservatives come up with, I simply cannot align myself with people who are so vile and hateful. It’s no way to “win” recruits to your cause. It just sounds like a bunch of high school kids name-calling.

    • Jay

      You have said that a million times. if you don’t like what we say then take a hike and go hang out with your Lib retards!!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I believe you are right! Hey look, karolyn is wrong……AS USUAL!!!

        • Jay

          Joe, for someone who whines and cries, and complains, and hates being part of a conservative blog because of what she reads, she sure hangs around like a freaking spider!!! Poor little confused witch that she is!

          • Karolyn

            I rest my case.

          • Kate8

            Karolyn – Don’t let the door hit you in the b*tt on your way out.

            BTW, I’ve noticed that the “K” in your name goes back and forth from a “K” to a “k” all the time. This would suggest that you change your name often.

            Which other moniker are you posting under? I think you must be one of the pack.

          • Jay

            Kate8, there’s no doubt about it, she is definitely one of the pack!!!

          • Karolyn

            Kate – Get over yourself. It’s two different computers. You just don’t get it! Ever hear of the line “You get more bees with honey?”

          • http://?? Joe H.

            We’re not looking to attract the “Bs” We’re looking to attract the good, loyal patriots!!! If you don’t know what a B is, ask somebody!!!

          • Kate8

            karolyn – Are you holding yourself up as an example?

  • Jay

    The U.S. financial crisis is picking up speed. As the once mighty US dollar continues to sink, gold just hit $1,513 an ounce. World financial markets and investors are taking fright.
    A leading credit rating agency just warned the US AAA credit rating might be downgraded. How the mighty have fallen.

    While Rome burned, President Obama and the Republican-controlled U.S. Congress traded childish taunts and bromides. Both parties refused to tell Americans the painful truth: their government’s yawning $1.4 trillion U.S. budget deficit had to be slashed to prevent a financial meltdown. That would mean pain for everyone.

    But the two political parties are deadlocked: Obama’s Democrats want to raise taxes. Republicans demand tax cuts and want to cut health, education and welfare, all three sacred cows to the Democrats. The GOP urges increasing military spending at a time when 40 million Americans use government food stamps.

    This fatuous debate mostly ignores the 800-lb gorilla in the room: America’s bloated $750-900 billion annual military spending. Some experts put total annual U.S. military and intelligence spending at $1.2 trillion.

    Few American politicians, the courageous Rep. Ron Paul excepted, dare suggest seriously trimming the Pentagon’s runaway spending.

    The U.S. National Priorities Project estimates that in 2011, out of one dollar of U.S. federal spending, 27.4% is military; 21.5% health; 13.8% interest on the debt; 10.9% social security; benefits; 3.5% education; and 23% on everything else. The U.S. spends $450 billion annually to finance its ever-growing deficits.

    In 2010, U.S. military spending exceeded by 50% the average spent in the Cold War years when America had a serious rival in the Soviet Union. Since 2000, U.S. military spending has grown by 67% (all figures adjusted for inflation). Yet today America has no real military rival.

    The U.S. now accounts for almost 50% of world military spending. Add America’s wealthy allies in Europe and Asia, and the total rises to 80%.
    And yet Americans are incessantly barraged by wild claims their nation is under dire threat, the latest and most preposterous being that dirt-poor Myanmar (former Burma) is getting nuclear weapons. China, with a military budget only 1/10th the size of Americas, is the only future threat the Republicans can come up with.

    It’s too bad most Americans think of “defense” spending rather than calling it “military sending. This gives the totally mistaken impression America’s shores are somehow being threatened by enemy invasion.

    In reality, the Pentagon’s vast budget sustains U.S. world military domination, with over 100 overseas bases, air and naval fleets, two wars, numerous smaller “police actions” in Africa and Asia, rented allies, and a strategic nuclear arsenal at least 75% larger than possibly needed.
    President George W. Bush started two wars, cut taxes, and spent billions in farm and medical subsidies — without funding these expenditures through tax increases or spending cuts. These costs were simply loaded on to America’s huge national debt.

    If American taxpayers had to actually pay for their so far $1.6 trillion wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, these conflicts would quickly be ended.

    President Lyndon Johnson also financed the Vietnam War through debt. The result: a worldwide wave of inflation that took a decade to overcome. The same thing is happening today thanks to the profligate George Bush who doubled US government spending. The U.S. has been exporting inflation around the globe by debauching the dollar and massive borrowing to finance its deficits.
    Bush and now Obama’s unpaid-for wars, recklessly low US interest rates, flooding the U.S. economy with cash, commodity speculation, and China’s overheated economy are fueling the rising tide of world inflation.

    A few politicians have recently had the temerity to gently suggest modest cuts in military spending. But they are terrified of being accused of the ultimate sin in hyperpatriotic US politics, being “soft on defense” and “not supporting our boys.”

    Yet unless the Pentagon’s budget is cut — perhaps by as much as half or more — the US, dangerously top-heavy with debt, may capsize.
    Runaway military spending is undermining, not reinforcing, U.S. national security. History amply shows that more empires were done in by poor finances and debt than invasion by enemies.

    Alas, America’s governing system, dominated as it is by powerful, self-enriching special interests, can’t seem to escape from the national addiction to war and debt.
    As my friend columnist Arnaud de Borchgrave writes, while the US has wasted $1.5 trillion on its Afghan and Iraq Wars, China is busy winning friends and customers and buying companies around the world.

    The Economist just estimated that China’s total foreign exchange holdings now exceed $3 trillion. That’s more than enough, says The Economist, to buy the Pentagon and all its arms, or all of America’s farm land — and still have lots of change left over.

    China accumulated this cash hoard by exporting goods and earning interest on its $1.1 trillion of loans to the deadbeat US government.

  • Jay

    Today, the means of pushing the New Age one-world religion is the environmental movement of the UN. The more deceptive aim of the Environmental movement, however, is its use to further the eugenics agenda, by arguing for limits to growth, and creating the backwardness that serves British Imperialism.

    The Aspen Institute, together with the United Nations, the Club of Rome, the Tavistock, and other such organizations originating from the Round Table, began propagandizing around the issue of nuclear energy.[1] Because, the proliferation of nuclear energy as an alternative posed a threat to the oil interests that were dominated by the Rockefellers and the Saudis, though claiming that the environment was being destroyed, and therefore arguing against industrialization and for limits to growth.

    The American oilman, Robert O. Anderson, was a central figure in this agenda. Anderson and his Atlantic Richfield Oil Co. funneled millions of dollars, through their Atlantic Richfield Foundation, into select organizations to confront nuclear energy. Robert O. Anderson’s major vehicle to spread the new “limits to growth” ideology among American and European establishment circles, was his Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies. The Aspen Institute was founded in 1949, by Aldous Huxley, and John Maynard Hutchins, in commemoration of the 200th birthday of German philosopher and author of Faust, and a member of the Illuminati, Goethe.

    Robert O. Anderson also contributed significant funds to a project initiated by the Rockefeller family, together with Aurelio Peccei and Alexander King, at the Rockefeller’s estate at Bellagio, Italy, called the Club of Rome. In 1972, this Club of Rome, and the US Association of the Club of Rome, gave widespread publicity to their publication of the notorious “Limits to Growth.” Supported by research done at MIT, this report concluded that industrialization had to be halted to save the planet from ecological catastrophe.

    These organizations were exploiting the panic induced, when Paul Ehrlich, a biologist at Stanford, and admirer of Bertrand Russell, in 1968, wrote his Malthusian projections in a best-selling book called The Population Bomb. In it, Ehrlich suggested, “a cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people…. We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions.”[2] Ehrlich also advocated placing birth control chemicals into the world’s food supplies.

    The chief individual in this agenda is director of the Aspen Institute, Canadian multi-millionaire Maurice Strong. Strong is being heralded as the “indispensable man” at the center of the U.N.’s global power. He has served as director of the World Future Society, trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation and Aspen Institute, and is a member of the Club of Rome. Strong is now Senior Advisor to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Senior Advisor to World Bank President James Wolfensohn, Chairman of the Earth Council, Chairman of the World Resources Institute, Co-Chairman of the Council of the World Economic Forum, and member of Toyota’s International Advisory Board.

    Maurice Strong
    However, also now heads the Golden Dawn, and operates an international drug ring and is also a top operative for British Intelligence.[3] He was a founding member of both the Planetary Citizens. Strong and other luminaries, like Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, Sir Edmund Hillary, Peter Ustinov, Linus Pauling, Kurt Vonnegut, Leonard Bernstein, John Updike, Isaac Asimov, Pete Seeger, are listed as original endorsers of Planetary Citizens. Founded by Donald Keys, a disciple of Alice Bailey and former UN consultant, and presided over for many years by the late Norman Cousins (CFR), the Planetary Citizens organization supports the expansion of UN power and institutions. In Earth At Omega, Keys maintains,
    We have meditations at the United Nations a couple of times a week. The meditation leader is Sri Chinmoy, and this is what he said about this situation: “The United Nations is the chosen instrument of God; to be a chosen instrument means to be a divine messenger carrying the banner of God’s inner vision and outer manifestation. One day the world will … treasure and cherish the soul of the United Nations as its very own with enormous pride, for this soul is all-loving, all-nourishing, and all-fulfilling”.[4]

    Cathedral of St. John the Divine
    Maurice Strong also sits on the board of directors, and serves as director of finance, for the Lindisfarne Center. Lindisfarne was founded by New Age philosopher William Irwin Thompson, a former professor of humanities from MIT and Syracuse University. Thompson said:
    We have now a new spirituality, what has been called the New Age movement. The planetization of the esoteric has been going on for some time… This is now beginning to influence concepts of politics and community in ecology… This is the Gaia [Mother Earth] politique… planetary culture.” Thompson further stated that, the age of “the independent sovereign state, with the sovereign individual in his private property, [is] over, just as the Christian fundamentalist days are about to be over.[5]

    David Spangler
    The Lindisfarne Center is located in Manhattan’s historic Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine, dedicated to St. John, traditionally revered by Freemasons of the Johannite creed. Maurice Strong is the Finance Director. The center is supported by the Lilly Endowment, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the Rockefeller Foundation, and lists among its faculty members Amory Lovins, Gaia theory biologist James Lovelock, and Luciferian adept and New Age author David Spangler. According to Spangler, in Reflections on the Christ:
    Lucifer, like Christ, stands at the door of man’s consciousness and knocks. If man says, “Go away because I do not like what you represent, I am afraid of you,” Lucifer will play tricks on that fellow. If man says, “Come in, and I will give to you the treat of my love and understanding and I will uplift you in the light and presence of the Christ, my outflow,” then Lucifer becomes something else again. He becomes the being who carries that great treat, the ultimate treat, the light of wisdom….[6]


  • usmadgirl

    Happy Memorial Day!

    Thanks to all those on this site who have served our great country!

    A special thanks to all the men in my life who served to protect my freedom: My deceased dad, Army WWII in Germany, my recently deceased Uncle-Army – wounded in the Korean War, living Uncle-Army, deceased Uncle-Air Force, my deceased husband, 3rd Bat, 9th Marines-Vietnam ’67-’68, & Tinwarble (who used to post on this site until he got tired of arguing with liberals) – Air Force – who survived the Khobar Tower bombing in Saudi Arabia.

    I pray that we can reverse the damage being done to our Republic so your service & all the others who have served & given their lives & limbs will not have been in vain!

    God Bless You ALL & God Bless America!

  • herman richardson

    It is very disappointing to see all the name calling. That REALLY is helping the situation. How about some serious input to do something about the insanity in the White House all the way down to small town government. You sound like a bunch of spoiled kids. If you are not part of the solution, you ARE the problem

  • Jay

    herman, get over yourself, the name calling does happen from time to time but its not the norm! Usually, there is serious input to do something about the insanity in the white house all the way down to small government…BTW, what serious input do you, offer, to stop the insanity? Do you even understand the insanity? Do you know who’s involved in the insanity? Do tell!!!

    • TIME


      I will ditto your post 100%..

      I bet Old Hermie is as clueless as the guy I spoke with last night.
      He really thinks that Barry is the only piece of the puzzel thats broken.
      You just gotta love it, Barry is not the head of the snake he’s little more than something to put a face to the Evil that every American has let happen over the last 100 plus years.

      But I don’t blame everyone, as when your sold a bill of goods that’s got just the right amount of packaging, hey anyone will buy a box of Rancid Rotten Road Apples.

      And if you have the media with mouths closed and or lending credibility to that box of crap then it must be TRUTH in the average Americans mind.

      Afterall it can’t happen here, right?

      • Jay

        Time, unfortunately, there are many clueless zombies that are convinced that the cockroach obama is the solution to our problems. Closer to the truth, and I agree with you, obama is only the expression and puppet of those who wish to bring America to its knees in order to usher in their own diabolical and oppressive system! And again, you are absolutely correct, when you say, we, collectively, wether aware and incapable of doing anything about it, or, blissfully unaware and indifferent, have allowed it to happen! Of this, there can be no doubt!

        Funny thing about evil: it’s invisible most of the time, and even when you see it you don’t always recognize it as evil.

        The single most destructive force at work in America today is a malevolent, behind-the-scenes group of powerful people who, little by little, are stealing our freedoms.

        I call them the Enemy—only because Big Brother is already taken.
        This stealer of our liberty is a generational cartel of wealthy, bright individuals known in financial and political circles as the international power elite who, meeting quietly and in secret, work toward a world government of subservient nations and people, over which they will reign supreme

        Some think that’s an overstatement? Look around. Don’t we see unmistakable signs of that world government being formed already?

        The Enemy, then, is a global conspiracy in every sense of the word, but because the term conspiracy is so misunderstood, a definition of it is in order.

        Webster defines conspiracy as “an agreement to perform together an illegal, treacherous, or evil act.” The Enemy, with its world-wide scope and tyrannical intent, fits this description of an international conspiracy perfectly.

        The Enemy’s methods are manipulation, deceit, and subterfuge; its target is the free nations of the world, and its objective is subservience, domination, and total economic and political control, not just of America, but eventually of the world.

        True enough, but the average American has no idea what a monstrosity the conspiracy has become, because the subtlety, secrecy, and ultimate goal of it is beyond the purview of most people. That’s because no decent individual can conceive of how a person, or group of persons, could be so evil and devoid of conscience.

        In his Blue Book, written back in 1959, Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society, called our Enemy–the Insiders. Which they were, and still are. But since then, the Enemy has taken the forms of many negative factions, organizations, and “isms”, communism, socialism, and many more, which are operating freely in America today.

        It’s truly amazing that a half century ago, Welsh was already aware of who the real Enemy of America was, and though he identified it as the Insiders, he could not foresee that it would gradually morph into a Hydra, a lethal beast with many heads.

        He did, however, lay out n his Blue Book five, pointed statements to help us understand the Enemy, so that it might be destroyed before it destroys us.

        Here is the essence of those five statements:
        ONE: America’s battle with the Enemy is not one of ideology. We are not in a war of words. Conservatives think all they have to do is win a debate with Liberals who ridicule the theory of a conspiratorial Enemy, and the battle is over. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is, America is in an intense battle for freedom from any kind of tyranny, and you don’t win that fight by out-debating your opponent.

        TWO: Some people still think the main danger lies in a physical attack, but our REAL Enemy does not think that way. A surprise military threat would only draw attention from the Enemy’s takeover of the nation by internal subversion, which is going on all the time. It also serves as an excuse for the Enemy to seize more reins of power and establish more controls by the conspirators who are conquering us from the inside.

        THREE: Americans fail to realize that the Enemy works in the shadowy world of mental manipulation. One hand distracts your attention while the other hand does the deceptive work–as when you amuse children with make-believe and magic, or startle spectators with feats of legerdemain and illusions. The result is you are always fooled.

        FOUR: People with vested interests, who believe the Enemy’s lies, can hardly be expected to admit that what they’ve been told, and what they believe to be true, is false. This hurts their pride and their reputation as knowledgeable sophisticates in the country clubs and the business world. So they refuse to recognize the poison they’re swallowing.

        FIVE: Most people are jellyfish dressed in human clothes. If some are aware that America is in danger, they don’t have any idea how it can be stopped. If it can be, they say, “Let George do it. I don’t want to get involved.” They feel that by not opposing the Enemy they will be safe. Which makes them not only cowards, but fools. The only change in the Enemy is that over time he becomes infinitely more sinister subversive, and powerful.

        As Welsh boldly points out in the Blue Book, Americans are being played for suckers by an amoral bunch of sophisticated, international criminals, scheming to become rulers of an enslaved human race, in which every civilized trait has been destroyed. But remember this, although they hold positions of immense political influence and financial power in Washington, London, Paris, and other major cities, as well as the banking, educational, and publishing centers, their power rests solely and completely on bluff, pretense and deception

        “If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up by the lamp posts” -George H. W. Bush

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Actually nobummer IS the box of rotton, rancid, reeking road apples!!!

          • Jay

            Joe, double ditto’s to that!

    • herman richardson

      With all due respect, Jay, I am an old man in a wheel chair, I do NOT draw a dime from this group of government, nor have I ever. By being neutral and not having the influence of a check I do believe that I am well aware of what is going on. As we all sit and talk together, it seems that I have not seen a lot of constructive thoughts from alot of these fine folks. If there is a way to clean house, no pun intended, I think that is the only way out.
      And for you TIME my name is Herman, not hermie another example of simple childlike name calling.

  • Jay

    What is meant by democracy, however, is secularism. Because, the goal of the Illuminati had been to separate religion from the state, to replace it with a rule of their own. Through the widespread propaganda of the eighteenth century, they discredited Christianity as conflicting with the findings of science, and defined the Christian Church as an organization rife with corruption and greed. While it is certainly true that the Church was fraught with abuse, the citizens of the West were told to throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater, for it was not its moral teachings or the common worshipper that were inherently corrupt, but the upper echelons of its politically minded hierarchy.

    Paradoxically, the secularism of the Illuminati is based not on atheism, but on ancient occult teachings. To the upper levels of the Illuminati, it was Lucifer who “liberated” man, showing him the truth that there is no truth. Rather, all morality is mere convention, invented by the dull masses. To them, there is only will, and therefore, man triumphs by overcoming all apprehension, otherwise regarded as morality, that prevents him from achieving what he desires. Or, the “ends justify the means”. The program of the Illuminati, beginning in the eighteenth century, has been to disparage all religion as superstition, and the enemy of “Liberty”, that is, the freedom do whatever they will.

    To inculcate the veneration of such a principle in the minds of the gullible masses of the West, history has been rewritten to present modern secular states as the culmination of centuries of progress towards “Liberty”, defined as the fundamental characteristic defining the Western superiority over the East, where “despotism” supposedly perpetually reigns. Throughout “Western” history, we are taught, from Greece, to the Roman Empire, the Renaissance, and finally the Enlightenment, European thinkers have been progressively distancing themselves from “superstition”, or religion. The culmination of this supposed progress were the French and American Revolutions, and the implementation of secular rule, seen as the triumph of “Liberty”.

    In reality, these revolutions were coup d’etats effected through the machinations of the Illuminati. And, the first priority of the Illuminati, following the revolutions, as propounded by its prominent members, like the Marquis de Condorcet in France, Johann Fichte in Germany, and Thomas Jefferson in America, was the establishment of compulsory education. The first to articulate the need to interpret history as the progress of “Liberty” was Georg Hegel, German professor and member of the Illuminati.[4] Based on Kabbalah, Hegel proposed that history was the unfolding of an idea, as God coming to know himself. To Hegel, it is man who becomes God, as Western civilization overcomes superstition, by progressively advancing towards the implementation of “Liberty.”

    However, it was not until World War I that Hegel’s mythology of Western civilization was fully established, when America, to justify its entry into the War, presented itself and the Allied Powers as, not disparate nation-states, but members of a single “Western” civilization. Known as General Education, or the Western Civ. Course, the Hegelian interpretation of history was imposed on the American university system, through the influence of two Illuminati front organizations, boards of trustees, the General Board of Education (GEB) chartered by the John D. Rockefeller, and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (CFAT).

    As revealed by William H. McIlhany, in The Tax-Exempt Foundations, from minutes of their meetings, these foundations asked themselves the following: “is there any means known to man more effective than war, assuming you wish to alter the life of an entire people?” They could not find one, and so helped to precipitate WWI. Following the Great War, however, recognizing the need to maintain the control of the “diplomatic machinery” of the United States they had achieved, the foundations knew “they must control education”. Together, as William McIlhany described, the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations “decided the key to it is the teaching of American history and they must change that. So they then approached the most prominent of what we might call American historians at that time with the idea of getting them to alter the manner in which they presented the subject.”[5]

    Through their influence, the entire American educational system was coordinated to serve a centralized command Control of this system would be two pronged, dividing study into pure and social sciences. The pure or applied sciences were to serve the emerging Military-Industrial-Complex, while the social sciences, like psychology, sociology, and anthropology, were designed to study the behaviour of human beings, towards achieving means of controlling or modifying that behaviour. Lastly, the remaining fields, like history of political science, were to inculcate a proper “interpretation” of history.

    Because, according to their directives, “history, properly studied or taught, is constantly reminding the individual of the larger life of the community… This common life and the ideals which guide it have been built up through the sacrifice of individuals in the past, and it is only by such sacrifices in the present that this generation can do its part in the continuing life of the local community, the State, and the Nation.” In Universities and the Capitalist State, Clyde Barrow commented that:

    The full-scale rewriting of history under state supervision not only facilitated a short-term justification of American participation in the war, but also helped to institutionalize a much broader and more permanent ideological conception of the United States in the social sciences and humanities.

    The first recommendations to educators, during WWI, were careful to warn them that using outright lies or false information was a “mistaken view of patriotic duty”, that was likely to be counterproductive in the long run. These recommendations went on to provide detailed suggestions on what to teach, and how to teach history “properly”. They urged teachers to stress the difference between Germany on the one hand, and France, Britain, and the United Sates on the other, as a conflict originating in the struggle between despotism and democracy. This was a continuation of the same revolutionary struggle for Liberty, which America had initiated in the American Revolution. If it had been America’s destiny to perfect democracy, it was now America’s responsibility to defend democracy wherever it was threatened and bring it to the rest of the world.

    This myth of America’s role in the preservation of “democracy” and its struggle against “depostism”, is again being resorted to, towards the build up to World War III, or the so-called War on Terror. Ultimately, according to Francis Fukuyama, in deliberate reference to Hegel, we are at the “End of History”. That is, we have achieved the pinnacle of human intellectual progress. We cannot advance further, and Western style “liberal democracy” is the final product. However, one bastion of medievalism is preventing our final step forward: “militant” Islam. Therefore, according to Samuel Huntington, as first published in Foreign Affairs of the Council on Foreign Relations, a front group of the secretive and elusive Illuminati, the West is headed for an inevitable confrontation with Islam, or a Clash of Civilizations.

    Source of article:

    • BrotherPatriot

      Once again, Jay…floored by the information & link your providing.


      Find out the truth of what is happening…has been happening…and perhaps then we can take the steps as a species to rid ourselves of the infection within Humanities body…this infection of course is the good ol’ club of social elites that have kept it in the family…dun dun dun…the Illuminati and all their variously named organizations & families.

      Let’s get rid of the SECRET SOCIETIES! Charge them for the CRIMES that these CRIMINALS have been doing down through the centuries…show how it all links together.

      Perhaps then humanity can be free and evolve without their misguiding hand.
      God Bless.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Once we charge them…we prosecute them…and then we confiscate all their vast wealth & propety.

        Then…reimburse the people of the world as this effects us all.

        God Bless.

      • Kate8

        BroPat – Ditto what you said.

        Great work, Jay. I’ve added the links to my favorites.

      • Jay

        BrotherPatriot, its been done before,
        The Illuminati was the name of a secret society, founded by Adam Weishaupt, in Germany, in 1776, with the goal of seeking world domination through subversive means. It’s existence is one of the few instances in history in which historians are willing to recognize the existence of the diabolical conspiracy, because the evidence is undeniable. However, in 1784, the order was exposed, and forced to disband. Scholars, therefore, have used the fact of the suppression of the order as justification to suppose that no conspiracy continues to exist into our time. Nevertheless, Weishaupt himself boasted, “I have considered every thing, and so prepared it, that if the Order should this day go to ruin, I shall in a year re-establish it more brilliant that ever.”

        I’m not sure I would describe it as, more brilliant then ever, perhaps, more darker then ever, is more accurate! But, what these deluded fools fail to consider is, “Providence”, Who, has seen fit to allow enough rope until who’s measure would seem fit, or ample enough, to allow proper hanging! These derelict of spirit seem unable to properly understand the law of “Do unto others as you would have it done to you”, or, “What you sow, is what you will reap”. Dumb, dumbs…

        • BrotherPatriot

          Yes, Jay…I’m very aware of how they have done this before & the History of how they actually survived the “disbanding”. The fact that Rothschild’s fortune comes from the disinformation into Europe that Napoleon won his final battle…but indeed this was false. But it allowed Rothschild & his agents to sow the seeds and this allowed him to buy up stock…pennies on the dollar. Their fortune was founded on lies & deceit and nothing has changed since.

          My personal theory is that their “civilizations” that they create self implode. I believe Rome & Rhodes with their collossus (tribute to their dark god) are examples of their inherent decay. I read something once about how social moralness ran hand in hand with it’s survivability. When the society has degenerated into a moraless compass then it signals the end of the society. We keep our masses intertained with sports of excalating violence…football, boxing & now cage fighting. Also with the mindless gossip on the reality tv shows where the average american knows more about Kim Kardasian than the Constitution & what the current Congress is doing to it.

          How much more parellel to Rome do we really need?

          Indeed…eventually there will be enough rope and it will grow taut. May there be a great deal of World Patriots already holding on to the rope to bring this whole thing to an end.


          God Bless & great information being presented here in this column.

          • TIME

            You got my VOTE!

          • Kate8

            BP – I think the whole reason for the TSA and all this 1984 security and surveillance is because they (the NWO) is now exposed and being implemented openly, and the elites are scared to death of reprisal from us.

            It’s all about protecting THEM from US, not us from each other. So, they had to provide a bogey-man to get us to accept it. That being the “war on terror”.

          • BrotherPatriot

            We do live in interesting times now, Kate8.

            The pimple is about to *pop*.

            God Bless.

  • http://deleted Claire

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all. My Vinnie took Best of Winners at a dog show this morning!! I am doing the Happy Dance!!!

    • TIME


      Thats Wonderful, I am very happy for you and the baby! Have a safe Memorial Day.

    • Karolyn

      WhooHoo Claire!!!!!

    • JC

      Awesome! Congratulations. :)

    • libertytrain

      Claire – I am so happy happy happy for you!

  • i41

    To them dumbazzes who think legalizing pot is OK, they pot head may not rob 7-11s. But I have investigated enough accidents and helped remove dead bodies from loaded drivers who drive over kids and adultswhile higher than hell, no alcohol was in their systems. One female was 50+ and a pot head in high school since she was 12, and in the middle of the afternoon drove over 2 8 year old boys riding along the edge of a road, on a bright sunny day. The other sick scene of a mother and 3 of her children hit broad side by a driver and his 4 pot head freak friends who were suck on tubes coming out a big bong. They claimed the checked the at the stop sign and took off. At least the 2 front seat druggers went to hell with the mother and her 3 kids.

    • Karolyn

      What does that have to do with legalizing drugs? People are gonna do it whether it’s legal or not, and if it were legal, more people would not be jumping on the bandwagon to do it. Laws make no difference! What about alcohol. More people are killed on the roads due to that than anything else!

      • Cawmun Cents

        So…let me get this right…you want to give the power over pot….to the federal gubment.Hmmmmm.Just exactly how stupid are you? Honestly,have you ever seen anything that the gubment controls that isnt screwed up?Be careful what you wish for,you might just get it.No….I dont think that that would be a wise decision.Not only will you be relegating many folks who I love to the poor house,but you will be perpetuating the idea that gubment is the answer to the drug issue.No…giant pot farms regulated by gubment watchdogs is never going to be the answer to the question.If anything you will be getting a pot product comparable to Budweiser out of the deal,and exciting new ads on the tv.Idiocy running rampant,and calling itself socialized medicine.Yes…you will see a bill drafted and approved making pot a pharmacological product controlled by the pharmaceutical companies….is that what you want?HAHAHAHAHAHA….you retards.You dont even know what you are asking for,and you think you know the answer.Well…go ahead and spout your stupid concerns about people in prisons who will likely be there anyway.Let us overlook the fact that many copped to a lesser charge than they would have,if they wanted to take it to jury trial.Let us be confused by arguments that have little to do with anything,other than giving the gubment more control over your lives.Go ahead and see it legalized….but remember what I said.Watch as the quality dips and the price skyrockets.I dont even smoke…and I am smart enough to know this.-CC.

        • Albino.

          “Watch as the quality dips and the price skyrockets”……. WRONG! You need to take a look at your history books! It’ll be under the chapter ALCOHOL PROHIBITION….. One other thing weed is SO easy to grow, the “gubment” won’t be able to stop people growing there own!

          • Cawmun Cents

            Oh really sir…I suppose you are aquainted with Orwellian tactics huh?You are evidently too stoned to see how invasive gubment is on your private lifestyle.And now you seek to underestimate my knowledge on the matter?What you think it is like now,and what it will be like then is two different things.You see they will make yor pot growing illegal unless you recieve a lisence.Have you ever tried to open a bar?Or distill your own whiskey?Unless you have permission they will throw you in the hoosegow.YOU are very short-sighted if you do not see this coming.Do you think if they obtain control that things will continue as they are today?No it will be worse.You will see people getting federal prison time for growing if they get control.One plant will send you to the slammer.They will tax you heavily…like they do the liquor-beer industry.No you are too stupid to know what you are asking for.You are asking the gubment to legislate your pot smoking capabilities.Think about it.It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see (via all the other things gubment gets their paws into)that the gubment will ____things up.They will sell you little kits at exhorbitant prices so you can gro one in your terraruim but you will follow regualtions or be subjected to losing all of your property.Dont you know that the gubment can confiscate all that you own if you are caught growing?If you do not…I suggest that you aprise yourself of the law.Mr. Albino.,I applaud you for your desire,I even thank you for your opinion,but do not let those things confuse you by replacing reality with them.You will find out when it is too late that you have been duped.-CC.

          • Albino.

            Orwellian ay ……… I’m sorry but the “gubment” doesn’t have the control your think it does! Take a step back and have a look at the real world for once, it’s going to hell and the “gubment” is barely hanging on by the skin of it’s teeth! Are you prepared for the full economic collapse? The “gubment” won’t have time for drug policy when the day comes because it’ll be scrapping it own ass of the floor! My concern is what will come after, military state, dictatorship or a theocracy?

            Anyway back to the subject! Sorry CC the “gubment” can’t fully regulate a weed! I’ve just thrown seeds on my 40 acres and four month later a lb or two! I haven’t had a cop on my land in years, I don’t give them and excuse to come up here, so they don’t bother me, how do you think the government will know?! Will it train it’s all seeing eye on me, you think it’s going to use those billon$ satellites to look at my land? Come on, now who’s smoking pot, oh sorry crack! It’s only when people get greedy and stick out like a sore thumb, like the greedy ass’s in California that grow and sell the stuff on mass!

            One more thing, I can get home brewed whiskey when ever I choose, the problem is the supply is not that reliable, the store brought kind is and most of the time better quality! I could brew my own whiskey if I choose, but its a pain in the ass so I don’t. Now home made Boulder Raspberry wine I do love and I’ve still got some form last year, wish I could send you some!

          • Cawmun Cents

            Well I’d be remiss if I didnt warn you that there machines in aircraft that can tell whether you are growing weed or not.If they dont know,or like you(the gubment that is)…you could become a target.Similarly if you GROW your property and someone with a criminal mind finds out,they might come to steal it.But hey I have property too,and I dont know the nature of yours so I will not tell you about it.Mine is on a mountain,and there are fly-bys once a week.But then,I notice these things.I figure what I grow is none of their business but the federal law says that my property can be confiscated if even 1 plant is growing on it.Just so you know.Wish I could share the beer I brew with homegrown hops on my property with you….-CC.

    • TIME


      I am sure you have wittnessed many things during your lifetime, so to have I. I can assure you I am not a dumbazzes, or what ever that is.

      But as I can clearly tell your’e not a Doc nor do you even hold a nano of rational science behind your thinking, I can extrapolate all that from your post.
      Thus your take on what persons were on, or not on, would be at best whats called “hear say” in a Court of Law, thus such opinions would be of no value and wouldn’t even see the light of day in a court room.
      That again is based on your post of what is highly charged with preconceived conditioned conclusions at best.

      Be that as it may, many Humans even with HAR 1 still have mental disorders such as whats called the “below average IQ.”
      As the average IQ is only 110 and I really question that number based on absurd behavior I have wittnessed over the years.
      I firmly belive that the average IQ is more in line with 80-90.
      I am not alone in that thinking, most Shrinks I have spoken with also agree with these numbers. Thus low IQ and any stupid antics or with addition of PSYCHOTROPIC drugs by way of Perscription can cause absurd behavior patterns as their serotonin levels may well be way off the charts in either direction of what can make a person look and act like they are high.

      As well one must take in the fact that countless youth today as in 1 out of every 3 is on “Government mandated PSYCHOTROPIC drugs” I would then venture to bet that what you have missplaced as the use of POT was in fact PSYCHOTROPIC drugs, and or other prescription based legal drugs.
      BTW most of what will not show up on a Toxic screen, or are as noted Prescription; thus they have a legal right to be on them based on the Law of the land. And as noted 1 out of every 3 is on them again Mandated by Federal Laws, if schools wish to get Federal money.

      Just as the two kids in Columbine were on such, so too the fellow at VA Tec, the kid in Tucson and the list goes on and on.
      Yet they were all touted by the PRESS as in the “AP” of what by the way is owned by the NWO leaders the Rothschilds, thus the intel you as well as all Americans got was at best distorted and truly more in line with “100% Fabricated.”
      Afterall the NWO would have a real problem if more people were awake to what these REAL Mind altering drugs really do to their kids.

      I am now 61 years old, I smoked Pot as a kid and through school and even when I was on the road for 15 years. I had a 4.0 GPA in school for 17 years of my schooling.
      I quit smoking when I quit drinking, of what BTW 99% of all people who smoked back then were also drinking very heavy and I can’t even count all the people who did Coke, the days of Std 54 still very vivid.

      Be all that as it may I know countless people who smoke POT, to date not a single person I know or have known has commited a crime while smoking. Not a sinlge one has been in a car wreck, nor done any damage to anyone to include themselfs.

      My cancer was brought about by a sergical issue and I cured it in less than 6 months with Hemp Oil.
      I am not alone in that either I now know well over 300 people now who have cured cancer even at a stage 4 level and all in 6 months or less with Hemp Oil.
      I can’t even count all the people who have had skin cancer cured in just a few weeks! No lasers, No scars, No issues.

      Thus I conclude that you are at best “total missinformed” as well highly charged with prejudice of an issue you know nothing about.

      But you see we still have that freedom for the moment that you can have your own opinion’s even if they are based on at best missinformation.

      But as you have clearly bought into the Progressive rhetoric you allow the very freedom you enjoy to be at risk of even its elimination buy not being informed.

      BTW, I was hit a by a driver who was texting, my wife was hit by a girl who was taliking on a cell phone. Two people I konw were hit by drivers drinking coffee from Star Bucks, We were hot by by two people in their 60′s who used us as thier brakes and they weren’t on anything. The list goes on and on and not a single one on POT.

      BTW – I have a number of friends in the HWYP all over the US, they tell me that Pots smoking is not even an issue. But texting is, so too is cell phone use and eating or drinking are the TOP reasons for car crashes as well most all HWY deaths.

  • http://charter howe

    I thoroughly enjoyed some of Ben’s quips, but it was hard to overlook a disturbing trend with the way the President persues his duties. I recall when the underwear bomber who created a national panic caught Obama in Hawaii for vacation but it was several days before he even reacted to the American people about this Al Qaeda threat gone bad. He now particpates in party time in a PUB in Ireland while total devastation takes place in the tornado hit states. While over a hundred citizens are killed by high winds and debris, our party-in-chief throws a cold beer down the hatch. This President spends more time abroad sucking up to people who will never help us. The belated trip that Obama finally found time to take to the devastated areas was certainly important, I think the timing and the fact that his less important tour was not pre-empted showed a lack of concern for the American citizens who lost loved ones and were trying to posture themselves to bury their dead and determine how to make the best out of the total destruction.

    • JC

      That’s because he is a cheap, grandstanding a**hole who is in full tilt campaign mode. We need to dump this trash.

  • http://?? Joe H.

    Anybody else notice that our friend Pat Mcintyre didn’t return??? Wonder what the next name is he will use????!

    • JC

      Oh his coach will come up with something.

  • Franktruth

    California Screamin’ and the comments generated thereby accomplish what the Founders intended in the Bill of Rights’ First Amendment:
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    I especially value the Comments of Jay and Time. Neither of these commentators spend much energy on the phony Republican/Democrat – Liberal/Conservative hostilities. They both focus on the benefits derived from a limited, disclosed, accountable republican form of government (as opposed to the tyranny of the majority in a democracy).

    Time is both a classical liberal and a fiscal conservative in his advocacy of rescinding government drug enforcement policy. My own view (thanks to people like Time) has developed into observing that no government drug policy is better than bad government drug policy. Bad government drug policy is doubly expensive in that it is counter productive in its efforts to restrain and diminish substance abuse. Current policy not only makes substance abuse more romantic for users and profitable for traffickers, but corrupts the very agencies charged with enforcement.

    Jay dares to examine the agendas both disclosed and undisclosed behind events and movements. (An undisclosed agenda is usually a conspiracy.) Why is it that only government agencies get to declare something to be an actual conspiracy, while others such as Ben Crystal, the John Birch Society, Jerome Corsi and Bob Livingston are merely (obviously bigoted) conspiracy theorists?

    The main stream media, the Federal Reserve and what Robert Welch called the insiders know that America is finally awakening. Their agenda had been to deny and deceive. Realizing that denial and deception have run their courses, the insiders switch to persuading us (especially generation Y) that it’s too late and hopeless. Well it is too late and hopeless for the insiders with the Federal Reserve’s Ponzi monetary policy, NOT FOR US.

    Texas Congressman Ron Paul has introduced the Free Competition in Currency Act of 2011. One of many things we can and should do is ask our own U.S. Representative to co-sponsor this bill – (Dr. Paul does not have one co-sponsor out of 434 colleagues in the House.) If generation Y has to depend on Federal reserve Currency or some currency imposed by the IMF, World Bank, the Red Chinese or the United Nations that generation and all its descendants will devolve back into debt feudalism and starvation poverty the world over.

  • Charles

    I can just see, the pot head who is so mellowed out goes into a bar
    and gets his head blown off for acting dumb wited and silly by a drunk
    on alcohol. People on pot get loving and people on alcohol get mean. Of course this is after a law is passed to carry a gun into a bar.
    In some respect, I have to agree with Time.

  • chuckb

    charles, people who grew up with pot will defend it to their death, i have been associated with law enforcement for many years and i’m not an officer of the law. i’ve known many pot heads, teachers, students and others. most of our major crimes today are drug related, most of the killing going on is drug related. drugs are definitely a detriment to our society. condoning the use of drugs is mindless, pot is not an innocent social aid, only those that use it will defend it.
    pot is the gateway drug and i know this and have seen this, our cities in california are all becoming a drugged out society. the libertarians believe in eliminating the drug laws and that will solve the problem. i say it will only make it worse. they refer to foreign countries for examples, if you look at any country that accepted drugs you will find a society in reverse, third world country and complacently dieing.
    we have to try something else, i think by teaching our children better morals and we could start by cleaning up the teachers and the schools.
    relaxing the laws on drugs would only increase there use, the fear of the law does keep most people from using them, as we see these laws on pot relaxed you will see more people using, then on to cocaine.

    • Albino.

      Wrong…………… there is only ONE gateway drug……… Alcohol! I’ve smoked since high school and have NEVER once touched any other scheduled drug! Vicodin and OxyContin are 100 time more addictive than weed….. Oh wait a minute those two are legal! My dentist prescribed me Vicodin after a root cannel, I took one and was ill, the worst feeling i’d ever experienced! I binned the pills and rolled some home grown cush, which is a FAR better pain med than any of that man made crap!

      Look don’t legalize it, I DON’T REALLY CARE! But quite wining about the billion$ spent on a problem that the government CAN’T win!

    • TIME


      I have seen your post in the past and again I will say that there is “NO Valid SCIENCE” that will sustain your views in any way shape or form.
      Thus you have bought the Progressive rhetoric, Hook line and shinker but then again your not alone.

      Look I am in the business where I see pot used daily by people who lead not only “productive” lives but as well give of both their time and money to Charitys and are really fine people.
      As well 990% of them are not into any other form’s of medications. Most will not even take a simple Aspirin, thus your gatewway theory again is as worthless as Anslingers Rhetoric.
      JFTR, I have never done anything other than smoke pot nor was I ever compelled to do so. And I am not the only one there are countless others, So again your theory is based on Fabricated myths.

      I also come back to the LOW IQ factor, let alone other “Mental Disorders” that you are blaming on smoking pot such as what I noted above within the text of my post.

      So that brings me to your thinking is not only simple minded, its totaly closed minded and one of the very reasons I find that the Closed minded Quasi Conserative’s are just as bad as the closed minded Quasi Liberals. Extreeme = lacking IQ.
      As well as lacking deductive mental abilitys, thus what ever you do with Law Enforcement I would fear to be anywhere around you or whom ever you work with.

      Saddly the very reasons why such groups vote Pro Politicians in to office and keep voting them in time after time of whom these very politicians have sold out the US CITIZENS Rights to the Rothschilds and thats why this nation in the dire straights its in today.

      Again; being ignorat is curable, but Stupidity is 100% Fostered and Uncurable.

      But if you so wish to stay ingrained in rhetoric, thats your right under the Constitution as it stands under the progressive YOKE of the common Slave state that they have preverted this nation’s laws into.

      That also means that you can express your opinions no matter how invalid or irrational they may be, as we do still have a very limited 1st Amendment, but the question at this point in time is, for how much longer?

      You should be looking into the following issue that may wake you from your slumers.
      What will happen when World War 3 breaks out in its total form, BTW of what will happen very very soon.

      Will you be one of the many who will be out shooting Americans dead in the streets when this event comes forth to bring the Rothschilds their New World Order, under their hard earned One World Government?

      Will you be one of the ones rounding up whom ever you find you had issues with? Will you be happy to diliver them to a Death Camp’s?

      Do you have your plan ready for the “Population Resettlement Program?”

      For anyone not quite up on this issue just Google; UN Agenda 21 for dummies. It will explain this program in a basic format, as well do yourself a big favor read the sights Jay posted, as well look into David Icke and read some of his books, but do keep in mind TIME is moving very FAST NOW so get busy.

      If any of you think it can’t happen here, man your dead wrong.
      What will it take to wake you people up? Will it have to be when your door is knocked in at 3 AM and your dragged out and shot in your yard?

      And for you all that think I am kidding, well look into who started as well funded and profited after and during WW I, who started and funded both sides of WW II and the profits were massive?

      And just who do you think controls the Big 8, how about The Bilderbugers?
      And the list just goes on and on,,

      OH and while we are on the topic who was Anslinger, and whom did he get his funding from? And while we on that who was Hitler’s real father, anyone want to take a wild guess, and if you say Alous Hitler, guess again. Who owns well over 58% of all the world wealth keep in mind the worlds total wealth is $68 Trillion dollars, and BTW they also own all the News Media’s too.

      So you see chuckb, pot is the last think on earth you should even be thinking about, let alone promoting totaly absurd intel on, but I digress. Good luck with your job.

      • chuckb

        time, i’m not the one deciding whether pot is a harmless habit so don’t give me that simple minded bit. almost every study shows thc as very dangerous and mind altering, of course to a pot user that’s like trying to tell a kid candy is not good for them.
        maybe you should apply your words to your own life.

        however, i agree on the rest of your comments.

        • Albino.

          You really need to make your mind up!! One minute your spouting about how government propaganda is bad the next your propagating that same government propaganda! Do us all a favor make your mind up already!!

        • Bruce


          I would have to ask you what studies are you referring to? As far as all studies that will support your point of view the only ones I can speak of would have both been paid for by the US government done by Anslinger who gave his work product to Hoover who was oddly enough good friends with Anslinger as well both had other agendas on the table. One of what is really quite clear cut and that comes down to an out right prejudice of Hispanic persons. The Hispanic’s who did farm work in the US back in the early 1900′s had little money and smoked pot as a pass time after working for 12 -14 hours a day in the fields.
          Keeping in mind that up until the 1920′s Pot was a standard crop here in the US of what by the way stood in the way of JP Morgan and WR Hurst both of who were involved with timber and the production of paper as well new modern oil based rope production. How strange that hemp made both of these products up until that time. As well as both of these men were friends with the Rothschilds and were also involved with setting up the FED or as it should be known the bank of Rothschild. How odd is it that Anslinger was funded by the very persons who’s products were not made of hemp.
          So let me ask you how that would be applicable to any form of truth? Would it not be more so viable to form the opinion that a campain of shutting down a simple herb that grows naturaly all over the world and is cheep to grow, as well can be used to make hundreds of products with no side effects to the natural nature of the land was employed by these persons.
          So these men could reap billions of dollars in profits with the land that they both raped as well polluted, of what by the way they were leasing from the United States Government for nothing. I guess you could say that they were being paid by the US tax payers to destroy the land for their own personal gains. Sound anything like whats going on now.

          If you look into the studies done in Canada, Spain, France, Holland, Italy, you will find that they are 180* differance in results than the US based studies from over 70 years ago. Ever question why that may be?
          Then you also have to keep in mind that in all studies I have reviewed of all life long drug users they all started with drinking of alcohol at a very young age mostly between the ages of 8 – 10.

          • chuckb

            maybe those mexicans smoking pot should have spent their time more productive and they wouldn’t be restricted to the agriculture fields. as far as your reference to the foreign countries, why would i respect their regulations, not one of those countries can hardly defend themselves and i wouldn’t say they are examples of any scientific achievment. they are next to third world status, france is practically run over by muslims, holland is free to drug users (limited) and where do they stand in the world? none of these countries have advanced in the world so maybe there lax drug laws are to blame.

            if you choose to use drugs that’s your problem not mine. i am not a scientist and have no scientific knowledge other that what’s produced by the medical field. as a pot smoker you probably will convince yourself pot is harmless, my experience with people who used the stuff and became addicted is different, i have personally seen many cases where lives were lost and ruined by drugs, people who started out with pot.

            scientists who have for many years maintained that the THC contained in marijuana is dangerous. First, in the late 1960′s Dr. Robert Heath, then chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology at Tulane Medical School, found that marijuana affects brain waves and destroys brain cells.14 Second, a study conducted by Dr. Ethel Sassenrath at the University of California at Davis between 1974 and 1978 found that THC increased the rate of fetal loss (in utero, fetal death) in monkeys by over 300%, while at the same time decreasing the birth weights in those babies born alive.15 Third, a study by Dr. Susan Dalterio, at the University of Texas found that marijuana decreased testosterone and impaired sexual development in male mice.16 Finally, a study by Dr. Albert Munson found that injections of THC suppressed the immune systems of mice and made them 96 times more susceptible to the herpes virus.17

          • Albino.

            “i am not a scientist and have no scientific knowledge” You said it!! Perhaps if you knew about the scientific method you’d understand it changes with every day. If you want to continue spreading prohibition propaganda, thats your call as a free american. But remember the same government will one day use the same propaganda machine against you and your freedom!

            Are you prepared?

          • Bruce

            If you feel that way about other countrys that as it seems are not to your liking you have closed down your thinking.
            My God man do you really think that only the US has scientest that have value? I mean really do you?
            Then let me wake you from your slumbers most scientest in the US are from either China Japan or Germany FRANCE let alone India and Pakastan and last but not least Spain.
            My brother inlaw is one of the top ranked Doc’s in the world and he’s from France wow how about that, my wife is 100% American and she is also a doctor who works in the ER she has said most all people who come into the ER after an accident and or have been in troubles are drunk or are on precriptions drugs.
            And where did I point out that I smoke pot, you seem very offencive and defencive all at the same time.
            You are free to as noted by Albino spread the Propaganda used aginst you as well everyone in this nation but all I can say is how sad is that.

            I am of Chinese backround and am working on my PHD at Havard of what I know a lot of people of all nations who are here as well at MIT and 90% or more of them smoke pot I have smoked it a few times to see what all the hype is about I don;t think that makes me an addict nor has it ruined my life. If you were to believe the studys you presented then all I am to say is holy cows.
            You be you and I will side with others who think far deeper thinking. I wish you much luck with what ever you do.

  • chuckb

    albino, you are the exact example. blame alcohol. you better recheck your facts, pot is the gateway drug to cocaine.

  • Charles

    Both alcohol and pot are a problem for our society.Anything that alters the mind will lead to nothing but trouble.The point I was trying to make was that alcohol in the hands of a person with a gun would be more dangerous than a person on pot.

  • Charles

    You are a vet of 2 wars and you wonder what you fought for. I hope it isn`t what Obama has in store for you. I can`t believe you can`t
    tell the difference between evil and good. The very thing that you fought against to keep this great country free are the things
    that are comming your way if Obama is re-elected.No one and I mean no one has tried to destroy this country the way Obama has.You forget
    what he said >> I will transform America and spread the wealth. Not only will he spread the wealth in America, but he will spread Americas
    wealth through out the world. You better do your homework and find
    out what this man is and what he stands for.

  • chuckb


    what are you doing here? if the countries you mention are so advanced why did you leave china? i suppose we would never had stepped on the moon if all those foreign scientist had not shown us how. i suppose they advised us how to build such a powerful scientific advanced army that we have. how about the advanced medical care we have, did all these foreigners bring this knowledge to the u.s.

    you sound like an ultra liberal person educated in one of our very liberal schools. the very liberalism that is destroying this nation.
    the use of drugs is rampant in the education system, it’s not alcohol
    it’s pot and crack. i don’t give alcohol a free ride, it’s bad enough,
    the young people of our country are being led down the path of the pied piper and it will destroy this country.

    i hear the same old story, pot doesn’t effect me it’s just a recreational thing. there’s no use in arguing with you or others who promote this stuff, i have seen the effect for years and you will never convince me otherwise.

    i have no idea if legalizing pot would help, i don’t see it doing anything except making it easier and cheaper to get. when drugs were available, percentage wise there were three times more people addicted.

  • chuckb

    bruce, one more thing, those countries you mentioned, check out their drug laws. it seems they have a very harsh view of these so called recreational drugs. it seems china takes them very seriously.
    if ninety percent of the students at mit are smoking pot, i guess that answers the question, how did barry soetoro get elected.

  • danielle

    This guy is too funny and right on point!!

  • Mike

    They don’t know when to shut up! Obama doesn’t know what an ass he makes of himself here and abroad. Gore doesn’t know that Greenland was once Green. The Left are as usual going too far and finding the end of the rope is around their necks. If they weren’t so destructive they would be humorous. Maybe someone could make a sit-com of their debacles.


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