California Legislature Prepares To Track Ammo Buyers With Forced Background Checks


The California State Senate passed seven gun-control bills Wednesday, tightening the leash on gun owners in a State already entrenched in an ongoing, liberal-led subversion of its residents’ 2nd Amendment powers.

The bills aren’t yet law, since their Senate approval now moves them before the State Assembly. But if they do become law under Governor Jerry Brown, owning firearms in California will almost inevitably become a burden instead of a Constitutionally protected right.

Probably the most outrageous aspect of the new gun grab is SB 53, a bill that will require background checks (and, of course, a registry that tracks who passes and who fails) in order to issue permits to gun owners who plan to buy ammunition. Oh, and they’ll pay $50 to the State.

But the ammo-control bill is just the ugliest of the California gun grab’s many faces:

  • SB 567 will change the definition of certain types of shotgun so that they can be classified as “assault weapons.”
  • SB 374 will ban detachable rifle magazines.
  • SB 396 makes it a crime to own or sell magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.
  • BS 755 will ban former alcoholics and drug addicts from owning a gun — for 10 years.

For a rundown of all the bills the California Senate passed Wednesday, visit the Sacramento Bee’s summary page. For context on how the various bills will affect California gun owners, read the breakdown on

At first glance, about the only defensible piece of legislation that made it through the Senate is a bill requiring all first-time gun buyers to take a firearm safety class and earn a certificate demonstrating they’ve passed the course. Then again, a strict interpretation of the 2nd Amendment’s provision that the right to bear arms “shall not be infringed” would seem to exclude it.

But nuances like that matter little in the face of such a multifaceted attack on gun owners. As far gone as the California gun grab is, no one’s preoccupied with the least offensive bill among a glut of stinkers.

Personal Liberty

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • skippy

    Well…looks like CA just hung all their citizens out to dry.
    Glad I do NOT live there………….and prayers to all who DO.
    Thanks for the update Ben – keep up the good work!!

    • Don 2

      All the more reason to move out of California. Leave it to the gangbangers and illegals. Remember, a liberal is really a conservative who hasn’t been raped or mugged yet.

      • skippy

        Or his/her family member, right?! You are spot on Don, thanks.

      • JeffH

        This lifelong California citizen’s 64 year tenure in California is about up…Idaho here I come.

    • Jake Thomas

      Thanks for praying for me. 7 more years then california can kiss my bottom.

      • JeffH

        Jake, I moved to Clovis/Fresno in 2008 from the SF Bay Area and I feel for you. Life is better in the Fresno area but the progressive politicians in Sacramento rule the roost…yup, it’s about to get worse…unless Moonbeam recognizes the anti-gun zealotry of his party and won’t sign the bill’s…slim chance of that though.

    • FreedomFighter

      Its past time to leave Commie-fornia home of fruits, nuts, and the ever growing totalitarian state. The state is bankrupt, overrun by illegals, plagued by earth quakes, short on water, short on electricity, long on crime, the state has been run by liberals so long – none else can be blamed but progressives and their communist agenda.

      Laus Deo
      Semper FI

  • dan

    …the Californians will just pick up ammo in Nevada when going to Reno or Vegas.
    This will just keep ammo away from the poor …well.just make it more expensive.

    • Don 2

      Next step from the left: Make it a crime to bring ammo into California from a border state.

  • jdn

    Really California has to do something . Do you realize the mess they are in , every time a gay goes into a store and see’s guns or ammunition on the shelves they faint and fall to the floor . You know what kind of tripping hazard this has caused . We will not even mention the liberals that wet them selves it is just too embarrassing .

    • Jake Thomas

      Guess youy’ve never been to california then. Hollywood, west hollywood, san francisco.

    • Guest

      The one group that
      has consistently fought for the rights of gun owners in San Francisco is
      Pink Pistols. Their slogan is “Armed gays don’t get bashed.”

  • jim b

    Communist California should be expelled from the United States. Obviously they will not go out shooting. Californian’s relinquished their freedom to their government a long time ago and now as serfs they have no liberty, no rights, no freedom. What happened to the free spirited California society… they were all put to sleep by a governments who sucked the life blood out of them. New York is not far behind, Cuomo will destroy this state, if the taxes don’t do us in first.

  • rbrooks

    most of you have supported gun control your whole lives. how can you complain when the govt has finally come for you.
    it was obvious that this was the end goal. and you willingly helped them.

  • JimH

    What a windfall for Nevada gun store owners.
    While your there, play a little Blackjack.

  • DavidL

    How is a gun purchase background check confiscation? If the check prevents the mentally ill or a convicted felon, for example, from obtaining a gun, what’s wrong with that? How does that mean the government is going to take away all our guns? That makes as much sense as arguing that the government is coming after our cars because they put a speed sign on a highway. Please explain without the ideological rhetoric.

    • jdn

      Expanding the restrictions on who can pass a background check like the ones in California will encompass just about everyone . So on the surface you are right they are not taking away our guns just our ability to buy one . Point , you ever have more than three social drinks in a month ? Then you are an alcoholic by definition and can not purchase a gun . Kinda slick hey . Ideological rhetoric cuts both directions , kinda like the one that says you can’t be murdered if you are killed before you are born .

      • DavidL

        I understand and share your concern here, but shouldn’t we be mining down on and controlling the definition of “mentally ill”, for example, and improving our current background check system rather than generalizing and opposing any and all attempts to screen buyers? Aren’t there some people you know who you believe should not be allowed to own a gun? I know many. I see them when I go to the range.

        I bought a new Sig p226 the other day and the salesman said something interesting. If you can pass a background check, you can get a gun. He asked, what about the requirement to be trained on how to safely handle a gun be a prerequisite? He said, We have to be trained and take a test before getting behind the wheel of a car, but nothing for guns. Interesting point I thought.

        • Wiley2

          It’s a question of who has the right to control another. There’s no limit to the arrogance of those who assume the right to dominate, dictate and control the actions of others. That sort of power-madness is the mental illness that has created the increasingly out-of-control monster of “government authority”, and the little steps of adding layer upon layer of “reasonable” restrictions are quickly bringing us to the end of the road — the prison known as the police state.

          Millions of people in this country own and use firearms quite competently and safely without government-approved training and testing. The idea that someone else has the right to force them to waste their time and money unnecessarily is a perfect example of the police state mentality.

        • vicki

          What is interesting is how many people think you need permission of the government to buy and drive a car. You DON’T.

          You DO have to have permission of the King to take your private property (car) onto the Kings highways though.

        • JeffH

          Universal background checks is not the answer nor would it have any significant impact on reducing firearm related crime. Criminals won’t participate now just as they haven’t participated in the past.

          I don’t know if you live in California or not but California requires a Handgun Safety Certificate before you can buy a handgun. Cost me $25 in 2008 for a 5 year certificate/card.

          Handgun safety is the law in California. Every handgun owner should understand and follow handgun safety practices, have a basic familiarity with the operation and handling of a handgun, and be fully aware of the responsibility of handgun ownership. Pursuant to Penal Code section 26840, subdivision (b), any person who acquires a handgun must have a Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC), unless they are exempt from the HSC requirement. In order to obtain an HSC, a person must pass a Department of Justice (DOJ) written test on handgun safety. The test is administered by DOJ Certified Instructors, who are often located at firearms dealerships.

          The pressure cooker did it!


          ~300 MILLION Americans DIDN’T SHOOT anyone AT ALL. Not even by accident.

          Join the NRA, GOA, SAF and the rest of us in telling them to STOP PUNISHING THE INNOCENT

          STOP IT

          STOP IT NOW

        • Don 2

          So DavidL, you stated, “Aren’t there some people you know who you believe should not be allowed to own a gun? I know many, I see them when I go to the range.”

          My response to you is this: I do not believe that you should own a gun. I know this because I have seen you at the range.

    • no more lies

      Alright dummy! here is why! because it leads to confiscation! you are not too bright are you? cars are not a right protected by the Constitution! only a idiot would confuse a privilege with a right! your logic is flawed on purpose! your obtuse! narrow mined! or just a jerk! The Constitution says nothing about your car! Stop infringing on my rights! I will not comply with these un Constitutional laws!

      • vicki

        cars are not a right protected by the Constitution!

        Actually they are. Private property.

        The most common mistake we make is to forget that the Constitution is a set of SPECIFIC limits on the powers we can delegate to government. The Bill of Rights is a set of rights so important that the founders wanted them to be listed explicitly. Amendment 9 makes it clear that the founders knew that the list of rights are many and the list of powers that we should delegate to government are few.

    • Wiley2

      The new law requires background checks to purchase ammunition, in addition to the background check for the firearm itself. How many layers of bureaucracy are acceptable? Where do we draw the line at how much power we give bureaucrats to intrude into our lives and to judge and dictate our behavior? Why should we assume that bureaucrats are automatically so wise and so morally superior that they have a right to judge whether we can safely handle a firearm? And are they really so wise as to be able unerringly to judge who is mentally ill? According to the ever-expanding definitions of mental illness by the pseudoscientists of psychology, everyone is or has been mentally ill at some point in life.

      The real question is whether we accept being treated like irresponsible, immature children or whether we insist on being treated like adults capable of making our own decisions and accepting responsibility for our own actions. Personally, I deeply resent being treated as a child who is incapable of governing his own life and who must be constantly second-guessed and supervised by some supposedly superior government representative. The legal system used to operate on the principle that people should be punished for doing something that harms another; now it operates on the principle that people should be restricted, supervised, and punished, at least economically and sometimes physically, because there is a remote possibility that they might harm another or themselves at some point in the future.

      Finally, there is a clear strategy of increasing firearm restrictions incrementally to achieve the final goal of full confiscation. A look at history reveals the use of the “death by a thousand cuts” strategy as the means by which statists impose their will gradually and stealthily where there is too much opposition to their final agenda to impose it all at once. And there is abundant evidence clearly pointing to their objective of achieving total control and rendering us incapable of defending ourselves against tyranny. Ultimately, it’s not about guns but about control, as this former secret service agent says:

      • chocopot

        My question to all of this is what it has always been: Where in the Second Amendment does it make provision for restrictions or limitations? Answer: it does not. Therefore, ALL gun control laws are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. So how are these left-wing s—bags being allowed to get away with this?

        • vicki

          agreed. The possession and carrying of a firearm SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. NO limits.

          MISUSE a firearm, just as misuse of any other tool will get punished. This is what the founders intended cause they knew that with many/most of us having the best tools for self defense was the best way to protect our liberty from muggers and tyrants.

          The anti-gun crowd will immediatly complain that we are allowing criminals to possess guns.

          Criminals belong in jail. Crimianls ignore gun possession restrictions. If many more of the intended victims were armed and dangerous, it would not matter that criminals had guns. The criminals are vastly outnumbered by the

          ~300 Million Americans who have not shot anyone.

          Stop punishing the innocent for the acts of a VERY few.

          Stop it
          Stop it NOW.

      • Don 2

        You say, “Why should we assume that bureaucrats are automatically so wise and so morally superior that they have a right to judge whether we can safely handle a firearm? And are they really so wise and so morally superior…..”

        In response I offer up example #1…..Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, racist & moron…..and rest my case.

        • chocopot

          And if she were the only one like that, that would be bad enough. But she has so much company…

    • Jake Thomas

      Just give it time. Anything and everything will disqualify you from having a firearm

    • vicki

      DavidL writes:

      Please explain without the ideological rhetoric.

      History. You register all the owners. You make some guns “illegal” and demand they be turned in. Then you make some more guns “illegal” (see the article above) You repeat till you have them all. To further distract the people you make things like anxiety a signal that the person can’t own a gun. You check the records and find that they have a gun registered to them. Death of Liberty by a thousand cuts.

      And of course there is the stated intentions of those who would ban guns.

    • Cole Johnson

      you are not too bright are you!!!! all registration leads to confiscation! guess you failed history miserably! or your uneducated altogether! cars are not a right protected by the Constitution! now stop showing us your lack of intelligence and your ignorance!

  • ridge runner

    Worrying about mentally ill, drunks, or drug pukes owning guns, hell they are all in some type of government office, wheather State or Federal or some worthless agency.

  • tim

    I cannot understand why the people of California have not tried to recall some of these politicians!!!!! They come to Nevada and keep driving up the price of ammo. We do not want you here unless you are spending money at the casinos. Quiit driving up the ammo prices!!!!!!!!

    • Jake Thomas

      As a resident of this once fine state (many, many years ago), the republicans are not that much different than the Democrats.

      • JeffH

        Jake, I honestly can’t say that is true about the Republicans in California…considering the Dems have owned the capital for decades and dominate politics in California…complete with the financial backing of the envirowackos and the public(SEIU)unions.

    • Don 2

      For one thing, many Hispanics believe in big government, and government taking care of them. Also, remember the people of California just recently voted themselves a tax increase. Most taxpayers would wonder why would you vote for a tax increase? Reason: Romney’s 47% who don’t pay taxes, and do not have any skin in the game, get to vote, and get to share the wealth of those who do pay taxes…..spread the wealth around.

    • JeffH

      tim, Californian’s aren’t the least bit responsible for the high ammo prices in Neveda…ammo prices have skyrocketed because of the shortages caused by the the panic buyers after O’s re-election.
      Supply & demand, it’s that simple.

    • Guest

      we have! and I can find noone who voted for these politicians! so how do they get back in office! is it that crooked here that voting is useless? and when we do overturn it, some judge says no! and we are screwed by one person when the state has said different! our politicians and judges are traitors!

      • Trevor

        Can’t find any? How about the teachers unions who, along with other public employee unions, lead their rank and file into promoting and voting for the union agendas that are sustaining Democrat supermajorities in Sacramento and dominating CA politics with their liberal, unsustainable union agenda. The lock-step way they campaign and vote and the way they’re influencing successive waves of new, young voters is a tragedy. There is so much of this going on, and has been for years, that you couldn’t have missed or failed to come across such voters, unless your searching is fundamentally flawed or disingenuous.

        • Cole Johnson

          I do not deal with the teachers union or schools since a drunk killed my son! I live near Yosemite and i guess most of the people here are republican or independent! we have 24,000 people living over a massive remote area. there is no theater or somewhere people get together , except church! I do not go. I will be going back to college this fall, i will ask more questions there! nothing flawed, or disingenuous about it! My work kept me in remote areas! (demolition of cement plants) until an accident crushed my foot! hence the college! I have failed to come across such voters personally! when reading comments,there is such voters, but they are a small percentage! what i am saying is, when we voted down gay marriage twice, it was overturned by a single judge! Whereas I believe the system is corrupt! I have heard of teachers influencing students, but I have not personally seen it yet! I am not obtuse or unintelligent! and this fall, i will observe closely, count on it! I really like you’re comment! and you have given me answers i could not find. Thank you.

  • mike

    You can bet your bippy if ca does it the other 49 will not be far behind I hope

  • Don 2

    You cannot take away freedom to protect it, you cannot destroy the free market to save it, and you cannot uphold freedom of speech by silencing those with whom you disagree. To take rights away to defend them or to spend your way out of debt defies common sense. – Glenn Beck

    • jim b

      When you give up your right to protect freedom, you lose your freedom.

  • me

    It kinda started with Califonia equipped anti pollution laws in the 60’s in cars. Now its everywhere. Hope to hell the other states don’t follow on gun laws. Talk about citizen control. Too bad the voters there vote wrong every election and vote the Democratic controllers in. They are giving everything they have very fast. The states finances are in shambles. Too bad voters haven’t had enough and get rid of the problem polititians running the state into the ground. Common people, get out and vote smart. You might be able to save whats left before its gone.

  • Time4Change

    The communist country of California! Nothing but a damn cancer to the people of the USA. I have to agree, that you all did this to yourselves. You idiots voted these morons into office, over and over again, and then you ask, why is this happening? If you want change, only you can do it. But it sounds like it may be too late. If these bills pass the house and signed by your governor, your only option now is to stand with arms and destroy the tyranny. Invoke your constitutional rights. Oh wait, you idiots already burned them and don’t think they’re relevant to todays society. F**k you California!

    • Cole Johnson

      No! we did not!!! nor can I find anyone who did vote for these arseholes! ! do you always write comments with little truth or evidence? or are you just a jerk?

    • sf mec

      Just thank God for California because if we weren’t here to feed your fat ass you would starve!! There wouldn’t be any flour or tomatoes to make all those pizzas you scarf down!! GROW A BRAIN!!!

    • Time4Change

      To all Californian’s…Read this… Colorado is doing this now to some of their senators. I highly recommend you put into ACTION, a recall of Feinstein and others.

  • Jake Thomas

    Can’t wait to retire. I already have a home in Texas. Leave California to the ILLEGALS. Probably more of them here then citizens.

    • sf mec

      Oh, and there aren’t any “Illegals” in Texas??? GROW A BRAIN!!! I lived in TX and it is full of them, not to mention plenty of other “undesirables!!”


    Come live in Ca where the law of Mao Tse Tung is always enforced and the idiots abound….

  • James Riley

    Don’t let this crap divide America you will be doing the new masters biding.Stand together and we will be heard.All Americans that believe in our constitution and Country.

    • sf mec

      James, you are one of the only people here that make any sense!! UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL!!

  • Patriot66

    Why do people still live in California? It’s the worst of both worlds being both a welfare AND police State. It’s composed of 90% foreigners who have been allowed to create their own communities containing hundreds of thousands of them who re-establish their own cultures, with no intention of integrating into US culture. It’s all coming to a head. Bring in the foreigners from all walks of life, take away the guns, stir the pot, and presto! State emergency, the Feds will come in and save the day, declare State emergency and enslave all mankind. Game over, check mate.

  • Billy

    well now this is a little disturbing to hear about, I could have sworn something about it was against the law for the federal or state government to impede against the second amendment rights and or impose a gun registration. So how is it that the state can just ignore the constitution and the rights of the people. Make you think that maybe we already have a tyrannical government set out to destroy our laws and our constitution. Just hard to believe that the people that was voted into office to uphold the constitution and laws of the country even took an oath of office, has now taken upon them self’s to impose twisted views on to the public at large just because that’s what they think is best for citizens weather we like it or not. like Obama care. It is now a taxation imposed on the citizens weather it goes against our constitution rights or not. You know how you watch a movie on TV about the USA in the near future but the country is total different as far as rights and laws. You set there and think to your self no way that could ever happen to this country we have the constitution and laws to stop some twisted minded person from gaining that much power to impose that kind of change. No way the citizens of the USA would roll over and allow that to happen. Well folks guess what? Just read the news. Fast and Furious, Benghazi , AP story , IRS story, People this is just the ones we know about how many more that we don’t know about. Just a same I always thought that the citizens of this country would stand and protect it at all cost not vote in its doom. We have put the people in charged that is taken our rights.

  • Ask a Californian

    wait a minute before you start calling us Californians any names, all of your rejects from different parts of this great land of ours have ended up singing the same tune “”California here i come right back where I started from open up your golden gates California here I come “” or haven’t you heard that most Southern Californians are mentally challenged. Our prisons are full, the court system runs 24 hours a day, most people keep a fire arm in their cars or and next to them beside their beds, and this thing is loaded, lets not forget some are cocked to shoot in an instant. Our Men in Uniform have become overwhelmed by the public
    unstable mentality that has crippled this State. look at Nancy Poloski she has bankrupt the entire orange farms that made California, by turning off the ground water that supplies the farms. We are the ones that voted these idiots in I’m not sure what I’m saying here but I am totally all for controlling who owns guns here in this state just for my safety actually, so say what you will you out of stater’s but I agree with this, from a Californian ……. .

    • Trevor

      The next time the California paradise goes up in flames and the police decide not to put themselves at risk, you’d better have some well-armed Korean shop owners for neighbors to help protect your rear end.

  • Cole Johnson

    you are correct! but have you noticed when we vote something down “gay marriage twice” one single judge overrules it and nothing is done after that no matter how much we protest, we are ignored! I do believe the voting is rigged here! I am fighting these bills with emails, phone calls, letters repeatedly! feinstein tells me ” I do not care, i have my own agenda, you are not important like a politician and do not need protection!” they do not listen to us! I have decided to leave the state of califorinication and go to another state. calif is broken and diseased! It cannot be fixed! the people here are lethargic and lazy! the illegals bragged to me they voted many times for obama in a single election! I have voted independent for over ten years! Sorry about calling you a liar!!! I am very angry with this current tyrannical government! I guess the Cherokee in me rises up and wants to scalp someone! These people are giving up their rights happily! I just do not understand it! I have become a criminal for believing in the Constitution! Thank You for your views!