California gay marriage decision comes under fire from both sides


California gay marriage decision comes under fire from both sides The San Francisco organization that led the unsuccessful campaign last year to defeat the state’s ban on same-sex marriage recently said it will put the measure to vote again in the 2012 election, angering both supporters and opponents of gay marriage.

Gay rights groups and those who believe marriage should not be subject to regulation by the government have criticized the decision by Equality California saying it failed to listen to the overwhelming sentiment in the gay community which wants to move immediately to challenge the so-called Proposition 8, according to David Comfort, founder of the Equality Network in Los Angeles, cited by the San Francisco Chronicle.

In fact, some groups, such as Yes Equality have said they will push to get the matter on the ballot in 2010, when Californians are due to elect a new governor, the source further says.

However, Ron Prentice, executive director of has vowed to fight any attempts to repeal the ban, and stressed that his organization is ready to continue to educate the public about the vital role of heterosexual marriage in society.

"[Gay rights groups] will lose [in 2012] just as surely as they would in 2010 or any other year," says Prentice, adding, "The people have spoken twice on this issue, both times reaffirming traditional marriage."

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