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California Dreamin’

October 24, 2012 by  

California Dreamin’

“You know the preacher likes the cold
He knows I’m gonna stay
California Dreamin’
On such a winter’s day”
–“California Dreamin’” by The Mamas & The Papas

California! Home to the gold rush, Hollywood and, once upon a time, the greatest of all American dreams. But as Don DeLillo, the great modern American novelist said: “Californians invented the concept of life-style. This alone warrants their doom.”

I wrote last week about the economic tragedy that has befallen Greece. But the economic crisis is far closer to home than that island nation. For America it may start and end in California.

In the book California Crackup, authors Joe Mathews and Mark Paul explain the economic meltdown for California — whose State coffers may be just as empty as those in Athens, Greece — has legislative districts filled with very partisan people. Every new tax or big spending decision requires a two-thirds majority. Even if a measure finds the needed votes, it can be undone by the voter-initiative process.

Bestselling author Michael Lewis (The Big Short) wrote: “Throw in term limits—no elected official now serves in California government long enough to fully understand it—and you have a recipe for generating maximum contempt for elected officials.”

The California government was designed mainly to maximize the likelihood that voters will despise the people they elect, according to Paul.

“What all the polls show is that people want services and not to pay for them. And that’s exactly what they have now got,” Paul said.

It sounds like what’s going on now in Congress. I find it hard to imagine that either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will be effective in instituting change.

For Arnold Schwarzenegger, two-term Governor of California, it was a series of economic crises that began with the Internet bubble and ended with the real estate bubble.

In his new autobiography, Total Recall, Schwarzenegger wrote: “Besides being golden and prosperous, California is disaster prone.” He didn’t understand the full extent of this until 2003 when he was elected as a Republican Governor.

“After so many years of ugly, pointless fighting in Sacramento, both sides had lost touch with the art of negotiation. In fact, the legislative districts were drawn to elect the most partisan, uncompromising members of each party; legislators who were bred to fight, like roosters bred for cockfighting.”

It has led to economic failure in what was the land of opportunity.

CNBC reports: “California is on the verge of an economic meltdown. The state, with the second highest foreclosure rate in the nation, is being hammered by the deep recession, rising unemployment and a growing multi-billion dollar budget deficit. … And, while California may be the biggest state in trouble, it isn’t alone.”

How bad is it? I was out at a gathering with all my oldest friends last week. One of them owns the largest motorcycle dealership in California. He has a son and is very worried about his future because of recent events in the State. Yet he said he didn’t know where to go where they would be better off.

That was when I decided to follow up my Greek article and write about California. Only after I did my research did I find that GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney had already made the comparison.

Speaking in Iowa in August, Romney compared California’s economy to Greece’s economic crisis.

“Entrepreneurs and business people around the world and here at home think that at some point America is going to become like Greece or like Spain or Italy, or like California.”

Romney also derided California at a fundraiser in Irvine, Calif., earlier this summer when he warned that the ills of that State could spread to the rest of the Nation.

“How have the liberals done in California? Do you want the same policies in Washington that you see coming out of Sacramento? With education, with the deficit, with taxes? Is that the way you want the country to go? I don’t know how anybody in California can keep voting for liberals,” Romney said.

One thing is certain, California is becoming a disaster zone and not because of earthquakes or forest fires. Last month, the Debord Report stated:

The independent State Budget Crisis Tax Force has released its analysis of California’s finances and found that rather than being a whopping $28 billion in debt, as Gov. Jerry Brown alleged with he came to office, the state is actually a nearly unfathomable $335 billion debt. Brown called it a “wall,” as the New York Times noted. But it’s really more like a dozen walls. All stacked on top of each other to make a mega-wall that blocks out the Sun.

This is not an exaggeration. Californian’s total level of debt, on and off the books, is pushing a fifth of the total annual economic output of the state, which is about $2 trillion.

The United States, along with Canada and most Western democracies, has adopted California’s propensity for spending just as it has embraced Hollywood entertainment and La Jolla fashions.

California is the land of illusion. Illusions of prosperity have been adopted worldwide. For his latest bestseller, Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World, Lewis interviewed the mayor of San Jose, Chuck Reed.

Lewis pointed to the fact that San Jose has the second highest per capita income of any city in the United States (after New York) and had one of the highest credit ratings until last March (that was when Moody’s Investors Service cut the general-obligation grade one step to AA1 from AAA).

Reed told Lewis that the city has a problem: It owes so much more money than it can afford to pay to its employees that it could cut its debt in half and still end up broke.

Reed said: “We’re not as bad as Greece, I don’t think.”

Maybe not yet, but for how long? And for how long will the United States be not as bad as Greece? If Washington could not write blank checks because the U.S. dollar is the world’s reserve currency, there would be more serious downgrades to U.S. Treasury debt and that would incur much higher interest rates.

For four years, the Obama Administration has refused to do anything but pass the buck — in this case, to future generations. With a little luck we will at least have the opportunity to see if President Romney has the courage to do more. If not, “California Dreamin’” will become America’s nightmare, and many of us will be stepping into churches to pray.

Yours in good times and bad,

John Myers
Editor, Myers Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • Buster the Anatolian

    Very good assesment of the situation.

  • JeffH

    As a first generation son and lifelong resident of California I can accurately say that California politics, environmental extremeists and eastern liberal transplants have singlehandly destroyed the most environmentally rich and industrially prosperous state into a state in complete decline. If it weren’t for Silicon Valley and the central valley’s agriculture, this state would become an empty desert. There really isn’t any industry left in the state.

    Los Angeles is a haven for illegals and gangs like MS 13, Oakland is controlled by gangs of every ethnicity. San Francisco, like LA have become states within the state…and have the population/voters that control the legislative process for the whole state.

    2010 was the icing on the cake, keeping Boxer in office and then allowing Jerry Brown to step back in to the governors chair. They can thank the unions for their generosity. The legislation in California is run on a strictly partisan(Dem/socialist/progressives) basis and if state senators and state assembly people don’t tow the line they are essentially blackballed from the legislative process. Then there is Feinstein and Pelosi…nuff said! The voters are just to damn ignorant to recognize the damage they can no longer undue. The smart folks are moving away in droves as well as the business investors. Today, California offers nothing good other than great weather, coastal beaches and the beautiful Sierra Nevadas.

    It is truly pathetic that the rest of the nation will eventually follow California down the tubes.

    Unless??? Naw, just wishfull dreaming.

    • Warrior

      And in the “deep blue” state of ILL, we have the exact same situation as Calif. $130 bil of unfunded liabilities and a patronage system second to none. Of course, this ALL brought to you by none other than (dems/liberals/progressives)! Anyone still believe “oblamycare” is still about “health”? This act is the “ticket” to “progressive” control of the entire country. Imagine, the gubmint controlling this entire industry as a single payer entity. All hospitals personnel “will” become union. Family Practitioners, out, and replaced with “clinicians” (those damn doctors won’t belong to a union). You’ll get to see a “specialist”, as long as you have “cadillac” insurance or can afford “out of pocket”. When you hear all the hogwash about “electronic medical records”, that is code speak for a national data base of treatments and outcomes. So, your “clinician” will input your diagnoses and voila, will receive a gubmint prescribed treatment. If that doesn’t do the trick, oh well! We did the best we could. This is as big a coup as your gubmint run edumacation system. And we know about those results, don’t we.

    • awakened

      Amen, Jeff, amen…..

    • eddie47d

      California couldn’t sustain its growth rate 30 years ago so why would it be doing so now? California is still a mecca for many and most don’t have the sense to leave once they get there. Its called over population and if the jobs aren’t there all you have is huddled masses wanting the government to bail them out. Sounds like a people problem not a government problem. California is still the 8th largest economy in the world and ahead of mega country India. It also has the 11th largest economy in the USA which means other states are doing far worse. Why not pick on the rest and stop blaming all the troubles on Progressives in California. The article said that this state needs to have a 2/3rds vote to pass anything. That was brought to you by Conservatives who have stagnated the economy. The article says that they have term limits which is also initiated by Conservatives. That has lead to politicians who are dumbed down and are shuffled in and out so fast nothing gets accomplished. The articles says there is no longer the “art of negotiation” so you have gridlock. No different than the Conservatives and Republicans in Washington. Hmmm ! I think there is a pattern here and the Republicans are in the forefront of the California gridlock and not getting anything done.

      • Bev

        Either you live in California and don’t want to leave or your a liberal who sees nothing wrong with the way things are going. Conservatives are outnumbered in California big time. Nice try though.

      • eddie47d

        No I live in Colorado where we do have lots of California transplants. (That’s okay) I see things as a Progressive and a Conservative problem and each has their way of exacerbating the many problems. That is why America is in economic gridlock and that art of negotiaton to correct the numerous ills has fallen on hard times also.

      • Elda

        How can California be the 8th largest economy in the world and 11th in the country? I am not very good at math but that does not make sense to me.

      • Elda

        Ooh….Eddie, are you feeling okay????? I think you drank some Kool-aid that might have something in it. If I were you I would go get that checked out soon!

      • 45caliber


        Since you like it so much (and you refuse to accept the free one-way ticket to Iran) how about moving to CA from CO? It would raise the average IQ of both states and you would be immensely happy to be among people just as dumb.

      • DaveH

        Tell us, Eddie. How did Conservatives stagnate the California economy?

      • DaveH

        LOL. You caught Eddie red-handed in one of his typical equivocating posts. Good job.

      • George E


        The real problem is not “gridlock”, but rather “over-spending.” Personally, I prefer gridlock to further over-spending by the government, especially “wasteful” over-spending, which is not at all uncommon.

      • JeffH

        First thing all of you should know is that eddie doesn’t know squat about California. Conservative ideas haven’t been allowed in this state for decades eddie. This state is totally controlled by the Democrats in Sacramento and partisanship is virtually non-existant. I don’t normally rail on Democrats per se but in this case I’m calling a spade a spade.

        I live here and I know firthand what this state is all about…as usual you’re speaking out your arse just because you can.

        The environmentalists(extremists)are the single greatest enemy of Californias sustainability with the public unions(Unfunded Pensions Triple to $884 Bil)a very close second. Remember the Delta Smelt…stopped the flow of water to the San Joaquin valley farmers and turned much of the Central Valley into a dust bowl, skyrocketed unemployment, food prices went up substantilly and home foreclosures are the highest in the nation and it ruined thousands of families lives.

        Can anyone say “High Speed Rail” Madera to Bakersfield without shaking their head in disgust over the cost. Initial estimates were around $37 billion…now it up to $100 billion +-. It’s just not the right time to take on billions more of new debt yet the progressive Democrats aren’t coerned…to hell with the naysayers, just raise taxes on all Californians.
        This is the basic mentality of California government. Sounds a lot like DC doesn’t it?

        Our Second Amendment rights are under constant attack, very day of every year by morons like SoCal’s Kevin De Leon, whom I’ve had the privilage to exchange email’s with his “Chief of Staff” on many occasions. They are straight up liars trying to reassure me that DeLeon’s proposed legisslations are not an attack on the 2nd Amendement nor an attack against law abiding citizens. De Leon is openly against a whole class of citizens – legal gun owners. After passing his AB962 ammunition restriction bill, the courts ruled it unconstitutional. All the while he presented it as a means to stop purchases by “gangs” and felons.

        My local Assemblywoman, Dr. Linda Halderman, M.D., was assigned the Capitol’s smallest office, a 391-square-foot hovel nicknamed the “Doghouse” because being sent there often is viewed as a punishment for some political sin against party leadership and she has no clue why. Asked why she was moved, Halderman said: “I have no idea. I just hope they stop playing games with these offices — if that’s what this is — because it costs taxpayer money [to move people].”

        She is the third Valley legislator in the past six years to be assigned the shoebox-sized digs or, in the case of former Assembly Member Nicole Parra, completely booted out of the Capitol.

        Political analyst Tony Quinn, a former Republican legislative staffer, said the trend is likely to continue because the Valley is the only part of the state that produces moderates.

        These are just a couple of examples but the history is accurate and just a couple of examples of how the Dem/progressives rule this state.

        I could go on and on with a lot more examples of the failed government now led by “I won’t add any new taxes without voter approval” Jerry Brown.

      • JeffH

        …and the inorance never stops…eddie says “Why not pick on the rest and stop blaming all the troubles on Progressives in California.”

        WHY you ask…because it is the Democrats and the progressives in this state that have created these problems. That’s just the facts as they are.

        Wikipedia says:
        Except for the period from 1995 to 1996, the (Calif.)Assembly has been in Democratic hands since the 1970 election (even while the governor’s office has gone back and forth between Republicans and Democrats). The Senate has been in Democratic hands continuously since 1970.

        The Consequences of One Party Rule in Sacramento: From Bad to Worse

        …When, last year, the Legislature produced a budget that was in the opinion of paymaster, Controller John Chaing, out of balance, he withheld pay under the terms of Proposition 25. However, irate lawmakers went to court and prevailed — the only agency entitled to make the determination as to whether or not the budget is balanced is — wait for it — the Legislature itself!

        Assembly Budget Committee member Don Wagner, a Republican, reports that last year the committee convened for just 45 minutes to consider the final budget document before the chairman cut off questioning to take a vote so that Democratic members of the committee could catch their flights out of town.

        This year it was worse. No questions were allowed and the actual language of the bill the legislators were supposed to vote on was not made available. While broad categories of spending were provided, the individual amounts allocated to each of various programs were not produced. Wagner compares this process with Nancy Pelosi’s infamous comment on ObamaCare, “we have to pass the bill to know what is in it.”

      • JeffH

        How Democrats Fooled California’s Redistricting Commission
        This spring, a group of California Democrats gathered at a modern, airy office building just a few blocks from the U.S. Capitol. The meeting was House members only — no aides allowed — and the mission was seemingly impossible.

      • JeffH

        Oops…continued from above.
        The question facing House Democrats as they met to contemplate the state’s new realities was delicate: How could they influence an avowedly nonpartisan process? Alexis Marks, a

        House aide who invited members to the meeting, warned the representatives that secrecy was paramount. “Never say anything AT ALL about redistricting — no speculation, no predictions, NOTHING,” Marks wrote in an email. “Anything can come back to haunt you.”

        In the weeks that followed, party leaders came up with a plan. Working with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee — a national arm of the party that provides money and support to Democratic candidates — members were told to begin “strategizing about potential future district lines,” according to another email.

        The citizens’ commission had pledged to create districts based on testimony from the communities themselves, not from parties or statewide political players. To get around that, Democrats surreptitiously enlisted local voters, elected officials, labor unions and community groups to testify in support of configurations that coincided with the party’s interests.

        When they appeared before the commission, those groups identified themselves as ordinary Californians and did not disclose their ties to the party. One woman who purported to represent the Asian community of the San Gabriel Valley was actually a lobbyist who grew up in rural Idaho, and lives in Sacramento.

        In one instance, party operatives invented a local group to advocate for the Democrats’ map.

        Evil is evil..plain and simple!

      • ableton

        Multiculturalism and lax immigration law enforcement broke the state! I recommend that California send their budget to mexico to approve.

      • JeffH

        ableton, it is the progressive extremist utopian ideology, not multi-culturalism or immigration enforcement, that has ruined this state.

        If it were my choice, I’d split the state east to west at the grapevine below Bakersfield…let the progressives have the southern portion and everyone else can help rebuild the north states government, the economy by making the state business friendly again all the while putting into place a set of reasonable conservation based environmental standards. Those that choose not to live within the north state, like many in San Francisco and Berkely would get a special tax break to move south.

      • eddie47d

        Maybe that is why they are building that new rail line from North to South to make it easier to transfer all those Liberals LOL! Sure is funny how San Diego is a very Conservative area yet you are willing to cede it to the Liberals Jeff> How kind of you and I didn’t know you could be so thoughtful.

      • eddie47d

        You are correct Elda for California is #1 in the nation not #11. Texas is #2 and #14 in the world. (That’s for you Caliber since you are a continual smart alick who is often wrong on many subjects). Don’t worry I’ll get even or maybe I’ll reserve a diving expedition for you in the Black Lagoon!

      • eddie47d

        Dave H I explained your question in my original comment. You always did have a blind spot for for arrogant trolling. Red faced yet!

      • Richard Pawley

        If California doesn’t pass Proposition 37 next month the population will continue to diminish and all will become candidates for Obamacare but if they are over 60 will not likely get it. By the way, for the next several days anyone can see the 84 minute documentary “Genetic Roulette” by looking it up on the Internet. Most Americans have been lied to about our food and if you know anyone who has Autisim, Alzheimer’s, I.B.S., or having problems having a child be sure to watch it ASAP so you can share it with them. FREE till the end of the month and then you will have to buy it for 19.95.

        Glyphosate resistant foods that are genetically modified may be a wonderful way to reduce the world population without war, but still with a tremendous cost in suffering. Some $37 million dollars is being spent on TV ads and more to convince Californians that they do not need to know what is in their food or that it will somehow cost them more. Frankly if you are not knowledgeable in this area, this film about 70% of what is in supermarkets will truly shock you.. All the nations of Europe have long known and that is why we cannot sell our corn or soy or non-cane sugar or cottonseed oil to them but it is much worse than you know. Available for the watching but only until next Wednesday.

      • JeffH

        San Diego is a conservative city? Right, and pigs can fly!

        I guess that’s why California’s Democratic Party held their annual convention there and why Democratic registered voters currently outnumber Republican registered voters in San Diego County by 4,000. That’s according to the latest report from the San Diego County Registrar of Voters.

        eddie, the depth of your ignorance has no bottom.

      • eddie47d

        NC generally votes Republican yet the Democrats held their convention there so your comment proves nothing . Go play stupid with someone else because your railroad track is leading to nowhere!

  • GALT

    A lowered credit rating…… that IS cause for concern. Where are those AAA rated
    CDO’s when you need them?

  • Deerinwater

    Hmm, ~ The lure of years round good weather, economic opportunity, relaxed life style, an open gate to Mexico and a receding tax base brings on problems.

    I don’t know what they are going to do, but Southern Cal is running out of water and growth can not be sustained regardless.

    • Bev

      Having lived there for 8 years I can tell you that Kalifornia has more regulations than any state I’ve lived in. Taxes are high and everybody wants to be in everybody else;s business. We left ten years ago and have not regretted it one bit.

      • 45caliber

        I was in California the summer I turned 13. Once I left, I decided that I’d NEVER move back. And so far I’ve never found a reason to change my mind. If anything, I get more convinced all the time.

        The real trouble is that many of the Californians who voted in their problems have now moved out of the state to other parts of the country (including Texas, unfortunately). Now they want the same stuff they had in California (and are trying to get the states to approve it) but expect the results (bankruptcy) to not happen elsewhere. Personally, I think we should just saw off the state at the state line and let it sink with all the “wingnuts” still on board.

    • Elda

      The right side of California has ALL the water and the right side has all the wingnuts. I say we need to split CA down the middle and cut off all the water, drive the wingnuts out across the US where they will be diluted and take CA back from the left. This is in the interest of the entire USA because as we all know where ever CA goes the nation follows. Lets move Hollywood to Texas where they will clean it up and send San Francisco to Iran.

      • momo

        I live in Texas, you can keep Hollywood and its nut jobs. However, you can keep sending us your businesses.

      • Richard Pawley

        In one of my books I said that Hollywood II would replace the Hollywood we know that had been obliterated along with everything else within 50 miles (by “The Big One”) because movies have become an art form. Of course I was hoping that they would continue because I like good stories. I believe the whole earth is going to be affected by the what we have set in motion but “The Big One” when it arrives will dwarf all other natural disasters in this nation. If you could read of some of the things that the present administration has planned for us you might consider moving all the way out of the country as some three million a year have been doing for several years now, up 10X since the previous administration. Even back then six out of seven of the few I interviewed said the reason was the economy and that was even before the stock market crash that I was warning about for two years before it happened.

  • Paul Mc

    There is a real solution, but most will reject it until we hit rock bottom. The basis of real wealth is an agrarian economy, not paper dollars. Food production based upon a local economy is what we should be trying to reestablish. Trading and bartering goods and services is the best way of avoiding massive economic breakdown, which is imminent now. The whole concept of prosperity cannot avoid the recognition of God, upon Whom we all depend in total. If there’s no rain, there’s no production of crops. So, who controls the rain? Gulp.. it’s Him! Nationalized atheism, AKA socialism or communism, will not help, because the very purpose of these is to eliminate God from the social consciousness, and without His sanction, we cannot have rain for our sustenance. Nature is HIs shadow, and we all know what Nature can throw at us. Nature stands at His beck and call. If He decides to restrict the supply of what we need, there’s nothing we can do. If He sends too much rain, who are you gonna call, Rainbusters? Just ask the people in New Orleans after Katrina. All of our woes are due to the atheistic propaganda spewed out of our schools, in direct defiance of His existence, with the help of the high-priest “scientists” telling us we’re just a bag of chemicals derived from a Big Bang and a cauldron of chemical soup. We’re now reaping the result. Yeah, we’ll all be steppin’ into churches all right, when everything hits rock bottom. Isn’t that what we should be doing right now?

    • Warrior

      And God helps those who help themselves. Look at all “progressives”, they’re feeding at the trough all day, every day getting their daily “help-ings” that others produced.

      • http://Twitter Capt Jack Rat

        That’s statement is not Biblical. It’s man made.

      • pavamana

        Yes. There is a story of the former Communist nation trying to dissuade worshippers from believing in God. They would ask people going into church what they were praying for. The reply was that they were going to pray for their daily bread. When they came out, they would ask, “Well, where is your bread?”. Of course, being simple village folk, they had no answer. Then the communist would say, “What is the use of worshipping your God? Just ask us for bread” And they would pull up their bread trucks and give everyone as many loaves of bread as they wanted. “So, who is better? God or us??”. The people would say, “Of course, comrade, you are better!” They became atheists. With the right intelligence and instruction, the people would have said, “Well, Comrade, where did you get this bread? Did you create the grain in your factory? NO! The grain, and the water came from God!”
        The government, more specifically, the liberal (atheist) wing, have intentionally created the “feeding trough” so that they can make people dependent upon the government. Unfortunately, there are people who are in the situation that they must rely upon this, and have little alternative. We’re going to have to go through a serious cleansing process, and maybe even the breakdown of the present society, to come to the conclusion that we need to go in a different direction. In the meantime, the government will try to force everyone to become more and more dependent upon it. Ultimately, it must and will fail. Just ask the people in the former Soviet Union.
        No society can prosper without a basis of belief in God. His instruction is to grow food, and protect cows for milk production. Every man should have a cow, or bull, and at least an acre of land. That will enable everyone to be self-sufficient. And, by necessity, everyone will become dependent upon God for rain and good production. This is the way of happy and prosperous life. The goal is to become God-conscious, which as human beings is our birthright.

      • 45caliber


        And what is your point?

    • Elda

      But but but…what about all those people that have nothing to offer? What about all those politicions that have lived their entire adult lives in Sacramento and Washington DC with their hands in our back pockets? Who will feed the bears when the tourists go home? If we are going to move society in that direction, and I see it going there now, we are going to have to make some rather large changes to our schools because they are not teaching them to take care of themselves at this point. A big shift is coming soon and those that have nothing to offer and have able bodies will have to adapt or parish.

      • 45caliber


        They already have a career and a plan. They are accomplished theives. So once things collapse they will be robbing everyone. Why do you think the politicians are so interested in banning guns? They don’t want the victims to be able to shoot back!

      • DaveH

        If you just realize that Government is nothing more than the Biggest Gang in the Land, everything else they do becomes very clear.

      • momo

        Politicians are the elected criminal class!

      • DaveH

        We have become a Society of Criminals:

      • eddie47d

        Wall Street = Washington and Corporations = bonafide criminals. If Romney arrives in Washington he will equal all three!

        • George E

          Come on, Eddie. There is absolutely nothing in Romney’s background that suggests he is a criminal or done anything “shady” at all. He did honestly make a lot of money by running a good company. That’s the American dream, I believe, that we would like more people to enjoy. Isn’t it? I can understand you might prefer Obama to Romney, although I can’t think of any good reasons why you would, but just the same, that is no reason to slander Romney. If we stoop to that level, then there is a lot of really “good” stuff on Obama that we could throw out. Isn’t there?

      • eddie47d

        You can’t use that line because you have already thrown everything at Obama. Most are either assumptions or down right open lies.

  • http://Yahoo William Oberlander

    My son just got a good job, in Texas, by a company that moved from CA. The voters seem to always make sure that they have a good government in Texas, I guess that’s why Texas has no state income tax. We have an election coming up, one will collapes the system the other will try to bring it back. I for one think it is to late, however I will vote for the one that will be trying. Good Luck and I wish the best for CA.

  • JohnC

    There are several things happening behnd the scenes be it Obama or Romney the big money people control them as they are nothing but puppets..they plan to bring the US dollar crashing down by doing it with debt…then offer a solution of a one world currency no single nation would control therefore with thier logic it would be less likely it would crash “like the US dollar or Euro” because bigger would be better the economies of the whole world would then be tied together…the fallacy of this is the the US dollar was the test bed to do it on a world wide scale…the super rich want to steal all the remaining wealth of all the countries the only way to do this is to control the currency of the world this is the coming of the beast and one world government…and you can bet it will not be a government of free people but of slaves to the state..the common man will be nothing more than property of the state to do so as the state wishes you will have no civil freedoms except what the state may choose to give you or take away. There is an answer to this and it is found in the Bible ..Do not loose hope … What we are witnessing now is the creation of the beast and the attempt of Satan to consolidate his power on earth for his stand agains God..Satans goal is not to preserve creation but to corrupt and destroy Gods creation to prove God wrong…Evil corrupt men are in league with him to dominate the earth in defiance of God …remember to keep the faith the time draws near

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      JohnC, I absolutely agree with EVERYTHING you said!!! If you step back and look at the BIG picture, you can see that satan and his minions are well on their way to fulfilling all of the phophecies! I believe that these ARE the times that were written about. Twenty years ago, I never could have imagined that these things could happen in my lifetime but they WERE happening without my even seeing it! As we get closer and closer, we need to make others see it also! My safety lies with JESUS!!!

  • Larry S

    I live the American Dream here in California, the weather is still good ….. the climate stinks!
    Family, business and property investments are the ONLY reason I stay here. 12% of the US population and 30% of the US Welfare recipients …. is but one fine example our the states demise.

    • The Big Easy

      @-larry——–So why do ya’ll keep voting for the SAME pukes,knowing that ya’ll are going to get the royal screwing from them ????????Like that gem,’ole moonbeam,ya’ll deserve what you have.Ya’ll saw how BAD he was in old days,why would vote him back in ?????We hear are just about as bad with the likes of ‘ole moon, ‘ole edwards, dutch, dutch, crazy nagin,etc.,etc.At lest hear,we have some sort of an excuse,just look at our population.————WHO DAT,SAY WHO DAT !!!!!!!!!! NUF SAID——

    • nickkin

      hey Larry…make sure they put in a law in to help hard working people like you and still able to go on the dole like the free loaders your state has!!

  • JohnC

    What we must do is allow the state of California to go bankrupt only then would it’s economy reset itself the problem is that it would spread to the rest of the country triggering other states to follow suit like dominoes

    • TIME

      Dear John,

      You need to read UCC Laws and how they apply to this topic, saddly everone on the People Farm ~ will have to pay to clean up this mess.

      Thats what “FEDERAL FUNDING” is all about. You take FF, your in the game, you also loose your 10th Amendment rights, as soon as that first dollar is given by the Fed to any state.

      Wake up people, learn the TRUTH about what makes this nation the way it is.
      You all gave YOUR CONSENT to allow this behavior.

      Peace and Love be with you.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        TIME, I’ve been reading and studying about this UCC stuff. I have THIS to say about it; I DID NOT GIVE MY CONSENT!!! Now, I understand that THEY made laws SAYING that I did. But their laws are bullcrap!!! I DID NOT GIVE MY CONSENT and just because they SAY I did, doesn’t make it so!!! I WILL NOT COMPLY!!! I DO NOT BELONG TO THEM just because they SAY so!!! Because they SAY so, doesn’t make it TRUE!!! Who else will stand up to them? Only if we ALLOW them to say they own us, will they own us!!!

      • TIME

        Dear Nancy,

        We all gave our consent in some form, by way of your complying to get a simple Drivers Licence, Your SS ID card, paying the Illegal Fee’s by way of “Income Tax,” if anyone reads the base code, it clearly states the following:

        You owe Income tax’s only on: ( Capital gains, ~ Dividend Income, and or being employed by the federal government, )
        Oddly the Political class are in the vast majority of persons who’s income is within the noted persons who should be paying noted IC tax’s, ~ yet in many cases they don’t pay a single penny.

        I say this all the TIME, ~ words have Great value, thus everyone needs to learn what these words ~ really mean as well understand ~ how these very words are used to enslave all of us.

        Please don’t take what I post that ~ I am blaming YOU ~~ its a “”Message””
        that all must learn, as well Confront ~ in order to be able to understand the texture within the Message, as well ~ understand its value to YOU as a Human and to how we all are in the same boat, ~ thus if anyone of us sinks ~ We all sink sooner or later.

        Look back to the late 1970′s when you would see a few folks begging for money here and there, ~~~ now 40 years later and we have a REAL UN~EMPLOYED rate at nearly 30%, and its going up quite fast, ~ yet the very Criminals in the City State of DC, are using the mass media to make all of us think its only about 8% are UEed, ~ anyone can see thats a bloody lie if they just open their eyes.

        Calie is what it is, I lived Sonoma ~ near Point Reyes for years. It was beautiful but the fact is that the states Government was like a leach attached to my bank account,.Let alone the crazy ~ BS that I had to deal with all the TIME.

        I feel very sorry for the good folks of Calie, as they are far ~ out numbered by LEACHES as seen by Bubba Brown being elected as Gov, not that Wittman was any better.
        But is clearly shows the total break down we all face as a nation..

        Peace and Love be with you

    • William May

      For sure; California going bankrupt will send a message to the rest of the nation

      • Elda

        ….and the world!

      • The Big Easy

        @-w m——Yes,and the message will be that ‘your taxes just went up to PAY for the progressive liberal pukes in Call e for ya’,that can’t restrain themselves from SPENDING OUR TAX DOLLARS.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I don’t think that the rest of the nation will take away any kind of message if California goes bankrupt. I think that everyone expects it and doesn’t think that it will have anything to do with their state. Furthermore, the past has taught us that bankruptcy is no longer a big deal. Everybody does it, don’t they? People have come to think that you can just walk away from your debts without consequence. They don’t think about the fact that SOMEBODY has to pay!

      • bill

        We live in two states one of them being california….We travel a lot and meet lots of people and its very clear from their comments that california is a joke and the laughing stock of the united states….It seems like a short time ago when moonbeam jerry brown was gov the first time…He was a disaster then as he is now….

    • 45caliber

      California, New York City, and the railroads all went bankrupt at least 30 years ago. The Feds paid off in billions for each. At the time I stated that all the Feds did was set a precedent that they didn’t have to live within their means – and I was right. They made no effort to live within their means with the expectation that the Feds would step in again … and again … to keep paying them out of debt. Unfortunately a number of other places and companies did the same thing since California was such a good example. Even the Feds followed along.

      I remember many in California insisting that the country HAD to pay off their debts. After all, California led the nation and it was the responsibility of everyone ELSE to pay off due to that.

  • Bill

    8 more years to retirement and then I can move out of this sorry state. Politicians continually get voted back in office. The countries leading welfare roles. The California EPA. Sanctuary cities. To bad this state doesn’t fall into the ocean.

    • Elda

      Please…only the left coast, the rest of us on the “right” side of the state are reasonable people. I was born here and our county is very conservative. Like most conservatives we are so busy living our lives, working and raising kids, we didn’t see what the left was doing. Oh, we knew it was bad, but because of our live and let live attitude we didn’t realize until the water started to boil that the left has been turning up the heat. Frankly, I believe it is too late. Everyone I know that works or had retired from the state and local government jobs, (and there are many) will wake up in a couple years and find they are in my own situation. I have no retirement, and neither will they.

      • DaveH

        The problem is, Elda, that it wasn’t just the Liberal Progressive Democrats. They NeoConservative Progressive Republicans are also to blame. While the fool the voters into thinking they represent them, they just keep building Government ever larger. It’s all about Leaders feathering their own nests, and they will continue to do that as long as the voters slumber.
        Break their Chains, Elda. Investigate, support, and vote for the only Principled Party in the country which truly understands the concepts of Freedom that certain of our great Founders understood:

      • alpha-lemming

        Illinois is another good example (pretty representative of the country as well) where 1 mega-urban population center… Crook County… with ulta-leftist tendencies parasitizes the rest of the state which tends to be small town, rural, and Conservative/Libertarian. Down state doesn’t see 1 dime of their taxes invested in their communities. It’s like a giant black hole (appologies to the offended…… an African-American or entity of color hole in the PC vernacular) sucking the life out of the state.

    • Richard Pawley

      As I said above to someone, I hope you don’t live anywhere near LA COUNTY. I don’t see how the country much less California can last another 8 years and then you hope to get a check from them. Maybe, but the dollar will buy a third of what it will today by then. Six years I called what is coming the Greater Depression and it still might be. Good luck and read my larger posts if you will. Good luck and God bless you!

  • http://tweeter jerry jackson

    Too liberal,too late. It was a welfare state back in 65 and it just got worse. It will end up a police state because there are too many handouts. Too many lawyers and liberal judges. too many tree huggers who are just plain stupid and don’t realize that agriculture could probably save California, but the EPA is out of control along with its politicians.

    • DaveH

      Yep. I’m afraid they’ve reached Critical Mass, and there will be no stopping their collapse. Hopefully the other states can learn from their mistakes before it’s too late for them.
      Always keep in mind, Folks, that Leaders are willing to endure very bad economic conditions as long as they are still on top. Witness Cuba, or North Korea. They will not change anything unless we let them know that, if they don’t, they’re out the door.

      • momo

        You’re right DaveH, the leaders will never leave unless forced to. Stalin created a famine in the USSR in the 1930′s, but he still ate pretty well.

      • eddie47d

        Czar Nicholas also created a famine and 80% of Moscow alone was starving in 1915.

  • http://AOL Joseph

    Back in 2005 I moved to Texas because of the cheap housing, big mistake, Texas is like moving into a third world country, Mexico being far better..NO matter what people say California still the best place to live in the good USA…If not ask any implant form the west coast living in Texas or any other place..

    • Cliffystones

      I’m one of those “implants”. Grew up 10 miles SE of downtown LA. From about 1969 forward, LA gradually slid down the tubes. Going from that “One Story Town” to a city resembling the West Bank over the course of my lifetime. The only things I miss in California are Whitewater Rafting on the Lower Kern River and Tommy’s Burgers.

      You didn’t say what part of Texas you relocated to. I’ve only been to one small area that was desolate and smelled like a big oil field. I have cousins who moved to the Austin area and love it. They moved there in ’06, when I moved to the Front Range of Colorado. This part of the country is beautiful, the weather is great, the people are much more civil then they ever were in LA, no massive traffic jams and no triple-digit summers! My only regret is that I didn’t get out of CA sooner.

    • DaveH

      Are you talking Geographically or Economically (or some other), Joseph?
      I lived in Southern California for 40 years. And I must say I loved the Geography. But the Politics sucked highly. I got out of there as soon as I could afford to.
      I also worked in Texas for 3 years and found their Politics to be more desirable than California, but don’t much care for their Geography.
      I wouldn’t trade Arizona for any other state at present, but with the large number of Californians escaping to here, and bringing their mistaken politics with them, I’m not sure how long that will last.

  • boyscout

    It seems that we have left the satanic influence of unilateral corruption that exists out of the conversation. Hey, for a “propper” kickback I’ll retract my post.

  • Charles of Waveland,MS.

    The Liberal Democrat Socialist Party has been have been bankrupting the whole country for years and wants to put the blame on the Republicans when they try to fix the problem. It has to do with stopping a large amount of tax dollars that go to foreign countries and many special interest groups that suck the people dry with nothing to show for it other than they becoming RICH.

    • DaveH

      The Blame is shared by both major parties and will continue to be until the people throw off the shackles of voting for the Lesser of Two Evils, and instead vote for the most Principled Representatives. You can find them here:

    • jack

      Charles, most of the super rich in this country are repulicans.

      • George E


        Do you figure that’s because Republicans get more government hand-outs from the government than Democrats, or maybe because they are smart and work hard for the money they have?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        jack, your hate for Republicans is showing. The Democrats are the most wealthy in America.
        California’s mess is not due to Republicans but to the Democrats/Leftists that your state can’t seem to do without.

      • Richard Pawley

        I don’t know about that. There seem to be an awful lot of Democrats who are worth a hundred million or more and I consider that rich. I read recently that Sam Walton (Jr.) of the CEO of Wal-Mart gave a million dollars to Obama’s campaign and he is as rich as 8 or 10 Romney’s.

      • nickkin

        That’s true…….they work hard for their money….like the song…..but when you make purchases for your staples….food…transportation etc.. who made that possible….the super poor democrats ?

  • 45caliber

    Oh. So the California problems are due to term limits rather than stupid politicians. My, my. I would never have known.

    • DaveH

      And don’t forget lack of Compromise.
      What a joke. It’s the two-party (really just one party) way of stripping us of as much money as they can.
      Has anybody, for instance, ever heard the term Compromise about cutting the size of Government dramatically? I propose an 80% cut in Government Spending, but I will Compromise with just a 50% cut.

  • NunJo

    I’ve lived in CA my whole life (43 years) born and raised, and can’t WAIT to get out. Growing up here – was a utopia, but now it’s just a nightmare. Beautiful state – UGLY politics! If you are a conservative, you have no voice here. If you are an illegal, you will get the red carpet rolled out for you with every freebie under the sun offered to you courtesy of those who actually work. It SUCKS. Screw the weather. I will be leaving for a state where my voice is heard and my vote actually counts as soon as possible. I hope I can hold on another 8-10 years until my kids are grown, but by then I probably won’t recognize the state anyway.

    You can’t go anywhere in SoCal without hearing spanish or seeing graffiti. It does not feel like America here anymore. I know of many who left this state and never looked back or had any desire to come back.

    • Cliffystones

      If you can swing it don’t wait until your kids are grown. I’m glad I transplanted mine when they were 6 and 9 years old. C’mon out to Colorado, we need more conservatives to counter the fruits in, eh, I mean Boulder!

      • MW

        @NunJo & Cliffystones: Agreed…. ‘am so glad we left CA and brought our kids into a more personal-responsibility-&-self-sufficiency-minded environment (Arizona)… at ages 3 & 7, btw. Please move your kids to a place that will help reinforce the good/smart/responsible behaviors and values you seem to be longing for, so they have a chance at growing up responsibly and with critical thinking skills. In AZ, we’re now suffering through the growing number of Californians moving here who want to bring liberal failures/policies/culture/values with them (apparently because they cannot make it work in the ‘utopian’ environment they’ve been trying to live in, but somehow seem to think such faulty concepts can be made to work here?!?). Come on out and help us keep this pocket of sanity going!

    • Tony Ruiz

      You are absolutely right! We’ve been robbed!

    • Richard Pawley

      NunJo, I can’t tell you what is best for you and your family but if you are already feeling the need to get out of California (LA County especially) my advice is to pray like your life depended upon it, as it may well. 47 years ago I read of a man of God who had several visions of what seemed like the total destruction of the LA area. The waste land he described seemed to me like a nuclear blast though I did not read that then. He told his church and two others according to the article I read in 1965 and some 600 people quit their jobs sold their homes and moved to the verdant hills of Tennessee. I mentioned this in two of my books but in the summer of 2010 I was pondering if what had been discovered in what is called The Bible Code about the “Great Earthquake” in LACALIF in the Hebrew Year 5770 ending in September of our year 2010 with a high probability that it would happen as had all the others that had been found, would happen. Well the word of the Lord came to me and what I heard was, “Because many are praying for the people of Los Angeles, the earthquake has been postponed until the summer of 2014″. I am no prophet and don’t desire to be one but if I could save a few lives by having those who already feel led to leave there I would encourage them or you to pray about this. I would not live within a hundred miles of LA for anything I can think of. I had a friend who lived not much further. He even had a tiny hobby gold mine on his property and he did fairly well at it -as a hobby, but he is a Christian and he sold his property and left the state.

      The Bible says that God is no respecter of persons so no matter who you are or what your church or denomination, pray! Even if you don’t have one, pray. I hope that things may change again but God has got to have about had it with our hypocrisy and greed, and class warfare, and all the rest. I think that you may not recognize this nation in 8 years. Again I hope I’m wrong but I do know that God has a plan for each person’s life if they will seek Him. Each of us is different and we are all individuals to God. If you decide to pray, be open to what thoughts come to you and you can always search for a church where people have the gifts of the spirit and can pray with you for discernment about your ‘intuitions’ and such like. I would not want to raise children anywhere near a big city. I do not believe that even Romney can think up enough things to get us back on track economically – but I certainly hope he can. Trust your intuition but seek God before you do. He will guide all who truly seek Him in their heart. God bless you and all who read this!

  • The Christian American

    Californians seem to be people that think they know how to react and have forgotten how to act. That doesn’t mean all of them but the ones in power where it counts. These people live the moment. Whatever comes to their heads, they do. It was said: The only thing new is the history you haven’t read yet. History to those people is yesterdays newspaper and that’s what they build on. Maybe we’re talking about California but, like the black plague that thinking is spreading all around America.

    Some people start to build something and when it’s running well but they decide to improve on it, “make it better”.The process continues until the original concept is completely lost and all that they’ve got is a patched up nothing. Is this America today?

  • kindakrass

    This state has over 2000 pork projects while other states average dozens or a couple hundred. This state will never get out of the black hole until they stop giving freebies out to their precious illegals either! $23+ BILLION in tax payer dollars per year to illegals and their off spring is nothing to sneeze at and I’m surprised the article did not mention it. It is a HUGE issue here that just seems to get worse.

    • Cliffystones

      another myth of the left is that the illegals take the jobs that we “don’t want”. Another damn lie. We had an illegal working in our medical equipment repair shop about 10-12 years ago with a stolen SS#. Maintaining and repairing medical equipment sure ain’t pickin’ lettuce!

  • g

    The welfare leeches could not care less about the state. When the state goes down they will just riot then go to another state and take it down and then move on again. The leeches don’t give a rats azz about taking from the haves as they think the haves don’t pay their fair share as Obummer puts it. I guess that is how Obummer can justify his family extravagant vacations costing the tax payers millions. Somehow fairness has been given a really unfair but accepted description.
    Once the parasite sucks the host dry the sucker just goes to another host. That is evidently Obama’s idea of fairness. As long as the host has some to give then the host needs give all in order to be fair. Just proof Obama has no idea let alone degree in economics.
    Obummer numbers are what do not add up. The bucket will get emptied till nothing left but air. So then you tax the users of air as it is being unfairly used causing global warming. Everyone is doing wrong except the government according to the government that is. In the end whose pocket does the buck get stuffed?

  • Tony Ruiz

    We just left CA for GOOD and now in the great state of AZ. CA state has literally gone to ‘hell in a handbasket’ where the democraps have turned it into the ‘progressive’ state it is today and unemployed mexicans and blacks line the streets throwing fingers and grabbing crotches at us civilized people. They can take that entire state and put it where the sun never shines, and I think they’re pretty well there already. Give it to ‘em. It was such a beautiful place but not anymore. I wanted to build our final home but they’ve loaded up the permits process with so many expensive fees that one can hardly build anything there anymore. Put it together with New York and give ‘em to the creeps that line our sidewalks collecting ‘benefits’ they use for vacations, booze, drugs, cars and other crap that benefits were never intended to be used for. And our politicians who allowed an illegal, muslim obama to remain in office let along run again, we say “GET OUT AND STAY OUT” while we elect real Americans to get back to the country our forefathers intended. Get the likes of harry reid & nancy pelosi (to just name two of the monsters) the hell out of there.

  • Jon

    Your last comment probably won’t work. The ACLU will try to make it illegal to pray for America.

  • keng

    Unfortunately, compromise is not always the answer…and it is NEVER the answer when you are debating issues subject to the laws of economics. Just because you want to spread the wealth, doesn’t make it sustainable. You can choose not to believe in gravity, but you are still subject to it. The same for fundamental economics. We are like a ship crossing an ocean littered with swimmers. Some want to pick them all up and will fight to the end to do so…and of course the ship will eventually sink and EVERYONE will end up in the water. Sorry folks, life requires tough choices and the liberals have a paradigm that ignores reality. The damage has been done. We are like the Titanic after the iceberg hit. There is no easy way out now. This country IS ALREADY BANKRUPT, the politicians just don’t want to believe it and and the people don’t want to hear it…BUT IT IS TRUE regardless of what anyone wants to hear. So forget the compromise BS! Turn the reigns over to an adult, and let’s start facing FACTS, as painful as it will be.

    • don

      keng you have hit the nail on the head. its a good posibilty we have all ready gone to one even wants to talk about what must really be done. i don’t think we have any. one that willing to go there. talk about hopeless we may be there now

    • Old Henry

      You… You… You mean Gov. Moonbeam is not the answer?!

      keng! Say it ain’t so!

    • nickkin

      Step one….start by taking away politicians pay and bene’s….the rest will follow with a one-way path to a cliff to the pacific

  • John Acord

    California is running out of options is has to go completely BUST! No bailouts, no assistance, nada for California. They have to wallow in their own garbage.

  • Hey you

    The situation in Calif is simply the reconquest of California by Mexicans. Democracy is paving the way.

    • nickkin

      What’s your definition of democracy……giveaway program for everyone……great pay, good bene’s and only have to work for 20 years……Greece set the example and california-dreamin said ….hey let’s follow the grecian dream. And if your able to walk through the border, just put your hand-out…the feds will share and join the givaway-parade.

  • Old Henry

    “What all the polls show is that people want services and not to pay for them. And that’s exactly what they have now got,” Paul said.

    Why not just pay for them with Obama Money? After all, it’s free.

    If the people of this nation had been stepping into churches to pray, we would not be in the mess we are currently in.

    Mexafornia should change its State Motto to: “If it feels good, do it.”

    • Richard Pawley

      Don’t disagree with what you said about prayer. Jesus told a woman in England about 80 years ago, “When you see how wonderfully your prayers have been answered, you will regret, deeply regret, that you did not pray more” (one of 360 short things He told her over the years from the paperback classic GOD CALLING, edited by A. J. Russell, who said that he would be proud to write such a book, to proud, that’s why God didn’t speak to him). Unfortunately a time is reached and things set in motion that our prayer must become one of how to survive what we have created. I know many who have elected to get out of California while they can, They have moved to Oregon and Idaho and Nevada and Florida and Tennessee. I personally believe that LA will mostly not survive the summer of 2014 and it’s why I put the photo of the Hollywood sign on my autobiography which I updated last year to include “why” I am convinced “The Big One” is coming in the summer of 2014. Even it “The Big One” doesn’t happen in the summer of 2014 California and indeed the nation is living on borrowed time as well as borrowed money.

      For the past several years some three million a year have been moving outside the USA in the hopes of a more normal life where inflation (not much evident yet but it’s coming) will not destroy all they have. Years ago a think tank in Russia decided that the USA would most likely break up into five countries after the financial collapse that even then was predicted. California was one of the “new” nations. Some are saying it will take 30 years to get back on course again after our coming “Greater Depression” (what I called it six years ago) I have read that others think it will take much longer.

      We have GMO foods that are reducing our overall life span – fifth in the world when I was a kid to just 40th now although I read a few weeks ago we had moved up (or is that down) to 42nd place. Since we chose an anti-Constitutional, anti-Biblical, anti-God course of action, morality or in California parlance, “life-style” we have continued to slip in all things that are good and increase in all that are not. It is not hopeless but for our nation to survive we need a national returning to God and to the founding principles of our nation. We can’t print our way out of our dilemma. We can’t borrow our way out, and we can’t kill our way out. We have got to change. Not only is our present course unsustainable. It is also fatal. May God help us.

      • Richard Pawley

        Forgot to mention that I’m not convinced that our nation will break up (only that it’s possible) and that Obama (or Benanke) money is not free, which I think “Old Henry” knows. We will all be paying for in with the price of gas and food and most everything else probably tripling or close to it (maybe not houses).

    • Kate8

      Old H – Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that. The reason why the population wants all kinds of services without having to pay for them is because they are mostly third-world people and otherwise welfare recipients. They don’t care where it comes from, as long as they get it on time.

      It’s criminal what the politicians have done to this state.

      • Kate8

        Oh, and btw, that’s also why they keep electing liberal politicians. There aren’t enough conservatives in CA to have any sway at all.

      • YouCanCallMeDoc

        That’s because the California “politicians” are in fact not “politicians” at all, but in reality the so called California “politicians” are organized professional political criminals, mobsters and gangsters who are all members in a very highly organized professional political crime syndicate that makes the old Mafia organized crime syndicate look like honest boy scouts and cookie baking girl scouts. And the U.S. Federal Gangsters, excuse me, I meant to say the U.S. Federal “Government” are also a very highly organized professional political crime syndicate based on Professional Liars, Charlatans, Frauds, Swindlers, Crooks, Rip Off Artists, Hitmen and Hitwomen or Enforcers, Thieves, Robbers, Muggers, Carjackers, Burglars, Pick Pockets, Racketeers and Shake Down Artists, all commonly known as “politicians”. And “Taxes” to “politicians” is what Protection Money is to the old Mafia. Pay it, or we break both your legs! And the FBI(the Federal Big Bad Boy or Big Brother Inquisitors), the ATF(Anti-Constitution Take You Down By Force), and the IRS(Interrogation Rip You Off Service) are the handsomely paid Enforcers or paid Hitmen and paid Hitwomen who enforce the Absolute Corruption and the Absolute Power and the Absolute Tyranny for the Organized Professional Political Crime Syndicates commonly known as Government Of The Government, By The Government, For The Government or Government Of The Politicians, By The Politicians, For The Politicians Shall Not Perish From The Earth. And WE THE PEOPLE are in reality only Sheep Livestock that need to be constantly electrically shocked by electric cattle prods, herded, corralled, sheared and slaughtered. Isn’t Absolute Corruption and Absolute Power and Absolute Tyranny beautiful? Many if not most U.S. Federal “Government” elected and appointed “politicians” and many if not most State, County and City “Government” elected and appointed “politicians” are now actively committing many different forms of Treason, Subversion and Sedition against the Constitution and against WE THE PEOPLE by knowingly, willfully, voluntarily, intentionally and deliberately ignoring, evading, side stepping, distorting, perverting, subverting, violating and breaking the Constitution and parts of the Amendments or entire Amendments to the Constitution with total impunity and without any punitive consequences to any of those elected and appointed “government” “politician” Criminal Traitors who commit those criminal acts of Tyranny, Treason, Subversion and Sedition against the Constitution and against WE THE PEOPLE.

  • `

    Obama is not the dummy people think he is.He knows what he is doing,the take down of the Great America to a third world country.Obama and his new world order buddies are doing a number on this country.Obama the biggest hoax ever pulled in the history of blind america.Welcome to the New World Order America?P.S trust in the Lord your God and not man get on your knees and pray.

  • Max

    Thats why they say californa is home of the fruit and nuts look at Boxer Piglosi waters they are all nuts and need to be in a nut house for life and Jerry Brown is crazy and look at all the Queers that State id doomed good people move out fast before it is to late

  • cerebus23

    One thing i think we should do as a nation is ban the rejiggering of districts to favor one party, and the democrats and republicians both do it, we should set districts by impartial as possible panels, and revisit every 10 years or so as populations shift.

    We should not bailout anything or anyone, and any help as all should be tied to a complete audit of the states books and laws and cutting the bloat. Killing programs and cutting spending period.

    As the taxpayers of this farce, these are things we should demand and it should apply to the feds as well because they are on the highway to hell and we are going to end up with a worthless currency and starving as a result of it.

    As cali goes our federal government will soon follow.

  • http://none nick beck

    stay in ca or move there —cheat as best you can on taxes – permits – etc. until the ca state gov fails be part of the solution, dont run from it AND btw hold fast to the 2nd and be ready to use your TOOLS when the bas ar s come looking for anything they can take of yours. the time is around the corner — make yourself count in every way possible. i believe we will prevail.

  • Ms.Young

    California remind me of the Bible story of Hosea and Gomer.

    The Old Testament book of Hosea is a picture of God’s redeeming love for his people. The Lord speaks to the prophet Hosea and tells him to marry a prostitute named Gomer, knowing that she will wound his heart by being unfaithful to him. After several years of marriage, Gomer leaves her husband and children and returns to her life of sin. God then instructs Hosea to go and find her and bring her home. After searching for Gomer, Hosea finds his wife being sold in a slave auction, and although she is dirty and broken by sin, Hosea purchases her back with his own money and takes her into his home again.

    California has been used and abuse by many people.She is dirty and broken by sin.I pray that God’s redeeming LOVE for California will bring healing to her.For I Love Her More Than Any Place Upon This Earth.
    May God Bless You Always My Beautiful And Loving California!!!

    • http://none Charlie

      Gomer was a clean whore compared to California ,,,Sodom and Gomorrah is the condition of California,,, do you think King Jesus is going to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah? NO! California and some other states will suffer similar judgments from King
      Jesus … When you see Obadiah happen , California’s destruction will be close by, IF, not happening at the same time… Meanwhile…
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      Charlie Freedom

      • Kate8

        You guys are right about that. CA is a bastion of liberal lunacy and debauchery.

        I can’t help but think there was a reason why California has become the repository for millions of immigrants, both legal and illegal. Our once beautiful, flourishing cities and towns have become nothing more than satellites of China, Mexico, Afganistan, India… In fact, our population growth for a number of years has been due solely to immigration. You are hard-pressed to find any American culture here at all anymore, except that of the liberal and depraved Left. Everyone else is fleeing this sinking ship.

        I love California, too. I’ve lived here all my life, and there is nowhere else so beautiful and bountiful. But the liberals have devastated both the land and the people, and we are now set to move into austerity like we can’t believe (UN Agenda 21). Most of the state is on gov. assistance, and our idiots in Sacramento can’t think of anything to do but raise taxes on people who are already suffering, in order that the state employees can keep their high salaries and pensions, and the illegals can keep their bennies. Heaven forbid we cut the freebies to the illegals, or ask that the state government share in the hardship. They still get regular raises.

        As to the reason… This bankruptcy was intended all the way. And since the PTB have planned for a long time to drop us into the ocean (per US Navy map and regular thumping by HAARP), they can take out a lot of folks who siphon off the system in one fell swoop…

      • Ms.Young

        As I live, saith the LORD GOD, Sodom thy sister hath not done, she nor her daughters, as thou hast done, thou and thy daughters. Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom,
        fulness of bread, and
        abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters,
        [Inhospitality] neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. And they were
        haughty, and
        committed abomination before me: therefore I took them away as I saw good.”
        -Ezekiel 16:48-50
        The abomination Ezekiel refers to in Genesis 19 was an attempted gang rape of angels.
        Why did God judge Sodom and Gomorrah?
        Most of us could answer the question. We’ve heard about the same-sex culture and out-of-control sexual aggression that Sodom and Gomorrah are known for (Genesis 19:1-10).But is there a story about the twin cities that we might have missed? Let’s take a closer look.
        Sodom and Gomorrah
        In the 16th chapter of the prophet Ezekiel, the Lord says to the city of Jerusalem, “This was the iniquity of your sister Sodom: She and her daughter had pride, fullness of food, and abundance of idleness; neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. And they were haughty and committed abomination before Me; therefore I took them away as I saw fit” (Ezekiel 16:49-50).
        This is not the spiritual inventory that many of us would expect. Ezekiel doesn’t even mention the specific nature of Sodom’s sexual sin. Instead, he adds to a list of root sins, “and they were haughty and committed abomination before Me.”
        At first, it might seem as if the prophet is giving special emphasis to Sodom’s sexual sins by characterizing them as an “abomination.” Yet the Jewish Scriptures use this word to describe many different kinds of sin. It is used of a whole spectrum of ritual, dietary, sexual, and ethical wrongs that are all said to be detestable to the Lord (Leviticus 18:22; Deuteronomy 14:3; 17:1).
        “Abomination,” in fact, is the term Solomon later uses to describe seven things the Lord hates. In this list of seven “detestable things,” Solomon indicates that a proud look, lying lips, a false witness, and spreading discord among brothers are all an “abomination” to God (Proverbs 6:16-19).
        The point of focusing on words that describe Sodom’s sin is not to minimize the sins she is remembered for but to show that there is more to her story than the danger of same-sex relationships. In fact, according to Ezekiel, we don’t have a good perspective on Sodom until we hear how God used her to humble the holy city of Jerusalem.
        Jerusalem and Sodom
        Prior to describing the sins of Sodom, Ezekiel says, “The word of the Lord came to me, saying, ‘Son of man, cause Jerusalem to know her abominations’” (Ezekiel 16:1-2).
        With the emotions of a betrayed lover, God goes on to describe how the holy city has been unfaithful to Him. He says that, in spite of all He did for her, she has pursued other gods with such abandon that she has made her despised sister Sodom look good by comparison (16:48, 52).
        But there is still more to the story. Many years later a man regarded by the religious leaders of Israel as “a friend of . . . sinners” (Matthew 11:19; Luke 7:34) once again invoked the memory and name of Sodom in a surprising way. Jesus Himself spoke as if His own people had sunk lower than Sodom and Gomorrah.
        Jesus and Sodom
        In some ways it seems ironic that Jesus can be thought of as a friend of sinners. How can He be? What interest would such people have in a rabbi who, in His disputes with other religious leaders, raises the law of God higher than anyone has ever lifted it before?
        Yet Jesus is not the normal moralist. He speaks as if breaking moral law is less of an issue than rejecting Him.
        Expressing His lament over the lakeshore community where He had headquartered for three years, Jesus says, “And you, Capernaum, who are exalted to heaven, will be brought down to Hades; for if the mighty works which were done in you had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day. But I say to you that it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the day of judgment than for you” (Matthew 11:23-24; see also Luke 4:31-41).
        The people of Sodom had been proud. But the community of Capernaum saw the King of heaven clothe Himself with humility.
        The people of Sodom had fullness of food. But the people of Capernaum had seen, or at least heard, how Jesus had fed thousands with a small boy’s lunch.
        The people of Sodom indulged themselves with leisure. But the residents of Capernaum wasted and lost the time they had to discover God, their Savior, in the person of His Son.
        The citizens of Sodom saw no need to help the poor. But the people of Capernaum saw with their own eyes how the long-awaited Messiah of Israel reached out to the most needy and miserable among them.
        In Summary
        What we have seen is that no one can rightly point to the sins of Sodom as a way of feeling morally superior about themselves.
        Sodom and Gomorrah are certainly not to be envied. Living more than 1,200 feet below sea level, on the shore of the Dead Sea, these two twin cities sank low enough spiritually to be judged by fire from heaven.
        But their judgment does not make them uniquely evil or miserable. Ezekiel makes it clear that the “abominable” things Sodom is known for are rooted in equally detestable sins of pride, fullness of food, abundance of idleness, and a failure to help the poor and needy.
        When combined with the stories of Jerusalem and Jesus, Sodom is an example of how pagan communities can be worthy of judgment, while still being less guilty in God’s eyes than those who have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to who Christ is and what His Spirit wants to do in and through us.
        Father in heaven, please help us to see that none of us is in a position to feel morally superior to others. None of us deserves Your grace. None of us is entitled, on our own merits, to look down on another. All of us need to see that nothing is more important than our relationship to the inexhaustible love that, by Your Son, You have shown for the present citizens of Sodom, Jerusalem, and our town. — by Mart De Haan

      • http://none Charlie

        Ms. Young,,,
        Thanks for your Bible Study,,,it took simple sin, and made the simple too complex for the average semi heathen that reads this site… There are Only 3 “Basic” Sins,,,any and /or all sins comes under one or all of these 3 basic sin “Areas” … See 1 John 2:16 for the 3 basic sins,,,Pride of Life,,,Lust of the eye,,, Lust of the flesh… California is Big time guilty of all basic sins ,,,but,,,that does not mean every person in California is guilty, I am sure some are washed clean by the blood of King Jesus Christ, but, I would dare say that less than 10% of the Children of Israel in California have accomplished Acts 2:38 with understanding … Meanwhile……………
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

  • Third_stone

    Greece is not an Island nation. It is part of the European continent.
    California suffered more than most from the Bush crash, and the recovery is very slow, especially with men like McConnell and Cantor deliberately blocking any economic recovery. Many states have power in the hands of the voters. There are only a few, like Georgia where the state government has free reign. Do you think somebody other than the voters should hold power?
    We do not need austerity, we need production. We need a lot of Americans doing a lot of productive work, which would be supported by your buying American made, instead of shopping at walmart the chinese outlet store because it looks like you will save a nickel.

    • Stuart Shepherd

      Stones for brains- the “bush crash” occurred largely as a result of the housing bubble burst from all the bad loans to mortgage owner deadbeat predictables the Clinton administration gave out. It’s also predictable that if someone starts out blaming Bush for something (although he most definitely didn’t help matters) they have liberal stones for brains.

    • Wayne Wood

      I’m sorry to have to say it…but a new pair of brand name bluejeans at WallyWorld (aka: chinatown) cost approx. $30. A new pair of “all-American-made jeans” cost approx. $130. On my budget, it’s a no-brainer! If you want to pay for “Union-made”, you must have a LOT more money than most of us “regular” folk. So get rid of the Union crap and maybe manufacturers will come back home.

    • Gary L

      Greece is not an Island itself but there are thousands of Greek islands.
      If not caving in to Obamas agenda means blocking, so much the better.

      • rocquedog

        So what’s your excuse for when Obama, Reid and Pelosi had total control of the Senate and the House for 2yrs.??? You leftwingnuts always have an excuse don’t you? And a lame excuse it is.

    • nickkin

      Try to find American made products——california has put itself into deep doo-doo……they still are part of the American dream that was misinterpreted by california….let’s make a movie, watch it and then make believe that we are in the movie…..lots of actors in Cally-fornia…you voted in a lot of them.

  • rocquedog

    California conservatives, GET OUT NOW!!! Tomorrow may be too late!

    • George E

      They are leaving. They’re taking their money, businesses, and jobs with them. That’s going to put a bigger tax burden on the folks who stay behind unless you cut govenment spending, which is what should have been done in the first place.

  • GALT


    That’s a pretty constant message……a matter of faith for certain people……a future which
    can’t possibly be avoided………and of course, if this is TRUE……… is the last thing you want to be holding……..

    Yet, it seems like large Corps like GE are doing precisely that, building up unprecedented
    cash reserves…….which seems rather stupid……..unless…….?

    • Richard Pawley

      I don’t think that there will be hyperinflation but I do expect prices of everything with the possible exception of houses will double to triple from where they are now. That will be bad enough. I know I am a minority there as many think that when the inflation does hit us it will be hyperinflation. I know many don’t understand how God works or even believe in Him but I was praying in 1992 and having just quoted to someone a paper I had published two years previously that said we were one day going to have at least 300% inflation, I clearly heard in my spirit, “There will be more than 300% inflation, more like 450%…” Well based on that and what the FED told me almost two years ago I remain convinced that prices of food and everything else are going to more than double and mostly likely triple. End of the world? No! But it may well seem like it to those who are totally clueless and don’t realize we can’t just print or borrow money without eventually causing inflation or the debasement of the currency. Since Obama intends only more of the same and Romney is planning to do his best to get this leaky ship under control the course seems clear cut to me. Otherwise California and Greece and Spain seem like what the future holds for an increasing broke and desperate United States. What we need is a new Senate since they have been holding up several dozens of bills sent to them by the House of Representatives for more than a year now and they have violated the Constitution by not even having a budget in over 3 years. We have become the laughingstock of the world and that is why many are no longer taking the USA seriously.
      Call me patriotic but I don’t think anything less than a return to morality and the basic principles laid down by our founding fathers can keep us from going over the fiscal cliff and sinking our ship of state. Time will tell as it always has, but at least Romney is a God-fearing man who is moral and does what is right, and not just what is expedient.

  • rocquedog

    And what is your point??? That the republicans are smart enough to actually do something constructive with their lives and the Demorats can only complain about it?

  • Strightothepoint 2012

    STUART SHEPHERD-I TOTALLY AGREE!!!We can indeed,put a lot of the blame on Mr.Clinton!!!But we can also Blame LBJ,Nixon,Carter,Bush SR.(That doesn’t leave very many Presidents in between,that was any good!!!)Since ”IKE” the only others that were good,was Kennedy,Reagan!!!)At this rate we are going DOWN,if we don’t find some ”GOOD”People to run our Goverment!!!!!!The ones we have now is the worst this nation has ever seen!!(Of course I ‘m telling you something you may already know!!!!)

  • Strightothepoint 2012

    Ps Vote ROMNEY/RAYN 2012!!!!!

  • California Dreaming

    With the coming election there is one ballot initiative the could be the beginning of our salvation, prop. 32. It will get the unions out of our state government, who bought the last election for ” Moonbeam” Brown. The public unions are the major source of the corruption in this state. there are two other props., one for the schools ( teacher pensions ) and the other for a raise in sales tax, these should go down in flames. this state has a spending problem, more tax revenue will not go to deficit reduction but will go to the unions and the demo’s cronies.
    I have lived here in Ca. for 43 years and will find it difficult to move, but will considerate it if 32 fails. I remain hopeful that we can change the the coarse we are on, but serious changes must be made.

    • KG

      I lived in California for 20 years.I moved there from Louisiana. It was like going to a different planet. Businesses didn’t bother to put ads in the newspapers, there were big signs out front with words like “machinist needed” or “tool and die maker needed”. In 1989, community college was 5 bucks a unit. Prosperity was everywhere. But something happened. Something called Prop 13 in 1978. Which limited property taxes. It was due in part to the ever increasing property values that were increasing tax liabilities. It was supposed to prevent “Grandma” from getting foreclosed on because of a large tax debt. However, no “grandmas” were in trouble. Rich people were just tired of sharing the tax burden on an ever increasing population. Everybody liked what the “liberals” did in California, they just didn’t want to pay for it.

      The public initiative, or “prop” ballots are the biggest crock in the world. They allow big, rich “think tank” organizations to bypass the legitimate legislative process, there by circumventing their biggest enemy – The People.

      • Ginger

        I also lived in California at the time of Prop 13. Property taxes were out of control.Every year taxes were going up, and people were losing their homes because of it. Homes in California turn around about every 5 years. Prop 13 says your taxes are based on the sales price of your home. If you bought your home for $150K and sold it 3 years later for 200K, the new tax base is now 200K a windfall for government without having to increase taxes. Paying to educate the children, of illegals, paying for their children to be born in our hospitals, giving them unemployment benefits, food stamps, housing, requiring all government publications to be in two languages, and not requiring them to pay taxes on the money they earn because they are undocumented has taken the biggest toll on the economy in California. Governer Moonbeam is not the only one to blame, all liberals are. They turned one of the greatest economies in the world into a welfare state. My husband and I saw this coming and left California in 1990, glad to know we got out in time. I still love the Bay Area, the California dream is dead.

      • Richard Pawley

        But as I understand it, it is the people who vote on these things. It’s like the current Proposition 37, that big business (Monsanto, Dow, General Mills, Pepsi, Coke, Kelloge’s, and others) are spending tens of millions to convince the population that they do not need to know which of the foods (70 percent of that in supermarkets) is genetically engineered in their DNA to resist glyphosate (also called Round-Up) and believed to be the major cause of the increase in Autism and Infertility along with IBS and a few others. I got rid or years of acid reflux that medicines did not eliminate but suddenly disappeared when I made a strong effort to eliminate GMO from my diet. This, of course, is almost impossible unless you are the Queen of England or Billionaire Ted Turner, both of whom I’m told won’t eat anything containing these things that are mentioned on the packages in most civilized countries, but not here, in backwater USA. We are to stupid to know what’s good for us so it’s best be not be confused. I for one hope that Proposition 37 passes next month in California as it won’t cost more than a dollar and 27 cents a year extra per family – if that. Of course with the debasement of the dollar by the FED and the insane spending by congress and the president everything is soon going to cost a whole lot more if you are paying for them with dollars.

      • LTCRIce

        Ginger is spot on..My wife and I, both born in Calif, left the state in the early 90′s for many of the same reasons and because I was raising three young white men. I am not sorry I left Calif. It is suffering the woes I expected and I am sorry for that. Left leaners wanting to take from those who have and give to those who do not want to work for it are the culprits that destroyed the dream. Moonbeam is again in charge and again trying to take from the ritch and give to the non producing-non workin takers.

  • http://libertyAlerts mark

    california come on vacation. Leave on probation.

  • nickkin

    CAlifornia has taken the song literally and have been dreamin’ for a long time…they set the trend for work 20 years and retire like a greek god….beaches and babes….85% retire with all the bene’s……did i say greek god like the peops in greece….sorry calli-fornia….europe started this trend…….see if you can get some grass-coupons and meet on the coast for the big break in the ocean. Don’t forget to invite obozo for a smoke-over.

  • nickkin

    Question for the lefties……why has obozo hooked up with Hollywood Actors? ……………………….I know, it’s a hard one……because he is one !!


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