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California DREAM Act Vetoed By Schwarzenegger

October 5, 2010 by  

California DREAM Act vetoed by Schwarzenneger  California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed a bill that would have provided $38 million in benefits to help children of illegal immigrants attend state colleges and universities, according to a state employee.

A worker in the office of Assembly member Felipe Fuentes, the legislator who authored the California DREAM Act, confirmed that Schwarzenegger rejected the bill on Sept. 30, a day before the bill would have officially become law. If the governor had signed the legislation or took no action, the DREAM Act would have expanded financial aid opportunities for minors who are not U.S. citizens. 

The governor's decision came after the state Senate and Assembly approved the measure. Those moves drew criticism from Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

"The California legislature continues to demonstrate its contempt for law-abiding, taxpaying Californians," Stein said. "As they put the final touches on a budget that cuts vital services and programs, illegal aliens get new rewards."

On Sept. 22, the United States Senate rejected a national DREAM Act amendment to the National Defense Act, which would have allowed certain illegal immigrant students to receive citizenship if they met conditional criteria. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) recently announced plans to include the DREAM Act in legislation for the 2011 fiscal year. 

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  • dan az

    On Sept. 22, the United States Senate rejected a national DREAM Act amendment
    Schwarzenegger rejected the bill on Sept. 30
    you have to give him credit he at least waited.
    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) recently announced plans to include the DREAM Act in legislation for the 2011 fiscal year.
    Not if he’s not in office good luck on that one!

    • Melba Dagan

      When American citizens are having trouble sending their own children to college, why on earth would anyone think we should be paying to educate the children of illegals? This is supposed to be the land of opportunity, not the land of the big handout. Why don’t they come here legally, pay taxes and then pay for their own kids education? Quite frankly, it’s about time the California governor started putting a stop to the downward spiral that is wrecking their state. I’m sick of these bleeding hearts who think we owe the world a free ride because we have worked hard and made something of our country.

      • FedupinNC

        AMEN MELBA!! AMEN!

      • Craig

        Arnold has been trying to stop the spiral. Problem is the legislature is filled with dem/socialist loons.

        • Lou Poulin

          Its about time California Legislatures got the head out of (You Know Where). Hourahhhh for Arnold.

        • Christin

          It’s about time Arnold started acting like a Republican, even if at the eleventh hour.

          GET REAL Dream Act 2010: Follow the Constitution of the United States of America. Any elected or appointed offical not doing so in the course of business for We The People, will be fired and lose pension and health care benefits for life and face imprisonment and /or fine(s).

          • Kate8

            Christin, Before you give Arnie too many kudos for this veto (this bill WILL be back before the veto hits the wastebasket), he just signed a bill pushed by the GLBTQ ramming more of their agenda down the throats of our schoolchildren without the consent, or even awareness, of the parents.

            This was in spite of a HUGE outcry by the public. He supports the entire agenda by the sexual-diversity crowd, including ‘gay-marriage’ (a contradiction in terms), against the expressed will of the people.

            Arnie hasn’t displayed much backbone. He’s rally a liberal in every way except, perhaps, fiscally.

          • tlludwig

            Jail? No I’m all for the death penalty. These people are traitors to their country. They deserve the very best – death.

          • Christin

            I’m not giving Arnold any kudos, just more or less a sarcastic comment that it is about time he “acted” or “played the part” of a Republican, even though he waited until the last minute… sheepishly waiting to see what Congress would do first.

            We all know about your “Prop 8″ and how the liberal-gay activist Judge unconstitutionally over-turned The People’s Vote and Voice.

            Now, with your comments, we all know Arnold supports it all.

            The CA Gay Agenda is sickening and their three penguin indoctrination book is banned from being taught in TX schools… for now.

            Best of Luck to you.

          • Christin


            Yes, traitors do get sentenced to death.

            Do you happen to play the drums?

        • terry l

          arnold, arnold, arnold!!! i was wondering about you, for right now all i can say is a big THANK YOU!!!! maybe those idiots in wash. d.c. will start figuring things out too, nah they’re not smart enough. hopefully the next crew will be a little more american loving, with a LARGE PAIR!!!!!!!!

      • Trudy

        Thanks Melba you said what I was thinking. It is high time we stop giving our hard earned money to illegals. Thank you.

      • William

        Melba as long as there is a democrat in office they are gonna try to give everything to the mexicans and other illegals so they can go on buying votes. they want to cut out my social security that I paid into all of my working life but they want to give more and more to the dead beats and those too damned sorry to work,

        • Lou Poulin

          I am voti8ng them out. Everyone should do likewise. Democrats are a big joke and the reason why our economyis suffering. Out with the incumbents and in with the new.

      • Bill From N.C.

        We need to take a page from President Eisenhower in 1954,Load all illegals up in buses,and ship their ass across the border.

        • Lou Poulin

          AMEN. Mexicans back where they belong. Arizona did it now California has to do it, along with Texas and Florida.

          • Andrea

            There are undocumented students with better grammar than most of you :)

        • Jake

          Bingo! It’s about time!!! Good job, Arnold!!!!!

        • barbm

          it was called operation wetback believe it or not!! look it up on wikipedia. he did it quickly too.

        • Angel

          Start with Arnie!

      • kenneth

        Another Amen. What has happened to this country. When I was a kid one of seven we all worked and we didn’t take any government assistance except once when my Dad was laid off from Boeing in the early 70′s. Many people got the axe. Some were there for 30 years. My Dad had been there for 18 years. We also farmed a little, raised a garden, and raiser our own meat to eat. As kids we had to get up a 6 am to do chores before we went to school. I worked summers to make money for the farmers in the area: hoeing melons, moving arrigation pipe morning and afternoons, put up bales of hay and straw. It was all hot hard work. Why can’t that happen today? Why all the free hand outs. I am tired of working hard and seeing it go to people who don’t even like America or don’t like it enough to assimilate to our countries long running norms and morals. I don’t mine helping those who are helping themselves and are citizens of a America. Not illegal aliens. Stop this b/s. There is no free ride in this country and there should have never have been, even if you are Obama’s auntie. It was the free ride loan scam that the libs start as Rebuilding America that put the housing market to hell right along with the financial industry. Haven’t we learned anything yet. We are a Christian nation but we aren’t stupid are we? Even God expected everyone to take care of their own personal responsibility. That didn’t just mean their own souls. Take care of the poor. Those are the ones who can’t do anymore then they can and are still hit with bad circumstances not those looking for a free hand out while sitting on their A$$e$ like Obama’s Auntie. If was the other way around nothing would get done and we all would be looking for someone else to do the work. That isn’t what America is all about.

        • Christin

          Right on.

          History from 1608 :

          “John Smith became president of Jamestown. Some of the men, however, were still lazy and not willing to work. Both Captain Smith and the other men who did work were tired of providing food for those who would not work. Captain Smith made a wise new rule that came from the Bible (2 Thessalonians 3 : 10)-

          ‘He who will not work shall not eat!’

          Then Captain Smith made sure the rule was never broken. Some of the men grumbled. They became hungry, but Captain Smith gave them no food. They soon decided that they must work if they wanted to eat. From then on, things went much better for Jamestown.”

          Simple enough, right?

          *Quote from: Our American Heritage : People in U.S. History (4th Edition), A Beka Book History Series Judy Hull Moore.

          This was my sons’ history book when they were in third grade (2008 & 2009).

          Blessed is the nation whose God is Lord. -Psalm 33:12

          Do you see how important the Word of God is?

          So all you who do not acknowledge God or are wrongfully quoting Separation of Church and State are making it almost impossible for Good Leaders to lead and stay in government and extremely difficult for our country to be a blessed nation and have the hand of protection from God on US.

          kenneth, I think answers your question, “What happened to our country”, don’t you?

      • Brenda

        With California in the financial pit they are already in, they shouldn’t be looking for more ways to give away money. Especially not on people who are breaking the law.

        • MRMO


      • Kate8

        Wanna know the attitude shared by millions of illegals?

        This will make your blood boil.

        • Emmaanuel

          Just wanted to say Most illigals do not think that the U.S. has a obligation to help us and if you think about it we pay taxes on ciggarrets and beer witch never gets claimed

          • Carole

            Are you serious? You are hee illegally and you’re complaining about not seeing the taxes on beer and cigarettes? You get the money to pay for them illegally, you don’t pay taxes on that money.

          • Kate8

            Wow, Emmaanuel. That makes me feel soooooo much better about it all.

            You wanna buy stuff, use our roads and take advantage of our (idiotic) system, ya gotta pay something somewhere for being here illegally.

            What, you want it all totally for free?

          • barbm

            if illegals were really coming here for a better way of life, they’d get jobs instead of having baby after baby so they can get more welfare, food stamps, etc..

          • tlludwig

            Emmaanuel, you may pay taxes on everyday things just like all law-abiding citizens do but your meager input is not enough to cover the output of services provided. Just look at the statistics for proof. A good example is the burden on hospitals – which are privately owned. You state the you don’t expect anything for free but your actions say otherwise.

          • marvin

            Emmaanuel you woud make a great american in mexico ,,all dead beats like you that need be arrested jailed then deported

          • Christin

            I have been to your country vacationing many years ago and loved the beautiful mountains, saguerro cactus forests, mini grand canyon and the Town Square at Christmas in Satillo.

            If you, your fmily and your friends have come here through the back door… illegally… and you all have done so (maybe to be with family and/or get money through a job), but originally to have “Freedoms” and “Rights” that were denied to you in your dictator/Policia type government of Mexico, then why do you guys vote Democrat???

            The Democrats in America are now taken over by the Socialists and Communists and they actually want to bring about the same type of government here that you left behind in Mexico. A tyrannical dictatorship to dictate or tell you when you can do this and how you are do that… yes, running and controlling everything in your life… from how many hours you will work and for what pay, and what you can eat, what TV you can listen to, and how much your electric bill will be. That doesn’t sound like the America of Freedoms and Rights you and your people are seeking.

            And Emmanuel, you are cheating the hard working American citizens out of their hard earned income/money, by taking from them in all the free programs you get and not paying taxes and putting into the system.

            This is what has us so angry, that you enjoy a life as an FREE American, but WE pay for it.

          • Christin

            That is if you are even a real poster.
            I wouldn’t put it passed one of you crazy characters on this sight to pretend to post as an illegal whose name is misspelled!

            Buenos dias, amigo.

          • Kate8

            Christin, You said what I was thinking.

            BTW, If he is really an illegal, he’d better not be voting–at least, not here.

          • rwnut

            Emmaanuel…Soaring welfare costs,drug trafficking,murder’s,increasing gang activity,kidnappings,sexual assaults,crime,home invasions,extremely overcrowded schools,hospitals closing,skyrocketing medical costs,Americans losing jobs,prisons overflowing with Mexicans,forced bilingualism,property damage,enviromental damage,infrastructure damage,over $40,ooo,ooo dollars annually being sent out of America to Mexico by illegas.Just to name a few things.All caused by the illegal invasion of America.You’re not taxed enough to pay for all that damage,my freend! Try again,but remember this.”No MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY,YOU CAN’T BAPTIZE CATS”!

      • http://FaceBook Doobie3424

        Kudo’s to Melba. My thoughts exactly.

      • Keath

        Because the Goverment Dosen’t care about the American people or thier needs only about staying in office where they can vote thier own pay raises,tell me how in the hell did we every stand by and allowed that.
        After we allowed them to vote for thier on pay raises they just figured the American people or so stupid they can do anything.
        Also first the gunsw and now the gold. Did you know that now the gov. wants to know where you gold is? Why? So that when they get ready to completley take over they can come conficate your guns so you can’t stop them from confacating your gold and the rest of your rights.Wake Up Ametrica!

      • Harold

        Melba, I think I love you, good statement!

      • guyb

        Well said Melba….. The truth is the truth and America needs to stand up for our country….

      • 45caliber


        The kids of the Americans are going to college to become businessmen or engineers or scientists. And most comes from middle class Conservative (not GOP) families. The liberal/progressive college professors are doing what they can to retrain them but early education is usually the one that sticks in the long run.

        What the government is trying to do is to change that so the graduates will be from poor Democrat liberal/progressive families. Then THEY will rule corporate America and the Dems hope they can get the utopia they want here.

        • Christin

          45, Makes a lot of sense.

          Also a way to redistribute our wealth.

          • 45caliber

            It’s okay to be rich if you are a Democrat. Just not if you won’t vote for them. After all, they have to get their donations from someone. I even saw one the other day defending Soros.

          • Christin

            A Demo was defending soros publicly?
            Wow, the cockroaches truly are coming out of their dark hiding places.

            This is a strange time we are living in.

      • Leslie

        Hi dear Melba even when you think that is not fair to give a piece of paper that would allow all those hard working student to become part of this society and contribute to the country the same way that many citizen students have done it . I can tell you that most of them have work full time in types of jobs that many of us wouldn’t take and still have the energy to go to school and get an education because they want to be part of the only place that they know as home. Taking the chance to study and get a degree, even when they know how hard the way is going to be, but they still do it, I think that is a very brave decision to take. Most of them have gone so far with their education without getting any help from the government. The only think that they have is their hard work. So why don’t give them a chance to be one of us. They are like any of us so why treat them the same way.

        • lt lew52

          Please tell me of Any other country that allows people who’ve arrived illegally to knowingly stay and settle in.

          • Danis


      • Danis

        People please educate yourselves!! Read the bill!! It gives no money to immigrants for college. They will no qualify for government assistance and will need to pay their own way to college. So u can keep ur precious tax dollars!!

      • Keith Stone

        Right on Arnold Mr. Governor. We, The People of the United States of America, do declare that we citizens need to go to school first so we don’t die of starvation, and so our children aren’t sold off as slaves due to way below poverty lifestyle brought on by no jobs, the closure of American businesses, and the 1001 methods used to accomplish this. Sorry, come back later when America gets back on her feet, as when we are prosperous, we are generous. Today, we are dying, going homeless, barely surviving. So, right on Arnold, stay American, for The People, not the world we can’t no longer afford to support. Time for the sleepers to awaken. America is in real trouble, seriously bad trouble, and the sooner those who can’t see this wake up, smell the coffee, the better off America will be and then we can help some more, again. Here is a real neat way to wake up. Lose your job, and then try to find another one. Then you will FREAK OUT and start talking sense. Way to go. Veto away Baby!!! Trust Me!!!

    • Al Sieber

      dan, we need to vote every one of these traitors out, or tar and feather them. the way they’ve been telling us lately is there’s a terrorist hiding behind every rock and tree waiting to get us. they’re really turning up the fear as we get closer to the elections. be ready for another 911 type attack and the loss of more liberties.

    • s c

      Dan AZ, while Arnie has temporarily pulled his head out of that ‘special place,’ please don’t be so quick to give him much credit. He’s a politician, and politicians play by different rules. The first rule is get elected. The second rule is get re-lected. The third rule is stump for votes long before a major election rolls around.
      And, in Arnie’s case, he’s married to a Shriver. When you say Shriver, say Kennedy in the same breath. Arnie lives in California, the land of fruits, nuts and flakes and plastic politicians.
      Let Arnie EARN his reputation. He’s been in office for how many years now?

      • Lou Poulin

        Arnie may be married to a Democrat but he is a great Republican and makes decision in favor of the people who elected him. He did wait for the dream bill to be defeated before he vetoed his in California but, I think he gets suggestions from his wife and only listens. His job is to protect his state and their people.

        • kenneth

          That’s such b/s. He is a Rino just as many of the others I hope get the axe real soon. He started off being tough but now he is a marshmallow. A girlie man lover. He is a power hungry fool who has forgotten why he got in office in the first place. I wouldn’t wish his job on any Republican. California is so infested with left wing ideology I don’t know how they will ever get out of the mess they are in. Their legislature is so corrupt it’s pathetic. I am praying for all of them. There is a state that has really forgotten what has made America great. I am glad whatever family I did have there had enough sense to get out of there before the housing and the financial markets fail apart.

        • JeffH

          Lou Poulin, I live in California and Arnie is a joke…that’s J O K E!
          I’ll give you just one prime example of why I say this but there are many more to draw from.

          AB962: This bill requires individuals purchasing ammunition be fingerprinted and registered at the time of sale, mandates that dealers keep these records and make them available for inspection by the California Department of Justice. Ammunition retailers would also have to store ammunition in such a manner that it would be inaccessible to purchasers. Finally, mail order ammunition sales are prohibited under AB962. Over twenty years ago, Congress abolished similar requirements because ammunition sales records were found to be useless for solving crimes.

          • 45caliber

            Such ammunition records may not solve crimes but they are GREAT to use to determine who has a gun that might shoot that ammo. It’s just another way to register guns even though it is illegal.

          • Kate8

            JeffH, I have had the suspicion that Arnie is just another of the elite crowd. At least a tool.

            Remember when, during the special election, it came out that his father was a Nazi, or Nazi sympathiser? We were so desperate to get rid of Grey Davis that we kind of let it pass.

            Now I’m wondering if we should have paid more attention.

            Kind of reminds me of how the left ignores Odumbo’s connections.

          • JeffH

            Kate8, Arnie rubs elbows with the Rothschilds also.

            Arnold: The Rothschilds’ Man in California
            Arnold has been sanctioned by the Olympians. The European Families have authorized the deal and their American cousins at the Bohemian Grove seconded the motion to install Arnold as Governor. On Sept. 24, 2002, Reuters published a story called ‘Buffett’s Back, with the Terminator’ about Arnold and billionaire Warren Buffett visiting the ancestral home of the Rothschilds in England, where they “stepped onto Waddesdon’s freshly cut lawn to be greeted by Lord Jacob Rothschild… Among those invited to Waddesdon Manor were the likes of James Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank, Jorma Ollila, chief executive of Nokia and De Beers chairman Nicky Oppenheimer.

            This is an interesting website regarding the Rothschilds influences.

          • Kate8

            JeffH, I knew it!!

            Once again, we were had.

            We should have known. I’m sure most of us are a bit wiser now than we were back then.


        • tlludwig

          Democrat or Republican – who cares? How about AMERICAN for a change? I’m so tired of the two party system in this country, the blame is perpetually shifted and nothing is ever solved.

          • rwnut

            tlludwig….Then try voting in the Tea Party Candidates.Here’s your opportunity.This is probably the last chance you get to change things.

        • rwnut

          Lou Poulin…You are totally friggen’ nuts! You’re exactly why Kaaleeforneea is being envaded and taken over! My God man! You haven’t paid any attention at all to old Arnie’s political career.The state is worse than broke.He’s done everything he can to keep the borders wide open! I’ve been writing him since he’s been in office to do something about the borders and illegals.His answer has always been that he does not intend to do anything about it.This is the first time he has even pretended to do something.He is a Demo-Donkey plant in the Republican party.PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT S.C. SAID.

      • marvin

        s c ,,arnie can not run agin for gov term limits,

    • http://naver samurai

      Hey Dan az, I just heard that Angle leads Reid by 3%-4% in the latest polls. The good fight stands a chance at another major victory. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • s c

    On the surface, Arnie sems to have done something right (how rare). Probably, he’s trying to act like a ‘Republican’/RINO or a conservative, so in the event that ‘Dems’ need another false competitor in a major election, he can claim that he’s “qualified” and has acted like a ‘Republican’/RINO or a conservative at least once.
    Could it be that Arnie doesn’t know that Specter and McCain have tried that crap before? Wake up, Arnie.
    Arnie, go back to Hollywood, and make movies. We have all the pretenders we need (assuming that we need any).

    • keeper

      Right on S.C.

      • Bob

        Arnie can’t make movies anymore because the steroids wore off and turned to cellulite.

    • alpha-lemming

      I certainly wish I know what happened to him. Immigrating from an SSR bloc country, citing on numerous occasions the “similarities between the left and the Soviets” he talked a great game and layed out a plan for the state that was decidedly conservative. Then of course, the famous battles with the Legislature and poll numbers trumped convictions. Working theory… Do you suppose a steady diet of endive and arugula pesto morphed all the testosterone into estrogen??

      • Kate8

        alpha – Arnie came into Sacramento with guns blazing, ready to clean house. He couldn’t get cooperation from the state’s liberal Legislature so he took his plan to the people.

        Of course, the big corporate money came out in huge opposition to him. They blitzed the TV and radio with scare ads. He didn’t have as much money to blitz back, so the sheeple bought the corporate propaganda and failed to support him.

        When that happened, he just threw up his hands. The people who turned out en masse to vote for him pulled the rug out from under him when he tried to do what they elected him to do! It was very disappointing.

        He just caved to the left after that. The wind had gone out of his sails.

      • marvin

        arnies wife is a liberal dumbocrat

  • Jana

    I am shocked. Arnold Schwarzenegger finally did something right.
    This would have helped children of illegals go to colleges and universities.
    AS this piece says, “The California legislature continues to demonstrate its contempt for law-abiding, taxpaying Californians,” Stein said. “As they put the final touches on a budget that cuts vital services and programs, illegal aliens get new rewards.”
    Stein is right. They are broke, our country is broke. What part of this do they NOT understand.
    Each state needs to trim their spending and so does the US Gov.’t.
    When money gets tight at home, we start eliminating things from our expenditures. When will the elected officials learn this lesson?

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Jana… My niece and her husband are both teachers in California. They are being paid with vouchers. I agree with you. When are they going to get it? We have no money to take care of our own let alone those who are here breaking our laws. I had to cash in an insurance policy to help my son with tuition. We didn’t get any hand outs! The insanity of spending has got to stop. California is bankrupt, but they even had the stones to draft such a bill. What’s wrong with this picture?

    • keeper

      Jana, You said it in a nut shell.. we cut back on spending when times are tough but they keep spending no matter what. Well they have all the money they need. They want ours as well, So when we stop spending they raise prices on things we need to survive just daily like Gas, Water, Food, electricity, Heating and Cooling Energy, Taxing, etc. to make us pay for not spending as we would if people were working. So they keep nudging and pushing until all you possess is now there’s too. When we have nothing left we now need to turn for help and that would be the big spenders, Our Government..
      Come Nov2, we need to stand up for each other. God knows, We are all in it together, We need to get all the old lifers on both sides out of here and Please Watch for the devil in sheep’s clothing here because there will be many that will appear saying what we want to here but have plans to do the opposite. Check them out good, If they have a record of any evil thing toward any human life even destructive words spoken to destroy someone with a lie, We don’t need now.. And never mind its just politics, There is no reason to run a dirty race. That tells me there is something foul in the pot..
      Put on your Wisdom Hats and Teeth, lets clean house Nov 2. and keep it going right up to the courts. May God Bless Us All.

      • William

        keeper if you will pay attention to the news the democrats have all ready started saying the things the people want to hear. they do this around every election year. and there are so many STUPID asses who beleive it and go to the polls and vote for the sleazballs,

        • Barbara

          The late Frank Church senator from Idaho would do this. His campaign sound good and conservative. But after the election he was full blown free spending communist.
          His first campaign was “I would rather be red than dead”. This was in 1953, if I remember correctly.

          • Vigilant

            And later he proceeded to cut the heart out of the CIA when he headed that famous committee.

      • 45caliber


        To us, a dirty race is telling lies and so on. To a politician, a dirty race is someone telling the TRUTH about them. A lie is easy to refute but the truth isn’t.

  • JeffH

    Arnie just lost the coin flip…that pretty much speaks for his mehod of decision making in California. Bet he doesn’t get any from the ole lady for awhile either.

  • U.S Has Resources To Remove All Illegal Immigrants

    “Estimated Price Tag To Remove All Illegals Immigrants From The U.S Completely Is Less Than The Failed Stimulus Bill”
    August, 2010

    Mr. X

    Dear Mr. X
    Thank you for contacting me about immigration reform. I appreciate hearing from you.

    Our nation faces a host of problems as a result of years of inattention to our immigration policies. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) estimates that about 11 million people in the United States lack legal status, including those who enter the country illegally and those who overstay temporary visas.

    Illegal immigration raises national security and economic issues that must be addressed. I have worked to reform our immigration system comprehensively. A number of Senators, including myself, recently released a blueprint outlining the basic principles a comprehensive reform measure should include.

    The blueprint would improve border security by increasing manpower and deploying new technology. Many people have asked for reforms that would secure our borders before putting the immigrants who are already here on a path to legal status. In response to that concern, a “trigger” was included in the 2007 immigration bill and is preserved in the 2010 blueprint. The plan would require that certain border security and enforcement benchmarks be met before any program is started that would address the status of illegal immigrants already here.

    Congress has taken many steps in recent years to step up security at our borders. The 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provided $100 million for inspection systems to be deployed at border ports of entry, $100 million for border security technology on the Southwest border, and $420 million for modernization and construction of facilities used to control and process border crossings. The Fiscal Year 2010 Homeland Security Appropriations Act provided $8.1 billion for the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency. This amount includes $19 million to hire an additional 100 Border Patrol agents. The bill also provided $800 million for border security fencing, infrastructure, and technology. Immigration and Customs Enforcement was allocated $5.3 billion to support investigation activities and detention and removal operations. The bill funds 33,400 detention beds and requires that at least $2.5 billion be used in the detention and removal of unauthorized persons. The bill provides $1.5 billion to identify and remove those with criminal records illegally residing in the United States.

    The new immigration blueprint also calls for strengthened enforcement against employers who hire illegal immigrants, an essential element of comprehensive reform. The federal government must crack down on employers who ignore our nation’s laws and hire illegal immigrants. The reform proposal calls for a biometric employment verification system and increased penalties for hiring illegal immigrants.

    If we are serious about reform, we also must adopt a realistic approach to the millions of undocumented immigrants who live and work in our country. Mass deportation of illegal immigrants is impractical and too expensive. Experts estimate that deporting all of the undocumented immigrants would cost more than $280 billion, seven times DHS’s budget last year. Instead, we need to offer immigrants who work hard and demonstrate a long-term commitment to be law-abiding, contributing members of our country a chance to pay fines and earn their way to permanent legal status over the course of many years. Some have falsely called this amnesty. I oppose amnesty because it is not right to reward those who have broken the law with automatic citizenship. This proposal will not give amnesty to illegal immigrants.

    The blueprint calls for a two-phase system of legalization. The first phase would require all undocumented individuals to register with the government, pass criminal background checks, and pay fees in order to be granted lawful prospective immigrant status. The second phase would occur eight years later, after the current visa backlog has been processed. At that stage, undocumented aliens would be able to earn their way to permanent legal status only if they pass updated criminal background checks; possess basic citizenship skills; demonstrate basic English language skills; pay all federal taxes, fees, and penalties; and register for the Selective Service.

    If we do not give people who are already a part of our communities the chance to earn legal status, we will not solve the problem of illegal immigration. Those living here illegally will stay in the shadows instead of coming forward to register. This hurts our national security and hurts American workers, who are being undercut by cheap illegal labor.

    I am deeply concerned about the impact of potential temporary guest worker programs. In contrast to those immigrants who are already here and actively engaged in our workforce, guest worker programs would bring in a large future flow of workers with no long-term commitment to our country. I voted to eliminate the guest worker program in the previous Senate immigration bill. When that effort was unsuccessful, I offered a Hire Americans First amendment to require employers to seek American workers for their open positions before they try to bring in guest workers. I have also introduced legislation designed to protect American workers by addressing major abuses in the H-1B visa program.

    There is no perfect solution to the problems we face as a result of our broken immigration system. Today, our borders are not secure, our workplace enforcement laws need reform, and our immigration policy fosters a shadow economy for millions of immigrants who simply want to demonstrate that they can be hardworking contributors to the greatness of our country. I will continue to work for a package of reforms that will protect American workers and that will be tough, enforceable, economically sensible, and morally defensible. I will keep your views in mind as the debate continues.

    Richard J. Durbin
    United States Senator

    Pass It On!!!

    • Robert

      we dont need comprehensive immigration reform you are a scam artist we dont need any more laws we have plenty we need them enforced deport every ileagle invader put everyone that hires them in jail put every landlord who rents to them in jail you are as full of it as the republicans are they will never seal the border the people that put them in office and spend tons of dollars on them would not let that happen just watch and see November is coming the big buisenss will never do with out the slave like labor that the illegals provide

      • spike

        Let me tell you allsomething: Listen up, Robert, too–
        I don’t know where you all get the idea that these people work for “slave” or “slavelike” wages. THEY DON’T. GET THAT? THEY DON’T. I work in the tree industry. And I know many, many Tree services and Landscape companies that hire these guys from Mexico and Guatamala. These guys are working for anywhere from l0 to 25.00 per hour, ALMOST ALWAYS UNDER THE TABLE. They live in sometimes one apartment, with like l0 or so people. They send all or most of the money “home”. They don’t spend alot of their money in our country. They admit that they send it home to bank accounts they have there. However, I will tell you, the reason why these tree services hire these guys is they can’t get Americans to work half as hard. Americans are getting, and have grown lazy. Most of these guys won’t drink during working hours, the American thinks nothing of going out to lunch and drinking his weight in beer–even smoking pot. However, the illegals go out and get all sauced up on EVERY WEEKEND, AND HALF THE TIME, they are driving illegally, and get locked up. Most of the time, they get let out, and are back to work within a week. They all take off for the “rallies” for Hispanics in the cities like Philly., etc. Don’t you dare tell me they come over here and work for slave wages. That’s crap. They Demand the payscale. and they do it, because so many of these big tree companies, the NATIONAL ONES like Asplundh DEPEND ON THESE PEOPLE AND PAY THEM FAR BETTER THAN most Americans are making. These guys also go back “to their country” for the winter, most of them. The ones who can afford it. They get married to Puerto Rican, or Cuban women, have a baby or ll, on “uncle” for free, and, bingo, married to a “citizen” and anchor baby besides. There are so many ways to work this equation, just mix it up anyway you want….JUST DON’T TELL ME THEY WORK FOR SLAVE WAGES, BECAUSE THEY DON’T! If you want the names of some of the services I know that have these guys working for them, I’d be happy to give you some, “senator”.

        • JeffH

          spike, you’re right on, the wages they get are as good as anybody elses.

          • Kate8

            JeffH, Yep. Plus, the illegals get lots of free stuff – healthcare, education for their kids, social services, and all the money they can rake in from stolen IDs and SS#.

            Heck, there are even illegals here who have their own businesses. And I’m sure they don’t have licenses and all the hoops legitimate business have.

            They generally have slightly lower rates, but then, they have little overhead.

          • JeffH

            Kate8, when I had to finally move in 2008, I went to Home Depot to p/u a couple of day laborers to help me. I offered them $10.00/hr cash but they wouldn’t work for anything less than $15/hr cash.

        • 45caliber


          You did miss a couple of things. First, their favorite “home” here is a vacant house. They simply break in and then move in. Many times there are over twenty in the same place. The real estate people, most times, don’t even bother to lock the place on the argument that if they do lock it, the illegals will do even more damage. While there they trash up the place and damage it so the owner can seldom get more than 1/2 the market price. If you (via the police) make them leave they come back and really tear it up.

          Further, they buy two sets of ID papers. And there is a big demand for such. They work under one set and draw welfare under the other. Every six months they change papers. This allows them to file two income tax returns, both showing they were on welfare for six months. As a result, they get all their tax back plus. Their government is very careful to educate them on how to do this.

          • Christin

            Wow, what a scam.

    • alan trent

      closing the border has to be a priority. legalizing illegals only encourages lawbreakers. anyone that does not understand that is an idiot. god bless america

    • landaddy001

      I’m sorry senator Durbin, the plan you have outlined leaves out a number of things. Your plan does not address identity theft, having the law breaker held legally responsible to make full restitution for all damages caused by using someone else’s SSN. Your plan does not address unpaid state taxes. Your plan does not address punishing the people who broke the immigration laws with the penalties prescribed under the same laws (something all legal residents face). The American people were promised by the congress of the United States of America, immigration enforcement in 1986 and it did not happen as promised. Congress did not affectively enforce the immigration laws from then to now, why should we the people believe congress now? Senator your plan does not address a lot of things but mostly it appears to permit an unfair act (breaking US immigration Laws) to be rewarded. That’s not right, and in my opinion it is not the American way.

      • William

        no landaddy its not the American way. but it is the low life politicians way. buy more votes dickie boy,

    • s c

      Senator Dickie, I F the US has the resources to ’round up’ illegals, then W H Y isn’t it happening?
      YOU are trolling for votes on this website, and I DO NOT LIKE IT. Take a hike, you miserable pretender.
      You sound like you want to distance yourself from Herr Obummer. Maybe you need to distance yourself from America, too. It’s not as though you can’t be replaced by someone who actually CARES about America. Take your undeserved retirement, and move to a country where you’re needed.
      You complain too little too late, and you will NEVER be anything better than an errand boy for the puppet masters you serve.

      • William

        well said s c.

    • Steve Dolyniuk

      Sen. Durbin: Let me get this straight. You want to let the Illegals in this country pay a fine, & stay in the USA, & start paying taxes, & this is NOT an AMNESTY?? If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, & walks like a duck, it is more then likely a duck. Now if an Illegal, pays a fine, works & pays taxes & remains in the USA, just what in hell is it, if it isn’t an AMNESTY ???

    • spike

      Mr. Durbin,
      That sounds alright on paper, but it makes no earthly commonsense.
      GET THIS!!! WE ARE TIRED and broke of our government reaching into our pockets and giving foodstamps and cash assistance to Illegal immigrants who refuse to speak English, or pay taxes and have their babies in our hospitals for free. I’m not buying your junk, and now that I have your name, I will make sure anyone I know in your jurisdiction VOTES AGAINST YOU.

    • keeper

      The American People for years have paid taxes to keep our country free and safe, We have counted on you people to do your job, you chose not to instead You chose to sneak in the progressive crap behind our backs. Its purely evil doings on all of you.. All of you have chosen your path and we are aware of it now.. You people have allowed our country to be sucked dry by illegals living off us like parasites while you turn your backs and pad your pockets. You have sucked for the last time from hard the working Americans People. We that fought for this country, died for this country.. We DEMAND our RIGHTS and will not take anything less, Do you hear me????? We are only in this crises because of people like you political game playing thugs,Not the American People….
      What is it you don’t understand about the laws here and illegals here. We Americans are fed up with your compliance to our laws.. We have to be accountable for what we do Why not you??? We want you to do your job to deport them and there children to there country where they belong.. That is there punishment for breaking the laws here, It is there responsibility to explain and teach to there children that breaking the laws in United State has consequences and this is one of them being deported. It teaches them to do things the right way and laws are for a reason in other countries.. If I was to drop a baby in some other country do you think that child would have rights to live there or me for that matter.. Do you think I could live there like they live here, It seems like they have the freedom and freebee here and the hell with us. If laws are applied to us then laws must be applied to all… I demand our laws be enforced if they did not come here the right way..

    • Joseph C. Moore, Cpo USN Ret.

      Senator Durban, We emphatically do NOT need immigration reform. The laws are already there. Enforce them and lets the states alone.

    • Mace Windu

      It’s time to cut the politically correct terminalogy crap! Until those in Washington D.C. call these people for whom & what they really & truly are…”criminal border crossers”, they will not take any of this seriously. They ARE NOT guest workers, illegal aliens, U.S. citizens, undocumented whatevers…YOU COME CROSS ANY BORDER IN THE WORLD, AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS (Cuba will shoot you down, North Korea will torpedo your vessel, some places in the world, you’ll never be hear from again). These ARE criminals, period! Criminals MUST be deported immediately (meaning NO BEDS, NO HOUSING, NO ENTITLEMENTS at the taxpayers expense) & the bill for the cost of their return MUST be placed upon the criminal border crossers country of origin. If that country will not pay, continue to cut their aid or place high tariffs, embargos on anything they want to export to the U.S.
      Anyone in this country who employs anyone who does not legally belong here will get a mandatory jail term not less than 25 years hard labor without the chance for an appeal for the first offense! With this in place alone, this crap WILL stop.
      Get rid of the law that says a woman can have a baby here then that kid can be the “anchor” for the rest of its’ family.
      Take away what it is they come here illegally for…education, jobs, healthcare, etc…all at the U.S. American taxpayers expense! I think the Governor of California has taken one small step towards the giant leap of saying enough is enough.
      This is just the beginning of what is necessary to take back this country from the “progressives”. And until we as voting Americans get serious about firing all of the “clown” politicians (the Durbins’, the Pelosis’, the Reids’, the Obamas’, the Rangels’, the Clintons’ and the list goes on & on) while hiring the politicians who are serious about putting a dead stop to all this nonsense, we can only expect bills like the proposed California one & worse on the Federal level.
      More power to states like Arizona who are doing what the Federal Government should be doing…protecting it’s taxpaying U.S. American citizens.

    • Vigilant

      Dick Durbin has ALWAYS been up there with other statists like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. I would not believe a thing he says.

  • Robert

    you are an idiot cant you see from your ivory tower that millions of americans are out of work cant you put two and two together and realize that millions of illegals are staling the jobs that should go to americans you cant be that stupid can you if you are not an American you have to leave your amnesty plan is as stupid as you 9000 americans are killed every year by your good friends the ileagle invader 550women are raped every day by you good friends I know you live a privileged live above the rest of us but my daughter or mother lives down here with the plain folk how dare you cater to someone in this country illegally you need to go come November to come down from the castle

  • dman

    hes an alien himself SMH..

  • Bill Dion

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger did the right thing, We the legal people in the US of A don’t get free rides from the Govern. to go back to college, so why should illegals get a free ride on our money. I am having a hard time keeping my house and I work ful time as a machinist in a small city in NH, and these ilegals are getting a free ride!!!! Something wrong with this picture. Great Rightful Job Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    • FedupinNC

      I agree with you Bill D. they get so many “free rides” already that I don’t agree with and now they want illegal immigrant students to receive citizenship AND 38 MILLION OF OUR DOLLARS?!? What part of ILLEGAL don’t these politicians get? I agree with Alan Trent… closing the border MUST be a priority!! WAY TO GO ARNOLD!!

      • William

        fedup these damned politicians dont understand a damned thing about illegal. most of them should be in prison for the actions they have taken, but there are so many IDIOTS who go to the polls and reelect them over and over,

      • Doc Sarvis

        The least expensive and most effective way to stop illegal immigration is for American employers to stop hiring them.

        • 45caliber

          It is even cheaper if the government required citizenship to draw all the “free” stuff.

    • Debra Rincon Lopez

      I believe that it’s your fault for not going to College. NOT Illegal Immigrants. I doubt if that was really going to be for Illegal Immigrant’s in the first place. I would say there is something wrong with this picture. I Doubt if the Govt would ever help anyone,especially Illegal Immigrants, HOW ABOUT HELPING NATIVE AMERICANS. WE DESERVE ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET, especiallyw when they took all of our stuff from us? It’s time to give some of it BACK NOW!!!

      • spike

        There you go, another “minority” bitching about what is “owed” to them. Guess what, my own family inter married with Indians, and made a life. Get out there, stop worrying about what was “taken” from you, 200 plus years ago, and work. These freaking illegals stand in walmart, with “Access” cards, and food stamp cards, and don’t and probably CAN’T speak english. Then we wonder why the U.S. is broke.
        Give me a break. I didn’t own slaves, I don’t owe black people anything, either. If they all like Africa so much, and want to be ‘AFRICAN’ Americans, then they, and their ancestors should have/and should go back there, and straighten out THAT mess. Sudan, Darfur, just to start with the tip of the iceberg. I AM TIRED OF ‘OWING’ people who I never did anything to, and don’t have anything against. I am just an ‘AMERICAN’ and I just want to work and make a living. not see a government check in the mail, or in my bank account, JUST EARN A LIVING WITHOUT THE GOVERNMENT STEALING AND SQUANDERING IT ALL.

        • dave v

          Thank you Spike!

        • 45caliber

          I agree, spike.

      • Lou Poulin

        Your getting it back. Look in your back yard on the reservations,for all the casinos that you are getting rich on and most of the money to casinos help build you new homes, provides annuities to each legal Indian. Yes you are the original Americans, and we did supplement all Indian families with a stimulant income paid by taxpayers since treaties were signed in the late 1800′s, prior to the Casinos being built, but your still getting the stimulas payments including payment from Casino owners. Billions are being earned by the Casinos (Look at the sizes of the hotels and casinos costing millions), Foxwood in Connecticut, and many more in New Mexico) and each state gets about 10 to 16% in compacts drawn up by State Legislatures used for education and roads. Why are you squarking now. If you don’t know this then thats why your not visiting New Mexico, Texas, California and Florida. You need free education, then go to the reservation and apply for it through your district or Indian Council to get it. Do you see the black getting anything better from Slavery days to the Present? hey don’t own Casinos and most are poverty level with large families. Welfare is their only resourse if they have no work or it’s the Military life they have to enter to get a food ,bed, small income and a roof over their head, and the threat of getting killed in a war we have no business in. I am white, been there and did it.

      • Mace Windu

        It’s time to cut the politically correct terminalogy crap! Until those in Washington D.C. call these people for whom & what they really & truly are…”criminal border crossers”, they will not take any of this seriously. They ARE NOT guest workers, illegal aliens, U.S. citizens, undocumented whatevers…YOU COME CROSS ANY BORDER IN THE WORLD, AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS (Cuba will shoot you down, North Korea will torpedo your vessel, some places in the world, you’ll never be hear from again). These ARE criminals, period! Criminals MUST be deported immediately (meaning NO BEDS, NO HOUSING, NO ENTITLEMENTS at the taxpayers expense) & the bill for the cost of their return MUST be placed upon the criminal border crossers country of origin. If that country will not pay, continue to cut their aid or place high tariffs, embargos on anything they want to export to the U.S.
        Anyone in this country who employs anyone who does not legally belong here will get a mandatory jail term not less than 25 years hard labor without the chance for an appeal for the first offense! With this in place alone, this crap WILL stop.
        Get rid of the law that says a woman can have a baby here then that kid can be the “anchor” for the rest of its’ family.
        Take away what it is they come here illegally for…education, jobs, healthcare, etc…all at the U.S. American taxpayers expense! I think the Governor of California has taken one small step towards the giant leap of saying enough is enough.
        This is just the beginning of what is necessary to take back this country from the “progressives”. And until we as voting Americans get serious about firing all of the “clown” politicians (the Durbins’, the Pelosis’, the Reids’, the Obamas’, the Rangels’, the Clintons’ and the list goes on & on) while hiring the politicians who are serious about putting a dead stop to all this nonsense, we can only expect bills like the proposed California one & worse on the Federal level.
        More power to states like Arizona who are doing what the Federal Government should be doing…protecting it’s taxpaying U.S. American citizens.

      • 45caliber


        You say the Indians should “get it all back”.

        As a quarter Indian myself, I would say that should mean that the Indians should immediately get some large forested area (some national forest perhaps) but MUST find and make their living there without ANY help from the rest of us. They must live in tents or huts they make themselves, hunt and fish for all their food, must make clothing from what they find along with their bows and arrows. If at any time they try to use some modern appliance or get outside help, they revert to being Americans again and live like the rest of us – without the “get everything back” argument.

      • http://naver samurai

        You’re not entitled to anything in this world that you don’t earn. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Klaus

    I am an immigrant myself. I came to this country in 1956 from Austria. I need to add at this time I came here legally and proper.
    I have served in the military here and I had to learn the language.
    There was no dial 1 for English and we never even thought about demonstrating in any way for something we did not earn or deserve.
    We did everything we could to blend in and were ever so proud to be one of thwe people in this ever so great country. We loved and still love this country beyond imagination. To see all that transpirs here now is like a slap in our face.I never expected anything without having to work for it.I for one also believe we should protect our borders and prosecute anybody here without documentation and legal status to be in this country. For all the people complaining and demanding special tratment I have just one thing to say…..LOVE it or LEAVE it.

    • Mark

      Bless your heart Klaus. It can be done right by people with pride. Those that just want it free have no pride and no respect for themselves. They should all starve to death if they want it free.

    • William

      Klaus I applaud you. I spent over 20 years in the military and servd with many men who were earning their citisenship. mexican german and men from other countries. I never met one whom I didn’t like, one of my best friends was from cheoslavakia and I have never met a finer person,

    • spike

      My great grandfather came here from England, and they WOULDN’T LET HIM SERVE in the armed forces, he had to SERVE IN THE CANADIAN army!! And he came here legally, and paid his taxes!!

    • Lou Poulin

      You are a well deserving immigrant and we welcome you and your comments in this crucial subject, but it is the illegals that need to go back where they come from. They scoop up our natural resources and destroy our economy and demand things they dare not demand in their own country for fear of reprisal and/or jail. We are a free country and only because of our fightng servicemen and women.

  • Warrior

    Hey, where does one acquire one of those government debit cards that is accepted at casinos? I need a vacation.

  • Mark

    Arnold finally got his senses back. Bet he is waiting on a call from pelosi and hussein obama. I just do not understand just what it is about the word “illegal” that they don’t understand. Illegal means wrong. Illegal means a trip to jail, but in this case illegal should mean a trip home, where they belong. California is a financial wreck and these stupid illegals and their supporters are agast at this decision? Stupid fools. The legal mexcans stand up out of their lazyboys crying and whining because they are afraid that squirtin out babies for welfare money is next. What a profession where you just sit on your butt, screw, and eat. They sure as heck don’t parent all them little rude and rampant varmints. It is time for californians and mexicans with pride to stand up to this tyranny and send the illegals home.

  • Gary

    I don’t know what took so long to make the decision.
    California is BROKE!! The federal government will follow unless we take the nation back form these morons in office.
    The eptome of stupity would be to allow the federal government to continue on this track. If the U.S. doesn’t change course we as a nation are doomed. It makes me sick to see the greatest nation in the world being ruined by these bastards.

  • Debra Rincon Lopez

    I say they need to help these Illegal Immigrants any way that they can. Otherwise let them alone when they are forced to sell drugs to get by? I don’t condone selling drugs but when your pushed to the limits, then that’s what happens!

    • Trudy

      Get with the program. How about if the government takes half your hard earned dollars and gives it to the illegals for college? My kids are still paying back college loans and it hurts them financially. Give the money to our kids not illegals. Shame on you. The illegals can GO HOME THEY ARE HERE BREAKING OUR LAW. Selling drugs come on Debra.

    • Tony

      Debra, are you insane? How about you turning over everything that you have to an illegal family. That should make you feel wonderful. Then again you probably would prefer that someone else take responsibility for supporting you and all illegals. Better yet, just leave my country!

      • Doc Sarvis

        You posted “leave my country”. Didn’t she say above that she is a Native American?

        • Vigilant


          What is your point? He didn’t say “your country.” Could just as well have said “our country.”

        • Vigilant

          You might be enlightened by the story “The Man Without a Country,” by Edward Everett Hale.

          When someone, citizen or not, disparages the very freedoms that allow them to live and work in the greatest country in history, or actively undermines those freedoms by encouraging criminal behavior, then it’s not untoward to enjoin them to leave.

    • William

      spoken just like an IDIOT debra. go back to mexico,

    • spike

      Lazy people resort to selling drugs, Debra. Lazy people whine about having thousands of acres of land and not farming it, or raising animals on it. They drink because they live in the land of “what might have been” get out of the gutter mind set, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE. There is NO EXCUSE FOR SELLING DRUGS. NONE.

    • Steve Dolyniuk

      Debra: Wake up!! You sound like an Illegal, yourself. Help them, so they won’t sell drugs?? They shouldn’t be here in the first place. Go pick up a dictionary & look up the meaning of ILLEGAL.

    • Lou Poulin

      You are one stupid person. Get a life. And get educated. You don’t know what you are talking about. It is jerks like you with the attitude of raising your Mexican flag above ours, and burning ours or writing on our flag. Go protest in your own country, better yet go back to it and see how many freebies you get.

    • http://naver samurai

      We are a nation of laws and do not reward law breakers. OK Debra, is it fair for the average working American to have to work the first six months of the year to pay for welfare programs and handouts to foreign nationals? These are not authorized under our Constitution. You say that we should help them out. I can help them board the plane bound for parts unknown. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Michael LaMonda

    Gov. Schwarzenegger did exactly what a fiscally prudent legislator should do. No one is guaranteeing my 10 year old grandson a free or subsidized college education why should California or the USA do that for illegal immigrants? The Federal and State governments must enforce immigration laws and not continue to ignore them! Starting with the White House, the Senate and Congress they must start treating illegal immigrants the same way that illegal immigrants are treated in all of the other countries of the world. WE need to start enforcing the immigation laws that we have on the books now and if they are not strong enough then we must pass and enforce stronger ones to protect our great country and not give it away to illegal immigrants!

    • 45caliber


      A local man took his son (graduating from high school) to a college as a visit. They checked on costs – and learned that it was far beyond what the man could pay. When they inquired about financial aid, he made too much to get any of it. The person talking to them stated that she had also graduated from the school. When asked how she paid, she said, “Oh, my father abandoned us when I was sixteen. The government paid for my schooling here.”

  • BB

    I do have some sympathy for people that were brought here as very small children and had no choice about it. There should be some process to expedite them becoming citizens. But they should not get extra benefits that other citizens do not get either.

    But now let us turn to the bigger problem:

    Any hungry lawyers out there looking for glory?

    Pursuing the following idea would even be socially useful, not like those lawyers you read about suing companies for having an expired patent number printed on their products.

    Improving the U.S. education system, while a laudable goal, does NOT fix this problem. There are a million or more un-or-under employed engineers and IT people that are already very well educated.

    A better fix would be for someone to initiate a class-action lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the H1B visa under the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (the amendment that freed the slaves).

    An H1B employee is “out of status” if they are laid off, and is required to leave the country immediately. There is no statutory “grace period”.

    This gives an employer the power to threaten an employee with IMMEDIATE DEPORTATION. The employer is not, of course, directly ordering the deportation, they are merely making the employee subject to immediate deportation by the U.S. government.

    In United States v. Kozminski, 487 U.S. 931 ( 198 ), the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the Thirteenth Amendment circumscribed involuntary servitude to be limited to those situations when the master subjects the servant to:

    1. threatened or actual physical force,
    2. threatened or actual state-imposed legal coercion or
    3. fraud or deceit where the servant is a minor, an immigrant or mentally incompetent.

    The federal anti-slavery statutes were updated in the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, P.L. 106-386, which expanded the federal statutes’ coverage to cases in which victims are enslaved through psychological, as well as physical, coercion.

    Being put “out of status”, subject to immediate deportation, is a form of “threatened or actual state-imposed LEGAL COERCION”.

    • BB

      I have no idea why this software put that particular picture there!

      • PL Support

        Our Website uses a service called that allows users to register an email address and put a picture with it. To change the image simply log in to and change the image. I have added the characters “temp_” to the beginning of your email address so our system will not show the image currently associated with your email address. You can also use a different email address that doesn’t have an image associated to avoid this in the future.

  • FreedomFighter

    Another fine example of:

    Marxist/Socialist/Communist Progressive left-wingers destroying America one piece at a time.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Klaus

    Debra Lopez, what is this with you?
    You not only accept breaking the law to come into this country, but you accept breaking the law when in this country.One should check your status…..

  • jld

    We rounded them up in the past and departed millions and we can do it again, so lets start now. The public should contact Ice and local police and harass them untill they take action. I see these illegal aliens living up to 5 families to a house or apartments, why is the allowed to happen? We citizens need to get pro-active and protest these officials and these cities and force them to take action in rounding up all illegals and departing them.

    • 45caliber

      I agree. We have to start somewhere.

  • Howard Roark

    Turban Durban says that in the first phase of his plan that all ILLEGALS would have to pass a criminal background check.

    None of tha ILLEGALS would be able to pass a CRIMINAL background check as they are all here ILLEGALLY and as such are all CRIMINALS.

    The Libs will say ,”well they (the ILLEGALS) would be excused this one criminal act.”

    The Libs have constantly told us that RULE OF LAW must be inforced. that means all law. the Libs can not pick and chose as we are a NATION OF LAWS.


    also strip Citizenship from the anchor babies and deport them with all of the freeloaders they have brought into the country.

    The US Supreme Court has ruled that the 14th Amendment does not apply to the children of ILLEGAL ALIENS born in the United States. (see below)

    Slaughterhouse Cases, 83 U.S. 36 (1872) (USSC+)
    MILLER, J., Opinion of the Court

    All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

    The first observation we have to make on this clause is that it puts at rest both the questions which we stated to have been the subject of differences of opinion. It declares that persons may be citizens of the United States without regard to their citizenship of a particular State, and it overturns the Dred Scott decision by making all persons born within the United States and subject to its jurisdiction citizens of the United States. That its main purpose was to establish the citizenship of the negro can admit of no doubt. The phrase, “subject to its jurisdiction” was intended to exclude from its operation children of ministers, consuls, and citizens or subjects of foreign States born within the United States.

    • BrotherPatriot


      also strip Citizenship from the anchor babies and deport them with all of the freeloaders they have brought into the country.”

      ^^ Here Here…!!! ^^

      Indeed…well said! The idea of an illegal running across the border, ploppin out their kid and that makes the child a American? What kind of insanity is that? Seriously…wtf!

      Enforce our immigration laws! Just as Robin Williams says…Give them 3 months to get their business in order and go back on their own. After that…if found here illegally, we deport them immediately…no questions needed. Send all 20+Million back & watch how our economy responds and the rate of crime drop!~

      God Bless!

      • 45caliber

        There is a place in San Diego where women are known to wait across the border until labor starts and then come to our side. The city began putting up a fence to stop that. The feds stopped them from putting up the fence and now require them to have up to three ambulances there waiting instead. The reason? The poor women might have birth problems that might harm themselves or the baby! And this from people who believe abortion is okay.

        • BrotherPatriot

          Seriously…WTF…people. *sigh*

          We simply can’t let this kind of mentality continue!

          Enough of the anchor baby idea…its utterly rediculous…an illegal comes over the line, has a baby & it’s an American??? Completely silly. The baby is as illegal as the mother…Period!

          That law has to be changed! It’s part of the Agenda to destroy the soverignity of America…to dilute us into the North American Union.


          • 45caliber

            The idea is bad enough but what really chaps me is the government belief and statement that this new “American” deserves to have his entire family here – on welfare, no less – to “take care of him”.

          • Kate8

            BrotherPatriot, Yes, and to change the demographics enough so that the socialist democrats never lose power.

  • Richie

    Thank you for the “correct” vote in vetoing the Amnesty Bill
    to pay for illegals to attend colleges on taxpayer money. Hey,
    everybody, remember that the USA and the State of California are “BROKE”!!!!!!!

  • Bob L

    What,in the name of reason, are illegal aliens, who by the very fact of being in the country are committing a crime against a sovereign nation, still doing here,costing American citizens billions of dollars, some even having the audacity to illegally vote,isn’t it time and past time for them to be deported? California is virtually bankrupt and the “sanctuary cities” show no sign of giving it all up for a terribly bad idea. This is intelligent?

    • 45caliber

      But Bob… Oblama says that we OWE it to the world to take these people in and give them everything. The fact that we worked for the money and they didn’t doesn’t mean that we still don’t OWE them.

      Personally, I’m not bright enough to arrive at that conclusion but he says he’s smarter than all of us anyway so I guess we should believe him … right?

  • SD

    It was mentioned that some of the illegals are small children that came here through no fault of their own and we should at least help them. NOT on my dime. Unfortunately these children come with family and you can’t help them without also helping the rest of the family. NOT on my dime thank you. I worked two and three jobs and so did my husband to put our kids through school and we never asked for a handout. No HUD housing. No food stamps, No free medical, nothing. We worked and sweat and struggled and we have four very successful children to show for it. And those successful children now fully grown and in their 40s are helping us in our old age. There is no reason in this world for any legal citizen of the US to pay to support, assist, house, give medical services, or schooling to an illegal from any country. People complain that it would cost billions to deport all of them. Well, yes, it probably would, but we would only have to do it once instead of the daily payments we are paying now to keep them here. Also, the crime committed by them against us is unbelievable. Check the stats at all the local, state and federal prisons in this country and you will be astonished at the amount of illegals that are incarcerated. And all of their costs are on our Dime. We are paying for their housing, free medical, free tv, phones, computers, law libraries, exercise rooms, and all the programs that they are affording prisoners nowadays. When are we going to quit beating our heads against the brick wall and start throwing them back across the brick wall? Enough is enough, lets stand up and scream and holler, fight back at the polls this November. Throw out the bums in politics that want to give them money and privileges. I’m sick of it.

    • 45caliber


      I agree. And the reason the number of crimes is so high by them is that they believe (rightly) that they won’t get much time in jail if they are caught. Six months is the normal average for jailtime for an illegal for anything short of murder – and even then in some cases.

  • Mick

    Portion of this Durbin letter…..

    If we are serious about reform, we also must adopt a realistic approach to the millions of undocumented immigrants who live and work in our country. Mass deportation of illegal immigrants is impractical and too expensive. Experts estimate that deporting all of the undocumented immigrants would cost more than $280 billion, seven times DHS’s budget last year. Instead, we need to offer immigrants who work hard and demonstrate a long-term commitment to be law-abiding, contributing members of our country a chance to pay fines and earn their way to permanent legal status over the course of many years. Some have falsely called this amnesty. I oppose amnesty because it is not right to reward those who have broken the law with automatic citizenship. This proposal will not give amnesty to illegal immigrants******************
    *********************************** How can this moron say it would cost 280 billion dollars to deport illegals….
    He can take his experts and shove it, his comments are just an excuse to keep the illegals here in our country,,
    Load them up and move’em out and make sure to put some of our troops at the border with the order to shoot on sight for anyone trying to cross back in this country.
    Politician ( Especially DEMOCRATS ) have a way of throwing BIG dollar numbers out to solve unpopular issues knowing full well that the public will object to the big spending and decide to side with their sick agenda to leave things just the way they are.

    • Jake

      I say whatever it cost to get rid of them is a great deal!!!!!! Remember, 12 million illegals will breed into 80 million in two generations. Think we have problems now?

  • http://gmail i41

    The best and easist way to cure this problem is put a bounty on illegals, and that means all illegals. We use bounty hunters on bail jumpers, awol members and several other crimminals. these illegals are crimminals, plane and simple. When the feely meely wimp liberals, use the heart strings songs for legalization of letting them pay $2000 dollars to get in. No way, raise it to $24,000 or a health care costs by the illegals that cost the tax payers for welfare and benefits. I have seen cost as high as $68,000 per illegal per year. Or tell Mrexico to send so many barrels of oil to cover the costs of the mexican illegals, samre for the pedophile goat ranglers to the moddle east smucks. Put a $10,000 bounty, $5,000 for bounty hunter, and $5,000 for the treasury.

    • Tony

      Sounds like a great plan to me.

    • Mick

      i41 says:
      The best and easist way to cure this problem is put a bounty on illegals

      i41,,,Your Bounty idea would be a hell of a good start and we also have to untie the hands of the border patrol and let them do their job by any means necessary.
      These so called human rights organization are actually infringing on the law abiding citizens’s rights and putting all of us in danger….

  • Howard Roark

    Actually if all benefits were cut off to illegals, and the hiring illegal laws were strictly inforced the ILLEGALS would leave on their own, and we the people would not have to pay one cent for deportation.

    • 45caliber

      True. The only reason the illegals can afford to work for less than an American is because they also get all the “free” aid from our government. They are even told how to do it before they come here by their OWN government!

  • charles

    That this is even up for his signature is a travesty. I am not a Californian nor would I ever vote to give an Illegial anything but a ticket home. This not the first amnesty that would have been Under Pres. Reagan, how soon we forget. Millions of illegials last time with the Gov. promise of no more. Guess where that takes us, to today and countless Illegials again looking for amnesty. No solutions just a ‘path to citizenship’ which sounds a lot like amnesty for criminals to me. Criminals , yes, they entered the country illegially.They are undocumented for that very reason.

  • Marc

    Big Spenders Dream act and UTOPIA.Creating welth OR spending it.Which side are you on,both or only the second? Socialist dreams leading you to bankruptcy.

  • Bob L

    The Japanese-Americans were rounded up and placed in internment camps just at the time of the American involvement in the 2nd world war. And, the Great majority of those people WERE Americans, LEGAL citizens. Now we recoil from the very idea and not even imprisoning , but merely deporting NON citizens,border trespassers, lawbreakers by their very intrusion upon American soil. What in the name of sanity are we doing ? It must be the brain damage from consuming too many tacos. Pepper fried minds.

    • alpha-lemming

      Rounded up by a progessive icon no less.

    • 45caliber

      I’m sure this will anger a lot of people but … the idea was sound. Many of those legal people including some born here were taught early that Japan was their nationality and home. There were some that still believed that way and were willing to aid the Japanese in their war. Since the US didn’t know who they were at the time, they locked them all up.

      • Vigilant


        Doesn’t anger me in the least. One of the biggest liberal hoaxes of all time is the pervasiveness of the myth that this was a black mark on our history.

        Japanese spies on the west coast were regularly reporting ship and troop movements to the Empire, and their removal is probably the main reason we won the Battle of Midway.

        Even liberal SCOTUS justices sponsored the action: temporary and IAW the Constitution’s provisions.

        • 45caliber

          Even many Japanese – Americans favored this! But that isn’t taught today, is it?

  • Jake

    Great Start! Now someone please stand up and address the Anchor Baby problem.

    If I steal something from someone and CALL IT MINE, sell it to you AS IF IT WERE MINE and the cops find out and learn IT WASN”T MINE, they don’t return it to me and they don’t give you your money back. Rather, they give it back to the one from which it was stolen from WHO REALLY OWNED IT.

    It’s the same with Anchor Babies. Two illegals don’t make a legal anywhere in the world (except with current US immigration policy). An anchor baby should not be viewed as a US citizen simply because he/she was born on US soil – because mom and dad were not US citizens to start with!

    • 45caliber

      I agree. And the Constitution never meant that at all either.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Yup Yup…!

  • randel

    Consider an alternative:
    If we are sincere about helping our neighbors to the south we should be putting pressure on their leaders to reform and improve conditions within their own countries so their people no longer feel a need to illegally invade this country. The first step should be trade sanctions and penalties against their governments. The cost of immigration enforcement, deportation, and processing should be charged back to the country the illegal came from. If that government does not pay up, stronger sanctions need to be levied. When it costs their governments more in fines and sanctions than it does to improve the conditions that will eliminate the exodus then we will have truly helped our neighbors. If their governments do not respond to the needs of their citizens they will eventually be overthrown by revolution. As long as they have a safe-haven to escape to (The U.S.A.) that revolution will be delayed. Close the door, deport all illegals and allow them the opportunity to fix their own problems.

    • 45caliber

      In theory, it is a great idea. But like the idea of the liberal’s utopia, it isn’t possible. Not as long as the politicians there are more corrupt than ours are. They don’t care what costs the government has. Their only goal is to get as much of that money into their own pockets as possible. So we did establish sanctions and billed them. It means nothing to them.

  • BrotherPatriot

    Do not be fooled people. Arnold simply could see the writing on the wall and did what the Senate already had done. Just because he has done a good thing doesn’t mean he’s a good elected official or even a good person for that matter. Here is a link about him…true to all my cross researching as well…

    He still is rubbing shoulders with the Rothschilds and the rest of the NWO. He still has designs on trying to change the laws (or ignore them) in order to push for the Presidency.

    About immigration, to most rational American’s it’s a no brainer. If you are here illegal…you are a criminal. All of them should be rounded up and sent back…or follow what Mr. Roark has said…

    Howard Roark says:
    October 5, 2010 at 11:38 am
    Actually if all benefits were cut off to illegals, and the hiring illegal laws were strictly inforced the ILLEGALS would leave on their own, and we the people would not have to pay one cent for deportation.

    Either way…we need to stop diluting our country with non American’s and thinking it’s ok to have them here. It’s not. Stop the posting in spanish in Wal-Mart, etc…make them learn English. Why should we bend over backwards for their illegal asses? Stop accomidating them…encouraging them…giving them free handouts. Seriously…wtf happened to common sense.

    It’s all linked, my brothers & sisters…this blurring of the boarders and thoughts of amnesty…it’s all linked together in the Agenda that’s being followed for over a 100 years. Like a chess game slowly being played down through the years…they move their pieces one step at a time at the detriment of the Constitution and our unalienable rights.

    You CAN NOT just stand by & expect that the right thing will be done by our elected…they have proven that’s not the case…history proves it down through the years. You MUST become active and hold our elected accountable…let your voice be heard.

    God Bless America and you…

    • JeffH

      BrotherPatriot, good post and as usual you are able to see the bigger picture in all of this madness.
      Keep up the good fight fellow patriot!

      • BrotherPatriot

        Roger that. You and the rest of the Patriots as well!

        Never give in…and never, ever give up. Anything worth having is worth fighting for.

        God Bless.

        • http://naver samurai

          100$ agree. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Christin

      Brother Patriot,

      Yes, ALL the benefits… let’s ponder that for a minute:

      * No income Taxes
      * Free housing
      * Free Medical
      * Anchor babies are citizens
      * Food Stamps and WIC
      * Free or reduced Lunches at school
      * Bilingual Education
      * Press 2 for Spanish
      * Signs and documents in Spanish
      * In some cases Voting Rights
      * In some cases Social Security Rights
      * Jobs available
      * Driver’s License
      * Fed gov NOT enforcing “protect citizens law” and keep borders open.
      * Fed gov siding with illegals and sueing AZ
      * Fed ICE not deporting or arresting criminal illegals

      Maybe you know some I have missed…

      If WE could “cut off” the “benefit” Spiggot or Flood Gates I think the flow of illegals would diminish, like the article states, don’t you?

  • Sebastian

    …..Only American Indians is a real American!!!!
    …..all, is alliens!!!
    …..2020 we have more hispanic here than fk americans….tanks God…may be we will get a more beatifull womans, because now…only ” baranga”…..
    …..on 2030….the America will to be hispanic and mussulins!!!!
    THANK YOU GOD !!!!!

    • 45caliber

      Actually the American Indian came here from Mongolia. So why would you say they are on the only true Americans? (And don’t accuse me of racism – I’m quarter Indian.)

      • Lou Poulin

        Bulls–t. quarter Indian in your little finger. Ancestory of Custer in the Little Big Horn. I would not be proud to call myself an Indian whether quarter, half, or whole indian with that dumb comment you made.

        • 45caliber

          So – even though I am quarter Indian, you consider me racist?

          • 45caliber

            Or are you saying the American Indian never came here from Mongolia???

        • 45caliber

          See my note to Debra above.

    • Lou Poulin

      You are the kind we don’t want in this country. Your comments show your a bastard, functionally illiterate, stupid Mexican and you’ll never take over this country so long as Americans are Armed. Go meet your devil and stop trying to procastrinate and praising GOD you hypocrite.

    • Lou Poulin

      Go to school and learn how to spell. Try speaking English more and not Spanish. No sai habla espanol hombre.

      • BrotherPatriot


      • JeffH


        • BrotherPatriot


    • Kate8

      Sebastian, You obviously are not American.

      It is also apparent that you don’t even like America.

      Unfortunately, we have too many here like you.

  • 45caliber

    Hey, Arnold! It’s only $38 million. What’s that on top of the $20 billion or so you are already spending on them?

    Why not get rid of that expense too? You might even be able to balance your budget that way.

    • chuck b


      arnold has his hands full with the democrat legislature in california, i don’t think there’s a chance of changing anything here. the legislature has a mexican mentality, what i mean is you can’t tell the difference from the politic’s here than you can below the border, that’s why we are in deep murky water. electing a republican governor will not change things. our only hope is electing moonbeam brown. this will rush the bankruptcy and end the pain. you only have to look at who the people of california has sent to washington to represent them, pelosi, boxer and barbara feinstein, need i say more. arnold had the right idea when he was elected, however, he didn’t take into consideration the voters of calif. they have a socialist mentality and a large fed & state employmnet plus millions of illegals and welfare recipients. ” moscow on the pacific”

  • Joseph C. Moore, Cpo USN Ret.

    I am really irritated by the term “immigration reform” which is really amnesty for illegals. What part of “illegal” do these people NOT understand?

  • Don

    Howard, you are so right, the only reason people like Durbin wants amnesty is for the vote he will get, same for hussain, or whatever his name is, he’s probably illegal himself…

  • Howard Roark

    Jake… the anchor babies are not and never have been citizens. the US Supreme Court ruled that the children of Illegal aliens are not granted citizenship by the 14th amendment. (see below)

    Slaughterhouse Cases, 83 U.S. 36 (1872) (USSC+)
    MILLER, J., Opinion of the Court

    All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

    The first observation we have to make on this clause is that it puts at rest both the questions which we stated to have been the subject of differences of opinion. It declares that persons may be citizens of the United States without regard to their citizenship of a particular State, and it overturns the Dred Scott decision by making all persons born within the United States and subject to its jurisdiction citizens of the United States. That its main purpose was to establish the citizenship of the negro can admit of no doubt. The phrase, “subject to its jurisdiction” was intended to exclude from its operation children of ministers, consuls, and citizens or subjects of foreign States born within the United States.

    • BrotherPatriot

      The interpatation of that law has allowed them to get pretty far, however…which is obviously true with the whole idea of “Anchor Babies” at all.

      It’s unfortunate (a travesty) that the law as it stands isn’t being enforced as ruled by the supreme court in your statement, Mr. Roark…
      I very much wish it was otherwise.

      With the awakening of the American public…indeed, we are living in Historic times and may see some serious changes in our policies swing around to…common sense. We as a Nation can only hope this is true…

      • BrotherPatriot

        P.S. Love reading your very knowledgeable comments, Mr. Roark.


    That’s great Ahhhhhhnold, it’s about time you got your head out of your butt and acted like a fiscal republican….

  • John D

    Go Guvinator!! What else could he do, his state is broke he can’t pay his state employees. He would have to be insane to approve such a bill. Now if you want to talk about scholarship money for American Citizens who deserve it,we should look at the AMERICAN LEGION LEGACY SCHOLARSHIP FUND!!!! This fund supplies scholarship money for the son’s & daughters of American Soldiers who have been KILLED in combat since 9/11. This fund was started and is contributed to by Legionaires around the world. The money comes from volunteers doing fund raising, in the way of dinners and shows & whatever else they can do to help these kids who truly deserve the help of Americans. The base money in the fund has been invested in America and the scholarship money is the interest provided by that investment. Last year the Legion gave out $35,000.00 to these kids, who Had a parent that made the ultimate sacrifice for America!!!!

  • Ms Arizona

    It’s about time someone in any form of US Government stood up for the people who were here legal. And isn’t it strange that someone who came here from another country, is standing up for legal immagration by saying no more state money for school. After all, should we not educate the children who have a legal right to be here first?

    • 45caliber

      In most countries of the world, the parents must pay for a school to educate their children. That is one reason the illegals like to bring their kids here. They don’t have to pay for them to be educated. And, since most of them intend to return home to their own country sooner or later, they want their kids educated in their own language.

  • guyb

    Hello America, If you want something from our country just tell them you just got here,you crossed the border and made it without getting caught.Where do I go for all the free stuff,and wow,the doors will open up and you will get free food,housing,education,jobs,welfare,foodstamps,and the right to vote and make sure you will get all this free stuff for a long time.

  • Carmen3

    Asking for the Dream Act is the most unadulterated chutzpah the invaders of our country have ever showed to us.
    According to a report by Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, member of the California State Budget Committee, it costs us $10.5 Billion a year to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens. FAIR has recently published a study that quotes twice as much of that amount.
    It costs $11,000 a year in state funds and $9,000 in federal funds to educate a child of an illegal alien. Show me one illegal alien that has only one child and pays $20,000 a year in income taxes!
    Two of my daughters had to pay out of state tuition and one of them is still paying off her loan at enormous sacrifices while she still pays her taxes.
    American citizens are being penalized while socialist politicians reward illegal aliens. Enough is enough! Out with these crooks in November!

    • 45caliber

      I agree. And, if I remember correctly, California is now about 18 billion in the hole. Without paying for these illegals, they would actually be running at a profit.

  • hundabuxt

    I find it incongruous (I’m using big words I know the Mexican above can’t understand)that so many mexicans find it necessary to come to the US in order to get fair treatment and to find opportunities they can’t get in their POS corrupt homeland and they want to change the States they seek to dominate into an extension of mexico. If they want to live in mexico why the hell do they come here? Because they’re leaches. Returning Arizona to Mexico because they feel we took it from by force will just move the crap they escaped from further North. Yup. They’re stupid and the liberal bleeding hearts here are enabling them. We should send all of them back SOB (South of the border) with the wetbacks.

    • Nancy Zadernak

      My sentiments too. Out with them! Some of them work hard here but then send the money back to Mexico. Enough is more than enough of this lunacy!

    • 45caliber

      The one thing the Dems will not accept is that the Mexicans who come here are not interested in becoming American citizens.

      They come here to get rich by the standards of their home area. Most believe (probably correctly) that if they can put $100,000 in a border bank they can visit as freely as they wish, they can retire. Not only can they live on the interest from that money, they can also hire a cook and a gardener to do all the work they don’t want to do themselves.

      About the only time they decide to remain is if it takes longer than they expected to save that money. Long enough for their kids to grow up. Usually the kids want to remain here so the parents must if they want to see their grandkids very often.

  • di

    Wow I see crazy things happening everyday. Here are country is going through economic problems and other people are trying to make laws for the illegals. And all the services and schooling these people would get is coming out of the Legal Americans pocket (All American taxpayers pockets). All foreigners that are working in our country or want to live there without being a legal citizen should pay taxes. I really don’t understand our government. We are the American people and we all need to stand up for our rights and not let American politicians, illegals and foreigners who don’t like our laws, culture, and language to try to change it. And anyone who stamps, sprays, rips, or is disrespectful to a countries’ flag should be put in jail for awhile.

    • 45caliber

      One thing I think is funny.

      In Mexico it is illegal to even fly the Mexican flag at your house! Only the military and government offices can fly it. So if any of these Mexican patriots here who wave their flag were to take it back to Mexico, they would land in Mexico’s jails!

      • guyb

        You are so right on!!!! I just talked to my co-worker and he is from mexico and he said they would kill you if you fly the flag,I wonder what is really going on in the white house. have they sold us out or what?

  • Harry Snyder

    It can be said with justification that we are becoming a nation of 21st Century technology and 20th (or 19th Century) education levels. The illegal alien population will only worsen the problems if they are allowed to remain in the U.S. (Perhaps this is one reason Mexico wants to send millions of Mexicans here.)

  • di

    At least some people stand up to the Americans rights and are not afraid. I am all for what California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger did(he vetoed a bill that would have provided $38 million illegal’s children to use our universities and schools). This money should go to those Americans who need it. And there are many that do need the help. Straighten up Americans and politicians we need to think of our own people first before we can go helping other countries and those illegals who don’t belong. Read the laws of Mexico and see what they do to foreigners like us. We Americans have every right to defend ourselves. Sorry illegals but we Americans come first in our country. If our country was doing good then we can help you, but at this time America has her own problems she better take care of them first.

    • 45caliber


      Americans have always been very generous. But it seems that the more we give, the more they want. We are now at the point where we need to care for ourselves first. And they (politicians, liberals, Welfare addicts) all insist we should not do that. We should care for THEM first. It is the same with other countries.

      • guyb

        You are correct!!!!!

  • hundabuxt

    I don’t think Arnold had a choice in this matter. His State in in the hole something like 13 billion and to give away 30 some million to people who don’t deserve it might cause more than just political waves. Besides, he’s on the way out politically.

  • hundabuxt

    It took a big pair to put forth a proposal like this with California in debt in excess of 13 billion. To give undeserving interlopers 38 million is unthinkable. Arnold did what he did because he had to and he’s going to be gone soon so the consequences will not be there. However, if Jerry Brown gets elected thing’s might change.

  • Pete

    One of the first signs of decent judgment out of Governor Schwarzenegger in quite some time. Why any country would offer anything to illegals is beyond me.

    Illegal in every other country on earth means illegal and we need to get back on that footing. We also need to get back to the reality of helping yourself before you go looking for handouts.

  • ABD

    Yes, we need to deport all illegal aliens and all their eleven-dozen brats — NOT give them money that REAL AMERICANS desperately need — but just below this, I see all these mentions of “personal liberty” — so I can’t figure out why so many people want to deprive gay people of THEIR personal liberty — including the liberty of marriage — no, I’m not gay, but WHO CARES! what people do in their bedrooms! It’s no one’s business but theirs, and all you reactionary control-freaks that want to persecute folks for their private sexual choices — you’re not REAL Americans at all. America is ABOUT PERSONAL LIBERTY! Not having uptight puritans decide what people may or may not do with their own bodies! You control-freak puritans make me SICK! If you want to be uptight, fine, be that way — but stop trying to COERCE everyone else!

    • 45caliber

      I’m sorry you are gay but apparently not any sorrier than you are.

      In any case, what gay people do in the privacy of their own bedroom isn’t anything I’m interested in. They can even get civil unions from the government if they wish with the same rights a married couple has. I simply do not care.

      What I AM interested in is their demands that I accept them as normal and that I change my religion to accept it. I will not do that because GOD has stated it is a sin. Too many of them believe there is no God or that God was created by man. They do not believe that God writes the laws we are trying to follow. And one of those laws is marriage. Apparently you believe the same thing from your rants.

      • ABD

        You need to read a little more carefully — I stated it quite clearly that I am NOT gay. I also don’t believe that GOD “wrote” anything. MEN wrote their own interpretations of what they believe God wants. And that’s fine; religion CAN be a very positive force for good — but it can also be an excuse to impose narrow-minded views on others, and that is NEVER a force for good. Religion is not a part of the laws of this country, thank GOD, and hopefully, it never will be. Remember “separation of church and state” ?? Again I say thank GOD our founding fathers saw the error of trying to force people to believe whatever the government says they must. If they saw how the radical religious right is trying to change that, they’d surely roll in their graves. Remember Thomas Jefferson? — oh, he was only the guy who wrote the brilliant and inspired Declaration of Independence — and also is credited for saying that the government governs best which governs LEAST.

        • 45caliber

          As I said, don’t be afraid to admit you are gay. ONLY gays gets on rants like you do about being gay. I’m sorry I outed you but now that it’s done, you must move on. I’m sure you can find gay websites that would be more than happy to help you.

        • http://naver samurai

          He also wrote that we have certain rights endowed to us by our CREATOR. Creator is another word for God. Just another lib, gay loving, baby killing, marxist moron that ventured onto this site. After next month, many of you will be silenced after listening to the election results. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • 45caliber

    We Are Tired

    We are tired of paying for pork projects that reelect politicians who don’t deserve to serve.

    We are tired of paying both money and lives to save other countries who consider us enemies.

    We are tired of accepting the cast-offs of other countries who feel they can come here and live lives of leasure.

    We are tired of paying our own citizens to sit at home and revile us for working.

    We are tired of gang members getting slaps on their wrists by judges too old and tired to try to punish them.

    We are tired of higher taxes at all levels simply so politicians can spend more money.

    We are tired of the lies we are being told at all levels of government.
    We am tired of being the dumping place for all the trash clothing and toys that places like China wants to send here for high cash.

    We am tired of paying countries to be friends – and very few consider us as more than enemies.

    We am tired of rebuilding countries like Iraq to be our competitors.

    We am tired of listening to illegal aliens insisting that they have rights under our Constitution to live here.

    We am tired of criminals being allowed an open-door policy at our jails.

    We am tired of politicians telling us that we cannot defend ourselves and our families because we might harm some poor criminal.

    We am tired of other countries and World Courts telling us that our laws and Constitution are wrong when we have done better with it than they have done with their own.

    We’re tired of us being required to be the world’s policeman – and nanny.

    We’re tired of politicians and schools building large edifaces with our money and then telling us they don’t have enough to pay decent wages or maintain what they have built.

    We’re tired of being told that all the money we’ve paid in for retirement has been spent on other projects and there isn’t enough to give us for retirement.

    We’re tired of all the things the goody-two-shoe people tell us we should be happy to pay for.

    We’re tired of being told that every problem in the world is our fault and that we have to pay to fix those problems.

    (I’m sure others can think of more too.)

    • Christin

      45 Caliber,
      Good post… good list.
      There are MANY wrongs and continuous assaults done by the Ruling Class to the American citizens.

      They want to wear us out and make us tired so we will surrender and quit the fight, but you know better.

      It’s time to get up, get off the computer, go outside in the cool of Fall and do a happy dance on a hill, under tall trees, by the light of the Moon or sun (Son).

      And SMILE :)

    • simon

      45caliber well said.
      Now all stand up and march to NOVEMBER 2
      use the power of your VOTE. elect somebody to replace the lying, incompentent incumbent in your local and state elections.
      but make sure the new one understands he/she has to rule by the constitution and will be held accountable, for their actions.
      We have to stop the insanity, lying and the out of control spending,
      secure our borders, stop the cap and tax, undo the health care bill, and stop extending benefits to illegal aliens.
      you can also show your support locally and nationally by only buying American goods and services. stop buying from the companies who hire illegals. you know who they are [in your local area]
      actions speak louder than words.
      Make a difference starting tomorrow

  • GeeWizZ

    It is time to elect people that have some good old-fashion American sense, and not people trying to undermine our our great country’s economic, social and spiritual way of live that has made us the greatest country on earth!

  • r.p.

    mr. roark:
    You; like Ron Paul, are a man after my own heart. Keep it up.

  • r.p.

    lotta stuff on this blog. It seems there are alot op p****d off people out there, and I can understand. It’s not easy to keep track of our politicians and what they have been up to. But that’s one thing we should be doing. Arnie just did what he had to do; He most likely got his orders from his wife Maria Mitchell Shriver Kennedy. The relationship between these two exemplify the BEDPARTNERSHIP between the DEMs and GOPs. They will do what they have to, say what they have to, as long as it will further their needs. And their needs are not necessarily in the best interest of America.
    California has an opportunity to elect a representative that will go after the Durbins’, the Pelosis’, the Reids’, the Obamas’, the Rangels’, the Clintons’. His name is John Dennis (search on youtube:Ron Paul in San Francisco – Amazing Speech!). There are more out there, it’s just hard to find them.
    I’m from Colorado and we are thinking of doing the same thing Arizona did, and I’m also voting for Tom Tancredo for Governor. He’s been wanting to put a stop to the Illegals for over 8 years now. The tear’y eyed Liberals and NeoCons tried to recall him, and utterly failed. Then the next election he won by a landslide. Ha Ha! But that does’nt mean he can get anything accomplished without the support of our state legislation.
    Now… The problem I’m having is I can’t find out how our district representatives have been voting. I’m sure there’s a website, but where? If anyone knows the answer I would appreciate your input.

    • hundabuxt

      Look. You talk like millions of undocumented, largely Hespanic interlopers who have come here out of desperation or for nefarious purposes related to gang activity and/or drug business like its no big thing. Its tragic that children are unwitting victums of their parents actions, but their parents put the burden of the support of their children on the American taxpayer. Your people have made it quite clear your intention to “take back” lands ostensibly taken by North Americans either by numbers or by force, or perhaps both. You expolit us, hate us, take advantage of us and overwealm services such as hospitals and expect us to be passive about it. Your people leapfrog the system for immigration in overwealming numbers and expect us not to notice and welcome you in the millions? (offensive words removed) Go back to your POS country and fix it. Don’t bring your corruption and poverty to us. We have enough of our own.

  • Harley

    You guys make me sick. Why is there so much racism? Most of you guys just talk out of hate, and put no effort to educate yourself on the main topic. Ok you guys say its free money to immigrants, and go on to say that illegal immigration is a crime. Yes i do believe its a crime, however, i dont believe children should pay for something their parents did. These children just obeyed what their parents told them to do and where raised here and know nothing about where they came from. All these children want is a chance to continue their education. These are kids that we’re raised in America. You guys say parents should pay for their education. I’m pretty sure their parents would like to pay for their kids education if they could. Illegal immigrants that are currently enrolled in college PAY from their own pockets for their education, they dont relax and let FAFSA do it. That money contributes to the economy. However, not many illegals are able to afford college. You guys say get a job, well, illegals would be glad to have one! Please point to a place where they would hire these hard working people. The problem is many companies do not want to get their hands dirty by hiring undocumented persons. Without a job, theres no money, without money, there’s no education. You guys also bitch about how you hard working “Americans” pay taxes and those taxes help educate thousands of illegal immigrant children. Wrong. Every person, regardless of legal status, get an ITN number which allows you to do taxes. Illegal immigrants DO pay taxes (thanks to the ITN number), but they dont get money returned like the legal citizens do. You guys also go on about how illegals get stuff for free. Like stated before, they do not get a free education. Please stop commenting saying they get “free” things, when they do not. Before you go and spread your hate, please inform yourself about what goes on.

    • 45caliber


      You need to do a little more research. First, why is it racist to want ILLEGAL ALIENS removed from our country and the borders sealed so they can’t come back? Even the Mexican-Americans want this by about 80% to 20%.

      Second, you believe they don’t apply for free programs?? REALLY???

      California alone says that between 18 and 20 billion a year is spent to provide the illegals there with free welfare money, free housing aid, free schooling, free meals at school, free medical care, etc. And that is JUST ONE STATE! By the time you add in the rest of the country and what the feds spend on them, they are certainly getting “free” care! Check it out on internet.

  • jota-plata

    twinkel toes your breaking my heart (Scharzenegger) your turning hollywood on us. the thruth is Americans DO NOT want to see anyone else progress. Republicans are the worst kind of people.

    • 45caliber

      Actually, most Americans are pleased to see someone else progress – on their own. The problem we are now encountering is that we are being forced to give up our own progress by the government taking our money for progress to give to someone else – who seldom uses it to progress on his own.

      It isn’t progress to hand someone a fish for a meal; it is progress to teach them how to catch their own fish. Or in other words, giving them money doesn’t teach them anything except to ask for more money. If you want to help someone progress you have to teach them how. That is something the Dems have NEVER done!

      • jota-plata

        Thanks for the fish 45Caliber, actually for your info i paid for my whole education with my hard earned money. so as far as learning how to fish, i did it all my self. and as a nation we should stop using the word Illegal to identify someone who migrates its beggining to feel like the word “Nigger”. i would prefer undocumented. im more american then half of the people here in this country. and onother thing when it comes to taxes as an undocumented person we are allow to file them. but no money is returned. now can anybody answer me where this money i have earned go to?????????? cuz i sure as hell havent seen it. you people make me sick. i guess the only thing left to do is marry one of your daughters, then im sure things would change real quick….

  • AJGS

    Why should illegals get more benefits than US citizens. We work hard for the things we have and if someone is illegal they shouldn’t get benefits until they become citizens and learn to work for what they want and need. It seems to me that the citizens of US are becoming the minority because so many minorities are getting benefits we can’t get. Especially the illegals. I have two wonderful legal half mexican grandchildren whom I love dearly. I would like to see them get benefits that are given to illegals.

    • jota-plata

      News flash baby girl, Undocumented children Do Not get any benefits. so yes your wonderful half mexican grandchildren are still way better off. silly comment :) anything else? if u have questions start asking me…

  • hundabuxt

    Why do you mexicans think mexico is so great and yet you come here to the states in the millions and want to stay? Think about it. Your country has failed you and exported their problems north and even better you send billions south to your suffering families, which helps the mexican economy. Good deal for your corrupt rich political leaders and we pay the bills.

    • jota-plata

      News flash Hundabuxt, the war is not againts mexicans. they just happen to share the border with the US. in reality Colombians (thats me, from South America) and other central American Countries are also here. i love this country i grew up here, but truely i feel like an inmate living among society. and i guess american should be scared because as soon as we get an opportunity to flourish there is no limit where we can go.

      Many of the ugly pages of American history have been obscured and forgotten….America owes a debt of justice which it has
      only begun to pay. If it loses the will to finish or slackens in its determination, history will recall its crimes and the country that
      would be great will lack the most indispensable element of greatness–justice.

      Martin Luther King, Jr., Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?, 1967

  • Evelyn


    • jota-plata

      hey Evelyn, im curious how might this (undocumented person) gain benefits? cuz i sure ass hell am going to try it if its true.

  • Wes Wolfe

    Here is a pice of legislation not very many citizens or elected officials know about. Scream about the liberals , the Dems , or Repubs, but they all have an agenda and none of the U.S. citizens are part of it. The last bill Clinton signed in office allowed George Buckfush to put this agreement in place. Read it and weep!
    The P4P agreement was signed on September 6, 2001.

    On October 26, 2001, President Bush signed the USA Patriot Act of 2001.
    Contained in section 326(b) is a provision that allows US banks to accept Mexican Matricula Consular cards as valid ID for
    opening bank accounts. (NOTE: No Mexican banks accept their own government’s
    Matricula Consular card as valid ID to open a bank account because the bearer’s
    identity is virtually untraceable. In contrast, almost all US banks will accept

    As noted in the article, Bush held a press conference on June 17, 2002 to lay
    out his goal that by 2010 he wanted to to increase ‘minority’ home owners by 5.5
    million. (See: President Calls for Expanding Opportunities to Home Ownership
    ( … 617-2.html))

    Here’s how he described which ‘minority’ groups he wanted to help:
    Three-quarters of white America owns their homes. Less than 50 percent of
    African Americans are part of the homeownership in America. And less than 50
    percent of the Hispanics who live here in this country own their home. And that
    has got to change for the good of the country. It just does. Bush also called
    for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to increase their ‘commitment’ to ‘minority’ markets by $440 billion.
    Here’s what else he wanted to do to help Mexican illegal aliens:

    This means they will purchase more loans made by banks after Americans,
    Hispanics and other minorities, which will encourage homeownership. Freddie Mac
    will launch 25 initiatives to eliminate homeownership barriers. Under one of
    these, consumers with poor credit will be able to get a mortgage with an
    interest rate that automatically goes down after a period of consistent

    Fannie Mae will establish 100 partnerships with faith-based organizations that
    will provide home buyer education and help increase homeownership for their
    congregations. I love the partnership. As an aside, how does one get a loan with
    an interest rate that goes down just because you’ve made your payments on time?
    Do you have a loan like this?

    As part of the mandate in the P4P agreement, the NATF was launched in May 2003
    by the Consulate General of Mexico in Chicago and the Chicago Office of the FDIC’s Community Affairs Program in support of the U.S.-Mexico
    Partnership for Prosperity. The NATF is a broad-based coalition of 62 members,
    including the Mexican Consulate, 34 banks, community-based organizations,
    federal bank regulatory agencies, government agencies, and representatives from
    the secondary market and private mortgage insurance (PMI) companies. (See: New
    Alliance Task Force (

    - Organized into four working groups that provide updates during the NATF’s
    quarterly meetings.
    - Financial Education—educates immigrants on the benefits and importance of
    holding accounts, the credit process, and mainstream banking.
    - Bank Products and Services Working Group—encourages banks and thrifts to
    develop financial service products with remittance features as a strategy to
    reach the unbanked immigrant community.
    - Mortgage Products—created the New Alliance Model Loan Product for potential
    homeowners who pay taxes using an ITIN.
    · Social Projects—provides scholarship funds for immigrant students and fosters
    economic support for Plazas Comunitarias, a program that will give Mexican
    citizens an opportunity to finish their high school education. In 2004, Wells
    Fargo reported that between 2001 and 2004 they had opened 400,000 Matricula
    Consular accounts and at the time were opening over 22,000 new accounts a month.
    Note that this is just for Wells Fargo and does not include Bank of America,
    Chase, Citibank, Wachovia, WaMu, or the myriad of other local and regional banks
    who were also taking part in the program. This also does not take into account
    that the sub-prime market didn’t really hit it’s peak until 2005-2006.

    The IRS says they’ve issued over 11 million ITINs since its inception. Mexico
    says it’s issued over 5 million Matricula Consular cards.

    • jota-plata

      First of all Wes Wolfe, like i said before its not just mexicans in this country undocumented. the mexicans just happen to share a border with the US.

      *On October 26, 2001, President Bush signed the USA Patriot Act of 2001.
      Contained in section 326(b) is a provision that allows US banks to accept Mexican Matricula Consular cards as valid ID for
      opening bank accounts. (NOTE: No Mexican banks accept their own government’s
      Matricula Consular card as valid ID to open a bank account because the bearer’s
      identity is virtually untraceable. In contrast, almost all US banks will accept

      (the only thing this Act does in helping Undocumented immigrants, is alllow them to use the banking system to save money earned. be sure when i tell u this “we” pay taxes on that just like evryone else.
      so who do you think is gainging profit? the US. now another thing as an undocumented immigrant WE are NOT allowed to buy property.

      and maybe ill look over at that social projects that helps the (mexicans)(Latinos) fisnish school. i have never heard of this and never seen it in action.

  • greg

    Just tell me you all “americans” how come you become “americans”.your parents and grandparents came the very same way to america like the immigrants do was just legal then.

  • greg

    You all just lost the sense of entrepreneur from which America was known.instead of looking for the way how to incorporate 12 millions people and make money you think that the best for america is to spend billions of dollars to catch them.Do you really cant see the ?

  • hundabuxt


    I just can’t get my head around the contention that people from south of the border (SOB) have a right to be here uninvited and once here have any rights at all except to be deported. If America needs low cost labor, something we’ve had more organized in the past, then it should be managed like the migrant workers had been done before. It pisses me off that hespanics from anywhere SOB have this sense of entitlement and feel they’re empowered by “Americas past wrongs”. Name me one country historically that does not have “wrongs” hidden in their historical closet. Many thing’s done in decades past were done in the context of the times but you apply contempary standards to distant history in order to rationalize your actions. Reverse the situation and how would you feel if millions of Anglo’s flooded across the border into Mexico and organized politically to change Mexico and told you we have a right to be there and a right to all prevliges afforded to natural born citizens? What if I ran up an American flag in the middle of Mexico city with the mexican flag below it? I wish my government had the guts to round up all and I mean ALL people here illegally and ship their asses back to where they came from but fortunately for you and your kind our government is made up of a bunch of political cowards even in light of the crimes your people commit on American soil. Keep pushing us of like mind as me and thing’s might not be so pleasent. If you and others came here legally, then welcome. I’m a second generation European who’s relatives came here LEGALLY through Ellis Island to contribute their industrial skills to the American industrial revolution. They left their loyalities to their country of birth in Europe. They learned english, worked 12-14 hour days, saw to it that their children learned english and expressed loyality to America. They embraced America and American ideals. They didn’t try to make their new country an extension of their previous one because the shortcomings they suffered there compelled them to come where the opportunities and freedoms gave them hope. They were proud to be Americans and so am I. I wont sit idly by and let people coming here illegally try to turn my country into the POS they came from.

    • jota-plata

      point well taken Hundabuxt, unfortunately the only way to be heard in this country is through organized unions. my parent came here in 1992 illegally you can call them 1st generation, unfortunatelly i wasnt born in this country i was brought over when i was just a little baby, so what does that make me? 1st or 2nd generation? either way im more american then most people here, and yet my status is up in the air.
      my generation will soon be replicating just as God intended all of us to. and my kids will be just like u all American Citizens. the only difference they will have from your kind will be that they will not be hypocrites, this country is a melting pot it has been and it always will be. if that wasnt the case this country would never be what it is today.

      • hundabuxt

        Your stitus is up in the air because you’ve been operating outside the law. What gives you priority over someone say, in Australia who wants to immigrate to the States and become a citizen? What rights does a citizen of Honduras have in Mexico if he or she sneaks over the border, lives in Mexico for a few years and wants to become a citizen? How would your country of birth handle that one? From what I’ve seen in Mexico, and I’ve been there several times, the Mexican government doesn’t have a sense of humor……..that is unless you make the right political connections with lots of $100 bills in your hand. Our American politicians are equally corrupt except they call that “political contributions” so you might look into that. As for “hypocrites”, I don’t get the connection. Indeed we’re a melting pot and that makes us rich in culture and diversity. It makes us unique in the world. We’ve been a bastion of hope for countless millions who were persecuted or hopeless in their country of origion. That’s what we’re all about. Giving a grateful person the freedom to succeed and live safely usually results in gratitude and loyality not the desire to overwelm politically for the purpose of changing it into where they came from and also use the country to sell illicit drugs and kill our citizens. Your people fundamentally hate us. You call us “Gringo” and try at any opportunity to rip us off either in your country or ours. Why should we welcome you? It doesn’t give a nice warm feeling when I hear Spanish spoken and its a beautiful language. I speak it. Before you say it I will say that illegals have been taken advantage of in some cases, forced to do crappy jobs for below minimum wages, forced to live in substandard conditions. I’ve seen it in California. There’s evil on both sides of the border.

        • jota-plata

          If someone wanted to go over to mexico and live there for a couple of years, and if there was work there, and if the person could call it home, i guess you would probably have to get married with a mexican. the difference mexico has with the US is in size. if you put all south america together and made it one country with one president then it will equal in size with the US. while you say that if someone wanted to live in mexico and wanted to make it its home, its like saying if someone wanted to live in texas and make it there home. and to respond to you drug comment, that problem is not just in south american countries the US is the biggest buyer so i dont wanna hear it. if there is jobs in the US people will come here to work, if there are buyer in the US for drugs the drugs will find there way here too. im only making that comment because i feel like Americans only want to blame us for the drugs when they have as much or even more power over it. Money Talks. to be frank with you i need my legal status to be able to visit my country i havent seen since i came here. but i dont wanna live there :) or maybe go to Cancun that would be awsome.

  • sick_n_tired

    You go, Arnold. I hope this is indicative of future moves by this governor for CA.

  • Whit

    Our founding fathers were sons of illegal immigrants.

  • blog quit smoking tips

    Ultra! I really like these fragile threads.


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