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California Cops Arrest Man, Shoot His Dog Because He Didn’t Follow Orders

July 3, 2013 by  

Over and over, Americans are reminded: Many police officers really, really don’t like being videotaped — but they love shooting dogs.

California resident Leon Rosby crossed paths with police in the town of Hawthorn as they were responding to an armed robbery call. When he videoed the officers with his phone, they got angry and decided to arrest him for “suspicion of obstructing justice.” They also murdered his dog when the animal tried to ensure that the jackboot cops weren’t abusing his master.


The cops reportedly claimed that Rosby interfered with their investigation by not complying with a request to lower the volume of his car radio. But they didn’t confront the man until they observed him videoing them.

The Daily Breeze reports:

… [Police spokesperson Scott] Swain said Rosby stopped in the intersection with music blaring from his windows. Officers told him to turn down the music because they were trying to hear what was happening down the street. Rosby pulled forward, parked and got out with his dog, but left the music still playing loudly.

“It’s distracting the officers,” Swain said. “It’s interfering with what they are able to hear. It’s not just a party call. It’s an armed robbery call. The officers need to hear what’s going on with the people being called out of the residence. That music in his car is bleeding over and it’s distracting them.”…

… Rosby, who pulled out his own cellphone to record the police activity, did not lower the volume.

“I do apologize if I didn’t immediately comply. The music may have been a little loud but I was complying,” Rosby said. “I said, ‘Sir, I want to make sure nobody’s civil rights were being violated.’ “…

… Once police arrested the suspected robber, officers motioned to Rosby and began walking toward him. Swain said they intended to arrest him and told him to put the dog in his car. He complied.

The video shows him putting the dog in the car, but leaving the windows open. Rosby said he walked toward officers, turned and put his hands behind his back, and waited for them to arrest him. The video shows the dog barking as officers took him into custody.

Suddenly, the 130-pound, 3-year-old dog jumped out of the car and ran at them.

The dog approached the police officers and his handcuffed owner. And when an officer grabbed at his leash, the frightened  animal jumped, prompting the lawman to shoot the dog multiple times. Despite firing his service weapon repeatedly, however, the officer’s sloppy marksmanship left the dog writhing in pain in the road until it eventually died.

Remarkably, Hawthorne police Lt. Scott Swain claimed that the dog was shot because the cops feared that he was a threat to Hawthorn, who was rendered defenseless because he had been needlessly handcuffed.

“It looks like the officer tried to reach down and grab the leash, and then the dog lunges in the direction of him and the other officers there,” Swain said. “And I know it’s the dog’s master, and more than likely not going to attack him, (but) we’ve got a guy handcuffed that’s kind of defenseless. We have a duty to defend him, too.”

Rosby said that he believes the officers were simply retaliating against him for a complaint he previously filed against the department. Court records indicate that he has previous convictions for resisting, battery and driving under the influence. He said he has filed six complaints against the Hawthorne Police Department, alleging mistreatment and racial profiling.

“There’s been a pattern of harassment against him and other African-Americans in Hawthorne,” said Rosby’s attorney, Michael Gulden. “Last July, the police responded to his home and beat him unnecessarily, then threw him in jail for no reason. We sued for that. We’ll amend that complaint to include the dog incident.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • KDW

    This guy used this as a set up to pad his case against this Dept. He left the windows down on purpose, he left his music blaring at a crime scene. Typical stupid come get me attitude. This guy baited the situation. The cops fell for it and now this jerk will most likely get tax dollars from everyone else. I’m sorry for the dog, but not the jerk.

    • Andrew

      I suppose you heard that from the media? Of corse the news would say that, they wamt to control their public so they lie to them to twist their views to whatever the media wants. Even if this was a plan, it still doesn’t justify the dog getting shot and lefttl to die a slow and painful death.

    • jimmy jarrett

      Your an idiot

  • shadow1776

    If you can’t trust the people paid to watch and protect us. Maybe its time to put them in a job they can handle, maybe animal control.

  • Rich Maro

    I watched this in horror and immediately accused the police. But after hearing the story this man was cruel and criminal in mind and soul. He planned this whole despicable scenario. Sacrificed his pet’s life for?? What he wanted and the poor animal ran to his aide only to be the scrafical goat.

  • Bernie

    The video clearly shows te dog lunged at te officers and they acted in self defense. Had the suspect rolled up the windows after putting the dog back in the car he would not have got out and attacked the officers. The dog weighed 80 lbs not 130 according to the news. And the suspect started the whole problem. Without which the dog never would have been shot had he not stopped and interfered to begin with. Bug there are those who can only see hatred for cops and want to see the worst in them, blind hatred never will lead to anything good.

    • The bomb

      Your an idiot the cop had no right to shoot that dog he has a perfectly good tazer and bottle of pepper spray. You have no heart for beloved animals

  • Steve M

    It is not the police’s job to protect us the SCOTUS has ruled on this many times. The job of police is to catch and convict criminals and enforce the law it is your own responsibility to protect yourself and your family and most police will yell you to buy a firearm for home defense.

    • Steve M


  • molly backoen

    The cops should’ve called for animal control instead of shooting the poor dog. Thats why people dont like cops.

    • Jack

      I don’t not like cops. I don’t like bad cops, which most are. But there are good cops out there.

  • Tom delay

    Please sign the White House petition to enact max’s law

  • Veronica

    In no place anywhere in the world should this be okay. People can debate all they like on the actions of the man being taken into custody, but the pointais that Sam Swain unnecessarily killed this dog. Not only killed it, but shot it multiple times and then left it to suffer for god knows how long before it died. The man in questiom would not have used his dog as bait, as was obvious by the heart wrenching cries of anguish as he watched his dog die. Sam Swain is a vile, amd disgusting human being, and I’m appalled that anybody is thinking that what they have witnessed is okay. Shame on you all.

  • http://none johnny reb

    another example of the Gestapo at work.

    • Silent Bob

      We aren’t nazis, if we were we wouldn’t be celebrating the 4 of July, or any other American holidays, go back to some other country and leave us real Americans alone

      • Jack

        But they act like nazis. Whether they are or not, they act it. Abuse of power and police brutality

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  • Tyler McKinney

    I’m sorry I thought the police were supposed to protect us, not murder our beloved animals in cold blood!

  • JustSayin

    I’m mostly apauled by the irrational and often barbaric responses made by the vast majority who spent more time blindly joining in on the lynch mob mentality than first assessing the unfortunate matter at hand before offering an opinion.

  • Rob

    There is a primary weapon(handgun) lethal and tactical(pepper spray and tazer)

    • Jack

      Thank you. Finally. He didn’t have to kill it when he could have stunned it. MURDER

  • LEO

    I’m so sick of you ignorant, careless, law obstructing IDIOTS! Let the Police do their job and stop thinking you’re going to be the next Rodney King filming expert!!! You stupid JACKASS! Of course they shot the dog! It was not secured properly in the car and became a threat. That threat doesn’t have to be lethal…just a threat!

    • Bill Roberts

      All you people who think they know what they’re talking about his music wasn’t very loud an they arrested him for videotaping he has a right to they can’t just arrest him for video taping if I was the guy. I would sue for everything the cop had, the dog was scared they had his owner in handcuffs putting him into a car leaving the dog scared

  • LEO

    Cops are bad, they are Gustavo!!! Shut the hell up and start taking responsibility for your own STUPID actions. Police were looking for an armed robber. That’s not enough stress for any person, Cop included, put more stress on them by behaving like the dumb, ignorant, self entitled IDIOT that you are!!! For every action there is a reaction and consequence. STUPID people…this is why our Country is going to hell. Wake up you morons!

  • LEO

    I once was driving down a busy freeway and noticed many Firemen and Police on the side of the road. Ahead was a lot of smoke and some fire. A woman had crashed her car, flipped it upside down and it caught fire. I watched the Paramedics secure her into the ambulance and prepare her for transport. You know what pissed me off??? The dozen people filming her burning car with their cell phones not paying any mind to the life that was almost lost!!! Bunch of stupid idiots!!! Go ahead and keep filming. That’s all you want to see anyway is death and gore! Buttholes!!!

  • LEO

    People like this have NO ethics! You can not be relied on to help only to act on what pleases you. Selfish stupid jerks! Damn you make me MAD!

  • jamie

    Fin ridiculous … could of been handled way differently.. but of course the “policeman” didn’t think he just acted.. ass..

  • Sydney

    That was not right to shoot the dog. He was just making sure his owner was okay,like any other loyal dog. The guy wasnt even doing anything wrong towards the police officers. Yes he could have turned down his music but that was it. They didnt have to shoot his dog and i believe it was just uncalled for.

  • John

    Dude should of just minded his own damn business. All of this could of been avoided if he just would of kept walking instead of putting his stupid nose where it doesn’t belong.

    • Jack

      Doesn’t matter. He is allowed to be there, there’s no police line there. So what if he video tapes? As long as they are doing their jobs without abusing powers, then they have nothing to fear. Bottom line is that the guy killed a living animal that was trying to protect its owner from police brutality

    • elizabeth duran

      Oh please we all know america is full of nosey people and regardless he was at the end of the block and you can CLEARLY see the dog back off when his owner said no and lt. Scott swain is going to still shoot him, rookie mistake “police officer” what a joke this was clearly a dirty job but if only you’d read the news in Florida you’d know that about the fact that the police department is currently being corrupted and there are very little innocent “good” cops left so all I can say is Scott swain deserves everything coming his way

  • karina

    He shot an animal, there is no excuse for that. You’d think he’d would care more about paying attention to his job and less about surrounding civilians with a camera. Honestly…. do you think he was going to do anything with the film but show it to a few friends that week or post it to some social media feed? The man wasn’t harming anyone. Had they been doing their job that we the tax payers fund the dog and the man wouldn’t of had any issue and would have gone about their way.

  • Matt

    Should of just stoud back and turned his music off! Nothing with his video tapping just needs to stay away from the scene as he was asked

  • James

    You can see the cop on the left jab the black guy in the stomach while the other tried to trip him by spreading his legs by basically kicking the handcuffed mans legs apart. Was only after that part the dog tried to protect his owner.

    Police In This country can’t wait for martial law. As you can see they are already practicing.

    Btw, I’m white

  • LEO

    Only one sensible comment. Thanks John. “Dude should have just minded his own business.” Again, this wasn’t a Rodney King video, just another dumbass harassing the cops. Harassment goes both ways you stinkin MORONS!!! This wasn’t a fluffy little bunny rabbit they shot or a chiujaua, it was a Rottweiler. Granted, I personally could have subdued this dog hands only but can everyone? NO! Having your dig off leash is a misdemeanor for a reason! The man did NOT secure his dog in the vehicle and it jumped out. All you stupid, ignorant hate mongering people against cops should be put on an island where anarchy is the rule of law! You’d all cry like the little bithcy whiners you are!!! Why does everyone feel so damn entitled to do whatever you want without consequence for your own actions!

  • LEO

    If you hate cops do much and “The System” then become a cop and affect change! Stop judging what you don’t even understand and are too lazy to learn!!!

  • LEO

    By the way James, the owner should be protecting the dog! You must not understand the responsibility of that. Dumbass!!!

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  • jesse martinez

    Cops are out if control too much power ..the power too decide who lives and who dies..we the people do not deserve this type of treatment.

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  • Lou

    That poor dog, he was obviously just worried about his owner! He wasn’t even interested in the cops until they handcuffed him!! And I STILL do not believe he was trying to harm the cops! That was ABSOLUTELY SENSELESS!!!! They could have at least finished the poor animal off, instead of letting him rythe in agony till he died!! Horrific! I am usually on the law enforcement side but most definitely NOT on this case!! Those cops should be fired! All because of loud music, he should have turned it down but that does not excuse what those cops did….Shameful.


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