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California Considers Statewide Boycott Of Arizona

June 29, 2010 by  

California considers statewide boycott of ArizonaIn response to Arizona’s controversial new immigration law, several California Democrats plan to introduce a resolution to boycott the Grand Canyon State, according to the Associated Press (AP).

While several major cities, including Los Angeles, have approved economic boycotts over the last few months, California would be the first state to officially oppose the law.

If passed, the resolution would force California officials to issue a travel advisory on visits to Arizona and would end all investment deals between the two states. Furthermore, it would allow lawmakers to officially petition Major League Baseball to reconsider letting Arizona host next year’s All-Star Game.

"The Arizona law undermines fundamental civil rights and civil liberties, and poses a special threat to people of color that live in and travel through Arizona," said State Senator Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles).

A total of 40 Democrats, but no Republicans, signed the resolution, which now heads to a legislative committee for debate.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles City Council voted 13-0 last week to ignore its own boycott of Arizona and extend a contract with a Scottsdale-based red-light camera operating company. Fox News reports that the city’s deal with American Traffic Solutions made Los Angeles $6 million last year alone.

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  • Al Sieber

    Calif.’s immigration law is worse than Ariz.’s. I can’t believe people could be so ignorant. the law hasn’t even gone into effect yet.

    • Al Sieber

      This won’t hurt Ariz. at all, wait until we strike back.

      • TIME


        Correct me if I am wrong but is it not true that most of southern Calie’s electric power comes from AZ.
        Seems like the place to start with Calie if they keep up the BS. Nothing like no electric power to get your mind set back to straight up.

        • Michelle

          California gets some of their electricity from the nuclear power plant in Arizona and a letter has already been sent to California regarding the potential to eliminate this contract. An Arizona based company also houses inmates from California. The red light cameras are another contract. I believe there is also another contract with a California company to process credit card transactions, which if terminated could put some 2500 Californians out of work. But hey, they don’t seem to care.

          If we actually had a president that was for the people of the United States he would be doing his duty, securing the border and telling California that throwing their weight around with boycotts in not in the best interests of the United States. But everyone knows what he does best – send in the lawyers and protect his union supporters.

          Anyone with Arizona plates on their vehicles needs to stay out of California – it is a DANGEROUS state! I have been told that vehicles with AZ plates are being vandalized. So those that are screaming about the evils of profiling are doing exactly what they “claim” they condemn by victimizing everyone from Arizona – not knowing if they support the law, are against the law, or may even be an illegal alien.

          If you read the article “Welcome to Maywood Mexico” everyone will understand what is wrong with California.

          • Jana

            That article is well worth the read.
            I will start boycotting California aka Mexifornia.(I boycott Austin, TX too.) They (California) are in such a bad way that the decent folks are working hard at not letting the whole state become known as a drug state becasue they want to legalize marijuana. That act ought to bring in the cream of the crop of lovely human beings.

          • http://NONE COLLEEN

            I just cannot believe this crap, what part of ILLEGAL dont people get!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR How maddening!!

          • Palin12

            Great article Michelle. Thanks for sharing. I boycott California also, to the greatest extent possible. I don’t buy any wine from California. I have also terminated my account with Norton AntiVirus (their HQ near San Jose). There are much better antivirus programs out there than Norton, and cheaper too.

        • Al Sieber

          Right Time, cut their electricity in the summer heat. I think Michelle answered your question. I live s. of Hoover Dam, that supplies power there too.

  • B. L. Chase

    If California boycotts Arizona they will be doing Arizona a favor. All California queers can just stay home and Arizona can continue to do their own thing without interference.

    • Ellen

      And your comments are backed up by what section in the Constitution? Last I knew, ALL Americans have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

      • http://naver samurai

        That excerpt is from the Declaration of Independence. If we went by the ways of our founding fathers, many of the problems we have today would be smaller or non existant. Don’t get started on the gay thing. It’s off of the subject. That immoral lifestyle has never been accepted in this society and never will be.

      • crystals10

        Is that really what you think? Do you think you will CHANGE God’s mind?
        You might want to look at some scripture, not what some judge passes. We must all learn to deny those things that lead the flesh. May the Holy Spirit find its way to your heart.

    • JeffH

      B. L. Chase, myself being a lifelong California first generation son won’t allow me to excuse your totally ignorant comment. Obviously you have certain issues of your own to deal with. Southern Calif and the SF Bay Area are the two most populated and liberally minded areas in California which doesn’t bode well for the rest of us. Unfortunatley the liberal government of “idiots” that work in Sacramento are elected by and influenced by these two major metroplis areas. I agree, boycott California, but don’t classify all of our residence in the same way…afterall, don’t all of the leftist liberals think every conservative is a Republican redneck KKK racist? So I ask, is your thinking similar to a leftist liberal? Something for you to ponder before you stick your other foot in your mouth!

  • george

    California penal code section 834b:
    “…(a) Every law enforcement agency in California shall fully cooperate with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service regarding any person who is arrested if he or she is suspected of being present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws. (b) With respect to any such person who is arrested, and suspected of being present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws, every law enforcement agency shall do the following: (1) Attempt to verify the legal status of such person as a citizen of the United States, an alien lawfully admitted as a permanent resident, an alien lawfully admitted for a temporary period of time or as an alien who is present in the United States in violation of immigration laws. The verification process may include, but shall not be limited to, questioning the person regarding his or her date and place of birth, and entry into the United States, and demanding documentation to indicate his or her legal status. (2) Notify the person of his or her apparent status as an alien who is present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws and inform him or her that, apart from any criminal justice proceedings, he or she must either obtain legal status or leave the United States. (3) Notify the Attorney General of California and the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service of the apparent illegal status and provide any additional information that may be requested by any other public entity. (c) Any legislative, administrative, or other action by a city, county, or other legally authorized local governmental entity with jurisdictional boundaries, or by a law enforcement agency, to prevent or limit the cooperation required by subdivision (a) is expressly prohibited.”

    Who are they to talk against Arizona???

    • Robin

      Best comeback I have heard. Fight law with their own law! I say let’s call Gov. Arnold and say we will boycott them!

      go to and click on contact. I did!

      Heaven help us all!!

      • 45caliber

        I’ve already been boycotting CA for years now. I’ve not seen anything they have to sell that I can’t get cheaper and usually better somewhere else.

        • JeffH

          45caliber, exactly why I make most of my non-food purchases online, to avoid the 9.75% sales tax and better prices. I say, BOYCOTT CALIFORNIA…

      • Oh Please…

        I think that’s a wonderful idea, both the boycotting of CA and contacting them (bombarding them) directly with emails/calls so they are forced to see what is coming their way from legal residents throughout this country if they follow through with their boycott. I just did!

    • http://Thanks,George! Carol

      Thanks, George, for quoting California penal code section 834b. For those who can’t read [or won't!], the federal law is more strict than the new AZ law which is due to go into effect July 29th. I was born in CA, Central Coast, during WWII, my father grew up there, San Joaquin Valley. I am proud of my CA roots, friends and family. My grandsons live there [half Hispanic, BTW, Costa Rican mother, all LEGAL!!!]. I have lived in AZ many years now. Our federal gov should be protecting our borders, north AND south, and will not! Terrorists are coming through and many dangerous people. We are all going broke by so many ILLEGALS. We have no room for hating each other. ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL, and it is killing us, actually, and financially. Also many of the ILLEGALS are being killed by the human smugglers [coyotes] and by dying crossing the desert. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE!!! I’m with John Wayne, don’t think I should EVER need to “Press one for English.” It is the language of our country. All other immigrants have learned it; MY ancestors did and I have a few who fought in the American Revolution! God bless America. God bless us all.

  • Denis Flaherty

    I can’t believe that the gov’t and the population thinks that we should just hand over Arizona to Mexico. Acounty board member in Milw, Wisc says Arizona doesn’t even border Mexico….?? They live and breed. Arizona has the RIGHT idea.

    • J.M.R.


      • Jana

        Not all of California as we have some really nice people on here that are from CA. and they are what is making CA worth fighting for.

        • Claire

          Thanks for the common sense.

        • JeffH

          Jana, thanks and I’ll second that.

        • http://naver samurai

          I agree with you on that. I have some family out there and they are great people to talk to. They always make you feel at home.

  • Viktor Leben

    Looks like the country is coming apart ! All those illegal immigrants in California are running the Democrats !

    Now that California has it’s own “foreign policy” when are they going to officially secede from the Union ?
    I guess it’s just a matter of time until “AZTLAN” is a reality. California will go first then the rest of the Southwest …..

    We really are living in interesting times. I decided that I better learn Spanish. If you can’t beat ‘em you might as well make some money off of ‘em ….

    So a new nation will soon will be born …”The Republic of the North” (of Mexico…)

    MUCHO GRACIAS you crazy DEMOCRATS ! HA HA ! All the Democrats in CALIFORNIA will be put in prison after the secession…. It will become a one-party corrupt MARXIST state. Good Bye Silicon Valley ….

    Dumb Democrats ! I’m going to Barnes & Noble to buy a Spanish language course…..

    • http://NONE COLLEEN

      Hey Vikter,
      Can you say Rosetta Stone!!, this is being done on purpose people, we are falling right for it, sooooo divisive it all is, snap out of it we are all Americans! We need to be organized on this , shout it out, ILL EAGLE MEANS UNLAWFUL NOT A SICK BIRD!!!! dammit

  • Ricky

    Give California back to the damned ole Mexicans.Or take America back.Either way something needs to be done or our children will never know what America was like.

    • Tman

      Now we all know WHY ducks fly upside down over California.There really is nothing worth crapping on in California!!!!!!!!(THEEEEEE DUMBEST state in the UNION)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • JeffH

        Tman, during duck season I make sure that some of them are belly up in my decoy spread too….

  • Motherload

    How about the rest of the country boycott California? What’s to lose?

  • Gary

    Screw California! Suppose we boycott them! They are already bankrupt and they don’t have a clue how that happened. Arizona is doing the right thing. America’s biggest problem is that idiots are being elected by idiots. Thier goal is to change the greatest nation to ever exist by eliminating everything that made it great.
    May God bless our REPUBLIC. To Hell with democracy. We were never intended to be a democracy any way.

  • M.L.

    viktor, iam glad i don’t give up as easily as you or my family that died for this country since world war 2 will have been all for nothing. i have two languages under my belt, the least of my intire family and i might add that there is no-way i will learn spanish because people like you give-up. We have brave men and women in the war that are not allowed to shoot back. we have border guards that are not allowed to shoot back. we deaths deaths of Americans from the Mixicans being swept under the rug and our could careless goverment is keeping us from protecting ourself by banning weapons inside our country. STOP THINKING OF MONEY AND THINK OF YOUR COUNTRY AND FELLOWMAN FOR A CHANGE.

    • Jeep

      Easy does it now, ML…I think Vik’s satire should not be taken too literally.

  • 45caliber

    If the state does boycott AZ, then I think it only fair that AZ boycotts California.

    And that means cutting off their electricity at the border. I’m sure these “Boycott” people in CA would soon see the “light”.

    • Jeep

      …or, lack thereof. Perhaps take some of the prison inmates that are held in Az for Calif and drop ‘em at the border, too?

      • 45caliber

        Naw. California would never notice a few more criminals. They have too many already.

        • Jeep

          LOL…well put!

  • alabama

    I got an idea. All the states that boycott Arizona I am not going to buy any of their products that are produced in that state.

    • JeffH

      …what products??? Solar panels, maybe or used wind generators…

  • Bill Stanley

    Arizona should bus all of the illegal alien detainees to the Capitol Building in Sacramento, California.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Isn’t that Nancy Pelosi’s district? That would only ensure that she never loses an election!

      • Howdy

        Queen Pelosi is not representing Sacramento, she represents those wierdos in San Fransico, where do you think she gets this stuff she comes out with?

        • WarriorH

          I’m inspired by the “WORD”

          • JeffH

            WarriorH, now I’m getting sick…

  • M.L.

    GOOD IDEA!!!!!!

  • FreedomFighter

    CA Demonrats are creating a smokescreen/missdirection. The left cant win with logic.

    Borders, language, culture of America are under assualt from within.

    A nation without borders falls.

    Mixed language nations fail or become segregated due to communications.

    Shared culture the clue that binds.



  • Carole Jacoby

    1. Let’s take the time to contact these Democrat Lawmakers and demand they keep their noses out of another States business. They have screwed us royally, now they want to screw our Arizona neighbor royally .

    2. Everyone of us needs to make sure we, our family, neighbors,co-workers, friends are registered to vote. Call your registration Office and see what you can do to help get voters registered. Then, make sure they go to the polls in November and “get rid” of every one of these fools who not only participated in destroying our great state but now want to destroy our neighbor to the east.

    3. We can lament our feelings over and over on these sites but unless we are willing to get out of our comfort zone and do our part to take our State and Government back, then we are as much of a problem as those fools we elected. Chatter is good but actions are what get results. Are you willing to do your part, or are you going to wait for the fools running our State and Federal Government to turn their acts around?

    • Jana

      Don’t forget to write to the city council in Austin, TX.

  • Joe Hobbs

    I live in California. I try not to buy things made in California.
    I wish I had a list of companies based in Arizona to buy from.
    Not everyone in California is a moron or an illegal alien, just most
    of them. Thank God for people like Jan Brewer, Bobby Jindal, & me!

    • JeffH

      I second that Joe…

  • JohnG

    How about a boycott of La Raza? Modern day KKK. Google who ? donates to that organization, Boycott Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Bank of America. They all support open borders. Boycott Mexico, they have a policy to send illegals to America. Boycott Los Angeles – check out the Mayor’s bio. Before he changed his name, gang banger Tony Villers. Remember who you voted for, they are in power and using it. As soon as American’s start paying attention to candidates and the press checks them out we might stop some of this insanity. Remember few paid attention to who Obama is. How come we are still using the number 12 million illegals? That was several years ago, how about 20 million (2010). Close the borders, NOW.

  • http://charter howe

    I would like to plead with my fellow Americans wherever they are, not to fall for this load of crap the Socialist Democratic party is trying to bamboozle the American public with. The Democrats are going to take a major hit during the elctions on 2 Nov 2010 and they are throwing up a rediculous smokescreen to divert attention away from the outrage people are excperiencing as a result of the failure of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Lee, Waters, Waxman and the other democrats many with hispanic surnames who always support the radical left democratic agenda for concessions to turn a blind eye to the illegal immigration invasion. The democrats passed a massive job killing health care reform which will bankrupt most states within 5 years and they have consistentlt taxed and spent taxpayer money at an alarming rate so as to force our deficit into a money crisis with China owning over a trillion dollars of our debt and Japan with 800 billion. By diverting attention to Arizona and making the uninformed masses believe that Arizona is the bad guys, they are silently padding their cause for re-election in Nov 2010. The evil hypocrisy that underlies the motivation for this rediculous boycott idea harms poor people and small business’s who are struggling with the recession and many are Latino. At the same time Calif which is bankrupt is creating a devisive business relationship with the rest of the country because 70% of the people in America believes Arizona is right to protect their people from murderers, drug cartels, kidnappers and the huge wave of crime and major use of free resources by the illegals. Arizona supplies L.A. county electricity to their power grid and they could pull the plug and allow Los Angeles to go dark but they are not that mean spirited to want to retaliate to such a childish attitude that reeks of intentional harm to another state in our great union. You may have noticed that the Latino Congress people are not stepping up to calm this devisive situation down. Its simple when you lift the covers, its a good old military strategy that we use to use, called creating a deversion to strike at the main objective. It is unfortunate to see this kind of thing in the Great State of Calif, because I have some dear friends and relatives who love Calif and want to see this chaotic theat from the radical democrats to stop. There are many latino people who are either in Congress or running for office and I would do a thorough vetting on these people, yeas I’m profiling, but guess what all the latino Congress people in Texas are in lockstep with Obama, Pelosi and Reid which I consider the unholy trinity that threatens our Constitution.

  • patrick

    i hope that arizona follows through with it’s threat to stop the flow of electricity to calif. as a way of fairness or call it boycot calif. it is very sad we aloowed obammy and his nation of liberals to repeatly lie about arizona’s new law. even obammy gets on TV with his ad where it shows obammy trying to scare americans saying a kid walking down the street is in danger of being stopped and attacked. how can we the people allow obammy to say these lies on national TV? what is wrong with this picture? wake up folks we must stand up and fight this crap and have obammy and his crew imnpeached!!!

    • Ellen

      How can obummer say these lies on TV? The lamestream media supports anything liberal, socialist and marxist (intentionally not capitalized) and are behind our illegal usurper-in-chief. The best thing we could do is to turn off our televisions from the continual propaganda, lies, and brainwashing.

      Heck, the lamestream media is OWNED by the mega corporations who are, in turn, owned by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and the other global billionaire criminals seeking the utter death of America.

      • 45caliber

        My television hasn’t been connected to any antenna in over two years now. My wife gets a little upset since she likes to listen to it but I don’t miss it at all. The only thing it is good for is watching movies – which never get into the political area. At least the ones I buy don’t.

  • Bill

    Maybe the other 49 states will just tell California where they can go and I dont mean up Aeizona’s way. Nullify any funds to bailout California massive debt.Im sure they can see the light once they open eyes and see noone is coming to help,not even Obama,he has used his silver tongue too much with US taxpayers already, they wont buy his words anymore.

  • Jim H.

    When there was an electricity shortage in Cal. before, it was recall time for Grey Davis. Arnold better pay attention.

  • s c

    It’s wonderful that Herr Obummer loves us so much. If he didn’t love us, we’d really be in a fix. I had no idea that Herr Obummer could be such a guiding light. He has so much to offer.
    He makes Albert Einstein look like a dolt. He’s such a classy leader that he makes Moses seem like
    a fifth columnist. We are so very lucky.
    In the next few months, we may see the wisdom of a “need” to invade Mexico (to ‘solve’ some problems).
    Remember, people, it’s not Herr Obummer who’s causing problems with millions of illegal aliens and drugs by the ton – it’s Mexico. Maybe this will be a chance for Herr Obummer’s czars to show their stuff.
    His czars haven’t been tested yet, and a deep military thrust into Mexico would help them prove that world-class geniuses who aren’t accountable to
    the American people are more valuable than people who have practical experience in military matters.
    Yep, everything’s looking up, now that God is in the White House. Even progressives have to admit that when God is on your side, nothing can go wrong. Without a doubt, America’s new George Washington will lead us to victory in this social justice and military triumph.

    • Anna

      s c,
      You have no right to say any thing against The United States of America.We lived in Arizona for almost 7 years,we had to move out of State as my daughter couldn’t find a decent job.
      I still have family as well as a lot of very good friends in Arizona.
      Why don’t you take obama & his worthless crew & shove them where the sun don’t shine.

      • Ellen

        Anna, good grief, he’s being sarcastic. Can’t you read?

      • Jeep

        Anna…just relax, sc is on your side. Think it through and you will see the sarcasm…

      • 45caliber

        Ah … Anna … YOU had to move because your DAUGHTER couldn’t find a job? I live where I wish to live and it isn’t with my kids. I visit but they have their own lives. I don’t live theirs. Perhaps you should rethink this thing with your daughter.

  • http://none Minerva

    How dare CA boycott AZ. How ignorant is this? I’ve been here in CA for 35 yrs and have seen the rapid decline in the past 7-10 yrs because of all the ILLEGAL immigration problems. I thought we were the UNITED States of America, not individual entities. TOGETHER WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. Does anyone understand that? We elect representative in each state to SUPPORT our safety and well being. The govenor of AZ is doing just that. She is doing her job and she takes it seriously by looking out for the people in her state. A citizen was murdered on his own land in AZ by an ILLEGAL, and CA wishes to boycott AZ, because of what? I am so disgusted by today’s upside down culture in which we live. To the Govenor of AZ… keep up the fight. Don’t give in to the scum that has overstayed their positions in leadership(?). There are many people out there who support your integrity as a state leader! CA, too, is going down the tubes because of the ILLEGAL immigration problem, but we don’t have what AZ has… a strong enough leader like you to fight for “we the people.”

  • M.L.

    I wish some more of the nation thought like some of you. America had better stand up and soon. The latinos have become embolden because of their numbers. We have one out of every seven in Mexico in our country right now, if they are legalized there will be no use of the border fence. Oboma voted against the english language twice in the Senate. Then during his campagne he said “don’t worry about them speaking english, you should be teaching your children spanish” I was furious that no one picked that up. In the last two Presidential elections the latinos asked for the spanish on the books as the language of this country since they would be the majority. Our leaders fear losing their vote more than the american votes. During english is promised to be put on the boos and it never happens. then the adds go out in spanish. I have five hispanic channels 24-7 because comcast says they are proud to donate to lulac and laraza. its on my phone, it’s in my stores, its on the signs. so tell me when did the melting pot of america become second class citizens to the spanish community?

    • 45caliber

      As a citizen of Texas, I suspect that Texas will follow AZ’s actions next legislative meeting. I certainly hope so and do jog my rep’s elbow so he will vote that way.

      • Jana

        I sure hope so. I wonder what the stupid city council in Austin will do then?

  • M.L.

    so sorry when iam mad I get carried away. I meant to write:during the campagnes english was promised to be put on the books.

  • WarriorH

    What a disgusting spectacle the grand leader has turned this into.

    • 45caliber

      Have you seen Senator Kyl’s comments about Oblama? Kyl is a Democrat from AZ and met privately with Oblama to discuss border security. He stated that Oblama told him, “But I can’t secure the border! If I did, you all in Congress wouldn’t have any reason to pass my amnesty bill.”

      I suspect he’s using the same reasoning about solving the oil spill problem. If he did, he couldn’t get Congress to pass his cap and trade bill.

      • Palin12

        Kyl is a Republican.

        • 45caliber

          Odd. The article I read said otherwise. But it would explain why Kyl got so mad too.

        • Lee

          Yeah! Man, I hope Jon never sees THAT one!
          At one time, he was pretty good in a brawl!
          I greatly doubt if he ever lost it!

  • chuck b

    what do you expect out of california, “the land of fruit and nuts” and if you don’t believe that just take a look at our representatives: the queen bee “Pelosi”, the drones boxer and feinstein, the idiot reps; barbara walters and waxman and the rest of the communist regime (calif, democrats) i live in calif. the democratic party (communist) has driven this state into the ground, there constituents: fed, state, unions and a huge minority population are in estimation nothing more than welfare recipients, they produce nothing only living off the tax payer, whats left of them. that’s why calif. is bankrupt and we have on the horizon jerry brown “moonbeam” who will most likely be voted in as governor. this man was gov. once before and when he left office the state was upside down, usual for a democrat governor. it will do no good to elect a republican. the demos control everything and a repub gov. would be nothing but a punching bag, we have a repub. gov now, but that’s in name only. so do us a favor and “boycott calif” help arizona!!!

  • Deborah

    The law that Arizona adopted is the current Federal Immigration Law. California by threatening Arizona with a boycott is breaking the law. O’bama and his administration is breaking the law by not enforcing the Immigration Law. O’bama is considering using his executive privilige to grant Ahmnesty to all the illegal’s, because he know’s that the American people will not support ahmnesty and congress doesn’t have the vote’s in the Senate to pass it. If, O’bama sign’s this Executive Order, he will be impeached.

    • 45caliber

      If I really believed Oblama would be imeached and kicked out of office for signing the executive order, I’d be on the phone daily trying to talk him into it. Unfortunately, I think – and so does he – that the Democrat Party will do their best to protect him from any fallout.

  • http://none Donald

    If we all boycott California and get friends and relatives to do the same, they will feel the loss of income. I personlly think most of them are too stupid to notice or care but what the heck. Maybe the big one will move them off the coast and Arizona will have beach front property.

  • Norman

    California sucks. I thought that group of left wing nuts was supposed to fall into the ocean. What’s the delay?We should boycott all callies industries. Particularly the movie industry. Hit’em hard. They have it coming.I lived their at one time. I couldn’t handle there politics and favoritism to the mexicans. Even there government is saturated with mexicans. Dictating policy.Sad state of affairs.

    • dink

      Norman, Norman tsk tsk you have no idea how many Californians support Az. I for one do and am by no means a “left wing nut” I am quite the contrary. I am sickened that Gil Cedillo (hmm sounds Mexican to me) thinks he can speak for all of California. I think if this comes anywhere near passing Az., which provides 2/3 of L.A.’s power, should turn off their lights. I also find it amusing that L.A. is all for the boycott except when it benefits them (American Red Light Solutions). I say if they move the All Star game from AZ, then we all in the U.S. that support AZ. should boycott the All Star game I know I will. Imagine the effect that would have………

  • http://Yahoo Larry Gentry

    Why don’t you politicians go back to hiding your head in the sand like you do the rest of the year. Arizona is doing what we the people of the united states want done and they are at least trying to make it work that’s more than I can say for the rest of you that want nothing more than another vote. Even though all of the damages and crime from across the border is costing the taxpayer enormous amounts of money but you are so blind and you are not very bright most of all.



    This group of socialist clowns we call politicians in Ca is out of their depth again and have no idea what the hell they speak of but it sounds so good to ignore fact and truth they will do anything to make themselves and this state the fool while they fondle themselves with another farce.


  • Roger

    I agree with most comments here.The mayor of Sacramento is an idiot. Boycott Hollywood (they’re the ones who think they know what we need). Cut electricity to LA, cut water off from the Colorado river. LA would become a dust bowl.Pelosi and Feinstein speak for San Francisco, not the rest of California. Waxman, I remember was a LA county supervisor years ago. Another fool.We need another “million man march,” armed, and don’t stop until all the rats nests are emptied.Buy plenty of ammunition, go to the shooting range and get on target. Keep your powder dry.

    • Jana

      You are right, Hollywood does think they know what we need, but I wouldn’t let a bunch of people that earn a living by pretending tell me what to think or do. They don’t live in the real world, they have money to burn and DO parties all of the time. They can’t manage their own lives, let alone manage anyone elses life, or beliefs. The only ones they try to impress are each other. They may (or not) be nice people, but no one elected them to instruct the rest of us how to live. They get their ideas from made up stories and think WOW THIS IS REAL LIFE. DUH!

  • 4gsltw

    I boycott all cities and states that boycott or hint at boycotting Arizona.

    • Bill Kay

      Yes boycott all states that boycott Arizona, remember who they are and vote out all that dont support Arizona. Xlnt suggestion form Arcadia Ca. I totally support this,and all true americans will also.

  • Bill Kay

    A catharsis is needed to reclaim Mexicafornia, and the country. San Diego county gets 800,000,000,Million dollors per year from Arizona tourists . The San Diego city council and San Diego city schools director advocated the boycotting of Arizona, these people need an I.Q. check , PETHETIC and these are our leaders God help us, What a bunch of jerks. My home town San Diego , I always thought we had a little more class than L.A. and S.F. What a shame about S.F. its such a beautiful city. A nation can survive its fools and even ambitions but it can not survive TREASON FROM WITHIN. ( CICERO )

  • Sue

    Calif. should be doing the same thing that Arizona has done. The illegals are costing America trillion of dollars. Why do people want to come to American? They want the way of life America offers. Why in the world do we think that we have to placate every illegal to give them their native language, etc. For many years, the immigrants came to the US to work (work visas). We taught their children to speak English. We did not change our whole system to accommodate them. They assimilated into our culture. No bilingual class, total emersion is how a person learns another language. We are short changing these people by the programs we are placing the students in. Go to another country. Do they change anything for the Americans when they move to a new country? NO. Total emersion.
    I have talked to many illegals. They told me that a relative was coming to US so their baby would be born here. This is another place we need to make huge corrections.

    • 45caliber

      I saw a comment that AZ had saves some tens of millions of dollars since they passed this bill – and it isn’t even enforced yet. Just think of the money California could save! Billions easy.

  • Santiago Davila

    You guy’s are missing the big picture, Obama is winning, we are looking at this and he’s planning other things. He wants us to be distracted so he can find a way to make all the illegals legal. Right now he’s taking with his lawyers, they are discussing and planning to pardon all the illegals so they can turn out to vote for his party. Obama is also planning on passing a law that makes it illegal for networks and internet services to run adds that are agaist his party. We all need to wake up. Obama is laughing at all of us. God Bless people

    • Jana

      You are so right. That’s why it is so important for us to keep our eyes open and pay attention to all of it. It is all important.

      • Lee

        This is a bit of history I have heard bits and pieces of, but never the full story.
        Rather like the beginnings of the American movement to Mexican Territories like Texas. The Mexican government couldn’t get the Mexicans to move to Texas, New Mexico and Arizona (which were all one at that time), because of the Comanches and the Apaches. Seems the Indians were a trifle unhappy about slavery raids made on their people. So, the Mexican government invited the Americans into the area, thinking the Americans would be so grateful they would gladly give up their protestant religion and their American citizenship. But, Mexico forgot one important item: The American settlers had just finished fighting two wars convincing England that they were American citizens, and that their religion was their business. Therefore, when Mexican officials starting pushing Mexican citizenship, and sending priests around, the Americans pushed back. The outcome is history. Between Colonel Travis, Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, Sam Houston (later) and a lot of good Americans and Mexicans who wanted the same rights, El Presidente Santa Ana got the idea.

        • Lee

          I’m sorry. I had a bit of computer trouble, and thought I was elsewhere on this page. Please accept my apologies.


    hey fellow hispanics i am hearing that california is the place to be. movie stars , free food , free hospitals, free welfare , jobs galore, so california is for me . lets all leave florida ,texas, arizona, new mexico and old mexico . they have invited me to come to hollywood thats the place to be , iam not wanted here in arizona after 15 years of me and my 15 kids, they want to throw me out just because I AM ILLEGAL, after all this time i should be a citizen, even tho i havenot paid any taxes, and all my kids are americans that the gringo’s paid for. i am sorry to say i must go to the land of milk and honey . i hear some of the gayest people live there so they must be happy. so iam telling you all of my latino friends lets boycoot arizona and leave for california ,hope to see you there ..

  • M.L.

    These politians don’t give a fig for the Americans. I want to throw at the t.v. when they keep saying we want amnesty. Our sneaky hispanic leaders that call mexicans my people instead the people that voted them in keep saying they only want to work. Maybe thats why so many americans are dead at the hands of these people. Has anyone seen the threats to the Americans. They said they would kill anyone who gets in the way of amnesty with a shovel and pick if they had to. This gov. thinks less of the Americans than anyone I have ever seen in my life.

  • McDaniel

    What a bunch of hate bashing people in this country. The majority of you bashing California have obviously never been here. You know nothing of what you speak. This article said DEMOCRATS in Sacramento are planning this ban on Arizona, Not Californians. If you want to bash a “group” bash the Democrats. This was their idea. Not mine, and not the majority of Californians that I know. I plan to continue to give Arizona my business and my support, as it helps all America, of which I (so far) am proud to be a part.
    If anyone should be inclined to further their knowledge on the subject, I would recommend reading the Arizona Immigration Law. It is quite short. It ensures full compliance with federal immigration law. Why is no one protesting federal immigration law?

    • Jana

      You are so right and we have several on this blog and on others on the Personal Liberty sites that are good decent people and they are from CA too.
      Hey, maybe you could give us a list of those Dems that are for this and where to write them. We would write them and complain. Anyone have names addresses and telephone numbers because sometimes if you are not from their state, they will not accept your emails.

  • P L

    Let’s just back Arizona to the hilt. When (that’s when) they close their borders, guess where the Illegals will come across in droves!

  • Arcadia CA once

    Here is the complete story on Arizona with regard to this law. It’s long but good, and corrects all the misinformation out there about Arizona. Download and share.

  • Arcadia CA once

    You are all right. The problem is the CA legislature, and the city councils, not the people of California. Most of the people in California support Arizona. People will vote them out.

  • mehoward

    I suggest that California take care of it’s on pitiful state. Why are you so dead set against another states law when most of it’s people appeove it? Your state is in so much trouble from so many illegals that you are going broke. Maybe you should adopt the law instead of boycotting it. You are in the process of asking the federal government
    for help because you can’t deliver on the entitlements you have offered your residents and illegals. The federal government has no money it’s money comes from the taxpayers of the rest of the United States that includes Arizona. Man it’s just like you pot smokers
    to bite off your nose to spite your face. No sympathy here for your
    state, leave Arizona alone and let it take care of it’s illegals the best way it can.mehpensacola,fl

  • Junior

    That is great news. More imigrants preferably hispanic snould seek citizenship. They can vote out the BIGGOTS.

  • Sadie Palein

    I won’t be going to Az anytme soon. They can pound salt.

    • Oh Please…

      Go right ahead….I am sure they won’t miss you, lol!

    • chuck b

      sadie “i won’t be going to ar.”

      not even if they would discuss global warming with you? i hear it has warmed up extremely and you know what i’ll bet global cooling will set in sometime this coming fall. we just have to do something about this climate change, thats the least we can do for barry after all the hard work he’s doing in wash. to change the country and we should help out ol “al” so he can come out of hiding and stop molesting women.

    • Claire

      Sadie– And you are one person I do not agree with. Arizona is the only state that is trying to get something done about the illegals. So you LIKE supporting illegals?

      • Lee

        Sounds a bit like she IS illegal to me!

  • Ernest

    My friends of a free America please note that these liberals in power are doing their best to take our way of life away. These people teach our children lies in our schools and want the people of America to follow blindly like sheep to slauter. they do not want thinkers or visonaries to be here and see what is going on in politcs because they cannot take over and tell us how to live and that is the goal. We the People need a new party to represent the people and I think the TEA PARTY is on the right track. The people have been sold out by both major parties for too long. It is time for productive change in America and the people need to put term limits on every public office in this great country from the local Mayor to the Congress of the United States of America. We the people need to vote and be heard this November and all the Novembers in the decades to come. It is time to stop Illeal imigration now. If you want to become an American do it the right way and do not say I am makeing you a criminal. You are doing that yourself if you come here illeagly.
    As for Arizona YEA and pleast boycott Mexifornia and any other state that asks for a boycott of Arizona. I know I am going to vacation in Arizona this year and not Mexifornia as I had planned. Sacramento sucks and stinks. It is just a buynch of anti American liberals ans that polosi *ithc fits right in along with finestine *itch. Please if you love our country vote these “people” I use the term lightly, out of their job and put them on the unemployment line and see how they like it.

  • Panco via

    I think the boycot is a great idea. This means the illegal immigrants from California won’t be doing business in Arizona anymore. Didn’t I hear Mexico wants to boycot Arizona too?

  • meteorlady

    Sp that’s it? A boycott? California is drowning in debt and over run with illegals and all they can do is pass a resolution to boycott AZ? I just came through AZ and stopped to see a friend. I can tell you that a lot of the fast food places now have teens working in them, American teens -summer jobs are back. Also, we talked about all the crime and senseless killings that have gone on there. So California thinks that’s all OK I guess. Well, I can tell you that I will be boycotting California until they too do something about the problem.

  • Johnny

    I live in California and it’s pathetic.Lot’s of U.S. citizens out of work.But wait,here’s a great idea,let’s have more illegals come to this state so we can have more job competition.Help citizens first…or at least adopt Mexico’s immigration policies…they are awesome!!

  • Debbie

    California can go pound grass!!! With all the illegal Hispanic people they’ve got going into their state, they should be right up front with Arizona in wanting the same thing….but then California is made up of ritzy-rich bigots that like to under pay their help anyway….Kinda makes ya think don’t it?

  • http://Comcast Tracy

    Illegal is illegal. Mexico kills or detains illegals from other countries. Most other countries treat illegals very poorly.

    America is not a country of immigrants anymore; there are American citizens who have lived here over 5 generations. Every country was founded by immigrants but they eventually close their border to protect what they work for.

    My parents were immigrants from scandanavia; they waited 4 years to come to America, had to be sponsored by a church, had to already have a job and a place to live before being allowed to migrate, then when they got here not one penny of welfare, food, healthcare or any other form of freebies from anyone. In other words they came here and worked 2 and 3 jobs, saved for a home, paid cash for their own medical and paid back the church that sponsored their trip. They had little education but immediately enrolled in night school to learn the language. In other words they were decent, hard working people coming to America to work, not receive welfare, not do crime and not take advantage of the country. If immigrants want to come here under those conditions which were in effect until the 1960s that would be fine. No ILLEGALS. American has enough of our own starving people with no homes and jobs. Mexico can clean up their own country, throw out the drug lords, clean up their streets, make their country liveable. That is what America did, worked hard to build a country from the bottom up. Now the southern states look like Mexico; food, garbage and drugs shrewn all over the dessert and crime committed by these citizens.

    We are sick of immigrants from ALL Countries! The middle easterners are trying to kill us and we have enough of our own idiots here and our own criminals. NO AMNESTY. If we go to Mexico and commit crimes, we are put in filthy prison, not given benefits and amnesty. Let’s do like the rest of the world. GET SMART and take care of our own. Before we lose this beautiful country and it looks like a drug run Mexican banana republic. We need to all be armed and fight for our country, we are sick and tired of this crap.

    • Oh Please…

      AMEN….I could not have said it better! I am also glad that you included what your parents WILLINGLY did to become legal citizens (proudly embracing becoming American) because it continually astounds me how UNDERVALUED these efforts appear to be, to those who support amnesty of anyone entering our country ILLEGALLY (with little to no pride in embracing becoming an American citizen).

      • Lee

        It’s rather strange to me that the European immigrants are willing to wait, to work, and then work some more to become citizens, including learning the language.
        Yet, there are others from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East who want to come here, but they don’t want to learn the language, nor do they want to work at becoming citizens, and any law they don’t feel like obeying, they scream and rant about it. They also want, no, DEMAND, the citizenship oath be given in their own language. That alone shows they have no respect for our country or us.

  • Burro

    If you didnt read the Arizona immigration law (which is the same as the federal law) then you shouldnt comment. Facts are needed, not opinions. The federal government is supposed to protect the border of the US from anyone entering illegally. No one has opposed legal entry in to the US, that is what our country is made of, immigrants from around the world. I am sick of all the entitlements that everybody thinks they deserve. If you want something, work hard for it. Work honestly and diligently. You are entitled to the pursuit of happiness. You are not entitoed to a handout
    BTW, Mexico’s immigration laws are far worse than Arizona’ law but you probabloy havent read those either

  • Burro

    I think boycotting California is a great idea. And I am 4th generation Californian. These out of touch california politicians are just politicians, not real people with real solutions. Arizona is part of the US. These burocrats like Gil Cedillo would rather support another country instead of stand up for the Constitution! Lets support Arizona!!

  • http://personalliberty rob

    BOYCOTT!!!!….My family will only go to Disneyland when it is moved to Arizona…..California, you lose!!!

  • cactus

    I anticipated this and moved to Arizona from California. Take my word for it Arizona loses NOTHING of ethical value if boycotted by California. CA is like a nation onto itself, very self absorbed, myopic, and ignorant of the rest of the world (including adjacent states like Arizona). The people in CA are not just dumb, they are dangerously stupid. I would go further than not buying products from California.
    I would secure the border not just to the south with Mexico, but also the border with California. Any vehicle with CA plates should be stopped at the border and an entrance fee imposed based on the economic cost to Arizona of any boycott CA makes against Arizona. And definitely TURN OFF the electricity to CA.

  • cactus

    With all the people who are going to be moving to the Constitutional Republic of Arizona, the state will experience a surge in economic activity that will leave California in the dust. When I’m touring down the freeway on my motorcycle, on good road under open sky breathing clean air, and very little traffic, with my open carry six gun holstered but always ready, I can only grin wide at California boycotting Arizona!

  • juanita

    The only Californians who will support boycotting Arizona are the individuals affected by the cuts to social services and welfare recipients. Legal citizens want our federal government to protect our borders NOW!!!!!

  • Debra

    There is a piece of history that never made the history books. In the year 1890 and 1891, three colonies were established in the Province of Chihuahua, Mexico. These colonies were admitted into Mexico legally. There were probably alot of U.S. visitors, but it was not intentional for U.S. citizens to enter the country of Mexico illegally at that time. The people that went into Mexico went as legal immigrants. In 1981, we find a church membership list, which records approximately 6,000 members of the Mormon Church, and double that of non-Mormons, combined in the three colonies. People put their whole life savings into businesses, farms, and homes from the U.S. The people became prosperous and started to acatually help the Mexican economy. Some of the Dons liked these colonies because of the progression and good fortune these colonies were providing them with. One Don liked the colonies so much, he had a railroad built to the colonies to help with the trade and commerce and people that were bringing profit to the country. The people in these colonies worked hard with their hands and with the knowledge they brought from their schooled trades and education. Prominant families lived there at the time. There was a little bit of a struggle getting the Mexican government to approve these settlements, but when the Dons saw the productivity and peace the settlers came with, they soon changed their minds and were actually hoping for these colonies to stay. But when the Mexican people saw the productivity and how the Dons liked the colonies, the Mexican people started wanting a piece of the pie. they began raiding the towns and settlements for the goods they desired. The settlers didn’t do anything at first, because they thought things would eventually get better. They tried to live in peace. But soon, the raids that started out with just taking goods, eventually ended up in murders and killing the settlers. They wanted to take everything for nothing. They didn’t want to work for what they gained, they wanted to take it from others for free. The settlers went to the Mexican government to see if they could obtain protection, and to see if they could get some laws passed that would stop all the killing, but the Mexican government refused to help them. And so, we see that while the Dons and the Mexican government were gaining financially from the colonies, they still refused to protect them or give them any rights. The killing became so intense the settlers had to flee out of Mexico. A war broke out in 1912, and all U.S. immigrants were forced to abandon their businesses, farms, and homes. Some lost thousands of dollars and all their hard earned equipment. They lost all their livestock and posessions. The properties that they paid the Mexican government for were lost. And even thought they had a strong desire to defend what was theirs, they were still outnumbered and were forced to flee. There are stories of gunrunners, running guns and ammunition to the Mexican rebels, and then there are stories of good men who lost their lives saving men, women, and children. These stories of the true Mexico never reached the history books, and one should question why? These stories should have been told, and the truth about our southern neihbor needs to be made known.

  • Lee

    I intended to answer this comment, but wound up clear across the pasture!
    Anyway, Debra, this is an interesting piece of history that I had heard bits and pieces of, but never the whole story.

  • Lee

    Well, it has been interesting, and I do love all the comments–especially those who back Arizona wholeheartedly.
    And, a confession. I was born in California, but moved to Arizona when I was ten days old. My dad had lost his job with P.G.& E., so the three of us went to Arizona where my mom was from (Arizona Territory, to be exact!), and that’s where I grew up.
    Also, if the Californians want to boycott Arizona, I don’t think Lake Havasu, Lake Powell, parts of Lake Mead, or the Grand Canyon will miss them. Just more room for those who want to be there! Oh, I forgot the Colorado River by Parker. Those deputies won’t miss those California students (usuall drunk) at all!

  • http://msn butch erickson

    get a life ck your side of the street first ,you peope live in a rat hole.

  • Candy Campbell

    I am a California resident, San Diego 5th generation, and cannot believe all these nut case politicians who are boycotting Arizona. I say to Arizona turn off the lights in LA, cut the water, and any other services to California and tell them to shove it. Don’t vacation here in the Summer go somewhere else. California has already chased all the jobs out of the state and are now working on going green. By the time they are finished alot more will have moved out of this place just to get away from all the crap!

  • mike gunter


    • http://naver samurai

      Let’s have her team up with Sarah Palin! Now that would be a winning combination!

  • Tejana Deb

    Thanks for this article. Wow, this is fantastic: “…Meanwhile, the Los Angeles City Council voted 13-0 last week to ignore its own boycott of Arizona and extend a contract with a Scottsdale-based red-light camera operating company. Fox News reports that the city’s deal with American Traffic Solutions made Los Angeles $6 million last year alone.”

    Not exactly “principled,” are they? Jellyfish!

    I’ve already boycotted California, that anti-business and now bankrupt welfare state, by recently relocating to Texas. Most of us Texans now want Gov. Perry to follow Gov. Brewer’s lead on SB 1070. If Perry’s ambitions do include the presidency (personally, I hope not) — or even just re-election as Texas governor, he’d better pay attention. Yes, I agree: JAN BREWER FOR PRESIDENT 2012!

  • Lita Z. Biejo

    Jan Brewer is right. I am a California who is very proud of her and so with other many Californians. I came to this country more than four decades ago and I am really so concern with what is happening to our country. This country is a country of immigrants but those who want to come here should do it legally as most of us did. Right now our country is in terrible shape and we have to stop and pause for a while. Immigration should be stop as to now especially Illegal immigration. No help should be given to those who violate our laws. Illegal immigrants should be deported immediately without any trial. It is a waste of our taxpayers money to provide them any kind of help/defense. English should be spoken by anybody who wants to live in USA. Let us vote out all these supporters of illegal immigrants. Let us vote for what is good for our country. Let us vote for the right person regardless of his/her political affiliation. However, we have to be careful and not be fooled by politicians who will promise anything to get elected and then do not abide with their promises.

  • http://yahoo Adrian666

    All the Americans need to make a boycott the marihuana and cocaine.Too…

  • http://yahoo Adrian666

    ja ja aj jaj jajjaj a jajajaja ja


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