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California Auto Emission Rules To Become Nationwide

April 1, 2013 by  

California Auto Emission Rules To Become Nationwide

New rules proposed by the Administration of Barack Obama would implement tighter restrictions on sulfur in gasoline in a bid to curb motor vehicle emissions pollution. Fuel industry experts, however, are warning that the rules may also have an impact on the price of fuel and, by extension, the economy as a whole.

The rules, which would take effect in 2017, would reduce sulfur in gasoline by more than 60 percent and reduce nitrogen oxides by 80 percent, according to proponents of the plan. The so-called Tier 3 standards are modeled after tough emissions laws already in place in the State of California.

“We estimate the rule will reduce smog by 30 percent,” Bill Becker, executive director of the National Association of Clean Air Agencies told CNN.

Oil refineries and gas industry groups are speaking out against rules in the EPA package that would require them to remove more sulfur from petroleum, a process that they say will drive up the cost of gasoline by 10 cents per gallon or more.

A study conducted by energy consulting firm Baker & O’Brien concluded that additional rules the EPA could put into place such as a vapor pressure reduction requirement could drive the cost of fuel up by as much as 25 cents per gallon.

“There is a tsunami of federal regulations coming out of the EPA that could put upward pressure on gasoline prices,” the American Petroleum Institute’s Bob Greco said. “EPA’s proposed fuel regulations are the latest example. Consumers care about the price of fuel, and our government should not be adding unnecessary regulations that raise manufacturing costs, especially when there are no proven environmental benefits. We should not pile on new regulations when existing regulations are working.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Doc Sarvis

    These rules will reduce pollution, encourage conservation and efficiency as well as encourage mass transit where it makes sense. The price increase does have its benefits.

    • Don 2

      Yes, this will certainly help benefit Barack Insane Obama’s ongoing destruction of the American economy.

    • john811c

      I wonder how you get around, you probably drive a car just like the rest of us. Maybe you should be first and set an example for the rest of us on how to use public transportation

      • Don 2

        The Obama equation here is to make gasoline so expensive that people are forced to move back into the cities and take mass transit, thereby re-populating the rundown urban areas.

        After all, don’t you know that it is the flight of the white to the suburbs that is the cause of the plight of the run-down inner-city urban areas?

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Don 2 says, “After all, don’t you know that it is the flight of the white to the suburbs that is the cause of the plight of the run-down inner-city urban areas?”

        Gee, Don, that’s a pretty astute observation, even though I suspect that it’s a racist old-white-guy sentiment you’re expressing rather than representative of any sociological insight. I live in VA outside DC and guess what? Lots of “white” folks are moving back into DC, lots of “black” and “brown” and “yellow” folks that can afford to do so are also moving back, and DC real estate values are climbing. The “run down inner city” areas are being “gentrified”.

        Don also says, “The Obama equation here is to make gasoline so expensive that people are forced to move back into the cities and take mass transit, thereby re-populating the rundown urban areas”.
        Guess what, Don? The trend in the U.S. and all over the ENTIRE world is for people to be moving into cities, and the price of gasoline has very little to do with it. Will you and your ilk EVER get smart enough to stop trying to blame O’Bama for every real and imaginary problem the country faces?

      • Don 2

        OMG, it’s the “Angriest of Libs” again. Hey RBT, I don’t blame you for living where you do. After all, with the huge expansion of the federal government, it’s a known fact that that is the place to be because of all of the wealthy and overpaid federal government employees moving in there. I see that you guys are getting lots of new ritsy restaurants, and everything. Too bad the rest of the taxpaying smucks around the country can’t get in on all of that spending of taxpayers money to employ a bunch of overpaid federal government employees. Maybe you can help the rest of us less fortunate American taxpayers out? How can we get in on these government jobs, and move to where you live? Can we use you as a reference, if we pretend to be angry libs too?

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Don 2 is back with his April Fool’s Day extravaganza of foolish comments. I wonder how long he will use the oh-so-cute and oh-so-stupid “Angriest of Libs”? It is obvious that he still has nothing of value to say, but let’s humor him a bit—-it is, after all. “HIS” day.

        Don asks, “How can we get in on these government jobs, and move to where you live?”

        It’s simple, Don, do as I did at the age of 29 and put everything you own in a U-Haul truck and move here—-I came from NJ. It’s the wealthiest area in the entire country and not a bad place to live and work, even though it is getting a bit crowded. Of course, you will need to have a job, as I did before I came, and I’m sorry to say that you will need some intelligence, some education, and some thinking skills before anyone here hires you.

        Soooooooooooooo, sorry to give you the bad news, but you likely will be unemployable here (unless you want to work fast food). I have given many references for folks down through the years, and even got quite good at writing them for those we were “letting go”. Of course, I WAS able to find some good things to say about them. You haven’t given me much to work with on PLD so I’ll have to say NO to “Can we use you as a reference”? Stay wherever it is that you are now, we don’t need you here.

      • Don 2

        Mr. Angry Lib,

        RBT…..of course it is the wealthiest place in the country and getting crowded where you are. Just like I said, the huge and useless federal government expansion, under Obama, is the reason for it. It is the one community that is exploding in growth simply because of the huge federal government expansion. Thanks for confirming exactly what I said. However, you just don’t seem to be able to grasp the big picture…..GOVERNMENT EXPANSION.

        Oh, not to worry, I am not personally interested in moving to a crowded place. I prefer a big country property, and no liberal neighbors, especially angry ones…..oh, yeah, I forgot, all libs are really permanently angry…’s in their nature to always be angry, even when they do get their guy in the WH, they’re still angry, just because we conservatives won’t suck up to their guys dumb-ass Marxist policies.

        P.S. – I don’t need a job. I’m really sorry for the poor taxpayers trying to make ends meet, while Obama pays a bunch of party loyalist progressive flunky socialist, wages they do not deserve, for federal jobs we do not need.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Don 2 again uses his cute “Mr. Angry Lib”—–mindless and boring, but that’s apparently the way Don wants us to think of him.

        He then launches into some mindless parroting of right wing talking points with,

        “huge and useless federal government expansion”
        “a bunch of party loyalist progressive flunky socialist”
        “wages they do not deserve, for federal jobs we do not need”

        And a final spectacular display of mindlessness with “all libs are really permanently angry just because we conservatives won’t suck up to their dumb-ass Marxist policies”.

        Lord love a duck! Crackers are on their way for such fine parroting..

        (And I will repeat yet again that I am not a “lib” and therefore not “angry” at conservatives in a general sense. If I am “angry” at anything, it’s the mindless stupidity and ignorance of people who are being used and don’t see it, people who are too blinded by confirmation bias to seek truth—-that “tag” unfortunately fits many more conservatives than it does moderates or liberals).

  • COTom

    For the EPA to place a 2017 national fuel rule (regulation) might be a bit premature. How long has CA had low sulfer fuel? Were benchmarks taken before this CA mandate was put inplace? All future testing against the benchmark data would determine that the estimate of 30% smog reduction, is fact. OR is this a ploy for the gub’ment to further control the oil businesses, and with higher fuel costs, the citizens?

  • dan

    Talk about diminishing returns. and mission creep..We’ve gotten rid of most of the air pollution and they’re going after 30% of the last 3%….at an ever increasing price….
    yet EPA does NOTHING about the chemical spraying of POISONS for weather modification
    (see Micahael J Murphie: Why in the World are they Spraying )

  • Don 2

    Explains Why VW Passat Gets 78.5 MPG in UK but Not in USA

    • Doc Sarvis

      Are those Imperial Gallons or U.S. Gallon units???

      • dan

        American …and the engines are made in the Pennsylvania plant and exported (1,6 L diesel)

      • Doc Sarvis

        I can’t view the video on the link but the comments imply that they are using Imperial gallons.

      • Don 2


        The instructions on the site state to Click on the Graphic on the Right of the 6 arrows pointing to it.

        The report clearly states mileage to be 78.5 mpg Imperial and 65.2 mpg U.S.; impressive compared to U.S. standards.

        Also, the reason stated for the government not permitting these engines to be used in the U.S. is not new, just not widely reported.

      • dan
      • Right Brain Thinker

        The team of Don 2 and dan team up to spread disinformation, misinformation, and confusion. The link to “Joe Nobody” trying to make something out of nothing is mentioned again, so I will again point out a few things.

        1) The 65.2 mpg figure was obtained using the European testing methods, which are much less stringent than U.S. tests and produce higher mpg figures.
        2) The engine in question may have been made in PA, but it was designed for use in vehicles sold only in Europe and does NOT have all the features found on the “same” engine intended for use in the U.S. It will not meet the CA emissions standards that all U.S. cars must meet since 2009—that’s why these engines are “not permitted to be used in the U.S.”—–no “government plots” involved at all.

        dan spends his time looking for clips that apparently “prove” something to him, although he isn’t able to explain to us what that may be. This year-old “157mpg” clip is for a one-off VW CONCEPT CAR that has been shown at auto shows in 2011 and 2012 but is NOT likely to ever be built. It is a rather large hybrid SUV that will get 157 mpg in some alternate universe perhaps, but not here.

        Why is dan not spending his time finding us good links to the “ongoing four USAF chemtrail programs” that he says exist?

      • john811c

        Out dated information as a native of Pennsylvania I know for a fact that assembly plant was closed November 14th 1987 engines have not been made in Pennsylvania nor were they ever, they were brought in from Germany for assembly in cars here. There was Discussion of an Engine plant in Tennessee in 2010 but if the Germans pulled what they did in Pennsylvania there I will feel sorry for them. Basically they got to operate the Plant in Pennsylvania TAX free for 10 years a gift from the state to locate there, but as soon as the tax breaks went away so did Volkswagen

      • Don 2

        Speaking of Joe Nobody, look who is here? It’s the ‘Angry Lib’ himself.’

        I see that you watched the video RBT, and you are actually reporting some of what was in the video, although you naturally had to skew it to sound like there was some sort of distortion relative to emissions. This was explained, and actually came out in favor of the U.K. model because of the increased mpg.

        You mentioned a gov’t plot? Whatever do you mean? Is that the part about the government not getting enough taxes from vehicles that get “too many” mpg? So, that’s a plot, huh? Go figure!

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Did you say something worth responding to, Don?
        It’s April Fool’s Day and your joke is that you really have nothing of value to say?

        I was “actually reporting some of what was in the video, although I had to skew it to sound like there was some sort of distortion relative to emissions”?. Well yes, Don, I will say it again—-the video was nothing but “skewed” and needed some correction, as I explained.

        This is a nonsense statement. “This was explained, and actually came out in favor of the U.K. model because of the increased mpg”. Do you ever proofread your stuff? WHAT came out “in favor” of the UK model?

      • Don 2

        Angry Lib(RBT),

        I must have said something worth responding to, since you felt the obvious need to do so…..duh. LMAO

        What came out in favor of the U.K. model, was the fact that the vehicle got twice the mileage, with only 10% more pollutants. Do I have to explain everything to you?

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Don 2 says, DUH (most appropriate for a dullard, especially one who is “LMAO” at a joke that he doesn’t realize is ON HIM)

        He says again in his ignorance, “What came out in favor of the U.K. model, was the fact that the vehicle got twice the mileage, with only 10% more pollutants. Do I have to explain everything to you?”

        YES, Don—-please DO explain the math to me! The UK vehicle got “twice the mileage” of WHAT? Does that mean that the 63 mpg figure (US gallons) is twice WHAT gets? That’s only 32 mpg, so WHAT isn’t too impressive—-lots of US cars with fairly big and fairly powerful engines can do that and better. Whatever the heck are you talking about?

        (And I won’t waste the time to check, but I don’t recall the “10% less pollutants” claim at all)

  • Doug

    This is how they will make their “green energy” seem competitive, make conventional means very expensive so the “green alternatives” look not so expensive in comparison. And as mentioned earlier, make driving so expensive that people will take public transportation where the government can entertain them with their own messages.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    Only eight comments and Don and dan are already cluttering up the thread with foolishness. Don scours the web to find a clip from some nobody who alleges that VW Passats in Europe get 78.5 mpg. If one looks into the matter, disparities between the size of the “gallon”, mileage testing methods in the U.S. vs Europe, differences in the models offered here and over there, etc, the actual mileage is somewhere around what one would expect from a diesel with a smallish engine—-40+ mpg—-nothiing special. This is just more “see how the government mistreats us” crap. Don, why don’t you look for some TRUTH rather than always presenting us with “anti” garbage? .

    dan talks about “diminishing returns”?. And states “We’ve gotten rid of most of the air pollution”? Well yeah, dirty air is STILL making people sick and costing us a lot of money—-so we’re still working on it—-why is that a problem?

    dan then takes us off into La La Land with chemtrails, a favorite of the paranoid conspiracy they’re-out-to-get-us crowd. I will tell dan and others to google “Sprinkler Rainbow Conspiracy Youtube” for some of the best thinking about what the government is doing to us there—-shocking!

    • dan

      we supplied references and you supply dis-info …I had an ’85 Escort Diesel that go 50mpg
      for over 10 years and VW Rabbits have been doing the same since their introduction.
      There are four different AirForce Chemtrail / Spraying operations ongoing with one of them related to HARRP and another to Weather Modification…do look it up and QUIT shilling ,RBT

    • Right Brain Thinker

      dan says, “we supplied references and you supply dis-info…I had an ’85 Escort Diesel that got 50mpg” And I don’t doubt that you got 50 mpg if your driving habits were such that you were in the upper limits of the diesel fuel economy range. My point was that 78.6 mpg was misleading (and a video of Joe Nobody is hardly a “reference”—-did you check Snopes to see what they thought about the clip?). I will repeat, it was nothing but more “anti” garbage, posted here to make a political point. And what’s the point of the “EQUIVALENT of 200mpg” clip? The math is suspect and we have already talked extensively about electric cars—-what does it “reference”?—what does it teach us?

      dan says, “There are four different AirForce Chemtrail / Spraying operations ongoing with one of them related to HARRP and another to Weather Modification…do look it up and QUIT shilling”.

      I have looked up so much horsepucky related to HAARP and chemtrails since O’Bama’s election in 2008 that my mind reels at the thought of looking at any more. All my searches over the years found NO scientific evidence supporting the chemtrail CONSPIRACY theorists. Are there theories about injecting materials into the atmosphere for weather modification and combating anthropogenic global warming, and have some limited experiments been conducted? YES. Do they even begin to approach the nuttiness of what the conspiracists say is going on? A resounding NO! dan is the one who is shilling here—-for those who want to destroy the country by blaming THE GOVERNMENT for yet another thing.

      Tell us exactly which “four ongoing Air Force chemtrail/spraying operations” to look at, dan, so that we can see what you find so convincing that you would state it as uncontestable fact.

      • dan

        your feigned ignorance is as amusing as your deliberate misdirection….Why would I lie about my mileage and why would you consider snopes a valid /objective source when they have been debunked as unreliable. 2.L Mazda engine in a Ford chasis …50mpg and driven hard .
        And if you don’t belive me .maybe you’ll preruse:
        and if you can’t comprehend HARRP

      • john811c

        Seems Dan Failed to read his own article as it disclaims that Chemtrails was just a chosen name for a chemistry lab class by the Air force for use in their schools same as manuals written for the boy scouts ‘Scout-trails” or my favorite “Trails in Electronics” a textbook of the 70′s for beginning electronics students. But at any rate I reviewed the text of the book and there was nothing to suggest any kind of contrail chemical injection into the atmosphere it was more or less a chemistry work book

      • Right Brain Thinker

        dan says, “Why would I lie about my mileage”—-Does Dan have a reading comprehension problem? I said it was entirely possible that he could get good mileage from his diesel (although I didn’t know Mazda made one). I own two Mazdas right now and have owened others going back to 1990.

        Snopes IS a valid /objective source, even though they are not perfect. One can find confirmation for what snopes says, unlike the endless quoting and citing of the same “sources” that we find in the circular firing squad sites of the parrots on the right. The only folks who have “debunked snopes as unreliable” are the ones who don’t want to believe anything but what they already believe, and I’m afraid dan is looking more and more like one of them.

        As I requested, I’m still waiting for dan to “Tell us exactly which “four ongoing Air Force chemtrail/spraying operations” to look at, dan, so that we can see what you find so convincing that you would state it as uncontestable fact”

        His first response was a link to Chemtrails, the title of a chemistry workbook used at the AF Academy, which has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the “chemtrails” that dan alleges the AF is inflicting on us (other than the title)—-still waiting for citations for the FOUR “ongoing operations”, dan.

  • CatGman

    It is because of crap like this that California is bankrupt. Now the White House says “if it bankrupted California lets make mandatory for the whole coutry”.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Thanks to the efforts of CA’s Democratic Governor and sacrifice of the CA people the state has a surplus, i.e. it is NOT bankrupt.


      • Mr Diesel

        Really? Not bankrupt?

        If they are not bankrupt let’s see them pay it.

      • Tommy cunningham

        Doc, u must be a Californian, your not very bright, ca. Is bankrupt, I say once ca. Asks for a bailout then the rest of us who doesn’t live in ca. Should sue because not one dime of my taxes they take from me should go for ca. Because of their stupid liberal ideas, I mean its taxation without representation for me or other citizens in the other 49 states to support ca. Dumb ideas and bail them out!

      • john811c

        Lets see how that really works out for them its only a projected budget and the last time they did that projected thing they ended up going in the hole because people got fed up moved away or the economy contracted under the weight of Increased taxes hell you can raise the tax rate to 100% if no one has the money to pay it and live there what good is it

      • Don 2


        California NOT bankrupt?

        April Fools

    • Ron r

      One has little to do with the other. The facts are that the fuel industry would add to the price of gas with or without the EPA . They have no incentive to do tht hints like the EPA wants. How can cleaner fuel add to the cost when these bozos pay not one cent towards taxes on the billions they earn. Wake up and smell the fumes!!!

  • Don Rushing

    The higher gas prices, higher taxes, higher food prices, higher electric prices and many more unfounded regulations are all part of remaking America in Obama’s (the fraud) image.

  • http://yahoo don

    The dumbas_ running this country seems to believe everything can be done at once. these things he comes up with would take time which he doesn’t even think of. With his battle with the coal industry which probly supplies half our power source. They say the price of electricity could double. With us getting hit by inflation from the falling dollar where are we gonna be able to pay for everything. I think Owebunhole would put everyone on assistance to get by. where is the money going to come from. Anymore all we get from government is the destruction of our lives as we know them. too bad all people don’t get out and vote for the people who will benefit the country instead of the ruling elite cclass. the vote will still beat the dollar.

    • john811c

      You and I know where the Money comes from, They print more of the worthless stuff but it does not matter if the cost doubles after all Obama doesn’t pay an electric bill or pay for the Gas in his car or the fuel to fly in air-force one. The American tax payers pay for his largess

    • Ron r

      yes don the past four years have been hell for us real Americans. Lmao.

    • Don 2

      Hi don,

      I wonder how many know that much of the coal that is being mined in this country is being shipped by rail to the west coast, and on to China, to be used in their coal-fired power plants, which do not have the pollution control technology of U.S. coal-fired power plants?

      Oh, that’s right, I forgot, China’s air pollution stays in China…..

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Don 2 again obfuscates and shows his ignorance with “much of the coal that is being mined in this country is being shipped by rail to the west coast, and on to China”. How much is “much”, Don? Or don’t you care what the truth is because you are just playing the “China boogeyman” game and want to stir up the troops?

        90% of the coal mined in the U.S. is used here. The truth is that MOST of the remaining 10% that we export goes to Europe—-the amount of coal we export to all of Asia is about 1/2 what we send to Europe. Regarding Asia, we send more coal to South Korea and Japan than we do to China, and India is a close fourth. China is actually the world’s leading coal producer, mining over THREE times the amount of coal that we do (and we’re #2 in the world). The comparatively small amount of coal we send to China is nearly meaningless in terms of air pollution.

        China’s air pollution problems are way more serious than ours (because they have no EPA?). They recognize that and they DO employ BETTER pollution control technology than U.S. coal-fired plants—-particularly on their many newly built plants. We are not building new plants in the U.S. and ours are pretty dirty, particularly the oldest (and their owners are screaming bloody murder about being forced to clean them up—-must protect the bottom line, you know).

        Don may be trying for “cleverness” with this observation, “Oh, that’s right, I forgot, China’s air pollution stays in China….”, but the way things are going, EVERYBODY’S air pollution is crossing national borders and dirtying up the whole planet. The Southern Hemisphere is staying a bit cleaner because most of the land mass (and people and pollution sources) on the planet are in the Northern Hemisphere. That’s also the reason the effects of AGW are being felt more in the Northern Hemisphere.

        Do you really know anything about this topic, Don? Or are you just posting crap because you don’t respect the intelligence of those who read it? Or do you just like to run your mouth and look foolish?

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Small “d” don also rants on because he doesn’t like O’Bama and displays his ignorance about coal and energy issues in the process. Coal-fired plants generate a bit less than half of our electricity, which percentage is decreasing because of of the switchover to natural gas. Don’t know who “they say” is, but the price of electricity is declining in most places and is certainly not going to double.

      And I will say it yet AGAIN—-anyone who refers to the duly elected (TWICE) POTUS as “dumbas_” or “Owebumhole” is unAmerican, childish, and, in general, a moron. Get a brain and grow up!


    This is another misrepresentation of the truth by government about standardization of making gas for fuel and a another attempt to again misuse the truth and milk money from the tax payer.

    Standardization does not have to reassemble Ca standards at all and standardization should make the cost of gas fall overall because at present every state and county has different demand s and standards for the use of gas in their area all across the country that drives up the cost of making gas for fuel…..Keep a close eye on the untrustful clowns in the government, they are again trying to pull a fast one on the taxpayers….

  • Ron r

    If not for the EPA this country would look and smell like china, which btw has no EPA.

  • dan

    EPA achieved it’s goal but like most bureaucracies, it seek justification for it’s existence and expansion.
    How about 157 mpg :

  • Speak2Truth

    ‘Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.’ – Obama Energy Secretary Steven Chu

    The goal is to drive up the cost of energy. Remember, Leftists have spewed hate at America’s prosperity for decades. Now, they are in a position of power to do something about it.

  • Ken10

    I’m afraid gas prices are mostly driven by demand and as world economies recover gas prices are going up. Period. I’s a world market.

  • Jana

    What else is new? Everything Obama does is bad for our economy.

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