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California Attorney General Clears ACORN Of Any Criminal Wrongdoing

April 6, 2010 by  

California attorney general clears ACORN of any criminal wrongdoingCalifornia Attorney General Jerry Brown issued a report on Thursday stating that he will not prosecute employees from the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) or the conservative activists who posed as a prostitute and pimp on a notorious videotape that incriminated the controversial anti-poverty group last year.

Brown’s office launched the investigation in September after the release of video evidence showing two ACORN employees allegedly giving financial advice to the couple and helping them evade taxation.

While announcing that his office will not press charges against the organization, Brown, the leading Democratic candidate for governor in California, said the ACORN employees engaged in "highly inappropriate behavior" and that their organization was "disorganized and very poorly managed."

"A few ACORN members exhibited terrible judgment in videotapes obtained in the investigation," Brown said. "But they didn’t commit prosecutable crimes in California."

However, the report also indicated that the organization probably violated several civil laws, including dumping 500 pages of confidential information into the trash, failing to file a state tax return and possibly engaging in voter registration fraud in San Diego, The Los Angeles Times reports.

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  • Mark

    Is anyone really surprised on the outcome of this?

  • Ralph Kautz

    Jerry Brown California desreves him.If he is Govanor he will bankrupt the state,wait aren’t they bankrupt already.Maybe California’s too big to Fail?Maybe Obama can give them a Stimulas Package by using everybody else in the USA’s Money so the fruit,nuts and flakes can waste it on good causes ie queer more than equal rights,green projects,high welfare and medical care for ILLEGAL ALIENS ect.Now the whole country will have to pay for Californias largest,isn’t that just Peachy,NOT

    • TIME

      Ralph, Interesting point on being to “big to fail.” I would say let them become thier own country.

      Hey, Meg Wittman is running for Gov too, wow shes a real piece of work, so you have a choice of DorkO Demigod Brown, or Poser SlugOwit.

      Wow can’t get any better than that! Oh wait the Presidential elections of 2008, it almost slipped my mind it seems so long ago.

      • JeffH

        TIME, I haven’t wriiten meg Whitman off the list yet. She might be what California needs to straighten out and become a productive leader again. Still too many questions that need to be answered.

  • Jack

    I wonder how much ACORN paid Jerry Brown. It’s clear they were guilty of a multitude of sins. With elected officials like Brown, California deserves whatever comes their way.

  • Victor L Barney

    It’s all to keep the hard-liners from deserting the ship.

  • http://personallibertydigest tina

    Jerry Brown needs to be kicked clear out of the political arena,he is as corrupt as they come. He is a major player in Calif problems,he hasn’t one ounce of common sense.

  • kate8

    I have lived in CA my whole life, and it breaks my heart to see what this once-beautiful state has become. I can appreciate all the harsh sentiments here but, sadly, the California fruits and nuts are spreading themselves over the rest of the land, and your time is coming. Beware.

    Moonbeam Brown served as governor before, and ushered in the era of whacko liberal governance here. We all suffer at the voting whims of L.A. and San Fransicko, since that’s where most of the population is.
    Arnie seemed the best we could hope for to rid ourselves of Davis, and he did make an effort, but was thwarted by union-funded opposition
    and the people tied his hands at the ballot box. Since then, he just threw in the towel and joined his Hollywood cohorts.

    God help us from electing Jerry Moonbeam Brown. Again. There are a few of us conservatives who are still holding on, but they’re making it tough.

    • Tea Party Tim

      If your a Cal resident then you can help make a change both locally and nationally. Follow the link on my post name, find your state and get to work helping find qualified canidates.

      • Palin12

        JeffH…do you remember Wally George?

        • JeffH

          No, can’t say that I do.

          • Palin12

            Wally was a conservative talk show host on TV in the 80′s, only in California. He was a real fiery guy that would throw guests off the show. He was always calling attention to the illegal alien problem in California and has a portrait of John Wayne on his wall. He even had Gray Davis on once, made him look like a little wimp.

          • JeffH

            I’ll have to search for some video dialogue on him.

          • stephen russell

            He has to run for Governor 2 again, & he doesnt want to upset the votes.
            If he wins office (Godforbid) he may toss CA ACORN.
            NO I dont trust Gov Moonbeam Then & Now.
            GIGO- Garbage In Garbage Out= the DNC Policy mindset
            See Obama Carter Johnson theme.

  • JLC

    My Suggestion: From top to bottom — 1 cottonwood limb, 1 short length of rope, Brown, Pelosi, etal, 1 spooky horse. I leave the rest to yur inagination

    • V Cox

      People like you are exactly what is wrong in this country today. I know you think you are sooooo funny. NOT

      • Barb

        Actually JLC has a point, but maybe another more subtle way would be better JLC!

      • JLC

        I wasn’t trying to be funny. I lived in California under two Brown administrations — Jerry and his father — and have no desire to see a third. I no longer live there, but my family was there before it was a state — or, for that matter, before it was a part of the United States. I CARE what happens to it!

  • JLC

    My apology for the spelling error. I overlooked it when I proofed this.

  • Palin12

    As a former resident of the People’s Republic of California, I remember when Jerry Brown came on TV to plead for the life of William Bonin, the “Freeway Killer”, the day before he was rightfully executed. Bonin murdered at least 21 young boys and Brown wanted to spare his worthless life. This is your present Attorney General, California!

  • mark
  • JC

    The last thing a free and proud nation needs is a bunch of community organizers, corrupt or not. The last great bunch of community organizers I can recall from history were called the Nazi’s.
    So whether they are technically guilty in a granola bowl court house or not is irrelevant. The whole idea of such a group is immoral and unAmerican.

  • susan combs

    That wack job Brown was running amok in the 70′s and it appears he has not come off his drug induced high after all these years. I’m an east coast baby who always loved CA but could never live there because the wack jobs were there then and are still in charge o wonderland.

  • Doug Camcam

    hey my wife couldn’t get this web page to work right in my opera browser. Had to change to internet explorer, just thought you might want to know.

  • TIME

    Old Jerry Brown at it again, thats why its called the land of “FRUITS and NUTS.”

    Jerry was on a trip that day, and the clouds were so lush, the ground so green, and wow look at the water its glowing, man its all just so beautiful.

    Man can you send me $60 Billion to help me out dude.

    Come on just $60 Billion and we can be cool with that man.

  • s c

    I will sleep better tonight, knowing that ethics and integrity abound in cornucopic quantities in the land of fruits, nuts and flakes. So WHAT does it take to decide that prosecutable crimes have been committed in the land of fruits, nuts and flakes?
    Does it help to be ‘connected’ in the land of fruits, nuts and flakes? Does it help to have an
    extremely liberal political bent in the land of fruits, nuts and flakes? It’s a fair question, folks. Frankly, any state that puts people like Grey Davis or Arnie on a pedestal puts faith in a most peculiar closet, and keeps it closed at all costs.
    This only one reson why I could never live in the land of fruits, nuts and flakes. With this administration and Arnie, I don’t understand why anyone could tolerate being there, let alone find reasons to live in the land of fruits, nuts and flakes.

  • Susan

    Pretty soon the only way justice will be served is when people actually start organizations underground to fight for justice and punish those the govt. won’t.

  • Jeep

    Oh, come on. When I got stopped for a DUI in Cali I “exhibited terrible judgment in videotapes obtained in the investigation” and “probably violated several civil laws, including dumping” when I tore up the citation the officer was writing, but what the heck? It’s Cali! The judge told me to smoke a doobie and relax. But, my buddy protested gay marriage and was arrested and sentenced to 30 days! Now that’s justice.

  • s c

    Susan, you may more correct than you know. The way our country is headed, as long as the retards in Washington specialize in “selective enforcement of the statutes,” people in all 50 states will have to do the job.
    If that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes. Back in the late 18th century, King George [Obummer's alter ego] learned that blatant taxation without representation came with a high price. If every Obummer ‘fan’ in America has to learn that lesson
    again and learn it the hard way, I can live with it. Can they?

  • Barb

    What a crock! Jerry Brown is just campaigning for Governor yet again. What is sad is the kids that exposed ACORN are the ones suffering and that is just not right. California deserves Jerry Brown, if they are that stupid to vote for him, Pelosi and the rest of that Zoo, that is their problem. Who knows maybe the Big One is one the way(earth quake) and California WILL drop off the face of the map! Hopefully Pelosi will be in San Fran when it happens!

  • William Nealey

    Barb with our luck she’l be in D.C.,

  • Tom

    Aww, c’mon Barb. There are some good people in California. We just don’t have the money to get out and are trapped here. But don’t think we all deserve these flakes. Most of us want them out just as much as anyone. But with the Libs in San Fran and the Hollyweird crowd, the money just flows into their warchests. A regular guy or gal who would like to help in politics doesn’t have the money for all the crap they throw in the wind. Me, I think they should have all politicians strapped to lie detectors any time they speak or do a commercial, with a feed in the corner so we can see the needle jump all over the place every time they speak. I tell you, if I could leave this state, I’d already be gone.

  • Bear

    The fruits and nuts all came from somewhere ELSE and commenced to breed. They and their offspring have been infesting CA for decades.

  • Barb

    And that would be an awful shame wouldn’t it? But you’re right that is just our luck these days! Anyone out there know what has happened to those kids that took the video, I haven’t heard lately.

  • Scott

    Now that the Calif. Attorney. Gen. says Acorn has done no wrong maybe Acorn has found a safe haven, and maybe they will all go there, and get the H-LL out of Missouri.
    It sounds like Brown needs a few votes, and maybe Acorn can deliver, dead OR alive ETC.

  • V Cox

    Interesting there is no mention in the article of the pertinent facts. The video shown on fox news was a fake. The investigation revealed that the tapes were all doctored and that the ‘pimp’ arrived at the office in khaki’s, shirt and tie. If you are on a crusade for truth, maybe you shouldn’t lie about your exploits. ACORN has fallen to a big LIE. They worked for the benefit of poor and politically under served citizens and now they are gone. I’m sure you all will think that is fine, since you belong to the “I got mine, screw you” Club.

  • CJ

    NO V… we belong to the “I earned mine, now go work for your own” group. Jerry B. found fault with ACORN! He just decided there wasn’t anything at the state level to persue. That leaves open civil and federal possibilities. ACORN will get their just-deserves. The only people they really helped were those sucking the life out of the rest of the hard working class, looking for another entitlement.

  • JeffH

    V Cox, after reading your comment I realized that the ACORN might have fallen off of your tree.

  • JeffH

    Time, old Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown is still suffering delusions from his Haight Ashbury days with LSD. He’s already recruiting the SEIU unions to make the infamous leap of support for his bid to , once again, govern California.

    “A few ACORN members exhibited terrible judgment in videotapes obtained in the investigation,” Brown said. “But they didn’t commit prosecutable crimes in California.”
    I can’t dispute this…

    However, the report also indicated that the organization probably violated several civil laws, including dumping 500 pages of confidential information into the trash, failing to file a state tax return and possibly engaging in voter registration fraud in San Diego, The Los Angeles Times reports

    This is where I have a problem. My point is that the SEIU might not support someone that messes up their kitchen utensils as both the SEIU and ACORN have been partners in crime before.

  • libertarian nutcase

    Not surprising. Not at all. But why are they able to do this? Just another rhetorical question.

  • Keith Stone

    It’s pretty clear that the (typically) ignorant conservatives are proving themselves once again to be sheeple.

    If you actually read the AG report it’s pretty clear the bulk of the shown O’Keefe video is fake. He did now go into the offices dressed as a pimp, or claim to be a pimp. he went in dressed as and claiming to be a law student. The video was “highly edited” and in essence a fake.

    Now you empty-headed conservatives fell for ti hook line and sinker because it came for Faux News.

    I hope they bring back the old poll tests, because people stupid enough to believe anything Faux News says so not deserve any say in the running of this country. You should all be deported and replaced with people smarter and more productive like Mexicans. They have a better understanding of the language too.

  • JeffH

    If that is what you want to believe, go right ahead. Why did Acorn shut their doors and why isn’t there a creditable lawsuit against O’keefe and Brietbart pending?

  • http://?? Joe H.

    I suggest you check out the story as told by his father on TownHall!!! I did and I believe what the young O’keefe says!!!!

  • Upset American

    I suppose you can prove that Fox Edited the video. I deal in facts and take acusatory retoric with a grain of salt. Have been around too many years to be influenced by liberal or conservative rant without fact to back up. Always check your facts before making blanket statements.

  • Dude

    There isn’t a lawsuit pending because the State of California had to give them immunity in order to get the unedited tapes.


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