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CAIR Warns Against Racial Profiling In Wake Of Northwest Airlines Terrorism Attempt

January 5, 2010 by  

CAIR warns against racial profiling in wake of Northwest Airlines terrorism attempt  With many questions still lingering about the attempted bombing of a flight arriving in Detroit on Christmas Day, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has appealed to airline crews and security personnel to avoid ethnic and religious profiling.

The organization expressed its concern after two recent incidents in which passengers were allegedly targeted based either on their national origin or on otherwise ordinary behavior.

The first incident is reported to have happened in Arizona, where two men who were described as "Middle Eastern" and who spoke in a foreign language, were removed from a US Airways flight and questioned by the FBI before being released.

Meanwhile, in Michigan, police removed a Nigerian passenger from a flight after he became ill and spent what others considered too much time in the aircraft’s bathroom, the organization adds.

"While everyone supports robust airline security measures, racial and religious profiling are in fact counterproductive and can lead to a climate of insecurity and fear," said CAIR national communications director Ibrahim Hooper.

The appeal coincides with a statement by former secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Tom Ridge in which he suggested the alleged terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab may not be eligible for constitutional protections based on his foreign nationality and the gravity of the charges he is likely to face.

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  • Adam C. Sieracki

    For CAIR–a Saudi-funded, radical Salafi organisation–to pretend to care about ‘rights’ is a joke. This is a group that had a conniption over those Mohammed cartoons, and denies the existence of ‘honour killings’.

    The cruel fact is that young, Muslim men, predominantly of South Asian, Arab and North/East African extraction, want to kill us. Given that personnel, equipement, time and other resources are finite, does it make any sense to check the shoes and luggage of elderly East Asian women and children with Christian names? As for the vaunted ‘behavioral profiling’, some terrorism-associated behaviors are Muslim specific: Islamic terrorists are often depilitated, perfumed (usually haram) and recite the Shahada, in the time leading up to an attack. This could be construed as ‘racial’ (really, ethno-religious) profiling. Air travel is not a human right, but living to reach one’s destination is.

    The only problem with the new Obama ‘geographic profile’ list is the inclusion of Cuba (a sop to Latino voters) and the exclusion of Gulf States, like Saudi Arabia. The problem is that both the Democrats’ and Republicans’ corporate donors are so entangled in Gulf money that admitting that this is the source of the bulk of the Islamic terrorist problem is impossible.

    • dave

      They may be referring to the fact that Israel uses this technique to great effect versus the blunders we’ve had with back scatter imaging and physical/intimate invasion taught by – you guessed it, Islamic teachers!!

  • Jim Evans

    When groups like CAIR who operate in the US freely, campaign to allow Jews and Christians in Moslem countries to have the same rights as they have here, I will then take what they say to have some value.
    It’s easy to throw stones or make comments in a country where you have rights but until the country you came from or your parents or grandparents came from offer those same rights to non-Muslims quit complaining about what’s happening to you here.

    • c lee

      Ill go one step further, If you come here for the american dream know and embrace our ways if you cant do that go home. I see every natioality known come here with the pretence of the american dream but then they become isolated to themselves Ie, the chinese, the veitnamese the muslumes mexicans etc. etc. They dont try to fit in and embrace the culture they came for, they isolate themselves and continue the same things they did in their own lands. I guess Iam saying I just dont get it. The chinese for instance they are still plaguad by the crimminals like the chinese mafia and various other crimminals and when we try to free them of this they resist. So now not only do we have to worry about our american thugs we have to deal with the chinese verson, and thats true of all nationalities. I thought these people came here to escape oppression, apparently I was wrong. They want our fruits but they dont respect our ways. Ive traveled exstinsivly and I challange you to try that in another country. I say our govt. is too busy worrying about offending all these other countrys well I say the hell with them what about us.

      • Jana

        c lee:
        It seems as though they have come here just to take from us with no intentions of giving back or assimilating into our country and culture. They bring their own repressive culture here, and the politicians are only too willing to jump in and use this forum against the legal citizens of this country.
        This is all backwards from the way it should be.

      • dave

        You might find some answers in the fact that our freedoms were based on Biblical/Christian values and principles. Acknowledging that we’re all equal under the law (God is no respecter of persons, that we have the rights of ownership (the story of Ananias and Sephira) of Life and Liberty; these and more date back to the days of British law, the Magna Carta, and such people as Blackstone (well known and read by the colonists) proposing to “import democracy” with no thought of it’s foundation in the only One who is truly and self=existently free is a great deal the way BHO and the Libs work – it and they don’t!!

  • BillRT

    CAIR and everyone associated with them should be heavily scrutinized by the Govt, to determine what terrorist ties they have, and have their funding sources investigated. Muslims have consistantly failed to decry the acts of terror that are practised both here and abroad, why? Because they are sympathetic with these acts at best and secretly encourage the demise of Christians and Jews. Funny how these people don’t want to live in their homelands where their customs and laws are practised without contention. In Muslim countries Christians and Jews have Churches and Synangogues burned down, religiously persecuted, and imprisioned. If we applied the same standard to them, they’d be the first to cry “FOUL!” But when this occurres in their home countries, it’s their right. Ban all VISA visiting Muslims from entering the country, send them home to fight with each other (which is the real reason they left in the first place), and treat them as suspects until they start acting like Americans and turn their fellow Muslims that encourage or practice and plan terrorist acts in. The Bill of Rights are for citizens not visitors.

    • c lee

      Amen Brother.

  • Huapakechi

    Does one kill all dogs because of a fear of rabies or does one look for the symptoms of rabies before putting ‘em down?

    • DaveH

      Does one climb into a Polar Bear cage because not all Polar Bears are man-eaters?
      Why not profiling? If somebody is going to be harassed by ATA why not the most likely suspects?
      I agree with the above statements about the rights granted to non-muslims in muslim-majority countries. When muslims start respecting the rights of others, then maybe we can grant them that same respect.

    • c lee

      If you would like to volunteer to search out all the rabbid muslem dogs have at it hause we nominate you. Untill you come up with a full proof viable plan to look at a group of muslums and pick by site the ones that want you dead be advised I am suspicious of every dam one of them. Hu Rah SEMPER FI !!!

    • Tinwarble

      So you’re saying that we should give everyone blood tests to see if they are going to be a terrorist. Come on!! Not all terrorist show symptoms of being a terrorist, that’s why they call them “sleeper cells”, not “Silence! I Kill You Cells”.

      • Joe H.

        I sure would prefer the latter type!!! lock and load one twenty round clip and fire at OBL!!!!

  • Tim

    The fact being that none of these terrorists have a profile like a
    John Q. Public from the Christian Church of Anycity USA, might give us an indication that the bad guys are 20-30 yr. old males (soon to be females) originating from Middle East/Muslim descent. So, sorry about the majority of those in that description who are innocent and law abiding, but they can thank their jihadist brothers for the inconvenience of being profiled.
    The politians that continue the PC against profiling should be held personally responsible for all deaths, injuries and damage when the next attack is successful by one of these creeps that is set free (Gitmo), or allowed to slip through the cracks, because we didn’t want to offend someone.
    Wake up America!

    • DaveH

      Here is a list of Muslim-majority countries. Look each one up and see how much religious freedom they offer their citizens:

      And they have the nerve to whine here about being profiled and inconvenienced. Poor babies.

      • Pathfinder

        Well said!!

    • jim

      Hi Tim, I agree There is a certain profile that the terrorists fit,and it is a waste of resourses to look at the others just to give it an outside apearance that all is fair and square. I know all who fit the profile aren’t guilty, but if someone matching my desription was seen robbing houses in my neiborhood, the police would be derelict in their duty not questioning me, even though I didn’t do it.

  • Tyme_gypsy

    clee, it woulds like this: tickets says something like “mohammud muhammad abul muhummud”, he’s probably islamic and should be subjected to a a none-too-gentle cavity search them redirected to the rental car counter. If anyone in the family is wearing a hajib or burkah, same story. If he has a Farsi accent and a pamper on his head, same story. Carrying a koran & prayer rug? howling to allah the moon demon in the terminal? Looking for a footwash? non-Christian prayer room? There’s the door. That would take 90% off the top as it is the “devout” (READ: “radicalized”) muslims that are the problem as they don’t accept the American way of life & want to see the US converted to part of their oppressive, demonic caliphate. Wasn’t THAT difficult?

    Enough is enough.

    “islam” is not a religion, per se. It is a theocratic world view that is wholly incompatible with “freedom” & “freedom of religion” (since it is an anti-American theocracy) as envisioned by our founding fathers.

    • Jana

      There is a very good article from a man that has left Islam, and why he left.

      Leaving Islam
      By: Jamie Glazov
      FrontPageMagazine. com |

      He explains that most Muslims don’t comprehend the Qu’ran and they just do what the Imam’s tell them. He really explains a lot of things that are eye openers. Some of you might find this interesting to read.

      • Jana

        Tyme: and you are right Islam is not a religion per se, and it definitely isn’t peaceful.

    • Joe H.

      Come on now, don’t hold back!! Tell us what you really feel!!!HEHEHE!

  • Jana

    CAIR is only concerned about themselves. I quote from the article,

    “While everyone supports robust airline security measures, racial and religious profiling are in fact counterproductive and can lead to a climate of insecurity and fear,” said CAIR national communications director Ibrahim Hooper.” (Better they fear us than we fear them)

    The only counterproductive thing about it is the fact that they are being held accountable for their actions which is about time, and if their is religious and racial profiling they might get caught and they certainly don’t want that. The only ones who benefit from not profiling is them, and of course its all about them.

    CAIR is not the United States friend, they are for the terrorists. There are some good Muslim people, and it is sad that they have to suffer for their fellow Radical Muslims, but I haven’t seen too many Muslims coming forth and criticizing or calling these Radicals out. After all, how can we tell who is Radical or not unless the good law abiding citizens/Muslims speak up.

    • Pathfinder

      Is there such a thing as a good law abiding citizen/muslim–They ALL mean to rule the world or they are not TRUE muslims. Political correctness gonna have us all speaking Spanish or Farisi. Thank God that shit was not around during WWII. We would have never won it!!

    • dave

      Another word for terrorists is Muslim – I know, “not all Muslims are terrorists”; but all the terrorists have by some queer coincidence been Muslims”. Want an example; try looking at our president!!! Everytime he says anything, he’s double-speaking or lying, he kowtows to all the Muslim leaders of the globe, his thousand page bills are all pitched to destroy the country and are “self-funded” (10.5 billion in Obamacare), ad infinitum nauseum.
      An aside, where are all the “moderate Muslims”?? I haven’t heard any and neither have you. Those who would dare to speak know what would happen to their necks and other vital body parts!!

  • Fast Freddy

    I don’t really care what CAIR thinks or says on the matter of profiling. Common sense MUST take precedence over “political correctness”, it’s unfortunate for the truly innocent folks from targeted nations to be subjected to extra scrutiny, but, the record shows it must be done. How foolish of us to devote the same energies to checking out old ladies from Pittsburg as we do to people coming here from known terrorist countries. Totally ignore those CAIR folks who are griping and let’s get on with a sensible profiling system.

    • Jay

      You’re right Freddy…………….If we don’t profile we’re more than the stupid idiots the Islamists think we are. These people who complain about profiling, have lost their common sense. They need to watch some of the news footage from 9/11 again, just to be reminded of what these Islamists are all about. They need to think about if it had been their wife or kids jumping from those windows a hundred stories to their death just to keep from being burned alive. They need to remember that those people who died that day in the Twin Towers just went to work like each of us does every day. Then on the other hand, maybe they think that those poor people

  • Victor L Barney







  • Jay

    …………………..(to finish what I was saying), maybe they think those poor people just had it comin’.

  • Jay

    ……………….(to finish what I was saying)……………maybe they think those poor people just had it comin’.

  • JC

    And we shouldn’t profile because they haven’t “singled out” Americans for their attacks? American Islamic Relations? We hold still and they kill us…I don’t like this relationship.

    • Tinwarble

      Could you please stand still, I need to reload!!

      • Joe H.

        My answer to that would be well while you reload, MY TURN!!!!!!!

        • Tinwarble

          No, No, No, you don’t want to get sued by the ACLU do you?

        • Joe H.

          At that point, I don’t care and I ain’t missin’!!!!

  • Palin12

    Israel has never had a plane hijacked. Gee, I wonder why.

    • Robert

      They have accepted the fact that most Muslims want to kill them and they are taking appropriate actions to prevent them from succeding. Also, their economy is not driven by trial lawyers. Those sleezeballs get shot on the spot or sent to the US. Maybe we could learn something from them?

      • dave

        That may be why we’re in the shape we’re in; they (Islam) don’t call us “the Great White Satan” and Israel “the little Satan” for nothing!!

  • Michael J.

    Any time a young Muslim male enters this country with dubious credentials, that persons authenticity should be scrutinized. Especially if he is the President of The United States.

    • Michael J.

      Self, I think the double meaning of your comment was so subtle that it went over the head of most who read it.

      • dave

        Not all of us can decipher satire! And you’re right; they (including BHO) continue to tells us what they’re going to do and we wonder why they do it!!

  • http://personalliberty tina frost

    I totally agree with Michael J. If they don’t like being profiled,then pack your bags and go back where you came from!Because you will be profiled.These people have gotten way too much in this country for way too long.Our tolerance of that is what has gotten us in trouble.YOU CAN FIX STUPID IN THIS CASE.

  • Tinwarble

    Well, I just saw Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) on TV & she said heads were going to role, oh, but not Janet Napolitano, who said “that the system worked”. I guess that it’s just the heads of those that aren’t friends of Obama & the Loony Dems. That’s just more of that “Hope & Change” we can believe in.

    • Jana

      Sheila Jackson is a joke. Seems like not too much good is coming out of the Houston area now days. They have a man running on the Democratic ticket for Governor who is a Muslim and does not speak English without a heavy accent. They just voted in a radical homosexual for Mayor. There are a lot of Muslim/Islamists in Houston that are extremely radical. I am ashamed of Houston.

      • Joe H.

        I just got one question. How the hell did Ms Jackson, a DEMOCRAT, get elected in TEXAS?!?!?!?

        • Fast Freddy

          Good question Joe, I wonder how many bus loads of ACORN and other “community organizers”it took to fill out phony voter registrations [ many names from the gravestones in the cemteries] and then vote using their names? Heck, that system has been in place for a long time in Chicagoland, works like a charm. Folks would need to be either brain-dead, or really dead to vote for a big mouth like Ms. Jackson.

          • jim

            In 1960, Daily senior rallyed the cemetary vote for Kenedy. If some Dems out there want to keep voting after they pass away just get buried in Chicago.

          • dave

            Don’t forget all that Islamic money flying in under the radar from around the globe; that’s why we get unknowns elected; kinda like BHO!!!

    • JeffH

      Yeah Right and Pelosi says this is the most transparent and open Congress in history. I just don’t know who to believe anymore.

      • Joe H.

        As the old sayin’ goes, you don’t believe anything the government says!!!!

      • dave

        Believe what you see; not what you hear – you can see that BHO voted to the left of NARAL on survivors of botched abortions. Check out and other websites to see how these “straight arrows” (like “the Donald”) voted (he voted and contributed heavily Democratic).

  • J C

    Security…especially “Airport” Security is a joke. It does not work and the entire program is REactive. Meaning we don’t do anything about it until there has been a tragedy or an attack. As if they will use the same tactics again. No way, this isn’t about security at all.
    It’s about training. They’re training us to put up with a complete breakdown of our rights and civil liberties in the false flag name of security. This is social engineering moving us towards complete obedience and compliance to Big Brother. (sorry for the cliche)
    And now (this is priceless) we’re going to allow ourselves to be irradiated in walk through X-Ray machines…for our own good. This is beyond ridiculous…its just plain evil and its coming from the White House.

    • Joe H.

      J C,
      As further evidence of that, my father in law and I took my wife to the airport for a business trip a few years ago right before they started the rule that only the traveler could go past the security points. My father in law had a whole handful of 22 cal shells in his pocket. When the alarm went off, he gave them his card saying he had open heart surgery and they let him through. We got back to the car and he said look what I had in my pocket! I about wet my pants I was laughing so hard. By rights we both should have been arrested on the spot and detained but they didn’t find them!!!!!

  • MrUniteUs

    Muslims come in all races. Remember Taliban John.
    American born Adam Gadan converted from Judaism to Islam.

    Gadan Most Wanted Terrorist – Adam Yahiye Gadahn The charges are related to Gadahn’s alleged involvement in a number of terrorist activities, including providing aid and comfort to Al Qaeda and services …

    • Michael J.

      Two white guys in millions of Arab Muslim’s. What’s your point?

    • dave

      And, believe it or not, there are Muslims who have converted to Christianity such as Walid Shoebat, Usama Dakdok, and Bridgette Gabriel and Rifka Bery.

  • Unimpressed

    What a bunch of brainwashed racist Zionist retards you sorry lot are. You’ve been lied to you blithering morons! This was a false flag : how did he get on a plane without a passport despite being a foreigner?

    • J C

      Very Probably was false flag. Its certainly been done sort of routinely, hasn’t it? And now of course we get “more security”.
      Suits the pattern alright.

      And Racist Zionists? What the hell is that anyway? Racist is someone who despises another due to religious, cultural or ethnic differences. A Zionist is part of a Jewish(?) agenda of world dominance. You can keep your insulting analysis to yourself, it ruins any credibility you might have had, re: false flag.

    • Joe H.

      YOU are the one bringing up race, not us!!! I’m VERY unimpressed with you!!!

      • dave

        Are you aware that race is an evolution concept; it’s not in the Bible.


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