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CAIR Blasts Mayor R. Rex Parris And Senator James Inhofe Over Racial Comments

February 12, 2010 by  

CAIR blasts Mayor R. Rex Parris and Senator James Inhofe over racial commentsThe Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has called on Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) to meet with representatives of the state’s Muslim community in the wake of the comments he made in support of government profiling of Muslims.

During last month’s meeting of the Senate Armed Services Committee that reviewed the Fort Hood shootings, Inhofe reportedly stated that he believed in racial and ethnic profiling, claiming that "all terrorists are Muslims or Middle Easterners between the ages 20 and 35."

In response, the organization cited FBI statistics that suggest the vast majority of terrorist attacks on American soil have been committed by non-Muslims.

"It is disturbing to hear a member of the U.S. Senate suggest that entire religious and ethnic groups should automatically be considered terror suspects," said CAIR-OK executive director Razi Hashmi.

He added that by portraying all Middle Easterners as suspects, the politician "does a disservice to our nation and to its tradition of racial and religious diversity."

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles branch of the CAIR said it will complain to the Justice Department over comments made by Mayor R. Rex Parris of Lancaster, Calif., who reportedly said he was "growing a Christian community."

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  • Ricky Hunt

    This is a christian country and we worship God and Jesus. This is not a muslim country. Why is America wasting $$$$ and time for muslims? Send them back to there muslim world.

    • Victor L Barney

      It’s called freedom of religion, whether it’s true, corrupted beliefs, or even evil!

    • USPatriot

      Well, we are wasting time on them because “guess who” is a muslim. We have over 35 terrorist training camps operating within the US, 4 of them are in VA. We are destroying camps in other countries, but not here! Muslim way of life is incompatible with freedom. They intend not to assimilate but to dominate all non muslims. Everywhere their population numbers exceed 10%, they begin to dominate and control the political process. Some countries have banned further influx of muslim imigants. For our safety, we should also do that instead of paying $20 million to resettle Hamas Palestinians into our country.

      • Carmel Vella

        We are far too cozy in our dealings with all muslims because:FOLLOW THE MONEY: OIL OIL OIL…WE need to find out why it is that our leadership insists on getting our oil from countries who want to kill us. We give them our money , that supports their warmongering against us . We have here in this country of ours more than enough oil and coal to run the whole country for many years, which will give us time to gear up towards cleaner energy. Why then are we still buying oil form these muslim nations? Whose pockets are getting rich out of this , and causing death of our soldiers? Is anyone brave enough to look into this? God help us.

      • Georgia

        Why shouldn’t we profile Muslims in time of war? When the Japanese invade Hawaii what did we do….we rounded up any and all who were of Japanese ethnic origin….some were even citizens…but it was war and we protected this Country from spying and other acts of war against us, until things settled down and we won the war!
        We are so “politically correct” today, we can’t even see and react to the warning signs and red flags that surround Obama! Anyone else would be tagged a terrorist threat and placed on the “watch list”. He can’t qualify to be an FBI agent to guard the President of the United States because of his associations! So who is minding the store?????

      • http://personalliberty Angie


    • William Nealey

      I agree with you Ricky, most of them are opperatives for the terrorists any way. besides such a socalled religion should never have been allowed in the united states to start with. any socalle religion that calls for killing others just because we dont agree with them should be arradicated much like you do mosquitos and other insects

    • Robert

      Please go to web-site publication magazine: the
      Jan-Feb 2010 issue “THE THIRD JIHAD”.

      Every article in this issue of Jewish Voice Magazine is critical reading. The authors of these articles knows of what they write about “ISLAM”. Every Senator, every Congressman/Congresswoman, every Supreme Court Justice and every beauracrat needs to read and heed what is written herein as well as every State and Local government politician.

      The people of America need to read and heed and prepare to defend. Time is of the essence. The drums of war of the Government of Islam are beating.

      The Government of Islam is here and are waging battle. Its instruments of war are Judicial, Legislative, Administrative, Propaganda and Jihad. This Government has declared war on the United States and accepts nothing short of victory and it is past time that the United States Congress issued a “Declaration of War” against the Government of Islam and took action to repel and defeat it or prepare the citizens of the United States to surrender to the will of Islam – convert to Islam (become a Muslim) or lose the head by sword or guillotine.

      The Armies of Islam are here and rest assured they will be coming for…..!!! unless Legislative, Judicial and Administrative action is taken quickly to protect and defend the United States of America.

      God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have mercy on these United States of America.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      Amen. Like Australia said, we founded our country, we like it the way it is and if you don’t leave, we didn’t give you a personal invitation to come here. You have religious freedom in your countries so why you even came is beyond me. If the shoe fits wear it. I don’t know of any other religion that condones and has suicide bombers. It’s ridiculous to say the least.

      • Susan

        Sally; you never heard about the Kamakzi japan suicidal bombers with planes on Dec. 7th 1941??? how old are you. and what history have you been taught? oh i forgot. some things like sucidal bombers not being knew is no longer taught huh????

        as for the new threat. of sucidal bombers,, well these are alot bigger danger then japan was.. because not just arabian islamic muslim teaching and children of these islamic faith are the enemy. what of those that have become intergrated into the islamic faith from other peoples through the years. before 911… think about those that have been against the last few wars that were just conflicts. the vietnam war was lost because of not being fought to win, and people here from America going to vietnam and showing support for the enemy. and then the college students held rallies against it and that was a desaster in itself. NO SUPPORT FOR OUR MILITARY FROM even our own citizens.COLLEGE Students that had no idea what they had done.. Because of the teaching of College proffesors??? today a enemy of America and Our Government is known. A friend ??? aquaintence??? of whom??? Really Sally how old are you??? IF you do not know about KamikazieBombers?? I thought all people past 30 would at least know this.. does this mean Japan is our enemie no yet it could be that even some Japan people may be sympathizers of Islam Terrorist Notice I did not say Muslum I said Islam Terrorist THE TEACHING OF HATRED for anyone Called JEWISH, and a FRIEND OF the State Of Israel and The Jewish People OF Israel The Terrorist care not that when they bomb in Israel stores theaters they also murder Egyptian arabian people, People Of European Like Roman Italians, and American and Others that are Christian people from all over the world that LIVE IN ISRAEL TODAY. The Egyptian people have lived there in Israel ever since the Jewish returned in 1948 BY MANDATE after the WWII WAR.. Sally have you been taught about this war at all. or has that been lost also like the Kamakazi S. Bm’S Everybody wants NO SECRETS TODAY. Well sometimes keeping secrets from OUR ENEMIES need to be done.. KEEP YOUR EYES ON ISRAEL Because if this war cannot be won by people against TERRORIST HATRED FOR THEM WELL I do not Believe fior one minute the Jewish people will let JERUSALEM FALL and BE taken BY THOSE that hate THE people Of WWII. YA Sally the Holocost Really did happen in case that also you have not heard. Oh and if this post is just to much ya don’t leave it You can remove it It really does not matter anymore When one gets this old WELL Enough is enough…

        • Jana

          Susan, I don’t understand the animosity you are showing to Sally. She did not say anything that would disagree with your sentiments.
          In fact most of us agree with you.

  • Holton

    To Ricky .. many Muslims were born in this country .. so before you send those muslims back to “there” country. you might want to check their citizenship!!
    and since there are over 4 million muslims in this country, the bill for transporting them .. deporting, actually, we would be looking at billions of bucks many muslims are in the military and/or engaged in the health care industry …
    my cadiologist and three of my physical rehabilitation doctors are muslims .. and since we are getting on non-believers in JC (Jesus), my internist orthopod and urologist are Jews..


    • richard

      In recent history could you tell me the percentage of terrorist attacks and attempted attacks that were of Christian origin and the percentage of terrorist attacks that were of Muslim origin. This is why there is and will be a backlash against the Muslim community until these attacks are stopped.
      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    • Joyce

      Maybe if you were a Christian, you would not need so many doctors

      • Joe H.

        I AM a Christian and I have specialists for my stenosis, internist for my diabetes, cholesterol, and all others. I imagine that as my father died of prostate cancer i will need a dr for that one of these days. Jesus never said there would be no problems with your life here on earth. He said he would not give you a problem too big for you to handle with his help!!

    • Doug

      Yes born in the country to illegal alliens! That the first thing that has to be repealed if your are born in American and your parents or parent is and illegal then your are illegal! This law was put in back when slaverrely was in place so that the childern could remain in the USA

    • Nomad

      Some of the plotters of the 911 attacks on the WTC were “American Citizens” that were muslims. Paleeeez. We need to get them out of here. I can’t believe we are still allowing more to come in. But then again, as U.S. Patriot says: “Guess Who” is a Muslim. He should be the first to go. For TREASON, whom no one wants to even talk about anymore. Try going over there to the middle east and throwing them in jail or taking them to court for not being tolerant of CHRISTIANS. Good luck!

      • alice

        Go to They are trying to get this jerk impeached. They are working with prof Manning on suing Columbia University for fraud about Obamas claiming he graduated from there. Check it out.

    • CS Key

      Read the Bible…it is coming and the only “snake” wasn’t just found in the Garden of Eden. Muslims are and will be the opposition to Christians…unfortunately, it is us or them.

      Christians aren’t picking the fight, but they and their leader (God) will be ending it!

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      I think that you had better look again. Most professionals especially doctors are East Indian and mostly of the buddah influence. I would be very very surprised if they were muslims. Did he say anything about profilling of Jews? Since all of the terrorists are middle eastern and muslims, what is your point.

    • BOE

      Holton if your doctors are muslims ..I would change doctors. On the other hand Jewish doctors are some of the kindest and intellegent doctors I have worked with. Jihad`s next move is to infect us with small-pox or some kind of newly created virus. What better way to infect us than through a doctors visit? Think about it.

      • Michael J.

        What about Muslim beer store owners and motel owners who smile when they take your money? While alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs are banned in their country, they are all to willing to sell a twelve pack of Budweiser and a carton of Marlboro’s to American lost souls. And on your way out the door they might offer to sell you one of the many crack pipes that they have hanging on a rack next to the cash register. Also, you have to wonder How many of them contribute a portion of their earnings toward the purchase of AK47′s and RPG’s for the Jihadist cause?

        For a thousand years these people have been planning revenge for the Crusades through the reading of the Quran and the planned vendetta contained within it. Centuries of festering rage and the engraining of Christian hatred into the minds of their children until today it’s almost genetic.

        And then came the discovery of oil under the sands of their land. At last vengence was within their grasp. As a result of oil money they have managed to go from camels to Learjets in not much more than one generation. And now most of these Muslim countries want Nuclear weapons, which is about as scary as giving a chainsaw to a termite.

        What we need now is strong leadership to deal with this threat, not an inside collaborator. What do think the odds are that Americans would have elected a Japanese president during the second world war?

        • Jana

          I have a girlfriend from Israel who speaks and comprehends several different dialects that the Muslims speak.
          She was in a convenience store paying for gas and a coke, and was standing in line.

          The woman directly in front of her was paying for her stuff and the clerk said something in his native tongue and smiled at the woman. She smiled back and said thank you.

          My girlfriend looked at her and back at him and said in as loud a voice as she could Hum seh (this is the wrong spelling but it sounded like that) and held up her hand and he started shouting back at her. The lady asked my girl friend what was wrong and she told her, “He just called you an American whore, and two other names that were much worse (I wouldn’t repeat them here) and you said thank you.”
          Everyone in the store put down their purchases and walked out. owever it didn’t hurt him any because the next person that would have walked in wouldn’t know what this man was like. You just never know.

          When you say Hum say to a Muslim and put your hand up to them that means 5 times back on you. Also showing them the bottom of your foot is showing great disrespect to a Muslim.

        • Joe H.

          Michael J.
          Could you provide a link that shows that tobacco use is outlawed? I don’t think it is. Alcohol yes, but tobacco I don’t think so.

          • Michael J.

            Yes, you are right, I am wrong.
            Being wrong doesn’t come as a shock to me, it happened once before as well. Thanks, I owe you one.

        • alice

          We can’t win for losing. The Muslims want to take over our country and the illegal Mexicans want to take over the west.

  • thefedupamerican

    It isn’t disturbing at all to consider profiling in this case. It is common sense. It isn’t the blonde Norwegians who are terrorising this country, so why profile them. Islamists are the overwhelming majority of those who attempt terror on this country. So profile them. This is neither bigotry nor hatred. It is a fact of life here now. CAIR would do better to promote American Muslims who stand against religious extremism instead of whining that they’re being profiled. Sorry…not much sympathy there from me.

    • Victor L Barney

      Great post! Why? Because it is just plain old common sense! America did have such common sense at one time until the progressives took over the American school system around the turn of last century!

    • J C

      Head of security at Ben Gurion Airport agrees with you whole heartedly. BTW, that’s the one airport that has the most functional security in the world. Why? Because they profile and make no apologoes about it.

    • William Nealey

      I am in total agreement with the fedupamerican,

  • Donald

    This is america not the Muslim far east. Yes you are involved in most
    of the WORLD’s problems.
    You want to live in America act like you do and stop all your bull crap.Cair is an Anti american organization and like the communist party is trying to over throw our government.
    If I had my way you would be deported back to where you came from. You
    would never live here agin.

    • Victor L Barney

      I do believe that CAIR was actually started by a certified communist!

      • Bob T

        No, you’re mistaken — it was the ACLU that was started by a Communist.

    • Cynthia

      Amen Donald! Curb their entry! If theuy do not like our laws they may go to a Muslim country! Muslim countries do not have ant tolerance of other religions! Neither should we!

  • Holton

    fuerther Ricky .. coming from a senaotor from Oklahoma’s particularly cute .. I didn’t know that Terry Nichols and Terry Boom-Boom McVeigh were muslims .. along with the Unabomber and the Olympic Bomber .. not mention the KKK, etc .. and all of them well God-lving, Bible thumping.. Jesus revering Christians …

    • Joe H.

      funny you should mention the unibomber. Did you read any of his manifesto? He actually wanted some of the same things you libbie want!!

  • Holton

    this for Donald .. are you refering in your diatribe to me?????

  • http://AOL Peyton Johnson

    Why the leaders of this country allow anyone ( muslims ) that says they will kill all Christians into this country is beyond belief. They must be profiled to keep them in check, they have been trained to kill Christians from childhood. The simple solution is to send them back form where they came. The people of this country were so stupid and ignorant in 2008, they elected a muslim as president, a major screw-up.


    • William Nealey

      so true,

    • Albert McBee

      Profiling is here to stay. Whether the police say they are or not, it;s done every day. I find myself “profiling” the mid-eastern shopkeepers at the local 7-11, checking out their attitude and whether or not there are more than one present.

      Recently I went into a convenience store to request a reciept for my fuel purchase. There were three men behind the counter all of spanish descent, one was playing with a knife and the others were laughing at him. I caught the word “Gringo”, turned on my heel and got out of there.

      I will continue to profile persons who appear to be of mideast origin… they are suspect now that we are AT WAR with muslim terrorists. I have made preparations as each Christian should make for this war. I stay “Prayed Up” as my grandmother taught me. I maintain self-defense posture in my home and away. I have supplied myself with the tools of survival against the attack of any terrorist.

      I suggest that every Liberty Loving American exercise his 1st and 2nd ammendment rights while he still can.

    • Palin12

      Good one Peyton! Here’s another good one I recently heard…..what do you get when you cross a crooked politician with a crooked lawyer?… Chelsea.

  • nicoli616


    • Victor L Barney

      Hope that you are a Roman Catholic because this “Jesus” character you speak of was a name invented by Petrus Galatinus, a Spanish Priest of high order in the Vatican near Rome (It’s it’s own country you know?), came up with this name, when in 1520 the Pope asked him to “change” the Jewish Messiah’s name (I’m not Jewish by the way) into a name that would honor the highest deity of Greece and Petrus came up with Jesus to honor “Zeus”! That’s exactly how the Roman Empire did things too! Ever hear about the 3rd Commandment? Sounds like a “sin” that can’t be forgiven to me!

    • miffed american

      I will not bow down to them either. I will not wear a burka and I will not glorify Mohammad. I glorify Jesus Christ the son of GOD !

  • eugene

    holton…citizenship or not…get the hell out of the u.s.a. unless you are totally american.
    these people support, with their actions and their $$$$, the terrorism foisted upon the american public, by young middle eastern males.
    if profiling is what it takes to stop this bullshit…profile away.
    and to ship them out of the country for “billions” of bucks…
    so what? our country gives their countries billions of bucks in “aid” year after year.
    cut out the aid and fire up the ships.

    • William Nealey

      well said and I agree 100%

    • Joe H.

      Amen Brother!!!!

  • Donald

    I have seen people with wraps around thier head get sent through the check points at airports with out hardly being check.
    Then an 85 year old america gets treated like crap. Check history and
    see how many wars your kind have caused over time. Muslims are problems. Maybe not all of them but most are. I do not see you doing anything about it.The american muslim cair has not done a thing against the radical way of thinking by muslims.

    • William Nealey

      any socalled religion that sanctions the killing of ones own children because they brought disgrace to the family should never have been allowed in this country to start with. but the politicaly correct IDIOT are ruining this country,

  • Bonnie

    My concern is why do the Muslim’s get priority over Christians in this country? In our public schools there are pray rooms set aside for the muslims to observer their daily time with Alla and yet Christian children can’t pray or say anything in the schools that may imply their religion. They can use the Lord’s name in vane and get by with it put don’t share him. It is the same in events like graduation, etc. In the military they are trying to keep Christianity out of their speech and prayers. It is time for our people to speak up. The Muslim nations give grants to universities to teach muslim in the university and yet we can’t teach Christian understanding. Check out Georgetown University and Howard University in D.C.

    • J C

      “My concern is why do the Muslim’s get priority over Christians in this country?”

      This would be part of the overall agenda of destroying American values.
      This agenda is happening on many levels and can usually be identified by whether or not it’s a “Politically Correct” action.
      The goal is to dilute genuine patriotism and the notion of soveriegnty to the point where we sleep walk willingly into compliance to a world government that we will never get to elect.
      SO! First thing we do is stop being PC on any level and call things by their proper name. If it’s anti-American, call it that.

      • Susan

        JC how about Anti-Christ That is in the Bible , alone with Israel, Jewish, and Christian and Gentiles. Have we come to Where everybody believes that Utopia is Just around the corner? Or will they SAY PEACE PEACE PEACE and there will not be real PEACE. think about it.. HE LIVES.. SEATED with THE HEAVENLY FATHER..

    • Victor L Barney

      Why? Because they want to destroy us and America by history likes to answer government made depressions through war! Watch! America will have a war with Islam! Let me tell you that it probably will not be pretty either!

    • DaveH

      Do you have references to back up the prayer-room statement? I’m not criticizing you. I would truly like to know if that is true.
      That would be shocking indeed if it was occurring.

      • bbstacker
        • LindyMaeUSA


          Here is just one paragraph from the website you posted:

          “At some of these schools, such as Eastern Michigan University, the Muslim footbaths went in without any controversy. At others, however, including Minneapolis Community and Technical College and the University of Michigan at Dearborn, footbaths provoked heated debate and accusations that the schools were favoring Islam over other religions. Terry Gallagher, a spokesman for the University of Michigan, said the footbaths resulted from “years of ongoing negotiations with the Muslim Student Association.”

          Zuhdi Jasser, chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, told USA Today that some of these measures concern his group, which believes in the separation of mosque and state. “Unusual accommodations for one faith at the cost of everybody else doesn’t fall on the side of pluralism,” said Jasser (7-25-07).

    • William Nealey

      again. the politicaly correct IDIOTS.

  • Dan Bridge

    In what nation does allah give freedom and liberty like our Great God,His son Jesus Christ and our freedom loving servicemen give us?Name one!

    • J C

      Islam is as much a system of compliance as it is a religion.
      (this could probably be sadi about a number of religions)
      It comes complete with instructions for daily living like most.
      BUT…it’s the only “religion” I know of that calls for the murder of non believers. At least since the 20th century.
      I call anyone advocating my death an enemy…what do you folks call them? ;)
      I think I already know the answer….

      • William Nealey

        point well made JC.

  • Holton

    For your own information.. I was born in this country .. and I am a christian .. and I abhor people like you who claim to be followers of Jesus , etc., yet exhibit bigotry and hate for others .. but then I’m quite sure in your world. that you believe that if Jesus was still around he would be calling for hatred against Muslims .. and not acceptance and toleration .. the Muslims that are causing us trouble are out of the MIDDLE EAST .. not far east … which has a lot of Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Confucists, Shintos.. and yes, Christians

    • Victor L Barney

      Please read my reply to what nicoli616 says above:

  • nicoli616


  • Mike

    So , am I to believe that if most, though not all , dog attacks on people are carried out by pit bull types , this should not sway me , and I should not fear them until I find out I was wrong ?
    Fool me once shame on you-fool me twice…..

    • Doug

      Pitbulls are not the problem it’s the owner of them just like the animals Muslims it’s who owns them, the sheet head that came up with their book probably the same guy who wrote the bible!

      • Joe H.

        not very Christian of me but KISS the DARKSIDE!!!

  • Holton

    to danny .. ahh .. the Philippines .. Indonesia … Jordan …nigeria ..
    and by the way .. if we kick out all the muslims .. and all those muslim countries decide to “punish us” by holding back their oil .. after all, they can sell all they want to Europe and China.. Japan .. just how do you think thjat will effect our economy…
    and noone has answered the query about all those christian terrorists this coumtry has endured ….you know .. Terry and Timmy.. Unabomber.. Olympis Bomber .. KKK. all those other racist groups

    • bbstacker

      Hey dude, what about Billy Ayers and the “weather underground”? Oops, those were left-wing terrorists, weren’t they? hmm…how does that fit your play book, sportsfan? Cleverly, you leave out the left-wing side of the home turf terrorists.

    • William Nealey

      holton we dont need their oil if the invironmentalist were shut down and we were allowed to drill for the oil right here in the USA,

    • Doug

      Most of the oil we receive today comes from Canada eh!

  • Guy

    Religious tolerance is one thing. Being stupid about it is quite another. The simple and undeniable fact is that the quite intolerant Wahhabi brand of Islam seeks to establish Sharia law worldwide. IF there are practicing Muslims in this country who DO NOT adhere to the tenets of Wahhabi Islam then why has there never been a public outcry in the aftermath of terrorist activities here or abroad commited by the zealots of their religion? IF those zealots are just extremists, then why do we not see the moderates petitioning for peace? To be silent is to grant permission. IF it’s only a few nut jobs running around in the desert, then why were there untold thousands cheering on TV after 9/11. Fedupamerican said it about right. Islam is our enemy and they don’t balk at petty little rules. IF we do then we are cutting our own throats. I recommend a book entitiled ‘They Must Be Stopped’ by Brigitte Gabriel, a naturalized American born and raised as a Mulsim in Lebanon. She tells it like it really is.

    • Victor L Barney

      You definitely got it right with: “To be silent is to grant permission.”

      PS” Mohammad was an Arab Caravan “robber” who killed women, men, and children. He married girls as young as 6 years old and even married a Catholic nun! A religion that actually was created out of his ruthless behavior towards all mankind and it came out of circular reasoning similar to how a child of 4 or 5 years old thinks e.g., It is because I said so!

      • http://Don'thaveone Sally

        Don’t forget when Mohammad would have an eptlectic fit, they would cover him with a blanket and that was when he would have his revelations. Oh boy. The only reason the men follow mohammad is two fold, one is the total control over women and that makes them big, the second is it is a relegion that is very very restrictive, meaning you have to do this, you have to do that somewhat similar to the Catholic relegion on the have tos. That is the reason we call them all relegions. A true believer, believes in the Bible and believes it is the word of God which it is and when you become a true believer ie I believe Jesus was born of a virgin, was crucified and arose from the grave on the third day (Corintians 15, verses 1 thru 4, then you are a true believer and are forgiven of your sins commited in the past, present and future. That is it. No ifs ands or buts however, that is too easy for a lot of folk so they add all these things that one has to do. It is going to be very interesting when the Rapture comes believe me. You folks who don’t believe this, please read the Left Behind Series, all 12 books for your enlightenment of what is to come as we are now in the beginning with what Jesus said was the birth pangs. Hooreh

      • Jana

        Victor, When Muhammad (spit on his grave) was in his 50′s he married a 6 yr. old girl, but he waited till she was 9 to consummate the marriage. We call that child pedophilia here. Also, if someone double crossed him he would get a “New Revelation” from Allah his false god, that would tell him to kill that person. I think Muhammad was mentally off and too full of himself.

        • Joe H.

          Sounds like Koresh, too!!!

    • William Nealey

      you are so right Guy,

  • Holton

    I think the biggest problem this country has today .. is the majority of people on this thread .. blaming the problems om one group of people .. and calling for their extinction .. sounds familiar .. guy with a toothbrush moustache had a run at that …

    • William Nealey

      holton you probaly would have voted for him too,

    • Doug

      No the biggest problem is letting politically correct creap into our society when it nothing but Solialist propraganda! And I think you forgot who to care of the guy with the mustache

  • Anne Crickenberger

    if they can not live within our laws and Christian beliefs. I read that Muslims will never co-exist with Christians. If this is true they need to go back to their homeland because we will never allow the Muslims to overtake our country. They are a violent, uncomprising and ridiculous belief according to Mohammed. Go Back home.

    • Victor L Barney

      Not short of war! You already said it yourself!

  • Holton

    guy .. there have been public outcries from muslims in this country about wahhabi actions .. the problem for folks like you is that that news was never carried on Fox

    • Joe H.

      Show me the site!!!! what were there 10 of them???

  • shirley Freeland

    Why is there no outrage when everyone & his brother are criticising Christians but say one word about a muslim & whoever says it is in trouble. We need to get real in this Country & ask for it back. The people who come here are putting constraints on our freedom of speech & other avenues of life. This is just not right. We need to restore our FREEDOM OF SPEECH in this Country. If we speak the truth about a sect of people we should not be called to task for it!

  • Charles Weiss

    What Muslim Nation gives complete freedom of religion? THey want complete freedom in America to live and worship as they please but is that same freedom offered in their nation to other religions? Double standard!!!

    • Victor L Barney

      Just because I said that they used “circular reasoning” to create the religion of Islam, I was not saying that they were actually stupid, evil maybe, but definitely not stupid!

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      True – you are not even allowed a visa into their countries and Christians are beheaded. When a muslim changes from being a muslim to christainity, they are hunted down and beheaded. Now I ask you, is that a relegion you want to follow. I think not. I agree, don’t critise us GO HOME

  • Anne Crickenberger

    Muslims are welcome as long as they respect our Christian beliefs and laws. If Muslims can not co-exist then go home. This will never be a Muslim country. The Muslim religion keep woman in slavery. This is not tolerated in this country. Mohammmed was a pedophile, a woman abuser, a murderer, and a very violent unrelenting man. We do not care for this kind of religion if you Muslims worship Mohammed you can not co-exist in this country. We will never be a Muslim nation because it is too violent. We are Christians and our Constitution was built on this belief. We will fight for our Christian rights and you need to realize this. We will not always turn the other cheek.

  • http://AOL Larry Berglof

    I haven’t exactly been a big fan of R. Rex Parris but if I were still a resident of Lancaster I think I would vote for him. We are a Christian nation after all, and will remain one only if we value, and fight for our beliefs. I will give the Muslim nation the respect they “demand” only if and when they afford us the same respect.

  • BJ Monty

    I have never heard of CAIR and don’t really care to. When so called peaceful Muslims stand up and loudly and publicly condemn Muslim terrorism and those idiotic fatwa’s and start supporting American patriotism and acting and dressing as Americans do then we could even maybe should listen to their comments. How they act and dress in their places of worship is their business take it outside of that establishment then it is America’s business. If Muslims don’t want to be and act American then just quietly leave! Those that were born in America and adopted Islam then you are also free to leave as well instead of acting as if you don’t know it is like to be an American. If you think you would be accepted in a Muslim country as an equal dream on!

    • Joe H.

      B J Monty,
      I don’t even care how they dress in the streets! It’s how they act here that concerns me!! If they support my right to MY beliefs then I will support theirs. Till then NO!!!!

  • Dwight Mills

    I suggest that everybody read, “Muslim Mafia”. It tells the truth about C.A.I.R. They are anti-America.

  • Barb

    I think considering our major enemies at this time are of Muslim decent that a certain amount of profiling is not only OK but needed for safety reasons especially on airlines and at large functions. Having said that we also need to remember that yes we are a Christian country and we should never regress back to what we did to the Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor. I also agree that there are gross inequities in our country as to religious rights in public schools and in public in general. The Muslims do get special treatment at work and school for their daily praying which is not a silent prayer but quite a show. Christians on the other hand can’t even say a silent prayer or do the sign of the cross with out getting in trouble. During the Holidays kids learn all about Kwansa and Muslim traditions and use the words freely however Christmas is not to be uttered and is not talked about and they have “Holiday” programs in January now not December! That is why so many Americans are so against you people of other faiths and other countries! You come here for whatever reason usually to stay alive and then you bitch because you want everything the way it was at home and want to change our country. That is where the conflict comes in. If you want to live in America then BE an American. Leave our culture alone and we will leave yours alone. Try to force feed your way of life on us and we WILL fight back. We will turn the other cheek just so long. Also for those crying about profiling at Airports and such, I am a grandmother white American 10th generation and the last 3 times I flew I got pulled out of line and searched. I didn’t scream profiling, maybe next time I will and say they are picking on White Catholics!

    • William Nealey

      way to go Barb, if they like things the way they were in their countries then they should go back to their countries and take those politicaly correct scumbags(not what I realey think about them)actualy I hate them as bad as I do the other terrorist. so as Barb said either be an amarican or GET THE HELL OUT OF THE COUNTRY!!!!!

  • T. Raymond McCranie

    What other “terrorist attacks” does CAIR refer to? The only one I’m aware is Timothy McVeigh. Our National Security and the safety of our citizens trumps “diversity” and “tolerance.” They need to deal with and get rid of their “sensitivities” and be patriotic Americans . . . Not Islamic-Americans. Just Ameericans. The Senator has nothing, zilch, nada, to apoligixe for.

  • David Hutson

    CAIR is nothing but a “front” organization trying to put a nice face on the ugly side of Islamic Radicalism. The Islamists here are doing what they have always done in every country they have “invaded”. Yes, invaded. They are not satisfied to imigrate to a country to be free to practice their own religion in their own way their goal and purpose is to use our own laws and system to destroy our constitution and system of government which was written and designed by JEDEO/CHRISTIAN people, for judeo/christian people. The islamists are never satisified with any form of democratic government. They want to replace it with a THEOCRATIC DICTATORSHIP UNDER SHARIA LAW.
    Our constitution prohibits the government from establishing or mandating adherence to any religion. In their “world” their religion is the government. A fanatically religious kind of government where the only authority and the only “law” comes from a bunch of fanatical religious thugs.

    Any who wants to know the truth about Islam and it’s so calle prophet should read the book by Rober Spencer, “The Truth About Muhammed, Founder of The World’s Most Intolerant Religion”.

    • David Hutson

      Since when is Islam a “race”. Profiling people who closely resemble the others who have committed acts of terror or even common crimes is not “racial profiling”. Profiling BEHAVIOR is the technique that will detect and identify people who may be a threat most effectively. Profiling by behavior ignores appearance, religion, and race. Factors that must be included in BEHAVIORAL PROFILING include known statements, past travel patterns, past associations with known or suspected terror sponsors, and perpetrators, methods used to purchase travel tickets, and many other factors. Law enforcement agencies use profiling all the time to identify “persons of interest”, and eliminate others from criminal investigations. Profiling is normally based on trying to figure out who is most likely to be a threat, and subjecting them to closer scrutiny, and not wasteing time and resources doing microscopic examinations of people who are very unlikely to be a threat.

      So based on terrorist attacks, or attempted ones, and the knowledge we have about the perpetrators it is a stupid, dangerous, and irresponsible exercise in political correctness to NOT profile according to past perpetrators.

      Oh, and one more thing. Since a huge majority of attempted and successful terrorist attacks have been carried out by Islamist Radicals, then if you’re a Muslim, and especially a muslim of a certain age demographic, then you better be prepared to be scrutinized under the microscope. Don’t like that? Okay, so we’re told the “good muslims”, the peaceful ones far outnumber the bad ones. So, here is a novel idea for you. Your “jihad” should be to save your religion from the radical destroyers whose actions bring discredit and shame on your religion every day. If you truly belive that your religion is worth saving and is not just a cult of hatred, violence and oppression, then it is up to you to take the necessary actions to saved it from the radical cultists.

    • William Nealey

      well said David and right on,

    • Charley

      Read the book MUSLIM MAFIA For the latest proof that they want control of our country by 2050. At this rate may be sooner..

  • BJ Monty

    It is not hard to wonder why one born a comes to America. In a Muslim led country if you are against the religious teachings of a degenerate crew of Ayatollah’s and their Imam’s and Mullah’s you are a heretic and are to be killed if you are against the same Ayahtollah’s and their thugs political rantings you are a traitor and are to be killed so just what room is there for anything else but Islamic slavery? If you are a women set down (or lie down) shut up and do what you are told when you are told to do it the way you are told to do it in all things by a man. What kind of life stuck in the old testament is that? There is no way that Islam and freedom can exist side by side one or the other has to go. Americans are starting to sloooowly wake up (if they ever do) but when and if they do political correctness will be the first casualty, Islam the second in this country.

    • William Nealey

      and the sooner the better for both,

  • Del Abbey

    Why should we not profile?! Muslims have been at the core of most world terrorism for the last decade or more. I certainly do profile. I do no business with any muslim nor will I socialize with them. There are too many instances to list where Muslims have been the instruments of murder and destruction, even in our own country. Their sixth century culture should be kept in the mideast where they can continue killing each other as they have for many centuries. Then who cares!~ Have at it maybe you will eradicate yourselves allah be praised!

    • William Nealey

      if they only would erradicate them selves, the only problem with that some dumb politician would decide we had to save them and we would wind up saving the sorry lot from themselves,

  • Holton

    by the way Anne ..
    Jews have their own laws in this country .. as do catholics .. we gonna deport them .. those laws refer to divorce and marriage .. as well as dietary laws for ther Jews ..
    we gonna them??

    • Doug

      Heres and idea STFU you are just ignorant! Jews follow the laws of this country and love this country unlike MuslimS!

    • William Nealey

      quit nitpicking,

    • Joe H.

      The Jews I know follow the laws of this land just like I do. Some of them I follow only because I have to unlike the liberal ACORN bunch from the liberal side!!!!

    • Jana

      Holton, The Muslims do not assimilate themselves into our society. They stay off by themselves. When you come in contact with Muslims at the store they totally ignore you, and the men are very rude to the women. Their women are nothing but possessions to them and you very seldom see a Muslim woman out without her husband. When you do, she will smile back, but not if they are with their husband. They will not look you in the eye.
      A woman in the store dare not be standing where a Muslim man wants to be because he will push you aside.
      I think they need to make a bacon fragrance room freshener that we can carry with us.

  • Fred Russell

    Get these scum bags out of this country no matter what we have to do to send these idiots back where they came from. We can’t even enjoy our freedom anymore for having to worry about these bums trying to kill our children and family, and tell us we can’t live as a christian nation as we have for the past 200 years. Enough is enough. By the way I wish to thank Sen. Inhofe for speaking the truth, because if we had had profiling before then 911 would never have happened and many thousands of Americans would still have their families. If they want freedom and our way of life when they come here then act like Americans and accept ours, if not stay where you are.

    • William Nealey

      you are so right Fred,

  • DaveH

    There is no doubt in my mind that if they acquired a majority in our country, we would have no religious freedom. They are by far the most intolerant religion on this earth.

    • William Nealey

      its not a true religion. its a cult,

  • Susan

    DaveH is correct. We confiscate Granny’s needles, yet let the young Arabic male on the plane – no questions asked. Time to profile.When CAIR stands up and demonstrates the courage to denounce the radical Islam terrorists, we can revisit this.

    • William Nealey

      they never will. they would be killed by their own people if they did,

  • bargal

    I say if CAIR cares so much about the majority of Muslims being good citizens then it is time for CAIR to stand up against the RADICAL MUSLIMS and get all the honorable Muslims to do the same publicly and loudly. Why do they sit in the corner and say nothing about the brothers and sisters that are hell bent on killing innocent people they determine are infidels?” Is it because they too are scared of those of their own religious beliefs?

    • William Nealey

      yes they are scaired of their own religion. when a bunch of scumbags will kill their own children because they embarrased them what do you expect. the embarrasement? dating out side of their socalled religion. nothing more than a cult and a very dangerouse one at that. all hatred preaching imams and aiyatollahs should be rounded up and publicly hanged,

  • LindyMaeUSA

    As a former missionary to East Africa, my “philosophy” toward “other religions” has always been general acceptance and certainly, tolerance.

    However, when I watched the trailer for the movie: “Obsession” showing a front toothless 6 year old girl thrusting her fist in the air while repeatedly spitting and shouting: “I will be a Suicide Bomber! I will be a Suicide Bomber!” I was instantly sickened, then SO ANGRY at the “No Mercy!” soulless demons who had ripped her innocent childhood away to satisfy their maniacal obsession!

    Fortunately, I don’t have to be hit in the head with a brick to FULLY understand WHO MY ENEMIES ARE and their “army” is growing every time a Muslim woman gives birth whether she’s moderate OR radical!

    See for yourself:

  • larry

    I bought a koran to read to see for myself what the big deal was. It was so disgusting I now use the pages in the outhouse, good for that

    • William Nealey

      I wouldn’t even use it for that,

    • Joe H.

      Careful Larry, they might put a death warrant on you!!!! They did to a editorial cartoonist just for drawing a cartoon of Muhammad!!!

      • larry

        I live in a state that has a stronggg castle doctrine let them come!

  • Cujo47

    Islam is not a religion, it is a cult. What kind of religion would encourage the murder of innocents simply because they don’t have the same beliefs. Muslim immigration needs to be stopped. If they want to remain in our country they need to shut up and learn how to become American, not Muslim.

    • William Nealey

      100% correct,

  • kevin

    David Check out Michigan college if you think Bonnie is wrong …They have added a feet washing room for just Muslins….. who paid for it? You did…. wake up,, they want our laws changed to theirs and are on the way now with Obama and his kooks.

    • William Nealey

      Kevin is right. all the more reason for getting rid of obama and his kooks and crooks,

  • http://personalliberty tina frost

    I’m very suspicous of CAIR,I believe they are a front for Muslim Mafia,If they don’t like what we do here in America”Guess What”? Go back where you came from. PLEASE

  • Donna

    I agree with all of the comments being made. I myself am tired of being the one accused of profiling. Are they not profiling by wanting to kill all Americans? This country is a Christian nation no matter what Obama says.Yes we do have a right to religious beliefs, however if we do have christian beliefs, we are the ones they want to suppress. Cair needs to come out and decry “muslim terrorists”. Kudos to the mayor of Lancaster, Ca for wanting “to grow a christian community”. It’s about time someone had the guts to stand up for their beliefs.

    • William Nealey

      Donna you are so right. I have an old friend from lancaster california and I am sure he stands with the mayor.

  • Jeff

    Why is it when obama said this was a muslim nation the damn liberals just bent over and took it and no one really complained? And now you have a mayor who wants to have a Christian city and we have radical muslims contacting the justice department complaining.

    I do believe this country was founded on Christian principles and over the course of our short history the damn liberals have done everything they can to chase God out of this country.

    • William Nealey

      look to your politally correct idiots and you will find the answer Jeff,

  • Robert

    It’s time to identify all those who are CAIR members and post their names, profiles, pictures,family members, where they work, their US citizen status, home address, and every other conceivble piece of information about them on the internet. This way the American people can vet them to see if they present a clear and imminent danger to the United States of American. I doubt our government has done any vetting on them. And while were’re at it, list every organization and person who contributes or supports CAIR. Why? Because I CARE about American and everyone who is in our courty legally.

    • William Nealey

      I’m with you Robert, then we could quit buying from companys who suport cair as we should,

  • Not-Impressed

    It is not merely a belief that this country was founded on Christian principals. Dig deeper into the real history of this great nation and what our founding fathers had to say. Look at the first sentences of the preambles of every state in this nation and you will see for yourself that every one had a deep respect for the creator whom is the Almighty God.
    When God is no longer in control of his people then destruction is soon to follow.
    Read THE BOOK.

    • Jeff


    • LindyMaeUSA

      “Those peope who will not be GOVERNED by God, will be RULED by tyrants.” ~William Penn

      So the big question is: “Do you want to be GOVERNED, or RULED!”

      • Joe H.

        you think Obummer isn’t trying to RULE you right now???? Then you need to take the plugs out of your ears and open your eyes!! Also use your brain for something more than American Idol and soaps!!!!

        • LindyMaeUSA

          Joe dear,

          What a shock!? I have absolutely no clue HOW you mis-interpreted my comment so “far off” but I’ve KNOWN Obama’s agenda for 13 months and have spent that much time and energy trying to “awaken” the sleeping Americans in the far north state where I live, but to no avail!

          Also, just for the record (though I certainly don’t owe you an explanation:) I have NEVER watched soap operas in my life and out of curiosity, looked at the other show MAYBE twice since its inception.
          Actually, I don’t watch TV at all prefering to get “the truth” (more-or-less) from the Net.

          When I’m not researching the internet, I read constantly. In fact, (and only if you’re interested,) have a look at Chapter 1, “The
          Chronological History of the New World Order” in Ted Flynn’s book: “Hope of the Wicked” – The Master Plan to Rule the World . . .

          I guarantee: that documented and verified information will “knock your socks off!” ;-)

          • Joe H.

            I am a big enough man to admit if I am wrong and in this case I guess I was and I appologise!!! I am sorry!

        • JC

          Joe & Lindy, seems odd that you two would be locking horns over those two terms – Governed & Ruled.
          I personally don’t need to be either Governed or Ruled. A federal government who’s priority is to protect and preserve our borders from foreign aggression, maintain a civil police force and a functional justice system…doesn’t need to Govern or Rule me…it’s only job is to “protect” me and you and our rights…at least that’s what our Constitution tells us. Doing those three things and little if anything more is all the promotion of the general welfare I need from them.

          Just a thought. :)

          • LindyMaeUSA

            JC dear,

            Thank you for your kind comments; I appreciated them.

            Just to try and clarify a little, Joe and I weren’t “locking horns” over the interpretation of “Governed or Ruled” . . . it was a simple misunderstanding of the two words which is the MAIN reason I’m always reticent about WRITTEN comments.

            As you know, that type of communication lacks the benefit of facial expression or voice inflection which unfortunately, often results in “misunderstandings and/or misinterpretations.”

            However, I was so blessed by Joe’s gracious humility in admitting his quick, albeit, incorrect assumption of my comment. What a man! :-)

            Since Obama’s tyrannical decisions began and his obvious “agenda” to destroy our beautiful Country and freedoms, I started memorizing quotations that “spoke to my heart!” to try and encourage our Countrymen to “pay attention” to what’s being done to us and resist Obama’s detrimental “changes” to our Country!

            So, in that posting, I used Jefferson’s quote simply to emphasize how much more agreeable it is for us to be governed by God (not literal governing, just following His philosophies (i.e. Love thy neighbor as thyself, etc.) as opposed to being literally ruled by any tyrant (e.g. Obama or anyone else!)

            Be blessed and have a great week! :-)

  • Art Lindman


  • Bob Miller

    Take a hard, long look at CAIR.

    Follow the money trail and see WHO is funding them.

    My take on Muslims throughout the world.. many are trouble makers no MATTER what country they are in.

    By allowing the necessary religious freedom that they DEMAND. They are gradually taking over the world.

    Muslim profiling is a necessary evil of the SECURITY OF THE AMERICAN CITIZENS. If one life is saved by the racial profiling of Muslims then that is a price worth paying.

    As a matter of fact.. I personally think that ANY MUSLIM that is a radical Muslim, speaks ill of America.. MUST BE DEPORTED and never allowed into our country again.

    If they become CITIZENS of the United States and renounce Radical Islamic tendencies… then they have the RIGHTS of a Citizen.

    Until that time they should receive no welfare, no food stamps, no government benefits at all.

    There is no way that American Taxpayers should be paying any funds for immigrants and illegal immigrants.


    CAIR must be disbanded and treated as a criminal organization. Ring Leaders can be sent to Gitmo to be with the TERRORIST BROTHERS.

    • Barb

      I have to agree with you and most of the rest of the respondents as well.
      We need National Security against illegal immigrants and Napalatano doesn’t even seem to know what the term illegal means! Amen to everything you said, God Bless all the bloggers that are for America as a free country under God and pray that Obama and his wicked cronies are defeated before 2012! God Bless the New American Revolution when it starts!

      • Joe H.

        I wonder if any one has seen NAPOLITANOS green card????

  • Dee

    Does anyone remember when ‘Obama’ told George Stephanopalos that ‘John McCain never questioned me about my Muslim faith? Does that tell you anything about Obama.. Or, when Obama said in Cairo, ‘America will never be at War with Islam’ & “America is a Muslim Country’.. now I wonder, who would ever say that? Any President you know of? Perhaps, only ‘another Muslim’??? I live in the Lancaster, CA area .. This community was & is a “Christian Community”, very few Muslims live here..It’s a community of approx. 250,000 people .. So, in the past year, the ACLU has threatened lawsuits against this small community for opening up their monthly ‘Council Meetings’ with a prayer, by various clergymen.. now CAIR.. an ANTI-AMERICAN group doesn’t like it that WE are a Christian Community, give me a break!! When will it end? .. These groups are tearing at the thread of every community…spewing nothing but their ‘hate’ for America .. I’m glad that the Mayor stands up for HIS community, unlike Los Angeles… who would NOT take on the ACLU, and was forced to remove a small cross on the County flag!! I’m disgusted by both of these organizations …They’re tearing America apart, city by city, to push their RADICAL AGENDA’s … Cities across the Nation need to start standing up and ‘fighting’ for their beliefs, whatever they are .. and ONE GROUP — ‘CAIR’.. should be ‘investigated’ for their MAFIA tactics.. Of course, I don’t expect the President to start any investigation against these RADICAL groups… He’s one of them!!

    • William Nealey

      the aclu and cair should be outlawed and a lot of them should be made to pay the surpreme penalty,

    • Joe H.

      do they have a defense fund that we can donate to???

    • JC

      Towns in Germany are keeping them out by simply refusing to issue building permits for Mosques.

      • Joe H.

        Sounds like a plan. Now if we could just get ALL county building departments to disallow them here in the states and get the bleeding hearts to stay out of it!!

  • Texas Grandma

    I am retired from Corections here in what? I still have conections with Law Enforcement. Have you heard about the Church burnings in and around Dallas? Guess who the “Prime ” suspects are?

    • JC

      Ummm…The Walking Dead?

  • Geronimo

    Being of Native American descent, I may go to the White Mans church on Sunday, but I am somewhat of a religous eclecticist. monthly during the times of the first new moon in the west and the full moon I go to the sacred hill and follow the rituals of the Medicine Wheel and again dedicate myself as a warrior of the Absarokee. Like the line in the old Paul Revere and the Raiders song; “Although I wear a shirt and tie I’m still a Red Man deep inside” I accept the teaching of the Buddah when he said..”But whatsoever after due meditation and analysis you find conductive to the good, the benefit and the welfare of all beings that thing believe and cling to and take it for your guide.” I am open to all arguments and will listen and evaluate. But damned if I will submit to some religion of mindless fanaticism. I find Islam to be so in opposition to my values that I am somewhat sceptical of whatever thev say that may be positive. I do not consider myself to be their enemy..yet, but i will keep an eye on them and stay on low level alert.

    • William Nealey

      well geronimo they consider you to be their enemy,

    • coal miner


      Mr,you sound like a werewolf.I hope you are not hanging around that Jeffh and those wierd Satanic friends of his.Howling at the moon,gives people the wrong impression.The medical term for werewolf is lycanthropy.Here are the symptons.

      1:Urinating on trees,called mark trees.
      2:Sniffing wolves’ or people’s This happens in factories.they called it brown nosing,layman’s term.

      I haven’t look,but there may be a full moon out.I got to be a going now.

      • Joe H.

        brownnosing is a true union habit not a werewolf symptom!!!!!

  • ohsaycanwesee

    Senator James Inhofe, the MAJORITY of the people of the United states of America stand with you. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO APOLOGIZE TO ANYBODY! DO NOT ALLOW these Muslim people to bully you and our government had better stand with you too!

    • William Nealey

      right on!!

  • Michael J.

    Care to know the facts about C.A.I.R.?

    Let there be no doubt that the Council on American-Islamic Relations is a terrorist supporting front organization that is partially funded by terrorists, and that CAIR wishes nothing less than complete domination and the implementation of Sharia Law in America.

    CAIR has proven links to, and was founded by, Islamic Terrorists.
    CAIR actively supports terrorists and terrorist-supporting groups and nations.

    CAIR is an organization founded by Hamas supporters which seeks to overthrow Constitutional government in the United States and replace it with an Islamist theocracy using our own
    Constitution as protection.

    CAIR was started by Hamas members and is supported by terrorist supporting individuals, groups and countries.

    CAIR is not in the United States just to promote the civil rights of Muslims.
    CAIR is here to make radical Islam the dominant religion in the
    United States and convert our country into an Islamic theocracy.

    CAIR receives direct funding from Islamic terrorist supporting countries such as Iran and others.
    By the way, Iran is a Farsi word that means Aryan. The changing of the countries name from Persia to Iran was inspired by none other than Adolf Hitler during WWII.


    Is it not ironic that Cair, whose stated goal is the betterment of civil liberties for Muslim’s, has maintained a deafening silence when it comes to the slaughter of peacful Muslim demonstrators in Iran? Could it be that they wish to refrain from biting the hand that feeds them?

    Where was this righteous indignation over civil liberties when terrorists in Iraq were beheading people.

    Why do they not speak out against Muslim men and woman wearing bomb vests who walk into crowds of inocent people and blow themselves up?

    • William Nealey

      you said it all when you called them what they are. a front organisation for terrorist. and you are 100% correct about hitler heing the one who suggested the name for the country,

  • marvin

    i say if two white men rob a bank are you going to stop two black men or two woman hell no you stop white men same goes for cair if you want to live her in this country be american first you have the same rights as i do no more no less so stop trying to change this christan nation to islam your religion is your s not mine i do not want to be of your religion we have fought and die,ed for that right to be a christan or not so if you don,t like it here go back and live under a rock or the law of what ever country you want to live opressed in or die in

  • chuck b

    dave h

    judaism is not far behind with the tolerance bit.

    • Joe H.

      chuck b,
      I am a Christian and I have a good many Jewish friends and I find them VERY tolerant of me. Perhaps your problem with them is your racist tendencies???

      • Jana

        Joe H

  • Bill Scott

    I do not understand why so many Americans get upset over the rights of muslims. We do not have ANY problems with any of the worlds other religions in this country. I do not view islam as anything other than terrorist butchers. They make noise that they are peaceful, but what they advocate is do it their way or the highway. They whine and cry if anyone says anything negative about islam, but just listen to them tee off on us. I just read today that Saudi Arabia forbids celebrating Valentines Day. These muslim pukes would rather clebrate chopping off heads of those who don’t believe their drivel, or marring off a 12 year old to an 80 year old fosil.

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    Well said, Geronimo. On the religious question: When I was 17, having been raised to understand that “You don’t have to be in a building, to believe in God”, I decided that “God is Energy, after all, It’s everywhere”. Now, some five decades later, scientists in the field of “Quantum Mechanics”, with “String Theory”, have postulated that there indeed may be vibrating “Strings” of energy everywhere. Not only in interstellar, but intergalactic space as well. The other half of my postulation rests on the question: “What is thought?”. In it’s purest form, it is merely an inexplicable bit of energy. If that is also true, then that, I believe, coupled with string theory, is the mind of God. How presumptuous is mankind to believe he can truly understand the mind, let alone interpret the will of God. If I may quote Puck: “What fools these mortals be”. On the matter of Islam and it’s recent history of say just the past hundred years or so: “If you want to know what life would be like under a Caliphate, ask an Armenian”. About one and a half million murdered souls will cry out a warning. I also don’t expect the Turks to give Mt. Ararat back to Armenia any time soon either. My ancestry? “Armenischer, Englander, Franklander, Hollander und Scotlander” was my reply when I was asked that question in Munich Germany in 1961 or 2. “Ah. Amerikaner” was my German questioner’s reply. It was a lesson I’ve never forgotten.

  • eddie47d

    Barb and David huton made excellant points about Muslims and profling.I agree they have some odd cultural habits and way too much hostility shown in their religion. Almost all Muslims who have come to America are here to get away from the dictatorial regimes in the Middle East. Not much different than all immigrants who have come to America in the past. In the 1800-1900′s all new immigrants were profiled and not always kindly. Italians,Swedes,and Eastern Europeans because of the filth and disease they may bring with them. The Irish were too Catholic,and the Japanese and Chinese had a funny culture and dressed oddly.Mexicans because of their poverty and language. Most of us in America get along just fine with our fellow citizens no matter where they are from. Most of the old hatreds are long gone and let’s be thankful for that. For safety and health reasons there has to be some profiling,but let’s not over play our emotions. We absolutely need more cooperation from all govt’s that immigrants come from. Their government controls how their people act so they are responsible for who they send out in the world. If they can’t stop their citizens from comitting terror then we need to stop doing business with them. That was a major issue after 9/11. The Saudi Govt. built religious schools with oil money and these schools (Wahabbis),were allowed to teach anti- Americanism. Also remember that the west helped create some problems in the Middle East. The British invaded Iraq decades ago,and Egypt. We controlled Iran for awhile. The French in Algeria and the Italians in Tunesia. We all stirred the pot over there and the outcome hasn’t always been pleasant.

  • chuck b

    will someone explain to me what is mean’t in the constitution “freedom of religion” does this mean the protestant churches at that time would no longer be under the control of the church of england? or does it mean all religions would be tolerated? yet no jew, or even catholic could be elected president until john kennedy, much less a muslim. or is this term freedom of religion really mis-interpreted.

    • chipshot


      You’re looking for the 1st Amendment which reads:

      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

      The amendment says a lot more than just about religious freedom but guarantees you several of the personal liberties that you are granted by the Constitution.

      The reference to religion has to do with a restriction on the federal government’s right to pass any law regarding the establishment of a religion and refers to the state sponsored “Church of England” or, for that matter, any other state sponsored religion.

      As an example, islam is the state religion of Saudi Arabia and no other religion is tolerated although some very few non-muslims do live in the country.

      Amendment #1, or no where else in the Constitution, addresses any restriction or requirement for holding public office that has to do with religion.

      To the best of my knowledge John Kennedy was the first Catholic president and islamobama is not only the first black (well, really half black and half white) but also the first muslim. He is also the first president who was not born in the US.

  • joan

    I know all Muslims are not terrorists but so far all Terrorists have been Muslims. What is their problem. The truth is the truth, but somehow
    it disturbs them.So for sure they have not heard the Truth will Set You Free.

  • Wildcat from Dallastown, PA

    When you are dealing with the insidious aspects of forces acting against our personal, as well as national security, you cannot be concerned with being “politically correct” and simply state the facts. We didn’t concern ourselves with about upsetting our enemies during WWII so why should we now? BTW, you may not remember American history well enough but we not only profiled Americans of Japanese decent but rounded them up and relocated them into camps around the country as a precaution concerning their possibly hidden loyalties.

    Here are some examples of the difference between so-called profiling and simply demonstrated facts and associated statistics. Now I can’t take credit for some of these as Andy Rooney actually went thru these one evening on some program called “Sixty Minutes”. Let’s begin with this one by Mr. Rooney, “When 70% of the people who get arrested are black, in cities where 70% of the population is black, that is not racial profiling; it is the Law of Probability”. And now for a few more relevant thoughts by Mr. Rooney including this one, “I don’t think being a minority makes you a victim of anything except numbers. The only things I can think of that are truly discriminatory are things like the United Negro College Fund, Jet Magazine, Black Entertainment Television, and Miss Black America. Try to have things like the United Caucasian College Fund, Cloud Magazine, White Entertainment Television, or Miss White America; and see what happens…Jesse Jackson will be knocking down your door. Guns do not make you a killer. I think killing makes you a killer. You can kill someone with a baseball bat or a car, but no one is trying to ban you from driving to the ball game”. And of course these remaining ones, “As a matter of fact, if you want to be an American citizen, you should have to speak English! My father and grandfather didn’t die in vain so you can leave the countries you were born in to come over and disrespect ours. I think the police should have every right to shoot you if you threaten them after they tell you to stop. If you can’t understand the word ‘freeze’ or ’stop’ in English, see the above lines. We did not go to the aid of certain foreign countries and risk our lives in wars to defend their freedoms, so that decades later they could come over here and tell us our constitution is a living document; and open to their interpretations. I am sick of ‘Political Correctness.’ I know a lot of black people, and not a single one of them was born in Africa; so how can they be ‘African-Americans’? Besides, Africa is a continent. I don’t go around saying I am a European-American because my great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather was from Europe. I am proud to be from America and nowhere else. And if you don’t like my point of view, tough”. Now those statements were pulled from one of his segments in order to relate how many true Americans have internalized the situation of our culture focused on some of the idiotic politically correct statements being reported by the lamestream media.

    I am unable to quickly locate similar information spoken by Australia’s leader who basically said to the Muslims that since they were the ones who chose to emigrate here to enjoy our freedom and our nation that it is their responsibility to learn our language which is English, not Arabic or Spanish or some other language. It is also an established fact that Australia was founded as a Christian nation and as such you must not only tolerate that but accept that we are going to practice Christianity. It then is your responsibility to respect us and our beliefs and not demand that we simply acquiesce to changing our laws, our language and our culture to accommodate yours. If you do not want to become Australian citizens and follow our laws, learn our language and live in peace amongst us, no one is demanding you stay here, so leave! That is a powerful statement that ALL of our elected officials should have been saying all along.
    There was a similar situation to our current one that happened in Germany prior to WWII and has since resurfaced as Muslim infiltration into Germany (and Europe) as they think they are emigrating without genuinely desiring to become citizens of their host nation. It goes like this. Many of the German people during the 1930’s thought Hitler and his band of brown shirts was simply a crazy group of misfits that wouldn’t amount to much and were no threat to their way of life so they didn’t pay much attention to the Nationalist Socialist party and their movement. We now know what happened then. *I’ll return to their current awakening concerning their newest threat.
    *Returning to the German’s newest threat to their security and personal freedom comes from Islam. Recently a German citizen’s letter was passed thru one of my uncles to me by email. The content of the letter he correlates what happened in Germany during the 1930’s and what is happening now with those emigrating from an Islamic country. They do not want to come to meld into the German society and become Germans, but want to develop small Islamic communities all across Germany (and Europe) and use that country’s freedom’s and laws against them to eventually conquer them by making them an Islamic country.
    I was recently in Germany where I saw this first hand. This wasn’t in one of the megacities like Munich or Frankfurt but in a small southern community. A small group of Muslims have taken up residence in a dilapidated old apartment complex that once upon a time supported young Germans who were starting out by working in the local porcelain factory (now bankrupt). They have maintained their traditional Muslim attire, language and culture and are not trying to be Germans at all. The larger cities I had time to explore while there just had more of them in the German for of Section 8 housing.
    Once you eliminate the wasted effort on the useless concept of “political correctness” and just stat the facts as they appear, then you can actually move forward to deal with the detractors to our personal safety and national security.
    Let’s look at our war on terror in Afghanistan and see who is there and how that relates to say 9/11 and statements made by our two elected officials that CAIR seem to take issue with.

    This asymmetric war we have been decisively engaged in since October 2001 is much different than WWII. There are a number of ways to prosecute this war effectively. The strategy one selects to employ determines the ferocity of our attacks and how much collateral damage we are willing to accept. Our strategy changed to be one of “Counterinsurgency” which is acted on thru seven distinct avenues. In my assessment the collateral damage is less but it takes more time, more money and our soldiers are more vulnerable to injury and death to cowardly attacks by IED’s, suicide bombers and the occasional ambush or mortar attack.
    The answer to the question about a just, necessary and wise war is a resounding YES! Only those who fail to understand the threat which emanates from Islam, especially these terrorists, and those who would rather give up everything our founding fathers fought for and countless others since would be willing to do that. The personal freedoms and liberties we enjoy are exactly what Islam and the terrorists want to destroy. I prefer to stand firm on the frontiers of freedom and defend our God given rights than simply give up to anyone, especially the terrorists.
    I’ve read some wild comments about Christians in response to the base article and comments from others and I know that some adjustment must be made. Not everyone who calls himself or herself a Christian is at the same level of understanding the Christian faith. While Christians are generally tolerant, they are not required to simply give up their God given freedoms to convert to Islam or die. Christians and the Jews from which they came have often defended themselves from attacking tribes or nations. Many often forget the old adage of, “hating the sin, not the sinner” or “hating the sin, but love the sinner”. BTW, we too are a Christian nation whose founding fathers were predominantly Christian. Many of them came from a country that had created a state religion which they abhorred. That is why they wanted to prevent that from happening here as well as allowing the citizens the freedom to practice their religion without interference (basically) per the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. The rough translation would be that we could not create a “Church of the United States” similar to what the British had with the “Church of England” and the citizens were allowed to worship God in any appropriate manner. While the founding fathers were aware of Islam and the other religions of the world they were only concerned with preserving theirs; Christianity. BTW, since none of them were Muslim or any other known major religion of the time they thought giving the people the right to worship God as they pleased would not be an issue.
    Since then things have changed dramatically. There have been direct assaults on our freedoms from different angles including Islam since the time of Thomas Jefferson’s presidency. Remember he sent the marines and navy to defeat the pirates of the Barbary Coast? The other assaults have originated from outside the country by Communism and Socialism (different but similar) and inside the country by a combination of the same under the guise of Progressivism. Marx and Lenin both said religion was against who controlled the secular power they both want to take from the people and give it to a select few. Progressives used a series of those tenants to whittle away at our freedoms (and give more of them to our enemies) including Mirandizing enemy combatants here and abroad.
    The most crucial concept for Americans to understand involves how the Muslims resolve the Islamic salvation issue in their favor. And here is the answer: the one thing a Muslim can do to insure he gets his reward by Allah’s guarantee of entrance into paradise is to die while in battle with an infidel; especially against a Jew or a Christian!
    While there are other relevant topics concerning Islam from an American’s purview those yield adequate information to come to the following conclusion. Just like mainstream Catholics (during my childhood) for example honored their days of Holy obligation and ate fish on Fridays, the mainstream Muslim seeks to lie, and cheat and steal from the infidels (especially Jews and Christians) and the only way they have been taught to absolutely get to Paradise (Islamic heaven) is to die while struggling/fighting or in physical battle against an infidel.
    What do we do from this point onward? And what can we expect? First off, we need to realize that Islamic terrorists are exactly what the label clearly states they are. Stop believing the lie that Islam is a religion of peace! It never has been and never will be. To better understanding of Islam I recommend reading one book that details it from the beginning as written by brothers who grew up in a Muslim family, later converted to Christianity, became well educated both earning their doctoral degrees in Christian Theology/Divinity and worked together to write a series of books clearly stating the facts about Islam and the lies they consistently teach. The single source (there are many others) is the book entitled, “Unveiling Islam; An Insider’s Look at Muslim Beliefs and Life” by Ergun Mehmet Caner and Emir Fethi Caner. It is well written and easy to understand. Once you understand that Islam is not a religion of peace then you realize the validity of the article from the London Times, 12/29/09 by Giles Whittell and Adam Fresco in which they took a quote from the Airline Bomber and used it as their title. Their article confirms what I learned long ago, he is the first of many terrorists (airline bombers) and others focused, funded and determined to wage war against us on American soil without ceasing! Islamic terrorists are going to keep attacking us on American soil until there are no more Islamic terrorists or America becomes an Islamic state.

    As one of the earliest responders basically wrote, our personal safety and national security trumps diversity, tolerance, and the artificiality of political correctness to include not profiling the enemy. I agree and we need to emulate what has a solid record of working in this area which is profiling like the Israeli’s have been doing for decades. Our elected officials have nothing to be concerned about when they state the obvious facts and propose methods to enhance the safety of the citizens who legally live in this country. We also need to strengthen our borders (especially the obviously open one with Mexico) along with developing and implementing procedures and policies to counter fraudulently obtaining things like drivers licenses, conceal and carry permits, CDL’s with Hazmat endorsements etc. Additionally, we ought to go after the 35+ terrorist training camps on U. S. soil.
    But the boldest move we need to make is to declare the followers of Islam incompatible with the laws of the United States of America and prohibit its existence in this great nation! Seize their assets, physical and financial. BTW, Saudi Arabia prohibits anything but Islam in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so it’s not like something like this isn’t going on now elsewhere in the world. Then you actually prosecute the war on terror as a war needs to be conducted, ruthlessly applied controlled violence against the tyrannical leaders of terrorism without concern for collateral damage.

    • chipshot

      Great post and it says it just like it is. The one thing muslims understand is superior power and the ruthless use thereof. But with our pandering politicians and bowing president, they see a weakness that can be exploited and beaten easily.

    • JannyP

      Beautifully and intelligently stated. Couldn’t agree with you more!
      These comments should be required reading in our schools and to the
      non-believers. WAKE UP AMERICA – Love and Respect Her or Lose Her.

    • Jana

      That was excellent. To make a summation would be difficult but I think a good point that you made is,

      Islam is NOT a religion of peace. And remember, they consider us here in the United States, the infidels. Any one who is not Islam is an infidel.

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    On the question of Sarah Palin’s effect on the political dialog of the day: It is her heartfelt belief in the basic goodness and greatness of our nation and it’s people and her manner of articulation that express’s this belief that connects with a far greater number of Americans that the Progressives would ever care to admit exist. Working class blue collar Americans and blue collar entrepreneurial class Americans who now own the bootstraps they pulled themselves up with. Those are the people who will stand tall and take up defense of our nation and her way of life.

  • Donald

    The fact is that the Muslim Terrorists acts in discussion were all perpetrated by Muslims in the name and for Allah. Ala Ala Akbar is what they chant when the are in the process of vaporizing hundreds if not thousands of innocent victims. Which is their main target. You see, these cowards can’t meet on a battle field like real soldiers and do their war. What they do is hide behind their skirts of cowardness and sneak around with bombs attached to them and blow them selves up in crouds or obtain passenger jets and crash them in tall buildings. Anybody that symphathises with CAIR should have been on one of those jets, in one of the buildings, in one of the crouds or cafes that got blown to bits by these crazed religious monsters. It is what it is and can not be defended. The only defense is that the Muslim community step out and denounce the acts of cowardness and sincerely obstruct any further acts of assination of innocents on this planet. Until they, as a whole, as a religious group come out of the 6th century mentality and act like respected humans, they should be considered armed and dangerous.

  • chipshot

    Lots of Americans have trouble identifying the pertinent issues about islam. islam is not just a “religion” but is an all controlling, all encompassing, dictatorial life style that controls everything and everybody in a society.

    Mohamed the prophet was a blood thirsty, child molesting, war mongering, killer. It is estimated he personally beheaded several hundred non-muslims simply because they were “non believers”.

    What other religion do you know that tells you to “seek out and kill” all non-believers (non muslims)? What other religion tells you it is OK to lie, cheat, or steal if it is a non-believer you are dealing with?

    Sharia law is the law of islam and, if they had their way, it would replace our own judicial system here in the US.

    In islam, women in particular, are little better than animals. Under sharia law, the word of one man is accepted over two women. Women are still stoned to death for adultery. Women have a very limited role in society and, in many islamic countries, cannot serve in any position where they have to come face to face with men. In Saudi Arabia, for example, women cannot drive automobiles.

    iIslam is far from a “peaceful” religion and I have to wonder when I hear politicians say that. I guess that is just the politically correct thing to say but they cannot be so ignorant as to really believe it. Except, of course, for our current president who is a muslim himself.

    If you have ever lived in a muslim country and been exposed to their culture, you would understand why people are upset to see islam gain a foothold in the US.

    The problem is not that we as Christians, Jews, or whatever our religious beliefs happen to be, cannot live and get along with muslims. The problem is that, once they gain a position of strength, they are the ones that cannot live with you. Therefore, you, as a non-muslim, are expected to change. And that is where we are headed here in the US.

    • Jana

      You are so right. We as Christians have been taught that we are supposed to live and let live, so we have sat back and let our rights be eroded away. The Radical Islamics have no intention of reciprocating our actions toward them. They want to take us over, convert us or kill us. Killing us is better.
      As you said they are not just a religion, but a complete way of life. Islam even has rules on how they are to go to the bathroom. It is pathetic.

  • Luis T.

    It’s Muslims that are killing Americans and fomenting terror world-wide. Not Jews. Not Christians. Only Muslims. Pretty simple, I would think.

  • Silver Fox

    “Profiling” is an honest and necessary crime prevention tool. Probably THE most important tool. I question the quoting of “FBI” stats. We have not had that many terrorist acts on our soil, and all that I can remember have been committed by Muslims. Some were thwarted, involving sympathizers, but checking on their Muslim mentors led the FBI to them. WE ARE AT WAR. There is no “politically correct” when it comes to war. That is utter NONSENSE. We are not looking for little old, white haired ladies. The Christmas bomber should have been detained period. There was more than enough evidence including a warning from his father; a respected citizen. What more did they need? Would they like to explain their hesitation to the families of the plane victims or the hundreds that could have been wiped out on the ground or a nation plunged into mourning on Christmas Day? Why do the perpetrators have more consideration than the intended victims? The doctor at Ft. Hood should have been weeded out LONG AGO. For all those cowards who did NOT blow the whistle on him, I would like them to spend a day with Michael Pearson’s family. I watched Michael grow up and his mother is one of my best friends. He was a credit to the uniform he wore. His mother was okay with him going to defend our nation. She is not okay with him being gunned down by an extremist Muslim, on his own base, one month before deployment by a man who had no business in the same uniform. He didn’t have to go over seas. He was betrayed by every American who looked the other way when that man displayed his true colors. My God, was has to happen before we tend to business???

    • JannyP

      I agree. Unfortunately, we have become a nation of contradictions,
      double-standards and lacking responsibility for our actions, in part,
      due to the fear of being punished with the label RACIST and the consequences that will follow. That you can count on! Down with PC,
      up with AMERICA.

      • JannyP

        of gratitude for our FREEDOM! Please appreciate their sacrifices or
        sit down and shut up!!

  • LindyMaeUSA

    William and Donna:

    I just copied and pasted this from “OneNewsNow” an online Christian publication:

    Lancaster, CA – hate crimes harbinger?
    Charlie Butts – OneNewsNow – 2/10/2010 6:00:00 AM

    The mayor of Lancaster, California, HAS APOLOGIZED for pro-Christian comments he made recently before a group of pastors.

    Mayor R. Rex Parris said in his address that Lancaster was “growing a Christian community,” and after controversy developed he issued an apology.

    City Councilwoman Sherry Marquez posted on Facebook comments about a Muslim honor killing on the East Coast, thought better about it, and pulled the comments an hour and a half later. She has also apologized.

    Well Friends, so much for us “standing” with the mayor which is exactly what that evil CAIR group wanted!

    Obviously, CAIR uses this same “gimmick” to intimidate and extort any American who has the guts to proclaim their Christian faith!

    Considering the past 50+ years of consistent “politically correct” brain-washing we’ve all undergone, it’s understandable though terribly devastating that “people back off” when threatened with “financial ramifications” from a lawsuit aimed at FORCING a public apology! THEY win! (again!) Get the picture?

    “Timid men (aka: politically-correct) prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of Liberty.” ~Thomas Jefferson

    • Joe H.

      I wonder if he was a recipiant of a death threat, or maybe his family. Some men will do anything to protect their family!!! Me, I’d sit on the porch with a pump 16 guage with 00 buck waiting for them!!!

      • JannyP

        LindaMae and Joe H.

        For what did he APOLOGIZE? Here we go again with the double-standard!
        Why are these TERRORISTS being allowed to immtimidate innocent people?
        Was the CONTROVERSRY formed by a party-of-one (CAIR)? Where are our
        great leaders when we need them? Hiding behind Nancy Pelosi’s skirt?
        MOVE OVER JOE, I’m bringing the entire family.

      • Jana

        Joe, I have actually been threatened 3 times by a radical Islamist for talking back to him.

        I was told to be careful and watch my back by others that are afraid of these men.

        I told these men that I am the One True God’s child and they would have to go through Him to get to me, and there would be no heaven for them when my God finishes with them.

        Of course I am a realist also, but they didn’t know my real name either, or where I live.

        • Jana

          I have actually been threatened by two different Radicals.

          • Claire

            Jana–did you go to the police? Do you happen to know a detective in your town that you could report this to? I realize there isn’t anything they could do, but at least you could tell them about it. Alert them. My husband has a good friend that is a detective, I could tell him if anything like that happens to me or my family. These radicals cannot get by with this stuff. They will only become bolder, and no doubt meaner.

        • Joe H.

          just be careful that you don’t get followed home!!! If you feel you are being followed, stay on streets you know, look for police officers, stop at one of them or drive to the nearest police office and drive around the block till you see one come out. We need people like you here and I’d hate to see you gone!!!!

          • Jana

            Joe and Claire, No, I didn’t go to the police as they weren’t giving us their last name, and I don’t even know where they live. But, my head is on a swivel and I watch very carefully. Even when I go to the store I sit in my car and look around and make sure of my surroundings, such as is someone sitting in their car, if so, what are they up to.I do the same thing again when I am leaving the stores. I watch if anyone is following me, and when I get home I am looking out for anything unusual. I live in a fairly protected neighborhood which is good, so I would know if someone is there that shouldn’t be. My husband has gone over all of this with me several times.
            Thanks though for the reminder.

  • Mark

    To hell with CAIR and take your quran with you, or however it is spelled. American-Muslim is impossible due to what muslims believe, impossible. Any muslim in “good” standing only has to hear one word from some muslim cleric and off they go to destroy Americans. They only have to hear the work Jihad, or however you spell it, and it doesn’t matter friendships, neighbors or whatever, they will attack when they receive the word. Send them home if they don’t like our religious freedoms. I am christian and they are muslim, so what, just don’t think however that you will turn me to muslim or take my freedoms away, because I will strike back if not first if ANY religious wars begin.

  • Meteorlady

    Hey let’s all hear it for the liberal voice! Gads, we are not at war with Catholics, Lutherans, Church of Christ… well you get I’m sure. Muslims have said time and again that they will take over the world and if you don’t join, they you die. While I don’t believe every Muslim in this country is out to get me, I do believe there are some here who will come and get me (Ft. Hood comes to mind).

    I believe it is true that “all terrorists are Muslims or Middle Easterners between the ages 20 and 35″ is probably a pretty valid assessment of the world right now.

  • warner mobley

    The truth is we are hated by the Muslim world. It is not only political correctness, but also political madness to hear the words of hatred aimed at the West and not accept them as reality. Even the threats of Osama bin Laden were taken from the eighth and ninth chapters of the Koran.

    “When you meet the unbelievers strike them in the neck…. If you do not go out and fight, God will punish you severely…Whenever you find the polytheists, kill them, seize them, besiege them, ambush them…You who believe do not take Jews and Christians as friends…The Hour of Judgement will not come until Muslims fight the Jews and kill them”.

    A good muslim is a jihadist. A bad muslim wants peace.

  • Charley

    America please read MUSLIM MAFIA…they have a goal of total control of our country by 2050. The proof is in that book. Many of our REP. and SENators are in bed with them. There are many. Pay attention at the voting polls. REP Keith Ellison (D-MN) REP Charles Wrangle (D-NY)
    REP John Conyers Jr. (D-Mi.) is just a few..

    • Joe H.

      after being born and raised in Michigan, why doesn’t it surprise me that one would be from Michigan and a DEM???

  • Rose C

    This topic certainly set off a ring of fire. CAIR has been under investigation by our U.S. government, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they would be speaking out. The truth is that we shouldn’t need profiling. The borders should have been closed years ago. All foreign immigrants who enter our country should have to pass a background and health check and show legal documents whether visiting or applying for citizenship. All foreigners should have to pay $25,000 for their citizenship papers and provide information as to where they will live and work and report to the immigration office for a period of five years before being handed over U.S. citizenship papers. They should have to agree and prove they’ve signed up for classes to learnhow to speak and read English in public places, at work; and assimilate, including no masks in public. Any immigrant who enters our country and is found to be here with the intent of dominating the U.S. with their political or religious views or through violent acts should be prosecuted and deported back to their country. Stricter U.S. immigration laws would eliminate the need for profiling.

    • Joe H.

      Rose C.,
      While I am upset about the illegal immigration issue just like you are, the 25,000 price tag would exempt most if not all of the good people that come here legally! We need some immigration as we are slowly but surely being dumbed down by our schools here! Half of the people here wouldn’t be able to see a DR. if it wasn’t for foriegners that have immigrated here. I have a family of India/indians that are very good friends and their son is a Dr. at Walter Reid hospital treating our vets, and doing a good job at that. His sister is, if I remember right a nurse and will be studying to be a Dr. soon. I wish them the very best and would not hesitate to see either for health concerns!

  • Dale, Oklahoma

    I believe it’s a fact that only a very small percentage
    of Muslims are terrorists. But a very large majority of
    terrorists are Muslims. There ARE Christian terrorists
    when it comes to abortion clinic bombings and the harassment
    or killing of abortion doctors. While I abhor abortion, I DO NOT
    support or encourage the extremists acts. There are also plenty
    of animal rights, environmentalist and other terrorists on the
    left fringe.
    If a large enough group of people who TRULY “CAIR” about these
    issues SPEAK out against them AND speak out against the violent
    fringe elements, then maybe there would be no need to protest
    some politicians words of truth. CAIR, if they were really caring,
    would fight against Islmaic/Muslim terrorism with ALL their might.
    Instead of just giving it lip service.

  • Charley

    The point is Dale, When they over run your country as they did in Lebanon, Killed the ones that did’nt believe as they and then killed them. Sure not every one of them are haters of other religions but most will simpatheze with the terrorist or they simply won’t take a stand.

  • Charley

    Got to read MUSLIM MAFIA !!!!!!

  • DaveH

    At one time I used to be able to E mail CAIR and leave remarks that probably ruffled their feathers but weren’t all that bad. Then after the mullah invasion of the airlines and the provocative pattern of behavior these people instigated, I was a bit irritated when I heard their legal people get on FOX and other MSM information media and tell one bald faced lie after another. So I wrote them again and asked if they were going to apologize to their lawyers for making them tell whoppers in public on national news, this netted me the privillege of being removed from their E mail list, never to be reinstated. Cair, simply cannot stand being scritinized for fear of discovery.

  • fernando

    everyone who values liberty should at the very least go to the website: it is a site created by a lebanese woman by the naje of brigitte gabriel. she saw first hand what muslims do and what they intend to promote in our country. it is a site designed to get people involved to counter this islamist agenda.

    there is also a book called Islam and Terrorism by Mark A Gabiel – a converted muslim imam who sheds light on what the quran actually teaches about jihad and what is really going on in our country and trhoughout the world and what is coming.

    islam is not the religion of peace as touted by stupid politician like george bush and others in this administration. the sooner we learn what we are up against, the better we will be able to protect ourselves and our country.

    i also heartily endorse reading the book muslim mafia by gaubtz. this book exposes the truth about groups such as CAIR and ISNA for what they are: terrorist front groups with the agenda to destroy the US.

    peace to all

  • Ed Bertolas


    E.W. Jackson Sr.

    Like Obama, I am a graduate of Harvard Law School. I too have Muslims in my family. I am black, and I was once a leftist Democrat. Since our backgrounds are somewhat similar, I perceive something in Obama’s policy toward Israel which people without that background may not see. All my life I have witnessed a strain of anti-Semitism in the black community. It has been fueled by the rise of the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan, but it predates that organization.

    We heard it in Jesse Jackson’s “HYMIE town” remark years ago during his presidential campaign. We heard it most recently in Jeremiah Wright’s remark about “them Jews” not allowing Obama to speak with him. I hear it from my own Muslim family members who see the problem in the Middle East as a “Jew” problem.

    Growing up in a small, predominantly black urban community in Pennsylvania, I heard the comments about Jewish shop owners. They were “greedy cheaters” who could not be trusted, according to my family and others in the neighborhood. I was too young to understand what it means to be Jewish, or know that I was hearing anti-Semitism. These people seemed nice enough to me, but others said they were “evil”. Sadly, this bigotry has yet to be eradicated from the black community.

    In Chicago, the anti-Jewish sentiment among black people is even more pronounced because of the direct influence of Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. Most African Americans are not followers of “The Nation”, but many have a quiet respect for its leader because, they say, “he speaks the truth” and “stands up for the black man”. What they mean of course is that he viciously attacks the perceived “enemies” of the black community – white people and Jews. Even some self-described Christians buy into his demagoguery.

    The question is whether Obama, given his Muslim roots and experience in Farrakhan’s Chicago, shares this antipathy for Israel and Jewish people. Is there any evidence that he does? First, the President was taught for twenty years by a virulent anti-Semite, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. In the black community it is called “sitting under”. You don’t merely attend a church, you “sit under” a Pastor to be taught and mentored by him. Obama “sat under” Wright for a very long time. He was comfortable enough with Farrakhan – Wright’s friend – to attend and help organize his “Million Man March”. I was on C-Span the morning of the march arguing that we must never legitimize a racist and anti-Semite, no matter what “good” he claims to be doing. Yet a future President was in the crowd giving Farrakhan his enthusiastic support.

    The classic left wing view is that Israel is the oppressive occupier, and the Palestinians are Israel’s victims. Obama is clearly sympathetic to this view. In speaking to the “Muslim World,” he did not address the widespread Islamic hatred of Jews. Instead he attacked Israel over the growth of West Bank settlements. Surely he knows that settlements are not the crux of the problem. The absolute refusal of the Palestinians to accept Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state is the insurmountable obstacle. That’s where the pressure needs to be placed, but this President sees it differently. He also made the preposterous comparison of the Holocaust to Palestinian “dislocation”.

    Obama clearly has Muslim sensibilities. He sees the world and Israel from a Muslim perspective. His construct of “The Muslim World” is unique in modern diplomacy. It is said that only The Muslim Brotherhood and other radical elements of the religion use that concept. It is a call to unify Muslims around the world. It is rather odd to hear an American President use it. In doing so he reveals more about his thinking than he intends. The dramatic policy reversal of joining the unrelentingly anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and pro-Islamic UN Human Rights Council is in keeping with the President’s truest – albeit undeclared red – sensibilities

    Those who are paying attention and thinking about these issues do not find it unreasonable to consider that President Obama is influenced by a strain of anti-Semitism picked up from the black community, his leftist friends and colleagues, his Muslim associations and his long period of mentor-ship under Jeremiah Wright. If this conclusion is accurate, Israel has some dark days ahead. For the first time in her history, she may find the President of the United States siding with her enemies. Those who believe, as I do, that Israel must be protected had better be ready for the fight. We are.


    E. W. Jackson is Bishop of Exodus Faith Ministries, an author and retired attorney

  • http://Newsmax Mark Supak

    Isn’t it just like these CAIR people, to say this hurts “our” country? I wonder what they were saying on 9/11, as the twin towers were crashing down due to the actions of their “religion of peace” brethren?
    It’s time we put people in office who aren’t afraid to stand up to these phonies, and their ACLU buddies.
    I wish I was smarter and richer, I’d run for office myself. But all I am is a good American who loves his country, and will do anything to protect her. That’s not exactly enough to get me into office these days. Seems you’ve got to be extra good at lying about things like hope and change, too.
    The socialists days are numbered, though, and that’s great, if we can just hold the line long enough. We need to start turning this country around soon, or there won’t be enough left to turn.
    I don’t want my country turning into Islamerica, and I’ll do everything I can to keep it from doing that.
    It’s time we took our country back, folks.

  • Ed Bertolas

    A lot of Americans have become so insulated from reality…

    These events are actual events from history.. They really happened! Do you remember?


    1. 1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by:

    a.. Superman

    b. Jay Leno

    c. Harry Potter

    d. A Muslim male extremist between the ages of 17 and 40

    2. In 1972 at the Munich Olympics, athletes were kidnapped and massacred by :

    a. Olga Corbett

    b. Sitting Bull

    c. Arnold Schwarzenegger

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    3. In 1979, the US embassy in Iran was taken over by:

    a. Lost Norwegians

    b. Elvis

    c. A tour bus full of 80-year-old women

    d . Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    4. During the 1980′s a number of Americans were kidnapped in Lebanon by:

    a. John Dillinger

    b. The King of Sweden

    c. The Boy Scouts

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    5. In 1983, the US Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by:

    a. A pizza delivery boy

    b. Pee Wee Herman

    c.. Geraldo Rivera

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    6. In 1985 the cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked and a 70 year old American passenger was murdered and thrown overboard in his wheelchair by:

    a. The Smurfs

    b. Davey Jones

    c. The Little Mermaid

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    7. In 1985 TWA flight 847 was hijacked at Athens , and a US Navy diver trying to rescue passengers was murdered by:

    a. Captain Kidd

    b. Charles Lindberg

    c. Mother Teresa

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    8. In 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by:

    a. Scooby Doo

    b. The Tooth Fairy

    c. The Sundance Kid

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    9. In 1993 the World Trade Center was bombed the first time by:

    a. Richard Simmons

    b. Grandma Moses

    c. Michael Jordan

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    10. In 1998, the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by:

    a. Mr. Rogers

    b. Hillary Clinton, to distract attention from Wild Bill’s women problems

    c. The World Wrestling Federation

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    11. On 9/11/01, four airliners were hijacked; two were used as missiles to take out the World Trade Centers and of the remaining two, one crashed into the US Pentagon and the other was diverted and crashed by the passengers.

    Thousands of people were killed by:

    a. Bugs Bunny, Wiley E. Coyote, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd

    b. The Supreme Court of Florida

    c. Mr Bean

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    12. In 2002 the United States fought a war in Afghanistan against:

    a. Enron

    b. The Lutheran Church

    c. The NFL

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    13. In 2002 reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and murdered by:

    a. Bonnie and Clyde

    b. Captain Kangaroo

    c. Billy Graham

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    No, I really don’t see a pattern here to justify profiling, do you? So, to ensure we Americans never offend anyone, particularly fanatics intent on killing us, airport security screeners will no longer be allowed to profile certain people.. They must conduct random searches of 80-year-old women, little kids, airline pilots with proper identification, secret agents who are members of the President’s security detail, 85-year old Congressmen with metal hips, and Medal of Honor winner and former Governor Joe Foss, but leave Muslim Males between the ages 17 and 40 alone lest they be guilty of profiling.

    Let’s send this to as many people as we can

    Foot note: Fort Hood Texas ……another Muslim 39 years old killed 13 people and wounded 30 some odd others… Does this fit the profile!







    If whoever mention there have been more killings by non muslims in this great country of ours although that may be true it is not true in the AIR not is it true in the BUILDINGS they took down in terms of cost as well and more importantly the lives 9/11 affected all across the land so whoever believe this crappola better think it thru .

    • Michael J.

      A most informative posting however, I would like to add another.

      14 In 2008, who won the election to be president of the United States?
      a. Fred Sanford
      b. Sponge Bob
      c. Bill O’Reilly
      d. A Muslim male extremist between the ages of 46 and 52

    • Jana

      Ed Bertolas,

      I too wish you could run for office. Our country needs more people like you in office.
      However, you are right, you are too honest and too wise.

      • Joe H.

        yup he would either be a crook or dead! Which do YOU think it would be??? Hint I couldn’t afford roses so it would be lillies!!!

    • Nate

      Outstanding Sir!! You are right on the mark. Who gives two sh#$s about what CAIR says or does. They are a front for terrorist activity and just like to muddy the waters of truth. Religion of peace, my arse.
      If we are upsetting CAIR we are doing something right. Maybe, if we can get radical Muslims to stop committing terrorist acts all over the world, then we can have this discussion. Until then, we need to do whatever we can to protect ourselves. Even if it offends someone. All the bleeding hearts need to spend some time in Muslim countries and see how “infidels” are treated. Been there done that, didn’t like it.

  • Amwiser

    You know it just figures CAIR is indirectly linked. They are also probably involved in hacking the polls at the FoxNews site about the Tea Party being all about “racism”. I noticed that they will go above and beyond convention and reason to get what they want in the public opinion polls. (This because there are people who actually believe them and make decisions based on them). It is about the only way CAIR-type orgs can influence public opinion.

    In the UK, their equivalent organizations operate exactly like this when they want to squash movements/with parties attempting to support the people’s rights to liberty and freedom. It is all about Islam not looking bad (and thereby getting every concession they pressure for) and they have decided the Tea Party Movement is a threat to Islam.

    Anyone caught “criticizing” (by their definition not yours) Islam will be called a “racist” or a “bigot” — and subsequently you will be accused of “hate speech” and if Ted Kennedy’s bill goes anywhere you will be charged with a “hate crime”. Look out because they are watching you I’m sure.

    • Joe H.

      Let em’ watch!(middle finger pointing skyward at this time!!!)

  • Wayne Thomas Franks

    Ignore CAIR. It’s a bogus organization. It’s not on file with the IRS (name Change) and under the old one is in arrears about two years with the IRS! The FBI has cut the bogus organization off and they are under investigation according to

    • Joe H.

      the problem with them is they are like a crooked contractor. They go till they are caught and then they open up under a different name!!!!
      We need to shut them down and jail all of the principles!!!

  • jason fulton

    CAIR supports terrorist training camps abroad an we should kick them out of this country.Impeach Obama,Biden and Pelosi an charge them with treason.Circumventing Congress and the Constitution of the U.S.

  • HHH

    Let us start with the premise that there is no god and no afterlife…..Just Imagine!! Some folks think their religion and “their god” is the only thing holding it all together. Get on with life!! There is no afterlife!!! Take care of those who populate the world…… that means more than YOU!!!

  • Kevin Beck

    Well, if a few Muslims got irritated by what my state’s senior Senator said about their group as a whole, I think that’s a darn shame. But I must ask in reply: Is it true or false that the 19 men who hijacked jets on 9/11 had the additional commonality that they were all Muslims? Before we debate the silly topic of sensitivity, we should observe the more important topic of factuality. If we don’t start somewhere in evaluating criminal issues, then we will never get to solving these.


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