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CAIR Alleges TSA Rules Amount To Profiling

January 11, 2010 by  

CAIR alleges TSA rules amount to profiling The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization, has said the new security measures outlined by the Transport Security Administration (TSA) unfairly single out a particular religious group and may therefore be illegal.

The TSA has published the new rules in response to the attempted terrorist attack on Christmas Day that targeted a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. Under the directive, passengers traveling to the United States from 14 countries—most of which are Muslim-majority nations—that are alleged to have ties to international terrorism will be subject to pat-downs in addition to regular security screenings.

Countries selected for this type of treatment include Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Yemen, as well as Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria.

According to CAIR, the new guidelines will disproportionately target American Muslims who have family or spiritual ties to the Islamic world.

"While singling out travelers based on religion and national origin may make some people feel safer, it only serves to alienate and stigmatize Muslims and does nothing to improve airline security," said the organization’s national executive director Nihad Awad.

He suggested that focusing on passengers’ behavior rather than appearance, and using more bomb-sniffing dogs and installing sophisticated explosive-detection equipment would be a better way to enhance security.

Another controversy regarding increased security measures stems from the government’s announcement to use full-body scanning technology, which some say is an invasion of privacy.

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  • NamFrank

    Of course the American chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood (re: documents seized during a 1980s terrorism raid) would object to the TSA concentrating their efforts on those most likely to actually commit violence on airlines! How will they teach those “infidels” a lesson if all their terrorists get arrested before they get onboard? Islam: the religion of terrorism. CAIR: Councel Against Islamic Responsibility)

  • don

    What a stupid argument!! Of course we are profiling radical Muslims. All highjackings and bombings to date have been by young Islamic men. Does CAIR suggest we focus on Old Catholic priests? Enough with this PC Crap. Focus on the problem population. Refuse to allow entry to US from Terror-supporting countries. Revoke Visas of suspected Jihadists instead of “Monitoring” them. CAIR should review entry requirements for Saudi Arabia before it starts telling the US about profiling!!

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      DON AMEN!!!!!!! If this organizations doesn’t like it, go back to where you came from. The USA is a Judeo-Christian country that we have fought for and will remain this way despite Obumnmer, because we are now mad. Like the president of Australia said, we let you come into our country to enjoy its benefits however, we are not going to change, we will speak English, blah blah blah AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE OUR LAWS YO HAVE A RIGHT TO LEAVE – SO LEAVE!!!!

  • Robert

    Hey CAIR. How about we just shoot first and ask questions later. Why don’t you do something normal, like blow yourselves up. Isn’t that your normal pastime. And while we’re at it: Muslims outraged, rioting, killing over Christian,s saying the word Alah. So this is your idea of Islam. You have the rights to do these things to any innocent person, but we’re profiling you. You bet we should and send you all to your awaiting virgins in Alahland. Get out of my coutry you swine. Signed: A Compassionate American.

    • Disgusted

      Great posting. I agree 110%.

    • J C

      Somehow, in the back of my mind….I hope it’s a bunch of “Virginians” waiting for them in Paradise. ;)

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest R. Bement

    “CAIR Alleges TSA Rules Amount To Profiling”,

    And so Mr.A-wad, the problem with profiling young Muslim men and men & women from all listed countries is exactly what?
    You list even three viable reasons why this should not happen and I will then roll around the floor laughing my Texas rear-end off.
    Go back to the land of your ancestors; America does not want or need you or your Muslim kind, all of the convenience store and service station jobs are already filled by your Muslim brothers.
    Regards from Texas!

    • Robert

      And when Texas secedes from the Union, maybe then, the other 49 states will wake up and smell the coffee. I’m a firm believer that if this country is ever to be straighten out, Texas will lead the way. And I from New York. Lots of white flags here in the city and other large cities. The rural crowd here is upset and fed up and just itching to change things. Only thing in New York, no true leaders. Now Texas, that’s another story. Everyone I’ve ever met or worked with from Texas is a True American and a fiece protector of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It doesn’t hurt to be able to arm yourself either. Hey Washington DC, watch out, The Eyes of Texas may be upon you. And not in a huggy way.

      • Joe H.

        yeah, but they elected a liberal senator!!!!!! how the hall did THAT happen????

  • Doc Redhawk

    All I have to say to Cair is “Would you like some cheese with that Wine? Get over it, and deal with it.” As it was Muslim extremist that started all this crap with blowing up stuff and killing people all over the place, to the final 3000 plus dead on 9/11/2001 that caused the TSA to make the drastic changes. It wasn’t a group of angry boy scouts that did it, or mid west grandma’s that blew themselves up , or old war veterans with metal hips screaming Jihad, it was Muslim extremists. Key word is “Muslim” If my Dog were to take a dump on my floor, I wouldn’t go beat my Cat for it, So why do you expect us to screen American Grandma’s and Veterans with metal hips extensively, and just let Muslim (possible extremists) go through unchecked? It was that Liberal way of thinking that got Fort Hood in the news with Major Hassan, Because no one wanted to offend the Muslim community. I for one am an Equal opportunity offender. so I say if I have to deal with it, so do you. Now shut up and get over it, and stop whining like a three year old on the playground.

    • Robin from Indiana

      Well stated Doc! I agree 100%!

      This politically correct crap has got to go! They aren’t being profiled for minor infractions, like eating too many peanuts on a flight, or checking too much luggage, but for killing innocent people! This isn’t something simple and something to ignore and it will go away. There are many innocent lives at stake here. If a terrorist chooses to blow up their own hide, that’s one thing, but when other lives are taken, that’s another. We did not make a commitment to eradicate Muslims from the United States, but Muslims make the commitment to exterminate as many Americans as they can. This has crossed a line and it’s war; nothing more, nothing less.

  • Gib

    To cair.


  • Leon Patterson

    Re: According to CAIR, the new guidelines will disproportionately target American Muslims who have family or spiritual ties to the Islamic world.

    Well DUH! The painful truth is that terrorism and violence are fundamental components of Islam. In fact, Islam without bloodiness and savage brutality simply is not Islam. Islam without the spilling of blood would wither and die.

    We have often heard in the media that the relationship between Muslim terrorists and Islam is like that of KKK and Christianity. This analogy is absolutely false. Christians who have engaged in violence are betraying the explicit teachings and examples of Jesus Christ. On the other hand, Muslims who take upon themselves to destroy their alleged enemies in the name of God can rightly claim to be following the commands of their god in the Qur’an and imitating their prophet as their role model.

    The minority groups in Islam who resort to violence are not an aberration to Islam, but in fact legitimately claim to be working within the basic parameters of Islamic Jihad.

    From the reference point of historical context, when the Founding Fathers put the First Amendment in place, they were not referring to tolerance of all religions including pagan religions, even though “religion” is today interpreted to mean that; instead they were referring to “denominational tolerance”, meaning that the government could not specify what denomination a person followed, as the government of England specified that the Church of England was the official state religion of England and Scotland, or the Catholic Church was the official state religion of Italy and France. In all of the written accounts of the time, be it letters, essays or records of debates, the Founding Fathers all spoke of Christianity.

    Islam worships Allah, the god of the moon, not Jehovah God, the Creator of the universe, and because Islam is the foremost religion of violence on earth, it must be opposed by any and all means, even if doing so offends its followers in the US.

    • Joe H.

      Like I said, not all Muslims are terrorists, BUT 98% of all terrorists are Muslim!!!!!

  • Ron

    I guess your hero Osama Bin Laden labeling me as an Infidel, and issueing a fatwa to kill me is not profiling ? Why don’t you and your kind go back where you came from (some mud shack in a desert somewhere), and take that hair-glue making, terrorist contributing idiot, from Houston running for the governors job here in the State of Texas with you, while he is still able to travel.

  • Mike Austin,TX

    2 things. Of course it is and it is about dang time!

  • george

    98% of terroirist acts are commited by (drum role…….) MUSLIMS!!! Isn’t it amaing that these muslims are being so unfairly singled out considering the stastical fact that I have just placed before youre eyes for you to read!! Another statistical fact is that 7-10% of all muslims in the world, meaning here and abroad, advocate terroist acts in the name of their false religion!!! That would mean that here in America with a muslim population of roughly 8 million that around 600,000 to 800,000 American muslims advocate terroist acts in the name of their false religion!! So you have to ask youreself out of these hundred of thousands of muslims how many of them will actually help to harbor some of these terrorist and how many of them will be willing to actually carry out terrorist acts here in America!! Ever since the guy in the White House with the MUSLIM NANE has been in charge America has been under more terrorist attacks within one year since all of the time between 9-11 and his innauguration!!!! All this man has done with his unwillingness to speak the truth about muslims and their false religion is make the muslims within this GREAT COUNTRY feel more empowered and enboldened them within this GREAT COUNTRY OF OURS!!!!!! And he will continue to lie and try to make it seem that thses are issolated incidents considering the actual stats that I have just given you to ponder!!! If I know thses stats then you know he has read them also that is why I’m also saying he is knowlingly liying to the American people!!! I feel that muslims should be singled and watched and scrutinized considering the reality of the statistics and what they represent to the rest of us!!! These people have loyalty only to their false religion and there kind!!! Besides if CAIR had nothing to hide why are they worried about it!!! They need to open up and show the rest of America that they can be more transparent than the guy in the White House with the muslim name!!!! If these people want to be trusted then they have to show that they can be trusted!!!

    • Joe H.

      hell man look after 9/11. In England the Muslims were celebrating and pulling people out of cars threatening them if they wouldn’t say allah is great!!!! Allah can kiss the dark side!!!!

  • Janice

    Of course we are going to profile Muslims! Get use to it . Even if our crazy liberal administration won’t the American people will! If you don’t want to be pofiled then don’t become Muslim terrorist!

  • John T

    CAIR itself is supposedly under investigation by the FBI as being a terrorist supporting orginization. Act For Americia (ACT) is calling for a Senate investigation as well as other orginizations. A probable statement of fact is that ALL islmic political orginizations are subversive to the constitution of the United States. Islamist cannot be loyal to no one but their spritual leader.
    The Koran is nothing more than a plan (manafest) for war, written by a pedophile, sodomist, common thief, and mass murderer that claims he saw and spoke to a angel of God. Lucifer was that at one time that but was kicked out of Heaven before creation of Adam and Eve.

  • DaveH

    And the TSA is breaking the Fourth Amendment Rules for Search and Seizure.
    Profiling is certainly a lot smarter than violating the rights of random passengers.

  • kodiak60

    If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, hell, it must be a Muslim! Sorry, dude… no can do, you go sit in that room there, so we can strip search you privately, have a dog sniff your spincter muscles to make sure you ain’t got something stuffed up there that is foreign, and have you hug a pig. If you pass that, then you can go on the plane. Otherwise, it’s to the lock-up and your trip to Paradise is cancelled.

  • David P. Hock

    If that what it takes I’m all for profiling! The BS has to stop. It’s not little old ladies that are the terrorists, we know who they are and where they are comming from.

  • Meteorlady

    Lets see – who does the terrorist thing? Muslims between the ages of 18 and 40. That’s not exactly profiling – it’s a fact. I hate the day we allowed these people to come here and not assimilate into our society. If we went there we would have to live to their rules, yet here they demonstrate and call us nameson the streets of our cities, claim they have a right to practice their cult “religion”, and we protect them because we are too politically correct. Wake up! there are many of them here that want to hurt us and our families and our way of life. They don’t come here to make friends, they come here to talk over. Read about Germany and England and their ghettos – that should scare the crap out of you.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      Don’t forget about France!! They have had a terrific problem and threatened the Moslems that if they attack anymore anywhere in France they would all be thrown out of the Country. The communities are so big, the French will not allow any more Muslim’s in to live there.

  • jomama

    This message is for the idiots at CAIR & everyone else like the illegal immigrants, laRaza, MALDEF, etc. who doesn’t like the way we do things around here:

    Boo hoo!!
    Too bad!!
    Boo hoo!!

  • A.Z. Reed

    I agree l00% with the postings urging “profiling” of mmuslims boarding airplanes to the U.S. because they bomb and kill the passengers. This has nothing to do with religion or their “right” to kill Americans. It is a vicious form of murder called religion by a cult of people from the Middle East originally.
    It is scary to watch the rapid progress of Islam in the United States. Northern Virginia (Fairfax County) is selling King Faisal of Saudi Arabia a beautiful tract of land to establish a gigantic academy for the study and practice of Islamic culture, not too far from the capitol. Also,Six immans, cursing the U.S., were removed from their plane and then sued the Airplane Co. and won because although they hate America, they desire to live here where there is freedom of speech and they can curse us.
    In the past few years, there have been news reports of six muslim women who have been killed as “honor deaths” by their male relatives who were displeased over some matter which somehow offended the men. One girl worked at MacDonalds which offended her father. One New York woman asked for a divorce and was beheaded. The poisonous practices of the muslim cult are being imported daily into this country. It is a risk to which we don’t need to expose our children.
    The Islamic “religion” is a cult of hatred and war. The Koran preaches that infidels should be killed. They are attempting to use our civil rights laws against us. When they begin to accept our customs and our churches in their countries, I’ll begin to listen.

  • Barbara Holmes

    I love Muslims! That is why I want to send them all to heaven…today!

  • Robert

    We should not profile a single Muslim. It’s wrong. Just shoot them and all will be just fine. Does anyone have a few billion bullets laying around that are going stale?

  • Barbara Holmes

    If you want to know how peaceful Muslims are, read the Koran. If they’re not trying to kill you, they are not doing their duty as good Muslims. They even want to kill each other. Now where does that come from? Guess it is just a bad habit. Remember about four years ago when the dear friends who were invited to the wedding in a fine hotel, I’ve forgotten the city in the middle east, blew up the parking garage while many guests, the bride and groom and both sets of parents were entering. Two men and one of their wives set off explosives. Many including both sets of parents were killed by the dear friends invited to the lavish wedding. Who needs enemies with friends like theirs. They must have been “racial profiling” and any race would do.

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    How about this. Instead of “Nation Building”, after throwing out their terrorist supporting regimes in the Middle East and/or the so called “Tribal Areas”, let us try (preemptive) “Nation Renaming”. Yes! Lets let them be known as “NukeStan” (pronounced: Nuke’-Es-Stan), only until or unless they change their evil ways, of course. Two or three examples should be enough. It has been noted that all great humor is based on the truth and/or reality. I do have a serious question though: Have you ever stopped to examine why you had the reaction to this thought you just did? The only reason I can come up with is the fear (based on reality) of real world, barbaric, pre-planned violence, committed against civilians where you and other innocents live. You are asking for civil, restrained “reactive defense” towards those who despise you for living and breathing on the very same planet as they. We, in the West, view reporters and artist’s, women and children, Doctors, Nurses and their patients, for example, as “hold harmless” bystanders and completely off limits in any combat. The radical terrorists, practicing the “Religion of Peace”, as it is referred to by the politically correct in charge of leading us in this war, do not so consider it to be so. To them, it is a holy call to arms. A call to subjugate or destroy all nonbelievers. It is a war which has been declared against all of humanity (not just the west) that either does not believe as they do or submit to their will. They only gain strength and power in their world, by our appearance of weakness, and revel in the throat-slitting, baby-killing, Mosque; Church; Synagogue; Temple; Alter desecration and marketplace bombings, as well as the suicide killings of any and everyone in or around such places committed by these vermin who hide behind women’s skirts (or burkkahs (sic)) and set up rocket launchers in or next to Mosques, schools and hospitals, et cetera.
    The only difference between Christianity and Islam (other than the fact that Jesus and Mohammed were about as polar opposite as “Prophets” as one could get) is the fact that Christianity has undergone it’s Reformation during the Age of Enlightenment and Islam has not. They never will until their so-called moderate coreligionists get over their extremely real fear of retribution and scourge the fanatics from their midst. Thus far, unfortunately, they seem “under motivated” to do so. It appears that without a very real consequence for their immoderate inaction, they will remain ineffectively on the sidelines, awaiting to see who will win so they may say loudly and enthusiastically, they were with them all along. I, for one, intend it to be us and not the barbarians who are on the winning side. As I’ve noted before: “If you want to know what life would be like under a Caliphate, ask an Armenian”.

  • Anthony

    This threat from islamic extremists is only the beginning.
    Our country is face with the greatest threat it could ever imagine, but yet most of us just sit and talk, email one another through internet blogs, and voice our frustrations over what is going on in our country. Though we started out as a people seeking to build a nation of one people under God. We have long since lost those values, which taught us to love one another and to defend each other rights to liberty and the pursuit of life and happiness. Evil is real, and it is against harmony in human existance. It will do whatever it can, to divide, dissimulate hatred, and suspisions. Until it is eradicated by the only ONE who can, it is our responsibility to fight for our family, our country and way of life. It has long been time out for talking. The american people are the government, and they must reclaim their right to lead this nation through men and women who will respect it’s constituents wishes. Now is the time for a new revolution, to restore our constitution which made us a great nation and people. Together as one, not as groups this can be done and must be done. The present administration along with the past five have place laws in motion that will destroy our borders and lead to a americas unionof Canada, USA and Mexico. Wake us citizens , the time for talk has long been over, we must stand up for the constitution now, for tomorrow will be to late. The ones we have trusted took a oath, that they would uphold the constitution of the United States, and military personnel took a oath that they would defend it with their lives against Foreign and domestic enemies. Where are they now?

  • JeffH

    Gee whiz! I wanted to say something, but everyone has it covered.
    Question? How long can the 72 virgins remain virgins? Forever! The terrorists prefer goats!

    • Joe H.

      Nah, the U.S. Army already did a recon and took care of that little fact!!! They aren’t the “virgins” anymore!!!!!

  • Sue

    “Since Muslims took down Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988, every attack on a commercial airliner has been committed by foreign-born Muslim men with the same hair color, eye color and skin color. Half of them have been named Mohammed.” – Columnist Ann Coulter

    • Robert

      Oh, that’s just a coincidence according to liberals and mainstream media. They know the real truth. It’s those 95 year old Rabbis named Abraham and them 80 year old grandmothers knitting sweaters who are behind it all. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few of them Christians in the mix also. Ask Obama, he’ll tell you the same thing. Why do you think he and his lot want to disarm us? Us law-abiding American citizens are the real terroist threat. Nancy and Harry have said so and they wouldn’t lie to us, would they?

  • Noni

    When were we start getting taken over by the Muslims? One day, I realized we had entire cities that are now Muslim, as does England. Now, England and some countries go back to colonial times in letting people in their country, but we did not go and colonize in other countries, so why are we open and free to every one, every where to come and take our country over? What happened to quota’s allowing only X number to APPLY to come here? I think Ellis Island needs to be reopened. Check the people out politically and physically – no new sick folks. OK, we do help children who can be helped here and not in their home country, but this needs to be allowed entry on a “chosen few.” Kind of like the Marine logo, The Marine’s wants a FEW Good Men (and Women). This needs to be the USA logo. The saying on the statue of Liberty should not include those who would harm us, our country, etc.
    Yes, I too, have met some mighty nice Texans! What this country needs is a Ronald Reagan or a Barry Goldwater, Hello, is anyone out there that can fill such shoes. We are in great need of you!

  • Eli

    So what? Not all Muslims are terrorists; but all terrorists are Muslim. Care to get it?

  • Gary

    To Cair Director Nihad Awad,

    Sucks to be you.

    So if I go to a Muslim country I don’t have to obey sharia? Ohhhhh, I do and so does my wife? But wouldn’t that alienate and stigmatize my wife and me? What? I’m an infidel so you don’t care? Well then, like I said, Sucks to be you. Wear clean underwear because when you fly yours are going to get looked at.

  • Angela

    All I can say is AMEN to every post on this site. You all expressed my feelings completely. If they don’t like the profiling, they can go back to their own country they came from. Maybe they don’t like it there because they can’t spew their hatred as much as they can here. As for the “profiling” too bad, so sad, get over it. We don’t particularly like you being here either. Go home where you can be with others of like minds.

  • warner mobley

    9/11 would not have occurred if we had used “racial profiling”.

  • Claire

    The only reason CAIR is here is because of all the Muslims escaping their own country to live in America. So obviously Muslims were/are not happy with their own country? My message to CAIR is:: If you live in America, be an American and if you don’t like it, then get the heck out of America. We don’t need you nor do we want you. We do not need to hear your pathetic whining. CAIR–admit the truth, why do Muslims want to live in America?? Is it because you love America and have better life here and/or do you want to blow up America??? I say GET LOST!!!

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  • Ron

    Hmmm….could a Christian Book Store be opened in any of those Countries listed without any problems? Tell us about all their Freedoms, CAIR!


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