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Cain Leads The PLD Poll, But Scandal Response Paints A Disturbing Picture

November 4, 2011 by  

Cain Leads The PLD Poll, But Scandal Response Paints A Disturbing Picture

Herman Cain is the leading vote-getter in our Personal Liberty Digest Republican Primary poll (which originally introduced many of you to our site) over the past 30 days. This result seems to mirror Cain’s meteoric rise in national polls following the GOP debate in Florida in late September.

After excluding multiple votes from single email addresses, Cain tallied 7,213 votes from Personal Liberty subscribers. Ron Paul was second with 6,085. Mitt Romney came in a distant third at 2,193, followed by Newt Gingrich (1,409), Michele Bachmann (546), none of the above (331), Rick Santorum (149) and Jon Huntsman (98). Sarah Palin, who is not running, tallied 795 votes. (Editor’s note: Over the past 60 days, Paul garnered 12,740 votes to Cain’s 8,422 and Perry’s 5,704. Palin edged out Perry in that period with 5,795.)

The results were tallied before the sexual harassment scandal began to envelop the Cain campaign earlier this week.

So far, rather than derailing his momentum, Cain seems to have gotten a bump in both fundraising and support as a result of the scandal, despite his conflicting responses. He’s playing the victim card, and the public seems to be glomming onto his pitch that he’s undergoing a “high-tech” lynching because he’s black and conservative.

Cain’s story has evolved over the course of the week. He’s acknowledged he had about 10 days — from the time POLITICO first approached him about it until the story broke — to formulate a plan. Yet his initial response to a reporter asking if he’d ever been accused of sexual harassment was to turn the question back on the reporter.

Then he responded that he didn’t have a better response because he couldn’t respond to “unsubstantiated” rumors and didn’t know who his accusers might be because he had never sexually harassed anyone. The story then became that he remembered who the women might have been but didn’t know about a settlement. It transformed into he turned it over to counsel and Restaurant Association human resources, but never inquired about a settlement.

Now, the Cain camp is blaming a Perry campaign aide who worked for Cain during his 2004 Senate run. The story is that Cain told that aide the sexual harassment issue might come up and now the aide has passed the story onto the Perry camp, who leaked the story. How Cain remembered the details in 2004 but forgot them in 2011 has not been addressed.

I’ve made no secret that I am not a Cain supporter. And it remains to be seen whether there is anything to this story.

But Cain’s ill-conceived and sometimes irrational responses demonstrate clearly that he’s not ready for prime time. Any decent campaign aide with a modicum of public relations experience could have developed a much better response to this crisis — especially with a 10-day heads-up.

If this is the best Cain can do, should he become the Republican nominee, the Democratic smear machine will eat his lunch and make him say, “Thank you.”

Of course that doesn’t matter, because if the choice is between Obama and Cain — or Obama and Romney, Perry, Gingrich, Bachmann, Santorum or Huntsman — there is really no choice at all.

Sadly, what the story has done is once again distract the American voting public from the real issues: inflation, profligate government spending, corporatocracy, never-ending foreign wars, growing totalitarianism and a decreasing standard of living. The mainstream media and the political class know that sex stories always sell. You’ve bought it again, and they’re sitting in their ivory towers chuckling away.

And if you elect Cain, Romney, Perry, Gingrich, Bachmann, Santorum or Huntsman, there will be nothing more than a shuffling of chairs in the ivory tower.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Cain is not a politician. It is what attracts people to him. I hope he continues to play that victim card. I don’t know if the allegations are true, and if it was settled years ago, who cares? No candidate is going to be perfect. Obama is the only politician alive that was able to delete his past and get away with it. It is a different set of rules for the liberals.

    • John Carter

      In fairness to Cain, I believe he is essentially a straight shooter, and that is his appeal. I initially regarded him; he is an intelligent, kind, honest man, but his recent and murky sexual harassment issues cast some clouds on his honesty. But, let’s also be honest about him as potential President. He would be an unmitigated disaster. If you think Obama has affectivity issues with the Washington pools, poor Herman would be chum for the beltway sharks. The Republicans and the TP cried stridently about BO’s lack of experience. At least he was in Senate. Where’s the experience issue with Cain? How can the TPs ignore that glaring deficiency? Next, the 999 plan is an albatross. If Cain got anywhere close to the nomination (yuk) people would start to understand it. Cain was always a joke. He is becoming pathetic.
      Cain could be the first President who will offer a running account of his Presidency on CD and DVD in three easy monthly payments, shipping and handling not included.

      • Aniko

        “I initially regarded him; he is an intelligent, kind, honest man”
        “If Cain got anywhere close to the nomination (yuk)”

        And YOU are an “honest” and thoughtful person?

        You hung yourself with your own words. YOU are OBVIOUS to ANY thoughtful person!

        • Elane

          You are incorrect!!! John Carter just told that Cane seems is intelligent, honest person. We don’t know if it is true. Obviously, Cane has no experience dealing with government, politics, or even more importantly no experience dealing with macro-economic issues – he instead did a good job running a pizza company. Yes, he did a GOOD job running a pizza company, if you want to see the story of a GREAT job running a pizza company – look at Papa John’s. I ask you, why should he be president? Because he sounds good when he talks? I think it’s time for the Republicans to find a new front runner!

          • professor

            You are so right in saying that the Tea Party needs to find a new candidate!

            What is impressive about running a franchise pizza or burger business. (There are quite a few blacks doing the same thing. Are we going to make them all president.) The qualifications it took to sell pizza, is not what it takes to save this country from the communists embed in Washington.

            This is the most important election for this country. The person that wins will be responsible for the “rise or fall” of America. Has anyone ever thought that Cain might be a product of the “quota system.” He just doesn’t come off as the super intelligent businessman that he thinks he has been.

            First of all, a franchise is just that. All stores are run the same, they even use the same napkins…no big decision there to make.. And, lets not forget the straws, all stores are sent the same straws. And, as for working, flipping the burgers, that was probably a necessity. Employees with those kinds of jobs, many times, just don’t show up. Any franchise owner can tell you they never know, how many employees will show up on any given day.

            Last night on Fox, Cain was giving a list of all the positions he has held, reciting his resume. The problem is that he left out one of the positions that people need to be particularly interested in questioning him about. He left out the fact that he has been a Federal Reserve Banker and worked for the international billionaire members of the Bilderbergs. People are ignoring this fact. How many make comments about that, on these blogs…his avid supporters won’t talk about it..reminiscent of 2088 and the obama groupies.

          • Old Henry

            I am assuming professor that whomever the host was on the FOX show did not bring up the fact that Mr. Cain left off his association with the Fed.

            He did bring Godfathers Pizza back from the brink of bankruptcy. I THINK it was Roy Kroch that “standardized” chain resturants with Mc Donald’s. That allows customers to go into any of their restuants nation-wide and get the exact same product they get back home. Lowes, Home Depot, et al do pretty much the same thing.

            Our country needs to be run like a business as do all state, county and local governments.

          • professor

            Old Henry,

            No Fox didn’t ask him about why he left off the Federal Reserve Banker part of his resume. They don’t care.

            I have to say that this country IS being run like a highly corrupt corporation! It certainly isn’t being run like a Republic, with elected officials that represent the voters.

            Secondly, I don’t agree that it should continue to be run like the corrupt corporation that it has become. The politicians are supposed to be responsive to the people, individual freedom, and individual choices, financial responsibility, and Constitutional Law. That doesn’t sound like any of today’s corporations.

          • Joe H.

            Nah, go ahead and vote for cain!!! At least, in the final days of this great nation, HE CAN MAKE YOU ONE HECK OF A PIZZA!!! end of sarcasm here!!

      • Old Henry


        First off I am not a Cain “supporter” as I am behind Dr. Paul. Would I vote for him on 11/6/12? I cannot say at this time, but currently I would go Libertarian.

        Being president is being CEO of the U.S. Cain has that in spades – no pun intended. Not a politician? That is a huge PLUS. He has what we call grit. He is standing up to the commie LSM.

        As far as the Beltway Sharks, Reagan handled that quite well as I think Mr. Cain will do also.

        Little Barry Soetoro was in the Senate for what, 100 days? Voting presint, present, present. The only reason that sum-bag commie Muslim foreighn national is in OUR WH is du to the commie LSM and the excessively brain-dead American electorate.

        • Peter L

          Mr. Cain promises everything but will deliver nothing. It starts with his promotion of the current system. His defense of our “free market” system is direct evidence that he either does not know how things operate or is intentionally lying because he knows you don’t have a clue.

          There is nothing ‘free’ about a market dominated by conglomerate corporations who use their power and influence in a diabolical manner to undermine the ability of citizens to manage THEIR OWN economy. A nations economy belongs to its citizens, NOT to whoever can consolidate enough capital to control it.

      • Pilot

        I admire you people for considering a candidate’s qualifications. This is sensible. However, we have Obama in the White House now. He has no qualifications. He has no experience. He mysteriously came out of nowhere and can’t substantiate his background.
        So it’s all very nice to consider a candidate’s qualifications, but events have pretty much tossed the need to be qualified out the window. What we need is someone, anyone, who is not a communist to be the next president. If we can get someone who will restore the constitution as law of the land, so much the better. I don’t see any Reagans or Goldwaters out there. So we have to do the best we can with what we have. We are still choosing amongst career politicians folks! None of the rest of us seem to have the courage or want to put up with the hassles of running for office. I will vote for whoever can beat Obama, and I suggest you do too. We can debate all the cadidates’ finer points and that’s what the primary season is all about. Don’t lose sight of the main objective though, to get Obama out of there!

    • DaveH

      Cain is the quintessential Politician. He’s spoon feeding desperate people what they want to hear. He’s slyly trying to introduce a dual-tax system into our country like that which Europe has suffered under for many years. And people are buying into it out of desperation to get rid of Income Taxes. Cain is no dummy. I can’t say the same for his voters.
      Remember when Reagan greatly simplified the number of tax brackets and deductions? It wasn’t long before we were back to high rates and more complexity. It will be the same for National Sales tax of any kind, call it Fair Tax, 999 plan, or whatever. It would be a short time before 999 was 10-10-10 or 11-11-11. Learn from History folks. Government is not going to shrink willingly.

      • VIC

        999 is only a beginning. Mr. Cain will eventually revert to the fair tax which is a good thing. Yes, I want to take home my whole paycheck and a national sales tax is the only fair way to make everyone pay their fair share. period.

        • DaveH

          Apparently, Vic, you haven’t read the Fair Tax proposal. Everybody doesn’t pay their fair share. There would still be a large portion of the population who paid no Federal Taxes, but still got to vote on how to spend the money.
          And it turns retailers into Federal Tax Collectors. And who knows how deeply it will reach. Will they tax you on your Ebay sales? Will they tax you on your Home Gardens? And unlike many people think, it will NOT Abolish the 16th Amendment. So the door will still be open for Government to reinstate an Income Tax. Don’t kid yourself.
          Note that I hate Income Taxes. But I don’t want to jump from the frying pan into the fire either.
          Read this:

        • professor

          @ Vic

          “The 999 plan is just the beginning…..”

          Vic I think you are right! This would just be the beginning of increasing Federal Taxes. It should worry you that someone would say, “This is only the beginning (of a tax).” Will you vote for someone that openly tells you that his plan will change, and what he is describing is only the “first step.” Will you vote, once again, for the same kind of rhetoric you got from obama.

          Vic, you haven’t a clue what Cain would do with our tax system, if elected. Talk about a political trick….Politicians throw a sentence out there, and let people assume it is going to be a great plan! Voters “assumed” that “hope and change,” was a great thing. Cain has taken some ques from obama. Think about it.

      • Dale on the left coast

        Have to disagree with you on the 999 thing. It would eliminate the IRS, which is an Albatross and regulation nightmare.
        9% Corporate tax . . . increased investment and business activity.
        9% Income Tax . . . would you get to keep more of what you earned?
        9% Consumption Tax . . . you choose whether to consume, buy that new car etc. – make groceries and medications exempt.
        I would rather choose to pay a tax on my purchases than to have it taken from me before I get the check. And remember, the wealthy folks buy much more “Stuff” . . . therefore they pay MUCH MORE!!!

        • DaveH

          No, it will not eliminate the IRS. They might change their name, but there will still be a Federal Agency to oversee the Fair Tax. And Government has shown its tendency throughout history to trend towards more complexity.
          From the Fairtax website:
          “The FairTax meets the entire Democratic tax agenda, starting with progressivity. The FairTax is far more progressive than the current income tax system. Under the FairTax, low-income households experience five times the benefit increase as compared to high-income households”

          “more progressive”, “benefits Democrats”? Are those Freudian Slips or what?

        • Old Henry

          Actually Dale it would be more of a 9-9-18 tax as corporations do not pay taxes. They pass the taxes on to the consumers.

        • professor

          Washington will never give up the IRS, that is the agency that gives them total power, total control over this country and everyone in it.
          If you want to take power away from the corrupt politicians, take away the power of Washington to “tax and spent.” Give that power back to the States. Let them tax their own citizens and decide how the money is to be spent. If they decide there will be no Medicaid benefits in their State, so be it. (Alaska has to welfare programs.)

          Washington should never have been given this power over the country, so they can meet in secret, behind closed doors, and divide up our tax money among their own Marxist agendas and enrich themselves with deals they make with foreign countries and big business.

          Cains tax plan would give the Feds even more power to tax. Don’t be fooled by his seemingly “school boy” presentation, covering up an insidious plan that would increase taxes on the middle class. I am not sure if this plan was conjured up because of a lack of experieince, or with purpose.

        • Joe H.

          Dale on the left coast,
          The obam admin came up with a new simplified tax form! Line one: How Much Did You Make? Line two: How Much Did You Pay In Taxes? Line three: Please Send In The Remainder!!! Sound about right???

      • r.p.

        Remember that 9+9+9 still equals 27 in federal taxes only… GEEZE WHIZZZ, that sounds like Perry’s 25%. He’s basically selling us the same ole “package” in a new wrapper. DUH!!

      • Old Henry


        I don’t buy into the 9-9-9, but I do give Cain a lot of credit for getting the dialog started. I don’t hink, if elected, his plan would go over with the public once it had been completely laid out / debated / chewed on. Actually it would be 9-18-9 as corporations do not pay taxee as you well know. They are simply passed on to consumers.

        As I recal it was the democraps that brought back the higher rates in the early 90s.

        However, you are right on with the escalation process. And I do not recall hearing Cain, lor any of them, talk of repealing the 16th.

        • DaveH

          If you look at the fairtax “white paper” below, they say:
          “Can we free ourselves from the 16th Amendment without first ensuring a safe landing? That safe landing comes from simply putting the FairTax – a progressive national sales tax – there and allowing our nation to enjoy how well it works”.
          If we fall for that, well you know, swampland and all that. It reminds me of Nancy Pelosi’s “pass the bill first”:

    • Rick Lewis

      I agree totally, besides all are from annomous sources. It seem that just giving a compliment can be considered sexual harrassment. They are allegations. I support Mr Cain even more now because
      of all the attacks against him, and because he is the right person to do the job.

  • Larry D

    What you people fail to realize is that Mr Cain is as rock hard as any veteran politician. This man will be backed by the Conservatives should he win the nomination. This man cannot easily be shaken by the main stream media, they will try and try they will. At the same time he will attack Obama like a laser guided missle. This guy is for real and this jackass of a media we have will see this as they move along trying to tear down a good man.

    • Johnny Galt

      Cain is a liar and a story teller, not to mention he was on the board for the privately owned Federal Reserve. We need to END THE FED, and congressman RON PAUL is the only man with the guts to do it.

    • DaveH

      Herman Cain is NOT a Conservative. Conservatives want Smaller Government. Cain does NOT want Smaller Government. The 999 plan will NOT result in Smaller Government. His plans for increased National Security will NOT result in Smaller Government. His plans to make more rigorous enforcement of Drug Laws will NOT result in Smaller Government.
      Visit his website. Pay attention:

      • DaveH

        Strangely enough, Herman Cain does not talk about the Drug Wars on his website. So I have to dig further to get the truth:

        Government has been fighting the futile Drug Wars for 40 years now. Are we there yet? Well, yes, if “there” is an enrichment of the Drug Lords, if “there” is innocent people losing their lives caught in the middle of the Drug Warriors and the Drug Lords, or if “there” is the impoverishment of our Nation in a futile attempt to stop something that takes fewer lives each year than Prescription Drugs.

        • professor

          The “war on drugs” was never meant to be won. There is too much easy money involved.

          When and if the government ever gets serious, there will be serious consequences, not rehab, for drug users…and there will be even more serious consequences for drug trafficking…

          Besides it all falls in with choreographing the demise of this country. The more people become dependent on drugs and the more they handicap their productivity, squelch their desire to excel, and diminish their ability to be interested in what is happening, the better for the Marxists and their ambitions. It could very well be considered a political tool.

          • DaveH

            It would be a conflict of interest for Government to end any kind of Crime. The police make money, the court system makes money, the jailers make money. Why in the world would they want to end that gravy train?

      • Old Henry

        Speaking of expanding govt / political toos / Marxists, check out this article regarding HR 1505.

    • Old Henry

      “he will attack Obama like a laser guided missle”

      Yes Larry! That’s what we need! A drone! There is our answer!

      I love it! That’s even better than my bacon / ham plan! A little messier perhaps, but better.

    • winolet

      I agree with you!

  • patxtra

    Here’s the way I feel about the Cain thing…



    • Mary Fields

      I believe for Mr. Ron Paul. I don’t know about Mr. Cain he was CEO of Pizza Business. I believe many other notoriously known economists with better knowledge in economics and business would better suit for a president than Mr. Cain. America in economically bankrupt and the economy is destroyed. Many people are on welfare and Medicaid which are very expensive. To tell those people that they must work are not going to work. I will vote for Mr. Ron Paul. Everyone has different opinion.

      • Wargi

        Welfare is a way of life that needs to be destroyed. If you want something – Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness – work for it. It is a right, NOT a handout.

        • DaveH

          Then vote Ron Paul 2012!

      • John Carter

        Cain didn’t even know China has nuclear weapons!!!!! No, he would not make a good President. Some basic knowledge is required when you can have your finger on the nuclear button.
        That fact alone would disqualify him…..not to mention the continued destruction of the middle class from this man’s policies.
        Then we can approach the question of whether Cain can handle the presidency. His reaction to the latest set of challenges is not encouraging. But there is already plenty of evidence out there that suggests Cain is not a serious candidate—or at least has yet to prove he is.

        • eddie47d

          Candidates need to know world history and understand the consequences of their actions. They also need to know US history and our Constitution.

          • Old Henry

            I would then have to make the conclusion eddie that you did not vote for Little Barry Soeotor / Harrison J. Bonnel.

          • eddie47d

            It’s Soetoro Old Henry and yes there is that Bonnel connection. Obama does know American history,world history and the Constitution although it is being used in his favor. I’m not saying his interpretation is right. I have seen Conservatives and Liberals misusing US history to gain status too.Such as the slavery issue and the Alamo(war of independence) or even the first Pilgrims.

          • Palin16

            obummer knows US history so well he thinks there are 57 states.

    • Old Henry

      I prefer Larry’s idea of a lazar guided missle…

  • Bob in Boston

    Interesting that Ron Paul got second in your poll, but later on when you talk about match-ups against Obama you say:

    “Of course that doesn’t matter, because if the choice is between Obama and Cain — or Obama and Romney, Perry, Gingrich, Bachmann, Santorum or Huntsman — there is really no choice at all.”

    Interesting that you left Ron Paul out of that sentence considering in some polls he stacks up against Obama better than ANY other candidate, including Romney or Cain.

    Care to explain why you left him out?

    The clear bias in the legacy media against Dr. Paul is disgusting, but to have it happen on a site called “Personal Liberty” is inexcusable.

    • Pat

      We should all be able to figure that one out! Haven’t you noticed that ‘they’ leave Paul ‘out’ of the running…will never mention his name! THAT’S BECAUSE THEY ARE SCARED TO DEATH OF HIM! He is not one to be bought like the others! and they know it. Our country needs desperately to rally around Ron Paul – the ONLY Constitutional candidate.

      • Ted Crawford

        You bet we “are scarred to death of him” Pat! How a man so often brilliant on fiscal matters, can be so naive on foreign affairs!No matter how sound his economic policies are we dare not allow someone so unwilling, given this age of nuclear weapons and extensive terrorism, to take any appropriate action to stop the spread of nuclear weapons! Given the nature and often stated purpose of nations like Iran, it borders on the criminal! He must be kept from any seat of power!

        • Jibbs

          You need to do some more research and listen to what your reading.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Ted Crawford,
          Might I suggest you read my recent column on Cognitive Dissonance [ ] and the Warfare/Welfare State [ ].

          What is truly “criminal” is the way sheeple like you have been so dumbed down by the U.S. non-education system and mainstream media propaganda machine that you are lost in fog of nonsensical support of world empire and domination.

          Until you and about 65 million of your cohorts choose to release yourself from the paradigm of conventional wisdom in which you currently stumble and grope about for some sort of magical “hope and change,” a crash of Biblical proportions is all we can expect.

          Best wishes,

          • Johnny Galt

            Well stated Bob. A vote for Ron Paul would change everything.


          • Ted Crawford

            So Bob, you reffer me to two articals written by.. why YOU to convince me of YOUR wisdom, while attempting to belittle me with name calling! WOW Not Narcssistic much are we? Unfortunatly, for you, history beggers your logic!

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear Ted Crawford,

            You write: “So Bob, you reffer me to two articals written by.. why YOU to convince me of YOUR wisdom, while attempting to belittle me with name calling!” No. I refer you to them to educate you.

            You write: “Unfortunatly, for you, history beggers your logic!” Please elaborate.

            Best wishes,

          • Ted Crawford

            Charles Lindbergh, Joesph Kennedy, ET AL, 1930′s assurances that all we needed to do was mind our own business and everything would be all right, Chamberlins concessions to Hitler to avoid war. All evil requires to triumph is that good men do nothing. Isolationism has never been a buffer to aggression!

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear Ted Crawford,

            Your attempt at bringing isolationism into the conversation is a non sequitur. Ron Paul is not an isolationist. He is non-interventionist. There is a big difference. Here is his take on foreign policy: He believes we should not be policing the world, should not be sending billions of dollars to foreign countries, should not be propping up dictators to serve as our puppets, and he believes we should not attack other countries unless there is a vital national interest determined and war is first declared by Congress. That is quite a Constitutional position, in my opinion.

            Best wishes,

          • Ted Crawford

            I can easily agree with almost everything stated in that piece! It does not, however address the issue of his stance on nuclear prolifferation, especially in the Middle East! If we simply chose to ignore it it will not go away.
            While I believe that China will be our opponant in any major conflict that might arise, they, like us would never use nuclear weapons. At least not in the beginning. Should a nation, such as Iran chose to do so, and the nuclear can of worms is open, can it be controlled?
            This issue can’t just be swept under the rug. It must be addressed. If not us..who? if not now.. when? I’d preffer it be there, not here where my wife, children and grand children would be at immediate risk.

    • Marilyn

      I totally agree with you, Bob in Boston. That’s what you call bias in the media. It appears that the writer is biased and that is very disappointing to me. Same ole, same ole that you get from mainstream media. I would like an answer to that question too. As far as Herman Cain, I think the people should know if the candidate is an honest man that we the people can trust. Obviously, that is not Cain. I have been sexually harassed on the job and it isn’t pleasant. I have total respect for those women who did report it. They have every right to express their concerns. I know there is no perfect person, but three women? That shows a pattern. He changed his story too many times and that shows me that he is NOT an honest person.

      • libertytrain

        Marilyn, it’s his site, you come here and write your opinion with bias – we all do. He’s been writing his opinion since the 60′s in the Bob Livingston Letter. His thoughts, his ideas, his site. We’re able to post here our opinions and share our thoughts.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Bob in Boston,

      Go back and read the sentence for comprehension. The reason I left Ron Paul’s name off my list is quite simple. He is the only one who WILL make a difference. As I said, apparently not as clearly as I thought, if the choice is between Obama and any of the Republican candidates (save Ron Paul), there is no real choice. I have written many times here that the only choice we have is Paul if we want change. Everything else is Kabuki Theater for public consumption.

      Best wishes,

      P.S. You must be new here. As our long-time readers can attest, I have never been shy in promoting Ron Paul for President.

      • Joe H.

        Bob Livingston,
        I have been here for two years and I CAN attest to that fact!!!

    • Aniko

      He left out Ron Paul BECAUSE he thinks that he is the ONLY one who can best Obama! And you ARE a Ron Paul supporter?! Goes to show your intelligence level! You can’t even see when someone agrees and supports YOUR views! Bob Livingston IS a rabid Ron Paul supporter! He can see no fault with him, just like you!

    • Stevan Iungerich

      To: Bob in Boston.

      I don’t think he left out Mr. Paul. Read the last line of the article where again his name is omitted. All the others will just give us more of the same.


    • DaveH

      Bob in Boston,
      I suggest you carefully re-read that passage that you quoted from Bob. That will answer your question.

    • Centurion

      He left him out because he is trying to show you that a vote for any candidate OTHER THAN Ron Paul is a waste and a vote for the stays quo. Its pretty obvious why he left RP out of the list of no good establishment politicians. Read it again. He’s PRO-RP.

  • Jimbo

    have seen all of this before and it makes me all the more convinced that Cain is my choice for the Presidency of the USA

    • Thomas Conway

      so sure that Cain is your choice? are you STUPID? i am going to say with the utmost confidence that you have no idea what you are talking about and haven’t researched him one bit outside of thinking he sounds cool singing gospel on tv – Cain was on the board of Aquila… remember Enron? same thing, different company with different name, same dirty dealings, same loss of retirement for THOUSANDS of workers – he was named in the class action lawsuit which settled in 2007 – by cain’s assumption, every time he “settles” out of court supports his claim of innocence – if he’s so innocent, why not fight it in court? it wasn’t going to come out of HIS pocket – the company paid for legal fees – and what about the Maytag layoffs in Iowa? how about the fact that he SUPPORTS the patriot act?! or the fact that he want’s us to stay in afghanistan and iraq? the fact that he supported TARP! YOU BONE HEAD – my only hope is that your retardation kicks in with such full force that you don’t even remember to vote on election day – “convinced” ARE YOU? tell me, WHAT convinced you that Cain is your guy? the cowboy hat? WHAT IS YOUR ANSWER?!!!! you fool! morons like you are spelling out the doom of our nation

      • Iris

        I am a woman and to me it makes no difference if a man ‘flirts’ with me or not. When I worked, there were many times that some guy made ‘a pass’ and I would come back with some joking ‘put down’. Nothing happened and we went on working together, usually with a new appreciation by the guy who got jokingly slapped down. SO WHAT?

        TO ME sexual harassment is when a woman is approached with a suggestion that if she does not comply, she will end up without a job! All the rest is just baloney.

        • Dagney


        • DaveH

          You’re right, Iris.
          Obviously, I haven’t had a sexual harassment problem, but I have endured other onerous situations, and when I can no longer endure them, I quit! I go somewhere else to work. I don’t get the legal muggers to do my dirty work for me.

          • Thinking About

            Terminate the one doing the harassing, the one being harassed is not the problem.

          • DaveH

            You’re harassing me, TA.

          • libertytrain

            If everyone was terminated for what one would/could possibly consider harassment, no one would be employed anywhere.

      • Joe H.

        Thomas Conway,
        funny you should say that about his singing. I was at the store today and while standing in line, I heard two women talking about Cain. the one said that she was voting for him, and when the other asked why, she said” Girl, have you heard that man SING???” I started to laugh so hard she asked me what was so funny? I said that it was amazing that the only quality she looked at in a president was that he could SING!!!

        • libertytrain

          Didn’t the majority of folks vote obama in because he was half black? And he can’t sing —

  • Thomas Conway

    @ bob in boston – WTF?! i thought i misread things – this clown actually had the nerve to list santorum AND huntsman and made NO mention of Paul? this is just making me nauseous – seriously… if there is an ACTUAL revolution that goes down – i will blame the media for their hand in it and the first tree/rope station i find, i will make sure i have a list of EVERY goddamn reporter in this country who failed to list the ONLY HONEST SOLUTION to this debacle we call the electoral process – forget the media dumbarses! vote RON PAUL IF YOU WANT A FUTURE FOR OUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!

    • Marilyn

      In total agreement. Ron Paul is our ONLY option.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Thomas Conway,

      I suggest reread the column. You apparently didn’t comprehend it the first time.

      Best wishes,

      • DaveH

        Thank God for public schools. lol.

        • Joe H.

          Thank God I got through them BEFORE they went bad!!!

    • Aniko

      Ron Paul supporters are with the OWS, not knowing what they are doing there, just following the anarchist herd. When are any of you going to realize that the little man is and should stay where he’s at and not aim for something he has no clue about?

      I can’t stand anyone who makes up their mind without understanding ALL that is involved in leading this nation. Ron Paul and eliminating of the FED. That will solve EVERYTHING? Ron Paul and destroying the military will stop any attacks on the USA. Is that so? Would it hurt too much to try and think through what your idol is about and visualize what that would mean to our nation?

      Guess not; he is unorthodox enough to satisfy all of you who hate what America stood and to a certain extent still stands for. No, let another America hater finish the job the present one started, rip it completely apart so we can just be like one of the rest of the herd, who now count on us to defend their behind against the Muslim onslaught. What about after? Oh, the Muslims will adore us once we will not be able to defend ourselves!

      • Johnny Galt

        Aniko, you are fully misinformed. Ron Paul will not close down the military, in fact, he is in full support of a strong military … at home defending our boarders. He just does not support our current foreign policy of attack and concur foreign lands. He does not support random acts of attacks overseas, murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and making even more enemies of the USA.

        I’ve known about Ron Paul for 30 years, and he has always voted consistently and Constitutionally. You can’t say that about any of the other Candidates, who would continue down the same treacherous path of economic destruction.

        I invite you to and read up on this man. He will change your mind.

        Vote RON PAUL if you love liberty.

      • DaveH

        Aniko says “Ron Paul supporters are with the OWS, not knowing what they are doing there, just following the anarchist herd. When are any of you going to realize that the little man is and should stay where he’s at and not aim for something he has no clue about?”
        Talking about clueless, Aniko. What is anarchist about Smaller and Constitutionally-Restrained Government?
        And you’re terrified by the Muslims? I think it’s more likely the other way around. Have the Muslims killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, like our Government has killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims? What kind of upside-down world do you live in, where the “good guys” do more killing than the “bad guys”?
        Baa-a-a. Baa-a-a.

  • Thomas Conway

    @ALL, so sure that Cain is your choice? are you STUPID? i am going to say with the utmost confidence that you have no idea what you are talking about and haven’t researched him one bit outside of thinking he sounds cool singing gospel on tv – Cain was on the board of Aquila… remember Enron? same thing, different company with different name, same dirty dealings, same loss of retirement for THOUSANDS of workers – he was named in the class action lawsuit which settled in 2007 – by cain’s assumption, every time he “settles” out of court supports his claim of innocence – if he’s so innocent, why not fight it in court? it wasn’t going to come out of HIS pocket – the company paid for legal fees – and what about the Maytag layoffs in Iowa? how about the fact that he SUPPORTS the patriot act?! or the fact that he want’s us to stay in afghanistan and iraq? the fact that he supported TARP! YOU BONE HEAD – my only hope is that your retardation kicks in with such full force that you don’t even remember to vote on election day – “convinced” ARE YOU? tell me, WHAT convinced you that Cain is your guy? the cowboy hat? WHAT IS YOUR ANSWER?!!!! you fool! morons like you are spelling out the doom of our nation

    • Karen

      You’re an Occutard anen’t you?

      • Thomas Conway

        occutard… thats funny – i’m actually an electrical engineer wh graduated top of my class, and by that i mean first – i was president of eta kappa nu and organizing member of tau beta pi – served as science fair judge in boston and BLS for 7 years and work in govt. so um no, i’m not an occutard… what i am is a professional researched who decided since the last election to not allow myself to be spoonfed select choices of “news” from the media and researched each candidate myself since everything i mentioned is of public record. I haven’t even mentioned whats wrong with romney or cain or obama but the list is as extensive if not more. As for the occupations; i believe those people are disenfranchised and a lot of them have no clue as to the real reasons why there is such a divide between the mid and lower classes and the wall street crowd. I think if they had actually spent their time reading a good economic book and some history, their outlook would be different. As for the other writers on here, and i’m assuming yourself: you have NO clue as to why you think Cain would be a good president other than the fact that you have some misguided “faith” that that is the correct decision – just like the “occutards” as you put it, also feel like what they are doing is the “right” thing to do… without any basis for it. Both camps should spend less time watching the tv and opening up a book and research public record to make an actual EDUCATED decision and leave the faith for church. This is the exact same mindset that got Obama elected…FAITH in hoping for the best…. even though the guy had no voting history to back it up. ron Paul has 30 years of voting history and public address and conviction proving his stance on the issues. As for the lady who said that Ron Paul doing this or that isn’t gong to solve our problems… you’re an idiot – you have no idea what the FED does and has been doing. If it weren’t for Paul being on the monetary subcommittee as chair, we would never have found out that they gave away 16 trillion dollars overseas in secret – thats more than our national deficit in case your math sucks as much as your critical thinking…. do you realize our dollars are backed by promises to pay back debt? which is covered by only 10% of real currency that is also nothing more than promises to pay back debt? do you realize the FED just INSURED 79 trillion dollars worth of derivative funds for BoA? Do you realize that derivatives is another debt based fund – even worse that the financial bubble? and is expected to collapse within the next 5 years if not sooner? Do you know that you and me will be on the hook for this collapse now that the FED has backed it? Whose the ‘tard now? YOU people are STUPID in every sense of the word… and yeah… what was i thinking… of course getting us out of unsustainable wars where we don’t even have a goal and the nation we are occupying want us out.. yeah, thats going to destroy our military… our military is supposed to be for defense – not occupying countries – instead of being over there for oil interest – how about drilling on our own land? your analysis of the situation we are in is like inspecting the top of a scab on a festering wound – its less than surface analysis – so yeah… i agree with Ron Paul wholeheartedly and with faith since i’ve actually put the pieces of the puzzle together and not let someone just tell me what they think the facts are…. we are truly in trouble with people like you voting

        • DaveH

          Those who would like to gain more knowledge about Economics should read this book:

          • Thomas Conway

            here here dave – i agree – there are a lot of great sources out there but people are too busy jumping on the cain train (or should i say short bus) because they “like what the hear” even though what they’re hearing has no substance

          • DaveH

            Here’s a video that proves Cain knows nothing about the Constitution, and I’m not even sure he knows what is coming out of his own mouth:

  • Karen

    See, here’s the thing, we have now had the opportunity to hear Cain’s full and detailed explanation on a variety of talk shows on both TV and radio. For example, he spent an entire hour on Sean Hannity’s show yesterday detailing what he recalled and explaining his “conflicting statements,” which, since he uses proper grammar and definitions of words, would confuse most government educated reporters. He’s being picked on for not remembering a “settlement” but later the same day remembered an “agreement.” In the business world and in the dictionary these two words do not mean the same thing at all. One of the “great offenses” was detailed by one of the eyewitnesses as this, (hang on, this is harsh), he said, “Darlin’ would you mind doctoring up my tea?” Ooohhh, the horror!!!! For those of you not from the South “darlin’” is as common a word as water is a substance to drink. It is used by both men and women. For those of us who have been listening to and going to rallies and seeing Herman Cain for many years it is obvious he is not the kind of man who would sexually harass anyone and he comes across to people as a perfect gentleman because he is.

    • Johnny Galt

      Cain has already proven he is a liar, and we do not need any more of them in D.C. With Cain it will just be more of the same.

      Ron Paul is not a liar. He votes consistently and Constitutionally every single time. I invite you to visit to read up on his positions, and I’m sure he will change your mind.

    • DaveH

      Speaking of drinking, Karen, could you pass me some of that Kool-Aid?

      • Joe H.

        DAVEH. NO!!!!! DON’T DRINK IT!!! WE NEED YOU HERE!!! LOL!!!!

  • pdh

    i certainly agree that Cain or any of the rest of the group is just going to be more of the same. Cain may not be a politician but neither is he an honest man. Be that as it may I agree with Ron Paul when he says this is just part of the media circus and Cain should be tried on the issues. After all, was he not chairman and defender of the biggest ripoff in the history of the world, the Federal Reserve? And didn’t he vote for TARP? And has Cain said one single word about the economic catastrophe we’re facing? Even if (and that’s a huge if), his tax plan works as he claims it will, even he admits that his”tax plan” is revenue neutral and does nothing to address spending, which is the elephant in the room that only Ron Paul wants to talk about. A week before the housing bubble burst he said that the economy was just fine, and when called on it he said that he has better economic advisers now. Meanwhile Ron Paul has been warning us about this for years just because of his OWN economic expertise. Which is preferable?

    • Kelly Jerome

      Cain may have been working for the Federal Reserve. Doesn’t mean he understood at the time the evils behind the system. Many people have not opened their eyes until recently to understand what is going on. I have only come around in the last 6 years. I think it unfair to lump Cain in with the rest of the accomplices.
      I would love to throw my support toward Paul, but his ideas border on insanity and I have had enough insanity for the last 23 years. I only feel there are 3 candidates outside of the scope of the progressives. I believe Cain to be one of them. Paul and Bachmann or the other two. I’m still hestitant to believe Gingrich isn’t a very sneaky progressive dressed up like a made over conservative.
      Waiting for the fog to clear, hopefully I see someone who can bring this nation back from the edge when it does.

      • don


        You state that Ron Paul’s ideas or positions border on insanity. A statement of this nature needs to be responded to and I would ask you to perhaps expand on your notion? Before you respond, please consider the following:

        1. Ron Paul only adheres to one notion, which is the only document that fully protects all citizens of the U.S.A, namely the Constitution.

        2. Ron Paul has been stating the same position since his arrival in public service many many years ago

        3. ROn Paul is the only candidate that realizes spending needs to be cut and several departments are not worth keeping as they are very inefficient.

        4. Ron Paul is the only candidate that has researched in full the reasons for the failure of foreign policy in the U.S., and realizes that the military industrial complex is too powerful and will continue to push the U.S. into wars it cannot afford monetarily or morally. He states, correctly so, that he is FOR good DEFENSE, but AGAINST empire building and meddling in other countries internal affairs.

        5. Ron Paul is the candidate, with regards to the above, who receives the most donations from military personnel, if I am correct, he recieves more than all others combined. This kind of lends credence to his foreign policy position as being somewhat less than insane, no?

        6. Ron Paul is the only candidate who can run circles around anyone who wishes to debate monetary policy and the destructive powers of the FED, who continue to cause bubbles that are detrminetal to free market economies, and always have been.

        7. Ron Paul has been married to the dsame woman and has never been involved in a scandal, be it sexual or moral. The man has a level of integrity that is usually reserved for saints, dare I say.

        8. Ron Paul has clearly stated that his motivations are not money and power, but a return to what made the U.S. a great country. FREEDOM and INDIVIDUAL liberties, not collectivism, where the cream is not allowed to rise to the top, if you know what I mean.

        9. Ron Paul is the only candidate that refuses to lynch other candidates, and is respectful in all his debates.

        10. Ron Paul has no problem stating the truth, even though he knows that most Americans, dumbed down as they now have been, will need a lot of explaining to come to the point where they can fully comprehend his basically logical and undeniably sane positions.

        So, in closing, Kelly, I would love to hear your definition of insanity as it pertains to Ron Paul’s positions, if you care to take the time.

        kind regards,


        • Joe H.

          don’t forget he is the only candidate that has never said he was going to do this and do that!!! In other words, HE DOESN’T LIE!!!

        • Thomas Conway

          lol – of course kelly had NO RESPONSE – she plays like she likes paul only to say he is insane… sounds like the media has brainwashed her – she doesn’t even know why he sounds insane – people like her do the same thing all of the time – make some sweeping claim/conclusion with no basis – whereas, we Paul supporters, have all the facts and the issues in line – like ducks in a row – we have truth and honesty on our side, while the other side basically just doesn’t think – i thought maybe reasoning with these people would do some good, but i am reminded of my son who is 7 – when i told him to not play near the fire because he would get burned… he didn’t take my advice… sometimes people need to make their mistakes to learn from them… but haven’t we made enough mistakes as a country yet? i figured we must have all learned our lessons by now… i’m afraid we aren’t going to get another chance…. someone like paul comes around less than once in a thousand years i believe – i don’t think that this is some coincidence that he is here now – granted our times have something to do with molding a person like paul into the man he is… but i feel almost like this is divine providence.. him being here now – someone showing us a stark line, dividing right from wrong…. and as we are always put to task… we need to choose good over evil – i pray the rest wake up and make the right choice

          • DaveH

            Don’t go away, Thomas. We need clear thinkers like yourself to help stop the Liberals from spreading their lies.

      • Liberty Minded

        Kelly, if you work for the Fed you know how it works and its secrets. And you say Ron Paul is borders on insanity, then you must think the Founders and the constitution are insane.

      • DaveH

        Apparently it is going to take another 6 years to get your eyes fully opened.
        Do this. Read this one book. If it doesn’t fully awaken you to the Evil of Big Government, then I will give up on you:

      • professor

        Do you think that Cain, being intimately associated with the Federal Reserve, was unable to see the threat it represents. If you think that, then you should not be stumping for Cain. He obviously isn’t smart enough to deal with the economic problems of this country. And, you may be right, maybe Cain was “slow enough” not to realize any threat, because he said that there was no need to audit the Fed…he didn’t feel that it needed “oversight.”

        People in 1913 were able to understand the threat that a privately-owned bank would be to this country. People today just don’t care how much corruption is happening, as long as they can buy a new car and go to the ballgame. They only start paying attention when the
        government puts its hand in their pockets, a little too often. These last couple of years, a lot of people woke up to the fact that they have almost lost their cushy lives and their country.

      • Joe H.

        Kelly Jerome,
        Is that 23 years of life or 23 years of voting?? I only ask cause if you are 23 years old then there is still hope that you will get your eyes open, but if it is 23 years of voting the way you sound you do, then all is lost!!

  • Kookie

    Cain is the same as Obama – making promises he cannot keep because he has no experience in running the Government. And lying about his past, as the illegal Obama has done.

    • Kelly Jerome

      Cain is a capitalist and King Hussein is a communist sent here to ruin this country. Cain is proud to be an American and is attempting to do what he can to save it. I don’t blame him or fault him for that.

      What measures are you taking to save the Republic? I hope you are doing more than following the MSM for your direction on what actions to take.

      • Johnny Galt

        What am I doing about it? Well, this year, my wife was tired of listening to me complain about what the government was deliberately doing to us and told me to “do something about it,” and I did. I went to, and donated a hefty sum of money to his campaign. Then I volunteered to be precinct leader in my neighborhood. Never having done this in the past left me a little worried about what I just signed up to do. After meeting with the Regional Leader, and meeting fellow Ron Paul supporters I was convinced I could do this and do it well. Every week, for 4 to 6 hours a week, I walk the streets of my neighborhood and knock on doors to spread Dr. Paul’s message. Sometimes I get people who are not interested at all, then others listen to me and come away impressed with his message they say I will look further at his website. And then, sometimes I find a fellow Ron Paul supporter, and I try to recruit them to also be a volunteer, and sometimes they do. Some say he is unelectable, but I tell them do you believe everything the MSM says, and they say no, and I say, then why are you believing them on this issue? You can see the light bulb go on in their head, and they realize they have been duped in to believing their lie. It is very rewarding when you can change someone’s attitude with a small dose of reality. All in all this is very rewarding, and I can’t wait to see Congressman Paul in person at the upcoming debate next Wednesday in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

      • DaveH

        Cain is NOT a Capitalist. He is a political entrepreneur. Unlike market entrepreneurs who succeed by pleasing their consumers, political entrepreneurs succeed by pleasing the Politicians.

  • s c

    It’s obvious from what I see that this topic is a waste of time. Politics wrings out emotions that are very similar to ‘whiz and vinegar.’
    We’re seeing media at its worst, people who should be friends are throwing stones at each other, and the $^#&* in the White House gets to sit back and laugh. Even the least-qualified candidate should get a fair shake in America, but our media WHORES AND THOSE WHO ACT LIKE SHILLS FOR THE DAMNED MEDIA are rotten to their core, and this won’t happen.
    If America had been awake more often (especially in the ’60s and ’70s), if voters had forced their elected SLIME to be accountable or “gone,” we wouldn’t be in this created mess. Frankly, I don’t see how half of this country can be good parents, let alone good, patriotic citizens and voters.
    We EARNED this CRAP.

  • Marilyn

    Thank you PDH! Ron Paul believes in the Constitution and always used it as his guide when voting on bills. You know how they like to sneak other things in on bills? Well, Ron Paul read every one of those bills and if he found something in them that didn’t pass his Constitutional test, he voted no…always. He is not a flip flopper nor does he get involved in the smear campaigns. He is a good and honest man and supported wholeheartedly by our honorable military.

  • Kelly Jerome

    Many men have been unfairly judged by the PC sexual harassment laws.
    The fact Mr. Cain didn’t want to discuss too many details and speak of the incident may have had to do with the conditions of the settlement. Since both parties are held to the same rules. It is to protect the privacy of both parties.
    Here’s my take on the incident, even if he made a mistake it is obvious the organization felt it better to let this employee go instead of continuing to employ her. This to me means they felt threatened for future accusations from this employee. If she was of the mind set this incident was harrassment then it would not be long before she would be holding someone else to her definition of sexual harrassment and would end up costing the organization more money. Obviously, the organization felt that Herman Cain was of less risk to make the same mistake than this woman was of not finding someone else’s actions harrassing. I’ve seen it many times in business, when someone becomes too much of a risk you simply send them on their way. Here it appears the employee was seen as the higher risk and was sent on her way.
    Southern folks have had to learn to manage their language very carefully in the workplace, since so many not from the south have come to the south.
    If the organization deemed Cain the lesser risk than the employee, I question the seriousness of his offense.

    • d13c

      I am a Human Resorces Professional. Sexual Harassment allegations become a Management decision which is in the best interest of the Company their Brand and reputation in the Community and World. Many are frivolous if not false. Business will pay in order to protect their Business interest regardless of the validity of the claim.
      Moreover, when does the Claim end? Is not it called a Settlement? Too the best of my knowledge JESUS said we should forgive as we seek others to forgive us. Is there an allegation that Cain has sexually harassed anyone in the past two years? If not “Get over it!!!”

    • Thomas Conway

      lol- ok, maybe if he had one complaint – there were at least two formal and a couple that women didn’t pursue because their contact with cain lessened – hope you get harassed some day so you can tell yourself what you just stated against those women…not out of vindictiveness.. but as a learning experience – btw, i think the actual statistic that we should be looking at, is have these ladies brought up charges on anyone else? if so, then maybe you have a point – if not, you’re probably wrong – my point, which ill state agains is that we don’t need to even look at these harassment suits and charges – cain has done enough dirty dealings on his own like Aquila, shady dealing in adjusting godfather’s worth before take over, maytag layoffs… TARP, Patriot act…. etc, that we don’t need to judge him based on these allegations – he’s already proven himself to be a crook and a cheat and liar AT BEST!

  • AnnaS

    To pdh: first of all, no honest man ever became politician; honest men don’t survive in political world. Second, the difference between countries is how much of politicians’ dishonesty the people of the country allow. Obama administration proved that at least for the “liberal” part of the America the level of dishonesty doesn’t have limits. Third, the problem with Cain is not this scandal: with the current definition of sexual harassment, every men older than 12 years old could be accused in it. The Cain’s problem is that this scandal is only the very beginning of all the dirt which will be throwing by democrats on every GOP candidate who will get close to Obama in polls. Cain has very little time to learn how to deal with this high-tech lynching, or he will be smashed by political dirty laundry machine.

    • Joe H.

      Ron Paul is the exception to your first sentence!! Ron Paul/ Judge Napolitano 2012!!!

  • m

    All you consevatives have been hypnotized by this black voodoo man
    Herman, and will not face the reality. Just like the country was hypnotized in 08 by obumer.

    • professor

      You could be right. It is amazing the “cult-like” attitude of the Cain followers. It is the same kind of “mindlessness” displayed by obama groupies. They don’t care to ask questions about Cain, to vet him, or verify his experience. They see in Cain what they want to see in a “savior.” It was the same with obama.

      This scandal involving Cain, makes me wonder why the homosexu$l activity of obama has never been made a scandal. It still could be as supposedly it is well-known, and confirmed. People talk about it openly in articles and on the internet. There have been other politicians “when outed” that have resigned from public office. Why can’t we be that fortunate.

  • Tazio2013

    There is absolutely no possibility whatsoever that HC will be POTUS 45 and anybody having average intelligence and thinking rationally knows this to be true. My only question for the white wing wackos, fox noise viewers and fundamentalist evangelical christian extremists; i.e., +/- 25% of Republican voters, is this: Why do you continue to support HC; a FECE completely unqualified to be POTUS who proudly and continually proclaims his ignorance re things that matter? The Democrats must be praying that he wins the nomination.

    Regrettably, it appears that Willard “Mittens” Romney will be the nominee thus assuring the re-election of BHO.

    I look forward to your replies.

  • Tazio2013

    Dana Milbank on Herman Cain’s spiraling campaign Herman Cain “has done just about everything wrong since news broke Sunday night that his former employer had paid two women to settle sexual harassment complaints against him,” writes Dana Milbank in The Washington Post. First he denied it, then said he couldn’t remember details, then he remembered details, then he blamed his opponents, racism, and the media. At a campaign stop in Alexandria, Virginia recently, “the scene quickly escalated into violence.” As reporters asked him questions about the story, he attempted to break through the pack, shouting “Excuse me. Excuse me! EXCUSE ME!” Then his bodyguard started shoving reporters and cameramen. Of course, fighting with reporters will probably only endear him to Iowa voters. “But Cain’s loss of control is a reminder of why he’s never going to be president,” Milbank says. Cain’s run was supposed to be “a gambit to increase speaking fees and book sales, perhaps to gain him a gig on cable news.” He used to get the joke, drinking during public appearances, calling female interviewers “sweetheart,” and embracing his own quirks. The campaign was also founded on “the preposterous premise” that someone who once headed a Washington trade group could run as a Washington outsider. “He would claim that running for president ‘didn’t start as a consideration until after President Obama took office’ — even though Cain ran for president once before, in 2000.” Now though, Cain doesn’t seem to be having any fun. At another event on Capitol Hill, another mob of reporters awaited him. “‘Can you tell us why you lost your temper this morning?’ Fox News’s Chad Pergram asked, as Cain and his entourage walked through the hall.” Cain ignored them, allowing his bodyguard to keep shoving them out of the room. “When challenged, the bodyguard explained himself: ‘I make the rules.’ Not anymore,” writes Milbank.

    And I repeat; Willard “Mittens” Romney will “win” the Republican nomination and lose to BHO.

    • AJ

      Ya Mittens is as about as effective as John McCaine.

  • Al Hill

    @m Nicely and briefly worded. An almost perfect analogy of Cain and Obama.

    To more or less paraphrase what Bob Livingston has already said in his article, Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who is not mired in his/her bloviation and obfuscation. That includes the current White House occupant.

    Ron Paul in 2012!

  • Tazio2013

    Understandably, the other woman in Herman Cain’s life — and by that I mean the other other woman — wants to respond to the comments he has made about her amid the sexual harassment scandal that has rocked his presidential campaign. Right now, however, she cannot do so because she is evidently bound by a contract she signed in which she expressly agreed to keep “confidential” the facts surrounding a settlement she allegedly received over a decade ago from the National Restaurant Association, which Cain led at the time. The Times has the details here.

    The woman’s lawyer, Joel P. Bennett of Washington, says that he has asked the Association to waive the confidentiality requirement his client signed way back when. That’s a perfectly reasonable, even polite way of trying to resolve the problem. I can’t imagine the Association will comply with his request but, hey, in a case where public opinion matters, it’s a smart move. Now, Bennett will at least be able to tell a judge that he first sought to work with the Association to allow his client to be able to express herself.

    Assuming the Association says no, Bennett will have two primary options for getting around the agreement. First, he can go to court and seek a declaratory judgment that states that the “confidentiality” provision is unconscionable, and against public policy, and thus cannot be enforced in the current circumstances. Or, Bennett can simply have his client speak out, technically breach the contract, and then make a similar argument on defense if the Association has the gall to sue the woman for defending her own honor. (Memo to Herman Cain: please don’t sing at your deposition).

    • s c

      [insulting comment removed]

    • Joe H.

      If they release her from the agreement, what is there to prevent HER from telling a packet of LIES??

      • Thinking About

        So, explain to me how to get Cain to tell the truth. With his story changing so often I don’t think Cain wants to tell the truth.

        • Joe H.

          All I’m saying is that there are no guarantees EITHER side will tell the truth. When hunting for the truth you may find it is a very elsive prey!!!

          • Thinking About

            Perhaps you should have said EITHER would tell the truth. Since the other person does want to be revealed and we have seen Cain’s record on this subject change from moment to moment, don’t find him creditable.

          • Joe H.

            If you would reread my post you will see all I am asking is, once released from the agreement, What is to GUARANTEE she would TELL THE TRUTH? Ther HAVE been women that have lied about these things. I NEVER said that cain didn’t lie!!

  • jowolo

    The person responsible for our last balanced budget, constitutional genius, believes in our founding fathers approach is Newt Gingrich.

    • Johnny Galt

      Gingrich is a political hack and establishment politician. He will be no different than Obama. Tax and Spend.

      The only hope for this country is RON PAUL.


    • Joe H.

      That would be electing the most morally BANKRUPT president we have had in my lifetime!!!

  • BenDoubleCrossed

    The hush-hush of politics is controlling a segment of people without those people recognizing they are being managed.

    In 1789 The Constitution and Bill of Rights are established as the law of the land.

    For 97 years it was understood that 1st Amendment freedoms of speech, press and assembly were the sole rights of flesh and blood citizens. Corporations had no rights. Newspapers had the right to print because they employed people and not the other way around.

    “The 20th century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: the growth of democracy; the growth of corporate power; and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy.” -Alex Carey, Australian social scientist who pioneered the investigation of corporate propaganda (see Taking the Risk Out Of Democracy, Univ of New South Wales, 1995)

    In 1886 footnotes to the Santa Clara Railroad case, written by a Supreme Court Clerk who was previously a railroad executive, became the basis for corporations claiming the same rights as flesh and blood people.

    Following reports of serious financial abuses in the 1972 Presidential campaign, Congress amended the FECA in 1974 to set limits on contributions by individuals, political parties and PACs. But politicians exempted the commercial press, because the 1st Amendment prohibits abridging their freedom of speech and the press.

    2 USC 431 (9) (B) (i) The term “expenditure” does not include any news story, commentary, or editorial distributed through the facilities of any broadcasting station, newspaper, magazine, or other periodical publication, unless such facilities are owned or controlled by any political party, political committee, or candidate;

    But we cannot rely on the commercial press to be unbiased and provide the information we need to remain free. Both Republicans and Democrats agree the press is biased and only differ on which networks and newspapers are the culprits:

    A newspaper must at all times antagonize the selfish interests of that very class which furnishes the larger part of a newspaper’s income… The press in this country is dominated by the wealthy few…that it cannot be depended upon to give the great mass of the people that correct information concerning political, economical and social subjects which it is necessary that the mass of people Shall have in order that they vote…in the best way to protect themselves from the brutal force and chicanery of the ruling and employing classes. (E.W. Scripps).

    In my opinion the idea of media being objective was a marketing ploy to sell newspapers:

    “It was not until the 1920s that you really get the notion of professional journalists, the way we think about them today,” says Michael Delli Carpini, dean of the Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. “A lot of different schools of journalism started, codes of ethics were developed, the whole notion of the journalist as objective came into play …. of standing outside the story, telling both sides, of being factual rather than opinionated.”

    If the United States Supreme Court defined freedom of religion using the same logic that campaign laws use to define a free press only the church or synagogue “as an institution” would enjoy freedom of religion, not its parishioners!

    This law divides participation in America’s political process into two categories: The regulated majority, every living U.S. Citizen, candidate for office, political party and political organization and the unregulated commercial media.

    To restore equal protection under law, the “press exemption”, 2 USC 431 (9) (B) (i), should be modified to read: “The term expenditure does not include any news story, commentary, or editorial distributed by any citizen, citizens group, broadcasting station, newspaper, magazine, or other periodical publication.”

    Every man is equally entitled to protection by law; but when the laws undertake to add… artificial distinctio¬ns, to grant titles, gratuities¬, and exclusive privileges¬, to make the rich richer and the potent more powerful, the humble members of society–t¬he farmers, mechanics, and laborers–¬who have neither the time nor the means of securing like favors to themselves¬, have a right to complain of the injustice of their government¬. President Andrew Jackson.

    The 1st Amendment does not guarantee our freedoms but it does prohibit Congress from writing laws that would abridge them. The 1st Amendment was added to the Constitution because some State representatives to the Constitutional Convention feared the power of an over reaching Central Government. State Constitutions are where protections of our freedoms of speech, press and assembly are found. The 14th Amendment attempts to extend Federal protection to the Bill of Rights and in this instance is misconstrued. Only Congress can violate the 1st Amendment and the Federal Campaign Act and the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act violate the prohibitions of the 1st Amendment. Federal Campaign laws abridge freedoms of speech, press by limiting how much money individual citizens and citizens groups can donate to their candidates and issues, and they abridge freedom of assembly by declaring it a crime for candidates, political parties and grass roots organizations to coordinate their advertising campaigns.

    The solution to limiting corporate influence and restoring flesh and blood citizen’s control of politics is not limiting how much individuals and grass roots organizations can spend communicating. There is no Constitutional basis for making political coordination a crime? Does a candidate for office have the responsibility or authority to tell a citizen or citizens group they cannot simultaneously put out campaign materials from the candidate and a grass roots organization that supports the candidate? Where in the Constitution does participating in politics require a candidate or citizen to give up 1st Amendment freedoms of assembly and association?

    UNITED STATES v. ASSOCIATED PRESS – Decided June 18, 1945
    It would be strange indeed however if the grave concern for freedom of the press which prompted adoption of the First Amendment should be read as a command that the government was without power to protect that freedom. That Amendment rests on the assumption that the widest possible dissemination of information from diverse and antagonistic sources is essential to the welfare of the public, that a free press is a condition of a free society. Surely a command that the government itself shall not impede the free flow of ideas does not afford non-governmental combinations a refuge if they impose restraints upon that constitutionally guaranteed freedom. Freedom to publish means freedom for all and not for some. Freedom to publish is guaranteed by the Constitution, but freedom to combine to keep others from publishing is not. Freedom of the press from governmental interference under the First Amendment does not sanction repression of that freedom by private interests.

    But corporate media can be part of the solution if they walk their talk:

    The commercial press is the most well-known promoter of campaign reforms to get money out of politics. Among reasons given is the need to level the playing field for challengers.

    Since the only thing campaigns produce is information for public distribution and the cost of distribution is the origin of much of the need for money in politics, why don’t the commercial media offer to publish and broadcast candidate and issue ads for free?

    Not likely: there is speculation Obama may raise a billion dollars and Republicans 750 million. Campaign season is Christmas for media corporations.

    • Ted Crawford

      You negated your whole post with your third paragraph. “Newspapers were had the right to print because they employed people…”, Corporations likewise employ people!

    • s c

      BDC, even if you’re writing a book, you could have boiled all those words down into three short paragraphs. There are very few people on this website who know how to do what you tried, and you are not one of them. Keep it short and to-the-point, please.

      • eddie47d

        I think SC is jealous because it wasn’t one of her inane tirades. He got to his point about who controls the media …MONEY!

    • Joe H.


  • Wargi

    The problem with the Ron Paul supporters is that they work so hard to put Ron Paul on the spot light they cheat on polls trying to make him look better than he is really polling. Notice that 50% of his numbers were discarded and only 12% of Cain’s were discarded because of multiple polling. Also you only hear from Ron Paul’s supporters and not Ron Paul.
    I will vote for Herman Cain because I believe in him, you vote for you candidate. If you think you need to insult my vote than you should look inward at yourself because your insulting remarks only show me that you have no respect for our voting privileges.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Wargi,

      You write: “The problem with the Ron Paul supporters is that they work so hard to put Ron Paul on the spot light they cheat on polls trying to make him look better than he is really polling. Notice that 50% of his numbers were discarded and only 12% of Cain’s were discarded because of multiple polling. Also you only hear from Ron Paul’s supporters and not Ron Paul.” What are you talking about?

      If the lack of comprehension that you and some other Cain supporters are demonstrating on this site today are indicative of all Cain supporters, I can truly understand why he appeals to you. His responses to questions about abortion, foreign policy, and the Federal Reserve are as incoherent as some of these comments.

      Best wishes,

      • Wargi

        @Bob Livingston
        Obviously you are lacking mathematical skills, and make up for it with you literary skills. ¨After excluding multiple votes from single email addresses, Cain tallied 7,213 votes from Personal Liberty subscribers. Ron Paul was second with 6,085……. (Editor’s note: Over the past 60 days, Paul garnered 12,740 votes to Cain’s 8,422 and ……)¨
        So if you are such a great supporter of Ron Paul why don´t you write about Ron Paul?
        I do not agree with you train of thought. And will support my candidate. For me Ron Paul has many good Ideas, but he also has a lot of bad ones and I don´t think he can succeed. In the end my vote cancels your vote and we will both have to see who the others vote for!
        As for the comprehension who made you the expert?

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Wargi,

          To paraphrase your favorite candidate: “It’s apples and oranges.” Both the 30-day and 60-day numbers were sanitized for multiple votes from the same email address. Cain leads over the last 30-day period 7,213 to 6,085. Over the last 60-day period, Paul leads 12,740 to 8,422. The first two paragraphs state this quite clearly. So either you lack comprehension skills or you lack reading skills. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt.

          Best wishes,

          • Wargi

            @ Bob L.
            Really it was I that was giving you benefit of the doubt; obviously you cannot express yourself correctly with you literary skills. I thought it was only a math problem and now I see it is also a logic problem.
            If Mr. Paul leads with 12,740 to Cain’s 8,422 on a continual running poll, then Mr. Paul is the leader. If the poll is two separate polls then Mr. Cain leads in the latest poll with 7,213 to 6,085. It would also show that Mr. Paul is losing support.
            Are you sure you are not a liberal democrat?

          • Joe H.

            Bob Livingston,
            Yousend them to school, buy them the books, give them their lunch and what do they do?? Eat the books!!!

      • Angel Wannabe

        Bob, Although I like Cains fresh approach, I have to agree with you on his lack of knowledge on Foreign Affairs & him, Him Hawing around about abortion. You either agree with it or you don’t!
        As for the Federal Reserve, that can be a good or a bad thing, whether on the positive or the negative, he worked there, he knows how it works!

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Angel Wannabe,

          It’s worse than you might imagine:

          Best wishes,

          • Angel Wannabe

            Bob, They say a third time is a charm, Third time trying to post,as the electric keeps going off, still from the Halloween storm!

            That article only confirms my suspicions. The more I’ve read about him, the less appealing he looks.__But I still think his appeal is because people are getting desperate Bob, and desperate/fearful voting, isn’t informed voting it’s down right dangerous!
            They don’t want to vote career politicians in there anymore, and choices are limited…Cain’s a new face. ..I think it’d be great if you did an article along this same lines. BTW, Thanks for the Link!

  • Baba

    Keep campaigning, Cain, the majority of real Americans who want to take back America are with you! I would rather have a person sitting in the oval office who is genuinely concerned about this Country than someone who vomits politics as usual, over-rides the Constitution and dictates America’s future. We Americans, real Americans, cannot and will not tolerate another four years of the major harassment we have gone through these past three years.

  • Stephan F.

    Bob L:

    I think your assessment is completely accurate and I share your suspicions about Mr. Cain.

    Between the allegations of inappropriate behavior and his confused & conflicting responses to those allegations, in addition to his vacillation & vagueness on political issues, it seems to me that he has that common DEFICIENCY found in all other ambitious politicians which is: “the inability to be honest and tell the truth”.

    But that really matters not for me regarding the upcoming election. There’s one candidate that stands far above the others and is truly the GOLD standard for presidential candidates:

    RON PAUL 2012!

  • Glen Xx

    To all the reactionalries that worry about Iran & nukes, what do you suggest. Let Romney or Cain plunge us into a another War?

    Ron Paul has been it the Military, air force. He is tough on Defense. But is against us being the Puppets of the U.N.

    Illegal wars are killing our boys and our economy.

    No nation can prosper in a time of war. Bush taught us that and it
    gave us BHO plus a Dem House and Senate.

    Ron Paul, makes sense Herman is Insane

    • Joe H.

      Agree with you, but those wars are killing our MEN not BOYS. No male that has been in battle is a boy any longer. Take my word for it!!

  • Dale on the left coast

    Cain is appealing because he is NOT a Politician . . . and to think he . . . or someone selected at random out of a Walla-walla Phone Book could not do a better job than the Bamster is laughable!!!
    How many of you folks voted for weenie wagger Billy Klinton? His accusers could even identify his willie in a lineup . . . LOL
    As for Paul . . . his “Best Before Date” was two decades ago . . . almost 80, would he even survive a first term?

    • Johnny Galt

      As for Paul . . . his “Best Before Date” was two decades ago . . . almost 80, would he even survive a first term?

      He can survive just fine, in fact, he is excellent health … so long as the world elite don’t JFK him.

  • Scott D

    Ron Paul is not the answer-nor are any of the rest so far. I am still waiting for someone to come out of the woodwork who I would feel safe turning my back on. I would take a Reagan or a Truman over any I have seen in this go round. I would just like to see someone step up to the plate that is not in it for themselves-something I have not felt for many years.

    • Johnny Galt

      Ron Paul is this nation’s only hope.

    • Joe H.

      Scott D,
      take a little closer look at Ron Paul, and this time open your eyes, please.

  • Angel Wannabe

    Herman Cain is not your run of the mill career Politician. It’s refreshing to hear a normal “take” on political issues by a man running for office, that is “Out-side-of-the Political Box”, and is the very reason why Cain is so popular.
    _-I haven’t met a Politician yet, that hasn’t had a skeleton in his closet somewhere,(all of us do) with the exception of Ron Paul, although I don’t agree with all of his policies.
    ….and you can bet your all, that if “anyone runs” for office, the nasty opposition of 2011 is going to be riding shot gun, and coming after any negative information, mistakes and falls of a candidate they can find to ruin them with, they ALL had BETTER BE PREPARED!___The lead up to elections anymore has become down right brutal, they’d better toughen up!

  • Joyceann

    As more Americans wake up and look around, they get sick at the state of our America. We do our homework and we decide. Looking at the pros and cons of each candidate we place our criteria of belief against those candidates. We won’t find the “perfect candidate”. We will choose the best. CAINS NUMBERS TELL THE STORY. I’m voting for CAIN and for once, not listening to the GOP once again tell me who to vote for. We are bringing the constitution back to the basis for our America. THE CAIN TRAIN WILL BRING THE FLAG BACK TO THE WHITE HOUSE.

    • Johnny Galt

      Ron Paul is the only Constitutionalists Candidate. Only he will not raise taxes, and in fact plans to eliminate the income tax over time. Ron Paul knows what needs to be done with the economy, and that is nothing but allow the free market perform as it always should. Ron Paul knows why inflation is so high, and will put an end to that as well. If you think Cain is going to do anything different (significant) that Obama, Bush, Klinton etc, you are fooling yourself. Being a former Fed Chairman absolutly means he is an insider and will continue on the path we are on toward a one world government. Ron Paul will NOT.

  • AJ

    The only thing Cain will bring to the white house ia more Federal Reserve ripoff.

  • bob wire

    “Herman Cain is the leading vote-getter in our Personal Liberty Digest™ Republican Primary poll (which originally introduced many of you to our site) over the past 30 days.”

    That’s more of an indictment of how disconnected from the facts and their importance your follower are then anything else Mr. Livingston.

    I would not preview such a statement and expect serious consideration from people that are devoted to better politics in America.

  • Chris

    When Cain entered “the race for the white house”he knew these charges against him would become knowed by the public.To my thinking(Free Counrty)The Fact that he made such a “perdiction,in the first place,is They are more than likely true.,thats why he Perdicted them in the first place.If they weren’t true,why would there be any settlements,both of them in the Five figures mark.? The fact that he denied these charges prove to me the man isn’t being truthful to the people (kind of reminds me of Clinton.) There fore Mr,Cain you will not be getting my vote.Thats for Dam sure.I’m tired as hell of people running for office that would look the votters in the eyes and lie like hell as he has done.People pay attension to what these people running for office have said and done.I don’t care if these charges are true are not , itsthe fact is he’s trying to deny they ever happen ,when i Know for a fact that at least two of them have.

  • Chris

    P.S. In my opinion the only person I could really trust would be Ron Paul.

  • Bill Wright

    Good point Chris,I wonder how many people would’ve looked at it that way?I certainly Agree with what you said,and I ‘m also getting tired of lying Candidates .The more I study Ron Paul The more i like him,However he still comes across lijke another Jimmy Carter.

    • DaveH

      Bite your tongue, Bill Wright!
      Ron Paul and Jimmy Carter are Polar Opposites.

  • David P.

    Off topic:I watched Perrys Speech .i have to admit ,it was differant,however i felt there were way too many jokes,I began wondering what was he ruunnibg for , the next President,or the nextstand in for Bob Newhard,Or Bob Hope.On Topic: No vote cain.

  • Bill Wrtight

    To Dave H.Well at least Jimmy Carter Became a President.!!!!!!!!Could you really belive Ron Paul could win a debate with Obama?,Get real.Ron Paul maybe a good man,and he s got some good ideals,but out debating obama,I don’t think so.About Carter and Paul being Polar Opposites,that my be true,to some degree,One ‘s a Rep. and the other is a Demo.And they do have differant ideals,But I’m sorry,to me they still come across as twins.

    • DaveH

      Get Real, Bill? The reality is that Ron Paul would slam-dunk Obama in any debate. Only a Libtard wouldn’t recognize it.

    • Joe H.

      bill Wrtight,
      do I believe Ron Paul could best nobummer in a debate? Only ANYTIME!! Especially if they kidnap his ‘prompter again!!! Nobummer, in that case, would be “ah,uh, well, you know, welluh, ung. GET YOUR CHEAP SUNGLASSES OFF!! THEY ARE FILTERING THE TRUTH FROM YOUR MIND!!

  • Chris

    Bill,I belive you to be right about a”obama and Paul debate”,However I Still feel that he’s the only one I would trust.He does have a meekness in character and doesn’t come across very strong.,,which could work against him.

    • DaveH

      Anybody, who has taken the time to listening to Obama and listening to Ron Paul, knows that Obama wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell to out-debate Ron Paul. Only ignorant people who know nothing about Economics or Freedom would think otherwise.

      • DaveH

        The problem we face currently is that a very large portion of the population doesn’t want to listen to reason because they are too busy feeding at the trough of other peoples’ money.
        But even those who think that gravy train will continue better think again. This list of countries in relation to their Economic Freedom (less Government) demonstrates dramatically what happens to those countries who buy into the Siren Song of Big Government:
        To learn how any one country got their ranking, pick the country name for more details.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    I’ve been enjoying your Personal Liberty News Desk for awhile, but am disappointed that you’re not more supportive of Herman Cain. Think about it. I don’t hear the leftwing democraps or their lame stream media allies attacking RINOs like Romney or Huntsman much. The latter appears unlikely to win the nomination, but Romney has a good chance. It seems the left is not too worried about Romney – who’s not much different than BHO, and a RINO who makes John McCain look like a conservative. The left knows Romney would only be minor setback if elected POTUS, and only win one term. In fact, Romney may be even better for the leftists. The left knows how a large % of stupid voters (too ignorant to realize that, despite our frustration with RINOs and moderate GOP wimps, putting democraps back in power can only make bad situations worse!!) will react to the RINO Romney’s (failed) presidency – by putting the democraps back in power in 2014 and 2016, as they did in 2006 and 2008, respectively.

    On the other hand, Herman Cain could be another Ronald Reagan-like success. And if he picks the right running mate for VP, that VP could become POTUS in 2020 and also be successful. Thus it’s no wonder the left fears Herman Cain, as well as Michelle Bachmann, and (if she runs in the future) Sarah Palin. It’s obvious that firm solid conservatives could be the final nail in the coffin of the liberals’ statist agenda. ….. Therefore, when the left fears and attacks a candidate on our side, that’s the candidate you need to strongly defend and support!!

    • DaveH
    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Earl, QUEENS, NY,

      We will not be supporting Herman Cain in any fashion because we believe in the truth, not some false left/right paradigm of “our party is better than your party.” The two parties are two sides of the same coin and populated by big government, empire-building statists and corporatists. Cain is a political insider who supported TARP and bailouts. He dissembles on his stances and when cornered plays the race card. He is ready to bomb Iran and supports ongoing war and foreign intervention. He is not ready to be president, as is evidenced by his incoherent positions on abortion and foreign policy regarding China.

      Best wishes,

  • Rick

    Why all the Brew-Ha-Ha?

    Who OPENED “The Debate”?

    Anyone remember Ron Paul?

    Nothing to “defend” because he is true blue & Honest.

    What do YOU want in a President?

    • Joe H.

      sounds like a good start on the description of the morals of a future Oresident to me!!!

  • Chris

    David H.I don’t know if you are just empolite or lack the ability to carry on a message without the name calling crap,,whatever the case maybe,you still have not changed my opinion in the least.I may trust Ron Paul the most,(which doesn”t mean I will vote for him) But as far as defeating Obama,Get Real David H.and then you have the nerve to call me “IGNIORANT”.

  • Bill Wright

    Thanks for the kind remarks,David H.You sound like some of the canidates who are runing for office when they get MAD and start mud throwing.Its like listening to a broken record,(anyone out there hear a “CLICK,CLICK,CLICK”?) or as RONAld REAGON once said “WELL,There he goes AGAIN!”

    • Joe H.

      OK, bill wright, How about you back up your slurs on ron Paul with some documented examples???

  • David P.

    I’ve read somewhere that Ron Paul was Considering running on a Third party ticket. ???? Why would Ron Paul consider running on a Third Party ticket,unless he knew he couldn’t make it on the rep.ticket?No ones won on a third Party ticket.Anderson ran ;he got about ten per cent.Ross Perot ran and he got About thirty per cent.Not only that,is if he does that ,he should consider the fact that it may split the rep ticket ,and allow Obama a second term.If he really loves America,He should not run on a third Party ticket,but should support whoever the rep.choose as their main canidate.Lets get rid of Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David P.

    P.S.(About Cain)I’m going to wailt and see what happens next.I have to agree with bill wright,I like Ron Paul,BUT he just doesn”t come across very well in a debate.(In My opinion),I have watched several debates with him.No rude comment from the Peanut Gallery Please,After all this my opinion and a free country.

  • BIll wright

    Just watch the debates.!!!!!!Need I say More?Joe H.

  • BIll wright

    ps;At least i have a brain,”Click,Click,Click.”

  • Chris

    I see ,Some people can’t get their point across unless they Call other people “Ignorant,Or Libtard”.It looks like the Editors of this web site ,aren’t doing their job very well,by not stopping some of this nosenses.It really goes to show some of these people”s real I.Q. as well as their age.Its a bad way to run a I agree Bill.”CLICK,CLICK,CLICK”

  • James T.

    I can not belive the name calling that goes on,just because some people have differant view s.and then you people call the democrates mud slangers ???? IT does indeed make some of you guys look very encapible of carring on a message with out actting like a small child.Why don’t some of you run for office ,by the way you talk to others,i’m sure some of you would fit in.I don’t think Ron Paul will be the next President (not by a long shot)And if some of you smart people out there don”t like my opinion,you can bet i sure the hell don”t like some of yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill Wright

    I agree with what you sated in your message James T..WE should stop people who write on these web sites from so much name calling.A person who wants to spout off so much should ,my all means,do so wihout so much of this name calling CRAP.You”ld think,after awhile you’re living in China,or Russia.


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