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Cain Leads CBS Poll, Americans Watching Closely

October 26, 2011 by  

Cain Leads CBS Poll, Americans Watching Closely

A recent national CBS News poll shows businessman Herman Cain leading the pack of 2012 GOP Presidential hopefuls as Americans begin to pay closer attention to the primary race.

The poll, released Tuesday, shows Cain gathering support from 25 percent of Republican primary voters followed by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney at 21 percent. The most recent numbers, tabulated Oct. 19-24, show Cain edging past Romney, with whom he was tied at 17 percent support earlier in the month.

According to the poll’s results, much of Cain’s support comes from Tea Party members, with 32 percent of the group behind his message. Romney has held at a steady 18 percent Tea Party favorability while Texas Governor Rick Perry has 7 percent support from the conservative group.

Trailing Romney in the national poll is former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich with 10 percent overall support and 15 percent support among Tea Party members, and Representative Ron Paul of Texas at 8 percent overall support and 9 percent favor among Tea Partiers.

The poll also says that Americans are becoming increasingly interested in the Presidential race, with 70 percent of registered voters paying at least some attention to campaigns.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Pat

    I don’t think these polls hold much water.

    • Rod Roberts

      Pat, you’re probably right the don’t hold much water; however, they do indicate trends. I would certainly back a ticket with Cain and either Gingrich, Bachman, or Paul as VP. Romney is a RINO and he flip flops on issues and policies. As Gov. of Mass. he signed the “RomneyCare” state health insurance bill which is the forerunner of ObamaCare. He says he’s pro 2nd amendment, but he advocated for and signed a bill in Mass to ban a complete class of guns.

      • Liberty Minded

        These polls are not true trends but the mass media pushing their candidate down our throats and telling us who we should vote for. Herman Cain is an insider and can not be trusted!! Stop listening to the propaganda and research these candidates for yourselves. Don’t look at the sound bites but what is their record on all the issues and if they’d flipped flopped or have they stayed consistant. Grow up everyone and be an informed voter.

        • labouton

          Well put!!

        • ruth

          don’t like Cain at all, don’t like Rommey and Perry at all, or Ron Paul.the best of the bunch are Newt, and Santorium. Backman, don’t know about her, if she would ever win, but she not too bad.

          • James

            Ruth, I agree with everything Newt says, but I just trust him. When he was Speaker of the House, he proposed none of the things he speaks of now.

          • John Galt

            Gingrich and Santorum are both war-mongering chickenhawks. They didn’t serve when they could’ve, but they’ll send your children to war to do their killing and breed more hate towards America.

            Ron Paul is the only peace candidate! It’s time we stop our government from killing in our name.

            Ron Paul, the only intelligent candidate who’s been right all along about the Federal Reserve, the housing bubble, the bailouts and WMDs that didn’t exist. Plus, he may be the only candidate with no skeletons in his closet.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I will only vote for R. Paul for pres. romney nor gingrich have let their standings on gun ownership in the US be known! If they don’t support it 100% then I am against THEM 100%!!

        • Papa

          Gingrich has supported the 2nd Amendment all his political life, including his time as Speaker of the House during the Clinton administration. I seriously doubt he has changed his mind this year…

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Then why didn’t he go on record on it and return the questionaire sent to him by NAGR??

  • Verda

    Hearing the very first debate this season, it was clear only 3 people do I want for President. Gingrich, Cain and Paul in that order. Paul is now off my list. We don’t need Perry Romney with smooth pat answers. When the Pres takes office, surrounded by fantastically brilliant minds, they must be able to discern the correct answer from those expert viewpoints. Gingrich is brilliant; Cain is clear thinker with an open mind. I’d be thrilled if they ran as Pres-VP team.
    Perry and Romney are telling you what their PR people came up with to get votes.

    • Vagabond

      Verda I agree with you 150%. that would be one helluva ticket. Gingrichh Cain or Cain Gingrich.

      • Rhondar

        You should read the article about Newt in the Heritage Foundation…he’s the biggest traitor / Clinton enabler the republicans have ever had.

        Did you know for example that when he had that ethics charge he wound up costing himself more because he impeded the investigation and it took so long….300,000 fine

      • ruth

        no Cain, he back talks, if he thinks the people don’t like what he says, then he changes it, so he about like obuma in that way. Cain said he would have a muslim in his cabinet, sure we need a muslim in there, just like obuma, anyone that would ever say that should never be elected to be our president.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Verda… I think a dream team would be Cain/Gingrich. Cain has the business sense and Gingrich has the Washington/Political sense…

      • bob wire

        I would think Obama would enjoy such a matched up team as well.

        • Thom

          What Bob, you read that off his teleprompter? No I agree with the rest, Cain Gingrich would be my choice. Gingrich is 90% Genius and 10% brain fart. With Cain to keep him in check, we could go places

          • Elaine

            Humbly, I am pleading with all of you. Research each one. Watch all of them speak several times on the news before you make up your mind. Cain is a good man. He is a successful business man. However, I became “afraid” for our Country all over again when I jotted down how he changes his mind in order to be PC.
            1) I would have Muslims on my staff (Muslims are allowed to lie to Infidels);
            2) When asked about it? States that he “Misspoke (sp)”; in other words, he didn’t know what he was really saying.
            3) Changed it to — they can give me an Oath (same mistake–Muslims allowed to lie to infidels);
            4) I will have homosexuals on my staff;
            5) Hard-line stance on Homosexuality as a sin

            Homosexuality is a sin and a choice

          • Rhondar

            We are going places….down the toilet.

            Gingrich is a disgrace and Cain is a front…yep Newt is smart but he’s immoral too.

          • ChristyK

            Although Gingrich is brilliant, he is immoral and a World Government guy. Research his actual voting record rather than his speeches. He talks a great talk, but he is not who he portrays himself to be.

        • Average Joe

          bob wire,
          For a change, I have to agree with you..Obama would love that ticket.
          Ron Paul/Andrew Napolitano 2012!

          • Alice

            Oh YES!!! How great that team! I implore all to “write-in” Ron Paul this year. You KNOW he wont get the Republican nod…but he is da Man. And Judge Napolitano is also a great man.

          • Rhondar

            Ha ha Joe…Paul/Napolitano is a patriots dream ticket ! I would be ecstatic. Good call buddy !

          • Average Joe

            I can’t take credit (although I wish could) for the choice of running mates. I took it straight from Ron Paul’s own words.I agree with you, this would be the “Dream Team” for our nation.


          • Jay

            AJ, that would be the team for me too!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I agree 150%! I’ll push for Paul and Da Judge to the hilt!!!

      • Dogride

        Ditto,Ditto,Ditto and Ditto.

      • Rhondar

        you guys need to do your homework…you don’t know much about Gingrich if you are even considering him and Cain has shown to be a big phony with all his flip flopping

    • mr. verdi

      i really dislike raining on your parade dude. RON PAUL IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE that comprehends ALL the issues. He also understands what is at the very core of the tyranny and oppression facing the entire world. I know these concepts are unbelievable to many people, but that just goes to show you that most of us are honorable hard working people. You almost have to be insane and inherently evil, to understand the aenda of a globalist or centrist. Quit thinking down party lines, it keeps you from having an open mind. RON PAUL truly believes that the Federal Reserve, that entity unconnected to our actual Federal Gov, whose consituents are actually foreign and unaccountable, are the root cause. I can’t wait till the ‘ Occupiers’ get their focus. If u really want to understand the depth of the fraud go to or to GET EDUCATED and quit listening to other peoples opinions. Verify this all for yourself. Go gettum RON PAUL>

      • mr. verdi

        PS. Guess who owns most of the media you hard working Americans, possessors of Critical Thinking? Try the likes of Georgy boy SOROS aka Obamas chief HANDLER. We have so much to learn in so little time. If this currency crash’s before I can get prepped…..whoas me whoas me. For help there…go to

  • M.Alice Woolard

    I beleive tha Herman Cain will widen the lead as time goes by, It is sure good to hear him, no beckering,and understands the American people are sick and tired of promises and want A true leader who is not a carear polication!!!!!

    • Jane

      I have watched the so-called debates and frankly I agree that Cain and Gingriech would probably be a good combination. It appears that all the rest are merely run of the mill sleazy politicians with delusions of grandeur exceeded only by their majestic egos. After Obama, whom I believe was elected solely on the grounds of his color (surely not for his experience) because Americans thought it was time for that, regardless of Obama’s lack of abilities and experience, Herman Cain is the exact opposite. He is intelligent, experienced, clear as a bell, honest and capable, and doesn’t run on his color — which,when one is choosing president, is totally irrelevant at this point in history. Cain is running on his record and his vast and impressive abilities and experience which is really what we need in a president. Additonallly. I don’t believe that any so-called TV newsman or commentator is going to have “tingling up his leg” over Herman Cain, a statement which I felt was idiotic. Obama was running for president, not screen idol. Herman Cain is a true American as well as a true success story who made good on his own merits in every sense of the word. As for Gingreich, he seems to have matured quite a bit since his past foibles. But he wouldn’t be my first choice for president. Herman Cain would.

      • Rhondar

        Herman Cain is the Chuck Norris of inconsistancy…he contradicts himself, flip flops constantly, and speaks in sound bites.

      • ChristyK

        Cain has called anyone who wants to audit the Fed, “ignorant” and then lied and said that he didn’t say it even though it is on tape. He has called Greenspan the greatest Fed Chair (he should know Greenspan who was his boss). Greenspan has stated that the only purpose of income taxes is to control behavior and that we don’t need taxes because we can always print money. This doesn’t sound like a trustworthy conservative. Don’t be fooled. The media will not properly vet any big government guys.

      • Average Joe

        The trouble with Herman Cain, by Tom Woods

        Enough said.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        how the he!! can you stand and say that Ron Paul is sleezy??? He votes straight down the constitution, votes EXACTLY as he says he will, and neve lies to you. What in Sam’s hell is sleezy about THAT????

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Jane?? Hello JANE??? (chirp, chirp, chirp)

    • ruth

      he understands his people, the black people and that is all he understands…………Cain is not good for this country. i am a conserative, repulican. Newt, and Santoruim would be great for this country.

  • Jonathan Gems

    I don’t understand this CBS poll. Is there any possibility it could be a mistake? If you aggregate the polls
    since August, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul come out as the front runners. Is there really so much
    volatility in the voters that they keep changing who they support? It seems unlikely. I can’t help wondering if the Cain ‘surge’ is artificial in some way and connected to the Wall Street money he is now attracting and the amount of favorable attention he’s getting from the Wall Street owned media?

  • Lastmanstanding

    Herman Cains fed ties should be enough to scare anyone away…as the feds 100 year contract is up in 2012…what a coincidence!

    • Rhondar

      the fed has a contract?

  • Dan

    Are you kidding me? The man has NO foreign policy, his 999 plan is a joke and he’s a former chairman of the Federal Reserve ( ie counterfeiters ). Who in thier right mind would want him as a president. Until someone can show me a better candidate than Ron Paul and more comprehensive ideas than he has put forth, Paul has my vote.

    • Rhondar

      BRAVO DAN !


    When Cain stated that he would appoint a Muslim to his staff,it was all over for me along with his stupid 999 idea.The media sure does love him,they have nothing negative to say about him,but they continue to slam the other candidates.Could it be because he is one of the brothers and if they say anything critical,it would be considered racist?

    • CJM

      Well, Chuck, neither romney nor perry have a decent tax plan. Matter of fact, perry’s ‘plan’ would bankrupt you within a year because you wouldn’t be able to keep up with his 20% tax plus all the other taxes you have to pay. By the time perry and the state gets through with you, your tax bill will be 80% (consider property taxes, perry’s NST, and your state ST…pretty hefty monies spent before you can enjoy it—how’s that for hard labor!). And who’s to say perry won’t up that 20% NST to 30% or higher? Where was his cap? No where. romney is no better—he doesn’t even have a viable plan. A vote for either of these two is like voting for that trash in the WH!

      • Rhondar

        Perry has raised taxes and fees and doubled the debt in Texas since he took office. I know I live in Texas. You are a sucker if you vote for that swaggering jackass

    • Eric

      Go ahead and let Cain appoint a muslim to his presidential cabinet. But he will have to eat a pc. of pork first………..

    • ruth

      you know why they fall all over Cain, cause he is black, and they think it will show the people of this world that we are not racist. i say hell with the race card, i do not like him for what he said about a muslim in his cabinet, that right there is one dam good reson why not to ever elect him.

  • m

    This is the most stupid idea the conservatives have come up.
    Fight the black with a black. They have much better candidates
    than Herman the B.Ser.

  • m

    Herman does not even look human

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      m.. Why a personal attack against Herman Cain? Was that the best you could do?

    • groovydiamond

      @m: only a real racist would bring it up first. Most of us are color blind, btw. Besides, wouldn’t that put the rest the accusation that conservatives’ disdain for Obama’s policies and ideology has to do with race?

      • bob wire

        I might believe such a statement if this disdain had not appears after his inauguration day and before any policy was revealed.

        You may well speak your heart, but I fail to see how you might speak for others on this matter.

        The same people that fund the Tea Party now fund Cain. At first glance this makes little sense but it makes a lot of sense if you can envision sheep grazing among sheep but one lead ram being a wolf in a sheep skin.

        Cain’s “job” is to move the center father to the “right” and he’s doing a superb job of it, I might add. ~ much like the Ryan Plan, it was never intended to be accepted much less pass. It was to get the talk started and to move the center to the right. Corporate America wants greater control of this huge pile of money called SS. Money is just a tool, they want this “TOOL”

    • CJM

      m: sure glad you aren’t my neighbor—your postings reflect your ignorant, bigotted mindset. Be an adult for a change–and select the person you vote for in accordance with that individual’s ability to lead this Nation.

    • http://Personalliberty Tony

      Dear M:
      Idiots like you needs to be cleanse from the conservative movement. Not to sound Stalinistic but people such as you is the reason why conservatives look like imbeciles. Next, the best Presidential ticket, as i mentioned before and will always mention until election day 2012 is Herman Cain/Ron Paul. Newt Gingrich has too much baggage and has the hormones of former president Bill Clinton. Thus, i re-emphasize Cain/Paul in 2012. Back to M, why don’t you re-inact a scene
      from “Deliverance” and squeal like a pig!?! So long for now!!

      • Rhondar

        Paul would never play 2nd fiddle to Cain. And he sure wouldn’t pick him as v.p. if he were nominated. Cain is failing fast and will drop like a stone because of his incoherent ramblings and double speak.

      • ruth

        just remenber, we have a muslim in the white house and our house is falling down, Cain would have a muslim in his cabinet, don’t you get it yet? geeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason

    Really? How he looks somehow makes a difference in what he brings to office? I guess you voted for Clinton because he could play the saxaphone and Obama because he was a good speaker too? Moron.

  • groovydiamond

    There’s a little something to like of each candidate, but Cain, Gingrich and Paul stand out the most. Unfortunately, we can only choose one. I’ve liked all of them since before they announced their candidacy.

    Right now I’m leaning towards Cain more because he’s not an insider from D.C. I REALLY think that will make a major difference in how the government is run. Gingrich has a brilliant mind, and would make a great statesman. Paul has never compromised his principles.

    Whoever is the Republican nominee, I hope he/she selects some of the current candidates for high level cabinet positions after election. That way all the good ideas in these brilliant minds are put to work to fix our country.

    • CJM

      grooveyd: So far, the GOP has favored romney; like the DNC, GOP looks at him like he’s the messiah and perry is his archangel, Gabriel. GOP wants an insider; they won’t select a person like Cain, Gingrich, or Paul because they are intelligent. I won’t vote for Gingrich as President, but wouldn’t mind his service in some other capacity.

      • Rhondar

        I’ve got news for the GOP…if they nominate anyone other than Paul I’m voting Constitution Party….I’m sick of having their losers forced on me and playing the game of anyone but Obama…in fact…we might as well keep Obama if Paul doesn’t win because the others, including Cain, will have the same policies. They are puppets of the elite.

        • Rhondar

          Last time the GOP foisted one of their lame candidates John McCain on us I didn’t vote republican. If everyone would start doing that the party would stop this nonsense. You are playing into their hands and you will wind up losing again just like you did with McCain last election. It’s a rigged game if you fall for it everytime.

          • Patriot1776

            Well, I would like to thank you for voting for obama in 2008, how’s that working for you?

            Yes we need a party that represents the Constitution. Yes, we need candidates that stand for true conservative values and Christian beliefs. We have to act first to save this country from the current emporer. If we don’t come together and defeat him, our country will be taken from us in 2012. We can vote our conscience in the preliminaries, but we all have to fall in behind whoever is placed against obama. We need to fight for a congress that believes in and follows the Constitution. We need to hold all three branches of our government accountable for every decision. But if we make the mistake of giving obama four more years, we will never again have the opportunity to vote for our candidates again.

      • Rhondar

        Cain is not intelligent. Gingrich is a disgrace…got thrown out as speaker on ethics charges and left his cancer ridden wife to chase around. No morals is not a good quality in a president.

        Paul is all we have and HE CAN WIN.

        • Capt.

          R Dar
          Maybe, deprived or abused or both. Certainly smoking too mucy weed.

  • bob wire

    I have always thought Cain was a prop, something to muse over and offer an appearance, make of cardboard and belonged to someone.

    I still believe that but who?

    Well his most recent employer was Americans for Prosperity, I believe, that’s a nice place to start looking around. I think he is still employed and been given a task to preform.

    The office of President requires a high caliber of person if you expect the position to ever be represented well and be effective on some level of political play. Unless of course he comes with all his backers.

    Cain is not now or ever will be that person.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      bob wire… With your logic, Barry should never have been elected! I don’t think I need to be nasty, which I believe is a give-away to a person’s intelligence, but he had little to nothing going for him. Nuff said.

      • bob wire

        If that is what you wish to believe about Obama Robin, I seriously doubt if anything that I might offer that would change your mind at this point.

        That you wish to ignore and discount so very much is a matter of personal choice and your decision to make. But you need to understand once you leave here and stray away from Fox media you will be overwhelmed with opposing views.

        While I hold no illusion or harbor no hard views that support your views makes me a target of scorn here is a price that I’m most willing to pay. As I see myself as more of a independent then anytime in my political life and explains my attraction to the candidate Ron Paul.

        This attempt to elevate oneself and their ideas by debasing,demonizing,at every turn in the road to pull a worthy adversary down is most unbecoming and quite frankly not accepted well by most Americans. You would only know this by leaving the safety of the circled wagons the GOP and Tea Party has created for you.

  • Morduin00

    Dan, on what basis do you make the statement that Cain has no foreign policy? Just because he hasn’t been asked about foreign policy issues to date, doesn’t mean he has no foreign policy.

    M, was there a legitimate reason behind your posts? Try to contribute something intelligent and worthwhile. Mr. Cain is running because it is important to him. The Republicans have nothing to do with it at this time except for there are many that like his message.

    Chuck T, Seriously, you are going to pull the racist card on this one? There is plenty of flak going around for all of the candidates. As far as the Muslim appointment goes, there are good and bad Muslims just as there are good and bad Christians (and good and bad atheists for that matter).

    For all of you anti-feds out there. How do you know that once president he wouldn’t weed out the problems there? Being an “insider”, he would certainly know them well enough to know what should be changed. While I would admit that the Alan Greenspan comment gave me some pause, Mr Cain probably made it with a knowledge of Greenspan that none of the normal citizens have or have been presented in the press.

    Just remember, there are at least three sides to every story: yours, the other person’s and the truth.

  • Marco

    I like name Herman more better to the other names.

  • banks

    m…..people just like you are what got us in this mess. Just don’t vote and keep your mouth shut!

  • Hebrews

    I see Cain as someone different. He is not an attorney. I see we keep voting for people who are paid to bend the truth, one of the least trusted professions in the country and we choose them to run our country. No wonder we are in the shape we are in as a country. We’ve come to expect these people not to carry through with their promises once in office. There are some good candidates running, but in my book, it’s a strike against them if they are an attorney like the politicians ahead of them, who have already burned us. Why do we keep voting for the same kind of people who look good and sound good on TV, yet it seems they have no moral fiber? And yes there are some good attorneys out there, but they are far and few. Have they spent most of their career just doing what they have too, just to continue their government check?

    • Rhondar

      Yep and he’s going to raise taxes for the people too. Ron Paul wouldn’t have us paying any income tax. Stupid and illogical to support Cain. He’s the black walNUT

      • groovydiamond

        Rhondar: pay close attetion to the 999 plan, now. The 9% sales tax part is a replacement…get it? REPLACEMENT. Not in addition to.

    • Rhondar

      speaking of moral fiber…how does Cain’s flip flopping jive with that?

      Ron Paul has been consistant….and right

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Barry soetoro was different, as well. What did that get you besides humongous spending, trampling the constitution and involvement in two more “police actions”?????
      Ron Paul is not “different”. He has been the same person all along, supporting our constitution, supporting our LEGAL laws, and keeping his promises to all!

  • Scott

    I am an independant voter and I am very excited about Herman Cain. The Republicans have finally got a candidate I can vote for. Thank God he isn’t a politician.

    • Rhondar

      He sounds like a politician to me…talks out of both sides of his mouth constantly….was for it before he was against it….and worst of all has no voting record to check….another Obama

    • http://?? Joe H.

      did you also get a ” tingle” with nobummer??

  • Ken

    Herman Cain is a mistake and will finish our destruction. Behind Cain, is Bernanke, and behind Bernanke is the bilderberg group. Cain will never challenge the federal reserve and will seek to further divide us. We must squash his chances now by discrediting him now on the internet. I’ve noticed that Cain and Paul attract the most attention on the internet while Perry and Romney don’t get nearly the amount of attention on the net. Perry and Romney are the candidates for the uninformed who gets their news on television. Paul and Cain are getting the most attention from those who read. Cain is now getting crossover attention in the media, but it’s far more online. In essence, the powers that be have three candidates that they are pushing this time. Cain, Perry, and Romney. If any one of those three win, bilderberg wins. If Ron Paul wins, the people win. Then, we will have to be vigilant on his behalf. Kennedy was killed because he wanted to challenge the fed.

    • CJM

      Where’s your proof, Ken? Cain is so much better than romney and perry. Furthermore, he does support the US Constitution….with romenty and perry, it’s business as usual slop. Ron Paul is a good candidate, but he isn’t the god you make him out to be.

      • http://Personalliberty Tony

        To CJM:
        Right on with your statement. However, as mentioned earlier a good ticket would be Herman Cain and Ron Paul in 2012. Cain/Paul in 2012
        to victory.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          A better ticket would be Ron Paul/Judge Napolitano!!!!

    • Rhondar

      Yep Ken….Kennedy took a bullet for us trying to protect this country. You don’t cross these international bankers without consequences. Not long before they shot him he talked about the shadow government. Well folks…if that’s what you want another of their candidates then you deserve what you get.

  • Jason


    Do you really believe in the bilderberg conspiracies? I’m not trying to be cute, I’m asking sincerely. I have seen all the rhetoric and while I could maybe see it as being true, mostly I think it’s just a result of a bit of paranoid grandiosity.


    Cain has NO foreign policy? Really? This is from his website and it exactly what I want to hear as a military veteran, a Christian, and a US citizen:

    Strengthen Our National Security
    The primary duty of the President of the United States is to protect our people. In fact, it is the principal duty of a limited federal government. They must ensure that our military and all of our security agencies are strong and capable.

    Unfortunately, national security has become far too politicized with our elected officials using the issue as a means to polarize our country as the “war hawks” and the “peace doves.” In response, the safety and morale of our brave men and women in uniform are often at risk for political gain. The judgment of our military experts on the ground is often underutilized in exchange for political purposes. National security isn’t about politics. It’s about defending America.

    While diplomacy is a critical tool in solving the complex security issues we face, it must never compromise military might. Because we are such a free and prosperous people, we are the envy of the world. Many regimes seek to destroy us because they are threatened by our ideals, and they resent our prosperity. We must acknowledge the real and present danger that terrorist nations and organizations pose to our country’s future.

    Further, we must stand by our friends and we must not be fooled by our enemies. We should never be deceived by terrorists. They only have one objective, namely, to kill all of us. We must always remain vigilant in dealing with adversaries.

    We must support our military with the best training, equipment, technology and infrastructure necessary to keep them in a position to win. We must also provide our men and women in uniform, our veterans and their families with the benefits they deserve for their tremendous sacrifice. These heroes have served us. We must never forget to serve them.

    I’m not sure what else you want him to consider before you are on board with his foreign policy.

    • Rhondar

      I bet you think invading Syria and Iran now is a great idea too !

      That neocon thinking is ruining our country and making us all less safe.

      Live by the sword die by the sword.

      We have enough weapons to blow the whole world up 20 times over….we need to bring those troops back and protect our own borders because we are being INVADED.

      • Patriot1776

        Without all of the facts I can’t say whether I would support attacking Syria or Iran, but if they pose a threat to freedom and liberty we have a responsiblity to go. We, inspite of obama and the liberal’s best efforts, are the Greatest Nation in the world. To maintain the security and freedom that we enjoy, and the right to voice our individual opinions without the fear of government, we have to prevent the spread of tyrany. Only through our strength have we been free.

        Thank you to the many veterans who have cared enough to serve this country.

        • Jason

          I agree, I’d have to know all the facts before making a decision. However, based on what I know right now, I’m all for invading Iran and bringing them down. Just the comments I’ve heard from amadinejad toward America, I think, are reason enough for war. Trust me, the last thing we or this world need is that wacko getting any more power or wealth.

    • Rhondar

      Ken is right….if you don’t think the bilderbergs, CFR, Trillateral commission is running the world then you are naive. Last election the only candidates that weren’t in those groups were Paul, Kucinich and Grassly….Wise up before it’s too late.

      Do you REALLY think we are doing these regime changes for humanitarian reasons? I’ve got a bridge I can sell you and we can put your name on it too !!!!

      • Jason

        Well if the bilderberg group is running everything, there’s no sense in wasting time voting. The decision on who the president will be has already been made and there is nothing the little people can do about it. If you believe the bilderberg group runs everything, why are you so worked up about defending Ron Paul?

  • banks

    Herman Cain is REAL because I’ve been listening to him on the radio for years and Gingrich knows exactly what actions to take to put this country back on track immediately. He is brilliant and as such will occasionaly spout a goofy remark which in no way should be taken as detrimental. Definately a Gingrich/Cain ticket. Paul has some fantastic proposals but their time hasn’t come.

    • theodorej

      Banks …. When the time comes for Ron Pauls alternatives it will be to late…

    • Rhondar

      If you have been listening to Cain for years then how do you explain when he kept insisting there was no housing bubble? and then it burst.

      How do you explain his idiotic statement that the federal reserve didn’t need to be audited, they have internal audits, and if you want to know what they are doing just call them up and ask them.


    • http://?? Joe H.

      If the time for Paul is not now, then When? After there are NO elections allowed???

  • theodorej

    There are no ideas or accomplishments in Cains background that are all that unique or for that matter that cannot be improved on …. To have a candidate rise to power on the strength of the color of his skin or what he espouses is fool hearty… We do not need a white man,a woman or a black man WE NEED THE RIGHT MAN/WOMAN…For the sake of the preservation of our way of life the american voter better get his/her head out of their asses and THINK about what is at stake in 2012…

  • metalflyer11

    It is very very sad here people drinking the Cain/Gingrich coolaid. They are more of the same. Cain defends the FED which is our cancer and if you do not see it you need some serious study and reading about the subject. Gingrich is an admited Globalist(RINO).
    Ron Paul is our only hope of the group. He is nailing all the issues that are causing our problems. If you do not see the message Ron Paul is putting out and do not agree with his foreign policy, then to me you are asleep and do not have the slightest clue what USA is and stands for as per the Constitution. Wake Up People, Turn Off The TV. RON PAUL 2012!!!!

    • Average Joe

      “It is very very sad here people drinking the Cain/Gingrich coolaid.”

      These are the same people who beat their heads against the wall daily…and then wonder why they have a headache that won’t go away. The problem in the country isn’t the politicians, it is rather the brain damaged electorate…who keeps electing them in the first place.
      These are the same people who can’t be bothered to actually verify what each candidate stands for, but rather listen to the 15 second sound bites from the media and then believe it as though it were gospel.These are the lemmings who will follow thier latest infatuation over the cliff without hesitation….Unfortunately…they’ve tied a rope to the rest of us…and will drag us over the cliff with them.

      • bob wire

        In deed, it is a shocking revelation to reveal some people could in all honesty actually think in such ways to consider these two candidates as “worthy” opposition.

        Newt is a author of many books and a ambulance chaser. Has formed his own exclusive club and for a humble amount of a few thousand , you too can be a member! You will receive not only a 8X10 glossy photo autographed by a GOP statesman forced out to pasture by his less then conservative ideas about the commitment of marriage and matters of the heart but his hand hypocritical hatchet job on others for lesser transgressions. GOP women have not forgotten in much the same way GOP women have not forgotten McCain’s exploits along the matrimony trail. But a letter of acceptance and appreciation identifying you as a sucker and already been fleeced.

        Newt’s political career has long been dead, leaving him to himself to figure out other ways to get your money, after pout about it for 4 years and hoping enough people might have forgot in the shuffle and haze offered today on the political landscape, once again he makes a grand entrance.

        And as far as Cain goes, it was never intended for him to win but excite and amuse and spearhead discussion driving talks far right of center while offering validation to it by his visual appearance that can’t be ignored.

        Cain is Basically the GOP’s version of getting themselves a smaller midget. (You would have to recognize this parody from the movie “Oh Brother, where art Thou” If you missed this wonderfully “rich” and entertaining movie, I’d encourage you to check it out, You will laugh until your sides ache) If you have lived in the south, it will take you home.

  • banks

    theodorej……You are probably right about Ron Paul and you need to look beyond skin color!

  • http://personalliberty tina

    PATRIOTS-go to,read “National Call to United Action” by Major General Paul Vallely,Veterans march on D.C. 11-11-11. Enough Communism.

  • Otto

    Gingrich is my favorite because of his intelligence, but he carries a lot of baggage from the past that, I’m sure, the mainstream media will revel in should he be the nominee. Cain is my #2 because of his common sense, but he lacks experience. Therefore, I think Cain-Gingrich is more electable than Gingrich-Cain. If Gingrich can have the input levels (not necessarily the policies) as VP that Cheney had with Bush, they could accomplish a lot.

    Ron Paul would, of course be my optimal choice but for two problems. First is the savaging he would take at the media’s hands in the general election. Second, I do believe his foreign policy does not reflect the internationality of business in this age. He would make an ideal Treasury secretary, however. If Cain commits to this, should he be nominated, it would relieve some of the concerns with Cain being tied to the Federal Reserve in the past.

    • Average Joe

      “Second, I do believe his foreign policy does not reflect the internationality of business in this age.”

      Care to elaborate on this belief?

      Are you saying that in international business, we should do so at the barrel of a gun? (as we currently do)
      That we should bribe countries to be our allies by giving them free handouts of money and military weapons?

      Hopefully, a little bit of reading may help to change your mind.

      • redjacobson

        Right on Average Joe. Ron Paul is the real deal and is the real mental heavyweight in the ring…. no question about it. The GOP should be so thankful he is present and ready to take charge of this Republic. We are broke and have got to face the fact that we are in the dismal state we find ourselves in. Ron Paul 2012.

  • Rhondar

    Cain is the quickest flip flopper I’ve ever seen….sometimes he does it in the middle of a sentence….like here:

    Is this guy SURE he’s not a politician?

    Sure sounds like one to me…it just goes to show you what idiots the public are if he’s the front runner
    He should be laughed off the stage at the debates but I’ve never seen anyone flip flop faster than this before…Romney can’t even do it this fast

  • Robert Bolino

    I wonder what Day to Night, General will do if Cain is the nominee?
    He’s already let his people down twice, will the third time get it right?

  • Rhondar

    Cain, Perry and Romney will all say whatever it takes to get elected….look at their records….we need consistancy…we need Ron Paul

  • NW Patriot

    It’s very sad to me that most every post is being lead by CBS polls (and FOX, NBC – - – [and you believe them ~ hold on to their every word]).
    A true Patriot needs to do their own research. Open mindedly check
    out each candidate on their own merits. Look at their past record. If
    you have to ‘excuse’ them or ‘forgive’ them for past a job (as working for the Fed) ~ past voting record ~ ‘flip-floping’ on issues or breaking promises ~ then your backing the wrong canidate. This isn’t a beauty pagent ~ this is for the President ~ our last hope of
    getting America back to “Of the people ~ for the people”
    The ‘CBS’ front runners are just ‘more of the same’ ~ owned by the Fed and corporate America. They will continue to sell their votes to the lobbiests with the deepest pockets ~ they will not be ‘representitives of the people’.
    I see only two men running that believe in the Republic ~ the strongest is Ron Paul ~ whom I pledge my support to (no matter who CBS~NBC~FOX puts on the ticket) and I would hope he choses Gary Johnson as his running mate ~ as that would be the perfect ticket for a ride back to America.

  • bob wire

    Saying what needs to be said is rarely popular.

    I remember when Carter told us that “life with not fair”

    the press liked to have had a cow! What! Life is not fair?

    Ron Paul will have a hard time making a solid showing I fear.

    Life has never been fair or is it ever been about fairness but overcoming or failing to.

    We live in a time where ‘needs’ are great of at least we think and believe that needs are great. They are for some, much more so then others, no doubt.

    Shortly before my grandfather died, he shared his thoughts with me, he said, “you would be surprised how little we really need”.

    What we “need” today is truth and a good “Come to Jesus” meeting of the mind.

    This world does not belong to us, we are just passing through. Try to keep that in the forefront of your mind as you make your day. There is no “mine” to it, free yourself of the notion. Accept you “have” only what you have control over and that control throws you into constant conflict and battle, a battle you shall ultimately lose.

    Too much truth for you? That is the battle Ron Paul is up against.

  • Raggs

    I like Cain so I must be a racist… according to the jackass party anyway.

  • Free Mind

    After reading these comments, it is easy to see why Amerika is in such deep doo-doo. Most of you are such incredible morons and I hope none of you can make it to the polls. There should be some sort of IQ test to be eligible to vote. Driving too, but that’s another story.
    The long and short of this is that if you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem, so shut up, crawl back into your cages and Big Brother will tell you when it is feeding time.

    REPEAT AFTER ME HERD: RON PAUL, RON PAUL, RON PAUL (did the light come on yet?)

    • TML

      Those making such comments you speak of, are the 5 year old intellects to which this stuff is geared towards.

    • Relievetheidiots

      Free Mind said it all!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Free Mind,
      I don’t like to correct peoples spelling, but in your case I will make an exception. It is America NOT Amerika!

  • TML

    CBS News poll means dick

    “The poll also says that Americans are becoming increasingly interested in the Presidential race, with 70 percent of registered voters paying at least some attention to campaigns.”

    And can someone tell me how on earth that can even be substantiated? A CBS news poll that knows 70 percent of all ‘registered’ voters, are paying at least SOME attention to the presidential race. This stuff is designed for a 5 year old intellect.

    • bob wire

      Most Americans watch TV for entrainment purposes. A few Americans have for the most part have elected to foregone entertainment programing for political entertainment. If you will recall, even Rush describes his “show” on the radio as “political entertainment”.

      So if these few millions of American wish to offer there opinions on Political affair the final results is in no way “Indicative” of the bulk of the American peoples or accurately reflects their views. As the nature of the programing is focused toward propaganda, created by a propaganda machine demanding some knee jerk reaction, rendering any results reflecting a strong bias. I do not thing this characteristic can be over stated or ignored.

      Case in point! what does Donald Trump have to do with the price of bananas? Nothing what so ever but if he spoke of Bananas on the media only then might some look for a connection.

      The effects of a media hype.

  • hitthedeck

    My grandfather once said that an honest man that wins a political office can be corrupted without even knowing it. I don’t trust politicians and most usually trip up on their own convictions or change horses in middle of a stream. I have a good feeling about Cain and he hasn’t done anything that looks phony. He is not a politician and that is a plus. He hasn’t been corrupted yet and he is the type of man that both sides of the aisle will listen to. Business is business and he will conduct the business of the nation with the same adrenalin he used to make failing businesses successful. This latest nitpicking about the abortion question is just a sample of what his liberal foes have in store for him. Good Americans don’t fall for crap and I’m betting there are more good Americans than bad ones.

  • jopa

    How about Head Rush Limbaugh and Orley Taits.A beautiful couple.

  • Miranda

    I am digusted by the lot of You all! Whoever is monitoring these opinions, is certainly not doing a good job. I have an opinion but I will not divulge it so that I can maintain my own civility. Respect is lost along with civility, etc. The Presidential Campaign should be taken seriously. It is our right to “choice” that depends on who will be our “commander in chief”. The Ultimate Commander in Chief is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and most have forgotten that whether you believe it or not.

  • Judith

    It is hard to know what is the truth these days about anyone. Ron Paul was my first choice until I heard that he compromised with liberals on 3 major issues, but after hearing from different commentators on the others, I still think he’d be my first choice

  • Glen Xx

    Quick analysis It takes Money to win an election only three have it.
    Ron Paul and the Good hair RINO Bros Perry RoMney.
    Perry is a loser he, makes a fool of himself and has
    never won a straw poll.
    Romney, is romney and will never get tea party support.

    Bachman Cain and Newt G Have no money. The only thing that cain has is media attention.

    People will drop out in Feb. and it will be down to three or four. The decision will come on the convention FLoor, RON Paul.
    RON Paul, because his time is now and all rinos stink.


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