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Cain Is The Ultimate Washington Insider

October 19, 2011 by  

Cain Is The Ultimate Washington Insider

Current GOP flavor-of-the-month Herman Cain has tried to cast himself as an outsider, despite his ties to the Federal Reserve — and attempts to protect it from an audit by calling those who want one “stupid” — and his recent statement that Alan Greenspan was his idea of a good Fed chairman.

His catchy 9-9-9 slogan, which he repeats ad nauseum in response to almost every question, has resonated with Tea Party folks and conservative Republicans. But outsider he ain’t, as Congressman Ron Paul pointed out in the Dartmouth, N.H., debate on Oct. 10.

In addition to serving as head of the Kansas City Federal Reserve, Cain supported the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) bailouts and wrote that those who opposed it were “economic illiterates.” Yet Cain admits he missed the coming economic collapse and the housing bubble, blaming it on underlings for not giving him all the details of the situation.

Cain is finding that front-runner status brings added scrutiny, and now The Associated Press is reporting that Cain has deep ties to billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch — the Republican version of George Soros — and their Americans for Prosperity advocacy group.

Cain’s campaign manager and a number of aides have worked for AFP, and Cain often has spoken at AFP events. His 9-9-9 plan was devised by a businessman who served on an AFP advisory board.

The Kochs are as big a part of the corporatocracy that infests Washington as Soros, Big Pharma, the unions or trail lawyers. The Kochs line the pockets of Republican candidates in order to buy favored legislation or, in some cases, to get regulatory agencies to look the other way so their plants can dump industrial waste into our neighborhoods.

Should he win the GOP nomination, Cain’s ties to the Kochs and his lack of economic understanding don’t bode well for any hope of a change in Washington.

Meanwhile, Dr. Paul, the only candidate not sullied by the big money players in control of the Nation’s capital and the only hope we have of significant changes in the status quo, continues to toil along and poll in the top tier despite a media blackout that has seen him get the least coverage of all the candidates.

And Paul understands economics like few others. He warned way back in 2003 that the housing bubble was going to burst and the country was headed for economic collapse.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    Bob, I don’t know what Cain will do. If his ‘lack of economic understanding’ means that he’s a closet Keynesian, then he might as well go home and stay there. As for the idea that Greenspan was a ‘good Fed chairman,’ he was – for a while. Then, he sold his rump and turned his back on gold. Lest I forget, Greenspan also “blessed” derivatives, and Big Government did likewise.
    Any banker who poo poohs gold is a self-made twit. What Greenspan did was admit that he was happily in the employ of those who are in bed with Big Government [via a corporate monopoly] and are utterly addicted to raping Americans via perpetual inflation and a fascistic approach to wealth redistribution.
    If Cain is the wrong guy at the wrong time, it will come out. For those who still get starry-eyed at the ‘prospect’ of an effing audit, forget it. The solution is to KILL the Fed. Otherwise, you’re doing nothing but letting that #^&* monopoly rule America. WHY don’t you get it, America?

    • Mike


      I like a lot of each have to say, but in my opinion, none offer the complete package needed to defeat obama, and that has to be the main focus. Cain lost me on the federal reserve comments, and especially on Greenspan who was technically the reason for collapse with his easy money policies, along with derivatives where it allowed banks to rip off millions on the backs of homeowners. More than half of mortgages issued during his last few years were liar loans, and having been in the mortgage business, I saw it coming back in 2000.

      Although Paul wants to audit and ultimately dump the federal reserve, this is my solution along with bankrupting U.S. again as was the case back in ’33. There should be no such thing as too big to fail, and since the U.S. already filed bankruptcy, this should have been clear from start and we should have left all these too big to fail banks to collapse, along with AIG and GM and let the chips fall where they may. All TARP did was waste trillions and it solved nothing, just delayed the inevitable, the country is bankrupt, the fed is corrupt, along with most in Wachington politics.

      Governors have always been preferred given the experience levels running a business, which is what gov. is and should be defined as. As to politicians, foreget about it, congressman and senators are a disgrace, and why there is only a 12% approval rating at this point in time, and sinking fast, so maybe people are finally waking up. Gingrich is the smartest, and he knows all about the garbage in Washington, but he was an occupant in DC, so can a tiger change its stripes? If you could combine the top five in one, then there would be hope, but individually, I am still worried.

      • moonbeam

        I watched the debates last night and the only one talking any sense at all was Ron Paul. But, do you think people will listen? No, they won’t and they aren’t.

        I haven’t heard Ron Paul say anything about taxes, unless I missed it. What I DO hear him say is cut spending and eliminate the waste and fraud that we all know is running rampant in our most corrupt government with an illegal alien at the helm.

        Like you, Cain lost me with his Fed connection and the holes in his 9-9-9 plan. People making $30,000 per year and less will get hit the hardest with his plan. In addition, we all know that 9-9-9 will end up 15-15-15 and more. It will also cause states that don’t have a state tax to end up with one anyway. Cain talks taxes, not cutting spending. He’s no different than the rest.

        He talked about comparing apples to oranges during the debate. Well, I think running a company and running a country is comparing apples to oranges as well. He may have been successful running Godfather’s Pizza, but running a country is a whole different thing and one can’t be compared to the other.

        I will warn everyone like I warned against Obama. Choose him and you will be sorry. Cain will do just like all the rest have done. Serve himself and to hell with We The People.

        I have said before, I want to hear one of them say, “Elect me and I will do a FULL investigation into the Obama administration, his eligibility to be president, the laws he’s broken and the lies he’s told. Heads will roll like bowling balls and jail terms to follow.”

        Other than Ron Paul, none of the rest of them blow back my hair.

        Oh! and as far as Christie is concerned, he puts his weight behind Perry the “no clue” wimp. So Christie is crossed off my list for any future presidential run.

        I’m voting my conscience. Not the lesser of two evils.

        • professor

          Moonbeam, you make a lot of good points.

          You are right, Cain doesn’t mention anything about spending cuts, he just about a plan that will bring hardship to middle and lower class taxpayers.

    • James Edward Tyner

      Lay with Can & Take on his naff.

    • pawnder

      S C says that “if Cain is the wrong guy at the wrong time, it will come out.” Will that be before or after the election when it’s too late? Obama’s communistic tendencies weren’t discovered until after the election, and look where it got us!!
      So let’s just let things go, let the corporate owned news media sell us on the virtues of Cain. If we just sit back and let Cain’s true character “come out” while we sip lemonade, it will again be too late. We must be actively engaged in forcing Cain’s hidden self onto center stage, before the election, before it’s too late. This guy is another Obama. He will never do anything with the Federal Reserve.

      • Errol Devore

        Everyone is fixated on the Federal Reserve, which is a problem, but the real problem is the congress. The fed exists because of the congress, the fed ok the toxic assets with the approval of congress, and so on. Ron Paul can propose anything he wants, but until you change the congress NOTHING is going to happen. Obama got the healthcare bill through because of a 2/3 majority in congress. Unless we get a 2/3 majority in congress none of the things talked about will happen. congress (does not deserve capitalization) may not be the root of all evil in this country but it is close.

        • Ken

          The Fed now owns the Congress.

          • crittermom

            They only own part of Congress; Soros owns the left, most of the media, activist groups, legal groups, etc., to achieve his One World Order, that he will rule over.

        • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

          Errol Devore, I think you are half correct. If you look deeper, you will find it is NOT the Congress as a legislative body, but it is their political parties’ ideologies or doctrines or self-interests that place their parties’ interests above anything else.

      • professor

        I have to disagree about obama. For anyone that cared to take notice, obama told the voters exactly what he was about. If you didn’t listen, then one could have surmised by his associations and mentors… Many of us had great fears about what would happen, if obama were put in office. But, history was made, and now have our first foreign, muslim, dictator in the “people’s house.”

      • Vance Campbell

        “Obama’s communistic tendencies weren’t discovered until after the election, and look where it got us!!” WHAT!?!?!? Where on earth were you? Did you sleep through the entire election process?
        He basically said that he was a Marxist in his stupid book! Everything that came out of his mouth was Communist/Marxist propaganda! It didn’t even take a little bit of research to find this out. I was telling people that he was a communist and worse than Hillary very soon after his campaign started.

        • Wep

          I told my husband that Obama was a commie the moment he thee his hat into the race .Lenin,Hitler and Stalin all used the youth to stir up their nation..Study your history. Obama is doing the same things

      • JUKEBOX

        Where were you when Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, etc. were warning every one about his Communist background, including his family DNA?

      • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

        Mr. Pawnder, you certainly had heard Obama utter the phrase “Redistribution of wealth” in is campaign speeches. If that didn’t tell you about his communist leaning, then you must have overlooked it or maybe you were completely enchanted by his other high-sounding slogans, like “hope and change”.
        Listen carefully and analyze. You will find out truths in time, that is, before the election.

  • Thinking About

    Mr Livingston, though your comments on Cain seems to be following along with the baggage he carries I do have a problem in promoting Paul as a serious alternate because of his age. I would venture to say somewhere many have read, heard and perhaps researched the aging process on our ability to function under stress and with complete logic needed in the office such as president. Where is a younger version of Paul?

    • Vicki

      The name is Rand. Rand Paul.

      • Thinking About

        Not even close.

      • JTB

        I think Rand Paul would be a wonderful candidate. I hope he stays in politics and maybe 2016 he’ll decide to run!

        • Annie

          The son is very unlike the father. Yes, there are some similarities, but there are more differences. I like Rand Paul…..I do not like Ron Paul

          • BoJan

            Please tell us why you don’t like Ron Paul.

          • Glen Xx

            If you rag on Ron Paul, because he is 76 years young, you are just like the racists.

            My dad is 99 years old, and still writes books.

            It is not about age it is about ageless virtue and integrity.

            Ron Paul is the best, I have seen him speak, and I have sent $$$.
            Help with the money bomb.

    • Sam I am

      I will take an old patriot over a young potential dictator or dictator servent (i.e. a servent doing the bidding of the new world order like our very “own” Barry Soetorro, aka Barrack Hussein Obama) any day.

    • BoJan

      None of us are guaranteed life or unending sharpness, but I don’t see his age as being anywhere close to that being a problem. Men have a way of doing some of their finest work well into their 80′s and he is not even close to that.
      We need Ron Paul as President now, and I will take him over all others because he is the most qualified. His record proves it.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        He would be 78 in the first year of his Presidency. That is frightening.

        • bob wire

          All the more reason for a solid Vice if he gets that far

          • DaveH

            He definitely does need a solid Vice President. I nominate Gary Johnson.

        • Justin Rogers

          I like him being old. In addition to the wisdom that often does come with more experience (i.e., age), it’s also one more assurance that his term isn’t going to include the typical pandering to special interests for the purpose of propping up a cushy retirement of speaking, lobbying, consulting, etc..

        • DaveH

          What’s frightening is that there are so few politicians like him.

        • Liberty Minded

          Ron Paul is more healthy and younger than some 58 year olds. What happened to honoring and respecting the older and wiser? People are living longer these days and he is a man who takes care of himself. He will probably out live most of us!

    • Ken

      Ronald Reagan was old also and did just fine. I Ron Paul being older. It’s called wisdom and we need more of it in Washington. Actually we just need someone who won’t sell us down the river. Paul fits that bill too.

      • Ken

        insert “like” between I and Ron. Sorry, typing fast.

      • bob wire

        “Ronald Reagan was old also and did just fine.”

        well, let us just say, it was a close race.

        • DRW1960

          Ronald Reagan was 68 when he took office. Paul will be 78. A decade is quite a bit of difference in the term “old.”

    • professor

      Does this country need to give another novice, without experience, a chance at being President of the USA. There is a big difference in having the ability to run a group of pizza and burger,chain-restaurants, and having the ability to save America. This isn’t a job for the inexperienced..our survival depends on it.

      Frankly, I have a lot of concerns about Cain. I do not like his tax plan…actually it is the plan he got from one of his associates. He can’t explain it and it sounds like he doesn’t understand it himself. Experts will have to tell us if it is even viable. I don’t believe that his plan would be a good thing.

      I do not like the fact that Cain supports the Fed Bank and that he was a Federal Reserve Banker. I don’t like his association with the Bilderbergs, they are advancing their agenda of One World Government. Bilderbergs own the Fed Bank, thus they control this country and its economy. The Fed has transferred Billions of dollars out of this country and deposited them in foreign banks. They have stolen from Americans for decades and Cain has said that the Fed did not need auditing. He appears to see nothing wrong with having the Federal Reserve Bank in control. The Fed has no oversight and it is owned by the most wealthy, private citizens, in the world. These facts about Cain are not comforting, and do not inspire the thought of trusting him with the future of our country.

      Like obama, he talks a good line. He presents himself as a Patriot that just woke up one day and decided that he would be President.
      In fact, I have heard that he has long held aspirations of holding government office. He has campaigned for office, but has yet to win an election. I hope that the first election he wins is not that of President.

      • DRW1960

        Cain – OK. So you don’t like Cain at all (that’s apparent).

        Paul – It’s a given that Paul won’t win. 95% of Americans love him for his economic ideas but that same 95% won’t vote on him because of his foreign policy (eg: don’t help allies, etc.)

        Romney – No explanation needed – (ick)

        Newt – Good speaker. People won’t vote for him most likely – baggage.

        Bachmann – Awesome lady. But, just doing poorly. I doubt she will increase. She likes to put other candidates down.

        Santorum – I just don’t see it. (see puts candidates down comment above).

        Perry – Probably would be flying if he didn’t debate so crappy & accuse the American people they have no heart. That bell will never be unrung.

        So now what?

        • DaveH
        • professor

          As usual, the Republicans have given us a list of “approved candidates,” when most voters prefer those that don’t have a chance to win, even if their war chests were full. It almost seems that the Pubs don’t want to have a nominee that would be a “formidable candidate.”

        • Glen Xx

          Ask this simple question does America come first? Yes!

          For Me, ending the fraudulent Resv Bank and Jobs are the big issues.

          I also, feel Ron Paul will truly bring home the troops and protect Our
          borders and rebuild the Navy.

          If being the police force of the world is a key issue for you Vote
          RINO, and turn in your gun. Because the NWO will be coming.

      • moonbeam

        “I hope that the first election he wins is not that of President.”

        Don’t worry. Cain won’t be. Looks like Romney might get in there and that ain’t good, unless something rises from the ashes like a steady, stable and strong surge of Ron Paul support.

      • JUKEBOX

        If you compare Obama and Cain, you will find some glaring differences. Cain’s great grandparents were slaves, and Cain probably does not have any white DNA in his background. Obama calls himself “BLACK”, but had a white mother, and none of his Kenyan relatives were ever slaves in the U.S. Obama never lived through any of the Civil Rights movement, because he was not even in the U.S. during that period of time. Obama has no right to bloviate about anything involving race.

        • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

          Originally I would not give my opinion on Cain simply because I don’t know him (his background – social, economical or educational) nor have I listened in on the past debates. I just don’t like to listen to “personal” confrontations. I can’t place comments on Cain’s 9-9-9 plan because I don’t know what it is about. But I do think it is absolutely ridiculous to make “slave background” or any similar qualifications as presidential prerequisites. Indeed, I had been coaxed by a few colored friends to support Obama, because as a “historic” first black president every American should give him a “chance”! My answer to that was: “I have never heard there is a kindergarten for Presidency”.
          As for whom should voters support among the republican candidates, I think that first of all it is absolutely necessary to give all candidates, listed or still in waiting, a REAL stage to express themselves to the satisfaction of the American Voters. The current stages for “debates” are nothing but a media-manipulated scheme to pit them against each other. I often wonder why these candidates (or perhaps the republican party “elders”) have not yet discovered this is all a ploy and they are being played to discredit themselves in front of the public.
          It doesn’t take a genius to see this. The format (such short time to explain a complexity of issues, the type o questions – antagonistic by nature, and also not so very well veiled insinuations on the part of the “moderators”. Podium or round table doesn’t make any difference.
          The only way to find out what staff these candidates are made of is to
          pick essential topics about the Country’s present conditions and let the candidates have plenty of time to deliver their views, plans and whatever is their own philosophy of governing. We won’t see again the distressing scenes of talking over each other. And the audience may also have a chance to ask questions in a town hall environment.
          No need to panic. We still have time. But we must act fast.

  • Angel Wannabe

    Good Article Bob!__Unfortunately Cain’s popularity isn’t coming in the form because he’s knowledgeable. He’s looked upon as refreshing to most folks because he’s not a mainstream career politician. That in its self is dangerous, because it causes folks to feel a false sense of security in this candidate, and they may pass on delving further into his political past. That 9-9-9 plan may be intriguing to some, but isn’t going to carry him, he’s weak on Foreign Policy.and today we cannot afford a weakness or a blind eye in that area.
    Cain talks a good talk, but so did Obama. Difference is Obama was bought and paid for. _As for Ron Paul, the Media IS NOT going to give him a pass.(Sadly in part, he doesn’t look the part of a President. The Peanut picker Jimmy Carter didn’t look the part either, but managed to get nominated.) Paul’s a direct threat, because if elected, Paul won’t back down on his word. I think he’d do exactly what he believes within the confines of the Constitution.

    • ernest

      Cain needs to change his 9 9 9 9 (that last 9% sales tax) he should make that a 9% import tax that way its sill a consumer tax but it will not add the cost of MADE-IN-AMERICA and maybe it would create manufacuring jobs here?

      • Angel Wannabe

        ernest, yeah thats what’s killed American Jobs here, Tax and Regulation. If they’d get that under control, and also provide company incentives to return here to do business, the economy would flourish again. But the B*stards in Washington today won’t do it__They know exactly what they’re doing, taking the USA down!

        • C.L.(Chuck)Troupe

          Nope. It was greed pure and simple on the part of the big corporations that laid off American workers and shipped those jobs overseas where they can pay the workers a few cents an hour and never have to worry about safety. Never have to be concerned about pumping their toxic wastes into the air, and then ship their products back to the U.S.A. to sell them at the same prices they charged when they were made here. These are the people who OWN our congress and senate.

          • Angel Wannabe

            CL, NUP, The only people who own Congress is The Federal Reserve & the Rothschilds, the rest are all puppets, including Bam Bam!

          • Angel Wannabe

            and besides CL__what business is it of yours if a company “does” goes off shore to do business? Its no skin off of your azz, the owners are the ones who take risk?
            Are you another shill caught up in this class warfare Bam Bam keeps rolling?_-You just as welcome to start a company and run it as you see fit too!__Just because you haven’t done that, doesn’t make the guy that has taken the risk and became successful, the bad guy!

    • ernest

      Cain needs to change his 9 9 9 (that last 9% sales tax) he should make that a 9% import tax that way its still a consumer tax but it will not add the cost of MADE-IN-AMERICA and maybe it would create manufacuring jobs here?

      • Capitalist at Birth

        The Smoot-Hawley tariff act enacted during a recession kicked off the great depression and increased unemployment. Look it up. Protectionsism fails to accomplish any thing good.

        • DaveH

          Good Point, Capitalist.

    • inAmerica

      That’s exactly WHY we need to SUPPORT RON PAUL for President 2012!!!! We NEED a president that won’t back down in doing good and following the Constitution. He will hold every member of Congress to that standard, and will not accept anything less!

    • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

      Dear Angel, I think Cain’s refreshing image probably has something to do
      with his daring to criticize Obama, another black public figure. Also, since so may Americans get disenchanted by the dismal show put on by President Obama, it is popular to go with the current. But ultimately American voters still need to find a safe anchor for their hopes – the fulfillment of American Dream.
      As for the loss of jobs the reasons are not that simple or uni-tone. Making profit is a universal goal of any business, corporation or individuals. And low cost of labor alone would not make our jobs go overseas. One factor of the utmost importance is “the competitiveness” of American products. When American companies can no longer compete against other countries, for survival they must seek a solution. So, to accuse them of greed is not entirely correct. The solution is to find out what has made our American companies lose their edge of competitiveness. There are many! High salary is not one of them! But unreasonably high salaries and tyrannical regulations, terms and conditions, be they governmental or private, do strangulate businesses. I have always believed Americans ( and for that matter all humanity ) loves to hear the word “merit”. Merit pay is the fairest, most motivating and progress-promoting, and at the same time most profit-generating. Don’t you agree?

  • Jennie

    If we picked our presidents for their good looks or nice hair we would surely be considered to be a bunch of idiots. I don’t want a poster boy president. I want someone who knows what works and is willing to do it. So, Ron Paul is not a matinee idol. Good for him. He is a strict constitionalist and acts on his beliefs. I have a lot of respect for him. I think he would be a great president.

    • DRW1960

      Paul’s view on foreign policy will be the one and only reason he will not be elected.

      • DaveH

        How many times have we heard that same old tired misinformation?

        Not everybody has that Military Statist ring through their nose.

        • DRW1960

          I am confused? Misinformation? He SAID IT LAST NIGHT on stage! lol

          • DaveH

            Don’t be. I was referring to this “he will not be elected.”

      • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

        You have aroused my curiosity on Paul’s foreign policy platform. So far I have concentrated on his views on our economy and government’s internal affairs.
        So, tell me please why you say he cannot be elected on ground of his foreign policy.
        Yes, I do agree that our President must be a statesman that is required, especially now, to deal with foreign countries with mastery, diplomacy and wisdom.

      • Glen Xx

        No country can prosper during a time of war.

        Do you want prosperity or do you want eternal war?

        Foreign policy is not our lives and assets being wasted by the U.N.

        It is protecting our borders, modernizing our Navy, and building

        Starwars shield. Neocons look at our troops like a football team

        that only plays away games.

  • John Glock

    Okay, Okay, we know Ron Paul is the greatest thing since sliced bread; however, he CANNOT win, so put him on as VP or Treasury Secretary, but stop with this Ron Paul for President – it’s a waste of time and the Paul supporters do nothing but try to trash every other candidate! Take the High Road and promote what he says, do not trash his opponents – one of them will be the candidate and you will have fed the Media with ammo to return Obama to the WH in 2012.

    • BoJan

      John, he can win. Because of his steadfast hold on the Constitution, his appeal is almost without party affiliation because he represents all of us. You are not aware of the following he has because he is being blacked out so thoroughly by the media, but he does have a broad based following.
      Supporting his ideas without supporting him won’t work. None of the candidates have his will, his understanding and his knowledge. If we want to regain and preserve America as a Constitutional Republic we must do it now.
      Just voting for a perceived winner who will follow the herd, running headlong for the cliff, will give us more of what we have had for far too long. It’s now or never. He is a wise man.

    • DaveH

      Good Grief. How many times do I have to post this before you misinformers go away?

      51% and climbing. Can’t win, my arse.

      • DRW1960

        1 poll from Sept 29th? More evidence please?

        • DaveH

          You really aren’t too bright, are you DRW?

        • usmadgirl


          You are right to ask for more proof. The link to the poll that DaveH provided is an “interactive poll”. It isn’t a legitimate poll of random voters.

          Here are the real poll numbers (average of all polls) thru Oct. 17th.

          • DaveH

            Do you understand the difference between the proportion of people who would nominate Ron Paul against others in the Republican primaries, and a matchup between Ron Paul and Obama, MadGirl?
            Obviously not.

          • DaveH

            The statement was that Ron Paul wasn’t electable. I proved that wrong (to intelligent people at least).

          • DaveH

            From Public Policy Polling, September 29. Oh no, it’s 3 weeks old!

    • Glen Xx

      @ John, he will win it on the convention floor.

      He has the money and the best group of supporters.

      Reagan won, and the media blacked him out. Ron Paul has youtube

      and facebook Old media is dead.

  • Dan

    Based on your article I don’t see the justification to call Cain a Washington Insider? Is it because he has had public comments on Washington doings? We all have private and public comments on the same subjects and that does not make us “insiders”. Is it because his time at the Kansas Fed for 3-4 years? He was appointed by President Bush.
    I just don’t see the insider status. My personal take on what an insider is are the lobbyist and politicians who live and work in DC and are part of the Republican establishment.

    Dr. Paul is more of an insider than Cain. He’s been involved in politics since 1976 and part of the establishment.

    • BoJan

      Ron Paul has been in politics but isn’t an insider. His voting record as a Congressman has been in keeping with the Constitution, and is unblemished. Why do you think the media is blocking him out? He is the only candidate running that is a real threat to the status quo in D.C.
      If being in his position with the FED for 3-4 years isn’t enough listen to the comments he has made justifying what they have done over the last few years and also in speaking against an audit. An “insider” may be described by different people in different ways, but I think most of us would agree that it refers to those who are more interested in pleasing those who really have the power and leading the U.S. to ruin, paying little attention to the Constitution. We are so far from the original intent of the Constitution that we don’t even look like America any more. And the fact that Bush appointed someone doesn’t carry much weight either. And by the way, regardless of what has been said about who came up with the 999 plan, it was shown this past week to be straight out of a video game just as it is, from awhile back. I think it was called the “Sims” or that is the name of the family in the game. Sounds like you truly want to know so my best to you. One truly good read on Thomas Jefferson is “The Man from Monticello, by Thomas Fleming. You can find it either in the hardback original or in an older Reader’s Digest condensed book.

    • BoJan

      In my comment below, I should have mentioned Cain in the second paragraph and it isn’t really clear that it was him and not Paul that I was referring to. Sorry about that. I’m usually more careful.

    • usmadgirl


      When I read all the comments about everyone except Ron Paul being an “insider”, I wonder how someone who has been in politics for 35 years, could somehow escape being considered an insider.

      I think Ron Paul is a nice, honorable man who is a great economist & follows the Constitution. After that, he loses everyone (except Libertarians) including me. On all the other issues, especially foreign policy, he might as well be from another planet. Fox has had him on a lot of shows & Mr. Paul has turned down some invitations to Fox. They’re not ignoring him, but they know his foreign policy & immigration views will never pass the smell test with a majority of the American people.

      I have to disagree with your take on insiders being “the lobbyists & politicians who live & work in DC & are part of the Republican establishment”. There are still several Republican establishment politicians, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Olympia Snowe & several others, but the GOP has a lot of Tea Party conservatives trying to lead the party back to their conservative roots, but how would anyone know when the MSM shows nothing but O’Dumbo & all his thugs calling the GOP “granny killers, the party of “no”, & tell the world that Republicans have given no input or ideas to solve problems & the greatest one yet by Nasty Piglousy saying the GOP “wants women to die on the floor”…all bald faced lies. Everything spewed out of the mouths of these Progressive Communists is a lie. The lobbyists, Unions, GE, Soros & probably the Muslim Brotherhood are controlling the Dumbocrap Party & this administration.

      Our main problem is the media trying to dictate & manipulate who WE want for President. I don’t like Romney or Perry, but they are the candidates the media, including Fox, is trying to shove down our throats. Even though Herman Cain is ahead in the polls, they’re not ignoring him, but dismissing him as a real candidate because he’s NOT part of the Republican “establishment”. The media’s bias is how McCain & O’Dumbo “magically” ended up being the nominees in 2008. Duncan Hunter, a true Reagan conservative candidate everyone was searching for, was right in front of them, but they ignored him completely!

      From the comments here, it’s obvious that not one person has gone to Cain’s website to see his views on ALL the issues. Everybody is so stuck on the Ron Paul band wagon that they can’t see anything else. I like Herman Cain & Newt has impressed me in every debate. Herman Cain is NOT an insider simply because he worked for the FED for a couple of years. That would be like me catering an NFL party & calling me an NFL football player! And Cain HAS said he didn’t have a problem with auditing the FED! Newt has impressed me because he’s smart on all the issues, he hasn’t bickered with other GOP candidates, HE is focused on getting rid of the NWO Communist in OUR White House & that is Cain’s goal as well.

      If we don’t UNITE to support the GOP nominee, no matter who it is, we are OVER as a country. I think some here tend to forget that. ANY of the GOP candidates are better than what we have now. They all love this country & the Constitution unlike the America-hating, Capitalist-hating, Social Justice promoting, Constitution-ignoring, Muslim, illegitimate, unqualified Communist dictator we have now!

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

    “The Kochs are as big a part of the corporatocracy that infests Washington as Soros, Big Pharma, the unions or trail lawyers. The Kochs line the pockets of Republican candidates in order to buy favored legislation or, in some cases, to get regulatory agencies to look the other way so their plants can dump industrial waste into our neighborhoods.”
    What;since when do you care about dumping industrial waste in our neighborhoods?
    What happened to the EPA is the usurper of business?
    Ron Paul is not going to be happy with this line of thinking

    • Sam I am

      Intentionally dumping toxic waste in neighborhoods is attempted murder or attempted “disabling”. Last time, I checked, if I were to slip poison into someone’s water supply, even if my intention was to just dump the poison I was carrying and not intend to murder someone, I would be guilty of negligent homicide or mansalughter. both VERY SERIOUS crimes….Now these major corporations may actually have the INTENT to MAIM and/or MURDER. Afterall, all these elitist bastards glote in our faces how they want Earth’s population down to about 10% of what it is now all in the name of saving mother Earth. The only way that can happen is massed murder on a grand scale. Few people understand how truly wicked the people at the very top ecehelons of power are. Not even teapartiers or libertrains understand this. If they knew the truth, there would be a French style revolution overnight.

      • Peter

        Now a French style revolution would sure tend to reduce the population!

        • http://nosite Tom Carter

          Peter, I’m afraid they couldn’t find enough white flags for a fRENCH-type revolution. Tom C

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

    Could Herman Cain’s 999 plan could be the 666 plan?

    • Dan

      Could the current way taxes are assessed and collected be called a 666 plan? It certainly is evil and socialist.

      • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

        “Evil and socialist’.Socialist were did you get that (never mind I know)?
        As for Evil there you have a point

        • Dan

          Socialist because almost half the country pays no income tax. Socialist because it redistributes wealth.

          • Sam I am

            This is a half truth, as these days, our illusionary way of life is not PAID for by taxes but paid for by running the money presses at full speed. All that inflation actually effects the poor more than others because they spend more of their money on the one commodity most effected by inflation: food. Have you seen the prices of Halloween candy lately even at WalMart? Sugar has gone through the roof. Too bad food with few exceptions expires, otherwise food would be a far better investment than the stock market!

          • Sam I am

            Socialism is not evil, just completely impractical and made evil by evil humans. Socialism only works in two places: in Heaven where they don’t need it, and in Hell where they already have it.

          • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

            “Socialist because almost half the country pays no income tax. Socialist because it redistributes wealth”
            The half you are referring to is the half were industrial waste should be dumped so there numbers can be reduced there fore ending the need for a equitable tax code

          • DaveH

            People have a natural right to trade freely among each other. People also have a natural right to possess property. Socialism thwarts both of those to the benefit of a relative handful of leaders and their buddies. I would have to agree with Dan — it’s an Evil system.

    • Patriot II

      SMsgt Z; The 999 Plan is probably not the 666 plan. It seems a little high though. 777 is my pick with a Basic exemtion under the current Poverty Level for the appropriate Geographical Area of the US and Groceries (Not, Alcohol or Junk food or restaurants) exempt.

      BUT make no mistake about it; the Opposition to the Republican/Conservative Ticket is Marxism. Marxism HAS taken over the Democratic Party, allot of them do not know it yet! (As well as the majority of Americans.)The Liberal Marxist Media will prevail if not stopped.

      There may be some Trojan Horses in the Republican Field as well, just a possibility. How the Hell can you tell anymore!

      When you boil it down, all of THEM will not matter anyway because the only one that will win is the one that the OWG, Marxist led Media will pick. So far OBAMA is theri guy and it’s a Lock unless the Marxism movement is exposed and the Liberal Media is held accountable for their lies and Spin.

  • CP

    If you take Cain’s 9-9-9 plan and look at it as he promotes it, without digging into the fine points, the only people it will help are those at the upper income levels. When half or more of your income goes for items necessary for life, like groceries and medicines, you are going to take a huge hit under his plan, as it will add a flat nine percent to your expenses across the board. About the only expense I currently have that won’t be affected is my rent, and that is open to question, as I do know of at least one state that charges sales tax on that, too.

    • BoJan

      Please tell us which state charges a tax on rent as some of us move around, and that is usually the largest expense we have.

    • DaveH

      The worst thing about the 999 plan is that the Government would have their foot in the door for yet another form of taxation (National Sales Tax). It wouldn’t be long before they abused that just like they have the Income Tax System.

  • Patriot Diva

    I am very surprised by the line of thinking in this article. Since when are the Koch brothers evil incarnate? Because when you compare them to George Soros, that is basically what you are saying. Am I missing something here? I am aware that the Koch brothers are whipping boys of the left and formed Americans for Prosperity. However, comparing them to Soros seems a bit of a stretch. Soros has formed or has ties to over 30 different left wing organizations. His tentacles are very far reaching, and his money has been traced to numerous sinister events like nearly collapsing the British pound, and currently the Occupy Wall Street movement. He owns, etc. Other than AFP, can anyone tell me what organizations the Koch brothers are tied to? Also, are the Koch brothers secretly or overtly endorsing the collapse of capitalism or America? Are they pushing for a one world government? I would be interested to hear what other readers have to say.

    • Patriot II

      Patriot Diva,

      Thank you for your comments, Good Questions!

    • Sam I am

      Lobbying to give your business exeptions under the law that absolutely crush small business owners is evil. Lobbying by major corporations is basically just like hiring a goon squad to shoot and murder the competition. Think about this. If you as a brand new small business owner, decide “to hell with all these regulations, I will just do preceisly what Koch industries does”, eventually, the police will come visit and shut you down. If you resist, they WILL call in a SWAT team and JUST LIKE WITH WACO, YOUR CHILDREN WILL BURN AND YOUR BUSINESS WILL BURN TO THE GROUND.


      I have learned the lessons from history though. As a Jew in 1930s Naxi Germany, you would have been far better off fighting the Nazis to the death with whatever weapons on hand rather than being dragged off to a camp, where yoou would slowly starve and pretty much welcome death in a gas chamber as it would be a final end to years and years and years of starvation and absolute misery. You people need to get through your skulls that you really have nothing to lose because these ellitists in power mean to kill us all eventually.

    • Cliffystones

      I’d also like a little elaboration on this statement…………..

      “……their plants can dump industrial waste into our neighborhoods.”

      Bob, could you elaborate? What waste? Which Neighborhoods? What plants? I didn’t thing any “plants” aka “factories” existed in this country anymore.

      I actually like Ron Paul. But this is a pretty heinous accusation to make about a couple of guys. While I appreciate your opinion of Mr. Cain, such accusations sound like the typical ranting we regularly get from the likes of Keith Olbermann, Rachael Maddow, and their Libtard ilk.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Cliffystones,

        Did you follow the hyperlink in that paragraph? That will answer the question for you.

        Best wishes,

        • Cliffystones


          Sorry for missing the link, my mistake.

          After posting this comment I did do a little “surfing” on my own. It would seem that some of the businesses the Koch brothers own don’t do a very good job of “environmental stewardship”. But it’s not clear to what extent the brothers themselves are responsible as individuals for these issues, whether or not these are criminal offenses, and what is the agenda of the people doing the reporting.

          For example, the link you provided is to a You Tube posted video by the “Brave New Foundation”

          Here are some excerpts from their homepage…….

          “Brave New Conversations is a series featuring your favorite activists, artists and social change visionaries talking about today’s critical issues”

          “Now more than ever we need a clean-energy economy and to put a stop to the drilling. The time to act is now. Join us in the effort to demand a cleaner, more sustainable future”

          “Cuentame is a groundbreaking platform for the Latino community and the public at large which interacts with people through videos on social justice issues, the arts, and culture”

          and finally……….

          “War Costs focuses on exposing the true cost of massive U.S. spending on militarism and empire and on what we can do to stop it”

          While the Koch Brothers are probably uncaring SOBs, do you think that the video
          produced by the aforementioned group is completely objective? I’ll bet it’s at least a half-bubble to the left.

          And the bigger question is, if Herman Cain has had business dealings or personal relations with the Koch brothers, so what? Does that imply that he both knows of and approves of the pollution in Arkansas?

          My gut (which BTW, was spot on about Obama) tells me Mr. Cain is a descent human being, and I’m not ready to toss in the towel on him yet. And I hope my old-age hasn’t got the better of me this time around. Time will tell, I still love your columns Bob, keep up the good work!

    • professor

      That was a question that I had, when readling the article. I don’t believe that the Koch brothers could be compared to Soros, Mr. Evil Incarnate, himself!

    • DaveH
  • barbpatton

    There will always be skeletons in everyone’s past. This has been proved over and over again with each one of the prospective candidates. To tell the truth there is simply no one that has an outstanding record, speaks the unadulterated truth and really has Americ and its people’s interests at heart. All have them have secret money trails that lead back to murky money investors. Now the dirt has been dug on CAin and, as was to be expected, the new up and coming future candidate also has feet of clay and secret puppet masters. It is my contention that American politics have gone beserk, too much of the “he said” and “he is to blame” and the end result is the rats are working and toiling away in the background. Please America wake up.

    • Patriot II

      barb, Good Post!

    • inAmerica

      Ron Paul IS a clean candidate…great voting record, no bad money trails, no skeletons in his closet!!! Do some research and find our for yourself… He’s an AWESOME human being, and does all he does for US and the America he LOVES!!!!!

      Ron Paul for President 2012!!!!!

    • DaveH

      The problem is that the American People have been lulled into the false belief that the Government can solve all our problems. So our Presidents need to be Supermen. Of course that isn’t possible, so they do the next best thing, they LIE about what they can do for us.
      The only way to stop this vicious cycle is for the people to wake up to the reality that Government isn’t the solution to all our problems, and shrink it dramatically (at least back to its Constitutional Constraints).
      Ron Paul is an excellent first step in that direction.

  • clarence swinney

    Waste of time. 9-9-9 is 18-18-18
    Why so much smoke?
    Total National Income is 12,000(individual and corp)
    Total Consumer Spending is 10,000
    Total Cain Taxables are 22,000
    9% of 22,000 is 1,980 or one half our 3800 budget

    stop this nonsense go on INEQUALITY our Revolution material
    10% own 70% Net Wealth–80% own 15%
    10% own 70% Financial Wealth–80% own 7%
    1,400,000 take 20% individul income and 70,000,000 take 13%
    That is why we rank in bottom 5 in oecd nations on Equality


    • Patriot II


      Huh ???

  • Bill Gary IV

    I agree with the earlier comment that Ron Paul cannot win. He’s smart, mostly correct, but his conservatism is without the proper Christian underpinning, and is pure Liberalism. Herman Cain CAN win, and his business track record is impressive by any standard. Get off the the no-possibility-of-winning-soapbox and focus on candidates who can win, even if you don’t embrace every aspect of their thinking.

    • DaveH

      It’s Liberalism now to embrace the teachings of our Freedom Loving founders?
      Ron Paul is hands down the best candidate. Nobody else comes close.

      If your idea of morality is launching brutal Nazi-style police raids on peaceful drug users, and sometimes killing them or innocent bystanders, or being the world’s bully policemen, then Cain is your man.

      Don’t believe me about the raids? See here:

    • DaveH

      We are at this point in our lives (on the precipice of tyranny) because people like Bill keep complacently voting for the lesser of two evils (still just evil) instead of demanding Principled candidates.
      The “lessers” just keep building Government. Power and perks are the attractions to the job. Of course the sleaziest of our countrymen will typically aspire to that position. It’s up to we the people to get off our lazy butts and do the tough thinking that it requires to weed out those kind of people.
      If you want tyranny, keep on keeping on with the same old approach.

    • Glen Xx

      He will win, best organization, raises lots of money, and the media

      blackout is working in his favor. People are getting skeptical of the

      bogus media, and are starting to research Ron paul on the web.

      “nothing can stop an idea who’s time has come.” Freedom peace and prosperity are back in style.

  • Jerry

    mr Cain 9,9,9 plan sounds good but i dont want pay a national says tax of 9% aalong with my state sales tax. in Illinoiis i would pay 16( in state and federal taxes WOW

    • Palin16

      You won’t. The 9% for Feds replaces IRS.

      • professor

        I would love to eliminate the IRS, but that is not going to happen…at this time.

        I would hope that if the 999 plan were ever put in place…the IRS and the State Sales Tax would be eliminated, FIRST. Would anyone like to take bets that it wouldn’t be done in that order…

        • DaveH

          When our wise founders wrote the Constitution, the States allocated only certain limited powers to the Federal Government. It was never intended to be the meddling Behemoth that it has now become. The taxes to pay for the Federal Government were to be allocated evenly to the sovereign states based on their population sizes. So for example California, having twice the population of New York, would pay twice the amount for the Federal Government that New York paid. That equated to each citizen paying the same amount for the Federal Government, except that each State would decide how to allocate those taxes among their citizens.
          That put severe growth restraints on the Federal Government, and being the ambitious power mongers that they were, they found a way to break those constraints by passing the 16th Amendment (Income Tax), the 17th Amendment (popular election of Senators), and the Federal Reserve Act which gave them the Central Bank that all good power trippers need to expand their power and size. All of this came about during the Wilson administration (1913).
          What we need is to get back to the wisdom of our founders and take the necessary steps to shrink the Federal Government dramatically.
          Herman Cain is NOT the man for that job. Ron Paul is.

          • Palin16

            Isn’t the Libertarian Party running their own candidate?

          • DaveH

            They are — Bob Barr. I like Ron Paul better.
            Bob Barr is kind of a mushy Libertarian.

          • DaveH

            Apparently I was wrong. It appears that it isn’t yet decided:

          • DaveH

            The only way I would vote for a Republican would be if it was Ron Paul or Gary Johnson.


    Whatever Cain and his 9,9,9 plan may or not may not be he still is better than Obama and his 6,6,6 plan!

    • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

      OK Captain explain the 666 of Obama’s plan or just go into the usual rant that is on going on this site

      Lower Tax Rates. The tax system should be simplified and work for all Americans with lower individual and corporate tax rates and fewer brackets.
      Cut Inefficient and Unfair Tax Breaks. Cut tax breaks that are inefficient, unfair, or both so that the American people and businesses spend less time and less money each year filing taxes and cannot avoid their responsibility by gaming the system.
      Cut the Deficit. Cut the deficit by $1.5 trillion over the next decade through tax reform, including the expiration of tax cuts for single taxpayers making over $200,000 and married couples making over $250,000.
      Increase Job Creation and Growth in the United States. Make America stronger at home and more competitive globally by increasing the incentive to work and invest in the United States.
      Observe the Buffett Rule. No household making over $1 million annually should pay a smaller share of its income in taxes than middle-class families pay. As Warren Buffett has pointed out, his effective tax rate is lower than his secretary’s. No household making over $1 million annually should pay a smaller share of its income in taxes than middle-class families pay. This rule will be achieved as part of an overall reform that increases the progressivity of the tax code.

      • DaveH

        If Warren Buffet thinks he should pay more, than why doesn’t he just do that? There’s no law preventing him from donating his money to the Government.

        • Palin16

          John Kerry and Pelosi should set a good example and donate a bunch of cash to the treasury also. I recently heard that Pelosi and spouse tripled their net worth in the past year!

  • JmR

    you know, I knew it would be a matter of time b4 Conservatives started attacking H. Cain. Some people just can’t stand it that he has no political experience and actually has common sense. Who cares that he has ties to a couple of billionaires! Who cares that he’s not perfect! Who cares that he made a small mistake with the comment about the “border/fence”! He’s the best the thing that could happen to the Republican Party right now. The Conservatives are going to beat themselves if they are not careful and quit picking the party apart and finding everything they can that’s wrong from perfection. I mean, come on!!! what are you looking for??! God himself to run for President??! It would be nice, but you need to hop in the real world and take what you can… I don’t mean settle, I mean use common sense for once. Gooooooooo Herman Cain!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://none RPaul or same ol’

    Just what is it about our Constitution that people don’t want? You non Ron people need to explain that to me because I just don’t understand your thinking or lack thereof.

    • DRW1960

      This is why: Ron Paul Says ‘End All Foreign Aid’ – Including to Israel

      I think everyone agrees to stop all aide & bases for non-allies, but since he includes allies & won’t change his position is the reason he won’t win.

      • DaveH

        You can donate your money to anybody you want, DRW. The sticking point comes when you want to donate MY money. The Federal Government has no Constitutional power to donate our unwilling money.
        Of course, you could call me stingy, or say to heck with the Constitution, but then don’t cry on my shoulder when the people who break those laws in your favor break others in the future that you don’t favor.

  • JmR

    And Ron Paul is not going to win! He’s very smart, but has really goofy foreign affairs opinions. He’s not aggresive enough with terrorist in this world! He doesn’t know reality obviously. M. Bachman has more sense than R. Paul about foreign affairs. At least she sits on a committee that knows and deals with our Homeland Security issues to the point where she KNOWS how serious the threats are out there. R. Paul said last night that no country out there could even shoot a missle in our direction…! I was like, “Do What..!” HEY RON PAUL, they don’t have to!!! They can just stroll right up through South and Central America and choose which one of the four states that share the border with Mexico and march their destructive agendas into America!!!

    • DaveH

      Those who trade Freedom for Security will get Neither.

  • jopa

    JmR; Just because M Bachman sits on the intelligence committee doesn’t mean she has any.She has proven that over and over.It’s actually scary to think she was appointed to that position and her actions in the debate last night were those of a desperado looking for attention.She is basically gone and almost forgotten.

  • Lane Leard

    Anyone that thinks the Koch brothers aren’t bad news should do a little
    reading on some of their operation. They are the money behind the tea-
    party and were also the money behind Scott Walker’s gubernatorial run
    in Wisconsin. Also anyone that thinks that if the tea party is success-
    ful that they are going to be part of the top leadership had better take
    a look at the Koch brothers. They are the ones that will benefit if the
    teaparty gains any strength. I also think that if we ever get someone
    such as the Koch brothers in office that our democracy will be done.
    SO DO WAKE UP AMERICA!! This is the only country we have so let’s take care of it.

    • Peter

      If you’re ‘blaming’ the Kock brothers for the items you’ve listed, then I say “hooray for the Kock brothers!”

    • professor

      Lane, those Koch brothers must be really nasty people, if they support an organization like the “Tea Party!”

    • DaveH

      Go Scott!

  • ninoos

    999 or na na na. Poor America.

  • JmR

    Jopa: I didn’t say she was the best selection right now, or that she should even be on that committee, but at least she takes the worls serious at their threats. That’s kind of my point, is that everytime someone makes a point about one candidate, somebody else has to make another “Well, what about so-and-so and such-and-such…!!” I mean, we need to look at all their history and mistakes… It’s a serious position they would hold.. but geeez… Of course M.Bachman is gone and almost forgotten as a candidate, but she still has knowledge that others don’t as far as our security goes. Just like Ron Paul has knowledge from his experiences on the committees he has sat on in his career that others don’t.


    The debates will continue and new information about each candidate will continue to be found for months, but there is one question that should be asked of each individual running for President of the U.S. “Who will you surround yourself with after being elected?” The best person with the best intentions can not run this country alone. As Cain mentioned in one remark that he was mis-informed by an associate. That has happened to most business persons at one time or another. The President can not allow being mis-informed by the staff or cabinet members. President Carter made many of his mistakes because he filled the WH with cronies from Georgia that were not capable of performing the business of the country. O’ has surrounded himself with the dregs of society. Every candidate must be asked what type of people and qualifications they will be seeking for their staff and cabinet.

  • Joyceann

    Get on the Cain Train. Nobody is perfect, I don’t agree with anyone 100%. I do want a common sense man, who has Leadership qualiities, who loves the constituion and uses it to live his life in a valued way. I want a man who intends to take each program before the people in plain view and let us go through it, leaving out the corruption and falicies, and keep the good if it outweighs. I’m for abolishing a tax code that doesn’t work. I’m for lifting all these stupid regulations that protect a frog but not my job. I want me and my country protected, which Paul won’t do, and that leaves Cain. I’d like to see the flag back in the white house. I’d like to see our President govern by right and wrong, not who he owes.

    • http://Personalliberty Tony

      To Joyceann:
      Right on and well said!!

    • DaveH

      You honestly think pissing off people around the world with our military actions, and squandering our wealth, is making our country safer?

      • http://deleted Claire

        Cain is NOT what he is trying to appear to be. I am wary of this guy–something just does not jive. I will not vote for him. Ever.

    • Jibbs

      The Cain train, thats a wreck in the making.

  • Peter

    I would like to ask all the candidates if they are familiar with the “FairTax”, and understand why it has that name. I’m not worried so much about whether or not they support it, as I am about whether they understand the concept of a national sales tax…and getting rid of the IRS. Herman Cain especially, since I like him, and 9-9-9 looks like it might be the camel sticking it’s nose unto the tent.

    • DRW1960

      999 is just a stepping stone to the Fair Tax. 999 is only phase one to start to turn the economy around. Phase 2 he will start the steps to the Fair Tax.

      I honestly think a lot of people don’t realize 999 is just the ‘start’ of his plan.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    Getting rid of the IRS would be a giant step in returning Our Nation back to a constitutional republic. One thing I like about Cain is his admitting his mistakes and his willingness to seek the counsel of others. “In the multitude of counselors there is safety.” WHO THE COUNSELORS ARE WILL MATTER. The 999 plan could pave the road to the fair tax which would in my opinion be much better. Newt is also looking better an better to me. “Except The Lord builds the house we labor in vain that build it” That is a surety.

  • rmg

    Sorry to all you Paulistas, but regardless of his “constitutionality” he just gives off this vibe of the kid back in school who got hung up by his underwear while asking “Can’t we all just get along?” I think he really believes that if we pull all our military back home, that the rest of the world will leave us alone. Naive, and the other side of Obama’s “apology tour” coin. The Chicoms are already probing electronically, and if you don’t think the Iranians would love to get a nuke into a tractor trailer (with easy access thanks to NAFTA), well you just haven’t been listing to Ahma-nutjob.

  • eddie47d

    I am awestruck by Bob Livingston’s article today. I never thought he would shine a bad light on the Koch Brothers in my lifetime. My hat goes off to you sir.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear eddie47d,

      You have been posting for a long time. Why do you still not get it?

      Best wishes,

      • DaveH


      • Jibbs

        eddie, you set yourself up everytime, hehehehe!

        • eddie47d

          I’ve gotten the Koch Bros. for quite some time now Jibbs apparently you haven’t. Seems like the author (Bob) can’t take a compliment either.

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear eddie47d,

            I must apologize to you. I didn’t read it as a compliment, but as you expressing surprise that I might expose the Kochs because they are from the “right.” Please accept my apology.

            Best wishes,

  • Royal

    Bob Livingston – I bid you good bye.

    • Song

      I’m beginning to think the same Royal. Not because of Bob Livingston, but from the well meaning albeit radical posters on these boards! They scream and demonize people they don’t agree with, trust no one who are not of their faith and do not fit their very narrow definition of who can be a Christian and wish all others to do the same else be “damned to hell”… they buy into conspiracies and “by jove” the only good politician is Ron Paul who in all reality will not get the nomination regardless of all his good points!

      • DaveH

        Don’t go, Song, we need you.

      • bob wire

        Yea, stick around Song, we all feel that way sometimes. ~ Take a break and come back strong ~ don’t let mean people get to you.

        Remember, if you can love your enemy, you will find yourself in control of you and be both very pleased and inspired with yourself and be an inspiration to others all at the same time.

        • Jibbs

          Song, I think we all feel “that way” sometimes is because we are all tired of washington dc taking us to the cleaners and hanging us out to dry.
          I know I’m sjust as tired of it as the rest of us.
          It’s high time we put and end to the bs and looting of our country once and for all. We let this happen, now it’s time to put a stop to it. Don’t leave Song, we still need you?

          Has anyone checked out this group?

      • http://deleted Claire

        Song– I feel the same way sometimes but I stayed–I have been on this site for 2 years. Keep in mind we have to fight for what is “right.” No pun intended. We must keep our voices heard. I am sure others will agree.

      • Song

        Thanks. I appreciate that :/

  • jOSEPH Whitson

    Re. H. Cain:
    All of us have warts–seen or unseen–keeping them is optional.
    The jury is still out on Cain. Very few realize this is Spiritual
    Warfare and even fewer are equipped to deal it. To date-Cain’s plan
    beats what is on the table. Others? It’s politics as usual. This
    Country needs Patriots who understand the problem and are equipped
    and tough enough to make the difficult decisions necessary to point
    this Country back to its Constitutional roots. It’s not about
    Democrat or Republican–left or right. It’s about whether we survive
    as a Nation under God. The jury is also still out on that choice
    and the clock is ticking.
    Joseph Whitson

    • bob wire

      Guess you haven’t seen or heard about Ron Pauls proposal, ~ It just came out, was it this morning or yesterday? ~ I’ve been sitting in one place too long, forgive me.

      I think that you might find it worthy consideration.

  • bob wire

    Cain seems to be a pleasant man and has a good rhetorical delivery.

    Something that just about every nickle and dime gang banger seems to acquire somehow. ~ I won’t go there.

    You waste your time, money and attention on Cain, he is an unnecessary bleed and will someday be irrelevant in tomorrows events. Rather focus your efforts and try to stay away from La La Land and carnival barkers.

    I know many would consider my comment racist in nature and I apologize forehand but Cain offers “color” to Lilly white GOP and is there for window dressing appeal and to cast an appearance of being an open and all “inclusive” party to targeted voters. Cain is part of the GOP entourage and stage props.

    given credit where credit is due, they are at least trying. (kinda)

    If you were Black person in American today, could you watch Whitey for a year and half attempting to dress down the first sitting US President of color and not permit a bias to creep into your mind? I believe few could rise above such an unrelenting attack.

    Cain serves a good purpose and is needed in the mix for balance. He’s doing an excellent job I might add.

    • DRW1960

      So, if not Cain who? Paul can’t win. I don’t see Perry winning. Who then?

      • bob wire

        While the dynamic on these players are in constant motion the nomination will go one of three people Perry, Mitt or the long shot Ron Paul.

        And I believe Ron Paul will be the only one that might possibly defeat the incumbent while Rommey will get the nod. Being a Mormon will be like JFK being the 1st Catholic, people will get over it. He is status Quo and everyone on the hill will breath a sigh of relief.

        Rick Perry just reminds us of “W” too much. Nice hair but short and really doesn’t have much to boast about if you look very hard and void any “real ideas of his own” about how to do much of anything. The rest of the nation is not very sympathetic with the notions Texas Tolerance has on immigration. While I understand it, the rest of the nation doesn’t and they will be what counts come primary. His race to the church house and getting all Jesus up the week prior his announcement pretty well explain the man. Just another “W” ~ if it worked once, it’ll work twice! he’s not to be out Jesused or out flagged by anyone.

        If you stop and consider who can possible go head to head with Obama. Who offered a clear change of course not just from Obama’s leadership, but business as usual on the Hill, who harbors notions of serious change in the way money is created and managed, shows serious interest in quit minding other countries business and mind Americans business, A man that is his own man and not been bought or indebted, Ron Paul is the only one left standing.

        In either case, it will be a hard fought race as the nation seems equally divided today. The GOP is playing some serious hard ball and it clear that losing is not an option they are willing to consider. GOP governors has restricted polling access to help make it possible. The Supreme Court ruling on campaign contributions, favor the GOP. Suppressing the Unions ability to fund,has favor the GOP.

        So find a good seat, it’s going to be a slugfest.

        Did I say, I’ve been wrong before?

        • Palin16

          I will vote for whoever wins the GOP nomination. Don’t let the progressives divide us here. The main goal is to defeat Barack Husein Obama.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Mr. Livingston, If the video is true, how can you continue to support Paul, who has stated that he would eliminate the EPA?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Capitalist at Birth,

      The EPA currently exists, yet this goes on. Have you asked yourself why? How can it be that the big government agency designed to help us has not–be it the EPA, FDA, USDA, Education, Energy, etc.? When you find the answer to that question you will understand.

      Best wishes,

      • professor

        All those agencies should be eliminated. They have done nothing for the American people except to make their lives more difficult, by being completely ineffective, or by supporting the progressive agenda.

      • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

        Bob if you paid attention to the video The Bush administration cut the fines by 2/3( nice to have friends in government).The EPA has a very small enforcement staff and relies on local enforcement to enforce the local version of the EPA regulations.With this system local enforcement depended on the local governments ether at the state or county level.If like the video shows the local government believes environmental regulation are job killers, citizens die

    • DaveH

      The EPA is a political organization. Their regulatory rules are passed by unelected bureaucrats, not by elected officials, making it much easier for them to cater to special interests instead of the voting citizens. To wit, the recent Carbon Dioxide rules, which couldn’t be passed, even by the radical Democrats, but the EPA went off on their own.
      Pollution is a problem, but it’s a problem that could be addressed by Laws passed by elected officials and then adjudicated in courts (when violated) by affected parties. Of course, then the rules would be simpler, fewer, and less politically motivated, but that’s a Good thing.
      Read this:

  • Staceey

    Well, I like the saying, ” you’re only as good as the company you keep. ” So, for me, I can not support Cain. In my opinion, Dr Paul is the best qualified candidate. My only criticism of him, is his lack of military service(?) I wish it were a prerequisite that all presidential candidates have served at least 4 years in the military.

  • Raggs

    I think it is a great idea to debate all republican canidates but at the same time I would vote for any nom that goes up against the chit head that we have now… Nobody is perfect and if we are looking for a perfect canidate to defeat oblama than we are in a losing battle.

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

    Interesting video about the GP plant in Arkansas was surprised that you linked it to your site.
    Thanks Bob

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear SMSgt Z retired Nam 68,

      Why is that?

      Best wishes,

      • Raggs

        Bob thanks… I was moderated on my last comment and some of my words may be found to be offensive to others but I call it as it is or at least how I see it… Anyway you didn’t cut me and I’m gratefull. :) cheers.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Raggs,

          Today has been a difficult day. Our site was hammered all day with excessive spam which overloaded the filter system and caused even my comments to get “moderated.” It was nothing personal against you or any of the other posters, but was a deliberate attack by someone against the site.

          Best wishes,

  • Bob from SoCal

    Cain’s ideas on the Fed and Greenspan are enough to make him suspect. His 999 plan is a bad idea without cutting the federal income taxes completely. The congress will just raise all three. At least the fair tax can be moderated by what the individual buys.

  • chuckb

    cain has already made a mistake with his 9-9-9 plan, the states with a state sales tax will be looking at increasing their tax such as california with a 7 3/4 pct tax would be increased to 16 3/4 tha’ts a pretty hefty increase. i’m sure moonbeam brown and his communist party will be looking for more very soon.
    romney is a disaster looking for some place to happen, he would be the most liberal republican ever elected and i don’t think we need anymore liberalism.
    gingrich with his past baggage appears to be the best and most knowledgeable of the entire field.
    these comments about barry being such a tough debater, are you serious, the guy can hardly talk without the teleprompter and i thought he did terribly against mccain. at the time people were enthralled by the sound of his voice and his being the first black to run for the presidency, the media was having orgasams, now they know there is nothing behind his voice except ignorance.

    • bob wire

      999 was thought up in 2 seconds and proclaim with vibrato like a rap song.

      At the most, a test balloon to amuse, amaze and ponder.

  • Raggs

    The plan of a division in America seems to be working.

    If you do not uderstand that then you really should educate yourself.

  • jopa

    Thank you Mr. Livingston for a great and informative post.I agree with you totally on this one.

  • http://deleted Claire

    Bob Livingston: Thank you, thank you. I sincerely appreciate your comments and I agree with you 100 percent. I would love to shake your hand.

  • Staceey

    … Thank you for the info, DaveH. Dr Paul receives so little media coverage, and I don’t spend a lot of time on the internet. So, again, thanks. Vote for Ron Paul!

  • Steve fla

    Cains plan from what I have read is not a direct sales tax on top of the current sales tax. It is on embedded taxes. What I have read on here and the people I’ve talked with don’t understand the tax the way it is intended. So,,,whatever. Bob, your article? Paul is a nut. Cain may have turned you off with his 9-9-9 plan and I don’t agree with it in total,,,he should change the embedded tax and place it somewhere else,,, He’s the only one with a major plan to our tax system. A system I might add that the head of the IRS can’t even do his own taxes.

  • jdavis

    I am so sick of people saying Ron Paul can’t win. That is just what the establishment wants us to believe. Then we buy in to the Republican establishment of voting for “better than the worst” so we can have a Republican that still takes us down the road to economic disaster by spending more money then we have. What kind of choice is that? Phyllis Schafley’s book, An Echo Not A choice should be required reading for all conservatives to understand how the choice for presidents has been manipulated for years. When the “message” isn’t what the establishment wants us to hear the media is used to destroy or discredit the messenger as with Ron Paul. At the debates he isn’t given many questions and then they are worded to attack or discredit him. And we are gullible puppets to their tactics.
    Paul has a 30 year record of upholding the constitution, voting against government hand outs and never taking money from big corporations. He served in the military and receives more donations from retired and active military than all the other GOP candidates put together. They understand that we have unconstitutionally put them in harms way in premptive wars while refusing to protect out own borders.
    Because we don’t know out history and don’t diligently study the issues we are easily duped and wiling to vote for someone that we’ve been told has a chance to beat Obama instead of the most qualified candidate. So either with a Obama or a Romney, Perry or Cain we lose and our nation moves closer to the cliff of total economic collapse.

  • Robert O’Brien; Brickbat

    CAIN IS ANOTHER PHONEY built up by MSM fearful of Ron Paul’s plan to do away with twin sisters of Satan, Fed and IRS. Cain said he was only one that had a plan. . liar. RP has all along had tax plan for at least 30 years. FINALLY people are starting to listen; I pray it is not too late, but prophecy will be fulfilled. Was it not Cain that slew Able, the good brother? Let’s pray that will not happen to Ron Paul. To Annie, how could anybody not like Ron Paul? You need prayer Annie, I’m closing and will go to prayer for you…God bless you and all. Amen.


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