Buzz Aldrin Battling His Family In Court


LOS ANGELES, Aug. 16 (UPI) — Buzz Aldrin, the former U.S. astronaut renowned as the second man to walk on the moon, is locked in a legal battle with his estranged wife and her daughter.

Aldrin, 81, filed for divorce from Lois Driggs Aldrin, his wife of 23 years, on June 15, citing irreconcilable differences. Five days later his company, Starbuzz, in which she and her daughter Lisa Cannon have been active, sued him in Los Angeles Superior Court for breach of contract, alleging he was trying to cut them out of the business, ABC News reported Tuesday.

Aldrin counterattacked, filing his own lawsuit against Starbuzz last week, contending he was duped into signing away the rights to his name and image.

Starbuzz, formed in 2007, has been marketing Aldrin speaking engagements, books, clothing and other products.

“Buzz is making it out like Lisa ran off with something,” Lois Aldrin’s attorney, Vicki Greene, told ABC. “He’s trying to blame Lisa and, of course, Lois doesn’t agree.

“Lisa and Lois have been his biggest promoters the whole time. The brand developed after he got married.”

The network said Aldrin’s office said the ex-astronaut didn’t want to talk about the litigation and his attorney didn’t respond to requests for comment.

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