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Buy Guns On The Cheap At Gun Buybacks

January 30, 2013 by  

Buy Guns On The Cheap At Gun Buybacks

The gun buybacks that are routinely held at police departments, churches and public venues throughout the Nation are laughable schemes designed to disarm law-abiding citizens, opportunists and the naĂŻve. But, as demonstrated at a recent buyback event in Seattle, buybacks can also be beneficial to people with an appreciation for guns.

Fear about government plans to categorically ban certain classes of firearms is driving up prices on guns, accessories and ammunition throughout the Nation. Meanwhile, cities are hosting gun buybacks where a modest $100 is paid routinely for handguns, shotguns and rifles and $200 for so-called assault rifles.

Seattle gun enthusiasts, realizing that Americans willing to hand over their firearms for such little money often don’t know what they have, were also drawn to the gun buyback. There, gun collectors set up miniature gun shows with signs offering cash for collectible firearms, good hunting weapons and assault rifles.

Though the happenings upset some of the police officers working the gun buyback, there is nothing illegal about the private gun sales taking place at the event. In States that allow unfettered private party gun sales between law-abiding citizens, nothing can stop collectors from attending the buyback events in hopes of scoring good deals on quality firearms.

Below are some pictures from the Seattle event, via SLOG:






Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Warrior

    Possibly someone could explain which ammo is used by law enforcement/military vs. type that is proposed to be ONLY sold to the “public”?

    • Jimmy the Greek

      That’s easy ! the rubes that don’t work for the government get the ammo that has the bullets made of soft rubber and wax .

    • THE KID

      How is it that 99 % of shootings are committed by people under the inflence of drugs? Maybe we should eliminate pshchiatrists that are prescribing these drugs or at least require a background check on every medical professional? We have 900 + “GUN LAWS” now and nobody enforces them, so why write new laws that no one will enforce?

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Another great statistic that is PFTA. You may as well say that ALL shootings are done by people on drugs. Mindless refusal to face truth.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    Sam says, “there is nothing illegal about the private gun sales taking place at the event. In States that allow unfettered private party gun sales between law-abiding citizens, nothing can stop collectors from attending the buyback events in hopes of scoring good deals on quality firearms”. And that’s true enough.

    There’s a small problem with part of it—-”private party gun sales between law-abiding citizens”. Since the “parking lot gun show” is certainly not limited to the “law-abiding”, the NON-law-abiding will attend in hopes of just buying guns. I had commented on another thread about the ‘out of the trunk” sales happening at gun shows in VA. We need to tighten the gun show loophole.

    • Bob Z

      That way the government will have an eye on EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION for their registration database…..which is illegal as hell.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Yeah, Bob
        That’s something to worry about. Nobody ever said it would be easy to have “common sense gun regulation”. But “law-abiding” gun owners don’t want the criminals to have such easy access to guns, do they? You can’t have it both ways and we need to work it out—-the majority of the citizenry want that to happen.

        Right now here in VA, I can go to the bank and cash a $50,000 check, go to a gun show and spend it all (both inside and in the parking lot), fill my vehicle to the window line with guns, take them home and stash them, and REPEAT THE WHOLE THING all day long until the show closes or I run out of money.

      • momo

        Right Brain Thinker says: “Right now here in VA, I can go to the bank and cash a $50,000 check, go to a gun show and spend it all (both inside and in the parking lot), fill my vehicle to the window line with guns, take them home and stash them, and REPEAT THE WHOLE THING all day long until the show closes or I run out of money.”

        Right after you fill out the currency report, needed for any transaction over 10K, you’ll probably be questioned by some feds that the bank called while you were filling out the forms. At minimum you’ll be on somebody’s watch list. Gotta love that Patriot Act.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Thanks, momo

        Forgot about that—-so like all good crooks, I’ll just write five of them for $9999.99. each

        I bought a car in 2003 and paid cash for it—-the officious little “lady” that handled the paper work (of which there was way more than for buying a house) ticked me off to the point that I told her to stuff her form about the “source of the over $10K” and I refused to sign it. She sputtered and carried on big-time and told me the “government would get me”. I’m still waiting.

    • joseph

      The gun shows might be a good place for criminals to get guns. However less then 1% of all guns bought at gun shows are ever used in a crime. So your claims of criminals at gun shows to get guns dosent hold water. Your argument is broken . Please try agin.

      • Right Brain Thinker


        OK, let’s do try again. We don’t know who is buying guns at gun shows—-how many or what happens to them later—-since we are not keeping complete records, how can you state so emphatically that “less than 1% of all guns bought at gun shows are ever used in a crime”. You can’t prove that to be true any more than I can prove it to be false with our present database.

        The gun shows actually might be a great place for criminals to legally get guns, even though we can’t necessarily prove it one way or the other. One thing that has been clear—guns from “easy” VA have been found to be a big problem in the states in the Northeast that are “harder” on guns

      • 45caliber


        Yes, joseph’s comments CAN be proven … from FBI records.

      • Scott

        Frankly, I can tolerate the occasional missed “illegal” transaction. What I can’t and won’t tolerate is interference by the government in what is and/or should be a legal transaction between two consenting adults.

        Lets face it… the Gun Show “loop hole” is a joke that keeps being repeated by a lot of the half braindead liberals of the not so far left. Come on guys wake up already!

        The federal government needs to butt out and do only what it is constitutionally mandated to do. No More and No Less!

      • vicki

        Scott says:
        “Frankly, I can tolerate the occasional missed “illegal” transaction. What I can’t and won’t tolerate is interference by the government in what is and/or should be a legal transaction between two consenting adults.”

        The solution to keeping guns out of the hands of criminals has been known for over 200 years. You put criminals in jail. And on the offhand chance that they do get a gun in there, they won’t hurt society.

        As to registration and other schemes, they only punish the ~300 MILLION innocent Americans.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Scott and Vicki display their confirmation bias and refuse to see any problem with all this. Does it not seem a little bit “off” that I CAN go and literally fill my car with as many guns as I can afford to buy? And that no one knows whether I am batpucky crazy or a criminal? What ever happened to “common sense”?

      • Right Brain Thinker

        PS to 45cal I don’t believe it but will look at any link you provide.

      • Vicki

        Right Brain Thinker displays the need for a full brain by saying:
        “Scott and Vicki display their confirmation bias and refuse to see any problem with all this. Does it not seem a little bit “off” that I CAN go and literally fill my car with as many guns as I can afford to buy? And that no one knows whether I am batpucky crazy or a criminal? What ever happened to “common sense”?”

        No one cares until (and if) you misuse them.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        I CAN go and literally fill my car with as many guns as I can afford to buy? And no one knows whether I am batpucky crazy or a criminal. What ever happened to “common sense”?”

        Vicki says, “No one cares until (and if) you misuse them”.

        How much does the NRA pay you to spout that kind of mindless propaganda, Vicki? (and that’s an evasivatory sentence you used there, if I’m not mistaken)

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Right Brain Thinker,

          You write: “And no one knows whether I am batpucky crazy or a criminal.” If they call me I’ll tell them.

          Best wishes,

      • Ernest T.

        If you can enforce a law that removes all of the guns from criminals, kooks, and tyrants and prove it , then I might give up my arms voluntarily until then get off my tip.

        • Scott

          I will not, and neither should anyone else ever give up their arms voluntarily!

    • Jimmy the Greek

      When buying a gun you should not even have to tell them your name , and show me were in the Second Amendment that it states that a so called felon can’t own or buy a gun , That all came about after the gun control act in 1968 , That peace of crap law in it self is in violation of the Second Amendment .

      • vicki

        Felons should be in jail. Ex-felons get their rights restored when you release them.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Your right Vicki I have more than a few felons that are good friends , that i would trust with my life .

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Not to pry, Jimmy, but are you a felon? Or an “ex-felon”?

      • Vicki

        Right Brain Thinker says:
        “Not to pry, Jimmy, but are you a felon? Or an “ex-felon”?”

        The gun control “law” makes no significant distinction.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        I wasn’t talking to you, Vicki, but to Jimmy

        You shouldn’t use my messages as a “hook” for what ever your “bludgeon of the day” mindless comment may be, especially when what you say has no logical connection to my comment beyond the use of the word “felon”.

        It makes you look as if you’re “pursuing” me. If you had half a brain, you’d send “smart Vicki” out to actually talk to me about something of substance, and keep “dumb Vicki” in the closet with Jana and Kate8 where she belongs. Dumb Vicki just keeps messing with the bull, and the horns are always ready for use.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        I have never been convicted of any !

    • Old Wolf

      Yet, criminals already have ready access to firearms. It’s called the ‘black market’. Buy it or steal it and sell it. The large problem is, every time we’ve created classifications for those unable to keep and bear arms, we’ve allowed the federal government to expand it.

      But yet, the right ‘shall not be infringed’. Even in the infamous Dred Scott case, and in the Prudence Crandall case, these were the privileges and immunities of citizens.

      The right was preserved to the people, against the powers of the states and federal government. Saying that the states may create a status that allows them to do the things forbidden under article 4, as well as those forbidden under the 14th, is an interesting thing.

      They do not cease being citizens, nor do they cease to have rights, unless, according to Blackstone, they were sentenced to death, and this was under the English law against which the rebellion occurred.

      We have already compromised too much. It’s at the point where they offer to cut off our head, so we compromise and offer to only cut off a limb instead.

      Every American citizen commits felonies at this point, because they are so numerous that there is no counting of them. There is no way to know, at this point, what actions are criminal or not, as seemingly innocent things can be a felony, from picking up the wrong feather, to simply protesting where the secret service may be, even without your knowledge.

      But yet, any enforcement of such a law is prohibited under title 18, section 242, making it a felony to deprive, or cause to be deprived from any person any right, privilege, or immunity under the constitution or laws of the united states under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom. It is nothing less than a lawless attack on our liberties.

      The police have no duty to protect us, nor is there any protected property interest in their protection. Disarming the people, under whatever pretext, is merely setting the stage for further crime.

      • Wellarmed

        Very well said. I stand in 100% agreement with your interpretation. I wish my fellow Americans understood the danger of disregarding this position as far as their rights in general are concerned.

    • THE KID


  • dan

    In for a penny,in for a pound : when the least firearm infraction has you looking at five years in the Fed Pen….and they make SURE we’ve broken at least ONE of their precious ‘policies’ or
    regulations…then there just isn’t much incentive to try to abide by ANY of their
    unConstitutional power grabs. When looking dirty at Barney or TSA or any costumed buffoon
    is an assault….punishable by a beating and being cuffed and vanished,then it’s time to stand up for our God given right to exist. When they watch your every move and listen to your every word
    hoping that you’ll slip -up and incriminate yourself or someone else…
    then it’s time to burn it ALL down.
    come Lord Jesus,and bring that fervent heat

    • vicki

      That is the real secret behind the “felons” can’t possess guns. Get the law abiding to agree that certain types of ex-cons don’t have rights then make a bunch of laws that cause law abiding citizens to be in that type (felon). Then catch as many as you can. Give them probation with no jail time. De-facto gun confiscation.

      Remember that for many years the mere possession of a little marijuana was a felony.

      ~300 MILLION Americans didn’t shoot anyone

      Stop punishing the innocent for the acts of a few.

  • ibcamn

    yes we don’t want insane people to have guns…background checks for gun ownership yes,on that note,i don’t want to tread on rights of those wanting to find that one gun to go with their collection or that one pistol this guy has been looking for since he was a kid and that one in a million find!yeah you got it,most if not all are here to find that money maker!they want to be the one to find a handgun that’s worth 250,000 dollars!(gun collectors know what i’m talking about)these guys are hoping to find just that i’m sure,it’s what drives the collectible gun market into a frenzy at some points.there’s a shotgun out there with my name on it,and one day i will find it and chances are it will be at something like this!some of these guys just want to find an lod pistol or rifle to refurbish or clean up and give to their kids for their first hunting shotgun or maybe it’s a guy who rents out time at a range,the point is,why does everybody assume it’s for ill intent!??!..could even be some guy is just too stingy to pay full price at the retailers!

    • Right Brain Thinker

      I don’t really quarrel with what ibcamn has said here—all valid points if you look at things from a slightly off-center position.

      ib said something that reminded me of something that was in the WashPost the other day.. ib said, “yes we don’t want insane people to have guns”

      Guess what? And I am not making this up. Martin O’Malley, Democratic Governor of Maryland, was talking about the need for stronger gun regulations in MD. He warned, however, that we needed to be careful about overly limiting the rights of mentally ill people to own guns—-because we didn’t want to be seen as discriminating against them!

      • 45caliber

        You are correct about O’Malley’s thinking. BUT … what is mentally ill? According to the psychiatrists of the US, everyone has a mental illness. (Particularly them!!) Treating those is how they make their money, so they want everyone to be mentally ill. And if you aren’t, they will invent an illness just for you. What type of mental illness might lead someone to murder? How do you tell? That is the one thing they NEVER talk about … particularly since they DO NOT KNOW. In most cases the psychiatrist who might say such a thing could get sued and would lose. They know it.

      • Old Wolf

        So, we should allow individuals to strip the rights without any kind of trial, upon their opinion? Should we also do this for the first amendment?

      • vicki

        45caliber says:
        “What type of mental illness might lead someone to murder? How do you tell? That is the one thing they NEVER talk about … particularly since they DO NOT KNOW. In most cases the psychiatrist who might say such a thing could get sued and would lose. They know it.”

        That is part of the beauty of the 2nd Amendment. We don’t need to worry over what type of mental illness might lead to an attempt to murder. The (intended) victim neutralizes the threat. Mind reading is for mentalists. Psychiatrists are not.

    • vicki

      ibcamn says:
      “yes we don’t want insane people to have guns”

      Insane people belong in a Mental Hospital. Being mentally ill does not cancel your right to self defense. As has been pointed out for years the police have no responsibility to protect individuals.

  • charlie

    well i do not know about gun shows back EAST but the ones i have been to in wyo, colo, utah , require an id and a background check prior to sale , so where is the loop hole ???

    • 45caliber


      The “loophole” is that you can take your gun to a show and find buyers there. So you can sell your own private gun to someone who came to buy without the government getting a way to register it to the buyer. All dealers there MUST follow the law but a private individual isn’t covered by that law. That’s the reason they want a federal law requiring all guns to go through a dealer in a private purchase. In fact, they want to insist even a gift (you give one to your son, for instance) must go through a dealer.

      • Cliffystones

        IMO, the government has no business registering lawful gun owners and the weapons they possess. The only list a government should have would be of people who were NOT allowed to own guns, like felons and nutjobs. These could be put in a national database to be checked by sellers.

      • charlie

        current laws and future registration laws will effectively keep the honest law abideing person within the law as it has for years , i have not committed any crimes as with several million other people in the US , so why penalize us ?? so on that note sir i disagree with your logic and train of thought ,but i will defend your right to speak it , to the death if necessary, which in all fairness ,i can not do when the government restricts my ownership
        in any way .lets stick to convicting the criminal and taking them off the street permanately if necessary with the current laws in place, they already have the power and the laws to successfully accomplish this task .

      • 45caliber

        charlie: I agree with you and cliffystones both. I was simply telling you why they want that “loophole” closed. I don’t agree with it at all. I grew up as an Arkansas hillbilly – and all have guns. I was able to have my own and go hunting when I was 8. Some have guns when they are 5. I don’t think there should be ANY gun laws unless you pass one requiring all adults to carry at all times outside the home.

        • charlie

          very very interesting seeing everyones different concerns and points of view …
          some have the same concerns for a different reason than the other ,but a common thing is the passion behind our individual beliefs .
          food for thought
          first on the mental wellness test
          once you are declared mentally unstable , depression?, anxiety attacks ?,thoughts of overwhelming pressure you can not control ,, they deem you unfit to have ANY type of firearm, vets with PTS are stripped of their rights even after defending our great nation
          at least that is how the VA doc explained it to me ?? you decide if you really want to have all 18 -24 year olds submit to mental wellness as in the Executive orders just signed

          in the bill that Ms fienstein is wanting passed any military Type weapon can be added to the bill because of how they look, being the devils advocate here if this is passed then your model 7 ,, remington 700 ??? what are the snipers using ? so then the argument could be made hey our snipers use a rifle that looks like a regular deer rifle ,, so we better ban that as well , 870 shotguns and mosbergs used in the Navy , aboard ship ,, well we better add that to the list , i mean my gosh you could actually pull the plug out and rapid fire a 12 ga 4 times that is alot of fire power???????
          where does it END
          **ever wonder why the killing in Chicago is NOT all over the news ???gun control does not work
          ** ever wonder why the separation of church and state only applies to christian beliefs ???
          the last one is a whole other can of worms , just something to think about
          45 calibur it would be nice to sit in your neck of the woods and enjoy a cup of coffee and BS because it sounds alot like my woods
          no offense taken in your reply :) :)

      • vicki

        Cliffystones says:
        “The only list a government should have would be of people who were NOT allowed to own guns, like felons and nutjobs.”

        CONVICTED felons belong in jail.
        CONVICTED nutjobs belong in a mental hospital (or jail)

        “These could be put in a national database to be checked by sellers.”
        Already done. Still failed to stop felons and nutjobs.

      • Steve Christopher

        The question should be asked as to why 1 individual can sell to another without “big brother” adding them to thier confiscation data base. Forget all the 2nd amend arguements for the moment and concentrate on the powers of the federal government as per the Constitution. Dealers are licensed by the government and interstate sales, even private, are regulated by the government because they are interstate commerce. The Feds have the authority to regulate interstate commerce. Under current law, only private sales between residents of the same state are legal without background checks and the ATF paperwork.. This is because they do not involve interstate commerce, but rather intrastate commerce, which the constitution does not give the feds the power to regulate.

        There is absolutely nothing in the constitution that would give the feds the authority to legitimately regulate such private property exchanges. There are valid arguments based on second Amend. rights, whether it has any law enforecment validity, etc., etc., but first the question should be asked, ” Where does the government get the LEGAL authority to tell private citizens what they can and can’t buy, sell or trade between themselves in a transaction that does not involve interstate trade?”

        • charlie

          on the commerce clause , here is another thought , did you know that a grade A dairy farmer can not sell you his milk , FDA says it is not fit for human consumption ??
          * have you heard any of the latest rumblings about farmers markets ? lets say that you have a tomato plant that goes crazy this year and you get 3 bushels of tomatoes , heck why not sell the extras , you cant unless you get a business lic and pay taxes on it !!
          and we as a nation have promoted and regulated all this . my mother inlaw has 3 lemon trees they are so sweet you would think you are eating an orange which she has 2 of those , she can not sell the lemons she has to set them on the curb to be given away ,
          so just another thought of how far are we going to let this go ???The gov has been overstepping its authority for alot of years , it is time to wake up !!

  • Robert L. Rice

    HECK,i hope the police have a gun buy-back,here in Ocala,Florida,im going to offer more that the police,should be some good buys !!!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So the buyback of guns was on the cheap but then selling the guns will bring in more money plus names and addresses/gun registrations.

  • AK Tom

    It’s NONE of the governments business what kind or how many guns you own. Registration leads to confiscation. Proven time and again throughout history. The private ownership of firearms is what keeps American citizens free. A concept that liberal/progressive/sheeple can’t get into their brains no matter how clearly the facts are presented to them.

    • 45caliber


      Actually the liberals DO understand that concept. But their goal is to get rid of all guns even though they may deny it. And registration is a good way to locate those guns for that purpose. They simply pretend they don’t understand it to lie to you about the need to register.

      • vicki

        The elite liberal/progressives get it. The common “useful idiot” doesn’t.

  • 45caliber

    I see I’m not the only one who thought of this. My first thought was, I could go and buy those guns for a cheap price. More power to them.

  • 45caliber

    One of the real problems with this “scheme” is that many of the buyers refuse to allow the police to check the guns to see if they have been used in a previous crime. They particularly don’t want the police to check to see if they are stolen since many burglars can get more for stolen guns at a buy-back than they can selling them on the street. The burglars take them there to get rid of them. The buyers don’t want the cops to find the stolen guns and return them to the real owners. They want to destory them on the grounds that that even if stolen it is better to destroy them. Sad how people will encourage criminals in pursuit of whatever turns them on … and don’t think there is any problem doing it.

  • hanbo

    AK Tom is correct.Registration leads directly to confiscation.Unfortunately too many Americans either lack the courage to fight for their god given right to self-defence or have become too ignorant to protect it.The gov.loves to have ignorant subjects instead of educated citizens w/courage.Keep your powder dry…

  • Bill

    Gun buybacks are just a pr dog and pony show. Does anybody know anywhere where you can buy a gun for $100? So, if the average gun is worth $500 plus, whay would any fool sell it for $100?


    • Chester

      Truthfully, the people who go to those buybacks do NOT know what they have or what it is worth, they just see a good chance to get rid of something dad, or grand dad, or maybe an uncle or great uncle brought in and left behind. They know what the shape is, but as far as knowing they have a forty-five revolver worth a couple of thousand on the open market, forget it. All they know is they have an old pistol that might get them in trouble if someone sees one of the kids playing with it, or somebody actually finds some ammunition to fit it.

  • Duke Hayes

    i am writing for those who do not understand the goverment and how it works. here in oregon we have a check system that in 2008 stoped 28,000 poeple form getting a gun from a dealer as they where some kind of crimal or had something in the back ground to not alow this. and acording to state and fed law all 28,000 should have served a minume of 7 years in jail for the attemp. yet none have been posacuted so if the goverment will not inforce the laws on the books they should make no new ones to let rot.

    • OneGuess

      Duke, “stoped”, “poeple”, “form”, “where”, “crimal”, “back ground”, “alow”, “acording”, “minume”, “attemp”, “posacuted”, “goverment”, “inforce” ? Really?

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Right Duke , Like here in Texas a unpaid traffic ticket well stop you from buying a gun .

  • worried

    In regards to keeping guns out of the hands of people who are mentally ill… Last year my daughter called me to share an article she had found. Biting your fingernails has now been defined as mentally ill and they now have a drug to cure it. She wanted me to know that I was now officially a part of the mentally ill population of the US. According to the national standards for mental illness, nearly 90% of us fit the definition. Two years ago I read about a man whose doctor told him to check into the hospital and he refused because he had livestock at home that he had to take care of and make arrangements for before he could follow through on the doc’s orders. The doc had him legally declared a “suicide threat” for not following medical advice so the police went to his home to bring him into the psychiatric ward and concurrently confiscated all of his guns.

  • http://none bob

    I called up a few places that will have buybacks soon and asked if they would accept pipe bombs too and give $$$ for those…and also chemical weapons and biological weapons. Now that scared them…bombs, chemical, biological weapons? Our cops don’t know how to handle that stuff .. we’ll be killed! was the response….I said “good luck with your buyback program, it was nice knowing you” hahahaha

    • Meteolady

      Hey how about maybe they buy back the crazy people that used guns in the recent shootings. Or maybe they could buy back the prescription drugs they were on…..

  • Citizens Rights

    I have no interest in having the government knowing how many guns I own, what type of guns I have, or where my guns are kept. I think President Washington, and Presedent Jefferson, both spoke elogently several times during their lifetime about the nessesity of the average citizen (that means you and me) owning a gun for protection from a tirantical goverment. Private gun registration in Germany and Austria lead to Hitler’s ability to totaly disarm the population which prevented right thinking Germans from offering any comprehensive resistence to Hitler’s deranged conquest of the world. “Power corrupts — absolute power corupts absolutly”..

    • charlie

      very well put

  • Kate8

    This is very interesting, folks.

    I posted a comment on this issue this morning, and an excellent link to some very important information. It did actually post at the time.

    Now it is gone. WTH? It has simply disappeared off the thread.

    Was this information such that unnamed persons do not want to get out?

    There was nothing offensive in this post. Are we now being scrubbed for content?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Kate8,

      The moderator says none of your posts have been removed. Please post it again. If it was this link: it is in another thread and still there.

      Best wishes,

      • Kate8

        Bob – Thanks. No, it was another link, relevant to this gun issue.

        It actually posted immediately, then when I went back later to read the posts, it was gone.

        I will try to find it again. It was a good one.

  • Kate8

    Bob – I have now tried posting 3 more times, and it disappears every time. This has happened to me before.

    • Kate8

      So, I leave out the link and it posts.

  • Kate8

    Okay. I switched sites to YouTube.

    Did you all know that when you are “required” to register a thing, or get a permit, you are signing over title of said thing to the government? And they can come to claim it any time they choose?

    Lots of crucial information most of us never knew, but must know if we are to become free.

    The 2nd Amendment is the only permit we need.

  • Charlie Tall

    So why should someone convicted of bouncing a check be forbidden from owning a gun? Why should a man who yelled at his wife and subsequently pleaded guilty to plain assault be forbidden from owning a gun? Why should a guy who tried to get away from a traffic cop when he was 16 be forbidden from owning a gun. Why should a person who has committed a crime, served his sentence, and lived peacefully since be forbidden from owning a gun? Why should a vet who has been treated for PTSD be forbidden from owning a gun? Why should a kid who was caught with an ounce of pot be forbidden from owning a gun? Why should a soldier who received a dishonorable discharge for repeated AWOL be forbidden from owning a gun? Why should a college student who was caught with a bottle of liquor in a dry county be forbidden from owning a gun?

    Why should people who have never committed a crime be punished for the crimes they might commit? Why should people who own guns be punished for the crimes others might commit? Why should people who have committed a crime be punished over and over again?

    • snowblind

      this is a little off topic but i just read in the washington times that the burgulars there are always wearing ski masks ,,,,,,, so they are looking at ways of limiting the sale of a ski mask to deter criminals access to them > :) :) :) if you were wondering just how far the people in power are willing to restrict your daily activities , well there you go


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