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Businessman To Obama: You Win!

July 11, 2013 by  


Have you heard the latest mind-blowing statistic about the Barack Obama economy? There are now more Americans getting “food assistance” checks (101 million of them) than people working in the private sector (97 million). Who’s going to pay those bills, Mr. Obama?

Well, the answer has always been clear — entrepreneurs and small-business owners like me. People with those now rare American values — like work ethic, ambition, self-reliance, rugged individualism and personal responsibility. People with enthusiasm for work and for building a legacy for their families. You know: Those people you hate and resent, Mr. Obama.

I’ve got a sad story about the end of all that — and perhaps the end of America.

I’m your typical entrepreneur and capitalist evangelist, the kind of American that Obama will never understand. I enjoy working long hours, and I’m willing to risk my life savings on a business idea. I believe I’m the one responsible to feed, clothe and house my family — not the government. I get up early and work late, 14 to 16 hours a day. I work weekends and holidays. All vacations are “working vacations.” 24/7. That’s the life of an entrepreneur.

I chose this life. It’s my choice to risk my own money and work long hours. It’s my choice to provide my family with the best. I’m not looking for a blue ribbon or a pat on the back.

But I also don’t expect my President to resent me for my success, or to kick me in the gut, or to spit in my face. Mr. President, you shouldn’t be demonizing, denigrating and insulting me. You shouldn’t be claiming that people like me “don’t pay your fair share” when, in reality, your voters pay nothing (and expect checks from the government, too).

You shouldn’t be saying, “You didn’t build that.” Actually, yes, we did. Our work ethic, job creation and taxes pay for everything government builds. Our taxes pay for the checks you give to your voters.

Mr. President, you have no right to put us down, while complimenting and rewarding those who aren’t willing sacrifice for success and don’t feel personal responsibility. You have no right to redistribute our money to those who don’t have our work ethic. That’s wrong. That kills our spirit. That damages the U.S. economy.

There is no need to debate how wrong you are. The Obama economy proves what happens when you punish and demonize the job creators — an unprecedented economic disaster. Last week, the mainstream media celebrated a month of “195,000 jobs created.” Really? The truth is sobering. The U.S. economy last month gained 360,000 crummy part-time jobs and lost 240,000 full-time jobs. There are now 28 million Americans underemployed in part-time jobs. The second leading employer in America is now a temp agency. Only 47 percent of American adults are working (and that includes part-time jobs).

Welcome to Obamageddon. There are no good jobs — only crummy, crappy, part-time jobs. To get ready for your next job, repeat after me: “Sir, would you like a shake with your cheeseburger and fries?”

But, Mr. President, I will give you credit for one achievement. I thought it could never happen. You have single-handedly cured me of my work ethic and addiction to success. I am healed. Mr. Obama, you have set me free.

This past weekend I experienced how the other half lives. For the first time in my adult life, I took the entire holiday weekend off. As a work-at-home father and business owner, I normally spend a few hours each day with my children between phone calls, answering 300 emails, multiple daily meetings and conference calls, and other work requirements. This weekend, my wife and 5-year-old daughter visited friends in Los Angeles, leaving me as the sole caregiver for my sons, ages 9 and 13, for the entire four-day holiday weekend.

So I decided to clear the slate for the first time in my life. To just have some fun. To experience what life is like for the typical non-business owner on a holiday weekend. I ignored emails and stopped taking business calls. I turned down several business meetings. I just shut it all down.

Guess what? I had a ball! My boys and I watched guys’ shoot ’em up movies. We went gun shooting.  We shot off fireworks. We swam and played football. We ate steak dinners. It was the ultimate father-son weekend, with no business interruptions.

That’s when I realized… I’m done. It no longer pays to sacrifice under Obama. There is no payoff. I’ve sacrificed 14 to 16 hours a day, 365 days per year, to build businesses, create jobs, to give my family the best life possible. But I’m done. You win. You’ve pulled off the impossible, Mr. Obama. You’ve reformed me! I was the poster boy for workaholic entrepreneur. Not anymore.

Mr. President, why should I sacrifice so your voters can have free Obama phones (now with free texting, too)? Why should I work for an abusive boss like you who resents my sacrifices? Why should I work long hours so your voters can grab more of my money, while classifying ambition, sacrifice, discipline and personal responsibility as “evil” or “greedy?”

Under your system, the more I make, the more you take. There is no incentive, so why put in the extra effort?

The answer is… I no longer will. 

Mr. Obama, I’m done giving 110 percent. There is no “extra credit,” so why do the extra work? When a hard-working entrepreneur like me loses his love for work, stops putting in longer hours, takes weekends off, turns down the third or even fourth career because it’s not worth the effort, you better turn out the lights and close the door, because the party’s over.

But you do have one little problem, Obama. Who’s going to pay the bills? Who’s going to pay for those 101 million Americans on “food assistance?” Who’s going to pay your $7 billion bill to expand electricity access in Africa? Who’s going to pay for your $100 million travel bills? Who’s going to pay for your “free healthcare?” Who’s going to pay for the bloated pensions of 22 million government employees? Who’s going to pay the interest on your $100 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities? If not me, who?

And you can bet your last dollar that if I’ve come to this never-before-imagined decision to slow down and no longer give 110 percent, so have millions of other entrepreneurs.

So, Mr. Obama, I sure hope you have a backup plan to pay the bills. Maybe all those free Obama phone recipients can “spare a dime.” Maybe you can convince all those Obama voters on “food assistance” to stop using their food stamps for booze and strip clubs. Maybe you can convince Bangladesh to hold “AID AMERICA” concerts. Or, Mr. President, you can simply hide under the bed covers while presiding over the total collapse of the U.S. economy. Congratulations! You’ve proven that socialism doesn’t work. Eventually, you run out of other people’s money.

Payback is a bi-ch.

–Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • Fay Guht

    Shrug Atlas. Shrug.

  • Chuck Shaw

    Well said. Yes, who is going to pay for all of this government bloat? What is going to happen when the Chinese say to us, “pay up” on all of the debt we owe them? God help America!

    • Ant

      I’d do something about the excessive spending on the military before I’d cut one dime from social welfare programs or the IRS which actually brings in money for the governments. Of course fiscal Conservatives disagree. They’d rather starve folks like women,kids,and the elderly who depend on SNAP than curb military spending. Hawklike much? And the mad on Conservatives have for an earner like the IRS just confounds me. Maybe someone here can help enlighten me concerning that?

      • Nan

        The IRS wastes our tax dollars on outrageously expensive “business trips”. They plead the 5th when they conduct business unethically, etc. They waste our money!! The military lay their lives on the line daily, leave their loved ones behind to protect us, and on little pay compared to IRS employees. They do all of this by choice while you choose to be an Obama sheep. Open your “educated” eyes!!! Obama’s plan has always been to bring down America and sadly he is succeeding because of blind people like yourself.

      • Brandon

        Once again Ant you miss the mark!!!! Obviously people are outraged by these scandals because it was ILLEAGAL!!! Adding more fuel to the fire, pre election year!!!! You say you always vote democrat, wrong again!! What happened to voting for the best qualified for the job. Obama was not qualified to lead, his handlers bought that position for him and divided this country even further to serve their own means! Obama was their choice because he is like minded!!!

      • Brent black

        I bet the list of things that confound you is rather long

  • Ant

    Wow. What a bigot. The amount of political stereotyping in this staggering. I think that if this person came across hard working prosperous Obama supporters he’d die of shock. We’re not all on food stamps & some of us are even college students & college graduates. Over 90% of Blacks supported Obama & people like the poster probably think all are on foodstamps. What a small minded idiot and what a weakling for giving up his work ethic and blaming his comparative laziness on the president. What a feckless whining right wing loser. Somebody give that man a bottle.

    • Brent black

      Maybe educated doesnt mean what you think it does. It cant since you believe socialism works.

      • Ant

        No rightly educated person can rightly believe unchecked capitalism works either. It just results in workers earning next to nothing without any benefits and corporations making obscene profits. Small government for Conservatives is just another term for serfdom for the people and an aristocracy for the rich who can do whatever they want.

    • Tom Aulita

      He’s right, you’re wrong. He’s smart, you… Not so much

    • Michael

      I wouldn’t brag about your 90% stat; you voted on race, nothing else, and you got what you “paid” for. Action of educated people? Not at all.

      • Ant

        I did no such thing since I always vote for Democrats,regardless of their races. The same can be said for the vast majority of Blacks, regardless of their economic statuses or educational achievements. Blacks are Democrats. Deal with it.

    • Takidez

      Over 90% of blacks voted for President Obama (your numbers), but you call Mr Root a bigot. The majority of liberal socialist voters are grossly uninformed and will vote for whoever promises the most return with the least effort. The informed, intelligent liberal socialist voters seem to think redistribution of the wealth of fiscal conservatives will lead to a utopian society which will feed and clothe the country and have everyone joining hands and singing around the campfire.
      I hope you can live with the fact that liberalism if unchecked will destroy the efforts of over 200 years of hard work by our ancestors.

      • Ant

        Why do you people have the tendency to think only fiscal Conservatives have wealth? I think you’d be shocked to find out how many wealthy people are actually Democrats. For example, think Hollywood.

    • fatimafollower

      This comment comes out of liberal 101when faced with the truth and facts call people names like bigot or racist. Sorry face the facts, you voted for a socialist at least be big enough to admit it. All the name calling and college degrees in the world won’t change the truth.

  • Jim Ommert

    This article is “RIGHT ON THE MONEY” (no pun intended). I have said for years that this type of behavior is like feeding rats. Rats ‘breed’ @ a very fast rate. Its all fine and dandy as long as you have food for them, but, when you run out of food, and their too numerous, they will turn on you and eat you .
    It’s only a matter of time before this society turns on “itself” and implodes. When that happens, you will have anarchy. Rats don’t like to be denied anything that they believe is their “right”, and, guess who will be their, and more than willing to declare “martial law” and take complete control of our society, and once again be our “SAVIOR” !!! (All hail King…) Of course, all “free Elections” will have to be “Suspended” until things are ” under control”. But,….we may never quite make it back to being “under control” again. Makes you think. doesn’t it ? Gee, do ya think this “whole thing” might be pre-planed ?

    • Ant

      Wow. Paranoid much? They have medications for that, you know. Just saying.

  • Alex kole

    I wd proudly give him a bottle of fine wine for making an excellent point. If u choose to use your education & good job to fund Obama parties & allow the government to waste your tax dollars, so be it. You voted for this moron, so you have no right to criticize anyone w the wisdom to bail on the Obama debacle.

    • Ant

      Too bad none of the Conservatives here seem to realize that under Pres. Obama public sector jobs have shrunk while private sector jobs have increased. If I’m not mistaken, that’s a sign that Capitalism is alive and well in America, not Socialism. If anyone can’t hack it business wise, they need to look to themselves as the cause, not bad old Pres. Obama and his dastardly Democrats.

      • P Teel

        I am with you!!! Couldn’t put it any plainer. To bad Obama is so brain dead as he has no understanding of such things as most know and he shows everyday. The man has proven to be a total idiot with a nation following behind him. Seems this nation has smoked too much dope &took so many drugs that they were only able to produce a nation of fool hearty people, with not enough brain matter to see and know when they are being scammed by Obama & his socialistic party of democrats

      • P teel

        See you have not done your homework as if you did you would see that what you’ve said here is quite the opposite or else you think America is totally gullible for such socialist lies of what you are spouting

        • jk

          Not only do many of the troll like progressives like to subscribe to the ” if you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth” but this guy most likely has never tried to bootstrap a small business venture and faced the mountains of regs, red tape and paperwork, then had to deal with the social engineering you must face in trying to obtain any outside funding.

      • Brent black

        Actually, you are very mistaken. Public sector has shrunken? If you arent joking, you are a very uninformed fool.

  • Brent black

    Wayne, i thought you were pretty smart, but i just realized i might be smarter. I am self employed also and as soon as bho was elected-i quit working from daylight till dark and quit doing anything above the bare minimum so as not to make any extra money. I knew what would happen and my buisness is pretty much hard labor(i raise cattle). I refused to wear out my body so he could waste my money. I will continue to operate this way until the people in this country wake up and quit voting for the policies and people that allow them to live comfortably even if they dont work. Meanwhile i am growing food for about half as many people as i have the ability to do. I have been in a terrible mood for close to 5 years now because i know what is coming with these tyrants policies. There are alot of good people in this country that dont deserve what is going to and is happening-but there are also alot of people that better not even ask me to feed them when the gov. stops.

  • shadow1776

    Wayne, Obama don’t care. He will tell them at the treasury department to print more monopoly money. That most countries don’t want anymore, because its not worth much. But he will go down on history as the one to finish off America , where other terrorists failed.

  • jk

    Who is JOHN GALT. I too have seen the writing on the wall. Actually i have seen it coming for quite some time, as a self-made man with once great dreams of leaving a mark on this world as a legacy for my family and a few jobs for those who want to work, i realized the imbalance between the givers and takers. I will suffice it to say i have made abrupt changes in my life. Good luck and God Speed to those who believe in the principles on which this nation was founded, before the progressive socialist mindset.

  • jk

    For those interested; “ATLAS SHRUGGED parts1& 2 available on Netflix as well as a doc. on Ayn Rand works. Just sayin.

    • jk

      This all started before Obummer was even born. The table was set, he has been placed at the head of it. Pigs eat, Hogs get slaughtered. Again just sayin. All will get their just rewards in the end.

  • Kim Killough

    Feeling the same way. I believe it is ALL by design, and when we can’t pay our bills, they will start auctioning us off in bits and pieces to the likes of China, Russia and the “oil rich” Arab countries. I fear for my children’s futures. But, God is not neutral in things of personal freedom. As soon as we turn back to Him, all will be saved. God Bless you and your family. Keep the Faith.

  • aver1

    Reblogged this on contentconservative and commented:
    Absolutely great post!!!

  • Dan

    The first words out of the liberals mouth was “bigot”, who then claimed to be one of 90% who voted for BHO, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn’t support the democrat party on the basis of race but actually on the basis of their platform. I am curious as to which part of the democrat platform you actually support? The abortion on demand part? The save the environment by making energy expensive and killing business part? The victim disarmament part? Or is it the part where the communist party merged with the democrat party? The reason why you are called a low information voter is because you actually believe that you can write checks on an empty account, that the black race is better of on the ghettos and that the best way to make everyone equal is to bring the standards down. You are right in that BHO or the democrats didn’t do this by themselves, there are low information voters on both sides of the fence which appears to actually be a divided highway terminating at a fascist government presided by elitist intellectuals who plan for you and me to continue to be either milk or beef cows!

  • Dav. Ehrmann

    Sad day for America and ALL Americans …but thats what we as a nation get when we vote for politicians instead of patriots . God Bless you friend.

  • Jim Ommert

    Ref. “Ant”,

    Unlike most SNAP recipients, our military personnel actually do SOMETHING to benefit our country. Although, I would agree that there is corruption regarding purchasing,procurement, … this portion is predominately the responsibility of our illustrious politicians and those who bribe them into purchasing $500.00 toilet seats.

  • Ken

    I’m done too. At 47 I suffered seriou injuries to my upper-left extremities. I was advised to apply for disabilities, so I read the rules and got started early as instructed by the gov’t having no idea how long I will be out of work, but they now require 12 month projected disablement before writing their first check.Being self-employed, I always paid double for social security over what employees pay.
    Since the destruction of our trade and the bank bailouts, my income decreased and therefore my disability check would be $500 less per month than I would have gotten just a few years ago.
    I guess the truly disabled, or even temporarily disabled will pay for two Obamacare illegal families per month or get nothing at all.
    The black rep’ at disability didn’even want to process my claim knowing I am a “white male const’ worker” and after hearing my objections to her ignorance of their rules she hung up on me.
    P.S.: Drug addiction is considered a legitimate form of “permanent disability”, but after a few years her brother can apply for a ” work ticket” to get back to work. Obama has even turned disability into another do-nothing welfare program !

  • Brian

    Like the story Wayne. But I will disagree with you on this….. Obama is not my boss… Hes my employee! And he’s a horrible employee….

    He’s constantly stealing money from his employer, snooping on us, lying, talking trash about us, conspiring with all our other employees (governors, senators,) and that of our competitors (lobbyists). Obama is like a worst case scenerio drama queen, problem causer, business disruptor, that the union will protect if you try to fire him for his incompetency.

  • James Wilson

    You hit it right on the nail. It is one of the reasons I think Obama need to be impeached. Socialism has never ever worked and we fought three wars to stop it.

  • Cesar. Gonzalez

    I. Love. It

  • Darrel Moore

    Let try this again liberals socialists progressives and damned communists must be defeated I did not spend 20 years in the military to watch my country destroyed happily by that sob in the White House damn him and his party that have the audacity to stand in front of a us flag and call themselves Americans the hammer and sickle would be a better flag I hope they all go to hell and take Maxine waters when they go !

  • omanuel

    Our government has “painted itself into a corner,” with one lie after another to “buy a little more time.”

    Now the consequences of sixty-eight years of deception (2013 – 1945 = 68 yrs) are inevitable.

    May the American public realize the futility of retaliation and punishment and work together to restore integrity to news reports, to government science and constitutional limits on these would-be tyrants

    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  • Rebeccageddie

    And that’s the truth kick the o’bummer out!!!!!!!!!!

  • Greg

    Oboma ,I think has a desire to crush the white man,no matter what.Crush him & keep him down,because of his hang ups,his upbringing,& mentors,& lack of character.He is a product of his hate,which drives him to kill whitey spiritually,& make him pay for the past.Mr.President,You claim to be a Christian.Are you forgiving?Mr.President,you are too much for your own even ie supporters& also I feel you are just a traitor at heart,staght up,& a snake,but also the historical catalyst to destroy the democratic party in America.The man who blacks are secretly ashamed of.

    • Greg

      Oh,what your social gospel preacher from Chicago say,with ties to muslums that embarrased you,the one you sat under for 20 yrs.

  • Thomas

    Well put Mr. Root. I too have decided this year to cut back on putting in long hours, only to feel raped for doing so and being told I’m wrong to take care of my family and helping those I love.

  • Fay Guht

    On July 14, the French people will be celebrating my favorite holiday, Bastille Day. Maybe the american people should so spiritually join them in the festivities. La Liberte!

  • mark

    Anyone notice “Ron r” has no comment??
    I guess those pesky facts keep getting in the way no matter how much the media and bo administration try to hide them.
    I really belive ron r is someone fm bo’s new nonprofit organization to push his failed policies.


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