Business Group Files Brief Against Healthcare Mandate Ahead Of Supreme Court Date


President Barack Obama is not allowed to expand healthcare coverage and then mandate every American purchase coverage to subsidize the added costs, a group suing to block the healthcare law said in a brief on February 7, The Washington Times reported.

According to the newspaper, the group laid out its arguments in advance of the landmark Supreme Court case that is scheduled to be heard next month. The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) asserted that the law forces citizens to subsidize insurance companies that have to provide more encompassing coverage than under previous rules.

"The mandate is an unprecedented and draconian regulation that fails to accommodate the states’ traditional regulatory role and compels individuals to subsidize legal strangers through economically disadvantageous contracts," the NFIB said in its brief.

The court will also rule on whether the rest of the healthcare law can stand without the mandate, according to the Times.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Republican attorneys general at the State level have objected to the healthcare mandate, arguing that Congress lacks the authority to impose such a requirement on a nationwide basis. 

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