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Another Green Energy Firm Stumbles: Fisker Auto Lays Off Workers

February 8, 2012 by  

Another Green Energy Firm Stumbles: Fisker Auto Lays Off Workers

Fisker Automotive, the maker of an exotic electric sports car that is being produced with the help of a Federal loan guarantee, has announced layoffs while it is trying to secure more funding from the Department of Energy (DOE), ABC News reported.

According to the news outlet, the company announced that 26 employees have been let go from a factory in Delaware, a site where renowned automotive engineer Henrik Fisker promised to produce affordable electric sedans in the future.

ABC reported that the company is one of a handful of auto companies to receive sizable Federal loans to help stimulate and support a new electric car industry in the U.S.

The Associated Press reported that Fisker has received $193 million of the $529 million DOE loan, mostly for work on a car that sells for roughly $100,000. The introduction of the “Karma” was delayed due to regulatory issues and battery pack problems that prompted a voluntary safety recall.

The layoffs were defended by the company, but Delaware Governor Jack Markell felt the move was damaging to his State.

“We are frustrated that Fisker and the DOE have been unable to come to terms on revisions to their loan agreement in time to avoid this,” a spokesman for the Governor said in a statement.

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  • s c

    Ho hum. Green energy, it seems, refers to Uncle Scam’s unending lust for other people’s MONEY. Even with ‘green’ products, Uncle Scam just can’t get out of the way or come with SOLUTIONS.
    When the old fart gets around to ‘green’ toilets, I wonder if they’ll explode or somehow self-destruct. I can’t wait to see what happens (or how many more millions or billions will disappear) in the name of loving (schtupping?) Mama Earth. Bohica, baby.

    • Dr. Christopher J. Dooley

      I’ve been thinking about this for as long t5ime but didn’t have the opportunity to put it out there. I have a very good friend in NJ who is an engineer at the “Plasma Lab” connected with Princeton University. Back in the mid 1990′s, he was (and still is) apart of the phenomenal success of the “Togamack” (excuse my spelling if it is wrong)fusion reactor. They built a working model, powered it and fuled it with (I think) tritium? Anyway, IT WORKED!!! In fact, a tiny amount of the fuel produced a massive amount of energy. Since it was fusion, there was no waste, no pollution, no risk and they proved that this technology worked almost twenty years ago. In fact, the lead physicist on the project won the Nobel peace prize!! After this success, they were immediatedly defunded and told to tear down the reactor. All this BS about cheap, clean energy which so far the technology is neither cheap nor reliable and this hypocricy is allowed to continue. I should note that the Plasma Labs are about to start a new project to build another reactor. Don’t tell me that there was not a goverment and/or elite business oriented conspoiracy to supress this technology and stry to make it disaqppear for as long as possible. This is the kind of “clean alternative enery technology” that should be getting press and a American people and the world. Somebody Please get it out there!!!

      Thanks, CJD PHD

      • s c

        Dr. Dooley, you may have understated the severity of the problem. Uncle Scam is far worse than a power-mad anal retentive on steroids. It’s all about power, money, titles and dancing to the string-pulling machinations of the world’s puppet masters.
        Uncle Scam uses energy issues to create and maintain problems. Uncle Scam redistributes wealth, makes new ‘friends,’ keeps a lid on “trivial” issues like oil independence, keeps hostile governments flush with tons of money, lets psychotic groups like Greenpeace and the Sierra Club pretend that they care and it also does quite a good job of keeping Americans dumbed-down via ‘we’re all on the same side and Uncle Scam is our FRIEND.’
        It’s not easy to be optimistic when you finally understand that what we need and deserve is probably that which we’ll never have. Oh, for true scientists who know how to keep Uncle Scam at a distance and bless America and the world with the many gifts that REAL science can bestow. A pox on hooker scientists who sell their arses to pretend they have an earned reputation.

      • Margaret

        Dr. Dooley back in the 60′s I believe Wentz developed a type of steam/water engine for cars and somehow G.M. destroyed it’s production.

        I am surprised that with the connections your friend has through the university & the peace prize that no corporation has stepped forward to produce this but politics create strange bedfellows and they are getting stranger as we speak.

        Perhaps he could try contacting someone now? It would be a wonderful thing to snub our noses at OPEC once and for all.

    • Alex Frazier

      The real irony of all these green energy automobiles is that you are just trading one fossil fuel for another. There’s nothing green about them. It takes oil to run a combustion engine automobile. It takes coal in many cases to generate the electricity to run the green automobile. Our emissions technology over the last few decades has come so far that our combustion engines actually burn cleaner than the coal that is used to produce the electricity for the green cars.

      The whole scheme is worse than trying to lick your elbow. It’s just not going to work no matter how hard you try.

  • KLR

    Green Energy Means More tax dollars.Does any one get it now?

    • Sirian

      So many people understand the con/fraud that is being pulled on us – plenty more. But as long as the same special interest/environmental leaning idiots are voted into office for additional terms we can’t expect to see much difference. There are so many different “alternative energy” devices that have been and are being created (extremely low cost extremely high return development) yet the idiots prefer to stay in their comfortable re-election revenue zone. There are power generators that are about the size of a dorm fridge that can power your house forever at no more cost than the initial cost of it – around the same as an old used car. Isn’t it funny that the environmentalists aren’t backing things such as this to the hilt let alone members of either house of Congress? As I said, as long as they stay in their “re-election comfort zone” we will never see anything such as that ever make it to the market. Tax Dollars being put to their best use – for the politicians well being, right? You Bet!!

      • mach1

        I agree with your overall statement, but is this dorm size generator run by magnets ? come on.

  • Ted Crawford

    I agree with President Obama that renewable energy, besides being the desirable source of energy, will surly be the source in the future. Unlike Obama I listen to the various scientists and even the investors now involved in the industry. They clearly state that the technology necessary for “Green Energy” to produce only 50% of our energy needs is two to three decades in the future!
    For a Venture Capitalist, with an abundance of discretionary investment capital, it makes sense to put money into the industry. For an organization heavily in debt and possesed with very limited discretionary investment capital, it could easily be viewed as insane!
    Obama seems like a compulsive gambler, when obtaining a source of capital, $1.2 Trillion, instead of investing in industries with a proven track record of good returns on investment, instead heads back to the track in search of the get rich quick, lucky bet! That’s fine if one does this with their own money. It’s something else, entirely when one uses other peoples money!

    • wandamurline

      Green energy comes from the sun and from wind and from moving water. When you create a car that has to be plugged into electricity, then where are you saving? You still have to produce the electricity to charge the car…and what are you going to do with the millions of car batteries that will be left over? Is it really green energy? Electric cars are fine for a few, but no one has a clue how to create a big truck that ranchers and farmers depend on or for tractors that pull a lot of energy to produce the food you eat. Green energy is fine as long as the companies in the green energy areas stand on their own and use their own money to start their businesses. Government does not have the constitutional power to be in the private sector businesses. If the government spent as much time on doing their job instead of sticking their noses into every spicket of our lives, we would be better off, have a secured border, and new bridges and roads…not Government Motors, etc.

      • Ted Crawford

        Very good points wandamurline. We would be far better served, as a nation, if this Administration and this Congress worked together to create a common sense and reponsible balance of tax and regulatory policies that provide the environment for private sector job growth while still providing reasonable standards for the environment.
        A good example that this is not the case currently, is the fact that we have a law, Clean Air Act, that mandates the use of CFL light bulbs, while we have a regulatory agency,EPA, that insures that these same bulbs cannot be, affordably, produced in this Country!

        • APN

          wandamurline and Ted……Excellent posts! Wow, what a breath of fresh air to see a couple of fellow Americans with logic and common sense!

      • The Blue Collar Man

        Wanda, you’re too intelligent/informed.
        This “Green Energy” is all pie in the sky, “Disney World” type thinking. It’s meant to appeal to those who DON”T think about all the negatives, instead focusing on the “wonderful” results we are SUPPOSED to get, after bankrupting ourselves trying to get to that point in time.
        Myself, I’d be surprised if “Green” will generate us more than 15-20% of our power needs, EVER, 30 years down the road.

      • Joe H.

        did you see the piece the fox news commentator did on the electric/gas car?? It was supposed to get 50 miles on batteries before the gas automatically cut on. well, it seems work is 25 miles from home through the tunnel and it would not get to work before the gas cut on!! Less than 25miles!!!! They had given him one to use for a week hoping to get a good report from him, but FAILED!!! If it can’t even give you 50% of what it promised, then what good is it??
        Then there was the woman that sued chevy and won for the car not getting half the milage it promised. chevy gave all the others a coupon for their trouble but she decided to sue and WON!!! i can’t remember how much, but it was a good amount!! GOOD FOR HER!!!

      • Margaret

        I recently read that the new Chevy volt catches on fire. The report said something about the plug in areas catching fire too.
        Even if the car runs well you have to pay for the extra electric bill, plus as someone else pointed out you have to burn coal to get the electricity & still dispose of dead batteries. The cars are awfully expensive too so not everyone is out there buying them up.

        They need to re vamp this idea.


    Studebaker produced an electric car in the early 1900′s, and managed to fail with it, without government help or intervention, and prospered until the 1950′s.

  • Debra K

    The name for the $100,000 car is “Karma”, very telling, another Solyndra debacle with taxpayer money, we lose again.

    • Ted Crawford

      November 6, 2012!

  • http://personallibertydigest Gottaplenty

    If Fisker can continue to get Govt handouts they wont have to sell bogus cars..

  • http://Yahoo sophillyjimmy

    The EPA is an enormous drain of our economy Ted. They always seem to put the cariage before the horses when they get an idea to be “Green” with CFL light bulbs when in fact the disposal of CFL light bulbs in landfills are contaminating our ground water with mercury, then they say that they cannot be affordably produced in the U.S. How could anything be affordably produced here if the same Federal Government is forcing Unions down all the employers throats, they are making all of our industries leave the country. Then the government hits them with corporate taxes and stacks more taxes on companies just so they could appease the bums that don’t want to work and suck the Countries blood out of it.
    Like the title of one of the group Chicago says, “It’s Gotta End Soon My Friend”.

    • henry

      What really gets me about the EPA is that they keep referring to “good ozone” and “bad ozone”; the good ozone being in the stratosphere and the bad ozone being land based. Chemistry is an exact science and OZONE can only be one thing: tri-atomic OXYGEN. Nothing coming out of your car’s tailpipe, such as oxides (mono- and di-) and nitrites can be made into oxygen, let alone the tri-atomic kind. As long as there is carbonmonoxide (CO) coming out of the car engine there could not possibly be any ozone because the latter would oxidize the CO into CO2 (carbon dioxide). Just pick up a book on basic chemistry and it explains how UV light changes regular oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3). In fact a dictionary explains it too. Ozone is unstable and is therefore an excellent oxidizer, and by extention a disinfectant. It is no more dangerous than oxygen, because it IS oxygen.

  • 45caliber

    Tell me it isn’t so! A GREEN company going bankrupt because they can’t sell their products? Have they tried California?

    • APN

      Not even those idiots would be foolish enough to buy it.

  • GramSamm

    I may be wrong, but wasn’t Al Gore some how involved in this company??

    • Joe H.

      wouldn’t suprise me! After all, how else does a ex-vice president earn over 300 million in three years???

      • http://naver samurai

        By feeding off of the fears of the global warming lies he told. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Fred Anderson

    It sure is nice to read other people’s views who are using their brains.



  • Fred Robbins

    This whole Green movement is a fraud for certain people to steal from us. It is harming our nation.


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