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Bury Your Treasure

November 23, 2011 by  

Bury Your Treasure

Even at these prices, I like physical gold as an investment. I prefer bullion to gold stocks. Everyone who has ever owned an ounce of gold wonders how to store it safely. I have experienced a search for missing gold; it was a nightmare.

It happened at my dad’s home in Spokane, Wash.

“Boys,” shouted the old man. “I need you in here.”

It was autumn 1979. My brother, Brian, and I had flown in only hours earlier to be with our dad. It was a Friday, and Dad was pleased as punch about our visit and the fishing trip we had planned the next day.

“Let’s have a nice cup of coffee,” said the old man. He often said that.

After he poured three cups, we sat at the kitchen table. The kitchen was always the meeting point for important Myers gatherings or even entertainment. Living rooms were something left for city folk.

“Boys, we need to do something.”

Brian and I shared a look. Dad always said we, which meant us not him.

He said he needed us to dig up some of his secure “assets.”

Brian and I both knew that secure meant buried, and that buried meant gold, silver or cash. On that particular night, it meant all three. The old man often dug deep when it came to putting away such things.

Brian and I had been on such digs before. They could be a pain, but they were always exciting.

“Down there by the garden,” Dad said, pointing to part of the property. “I need you two to go down and fetch something. I have about 300 ounces of gold, 2,000 ounces of silver and some cash.”

Some cash certainly meant a lot of money.

“I want you to go down there and dig it up and fetch it back.”

We knew we were in for some work, and the day’s light had faded. We had a job to do, and Brian knew how we could get it done.

As Dad continued to drink his coffee, Brian gave me my instructions: Get a shovel and a flashlight.

We got to the spot and began digging.

It was a moonless night. We each took turns with the shovel while the other held the light. Soon, our hole grew deeper and wider. Then, we hit pay dirt.

Brian’s shovel hit something, so we both fell to our knees to retrieve a multi-gallon container filled with silver.

Brian motioned to me and said, “We’re not done yet.”

We returned to our pit, dug some more and found a set of plastic lunch boxes. Inside them were Thermos™ containers stuffed with $1,000 bills (this was back when $1,000 bills were in circulation).

“Just the gold to get now,” encouraged Brian.

We were in the country, but there were houses nearby. Beside us was a lot of silver and money.

I told Brian I had read that a guy in New York was killed over $20.

“Oh, I know,” said Brian, his brown eyes expressing both our fears.

We both began to dig furiously.

It felt like we were being swallowed up. We were waist-deep when we struck a large rock.

Brian knelt down and began to tug on the boulder. I scrunched in tight beside him. Out of nowhere came one word: “Well?”

I jumped up, my arms swinging as I desperately tried to see what evil had crept up behind us.

I struck something hard with my elbow. It was my brother.

“Ahh,” moaned Brian pulling his hands toward his face.

“It’s just me,” Dad announced. “I just wanted to see if you boys needed anything.” Then, he told us to climb out of the ditch, and he scanned the hole in the ground with the flashlight. The gold was missing.

Over coffee we talked about how our hole could be so big and deep and still no gold to be found. Dad decided that the morning sun would shed some light on where he may have put it.

The next morning, he remembered that he had buried the gold in another spot. (My father had been accumulating gold coins in Canada since the 1960s. Under Canadian law, they were legal to own.)

I tell you this story because I know some of you wonder exactly where it is safe to store physical gold. Make no mistake: If things get as bad as I think they might, you will want physical gold. I don’t have faith in putting it in a bank safety deposit box.

Most of you probably don’t live in the country, so I recommend a really good safe. A word to the wise, don’t tell anyone about the safe or the gold. The second worst thing that can happen is to have thugs show up with guns and force you to open your safe. The worst thing would be for them not to leave any witnesses.

If you bury assets, make sure you keep them in something that is airtight and watertight.

Also, put aside a coded map somewhere and tell the person you trust the most in the world where you keep it in case something happens to you. There’s no need to tell him or anybody else what is buried there. All he needs to know is that you have something important and that it will be necessary to dig it up and distribute it to the people you love.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • Al Sieber

    When you bury it you need to mark the spot with a GPS.

    • Vicki

      Don’t trust GPS. It can be disabled and can be set to be VERY inaccurate.


        I was thinking of selling my 40′ Bus/Motorcoach. Worth about $50,000. to get liquid again. My question is should I hold onto it since it is something of value, especially being self contained with a 4cyl Kuboto, 12,000KW generator for a power plant, with a Detroit 450HP 8V/92, definitely a workhorse motor. Or should I try to sell it and invest the money. I’m starting to think that when the Dollar becomes worthless, at least the Coach will still have value, where my money if not invested properly, especially, will be worth nothing. What would some of y’all do. I welcome all ideas! Thanks!

        • Old Henry

          If it is paid for,I would keep it for back-up living quarters.

          If it is not paid for, and you are not upsidedown in the loan I would sell it and pay off the loan to get out of debt. I would then use what’s left to buy food, guns, and ammo.

          • BLUEEYESOL

            It is paid for, but I also have a smaller class B Motorhome I was keeping for hard times. It is a Ford E-350 regular van with a fiberglass top for more room. It is much easier to park and can fit in any parking spot without having to find a campgroud or some place where you have to pay to stay in it. Thanks for your input!

        • KMann

          if you have a generator i would suggest you look at installing a dual fuel system on it, allowing it to run on gasoline or propane.

  • Lost in Paradise

    Well all I can say is there are not many posters here LMAO. Could it be very few own gold? HMMM I have a fifty ton truck full of gold bars, where do you think I can safely hide it??????

    Truthfully,the last thing that will mean anything to you when you have a disaster is gold. If you have food and water, that will be worth more than your foolish gold. In addition, everyone will be trying to steal it from you, so they can be the next power elite.

    • Lastmanstanding

      Lost…It will be difficult for them to have much power with a hole in their head.

      • skippy

        good point lastman :)

    • Old Henry


      I’m guessing everybody is out digging a hole.

    • speedle

      Well, they can steal your food too.

  • Karla

    Hello! I will be receiving maybe $20,000.00 from selling property from my Mother’s estate. I do not know what to do with it. I do have plenty of debt to pay off, because we own our own business. But I do want to spend it overnight, which is easy to do. Any suggestions? Thank you very much, Karla

    • marsh

      Karla, find a reputable metal dealer (I use the-moneychanger, F. Sanders.Watch the price of silver coins pre 1964. When they go much below thirty, buy. You have to be quick and you want to tell him what you are doing. you can probably send the moeny wiwth orders to buy at a certain price. That’s what I would do. Then bury it in the yard. You may need this to use when the dollar crashes. just be sure you understand it’s conversion.

    • Lastmanstanding

      karla.. you must have a plan first… safe place to go,food, water, seeds, guns and lots of ammo…you must survive for awhile while shtf.

      I don’t know where you live, but some areas are far safer than others and decisions of what to buy, in what order vary greatly.

      Take care of these things first. Then pre 1964 sliver coins is a good place to start. these coin are recognized by everyone and will be used to barter for anything that you need.

      • Vicki

        Ammo is good barter too. Have LOTS of ammo.

    • gordy three horses

      karta you can GIVE me the whole amout and i will garantee it will be gone overnight.

    • Old Henry


      Follow Lastman’s advice – it’s good. You can’t eat gold & silver, nor drink it. Guns & ammo will also be a fact of life.

      However, you do need some gold & silver. I would go with bullion, probably “rounds”. Pre 65 coins are good, but you can end up paying large premiums.

      I have dealt with Independent Living Bullion. They have been around for a long time, are trustworthy and their premiums on gold and silver bullion are very reasonable. They also sell the coins (junk silver). And they advertise here on Bob’s site.


      Also, check every Monday’s Alert as there will be articles on survival which are always very educational. Just don’t get overwhelmed. Take it one step at a time.

      The folks who post here have been at this for a while and know whereof they speak.

    • Rich

      Right now, the historic silver/gold ratio is out of whack saying silver is a better value. Silver has been much more volitile lately than gold. I prefer the .9999 Canadian or US dollar, rather than the 90% old US coins, since the dollar is instantly recognized as pure silver. Silver coins in 1 oz and gold coins are available in 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz sizes from several reputable dealers that you can find on-line such as Monex. If you have high interest debt, you would be wise to pay it off and invest the balance in the silver/gold.

    • gainingground

      You will always have debt. If you always use your last dollar to pay on it, you will never have security. Put your inheritance back for you. Your debts wont take care of you when disaster hits.

      • Lastmanstanding

        when the dollar is gone… your debts will be gone. They print money to keep the game going..Sheeple think that as long as they have dollars they are ok…but what if they are worth nothing?

        I am using it to get the important things that we will need…and so should you. play the game until it is over.

        We will all then be free and clear…except from those who have not prepared…at that point you will need to protect yourself by any means…without remorse.

        “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

    • Linda R

      Hi Carla – There is much in the way of good advice here. I would let your debt stand…don’t pay it off! There are many professionals out there that believe that when this collapse comes, not only will all assets be wiped out, but so will all debt. So, with $20k, I would appropriate it in the following manner:

      Prepping – 50%
      Precious Metals – 30%
      New Skills – 20%

      Prepping…first and foremost, a handgun and at least 500 rounds of ammo, but also never discount the .22 rifle or handguns either…you can buy thousands of rounds of ammo cheap (a box of approx. 500 rounds is $20) and a .22 caliber bullet can do a lot of damage in the human body. Get professional instruction on how to use your weapons. Add to that a slingshot with replacement bands for silent protection. Even a longbow and arrows…because bullets run out eventually. Then, food, water and HEIRLOOM (non-GMO) seeds. Get a book on foraging for food and go out and identify edible plants in your area. A Berkey water filter is a must because you can put filthy water in it and it becomes drinkable. Non-GMO seeds will reproduce, so find out how to harvest your seeds because they’re all different! These few steps alone will put you way ahead of the pack!

      Precious Metals – Silver has traditionally been the people’s money, gold the government’s money. Because they’re recognizable and legal tender, the “survival” silver (Pre 1965) coins are good to have, but I have recently noticed the premium has jumped up on them (supply and demand). I love the service I receive from APMEX and wouldn’t deal with anyone else anymore. Their products are recognizable anywhere, especially those with the APMEX name stamped on them. With the amount of money you have available, determine a 20/80 ratio (20% gold, 80% silver) A Perth Mint bar or two(sell at reasonable premium) and the rest silver (pre-1965 coins, generic rounds or bars are good investments). When buying, make sure to watch the Buy price to determine the best deal.

      New Skills – But, most important of all, invest in learning new skills…gardening, bee keeping, chickens, hunting, self-protection, medicinal herbs and a Red Cross class, etc…ways in which you can produce your own food and supplies in the future and protect your family. That is your best insurance policy.

      Yes, everything you purchase may be confiscated or stolen in the collapse ahead…but then again if you put your money in a bank, it will be stolen by the bankers…if you keep it in cash, it will be stolen by inflation. I don’t buy the defeatist attitude! At least you gave it your best shot and prepared as best you could!

      Good luck to you!

      • Linda R

        By the way, Carla, this isn’t just advice I’ve given you, but my own personal plan. Survival is a matter of mindset more than supplies. So, above all else, get your mind wrapped around the fact that we are in for some very tough times in this country…but in the times afterwards, this country can be a better place to live…one where the important things in life will be important once again: love, family, sacrifice for the good of all, peace, etc. After all, it’s all that ever really mattered and the things in this material world are nothing more than an illusion that the elite of this world have shoved down our throats as “a better world”.

        • Linda R

          LOL! One more thing…I’d like to plug an organization that my whole family volunteers for…Appleseeds!

          They are a non-profit organization that teaches American Heritage (Revolutionary War) and they have expert instruction on shooting a rifle. For women and children, it’s only like a $10 fee for an entire weekend of learning. It’s a program that is a must on anyone’s list. Buy a .22 cal rifle or borrow one for the weekend…it’s a program you’ll never regret attending.

          • Lastmanstanding

            Linda R…Triple GOLD STAR for you…I look back at how my family made it thru the great D. We have a lot more options to get things done quicker.

            Use the past to prepare for the future…our kids and grandkids future.

    • Dustin

      My family is adopting and could certainly use the financial assistance. Check us out at and on facebook at weoncewerefatherless

      Every little bit helps. Investing in the life of another human is much better than burying treasure in a hole.

    • Scott


      I’m always going to move you to being debt free 1st. Being debt free allows you to do others things. Once you are debt free, build an emergency fund of 3 to 6 months of expenses. Then start saving for the future (and that could include gold and silver, or emergency food/water).

      The end may come or it may not. Do things that will help yout today and tomorrow.


      • Will

        Scot has a very good point if the value of our fiat federal reserve notes were actually stable. The point is, our coming problem will likely be extreme inflation. That’s why most say to pay the minimum. If you owe say 10000. at 15% interest. Make the minimum payment until the value of the dollar is so low that the 10000. payoff is a joke and payable with a weeks pay. Or, if you find it acceptable morally, just quit paying altogether and see how long it takes to become a problem. I believe I read that there are over one million families living in homes that have been delinquent over 6 months. That is alot of rent that they havent paid and alot of money that can be converted to hard assets. ie. food, water storage and filtration, guns and other weapons, gold and siver. How I would handle a question like yours would depend on your own judgement regarding the probable timeframe for the inevitable colapse. I am fairly confident that the globalists in gov’t and the banking institutions will continue to sell treasuries as long as there is one more buyer. So how much good credit you need and how long bond buyers will keep coming would be the balance point. My take is, 8-24 months but that is purely gut feel not based in any knowledge. I still pay my rent and electric and have a job supplied phone everything else i do is cash money transactions. Good judgement (pray for God’s guidence here) to you, and God bless you and your family.

        • Will


          OOOpps! I really meant Karla.


        • Marty S.

          Will, the only problem with hyperinflation is that we do not always experience a counter increase in pay to compensate for loss of value. In the real world the prices inflate and we just cant buy as much with the same amount of dollars. Recently we have experienced this in the cost of gasoline and food. My employer responded by not increasing anybody’s pay. I am gad to still have a job but also am realistic about my employers ability to help me. It helps that my wife is on board with establishing even a basic level of security. We recently expanded just a basic food supply and are working on this a little at a time as our budget allows. A little planning can go a long way in these uncertain times.

    • Lastmanstanding

      Karla…if you have a coin dealer or jewelry store in your town or local area, check there first…Let them know you are local and want to keep your business there.


      I suggest to pay off your housing debt first, as interest money saved is tax free and you need to protect your roof first. Forget other so called investments which you must rely on strangers to manage and potentially steal from you. Best investment is both good your bodily and mental health…the rest we leave to your god.

  • JimH

    Lost, I’ll trade you a canteen full of water for your truck full of gold. You can hide it in my garage.

    • Lost in Paradise

      HAHAHAHA Good one Jim!

  • Karla

    Sorry–I might I DO NOT want to spend it overnight!

    • Old Henry

      Gotta watch those kee bords karla.

    • patrick H.T. paine

      ” To conquer, first DIVIDE!”

      Karla, I believe you will find that Mr. Myers would be very willing to
      help you…….you simply need to read his attached bio more closely.
      His advice should be fairly cheap……since the real point will be
      to “profit” from his recommendations….and if he has confidence in them, he will have already invested….so you, by following his advice
      will improve the chances of success….for him first, and then you,
      maybe. Of course, if you can do simple math, you can determine what
      Mr. Myers advantage is by taking the cost of his REPORT and multiplying it by the number of subscriber’s he claims. So if he does
      follow his own advice, which may be wrong, his position is at worst
      a lose/win proposition. For you it’s lose, lose.

      About 18 months back I started getting e-mails from a guy named Richard Fisher, if memory serves, with the claim that ” if such and such didn’t do such and such, by this time certain, he would retire.”
      He did this several times with different predictions, with two very
      predictable outcomes. Such and such did not happen….and he did not retire.

      The problems we are experiencing economically are compounded by the fact while the bubble(s) have destroyed a great deal of imaginary
      wealth ( that was created by them ) government bail outs and central
      bank intervention prevented ( delayed ) this wealth from being destroyed, deciding to purchase and sequester it ( toxic assets ),
      to ease the immediate PAIN. I suppose that this might be justified
      in some light, but in the process, they have transferred the liability
      to the public in general, as well as removed any certainty from the
      markets, whose normalcy can not return until the imaginary wealth
      that was destroyed, is actually removed from the system.

      So my advice to you which is worth every penny it will cost you is to become debt free …….if possible, and depending on your location
      look around to consider what services or needs will your community
      require as this stagnated uncertainty continues……

      “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls……….”

      • s c

        phtp, I can live with the way you open and close your responses (we’re all eccentric in our own ways). It would be helpful if you’d re-arrange your paragraphs a bit. That way, your presentation will be more compact and easier to read and comprehend.
        ['jack and jill went up the hill, and jack had a dollar and a quarter . . . ' and what time is it, boys and girls?]. Some polite, constructive criticism, phtp.
        As for this topic, it is OUR right to defend that which belongs to US. Period. End of discussion.

        • patrick H.T. paine

          ” To conquer, first DIVIDE!”

          If Mr. Livingston provided an edit function, before POSTING, I could probably avoid the eratic spacing…..Mr. Livingston is about SHOP,
          so whatever idiocy is here, really has no point for him…..that you are HERE every day and FIRST probably does. ( and for free, too )

          My favorite part of the bar is “Who is Bob Livingston?” which is a question, to be sure. He does occassionally pick off a weak link here and there…..but I doubt he would ever respond to me, and an actual debate would be a bad idea… it would be for Ron Paul. ( don’t get me wrong, I actually like Ron Paul…..he has always been sincere,
          he just doesn’t have the answers, and the answers he does have, would never be permitted to happen.

          If you have a suggestion regarding the improvement of appearance….which doesn’t require an extraordinary effort, I would be grateful for the advice.

          Actual discussion here would be a change of pace for me…..unfortunately in this instance your comments regarding “defending” whatever, appear to be a “non sequitor”…..WHICH is the typical level of response I have
          come to expect here…….I had hoped for a bit more from YOU,
          not knowing that YOU would actually favor me with a response.
          ( as you invest a lot of time an energy in what usually ends up being
          an exercise in ignorance and festival of logical fallacies that
          would make Aristotle sorry he made the attempt to elucidate them,
          not to mention Quine. )

          Still thank you for struggling with the difficult landscape, since I find most sites like this to actually be PAINFUL if I spend too much time here…….hopefully you will read my sporadic offerings and we can attempt to discuss something “relevant”?

          Of course the problem with that is……you all are being led around every day, never ever actually resolving anything…..responding to
          the “soundbite” of the day……whose ultimate purpose is SHOP!

          “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls…..”

    • Joyce

      Karla -please take your money and invest in silver coins to spend,when needed- get out of U S Dollars – then you can survive if all they say happens,
      unless you are the kind that can break in and hurt and steal from
      others. I couldn’t but will have silver to buy bread and food, keep
      working and paying your bills like you have been doing – BUT leave
      your new wealth ALONE – you probably will never have a large amount
      anytime soon again – KEEP your mouth shut to all even close relatives.
      just say you paid off bills.

  • former walmart person

    “The second worst thing that can happen is to have thugs show up with guns and force you to open your safe.”

    This is why when anyone comes to my door, I hold my pistol in a hand behind my back ready to kill. If I hear a crashing noise, then the criminals will wish they had broken in to another home.

    ” The worst thing would be for them not to leave any witnesses.”

    - Which is why you should always fight back and never give in to evil because they will likely kill you anyway. This is a word of advice to any police who think serving an evil system will get you rewarded. Hitler’s first step was to kill the aholes who helped get him into power as they were witness to where the bodies were buried. If someone has you at gunpoint, it is worth an attempt to knock the gun away and fight. Remeber, you have the element of surprise. It only takes a microsecond to be out of the line of fire of a pistol…

    • gordy three horses

      former walmart employee? couldn’t remember a simple phrase like “welcome to walmart” i bet also that you are too stupid and broke to own a gun. i bet you are still a virgin and you live in your parents basement and they won’t allow you to have nothing sharper than a crayon.

      • Old Henry


        You get up on the wrong side of the bed today? I don’t think former said anything that would necessitate such a nasty reply. I’m guessing you’re a liberal as that’s the way most of them interact here.

      • Lost in Paradise

        Gordy I have a sawed off shotgun stuck up your a&&&* Say please don’t shoot! You were so busy being a jerk, I snuck it in before you even noticed.LMAO BOOOM!

        • Old Henry


          RALMAO! You certainly have a way with words…
          What a mental picture!

        • norcal

          LOL!! Thanks for giving me a good hearty laugh this morning!

    • jesus is alright for me

      fwp… your outlook is dandy… kudos… i purchased a judge firearm about 2 yrs ago… feel pretty secure… have wasp spray at the front door… shoots further than mace… home invasion?… i plan on shooting the door frames off my bedroom entrance if i am asleep…have also purchased marine airhorns for fright factor… BUT 8 YEARS AGO I BOUGHT A 450 LB FLOOR SAFE… now bolted to the floor… behind locked doors… i know at gunpoint we may do many things, but i dont believe i will ever be forced to open my safe at gunpoint… if they get that far, i am a “princepled” person… God have mercy on me… let them shoot me… i live in a condo community… with all the commotion, they woant have time, i hope, to make there efforts of any profit to them… and i will be home….

  • Tracy Andersen

    One question that lurks in the back of my mind is, how do I spend gold? Current prices are $1500/oz -> $2000/oz and going up. Do I need scales to weigh out the stuff by the ounce? Will it be “worth” that quoted dollar equivalent? What can I buy with gold? Anything? In his list of things to have, along with gold, Glenn Beck mentioned liquor and cigarettes, which in my mind, are much more negotiable than gold. (And like Glenn, I am a Mormon, and don’t use those items.) When things go bust, it will quite likely devolve to a barter system where goods (and services, perhaps) will seek their level of exchange. Gold? Can’t eat it, cook with it, or use it in any way I can think of except to make pretty trinkets. True, it may become the replacement for that paper dollar bill that facilitates exchange, but it too will float to its intrinsic value in the barter system as it evolves. Interesting things are about to happen. Are we ready?

    • Lastmanstanding

      Tracy…liquor as an antiseptic. pre 1964 silver dimes, quarters, halves. Much smaller denomination, recognized by everyone. Dimes are now worth the price of “a loaf of bread.” Soon they will be worth a hell of a lot more.

    • Old Henry


      The sad fact is that at least 90% are not ready and are basically clueless. Many of the liberals who hang out in the Annex scoff at those of us who are “preppers”.

      Always remember, Tracy, everything you store up are things you will use no matter what happens (Food / Water)

      The over-whelming majority of us have never been thru really hard times and can only be “ready” to a point. The trick will be to be ready enough to survive long enough to learn on the go.

    • Linda R

      IMHO, on the gold and silver: I bought them as a hedge against collapse and hyperinflation. When the SHTF, there will be a small window of a week or two perhaps, an opportunity to sell your gold and silver at a huge profit because everyone who thought their money was safe in government bonds, stocks or in banks will try to get out and put their remaining funds into something tangible. The stores will quickly be cleared out by a panicking population…there won’t be anyplace safe except it will be obvious to everyone that precious metals are the only safe commodity, at least temporarily, then they will be the new bubble. Then you sell, when everyone is buying and the price has risen dramatically. Immediately buy farmland or pay off debts. In the times after that, only barterable commodities and skills will have value…until everything is reorganized again…and who knows how long that will be.

  • Ralph Eggen

    Th emphasis on saving gold has been caused by government meddling which has been successful in depreciating the value of our money by the steady process of increasing inflation by more and more government spending to enhance the fascist government that controls most of our economy. Our economy has been stagnant for more than 20 years; it takes more than one earner to maintain a family; government regulations starve inovation and invention; labor unions destroy any flexibility in controling labor costs; we are rapidly imitating the fall of the Roman empire by destroying ourselves from within.
    Saving gold is nice, but why save it if there is no longer a worthy place to use it

    • gordy three horses


  • Ralph Eggen

    Th emphasis on saving gold has been caused by government meddling which has been successful in depreciating the value of our money by the steady process of increasing inflation by more and more government spending to enhance the fascist government that controls most of our economy. Our economy has been stagnant for more than 20 years; it takes more than one earner to maintain a family; government regulations starve inovation and invention; labor unions destroy any flexibility in controling labor costs; we are rapidly imitating the fall of the Roman empire by destroying ourselves from within.
    Saving gold is nice, but why save it if there is no longer a worthy place to use it.Items marked * have been entered.

  • Ralph Eggen

    Why won’t my comments be published? I have entered items marked with an * and yet?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Ralph Eggen,

      Comments are automatically moderated for certain words before being posted. Sometimes traffic and the speed of your Internet connection causes that process to slow down. If your comments don’t contain certain words or more than one hyperlink and are still slow to appear, this could be the reason. In the unlikely event your comment doesn’t violate our policies yet for some reason still gets caught in the filter, the moderator will release it eventually.

      If there continues to be a problem with your comments, please let us know and we will work to get to the bottom of it.

      Best wishes,

      • OB1

        You are a wise man Bob Livingston, and also a sinner for who Christ died and rose again. Thank you allowing so many of us an opportunity to learn, argue and challenge each other as well as educate each other with actual facts and links to educate and find out for OURSELVES. I think many of us are from different states, political parties, religious denominations (including so called atheists (not really, they just like to say so..probably because they found hipocracy in some organized religion), cultural differences,and financial backgrounds. We’re in cities, rural counties, cold states, hot states! Again, please collect thumb drives. Thanks for caring.

  • CP

    Tracy, I agree with you concerning the “value” of gold. If the dollar is worthless, then all gold is worth is what someone will be willing to trade for it that is usable. This means food, tools, or seeds. If the dollar is worthless, not much else will have any value, either. If you can’t eat it, plant it, or use it to fix something that is broken, then it isn’t of any particular value.

    • gordy three horses


      • Lost in Paradise

        Very good advice. Who will have use for gold, silver, or real money? Not very many I would bet. Like you say, food,water,and tangible items will be worth more.

      • Dingle

        You forgot one important item….toilet paper. Of course if you have lots of dollar bills you could use those.

        My dad buried about 5 large sacks of silver coins on his property. When he decided to move he was unable to find them. He died 15 years ago and the new owners of the property have the silver….somewhere on the property and don’t know it.

  • http://none Dano

    More valuble than gold will be food, beans, rice, coffee, and ammo. All the gold in the world won’t buy someone elses last bite to eat. You can’t eat gold. The indians understood this more than anybody. I’m not saying don’t buy it, but there really is none to buy that isn’t over inflated already. Gold stocks are worthless because you don’t have physical possession, and our gov. has made it difficult if not illegal to own it, only in scraps of jewelry that can vary in gold weight and content. Gold coins are very expensive as they are old and valued beyond gold worth. Most people if they don’t have it already, can not accumulate it or couldn’t afford it, but you can afford to buy and set aside food, ammo, clothing, etc. that you will need for survival.

  • Bob in Boston

    I’m no expert on this stuff, but if the SHTF it seems to me that gold is going to be 100% useless. My bet is that handgun and AR/AK ammunition is going to be the new currency. Gold can’t be eaten or used to protect your family, so what good is it? Pretty stuff is only valuable in stable times – in crisis food, water, medicine, and means of protection will be most valued, at least that’s my view. That and reusable hunting tools like a good compound bow and some broad heads.

    • gordy three horses


      • soldiere

        If you live out in the middle of nowhere, it also easy for you to be surrounded when they do find you. The real key is to work together with your neighbors and turn your local neighborhood into a fortress with people taking turns setting watch, not unlike in mad max the road warrior (think people protecting the oil). Mel Gibson is pretty bad a#$#$ I suppose, but that doing it on your own crap only works in hollywood or a fallout video game.

        • OB1

          I tend to agree with your opinion. Look at all the drone (unmanned) attacks that have been done in Pakistan as well as Afghanistan. None of us are prepared for that nor can we be. Since net neutrality went to effect 11-20, it is much more important now to help your neighbors, reach out to far distance relatives and fiends and build relationships.
          As my father used to say, “i’ve never seen a Hearst with a U-haul behind it”. Or what my mother said, “Do you know where all the people live who have no problems? They are in that boneyard (cemetery)!”.

        • Mauser

          I do a lot of reading and have many developed opinions. However, there is only one sound piece of advice I am comfortable enough to offer up..if things get to the point of using only gold and silver; you’re better off buying a .45 and enough ammo to go with it.

  • Bob in Boston

    Oh yeah, three more things more valuable than gold – batteries (especially rechargeables), solar panels, and gasoline.
    There was some show on a year or two ago called “the colony” or something. It was a reality show, so not 100% accurate, but it was very eye opening. They took 10 regular people and put them in an abandoned industrial park and staged a fake SHTF event and then let them have at it. It was really interesting!

    • gordy three horses


  • Henry Ledbetter

    I know a man that was looking for a place to bury gold. Unlike Bob’s dad, he never got around to telling his family where he was keeping it before The Lord called his number. (Rev. 1:18) It may make more sense to be laying up at least some treasure in heaven, WHERE MOTH, RUST, CORRUPTION AND THIEVES CAN’T BREAK THRU ANd STEAL. “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” The thing I like about heavenly treasure is it’s eternality and security. Having said that, a little storehouse down here may very well be in the WISDOM OF GOD..

    • OB1

      Thanks, Henry.

  • Lost in Paradise

    Bob in Boston, you can keep your batteries(especially rechargables)no way to charge them, and keep the gas, as my horse runs on hay, and won’t have anything to do with gas, and refuses to carry bulky solar cells. Damn smart horse huh?

  • James

    I prefer gold stocks instead of bullion. The reason is simple, back in FDR’s first year in office, when everybody was pulling their money out of banks and buying gold, he outlawed possession of gold. They bought back everybody’s gold at $25/oz., then raised the price to $35/oz. to agree with the world market price.
    Gold stocks are a safer bet. Buy those whose cost-per-ounce of production is just below the price of gold, their stock prices will be at their lowest. Then when gold makes another run up, their profits will mushroom and their stock price will skyrocket. As an example, Doornfontein (a S. African stock) was at $3/per share, back in the late 70s and went to $32 per share when gold went to $800. I also collected dividends that amounted to 2/3 of my stock purchase price. Gold stocks are safer and more profitable. I would not recommend Newmont Mining, its current stock price is $65.79 and pays only a $.30 quarterly dividend. That figured to a less than 2% yield which is less than the present rate of inflation. It’s over bought because it’s the biggest best mining company in America.

  • steve in AZ

    Some pretty ignorant comments here today. More than usual.

    In it’s 6000 year history since it’s first discovery, gold has NEVER been worth nothing. It never will be. Gold and other precious metals are:

    1.)Hard money. It doesn’t “inflate” as someone suggested above.

    2.)A store of wealth. Not an investment – although it has appreciated over 30% annually for the last 7 years.Compare that to the net negative return on a pile of cash in certificates of deposit.

    A prudent individual will store a variety of things which will make survival easier when the dollar tanks. There will always be some goods and services for sale. You may be able to trade some of your goods or services for those of others. One good bet is that some will have goods and services for sale for which they will accept hard money as payment.

    I suspect that those who say “you can’t eat gold” have little if any of it, and are bitterly envious of those who have and are accumulating it.

    Be ready for a survival situation and store non-perishable foodstuffs,water,weapons,and ammunition. Look ahead and store those things that will make your life easier if you’re in survival mode. But in a time of turmoil, with no way of knowing how bad things might or might NOT get, a failure to store your wealth in hard money would be foolhardy.

    Look at the ten year chart of gold at, for example, and realize that things just may NOT get as bad as some foresee. Times of trouble will force the visible trend in the price of gold even higher, not lower. I’m betting on America to survive and come through these troubled times, as we always have. But in case I’m wrong, I can’t think of a better place to store what little wealth I’ve accumulated than in REAL money that’s returning at a rate of over 30%. In the interim,

    DONATE NOW so you can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!! :)

    • OB1

      He doesn’t have to preach the Good News, because he has lived it to the best of his abilities, through Grace. A prophet for our times, I believe…

  • PATRIOT 101

    For those few that have the luxury of wondering whether to buy gold or silver I would suggest that they look to their immediate needs before spending their fortunes on gold or silver.
    “Immediate needs” are food, clothing, fuel, guns and ammo. These items should be top of the list. Then look to your family and help them to prepare, as families may need to bond and work together in times of extreme strife. Make sure they have the means necessary to escape dangerous situations (like large urban areas). Everyone needs a “refuge” place to get to if possible! If I were in a city and had the knowledge that I have (about nearly imminent economic collapse at some point soon) I would do everything I could to secure an escape destination and a route to get there. Time will become short when this all breaks loose, so there won’t be a gas station to “fill er up” at on your way out of town. Your local Wal-Mart will be looted, so unless you want to go in there risk your life for a pack of batteries, you might should have them in advance!
    Make a friend with someone in the country! Get your plan going now, or for sure, when you have to “get out” it will be too late.

  • Old Henry

    John Myers:

    Just curious, but did your dad then have you and your brother re-bury the treasure once you got it all unearthed?

  • http://Boblivingston Lyle McDaniel

    Buy bullion,,, and a hack saw so when you want a loaf of bread and a stick of baloney you can spend it in smaller portions

  • James T

    “KNOW”I finished High School .

    • Philip

      You must have missed that day that they taught contractions like “they’re.”

  • Bill

    When things get bad, the government goons will enter your homes without warrants and seek out your storaged goods, food, guns, bullion. If you buried precious metals, they will quickly find them with electronic sensors.

    With this in mind why prepare when the government and crooks will have you in their cross hairs? Only solution is to change the system before it destroys us. That’s the real solution.

    • OB1

      Lack of time. In my state, they just passed a lea that the police can enter any home without a warrant. When Newt Gringrich said last night in the debate against Ron Paul, of all people, that the Patriot Act needed to be strengthened to prevent another Timothy McVeigh, the Oaklahoma City bomber, it sent out a red flag to any one with common sense. All the candidates supported that ecept you know who…Ron Paul.
      He said it could and has been used against American Citizens.

  • FreedomFighter

    Looking like they are about to implode the system.

    Cracking down on free speech
    Asset movements

    Bet we have less than 6 months till collapse, who knows but the NWO elite for sure, but the signs if you look are there.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • http://yahoo l ducker

    be advised if any cop or govt agency finds you have it hidden it will be confiscated. it will be forfeited to the govt as being reward from an unnamed illicit operation that you were obviously running. they take it under so called admiralty laws, you are considered guilty until you prove otherwise. this started happening in the 80s in every town and city in the usa. don’t think it will happen, next time you fly pull out a few thousand in cash to buy your ticket and before you can walk away from the counter you will be held for questioning and your money will be seized.

  • dvdtruth

    Cool Story.

  • Bowler Boonseboro

    I am sorry to say that your article was boring and wordy, wordy, wordy, wordy, wordy. It could have been intersting if it were s h o r t e r, shorter, shortest.

    • OB1

      Go short sale purchase with your broker governments bonds or any debt instrument; make a lot of monopoly money and then someone will listen to you.

  • disabled vet

    NOT all cops would turn you in…as in the article, tell the person you trust most in the world….can’t remember when I told a cop EVERYTHING…Duh…personally, I have my boodle split three ways, its packable, with provision that one person cannot carry food water ammo shelter medicine and money for a hundred. You never know what will be good as money…MRE’s?…pre 1964 coins…silk undies?…silver rounds…my military box of 30-06 rounds weighs more than the silver I hold…if you got no water, you gotta have it…the PRINCIPLE is survival, solo or in groups will depend on what ever is least available: Take horrible weather: danger, need shelter now…possible a flood coming…? this year, the crops were badly hit with weather, drought…take your pick, less food or less water…I have lived in the desert in Texas and NM and believe it, no water will kill you in a day out there. I also bought lots of big jars of honey, who doesn’t have a sweet tooth?

    Most of all take a page from the Mormons: Have six months food and a secure water source. Have hand tools necessary to manage your home if needed. BE prepared to work with your neighbors, get to know them now, learn to trust each other or learn whom cannot be trusted.

    Just like the Army or Marines, you veterans. Cooperation and common goals can make strong bonds, and I do not mean Communism. If you choose to let a neighbor use your land to graze his cows, you might have milk to feed your family. Common sense, common goals..we are Americans, the best producing and farming area in the world, down, not out, and hurt, but still very much in the fight. Stand up with your neighbors, and don’t fear looters, except as a potential. Lack of population from a flood, hurricane, earth quake or volcano could make an area so clear of humans your potential success for weeks in the wild will be made less. Most of us are just not equipped to last for weeks without civilization, so making a joke of difficulties might help…keep your morale up, and that of your family, friends, and group. One nation under God: To those of you that favor less religion, let me tell you I have been shot at and I have shot twice, and I was instantly converted into a believer. Hold onto your religion, your weapon, and your friends, and good luck.

  • disabled vet

    Sorry so wordy, one of those two shots was to the head….

  • The Navigator

    One thing I haven’t seen brought up that is very important about gold versus ammo, liquor, TP, etc is portability – a handful of gold versus a truckload of liquor, when you consider are you staying or will you have to run. Also, storage capacity – do you have a warehouse to store pallets and pallets of tradable items?

    Also, gasoline goes bad after stored for 1-2 months. Sta-Bil extends the life to 12 months or more.

    None of us can think of everything that will be needed – but if you plan to stay, have things that your neighbors haven’t thought of (tampax, soap/shampoo/deodorant) that will be highly sought after and that you will use anyway. If you plan to run, 100 gold coins beats a pallet of vodka. Just sayin.

  • TL

    Very Simple, Don’t flaunt your wealth and don’t brag about what you got. Somebody else always wants your gain for no effort at all. It used to be that the “servants” of the people went after those who wanted something for nothing. Now “they” are part of that syndicate. If you have anything at all, don’t talk about it, and if you do, don’t confirm. If you have gold in any form, don’t keep it out and if it is hidden, don’t spill the beans. Do you still keep your front door unlocked at night? Talking about hard assets openly under any circumstance in mixed company is trouble for the owner of these assets. Even if they are well armed. I have known many people who “bragged” about what they got and soon found themselves without. Some were well armed, but were not home to “greet” the coveting guests with just desserts-bullets. Furthermore, if you have freeloaders in the family, keep an eye out. Judas is alive and well, and it is these bloodlined vermin that will get the jack boots through your door. One friend of mine almost lost all of his guns because a “freeloading” lout wanted “daddy’s” gun to protect her when she went to the strip club every night. He did not lose his guns because they were bought before the 1968 gun control act, and they could not be found either. Anyway, the jack boots ransacket his entire house before his neighbor showed up with a video camera on and hiding in posession. When the neighbor said he had taped most of this incident, these guys sucked tail and run. It helped that he worked in the DA’s office. But these guys knew they were wrong and in deep doo doo if they came back without following the letter of the law. Of course, this was several years ago, we now know the jack boots are more brazen.
    As for the person gaining from a sell of property, do invest some of it in physical gold. If it is traced by jack boots, then tell them you don’t have it. Have the video camera ready. These creeps don’t like video cameras. They love using their guns on innocents, so tape them and put it on the net. Make sure the next of kin has the video before they get the treasure map. The truth always hurts. In this case, history is repeating and those who know it will survive. If you have ANYTHING of value, don’t talk about it, and if you do act like our officials on the subject, “That is an issue that cannot be discussed due to SECURITY concerns”. Remember, this is YOUR security in these ever more dangerous times. Yes, have your gold, have your gun, but also have common sense and a camera that can’t be found. Have all them ready along with the necessary supplies. Do keep your mouth shut and do understand the true nature of EVIL, and remember that it does come with a badge at times. But if we are ARMED with the TRUTH, EVIL cannot prevail. It never has, and just remember that many people have died for freedom and truth throughout history. Lastly, remember what Christ said about force, those who live by it will soon PERISH by it. Want some examples, think Nazi Germany. They lived by the sword, THEY DIED BY IT. So did Khadaffi and many others.
    Did Reichmarks build Germany up after the war? No, US aid-Marshall Plan and Military occupation did for the big guys. But the little guy who had the gold and silver and did not brag probably recovered faster. Input anybody?

  • mark

    the canadian government introduced legislation in the mid ’80s, (during the term of prime minister brian mulroney), which sold canada’s stockpile of gold bullion (600 million ounces) for next to nothing, and replaced the bank reserves of the bank of canada with US treasury bills.

    That same government passed legislation which allows the government of canada to seize the contents of all safety boxes and to use them if necessary for purposes of continuity of government. americans who think that putting their stuff in a canadian safety box may be in for a BIG surprise. The government of canada may also have the right to go into a safety box, without notification to the owner, and without warrant.

    Very likely US citizens face the same issues. The failure of MF Global is indicative of full spectrum plundering by the 1%.

  • CMZ

    Unfortunately, it does look like it is time to take your spare cash savings out of banks, including savings/checking account, 401Ks, stocks, bonds, treasuries, mutual funds, etc., etc. Avoid this russian roulette game. You could do worse in terms of returns, probably, if you invest in gold and silver even if this proves to be in vain, anyway.

    If interested in prepping then actually investing in gold then silver. Then even copper, platinum, palladium and rhodium. Whatever is available. Many are suggesting pre-1964 dimes, quarters, halves and silver dollars. I am in full agreement. A variety of denominations ensures the ability to make various sized purchases with a measure of anonymity and seclusion. These precious metals that you store will eventually become invaluable. No, you can’t eat it, but if you can afford it, then trust me, you will eventually want it.

    Store water first (and filtration as has been mentioned) then food (do not discount canned goods. They last almost as long as the expensive dehydrated stuff and no cooking required, stretching your water reserves, the most important thing for survival). Then weapons, ammo, knives – to protect what you store. Then, as many here have alluded to, seeds, beans, coffee, salt and cooking/olive oil (both of these are needed to survive), spices, tobacco, alcohol and/or hydrogen peroxide and first aid supplies. All great and valuable suggestions. Someone else mentioned gasoline – great idea if you can store safely. Very important and NOT to be overlooked are lighters. Many disposable and refillable (zippos) and plenty of lighter fluid. Yes, toilet paper and paper towels. Spare clothes and sewing supplies and hygiene supplies. Hardcores will insist on gas massks and body armor. Great if you can but I suggest many pairs of different kinds of gloves for sure. Shoes and boots. Oh, and SHOES AND BOOTS. The more that you stock up on any or all of these things, the more gold and silver you will end up with when the economy comes back. You won’t be sorry.

    This is a long list, although there are many, many other things which you “should” have but, believe it or not, these are just the “basics”. Go camping once in a while and you will determine what is most important to you.

    Good luck to all.

  • ibelieve

    I prefer the Bibles advice, Lay up ypur treasure in Heaven where there are no theives and it will last for eternity.

    • bob wire

      And what might that treasure be to be found useful and welcome in heaven?

    • Firefly

      Good advice but doesn’t the Bible also say that a wise man sees trouble coming and gets out of the way? And God inspired Joseph to warn the Pharaoh that 7 years of famine was coming so they could prepare. What is coming to us is more than just another recession, more than just a Greater Depression, it is God’s chastisement on an increasingly evil world. Men and women of God of various denominations and Christian beliefs have been warning for years of what is was coming but most continue to ignore what they say. However just last Saturday I was praying and wondering about what God was going to allow to happen to this nation and to the world when suddenly in my spirit or inner mind I heard the following:

      “My hand of judgement will stretch forth and all will feel it, some much more than others. Fear not!” 11/19/11

      What I heard was in a very strong voice, firmness like steel, and I was so glad to also hear, “Fear not!” I immediately recalled that when Jesus said “Fear not!” to his earliest followers it was not because there was nothing to fear, but He was reminding them that God was in control. He still is!

      God is not going to destroy the world yet (but it may well seem like it). He has however just about had it with man’s rebellion and evil ways and secular sources say we may be seeing the beginning of chaos and severe inflation within the year. I find it interesting that most of the people who are preparing for the really hard times are believers and others are decent and honest people who may well become believers when they discover the truth that sets men free.

      I feel sorry for those who ignore all they have heard but I recall the story of the five in the New Testament who had time to prepare (buy oil for their lamps) but did not and they all suffered as a result. God does not send us warnings for the fun of it but He will not force us to heed them or to prepare. That is up to us!

      • Old Henry


        Your post made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Awsome post!
        And right on the money!


    John Myers make some very good points to hiding some of your spare assets but be aware if you buy your gold from a regulated business the people and their staff who sell you the gold will know you have it and the government and their operatives will also have access to those records. Then the company and staff who sell or deliver you the safe will know There is always going to be lots of people knowing you got something to hide or store somewhere on one of your properties. Just imagine you were working for the CIA, how would you locate all the people who might have gold hiden away on their propertys. And I agree dont use bank safety deposit boxes..there are lots of Oceans 11 trainees around…lol But if you really believe the game is lost…then sell your businesses, pay off your housing debts if the interest rates are high but kkep some free cash and any surplus put into gold…but no point putting all your eggs into gold if your still have mortgages outstanding or a intangible business you cant sell or wind up without losing when no one else will want to buy it from you. You might also need to find out if banks will take gold as mortgage payments in the event you run out of cash. You and your close relatives will also need to have good memories so you dont lose your mind before you locate your hidden gold treasures… for the next generation of gold prospecting adventuers…lol


    Reading most of these posts seems like some of you are in panic mode because the Republicans want you to vote for them it seems to solve all the nations problems. If your right and they do win and solve your problems by stopping deficit budgets then will the price of gold drop? How much will all you gold horders lose?

    • PATRIOT 101

      Gold is not an “Investment” rather a transfer of wealth from paper assets to something of substance. If you want to gamble on gold, there are other ways to “make more money” such as futures trading. That way you can leverage your bets. This is something I do not recommend at this time, as the volatility is too great. Margin calls can wipe out your wealth.
      Gold is like land, the price is inconsequential once you own it. An acre is still an acre, just as an ounce is still an ounce. Once you understand this concept, owning some physical gold or silver begins to make some sense.

  • bob wire

    My Father was prone to rat hole money as well, but I ain’t telling. However we never knew the abundance Mr. Myers speaks of, of gold and silver and a wad of thousand dollar bill!

    It was always a big surprise when he expose it, ~ as a child, his excitement was transferred to us kids. We only knew it was something to get excited about. We really did not know much about money. The bigger the better! And shinny !

    He lays on his death bed today, beginning to look like a survivor of Auschwitz and speaks in only whistlers. His knees the largest part of his legs.

    Edward Jones is handling all the “holding” and I sure hope there nothing buried in the back yard or stuffed in the mattress!

    But you never knew what the old man was up to.

  • Melissa

    This is a great article but it does not answer the questions to my personal dilema. After my former husband demanded a divorce and forced me to sell our family home which I had paid off with a lot of personal sacrifices, that having forced me to sell it in a down market all I was left with from the proceeds was just $150,000. Furthermore, having been previously employed in a family business and now been left unemployed due to jobs scarcity and high unemployment rate in our country, means that I am not in a position to be able to afford to put a deposit on another property to ensure I have a permenant roof over my head, and so I have had to rent a house which I share with other tenants.

    To make matters worse, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and due to my injuries I have not been fit to be looking for work, and so the government has been paying me a miserable $200 per week which is not that much at all, and living off the interest from my personal savings which has been earning me a miserable 3.0 percent. However, with my increasing fear that if the banks will steal from me my personal savings that I could become homeless I have been seriously considering taking it out before it is too late, but the problem is:-

    (1) By taking the money out it will no longer earn me any interest so what will I live off?

    (2) If I keep a portion of it in cash so that I can continue paying my regular expenses, and invest a portion of the rest in silver and gold and keep; then where will I store it since I do not own this place where I am staying?

    (3) If I buy myself a safe and store it inside the house, then what guarantee do I have that it will not be stolen from me and still be left homeless?

    (4) Also, since I constantly have to declare to the government what amount I have in my personal savings account, how will I explain to them that I withdrew it all out of fear that the banks might steal it from me etc.?

    Is anyone able to urgently enlightening me?

    Many thanks in advance.

    • KMann

      i can’t answer to all your questions, but with your safe, hiding it in a false wall inside a closet may work, and if that’s not an option, anchoring it down to the floor and/or walls may keep it from being stolen. and as for accounting for money taken from the bank, what happens in vegas stays in vegas… as does most of the money people bring there. so as far as uncle sammy knows, you lost it on a wild weekend in from of a slot machine or poker table.

  • Melissa

    Sorry for the error, but I meant that the government is currently paying me a miserable $200 per fornight in unemployment benefit but soon they intend to stop paying these benefits but do not know exactly when. I thought I should clarify that.


    I was thinking of selling my 40′ Bus/Motorcoach. Worth about $50,000. to get liquid again. My question is should I hold onto it since it is something of value, especially being self contained with a 4cyl Kuboto, 12,000KW generator for a power plant, with a Detroit 450HP 8V/92, definitely a workhorse motor. Or should I try to sell it and invest the money. I’m starting to think that when the Dollar becomes worthless, at least the Coach will still have value, where my money if not invested properly, especially, will be worth nothing. What would some of y’all do. I welcome all ideas! Thanks!

  • Melissa

    I forgot to mention Credit Unions, are they really as safe as people talk about? I mean, can’t they do the same thing as the bank and run away with your money?

    • steve in AZ


      You can check out the (relative) strength of credit unions in your area online using google searches. If the dollar tanks, it won’t matter much. Of course our concerned gubmint will replace the dollar with another phony currency and your relative position will be the same with respect to other people. Whatever they replace the dollar with won’t last long,though.

      By buying precious metals, you take control of the VALUE of your money away from the gubmint and cast your fate to the winds of the marketplace – which has always been a better scenario than gubmint control. It always WILL be.

      Go to youtube and search for The Money Masters, and It’s Time to Learn the Truth. What passes for formal education today really amounts mainly to indoctrination of the gubmint’s plan for us. It’s up to each of us to break out of their paradigm and educate ourselves. It’s impossible to do it through input from the input you receive from the main stream media. The internet is not infallible, but at least it offers alternative views of reality.

      Good luck and may God bless you! :)

  • hilary

    The more people who prepare mean the less chaos we have to deal with when the crazy starts. Preparedness can mean different things to different people. Mostly it is a mind set. You have to have be of such a mind that you view your life as being in your hands. You are responsible for you. Smart people will organize with friends and family. Nutters will try to go it alone. But ANY preparedness is a positive thing. I place a higher value on goods than gold. Mason jars and a good pressure cooker and seeds are better than silver. But you are responsible for you. If you feel your best bet is to store gold and be ready to bug out instead of stay in place, that is YOUR choice. Nobody can tell you how to prepare. We can share ideas and some common themes, but ultimately you know your own situation better than anyone else.

  • hilary

    CMZ has the right idea. There are lots of message boards that cover survival and preparedness both short and long term. I have been working with water purification using home made charcoal. I have a large garden as well. ANY thing you do is a plus. I personally know it is best to stay AWAY from the cities. But being a preparing person, I feel that I should GO TO the cities to be there as a sane voice when the crazy starts.

    When Katrina hit New Orleans, a lot of prepared minded people had already left. If more of this type had stayed behind, I think they could have prevented a lot of the suffering and deaths.

    I ask the level headed types think about organizing NOW to help keep the chaos down in your community when the crazy starts.


    Calm down you guys….think clearly dont panic …you’ll be ok …just go about your normal business but dont take silly risks with your assets or cash.

  • PATRIOT 101

    Owning a little gold or silver is a good idea, but not as important as having the essentials of survival at your disposal in times of dire need.
    Food, water, guns and bullets come to mind as a first must have. Next in temperate zones where it gets too cold to live without heat, fuel is right up there. Most people have capacity to store some fuel if they use their heads.
    Keep your LP tanks full! Ask your supplier for a bigger tank or an additional tank and offer to pay the “rent” on it. I did this and now I can have enough LP for an entire heating season.
    Auxilliary power is something to have for emergencys, but long term in the city a running generator is going to be hard to defend! Look into an inverter and a couple of deep cycle batteries. These will power a few essential (small) items for a while.
    In town maybe put a generator in your basement and “quiet” it down as much as possible. Be sure to run (or vent) the exhaust outside!
    Running a generator a couple hours a day will recharge your deep cycle batteries.

  • steve in AZ

    Advice regarding preparation varies greatly.

    I recommend, as a first step, Howard Ruff’s book “How to Survive and Prosper During the Coming Hard Times of the 21st Century”.

    You can find it at, both new and used.

  • ’56 Chevy

    If we ever get a GOOD leader in Wash. D.C., Maybe the dire bottom will never come & we can pull ourselves out of this mess we’re in now??? Let’s HOPE!

  • JOHN


    • PATRIOT 101

      Spread it around! Some real estate in the country would be nice to have in case of urban unrest. Try to get something with running water on it. Gold or silver is also OK as it will be easily converted into anything you want or need. Help your kids prepare is also a good option.

    • KMann

      silver eagles are the best way to invest because they are 999.99 % fine silver whereas old coins are only 70 to 90% silver. be sure to also have some self defense options that use common ammo so you can barter trade or share with others.

  • Susan

    Physical gold and the “working man’s gold” is silver. Buy “junk silver” which is the pre 1964 silver coins. The silver and gold is your retirement fund for when the government and the new economy re-stablizes. This is when you can use your silver/gold to buy property, pay off the loans that show up when the banks are reestablished. Yes, the silver coins can be used for barter but better to have things like toilet paper, or antibiotics to barter they will be worth their weight in gold. Besides if you have silver in your pocket people will know you probably have more and will want what you have. So, if you do use silver later, only carry a few dimes or quarters. Dimes are easiest to hide. Bury your teasure in a place you know where to look. A suggestion would be to put a fountain on top of the spot. Your home has many places you can hide your stash.
    My soon to be published book, “When The Golden Egg Cracks” is filled with information for thriving and surviving during these times of change.

  • KMann

    QUESTION: why is a safe deposit box at my local bank a bad idea?

    • Susan

      Hi KMann, if the banks close and your safety deposit box is in it, you may not have enough time to get your box of goodies. If the economy in Europe gets worse there may be a bank run. Many of these banks will close their doors and while some of them will reopen some won’t. Now, if a solar flare hits and the electricity goes out maybe for years, again, you can’t get in to get your money or the things in your safety deposit box.

      • KMann

        hmmm, things to consider. thank you. i have some assets in my home safe, but i may have to move more to the homestead.

        a thought to consider for others who do; if the crap hits the fan, a home safe will be an obvious focus of attention for anyone trying to rob the house. so my plan is to keep a minimal amount of holdings in the safe, just enough to appease anyone who might break in, but keep the lions share elsewhere.

        • Susan

          Great suggestion. I would also suggest you do the same thing with food and even a broken gun. Let them find that and not the rest.

  • KMann
    • Richard Bradshaw Watson II

      No state can produce a currency of their own, that is strickly the right of the US Federal Govt.

  • Richard Bradshaw Watson II

    John(47*) and everyone,

    DO NOT BUY GOLD! SELL ALL YOUR GOLD NOW!! Silver and other precious metals are Ok. Jesus(74) said, “Choose God or gold (Matthew 6:24 paraphrased).” I pray that everyone when faced with that decision, will choose GOD.

    Look at the two words as expressed in small letters: god / gold. Symbolically, if we want to separate ourselves from GOD, then stick a line through it: GOlD (gold).

    “Bury your treasures in heaven where moths, rust, and,theives can’t get to it (paraphrased Mt 6:19-21.

    I AM just trying to help everyone in this life and in future reincarnations. I make no money off precious metals, stocks, etc. I AM much more interested in making prophets than profits.

  • Mid Stakes Site

    Having read this I thought it was really enlightening. I appreciate you
    spending some time and energy to put this short article together.
    I once again find myself spending a significant amount
    of time both reading and leaving comments. But so what, it
    was still worthwhile!

  • Expandable Hose

    Wow, amazing blog layout! How long have you been blogging for?
    you make blogging look easy. The overall look of
    your site is wonderful, let alone the content!


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