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Bully For Sheila Jackson Lee

July 18, 2012 by  

Bully For Sheila Jackson Lee
Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) sponsored a bill regarding cyberbullying.

With more than 8 percent unemployment and Federal debt approaching $16 trillion, we might believe Washington is taking steps to preserve a Nation on the brink of catastrophe. If you think that, you are wrong. Instead, the Federal government is launching other initiatives; one of them is to stop a scourge that has befallen America: bullying.

It’s ironic that the Federal government, known for being the biggest bully (legally and sometimes not so legally), has vested itself in spending money it doesn’t have to solve what Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) calls a problem plaguing the Nation.

This week, the House likely will approve legislation that will provide grant money to States to stop bullying at schools. Yes, I said stop, as if kids being mean to other kids is something government can stop.

“It is time for us to stand together and stop bullying,” said Jackson Lee, the sponsor of the bill. “Everyone deserves to feel safe and free from persecution.”

Jackson Lee should know about this problem. The Daily Caller pointed out: “The congresswoman known for giving her staffers profanity-laced nicknames, throwing temper tantrums and, at times, throwing objects, has introduced anti-bullying legislation.”

It is another case of Democrats who want us to do as they legislate, not as they do.

“I urge my colleagues from both sides of the aisle to vote in favor of my bill in order to keep U.S. citizens safe from harassment and to work toward making America bully-free,” said Jackson Lee.

The bill, H.R. 6019, would amend a current law that already allows Federal grants for programs meant to boost school safety: “establishing and maintaining accountability-based programs that are designed to enhance school safety, which programs may include research-based bullying prevention, cyberbullying prevention, and gang prevention programs, as well as intervention programs regarding bullying.”

Grants to stop bullying would be permitted under the Juvenile Accountability Block Grant program. The bill would authorize the spending of $40 million a year for fiscal years 2013 through 2017.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, does not want to be outdone when it comes to protecting children. This month, he signed an anti-cyberbullying bill into law. It requires that schools be more vigilant about cyberbullying of students and take steps to prevent it.

Legislators believe the problem can be handled with more government money. They want to make schools take greater responsibility to stop bullying students by using new protocols to make it easier for students to report online harassment. As if educators didn’t have enough on their plates, now they have to develop “bullying prevention strategies.”

Cuomo and his backers in the State Legislature say they will do all they can to ensure children feel safe at school.

The Associated Press reported that Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell said the following in his sponsors’ memo:

Cyberbullying is a new and especially insidious form of bullying. It allows bullies to do their work at a distance, outside of schools, in front of a broad audience and sometimes under the protection of anonymity. The use of technology to rapidly transmit vicious content to a wide audience makes acts of cyberbullying highly visible, more pervasive. Research has revealed a link between cyberbullying and low self-esteem, family problems, academic problems, school violence and delinquent behavior.

Sticks And Stones… But Names Will Never Hurt Me

I looked up the definition of cyberbullying: “It is when a child, preteen or teen is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child, preteen or teen using the Internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones.”

It sounds like name calling to me, which makes my experiences with bullies as a boy a lot different.

Between grades 5 and 7, I was a fat kid with asthma. We lived in the country, and I spent three hours a day on the bus riding to a rural school. Almost all the kids called me names — Fat Albert was their favorite — but three brothers terrorized me. I can’t say I took daily beatings, but they happened at least once a week. I explained the cuts and black eyes to my parents as my clumsiness on the playground. I knew if I told them and then the principal was told, I would face worse. It turned out that my intuition was correct because two of those three brothers were convicted felons as young adults.

There was no getting around taking that bus every day. You can imagine I am not very sympathetic to kids who go on Facebook and have others say “mean” things about them. Here is an idea, kid: Quit Facebook! Quit anything that is cyber-something where others say cruel things about you.

Instead, we have Big Brother to rescue kids, to make schools ensure that the kids are nice to each other in cyberspace.

What exactly are the schools going to do if they catch Joe or Jill bullying another classmate in cyberspace? From what I can gather, they won’t do very much.

Let me give you two quick stories. In 1976, a kid had been robbing the boys’ locker room, stealing sneakers, money and anything else. On my last day of high school, I walked down the stairs to the locker room and saw my football coach — a man feared and revered by everyone — holding the thief up against a wall. I heard the kid bawling as I did a quick pivot and walked back up the stairs. It was a big school; I had never seen that kid before, but I think he got his lesson about stealing.

Go forward 30-plus years to my son who teaches middle school kids in London, England. A kid in the front row didn’t like something my son, a starting middle linebacker in college, said. The student picked up a large book, threw it and struck my son square in the face. The student’s punishment was a visit to the principal’s office and a one-day suspension.

When I was in school, the students were afraid of the teachers. Today, especially after Columbine, teachers are afraid of the students.

Whose fault is it? It’s the parents’ fault. And no amount of government money or proclamations from Federal and State lawmakers is going to make kids be more civil to each other. It is going to take the steady and sometimes stern hand from a father and mother to reduce bullying. It wouldn’t hurt kids to get thicker skins. Words are just that, words. And if you don’t like them, here is a suggestion: Go offline.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • DaveH

    Gang prevention programs? Of course. The biggest gang in the land doesn’t like competition.

    • Kate8

      Good one, DaveH!

      This is, of course, just more idiotic liberal social engineering. Every time they move to fix something, they make a bigger mess. It’s like taking a drug to supress a symptom, then pretty soon you need another drug to dull the side effects, then something for the combined side effects… it never ends until the patient dies. Or he smartens up, throws the whole mess out, and gets busy cleaning himself up.

      This is about conditioning for a police state. Big Bro has become Absolute Daddy.

      • johnnywoods

        Sheila Jackson Lee is a continual embarrassment to the State of Texas. She is terribly ignorant and stupid. The only reason she gets re-elected is because she represents the Fifth Ward in Houston which is one big ghetto.

      • GALT

        $2. gas Myer’s…..= kill 3 billion……..where do you LIVE?

        Question…….please tell me there is anything you have to offer anyone……..

        or anyone that actually talks to you…….that thinks they have something to offer?

        Don’t want to die?…….nope….doesn’t cut it…….besides you are going to a better place…make haste……gas needs to come down……be charitable……you are consuming too much and your doctor is a germ theory guy…..

        Somebody actually pays YOU for something?

        I have two words for you “stomach band”…….

        Hope that ain’t disparagement……..

        So, where are those common law and equity courts?


        Coming SOON……..the “real” Bob Livingston………

        sometimes FREEDOM is not what you think.

      • John Woodbury

        Galt please get some sort of help. We would like to understand you, but at this time it is not doable.

      • JeffH

        John, it’s becoming more & more apparent that GALT is being paid to attack Mr. Livingston…perhaps a shill for one of the Soros orgs. or O’mans handlers. I have great faith that Mr. Livingston can survive whatever it is that GALT tosses at him and I’m sure Mr. Livingston understands that it’s only a game that GALT is trying to lure Mr. Livingston in to.

        Classic Alinsky!

      • Ladd Prier

        Good one Kate8. The underlying liberal assumption is that they are capable of such engineering when in fact they excel at very little except handing out tax money to cronies. Shiela Jackson Lee is the penultimate liberal; witness her recent goodwill trip to muslim middle east personalities. They were all probably snickering behind her back over her total naivete. Perhaps it would be better if she wore a burka to congress.

    • http://Yahoo Blue

      Sheila Jackson Lee needs to retire or step down. She does not represent the people. She is the pot calling the kettle black. She proposes we do as she says, not as she does.

      • JUKEBOX

        Sheila still thinks that you can send the Mars lander over to where we landed on the moon. That is the level of her “INTELLIGENCE”, LOL.

      • Terry

        Sheila Jackson Lee belongs to the communist party along with 75 to 80 more in Congress.

    • Ken Sloan

      Now let’s see, the government should do what it can to prevent abortion, but once a kid is born he’s on his own. And if he’s being teased or tormented or beaten up and commits suicide as a result, too bad! Compasionate conserviatism strikes again.

      • Jay

        There you go Ken, paint the worst case-scenario possible, avoid the mention of anything positive, and blame it all on Conservative Americans. Brilliant! Btw, do you work for CNN?

      • DaveH

        I don’t think anybody here thinks it’s okay, Ken. Most of us are just smart enough to know that spending more money that we don’t have on worthless bureaucrats isn’t the answer.

      • JimH

        Ken, What are you trying to say? That we should save the unborn from being killed by their own mother, and hope big government can protect them from bullies later? Or should we just kill them before they’re born and problem solved. I guess if the mother kills the kid before he or she is born they will only be bullied once.
        It would be the ultimate in bullying though.

    • Sheldon

      Instead of more money for the schools they need to pass out balls/gonads to the teachers to quit putting up with that but then if you really get into the school system you see the teachers and administrators are the examples of how to be a bully. If you do not believe me then try to visit a school for yourself.






    • nc

      Chris, when a child is found hanging in a closet or bleeding to death on a bathroom floor we can just write it off as the results of good old ‘positive agression’. No problem there! Their lives are no longer chaotic! RIP.

      • http://ConservativeVictory2010 Mario Crociata

        If a child is taught by TWO parents to physically, emotionally, intellectually and psychologically defend themselves in an age appropriate manner, if BOTH parents are in the picture, encouraging, praising, and being open to any and all conversations and problems, if BOTH parents support right from wrong theories, good morals, a dedication to self, family, community, and a healthy view of religion, then that child won’t end up hanging in a closet or bleeding on a bathroom floor! If involved parents, take time away from “stuff”, themselves, their “toys”, and self gratification and are able to identify, recognize, and admit that some problems may go beyond their skills (by seeking professional help), maybe then we could go back to the ways name calling and what is called “bullying” could better be handled. I had three boys and a girl, and they were all taught tolerance to others, BUT, if someone is not tolerant of you or anyone else because of the rules you were taught, then you MUST confront them! If the confrontation becomes physical or verbally aggressive, let them throw the first blow (physical or verbal), and then make sure you FINISH IT! And my daughter was taught to never depend on anyone or anything else (not a man, not the government, and not her “richer” friends). We make the call for children and it is up to us to do the job of raising them and to make sure we do the best we can, even if it means sacrificing some of ourselves! The government getting onto a bullying policy is just the “nanny” state telling us we are incompetent!

      • Power To The People

        Typical liberal rant that the worst is the norm and gov. can make it all better. You can’t legislate everything and even though some initiatives are well intended, they are not necessary and just another form of mind control.

      • DaveH

        You Progressives are living proof that the Government programs don’t work. Why else would so many of you be using Government to bully the rest of us and force us to do things we don’t agree with as well as forcibly taking our money?
        Of course you will deny your culpability as if “voting” for others (Government) to do your dirty work somehow absolves your immoral actions.

      • Chris

        Exactly what is the percentage of kids found hanging in a closet or exsanguinating on a bathroom floor as a result of bullying? It’s probably the same as the kid found hanging in a closet as a result of listening to Ozzy Osbourne lyrics. Reality is that some kids are just mean and will be bullys. Either learn to stand up for yourself or get the police involved if it involves a serious physical threat. Throwing money that we don’t have at the problem is not going to help. I had bullys growing up. I was a fat kid that got picked on. Guess what? I didn’t hang myself.

      • Brad

        NC stop the non-sense of not being able to raise your child properly. Start paddleing these little bastards asses like we got when we were in school and this crap will stop.

      • JUKEBOX

        My grandmother taught me to make up the differnce, if the bully was bigger, with a rock or a large stick. When, as a 7 year old, I laid out a 16 year old with a 2×4, i was convinced of the validity of her idea.

      • Jay


        Yeah, and you’re the biggest bully on this site, nc, not to mention, the most ignorant!











        TELL ‘EM ‘BOUT IT, “Brad.”


      • James Heronime

        Bullying helps generate revenue for Lady GaGa! mmmmmmmmmmmmm:p

      • Chester

        Brad, do you KNOW what happens to you the first time one of your nosy parker neighbors hears one of your kids squalling because he or she was just paddled? First and foremost, you will have an almost immediate visit from the police and family services, where your children will all be taken into a separate room and physically examined for any bruises, cuts, or abrasions. If ANYTHING that might be the result of physical abuse is found, the kids are snatched out of the house, then you and your spouse are handcuffed and taken to jail to await the prosecuting attorney’s decision on whether or not to charge you with child abuse or worse. If NOTHING is found, you will be placed on a watch list and told to expect visits from family services off and on for at least a year, and possibly longer. Then you wonder why kids aren’t spanked more often. Even worse is the fact that your eight to ten year old, or older, child can call the child abuse hotline and make an anonymous report that will get the same visit, with the same results.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      So true. Kids need to learn to take care of themselves. Learn to fight if necessary.
      Stupid to think you can legislate man’s inhumanity to man out of existence.
      Of course teachers do little to stop it when they see it in most cases….I can understand dealing with a bully’s BULLY parents isn’t pleasant but it has to be done.

      What you learn in the school yard is applicable in adult life too. You will encounter bullies all your life so it’s best to learn to deal with them when you are young.

      • Kate8

        Teachers have, themselves, been neutered, just as parents have, and if they try to step in they risk prosecution for abuse. Kids no longer have a healthy respect for such authority, and are being conditioned to being subject to governmental authority alone.

        I know a great guy who’s kid turned him in for spanking, and he was arrested, went to court, and forced to attend “anger-management” classes. The kid proved his dad had NO authority over him, and that relationship was destroyed forever. The kid had ZERO respect, and the dad was afraid of the kid.

        This is what we’ve come to, and it’s deliberate.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, BINGO! The progressive movement(statism)has done such a “wonderfull” job protecting the children…not!

        By he way, are you aware of Nazi Pelosi and her fellow Congressional Democrat’s latest attempt to supress free speach through a constitutional amendment?

        Pelosi: Amend the First Amendment(, April 19, 2012) – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday endorsed a movement announced by other congressional Democrats on Wednesday to ratify an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would allow Congress to regulate political speech when it is engaged in by corporations as opposed to individuals.

        At Wednesday’s forum, a number of House and Senate Democrats were joined by representatives from People for the American Way and Common Cause in declaring their dedication to enacting a constitutional amendment to restrict speech by corporations.

        The participants noted that several members in both houses of Congress have offered various versions of an amendment to reverse Citizen United v. FEC and curb unwanted speech by corporations. Rep. Jim McGovern (D.-Mass.) is one of the members sponsoring an amendment.

        “I’ve introduced a People’s Rights Amendment, which is very simple and straightforward,” Rep. Jim McGovern (D.-Mass.) said at the forum. “It would make clear that all corporate entities, for-profit and non-profit alike, are not people with constitutional rights.

      • Jay

        The Problem Reaction Solution Paradigm (The Hegelian Dialectic)

        1) The government creates or exploits a problem blaming it on others.

        2) The people react by asking the government for help willing to give up their rights.

        3) The government offers the solution that was planned long before the crisis.


        “The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness; only power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently.

        We are different from all oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and just round the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal.

        We are not like that, We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes a revolution in order to establish a dictatorship…” 1984 – George Orwell.

      • Kate8

        Yes, JeffH. And the dirty little secret is that, under maritime/admiralty law, citizens are considered corporate entities.

        More tyranny from the treasonous b*st*rds.

        BTW, JeffH, they are going to attempt to ratify the SAT on the 27th, and the National Militia has issued a warning to Congress that those who vote in favor will be considered guilty of treason, and it will be looked upon as an act of war against the people.

        Also, there’s this:

      • JeffH

        Kate8, isn’t it funny how the progs and the libs keep saying it’s not a UN gun grabbing conspiracy and the pro-gun lobby, the conservatives, the right and the NRA(the progs never mention the GOA)are all a bunch of conspiracy nuts about Obama’s quest to ban all gun ownership…yet…the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty is just another of the UN’s A21 goals and it is Obama’s SoS Hillary running interference for him ad his quest to not only destroy the 2nd Amendment but the Constitution itself.

        Fortunately, because of the strong lobby of the NRA, GOA, SAF, NSSF, Rand Paul and a host of others organizations and members in the House I believe there is enough strong support to beat their pants off!

      • Kate8

        I hope so, JeffH. But don’t forget, we had a huge opposition to Obamacare, too, and thought we had it beat. But then the democrats changed the procedures, twisted arms, and threatened and bribed until they had the votes, and all over the deafening cries of the people.

        The UN and the NWO have issued instructions to get this done, NOW. I am concerned that all this chest beating and indignation are just more side show, and that we’ll be sold out at the last minute.

        What no one mentions is that the government only governs by the consent of the governed. All of the talking points and excuses are just clamor… the bottome line is, just as with O’care, THE PEOPLE DO NOT CONSENT.

        They just aren’t listening. Oh, they’ll throw an occasional bone, like yesterday’s vote on LOST…but we can’t relax for a moment, because as sure as the sun will come up, it’ll be back again and again until it’s passed. Or, Obama will make it happen by EO, getting Congress off the hook and even more marginalized than they already are.

        Just look what happened with “hate” crimes, gay marriage, DREAM Act, amnesty… pick any of several hundred EOs which went directly against the people.

        By the way, this is very interesting:

      • Kate8

        JeffH – Here is a fascinating interview with Col. Craig Roberts, former military and law enforcement, and his take on Obama, the NWO, and the foreign troops on American soil.

        Also, I can’t help but notice the serpentine symbology among the patriot movements. Names like Drake (dragon), Lady Dragon, Cobra… and notice the embroidery on Jones’ shirt.

        Do you suppose they have some connection to the elite Brotherhood of the Snake? And what is the inuendo here? The snake is deception with purpose.

        Jus’ sayin’.







        NEGRO PARENTS WILL TELL A CHILD REAL QUICK – “If you don’t like my way, there’s the door!…ain’t gonna be no calling the police up in here!”


      • DaveH

        Kate8 says — “I know a great guy who’s kid turned him in for spanking, and he was arrested, went to court, and forced to attend “anger-management” classes”.
        Ahh yes, Kate, the old legal mugging showing him who’s the boss. I’ve experienced it twice now. I’d gladly take a spanking any day over the mugging that I’ve received from the courts.

    • chamuiel

      I was always the smallest kid in Class. I got bullied a lot. One day in the third grade I had enough. I met the much larger bully on the play ground after School and called him out. Now, I admit I got my rear end handed to me, but during the fight I would not give up, and kept coming back at the bully over and over. After awhile he got tired. The bullying stopped and was never done again by anyone. The other kids said hey, you don’t want to mess with him (me), he is crazy. Legislating and throwing money at bullying will not stop it.h

      • Kate8

        Aren’t liberals the ones who are always harping about how you can’t legislate morality?

        Just more hypocrasy. They always want to have it both ways, as long as it furthers their agenda.

      • phideaux

        I was picked on in elementary school until I went Berserker on a couple of them to the point others had to pry me off the one who was trying to bully me. After that I was pretty much left alone.

    • Bill Jacobs

      Oh, yeah; that’ll work NOT!! I was bullied almost every day in a Michigan middle school while teachers stood around watching and laughing!! Why was I bullied?? It’s because I was a redneck hillbilly and everyone knows be one of those and be smart!! The kids thought that I was a showoff and, because my hand went up every time the teacher asked the class a question, the teachers thought that I was a showoff “Put your hand down bull, everyone knows that you know the answer”!!! If I defended myself when being bullied then I would be paddled and suspended for fignting. Don’t think for a that this isn’t happening today. Teachers pick who is a winner and who is a loser not their scholistic acheivements, but on their social interaction with thei fellow students! Their thinking is that if you can’t get along with you fellow students then you’re likely to be a failure as an adult. TSK,TSK Teach; I had a successful 40 year career in computer technology!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      At the root of the problem are the parents. But the cause of the problem is the government. Years ago, the word “parent” was also a verb. Parents “parented” their children. Well now, the government has taken over parenting. It used to be that parents were allowed to teach and discipline their children. It isn’t that way anymore! Now we have teachers telling our children that their parents are wrong. We have the government, the schools and the psychologists telling us that we can’t discipline our children. Spanking is no longer allowed. I am no advocate of child abuse but there are circumstances that deserve a good whack! All this bull crap “science” that says, if you spank, your child will grow up to be mentally ill, is just that!!! Bullcrap!!! Then we have the teachers, the councelors and the psychologists saying that their self esteem is delicate. We can’t hurt their precious little feelings. We can’t scold them or tell them they’re being naughty. No, we must use behavior modification, give them stickers for everything they do, including using the toilet! We should put them in time out so they can think about what they did wrong. Yeah, how’s that working for you? When you tie the hands of the parents behind their backs and give them no tools, they just give up! There really is not much they can do if they follow the advice of the experts. But that’s ok, because the government will step in and parent your children for you. They’ll even feed your children two meals a day, even in the summer, and send home backpacks of snacks for the weekend! Parents don’t have to do the work of parenting anymore, the government will do it. The problem is; the government is creating a bunch of egotistical sociopaths! Now we deal with bullying on a level never seen before. And what can kids do about it? Nothing! They’re not allowed to fight back. We now have zero tolerance. Even the kid getting beat up gets suspended! Is it any wonder that the frustration builds to the breaking point, and a kid will take a gun to school and start shooting?!? They can’t deal with that level of frustration. We used to let kids duke it out. It wasn’t a perfect situation. Some kids will always be stronger than others. At least the could release their anger and frustration. If they got humiliated and the crap beat out of them, at least they had that physical release. Think of Ralphie on “The Christmas Story”. But not anymore. The anger and frustration builds and builds. And what of juvenile crime? It’s a symptom of the same problem. Fifty years ago, juvenile crime was almost non existent. Now it’s a plague. If we don’t put parenting back into the hands of parents, we are all doomed. Because the government isn’t very good at it!!! Take back your rights and responsibilities!!!

      • DaveH

        You’re so right, Nancy. On a recent trip to Nebraska with my 12-year-old grandson, after misbehaving, I told him he was lucky that he wasn’t my kid, because he would have gotten whacked if he was. He told me “I’d turn you in to the authorities if you did”. In my day, my father would have whacked me harder if I dared to say such a thing (and deservedly).
        So, we can’t discipline them, yet we are responsible for their wrongful actions. You gotta love Big Government. NOT.

      • JeffH

        DaveH, I thank my parents for whacking my brothers whenever we got out of line…I know it made a difference in who we are today. My youngest brother pretty well escaped the tough dicipline and he’s been the one in the family that has shown the least amount of respect for others and had problems with the law.(drugs) It cost him 3 years of his life and the trust of his family.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        My daughter came home from kindergarten one day and told me I couldn’t spank her anymore because she could call 1-800-child abuse. I explained to her what foster care would be like and suggested that she think long and hard about that.

    • jcfromdc

      Chris: That’s how I got around it.
      I was the SMALLEST in my class unitl my junior year in HS, then I was 5th smallest (late bloomer), but I worked weights, “manned up” and lerarned to take a thrashing and dole one out as well. I never took (expletive deleted) when I was small, and the “bullies” learned to respect me when I stood up to them. I lost a lot, but then I won more than a few. (draw blood and they backed off!) I am at the zenith of 5’10″ (wooooooo!) and have not lived in fear since I was 15. I am 58 now and none the worse for it.
      Too many parents babyand, pardon the expression, “sissyfy” their kids, shield them from reality, and wonder why these things happen (my brother, his wife & my nephews are a perfect example).
      Get Real, People! Courage and example start at HOME!




    • c. t. Frank

      Please stop shouting at us! Your occasional use of punctuation and lower case proves that your keyboard does indeed have a shift key. Please use it properly. All caps is not only considered poor etiquette, it’s harder to read.

    • c. t. Frank

      I think my reply to Christopher Allen Horton got posted to othe wrong comment, so I will repeat:

      Mr. Horoton, please stop shouting at us. All caps is considered poor etiquette. Also, it’s harder to read. Your use of punctuation and occasional lower case proves that your keyboard has a shift key. Please learn to use it properly.

      • Jay

        c.t. Frank, Mr. Horton has shared with us that he suffers, and has been suffering, from a congenital abnormality since his childhood.





    • Rebecca

      I was raised in a neighborhood full of kids in the 1960s/1970s. My dad taught my sister and I to deal with bullys…boys or girls. If you got hit first, you had permission to hit back. But the catch was it had to be harder than you got hit. Otherwise the bully hadn’t learned to leave you alone. My sister had no problem with it and I have seen her take on boys and girls alike. I had a little more problem because I was smaller than most other kids. But…I learned to throw rocks. My point….I agree with Christopher. Let kids be kids and work it out among themselves. If kids are using the internet or cell phones to bully then block them.


        THANKS, “Rebecca.”

  • sean murry

    The biggest gang is in Washington dc is called obummers thugs.

  • TIME

    I saw this marvel of humanity go Totally APE Sh*T at an Airport a few years back – now lets talk about who’s a BULLY.

    Holy crap sticks Bat Man, this is a case of the Kettel calling the Pot BLACK! No Pun – No JOKE this is just total absurd……

    OMG, and who is it that keeps voting this marvel of humanity into office over and over AGAIN?


    Peace and Love

    • Kevin Cable

      TIME, you could not have said it any better. I am understanding your words 100% You are so true, TIME
      Kevin Cable


      She is voted back in by the drop outs, who are uneducated, and think that full time employment is standing on their corner dealing drugs. Her constituency is , for the most part, illiterate, welfare recipients, who do not realize they are slaves on the government plantation, and Sheila wants to perpetuate these programs to retain her position.

  • Jim

    Not so far fetched… this, bullying, is what the conservative ‘right’ constantly tries to do to the rest of their fellow Americans by constantly threatening the use of their 2nd Amendment rights if they do not get their way.

    • Jessie Martin Foster sr

      Jim ,I won’t call you any names that is your bag . Look at your own people your neighbors and ask yourself what am I thinking all the crime is on your own neighbors .why should anyone in their right mind listen to one word from you .

      • john carlisle

        saying is correct i’ve seen it 1st hand my own daughter is heavy just like her mother but very smart in the 9th grade with a 3.9 gpa we had to remove her her from pubic schools due to bulling she was scared when the princple trired to talk in to nameing the girls that were doing so he handle the situation she refused knowing she would have to go to school with same girls for the next 3 years we took out her out and put her in home school were she maintains 4.0 gpa stress has alot to to with how a child functions her total atatude has change from a scared child to a happy one thats what counts

    • Chaz

      That’s cuz it is our right to be right and we will use it to the max. I figure if you don’t like your rights you might find a place in the world that will not give you any. Go there.

      • Chester

        Chaz, your rights are YOUR rights only until they interfere with MY rights. In other words, you can swing your fists all you want, just as long as one of them does NOT hit ME. This is the thing so many people forget. They want THEIR rights to be the ONLY rights, even if that means someone else loses their rights. You want the right to be married to the lady of your choice, but not so long ago, if she had a slightly different skin color than you, it would have been illegal in most states for you to have married. Now you still want to maintain your right to marry who you choose, but deny that right to someone who thinks and feels somewhat differently about who they love. This is the same thing we have gone through with trying to protect our kids. Sure, sometimes we actually stop a child abuser before he or she kills a kid, but more often we interfere with a parent’s rights and duties to a child, to raise it to be respectful to all, and not just go on as it wants, when and where it wants.

    • Paul Wells

      Jim, you surely aren’t serious, are you? What a straw man, bringing up the second amendment to deflect the left’s sorry stance on trying to intrude in every avenue of our lives. As stated, if you will stay on topic a moment, this particular congresswoman has a very bad record of being a huge bully herself! So apparently, because she, a black woman, is having anger issues, suddenly it’s okay to allow one more federal government intrusion on our lives? This should be handled at the local level, and Sheila Jackson Lee should just back the off!

      • chamuiel

        I lived in Shelia Jackson Lee’s area for awhile, and I know this for a fact neither she, or her aides ever responded to one email, one letter, or one phone call I made or sent to them. Their response was always “we will get back to you.” Anything This woman is involved in, I would just try to remember that is a typical left wing black woman who is out to get hers while she can and to heck with everyone else.. Her bullying of her staff and employees is well documented. This anti bullying legislation and money is going to end up being another minority entitlement program.

      • Chester

        Paul, he made a legitimate point. I have seen it more than once on here where someone would make some sort of statement that leaned a little to the left of what the general population of this site approved of, and there would be promises of immediate armed response if someone brought such a thing to their neighborhood. Most of the people on here are fairly civil, but there are a few who make the term gun nut sound reasonable.

    • Don

      And Jim of course, is another liberal with a “Victim” complex. I am not sure if this is caused by limited intelligence or a total lack of courage. Which the case, He and his kind have no idea what it means to stand up and be a man…but expects his government to do that for him.

      • Dave67

        Sorry Don,

        Conservatives are the most fearful people on the planet and are the biggest “victims”.

        You are the victim of liberals even though they have not had any power since the early 1970′s

        The idiot Wayne La Pierre from the NRA lets the fools that listen to him that Obama is coming for your guns even though the Brady Institute gave Obama an “F” on gun control. Did not stop a spike in Gun sales and a rise in NRA membership by the scared little conservatives

        Your side accuses Obama of being a socialist, communist (all lies) and you particpate in the “sky is falling” scared little rabbit routine.

        There is no more scared person in the world than a conservative…

      • Nadzieja Batki

        But Dave67, O is a bully not unlike yourself.

      • cawmun cents

        No Dave67,
        You are someone who wants to hide underneath the slipskirts of powerful Ivy League Lawyers,who’s feeble attempts at legislating safety from the safety of their own bully pulpit,
        have made the populace of our nation look like fools for ever letting these idiots in office.

      • MAP

        Dave67 proves that anyone can post here, no matter how stupid the post. Maybe we need more laws to micro-mange our lives, eh Dave?

      • DaveH

        Dave67 (Flashman?),
        Why don’t you just keep one personality? What kind of deranged mind pushes you to blog under different identities, Flashman?
        You can accuse others of lying about Obama’s true colors, but the proof is in his own books and actions.
        Just as the truth about your lack of credibility is in your own actions:
        In a recent comment, Dave67 said — “There is no country that has existed in the history of the industrialized world that is 100% capitalism and Lassie-Faire at that and you know it”.
        And then in the very same comment, Dave67 said — “Capitalism in in pure form fails just like Socialism does and Communism does”.

        Imagine that. Dave67 has gotten so carried away with his lies, that he contradicts himself in the same comment.

        Dave67 (Flashman?) is one of many members of the Society of Criminals:

      • DaveH

        Dave67 claims Obama isn’t coming for our guns.
        Gunowners of America says differently:

        So who do we believe, a known liar, or Gunowners of America?

      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        You may as well go back to your Flashman identity, Dave67, because your lack of credibility in your Dave67 identity has been exposed.

      • phideaux

        DaveH, I am not sure Dave67 is flashman but he surely posts under several different names Dave(insert number here).

      • Dave67

        Ok, so much BS so little time…

        No I do not trust gun owners who are led by the nose by what Wayne La Pierre says… When the Brady Institute gives you an “F” on gun control as they have Obama, you gun nuts should be thrilled. You I guess if you repeat the same lie over and over again… You fools think it to be true. “Obama is trying to take my guns!” Give me a break. Its all a play to get the scared to buy more guns and enroll in the NRA.


        I exposed your hackdom on a previous thread. You have no clue about international trade, currencies, and types of Gov as it exists in the real world. All you have is THEORY and right wing propaganda from the Heritage foundation. You are a phony or ignorant and I will let you choose which.

      • DaveH

        I base my opinion on many different observations of Dave67.
        Notable is that after a particularly potent exposure of Flashman (Flashy) by me, and after suggesting to Flashman that he at least be smart enough to log on to different ISPs with his multiple personalities, Flashy disappeared for awhile and Dave67 appeared.
        Also, their manipulative tactics are almost identical. And Dave67 has said things to me that would be known by Flashman, but Dave67 could only have known if he read back in the historical comments, which I seriously doubt he would do.
        At any rate, it really doesn’t matter that much, because I could expose him for his fraud, just as I’ve exposed Flashman over time. Liberals can’t help but expose themselves to people who think.

      • DaveH

        Pardon me while I wipe the tears from my eyes, Dave67.
        Just kidding, your Liberal bullying techniques mean nothing to me, Dave67. You need to save them for your fellow ignorant Liberals who fall for such adolescent manipulative tactics.
        You have no credibility on this board, Dave67 (err, Flashman).

      • DaveH

        Dave67 says — “I exposed your hackdom on a previous thread”.
        Oh? Perhaps you could reference that alleged event, Dave67, so the readers can see that you’re not just doing your usual fact fabrication, since you have no credibility on this board?

      • Dave67

        Here you go DaveH from “My Conscience speaks”. You do not even get that we live in a GLOBAL marketplace, you are that ignorant.

        So DaveH,

        Do you acknowledge that the country you fantasize about has never existed? If so where has it existed/ does exist in the industrial/post-industrial age?

        How do you reconcile the “free market” with countries like China, Mexico, varius Cen American, Asian and African nations that employ different currencies, styles of Gov. that pay workers next to nothing and engage in unfair trade practices?

        Does that the fact that other nations pay their workers put upward or downward pressure on the Avg American’s standard of living when talking about doing the same job?

        Answer these questions without sending me to your link, in your own words and we can be done with your charade.


        Dave67 says:
        July 13, 2012 at 8:23 pm
        Crickets from DaveH as expected.

        Now pay attention DaveH… This is a personal attack. You are a phony propagandist with nothing but theory to guide you while ignoring the real world of multiple currencies, types of Gov and general economy and social history.

        You are a hack.

        But I am sure you will cite Ludwing von Mises as your gospel even though you are a fraud.

        Deerinwater says:
        July 13, 2012 at 10:28 pm
        Don’t be too hard on DaveH, ~ I like him, ~ he is a constant, an Academian , as least he’s read the subject. While he’s not ran a profitable business or raised and educated 2 children that are achiever’s that succeed ~ must less 5. We can depend on DaveH for the latest ‘talking points”.

        DaveH says:
        July 13, 2012 at 10:51 pm
        And that matters how, Deer?
        As a matter of fact, you know nothing about my career or if I have a family or not. But then, what else would I expect from a Liberal but to fabricate facts?
        And Dave67 is not being hard on me at all. He would need some credibility to accomplish that, and he has none. He is likely just another incarnation of Flashman, the guy who has multiple personalities and tries desperately to silence me.
        In fact, I encourage your inane responses, because the more you guys speak, the more you reveal the techniques of manipulative Liberals to those who may not have been aware before reading your responses.

        DaveH says:
        July 13, 2012 at 10:59 pm
        Normally I would stop responding to a Liberal’s inane comments at this point, but this particular statement by Dave67 is too tempting:
        “How do you reconcile the “free market” with countries like China, Mexico, varius Cen American, Asian and African nations that employ different currencies, styles of Gov. that pay workers next to nothing and engage in unfair trade practices?”.
        You’re comparing China and Mexico with Free Markets, Dave67 (Flashman)?
        That is perhaps the most ignorant statement you’ve made yet. For those who want to see just how ignorant, go here, pick the China (138) and Mexico (54) links, and do some reading:

        You’re pathetic, Flashman.

        DaveH says:
        July 13, 2012 at 11:09 pm
        For those who would like to better understand Free Markets, please do something that will upset the misinformers like Dave67 — Read this book:

        DaveH says:
        July 14, 2012 at 7:59 am
        In his adolescent mind, Flashman (Dave67), thinks that saying pure Free Markets have never existed somehow proves that Capitalism is not the best form of economy there is. Perfection has also never existed either. Does that mean it’s not beneficial or that we shouldn’t strive for it? Of course not.
        Free Markets (Capitalism) have never existed in purest form for one simple reason — The Leaders can’t feather their own nests with Free Markets, so they resist them vigorously.
        Socialism, on the other hand, HAS existed in it’s purest form (Communism) in several countries (China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba) and it has been a miserable failure. Leaders love Socialism because it gives them complete control.
        I must say that whatever they’re paying you to disrupt this board, Flashman, it’s too much. All that I see you accomplishing is:
        1) Exposing the manipulative adolescent techniques that Progressives must use in order to supplant the logic that their policies lack.
        2) Exposing the Progressive/Liberal policies in a forum where they can be compared to policies of Freedom — something the readers won’t get on Propaganda TV.

        So keep on posting, Dave67, you are performing a valuable service to Freedom Lovers everywhere.

        Dave67 says:
        July 14, 2012 at 11:21 am
        To DaveH

        You lie and mischaractorize what I say and you have your own maipulation going as well. I have consistantly said the best system so far is a mix of capitalism and socialism. We have had that mix since we became the great industrial power we are.

        Communism, is a system where there is no personal property, no class system and no strong centralized Gov. That has NEVER existed in the modern world. You have just proven your ignorance once again. The USSR, China, North Korea are Authortarian Socialist systems with emphasis on the Authoritarian.

        Gotta love conservatives who throw big words around and have no clue what they mean.

        Spare me the Hetitage Foundation’s propaganda. They have as much credibility with me as has with you. They are a group of corporatists expousing their propaganda.

        To Deer,

        He does do the talking points well, he just lacks any real world experience and maybe that will come in time. When he gets out there is the real world and see how different econonomies and different governments as well as different currencies must be navigated and negotiated with in order to do business, he may get some education. I work in international sales so I have a bit better understanding of how the real world works. DaveH unfortunately lacks that experience and it shows. Hopefully one day, he will get in the game and see what the real world is like. Unitl then we will continue to be a repeater of conservative talking points. But that is what inexperience gives you. DaveH contine to flail about… You are if nothing else entertaining.

      • TIME

        Dear Dave #67,

        The UN SAT is 100% based on – as in word for word on the following Document.
        {United States State Department Disarment Doc # 7277 Series #5 } dated September 1961.

        Look it up and then tell me it’s not real, well that is if you can Comprehend what you read.
        That being said; the SAT is part of the “United Nations Agenda 21″ of what falls under many differant names now as the UN figured out that as many as 30 million PLUS Americans can read as well understand what they are reading, and will even do the research to find such Intel.

        So the UNA 21 can also be found with such sweet titles as
        “Sustainable Growth,”
        Population relocation and grown patterns for the 21 Century, Odd the nazis has a like program in the SS called RASSH, how funny, NOT!

        Oh and this one just sounds so nice, “RE GREENING public areas.”

        “Reduction of Carbons.” Keep in mind we are all “CARBON UNITS.”
        This one tells you whats going to happen well that is if you can just open your eyes.

        Some state’s use a slightly differant term, yet all are connected to the same base, “UN agenda 21″
        I feel you should all read what they are up to.

        Be that as it may the B OMEN stated – he was not only in favor of the UN SAT, but that he would sign it by way of EO even if the Senate would not return the VOTE he wanted.
        So what part of that is beyond your ability to understand Dave #67?

        People, your options are limited and getting lesser day by day.
        What will you do about it?

        Peace and Love

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Baloney…if someone threatens you with a gun call the police & file charges

      stop whining

      • chamuiel

        If someone threatens you, call the police and file charges, huh! say what? I did that once. Guy told me he would be packing a gun when he came by my house and that he knew how to use it. I called the Police, and the next day an Officer finally showed up. He said that more than like the guy didn’t really mean anything and that people say things like all the time. He also asked me why I was wasting his time with trifles? This was a Houston Police Sergeant. Rhonda, you know not of what you speak of.

      • phideaux

        chamuiel that was a verbal threat not being threatened with a gun.

      • Chester

        Rhonda, usually if someone threatens you with a gun, it is far too late to call the POLICE. You would be better off calling for an ambulance, as it will be there before the police, and might actually be able to save your life after the idiot waving the gun pulls the trigger. Of course, if his aim is halfway decent, the ambulance is going to do no good, either. If someone promises to come by your house with a gun, the best thing you can do is have a bigger gun waiting for him to show.

    • Power To The People

      Too much kool aid this morning? Defending a constitutional right is not bullying….get a life. The gun haters who want the UN to run the country actually think taking away guns will stop assault, murder….you name it. Hog wash! When Australia put in place strict gun controls, crime went up over 200%.

    • daniel

      Is that why we have so many “righties” going around threatening grandmas with death? I just adore the right wingers that defecate on cars or trash homes and businesses and threaten families with children. Yep, I can see how peace loving the right wing is. Of course I do wonder what you would do if confronted with violence of this nature. Remeber “when seconds count it is good to know the police are only minutes away.”

      • chamuiel

        Defecate on cars, destroy homes and private property? Seem you are a little confused there. You are talking about O.W.S., all left wingers, progressives. Socialists, and communists.

        Why do you lefties always try to attribute your actions to the other side? You think perhaps if you are doing it, everyone else must be also.

      • chamuiel

        Wasn’t it you lefties who wanted Obama care passed, you know with the Death panels that threaten the lives of Grandpa, Grandma, special needs kids, etc?

        Daniel, you just have it all backwards , don’t you.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        WOW, daniel, I agree with Chamuiel! You’re describing the left wingers to a tee!!! It’s obummercare that is threatening grandmas! I’ve never heard a single threat to grandmas from right wingers. The same with the crapping on cars etc… But then I guess we should expect nothing but doublespeak from left wingers!!! You speak the exact opposite of truth!!!

      • TIME

        The Hope and Change of B OMEN’s values, as well as G Bush’s, Bill Clinton and even Mittiee the sock puppet, FDR, Wilson, Teddy Boy, Nixon, Carter, well lets just make this simple every Damm CEO of the United States inc. from 1860 – to this very day.

        War is Peace

        Freedom is Slavery

        Ignorance is Strenght

        Peace and Love

    • DaveH

      Because, Jim, your kind are constantly assaulting our Freedom and using force to take our hard earned money to spend on your pet peeve programs. I realize you and your thieving, controlling buddies just want us to lay down and take it like wimps.

    • rb

      True enough! Liberals just use lawyers and military/police coertion to get there way! If they don’t like it they just out law it and use Big Brother to watch over everyone so no one dares speak against them.

    • Kate8

      Jim – And the Left is just eliminating ALL RIGHTS to get their way.

    • Brad

      Jim just try to take away our rights to bare arms and you will meet your maker faster than you can even imagine.

      • Karolyn

        Hey, what’s wrong with “bare” arms?

      • Kate8

        Yeah. Moosie exercises that right all the time.


      Obama is taking care of any Amendment rights we have left by his “EXECUTIVE ORDERS”>

  • Jessie Martin Foster sr

    Sheila Jackson Lee , Is a new york lawer that belongs to penzoil they brought her to Texas and bought her way into Local politics in Houston . Her Districk is a blight on the Houston Texas People.

    • Bev

      I understand that a lot of the illegal voting actually happened in her district – something to the tune of 21,000. Now you know why she continues to be reelected.


      I would not want that mental midget to represent me for a parking ticket.

  • http://none John

    When I was in grammer school there was a bully older than the rest of us; we had a christmas play and I was a shepard he started to bother me and I drew back the staff he ran and I tripped him’ everyone laughed he never bothered me again!

  • Steven6032

    Good and timely topic. I am a middle school teacher. Helping reduce bulling and educating kids of the new dynamics of cyber-bulling are worthy goals. But this is a job for #1 parents, #2 local communities including local schools, and #3 privately supported groups that can provide resources for parents and schools.
    The federal government should stay out of it! It’s not their job. One of the reasons we have these huge dept problems is that the Federal Government want to fix all of life’s problems. But more often they either waste a lot of money and/or mess thing up more. Jackson Lee and the likes would better serve by encouraging her constituents to get involved at the local level and to get involved herself once she retires from congress. Let congress deal with the issues that are on their level.
    Also, the schools should not and must not be allowed to be involved with what students do outside the school physically or on line. Like the Federal Government, schools also like to do power grabs and must be held in check. In the name of “helping kids” we must not abdicate these responsibilities to government entities.

    • RR Worker

      While what you said is true, I would think that before a “middle school teacher” commented on the subject of bullying, that teacher would at least know how to spell words like “bullying” and “debt”. It makes you look as if your students might be smarter than you are.

      • Power To The People

        Make you feel better to point this out?

      • DaveH

        Speaking of Bullying, RR.

    • Bev

      I also taught middle school and the way I handled that in my classroom and on campus was to tell the bully that something was wrong with him/her. If the only way they could feel good about themselves was to put someone else down then they had some real deep issues and probably needed some counseling. It was a sneaky way to get them to stop because no one wants to be thought of as “not right”.

    • cawmun cents

      He is a gubment plant…..or at least the mental equivalent of one in the faculty department.
      I will never understand how the supposed”educated”people in our nation,will let lawyers do all the thinking,and doing for them.Dont they understand that that is how you get into governmental situations that are difficult to get out of?
      My guess is that,either they do not care,or just maybe….they are not as educated as they perceive themselves to be.
      But what do I know?
      Apparently very little…….

    • chamuiel

      I have a 16 year old Grand Daughter. When another girl in School who was jealous of her went on Facebook and started telling stories about her, I told her not to respond and to get off FaceBook. A month later all the kids at School found out the other girl had been lying about my Grand daughter. The lies did stop.

  • Floridastorm

    I say, if a child bullies another, have both parents brought in and given a warning. You have one chance to stop your brat from bullying. If it happens again your brat is expelled from school, period. In lieu of this, I also have another suggestion. Each school hires a martial arts instructor and puts him on the full time payroll. Anyone caught bullying makes a visit to the instructor for a little remedial training one on one. Bullying will disappear overnight.


      In my high school, when you got into a fight, you went to the gym and made to fight it out until you couldn’t stand up. We had very few fights or bullying in my day. Teachers today would be put in jail for this practice.

      • Karolyn

        A barbaric practice. What about kids who weren’t fighters?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        In Omaha a (male, middle school) teacher took two boys outside to duke it out. He stayed and watched to make sure no one was seriously hurt. He was fired!

  • Dave67

    We really should have another vote to repeal the HC law…. Since the GOP has said to their caucus that nothing to help this country is getting passed until after Nov. So why not have a vote on bullying?

    Go ahead conservatives run with it… Have the 34th vote on the HC law, how about reaffirming “in God We Trust” as the national motto again? Its clear that the The Tea Party traitors, Conservatives in the House and Senate Democrats are bent of destroying the country.

    Lets have a vote next affirming that Missouri is the “show-me state” or that racism is bad… Its not like we are in any kind of economic trouble or anything…

    This is the worst Congress in my lifetime so why not have all the symbolic votes we want to make it look like these corporatist traitors are doing something.

    • momo

      This is the worst Congress in my lifetime so why not have all the symbolic votes we want to make it look like these corporatist traitors are doing something.

      You must not be very old, and tell your boy Harry Reid to bring the House passed bills to the Senate floor for a vote.

      Just because somebody disagrees with you does not make them a traitor.

      • Dave67

        The Tea Party are bankrolled by Dick Armey and David and Charles Koch… hardly grass roots…they are unwittingly doing the bidding of the corporatists in this country, the member of congress who call themselves Tea Party member proudly admit the lack of ability to compromise which is the hallmark to anything getting done in Washington. During this time, that kind of attitude is traitorous.

      • DaveH

        Dave67 (Flashman?) is obviously an Administration Shill, here to mislead ignorant people.

      • DaveH

        Progressive’s idea of “compromise”:
        They ask for $200 Billion in extra spending, but will “compromise” and accept $100 Billion in extra spending.
        Has anybody ever heard about them “compromising” to cut Government Spending? And I mean actual Spending, not cutting proposed Spending.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dave67, the Tea Party that sends out emails and has been usurped by the republican party may be financed by anyone. But the Tea Party OF THE PEOPLE isn’t financed by anyone! They meet in public parks and they speak out free of charge!!!

      • Dave67


        Thats great, people fed up and talk about changing the system. But the message has been co-opted by the Koch Brothers to do their bidding. They are part of the problem… As is Dick Armey. They are corporatists and aligned with the GOP. 4M to the Romney campaign that we know of. You may be ok with being a tool for big business, I do not.

        You want to fix this nation?

        Then follow my plan.

        Redo all trade agreements that are bad for AMERICAN workers
        Get rid the Citizen United decision and limit contributions to $50 per person/org to any candidate/party.
        Forbid lobbying by any member of Congress for 10 years after they leave
        Raise taxes and close loopholes for the wealthy
        Reduces spending on defense to 300B a year, eliminate farm subsidies and oil subsidies
        Reduce spending by making changes to SS, Medicare and Medicad until be get past the baby boomer generation.

        Nancy, do you have a problem with my plan?

      • DaveH

        I have a problem with your plans, Dave67.
        Dave67 says — “Redo all trade agreements that are bad for AMERICAN workers”.
        A Big Government advocate’s dream. Imagine how much more power that one would give Power Hungry Politicians? Who decides what’s bad?
        Dave67 says — “Get rid the Citizen United decision and limit contributions to $50 per person/org to any candidate/party”.
        Yep, another Progressive Dream. It takes a lot of money to unseat an incumbent who has had years of face time and franking privileges. Just another way to keep our corrupt Leaders permanently in office.
        Dave67 says — “Raise taxes and close loopholes for the wealthy”.
        Oh sure, take more money from the rich who already pay the lion’s share of taxes, and put that money in the hands of wasteful Government. The rich put most of their money into capital equipment and plants which results in better, higher paying jobs for Mainstream Americans, and cheaper, higher-quality goods for the consumers. The Government, on the other hand, uses that money to feather their own nests (partying, traveling around the world, etc.), or buy votes.
        Almost everything Dave67 advocates translates into even Bigger Government. Just what we need. NOT.

      • Dave67

        Once again, DaveH’s ignorance is on display…

        The Gov does this country’s trade deals with other nations yes or no?
        Now onto getting big money out of the political process… So you believe that Adelson giving 10M is a good thing? How about Soros?
        As far as taxes go, the top 400 earners in this country pay an avg of 16%… so spare me the poor rich tale. they have the political access, they have the money to buy elections.

        Once again your ignorance shines bright…

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        OK, Dave67, how about some compromise? I’ll agree with most of what you propose. Here are my proposed changes. Forbid lobbying period!!! And establish a flat rate of taxes that is the same for everyone and contains NO loopholes or deductions!!!

      • JeffH

        Dave67, based on a long exchange we’ve previously had…there’s no doubt that you are nothing more than a shill, albeit a weak one at that. As memory serves me, your arguements are based on “what if’s”, pure conjecture and fallacy.

        Polly want a cracker? baaarrraaaccckkkk!

      • Dave67


        I could get behind your changes but doesn’t forbidding lobbying run contrary to the Constitution?

        I believe we are in a different place than we were in 1776 and to protect EVERYONE’s rights changes in the way we do things must be made but I wanted to understand your take on lobbying if you are a strict constitutionalist. I am not opposed to it in the form it is in today mind you.

      • DaveH

        Dave67 says — “The Gov does this country’s trade deals with other nations yes or no?”.
        Duh, the Government provides cover only, for their Crony Capitalists with the so-called “Free Trade” agreements. Real Free Trade doesn’t involve Government. Some reality:
        Dave67 says — “Now onto getting big money out of the political process… So you believe that Adelson giving 10M is a good thing? How about Soros?”.
        I believe that the Politicians should provide full disclosure about where they get their campaign money. That is all. If you aren’t smart enough to make up your own mind, Dave67, that’s your problem.
        Dave67 says — “As far as taxes go, the top 400 earners in this country pay an avg of 16%”.
        The link I provided gives figures from actual IRS receipts, Dave67, not Liberal conjecture.
        Perhaps you could provide some references for your claim, since you have no credibility?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dave67, in 1776 lobbying would have been recognized for what it is: BRIBERY!

      • Dave67


        Thats EXACTLY what it is to… legalized bribery how its practiced today but its protected under the first amendment even if it does the damage it has done to this country.

        Lobbying is a way for better or worse to get your issue in front of your elected representative. The rules of lobbying are in serious need of changing.

      • Nancy in Nebraska
      • Dave67

        That seems to me like that is Voice of America like we did against Cuba but this is over the net. Am I missing something?

      • Dave67

        Here is the reference for the top earners which I am sure you will excuse away

    • DaveH

      The House of Representatives (who represent the people) DID vote to repeal the Healthcare Law, Dave67. But then, Liberals don’t care what the people want, do they Dave67?

      • Dave67


        70% of the people want taxes raised on the wealthy… Why do conservatives ignore the will of the people?

        What was the GOP plan for HC again? Oh yeah… they had none… but they know how to market their BS positions

      • DaveH

        Wow, Dave67 says something true for once.
        But, I’m betting that if those 70% were aware of this, the number would plummet:

        It just goes to show how effective the propagandization of the Mainstream Americans by Progressives has been. That’s why we’re here — to wake them to the reality that they have been lied to by the Liberals/Progressives.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dave67, this is not a democracy. It’s a republic! It was set up that way to protect INDIVIDUAL rights, so that the majority could not abuse the minority! “The government shall pass no law that infringes upon the rights of the individual”. Now, I know that our country has not abided by that in many years but we need to go back to that before we lose ALL of our rights, whether in the name of the majority or not!

      • Dave67


        What can’t you do now that you could do under George W Bush? Ronald Reagan? besides nonsense around airport security stemming from 9/11?

        Whatcha got?

      • JeffH

        Dave67…they have non(HC)? Au contraire! Too much MSM? Never take what you hear as truth…investigate & authenticate, it will help you avoid the taste crow and shoe leather.

        House GOP Solutions Group Outlines Health Care Plan to Increase Affordability, Accessibility, Availability

        Commonsense Health Care Reform to Lower Costs and Increase Access and Quality at a Price Our Country Can Afford.

      • JeffH

        D67…and then there is this.
        The Republican Health Care Reform Plan: HR 3218
        Improving Health Care for All Americans Act

      • Dave67

        Wow Jeff… you get a junior G man badge for pulling something AFTER the HC plan was put on the table by Democrats…

        Let me ask you, what did the GOP do about HC when they had the Executive and Legislative branches? I know they were very busy spending money on BS wars and passing tax cuts we could not afford but what did they do?

        Nothing… that is what they did.

      • JeffH

        D67, one more time.
        H.R. 5994-The Choice in Healthcare Act

      • JeffH

        Dave67 says “wow, I have no credibility at all” but I’ll keep repeating the propaganda I’ve been spoon fed and educated with.

        You remind me of the repeating parrot!
        Polly want some more crackers? baaarrraaaccckkkkkk!

      • JeffH

        D67 ignorantly says, “Wow Jeff… you get a junior G man badge for pulling something AFTER the HC plan was put on the table by Democrats…”

        No D67, I did what you are to lazy to do, looked it up, aka, worked for it…called a simple search on the internet. It’s really easy, doesn’t require government assistance and can help to eliminate the bad tastes associated with eating crow and shoe leather. You should try it sometime!

      • Dave67

        JeffH is a funny guy, I ask what the GOP did when they had control of the Executive branch and the Legislative branch…JeffH in his superior intellect gives acts from 2009 after Obama puts out the desire for HC and another act in 2012… No for those playing in the real world… The time frame I am referring to is 2001-2006. Yo remember that time don’t you? When conservatives got us into 2 wars and gave tax cuts at the same time… But alas… nothing passed to get better HC for most people.

        Poor Jeff…Its tough being a conservative who doesn’t understand much does it?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        OK Dave67! Here’s one! I can no longer protest or demonstrate at any event in which the president (and the secret service) is present!

        And as I stated this is not just a recent problem. It’s been going on far too long. But you wanted a recent one, I gave you one! Now don’t come back at me with bush or reagan or anybody else. It’s not a one president or one party issue!

        By the way, the constitution says I have the right to protest the government!

      • Dave67


        I believe the curbs on protest around the president came after the Hinkley assassination attempt. I could be wrong. And it is our right and duty to protest what we feel is wrong.

        Trouble is, the electorate does not get enough good info thanks to 6 multinational conglomerates controlling 90% of what we see and hear. First to report does not mean best. We need the press to do its job to give us good information. I am not going to tell you that liberals in the media do not spin but conservatives are guilty as well… This whole business about Obama be a socialist/communist or wants to take your guns… the birther nonsense… Its all a useless distraction just like this anti-bullying nonsense from this Democrat blowhard.

      • JeffH

        Ignorant Dave67, No, the conservative didn’t get us into two wars under Bush and other than Reagan, there hasn’t been anyone in the WH that remotely resembled a conservative. Conservatives have never controlled one house let alone two or three. They’ve all been Big Government amd military statists. You can’t fathom that I’m sure.

        Health care reform has a long history of failure
        June 9, 2009 By: Sheila Guilloton

        “Actually, about every 15 years there is a push for reforming health care in America. It started way back in 1912 when Theodore Roosevelt’s Bull Moose Party introduced a platform calling for national health insurance for industry.

        In 1934 as part of the New Deal, Franklin Roosevelt considered proposing universal health coverage as part of the Social Security Act. Presidents as diverse as Truman, Carter, Ford, George H.W. Bush and Clinton have all introduced various proposals for health care reform. Universal health coverage is always the stated goal. All the proposals put forth by all these administrations, dating back to the early 1900′s, have only one thing in common—failure.”

        What is it that you expect to gain by asking such an ignorant question when all you have to do is look it up, again a simple search…typical though that you’re so lazy you need to have somebody else to the work for you. I know you’ll still be dissatisfied but, oh well, as they say in Poland “tough (expletive deleted)”!

        You ignorant libs just love to live in the past and peddle your lies, distortions and mis-information as truth and fact.

      • Dave67

        So Nancy, with all the rhetoric about how your freedoms are being taken away, the best you got is protests around the president? Do you protest at the WH daily?

        See this is the problem with conservatives as I see it. They complain about tyranny that is not there. They see rights being stripped away but cannot say what rights they no longer have. They are highly concerned about socialism taking over this country when corporatism is the real danger.

        We need to come together, both sides of the political spectrum to make this country better. Until we do, the corporatists will continue to pick this country’s bones.

      • DaveH

        The Capitalists, Dave67? You’ve told me repeatedly that we haven’t ever had true Capitalism. So how can you blame Capitalists for your problems? We haven’t had anything close to Free Markets since the turn of the Century. Instead, we’ve had Big Government Politicians supporting their Crony Capitalists (just a name, they’re not really Capitalists).
        Yet, the Progressives, like yourself Dave67 (Flashman?), support the very same Big Government that enables those Crony Capitalists. Without Government meddling in the marketplace with subsidies, price controls, quotas, tariffs, regulations, and the myriad other protective methods, the Crony Capitalists would be on their own and they would have to compete for the consumers dollars instead of taking them from us through the Government.
        Personally, my belief is that you, Dave67 (Flashman?), are an administration shill. If you’re not, having hung around here plenty long enough to have learned something, then the only other possibility is that calling you ignorant would be an insult to ignorant people.

      • Dave67

        Once again DaveH, you again lie about what I said. I never blame capitalism for my “troubles”. I believe Gov’s job is to regulate business so they don’t game the system. Is that what we have now? No… We have Gov doing big business’s agenda.

        Gov is only as good or as bad as the people WE allow to run it. In a nation of over 300M people, your small gov idea is just that… and idea… that does not fly.

        Obama has reduced the number of Fed workers on the payroll more than Reagan did… you would think conservatives would be pleased…But this is Obama we are talking about here.

        Obama has also reduced taxes on the middle class, but this is Obama so you buys lie about him yet again.

        Your nutty THEORIES have no legs but in la la land.

    • Brad

      Dave you need professional help dude, you are a whacko man!!

  • Average Joe

    What? You mean nobody here want to have their children marching lockstep with Ms. Jackson in her quest for the end of human emotion and critical thought? C’mon folks, toe to heal, toe to heal…..
    Repeat after me: “I want to be a Borg”…Resistance is futile!
    The collective has spoken!

    May God have mercy on us all.
    Good luck and best wishes,

    • Power To The People


  • http://Yahoo Abby

    This status of bullying is a normal part of the pecking order. However, after reaching adulthood, one should be byond this stage. NOT!!!! Look at our government presuring the Congress to get its way. Case in point: Obamacare. How do we expect our yuth to go beyond the bullying stage when they see it everyday, on the news, in the paper, on TV and most of it is done by adults. When you take God out of the equation, you only have spoils left. Instead of working on stopping bulying, why don’t we work on the principle of being kind, treating others with respect, etc? Instead of emphazing the negative, let’s push for positiveness. The golden rule has not gone away == it is and will always be with us. Nothing the government, the unions, or the bullies can do will stop it.
    When you expect goodness, kindness, self-esteem, it will produce results.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      We have been told and told that the humans have evolved toward human perfection.Now the sickest human behaviours are happening from childhood up. Now laws will be made to curtail bullying as if that will do it. Let the bullied kid beat the living daylights out of the bully and this will probably solve the problem.

  • Sunny

    Sheila Jackson Lee and most of our “elected employees” need to be pushed up against a wall and told to go home. The biggest bullies EVER and we have become their victims. Our representatives USED to be afraid of We the People, now We the People are afraid of them. Whose fault it that? Our fault. Sheila’s right, “It is time for us to stand together and stop bullying. Everyone deserves to feel safe and free from persecution.”

    • cawmun cents

      Personally I’d rather see Jackson-Lee on an episode of Bully Beatdown,having to get pummeled by Laila Ali……but that is just IMHO.
      But what do I know?
      Apparently very little……

    • LaCalle

      Pushed up against a wall, yes. And offered a last cigarette.

  • FreedomFighter

    This is Nothing but a sideshow distraction.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Power To The People

      Yup…can’t do anything constructive so make up a BS initiative.

    • Dave67


      The sign of the Apocalypse is upon us!!! I agree with FF.

    • 45caliber


      She has to propose SOMETHING every couple of years to attempt to prove to her voters that she is doing something for them. So this.

  • Iris D. Lynch

    Bullying is simply a form of of power. First it is psychological and ultimately leads to physical power. My book THE MIRACLE OF SELF POWER will be available in February.

    Iris D. Lynch

  • Steve E

    When I was a kid, my Dad taught me how to handle bullies very well. He told me to ” Ball up you fist, hit them as hard as you can, and be sure you hit first. Then the bully will leave you alone”. It worked every time for me. I’m not so special that it can’t work for any other kid.

  • john carlisle

    on my message imean’t to say i agree with jim

    • cawmun cents

      In other words….
      You are one of those no-assed liberals who gets a team of lawyers from DC to do your bullying for you.

  • AK Tom

    The dumbing down and wussification of America continues…

    • 45caliber

      The first rule of the communists for take-over of the US was to “destroy the ruggedness of the American people … ” This fits right in, doesn’t it?

  • Richard

    Oh my this is a serious problem, much bigger than gthe unemployment issues, But I guess since the dumbocraps brought us this unemployment they feel like they have done their fair share, after all look at the increases in the welfare roles. This woman almost makes me ashamed to say I live in Texas then I wake ups and realize she isn’t from Texas, but from Houston, the lawyer capital of this country.

    • 45caliber

      Humm … I hadn’t considered it (I live an hour south of Houston) but you are right. Houston really isn’t like the rest of the state. You might as well say it is a reflection of the NE US rather than the Texas I know. It makes me feel better about it now.

  • loboviejo

    The nature of compulsory public school (and Catholic school for that matter) has always been coercive. This is the atmosphere in which bullying thrives. My son the Special Agent was physically intimidated in elementary school. He did not speak about it at home, but asked to be enrolled in martial arts. By the time he was a senior in high school and the coaches were asking him if he would like to play football the physical intimidation was long past. His opinion, backed by 20 or years in police and corrections work is that the public schools train students to fit right in to life inside.

    Theodore Roosevelt’s father got him boxing lessons after some situations.

    I, myself, was bullied once on the playground. I did not respond when he called me half-breed (I do prefer Mestizo). Heck, one of the teachers called me half-breed. And I retreated while the twerp back me up against the bike racks to impress girls. He touched my chest and I responded in a manner than in a zero-tolerance atmosphere would mean time off. I got in a lucky punch and he ran to the playground teacher with a bloody nose. In neighborhood fights I generally got the wost of it, but that solved that situation.

    What Congress-critter Jackson Lee wants is a society (and therefore school system) where the agents of the state have a monopoly on force. This is about a society being conditioned to be passive.

    • 45caliber

      Actually what she wants is government protection for black bullies when they get into trouble trying to bully others. After all, like all terrorists who are labled “freedom fighters” by the press, they are simply defending themselves from the attacks by others that they know are going to come in the future in retaliation for their bullying now. (If you can follow that line of thought)

      • uvuvuv

        regarding, have you ever seen the heft of a can of arizona ice tea? oh not that it would ever be used as a weapon.

  • Power To The People

    Yup…you got it right brother! I too was bullied in middle school. After a few weeks of it I grabbed the kid in the restroom and threw him into the wall and he left me the hell alone from then on.

    • 45caliber

      I was the geek/bookworm on campus but I grew up on a farm. When leaving our school, there was a sharp bank down to where the busses waited. One afternoon I was walking to the busses when the school bully stopped me at the top of the bank. He was trying to impress some other students nearby. After listening to him a moment, I realized he was trying to start a fight. I had one arm full of books. I simply hit him in the face with my other hand – and due to farm work I was quite strong. He rolled all the way down the bank and slammed to a stop against a bus tire. I walked down and got on the bus. He never bothered me again and quit school a month later since others would laugh about him rolling down the slope.

  • uvuvuv

    will this law apply for a repub kid in a class full of dem kids who pick on him? or how about one straight kid in a class full of gays, which in some neighborhoods is possible. the dems should applaud bullying, after all the evolution they teach in schools tells all about survival of the fittest, where only the strong survive. somehow this doesn’t apply to the squirrels around here, or the doves at my bird feeder, so i think mr darwin might not be 100% right, but the schools seem to think he is, so they should let evolution work its magic in sifting out the weakest among us. perhaps this is why most teachers ignore bullying complaints, they have fish with feet on their bumpers.

  • uvuvuv

    nancy, i saw your sapp comment and thanks. this isn’t pertinant to the subject but i was being bullied all day so i saw your reply too late for my own reply to be caught by you.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Got your response. Thanks!

  • uvuvuv

    my aunt sandra was being bullied and so my grandfather took the kids aside who were doing it and said, guys, my daughter is being picked on by these mean kids and i wonder if you could look out for her. i’m asking you because you’re the tough kids in her class and no one will bother her if you’re watching her. it stopped right there.

  • Dan

    Sheila Jackson Lee belongs to one of the biggest bullying group in the Nation called the NAACP and the Black Caucus . They try to bully White America into submission with the Race [ bully ] Card .

    • JeffH

      Dan, Sheila Jackson-Lee was also a Vice-Chair of the Socialist Party of America aka the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

      From the People’s Weekly World, the official newspaper of the Communist Party USA, Sam Webb, chairman of the Communist Party USA:

      “Millions who have to be at the core of this party still operate under the umbrella of the Democratic Party, albeit increasingly in an independent fashion.”

      Webb said that for communists there are major differences between Democrats and Republicans. He urged his supporters to continue to back the Democrats.

      The Communist Party USA fully endorses Obama as well as Lee.

  • uvuvuv

    sorry, it’s me again. in her autobiography hillary clinton told how she complained to her mother that this kid was hitting her. her mother said hit him right back. she did that and that ended the fighting and she ended up in history as the presidential candidate who shudda won, but didn’t. interestingly the kid who was picking on her went on to become world famous in his own right, carl mahakian.

  • cerebus23

    cannot wait for the feds to make it a felony for bullying……8 year old child felon for calling another child fat.

    as a person that was bullied in my grade school days, harassed near endlessly, mostly my “fault” for daring to think for myself and not follow the crowd and on top of it being fat, and being a pretty large geek to boot.

    the government i will say has all the experience in the world of know how to bully at lest. drug war we fire bomb other nations in the name of the war on drugs, we threaten countries to follow our laws or else, they are doing the same in internet and privacy laws today, minus using military assets to bomb or raid other countries, we have used the fbi and others to conduct illegal raids in foreign countries. then we threaten those countries when they take offense.

    a new zeland judge the other day called america the enemy, in relation to the illegal raid, seizure of evidence, and then the saber rattling by the good ole USA, was amusing to see how many people jumped to the side of the US.

    what is even worse, is the fact that none of these examples of “bullying” are motivated by any sense of pure reason, logic or sense of fair play, its motivated by lobbiests, big money from the drug companies, the music and movie industry, and so on that drives our nations policy more than reality does. teachers union money could be well driving it also, lets arrest/dope up the kids so they are less of a hassle.

    i will be somewhat amused to find out that this anti bullying stuff somehow had the money of shrinks and etc behind its concern, get all them little kiddies into therapy, and then the drug companies dope them full of drugs while they are in therapy. win win.

    and in the face of 14 trillion in debt this is the most pressing issue they could come up with, because i know everyone i know just cannot stop talking about bullies…..and it is obviously a crisis of extreme proportion, and we must stop it now before the crushing weight of massive debt brings our entire nation to its knees.

    stop telling kids they are special and perfect to, really ruins ones life when your told your are great perfect and etc and life kicks you in the throat because you are in fact not all that special, and noone is in fact perfect. kinda causes people to go off the deep end.

    rather than us older folks that were told, things like bullying builds character, do unto others, be a man or woman as the case may be, etc. which generation grew up more well adjusted? i do not recall anything but a few fist fights in my schools, no shootings, no kids planning to blow up schools, so which ways of raising children are better exactly?

    i am 100% for bullying the federal government however, people should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people.

  • Thinking About

    This is a very serious issue and should not have to not have to have laws against but in today’s world there is not enough restraint with out having to place fines, etc to give relief to those who are bullied. If we truly want liberty one of the first things we must do is realize not everyone shares our thoughts. I find there is not any boundry to actions of bully and this goes on in our churches as well. What would Jesus do, surely not what we see today.

  • Thinking About

    One bully I can think of is Grover Norquist, Congress should stand up to him and rip up the OATH which has a stranglehold on them and tell him NO MORE.

    • FreedomFighter

      How about Bloomburg in NY?

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • Gene Ralno

    This isn’t about the kids or bullying or even the terrible government schools in her district. It’s about keeping another limousine liberal in the news. Jackson-Lee is a meat headed socialist who represents a Houston district gerrymandered to protect the democrat seat created almost 40 years ago. As long as her constituents are supported by the government, shell retain her seat. And because the 18th district has more blacks than whites, she’ll be there as long as she lives. Pelosi enjoys such loyalty from the pervert majority in San Francisco. If we win in November, we’ll have to win the districts made up of self sufficient voters.

  • 45caliber

    This is election year. You never hear from her until about six months before the election … and then the Houston Chronicle starts printing daily stories about her. She is stupid and very racist – and so is her very carefully selected district. It is one of the most gerrymandered districts in Houston. For some reason the Chronicle loves her but few other people do outside her district. 90% of what she does is out of the state … if she can be recognized for doing anything. The voting in her district is also quite dishonest. Last election there were a number of vote watchers set up to try to stop it; she called the cops to have them removed for “intimidating” her voters. Further, the cops caught her inside the voting area (illegal) stopping each person as they entered their voting booth to tell them to vote for her. She insisted she didn’t know it was illegal. She badly needs to be replaced.

    • cerebus23

      i am reminded of when i did not know about a law one time cop told me “ignorance of the law is not an excuse” how is a excuse for her exactly? oh wait she is in congress they only make laws they dont read them.

  • 45caliber

    I remember a couple many years ago who had a new son. I was talking them and idly asked the father, as a joke, if he had gotten his son his first six-gun yet. The father and mother were immediately upset. “We’ve decided,” I was told, “to never allow him to have violent toys or watch violent movies. And when he grows up, the world will be peaceful because of it.”

    I was somewhat shocked. Then I replied, “Your theory is wrong. If there is one child now who grows up to be mean, your child will be helpless because he will have no idea of how to react. And I’m going to teach my son to be the meanest S.O.B. around so he WILL know what to do.”

    They never talked to me again.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      I do believe that you didn’t miss them talking.

      • 45caliber

        Not a bit.

        Our kids (his and mine) are now in their 30s now. Mine are doing okay. I have no idea how his are doing – but the world is still the same as it was then.

    • http://FB242 Lloyd Howard

      Look UP: FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS: HE TRIED IN THE 30s and 40s TO TAKE THE COUNTRY At that time his party was shut down…… but his party is in place to take over. WE ARE IN TROUBLE

    • Karolyn

      The thing is if everybody felt like they did, there would be less violence in the world.

      • Karolyn

        This answer should have gone up above to 45.

      • 45caliber


        But as I tried to point out to him, not everyone WILL do it. You are looking at the fantasy while I am looking at the reality. And if you train your child like that, then when he encounters someone who has NOT been raised that way, he is at a severe disadvantage. He may even be killed. To my knowledge, none of my kids were bullies. But they were taught to meet and overcome any bully who they might have attack them.

      • Karolyn

        But it’s a cop-out to say that nobody else will do it, so I won’t either. It has to start somewhere. How does anything change unless somebody starts to do something differently?

  • Dennis

    Just another cog in the wheel of installing Communism (total people control by the government) as the rule of the land in the United States.

  • Dave67

    phideaux says:
    July 18, 2012 at 10:34 am
    DaveH, I am not sure Dave67 is flashman but he surely posts under several different names Dave(insert number here).

    That is a lie. I am a liberal and since I have been coming here, I only post as Dave67.

    How many names do you post under? Do you lose 50 IQ points and call yourself DaveH?

    • DaveH

      I have already exposed your lack of credibility, Dave67, here (follow the thread to Dave67′s comment):
      First you say Pure Capitalism has never existed, then you say it fails every time.
      Any intelligent person knows that those two statements can’t both be true.
      The fact is, Dave67, that you just fabricate facts to suit your arguments, like the typical Progressive does, because logic and reality don’t support your BS.
      You have no credibility on this board, Dave67.

      • Dave67

        There has never been a country that has existed in the industrial age that is this capitalist “free market utopia” you wish for and it can’t exist because of all the human elements that cause Socialism and Communism to fail.

        But you are too dim to realize.

        But continue with your theory.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Dave67 sounds as if he has been warned by his handlers that his job may be in peril. So this may be why his posts read so frenzied.

      • DaveH

        Yet, you say Capitalism’s a proven failure. How can that be if it’s never existed?
        Are you really that ignorant, Dave67, or are you just counting on the readers to be ignorant enough to buy your BS?

      • Dave67

        Nadzieja Batki says:
        July 18, 2012 at 11:36 am
        Dave67 sounds as if he has been warned by his handlers that his job may be in peril. So this may be why his posts read so frenzied.

        Careful… thats alot of words there… don’t hurt yourself.

    • Dave67

      DaveH likes to lie alot… I said Capitalism in its pure form fails, there has never been a pure capitalist system in the industrial global trade age and the reason why is because of the human conditions that include greed, apathy, laziness etc… the same human traits that cause socialism and communism to fail in their pure forms.

      The United States became the great nation we became through a combination of capitalism and socialism.

      But DaveH ignores that reality….Without the Gov, the interstate road system does not exist, the internet does not exist, the technology from NASA does not exist, the air grid does not exist.

      DaveH, a simple question… Yes or no… Can a monopoly come into being under a pure capitalist system? If no, why not?

      Can you answer such a basic question? I will bet you can’t because it blows your nonsense out of the water.

      • JeffH

        Dave67, strong on rhetoric, conjecture, accusations, fabications and unsupported “facts”(opinions?)is a model Alinskyite. You’re in wat over your head here, cut your loses ’cause can’t compete with lies alone.

        Another lesson for you. You are your own victim. Imagination… is the dynamism that starts and sustains you.
        You avoid direct confrontation by asking questions. This is how you deflect…Every weakness of every proposed tactic is probed by questions…. Is this manipulation? Certainly….” Again, you are your own worst enemy.

      • DaveH

        I posted a link to your comment so readers could see for themselves what you said. Do you think you can lie out of that?

      • DaveH

        Dave67 says — “Without the Gov, the interstate road system does not exist, the internet does not exist”.
        Pure conjecture, Dave67. I say that without Big Government there would be a lot more money to be spent on improving the lives of people instead of Big Government wasting our money. Roads did exist before Big Government. They were built by business coalitions to provide access to their businesses by their consumers. Neither roads nor the Internet need Government to exist.

      • Dave67

        And once again DaveH refuses to the question because once again he is a proven fraud.

        Theory is different than Reality DaveH. One day, you will understand.

      • DaveH

        Monopolies can only exist for any significant length of time with the Force of Big Government. And there are plenty of Government-sponsored monopolies. If monopolies are bad, then why does Government sponsor monopolies?
        But bad or not, they can only survive by force, the Force which Government provides.
        Those who would like to understand more about why monopolies cannot exist without the force of Government can read chapter 4 of this free book:

        Dave67 won’t read it, because he isn’t here to learn anything. He is here only to spread misinformation to gullible readers.

      • DaveH

        As usual, Dave67 thinks proof is what he says it is.
        No, Dave67, you are the only “proven” fraud in this conversation.
        I can back up everything I say with links to articles by knowledgeable authors, and I often do. On the other hand, I haven’t seen you post any links at all to back up your conjecture, much like the case of Flashman. Isn’t it odd how similar you two are?
        Face it, Dave67, you have no more credibility than Flashman (who is probably one of your multiple personalities).

      • Dave67

        DaveH is so predictable… can’t answer in his own words so he cites his theory based website

        “Monopolies can only exist for any significant length of time with the Force of Big Government. And there are plenty of Government-sponsored monopolies. If monopolies are bad, then why does Government sponsor monopolies?”

        What a load on nonsense…Companies can collude and merge to take over a particular market, they position themselves to get sweet deals on the pieces that make their widgets that give them a superior market position WITHOUT Gov intervention.

        Why don’t you get in the game and see how the real world works and not your book of theory that is mostly BS when it comes to dealing with the rest of the world.

        You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        OMG!!! Dave67 is bullying DaveH! Call the democrats!!!

      • Dave67

        Everyone!!! Help DaveH!!! he’s being repressed!!! (God I love Monty Python)

        I am bullying… I really should go and reassess my life, maybe take some sensitivity training so I don’t hurt poor little DaveH’s whittle feelings to not get hurt…

        Does Davey Wavey need a tissue?


        Can DaveH do a post without

        We will see if it is possible.

      • Jay

        Here, Dave67/Flashy, educate yourself.

        The Privatization of roads and highways: human and economic factors.

      • DaveH

        They’re called references, Dave67. You should try it, if you can find any to back up your nonsense.
        Dave67 says — “What a load on nonsense…Companies can collude and merge to take over a particular market, they position themselves to get sweet deals on the pieces that make their widgets that give them a superior market position WITHOUT Gov intervention”.
        That’s it? Because you say so? So how does that work, Dave67? They get sweet deals and then what? Do they pass them on to the consumers in the form of lower prices? If so, what’s wrong with that? How does that hurt us? Your rebuttals are so adolescent, Dave67. I think my 12 year-old grandson can mount better rebuttals.
        At any rate, I could care less if I educate you, Dave67. My target audience are the unintentional victims of propaganda (like that you promote) who are willing to see the light.
        Anybody who reads the recommended articles and books can easily see that you don’t have a clue.

      • DaveH

        Dave67 says — “Everyone!!! Help DaveH!!! he’s being repressed!!!”.
        I didn’t say that, ignoramus. It will be a cold day in hell before an ignorant Liberal shill, like yourself, can bully me. You might indeed influence some other ignorant Liberals who base their beliefs on emotion and lust for other peoples’ money, but those kind are lost to logic anyway. I’m seeking those who have half a brain and are willing to take off the Liberal Blinders imposed by manipulative Liberal propagandists like yourself.
        Dave67 says — “Can DaveH do a post without”.
        Sure I can, but with liars like yourself making people suspicious of everyone else, I prefer to give people sources other than my own beliefs, rather than expecting them to just take my word for it, even though (unlike yourself, Dave67) I am an honest man.

        By the way your statement is very much like I get from the troll Flashman, as if condescending is a logical rebuttal to my assertions. I wonder why you two are so similar?

    • Dave67


      Roads, where was the money from private enterprise to create the interstate interconnected road system? Why did private enterprise NOT create the system? There was no money in it. Once the Gov created it, it allowed business to better serve their customers

      Internet, again there was no money in creating the after the Gov created it, big and small business came along for the ride and made billions.

      Business does not need Gov to create a monopoly DaveH and all your theory in the world does not supplant human greed and desire to control. Walmart has the power to negotiate pricing due to volume of business, not gov rule making. What happens to small business retail when Walmart comes to town? Small businesses go out of business cannot compete on prices and when your standard of living is going down, you believe Walmart is doing you a favor.

      Like I said Jay, DaveH and anyone else who buys into the THEORY…. Get in the real game, then talk to me.

      You are 100% propaganda. Oh and I love how you say people who call themselves conservative are now not conservative because YOU say so… Conservatives are never responsible for anything. It must be great to be you.

  • Mike Doyle

    Keep in mind that this is the genius who gets credit for the following: On a visit to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Lee, a member of the House Science Committee’s space subcommittee, asked if the Mars Pathfinder had taken an image of the flag Neil Armstrong planted there in 1969!

    They breed and they vote!

  • geo_jojo

    As with most all problems in the schools, it is the government “programs” that is the cause of it all. The government cannot fix any problems in any schools. I pay county school tax and the county should be the one dealing with problems in the schools. 50 years ago schools were good and did not need police patrols. There was no bullying, or crime or disrespect or fat kids or discipline problems. Also grades were higher, kids learned more and did not tolerate cheating. Then the government offered the states money for the schools, the only stipulations being that the feds control how the money is spent and how the schools function. Every generation the gov. gets deeper into the schools with more control and the schools get continually worse. It seems to me that now days parents want the government to be responsible for EVERYTHING their kids learn. Personally, I think parents have no idea how to teach kids anything.

  • Ray O’Rourke

    Sheila Jackass Lee is a total moron…voted in by dumbass blacks that make up her district. She also wanted schools to teach ebonics so the inner city low-lifes could understand their lessons!

  • Karolyn

    The cure for everything wrong is education. Of course, all the parents posting here are perfect parents, and their children would never bully. The answer is not learning to fight back; it’s changing society via education to be less violent. Of course, the violent and belligerent tendencies shown here by some posters demonstrates where the problem lies. It is societal, and it is certainly not just here but all over the world.

    • Jay

      Karolyn says:The cure for everything wrong is education.

      If that were true, there would be nothing wrong, considering we’ve had education, for how long now? Not to mention the trillions spent on education to cure all that is wrong. Yet, wrong persists. And you suggest; more education, more money pumped into the system, more government control? Are you familiar with the definition of insanity?

      Karolyn: Of course, all the parents posting here are perfect parents, and their children would never bully.

      You state the obvious, how is that helpful? Conversely, there are many parents who do a splendid job, and their children never bully! The reality, Karolyn, we live in a world where sh*t’s gonna happen; but to suggest that daddy-government, or secular-socialist education can solve our problems, is to admit that you are incapable of performing even the most basic functions, much less, solve your own problems.

      Karolyn: The answer is not learning to fight back; it’s changing society via education to be less violent.

      Society isn’t violent, Karolyn. There are individuals in society who are violent, hence our belligerent and useless police force, our crooked judicial-system, and our interventionist-tyranical government!

      Karolyn: Of course, the violent and belligerent tendencies shown here by some posters demonstrates where the problem lies.

      One could also say that the problem lies in your ignorance, and in your persistence to spread your particular, and peculiar brand of racism.

      Karolyn: It is societal, and it is certainly not just here but all over the world.

      It is societal? What the hell does that mean?

      The problem is our institutions. Institutions set-up for the purpose to benefit society, have become predatory, and tyrannical! Government shill…

      • Karolyn

        People are not born violent. It has to come from somewhere. It is learned behavior.

      • Kate8

        Karolyn – Come on. That theory is so passe, and so ridiculously simplistic.

        We are born into duality, and are all part of the good/evil paradigm until the time when we gain sufficient understanding to evolve beyond it and recognize that all opposites are two sides of the same thing.

        The point is, what we perceive as good/evil is within us all, and we are all capable of every degree of every human condition. Some are born with a nature which is more inclined toward goodness, and others are born with nastier natures, and some with no conscience at all.

        Of course, our experiences in life shape how we direct our natures, but we are infinitely diverse and of every level of soul evolution. You can have two children born into the same family and they will be as different as if they were born worlds apart.

        To profess an idea that we are shaped only by our environment is to demean and diminish our humanity and our spiritual nature, which is the whole point. We are so much greater than that.

      • Jay

        Very well put, Kate8. Kudos…

    • 45caliber


      I can remember when the libs first started to push the “the society is to blame” argument.

      That is all bull and I believe it more now than I did then. Individuals are to blame for problems. The individuals in government are the ones who push for particular laws which can cause us problems. But their actions are blamed “on the society”. A mob is blamed – as part of a society – for some actions. But someone set up that mob. Take a look at some of the flash mobs that are robbing and destroying stores now. Someone set them up. Others joined as individuals because they believe there is no punishment that they can receive even if caught.

      “Society” was and is a cop-out … a way to alibi someone for some bad decision or action he made.

  • john culver

    How does the government think it can stop such a thing. They can’t stop the bullying that they do, much less stop others. Just another waste of tax money to combat something better left to the parents and school officials. We can’t protect our kids from everything, but we can help them undetstand and protect themselves frpm such things. Words can’t hurt you unless you let them. Grow a thicker skin, we had to growing up.

  • Dave67

    Another example of DaveH’s ignorance from “My Conscience Speaks”

    DaveH says:
    July 14, 2012 at 7:59 am
    In his adolescent mind, Flashman (Dave67), thinks that saying pure Free Markets have never existed somehow proves that Capitalism is not the best form of economy there is. Perfection has also never existed either. Does that mean it’s not beneficial or that we shouldn’t strive for it? Of course not.
    Free Markets (Capitalism) have never existed in purest form for one simple reason — The Leaders can’t feather their own nests with Free Markets, so they resist them vigorously.
    Socialism, on the other hand, HAS existed in it’s purest form (Communism) in several countries (China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba) and it has been a miserable failure. Leaders love Socialism because it gives them complete control.
    I must say that whatever they’re paying you to disrupt this board, Flashman, it’s too much. All that I see you accomplishing is:
    1) Exposing the manipulative adolescent techniques that Progressives must use in order to supplant the logic that their policies lack.
    2) Exposing the Progressive/Liberal policies in a forum where they can be compared to policies of Freedom — something the readers won’t get on Propaganda TV.

    So keep on posting, Dave67, you are performing a valuable service to Freedom Lovers everywhere.

    Dave67 says:
    July 14, 2012 at 11:21 am
    To DaveH

    You lie and mischaractorize what I say and you have your own maipulation going as well. I have consistantly said the best system so far is a mix of capitalism and socialism. We have had that mix since we became the great industrial power we are.

    Communism, is a system where there is no personal property, no class system and no strong centralized Gov. That has NEVER existed in the modern world. You have just proven your ignorance once again. The USSR, China, North Korea are Authortarian Socialist systems with emphasis on the Authoritarian.

    Gotta love conservatives who throw big words around and have no clue what they mean.

    Spare me the Heritage Foundation’s propaganda. They have as much credibility with me as has with you. They are a group of corporatists expousing their propaganda.

    To Deer,

    He does do the talking points well, he just lacks any real world experience and maybe that will come in time. When he gets out there is the real world and see how different econonomies and different governments as well as different currencies must be navigated and negotiated with in order to do business, he may get some education. I work in international sales so I have a bit better understanding of how the real world works. DaveH unfortunately lacks that experience and it shows. Hopefully one day, he will get in the game and see what the real world is like. Unitl then we will continue to be a repeater of conservative talking points. But that is what inexperience gives you. DaveH contine to flail about… You are if nothing else entertaining.

    DaveH doesn’t even get we are in a global Marketplace which is the reason I talk about China and other countries that have different gov’s, different currencies but DaveH will favor us with his BS theories time after time.

    • DaveH

      Thanks for showing more of your ignorance, Dave67. I think you are your own worst enemy. Most of the readers here probably don’t even need my aid to figure out that you are a loser. Why else would the majority of your comments be directed at personal attacks instead of just providing information to the readers?

      • Jay

        DaveH, the man is a fool. Why do you waste your precious time, knowledge, and resources on someone who will only respond with contempt, and ignorance? Your charitable spirit, and your vast knowledge, i should think, would best serve someone who will appreciate, and put all that you have to offer to good use.

        Now, just between you and me, and mr.knuckle-head, i honestly think that his purpose here is to keep you occupied, upset, and that you should exhaust your energies, needlessly. No offence, as i do have the out-most respect for you, Dave, but i think you’re being played by this, evil-half-wit-miscreant! It is only out of genuine respect, and affection for you, that i point this out. With sincerity…

      • DaveH

        Propagandists succeed by repeating their lies over and over again, until people think they’re the truth. I am here to stop creepy people like Dave67 (Flashman?) from getting away with it.
        He’s not worth my time, but the other good readers who might be swayed by his fabricated facts are definitely worth my time.

      • Jay

        I see your point!

    • DaveH

      This statement from Dave67 says it all in a nutshell — “he just lacks any real world experience”.
      Dave67 knows nothing of my “real world experience”, but apparently he thinks fabricating facts wins a debate. But beyond that, such a claim is just plain ridiculous, and typically used by those who use it to manipulate the weak-minded in lieu of presenting logical arguments, because everybody lives in their own “real world” and has their own unique life-experiences. However, his statement does shine light on the fact that Liberals/Progressives like to believe they know what is best for everybody else and are happy to try to force their idea of “best” on the rest of us.
      Never mind that the facts prove that the Bigger Government gets, the smaller the economy gets. Read the section “Economic Freedom in Various Countries”, page 285, in this book to learn more:

      • Dave67

        Give me your real world experience DaveH. I am in international technology sales and I sell into Bahrain, Germany, Columbia, the UK, Africa…I have sold millions of dollars of Cisco UC/VC/Collaboration equipment to international firms…I know the challenges of doing business internationally.

        You? (I get the impression, mom’s basement may be the reality)

        Nowhere do I advocate big Gov for big Gov sake… that is your nutty reading into everything that people like you when they don’t go lock step with your nonsense.

        You, Jay and JeffH can have your conservative pillow fights but the adults who live in the real word, know better.

      • Jay
      • Jay

        Dave67 says: Give me your real world experience DaveH. I am in international technology sales and I sell into Bahrain, Germany, Columbia, the UK, Africa…I have sold millions of dollars of Cisco UC/VC/Collaboration equipment to international firms…I know the challenges of doing business internationally.

        You? (I get the impression, mom’s basement may be the reality)

        Careful there, Pinocchio, your nose is growing. You keep lying like that and you may not be able to exit from where you reside, your mommies basement, due to that big-long-nose. Lol…

      • Dave67

        Lol… Jay lol

      • DaveH

        Next Dave67 will be trying to impress us with his Sniper stories.
        You see, Dave67 (Flashman?). The problem is that you have no credibility, so you can’t get off first base with your claimed life experience.
        But even if you were being truthful, we should get our political advice from a Technology Salesman? What next, you’re going to try and sell us a used car?
        Yep, that proves you don’t have a logical bone in your body.

      • DaveH

        Next Dave67 will be trying to impress us with his Sniper stories.
        You see, Dave67 (Flashman?). The problem is that you have no credibility, so you can’t get off first base with your claimed life experience.
        But even if you were being truthful, we should get our political advice from a Technology Salesman? What next, you’re going to try and sell us a used car?
        That proves you don’t have a logical bone in your body.

    • Dave67

      DaveH, I have experience… you don’t, its just that simple….

      Enjoy your mom’s basement for as many years as you can. Your does not take into consideration, the different types of Gov, the different currencies… It deals in theory.

      Just because you give your at the end of your posts, that does not give you credibility at all.

      You know that the Gov negotiates trade deals for this country, that is Gov interference in the market place. Its the way the world works..Gov has a responsibility to make sure work environments are safe, (more of that awful gov interference). Gov also is the means to make sure people do not get slave wages by putting in minimums on wages as well.

      Lets see how far you can go with your ignorance. Thanks to our trade deals with China, a Chinese worker gets paid 30 cents on the dollar to make an iPad. Where do you make the iPad, here or there? Now… lets say in DaveH’s fantasyworld…the Gov does not exist in this trade deal… Apple makes the deal with China. How does the dynamic change? Apple will still make the device in China. Now… Does that fact lower or raise American wages if America wants to compete against a country that manipulates their currency, pays people pennies on the dollar (doesn’t allow unions…. you love that) and has no environmental safety regs that are accountable to the people?

      You have no conservative propaganda approved answers DaveH. As I said, you are a hack with no experience in the real world. You JeffH and Jay can play kisseface under the covers at your mom’s place but you can’t even answer this simple question in your own words.

    • Dave67

      DaveH, that is the one right thing you have said, propagandists like you repeat the same lie over and over again and somehow the lie is believed.

      Conservatives are experts in the tactic.

  • Marilyn

    The biggest bullies in the government schools are the bureaucrats who work there. Until we return to private schools we will not solve the problem.
    “A bureaucrat is the most despicable of men,
    though he is needed as vultures are needed, but
    one hardly admires vultures whom bureaucrats
    so strangely resemble. I have yet to meet a
    bureaucrat who was not petty, dull, almost
    witless, crafty or stupid, an oppressor or a thief, a
    holder of little authority in which he delights, as
    a boy delights in possessing a vicious dog. Who
    can trust such creatures?

    Marcus Tullius Cicero

  • s mart pants

    As a child I bullied and was bullied , sometimes I won fights , sometimes I lost . We are raising a nation of pu#@ys.
    Keep your kids off the computer , kick them outdoors and have get physical exercise .
    Ps there is a block button on sites …….USE IT .

  • moonbeam

    Stopping the bullying begins at home. As far as the schools are concerned, they are scared of the bullies and refuse to do what is right.

    What usually happens is the one who is bullied gets punished (when he has had enough and fights back) and the bully gets to go back to class. I have seen this happen. School faculty never sees the bullying, so they claim. They only see the bullied FINALLY fight back, who then gets suspended for defending himself.

    Remember the kid in Australia who slammed his bully on his ass? Both were wrongfully suspended when the bully, who got his just desserts I might add, should have been expelled forever. The whole incident was recorded by another child on his cell phone.

    The kid who stood up for himself against a bully should have gotten a medal and a trip to Disney World, paid for by the bully’s parents!

    Kids do exactly what they see and are allowed to get away with at home. That will never change.

  • Carol Ann

    Government intervention is not going to stop bullying. My elementary school years were pure hell for me…I was bigger than everyone and picked on because of my size and in fact I was blamed by other parents and teachers as being the cause (I guess being fat is justification for abuse) and had to change schools. It wasn’t until I got to high school that the bullying stopped but by then I had a deep seated distrust of other people and still tend to keep to myself even as I near 50. Maybe it would have been better if I fought but back then “good girls” didn’t fight and my parents kept telling me to laugh it off.

  • Karolyn

    Everybody’s posting about physical bullying when the mental and emotional bullying is even worse. Look at the cases of what’s been done on places like Facebook. Mental and emotional abuse is worse than physical.

    • http://none Claire

      My sisters and I were picked on because were poor as hell. My Mother taught us to stand up for ourselves and I sure did. I was little for my age (44 pounds in 5th grade) but I sure was a scrapper and I still am.

      • Karolyn

        Hi Claire! Good to “see” you. How are you doing? How is the situation with your son?




    • Rebecca

      Block, Block, Block. As an adult I have been bullied on FB. I blocked them and that ended it. We can do the same for our kids.

  • http://yahoo marc lizotte

    Hey John , I hear ya! I had about 100 brothers when I was tween the ages of 3 and 8. I got the black eye routine too till I stepped in to help another kid, smaller than I and both of us put on a show that would a made John Wayne smile. If I `d a known ya on your bus route I would have told ya, Hey John I got your back! Numbers count when your that age ,it cost me a few shiners to find out tho lol!

  • http://yahoo marc lizotte

    OH Im sorry I forgot to mention that I was in an Orphanage, therefore the 100 brothers thingy! PAX

  • Doreen Mateicka

    It’s past time that we return the raising of children to the parents and the teaching and discipline in the classrooms to the teachers. I was picked on as a child in school (on oneoccasion there were 16 of them and 1 of me), but I had been taught never to back down and never to let them win. After the 16-1 incident, one of the ringleaders was suspended for the rest of the school year and had to undergo counseling (which was a lot more stigmatized then than it is now). I had my share of cuts and bruises, but I survived and became stronger because of it. Still one more place for government to be banned.

    • Kate8

      Doreen – Good for you! I absolutely agree.

  • Dale

    This election boils down to one reality. If you vote Democrat, you are saying that you wish to empower the government to take care of you and make all the decision for you from cradle to grave. If you vote Republican, you are saying that the individual should be given the ability to succed or fail on his or her own merits. Big Brother or Individual freedom.

    • Dave67

      What a load of BS. Is that why the banks and wall street are Romney’s biggest donors? Because they pull themselves up by there own bootstraps LOL

      How does the kool-aid taste?

      • uvuvuv

        dave based on your resume of selling tech equipment around the world you probably work with romney equivalents all the time. wealthy ambitious go-getters. if you had any intellectual honesty you would refuse to work with them because of your visceral hatred of reasonably successful people. but no, you hand over the pen. sign here, sir! and many many thanks! you get your commisions from them but imagine the intolerable gall of voting for someone like that. oh to remind you, the president you would grovel before in your own filth is wealthy too. just a reminder, old boy.

      • Dave67

        Ok uvuvuv,

        Where of I said I hate successful people? I have a great family, a nice home and cars my 6 figure salary provides me. I don’t hate capitalism either, I just know without layers of safeguards, it’s easy to game the system. I know gov has its role just like business and unions should have theirs. Trouble is… Big corp dollars in the political system is not good for the country because companies have no loyalty to the United States of America. I care about this country. That’s why I cannot stand the rampant corporatism going on in gov. All you seem to worry about is the socialism nonsense.

        But keep trying to put your bs narrative on me if it makes you feel better.

      • Jay

        Dave67/Flashy says: What a load of BS. Is that why the banks and wall street are Romney’s biggest donors?


        President Barack Obama’s largest campaign donors last month included employees of Wells Fargo & Co., (WFC) JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), according to an analysis of Federal Election Commission records.

        Their support indicates that Wall Street, which gave Obama $16 million for his successful 2008 White House run, is opening its checkbook again for the president.

        The contributions helped Obama raise $21 million in February, including $6.5 million transferred from a joint fundraising committee with the Democratic National Committee.

        President Barack Obama with supporters at the Nob Hill Masonic Center in San Francisco on Feb. 16, 2012.

        “The reality is the election has evolved from being Obama versus Obama to Obama versus a Republican alternative,” said Robert Zimmerman, a Democratic National Committee member and Obama fundraiser. “Now that contributors, party activists and citizens are seeing the choice, you’re seeing more support emerge for Barack Obama.”

        Obama has raised $161 million for his re-election and entered March with $84.7 million in the bank. Four years ago, engaged in a primary battle with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, he had raised $197 million by the end of February and had close to $40 million in cash.

        The incumbent has raised twice as much as Republican front- runner Mitt Romney, who has brought in $75.6 million, including $12 million last month. Obama’s campaign bank account entering March was more than 11 times greater than Romney’s.

        What was that you were saying about enjoying the kool-aid, Pinocchio?

      • Dave67


        Go to and look up Romney’s biggest donors then compare against Obamas. Let me know what you see.

        Oh foolish one.

        Anything over $50 from anyone/organization is too much money.

      • Dave67

        Should be

        But I am sure you will have your excuses…

      • Dave67

        For the ignorants like DaveH, Jay and JeffH

        Romney’s top donors this far according to

        Goldman Sachs ———————-$593,080
        JPMorgan Chase & Co————- $467,089
        Bank of America——————— $425,100
        Morgan Stanley———————- $399,850
        Credit Suisse Group——————$390,360
        Citigroup Inc ————————– $312,800
        Kirkland & Ellis———————– $264,302
        Wells Fargo—————————-$237,550
        Barclays——————————- $234,650
        PricewaterhouseCoopers———- $227,250
        Deloitte LLP ————————– $222,250
        HIG Capital ————————— $216,995
        UBS AG ——————————- $207,750
        Blackstone Group —————— $198,800
        Bain Capital ————————– $156,500
        Elliott Management —————– $146,275
        Marriott International ————— $137,827
        General Electric ——————— $135,450
        Bain & Co —————————– $130,550
        EMC Corp—————————- $129,450

        Now Obama

        Microsoft Corp $387,395
        University of California $330,258
        DLA Piper $306,727
        Google Inc $271,300
        Sidley Austin LLP $257,296
        Harvard University $232,158
        Comcast Corp $201,606
        Stanford University $188,290
        Time Warner $183,614
        Skadden, Arps et al $169,753
        US Government $149,458
        US Dept of State $147,917
        Kaiser Permanente $139,507
        National Amusements Inc $138,955
        Morgan & Morgan $135,145
        Columbia University $134,497
        Wells Fargo $127,807
        University of Chicago $127,507
        Wilmerhale Llp $117,661
        Kirkland & Ellis $113,770

        Now I am not saying Obama good, Romney bad because I believe any contribution over $50 should not be allowed.

        But the banks and wall street are responsible for the economy meltdown and who are they giving most of their money too? Mitt Romney…

        That is the reality you fools need to come to grips with.

      • JeffH

        Dave67 puts his ignorance on display once more.

        I don’t recall that Dave H, Jay or myself have ever shown any support for Romney but…once again, your post is meaningless and an obvious attempt to deflect from your own political shortcomings.

      • JeffH

        FYI – The Obama Victory Fund, a joint fund-raising committee that supports both President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee, raised a total of $39 million during the first half of 2011.

        And according to a new analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics, the Obama Victory Fund has relied on donors on both coasts as well as deep in the heart of Texas.

        Additionally, these donors frequently work for the securities and investment industry, the entertainment industry or law firms, the Center’s research indicates. Some top benefactors include the employees of Goldman Sachs, DreamWorks, Comcast and Disney.

        Here is a table showing the top 20 organizations whose employees — and their immediate family members — have donated the most money to the Obama Victory Fund through June 2012:

        Rank Donor Total
        1 Comcast Corp. $199,850
        2 Skadden, Arps et al. $141,500
        3 Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher $124,400
        4 Goldman Sachs $116,600
        5 Creative Artists Agency $111,900
        6 Berkshire Group $107,400
        7 Certain Software Inc. $107,400
        8 DreamWorks SKG $107,400
        9 Henry Crown & Co. $107,400
        10 Lazard Ltd. $107,400
        11 Sony Corp. $95,900
        12 Insight Venture Partners $91,600
        13 Capital Group Companies $87,600
        14 O’Melveny & Myers $87,100
        15 Walt Disney Co. $84,600
        16 Time Warner $81,500
        17 Bain Capital $76,600
        18 Wentworth Group $75,800
        19 News Corp. $74,400
        20 City of Los Angeles, Calif. $73,850

      • JeffH

        Top Industries of Obama Bundlers
        Together, 532 elites are directing at least $106,400,000 for Obama’s re-election efforts — money that has gone into the coffers of his campaign as well as the Democratic National Committee..
        Industry Min./Raised/# of Bundlers
        Lawyers/Law Firms $22,400,000 128
        Securities & Investment $14,500,000 77
        Business Services $10,850,000 43
        Real Estate $7,300,000 35
        TV/Movies/Music $6,800,000 30

        34 registered lobbyists have bundled a total of $5,250,506 for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

      • Jay

        I have as much love for Romney, as i do for obama. Both, are wall-street-whores.

        • johnnywoods

          I belief that Obummer got his share from Wall Street also so shut up and sit down.

  • c. t. Frank

    I’m responding the the attitude of the first few sentences of the article. It suggests that the government shouldn’t be doing anything about any lesser issues until unemployment and the national debt have been solved. There will always be one or two very major issues. Should the government’s focus be so narrow than no others are addressed?

    But I don’t think the government can do much about school bullying. That definitely is a problems for the parents and schools to work on together.

  • Jay

    Government: “If you think the problems we create are bad, just wait until you see our solutions”!

    • Kate8
      • Jay

        I found it rather up-lifting, Karolyn. Because, Americans are so heavily armed, is precisely the reason the subversion-infiltration-take-over of America is subtle, methodical, and propagandistic. The enemy knows full well, that a bloody confrontation-revolution, would result in their defeat. Hence the alternative; attack with the purpose to destroy Christianity, destroy family and family values, infiltrate and take-over our schools, government, media, churches, newspapers, entertainment industry, through which they feed us daily, their brain-numbing propaganda, so as to disarm us not of our weapons, but of our will, tradition and identity.

        Makes sense; if you don’t know who you are, are confused, what manner of fight, then, or resistance, will you be able to muster?

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    DIVIDE and CONQUER applies to ISSUES as well as to Race, Religion,Nationality, sexual preference etcetera ,etctera
    Confused, Frightened people are easirer to control..God or OUR Party/Government will help you!!!

  • Rick Rogers

    here is An Idea Mr. Myer.. why don’t you go offline so your crap does spread in my computer. You don’t remember the mother that Cyberbullied a Rival of her daughter until the shy Teen Killed herself.. Everyone wanted the mother arrested but they could not come up with a crime to charge her with.. Well Maybe this would be a step in the right direction. Its not just Teens. People have lost jobs because of this. Someone thinks its a good idea to create an id with someone elses name and start posting lies on it. You know its a crime to threated the President, VP or any member of Congress. So how about someone creates a facebook page with your name on it. And uses one of these pictures of you and then starts sending out Death Threats. Hmmmm wonder if that would change your tune when the Secret Service came calling on you.

  • boyscout

    Gimme any more of this crap and yer itchin fer a whoopin !

  • Lois Bollinger

    How do I get a membership to your website. I enjoyed reading your articles. Thank you. God Bless.

    Lois Bollinger

  • deepizzaguy

    I remember in the movie The Rise Of Miss Power that the way our heroine Word Girl defeated the bully Miss Power was to say the opposite of her bully words. For example Miss Power would say “You are weak.” Word Girl would say “I am strong.” You get the picture.

  • rightgunner

    We have already heard much about how schools are combating bullying but nothing about how they are improving the ability of our students to outperform foreign students in academic tests. Don’t worry, we are now proceeding with a military who are the first that have grown up never having had to protect themselves against bullies.

  • curmudgeon

    4th paragraph down. “Everyone needs to feel safe and free from persecution.” Libs sure have a twisted way of looking at things. How about safe and free for the citizens of this country, gun owners, gun shops, white people, middle class Americans, seniors (b.o. care=death squads, persecuted for being old), How about illegals being given everything for free that we don’t get free, yet we have to pay for. This is persecution.
    Everyone is a terrorist that doesn’t agree with b.o.. I do believe that is persecution because he goes after them. I guess I had better get some neighbors on alert because I wrote this. It’s too bad libs and damnocraps are totally incapable of clear thought. If they were
    capable of thought things would be a whole lot better.

    Actually I think that chaos would be better than what we have now. At least you would know what to expect. Just my opinion. (If I have one?)


  • Dan Mancuso

    I know all about getting beat up on the school bus. (back in the 60′s) Back then we were all taught, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” What has happened since then. Now you can go to jail for ‘hurting ‘ someones feelings!
    What is the real agenda behind this so-called anti-bullying campaign? It’s more of the same social engineering going on by the liberal/socialist, radical feminist/radical homosexual cabal that is hard at work dismantling all the goodness in the counrty. It is a back door tactic to make it impossible to have moral agency and speak out against what you know is wrong. In this case with anti-bullying, it’s to quash one’s legitimate right to speak out against the imposition of the normalization of homosexual behavior that is being programmed onto our children in the public school system and to take away the right of those private (read Christian) schools to adhere to their right to practice what they preach.
    Like the article says – ‘laws are already in place to deal with bullying’.

  • http://N/A mike hardin

    Its simple If you want 4 more years like we just had and worse vote obame
    listen to him If He can not change the economy in 3 years he is a one term president. He changed it, He made it worse.

  • J.M.R.

    why can’t any of you educated people tell the true percentage of unemployed which is a lot more than 8.2%

  • Kevin Beck

    This piece of tripe from Rep. Lee needs to be amended to protect every American from bullying by the agents of government oppression. And we can start with those wonderful oppressers of us all, the Federal Government and its alphabet-soup children.

  • Homer

    Excuse me: How in h#$$ does wash. D.C think they can spend our hard earned and over taxed taxes on stopping bullying? Obama and company has been bullying us and the world for almost four years and the ones before him etc There is NO way to stop bullying EXCEPT to give a man/woman/child an “INTERNAL RESTRAINT” and that is…Jesus Christ in you! Ms. lee wouldn’t know anything about that…she is as lost as a golf ball in high weeds and as blind as a bat backing into a blizzard! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…hypocrite!!

  • Homer

    When I was a boy, I got picked on because of my size, i didn’t really grow until later in my teenage years, but I got picked on and yet my dad put me, and all 6 of us in Judo and karate, and as the years went by, i grew and earned some character in what i was doing! I had a few fights i got caught in and suspended but, as i got older I wised up and didn’t get caught very much. Then in High school no one, except one picked on me and that was the last time he did so and the beatings were over, and…character and some lessons in life came….IT wasn’t fun BUT…I learned a lot from all that…Maybe ms. lee never learned those lessons!!

  • Homer

    OH. I forgot: I need to make my contribution to the obama fund…send him a bill for the 16 billion he has us in debt!! Maybe I’ll give…my 2 cents!! Maybe I’ll give him a tip: don’t breath underwater!

  • Chiefatk

    Lee needs to crawl back under the rock from which she came. She is the most useless, stupid example of a representative of any group. She is not only a racist but an embarrasement to all the black people that she claims to represent. Her contribution to society is zero and a complete waste of taxpayer money. Recall her and replace her with someone that has a lick of sense. She is bad for Texas.


    Sheila Jackson should walk west and continue on until her hat floats….

  • Helen Siefert

    Keep the money & give the teachers a paddle!!!!

  • bernie

    That’s the lib agenda …. catch em young, turn them into wimps ….that makes it easier for a repressive government to control them when they become adults. A marxist government does not want free thinkers who can take care of themselves, from their bullying………..

  • Richard

    An idea to slow down or stop bullying: Teach your kids from age 6 up the art of Judo, Karati or some other self defense program. The kids will have much more confidence in his/her abilities to defend themselves and if the need arises they can drop the bully on his butt. No fights necessary, the bully will let your kid alone or get another lesson.

  • jopa

    If you like bullies that attack kids that eventually hang or shoot themselves then the girlieman Mutt Romney is for you.When he was in prep school along with five of his buddies they attacked another student and cut off his hair because they thought he was gay.This happened just before the coward ran off to France to avoid the draft and going to Nam.Vote foe the Mutt if this is your idea of an American hero.

  • helpus

    I totally agree with your article. It is the parents faults that there kids are the way they are. I am tired of going to the store and watching parents plead with there kids to behave. Who is the adult here. This is yet another example of our goverment in our business. I am sorry but it never killed any child getting a little slap on the but. You do it now and you are off to jail for assault. We were all teased and wew survived. There are to many children pampered and on prozac to deal.
    The ones making these laws will not be here for the fall out. God help this country and these reckless kids


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