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Building Walls

August 29, 2011 by  

Building Walls

Following an end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it scenario or even a severe economic collapse, one of the most practical security measures that homeowners, neighborhoods and small towns can take is to find ways to increase security with minimal manpower.

One of the simplest ways to do this is to use physical barriers. The type of barrier depends on your resources, budget, time-frame and the threat that you are defending against. As an example, chain-link fence topped with barbed wire will keep most two- and four-legged predators out of your garden, but won’t stop a truck, tank or helicopter.

What I will address is one of the ways I see good people responding to long-term breakdowns in civil order — not defending against tanks and helicopters, but defending against robbery, home invasions and other violent attacks. In particular, I will explain how to create small safe zones within cities.

Of course, there’s a precedent for this. From the time that people started creating population centers to expand commerce and to join together for common defense, people have used physical barriers to keep hostile invaders out.

Some historical physical barriers were purely functional. Others are beautiful after the fact, like Old West forts, castles and the Great Wall of China.

Fast forward to today. Walls are used in countries around the globe to protect individual houses and neighborhoods from outsiders. My friends from Mexico City weren’t upper class, but they still lived in walled neighborhoods with guards armed with Uzis. One of them ran a home-based daycare for wealthy families, and several of the preschoolers had their own armed guards who stayed outside the house during the day. Interestingly enough, the guns the armed guards carried were illegal.

Regardless of what towns and cities will officially do in an end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it situation, people with the means to do so will protect themselves. One of the best ways to ensure that you live to a ripe old age is to make sure you never look like the easiest target. Physical barriers go a long way toward helping criminals decide to go after someone else’s stuff instead of yours.

Almost all houses in the United States are vulnerable to attack. Flimsy interior doors, sliding glass doors, multiple big windows, insecure entry doors and non-rock/brick/cement construction all add up to big vulnerability from determined attackers.

One thing in particular that I see happening is that wealthy, urban U.S. homeowners follow the example of wealthy homeowners from around the world and wall themselves in — with walls around both their individual properties and bigger walls around their neighborhoods.

Walls can be made with HESCO barriers, prestressed concrete, silage, conex boxes (shipping containers), brick, stone, lumber or whatever happens to work best in a particular area used alone or in conjunction with trenches and/or barbed wire.

HESCO barriers are large, stackable “boxes” of dirt. They come in several sizes, but are basically collapsible weaved fabric boxes measuring 1 meter tall, 1 meter deep and 10 meters long that you fill with sand or dirt using a front end loader. They are effective against firearms, small bombs and vehicle assaults. You can set them up single or double thick and stack them several layers high. Our troops have used them extensively in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have saved countless lives and are much more efficient than sandbags if you have the equipment necessary to load them.

If you’ve ever seen a cement commercial building go from nothing to all four walls being up in a few hours, you’ve seen prestressed concrete in action. Silage walls are also prestressed concrete, but they are generally made with wider bases so they are self-supporting — like highway barriers, only taller.

I bring this up because I see opportunity here, and you can take advantage of it. First, if you are in a neighborhood, apartment or condominium where it might be practical to pool money to build a common defensive wall, you might want to start looking for resources as you’re going about your daily life. Identify people who use heavy equipment, companies that own heavy equipment, concrete companies, independent truckers, etc. Also, start thinking about where you would place the walls and openings/checkpoints. How would you alter it if you can’t raise enough money?

I would love to say that the need to build improvised walls around your neighborhood has little to no chance of happening, but we just don’t know. People probably thought protective walls weren’t necessary at some point in most of the places in the world where they are in use today.

In any case, the sheer volume of low probability threats that we currently face adds up to a significant risk. Even so, this is an idea to consider and start identifying solutions for, but I wouldn’t dedicate money or a significant amount of time to it at this point unless it makes sense in light of your current level of preparedness. You’re much more likely to benefit from taking the steps necessary to have 40 days of food on hand than you would be to benefit from spending the same amount of time and money on physical barriers. Even so, just introducing the concept will help you start identifying opportunities around you.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve seen and talked with officials from cities in the U.S. where they either have concrete barriers pre-positioned near where they’re needed or have heavy equipment operators on standby to close off access to the town by outsiders in the event of a disaster.

Second, if you happen to have skills or assets that could be used to help secure semi-wealthy or wealthy neighborhoods, start thinking about how you would sell your services after a disaster. Would you sell your services for money? For a place to live within the wall? For a share of water? Maybe you don’t currently live somewhere where it would be practical to put up physical barriers, but you might be able to figure out how to provide enough value to people who do live in areas that can afford to erect physical barriers to be able to move in.

Third, think about what skills you have that would be of value to people inside of communities that might put up walls. Are you a master hydroponic, aeroponic or conventional gardener, and do you want to expand your operation? Are you skilled and experienced at raising animals, but don’t have the secure space to do it? The answer to both of these questions may lead you to growing food or raising animals on someone else’s property within a walled neighborhood or property — especially if it’s more secure. Heck, I even see opportunities for armed house sitters to watch over people’s houses while the owners are on vacation or at other (rural) properties.

This brings to mind a conversation that I had last fall when I was visiting with a friend of mine 2,000 miles away from home. He asked me what I would do if a fictional “Jericho” type event happened that day and my family and home got wiped out by a nuclear bomb, shortly followed by an EMP that knocked out power across the country. My answer was that I’d find the wealthiest neighborhood I could find and figure out what their particular needs were and how I could make myself so valuable that they’d be eager to give me food, fire, water, shelter and medication — even though I was a complete stranger visiting from out of town.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on walled neighborhoods after a breakdown in civil order. I’m particularly interested in hearing from people who have lived overseas in walled “compounds,” whether they were U.S. enclaves or simple civilian neighborhoods. I know many of you have been Department of Defense or Department of State dependents stationed overseas, and I would appreciate any insights you have to share.

–David Morris


Dr. David Eifrig Jr.

is the editor of two of Stansberry's best advisory services. One of his advisories, Retirement Millionaire, is a monthly letter showing readers how to live a millionaire lifestyle on less than you'd imagine possible. He travels around the U.S. looking for bargains, deals and great investment ideas. Already his average reader has saved $2,793 since 2008 (documented in each Retirement Millionaire issue). He also writes Retirement Trader, a bi-monthly advisory that explains simple techniques to make large, but very safe, gains in the stock and bond markets. This is a pure finance play and the reason Porter Stansberry loves having "Doc" on the team. Doc holds an MBA from Kellogg and has worked in arbitrage and trading groups with major Wall Street investment banks (Goldman Sachs). In 1995, he retired from the "Street," went to UNC-Chapel Hill for medical school and became an ophthalmologist. Now, in his latest "retirement," he joined Stansberry & Associates full-time to share with readers his experiences and ideas.

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  • Scott

    even more interesting is the use of barriers and gates to close off entire neighborhoods in other countries. unfortunately a lot of public roads have been straightened and widened in the past 20 years in order to facilitate movement by all and sundry to everywhere. an important question is how to reverse this easy access by local control, especially when most of these roads are state roads

    • Marilynn Reeves

      Looks like were going back 3000 years to Biblical times.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      The only problem with walls is that as much as they keep people out, they can be made to keep people IN!!! Trade freedom and rights for security, yoyu deserve NEITHER!!

  • Lil

    My son wanted to put up a wire fence, so his kids can play safely on the back yard, which faces a street with lots of traffic. The city officials say: no fence is allowed.
    So, we buy our houses, we pay for them, we pay also taxes for them, but we can’t build a fence so the kids can be safe, we can’t have a vegetable garden seen from the street, and we can’t let the grass grow because we have to comply with the city regulations.
    We the Americans are one of the most regulated country in the world.
    We don’t realize that because we’ve been brain-washed and educated since childhood to comply and be obedient, not to challenge anything, because we should trust our government with everything.
    Maybe it’s time to rebel against, and reject those regulations which expose us to danger and make us vulnerable and weak.
    The rich people have no problem building fences, but the regular folks in regular neighborhoods do. More than ridiculous.

    • home boy

      then form a group and get these people out of office.

    • mickey

      And “we the people” demanded it.

      I built (??) a 6 foot fence made of dog kennels around my garden. Maybe your son could do this.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        In most towns or cities I know of, they would not let you do that as you are not allowed to run a kennel in the city limits AND you are only legally allowed to have a total of five pets!

    • Christin


      You are so right… we ARE Over-Regulated and told what to do TOO MUCH… especially on our own property.

      Some rules are necessary so people don’t trash our their yards and put up ugly compounds around you, but they have gone too far.

      Do any of you remember the time when if you bought property that you also bought was below it if it was rich in resources, not so now, gov gets that.

      We are Permitted and Regulated to death…

      • DaveH

        The problem is that too many people think that “some rules are necessary”, and each has their own ideas about what those necessary rules are. That’s why we’re in the mess we’re in.

    • Dan az

      If its not in a CCR then know has the right to tell you what you can do!Its called the constitution.Adk a judge and you will see that as long as you didn’t sign a CCR then they have know right to tell you or anyone else what you can do! FACT!

      • justina

        you are forgetting about city and country codes, and zoning.
        Zoning has been challenged many many times over the 20th
        century, and always been upheld as constitutional right of
        the local government to define its character. These local
        governments usually reflect tastes of the people who live
        there, or rather, of a lot of them.

      • granny mae

        Ever hear of iminant domain ? If the government wants your property for any reason all they have to do is claim they need to put a road or high way through your property and offer you ex-number of dollars for it and you must give it up ! End of story ! Happened to my neighbor. After all was said and done the gov. said they changed their mind and the road never went through !

        • granny mae

          Also there are some pieces of property that you might buy that the previous owner has sold the rights to access and mineral rights to gas companies or electric companies and so on. That means that no matter what you say or do if these companies come around some day and say hey we are going to build a big gas feeder line through this property and your house will be too close to the line so you will have to move it or yourself ! A lot of people think they own the property they buy and pay for but for the most part that isn’t the case. You can pay for it all your life but if you don’t pay your rent on that property, also known as taxes, you will loose that property ! It is never really yours !

          • http://?? Joe H.

            granny mae,
            In most cases, that has to be reflected in the deed as in full disclosure. If not, you can later sue the people for not disclosing it!

    • Dan az

      If its not in a CCR then know has the right to tell you what you can do!Its called the constitution.Ask a judge and you will see that as long as you didn’t sign a CCR then they have know right to tell you or anyone else what you can do! FACT!

    • always right

      Code Nazi’s. That’s the price of living in perfectly manicured snooty neighborhoods. CC&R’s aren’t your friends.

    • DaveH

      For Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, Limited Government, and PEACE, Vote Libertarian:

  • JimRed

    Some towns surrounding particular sections of Newark, N.J. years ago designated streets connecting to Newark one way OUT of Newark. It seems that auto thefts were rampant and the thugs were fleeing into the “hoods” of Newark; the idea was to make it harder for them. Like a thug stealing a car is really going to obey a one way sign!

    Barriers were proposed, IIRC, but rejected as “racist”.

  • mickey

    I am not believing we are thinking we need to look at “walls”. I know Mexico is a walled city. Every house is walled and a gate to get in with glass on top of the wall.

    We also used to travel back and forth to Mexico and Canada without a passport–what, five short years ago? We didn’t fear each other.

    When I first transferred back to the Midwest, I lived in an apartment building. It wasn’t the outside influence that shot out my sindows but a resident without the boundary.

    Other than a wall on the borders, I’m not sure I would build a wall around my house. I have a see through fence to keep my dogs in. Past the fence, anyone takes his chance my dogs have not had their first “bite”.

    Think about it, we used to (and sometimes fussed) talk across a 4 foot chain link fence. Kids used to run across yards of the neighbors (and parents got the phone call before the kid made it home. These kids were visible. Envision a 6 foot privacy fence and no one would see anyone on any other’s property.

    No fence, no gun laws, are going to stop the edge of society. Only people can do this. If local police aren’t going to help, then we still have the right to defend our property.

    • Christin


      I think fences are a good deterrent for security against the “bad guys”. If you have a tall, sturdy fence and secure home with a barking dog and a security alarm then a would-be-looter ‘might skip your home’ and go to the next.

      Tall, thick, or double fences with someone patrolling would be a barrier to would-be-thugs or illegals… it worked for the Mongolians in Asia… and has helped on the Mexican border to some degree if they would finish it… maybe not 100% but a start… we should complete the boarder fence and have tight security to those wanting to cross into our sovereign nation… like four decades ago.

      We are in the country now and have a fence on the front and one neighbor put a high fence on one side, but we are still partially open on the other sides.

      David Morris, Thanks for giving us something to thing about.

      • Derek Neuhauser

        Building a “Fence” will do no good, when you’ve got a President allowing hundreds of THOUSANDS of them in, giving them full status previously allowed ONLY to citizens. And his choice for Homeland Security who says there’s “No Problem” on the Mexican border. She says we have more to worry about with our Canadian border. It does SOUND VERY MUCH like the problem … is from the top down … and that they CHOOSE to ignore the problem … most likely for political gain with NO CONCERN for what is best for this country. You know, the non-exceptional country that Obama talks about … the same one that he says is the world’s largest “Muslim Country”.

        Yeah, we have a problem alright. But one that FENCES are not going to solve. Why put a screen at the top of the dam .. if the floodgates are ALLOWED to be WIDE OPEN!!

        • Christin

          I hear you Derek… the American gov need to do their Constitutional duty and protect the citizens of America and the borders of this sovereign nation.

          Anti-American leaders as you have mentioned in our government should be ousted NOW and we NEED to STOP the citizenship to anchor babies and the free-bees to illegals.

          I do live in a border state and the Border Patrol, Rangers, Minute Men and Police have said that they like the tall DOUBLE metal see-through FENCES with a road between the two. They can spot when someone is trying to cross, they have time to react as their are two fences for the illegals to climb and cross… sometimes getting caught between the two, and bullets can not get through two fences to kill the Border Patrol.

          Like I mentioned it is not a 100% or a ‘fail-proof’ way to protect our border, but it has helped where it was built in this way. I added that much more would be needed like Border agents (Boots on the ground) that can actually use a gun and other (night) equipment.

        • http://Windows7 Ellen

          Electrify the border fences. Cruel and humane? No if we want to save our country

        • DaveH

          For the fence advocates, something to think about:

      • Terry

        There are two types of walls. One to keep someone in, like in prisons or in E Germany and Berlin. The other of course is to keep someone or something out. The wall around Israel which has stopped most of the peaceful muslim suicide bombers. And the Great Wall of China. And we all have walls for our houses to keep unwanted weather, bugs and people out. And to ensure our soverignity as a family.

        Finally if govt did a better job of traffic control, etc. we citizens wouldn’t have to worry about the need for fences either at home or at our borders. The oceans do provide this nation with 2 secure borders and force islamic troublemakers to use terrorism since they have no military except for military outposts, aka mosques, scattered all around the nation. Ready to be called into action with protests, or worse. And they are not picking on us, since this is what they do everywhere. And like O they think our laws do not apply to them. Only sharia law is “good” enough for them. But I don’t understand. If sharia law is so good, why do they leave a country here it is practiced and go here it is not in effect? Are they here to cause trouble so they can bring sharia law here? Yes, they are, or is it yes, we can? Maybe they have hope they can make this change. Well,I hope they can’t and prefer freedom for myself, my family, my neighbors, now and long into the future!

        • Christin


          Well said… two types of walls.

          I believe David Morris was talking about the ‘wall’ that would keep thugs OUT and PROTECT those that were within.

      • Ed Chambless

        The being invaded on the southern border. It is war and should be dealt with by force. Forget the fence, bullets between the eyes would be an inexpensive remedy. We have NO leadership in this country that has the balls to do what needs to be done to protect our welfare. Our country is being ruined by illegals from around the world. It most stop. We are leaving our children, Gchildren, GGchildren a lousy legacy. I, for one, say STOP this insane attitude before our country is destroyed.

        • Christin

          You are right, Ed Chambless.

          The border needs more military protection… in addition to double fences… from the floods of illegals as do our Laws need fixing that give them Rights to freebies and citizenship.

          I believe David Morris was talking more about fences around our homes or communities when TSHTF, and I think that is something we can toss around as an idea to protect our neighborhoods and families.

        • DaveH

          The illegals aren’t the problem. Big Government is the Problem. Without Government providing benefits to them and others at the expense of the responsible people, the problems caused by illegals would be greatly diminished. The remaining problems could be solved by law enforcement.
          The Leaders have turned us into serfs by taking the hard-earned money of responsible people and giving it to themselves and to those whose votes they wish to buy. This is what we need to stop. We need to shrink Government dramatically and get our country back to the kind of Free country that our Forefathers fought to secure for us.
          Vote Libertarian!

      • paintbrushbright

        What good are fences when you have a government that has become so large and complicated that its right hand does not what its left hand is doing! On one hand you have laws and programs fighting against illegals and on the other hand you have new rules and mandates bypassing the same laws. On the hiring rules business are dam if they do and dam if they don’t. On the status of illegal’s staying in this country that by law should be deported, the Obama administration will now hire thousands of governments Spanish speaking interviewers to determine if individual illegal’s should stay in this country when hiring additional boarder agents goes on the wayside.

        • Christin

          Yes, paintbrushbright, the gov is talking out of both sides of its mouth. That has been going on a while, but BHO is the worst. I believe that many people hear the ‘version’ they want… the one that comes out of the right side or the left side of their mouth and are satisfied that something is being done… when in fact their laws CONTRADICT themselves thus allowing the enemy to do what they will.

          Then there are some of us who hear both sides being spoken and and know the gov officials are lying and do not intend on doing the right thing.

          I do not like the law to punish employers… the illegal person is well, illegal… and it is the job of others to keep them out… and that job is not being done. I believe this just aids big gov to make more freedom killing laws like National ID cards and fining American Entrepreneurs.

      • ONTIME

        If man makes it then another man will figure out a way over, under, or around, to get into and botch up what needs to be protected…Geeezus, are humans a gnarly bunch or what?

        • Christin


          GNARLEY bunch!!

          Too bad the American people are not as persistent in forcing the gov to follow the Rule of Law and protect our borders…

  • mickey

    OTOH, I live next to some pretty extensive fields. If the farmer doesn’t quit plowing on my ground, I will put in a fence. lol, farmer’s hate fences because they can plow to the property line. With a fence, they lose 8 to 10 feet of the ground. Guess we all have different issues.

  • lmtTexas

    Well in the south we we have an abundance of prickly pear cactus, that will make a great barrier. They can shoot out a window, but they are not going to walk through a patch of cactus. This stuff will cause swelling and pain where ever it gets to. we can’t kill it, we can’t burn it, if we could it would be gone. I say put up a patch of cactus about a football field deep on the Mexico boarder where you do not want people crossing and believe me they will not.

    its green, its self perpetuating, you can eat it if you have to-great for keeping blood sugars level, and if there is a drought, it has a ton of water stored in those paddles. perfect if you ask me. LOL!!

    • sallybe

      Excellent idea!! We’ll put that at the top of the list when we take back our gov’t.

      • granny mae

        I had some prickly pear cactus and a neighbor had a section of fence that she couldn’t keep the neighbor kids from jumping all the time so she came and asked if she could have some of it? I gave her some and she had no more problems ! Works like a charm ! And if the patch is big enough they won’t drive through it more than once because replacing their tires is very expensive !

    • suzdp

      Great idea. Wish it would grow in my neck of the woods.

      • granny mae

        I thought that stuff could grow every where ! LOL ! Try it maybe it will ! It’s got pretty flowers on it too. Another thing that is pretty but painful is Bouganvilla. Don’t know about the spelling. That stuf grows like crazy in the sun and has some mean thorns on it along with some beautiful flowers. Just put it where you don’t have to keep trimming it because that is painful ! LOL ! I know I had some !

        • http://?? Joe H.

          granny mae,
          another good one is barberry!! 3/4 inch long thorns sharp as a fish hook!!! We have one at the corner of our drive where it meets the street and I kept trimming it neat till the neighbor kid kept jumping over it. Well I didn’t trim it and he tried to jump it once too often!! he had thorns in his unmentionables as well as his butt!! He leaves it alone now!!

    • Al Sieber

      We have the same here in Arizona lmt, also a variety of cactus called Cholla which is nasty and the stickers don’t come out so easy.

      • independant thinker

        Cholla, that is the one I was trying to think of. It is supposed to be better than prickley pear for barriers.

      • Dan az

        Hey Al
        I call them Velcro infact thats where the idea came from.I was on a trail behind a buddy and I watched one actually jump on him as he passed by.The only way to get it off is with a comb.Never leave home with out one! :)

        • Bob from SoCal

          That is actually one of the common names for Cholla, Jumping cactus. It certainly does hurt. I’ve had it in my leg .

    • John

      Good idea, but I wonder if cacti is resistant to herbicide or even fires? I can imagine people who want to cross on a regular basis using herbicide, something similar or maybe even fires to kill off all the cacti.

      • independant thinker

        Given the way prickly peaqr can spread they would have to spray a pretty wide path to keep it contained.

  • Dan Olivier

    During the Katrina aftermath when looters crossed the Mississippi River bridge to enter Gretna, the first groups started looting, burning, and tearing up the place. The Police chief took it upon himself to (with the Mayor later agreeing) blockade the bridge in order to protect the good citizens of his community.
    Stuff happens people. At the risk of sounding racist, the ones doing the looting were “the entitled peoples”. There were many, many good people who were affected by the hurricane. Some had their firearms confiscated!
    Yes, we want to help the less fortunate. But not at our own risk for we have prepared for this. And I will protect what I have for my family!

  • Backwoodskidd

    Never thought of offering my services to the neighborhood behind me, I’ll have to give that some thought. I have been working on fortifying the house. We have a fire pit in the back yard so the cords of wood are neatly stacked along the back of the house to the height of just under window sills. Good against small and medium caliber fire. Not too many rounds can go through an 18″ billet of wood.

    • Dan az

      Just make sure it dosen’t have termites!I’ve seen that happen before!

      • granny mae

        Yupper !

    • John

      Might be good as a barrier, but what if tshtf/teotwawki and some group or individual decides to light some of your wood pile on fire?

  • Matthew3

    Lil, my wife is from Taiwan and when her mother came to visit, we picked her up at the airport and drove the 22 miles to home through the suburbs. That weathered old woman stared out the window without making any comments all the way home. Upon getting settled with a hot cup of tea, the first thing she said was, “Why do Americans have so much grass? What a waste! They should be growing vegetables!”

    When I visited China, I saw that every square foot of land was under cultivation. Every ditch, every river bank, every embankment, every place not covered with concrete, even up to the rocks along railroad tracks, was being tended by people carefully dipping cups of water from buckets. Taiwan was not quite like that, because in China, there is no private property and the people take what amounts to squatters’ rights, as they stake out prime bits of real estate for gardens.

    My mother in law was a product not only of the Great Depression, but also of the Japanese Occupation of Taiwan, so she could have taught us a thing or two about frugality and survival. Too bad she passed away a few years ago. I have more and more often wondered how our predecessors survived the Great Depression. How many of their stories should be written, not as historical references, but as “how to” self-help books?

    As for walls and barriers, Asians are quite adept at providing protection for themselves. It is not a way I would want to live day to day except under extreme circumstances. Cinderblock walls surround houses in the Philippines. Along the tops are broken bottles of all sorts embedded neck down in cement to create a jagged line of deterrence to most thieves. Unfortunately, the bottles collect rain water, creating breeding grounds for clouds of mosquitoes that make life miserable. Windows are covered by steel bars to keep thieves out, but unfortunately, they also keep people in; you don’t want to be in an apartment building when it catches on fire. Apartment buildings also have old folks who monitor your comings and goings. They’d be useless against any aggressive intruders, but they sure do know a lot about the residents.

    But even all the bars and gates and attendants do not keep the thieves away. A determined thief can gain entry without getting caught. A friend of mine had his bed right under a window air-conditioner. It was the only window that did not have steel bars on it. Thieves silently removed the air-condidtioner from the window, entered the room landing on the bed where he and his wife slept, went through the home pilfering everything of value, and left through the front door.

    What sort of security will one need? Passive barriers seem insufficient. Something more will need to be provided in the event society collapses. Booby traps, armed guards, noise makers, whatever it takes to alert and protect those within the walls. If you want to make yourself valuable to a walled wealthy enclave, I believe it would be best to come armed. Besides firearms, one might do well to be equipped with night-vision scopes and/or goggles. A number of other bits of military hardware would also be useful.

    • Christin


      What a great post.

      Your Mother-in-Law was RIGHT… we do have too much grass and even more cement and asphalt. If more people would plant gardens all over then maybe there would be enough food for all families even in a natural or man-made crisis. If you had a big crop in tomatoes and wanted more carrots or greens you could agree to trade with a neighbor or sell at a small farmers’ market in your neighborhood.

      And the ‘entitlement crowd’ would not need so much in hand outs as they could garden in the empty lot next door or in containers outside their stoop or windows… but they would have to be taught: personal responsibility, love for God’s nature, and respect for others’ property.

      I like your suggestion of “Home Alone” booby trapping.. great idea. Because if someone wants to get into your property or home over a fence or from above they will try. So having booby traps would slow them down or even stop them. Need to find a book on how to set traps…. anybody have ideas on how to do some of that?

      • granny mae

        Best thing I know of for apts. is a small yappy dog ! Those little buggers hear things we don’t until it is too late. They catch wind of something and go to yapping and scare everyone away. They are worth their weight in gold ! My son has a Jack Russel, sweet little dog and great burgler alarm ! Also, we have a neighbor, a farmer, and he was tilling a certain field along side of the road, and thought it would be funny to throw some watermellon seeds over the fence and see how they did. They did beautiful. The most gorgeous plant I ever saw. He decided to leave it grow because he saw some kids looking it over and thought it would be great for them to pick the mellons when they were ripe ! Of all the darn things, this stupid county came along and sprayed it with weed killer and destroyed the plant. Everyone in the whole neighborhood was angry. They couldn’t come out all summer to cut the weeds along the road but it sure didn’t take them long to come out and spray the watermellon.

      • DaveH

        This is a great device for detecting approaching people. And they’re relatively cheap. I use them for detecting javelinas and deer in my gardens. The noise, even on low volume, is kind of obnoxious so I keep mine in a drawer at night to cut down the noise:

        Even cheaper on Ebay.

        • Christin

          Wow, great stuff… thanks for the website, DaveH.

    • eddie47d

      The few walled communities I see are well designed and crime is low and there are hundreds of homes within these neighborhoods. That seems to be the best bet for safety and still being able to feel free and open. Those walled in homes in foreign countries are cold and lonely and the walls take up even more of the little land they have. Most neighborhoods(single family homes) in America are wide open and fences are built for privacy not security. It is hard to imagine the mishmash of concrete feces that would now be going up around individual homes if all this bunker mentality takes effect. We love our freedoms and openness of our neighborhoods which has been a blessing in America. You may have some excellent ideas but turning America into a paranoid fortress is not conducive to valuing freedom and will turn America into a dark ugly place. You may not be wrong in your own sense of safety but you are also losing the freedoms that you say that you cherish. It just seems like mini gulags of paranoia and fear and locking yourself up in individual prisons.

      • John

        Society, based on free market concepts, will transform in such ways if societal conditions necessitate it. The transformation will come little by little and only go so far as is required (in general) to maintain safety & security.

        If home alarm monitoring systems are all that is needed, then that’s all the transformation we will have. If alarms + guard dogs, then that will be it. Or it could be alarms + dogs + barred windows + security doors + fences + barbed wire fences + etc, etc, etc. People will go as far as is necessary to maintain safety & security.

        At the present time, most of the US is fairly safe & secure. If that changes, then our cultural norms will change as well.

      • granny mae


        I have a tendancy to agree with you on this one ! Probably because I can’t stand being boxed in !

      • always right

        It isn’t a “paranoid mentality” Eddie. There’s a criminal element that will prey on anybody and anything, given the chance. Do you lock your doors at home, Eddie? I guess you have a “paranoid mentality”. Do you take your car keys and lock your car? “Paranoid mentality”. Keep your income sitting in stacks on your table at home or in the bank? “The bank” you say? “Paranoid mentality”, again. The difference between conservatives and you, Eddie, is that we’re smart enough to know that there are people out there, mostly created by the loony left’s passion to create a consequence-free life for said “people”. We also know that since you’ve created those creatures, someday we will have to deal with them as after they’re done stealing everything from you, they’re going to come looking for us. The best way to avoid having to kill these monsters you’ve created is to be a hard enough target that they’ll take one look and take their business elsewhere, like to the house next door where another “Eddie” lives. That way we can put our feet up as they’re stealing YOUR food, YOUR cars, YOUR money and doing YOUR wife and daughter then cutting their throats. Don’t expect us to come to your aid. You made your choices and really, there’s no such thing as a “consequence-free” life. Enjoy the fruits of your labor from among the entitlement/criminal class.

  • Arecee

    The sad thing is, no matter how prepared we are, if the gov. wants what we have, they’ll take it. If a large enough group of people want what we have, they’ll find a way to get it. We can only store up so many bullets and when they are gone, they’re gone. How do you protect yourselves from an over head assault? Getting in good with all of your neighbors and hoping they will all be on the same page helps a lot but there are always those that don’t believe the Gov. would EVER do anything but help them, these are the people that can’t see the forest through the trees. So, in my humble opinion, along with storing up supplies here on earth, store up your treasures in heaven, no one can touch those!

    • Erik

      Jeebus loves you. So do Santa, the Easter Bunny, and Batman. lol

      • http://naver samurai

        Troll alert! Troll alert! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • independant thinker

          samurai, I think that one doesn’t even rise to the level of troll. More like troll dung.

      • DaveH

        What is the point, Erik, of ridiculing people for their beliefs?
        I’m sure if I knew you well enough, I could point out dozens of stupid things you believe.

    • Dan az

      That fact that when you shoot them whats theirs is now yours!!!And for helicopters trust me One Shot can take them out!A good hunting rifle will do the trick!Remember they went new and improved and forgot to protect vital parts!Case in point a Iragie farmer took out the most advanced helo that is made with an old ww11 rifle!!!Like they say when its your time and untill then you take as many as you can!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Dan az,
        As a former crewchief/door gunner, I can show you about seven places to put one shot and bring them down!!

    • granny mae


      Very good advice !

  • Rayma Dorsa

    If we make it to 2012,I have made up my mind that the only one to vote for is Ron Paul,there are a few things I don’t like but in over all he will bring our CONSTITUTION back to us get rid of BIG GOVERNMENT clean up this country. with out realizing it, we have had nothing but DICTATORS in our gov,the biggest one is Obama and if Perry is elected he,I believe is the “man” the EU wants in. I have never missed voting since I was 21 at 79 I have seen this country fall slowly,get the dvd “AGENDA” and you will see how they have slowly managed to destroy America,I believe they are afraid of our CONSTITUTION,(that is why both Obama & even Perry says he wants to change it) NO ONE should touch it.

    • C McKinnon

      I hardly think the EU has the time to be worried about the outcome of teh US elections. It is rotting in parts, ther others are trying to shore up the Greeks, Spanish, Italians etc who believe they should have a free ride through life and retire at 50 to enjoy the fruits of their labours[sic]
      Surprising that the Brits, Germans, Dutch, etc. are not talen with this sice their citizen work ubtil 65+, probably going up to 67-70 shortly.
      These are the societies that Paddy O,Bama wishes to copy, cradle to grave Socialism, paid for by Capitalists.

    • SolidSentinel

      Ron Paul is full of his own promises just like all the others. He is a thinker like Newt, not a leader. His foreign policy platform has more holes in it than a screen door! Paul poses a good argument to leave Afghanistan(the graveyard of empires) and Iraq. The only problem is that message would be seen as weakness and too nationalistic; especially now that the ‘Arab Spring’ is in full bloom. This “hide your head in the sand” approach to Islamic Fascism is the same kind of policy we followed before WW1 started. Ron Paul is dead right on his economic platform for domestic spending and immigration but we cant afford to disengage our enemies in SW Asia, not with Iran,Syria and Yemen posturing for a conflict with Saudi Arabia.

      • DaveH

        Don’t even think of comparing Ron Paul to Newt Gingrich. Newt is a RINO supreme.
        None of those middle east countries poses a credible threat to the United States unless your kind, Sentinel, impoverish our nation with their phony wars to the point where the Muslims can come over in rowboats and take us out.
        Ron Paul knows how to make friends not enemies like the war-mongers are doing for us.

  • Joseph Estep

    I live in Panama and have lived in Central America for 5 years it is common to have bars on doors and windows. I do not consider this a disadvantage.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      In Panama you have to have them as the white mice, or police do absolutly nothing!! They DO like bar patrol!! Oh, but don’t have a holster from the former regeim. The Casa Modelo is a bad place!!! The only place worse is the island!!

  • http://197_ DOTDITDOTDITDOT

    Over regulated??Banks were not making enough money, 2001 REPEAL GLASS STEGAL; reform becomes Dodd Frank (which doesn’t separate the banks from the finacials so the US People are responsible for the BAILOUT, it doesn’t get rid of derivatives,gambling or should I say betting on the direction of the market (hedging) without really participating (some cases)). This psuedo law is large and encumburing and probally ineffective.
    Your freedom of speech is taken away on one hand while they steal your money with the other where does it go how about EUROPE:
    SEC can’t catch AIG,ENRON,WORLDCOM,BERNIE MADOFF WHY? Their still looking for Elvis. Some of the people on this website are wolves with houses in Boca, and I suspect very large boats (and other houses) and they have names that ring bells. Ranting here is unidemensional and non counter productive (scam).
    Wish you all luck.

  • Thor

    Every one of these are good points, Dave. For those not used to thinking in such terms and principles, one of the primary uses of barriers of all kinds is not restricted to blocking the passage of undesirables, a virtual impossibility, but to channel them into an area where they can better be dealt with–known in some circles as a kill zone or a control point. A ditch or a pile of car hulks will do as well as a wall in a pinch; so, we should not confine ourselves to just a few possibilities.

    I think the most important point is that more pragmatic thinkers are getting away from the run to the hills mentality and leaning towards the idea of survival in place–which has always been more realistic thinking anyway. I don’t think we can overemphasize the fact that tactically enhancing the place in which you plan to weather out the storm is a good idea.

  • 45caliber

    Let’s build the wall along the Southern border first …

    • granny mae

      AMEN !

  • Hope For American

    How about building a wired, unescapable, fence around Washington and dare them to leave, for that will be their prison or insane asylum for the mentally impaired. We will build another ‘People’s’ house in another state and start from scratch by eliminating their millions of ridiculous rules and laws. Freedom at last.

    • Hope For American

      Not Washington State – Washington D.C.

      • Christin

        Did you ever wonder why the ‘District of Columbia’ is not one of the 50 “states” or even a separate state under the United States?

        Why did the politicians see a need for a separate space of land not controlled like the states are…. somethings fishy [corrupt] with that…

        I like your idea, Hope for America…. Put up a 20′ H x 20′ D cement wall with broken glass and barbed wire on top, kick them out from participating in the United States of America, no flying over our air space even with TSA union thugs in their airports checking them for bombs… it works for me!

        • John

          It would be incredibly expensive to build a 20′ high by 20′ deep concrete wall across the southern border. The glass & wire on the top might be a nice feature, but think about the following:

          Two 20′ ladders + 3 sheets of plywood…

          We would have all that expense and people would still cross our border illegally.

          • Christin

            :) have to chuckle a little… the 20′ fence Which could be filled in with sand or soil) would be for the communists in the District of Columbia (to protect us from them)… lock down!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Think of this. A few hundred border agents on the border with a sniper in each team. The illegal climbs the fence, gets on American soil, he is told to climb BACK over without the plywood or get shot! Of course, these are border agents that are ALLOWED to do their job!! After a few are shot the traffic will slow quite a bit!! I know, it sounds cruel and racist, but if we let them cntinue to come here, we and our children are soon going to be the ones starving.

    • 45caliber


      When I visited DC some years ago I was told that 1 in 9 people on the street there were on parole. That did not count those not yet caught or those who had served their time.

      I think the politicians would fit right in with the rest of DC’s population.

      • Hope For American

        LOL It seems as though D.C. is a haven for criminals, but the sad part is a majority of the criminal lunatics represents us. I think they’d definitely blend in well, but we’d have to take away all their toys – jets, helicopters, buses, limousines, etc., so they can’t escape before we erect the fence.

        Right now the inmates are running the asylum and they are not fit to represent themselves, much less an entire country of human beings.

        • Average Joe Patriot

          Hey, Hope: “Right now the inmates are running the asylum and they are not fit to represent themselves, much less an entire country of human beings.”

          You might want to rephrase that.

          They might not be capable of surviving in the real world, where their constituents scrabble for a daily living. But the only people they DO represent is themselves. Which is, of course, the heart of the problem.

          • Hope For American

            What I meant, Average Joe, was that when one represents him/herself they usually give the best, open, and honest representation of themselves. Those people do not, therefore, they are not fit to represent themselves, and I certainly don’t want them representing me.

  • C Colin

    Keep it simple, those that know what is coming plan on moving to the rural communities. Plan ahead and get prepared. You will not survive in the city.

  • Clint

    What a world . . . . . we hoot and holler when the wall between the Germanys fell, now we talk about building walls between our countries and our neighbors in our development. What a friendly society?

    • granny mae

      Has nothing to do with being friendly but has everything to do with fear ! Fear of drug and thugs and terrorists fear of illegals that take our jobs and welfare, food stamps, and medical that is being paid for by honest hard working Americans that are being taxed to death. It has everything to do with others wanting to take and take and take from this friendly country and never giving a thought what they are doing to all of us. Once the money is gone then where are they going to go and who is going to take over this country ? We are friendly here and to the point that everyone is now taking advantage of all of us ! Don’t give me this friendly society B.S. How friendly are you to your neighbor and at what point do you draw the line with your friendliness ? Do you wait till your neighbor over runs you? Well this friendly country has and now we are on the verge of distruction and open to every terrorist in the world to come in and do what they will. And guess what? Your friend Obama has just said that from now on we will not enforce the immigration laws ! What does that tell you? It tells me he is doing everything in his power to destroy this country as soon as possible just in case he doesn’t get re-elected ! Your country is in more trouble than you can even imagine and you are concerned with being a friendly society! In a couple short years there won’t be a country for you to worry about being a friendly society ! Idiot !

      • Karolyn

        Fear will do us all in! I will not live in fear. I do not lock my doors. The only time I ever did that was when I lived in a small city in NJ back in the 70s. I will not live in a place where I have to be fearful. If fear is projected, bad things will be forthcoming. It’s like the person who walks fearfully through the neighborhood looking furtively around and reeking of fear. That person will be the one who is attacked.

    • always right

      Gotta love gliberals. They are so simple that they don’t understand the differnce between a wall built to enslave what should be a free people, keeping them imprisoned, and a wall built to keep criminals away from law-abiding people whom they’d victimize.

      Dear Clint. The wall on the southern border won’t keep out the law-abiding. That’s who ports of entry were designed to serve. Do you understand the difference between criminals and law-abiding people?

      • Hope For American

        You got it, Always Right, and the criminals are the ones flooding into our country from Mexico, thanks to Obama, and the place where Obama resides – D.C. We need walls the south of our border to protect us, and around D.C. to protect us from the loony tune politician’s in D.C. It is our right, as law-abiding citizens to be protected by our legislature. If they can’t protect us, then it’s up to us to protect ourselves.

        • Hope For American

          Please read my comment posted this morning in the ‘Prima Facie’ story. The states and fed’s piggy banks runneth over, while the taxpayer suffers. Every one of our elected officials should be in prison.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Apples and oranges. That was a wall to keep people IN!!

  • FreedomFighter

    The rich can afford an elaborate array of fence and security measures stretching around a large perimeter and hardened materials for construction of in-place survival bunker, most others cannot.

    I suggest:

    Ranged perimeter: Land features, water, trees, hills, rock, cliffs, incline, etc, to funnel visitors into…booby traps, alarm system. Take a note from the weed growers, they are gone by the time feds arrive and have so many nasty little traps it precludes rush in tactics.
    Home Area: Employ a Combination of large dogs and small high strung dogs that bark at everything. Array of Video cameras, they are cheap now. Multiple escape routes, poison some of the food you leave in hopes of eliminating threat, whisky-death. Trap escape routes, make the chase not worth it.

    I don’t suggest you setup lethal traps until SHTF.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • always right

      simple man-traps & alarms: monofilament line to a door knob, hooked to a pile of pots and pans/coffee can/empty tin cans on the adjacent counter. when the door is opened, the whole world knows it. It works for windows as well. Black monofilament line of @ 60 lbs screwed into door jambs above ankle height for tripping hazards. Add treble hook fish hooks copiously to either of the above and you have man-traps. Treble hooks can be hung on a much lighter weight and hard to see line,at about face & neck height as well. This is particularly effective if the intruder has caught the first trip line and is looking down for more as they move forward. They can also be strung between bushes on the propery and added to the tops of fences. People with treble hooks stuck into their clothes and person are going to have their thoughts re-oriented to dealing with those rather than doing your harm. The pain response overhwelms the conscious desire to do evil. they also become easy targets when hooked to the wall with heavy fishing line via fishhooks and noisy targets when fleeing, screaming, while dragging pots, pans, hubcaps, coffee cans, etc. The same technique can be used to lay out fields of fire in a house or outside. By denying the bad guy the cover of a side doorwayS, adjacent buildings, trees, etc. through the use of lines and hooks, you can keep him (for example) in the hallway and within you field of fire eliminating the needs to aim or engage in a back-and-forth gun battle. Sure he can rip through them but he’ll be greatly damaged & delayed in so doing. This will go back to pain overiding conscious ideation as well. You can also use the tin-cans-with-rocks-on-a-string that was strung through the wire entangelments around fire bases to alert the guards when sappers were working the wires. It worked there and will here as well. Lastly, a thin rubber door mat or carpet at each door, covering a board full of up-pointed drywall screws with an inch or more exposed, will be a good deterrant to those who’d come through your door. When stepped on, the screws go through the carpet/mat into a boot and foot but don’t want to pull back out. Great for keeping the JW’s away (just kidding!) But for God’s sake, don’t forget they are there and step on them and warn friends and neighbors before taking that extreme measure.

  • Delores

    Just wanted to put mu 2 cents worth. When you dont want pill pushers & pill takers & drunks on your land u put up no tressing passing signs. They come anyway have them arrested. They just get poped on the hand. Then they burn your camper down & try to burn your house down. What am i suppose to do now.I cant move i dont have the money. What part of i dont want anything to do with your kind do u not understand. Will be glad when GOD comes to take me home

    • libertytrain

      I’m sorry Delores…may it get better for you.

    • FreedomFighter

      Shotgun&rocksalt in first shot, buck for the rest, really really big dogs with bad attitudes.

      Good Luck

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Know any Minute Men? Let them know what is happening to you!

      • Delores

        Thanks for being concerned. It is now under investagation. That has not helped. I can’t even sit on front porch, because someone is in the woods with a spotlight. I will just be glad when this stupid stuff is over

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Tell a few Minutemen what is happening to you! They aren’t police, they will sometimes come and protect you for awhile!!

          • Delores

            Thanks for the infor,but I don’t need it now. The person behind this could not handle 50 yrs. So he shot himself.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            In normal circumstances, I give life a lot of value. In this case, his loss is your and the worlds gain. The world needs far less people of that type!

  • FreedomFighter

    Your translator program stinks.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Buck

    I still , and always will beiieve the old aadage , “good fences make good neighbers ” . Nuff said .

  • jopa

    I still like the song “Don’t fence me in.”Nuff said.

  • Wendy

    People who have lots of prepper supplies are easily discovered by the Gov’t, and many regular folk know about them, too. The Gov’t can take it all thru imminent domain, by taking your house/property. Walls don’t do much in real disasters. Walls don’t stop flare guns burning you out, or gas attacks, or any host of attacks. The military and others have machines that can “see” changes in density underground, so will find any stash or hideout you have put in the earth, if they want it. Absolutely, the common panicking man is the real enemy, not the Gov’t. If you keep a roll of chain link, barbed wire to top it, and weapons that do not kill but get the message across, you can keep the stuff in your basement and set it up immediately the moment you find your area in civil unrest. Even pounding rebar into the ground along your border can deter a lot, and it isn’t a fence, just keep a lot of it and put it in if absolutely necessary. I know often people equate every unknown problem as being the Gov’ts fault, but the Gov’t is here to protect our borders, power supplies, roads and such, not to babysit each and every person. They also generally have better things to do than focus on taking your stash, it is your duty to protect yourself and your property. They DO have the right to monitor those who make it known they have lots of guns and are willing to start firing away just because a panic is happening. You are a possible danger to those who are trying to keep civil rest, so keep it quiet and make sure if you go firing away you realize it is still murder unless you KNOW each and every person means you dire harm. Just because there is chaos around you doesn’t mean you get to act like an idiot,too. Respect those trying to help, help those crying for assistance, and protect you and yours as calmly and sanely as possible.Walls keep you IN, away from assistance, medical care, etc.,just as much as keeping others out.Lets see you run out of water and now try to leave your walled cage. You may need those outside to bring you some.

  • Twocentsworth

    Yeh Justina I agree as U just contacted me on my other comments. Seem we have like minds. T. G. freedombaby


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