‘Budget Cuts’ Leave Attacked Oregon Woman Out Of Luck When She Calls 911


As an ex-boyfriend attempted to break into her home, allegedly intent on assaulting her both physically and sexually, an unidentified Oregon woman did what everybody’s instructed to do: She called 911.

A dispatcher answered. The woman described the situation, saying, “If he gets in the house, I’m done.”

That’s when the dispatcher advised her to… figure it all out herself.

“Uh, I don’t have anybody to send out there. You know, obviously, if he comes inside the residence and assaults you, can you ask him to go away? Do you know if he’s intoxicated or anything?”

What had actually happened, in the magic phone-land between the 911 call and someone picking up on the other end, was that the woman’s call had been rerouted from the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office to the Oregon State Police. That’s because there wasn’t anyone available at the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office to answer, after there had been layoffs that limited local police service only from Monday through Friday, during business hours. This assault occurred over the weekend, in the wee, pre-dawn Sunday morning hours in August 2012.

As the unidentified woman waited for the eventual intrusion, which ultimately culminated in Michael Bellah allegedly throttling the victim by the throat and sexually assaulting her, the dispatcher offered compassionate reassurance:

“It’s unfortunate you guys don’t have any law enforcement out there.”

Bellah was arrested by State police — after the incident, of course — on charges of kidnapping, sex abuse and assault. He pleaded guilty. His victim told the dispatcher, mid-assault, that Bellah had allegedly put her in the hospital once before, in a similar attack.

The Josephine County Sheriff’s Office let go of 23 deputies, along with its entire Major Crimes Unit, after it lost a major Federal timber subsidy, according to Oregon Public Radio. The U.S. government owns about 70 percent of the land in the county, and property owners have voted down ad valorem tax increases to fund public services. The sheriff’s department now operates with six deputies, who don’t patrol on weekends. It’s not known whether the victim had access to a firearm.

Sheriff Gil Gilbertson has advised residents who fear domestic assaults, which don’t routinely conform to business hours, to consider moving to an area where law enforcement can protect them around the clock.

The sheriff didn’t say anything about citizens arming themselves. Since protecting and serving in rural Oregon counties has become a carrot-and-stick game with Federal subsidies as the victory prize, it’s evidently more important than ever that citizens at least know they’re on their own when it comes to keeping themselves, and their loved ones, safe.

Oregon’s gun laws, for now, are closer to the spirit of the 2nd Amendment than those in many other States, although recent proposed legislation would place new restrictions on residents’ powers to own so-called assault weapons and limit magazine size to 10 rounds.

Personal Liberty

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • Wizzardly

    When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. Or in this case, days away. Anyone who doesn’t own and train with a firearm is taking an unacceptable risk. Court cases have established the principle that the police are not obligated to protect you, only to investigate crime and apprehend perpetrators.

    • Don 2

      A Gun In The Hand – Is Better Than A Cop On The Phone

  • steve

    sounds like a good law suit on 911. to bad for this woman . the system really failed her. this only going to get worse. even in your neighborhood.

    • kimbercarrier

      Probably not. You are not entitled to police protection. According to the Supreme Court if the cops don’t show they cannot be sued. They are there for enforcement at large not for individual personal protection. You and you alone are responsible for your protection.

      • Don 2

        Want to know how your individual state stacks up?

        Read the book, “Dial 911 and Die” The Shocking Truth about the Police Protection Myth

  • Vigilant

    Had Mr. Bullard done his research, he would have discovered that socialism, activism and their attendant ills are the story here. 2nd Amendment rights come into play, but only very peripherally.

    The key is in his statement, “The Josephine County Sheriff’s Office let go of 23 deputies, along with its entire Major Crimes Unit, after it lost a major Federal timber subsidy, according to Oregon Public Radio. The U.S. government owns about 70 percent of the land in the county, and property owners have voted down ad valorem tax increases to fund public services.”

    The real story is at http://www.oregonlive.com/today/index.ssf/2013/05/forest_service_to_states_give.html
    “At issue are so-called county payments, a revenue sharing plan that’s existed since President Teddy Roosevelt created the national forests to protect timber reserves from the cut-and-run logging going on at the time. For nearly a century, hundreds of counties received a quarter of the revenue from the timber sold on federal land.

    “In recent years, the law has acted as a subsidy for states and counties hard hit by logging declines triggered by measures to protect threatened species. The money is being used for roads, schools and emergency services and is a welcome addition to cash-strapped county coffers, especially in the Northwest.”

    USG owns 70% of the land: Why? Turn ownership back to the state to manage or to entrepreneurs where it belongs and allow the market to create the wealth needed for public expenditure through taxation. Sale of federal lands will reduce the deficit.

    Subsidies are inherently wealth redistribution and as such, unconstitutional from the get go. Federal tax monies (yours and mine) are being used to maintain the economy in Oregon counties. They should’ve asked us first.

    I’m not even going to go into the tree-hugging wackos who, with the economic downturn have only added misery to Oregon’s residents by placing off limits the harvesting of trees.

    So there you have it, but the best is to come. This latest financial squeeze was caused by sequestration. Seems the Forest Service is now trying to claim RETROACTIVELY the subsidies already paid in 2012 as part of sequestration!

    “In a letter sent to senior Obama administration officials in late March, four House Democrats joined 27 House Republicans in assailing the Forest Service’s demand, calling it an “obvious attempt by President Obama’s administration to make the sequester cuts as painful as possible.” The Forest Service was aware for months that sequestration was a possibility, they said. Yet even after it went into effect, the agency waited for several weeks before informing states that payments would have to be returned.”

    And THAT, Mr. Bullard, is the rest of the story.

    • johnd

      The “rest of the story” should also include the fact that these huge parcels of land that pay no taxes to the county are accessed by roads maintained by county and state. The federal lands are watched by hundreds of federal employees that drive rigs that don’t use local licenses. These lands are maintained mostly for recreation for the taxpayers, most that will never use or even see them.

    • independent thinker

      ” Sale of federal lands will reduce the deficit.”
      WRONG. the sale of federal lands will do NOTHING to reduce the debt or even reduce the anual deficit. Those fools in DC will just divert the money to pet projects and the debt will continue to climb.

  • Mike Austin

    I carry a gun because cops are way too heavy…..

    • Michael Degrood

      And they don’t fit in your pocket, either.

  • wandamurline

    A 357 would have stopped this attack and the police could have heard it all go down…there is no way in hell I would sit there and wait to be assaulted. No gun, try a knife and take him out when he came through the door….the right stab wound would have him bleed out in a matter of minutes. You have to learn how to protect yourself…the police will not protect you, only investigate after you are dead.

  • FreedomFighter

    Budget Cuts’ Leave Attacked Oregon Woman Out Of Luck When She Calls 911
    Just think, if the Oregon legislators and governors office took a 5% cut in pay they could probably hire more officers and give them all a raise…but of course that never occurs to these slimeballs, they must make you the citizens suffer so they can extort more tax revenue. Make it hurt so they give up the tax dollars state officials its all you selfish pigs know how to do
    Laus DeoSemper FI

    • Jana

      Got any of your unwise comments for her?????

  • JimH

    This was the second attack of this kind.
    Why was the ex-boyfriend not in jail for the first attack?
    What expenses can local government cut to maintain police protection?
    Our village has police without federal funding. Maybe they need to learn to budget better.
    Ladies in Josephine county, arm yourselves.

  • securityman

    when will people learn that the best person to protect you,is you.the police are being put in postitions that get the public mad at them and ,for the most part, it is from the government being at fault. i know that there are some bad cops out there and they give a bad rep to the rest of them, but i also know that ther are some good, caring cops out there also.so,people, attune yourself to your 2nd amendment rights and get the protection you need………..

  • FedUP15232

    I live in Josephine County and know Sheriff Gilbertson. He is not the problem. He is a Constitutional Sheriff and one who has announced that he will not enforce unconstitutional laws in his county. The Feds took away funding that was intended to offset the fact that they owned so much of the land and paid no taxes on it. Virtually the entire burden fell on the sheriff’s department. Twice now, the people of the county have voted down tax increases that would have replaced that funding. It’s a huge problem and citizens in some parts of the county are conducting their own patrols within their neighborhoods.
    The Democrats who control the State government are raising taxes to fund their own pension programs as well as Obamacare. But they won’t lift a finger to help law enforcement in Josephine County.

    • Don 2

      Vote out all Democrats and RINO’s, they’re useless!

      • FedUP15232

        They are worse than useless. They are destroying us.

    • Karolyn

      So why don’t you and your fellow citizens do something about it?

      • FedUP15232

        Good question. I voted for the latest tax increase. (It would have meant about $1200/year for us.) But it still failed by a small margin. For the Democrats in power, their political agenda is far more important than any issue of public safety. Oregon politics are dominated by Portland. The rest of the state is largely rural. But your point is well taken. People should be raising Hell. I don’t know why there isn’t more outrage.

        • joe1cr


    • Jack

      Josephine County sounds like a Tea Party paradise. Keep my taxes low and to hell with providing government with the money needed to provide basic services.

      Why are you Tea Partiers gripping? The “people” of Josephine County twice decided they only wanted police service from 9 to 5 on Monday through Friday and they got what they wanted. Unfortunately, that decision comes with a cost and in the case of the woman that was that she would be brutally assaulted.

      You get what you pay for. If you are not willing to pay for something then you don’t get it. Sorry, I forgot, Tea Partiers don’t want to pay for anything and complain when they have to. They rail against paying taxes to provide assistance to others but damn well expect everyone else to pay to provide assistance to them with the very things they aren’t willing to pay for themselves.

      Lots of States. counties, towns and school districts have lost federal money. Why is it that Josephine County seems to be the only place that doesn’t value adequate police protection enough to be willing to pay for it?

      • Don 2

        Jack, you don’t know Jack!

        Do you have any clue relative to the unemployment and poverty in the State of Oregon?

        • Jack


          If you are talking about unemployment in rural areas that has to do with the timber industry, then the answer is yes.

          I know it is popular to blame the environmentalists but if a person looks at the actual facts, the greatest decrease in employment in the timber industry went hand in hand with the greatest increase in the timber harvest. A huge portion of the jobs were lost due to mechanization. Cutting crews frequently went from 20 to 30 or more people down to 3 or 4. Many timber companies also stopped the trees from being milled in US mills because they could sell the trees to Chinese or Japanize companies for more money. Thus, the trees were frequently milled offshore on ships and then the finished wood products would be sold back on the US market.
          If you want to talk about unemployment in rural areas due to the livestock grazing industry that would be almost nil.
          If you want to talk about unemployment in rural areas in the farming industry, ask yourself if it is really any different in Oregon than in any other state with a farm economy.
          If you want to talk about unemployment in the mining industry I can’t say anything about how that is affecting Oregon. All I can say about the mining industry, as well as the oil and gas industries, is that they are boom and bust industries. They start out and have a big boom and then as the mines and wells play out over time they bust and close down.
          In short, all economies based upon extractive industries are not sustainable over the long run. Eventually the resource will be played out and the extractive industry will close down.

          • Don 2

            So what does a bunch of unemployed rural hippies living in Oregon have to do with the Tea Party? Your original post was an absolute idiotic liberal rant.

          • Jack

            You are the one who brought up unemployment in rural Oregon. Now you are the one who says that rural unemployed people in Oregon are a bunch of hippies. What an unfounded slam on unemployed people in Oregon. I am sure the vast majority of whom are hard working people.
            Its obvious from your posts that you have a problem dealing with facts. When they don’t support your positions you just ignore them instead of reconsidering the position in light of the facts. An all to typical problem for those on your side of the isle.
            Now, address the issue I first raised. Isn’t it typical
            Tea Party behavior to vote down tax increases needed to pay for basic government services and then gripe about what happens when the government services
            are no longer provided?
            When ever I want a laugh, all I have to do is think about all the Tea Partiers speaking at Democratic town hall meetings in August of 2010. All the 60 plus year olds
            ranting against Obama Care saying they didn’t want
            government involved with healthcare. “Keep government out of my Medicare”. They were so misinformed that they did not even know that Medicare is a government healthcare program. When that fact was explained to them they would argue that government had nothing to do with Medicare.
            Enjoy your fantasy world.

          • Don 2

            Dear Don’t Know Jack,

            Facts, what facts? You started this thread off by blaming the Tea Party for the state of Josephine County’s Sheriff’s Department. Where are your facts to support that allegation?

            Now for the issue you raised, “Isn’t it typical Tea Party behavior to vote down tax increases needed to pay for basic government services and then gripe about what happens when the government services are no longer provided?” The short answer: No. The problem lies with the liberal definition of “basic government services.” You know, stuff like Obama phones, government subsidies to illegal aliens, including relatives who do not even live in this country, money thrown away to Obama’s political contributors in the form of failed “green energy” technology, billions of taxpayers dollars given to countries like Venezuela to support their offshore oil industry while environmental wackos prevent us from going after our own resources, bloated salaries and benefits for government employees, etc., etc.

            I have no doubt that there are many decent people in Oregon, along with all the unemployed and unemployable hippies. They don’t call it the “Left Coast” for nothing.

          • Jack

            Don 2:

            Your observations and mine are worlds apart. I see most tea partiers as concerned and well intended people. Their problem is that they are grossly misinformed because they blindly accept (but they will deny that they do) anything they hear from the right that fits into their ideas of the way they want things to be and reject out of hand anything that appears to show that their idea of reality is wrong..

            I doubt that many people would consider police protection not to be a basic governmental service. A Service that the people of Josephine County twice rejected because they didn’t want to pay a few dollars more in taxes..

            Who were the people gripping about the woman being harmed because of a lack of police protection. From the comments I read, I would say it was people on your side.

            You recite a number of things that people on the right frequently complaint about. The problem is that you and many others just hear someone on the right say something and instead of investigating to determine what the facts really are, you just blindly accept what was said as being true. On the other hand if something is said by someone you perceive as being on the left you immediately reject it as being false even if it is in fact true.

            What subsidies does the government provide to illegal aliens in the US or their relatives in foreign countries? Name the exact program or programs and the government agency that runs them. The fact is there are none

            Regarding environmental wackos – do you know how many millions of acres that the oil and gas companies have under lease right now that they are not drilling on? Do you have any idea how many extra wells could be drilled every year if the oil and gas companies were given the right to drill on ever acre of land they could ever want? Of course you don’t know because you have never taken the time to learn what the truth is. By the way the number of acres are in the millions (640 acres is a square mile) and the number of extra wells that could be drilled is next to none because they are already using all the equipment that they can get their hands on.
            Regarding bloated government salaries. Do you even know how much government workers get paid? I am sure you believe the right’s talking points that the average pay of federal workers is over $120,000.00.
            Have you ever heard of the old saying that figures don’t lie, but liars figure. Well let me give you a easy example. There are 10 people, one makes a million dollars and the others make one dollar each. The average pay is determined by adding all the pay and dividing it by 10. In this example (rounding up) the average pay would be $100,001.00. Now since nine of the people only get a total of $9.00 is the $100,001.00 an honest and accurate depiction of what the people are really making.
            Take your blinders off and seek the truth no matter if
            it turns out to be contrary to what you might now believe.

          • Don 2

            Don’t Know Jack,

            You stated, “What subsidies does the government provide to illegal aliens or their relatives in foreign countries? Name the exact program or programs and the government agency that runs them. The fact is there are none.”

            The agency is the U.S. Department of Treasury, the programs that allow payment of federal funds as tax benefits to undocumented aliens are the “Child Tax Credit(CTC)” and the “Additional Child Tax Credit(ACTC).” According to the report released July 7, 2011 by the U.S. Dept. of Treasury’s Inspector General for Tax Administration, the amount paid to individuals not authorized to work in the United States was $4.2 billion in Refundable Credits. Many child names listed do not in fact reside at these residences, or in the country.
            Now Jack, do you think the Tea Party has a right to object to paying taxes to the U.S. government so that government subsidies can pay for these “basic government services” to illegal foreigners? Jack, maybe you should think about joining the Tea Party?

          • Jack

            Don 2:

            Nice try but that isn’t a government program and it doesn’t subsidize illegals and their families in foreign countries..

            Did you bother to read the report? Of course not it might impair your talking points. Did you bother to check to see if the CTC and ACTC tax law has been changed? Of course you didn’t – the law has been changed.

            If you read what wasn’t redacted, you would have found that ITIN tax returns went from 1.55 million in 2005 to 3.02 million in 2010, returns claiming the ACTC went from 795,705 in 2005 to 2.18 million in 2010, while those only claiming the .CTC went from 513,804 in 2005 to 819,777 in 2010.

            Tax returns doubled in 6 years, CTC claims went up roughly 60% while ACTC claims went up almost 300%.

            A close reading of the report indicted that there was a major fraud going on with people falsely claiming a ACTC credit.

            Millions of illegals didn’t just suddenly decide to start filing income tax returns and claiming ACTC credits. Most of them don’t file returns, know nothing about the tax laws, are terrified of the government and avoid drawing attention to themselves.

            Wasn’t the ACTC enacted in 2001 when Bush was the President and the Republicans controlled Congress?

            Its good that it was changed.

            I might think about joining the Tea Party if they ever start letting thinking people in. From what I have seen and heard, if you are a person who thinks for themselves and question things, then you are bared from being part of the Tea Party. They seem to only want followers who blindly follow and do as they are told.

      • joe1cr


        • Jack


          Why is it that people on the right side of the isle have an innate dislike for any fact that is contrary to their gut beliefs? Why do they continue to hold fast to beliefs that are contrary to the facts? Why do they have such a hard time seeing reality? Why do they accept without question what someone from the right says and reject without investigation what anyone on the left says?

          For on instance the issue of Obama’s place of birth. I had no knowledge of where he was born so I listened to both sides and did my own research before I reached a conclusion.

          An example of the competing claims was whether the hospital claimed to be his birth place even existed at the time of his birth. Naturally, those saying Obama was not born in Hawaii claimed it didn’t exist. Simple research clearly showed that the hospital had existed for decades before Obama’s birth. How do you fake law books published in the 1930’s that contain cases in which the hospital was a party, law books that are found in every law library in the nation? How do you fake old medical directories showing doctors who practiced there? There are many more examples that could be listed but I won’t list them..

          Oh yeah I forgot, there was this group of people who picked Obama to become the President long before he was conceived or born who falsified everything in order to make it appear that Obama was a natural citizen. They sure were brilliant people to be able to know exactly what was going to happen in the USA over some 80 years to be able to select the one person who would become President in 2009.


          • Don 2

            Don’t Know Jack,

            Maybe you could enlighten us Jack. What was the name of the hospital that Obama was born in?

          • Jack

            Don 2:

            I feel sorry that you don’t know why you and your fellow believers just blindly accept as true what other people on the right say while rejecting as lies anything someone on the left says; why you are unable to face reality; and why you dislike facts when they don’t support your preconceived ideas.

            I know that if that were true of myself, I would do some real soul searching. I would start changing my ways to try to be a truth seeker whether or not the truth supported what I previously believed.

            As far as the hospital where Obama was born, it started back in the late 1800’s and had several different names both before and after the date of Obama’s birth. At the time of his birth it was called the Kapi’olani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital. At various times after his birth it has been known as the Kapi’olani Medical Center, the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children and the Kapi’olani Hospital.

            Do yourself a favor. Check the facts yourself. Don’t blindly accept what anyone says especially those who
            make part or their entire living promoting either the left or the right..

          • Don 2

            Don’t Know Jack,

            Now you see Jack, this is where you libs lose the argument due to a lack of common sense and zero credibility. Instead of spending $2 million hiding his birth certificate, Obama and the Kapi’olani Hospital officials know that they can drive a stake into the heart of ‘Birther Nation’ if only Obama would give Kapi’olani officials permission to allow reporters to examine Obama’s dead mother’s hospital records(long form birth certificate). So, while you ‘useful idiot’ libs continue to follow the Pied Piper blindly, and attempt to justify and spin reasons for Obama not releasing his birth certificate, we logical Conservatives simply ask, “Why not?”
            By the way Jack, the Kapi’olani Medical Center previously stated that, “Obama and mom were never here, and numerous sources, including Snopes.com, the Honolulu Star Bulletin, the Library of Congress, and even Obama himself, originally reported, that Obama was born at the Queen’s Medical Center; and Obama’s step-grandmother Sarah, said Obama he was born at the Coast Provincial General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. So much confusion Jack…..?

          • Jack

            Don 2:
            Your sources of information – World Net Daily (WND) and Toxic Talk – leave no question that you don’t give a damn about the truth, you are only willing believe things that support the way you what them to be.
            I sure that you and most of the people who post on this site believe whatever WND says but quite frankly it publishes so many lies and distortions that no thoughtful person would believe anything it says without independent verification. .
            If you would have taken a few minutes and checked the links you would have found that most of them were a bunch of garbage. They either didn’t link to what they claimed to link to or they didn’t say what WND claimed they said.
            I loved the claims that both the UPI and Snopes changed from Obama being born at Queens to Kapi’olani. I am sure you didn’t read the details or fine print. The article claimed to show you before and after screen shots of the UPI article and the Snopes’ website. The fine print said that on July 7, 2009 they both said Queens but on July 8, 2009 they both said Kapi’olani. None of the four “shots” looked right and could easily have been faked as many of the things
            that were supposed to proved Obama’s birth history was a lie have turned out to be..
            “Obama Birth Mystery: More than 1 Hospital was written by Joe Kovacs on JULY 7, 2009. HOW CAN he be writing about changes that supposedly were not made until a day after the article was published..
            I know you will have some explanation for the screw up instead of the real one, the story was a scam to con people like your. You do this because you want the story to be true, therefore you would believe it is true even if God himself stood in front of you and told you it was not true. And you guys talk about useful idiots..
            I also loved the claim that Obama’s sister said he was born in Queens. if you read the article you would have seen she said no such thing (by the way couldn’t find the publication despite searching for it).
            The thing about the Library of Congress was also a joke. Very poor quality hard to read. But despite that you can see that it said “draft” “subject to edit”.
            Lastly, if you would have looked into the claim that Obama’s own website said he was born at Queens
            you would have seen that it was a posting on a blog that any idiot could have made.
            Your claims about his step grandmother saying he was born in Kenya are more birther fairy tales that have been debunked. She did not say what was misreported by another birther.

          • Jack

            Don 2

            Regarding your other point why doesn’t he just release more stuff?

            Did you every think that maybe the reason he doesn’t want to release anything further is because no matter what he releases you people will never accept it. If he says its day then you guys will automatically say “no its night”. If he says it summer, you’ll swear it is winter.

          • Don 2

            Don’t Know Jack,

            They won’t believe me anyway, so I won’t release anything. Instead, I’ll spend whatever it takes to keep it hidden so that I can keep the public doubting the legality of my presidency.

            What stupid a _ _ liberal logic, and even after all that ranting, you just lost the argument.

          • joe1cr

            Wow you were allowed to see his original birth certificate ? How about his college and passport records?
            I will repeat my statement to you.

  • Karolyn

    Geez! I live in a rural area in the south. Some of the towns have their own police departments, and the rest of the county is covered by the Sheriff’s office. We also have state police who patrol the highways. I’ve never heard a story of anybody being denied police protection. I really don’t understand this at all. AND we pay very low taxes. There is very little business and industry – a very small tax base. How can the people who live there value the almighty dollar over the protection of the citizens?

    • Don 2


      If there were basically no jobs in your area, and therefore, no residents able to pay county taxes in your county, how many deputies do you think you would have patrolling your highways? Yes, things are that bad in many areas of the country.