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Buckeye Leaf Prompts Traffic Stop

February 19, 2013 by  

Buckeye Leaf Prompts Traffic Stop

An unidentified, and apparently unaccountable, group of taxpayer-supported LEOs (legally entitled to oppress) were at work recently, rounding up “dissidents” and enemies of the state just outside of Memphis, Tenn., when they targeted another victim for harassment.

Bonnie Jonas-Boggioni, 65, and her husband Guido, 66, were traveling from Columbus, Ohio, back to their home in Plano, Texas. Her car sported a bumper sticker with a line drawing of a plant. LEOs find plant stickers offensive and decided the sticker constituted evidence that that the subversives were transporting banned substances.

Next thing she knew, Jonas-Boggioni, who said she was obeying traffic laws, had a black SUV with flashing blue lights behind her. She pulled over and noticed the black SUV was quickly joined by another. Both were occupied by LEOs wearing body armor and carrying guns. Two officers approached the Boggioni’s car, one on each side.

“What are you doing with a marijuana sticker on your bumper,” one of the LEOs asked. He told her an officer in another jurisdiction had alerted him that a car sporting a plant sticker was headed his way and that the sticker might indicate the car was carrying marijuana.

Never mind that a sticker bearing the image of a plant does not constitute probable cause for a traffic stop. The sticker in question wasn’t even a marijuana leaf. It was a buckeye leaf, which has only five leaflets, not the typical seven of a marijuana leaf. The Boggionis are Ohio State fans, and they sport the sticker to advertise that fact. Guido showed the LEOs that the buckeye leaf was also on the Ohio State 2002 national championship sweatshirt he was wearing.

Jonas-Boggioni said that before telling her she could leave, the officers advised her to remove the decal from her car. “I said, ‘You mean in Tennessee?’ and he said, ‘No, permanently.’”

Thankfully, she didn’t.

Neither the Tennessee Highway Patrol nor the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office in Memphis had information on the traffic stop. A spokeswoman for the West Tennessee Drug Task Force said a marijuana sticker is not sufficient reason to stop a car.

Apparently, Tennessee LEOs riding the roads ignore that reality.

“It’s just amazing they would be that dumb,” Jonas-Boggioni said. The trouble is, dumb isn’t the proper adjective.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Buster the Anatolian

    “The trouble is, dumb isn’t the proper adjective.”

    Willfully ignorant jackasses would be a much better description.

    • Harold Olsen

      Stop insulting jackasses.

  • Harold Olsen

    Why do these so called law enforcement agencies keep hiring these criminal cops? That’s all they are. Thugs with badges. I’m beginning to believe every police department in the country is corrupt. Move over Mafia. You have competition from the cops,


      “Harold Olsen,”


    • BillT

      Very Simple. Race discrimination. Since Blacks could not pass the tests, they were deemed as a form of discrimination. Remedy – lower the standards. Dumb-a$$ come in all colors.

    • ranger09

      In my day you could be htred by the Sheriffs Dept with only A high School diploma, BUT you had to know the differance between RIGHT and WRONG. Today the cops are more educated than years past But this only gets them more Pay, Today they are only hiring people that compromise with the Powers to Be. Peace Officers today are 90% govt revenue agents. Also in my day when we came up to your door You knew we were Police by our Uniforms, Also we were good with our tools and never touched them except when needed. Also we respected the public, And the Public respected us. I have not seen ONE patrol car in my area in over 6 months, But if you go down to the highways thats where you will find them writting tickets, At lest in my day you spent your time patroling your communites and the outlineing areas.

      • CPL. JOE ROUSE

        I often tell my officers we work for the citizens not the city what do you think they want us patroling the streets and answering our calls or running traffic, it is the secret to longevity i have been through 3 chiefs 2 sergeants and 2 city administrators the public’s trust is paramount. Thank you for your input.

    • Wumingren

      Back in the early ’70s I heard a common saying: the line between cop and criminal is imaginary. It was proven when the juvenile delinquent I knew in high school became a police officer.


    I have been a police officer for over 20 years and have yet to make a traffic stop based on a sticker, we are not all corrupt, more so the new breed of police that liberal society is breeding is the problem. Cpl Joe Rouse

    • ibcamn

      Well joey,i live in Wisconsin,small town USA,and for the last 8 to 10 years,in town,if you have a sticker that bears a 420 on it,you got pulled over,if you had a sticker with the Greatful Dead on it,you got pulled over! it’s a bumper sticker with anti-Obama on it,you get whatever they can through at you,and that’s a fact!I got my rear window shot out for having a anti-Obama flyer in it,and when i told the police my window was shot out,and gave them an answer,they told me i should just tell my insurance company!!end of that story!i could keep you intrieged for hours with stories of how you guys love doing your job sooo much!!i’ll agree not all police are corrupt(only 97.5% are)and only half of the rest are crooked!in that town,the small buisness’s had to pay a prperty tax on your buisness!what’s that you say!?what’s a property tax on select busness’s??and in this town only!?hey it’s a kick back that went to pay for the cop’s to do sweeps on those biusness’s!!!if you didn’t pay,they harassed your clients and you!!!but when you start paying,they magically stop and even help you at times!! do i know!??!i had thee shops in that town,that’s how i know!!!i finally said enough and closed up and moved away!andfrom me telling people around the area,they(city hall) filled paperwork on me for not paying THAT tax(on a shop that isn’t there anymore) at a collection company(in that town)and filed with the state now!i might be looking at tax evasion now,for not paying the cop kickback in that town and that tax isn’t legal i found out!!i have tried several times.with proof i don’t own ANY biusness in that town,to no advail,all because cops are corrupt!!all cops are on the tack!!and all cops think their GOD!!…….[comment has been edited]

      • Mikey

        ibcamn, it’s too bad you have such a bad impression of law enforcement. Where I live, the most of the cops stand for the constitution. You should judge all cops just because the ones in your area are corrupted by the liberal agenda.

      • steve in AZ

        It’s really hard to see through that dense fog, isn’t it? May I coin a new “law” based on your comments, ibcamn? Here goes…

        “The propensity to jump to non sequitur conclusions is directly proportional to the absence of rationality, facts, and familiarity with reality.”

        Let it henceforward be known as ibcamn’s law.

      • Gary

        Maybe you should attemtp to obey the law sometime.

      • CPL. JOE ROUSE

        It would appear that you have had some very bad experiences with your local law enforcement, For that I am truly sorry what the police that abuse their power fail to realize is that it discredits us all, I assure you that I am A true believer in the constitution and will defend civilians rights at every opportunity Especially the second amendment. The propaganda the police academys spew out these days is unbelievable, It is up to us old dogs to put them in their place. Thank you for your input and buy the way my daughter loves the grateful dead.

    • Mikey

      Thank you for your service. I would assume you are a member of Oathkeepers, an organization that stands up for the constitution rather than bow down to false authority.

      • CPL. JOE ROUSE

        I belong to the second amendment warriors and will check out the organization you mentioned, I will defend the citizens 2nd amendment rights on pain of death. thank you for your input.

    • Mark BigDog Johnston

      CPL. Joe Rouse most of us realize that there are many honest officers out there but these new gungho who gives a crap officers that are up and coming especially the Government Nazis (DHS and others like them) seem to have been trained with the attitude that no one has any rights and that they(the officers) are given free reign to do anything they fell needs to be done to accomplish what ever they deem needs to be done Citizens be Damed, are giving all of the honest Police and Police Departments a very bad name and reputation with the public. Thanks for your honesty and good work.

      • CPL. JOE ROUSE

        You are absolutely right which is why it is the experienced officers responsibility to keep a short leash on the new officers, Which I Do! Thank you for your input

    • box-bb-car

      Have known Good and bad cops over the yearrs, mostly good. As with all I meet, can only judge them by their actions, not their words nor associations

      • CPL. JOE ROUSE

        A Person of wisdom, Thank you for your input.

  • ibcamn

    Police do more than stop for bumper stickers,it also said the stop was not recorded!!.THAT happens all the time!the police in this state only file a report if they look good!i have had a friend recently murdered by the same police that shot and killed the man(in the you tube video in the camaro!)for too loud of pipes on his bike!the police do this thing were they show up and make the condition worse and start harassing the people involved(and watching or around)and even arrest people that are not involved in any way!and they are in swat type clothing?!there’s only two reasons for that!she was in west bound lane-said to be the money lane!!drugs come in going east or north,then the money from drugs goes back in west or south bound lanes!!$$$$$$$,that’s what that stop was all about,nothing else,just $$!(i should point out i’m going by the gals Texas plates on her car)the other reason would be DEA,ICE,ATF&B,or FED’s or SWAT looking for brownie points due to budget problems!

    they do most of it on purpose if one of the police have a sneaky suspicion of something!just something!if they can’t find anything,they will put a disorderly on you or your interfering with a investigation(which they illegally started)so most of it is just the GOD complex that we all talk about to each other,or it’s that these people were picked on in school(bullied)and now they think they are in charge and abuse that given power rite out the box,it’s kinda like the police officers who shot up two seperate suv’s(a bright blue truck and a black suv) and tried to murder civilians(3)when they were out looking to kill Doner(ordered to kill,sorry)in California!the media won’t even report on it!shoot first then go up to the remains and ask questions.police officers involved are still at work doing their thang in cali!!corrupt thang that is!!

    We all have stories of abuse,wrongful prosecution(only to get a sorry later)and all have stories of why the police pull us over and illegal line of questioning,and search and siesure!kinda like they think if they smell pot now!!WTF!i don’t care if you smoke(i don’t do nor condone drugs or drinking)but be smart about it,it’s your right to mess yourself up with that garbage,but,be smart!and make sure you know what to do when they knock,it was bad before,now it’s worse,some places now it’s just”i smell pot!”and they can proceed to come at you!even if they never find any pot,it’s legal for them!don’t take my word for it,look up all these new laws that have been put in place in your state and county from the 2012 year and take effect Jan 1st!!know your rights!you can go to ..I could sit here for a while and tell and explain why the gov’t run bad guy’s do what they do,but i’m not taking up that much space!.


    The fact that these cops are that ignorant is not shocking considering the stories and videos that are coming out all over the nation. What is absolutely terrifying is the fact that these nimrods are not only carrying guns, but have them pulled and finger on or close to the trigger over issues such as a sticker sporting a buckeye leave. If they are that ignorant to not be able to distinguish the difference between a buckeye leaf and a marijuana leave, then what are their abilities to distinguish the difference between the good guys and the bad guys before they shoot. Not one but from my count according to the story, 3 LEO’s were fooled by the leaf and unable to catch the detail or fact that it has nothing to do with a illegal drug in any way.
    Furthermore, Though we live in a dumbed down america – who in the world would advertise transportation of a illegal drug with a bumper sticker so cops could pick them out from the crowd?

  • ToughGuy1

    OSU should be rated down to OSCollege with the sort of behavior on illegal substance and other contraband with these students, and peers, and Administrators. Disgraceful! Maybe another Big Ten Conference problem going to happen? Led up to the investigation and outcome of Penn St., Should be PSCollege too!?

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    As for the SUV that stopped the woman and her husband, sounds like it would be another federal agency pukes, 2 men to a car, plus just blue lights, sounds more like US Marshals, when they used to transport missles, years ago. Noticed no marking on the vehicle was mentioned or why she didn’t get badge numbers or plate number?

  • Mark BigDog Johnston

    I am surprised, yet thankful that the officers didn’t have both victims face down in the road, with a knee to the back and a rifle barrel to the head during the stop. These Drug Task-forces claim to be afraid for their lives but the throw the 4th amendment out the window and put the live of innocent victims in jepordy just because they believe that there might be some big bad drugdealer on the other end of their search warrant or traffic stop. Just as bad as the airline Gestapo, who search young children and old people and yet the burka clad go by with out much adou


    the traffic stop was just an other thing the feds are doing to Americans. they are getting ready to put the American people into the Fema Camps that they have planed with the dept DHLS and Obma knows this he wants to make us fear cops so we will give-up our guns so he can become the leader of the new world order.

  • RV

    I’m in TN; and the DEA Task Forces have been working with local LEO agencies for a couple of years now… They patrol the major cities here in TN and I-40/I65/and I-75 pretty regularly… Easy to spot in their unmarked Blacked out Tahoe’s with limo tint… The state is getting federal funding in allowing them to assist the THP in enforcement of all of TN’s major roadways… Sounds like this is a great example of a illegal traffic stop in our wonderful nanny state where they are working now hand in hand with the TSA at our Truck Stops…

  • JimH

    Just some Michigan State fans.

  • Michael

    Most (all?) cops continue to act more and more like Adolf Hitler’s Brown Shirts. When such thugs, in uniform, marry up with the TSA, stand by for much more of “Show me your papers!”.

  • Dad

    How are those commie gubmint unions working for you now?

  • Linda

    Makes me ashamed to be a Tennessean..I promise folks,not everybody in TN is that way.They are in a league of their own.Shameful

  • Dale Patterson

    Gestapo likes to goose step in shinny black jack-boots and frighten old people.

  • Fred

    Tennessee has a long history of such unconstitutional treatment of citizens, I can’t believe there hasn’t been more reported about it. Some 20 years ago I was stopped in TN for a minor traffic offense and the TN State LEOs stated that they were going to search my vehicle, when I refused the search and asked if there was any probable cause for a search they became enraged, handcuffed me and searched anyway. After repeatedly searching again & again and completely trashing my vehicle in the process, all they found was a lock-box and a single bullet. They informed me that the bullet indicated to them that there was a “illegal firearm” in the lock-box and that I must open it for them and reveal the contents or face jail for “failure to cooperate with law enforcement”. I refused to open the box and after their harsh and repeated demands that I open the box I told them that if they would call a federal marshal to the scene, and the federal officer agreed with their demand and was willing to observe, that I would then open the box for them. Once again they became very enraged and abruptly took me to jail (what was apparently a State Police field office holding cell). There I was never told I was under arrest, never read my rights nor fingerprinted, and was not allowed to make a phone call and the handcuffs were never removed. They held me for six hours, coming back to my cell approximately every 15-20 minutes demanding that I “open the box”. I continued to refuse to open the box,except in the presence of a federal marshal, and asked that they allow me to phone an attorney. After six LONG hours (needing to urinate the entire time, handcuffed behind my back and repeatedly harassed), I was set free with my lock-box, my identification, and absolutely no explanation. They did not issue a ticket for the traffic offense and refused to give me anything in writing. I then had to walk and hitchhike some 12 miles back to my vehicle.
    I was young and of quite meager means at that time, but with more years, similar experiences, more money, and attorneys on retainer….I now no longer take any unwarranted injustices lying down.

  • Phil long

    Well they thought there were more dope they could get there hands on. For there needs


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