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Brown, Two Democrats Vote To Block Obama’s Latest Nominee

February 15, 2010 by  

Brown, two Democrats vote to block Obama's latest nominee For the first time since being sworn into office, Senator Scott Brown (R-Mass.) got a chance to flex his conservative muscles by voting to block President Obama’s nominee to the National Labor Relations Board. As it turned out, however, the GOP did not need Brown’s 41st vote to sustain the filibuster.

Senate Democratic leaders failed to muster the 60 votes necessary to approve the nomination of Craig Becker to the board that resolves disputes between unions and management. The final tally was 52-33 in favor of appointing Becker. Fifteen senators were not able to cast their vote due to violent snowstorms in the Washington area.

Senators Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) and Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), crossed the aisle and voted to block the president’s nomination.

"Craig Becker’s theories about how the workplace should function, if ever put into practice, would impose new burdens on employers, hurt job creation and slow down the recovery," said Brown.

Becker has also been blasted by business leaders who fear that, if appointed, he would further empower unions by embracing the Employee Free Choice Act, which would allow labor groups to have a stronger hand in organizing employees, according to The Washington Times. Republicans have heavily criticized the bill, which is scheduled to be voted on in the Senate later this year.

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  • Frank Spence

    Don’t get too excited folks. Whilst it is clear that some Democrats are beginning to get the message there is still a ways to go before November and unfortunately the electorate have short memories. In the UK they have had four socialistic governments which have ALL left the country near bankrupt, and yet after eighteen years of relative prosperity they elected them again and now the UK is totally broke. The electorate need to hang tough and punish the Democrats at the polls.

  • Joe H.

    Actually it is us that need to hang tough! We need to clear the government of all the progressives! They are a stain on the history of this great nation!!!

  • Deidre H

    Joe, I wholeheartedly agree with your comment

  • Pat Case

    Wonderful!!! Congressmen please give him (O) the message……

  • Allan Chamberlain

    I think that we all need to stand together and get rid of all of them in the White House,Starting with Obama all the way down,Thank’s Allan.

    • http://Yahoo Dee D

      Hey Allan -are you suggesting we should put no one but Republicans in office? Sure a smart idea – then the one party in control would have no watch dogs to snap at their heels and would have free reign to finish the One World Government plan and sack the whole country. WE NEED A MIXTURE IN WASHING even tho they are 99.99% money and power grubbibg scum bags.

      • lumberjack


        • Joe H.

          If we put the same crooks back in without a fight then we have no one to blame but ourselves!!! It won’t matter who we put in if we don’t demand a difference. We need to tell our politicians we want to get back to our conservative roots and ask that all who recieve help actually need it and are unable to help themselves! Spending on people that are physically and mentally able to work will only end up bankrupting this country! Continual spending on worthless programs that are nothing but pork in disguise is insane and can not continue! At the pace we are going we are going to lose our country to others that do not have our best interests in mind and never did!

        • Al Spiker

          Lumberjack, you have hit the nail on the head. I have advocated exactly the same thing. When you go to vote this November DO NOT vote for any incumbants! And even after this November DO NOT allow more than 2 terms in office before you vote them out! I would be the peoples way of imposing term limits. You know. The thing the politicians avoid like the plague.

  • Jean

    Keep fighting and praying and what WE THE PEOPLE can’t get done GOD will.He sees and hears what we can’t and will pick up the slack and that you can count on.

    • Victor L Barney

      You also might be interested to learn if God even is listening? If so, refer to

      • ttelkman

        I’m sorry, all I can see at this website is legalism. Have you read the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Galatians? And about your Doctrine – which bible are you reading?

        • Cel

          2nd Chro. 7:14

          Have a blessed evening….

  • Charlie Denger

    Our country needs to get rid of professional politicians. WE need a drastic change. GOOOH – Get Out Of Our House – pronounced ‘go’ has a plan to remove all representatives in the House.
    Check GOOOH out. Become a member. Help us clean up our government and save our country. Your country needs you.

  • gaetano

    WOW,to Ben Nelson. This might just save you butt,Ben,in the next election, but all you have to do now is put a (R) IN FRONT OF YOUR NAME. MIGHT JUST WORK FOR YOU.

    • jeffH

      Ben and Blanche need to take a hike. It’s too late for them to save their arses. Good first move for Brown, although it is a long road ahead, which he must continue to follow.

  • Phyllis

    The problem with the electorate is that they don’t always vote the way of the popular vote. Considering the Tea Parties across the country(especially the one at the Capital) seems to be a pretty good indicator that the populus is ready to ‘clean house/senate’. I trust the electoral college about as much as I trust the government as it stands now.

  • Ron Hme

    This is great news!! Yes everyone of these Socialists, Marxists, and Communists sympathizers need to be gotten rid of; starting with the number one LIAR IN CHIEF, B. Hussein Obama, and his entire administration.

  • J.D.Beck

    A Canadian voice (perspective): firstly go to and check out :About us.
    As long as the US has only a two party system, the American public is being hoodwinked…(there is in all honesty no diffrence between the two parties), what you need is a strong 3rd party who in all honesty is by the people and for the people…I have travelled and worked for years in the US and my heart goes out to all Americans…having said that we must all realize in a way it is our own fault, if we allow to get screwed.

    • blackhat

      Come on Beck…spoken like a Demo operative with a “Canadian Voice (perspective)”! It is common wisdom that our “two party system” does not easily support a third party. Generally speaking, it is the conservative voice that “splits” the votes when a third party is introduced into the mix. I believe that voters should be on the look out for conservative candidates, and demand from thier parties that progressives are not acceptable. But, don’t try to fool me with “there is no difference between the two parties” stuff. Both Dems and Reps have historically shifted from conservative to liberal and back over long periods of time. It just follows that currently Reps are considered more conservative than Dems at the present time. But, it is still incumbent upon the voters to be aware of the political “leanings” of each candidate, regardless of party affiliation.

      • DaveH

        Worrying about splitting the vote has gotten us where we are. We keep electing the lesser of two evils and just get a milder form of evil. Both major parties have been growing government for the past 100 years.
        It’s time for a real change. Real Freedom. Real Responsibility:

        • Joe H.

          so would you prefer to give it right back to Barry??

          • DaveH

            I would prefer that the government was stopped from growing past the 40% of the economy that it now controls.
            I vote for the only party that really advocates Freedom, Responsibility, and Limited Government. And I have no doubt that if everyone understood why the Libertarian Principles would work so well, they would get in by a landslide. The only problem now is that few people have really been exposed to our principles, or they have been misinformed by the vested interests in both major parties. Actually, I think the only votes we would never get is from those who think Government should exist to protect people from themselves, and those people can be either Democrat or Republican.

  • http://none JIM WATSON

    becker will end up with the job threw the back door, at the least a czar count on it. a note to the people that edit this sight, the reason that mr becker will end up working to destroy jobs in america is the fact that you fokes don,t know right from wrong

    • DaveH

      And you can enlighten us?

    • Cel

      I was glad that “Craig Becker” was not confirmed even if Obama gives him our tax money through the back door. I guess we would be shocked if we knew of all the money he is giving his friends. all the while cutting funds to protect our borders and other defence. He has cut 180 agents fro Border Patrol. cut funding for Secure border activities. Cut funding for US-Visit……

      • DaveH

        I expect that the 2/3 of the unspent “stimulus” money will find its way into the Democrat coffers.

  • Bud Grounds

    J.D. Beck is correct. For too many years we have had Independent parties trying to gain a foot hold but the candidates often did not have what it takes or the support to make a strong bid.

    I say to all of you that are tired of the multi term politicians and this adminstration, we need to begin working toward that third party now because Democrats, Republicans and Independents are all a part of the Tea Party movement. All of those who have commented about the Labor Relations Board vote must know how important it is that Mr. Becker not be seated. I have studied governments around the world for many years ( I am 69 years old) and I can tell you, without reservation, that President Obama is attempting to install a European Socialist system of government to replace our capitalistic system.
    National Health Care, Cap and Trade, Amnesty and Free Choice Act are all a part of the plan to dismantle Capitalism through Federal control of corporations, banks, stock market and we, the people. If you have been paying attention, they have already placed this country in a position for economic meltdown and the only alternative we have in the meantime is to insure every left leaning politician be thrown out of Congress and also those that favor all the above issues. Only then can we cripple this administrations ability assert their will on us.

    • Joe H.

      That can be done just by voting them out it doesn’t take a third party that will just about ensure that barry gets it back!!

  • Steve

    Both of them voted for obamacare. Both are up for re-election this fall. Both are, according to the polls, are in big trouble. A little fence mending? I’ll bet you see both of them crossing to the other side in the next few months.

    • jeffH

      Too late! They can’t be trusted! (who can anymore)

  • al reeves

    be careful what you say about the electorial college with out it we would be subject to the large states electing all the presidents and none of the middle states would get a vote. al

    • redhawk

      Well Stated but I dounbt if HE GETS IT… Large States are Failures in Fiscal Terms and Progressives want evryone to be as Bad as Cal. NYS, NJ, OR, and the rest of the Progressively Failing States… YES thank goodness for the Electoral College!!!!and perhaps it is time to have a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION to re-establish STATE’s Rights with no Big Daddy Dictatorial Policies…

  • http://N/A Kenny Hewitt

    Things have begun to turn around with the election of Scott Brown in Mass. I totally agree with Allan’s statement above , we the people need to remember what the progressive’s are trying to do to and with our country come the mid-term elections ! We do not have to put up with such non-compliance with our government . All voters need to remember that these elected officals work for us and are fully accountable to the people of America . I truly believe we are going to witness a house , senate cleaning in November the likes that we have not seen in sometime. Furthermore , in 2012 Obama will also be given his ” pink slip ” and we will elect a President who like Congress will know that they tread on thin ice as far as having a radical agenda trying to be imposed on the American public ! Let’s getter-done in November , the 1st step in taking back our country !

  • Bill

    Our political party problems are not going to be solved by instituting additional parties. The bottom line problems can be simply reversed if “we the people” will get back to understanding and supporting our Constitution.

    Our elected officials all take the oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. They should be held accountable for upholding their oaths to do this.

    We the people get what we vote for because we no longer respect the Constitution nor do we demand that those we elect uphold it.

  • Ed Bertolas

    If we brought back the Popular vote things would change over nite .


    • DaveH

      They sure would. The populous states would ram their agenda down the throats of the rest.
      When the states signed on to the Union, the rules were established in the Constitution. Most likely they wouldn’t have joined the Union if they knew their votes wouldn’t count. You can’t just change the rules after the game has started.

  • Josie60

    While this is encouraging, it is only a nibble. I don’t trust that things are beginning to change or that legislators are getting the message. I hope these little trickles don’t lull us back to sleep. As things stand now, I think there are too many fractured groups that will divide the votes more than reach our goals. Nov will be a challenge and I’m sure the Democrat & Republican/Progressives will do their utmost to block our efforts as we near election. The younger gen has been indoctrinated to the Socialist movement as the answer for all. And those like the stupid McCain daughter that thinks most of us are useless and should move over for the all-knowing likes of her. She stated that her book is coming out in August and will tell all, probably another Palin bashing. To be effective in Nov we need a clear direction and desired goals. Please take a look at stands for “Get Out of Our House”. They seem to have a direction to weed out liars and self serving politicians. Listen to the tape from Tim Cox that explains the GOOOH process and the questionnaire that legally binds candidates on how they will vote on certain issues. To change their vote they have to get it cleared through their constituents – wow a real chance to have a voice. GOOOH also has a direction for political contributions to stop the special interest takeover. The Tea Party movement needs better defined and direct goals and should give some thought to joining forces with GOOOH. The TP is set to gather and inform the people the other can weed out the liars and test to find true representation for the USA.

    • ron t

      I am glad someone else is aware of I thought it had dissappeared into a black hole.
      I am glad Josie60 brought up this point.
      If a person has behind him…. it is understood what their qualifications and beliefs are. You don’t have to ask a bunch of questions as to how they feel or what actions they will take on different points and topics. If there is a change in their action or direction , then will respond. At this point everyone will know that the Representatives belief has changed from the agreement that has been signed.
      Next election, there will be another person waiting to step in.
      This is how I understand how functions.
      I feel confident that is a very viable method to follow.
      Check for yourself at

  • eddie47d

    We still have about 70 appointments that haven’t been confirmed and it’s a year later. If you had a business and had to hire critical placements would your company survive taking that long. Shelby of Al. should be reprimanded for holding up these nominations just so he can get a lucrative military base in his state. He’s no better than Nelson of Ne. getting freebies for a vote. These govt.officials are doing no more than sabotageing the U.S.A.and trying to keep it from functioning. Blackmail anyone! Just vote yes or no with no strings attached.

  • J.D.Beck

    To Blackhat:
    Your Statement:Both Dems and Reps have historically shifted from conservative to liberal and back over long periods of time. It just follows that currently Reps are considered more conservative than Dems at the present time.
    Proves my point there is no diffrence…You need a party who represents the poeple…neuther the Democrats nor the Republicans care about you guys…they only take care of their own wallets…

  • K.Perrier

    Hasn’t business been represented enough?? They send all of our jobs to China,it is not because they can’t make a profit here, paying a decent wage to the workers. They do it because their profit is not big ENOUGH!
    There is a reason Unions were started. All of you that are against unions should remember why most of us have a vacation, lunch break, health care, and sick days. That you are compensated for more that 40 hours a week, and don’t have to work for slave wages.
    For the life of me I do not understand why people think labor representation against a powerful company is a bad thing.
    If you like being treated like dirt that is up to you, I would rather be treated with dignity.

    • Joe H.

      Yes we should remember, remember that the auto workers of the big three were making over 70 dollars an hour with benefits included!!!

  • Warrior

    I say do away with any union’s involvement in any level of government.

    Why in the world government workers require union representation is beyond comprehension. We are at a tipping point in this country where the private sector can no longer support the public trough feeders.

    • American Citizen

      Just heard that the median salary for a government worker is $71,000. Yeh, why do they need a union.

    • http://Don'thaveone Sally

      When you go to work for any federal agency, you have to swear that you won’t go on strike. So what teeth does the Union have – none. Remember what Reagan did to the Air Traffic Controllers that went on strike. Unions like governmnet got to big and that is the main reason that jobs got shiffted overseas that and Government regulation.

      • Joe H.

        Ever heard of the blue flu??? The police had the same agreement, that they wouldn’t go on strike. But when things didn’t go their way they called in sick for days on end. The settlement finally went their way as the cities couldn’t afford the lawsuits against them!!!

  • redhawk

    As things are going and Obama becomes more Radioactive, expect to see more and more Progressives and Middle of the road Democrats jumpimg ship…..Obama Has to Get away from all of his TAWDRY Political Allies , unions, Lawyers, Acorn, Seiu, Ayers, and the Neo COMM Czars if he really wants to stay in office….He has become aliability for office seekers. NJ, VA and Mass are expicit examples that BS can only go so far…” Fool me once shame on me……..

    • Cel

      “Obama has to get away from all this”

      Like he did Rev. Wright?

      Like he would really still feel the way he does, he would just “hide” it from us?

      Do you believe he sit in that man’s church 20 years and never did hear him speak like he did on that video?

      I do not aether………..he just lied.

      My mom always said…”if your friend lied once, she will lie again”

      Obama is a “liar”


  • Cel

    I am a conservative……….I do not understand why “liberals” get mad at me when I say this………

    I do not get mad at them.

    I do like ….never will like…”big Government” “never”

    I do not like “entitlements” …they are and have broke our Gov.

    I like my freedoms and I feel very strong that this administration is

    taking them away.

    I do not want them controlling my health care, energy, or education.

    I am glad to see “some” Democrats listening to their supporters.


  • http://none Delores Smith


    At times, it might appear as if Senator Brown’s 41st vote is not affecting the results of a vote. We can be certain that when Democrats are voting with Senator Brown, his presence is being felt within the Senate…and he has brought about the integrity of the vote.
    Delores Smith

  • Charley41

    I’m retired union worker.. to much corruption at the top of those unions. If workers and Management would be reasonable, no need for
    the unions. Greed gets in the way. but alot of co. know how to do it.

  • Bud Grounds

    Joe H. and Bill: You may be right but then I do not believe a third party gives the edge to one or the other. There are an overwhelming number of people, Democrat, Republican and Independents that are angry at both parties. Those people must decide which to vote for in the coming elections.

    Mr Brown is a Republican but he represents a State with a huge Democrat majority in registered voters. Will he represent the wishes of the people of his State? My guess is he will and rightfully so because this is the way it should be and what the majority of us want. He is going to upset his party at times because of this, in fact, already has but didn’t try to hide it.

    So, if we continue with the 2 party system, it is upon the citizens of each State to be very careful with your vote. Don’t be fooled like you were with the “Smoke and Mirrors” and listen to what the candidate is actually saying. I knew immediately that President Obama was a left leaning candidate simply by listening. Did you hear “Distribution of Wealth” and “National Health Care Plan”? These are ideals of a Socialist Government and another problem is our higher educational system is teaching this crap. I often talk to my youngest son who has a Master’s Degree about this. In his 2nd year of college, he was saying how bad the Arab world was being treated when I told him to be careful about what he takes as gospel because 2 of his professors were radical Muslims. Of Course he didn’t believe me until one left the University and became head of a terrorist group in Palestine and the other jailed for funneling money to terrorist groups. So, it isn’t just the administration and Congress, there is more to clean up before we have our country back.


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