Brothers Arrested In Airport Fracas


MIAMI, July 29 (UPI) — Two brothers were charged with aggravated battery after one of them allegedly punched the pilot of an American Airlines jet in the face, Florida officials said.

The incident occurred when a flight attendant noticed Jonathan Baez didn’t have his seat belt fastened as a flight to San Francisco was preparing to depart, The Miami Herald reported Friday.

The flight attendant said Baez was unresponsive and appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. She reported it to the pilot, who decided to return to the gate.

Luis Baez accompanied his brother off Thursday’s flight, when Jonathan allegedly threatened the pilot, saying “If you fly to San Juan, I will have you killed.”

After the two departed the plane, Jonathan Baez allegedly returned to the gate and struck the pilot in the face. He also allegedly struck a flight attendant in the shoulder.

A flight crew and other passengers detained the brothers until police arrived. They were being held in lieu of bond, $9,000 for Jonathan and $12,500 for Luis.

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