British Parliament Debates War With Syria, U.S. Congress Vacations


As chatter about the prospect of the United States going maverick in Syria continues, the Nation’s international peers are receiving praise from some U.S. lawmakers for taking a more thoughtful approach to intervening in the Middle Eastern conflict.

Representative Scott Rigell (R-Va.) lauded the British Parliament on Thursday, noting that U.S. lawmakers are still on recess— despite the President’s war rhetoric— while the Brit lawmakers have robustly debated a resolution on military intervention in Syria.

The Parliament, he said, is having a debate, while the United States is not. “Given the history our two Nations,’ he continued, “there is a bit of irony here.”

Rigell said that he is happy to see that the evident slowing in British momentum towards military action has made the White House pull back “just a bit.” The lawmaker also noted that Congressional approval prior to intervention would be a sign of strength for the U.S.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) also noted the absence of Congressional debate on the matter.

Cruz tweeted:

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  • Alan

    What can I say other then America should do as British protesters are shouting and just stay out of it. This country has been “in it” for far too long now, constantly figuring ways to keep feeding that avaricious “meat grinder” known as the Military Industrial Complex. It’s a waste of resources, especially in the needless expenditure of human lives.

    • bob arnold

      the big question is what is the final count of deaths before any of these country’s incl us do anything,could it be 200,000 or 300,000 or until they are all killed i guess then we do not have to worry anymore is that the plan

      • Alan

        My sentiments exactly Bob & Linda. It’s just one of the various methods of population control. What gets me are those who walk amongst us thinking the government actually gives a hoot about them.

        • bob arnold

          thank you that i am not alone

      • Robert Messmer

        And exactly what would you have any of these countries, including us do? Should we wipe out Assad and all his followers? Or since Assad represents what passes for legitimate government in that part of the world, perhaps you would have us wipe out all those opposed to Assad? Barring of course that whichever plan is chosen no innocent (?) civilians get hurt.

  • ThomasThePaine

    We need to keep on sending our cannon fodder to fight useless wars, without intention of ever winning. . . How else can the defense contractors, prosthetics manufactures, politican and banksters are going to make their billions?

    • Deerinwater

      Well ~ we need to find another way , another useful service and product ~ we need to invest in our nation, in our interest.

      We fought our civil war , tempered by fire and blood to form our nation. ~ It was not pretty, ~ it was not flattering. ~ those that paid the most had the least to gain.

      Forgive me if I’m not overly sympathetic, people have the government they are willing to have while never will everyone be happy regardless of what government that might be.

      I would wish one thing for the Syrian people, ~ their government needs to be “theirs” and it’s not for me to say what that might be.

      This latest lay down card is huge, ~ I don’t believe for one second Assad ordered it for it serves him and his interest no purpose.

      • ThomasThePaine

        There is no bigger enemy of the American People than Washington DC.

        The only place where we need to send troops to, is the Potomac. . . Only another George Washington can save America!

        • Liz

          “There is no bigger enemy of the American People than Washington DC”……And idiots that have never nor will ever read, understand and uphold the Constitution,
          You are correct, we need another George Washington to save America….

          • ThomasThePaine

            History continues to repeat itself: Today’s liberals are yesterday’s loyalists. . .

          • mark

            Still fighting the Revolutionary War? Newsflash: the Brits won. As their parliamentary vote proved yesterday, they are freer than we are. They, the British people, can actually influence decisions on war and foreign interventions within their government as we the American people cannot. Washington must be turning over in his grave, that is if he’s not on top of a slave girl.

          • ThomasThePaine

            Thr Brits sure couldn’t influence their government into not taking their guns away. Thus leaving them defenseless against the millions of Muslimes and nwords that thanks to Clinton and Blair have invaded England.

            At least, here we can still play Cowboys and Muslimes. . .

          • shimdo

            That is true to.It’s been this way since the beginning of time, and I don’t understand why people want what others have. I guess it’s part of our sinful nature

          • shimdo

            No, we need to really LOOK AROUND at our own country, it’s falling apart, and most people either just want to live their lives and block out every thing else. I don’t hear to many look up and say what is happening to this land, floods, fires, tornadoes,, drought, on and on.We are under judement from God. Up until last year, I really thought things good not get that bad in my life time–WRONG.Things are falling apart much quicker than I would have thought. We are headed for the end of earth as we know it at blazing speed. We are on the tight rope, have lost our way and balance and we’re going down into that dark pit, and there will be no more scratching our way bank up. Kind of got off the subject–sorry. But it’s true

        • mark

          You expressed it perfectly – your profound hatred of the American government elected by the American people. And this is why libertarians and extremist conservatives will never exercise any influence in our political system. You all joyously and enthusiastically embrace irrelevance. Thank God for that anyway. Imagine you guys being in charge of anything?! Well, as we both know that is never gonna happen. You’re always shooting one another with your own guns for God’s sake! But, hey, at least you’re free.

          • ThomasThePaine

            Wake up you pathetic government worshiper: There are no Republicans or Democrats in Washington DC. . . Only milionaires living it up ony OUR dime!

        • jimzimmerman

          Damn dude, you and i finally agree on something.’This doesn’t mean we are gonna take long hot showers together. Well played

  • mark

    Gee, how can the Brits be more democratic than us? After all they have a single-payer 100% government-run health care system and a total ban on all personal ownership of guns. Their cops can’t even carry guns. Don’t they know they can never be free and have a democratic society without guns and a totally private health care system? What a collection of idiots – fully practicing democracy, expressing the popular will of the people in preventing their wrongheaded leaders from taking them into another hopeless war in the Middle East! And thinking they can all do this without a single one of them owning a gun! Don’t they know that they had a huge total of 120 gun deaths in Britain last year compared to our measly 31,000 (suicides and accidents, included). What a thoroughly hopeless group of dolts the Brits are. Just won’t accept that they can never be truly happy, truly safe, truly free, and truly democratic until they all own guns? Oh, by the way in our country where everyone has a gun, our government is going to go to war in about a week, the people be damned. Just like in 2011, 2003, 1991, 1989 ( that’s Panama for those of you who forgot), 1965, and 1950 all without Constitutional declarations. Gee, I just don’t get this? It’s like this whole thing is backwards! Father Rush, Sean, and Glen please explain this all to me again!.

    • jimzimmerman

      Hey Mark, I think there is an empty seat on the next British Airways
      flight to your land of milk and honey, I’m sure they would be glad to
      see you. Take Piers.

      Oh by the way we are NOT a Democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic.
      ONLY 120 GUN deaths but several thousand knife,meat cleaver,hammer,pitchfork homicides. If pitchforks are outlawed only outlaws will have pitchforks. Stop whining and change your panties.
      But i DO agree that it is good that the British Parliament decided that what happens in Syria should STAY in Syria.

      • mark

        Your figures are way off on the non-gun murders, they only had about 900. But you still have not explained why their unarmed “unfree” citizens can stop their country from going to war while we who have 250 million guns can’t. Ever ask yourself that. Ever ask yourself who had the real democratic republic – us or the British who we fought against for our independence? And this constant carping about a republic is nonsense. Our Constitution is a joke violated term after term by all our leaders. And every public office in America except for the presidency is elected by direct democratic majority vote. A republic, please, what a joke!

    • Robert Messmer

      Of course since Britain has zero gun ownership there should have been zero gun deaths according to the anti-gun nuts. Also since there is something on the order of 200 MILLION guns in private hands here in the US our measly 31 thousand should have been a great deal more. As to the people be damned “wars” hmm lets see 1950 would be the UN sponsored “Police Action” in answer to North Korean aggression against the South. (Why is it always the North – North Korea, North Vietnam, the Northern States??) 1965 of course would be Vietnam which had been authorized by Congress in 1964 in The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. The war was very popular in the beginning but as more live news was broadcast showing American troops being killed, the public withdrew their support. Panama wasn’t so much a war as an illegal arrest of a known drug dealer and money launderer. Which by the way had bipartisan support and public support that had been measured as high as 80%. [Personally I disagreed with sending troops in to arrest the then current dictator on drug charges.] 1991 Gulf War I which was a UN-authorized coalition of 34 nations in response to Iraq invading and annexing Kuwait. And yes once again it was approved by congress. 2003 Gulf War II approved by congress and popular with the public in the beginning.

  • Motov

    I say lets send them Obozo, if he is so concerned, then let him resolve it.

    With his mighty mouth, he has a chance to earn his “No Balls Piece Pride”
    And if they take him hostage,.ooops I mean “Permanent guest” Hitlery would probably say,…It doesn’t matter anyways,…But we should make him use a commercial flight instead of AF1, And economy class (Or more commonly known as the sardine seats) Just to prepare himself for the task.
    To keep Obozo company, send Pelosi, Hitlery, Biden, and any other Democrat who “feel” all these people need is a little bit of love.
    Most importantly, they like everybody else, must be molest…ooops,,…I mean screened by our very friendly TSA agents.

  • paendragon

    That’s because Britain doesn’t have weird “electoral colleges” to distance and insulate their public servants from those they serve, unlike the elite masters of the USA who can vacation at will, secure in the knowledge that they don’t count.

    • mark

      Right, that is a giant mistake in the United States Constitution put in by the elite Founding Slaveholders who feared the will of the people. So they concocted the anti-democratic Electoral College to short-circuit the popular will. It even allows candidates with less popular votes to win elections over the people’s choices. This was how John Quincy Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, and George W. Bush, (oh, I meant Dick Cheney) fraudulently become presidents. A parliamentary-type system would also allow numerous small parties to flourish and even have some important influence as they could be key brokers in forming ruling coalitions as in Europe and Asia. It is one of the great ironies that Libertarians’ slavish devotion to every word in the U.S. Constitution, especially regarding the Electoral College, prevents them from ever exercising any real influence in our political system since any group outside the 2 big parties in our winner-take-all contests have virtually zero say in anything – and just eventually get swallowed up by the Big Two.

  • Jim B

    I don’t recall being attacked by a foreign nation, or being declared war upon, or declaring war ourselves, so why the comparison of our political shenanigans to another country is lost on me. We have enough fools on the hill, and the chief idiot in charge playing war games already, no need to bring the full boat of them in to play, since none of them play nice in their sandbox anyways. The whole situation reeks of insanity, everyone is looking to kill someone we just don’t exactly who to kill yet. This is just great, a bunch of fools in charge looking for a target to kill when they aren’t even authorized to shoot.

    • shimdo

      Man,Jim, you also hit the nail just right.That ,to me, would also be an A plus. Keep dishing it. Maybe, just may be, you will get a few attentions.