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BRICS Want To Rely Less On The U.S. Dollar

May 5, 2011 by  

BRICS Want To Rely Less On The U.S. Dollar

In the past few weeks, I have written several articles about the United States dollar and the driving forces behind the ongoing devaluation of it. After being the world’s main reserve currency for many decades, the game is finally changing, and it has far-reaching consequences for the world and your investment strategy.

In my previous articles, I wrote extensively about the reasons why there is a perfect storm building for the U.S. dollar and in the last few weeks the greenback has been losing further ground against other major currencies. It’s even weakening even against the euro.

We are witnessing the late stage of a U.S. dollar dominated global currency system, a system that is changing quickly. It remains to be seen whether there is going to be a smooth transition to a new global currency regime or an outright collapse of the current system.

In Europe, we are dealing with a currency crisis already and, despite the efforts to cut spending and fix government balance sheets, the bailout packages for countries like Greece and Portugal are causing longer-term damage to the creditability of the euro. Creditability, or better, a lack thereof, is also adding further pressure on the U.S. dollar.

Last week, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said that a strong currency is and has always been in the interest of the U.S. and that the country will never embrace a strategy to weaken the dollar. At about the same time that Geithner made his statement, the U.S. dollar hit fresh all-time lows against a number of major currencies, a clear indication that the market doesn’t believe him. The lack of creditability and trust in the U.S. fiscal and monetary policy is driving an increasing number of foreign investors away from the dollar and it seems that this process is still in a relatively early stage and could continue for years to come.

This became obvious last month when the leaders of BRICS nations gathered in China for a one day summit. BRICS is an abbreviation for the five countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. They are seen as the dominant emerging markets today and discussions between them are important for various reasons, primarily because these meetings take place without any representation or influence from the U.S. or Europe.

The five BRICS nations make up about 42 percent of world population and almost 20 percent of global gross domestic product and these numbers are growing, making what they discuss very important. To make the numbers look even more impressive we should also say here that these five nations hold more than 40 percent of the world’s currency reserves.

The term “BRIC” was originally defined by Jim O’Neill an economist at Goldman Sachs. Currently, it is projected that the BRICS nations will be the dominant country block by 2050, with their economies expected to grow significantly in the next four decades. The following chart shows how the size of their individual economies will develop in the next 40 years, with China becoming by far the largest economy on the planet.

The 10 largest economies in the world in 2050, measured in GDP nominal (millions of USD), according to Goldman Sachs.

At their summit in Sanya, China last month, the leaders of the five BRICS nations discussed their involvement in world affairs. The main topic at this year’s summit was clearly their discussions about the future role of the U.S. dollar as the world’s main reserve currency and there was mutual agreement that their U.S. dollar dependence should be reduced going forward. This needs to be seen as another step away from the U.S. dollar as the main reserve currency.

The participating nations expressed their concern about the U.S. economy and the fiscal situation, which might become a large risk for BRICS nations that not only hold a lot of U.S. dollar reserves but also do a lot of their business and trade in U.S. dollars.

The chart above shows how the currencies of the five BRICS countries have performed in the last 12 months. The downward sloping lines mean that the U.S. dollar has been weakening against all of the BRICS currencies. This trend is expected to continue as trading restrictions are expected to diminish over time, making these currencies “real” currency alternatives for investors worldwide.

A good example here is the Chinese yuan, which is currently not freely convertible. However, it is not a question of “if” but “when” it will become freely tradable. We might still be a couple of years away from a freely floating Chinese currency, but the day will come and this will attract further capital flows away from the U.S. dollar.

The BRICS are now calling for a new global currency system to be established with a broader range of currencies involved in order to provide the necessary stability. This joint call for a new world currency reserve system only comes a few weeks after Chinese President Hu Jintao said, when visiting the U.S., that the days of U.S. dollar as the world’s dominant currency are over.

The participating nations also agreed to grant each other credit lines for trade between each other, and those credit lines are now held in local currency and not in U.S. dollars anymore.

We think that it is really important that people understand the potential long-term implications of this. The currencies of Europe and the U.S. make up about 90 percent of the world’s currency reserves but a growing number of countries, like the BRICS, are viewing them as weak partners because of their large debts and the monetization of those debts, therefore forcing a devaluation of their currencies. This acts as an extra tax on everybody holding euros and U.S. dollars.

It is almost a perfect storm brewing for the U.S. dollar here, with the fiscal deficit and debt situation being out of control, rating agencies finally willing to consider downgrading the credit quality of the U.S. and the BRICS wanting to diversify away from the U.S. dollar. Also the increased talk about the U.S. debt limit and its potential implications is adding more uncertainty.

There has been a lot of talk about the European sovereign debt crisis during the past 12 months. The chances are increasing that the next big market theme will be the U.S. dollar crisis, and this would have a much larger impact on markets than the European debt crisis.

–Daniel Zurbrügg

Daniel Zurbrügg

is the Managing Partner of Alpine Atlantic Global Asset Management, a Swiss-based independent investment management firm. The firm provides clients with independent investment management, asset protection and family office services and is the issuer of the global investment newsletter Echo From The Alps. With a global network of partners, Alpine Atlantic's aim is to provide clients with true "turnkey" solutions for global investing. Prior to setting up Alpine Atlantic, Daniel held various positions with other banks and financial companies. Daniel is a Chartered Financial Analyst and regular guest speaker at international investment conferences.

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  • Anthony

    According to my readings, the North American Union Note is now ready for printing (and I believe they’ve already started, about a year ago, maybe more) and we should see it’s distribution in the near future. It will replace the Federal Reserve Note completely. It will also have no real worth – like the game Monopoly has paper/funny money, that’s what this stuff is, too.

    Hope everyone has themselves prepared.

    • James

      Anthony, I think you are referring to the ‘Amero’ which is slated to replace the U.S. and Candian dollars and the Mexican Peso.

      • JC

        Exactly. It’s a necessary part of the borderless North American Union and a furtherance of the New World Order.
        If the completely failed European Union is any kind of example…we’re doomed.

      • mark

        The North American Union Note and the Amero coins are a complete hoax, a right-wing paranoid fantasy flying around the internet of late, proof positive that frightened, not-to-intelligent people will believe anything. The whole thing is an urban legend like Obama not being a U.S. citizen. Serious people do not believe it. The fact that Designs Computed which makes commemorative coins has struck some of these Ameros that it created on its own does not mean that any government accepts them as true currency. Designs Computed admits in its own catalogue that its Ameros are: “private issue fantasy pattern coins.” The U.S. dollar and all the various coinage connected with it, is our national currency and will be for many decades to come. In fact with the recent problems of the Euro across the pond, the idea of a unified North American currency is a more far-fetched fantasy than ever. Even advocates of moving in this direction, admit it won’t happen anytime in the foreseeable future especially given the political firestorm even proposing this in Congress would ignite. Not to mention that it is a bad economic idea perod.

        • JC

          mark says:

          May 5, 2011 at 9:43 am

          The North American Union Note and the Amero coins are a complete hoax, a right-wing paranoid fantasy flying around the internet of late, proof positive that frightened, not-to-intelligent people will believe anything. The whole thing is an urban legend like Obama not being a U.S. citizen.

          Oh I’m quite sure Obama is a US Citizen. He’s just not eleigible to be POTUS having been born outside of American soil…there’s a difference.

          And if your scope of vision is too limited to see the advancement of the NWO over the last half century…then that’s what it is…”limited”, like the thinking of most trained Obamunists.

          • JIBBS

            JC says:

            Oh I’m quite sure Obama is a US Citizen. He’s just not eleigible to be POTUS having been born outside of American soil…there’s a difference.


            obama is not legal to be POTUS, due to the fact his father was a british suject, not because he was born outside of US soil.

          • herman richardson

            Do not the presidential candidates have to show proof of all this stuff before throwing their hats into the ring?? Or is this another one of those points that just kinda got forgotten, really would like to know, thanks

          • JC

            Jibbs, there at least a half dozen solid reasons that Obama should not be in the White house. For you Liberals…
            a half dozen means – 6. ;)

        • Marcio

          Of course, Mark – it’s just unthinkable to consider such “borderless North American Union” as JC says and the “‘Amero’ which is slated to replace the U.S. and Canadian dollars and the Mexican Peso” mentioned by James, when the US is building miles and miles of fence exactly to isolate US from hords of ilegal mexicans trying to enter the country.

          • Donald from Oakland, Ia

            +JUST A NOTE: What fence? most is missing and the other part is not really monitored!

        • Biff

          The Amero? Don’t worry, 80% of Canadians are solidly AGAINST a shared North American currency and according to every thing we’ve heard up here, the Amero is a hoax anyway.

        • James

          Don’t you mean “not-too-intelligent?” After all, you liberals are so smart that you should know basic words… (sarc)

        • John

          Your stupid !!!

          • Curtis S

            hahaha… that’s funny. Using the incorrect version of you’re to call someone stupid. I love irony! You’re a very funny person!

  • TIME


    Monkeys will do what they are told with any question so lets look at the picture. The Master creates a new cage for the MONKEYS.
    The MONKEYS see this as advancing to new digs, thus the MONKEYS take the bait every time.
    Just watch the MONKEYS, they have no mind of their own, they follow like good little MONKEYS and do what they are told to do every time.

    See how easy it will be.

    • Cliffystones

      Please Time, Monkeys are such cute creatures. Couldn’t you refer to them as snails or slugs?

    • Christin

      You don’t seem yourself lately, TIME… you okay?
      I’m use to words of wisdom, but of lately you have too much monkey talk.
      I think someone is impersonating you.

      • libertytrain

        It’s hard to stay cheerfully optimistic when one sees things are crumbling so much faster than expected.

  • home boy

    even when the truth comes out the government still lies.geithner and company still say everything is cool yet we see differently. however there is nothing you can do about it. your vote means jack. always has and always will. to bad there are people out there who want to ruin this country. hope you have enjoyed the ride. oh and by the way , that gold and silver you have been saving, that too will become worthless. don’t believe me read ezeikel 7;19. maybe you should start to give god the time of day instead of man. at least he won’t screw you.

    • Al Sieber

      I do, every day.

    • jgg

      I agree we need to read the only real authoritative publication around – the Bible. This is all prophetically shown to us. The US economy will crash, there will be a one world currency and our gov. people are pushing us toward that as fast ash they can. We just don’t listen to the right source.

      • James

        Jgg, I agree, eventually no one will be able to buy or sell lest he have the mark of the beast (Rev. 13:16-18) Their goal is to do away with all forms of money and just operate on credit. That’s what most people do right now.

        • Richard Pawley

          However, these things could well take longer than anyone reading this realizes. It’s good to be aware of all this but we are going to have many problems a lot sooner than the micro-computer insertion that the Bible calls “the mark of the beast”. All who believe in God’s love for mankind need to pray that God will work His will on all the nonsense going on in congress and in Washington. Jesus once told a woman in England (GOD CALLING, edited by A. J. Russell) that when she saw how “wonderfully your prayers have been answered, you will regret, deeply regret, that you did not pray more.” Among the other 360 short things He told her was that their prayers (the woman and her friend) could change the laws in Parliament without them ever leaving their kitchen! Believer’s need to pray. If they realized the power of their prayers they would not have to be persuaded. The success of the TEA PARTY last November did not happen without much prayer. The unions paying over $10 an hour to bussed in protesters in Wisconsin did not have the effect they hoped, because of prayer. The safest way to pray about things that are so important and which we may not have all the facts or know what is best is to pray to the Father of us all, that in Jesus name, He work His will, on whatever we are praying about. Read GOD CALLING and do that, and you may well be amazed when you see things happen. “Beyond Repair: The Death of the Dollar” is the headline on the back of the hardcover dust jacket of my book “THE LAST DAYS OF THE LATE GREAT UNITED STATES and the Great Famine that Followed” and if congress doesn’t get the out-of-control-spending under control the inflation that will be caused by this will be the beginning of the end for the dollar. No one knows all the future but to use an ancient biblical phrase, “the handwriting is on the wall.” Readers here have long been warned to prepare for hard times, which are still coming, but I am persuaded that prayer can slow down our sinking ship of state and give us that which is more precious than even gold, and that is TIME. May God bless all who read this and take it seriously.

          • Vincenta

            Put your treasure in Heaven where it cannot rot, or be devalued. The treasure is prayer. It adds up and pays interest. We are a nation that had been blessed beyond measure. In repayment for those blessings, we have dismissed God from our public life, murder our unborn babies as a Right, and promote same sex marriages just to name a few. Does anyone believe that our nation will survive after slapping the face of God? May God’s Mercy prevail.

    • bob

      I agree. The day is comeing when all will see who is realy in charge.GOD! Its going to be here sooner than anyone expects.

  • William

    In the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ it states that Israel will be abandoned by her supporters and then she will turn back (repent) to the God of Israel and then God shows up to level all tings by His Torah. In order for this to take place the largest supporter of Israel,”Christian” America,will have to become “ineffective” in that support. When our dollar falls or is further weakened or if a natural catastrofe happens or a Nuclear Plant blows up (earthquake-terroist)then we will be more concerned with ourselves than Israel as a nation. That is to say we could be seeing the New World Order (satans idea) sooner than we expected thus we may be seeing Gods hand in “neturalising” our support to bring about His original plan “In the beginning…” Gen 1:1! Who wouda ever thought!

  • Kerminator

    Right on “Home Boy” down Dixie way we learned long ago that you can’t trust “Carpet Beggars” or those “Damn Yankees” {we are not talking about the ball team here}

    Thomas Jefferson, got it right when he wrote; “This republic will so long as or until the non producers (not working tax payers)come to acquire by the vote what they the producers (tax payers) have!” * best I can remember at the moment

    The US money has been a joke for years, it is like Baseball Cards, it is only worth what someone is will to give you for it!

    • Vincenta

      Kerminator, I like that name. Can you please clear up for your readers the following: What is a homeboy, Carpet Beggars, and non working taxpayers who pay taxes.

    • Vigilant

      It’s a damn shame that the Christian right has had Jefferson removed from US history books as a political philosopher. I would have expected it from the “big government” leftists, but it’s really disappointing when the right tries to revise history to their liking.

  • voteright2012

    Am I the only one noticing that Tax-Cheat Timmy is pushing the Debt-Ceiling D-Day further down the road. Which to me means that the Debt Ceiling should not be increased. As Sen. Pat Toomey (PA) has stated time and again the US can meet its obligations with the current revenues.

    • mark

      I agree with voteright2012. To balance the budget in one year all we would need is a 40% cut across the entire federal budget. A 40% cut in all federal salaries, military salaries, military and federal pensions as well as social security and medicare payments. This would also include a 40% cut in all military and federal spending. I know our patriotic seniors and military personnel, retired and active, are willing to make these sacrifices. So let’s have 40% cut in social security payments in medicare coverage for seniors as well as a 40% cut in all military salaries and pensions! Let’s roll and make this country great again with a balanced budget today.

      • http://n/a Player

        OK, it’s time to flex our industrial muscles again, so the world will take notice. Jobs will come back to us, the dollar will regain it’s stability and strength, and we can make America competitive again. Isolation never works, but American ingenuity does. Let the BRICS do their thing, but so can we. Hang tight America, we’re still the most dominate force on the planet and can compete with anyone.

      • Norman F.

        I would go along with the cuts Mark mentioned if it included all “retired” Senators, Congressmen, federal judges, federal workers and union bosses.

        • judymay

          Norman F says
          I would go along with the cuts Mark mentioned if it included all “retired” Senators, Congressmen, federal judges, federal workers and union bosses

          AMEN!!! My sentiments exactly.

          • voteright2012

            There are numerous ways to approach the shrinking of the US Government: 1) Implement a Flat Tax and reduce the size of the IRS by about 70-80%. (In a book COSTLY RETURNS by James Payne in 1993 he had written that it cost the IRS 63 cents for every dollar they collected; my estimate that today the IRS spends more than a dollar to collect each dollar); 2) Eliminate the Departments of Energy, Education, Agriculture, Transportation and Housing. The Energy department was set up in th 1970′s to make the US independent of foreign Oil; yet today we import mor oil than ever. The Education department has made the education system so bad that the US might as well be a third world country. The Housing department gave us the Community Re-investment Act which along with the Wall Street shenanigans gave us the housing bubble. The Transportation department gave us regulations which destroyed the American Automobile Industry. Agriculture department gave us Ethanol Subsidies which have increased the price of Agricultural products for consumers. — I can go on and on about the about the failures of the US Government. Oh and let us not forget the wastage of Foreign Aid, our commitments to the corrupt United Nations, IMF, World Bank and other international bodies; our military bases abroad — for example we borrow money from China and station our military in South Korea to protect them from the Chinese puppet North Korea.

            You will observe that I have not mentioned anything about cutting Social Security, Medicare. We can cut 40-60% of Government expenditure without touching SS & Medicare.

          • Jean Deaux

            The following reply is one with which I agree except in his desire to eliminate the Dept of Transportation. I believe that is required under the Constitution. Also, the nation should be able to live off Customs, Duties and Tariffs if we get government spending under control. Our spending schemes have become completely surrounded with glamor and glitz, the most of which should be eliminated or revised. I have to give the House of Representatives poor marks for the common sense which they should have applied prior to giving birth to many of our current obligations. Rep Ron Paul (R) TX has many good ideas in bringing our budget under control. It would behoove us to listen closely to his advice. We can no longer afford all the “feel good” spending that is currently taking place.

      • ValDM

        I see you’ve got it all worked out. I especially enjoyed your attack on “senior patriots”. FYI, we’ve been sacrificing for the last 3 yrs. We haven’t had a COLA for that long, and medicare payments have been severely reduced. The typical American taxpayer has seen their savings & buying power eroded with all the ‘quantitative easing’, but I notice you aren’t advocating cutting ALL bureaucratic stipends back to 2008 levels. Nor do you espouse removing the very lucrative health care & pension plans of ALL Fed employees. Lastly, I don’t see you stating anything about your OWN sacrifice. WHERE should be the cuts that would drag you into the game????

      • Vigilant


        I suspect you are both young and not a veteran. 40% cut in military emoluments and pensions is ridiculous. It’s not the personnel and retirees that should be cut, it’s the wasteful and fraud-laden spending on unnecessary weapons systems, maintenance of unnecessary overseas bases and engagement in wars that never whould have started in the first place.

        When I enlisted in 1966, I wrote a blank check to the American people, payable up to and including my life if necessary. And my life was placed in jeopardy a few tinmes. You underrate the dedication and efforts of out servicemen and women, and to precipitously reduce their pay and pension benefits is unconscionable.

        • Vigilant

          Make that “never should…”

  • Conservative at Birth

    It is time to stop the deficit spending immediately. This is being done intentionaly to destroy America. Any high school economics class will tell you that.

  • JC

    I posted about this BRICS event a few weeks ago…
    Now just watch the massive migration of people business and wealth “out” of the US.

    • Richard Pawley

      In my first book back in 2006 and recently updated, I mentioned the 150 thousand plus that were leaving the country each year and those that I talked with about their reasons why. I suspect that number has increased, but when the dollar is finally destroyed I believe it will take the world economy with it and ALL will eventually be affected. Before making any such big move as leaving the country or moving or quitting your job or retiring, etc. I would highly suggest praying for guidance and direction. Do not let fear control your life but don’t ignore what is going on simply because you have never seen such things happen in your life. Look for the good in all things and you will most likely find it.

  • James

    The dollar is losing its value because of the government’s out of control deficit spending. When unearned money is simply dumped into the economy, it raises the dollar-price of everything. Since last summer, the dollar has lost 18% of its value.

  • jgg

    “Buy gold?” Are you kidding? “…You who have no money, buy and eat. Come, buy…without money and without cost. Why do yoiu spend money for what is not bread, and your wages for what does not stisfy? Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is gtood and elight yourself in abundance. Incline your ear and come ot Me. Listne, that yoiu may live…” (ISaiah 55:1-3). This is the only realiable truth!!!

  • Byron Mullet

    To the secularists, who would/have “fundamentally changed,” America from it’s historic Judeo/Christian roots, the dollar with it’s iconic “In God We Trust,” must be removed. Because evolutionary atheism, is at the core of their belief system, the ends justify the means. Yes, emerging markets as evidenced by BRICS may seem inevitable, however the social engineers in America have/are facilitating it’s rise to prominence. How else, can you explain massive new entitlement programs, when we are staring at bankruptcy already?

    • Richard Pawley

      It is the blind leading the blind. These Marxist-socialists are more akin to a religious cult than to a political party. The fact that it has never worked in any country that it has ever been tried in – ever – makes no difference to these true believers. Since they feel that they have god-like wisdom all they need to do is convince the rest of us that they know what is best for everyone. They are busy bodies with other people’s money.

  • Joe

    The voters placed an America hating communist and his supporters in control of the country. As a result, you are witnessing the purposeful financial destruction of our nation piece by piece.

  • minky

    The times are really getting scary. So many people do not have a clue what is going on. It’s confusing even for the people who do have an idea of what we are facing. This administration is a horror and the price we will all pay is huge. So how do we really protct ourselves and prepare?

    • Vigilant

      Forget gold and silver. Purchase water storage and purification systems. Set up a rain barrel system. Get a generator. Grow and preserve vegetables from heirloom seed. Pick up a few bottles of potassium iodide pills. Gun(s) and ammo. Buy or make your own solar panels.

      • Jean Deaux

        I’d like to add the wisdom of purchasing basic food items. Beans, rice, cooking oil, sugar, salt, etc. Purchase basic clothing items, boots, heavy trousers, a warm coat, blankets and as Vigilant says, ammo. Even if you don’t have a gun, it will be valuable to trade with. Good whiskey will also be a valuable trade item. I also am an advocate of buying “junk” silver, that is, pre-1964 coinage. Dimes, quarters half dollars and silver dollars will be valuable for barter or for getting shoes soled, knives sharpened, a dozen eggs or some candles, even buying kerosene or white gas. Learn how to cook in Dutch ovens in case your utilities are cut off. A good bow saw might be invaluable and, if you have the right environment, chickens or rabbits will keep you in eggs and meat. I just try to consider the spectrum of difficulties we may face and try to plan around them.


    Due to inept managment and a society tolerant of such faulty thinking, we have now allowed this kind of absurdity to overwhelm our economic systems and cause inflation, shortages, securtiy risk and defaults.

    Trying to keep gold will probably result in your demise, the government will not tolerate your ownership, the banks will block your access, keeping it at home even in a safe may be more harmful than you will ever expect.

    The best we can do is realign this country with devine providence, commonsense and a adherance to the Constitution, we need a moral compass and the faith in ourselves to combat this loss of solid leadership and mismanaged expectations.

    • J. Marine

      “on Time” is right on. After we have tried all else to fix our counrtiy’s problems, we will arive at the only answer that is viable- found in the last paragraph of On Time’s comments.

  • Tom from Idaho

    Joe, Minky, you both have stated it quite well. This potential collapse of the entire currency system is being done intentionally. It’s part of the whole “new world order” thing. And, at the head of it right now – - president (if you want to call him that) of the most powerful nation in the world. Yes, we can lead the world and this administration (regime) is definitely “leading” the world – - into collapse. In order to “transform” our country, the world, you first have to collapse it. This currency issue is only part of the manifesto for that transformation. Make no mistake about it, this regime is doing all this with our currency on purpose; it’s part of the plan.

  • Patriot

    We need to fight this with everything we have, your Liberty is at stake! This may be just as important as the Revolution!

  • Paul Anthony

    We’ve seen nothing yet – America! Our total destruction is clearly on the horizon if we don’t stop this tragedy now. If the “Obama bin Biden” duo are re-elected in 2012, the U.S. will collapse!

  • Tim-Gabz

    Start thinking of what it is doing to 3rd world countries. It is lowering their real debt, however it has butchered any savings forcing places like Botswana to go into debt to keep it’s head above water. Chronic instability is on the horizon and is going to rip the @$@#$ off most economies. The BRICS are, for the most part, unstable or plainly growing on the strength of USA. So they will have to not only pull away financially but economically in the same manner.

  • JCO


    • bob hubscher

      A men brother.

  • minky

    Perhaps this sounds strange, but could this all possibly being falling into place as the dec. 20, 2012 date is approaching? we have stored water, food, some survival things and solar generator. However, do any of us really know what to do? Praying is a no brainer,we still have to help ourselves somehow to survive what is being done to us. How do we wake up all of the American people to take control of a government gone beserk?

    • Richard Pawley

      Some may be incapable of ‘waking up’. The collapse of the dollar, still in the future I hope, or the coming Greater Depression (what I called it in LEAVING SOUTH CAROLINA), may be just what is necessary for some to realize that life is not about who has the most toys. Go back and read my answer to James above. You speak of prayer as if it was just a few words hastily mouthed to a god who may or may not be listening. What is He saying to you? What specific advise for your family and your situation has God given you? One size does not fit all. God treats us all as individuals not as the “collective salvation” of which the president speaks. Also be wary of fear. Fear is an enemy of mankind. It affects many and can really mess up one’s life. God has a plan for every life. I can’t tell you yours. No one can. That is between you and God. Others can only confirm it or deny it. That is why the bible says “there is wisdom in many counselors.” I’ve been told that in the entire Bible the word ‘survive’ is not mentioned. What is mentioned, and often, is the word ‘prosper’. I don’t want to survive. I want to prosper. Have you experienced what hundreds of millions of Christians of all denominations have received, that wonderful experience that is written about in Chapter Two of Acts. Many churches don’t teach that or they explain it away. Somewhere in the Bible it says may all the curses of the Bible be upon anyone who removes or adds anything to what is written there. This could also apply to those who teach why ‘miracles are not for today’ or ‘why God’s power is no longer with us’ or any of a hundred other lies meant to diminish the power of God’s spirit in us and the distilled wisdom of the ages, as revealed in the scriptures. If you are looking for some specific wisdom, pray for it, and don’t stop until you have it. Jesus said “Ask and you shall receive” and in the paperback classic GOD CALLING he told the woman in England that the reason she did not receive is because she did not ask. Jesus also said (in the Bible) that the earth would be destroyed by hundreds of NEO’s (He used the then generic term ‘stars’) would fall from the sky like ripe figs in a storm. There is absolutely nothing one can to protect oneself from something like that. Just be glad you won’t be here then. The point is pray until all fear has left and you are confident that you are where you are meant to be. The world didn’t end 25,000 years ago the last time the 2012 alignment came about so why should it end this time? Will there be extra strong sun spots and electromagnetic discharges as there were in 1859? I have no idea! I’m told one could build a Faraday cage to protect one’s computer and a big one to protect one’s car but if the electric grid is destroyed you had better have a couple of good bicycles and a good sized garden. We are going to have hard times in the future but that may be just what the world needs to get back on track again. Only God can answer all your questions. You need to draw closer to Him. He will tell you what you need to know and according to the scriptures He will confirm this to you through others. God never tells just one person. May God bless you and all who read this.

    • Jean Deaux

      Minky, It sounds like you have gotten a start toward preparing. Why don’t you go camping with what you have and see if it is complete or if you need to add to or change some of your items. Check with other campers and see if they have come up with a solution to any problems you have encountered. When you store food, don’t forget to throw in some condiments for flavor. Try to get things that are healthy such as cinnamon, Cayenne pepper (tremendous pain killer), garlic powder. Also, you’ll need basic medical items, bandages, iodine, things that a good first aid kit will include. Katadyn makes some of the best water filters you can buy, they filter down to 2/10s of a micron which will, in conjunction with their silver impregnated filters, take anything living out of water. Let your imagination run and see what sort of situations you’ll find yourself in and prepare for them.

  • JC

    Off Topic a bit, but interesting.
    From a newsletter:

    Washington liberals really do believe
    we are that gullible.

    That we will just roll over and accept $5 gas.

    They are wrong.

    The national average is $3.87 a gallon. It’s $4 plus in many states. Prices have spiked 37% since last summer. And are still rising.

    What is President Obama doing about it?

    Rising gas prices hurt fixed-income seniors the most.

    What is AARP doing about it?

    What is Amac doing about it?
    Fighting Back!

    We are the conservative alternative to the AARP and represent the most politically powerful group in the United States – Conservative Americans 50+.

    Amac believes there is only one way to stop this indirect tax on America’s seniors:
    Unleash American oil production. Drill here. And drill now.
    This will have an immediate impact on gas prices.

    President Obama has allowed almost no new drilling in America, while calling for more electric cars, more windmills, and even bicycle lanes. Those are not solutions, Mr. President. They are a joke.

    We can’t bike to the doctor’s office. We can’t trade in our cars for hybrids. And we are not Holland. This country can’t run on windmills.

    Go to to watch the “$5 Gas Secret” video to see how gullible the President thinks we are.

    Then, join our ranks. We are in Washington right now demanding they hear our voice.

    But, we need to add your voice to ours. Join us. Together, we can win this fight.

    Besides having an advocate fighting for you, as an Amac member, you will be offered many discounts and benefits: insurance, travel, etc.

    But the best benefit you’ll receive is knowing you’re helping our country at a time when your voice is needed most!

    Thank you,
    Dan Weber
    President, AMAC
    Better for You. Better for America.

    • Thamera

      Exactly JC…and anyone wonder that the price at the pumps is no longer reflecting the price of gas per barrel? Gas is down to $105 a barrel today and yet gas prices still hover at around $4 dollar per gallon which is the price when gas was at $140 per barrel…

      • Thamera

        And I didn’t mention the latest, Obama is pushing once again to tax the miles that we drive. Attach a GPS to our cars and monitor every mile that we drive….ya president! You’ve got all the right answers! hahahahaha NOT!

        • JC

          Obama is an instrument (tool) of Globalism abd is pushing hard all over America to destroy us. This isn’t to say that he is the only one we’ve ever had…just the worst so far.
          Time to put the brakes on him and his owner’s.

  • tahnee

    The elitie are running the country.Check out Haarp. Haarp is causing weather disasters.I down loaded [half past] and it told of events now coming to pass in this country.There is no place safe to live, no place safe to go. Our food is being destroyed, our money is worthless,and the earth is not happy, Prayer helps.Check out a free website if you want to help… and sign on for the visions down home. They hope to have a million peple do a quick prayer every day for our country, the earth ,and the planet.ONE MILLION PEOPLE PRAYING WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!! PLEASE DO THIS. the one minute a day you spend on that prayer of the day will change things.GOD is listening

  • Bob

    Looks like Porter Stansberry is right.

  • Irene

    Our government has been overthrown and I have yet to see a solution for restoring the Constitution. The Congress isn’t doing anything to help, so it is up to the States to do it. All they have to do is what was done to reverse the PROHIBITION AMENDMENT. If an act is passed that is contrary to the constitution, how in the world can one call it a LAW? The law requires a regular statement and account of receipts and expenditures of all public money to be published from time to time. Not the time yet? Instead, we the people have to disclose our income and expenses in violation of the 4th amendment. There has to be a reversal of the 16th and 17th amendments and the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and all it’s amendments ASAP.

  • minky

    Richard Pawley, you definitly have it right. I never meant that prayer was a few hastily said worrds to a God who may or may not be listening. In the long run He will determine what is happening no matter how hard the times will be for anyone alive. And to Bob, Porter Stansberry has said much about what is happening,are you referring to his end of america as we know it video? Until the Fed is somehow stopped, short of revolution, we are in a dire position

  • mrbill

    Our biggest problem is the debt. Shoot, let’s just pay it. It shouldn’t be hard. Just get every man, woman and child on the face of the earth (7 bil.) to send us $2000.00. Presto! 14 trillion. Just don’t let Obama get his hands on it or he will spend it.

    • JIBBS

      The world?. lol, that makes no sense.

  • nw

    God does not want his people to worry about what is presently taking place but to look up and know that the believer will be raptured and will not have to live with the new world order, the mark of the beast. I’ve made preparations but at this point I’m focusing prayfully daily that my loved ones are aware of what is happening, everything unfolding as foretold in the Bible. I guess it’s frightening to witness these events as told in the scriptures, but it is all happening with such a vegence. I believe until we repent and seek God’s guidance, we Christians can pray for his coming and hope to reach the non believers. This one world order will control your mind, body and spirit(or lack of one) and it’s almost there. The technology, I would not put it past the government for microchips into flu vaccines. They are always pushing for flu, H1N1, vaccines every year. The body searches at airports, now extending to rail and bus possibly. They are out there with their xray equipment without your knowledge. The events taking place today were in science fiction movies just 30 years ago. My faith will sustain me.

  • s c

    If there is a perfect storm brewing for the dollar, it’s because that storm has been orchestrated, planned and put on a one-way street by some of the same worthless SOBs who dare to call themselves economists, planners and leaders. Whikle I don’t go back to 1913 or even FDR and his treasonous New Deal scummers, only a braindead yahoo couldn’t see where a slowly-raped and imploded dollar was leading America (WHY do those #@%^*s get paid?).
    Are there any progressive types who can smell the smoking gun yet? Some of their best and brightest retards were in on this damned perfect storm.

  • Historian

    Mark the dates. The beginning of the fall of our national currency was when it was removed from any standard of exchange value. (removal from being valued as gold and later silver) The beginning of the fall of our national unity, when we took prayer and any reference to religion and faith from our national debate. (i.e. freedom from religeon rather than freedom of religeon) The beginning of our U.S. fall from economic leadership when our leaders were sold on “we must compete globally.” At that time (25years ago) we were and to some degree still are the world’s economic engine. We consume half the world goods. So why did we need to give away our manufacturing base by free trade agreements that did not assure free trade. Other countries still charge VAT on imported goods while claiming to allow free access to their markets. Yes they are deliberately bringing down our economy and standard of living to an ultimate goal of a single world government control “new world order.” The ultimate goal is the loss of our freedom of self determination.

  • da norseman

    See what happens when we allow government to continue with wasteful spending on crap we don’t need, such as bigger government and all those unnecessary czars, and printing excessive money that brings the dollar value down.

  • chow

    Talk is cheap. If they want to do it they would have done it by now. The reality is even if the BRIC countries make up 42% of world population they couldn’t feed themselves. The US is still the largest producer of food in the world and without the US the rest of the world will starve. The reason why the US is the global reserve is because of that and also the Americans are the largest consumer in the world. If they abandon the dollar who are they going to sell their products? Amongst themselves I suppose? Where are they going to get supplement to their food purchases when their own specific countries can hardly support their population? I believe the dollar will remain global currency and the rest of the world will continue to prop it up until they have a replacement not in another fiat currency.

  • Irene

    The reason for the spending binge is because the Senators are elected by the people instead of by the State Legislators as required in the Constitution and their is no control over the Senators as there used to be when elected by the State Legislature. I wonder who is controling the Senators now.

  • Vietnam Vet.

    Herman Richardson

    I see no one responded to yoour question. I guess most would rather rant thatn do any research. I have searched for facts on the whole birth issue. I have found any documents either way on the British citizenship. but what I have found is on the library of congress website. the 14th amendment interpitation 132 (I think haven’t looked at it in awhile) it states at least one parent must be an american citizen who has lived in the U.S. for at least 5 years past their 16th birthday to convey citizenship to their child. that means a person must be 21 in order to have their child be a natural born citizen. I am sorry I can not do better than this but I wll keep reasearching to find the truth.

    • JC

      VV, first of all, thank you for your service.
      I have also responded to this question a number of times.
      I have also addressed on a number of occasions the questions surrounding His Majesty’s past. The fact that he has been caught on video admitting he was not born in the States, compounded with his mother’s youth, added to the multiple SS numbers he’s had from states he never lived in, his birth name vs. his nom de guerre, the funding he received as a foreign student in California…and so forth.
      The guy is a Phoney, period.

      Be Well

  • misguided

    God’s will be done!

  • Jim Bernard

    Some of your contributors seem to have one foot in ancient biblical history and the other foot in the coming horrors of the new world Order.

    Let’s put the ancient biblical issues in context.

    It is said that eighty percent of Afghanistan Women are regularly beaten by males.
    It is a common offense throughout the World and an incredibly stupid thing to do as women generally only want to be good partners and good citizens etc.

    Why this historical oppression of Women.?

    It comes from the fairy tale. Which was Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (in the Bible)

    It never happened but Eve was supposed to have tempted Adam to disobey an instruction from God.

    God at the time supposedly had appeared on a cloud in the image of an old Man with a white beard.

    This supposedly happened maybe ten thousand years ago or fitty thousand years ago, but whenever it was it was like yesterday in terms of the age of our Planet.

    if God appeared yesterday as an old man on a cloud, why is it unlikely that he will appear again tomorrow ?

    Because the original story was a fantasy dreamt up by some poorly educated people who also were sure that the
    World was flat.

  • Gaye

    Well, what can one expect, instead of importing what we DIDN’T grow, manufacture/produce ourselves they imported just about EVERYTHING!!! including food that we grew.. and of course as it was coming in at much cheaper prices than what we could produced, the very obvious consequences of this was for our industries to have to close down or go overseas to be able to compete. Farmers were forced to walk off land that had been in the family for generations, all because governments were importing what they grew. Although the media did not report, many of the Australian farmers committed suicide.

    It scares me that our governments on both sides couldn’t see the logics of this (or did they???) it was logical that with jobs going overseas that our people no longer had work and by giving our jobs to Asian countries, many of our business, manufacturing, our currency, our way of life etc would go under, but perhaps this was done deliberately.
    The logics of this to me is instead of having to pay welfare to many thousands of people, it would be better to spend that money on helping business, manufacturing and production in our own countries and keeping jobs here. The terrible consequences of people being on welfare is far reaching.
    While the Asian countries have boomed with what once was our industries, we will soon become just another third world countries. Now that does not sound like sound politics to me or has it all been deliberate???. do I smell a new world order against our will..

    • JC

      Your sense of smell is working just fine Gaye, it is what you think it is…I hope you’re getting ready for what is to come.

  • Sweetie

    It will continue to ” Collapse “.

    How Sad It Is…I just Wished I Wasn’t Here For It.

  • http://yahoo Fred Hammel

    If the dollar stops being the world currency ,all this country has to do is go back to a in depended nation. Before this push into a global economy. The U.S. was very in depended, in 1970 we was the greatest industrial nation on the face of the earth. The workforce in 1970 was 70 million people( 80% men,20 % women, the inflation rate was 2%) then under Pres. Nixon they started pushing this global garbage. The environmental started by the United Nation in 1971, and at the same time Nixon took this country off the gold standard. Industrial nations around the world complain ,they were not going to use the dollar as their reserve, so Nixon told them we will start buying their products. In order to buy their products Nixon had to destroy Americas industries. Nixon went on national TV in 1971, and said he was changing our industrial economy to a service economy. The same year Nixon gave us the EPA,OSHA,affirmative action. In 1972 mothers started staying in the the workforce. The workforce double from 70 million 1970 to 135,000 million 1983, predominately all women. So government began to create jobs, like pushing paper. Congress pass all kinds of laws creating regulations, these regulations and affirmative action force industries to leave this country.

  • Norm B.

    I agree with the last contributor, Fred Hammel. He touched on many of the reasons that started our nation’s fall from grace. However, to reverse the predicament that we nows find ourselves in, is going to demand more sacrifice than we materialists are able to live with!

  • Irene

    It was FDR that called in all the gold and closed the banks, not Nixon, but we were paying gold to foreigners until Nixon shut that window down.

  • nw

    I’m just trying to keep up with the new comedy series out of Washington. I can see Obama, Biden and Hillary Clinton all sitting around the TV with their popcorn watching the event to take place and suddenly the camera attached to the seals helmet has a glitch and 25 minutes of their assault on Bin Laden is blank. How disappointing? It’s like watching a soap opera and the show gets interrupted because of a newsbreaking event. You miss the show and the news which was announced didn’t affect you. What a bummer!! I’d like to know what cushy jobs all the seals will be getting for this charade, or maybe not. Be looking for a lot of suicides and mysterious deaths. Bill & Hillary have taken care of their blabber mouths as well as Papa and baby Bush doin in their stoolies. I’m sure the 3 stooges are planning their next comedic show and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

  • Word

    You write about these events in the abstract like they are just happening all by themselves. Are you unaware that the banker elites are collapsing our currency on purpose? Anyone paying attention can see that they are doing everything possible to collapse it. Ron Paul and the elimination of the fed and all its funny money are the only hope for America. Reject the fake debt of the Federal Mafia. Is everyone ok with living in a new world order where Tyranny financial and otherwise is the new way of life? Where a few Banking and corporate elites tell everyone else what to do and determine our standard of living for us. YOu would do well to expose them and join the fight against them. Not figure out how to exist in their God forsaken New World order. If your not one of the 3-6,000 people that run the world then you will be the slaves of them that do. Please wake up!

  • Susan

    I sent this to personal liberty mail, but it came back.. I just had to vent, so here it is.
    I am all for congress auditing the federal government. But…isn’t that sort of like asking the fox to guard the hen house? I think congress, the senate and legislators should all be audited.
    I am tired of hearing that they vote themselves raises, don’t have to pay into a retirement fund…have access to our social security, vote themselves exempt…EXEMPT…from the proposed health care plan.
    To add insult upon injury…even lousy representatives…all the above factions mentioned…continue to collect a LOT of money when they have finished their term. I don’t know about you…but I know of NO WHERE that will pay an employee money after only 2…4….6…or even 8 years of emploment. I want a job like that!
    Without sounding like I am for any type of socialism, in the classical sense…I AM for people being able to work and not have more than 37% of their wages taken from them before they even get their paycheck..and then…having to PAY the government, when sooo many corporations and rich people have access to tax shelters and tax cuts that the average working person does not. We…the middle class, are SICK AND TIRED of supporting OUR…remember that? OUR?…government, when they don’t support us.
    I, personally, believe that if Thomas Jefferson were alive today, and pointing out thievery and duplicity in our government…they would probably hang him in the town square.
    At least, during the Great Depression…banks did not foreclose on homes and businesses. BUT…it ain’t the smart people that are running things anymore. It’s the greedy, selfish and narcissistic that run things…and I, for one am sick of it.
    Signing petitions doesn’t work…voting doesn’t work.
    When does the revolution begin…because I want to be on the front line, with my sign…hurling water balloons. I am a pacifist…but even that is growing ineffectual. What will it take to wake THEM up to see US…the ones who PAY them? They don’t pay…we do. Makes me sick.
    I don’t even know why I am taking the time to write this. I will probably end up on the no fly list..or being investigated for speaking what I believe to be, is an opinion shared by many, many VOTERS AND LEGAL AMERICANS.
    That’s another thing…I want the health care, social security, housing and loans available to ILLEGAL ALIENS…I refuse to say undocumented…they ARE ILLEGAL.
    Citizens are growing restless….at least I hope they are. And it’s time the CORPORATE GOVERNMENT ( read that as fascist government ) takes notice and does the WILL of the people who put them in know…the ones they made promises to…the ones who pay their salary.
    Ok…I have vented. It will do no good…everyone wants money for THEIR cause. I have none to give…because you see…I can’t find a job that will allow me to pay rent, buy car insurance, much less groceries…never mind health insurance. I could work several part time jobs…but even then, it’s still not a living wage.
    Personal liberty? You’re kidding, right? You people just amaze me. Tell us when and how to pray…what words to speak in order to keep ourselves “safe”…ha! Can you tell I am sick of it all?
    I won’t do anything…but you can bet your collective asses that I will keep talking…and probably end up in jail because of it…because there is not a first amendment right anymore…or 4th amendment…etc.

  • Archangel

    People, when the U.S. DOLLAR is no longer the worlds reserve trading currency, life as we know it will abruptly end.


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