Brian Williams, Scott Pelley And Diane Sawyer: The Three Stooges


I think, at the very least, YouTube should censor Brian Williams, Scott Pelley and Diane Sawyer. Well, wait a minute. Not censor, but put up a notice on all their videos: “It’s come to our attention that these three characters are as annoying as a bad case of fleas. Caution: Watch and listen at your own risk.”

The three stooges. Three schmucks in the fountain. Send in the clowns? Don’t bother, they’re here.

If people are beginning to get the idea I’m waging a war against elite media, they’re right.

At the same time, I’m fascinated. How do these anchors do it? How do they lie so consistently and with such aplomb, day in and day out, without going up in a puff of smoke and vanishing?

The Big Three anchors are a miracle in the sense that they need a whole construction company to build the walls that permanently separate them from the truth, so they can sit in a television studio in New York and believe they’re in the wheelhouse of real news.

When you see the Big Three are discussing their own footage, but you find visual clues as big as the moon that their analysis is 180 degrees away from actual fact (as has been happening from Aurora to Sandy Hook to Boston) and the Stooges just sit there and drone on, well, that’s a “CSI” or a “Law & Order” you just can’t get, even if you pay the best scriptwriters in the world to come up with it.

“The bomb was a pressure cooker.”

Right, and the Twin Towers went down because two planes flew into them.

Because the Web has been alive and humming, media coverage of every major catastrophe since 9/11 has been rejected by extraordinary numbers of people.

The elite network anchors have been trying to hold the fort, but they’re failing.

Their long-running stage play is closing down.

Despite their traditional skills and technological backup, they’re coming across like cartoon hacks.

These days, it’s better to be a marginally believable doofus like Sawyer, who chooses to affect a persona based on depression, than to be the eternal boy wonder, Williams. The smoothest of the smooth, Williams comes across like the biggest liar, because he’s the most dedicated of the lot when it comes to defending the indefensible.

And Pelley is Pelley, the hospital doctor you’d least like to show up at your bedside. He might tell you you need an amputation just because he’s having a bad day.

“Who do we need for the most important anchor’s job in the world?”

“How about Pelley? He’s utterly convinced the lies we feed into the propaganda machine are the last word. He’s sold. He couldn’t look outside the box if we drilled holes in it and let him see a mountain of gold bars and 50,000 naked bureaucrats running down Broadway at high f***ing noon.”

The Big Three strut their stuff on the evening news, executing well-oiled, high-priced transitions from one completely false/basically deceptive story to another completely false/basically deceptive story.

Recall the often-quoted George Burns pearl? “The secret of acting is sincerity. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” But suppose the sincerity isn’t faked? Then, the schmuck becomes king.

My late friend and colleague, hypnotherapist Jack True, described the television-news audience: “Mind control is accepting what you know to be false. You do it because you think the only other alternative is a vacuum: You either buy the news or you’re left with nothing.”

Once in a while, you can see cracks. Pelley, stewing in his juices, looks like he’s ready to pull his uncle’s old revolver out of his pocket and fire a few rounds at the teleprompter.

Sawyer appears to be on the verge of sagging to her right and collapsing out of her chair, on her way to a fit of copious weeping.

Williams wants to say, more than anything: “Live From New York, it’s Saturday night!” Then a few coiled springs pop out of the top of his head, and he winds down and stops moving.

Subliminally, the three stooges are announcing: “We’re showing you the most important stories of our time, and each one has a television lifespan of 90 seconds, after which they no longer exist.”

Television news is really all segue all the time. That’s what it comes down to.

The word “segue,” pronounced “segway,” refers to a transition from one thing to another, a blend.

Ed McMahon once referred to Johnny Carson as the prince of blends, because Carson could tell a clunker of a joke, step on it three times and still move to the next joke without losing his audience.

Television news is very serious business. A reporter who can’t handle segues is dead in the water. He’s a gross liability.

The good anchors can take two stories that have no connection whatsoever and create a sense of smooth transition.

Williams can say: “The planes were recalled later in the afternoon. And a man was castrated in a horrific accident in Idaho today.” And no one says: What? Wait!

You take an elevator up to the 15th floor in an office building. The door opens and you step into a medieval dungeon. That doesn’t compute in real life, but it does on the news.

The networks basically have, on a daily basis, fragmented stories; and they need an anchor who can do the blends, the segues, and get away with it, to promote the sense of one continuous flow.

It’s so the audience doesn’t say, “This is just an odd collection of crap.”

The news is all segue all the time.

Not just nationally. On the local level, too. The pounding lead-in music at the top of the show is a segue to prepare the audience. A) Music. B) “Tonight, our top story: a man ate a hot dog and died.”

The voice of the anchor is the nonstop blending machine that ties all news stories together. That’s why the elite network stars earn their paychecks.

Good segue people are stage magicians. They can move the viewer’s attention from item A to item B without a tremor or a doubt.

It’s often been said of certain actors, “He could read from the phone book and you’d listen.” Well, an elite anchor can hold the viewer’s mind as he reads a sentence from the phone book, another one from a car-repair manual, a third from a cookbook and a fourth from a funeral-home brochure — without stopping.

And afterward, the viewer would have no questions.

The news is surreal because the stories are mostly fool’s gold to begin with, and they’re unrelated. They’re rocks lying around on the floor. The anchor picks them up and invents the illusion of One Flowing Stream.

This is what the audience wants. It feels like a story. It feels like unity. It feels like a stage play or a movie. When all is said and done, it feels good.

The anchor (as his title suggests) holds the fragments together in one place. For the audience, he’s the focus. He’s the maestro. The hypnotist.

You can’t pull just anyone off the street and have him describe car crashes, murders, storms, threats of war, political squabbles, 300 cats living in a one-room apartment, a new piece of Medicare legislation, genitalia picture tweets and the dedication of a library while placing and keeping millions of people in a light trance.

Katie Couric couldn’t do it. People were waiting for her to break out into an attack of Perky and giggle and cross her legs. Sawyer does it poorly. She seems to be affecting somber personal grief as her basic segue-thread. Pelley is competent, but he sits like a surgeon ready to signal the anesthesiologist to clamp a mask on your face before he cuts into your stomach.

Williams is the current king of segue. He does smooth-serious-affable-employee-of-the-month-I-know-all-the-news-is-true.

None of these elite anchors can hold a candle to Walter Cronkite or Chet Huntley, the past masters. Ed Murrow was the first star-practitioner of the television-news form. He was working a kind of sepulchral spin-off of Ernest Hemingway prose.

Murrow got his first break, right out of college, working for the Institute of International Education, a pathetic front for what they used to call “internationalists” (aka globalists). Elihu Root founded the organization. Root was also founding chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations and president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. In other words, one world together actually meant: all you peons down there and we wise men on top.

Anyway, all anchors can do segue. They are dedicated to the blend. They put their souls, such as they are, into transitions.

“What do you want to do when you grow up, Brian?”

“I want to take people from A to B.”

Whereas, a true version of the news would go something like this: “Today, in fact just now, I moved from a tornado in Kansas to the removal of restrictions on condom sales; and I’m blending into penguins in Antarctica. I’m doing Salvador Dali, and you’re not noticing a thing.”

What does all this tell us? The news, if it were taken apart into its component pieces, would look quite surreal. And the anchor, by blending, manufactures a hypnotic illusion of interconnection.

The audience wants to be put in a trance. Even a several-day event, like the Boston bombing, with all its twists and turns, doesn’t mitigate that basic big sleep. Television news, with a good anchor, with the television screen itself, with the electromagnetic emissions and frequencies, can attain and hold the hypnotic state.

Therefore, the content of the news sinks in below the level of the rational mind.

But with each shift in story line, with each new breaking bit of revelation, with each disturbing image, the anchor must be there to execute the segues.

He is basically saying to the audience, “I’m a few feet inside your personal landscape, your mind, feeding you all the turns in the river, and I’ll always be here, so things are all right.”

Elite anchors invent and maintain certain tones of voice, certain rhythms, certain cadences, certain variations of musical pitch, throughout the stage play, in order to sustain the sense of continuity.

They’re mechanics of voice.

They use their skills to report the false facts handed down to conceal operations and staged events.

They need to believe in what they’re doing. They need to be that stupid. Talent search: 130 IQ, inherently stupid.

They can know they’re actors on television, but they have to believe they’re acting out the truth. Ends justify the means. Of course, “truth” often means to them: that which will bind us all together.

What is the role they’re cast in? It’s: Normal. It’s a heavy part in the play, because this joke of a society has a prime-cut value called Normal.

“OK, look,” the Broadway director says to the veteran actor he’s interviewing for the lead, in a billion-dollar production. “This may sound strange, but you’re going to have to do Normal as it’s never been done before. That’s what the audience wants. You’ve got to come across as very, very smart and very, very Normal. Get it? I mean, you can emit a few rays of Elite here and there, but you have to do that Normal dance. The audience has to believe you somehow fit in with being a solid American, whatever the hell that is. You can be the newsboy down the street, riding his bike, tossing papers on front porches (Brian Williams), wholesome as Wonder Bread, or you can be a socialite on the Upper East Side teetering on the verge of a nervous breakdown (Diane Sawyer), or you can be a doctor moving briskly through his morning hospital rounds telling the interns trailing behind him what incompetent a**holes they are (Scott Pelley); but it has to be Normal at the same time. You’re the brain of every other brain. You’re the conscience of every other conscience. You’re just as walled off from the conspiracy to own every inch of America and grind down the people into dust-bowl hell as all Americans are walled off from knowing about it. You know as little as they do. You’re just as clueless as the great unwashed, but you put your stupidity on display with some measure of grace and style. Got it? You’re clean, sanitary, loyal as a dog, dumb as fog, but very smart. You spew absolute nonsense every second of your time on stage, but it sounds plausible and, again, Normal. You constantly change subjects, and the subjects are in no way related to each other, but you make it all seem sensible. It’s a joke. But you’re serious. And you have to Believe, as if you’ve always believed, from the moment you emerged out of your mother’s body.

“And if you need a model for all this, just watch the news every night on the three major networks and focus on these geniuses.”

See the bomb exploding, the one that emits a puff of smoke straight up in the air? The one that was built in a pressure cooker? The bomb that didn’t tear the flags to pieces and didn’t shred the blue canopy right next to it? The bomb that didn’t cause the men in yellow jackets standing in front of it to even blink? That bomb vectored at a very low angle and took out people’s legs in the Boston street. That’s right, America. It did. I swear it did.

See the purple and pink pigs flying over the White House? They’re bringing food from Mars for all the bureaucrats who push paper in the city every day, the people who can’t be fired during the sequester, while flights all over the country are delayed. That food from Mars keeps the paper pushers going. It does. It has special vitamins in it. See how fat the pigs in the sky are? How do you think they got that way? They ate the food. It’s so healthy. It’s mystical and magical. It’s just part of the largesse coming to you from your eternal government. Wait a little while longer. It’ll be here. There are lots more flying pigs. They’ll drop off little bags of Martian tasties on your street any week now. It’s the new Normal. Get used to it. We know what you want, and we’re going to give it to you.

We know what you want and we’re going to give it to you.

If you have any doubts and need more information and assurance, just watch Williams, Pelley and Sawyer every night. They’re narrating the days of our lives. They’re from Mars. They’re the advance scouts for the pigs.

Williams is the happy pig. Sawyer is the sad pig. Pelley is the cold pig.

They’re America. The best of America.

This is why the Colonies fought a revolution against the British. So you could suck up stories, like a vacuum cleaner, from the three little pigs.

–Jon Rappoport

Personal Liberty

Jon Rappoport

, The author of an explosive collection, "The Matrix Revealed," Jon Rappoport was a candidate for a U.S. Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern and other newspapers and magazines in the United States and Europe. Rappoport has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic and creative power to audiences around the world. His blog, No More Fake News, can be read here.

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  • GALT

    Actually the revolution was fought to avoid having to pay taxes which
    they ( the elite smuggler’s and profiteer’s ) had not been paying, since
    the Molasses Act of the 1730’s…….a condition which “changed” after
    the end of the Seven Year’s War, and the Sugar Act.

    The phrase “No taxation without representation” was a convenient truth, which became an “inconvenient one”, after the “rebellion” succeeded and
    the true Spirit of America ( no taxation ) became obvious to a” a nation, kinda
    sorta conceived in liberty ( for some ) and dedicated to the proposition
    ( but not the actual belief ) that “all MEN” were created equal.”

    Hey, if it sounds good, say it…….who’s ever going to check it out anyway?

    Smuggling caused a revolution and made possible it’s victory and it
    is responsible for the rise and continuation of the “elites” from
    the beginning to the present…..where the only real truth is that
    the powerless will be “exploited” to their death, and the ignorance of
    history will be completely revised, so that the “victims” will never know….

    1.) The framers of the Constitution opposed a strong central government.

    2.)The framers hated taxes.

    3.)The framers were impartial statesmen, above interest driven politics.

    4.) The framers were guided by clear principles of limited government.

    5.) James Madison sired the Constitution.

    6.) The Federalist Papers tell us what the Constitution really means.

    7.) The Founding Fathers gave us the Bill of Rights.

    8.) By discovering what the framers intended or how the founding generation understood the text, we can determine how each provision of the Constitution must be applied.

    What do YOU believe?

    “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past controls the future.”

    • Deerinwater

      As I understand it ~ The Crown was demanding payment in Gold while refusing to honor Continental Script . That alone could be a serious point of contention for a young ambitious colony with just a toe hold on a vast yet to be explored wilderness known full of danger and suspected great wealth.

      • GALT

        Not the “cause” of the “revolution”……but a serious contributing factor in the “failure of the Articles of Confederation” in
        meeting the Terms of The Treaty of Paris, and forcing the
        “illegal” convention of 1787.

    • Gary

      Follow this thought through to Lincoln and real cause of the civil war.

  • Bimbam

    The Bible calls Satan the “prince of power of the air”.

    You are looking at Satan broadcasting his mind his feelings on humans. You can bet this is real because the Bible says so.

    You may laugh, but it is then evidence it’s working.

    • Deerinwater

      When you get to where you are seeing the devil in everything and everywhere you look, I would think that is evidence that your programming is working, but it’s not funny, ~ only sad.

      • Bimbam

        See, I told you it was working. Don’t under estimate this prince of demons. God said he was created perfect in wisdom.

        • Deerinwater

          Yes, I remember how well it worked on me as a child. ~ I was taught as much about the devil as I was Jesus. ~ By the age of 14, I rebelled , couldn’t take it anymore! ~ brain washing at it finest. ~ Much of my family is still that way. ~ It’s much, much more than just “keeping the faith”

          • Bimbam

            He is a chameleon. A master of deception!

            Fool me once, shame on me, fool you twice, shame on YOU!

  • Deerinwater

    Jon says “We know what you want and we’re going to give it to you.”

    Yep! That’s seems to explain your commentary very well.

    • Captitalist at Birth

      The rock you crawled out from under is missing you.

      • Deerinwater

        Is that a personal attack or a comment directed to the thread? If it’s an attack ~ you need to work harder at it.

  • Duby

    I try not to watch those A@%$#

  • Right Brain Thinker

    WHOA This is perhaps the longest article ever to appear on PLD. And it wins the “use the most words to say the least” prize as well. And I nodded off several times while reading it because it’s a parroting of the same old biased horsepucky.

    I managed to get to the comments, hoping that the usual 20% of them would show some intelligence, and find that we’re talking about the devil, the revolution, and the civil war?

    Whatever are we talking about here today? (And I do wish the government would construct several of these pressure cooker bombs and test them. I too have wondered about the pattern of blast injuries—-that’s about the only thing in the article that caught my eye)

    • KG

      Ya know what? Pressure cooker bombs are not in the “improvised munitions” handbook that Timothy McVeigh got his recipe from. I guess the boys at the CIA have been busy working on new ways to blow up stuff. I mean, after all, they had the foresight to install explosives in the twin towers.

      • Capitalist at birth

        Where is your evidence? By the way, are you aware that the folks at Popular Mechanics and Popular Science have completely refuted that theory? Anyone with even a basic knowledge of Chemistry and Physics would know that a Passenger Jet loaded with jet fuel crashing into any building would eventually lead to the buildings collapse. Which, by the way is the exact comment I made (those buildings will fall) to my wife when I witnessed the second plane crashing into the second Tower. Are you stupid or insane, or both?

        • GALT

          See Black 9/11 Paul Gaffney

        • Right Brain Thinker

          Uh, cap? I know that you too often let what you want to believe get in the way of the truth, and speak too quickly and without thinking, but KG was KIDDING—it’s called sarcasm, with maybe a bit of irony or cynicism thrown in. KG is a pretty smart guy, and he DOES agree with what you said about the “towers will fall”—so do I. Slow down and pay attention. Some of what you read here is really saying the opposite of what it looks to say.

        • Jeff

          I suspect KG’s post was tongue-in-cheek, but I could be wrong.

  • Right Brain Thinker


    Excerpt from a posting on the Climate Denial Crock of the Week, one of the best sources on the net for breaking news on AGW and climate science.

    “Carbon dioxide concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere are on the cusp
    of reaching 400 parts per million for the first time in 3 million years.
    The daily CO2 level, measured at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii,
    was 399.72 parts per million…”

    2013 is going to be a BIG year for the Earth’s climate, just as 2012 was. Watch the doings of the arctic sea ice cover and the Greenland ice sheet. The next 6 months are critical—-by October, we may find that we are in very deep doodoo.

    • rendarsmith

      I can’t believe you still believe that crap. On what basis? Because a handful of scientists support it? What about those that don’t? There are so many questions remaining. For example: did it ever occur to you that
      just maybe both increase in CO2 and increase in temperature could possibly BOTH be consequences or the destruction of so many trees and the rainforests? Think about it. Trees absorb what? Heat, CO2 and water. So if you have less trees, that’s less absorption and more CO2 and heat! That makes more sense than the ridiculous notion that somehow CO2 is causing the increase in heat, and hell, I question if there even is more heat, this past winter was colder than the previous here where I live and lasted far longer! And did you ever wonder that
      if greenhouse gases reflect more IR rays back to the earth (that were reflected after being absorbed from UV rays) that they would also reflect more IR rays from the sun back to outer space? I have
      heard other climatologists ADMIT this! There are so many questions to ask, yet you and so many others will just blindly believe these “scientists” (on the government payroll to study this subject further no doubt) who claim they can model the earth’s atmosphere and climate in their “computer models” and “simulations”. Here’s the thing about simulations. They don’t accurately model the system, not even a furnace or chemical plant (this is my area of expertise). All they can do is PREDICT based on equations. The system in the real world is going to do what it is going to do, it doesn’t work based on equations and it doesn’t give a rat’s ass what our computer models say it is going to do. They are commonly wrong and you have to improvise. And we’re to believe they can accurately model the climate of an entire planet? I’m sorry buddy but it’s just not possible.

      Oh and by the way, Greenland used to be GREEN, before it was covered in ice. Maybe, just maybe the global climate goes through cycles, despite what humans do. Just because you walk outside and notice it’s hot does not necessarily mean it was caused by man-made CO2. Let’s ask Al Gore about that, we should be able to reach him in his air conditioned private jet or limo. Does CO2 cause a greenhouse effect? Maybe. Does it to the degree the alarmists would have us believe? I doubt it. And what about the ocean emitting CO2 into the atmosphere due to decreased solubility as water warms? Perhaps the increase in temperature is causing more CO2 in the atmosphere?

      Sorry pal, but the science is not settled. There are too many questions being asked and too many versions of the same theory. Every climatologist I talk has a different version. Some say UV
      rays make up the majority of the spectrum that hit the earth (arguing these rays convert to IR and are reflected), while others say that only 1% is UV and that if UV is increased due to depletion of ozone it causes solar winds that are helping fight global warming (???). I’m seeing so many different theories from so many different GW alarmists. The science is not settled, not even within the alarmist community.

      “The earth, it seems, had seen times when CO2 concentration was up to 8,000 ppm and that did not lead to a tipping point”. And you’re worried about 400 ppm?

      And why is the answer always increased legislation and more government control? What on earth is the government going to do
      to “fix” this? You’ve yet to answer this. A carbon tax? I’ll tell you what a carbon tax is going to do. It is going to shut down all production and power plants in the US and send the businesses that own them overseas to other countries (most likely China and India) and there they will continue to produce and emit CO2, all the while burdening our economy further and boosting theirs. And if the science was settled, wouldn’t these other countries be on board?

      • Right Brain Thinker

        And rendarsmith the science and AGW expert appears on the scene once again. He cites a Youtube video that is 8+ minutes long as some sort of “evidence”? What it is evidence of is that the deniers will string together a long series of outright lies and distortions, make a video, and peddle it to the ignorant and confirmation biased like rendar, who will then watch it, take notes, and regurgitate TOTAL horsepucky as truth because he isn’t educated or smart enough to know what’s true or not and tjhinks AGW is politics..

        I don’t have the time to spend on someone that ignorant., and this is not an AGW thread anyway, so I will list out just a few of the things rendar has “stumbled” on. I suggest that interested readers go to skeptical science or climate denial crock of the week for some truth.

        Because a handful of scientists support it? What about those that don’t? (It’s the other way around—the deniers are the handful)

        Hell, I question if there even is more heat, this past winter was
        colder than the previous here where I live and lasted far longer! (Absolutely brilliant logic)

        If greenhouse gases reflect more IR rays back to the earth that were reflected after being absorbed from UV rays.

        (UV does NOT convert to IR, not the other way either—they are different types of radiation)

        These “scientists” who claim they can model the earth’s
        atmosphere and climate in their “computer models” and “simulations”. Here’s the thing about simulations. They don’t accurately model the system. All they can do is PREDICT
        (DUH! One of rendar’s dumber comments)

        Oh and by the way, Greenland used to be GREEN
        (Double DUH!)

        Just because you walk outside and notice it’s hot
        (Triple DUH!)

        And what about the ocean emitting CO2 into the atmosphere due to decreased solubility as water warms?
        (the ocean is a net CO2 sink, it is absorbing less as the water temp rises, but it is still absorbing)

        Sorry pal, but the science is not settled.
        (Quadruple DUH!)

        UV rays make up the majority of the spectrum that hit the earth (arguing these rays convert to IR and are reflected), while others say that only 1% is UV and that if UV is increased due to depletion of ozone it causes solar winds that are helping fight global warming (???).
        (A HUGE mishmosh of ignorance here —rendar reads and copies but does not understand. UV rays are NOT a “majority”, they don’t convert to IR, and solar winds do not come from increased UV due to depletion of ozone, nor do they “fight GW. This is so silly that it makes me think this is really JAY messing with me here—-JAY? Is this you playing around?)

        “The earth, it seems, had seen times when CO2 concentration was up to 8,000 ppm and that did not lead to a tipping point”. And you’re worried about 400 ppm?
        (rendar neglects to say that no humans were around at that time and many of the living things on the planet got “tipped” into extinction by the 8,000 ppm)

        wouldn’t these other countries be on board?

        • S.C.Murf

          and you site what the readings were 3 million years ago, please make that popping sound

          up the hill

          • Right Brain Thinker

            If I knew what you were trying to say, I’d answer you, Smurf.

          • Jeff

            Have you heard of core samples? Scientists have ways of determining what happened on Earth before even you were around, Grampa Smurf!

      • Jeff

        Yes, who would listen to scientists when we have such credible sources as Beck, Fatbaugh, Paul Broun, and don’t forget the Bloggers! They all had chemistry sets at 10 and they’re all experts. The science is sufficiently complex you’re not going to understand it. But to dismiss it out of hand is the ultimate in stupidity. But probably nothing will happen during your lifetime and then Jesus will come with the Etch-A-Sketch, so who cares, right?

    • S.C.Murf

      right brain fart were you around 3 million years ago? How in Gods name can you spew this crap. Get a life bud

      up the hill

      • Right Brain Thinker

        I wasn’t around a hundred years ago either, Smurfy, but I’m pretty sure WW One happened. Get a brain, bud.

        • independent thinker

          The daily CO2 level, measured at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii,
          was 399.72 parts per million…”
          Lets see, you puote a CO2 reading tasken from the top of a volcano on an island with active volcanos that are constantly spewing massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. That makes them real accurate as a representation of the average CO2 levels world wide, yeah right.

  • A.M. F

    Although the list of ‘stooges’ is longer than an arm’s length, you have picked the TOP three…with Chuck Todd as a tie for 3rd. I cannot stomach listening to them. Their sing-song, patronizing deliveries of their ‘version’ of the story makes me want to puke. I have to double-check to see if it’s Brian Williams or Diane Sawyer…they sound alike.

  • BTeboe

    I don’t watch any of these @ss clowns, ever. Lame stream media feeds the time slot, not the news. They love talking points but prefer no questions. Goebbels is rockin’ it in his grave.

  • TIME

    Dear People,

    This is what I have been telling you all for some time now. Its not just these these special people, {{ its all of them! }} It makes no differance what one you watch ~ the “ROOT” is rotten. ~~~ Thus the fruit is ROTTEN!

    We are all being “PROGRAMED.”

    So how can you offer an opinion based on nothing?

    How can you have any idea on what is really going on if you don’t have any truth to base you opinions on?

    Look, I have said this so many times now its just crazy, But ~ Lets review again:

    The bank of London is owned by the, Rothschilds, who also own the following news platforms, Goldman Sachs, who owns Reuters News, who owns the AP, as in the Associated Press.

    The Bank of London also owns the following, the UPI, thats the United Press International.

    As the bank of London also owns the Lion share of the IMF, who owns the UP, as in the United Press.

    Thus all news information is “100% CONTROLLED” so no one can really argue about anything thats reported by the MASS MEDIA, as its ~ 100% Controlled Thus you have ZERO FACTS, ~ so what are you arguing about?

    Peace and Love Shalom


  • Fay Guht

    The oligarchic whore Sawyer is delectible when on the sauce on air. Seems she is twisting and turning against her own conscience when she is reading her scripted lies. Soon, upon her natural passsing, she will be confronted with her follies Regret will have come too late. Death. The equal opportunity rectifier.

  • JimH

    The news Three Stooges Were Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather and Peter Jennings.
    The torch has been passed.

  • rocketride

    “. . .50,000 naked bureaucrats running down Broadway at high f***ing noon.”

    I don’t know about you, but that would probably have me contemplating scooping my eyes out with a melon-baller. Of the bureaucrats I’ve seen, the proportion of sweet, young female ones (whom I might actually not object to seeing running naked) is pretty damned low.

  • steve buckner

    Yes, you have to be smarter than the average bear or TV anchorand above all else. Learn to read between the lines of the BS. The news networks can’t stop being influenced by the Black little Daring in the White House of ( do no wrong ). Can you all smell it when you watch whatever news broad cast is on at time time? I can but I’m older than rocks !!!