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Brewer to Obama: Warning Signs Are Not Enough

July 8, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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    Arizona has my vote. Obummer could learn something from this if he would just let those big ears listen and heed what they hear! The “people” are fed up with his and the democraps self-serving antics!

    • Chaz Wyman

      If conservatives believe in less government and federal control , then why are they asking Obama to provide more resources?
      Why don’t they load up their guns and get the posses out hunting down illegals?
      Less government, more action

      • Linda

        The governments JOB is to protect the people not control their lives!!!!

      • kwantify

        Chaz, you got to be kidding……………..
        If you have been following this issue for any length of time
        you might have heard of the “Minute Men”. This is a civilian force or group who has been watching and reporting the illegal crossings into California and other states for some time. They have been called radicals, racists, right wing nuts, and biguts. The government has been no help to them either. They have been sued and threatened for doing what they (and I) beleive is their civil and legal right. The government, regardless of which party is in the White House, is being dictated to by those who have the most to gain by ignoring this invasion of illegals. Who has the most to gain? The minortiy groups who proclaim that government must support the politically correct agenda and the politicans who need the Mexican vote in order to win elections.

        Why is it so hard to require that everyone, even those who want to come into this county, to do it legaly? What is the crime in obeying the law?

        Power to the Citizens!

        • Joe

          Those so called servants of the people are not,are not our public servsnts!!They think that we are there to serve them,through our taxes.
          They do not know the meaning of ILLEAGAL theyhave no clue.As a matter of fact that whole bunch in Wash. are clueless to anything the American people want.
          Its all a big give and take program in Wash. Take from you and I and give to others.
          As I have said many times before, communism is not dead,just a new name,liberalism.
          People, its time you wake up,vote all of them OUT ,starting in Nov.

        • Jim tumm


          Thank you for telling it the way it is, I agree with you 100% I hope to join the min men some time in the near future. We need to get our country back .

        • Joe Ohio

          The plain answer to this “crisis” is to simply get rid of the welfare system. They would not be here if they couldn’t get welfare. Another way is to decriminalize marijuana – thereby getting rid and taking away the drug cartel’s money.

          I know neither one is likely to happen because – well, that’s who’s in control of our country – people that want to bankrupt us, want to have race wars between all races of peoples in the country, and want to make criminals out of all of us so they can keep track of loyal Americans.

          Death to all Tyrants.

          • dmp says :

            Joe Ohio/Jim tumm/Kwantify :



      • Mike

        Chaz Yep the minuteman armed themselves and squashed the use of overbearing taxes and overreaching government jackals. I and my Ignorant red necked friends, military trained and armed, are about fed up with this abridgment of the rights granted with redneck blood long before your liberal trash started robbing hard working Americans of their money and use it to support low life, project living trash!!!!

      • ashforkdan arizona

        you know one of ranchers held some illegals at gun point untill the border patrol showed up it was at his house the mexicans sued the rancher and won apparently they have the right of trespass but citizens dont according to bleeding heart liberals needles to say i dont call 911

        • http://yahoo RobertG

          The rancher should have shot the greasers right on the spot.

      • TIME

        The Government has very few real jobs, well that is the ones it should be doing. Spending like drunking wingnuts is not one of them.

        The rhetoric that the media spews that has confounded the American public by way of pretzel logic, as well the beating of a square peg into a round hole is not the job of the Government.
        But then again you could read the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It explains the governments role quite clearly.

        Just a quick note books with “Foot Notes” are based on FACTS known and or that are Law. A Good rule of thumb, no foot notes no good, thats called Fiction.

      • cheryl

        You must not have read the Constitition but that’s what the government’s job is: To protect America! And don’t think for a minute if need be all red blooded Americans wouldn’t hesitate to do what ever it takes to defend our Constitition!

      • s c

        CW, conservatives expect Washington and its fakir prez to do the job and PROTECT Arizona and America from illegals who are INVADERS. If Arizonans and people from other states have to do the job, that’s OK. Simply get the #^*! out of the way.
        Your White House Savior acts more and more like Hitler. Your Washington god pretends to give a damn about the law and the Constitution, but he doesn’t have the guts or the character to HONOR HIS OATH OF OFFICE.
        How can people like you sleep at night? Did you have your conscience surgically removed when you became a card-carrying, ultraliberal progressive?

        • Travis Musick

          I couldn’t said it any better sc. America better get off it’s butt and take back our country!!

      • mountain_man

        Yeah, we need more government, gun toting, phag hating, inbred sister marrying, kunservatives just don’t have your knowledge and stellar insight into whats best for us. So, tell us, oh, wize one, what would YOU do, beside ad hominem attacks on kunservative? Oh, yeah, nothing, just more of that hope and change….


        The governor didn’t know what she was talking about. We all got a laugh, the President did not put up the sign, he put more men on the border.I have a cousin that lives there, it not as bad as the so called governor says. My cos go on about her life ok, may be some one don’t like the governor, may she should pack her big gun. I am gald i am not around crazys like her. Did she ever think, just maybe a child would go down. It alright to hunt but God help your child, if he in the wrong place.I wote cause you didn’t say as much as me, but yours was better.

        • Joe

          I don’t care what they want. If they don’t have the civility to come here legally, then get out. My wife immigrated to the USA and it was quite a long and expensive process. These so called “better life” people enter this country on the first step by DEFRAUDING OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS. They don’t care one iota about the law. I guess that is why Mexico is so worth leaving.

      • Joe

        Hi Chaz:

        What are we paying these Immigration people for? I don’t get paid for doing nothing. Do you? Would it be too much to ask them what do they do all day? 11 million illegals is quite an embarrassing number don’t you think?

        • Craig

          I’m behind you 100% Chaz but I think your numbers are off, more like 30-40 million of them. The government would never tell the truth about this.

      • Paul

        good one chas but that is one of the few things the government IS supposed to is called NATIONAL SECURITY.that and international commerce.but to you the constitution is probably just an outa date piece of paper.

      • Robert Norwood

        We tried that but were told we couldn’t. Told it was the government’s job to protect the borders. I think they got it wrong though. It’s the mexican government’s job to protect their criminals, I’m mean hell, they’re the one’s getting paid off.

      • J. Willey

        No one has yet suggested that that the Federal Government DO MORE REGARDING THE ENFORCEMENT OF OUR BORDERS. The request being made is simply that they do what America’s taxpayers pay for them to do. ENFORCE U.S. IMMIGRATION LAWS & PROTECT OUR BORDERS FROM THE MASS ENTRY OF FOREIGN NATIONALS. I believe that liberals suffer from a unique form of political dyslexia. There lack of support for our nation’s laws and Constitution make it impossible for them to understand, “the rule of law” or support America’s overwhelming desire to remain a SOVEREIGN NATION. Free from illegal aliens seeking nothing more than to ROB THE MIDDLE-CLASS of everything that they have built and paid for in America. To those of you that believe we need bigger government I suggest you simply forward all of your wealth and earnings to the IRS. Unfortunately all you will do is just what you have always done. Offer the wages and wealth of everyone else in the nation except the liberals, for use by the government. Socialism is alive and well in China, Russia, France, England and many other second rate nations of the world. Since they offer politically what you are trying to achieve for America I suggest you immediately relocate to one of them.

      • http://yahoo RobertG

        To answer your question, please open your eyes and ears. Obama has stated that it is the federal government’s JOB to enforce immigration law. This is what he used to stop Arizona in court. If it is their job, why aren’t they enforcing the law? If the federal government doesn’t want to do it, by golly, the people of Arizona, I feel, have the right to do it for them. You must remember thate all states are sovreign entities.

    • Love Texas

      To AZ – blow up the signs. The Dems just want votes not security. There are those with lip service to tickle your ears and ignorant Dems love it and there are those who really want security and understanding in this country. I say remove everyone in Washington and start OVER!!!!!!!!!! To the AZ GOV – GREAT JOB!!! KEEP UP THE FIGHT! God help us.

      • slickporsche

        Yes, and it needs to be done soon, so we need to organize, and it looks like Arizona is the place to start. I would like to see a 2million strong malitia. I think it could be done.

      • .45CaliberCure

        I don’t subscribe to the “vote them all out” position. There are a few who have been stalwart in their opposition to the liberal onslaught. I’d be right pissed if you were to include Senator Jim DeMint in that simplistic exhortation. Unless you can cut out all the staff in D.C. as well, you will still have institutional graft regardless of the new blood introduced.

        • Robert Norwood

          We need to start over – SECEEDE!

    • Robert Norwood


  • Chaz Wyman

    Has this woman asked why her buddy Bush did little on this issue, whilst his cronies encouraged the inward migration of cheap labour for their busineses??

    • .Th3D3adM3ssenGer.

      Look at how Obama is CONTINUING THE SELF-DESTRUCTIVE LEGACY OF W. BUSH. It’s painfully obvious that they are two sides of the same coin. This country has been massively decieved and confused… the global, corporate beast has hijacked our system, and they sell us these teleprompter puppet politicians on BOTH “SIDES” OF THE FALSE LEFT/RIGHT PARADIGM!

      WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE! Can’t you see that both the Democrats and Republicans (RepublicRATS) are controlled by the same group of elitist banksters (with the exception of Ron Paul and maybe 1 or 2 others)?

      For example, look at the 2004 election. We had W. and Kerry, who both JUST HAPPENED TO BELONG TO THE SAME ELITIST, SECRET SOCIETY NETWORK KNOWN AS “SKULL AND BONES”, which is based at Yale University. Other presidents and “leaders” have belonged to this nefarious group. How much more obvious can it get?…

      This is not about conspiracy theories, but conspiracy FACTS!
      Arm your Mind…
      If you’re ready for the Truth, go to googlevideo . c o m and watch these vitally informative documentaries: “The Obama Deception”, “EndGame” by Alex Jones (there are now a few other movies with that title, so make sure it’s the one by Alex Jones), “Terrorstorm”, and “Fabled Enemies”.

      These movies will most likely change your life forever. Just remember, sometimes “the Truth is stranger than fiction”. I also encourage anyone who watches them to not just believe the claims made, but to go and research their validity. The latest version of “EndGame” even has a bibliography… it’s on the DVD so I hope they included it with the online version.

      • Myke

        Exactly right. Kennedy/Bush tried to slip this amnesty by us. It didn’t work and is isn’t going to work now. We need to get rid of the RINOS like McCain who voted to give SS checks to illegals and is now in order to get votes is trying to convince us that he is against amnesty. BS Vote this RINO out.

        • DaveH

          I second that motion.

        • Socal Invaded

          It is truly amazing that they get SS checks. I haved lived all of my 52 years in the USA and when I was diagnosed with a genetic lung condition and was put out of work do you think I can get Social Security Disability checks? Think again. Apparently I am from the wrong country.

          • TreeMan

            Dear Socal Invaded, guess who you can thank for THAT little deal?
            My pal Jimmy Carter…and before him, Lindon Johnson. Together they both hav broken the Socoil Security System.

        • s c

          Myke, thanks for not thinking ‘in the box.’ While you’re talking about RINOs, please remember to include WINOs (women in mame only) and MINOs (men in name only).
          And that’s long before we get to talking about AGINOs (attorney general in name only), VPINOs (vice presidents in name only) and AMINOs (Americans in name only).
          UP with Arizona! DOWN with Washington TRAITORS!

        • Patti Lewis

          I have asked Senator McCain, in writing, three times, if he intends to vote for amnesty. I have received three form letters, all identical, that explain he has asked for the borders to be secured. Not one reply answered my question. To my knowledge, he has never said he would or would not vote for amnesty. Watch out Arizona, the RINO is at work. Until he signs a promise to the taxpayers that says he will not vote for any sort of amnesty, I won’t vote for the man.

    • ashforkdan arizona

      when bush came here he got the fences started then the dems pulled the funding when they got majority of the house if you ever read the paper or watch the news you would no this but of course you wont its biased it has truth and that dosent fit in your tiny little mind get a life your wasting perfectly good air with your stupidity

      • Paul

        give that a rest.bush tried for amnesty.a fence is not really the answer.enforce the laws is.fine biss.that have illeagals workin,big more free citizenship to children of illeagals,and no more fre schoolonig or anything the only exception being EMERGENCY only medical care.without jobs or free benifits there is no reason to be here.they will go kids and high schoolers can get jobs again.and i can also find work that”americans won`t do” again.

    • R. Saenz

      Yeah, blame Bush, blame Bush. That stupid liberal mantra. I thought Obama was about change. And did I mention transparency? This man’s administration is about as transparent as the oil slick. You libs bore me to death!!

      • SainT Gabes

        Doesn’t anybody get it? Hello, SOMEBODY, ANYBODY? Obama did say change! That’s what we are getting look around. He promised change and YES we are getting it. However this is NOT the CHANGE the American People want. So all you OBAMA supporters you need to WAKE UP!!!!!! DO research, do something besides bashing the tea party people. They only want what’s best for the USA. and Seriously you people really need to stop blaming Bush. He’s been out of office for what 16-17months now.
        People who run around trying to put blame on someone is nothing but a coward… COWARD!!!!!! DO U HEAR ME OBAMA YOUR A COWARD!! Obama has thrown the American people under the bus so many times, how is it that anyone still supports the bum?
        God Bless Jan Brewer
        God BLESS THE USA

      • TreeMan

        Oh,wait….. lets not forget the Transparency thingie ! Remember that one” My government will be all on C Span for the American people to see whets going on” C Span ? Oh sure that’s going to happen.

    • Lindaspy

      Good reply..

      She was hosting the Mexican AND American governors to discuss issues of common concern to the American and Mexican border states. What issue of common concern is greater right now than border control and immigration? In any event, a person in her position should be able to deal with a little discomfort, even if others might not choose to rise above it. This was a planned meeting that involved more than AZ and Brewer. Richardson, Perry and Schwarzenegger have to scramble to find the funds and a location to hold this meeting because she was lacking in the most basic diplomatic behavior. A person who so lets her anger control her decision making is not a good leader.

    • Paul

      yeah,bush didn`t do anything,except try to pass amnesty.lets not hold to our party.lets stand for what is right.regardless of party!

  • Mac

    Same old Liberal Line—BLAME BUSH! Where is the CHANGE that Obama promiced? Same old s**t.Don’t you Liberals get it? It’s your fault!
    You elected him! Obama will never stop the illegals because he does not want to protect us!

  • henry

    I think the Governor of Arizona should deputize unemployed and retired Arizona citizen volunteers, lets call them “a well regulated Malissia” And station them at their borders with Mexico to apprehend detain or provide illegals an escape route south, and to return fire with extreme prejudice when attacked. Within days after the word gets out the coyotes will have a hard time finding people willing to risk their lives for a job that does not exist.

  • Larry

    The past is gone, folks. Now is now. Arizona has a right to protect itself since the feds won’t stop all this illegal activity from happening. If you haven’t figured it out yet….the present administration has it’s own agenda…and it’s definately NOT in the best interest of the average, hard working, U.S. citizen. Arizona should treat the border as a shooting range with moving targets!! No need to wait on federal resolve. It won’t happen. Time to take things into our own hands.

  • SeaDragon

    If you want your thoughts to be heard, put them forth cogently and spelled correctly. Don’t drag up all the same old stuff; we have heard it a thousand times. Yes, Bush made mistakes, he’s human, and so is Obama. However, Obama is driving us farther into debt and government controlled life than any president in history. There is good reason to believe he is in the office illegally, not a natural born citizen. Wake up and demand some answers from him. Appoint a special (non-democrat) counsel to investigate. Fight (legally) for your rights or very soon you will not have any.

    • ArizonaBorn

      We must stand behind Governor Brewer, both verbally and with contributions to fight the law suits filed against Arizona. I too, do not believe Obama is a United States Citizen. He does not have the love for our country that we do and I do believe he is out to destroy our country that our ancestors and today’s soldiers have died to protect.

      Yes, Obama has brought forth change……Socialism is change isn’t it?

      Wake up people!! We have to get him out of office!

      I was born in Arizona and have lived all of my life here. I do not want it overrun with illegals coming across the border who HAVE NOT
      PROVEN that they are NOT CRIMINALS or Terrorists…….

      It seems to me that IMPEACHMENT is next on the agenda and must be done as quickly as possible!!!!

      • http://n/a Eve

        Having been raised in the Southwest most of my life………this man’s answer to Arizona is grounds for impeachment!!!!!! 80 miles away from the border, warning American citizens……………please help us get rid of this destructive group that’s taken over the white house!

        Everyone, please support Arizona, the world has to know how we stand, alot of countries are supporting Arizona…….just NOT the president and his thugs………….we’ve got to get him out now!!!

      • Rj

        All AZ is doing is mirroring the Fed. laws, and the Governors that have boycotted their state should be thrown out of office they are unamerican!! What american wouldn’ want to enforce our laws? If not get out!!!

  • Dr. Marvin Sault

    Citizens of the United States of America…the United States, not “these” United States. There is a difference. Learn it. Apply IT.
    Also please for your own citizen rights via our Constitution? Say in writing these words:


    What I have just said is a right, a Citizen Right. Protected via our Constitution. This is called sharing information, also called FREE SPEECH. You may also know that this is protected under the orginal writing of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution in 1806. To that end:

    Signed, Marvin Sault, MD President NBCC

  • JC

    Go Arizona – Go Jan Brewer !

  • patrick

    I think the State Police should just do what they need to do arrest anyone illegal entering etc.



  • http://N/A Rose

    I Agree with all of the above comments. I loved living and working in Tucson for 18 years and then relocated to Pennsylvania, and I still love Arizona, but I would never go back to live there. I thought it was getting bad with illegals 12 years ago when I left. What is wrong with coming to live and work in Arizona legally? No one rejects to that! But for immigrants to openly flaunt and break the law with the encouragement of the Obama Administration is outrageous! My friends in Pima and Maricopa County keep in touch with me and tell me how bad it is there. Governor Brewer has a real fight and I pray that the insanity will stop and we can reclaim our country and rescue it from the socialist leaders that hijacked our government. Even here in rural Southwest Pennsylvania we have Mexican illegals and just had a large crackdown when a bunch of them were discovered working in a business in our county. That business has been shut down and the illegals are gone…for now. But we still see illegals hanging around the WalMart parking lot, local convenience stores, and gas stations. I can only imagine how much worse it is in Phoenix and Tucson. What a sad state of affairs we are experiencing from the borders to the oil disaster. We need to pray for our country and put decent Constitution abiding leaders in office.
    (II Chronicles 7:14) If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  • Texas Proud

    Jan, Your on the right track, Texas supports you 110%!

    Although I must tell you that It’s my feeling that our great Texas Ranchers are already cocked and loaded….So Illegals and drug lords should know, that you “Don’t Mess with Texas”… ’cause we aren’t going to wait for Obama we’ll just put led in your Ass! This is our land and if our government refuses to do the one job it’s supposed to because it’s so wrapped up in everything it shouldn’t be in, then sometimes you have to take matters into your on hands! Mexico, we love you and to all of you wanting a better life, Please…have patients, come safely and Legally! To all the murders, druglords, kiddnappers and scum bags! Bring it on…We dare you!!!
    -We The People

    • http://noneavailable Citizen of The United States

      Nicely put! I wish well to all those that follow the Constitution, laws of this great nation, but remember our forefathers gave us the right to bear arms to protect ourselves, liberty and the spirit of lawful men. Texas owes a great debt, to great men from other states that form this union. We lost a battle at the Alamo but not the war.
      Do not remove our flag, that is declaration of War to Americans, Learn our language so you can save your life, Obey our laws and we will get along. Don’t find out why the writers of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights left us with the ability to defend our land and laws by force when necessary. If you don’t respect us as Americans it is OK to Fear Texans. When Arizona needs help send the signal Texas will repay our obligation to the union called United States of America.

  • bedbug


    GET A ROPE…..

  • http://aol James

    Obama has to go !!! The well from Hell is still spewing its posion !!!! the Borgers are still open to stream of Posion comming from Mexico !!! The unemployed are still Hurting !!! SPending is Out of Controll !!!THIS ADmistration is out to TRYING TO DESTROY ON OUR PEOPLE !!!! CHANGEING EVERYTHING AS WE KNOW IT !!! WILL WE ACT WHEN ITS TIME TO VOTE !!!???!~!! I herd this mourning Obama is hitting the camepange trail to Missouri !!! FOLKS ,let him know ,how Unhappy that YOU ARE !!!!!!

  • Linda

    Governor Brewer, I am so proud that you are standing up for America! Most of us give lip service to being patriotic and what we would or wouldn’t do and have not yet been really tested. You are on the frontline in this battle and taking the brunt of the Federal and liberal abuse for it. There are many many people behind you, who agree with you and I only wish California would stand alongside you and support you instead of the ridiculous reaction they have thus far displayed. God Bless you; stay strong; I pray you will prevail.

  • Duke

    God bless You Governor Brewer. At least someone is willing to stand up and protect the border. Mr Obama is not willing to offend the Hispanic voters. He needs their vote to stay in office, so they need not worry about the Feds securing the border. Mr Obama is only interested in leading this country down the road to socialism.

  • http://MSN Eva Parker Huss

    HELLO OUT THERE — AMERICANS (YOU REAL ONES) There is a difference, you know.

    IF WE DO NOT STAND UP FOR ARIZONA we do not have a right to call ourselves Americans. Arizona is fighting the battle for all of us!

    Call your:



  • susi Q

    I do believe that the solution to this preposterous situation is: Arizona and other states, with illegal’s, need to paint their own signs with arrows pointing towards obama’s, and his supporter’s, PERSONAL RESIDENCES…I think THEY should PERSONALLY SUPPORT (out of their own ASSETS (bank account,IRA,etc), not taxpayer’s monies. Arizona could send the signs back to obama. Perhaps he could get a refund or bettet yet…Arizona might get a rebate to repair the damage done. We the people would not interfer. We would just observe how they personally would handle making these illegal’s comfortable, properous, and beneficial to them. Of course, they would not be afforded ANY PROTECTION…that is outside of their LOCAL POLICE.

  • Myke

    So B.O has given part of our land to Mexico. What is he going to give them next? Phoenix?

  • s c

    If the prez says we can’t manage our borders, then he has admitted that he can’t protect America. He’s the first prez who has dared to admit such a thing.
    While he’s at it, I’d take it as a personal favor if he’d go to Iraq and Afghanistan, and tell our military that he has no plans to protect America’s borders. Then, at least our military would know just what kind of “Commander” they have.
    Then, just to be fair, he should tell them that if they get wounded or maimed, he should tell them that the VA can’t take care of them, and he has better things to do than be concerned with people who joined the military to protect us.
    So when will he be leaving?

  • Iris medlin

    Our president does not care what happens to Arizona,Florida or any another part of American. During WW1 when it looked as tho Germany would be invaded, the Kaiser surrended and then left the country. Hilter gave orders tha any officer that surrendered would be shot. He even wanted to burn Paris. Read the book, “Is Paris Burning?” Our “leader” does not want to help American. He only wants power, or at least the gang in Chicago want power, and he is only a puppet. I believe that. That is why it takes him at least two days to respond to any thing that happens. He gets his marching orders from the Chicago system that put him in office. Liz

  • Myke

    Exclusive : The Truth About La Raza

  • Myke

    If you think La Raza only does good then have the nerve to watch this video!

    Radical Immigration Reform Rally ATL Ga

  • Matawen

    I believe all Arizonians over the age of 15 should be provided a weapon and all Arizonians take turn by the thousands at a time protecting their border, properties and way of life. I don’t think anyone would want to come into this country with those odds against them.

    • ashforkdan arizona

      they already do and its legal to carry concealed with out registration

  • Rebecca

    Obamanation’s rhetoric continually deceives the complacent and caters to the unthinking and uneducated by putting plugs in the ship, while it sinks from the sheer weight chaos he spearheaded…and the ship will sink as the tidal waves grow higher; unless, he is taken from behind the helm and his captain’s hat thrown overboard. There is no pointing fingers here. We have been a self-indulgent greedy nation throwing out the fundamentals of morality. We are all responsible for putting this inept clown in place to erode our blood-bought land of American freedom, logic, values and priorities. His agenda is to replace all we know as good, clean, orderly and respectful with future discrimination against all who disagree. He has no respect for our land or its people, only for the power he wields…and we put him there. He will change the color of the sun, as predestined.



  • CAW

    Yup – Obamas answer to the immigration problem. Let’s post signs in the area warning the citizens of the country to stay away, it is dangerous here! I have a better idea, Obama, let’s put signs up along the border that warn the illegals that it is dangerous to enter illegally here, we shoot first and ask questions later! I get so frustrated with government that refuses to do their job. Jan Brewer has guts and a spine – the kind of people we need in D.C. I hope the law suit over this puts Obama and cronies in their place, but I have that sinking feeling in my gut that is not going to happen.

    • ashforkdan arizona

      now thats truly a good idea as far as your sinking feeling thats not going to happen this is arizona not your liberal state that bows down to any want to be dictator if the job is to big for barry then its time to make him work or get out

    • Dorothy

      I think obama,wife and kids need to move into one of the houses on the border, without security. Give him a gun and some ammo, like what everyone on the border has and see how safe he feels.

  • http://addsbygoogle Donnie

    I believe other Country’s are laughing at our President. They know he has no back bone and does not know how to handel a problem. A good president and leader would be resposible. Our boarders here in Arizona need closed. Who ever heard of a President sueing a state??
    When our the political partys Congress and the Senate going to stand up and be counted???
    Mexicao’s President would not allow the American people to come to their country and demand rights.

    President only knows how to campaign. He is the pied piper.

  • Montana71

    I never thought I would see this Great Nation in the deplorable state it is in now..Thank You Hussein and your muslim cronies..Muslims for Homeland Security Are You Joking…Democats where the hell did you lose your promise the American Working Man and Family????You are suppose to be for the Middle Working Class? Let’s see you get what A STIPEND EVERYDAY WHICH IS NOT YOUR SALARY BUT FREEBIE MONEY FORM PEOPLE STRUGGLING TO PROVIDE FOR THEIR FAMILIES,YOU DON’T HAVE TO HAVE THE SAME HEALTHCARE YOU JAMMED DOWN OUR THROATS,LET SEE OH YES HERS IS THE BIGGEY ILLEGAL PRESIDENT,I GUESS YOU MIGHT AS WELL PUT IN THE ILLEGALS COMING ACROSS OUR BORDERS… GOVENOR BREWER MY FAMILY IS WITH YOU 500% MY SONS 22,24,26 THINK YOU ARE GREAT IN STANKING UP FOR YOU PEOPLE AND YOUR STATE…KUDOS TO YOU PA.

  • Montana71


  • http://msn pissed off and fed up

    I live in Florida and we are subjected to the same problems as Arizona. I stand behined what the State passed and wish someone in Florida had the balls to pass the same law here.

  • Sambo77

    After 77 years of citizenship that includes 21 years of military duty I am questioning my leadership and actually frightened for my country. We have not been so threatened with anarchy and disarray since the revolution of 1776. Our leadership is lacking and people are trying to run the country that can’t run a lawnmower. We are inundated with stupid left wing communist do gooders that are hell bent on change for the sake of change. Not in my 77 years….



  • Roger Daniell

    Hey Chaz Dimwit Wyman: It has nothing to do with less government you idiot. It has all to do with the fact that the Federal Government is the one that has made the Immigration Laws and FAILED to enforce them. Governor Brewer’s state has been hit the worst with paying for these LAW BREAKERS that sneak into this country, having to use state funds to house, feed, and provide medical care etc for these law breakers. Now her state is broke because of it. She is asking for Federal resources because she has already used up the states resources to try and stop these ILLEGAL IMMIGRATES from crossing the border into her stae and the United States. I don’t live in Arizona and I doubt you do either but I do live in a stae that has an ILLEGAL IMMIGRATE problem as well (Georgia) because we are an agricultural state and who do farmers hire to work their crops……ILLEGAL IMMIGRATES because of cheap labor cost. All of it needs to be brought to a stop……..NOW. But when it gets down to brass tacks it is a Federal Problem and they should have done something long ago when the idiot Jimmy Carter was president (and yes i know where Jimmy Carter is from)when he allowed thousands of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATES in this country from Cuba. I agree with you, action is what is needed but that action should and must come from the Federal government because it is their law that is supposed to enforced to stop this. Governor Brewer is doing the only other thing she can do and that is to re-write the law and put a stop to it in her state if the federal government will not do their job. 70% of America agrees and supports what Governor Brewer is doing and I’m part of that 70%.

    • bbstacker

      We in GA are sitting on the same powder keg. When the drugs and thugs of that illegal tide pouring across our supposedly sovereign border gets to the tipping point that Arizona has already been flooded with, the situation here might not be any better. There is already talk to follow the lead of Governor Brewer and Rep. Pearce when the state legislature returns. Arizona needs her sister States to take up the call of sovereignty for her.

  • Herbert Surman

    Obama is an abject disgrace.

    • EltonJ

      He’s EXACTLY like Akhenaten, or Amenhotep IV. When Akhenaten ruled Egypt, he was so ineffectual that he caused terrible problems for Egypt. The priesthood then kicked out Akhenaten and put in Semenkhkare, the second Queen of Egypt, in his stead. After Semenkhkare came Tutankhamun and Egypt started going again.

      Look up the History of Akhenaten’s reign in Egypt, and compare it with our current president.

  • Kathy Collins

    God bless Governor Brewer for having the courage to stand up to this president. She is truly Of the People, By the People and For the People contrary to the present administration and Congress. It is because of people like Governor Brewer that all of us who truly love this Country will prevail over those who wish to destroy it.

  • Don Naumowich

    I am a Canadian who has been observing this situation from afar.I hope you Americans who voted for style over substance in the last election are getting exactly what you deserve- a President who is a light weight whose only experience is community organizing. To sue the State of Arizona for enforcing the law that the Federal Gov’t has implemented is preposterous. When this law suit gets thrown out I think the people in the USA will finally come to its senses and FINALLY see what an air head this man is and make sure that he will only be a 1 term president!He makes Carter look like a genius!

  • Arlene

    The first thing that the constitution states of the duties of the federal government is that it is to secure our borders. What a miserable job it is doing. I’m with you AZ. God bless your Govenor. God Bless America.


  • Linda

    When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

  • VGF

    Gov. Jan Brewer, YOU make me proud I am a Woman. YOU Have shown To the World What iy t Requires to Stand Up for Our Country ( A State at a Time, if That is the only way Our Constitution can get Obeyed ! ) What the other States are Waiting on I Do not Know. I hope the Guvnors of All the States are Ready to Stand With YOU..And Show Obama what a real ass he made of himself ( Starting a lawsuit against The State OF Arizona !! ) Come on, California ! Prove you have some ” Pride.’ And Florida ! What Are you waiting for ? You know the problem is Worsening with every day that passes..with the Murders, Robberies..and Assaults and Raping that are Turning our States into a prison for the Legal Citizens who are trying to Live . Thank you , J.Brewer.. I Know Good Will prevail..And that God is on your Side. Keep up the good Work. You Will prevail. VGF

  • Dar

    Governor Brewer
    god bless you and the people of Az
    I live in New Mexico
    I wish our Gov,
    here in NM had the balls you have.
    god bless you

  • Robert

    Governor Brewer is CORRECT! It is about time for Obama to wake up. The will of America is not going to tolerate this any longer. Sadly, there is a major disconnect with Obama and he has not listened to us, “We the People.” He works for the People and not the other way around.
    Governor Brewer, you have my support.

  • ashforkdan arizona

    i feel that jan brewer stands for all people what ever race or state there in. she has what it takes for a true president and one day she may. but not yet we still need her here to finish fixing what janet did to this state, but after her next term we all need her common sense and brass balls to fix the mess and stink thats been left behind in our white house

  • jimd n ft myers fl

    Good job young lady. Now just tell Obama to just die. We don’t need him & besides if ‘dumb Joe Biden’ was to take command,All the joke writers would become millionaire as “new material has arisen from the Earth! Actally, both just need to be sent away. jimbo spoke!

  • machinist1234

    Like soldiers in the winter’s night
    With a vow to defend
    No retreat, baby, no surrender

  • http://FoxNation nana

    When we leave Calif.for Tenn. we travel along the US Mexico border for a day and half…does this mean our country has given up this territory and will no longer grant us protection??? Are we subject to being a hostage to Mexico; while still in the US? Is this the change Obama had planned during his campaign? DISGUSTING!

  • Charles Magus

    Get that no good son of a bitch puppet president out of the country as the first illegal immigrant! He was born in Kenya, Africa and has made a mockery of your constitution and your constitutional rights! You may as well have Tom Jones or Colin Firth as your president! At least they are decent human beings!

    You have been betrayed America! Fight for your constitution!! It may be the only thing that could save the world!! If you fall, we all fall! The world is watching you America! Time to show these Zionist Nazis who they are dealing with! Only acting as one and without violence will you succeed in destroying what caused all the wars since 1800! What stole your money, robbed you of your Gold Reserve! Created a fake income tax law that never was law! Even the constitution does not allow the government to Tax you through income Tax!

    We are all with you! Fight through Peace! Fight through Unity, Fight for Freedom!!!

    God bless those that choose to be free!



  • Lee Veenstra

    All for the want of votes, it’s a damn shame, period

  • elizabeth sorrells

    Thank God for Governor Janice Brewer. The Lord has brought her on the scene. Are we all praying for our country? I believe many are and that is why she has appeared at this time in history. I don’t even blame the president of the United States as he is an imposter and doing what imposters do. I do blame the ignorance of those who voted for him. Maybe you are beginning to wake up. If so, speak now for your country. Repent to God and ask Him to forgive you for not doing your homework and therefor having no discernment as to the obomanation that has been planned by our enemies even for years. Don’t give up. We will forgive you, just stand up and be counted now. Do your part starting with praying for the United States of America. Elizabeth Sorrells

  • Escalonz

    Ironic that we have troops stationed all over the world and fighting wars but can’t or won’t protect our borders. I believe this man in the white house today is against the American people and is dead set to profit politically from his place of power. History will surely place these times as the most dangerous since the American Revolution and it remains to be seen if the country survives to any extent to it’s former greatness. The damage he is and will perform before he is elected out of office just may be permanent and doom a once great nation to a medeocre existence of hopeless socialism…………

  • Escalonz

    Ironic that we have troops stationed all over the world and fighting wars but can’t or won’t protect our borders. I believe this man in the white house today is against the American people and is dead set to profit politically from his place of power. History will surely place these times as the most dangerous since the American Revolution and it remains to be seen if the country survives to any extent to it’s former greatness. The damage he is and will perform before he is elected out of office just may be permanent and doom a once great nation to a mediocre existence of hopeless socialism…………
    NOTE: Reposted after Spell check

  • MIKE


  • Steve

    How long will it take for all of YOU to realize we are being attacked from the inside/Gov,and outside/communist or what ever else you want to call them? [ANTI AMERICAN ENEMIES] The longer we take to use our constitutional rights to correct this problem the harder it will be.
    November elections may not be soon enough.
    The attack on America is happening at a RAPID rate.
    We the people truly have a duty and right to remove these people in Washington and replace them with trustworthy citizens until we can straighten our government out, and prosecute all who have been involved with the attack on OUR COUNTRY……

  • Mark

    Obama is not getting it or, dosen`t care.He dose not represent the American People.IMPEACH the TRATOR,put him out of work, and let him rot in a prison cell

  • http://google Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

    I want to remind you your people,this is your country, and you have responsibility to keep this a great nation. It is OK to have your fun, and be happy, but you need to pay attention to what those in Washington are doing while you enjoy the latest gadgets. Yours and your children’s future is at stake and is in danger.Times are hard now but they are going to get worse. You can set back and join the people that are trying to give this country away if you want, because you are thinking in terms of being humane. To be humane is great, but you must consider your self first.When you give, make sure you have enough to give and still live OK yourself. For those of your that think there are too many laws, you are dead wrong. There are many laws I don’t care for but they are necessary to prevent destruction of this land. Just imagine no laws and people doing what ever they please. We would destroy each other in no time flat. We have laws ( do’s and don’t’s) yet we have those that ignore them. Only decent people are harmed, not the thugs.Let your voices be heard, put that cell down and rejoin the main stream of Americans that are fighting to save our Country.If you have any notion of getting even with any person or groups for something that took place three hundred years ago, for get it. That thought will destroy you. If you are a negro and you think we should allow illegals to invade our country, thinking it is what we need, you are off your rocker. You, of all people should be against that.You are to suffer the most, not those that you follow in this nonsense. You are being sold a bill of goods by people that this amnesty for illegals will either have no negative effect on them, and in most cases will they will have much to gain. All of this is done on you backs. It is you that are doing poorly when it comes to the job market. Don’t lesson to those people. Your so called leaders that are for amnesty are is the same boat as those that I have warned you about. These are not leaders. Leaders don’t send thier followers out in harms way, they lead them inti it. In this case, they have nothing to loose, but everything to gain. Stop letting these people use you when they want to bring up racism. You are use by the gays, and any other groups that, want to advance thier agenda.The horror we suffered should not be mention in the same sentence. There is no comparison at all. You are ignored by the politicians until they need the race car pushed. Because we now have a president of color, is no advantage to you what so ever. He should be the president equally for all people. Of course that is not the case, this administration is dead set on making the illegals, legal. Wake up young people, your country is floating in the toilet, about to be flushed.

  • http://personallibertydigest robert williams

    Robert williams says Why Dosent Jan Brewer and Airazona Slam a Counter Suit Against the Federal Government For Neglagents It Is Delibert Neglagents Due to the Fact that the Federal goverenment Has Refused time and time Again to Guard the Borders of Airazona as well as the Borders Of Calif and Texas and New Mexico.thus this situation has Created Caous throughout the Uninted States through the Neglagence of the Fedes by letting the Border Patrol run wild well into the U.S. Rather then to Keeping them on the Borders to Do there Job we the people pay them to do such as the casew of Pastor Steve Anderson Of Airazona 52 miles into Airazona to Harass the man through deliberate Torturing the Man who is a U S Citisen.

  • debbie martin

    The only way we are going to make this change is to throw everybody out of Congress and start with a new slate! Remember America to do your job in November and DON’T vote in the incumbents. If they act like a politician, smell like a politican they ARE A POLITICAN!!!! please stay away from them because they are corrupt and definitely are not in it for the American people.
    I love this country so much and want it back in the hands of the people!!!
    Bless those that are on the good side and Hooray for governor Brewer for standing up for our laws and whats right, same with Joe Arapio!
    If a illegal criminal broke into one of these liberals houses and raped, sodomized and ripped them off you can bet that they would be singing to a different tune.

  • gerald kinen

    Why doesn’t the governor of Arizon take matters into her own hands and initiate the Arizona National Guard to protect the border. That is the right and the State militia army of each and every state. Called by each state.And controlled by the Governor. Forget about the Federal Governemt. Use your Power, I would!

  • Cecil Lee Russell

    As a former progressive liberal democrat AND one of the most successful former smugglers to smuggle into the United States, I can attest that the direction of Governor Brewer is the correct one to take. I was raised and educated as a progressive and taught to participate in the eventual overthrow of America.
    Because of my knowledge of what these evil people are creating, I am the ONLY person in America capable and qualified to break up this culture of crime, corruption and destruction perpetrated by the Democrat Party.
    The idea has been put forth that Governor Brewer should utilize the National Guard to protect the Arizona borders. Unfortunately, unless a sufficiently large group of Armed Americans are prepared to thwart the use of U.S. Military forces against Arizona, that would be the most effective method Obama could present: the Arrest and imprisonment of Governor Brewer.
    Please understand: President Obama IS an illegitimate President: Not because he has no birth certificate or that he wasn’t born in America: His mother was American thus Obama is American BUT Obama renounced his American citizenship in order to convert to Islam, become an Indonesian citizen and attend an Islamic school. President Obama attended Harvard as a foreign exchange student which is why He will not release his college records.
    [Not every one at Harvard is a traitor and “Go To My PC” is an excellent computer program to use to browse Harvard secured records.]
    Thus, everything Obama signs or does is unconstitutional and void on its face: However; are you certain that the police and the military will not shoot Americans for standing up to prevent the illegal arrest of Governor Brewer?
    I can correct the problems Americans now faces:
    1. Securing the Borders using U.S. Military;
    2. Deporting All illegals; [to a country NOT of their origin]
    3. Suspending ALL Fedeal taxes on individuals and business for 6 months and imposing tarriffs on foreign products to make them equal to the cost of American products:
    BUT examples HAVE to be made of these communists in the federal government including Eric Holder; Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.
    Your vote has had consequences and your vote in the future will need to be for someone who can and will make examples out of these communists.
    I am
    Cecil Lee Russell

  • Cecil Lee Russell

    “The Founders Fathers of this nation provided the formula by which every lover of freedom, liberty and prosperity, who wants to live therein and to see his children and grandchildren grow up in that same free nation, can thrive. It is a fine nation, A Great Nation: perhaps the Greatest Nation to ever exist. It is a nation that is devoted to creating freedom, prosperity, peace, and love for all
    people of all races, religions, and nationalities. We are human and there have been many mistakes made along the way but by the Grace of a Living and Loving God, we have grown and confronted those mistakes, corrected them and through the combined strengths of a motley assortment of vagabonds, wanderers, former slaves and outcasts from the nations of the world, when granted individual liberty, We
    have raised up the Mightiest Nation to have ever existed on this earth.
    I believe in the strengths of each individual who calls America their home and country and I am proud to call them Brethren. We Are Americans and WE ARE THE BEST this world has ever seen.
    It is time that We take a stand against the enemies of the United States and Her Constitution, both foreign and domestic and let US execute Judgment on those who despise this People and their Nation and God.”
    Cecil Lee Russell

  • jana

    Here is California law – so what is the problem with AZ’s law — can’t believe they are boycotting Arizona

    834b. (a) Every law enforcement agency in California shall fully
    cooperate with the United States Immigration and Naturalization
    Service regarding any person who is arrested if he or she is
    suspected of being present in the United States in violation of
    federal immigration laws.
    (b) With respect to any such person who is arrested, and suspected
    of being present in the United States in violation of federal
    immigration laws, every law enforcement agency shall do the
    (1) Attempt to verify the legal status of such person as a citizen
    of the United States, an alien lawfully admitted as a permanent
    resident, an alien lawfully admitted for a temporary period of time
    or as an alien who is present in the United States in violation of
    immigration laws. The verification process may include, but shall not
    be limited to, questioning the person regarding his or her date and
    place of birth, and entry into the United States, and demanding
    documentation to indicate his or her legal status.
    (2) Notify the person of his or her apparent status as an alien
    who is present in the United States in violation of federal
    immigration laws and inform him or her that, apart from any criminal
    justice proceedings, he or she must either obtain legal status or
    leave the United States.
    (3) Notify the Attorney General of California and the United
    States Immigration and Naturalization Service of the apparent illegal
    status and provide any additional information that may be requested
    by any other public entity.
    (c) Any legislative, administrative, or other action by a city,
    county, or other legally authorized local governmental entity with
    jurisdictional boundaries, or by a law enforcement agency, to prevent
    or limit the cooperation required by subdivision (a) is expressly

  • CJM

    As far as I am concerned, the incumbent president is a coward–and I have no need of him as a leader. He does not know anything about our history, our Declaration of Independence, or our Constitution. What he does know is marxism/socialism and the history of Kenya (his proclaimed ‘mother country) and the Mid-East, neither of which are friendly to the United States. He has failed miserably when it comes to protecting the US borders and the people of the United States; he has failed miserably in maintaining our global leadership; he has publicly stated that he “rules” the US; and he has been proven time and again what an embarrassment he is to this great Nation. IMPEACH THE IMPOSTER AND PRETENDER TO THE THRONE.

  • margret

    The man currently using the name of “Barack Obama” and sits in the office of our President is acting as a traitor to our Country would act. Does that not call for the charge of treason?

    For those who find criticism for Arizona, I suggest that he or she move close to the border to see how safe and cozy THEY feel in that world of “you gotta understand” they only want a better life kind of attitude.

    Go – live what you preach!

  • Charles R,W.

    We the Americans need to go to the border and shoot every person coming cross and let them rott in the dirt. the enemy will stop coming.obama is not going to do nothing but protect the enemy

  • BrotherPatriot

    Arizona and Jan have it right…the rest of the states should follow their lead. Period. A counter suite, definitely…but I find it horrible to know that my government is trying to sue them for protecting themselves. What more evidence do we the people of America need to see the level of corruption that exists in our government? I’m sooo ANGRY and can’t wait for November! Vote ‘em all out but be careful and research who we vote in!

  • Gene

    Obama is taking care of the border in the not so new true American way.He is punishing any law abiding American citizen, who may want to recreate in the Arizona desert, because as a nation we no longer have the resolve or the cajones to go after and irradicate the bad guys.

  • Mike

    It is “way-past-time” to accuse the Republicans or the Democrats of who hasn’t closed the borders. BOTH parties are guilty!! It is NOW time for Americans to come together–regardless of party–to do what is Right. Secure the borders and protect all Americans–born here or those who have come into this great country legally. This insanity has gone on long enough!

  • c w

    We need a President like you. I wish you where in the White House.
    We are behind you 100%. Thank God for people like you. Somehow America lost it soul.

  • Stacy

    call it what it is. an invasion! it is sponsored by the mexican gubmint.what deal did obambi and calderone make at the whitehouse?

    the kenyan in 2006 went to kenya as part of a “factfinding tour” for the senate. instead while he was there, he campaigned for his cousin abibi who is now presidet of kenya. now abibi is trying o do away with their constitution and replace it with sharia law and biden is there helping.

    the kenyan usurper is in a race against his cousin to push sharia law. he needs all the votes he can get. so he is going to amnesty all the ILLEGALS for their votes. thisafter he ceded soveriegn American territory to calderone.

    it is time we use the Constitutional powers given us by our founding fathers. REVOLUTION is our RIGHT! our gubmint is a tyrany run by soros,sieu,bloomberg, piglosi and the other puppet masters pulling obambies strings.

  • Peter Shepherd

    The purpose of the Federal Government is not to rule over us, but to serve us. Protecting us from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and defending our borders from invasion, is one of their Constitutional responsibilities. What is NOT their responsibility, is education, energy, controlling what we eat, etc.. If they would just do what they are supposed to do, and not do what they are not authorized to do, it would solve a lot of problems.

    Before we can have effective immigration reform, we MUST have secure borders. I don’t have all the answers, but our borders must be secure, and illegals should be deported. Of course, if that were to happen, Mr. Obama would probably be deported.

    Having said all that, our biggest problem in this nation is that we have gotten away from our core values as a Nation. Our form of government was established for a virtuous, moral, God-honoring people. Thomas Jefferson warned us what would happen if we ever forgot that our rights were granted to us by God, not government. He said he trembled for our country when he thought about God’s justice.

    In the Old Testament, when the Nation of Israel forgot God, God would allow their enemies to attack and overtake them. Is that same thing happening in America? It’s time that we, who were established as a Christian Republic, return to our basic principles, and humble ourselves and PRAY, and see God’s face, and turn from OUR wicked ways. Then, we can expect God to hear from heaven, forgive our sins, and heal our land.

  • Mauna

    Obama obviously does not feel he is a part of nor does he care about our America and Americans. If he did, he would want to protect America from the illegal people who are entering our country, bringing drugs, human trafficking, disease, crime, and violence. The illegals are falsely draining our medicaid program by using it as their free health care, draining our citizens of money to pay for the illegals education, draining our state budgets by getting welfare and food stamps and a score of other benefits available to them. Our states and country would be in a better financial condition without them.

  • Mauna

    Obama wants to make the illegals citizens so they would vote for him. That is the only way he could be re-elected, as the illegals would vote for another illegal. He does not care what the cost to America or Americans would be – he just wants to stay in office.

  • http://Juno David Brassfield

    Does this complaint by our founding fathers against the king of England taken from the Declaration of Independence seem to apply to Arizona’s situation? “He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained, and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.”

  • Charles

    Charles said that Arizona Governor should send 10 buses of illegals on a trip to Washington on the Presidents lawn and come back with empty buses. This way the government will do there job and carry out the law and they will be helping Arizona to carry out there law.

  • BrotherPatriot

    True American’s stand behind and support Arizona. Period.

  • Milton Babb

    Nothing in this country will ever work properly untill we KILL the Federal Reserve.

  • Fran

    Everyone I know supports Arizona and its new law regarding illegals.

    Mr President listen to the people……….

  • Father Peter

    WAKE UP AMERICA! How’s this for a conspiracy theory? There are 30 or 40 million illegal people in this country already. They sit here draining our resources, quietly waiting for the signal from home. The signal comes and they pick up the weapons they have stashed or anything just lying around that could be used as a weapon. GAME OVER AMERICA. One night of HELL and America falls. Just a thought, sleep well tonight America……..

  • BigJack

    Cu dos for Arizona, its People and their Governor
    Thank GOD, yes, I said “THANK GOD” we still have true blooded Americans willing to stand-up
    If you need any help, just send up a flare, being a Texas Boy we understand your struggles.
    Thank each of you


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