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Breitbart ‘Vetting’ Continues, Targets Holder

March 20, 2012 by  

Breitbart ‘Vetting’ Continues, Targets Holder
Eric Holder is getting his “vetting.”

The death of new-media mogul Andrew Breitbart has not derailed his promise to provide voters a thorough “vetting” of President Barack Obama and his Administration in the months leading up to the 2012 Presidential election.

The latest installment of the “vetting” from examines Attorney General Eric Holder, his past and the fatally flawed Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Fast and Furious gunwalking campaign. The conservative news outlet published on Sunday a video of Holder that originally aired on CSPAN 2 circa 1995, wherein the future Attorney General calls for a plan to “really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

A portion of the clip can be viewed below:

Following the release of the video, the news outlet — in its signature publishing style — released Holder’s vetting in segments, using the Attorney General’s 1995 remarks to make the case that Fast and Furious had nothing to do with curbing violence in Mexico and everything to do with creating carnage to make Americans favor tougher gun laws. says of the video: “The video reveals Attorney General Holder’s early, consistent, and strident enthusiasm for gun control legislation. He wanted schools to talk about anti-gun propaganda ‘every day, every school, and every level.’ Operation Fast and Furious—in which Holder’s Department of Justice (DOJ) smuggled guns illegally to Mexican drug cartels— could finally have provided Holder the material for that anti-gun curriculum.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Vigilant

    Excellent article, Mr. Rolley.

    This is just one more example of the leftist methods at work in our system of public so-called “education.”

    Unfortunately, the programming of kids to the Marxist mindset has become more successhul over time. We’ve now had a few generations of children brainwashed in just such manner, and those kids are now voters.

    • marge

      That is true….vigilant…..have you checked out Kevin Jackson and the black sphere….he has programs in place to re educate students…..also has a lot of other worthy programs he is working on… does David Horowitz… girl politics….not every one has been brainwashed…there are millions of americans still out there teaching their kids decent values…..remember communist Hillary Clinton book….It takes a village to raise a child?…..well it DOES NOT!!!… takes a loving family with decent values and a correct history of our country……she who pretends to stand for womens rights yet metaphorically speaking sleeps with the muslim brotherhood who are the biggest abusers of women and children in the world.

      • Vigilant

        Good words, marge. I’ve not checked out Kevin Jackson yet, but I’ve read a couple of books by Horowitz, and his message is clear: the professors are poisoning the minds of our children. And not just professors. teachers at all levels.

        Is it any wonder that Obama wants to put a four-year degree in virtually everyone’s hands? He knows the robots produced by the system will vote for his “brave new world.”

      • Warrior

        I wonder, is there a “special” gubmint store where one would get their “teflon” suit?

      • Sirian

        They’ve already started changing the truth in our kids history books marge. Check this article out concerning that.

      • eddie47d

        Well Vigilant I believe there are plenty here who brainwash themselves on a regular basis. No wonder our system doesn’t function with so much misinformation being disseminated on all sides. Some can’t deal rationally so they bring out the Nazi card or the Commie card or the Muslim card. Feel good hype to stroke their emotions. Crony Capitalism has wrecked havoc on our nation and most of you never open your eyes long enough to see the damages that have been done by the “wise ones” on Wall Street. They have been parcelling out America for decades and laughing all the way to the bank. The left and right both have their extremists whittling away at our country and you protect your extremists of choice just as much as the left does.

      • Libertytrain

        eddie – you forgot the lib left most classic card – the race card…when in doubt pull it out.

      • eddie47d

        That may be true Libertytrain but there are also plenty right here that play that card.

      • Libertytrain

        yes, eddie, the left lib posters on this site play it non-stop.

      • Vigilant

        eddie says, “Crony Capitalism has wrecked [sic] havoc on our nation and most of you never open your eyes long enough to see the damages that have been done by the “wise ones” on Wall Street.”

        Now eddie, why is misrepresentation of the truth in your bag of tricks?

        Crony capitalism is consistently dissed by EVERYONE who posts here. It may be the only thing in common between left and right. So don’t start putting words in the mouths of people who contribute to this site.

      • eddie47d

        You say that “Obama wants to put a 4 year degree into everyone’s hands” . That’s near an impossibility Vigilant from either party considering how costly higher education is now. It’s nice to encourage folks to improve their education yet if everyone somehow did so then more immigrants would have to be imported to do the work that those who are educated won’t do.

      • Jay

        eddie, your motto should be; “Stop me when you hear something you like”. lol…I bet you make a great payaya.

      • JeffH

        Vigilant :), while eddie continues to use words like crony-capitalist, speculators, hedge fund managers and banksters…he hasn’t a clue or understanding of what they mean. The man is more like a parrot and has been. For 2+ years here he’s continued down the same path. I often wonder if he like Ron Paul for Ron Paul’s poitics or is he just parroting what he hears…that others along with some liberals actually support Paul.

      • JeffH

        Libertytrain says, “eddie – you forgot the lib left most classic card – the race card…when in doubt pull it out.”

        Correctomundo! :)…and that is in part what has eddie in the dog house on PLD! Give the man enough rope(3 days)and he ‘ll hang himself.

    • David in MA

      This election it is super important that OLD WHITE PEOPLE get out and vote! If they don’t they will leave behind an islamic socialist state on the order of Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union or Cuba and we know how well they turned out, is this what we want to leave the children? NOT ME!

      • kellys

        Vote for who? Once they have pushed Ron Paul out of the way there is no one left who values the constitution.

      • Jazzabelle

        Vote for Ron Paul, obviously. I don’t care if he gets 2% of the vote again. I’m voting for him anyway. With all the voter fraud that’s been going on, we really have no idea how many people support Ron Paul–or how many people will be voting for him regardless of who the Republicans nominate. I know several people in that camp. And if we “hand the election to Obama”–fine. The Republican Party deserves a spanking. Maybe in the following election they will listen to the people and do the right thing.

    • Jerry Marshall

      20 years ago the ‘truth’ to the LEFTIST agenda was leaked. It was discovered that their long term goal was to subvert the school systems and begin to “indoctrinate” the children, and this would lead to the LEFTIST gaining more control of the country’s political destiny. But first they needed to make sure they controlled the Department of Education and the Teachers Unions.
      ONE MORE reason to do away with the Federally-controlled Department of Education, and let the States run these!
      While we’re at it, let’s also do away with the Department of Energy, which has NEVER done anything it was chartered to do! And we MUST get rid of the LEFTIST EPA! This department has cost Americans TRILLIONS of dollars in taxes, fines, levies, and lost revenue!
      We need to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK, indict, impeach, convict, and imprison these LEFTIST TRAITORS, from Lord OBUMBLER, down!
      Is it November, yet?

  • David in MA

    And, where is Congress?
    Sitting on their thumbs, that’s where!
    2012 elections will be more than about obozo & bite-me!
    There will be more than the White House getting ready to receive new
    Maybe something like 1/3 of the Senate & 2/3 of the House?

    • skippy

      I hope so David!

    • CJ

      The House has done many things to correct, or attempt to anyway, much of the damage. The Senate, under Reid’s suppression, has ignored hundreds of bills putting their leftist agenda as a top priority.

      • AZ-Ike

        CJ, you are dreaming if you think Boehner and his incumbent supporters have done anything to stop Obama–either on spending or stopping any of his ‘unconstitutional actions.

    • 45caliber


      Not counting people like Reid and Pelousy who have already signed their souls to Oblama’s idea of utopia, I’ve wondered for several years now if some of the Congress, etc. have been warned, “Vote this way or something might happen to you or your family …”

      After all, isn’t that Chicago politics?

  • http://yahoo David Pope

    i really like this sort of articles, i am not very good with words and when i see something that expresses my opinion i have to pass it on to people i know. i could very win a verbal battle with obama, but i can whoop his butt passing all this stuff to my friends

    • marge

      You said that very well david……

    • marge

      Thanks sirian…..good article…..parents need to be proactive in reading and responding to the textbooks their kids are given … children are grown ….one is a Reagan democrat one a libertarian and one a republican…lol…..we do have interesting conversations especially when getting together with other relatives who bought into the BIG PROGRESSIVE LIES…..about our country and about Israel… better believe the Arabs had a big hand in this…..the dots continue to connect……Patriot Action Network is also a good informative site and they have good discussions.

    • Ann in Nebraska

      David Pope – I LOVE this site because an awful lot of folks have the same opinions as I do. I’m not very good with words either, but a lot of other folks on here say exactly what I’d say if I was more articulate. Thanks, David!!!!!

  • Karim J

    Well, just hang the (expletive deleted) – get rid of the evil that inflicts this society once and for all, for crying out loud!

  • Kate8

    Right after Breitbart’s untimely “heart attack”, his people said they would continue the vetting. But, after some “consideration”, it seems that they’ve had a change of heart, at least when it comes to vetting Obama.

    It seems that everyone, in any capacity, who attempts to challenge Obama, ends up either having a “change of heart” or dead. God protect Sheriff Arpaio.

    Imagine that.

    If Obama’s eligibility is irrelevant, then it is clear that we are no longer a Republic, and the Constitution is, indeed, dead. We’ve been overthrown, folks… and we are the last to know.

    I do believe that most of this side show is just to increase distrust and disgust of the American people, and to incite further chaos. No one is going to allow this to have any real legs. It seems O is home free, and it is WE who are no longer relevant.

    • FreedomFighter

      Buy Guns Ammo Foo, if you can night vision.

      I think we will see civil war within 6mo to 1yr due to Obama making himself dictator of America. When the SHTF your prep will serve you well.

      As per NWO documentation, a large war will be started and then a release of some killer contagion will be executed to create fear and ease the transition to martial law and Obamas dictatorship.

      Of course we cant be sure of anything, its just what they the NWO have documented as a possible plan of action.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • CJ

        The Second Amendment was included so the people can take action against a government such as we are headed for. The ultimate decision is who will stand up and declare they are the ‘new legit’ enforcer of it? Keep in mind, the founding fathers were a MINORITY ideal in the society. Most people wanted to be left out of it, even back then. They had to fight a force which had to travel hundreds of miles over long periods for reinforcement. That advantage is no longer available, and the corrupt powers use this as deterrance. FF, I hope your time frame is premature.

        This all goes to show EVERYBODY must be involved in their local education system, not just the parents of students.

      • 45caliber


        You are right … BUT!

        The government officials in this believe that they have enough electronics in their service to always know who and what is going on. They have complete control of the nukes our nation posesses … and they think they have complete control of the military. (All governments do, right?) So they really aren’t too worried about an armed uprising. Besides, in an armed uprising someone ELSE will be the persons trying to stop it and being shot. Their real worry is the private citizen who might decide to make a trip to their home or to Washington and assassinate them. They want to eliminate any chances of that happening. Most aren’t even worried about their families – just themselves.

        As a result, they expect to stop any armed uprising. And none are concerned if they kill millions of innocent people doing it. After all, we have too many people now. What I really expect is that they would LOVE to drop a nuke on some armed resistance group and then allow all those near starve from a lack of supplies while they film it for prime-time TV. And their story would be “This could happen to you if you allow some nuts to threaten us!”

    • Jay

      Kate8, where in the world have you been? You have not posted for quite some time; am i right? Great to see you back!!!

      • Kate8

        Hi Jay! I pop in now and then, but haven’t posted in quite some time. Glad to see that you are still aboard.

        I have missed reading your highly informed, wise and fascinating posts.

        Things are just getting more and more crazy, aren’t they? We’re on a runaway train…

      • Jay

        Thank you Kate8; but i would credit the high-caliber of some posters here who spur me on to post high-quality; although at times, i fail miserably. Yeah, things are heating-up, and the kettle is about to boil. I keep my self together by reminding myself, and anyone who will listen, that there is a higher law, and One who trumps the feeble attempts of the, “take-over-the-world-maniacs”. Silly fools, when will they realize that they are nothing more than flesh and blood? They say that there two things in life that are guaranteed; death and taxes. Personally, i believe there are three; death, taxes, and the repeat of history. It seem the “Binky and the Brain” bunch, are at it again!

    • Jerry Marshall

      One thing about it, Kate; Sheriff Arpiao isn’t afraid of the ‘big bad wolf,’ and frankly, I think he would enjoy a one-on-one confrontation with these ANTI-AMERICAN LEFTISTS!
      He’s probably one of the last Americans, in law enforcement, or public office with a real SPINE and a real set of cojones!

      • Kate8

        You’re right about that, Jerry. We need a lot more like him.

        It seems that Sheriff A. and Ron Paul are the only ones not backing down. The rest are collapsing like the spineless milquetoasts they are.

        I sure hope we get some folks under 60 to stand up. We’re tough, but if the youth of this nation ever want any quality of life, they’re going to have to fight for it. Freedom never has been free.

    • 45caliber


      Well, over fifty deaths were all convenient for the Clintons while Bill was in office. I don’t suppose Oblama needs to be different. But it always annoys me to see someone in any high office take advantage of it to insure that those who might be a problem simply aren’t any more.

      • Kate8

        45 – Amen, bro.

        Of course, O doesn’t even have to deny it. He’s given himself the (albeit illegitimate) power to off anyone he doesn’t like, no explanations needed. And that includes anything up to and including death. That means, you can be detained, tortured and anything else he wants to do to you.

        I just heard about the raw milk dealer in LA who was picked up, detained and tortured for producing raw milk for a co-op. After he was tortured, they poured raw sewage into his cell.
        All for the crime of being an independent dealer, producing a healthful product that people loved, and not bowing to the food NAZI’s.

        This is what America has become. Our government is now openly terrorizing its citizens.

        And how about the woman in Colorado who had her child taken from her because she investigated local political corruption, and she opposed smartmeters. She was accused of being…gasp…a ‘sovereign’.

        And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    • JeffH

      Kate8, I do miss you. :)

      • Kate8

        Hi Jeff! Glad you’re still fighting the good fight.

        I have to admit, you and Jay are heartier souls than I when it comes to attempting communication with the O sycophants. There are some things that just aren’t worth the aggravation. Besides, there is so much more at play than anyone knows, and most don’t want to know.

        However, I do have some lefty friends who are beginning to see the light. I’m still working on the rightys.

        Breitbart was a terrible loss. The first of many, I suspect, to fall under O’s new powers to take out anyone who irritates him. Even if his videos had reached the airwaves, I doubt it would have made that much difference. Those with their wits about them already know who O is, and the leftys already love communism and would still support his usurpation of America. Still, I would have loved to see what he had. Apparently, it was a video of O meeting with pinko radicals, calling for the overthrow of the US and the rounding up/elimination of millions of people.

        But then, we already knew that, and he’s still there. Maybe there was more. Enough to die for.

        Anyway, as Jay said, there’s a Higher Power Who will, ultimately, prevail.

        Andrew Breitbart, RIP. At least he’s now beyond the reach of those he sought to expose. And his efforts did not go unnoticed.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, Andrew Breitbart, RIP…AMEN!
        Not much changes with the unhinged liberal left around here. Same-o, same-o. Always more of the same talking points and finger pointing at Bush/Cheney. Sometimes I’ll go days without posting…ya can’t argue with a rock. An awful lot going on to absorb, as you well know, but gotta keep moving forward and do what you can do to find the truth and expose these bast-rds for what they are. Saul Alinsky is alive! :)

      • eddie47d

        Just the opposite Jeff

      • JeffH

        eddie says “DUH”!

  • Eddie G.

    Eric Holder hates guns because he’s in bed with his boss on public disarmament. Every dictatorship in history has disarmed their citizens and made them subjects. Easier in other countries when you have sheeple for people. Tougher in the USA were certain states i.e. California(the worst),Illinois(bad as California),and the Eastern Seaboard,have restrictive gun laws and compliant sheeple who let their lawmakers trample the second amendment. The West except California will never hand their guns over to elected Marxists and Eric will never brainwash successfully. The Heartland states are so-so except Illinois where the corn fed Dummycrat sheeple are too stupid to get smart. Even if Holder boxes us in between the Eastern Sheepleboard and the Western Left Coast his mission will fail. Bill Clinton tried mightily to curtail guns finally admitting defeat when referring to gun owners said, “Well I’ve gotta hand it to them”. There was a Chinese leader I believe who said he’d never invade the U.S. because behind every blade of grass there’s someone with a gun. That’s nice to know and Oboy along with Holder can take their gun grabbing attempts and shove ‘em in a warm dark place. This is the United States of America,land of the free and the brave and I’d be more than brave enough to hand Holder my gun barrel first,hammer cocked,finger on the trigger. I may die in a fusillade of bullets as he’s a coward requiring bodyguard surrounding but it’d sure beat continued living under an Obama dictatorship.

    • 45caliber

      Kruschef (can’t spell his name) decided to not invade the US after the Cuba Crisis for the same reason, according to his son. But the officals in Washington aren’t worried about invasion. They are certain that the army – under their complete control – can stop that. They want to disarm us so they won’t have to worry about citizens when they do whatever they wish. That’s called tyrany.

  • Morning_tony (@Morning_tony)

    Breitbart Editor Ben Shapiro: We’re Going to Vet Obama Except His Forged Selective Service Card , I say this is a Mistake , heres why ……

    They Should be Totally Focusing on this Birth Certificate Forgery , its NOT a Racist Issue like the Professor Bell relationship issue which will be turned into a Big old mess of Reverse Racism against the guys making the claim of Radical associations .

    We need to Focus on the Manipulation of the Rule of Law , because thats the Only way to keep Clear all this rhetoric on issues that are so divisive , and stop that from usurping the rules that are designed to keep the Multi-Cultural Society of the USA United !!!
    Breitbart Editor Ben Shapiro: We’re Going to Vet Obama Except His Forged Selective Service Card
    Sheriff Joe: Obama Investigation Could Lead To Ballot Denial For Obama

    Gallups: Sheriff Joe Is %100 Dead-On With Investigation – Gallup says where are the socialists trying to prove Sheriff Joe is wrong and then Have him thrown in Jail ???

  • FreedomFighter

    “How to Hurt a Liberal”

    Get out and vote, protest, write letters, send email, get on talk radio and have your voice heard.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • JoMama


  • 45caliber

    The whole idea of Fast and Furious was to give the Justice Dept. the excuse to ban gun shows, particularly in the South, and either shut down or more closely supervise any gun dealers in the border states. That could then be used as an excuse to extend their bans to other states and eventually the entire country.

    It was never intended to stop the crime in Mexico. In fact there is NO way they could track the guns used until they showed up at the scene of some crime. They simply didn’t care who might be killed. In fact, one of the officers of the BATF in AZ who blew the whistle on this stated that he had pointed out that someone would be dying – and he was told by the officer in Washington that “some eggs had to be broken to make omlets”. Incidently, the official was promoted while he was fired.

  • John Beach

    It certainly sounds like a revision of the second amendment to read “A well-regulated population being essential to the security of a police state, the right of the police to keep and bear arms shall not be extended to the general population.” This, of course, gives criminals the right to kill without fear of any exercise of the same right on the part of the unsuspecting person who is being victimized by one. This is just one more proof of the
    culture of death that is being purveyed by the left. They champion the rights of those whom they represent to be initially and fundamentally wrong at the expense of the rest of society. Americans need to wake up and see these idiots for exactly what they are. They are literally laughable! Wake Up, America!

  • FreedomFighter

    President Obama will be forced by circumstances to apologise: Genuine Birth Certificate surfaces – Americans have been led to believe otherwise, revelation to change the political landscape

    Posted by African Press International on March 9, 2012

    By api

    Now it is here and places the president in the African continent. The debate surrounding it will now end after the revelation, and those who have not been telling the truth will have to be made answerable one way or another.

    The revelation, however, coming during this election year 2012 is doing no good to the democratic party.

    API on Tuesday the 6th March evening received President Obama’s genuine birth certificate. API decided not to hurry in publishing it immediately because we wanted to be sure of the content value.

    Now that the scrutiny has been done, the publishing of the Birth certificate that will clear the air once and for all is being done without prejudice. This may force the US president to apologise to the American people for having been kept in the dark on the issue for a long time now on demanding the publishing of the birth certificate by President Obama.

    Its over for Obama, IMPEACH THE TRAITOR

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • ranger hall

    45 cal,,, In 1967 the Russian Ruler was in Calif, His first visit to the USA. During this Reception AS AlWAYS one of our High Ranking Gens, made a Commit about our Military and how strong it was. ?? WELL he pissed off the Russian Leader And K called over some more Brass and Politicians and Explained things, Went something like this.
    General you are STUPID, You do not even know what keeps your Country FREE, I could beat your Military, All Branches, BUT my Country does Not have enought Men Power to control your Country, I would need to fight in every City,,every Town,every Village, every street and most of all i would have to fight ea and every House, for every House is a Fort. No General its not your Military that keeps you SAFE ITS YOUR PEOPLE. Your Country can never be beat from WITHOUT only from WITHIN, And that day will come.
    IN 1967 Russia was the Most Powerful Military in the World, Also had the Most Trained Military People.
    BUT thank who ever Mr. K wanted no War.
    The Cuba thing in the 60s almost came to a Nuke War, all our Politicians all our Military Brass wanted to nuke Cuba off the Map, BUT thanks to two Men Kennedy and Mr. K this was prevented, After this the Hotline between the two Powers came into Place.
    Mr Ks remark to Kennedy was WE will not start the War BUT you People WILL, And to save the people from this Possibility I will move everything out that you Fear, THEN you will have no reason to start a War.

    • 45caliber

      And the only things moved were for show so the American politicians could claim they won…

  • ranger hall

    If the AG Holder is Guilty of Gun Running //Terrorist as any other Person would be called WHY is NO one charging him with these crimes.
    OR as always just talk about it, IF there is Proof then the Media needs to Push this Front line material, also the Law enforcement People need to push for his arrest and trial, Congress also needs to Push this Subject to Innocent or Guilty.But we all know this is not going to happen.
    Reminds me of Vietnam, Village Leader sides with us the VC would kill him, If he sided with the VC we killed Him.

  • Liberterian

    What we really need to do is to safeguard our guns and our rights to keep them free from any government control which seems to be a right and left charge by corrupt self serviant politicians to take our 2nd amendment right away. To sit and babble about Holder and what the left wing nuts are doing is to play into the hands of the corrupt politicians both on the left and the right that are all new world order followers. Right wing, left wing the nuts are all the same except for the title.
    We are at a crossroad where for the last many decades each executive in the white house whatever the name has been gradually have been solidifying the Federal and Executive power when with the grandest of new world control and identify technology, we will be led like sheep by the wolves dressed in corporate, military industrial uniforms. The rich and the powerful fat cat corporatites will be our masters.

    • GiveMeLiberty

      Liberterian you are spot-on. There are no dramatic differences between the two ‘parties’. Yes, there is always ‘somebody’ behind the curtain but otherwise, on the surface where we see all the tension and debate…it’s all just political theatre. They certainly put on quite the show. Speaking of Holder, wasn’t he threatened with Contempt of Congress a few weeks ago? Really?! How come he’s not in jail?

      Since the two party system is simply a front, then who is behind the curtain you might wonder. I’m not positive but I’m fairly confident it’s a hidden, progressive agenda that you could trace all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt, the Grand Poo Paa of the Progressive moment. Though today the agenda has even stronger ties to corporations and banks. Is the NWO at the table? I suspect they are chairing the whole thing.

      Since Teddy’s time, it’s not a matter of who ‘we’ want for president, it’s a matter of who ‘they’ want. If this doesn’t prove a point, I’m not sure what will….since 1980…THIRTY-ONE years ago, there has been either a BUSH or a CLINTON, either directly in power or very, very close (VP, Sec of State, etc) to being in power and control of this country. That is without a BREAK of any sort mind you. Think about that for just a moment…there is something desperately wrong with that picture. Now, take that a step further, how much of OUR money have we allowed those TWO families to foolishly spend over that time span? Lastly, don’t forget, Bush Sr. personally commenced CEASELESS, GLOBAL combat operations for US forces by invading Panama in Dec 1989! Does anyone remember that? Then 8 months later we were off to save Kuwait, then protect it for the next 10 years. Then in the middle of all that Somalia, Kosovo, then Afganistan. Can we just stop?! We haven’t had a SINGLE BREAK in that regard either…and for what, I have no idea but I can promise you we lost way too many young Americans for whatever reason they fabricate.

      I’m writing RON PAUL in on the ballot! I’m with many of you, even if Barry wins, I’m still going for Dr. Paul. A vote for anyone else is a vote AGAINST our Constitution.

      • David in MA

        Continoue war & conflicts…..
        is this the military/industrial complex
        Ike warned about?

  • Kate8

    45 – Speaking of people being killed….

    This just in. The plot continues to thicken. The bodies continue to pile up.

    Except now, he has given himself the power to kill. We can be sure he will have no qualms about using it.

    • Jay
      • Kate8

        Jay – Great site. Thanks.

        I had marked some sites on the bloodlines, but my computer crashed and everything with it.

        Now I have to start from scratch.

        Keep up the good work.

    • marge

      I wondered when this would re surface…..I knew about this before the election then all the info vanished. Which of course is why the left is constantly trying to diminish and shut down free speech and conservative talk radio….I will save this now….as soon as I can get to my laptop.

      • Kate8

        marge – Amazing, isn’t it, how absolutely nothing can touch Obama. The media is in full protection mode, covering up anything that would taint him. Especially the small fact that he is an enemy operative.

        And he’s got more dirt in his past than politician ever.

        Meanwhile, they seek out any hint of scandal on anyone else, magnify it, and report it over and over until they’re forced out.

        The PTB really do think that we are stupid. In too many cases, they’re right. But there are plenty who see what’s afoot.

  • marge

    I do agree Kate… calling and shaming and diminishing credibility….tactics dictators use…….maybe it is a good thing “THEY” think we are stupid and not paying attention….hopefully their arrogance will be their Achilles heel.

    • s c

      Marge, people need to realize that we don’t live in a dream world. We rarely have the chance to be overly ‘nice’ with certain people. Is there any point in thinking of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler or Mao as misunderstood, good old boys?
      Is Saul Alinsky a closet swell guy who let his emotions run away his common sense?
      Should we think of FDR as a ‘nice’ guy? When you can document the REAL personality behind the mask, it’s a waste of time playing by the other guy’s rules.
      This is for ALL the marbles, Marge. We don’t have the luxury of being ‘nice’ to people who think emotions trump reason. Apologists who come to this website to defend people and deeds that can’t be defended are simply part of the package.
      I reserve the RIGHT to think of someone as a worthless SOB (or whatever else fits). The day even half of our elected criminals in Washington change their ways and do their jobs is the day I go to Washington and start kissing rumps in public.
      Hang in there, Marge. Don’t fall for that nicey nice krap. Iy’s utopian pc. When you’re being used and abused, and you’re the target for every misguided and evil scheme that politicians can cook up, only a voluntary retard would go through life seeing how much abuse can be tolerated. Besides, it’s high time to put that stinking pasture muffin “the other guy’s” pocket. It is illogical to surrender.

  • Steve E

    The old Country song: Mama, don’t let you boys grow up, and become Leberals…

    • marge

      I also like the bumper sticker……M.A.D.D.D. Mothers against daughters dating democrats…..


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