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Breaking Their Oath

June 14, 2010 by  

Breaking Their Oath

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”—Text of the oath of office for President of the United States (U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1)

“I, (AB), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”—Text of the oath of office for members of Congress

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence—Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution

The President and members of Congress have failed to live up to their oaths of office because there’s an invasion of the United States underway through the Southwestern border and nothing is being done to stop it.

The invasion is not new, and it’s not just the current President and Congress that’s culpable, but the ones who served before, the ones before that and the ones before that. It’s been going on for years.

But now it’s finally come to a head.

Arizonans are fed up—and with good reason. Phoenix is the nation’s kidnapping capital and almost of all of the kidnappings involve illegal aliens and Mexican drug cartels. Arizona residents have been robbed, raped and murdered and ranchers have seen their livestock killed, maimed and stolen by illegals.

Arizonans have reported seeing Mexican police and military crossing the border indiscriminately. Mexican troops have been seen on the U.S. side of the border in vehicles and helicopters. U.S. Border patrol has even had shootouts with what they believed to be Mexican military.

Meanwhile, the economy of Arizona—and the other Border States—has suffered because of the burden caused by illegal immigration.

Calling out to the Federal government, which is constitutionally tasked to defend the borders, has not helped Arizona… or Texas or New Mexico or California. The invasion continued as Presidents issued platitudes about immigration reform—while refusing to enforce existing Federal immigration laws—and Congress dithered.

So Arizona took the only step it could. The Governor pushed and the Legislature passed a bill that made being illegal in Arizona illegal. The law virtually mirrors U.S. immigration law.

Contrary to what you’ve heard from the scaremongering purveyors of political correctness, the law does not encourage profiling, nor does it mimic Nazi-era “Show me your papers, please” controls, as the detractors suggest.

A provision of the law reads: “For any lawful contact made by a law enforcement official or a law enforcement agency…where reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States, a reasonable attempt shall be made, when practicable, to determine the immigration status of the person…”

As University of Missouri Kansas City Law School professor Kris Kobach told columnist Byron York, the term lawful contact means the officer must already be engaged in some type of detention of an individual because he has violated some other law.

So then the officer can ask for identification… just as the officer would ask of anyone else. And Federal law has for more than 60 years required non-citizens to carry with them documents—a green card, work visa, etc.—proving they are here legally.

Yet President Barack Obama calls the law “misguided” and promised to have his Attorney General seek to overturn it. His Attorney General opposes the law, but says he hasn’t read it. And Obama’s head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says the law is not “good government” and his department wouldn’t help Arizona enforce it.

And neither Democrats nor Republicans have made any effort to close the borders to stem the tide of illegals despite the calls by residents of Border States—and American citizens across the country—to do so and despite the threat that someone could use our porous border security as a way to smuggle in terrorists and their weapons.

Vote Now

Right thinking people ask of the fascists in power, “What part of illegal don’t you understand?”

Know this: They understand perfectly. They just don’t like it because it doesn’t fit in with their—or their sugar daddies’—agenda.

Republicans don’t want to stem the influx of illegals because they fear offending voters of Hispanic descent and losing what little of the Hispanic vote they get. Their sugar daddies—and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Big Business, Big Agriculture and homebuilders—like the influx of illegals because they provide a ready pool of labor they can hire at slave wages.

Democrats like the influx of illegals because they provide a growing class of dependents—people ready to feed at the public trough and one day become good Democrat voters. Their sugar daddies—Big Oil, Big Business, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture and homebuilders—like the influx of illegals for the same reason Republican sugar daddies like them… slave labor.

Democrats also like the influx of illegals because labor unions do. Labor unions like the influx of illegals because they provide a pool from which unions can increase their membership—and therefore increase union coffers—and offset their declining numbers.

And all of them like the influx of illegals because of the turmoil the immigration issue creates—pitting American against American and balkanizing the country—which gives them an issue with which to stir up their base. This allows the fascists to grasp more power.

Besides: What’s to hold a politician to an oath? The words of the fascist class mean nothing. They’ll say and do anything for more control.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • bargal

    I invite each and everyone to look up the law in California that pertains to Illegal Immigrants and you will find that the State of California is remiss also in the law which is basically a mirror image of Arizona’s law just passed. Keep in mind that the state of California is run by the Democrat party.

    go to see ca law 834B of the Penal Code and then determine whether or not Arizona should ;be singled out or if Jerry Brown, Newsom, Villagroso and any one else in the State should be accused of not protecting their state and the Citizens that live within

    • Norman

      You only have it half right Bargal, you forgot to say that “Mexifornia” is moraly, physically, and mentally bankrupt. With all of the transvestites, gays, cross dressers, and freaks in that state,it’s a wonder anybody wants to live there, not to mention the uncontrolled crime from the gangs, and now they have legalized Marijuana. Think about it. They even have a governor that struggles speaking english. Hmmm. what would a mexican Austrian dialect sound like? Maybe they could cross breed.

      • Tony

        Lets see, we’ll closely guard the southern border, but the north, east, and west, not that the other 3rd world countries are send all their people from china, russia, and others. Lets just focus on Mexico. Smart

        • Nancy

          Well, we have to START somewhere. This is the beginning of a necessary trend.

        • bp

          Tony; What part of the “porous border” do you not understand? Please do not turn this into a geography lesson! Anyone, including terrorists, will choose the path of least resistance, which, right now, is south.

          • Jana

            Also, the ones coming into the United States from Canada aren’t doing the amount of stealing and bringing in their poor hygenic ways that the illegals from Mexico are. The illegals from Mexico are trashing our land, as well as our economy. I realize they aren’t solely responsible for our economic woes, but they sure don’t help when they come over here with their hands out and expect them to be filled up with freebies, that by the way they are getting.

          • Gary

            Nearly 20% of the crossings over the mexican border are
            non-mexican. Many of the terrorist choose that route.
            Those entering from China and Russia usually catch a flight
            in to a regular Int’l US airport with customs and go through
            the legal immigration process.

        • Ed


          We have to focus on the southern border because that’s where we are being overrun by hordes of illegals. We don’t have mass illegal immigration happening from the north (at least not yet).

          • DaveH

            Canadians don’t flood into our country illegally because their government hasn’t regulated their economy into the deep dark hole like Mexican leaders have. We should pay heed to the mess that Mexico is in and try to not imitate their mistakes.

          • bp

            Let’s not bring IMMIGRATION into it. An ALIEN RESIDENT is not an immigrant. We already have a system in place for those who are here LEGALLY and want to become CITIZENS of the United States of America.

            Read more:

        • marvin

          Tony, their may be a 100 illegals a month slip in from the north east and west, there are 10000 to 20000 most likely more, a day from mexico but canada and their people do not want to come here and they do not help illegal cross the border, canada enforces their law unlike mexico that incourage illegal immigration, and help mexican citizen get across our border to so we not them have to feed them

          • Hugh Jordan

            We must protect all our borders but the southern one os a broken dam letting in a flood. As a Southern California resident the illegal population is obvious. They are by their very presence overwhelming our schools, hospitals, and other public resources. Gang violence threatens public safety. In some areas women are afraid to go into a Home Depot alone because of the crowd of day laborers surrounding the parking lots. The claim that they take jobs no one else wants is false. If they weren’t underpricing everyone employers would have to pay Americans real wages to get work done.

            Our schools are a disgrace. In many, there are so few speakers of English that American students suffer with second class educations because language issues and a cultural lack of interest in learning that taints the atmosphere of what schools should be.

            Many illegals and their legal relatives here consider California “Occupied Mexico” and believe they are taking back what is rightfully theirs. Many of us are tired of being perceived as foreigners in our own country when we go to certain areas. I am REALLY tired of “press 1 for English” and seeing election and other government forms in English and spanish. No other ethnic group gets or expects that privilege. If people want to live in a Spanish speaking country STAY HOME. If they want to live here, get on line, come legally, and get with the culture.

            Illegals from south of the border are not the only problem, however. California also has a large number of illegals from Israel and Eastern Europe, many of who are involved with serious criminal activities. Asian gangs engage in brutal violence and make it difficult for honest ones to get legitimate visas to visit the US. Middle Eastern militants are going to be a threat for decades to come.

            With modern computer technology we should be able to carefully restrict who gets a visa and who gets off every airplane.

            As far as illegal border crossings are concerned, perhaps we should shift our priorities and bring troops home from Europe who are defending against very unlikely threats and let them protect our borders at home. The Europeans can afford to take more responsibility for their own defense.

            The flood of illegals is a problem so profound that few appreciate its magnitude. It truly threatens the fabric of our society and must be dealt with.

          • John Haskins

            Just being curious. If there are anywhere between 10,000 to 20,000 illegal crossings per day into Arizona, Texas, or even California. Would it not be safe to say, these persons are by some means given permission without prosecution and that there is a system in place which has someone’s approval besides the governments sanctions and most importantly, if there are this many per day as you say, would their numbers be visible to the naked eye? If the illegals are stealing and raping and killing on a daily basis, are they doing this to Americans? The rate you say in numbers would suggest that in a week, there would be 70 to 140,000 crossings a week and in a year, almost 7,280.000. My God, if that has been going on sense over ten years to date, then it is assumed that all of the citizens of Mexico live hear plus people as far away as Argentina. If this has gone unabated so far and we seem to believe that our politicians are reaping the benefits as well as our corporations, then I believe that our frustrations should not be directed at the illegals who are being given a free pass to enter this country, but to expose the illegal operations of the agencies in our country which are providing access to these people of foreign nationalities by exposing the corporations as well as the individual persons. You might find out that some of these people are your Fathers and uncles and Mothers and friends as well as the republican and democrat living next door to you. Are you willing to expose them? You speak of such disgust at the current problems, but you have not the courage to take a stand, cause that same illegal person you confess to hate, is probably cutting your grass or taking care of your children for $8.00 an hour that you know is illegal, but you continue to hire them instead of giving a fellow American a job, and God knows that we basically have three major races of Americans here at Home, White, Black and Hispanic and none of these legal people of color has a decent job affording a decent days wages. If you can not resolve the current issue, then do not damn the ones who can.

        • Jeryl D

          By all accounts, it is the southern border that is being inundated with illegals. Yet, we need to secure our “borders.” The first, and most important, though, is the southern border. With that, there is no argument.

        • John

          Tony Where do you live? Ever been acros the northern border? I Live in Buffalo NY, In order to cross into canada OR come back, We Citizens have to show our papers and tell them our business for crossing the border.

          The North border here in NY is Protected Quite well! Don’t know how the other northern states are, But The Southern Border is a MAJOR Problem! We don’t have poor Canadian’s comming here and getting Free social services, But we Sure do get enough Hispanics (mexicans) here and here in NY? We give out the Most in Social services so they FLOCK here! Which is One reason why NY government is Broke!

        • Another American Citizen

          Tony: You are a sensible person !…….Don’t let the “Hang mob” discourage your beliefs….they sound so hateful !

          • DaveH

            Another Liberal,
            Give it up. Your juvenile name-calling is useless against intelligent people.

          • http://naver samurai

            Are you sure you are an American? Sound like another illegal to me.

          • http://aol wayne a

            amer citizen,you need to give it up!i’ve seen you on these comment sites for several weeks now, with the same old crap that no one agrees with! GET A LIFE!

          • Right Wing

            American Citizen AKA American Liberal.

          • Robert Wayne

            Hateful? No, it’s fools like you who are hateful. If somebody was to break into your home and decide they were going to steal whatever they wanted would you just let them go ahead, or would you be “hateful” and try to stop them? These mexicsns are here to steal anything and everything they can while idiotic imbeciles like you are ready to let them.

        • Bud

          Tony, Russia and China are hardly third world. Think, try to sound like you have an IQ above 65.

          • Another American Citizen

            Wayne,…you are the one that is on this site day and night,
            so “YOU ARE THE ONE NEEDS TO GET A LIFE” ! And your memory sucks,
            because I have not been on this site for several weeks as you say. Don’t open your pie unless you have the right facts or memory power!
            Quit attacking people for their right of opinions, you want everyone to
            agree with you,……BUT THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN! We should all give our personal opinions on how to solve our Country’s needs,…. We are not all going to agree with Wayne!!

          • Denniso

            If anyone disagrees w/ the rightwing chatter and very often hate speech here,then they are attacked as ‘liberal’,’communist’,’marxist’,’fascist’,’moron’…the extreme right has no solutions for the problems they have gotten us into so they call Obama a dictator and and think he’s trying to take over the world. Nonsense…

        • NunJoBizNess

          Yeah? Maybe we start with mexico because 85% OF THE ILLEGALS ARE FROM THERE AND FURTHER SOUTH! Duh.

        • http://naver samurai

          My wife came with me from Korea after we were married and it wasn’t an easy process. The paperwork, waiting, and red tape we had to deal with, but now she is an American citizen. She has been one since 1990 and she loves this country. We have brought her family to this country through that same process and they are all citizens today, so why can’t those fools from south of the border do the same thing? My wife, family, and I don’t believe in illegals coming here and being given handouts at the expense of the average taxpayer. Our three sons and one daughter believe in the closing of our southern border to everything. My middle son just went to the army today and he hopes he goes to Texas or the Southwest so he can try to help with the problems there. Let’s secure our borders, liberties, culture, and way of life from those who only seek to take them from us. Fot God and country!

          • Jill, Ca.

            WTF You have to wait a LITTLE while to become a citizen of the greatest country on Earth. My husband and I were married 21 years before he became a citizen. It took 2 years and it pissed me off. I thought it should have been alot more grueling and it was not. You have to take a little test and then come back days later, stand in a line with others, hold an american flag and PRESTO you are a citizen. BFD it is open to anyone. Get out of the welfare line and just go down town. DUHHHHH.
            Second point who the F cares if someone (like a cop) asks to see i.d. Hell that’s their Fing job. God people are stupid and blind as bats.

          • Right Wing

            Jill, maybe in CA it takes a LITTLE while. I watched my sister in law struggle with this for several years in Indiana. I guess CA is just a rubber stamp state? By the way your cryptic expletives do not contribute to your message and in fact…detract from the validity of what you say.

          • http://naver samurai

            Jill, is he a Mexican?

        • Ms. Jones

          Yes, we must seal all our borders against terrorists and their weapons to the very best of our ability. However, our Canadian neighbors are not pouring across the border by the millions, creating “anchor babies” and wreaking havoc in northern border states. Have you ever heard of CRMP (the Mounties) pouring into New York or Maine, engaging in shootouts with border patrol? Kanuck drug cartels kidnapping citizens of North Dakota or Michigan? Be realistic–and honest–please. It is mainly Mexican illegals who are creating problems in our southern states. That’s not racism nor profiling, it’s fact.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Well Tony, when 99 percent of the illegals are coming in that way, I would say that is a pretty good place to start, wouldnt you? Or would that be profiling mexicans to you? I say profile the hell out of them, I mean, being that almost all of the illegals coming in down there, across the Mexican border, are mexicans. Are they not?

      • Harold .O.Tennant

        United States Goverment is NOt protecting this Conntry.
        The Borders are so open thousands of Mexicans cross into this Country at will.
        The Immigration office in San Franisco sends Busses full of Illeagal Mexicans three times a week. We need more fences and people guarding the Southern border.

    • refuse2lose

      I would like to challenge any person that is against the Arizona immigration bill to call your representatives in congress,also write a letter to Obama and tell them that the federal immigration law needs to be shredded and a new one needs to be written up.Because,in case you are like Obama,Hiolder and Napolitano who didn’t take time to read the bill but got on tv and condemned it,I have actually read the bill and it is EXACTLY like the federal bill.So if you are accusing Arizonians of being profilers then you are in fact accusing your liberal icons of profiling.

    • chuck

      You hit the nail on the head

    • Anthony

      Hey Norman -
      He also forgot to single out Aaahnold Schwarz(ham?)enegger, who has had (what?) two terms as Kali-fornia’s Governor, to whip these PREDATOR’s right back where they came from.

      • MBeltram

        Anthony not all of us enter these blogs just to complain. Since you brought up California’s Governor let me show you his reply to my email of support for Arizona and blasting him for not doing the same for California.
        “” View Contact


        Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me about Arizona’s immigration law. I always appreciate hearing from fellow Californians about the issues that are important to them.

        As an immigrant, I can identify with the desire to come to this country. The United States – a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws – is the most generous nation in the world, but our generosity cannot come at the expense of the American people or the security of our international borders. The federal government’s failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform is a reality we live with everyday in our schools, workplaces and hospitals. We need federal action that secures our border, protects taxpayers and creates a forward-looking policy to meet the labor needs of our economy.

        It is encouraging that President Obama is committed to providing more resources to secure the border, and I look forward to seeing the final proposal. Previous federal programs to provide additional resources to the southwest border states have been successful, and I’ve been lobbying the federal government to restore the funding needed to provide more security along our border. We must find a permanent solution to our broken immigration system, and I will continue to call on the federal government to take action on comprehensive immigration reform. Our borders must be secured, and our businesses must have the employees they need but have been unable to find in our existing workforce.

        Thank you again for adding your voice to this important issue. I appreciate your input and will keep your thoughts in mind.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        This is the problem with Kalifornia. They elected Ahnold, because the people there are like this “OH, Ive heard of him”, so they vote for the guy. Its like living in a bowl of granola out there. What isnt fruits and nuts, is flakes. I was there for 4 years in the Military, and Ill never go back. What a drug infested, homeless, prostitute filled, con man full, wasteland. Every loser in the world hangs around out there. They can have it. Give me the midwest any day.

  • Mark Groves

    Ironic, the first ‘black’, (half-black) president is establishing IN-EQUALITY as the rule of law.
    As long as ANYONE is not held to the same laws as the rest of US Citizens we are NO LONGER EQUAL! Think of illegal aliens and crooked politicians who won’t do their jobs or pay their taxes)
    The President is guilty of NONFEASANCE and MALFEASANCE of office for refusing to fulfill the obligations and requirements (to enforce the rule of law and the Constitution, to protect the states from invasion etc…)impeachment should be pursued.

    • Jim Shelley

      I agree wholeheartedly. If we do not stand once more and defend the country we love and cherish, soon, I’m afraid it will no longer exist as I knew it and my relatives fought to defend it.

      How are we to justify what is happening here while the youth of our country is bearing arms to defend us overseas? What are we to tell them when they return home after gallantly defending us only to find a shell of the country they love and cherish? What are we to tell our children and grandchildren happened? Are we so cowardly and
      concerned with what is “politically correct” that we will not stand and defend our country against this minority of politicians that are ignoring the wishes of the majority that elected them.

      Don’t Tread On Me
      Jim Shelley

      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        Wow Jim, your reply really touched me. Good job!

        • bluejacket

          It is our civic DUTY to throw out these enablers this November or else we are also cupable.

      • bp

        Well said, Shelley. However, “minority of politicians that are ignoring the wishes of the majority that elected them” is an oxy-moron. Who elected the clowns in charge? Can we get a recount? Unfortunately, until the Legislature numbers change, no impeachment can be initiated.

        • LocalYokel

          After what just happened in the democratic primary in SC you might just want to devise plan B. Vote counts have altered for 50 years in states with mass block vote potential.

    • ndfenceofobama

      What a bunch of neo-con crap from you readers, and writers of this trash. First, Obama did not pass the law, so he has littrle do with in-equality. Second, this issue has been going on for ever. Look at past presidents, which recently were the republicans and Bush. If Bush’s home state is Texas, and they are on the border, Why didn’t he do something about it? Why has it all of a sudden become an issue? If the border towns like Phoenix are so bad, why are major crime stats showing a decline? Dont believe me-look it up!! Lastly, Spanish people are not looking for social welfare or handouts, but a better way of life. We Americans are so conceited when it comes to citizenship. If Spanish people were any other race besides african american, this wouldnt be an issue. When is the last time we heard anyone talk about Canadian Illegals, or illegals of any other descent?
      So much for the melting pot!

      • Dagney

        Hey, you might want to read the article. It talks about past presidents and congresses ignoring the problem. Your straw man “neo-con” comments are really lame. It’s not “all of a sudden” we’ve been talking about this problem. It’s been a problem for years upon years. Reagan tried to fix it with amnesty on the predication that the border would be secured. That, of course, never happened. So, we have the current invasion going on precisly because our laws were never upheld. Guess, like most of the people currently occupying high office in our governement, you are not a real American and only care about yourself. Because if you were a real American and cared about others, you would see that our country being invaded by any large group of lawbreakers is harmful in so many ways to those people, our people, and our country. If we have laws but there are no punishments for breaking them, do you think people, who naturally sink to the lowest they can get away with, will follow said laws? Not likely. They’ll break them and laugh in our faces because they have no respect for us or our laws. And the people who help them break those laws are preying on these poor people who “so want a better life”. If you like lawlessness so much, I’m sure we can pool enough money to fly you to Cuba or Venezuela. You’ll be much more happy there I’m sure. Please stop your nonsensical tripe on the boards where reasonable people are having a grown-up discussion.

        • Ron

          Nice rebuff.

          • jazzcat


        • Kinetic1

          If immigration laws are being ignored, why have deportations been on the rise since 2002? If Obama has reversed the policies enacted under the Bush administration, why were why were there 100,000 more deportations in 2009 then in 2007 (Bush’s last full year.)? You are correct in your assertion that our border is not secure and we need to address this, but let’s not act as if we have just opened wide the doors and invited anyone and everyone to come join the party.

          Now to the big question. If Arizona’s (or any other) law makers are so concerned about illegal immigration, why aren’t they cracking down on those who hire the immigrants? No doubt, the criminals engaged in drug running and hostage taking would still come across, but almost 60% of deportations are non-criminals (yes, I know that anyone who comes here illegally is a criminal, but that is not what this refers to.) Most of the immigrants are here to work, and we allow that. As this article mentions, we turn a blind eye to the employers who take advantage of these people in order to keep costs down and profits high. If we stopped letting them get away with this, how many people would cross the border? If there were no jobs available, why would they come in the numbers that they do? When we start recognizing that the americans who hire the immigrants are criminals and deal with them as such, then steaming the tide will become a much smaller job.

          • rebelor

            Americans who hire immigrants are not criminals. Employers who knowingly and intentionally hire illegal aliens are probably in violation of some law intended to shift responsibility for our border security from the politicians who have sworn oaths that include phrases such as “preserve, protect and defend”; “against all enemies, foreign and domestic”; “I will well faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter”.

            These people who have mumbled these phrases before us are mostly in violation of their oaths of office. It is their refusal to live up to the oaths they have sworn that allows the illegal migration of aliens. Lacking these political failures, illegals in our midst would be a small problem.

          • bp

            People are WALKING over the border with their backpacks long before they stand on the street corner for a day job! Fences, we need SERIOUS fences (like the ones we build around our prisons) and the kind of armored vehicles that the Mexican Polizia showed us last week (when one of their smugglers was killed on U.S. soil)! Who knew they had these?!

          • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

            The answer to your question Kinetic is that states are taking illegals more seriously now because of the numbers and the crime, and the drain on the social system. Bush did push foward on the fense and an electronic surveilance system but Obama has cut the budget. Obama has also been coming out against AZ for defense of their state. Obama is actually trying to stop peolpe who are trying to solve the problem which now makes Obama the problem..

          • Kinetic1

            “Americans who hire immigrants are not criminals. Employers who knowingly and intentionally hire illegal aliens are probably in violation of some law intended to shift responsibility for our border security…”
            And there’s the problem. Until we face up to the fact that Americans are braking the law we will not stem the tide. Yes, BP they do walk across the border before getting the job (most of the time) but a fence is not enough. I’ve seen them climb the fences! Anyone that motivated to get here will find a way, so we need to make it less desirable to come here in the first place. If the goal is to earn a better living, we need to take that prospect away. The only way to do that is to stop the bosses that hire illegals. The laws against hiring are not there “to shift responsibility…” but to work with our border laws. If you want this country secure, do all you can to purchase products from companies that do not violate our immigration laws. When a gardner or painter shows up with a work force that can’t speak english, ask for proof that the workers are legal. If he can’t provide proof, fire and report him.

          • Kinetic1

            By the by, thank you for making this an intelligent conversation, free from insults, conspiracy theories and innuendo. I come to this site to understand often opposing views, but too often I find it a place for racist and sexist rants rather than well thought out opinions. I appreciate a good conversation and will consider your points.

          • Vicki

            Kinetic1 writes:
            “If immigration laws are being ignored, why have deportations been on the rise since 2002? ”

            That gives you an idea of why Arizona acted to enforce the law. The migration has become so large that even in a very lax enforcement decade the deportation numbers are on the rise.

          • Dagney

            Oh, I definitely agree that employers who hire the illegal aliens are part of the problem. Our government must start having the spine to enforce the laws on the books regarding giving them jobs. I’m not sure jail time is called for, but hefty fines should do the trick. If the jobs and social services for illegals dried up, we would have a much easier job of securing the border. We take away the incentives, they will not attempt to come in the first place. The ones here may even go home. And, if it’s so bad where they are from, maybe, just maybe, they will work to fix the problems with their own country.

          • Jim C.

            If you have read the Arizona bill, you would realize that the majority of the text addresses exactly that. It cracks down on those employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants. Obama also stated that he thinks there should be more focus on enforcing current laws on those companies who recruit illegal immigrants. He either has not read the bill, or he is once again relying on the media to overlook his gaffe and relying on the masses to neglect to do their own research.

        • Anthony

          Seriously great rebuff. Reagan did, in fact, TRY to do something. But Obama’s Party (pal), you know the one YOU’RE defending…. had the votes to override his efforts – way to exhibit “blind patriotism” for total corruption. You obviously only know how to repeat whatever you hear on the TV.

          The bottom line – is more and more people simply need to read the books and go do their own Homework instead of being “puppets” of the New World Order. We still have a chance, even IF you hear those who hide, say otherwise. All you have to do is follow the oney, and you will find the Thieves and the Hidden Societies who think they have privilege even over the “blind” defender.

          Remember this – If you are not (right now) worth at least $25-billion ?
          Then, you… are everyone else!

      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        About 95% of illegals come from Mexico, not Canada. There are not just a few thousand of them, they number in the millions. It is an all out invasion. Bush did increase border security and Obama has reversed his policies. Obama said he could handle the job of being President but he can’t. There is all out crisis and 70% of the Americans realize that. You are one of the 3 of 10 that do not, which makes you an Obama Zombie, illegal yourself, or just defending invasion of the U.S.

        • HFlashman

          As a reference….87.5% of undocumented workers are Latinos. Not necessarily from Mexcio. There are approximately 3 mil. Europeans and Canadiens here working without proper papers. They comprise the second largest group. The remainder are Asian and a smidgeon from Africa.

          So … under the laws of Arizona…it shouldn’t matter if you are Caucasian or Brown or Yellow or Black. Best be carrying your papers.

          Don’t ya just love the freedom?

          • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

            Most Mexicans are walking accross the border. The other groups you mention fly in and over stay their visa. Most probably they do not head to AZ so that should not be a problem usless the left creates a problem where there is none.

          • Al Sieber

            My driver’s license are my paper’s, how come illegals don’t need one? do they have special right’s HFlashman? and the citizens don’t? you call this fair? for whom?

          • http://naver samurai

            Stop drinking the kool aid and wake up back to reality. Read the post I entered earlier and you’ll know what is going on.

      • Zeke199

        Obama is on record having made statements in support of the status quo & going more radical in the wrong direction. He is the President today so arguing about the past is futile & fruitless. He OWNS the task of securing our borders & won’t unless his hand is forced by his handlers via polling data & focus groups. *** This is not about Mexicans other than Mexico contributes the greatest number of illegal aliens. There are plenty from elsewhere who are here illegally – remember 9/11? This PROVES the US MUST enforce the immigration laws already on the books, and augment them as needed to form a common sensical, necessary, reasonable shield around & within our great country!

        • Norman

          I know I’m getting off the track but has anyone ever thought about “Barry” “Barak” “Hussein” “Obama” “Soetoro” and his 13 social security numbers, and what names he used to get them? He refuses to produce ANY valid identification of his even being in the country legally, let alone being president. Grade school, high school, college records are being hidden (if there are any), along with passports, real birth certificate,drivers license or anything ellse that would prove his citizenship? Do you know WHY he will not produce them and stop the talk about him not being a citizen? It’s because they DO NOT EXIST! His grandmother, his wife, the president of Kenya Africa, and the cheif clerk of the Hawiian election commission, all swear that Obama was born in Kenya. Did you also know that your “rlected’ officials, congressmen and senators, are in fear of reprisals from the Obama regime if they question the above facts? Communism,socialism,Marxism dictatorship? That’s what you voted for, and that’s what you got. Thanks Obama lovers.

      • Rebecca

        Give statistics of illegal Canadians. Just too let you know most Americans are not against becoming a melting pot, but too do it legally. So why do they not make a better life for themselves in there country? Mexico has been around as long if not longer then we have. Buck up people of Mexico work and fight for your better life in your country.

      • dennis scott

        You, Sir, Apparently are a gold plated demoleach nurturing off the Government in one way or another. You must have found your own personal place in that big White House “bed” with all the other corrupt politicians. No proper US citizen would have a problem with “LEGAL” immigrants! We never have! But when you see what these “poor,nice,Mexican people” (who are just looking for a better way of life) are doing to the citizen’s of this countries property and livestock, I start having a bit of a problem with that! Further more—I am a bit ticked off when I have spent 45 years contributing to social security and med tax and any other Government programs that my tax money has become a part of only to find out that some “poor,nice little Mexican illegal alien” is being allowed to participate in a program that he has never contributed a red cent for!! Come here legally through proper channels as did our ancestors and we will welcome you with open arms! If you, Sir, owned some border property and had to put up with the atrocities that are now going on for those who DO own…you just might have a different view on this matter! Your comments lead me to assume that you are about as un-American as the present POTUS! Are you Islamic?

        • Dee Mills

          Well said Dennis!

        • Tina

          COULDN’T AGREE MORE!!!

        • Anthony

          Nice speech, Dennis. Seriously.
          However – I need to point out to ALL of you, a few items of concern —
          1. Social Security is a tactic of Communism (as is a Central Bank)
          2. FDR started Social Security – with NO funding whatsoever.
          3. Yet, senior citizens, American at that, were allowed to instantly draw from the program without having ever had to put money in.

          Social Security has been run on unfunded mandates since it’s inception – it’s called BUYING VOTES UNDER DURESS.

          Socxial Security is a great idea .. as long as it’s privatized.

          • MichelleO


      • Zeke199

        GET IT RIGHT if you can……You cited “Spanish people” in your rant but should have said “Mexican people” if you were actually trying to make an intellectual point relevant to the article. Spanish people are not invading our country & haven’t done so in the past 125 years. *** If you’ve ever been in parts of Los Angeles you’ll see squalor & poverty which is heart-breaking, yes, even for a conservative or Libertarian if your mind can comprehend this. There are hundreds of thousands living in canyons partly because they’re here illegally & partly due to their inability to earn enough money to live in an apartment. *** Illegal immigration creates an underclass of people in our country which will is exactly opposite of what our country’s founders intended! There is not enough money available to throw at 20+ million people to get them out of the bad situations many are in, so we need to fence the border first, then determine how to address the 20+ million here illegally of all nationalities!

      • marvin

        ndfenceofobama, all i can say is wow i am dumb founded at your wisdom, do you even know who is over illegal immigration, [obama] he is the one that tells j nepolitano the head of home land security,when to set and when to stand what to say, obama pick the laws he wants her to have enforced, nepolitano is the one that is over ice and the border patrol obama will not allow them to do their job obama is the one that want 1600 national guard to the southern border for show only,most of them will be pencil pusher, over half, the rest will have no ammo no help like a drop of water in a 5 gal.bucket, if obama is so great why would he need you to defend him you are a nothing a morron an elstupo a brain dead liberal that ether can not read or hear or most likly will not

        • Kinetic1

          Whether or not he can read, your run on sentence is almost incomprehensible. Do you talk the way you write? I no longer expect any attempt at the use of proper english, or even spell check on this site, but at least try to offer something that does not require several readings to understand.

      • silent majority

        When was the last time you saw a white person ,an asian or a black person cutting your lawn or doing gardening,or standing on a street corner waiting to be picked to work for cash wages that are tax free ,but require us to pay schools,medical,housing subsidies?

        • gary

          I have hundreds of thousands of times. It is common for us to mow our own grass and take care of our lots. Me included, as it is something that I like to do and would not hire you to do it for $.50. If I cannot do it, I will hire one of the legal neighbors kids to do it and will pay him a reasonable amount. [Offensive content removed]

        • independant thinker

          The last time I saw a white person mowing my yard? Last Friday when I looked down at my sweat soaked body while I was pushing my mower. Incidently like another responder (Greg?) I enjoy doing it and if I could not do it I would find a legal resident boy or girl to mow for me.

        • Vicki

          Last Sat when I watched my obviously suntan challenged gardener and his grandson mowing the lawn and doing other gardening chores together. Now as to his race I was able to determine by observation that he was in fact of the human race as was his grandson.

          • bp

            Oh, Vicki, you are such a Patriot!?

      • http://naver samurai

        Look out everyone! This person is probably a plant by the SEIU, ACORN (Whatever name they go by these days), or some other piece of crap. What we need to do is not just erect a fence, but also put soldiers and marines along our southern border. They want to make it look like a war zone, we can give them one and more.

        • JeffH

          samurai, good catch…best not to engage a response to this trolling hack.

        • Ted Crawford

          acorn is now ahca, affordable housing corporation of America. Same group, same beverly, different name and location. I hope we all keep track of them!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            Thanks for the info Ted. I’ll be watching from now on.

      • Harry Cauley

        You must have a problem with education. Sounds like there is none with you. This problem has been going on for years and years. I’m 79 years old and have been aware of it for at least 60 of those years. I have read the entire Arizona law and it refers to to the Federal laws and calls for Arizona law enforcement to comply with Federal law. But then maybe Ferderal law is unconstitutional also dumbo?

      • Scotty

        1.) America is *NOT* a “Melting Pot”; I’m sure it’s Canada you’re thinking of.
        2.) Not that it matters but they are not “Spanish people” (my god man, where do you live, under a rock?).
        3.) They do not come here looking for a “Handout” but wind up feeding from the trough. A little basic research will tell you what the medical costs alone are for California and Arizona.
        4.) How many BILLIONS of US dollars are sent by them to Mexico every year rather than invested back into the economy?
        5.) the massive, uncontrolled and sustained wave of ILLEGAL immigration has changed the entire face of my state and to a slightly lesser degree, my country. This is no exaggeration.

        I now live in a society here in California which has a parallel culture which REFUSES to assimilate because of some arrogance which makes them believe that the southwest is “their land” (even though their ancestors, the Aztecs stole all of THEIR land). They feel they have every right in the world to be here illegally. That doesn’t sound as if THEY are looking at it as a “Melting Pot” either, buddy!

        The indigenous population of America has to compete with an illegal workforce which has taken over the better paying jobs (Truck driving, construction, catering trucks, city streets jobs, sanitation and you name-it) with their willingness to undercut or underbid the wages people that are here LEGALLY need for a decent lifestyle has meant that wages all around have declined and WE cannot get a decent paying job.

        • bluejacket

          I saw the same as you when I used to live in California. The illegal enablers would vote themselves every benefit, every freebee, every entitlement at my expense, and I had no voice, no representation. My advise is to let them have California, and take your tax dollars, that support them, with you to a common sense state.

          • http://ME Susan SANE


            RE: ‘MY REPLY’



            let’s see…

      • Millicent

        Some people are really missing the point. Things have changed now with Mexico. That is just the way it is. The country is falling into total corruption and they are bringing it into the United States.

        The drug cartels are not coming from Canada. The terrorists are not coming through Canada. The Canadian boarder is pretty tight. It is not that easy to sneak through. There are very few people here illegally from Canada. Plus, Canada is not corrupt, so people don’t want to leave. They are not a problem.

        And doesn’t the word illegal mean anything anymore? Since when does our president stick up for being illegal? I mean he isn’t just looking the other way. He is actually giving the cartels permission to come over here and kill Americans and sell drugs, by not standing behind Arizona. We are not just talking about honest illegal aliens coming here to look for work anymore.

        Look, anyone that is against the new Arizona law, why don’t you take your family and move down to the boarder area in Arizona? Go live there. I dare you.

        • Vicki

          Millicent writes:
          “Since when does our president stick up for being illegal?”

          Peer pressure? :)

          • Ted Crawford

            Appearently at least since college Vicki! Haven’t you read his books? If you do you can,clearly see where he stands on many issues, in his own words!!!

      • bp

        “ndefenceofobama” Interesting moniker; there is no defense for a man who runs to lead a country for the purpose of destroying it. As a Senator, he voted “present”; as President he is “absent”, legally, morally, and on every issue REAL AMERICAN cares about. By the way, “a better way of life” does not include murder and pillaging others’ property! And, also, the Spanish (from South America and Europe) hate Mexicans and you just insulted them, too!

        • bp

          “ndefenceofobama”: Interesting moniker; there is no defense for a man who runs to lead a country for the purpose of destroying it. As a Senator, he voted “present”; as President he is “absent”, legally, morally, and on every issue REAL AMERICANS care about. By the way, “a better way of life” does not include murder and pillaging others’ property! And, also, the Spanish (from South America and Europe) hate Mexicans and you just insulted them, too! (corrected)

      • Denise

        ndfenceofobama I do live in Texas and I dont know why Bush didnt do anything about the border, thats why I was happy to see him go. And a news flash to you, this has NOT all of a sudden become an issue. And lastly “Spanish people are not looking for social welfare or handouts, but a better way of life.” You are so WRONG. Ndfenceofobama what state do you live in so we can send all the illegal deadbeats to your state.
        Schools suffer, hospitals close because of the deadbeats. I dont have a problem who want to live in this country when they learn our laws, language and dont want to live off the American Tax Payers.

      • Ray

        I have friends in China who would love to immigrate to the USA. One American friend spent 18 months and >$10K getting his Chinese fiancee into the USA. The Chinese want to know why they are expected to follow the immigration laws, but, the Mexicans (and other hispanics from the south) do not have to follow the law. The Chinese think that those of you supporting Obama are the ones being discriminatory!

      • JeffH

        ndfenceofobama…this person is another of the leftist trolls sent to this conservative website to disrupt it. Don’t waste the time to engage as it is looking to change the direction of the comments by those that choose to offer a response to his/her cooments.

      • independant thinker

        One other thought. No matter what has happened before Obama is in charge now and has said repeatedly that he takes responsibility (of course that only lasts until he can blame someone else).

      • http://none Alex

        You are correct, ndefenceofobama.
        The Teabaggers only seem to have a problem with our Southern border, EVEN THOUGH the 9-11 terrorists entered the US from Canada, as did the guy who wanted to blow up Los Angeles! The TERRORISTS come into the US from the North, not the South.

        • Sandra

          You’re an idiot, and your posts are ignorant. Do some research before you post your uninformed blather.

        • Another American Citizen

          Yes, Alex……..The Teabaggers make excuses and love pointing the finger…unfortunately their fingers right now are on blaming the Southern border and blaming Obama. Yes, you are also right about the 9-11 terrorists that entered thru to the US from Canada.

          • Ms. Jones

            True–as I stated previously, ALL our borders need to be secured. Our most spectacular terrorist attack was perpetrated by Islamic Arab terrorists who apparently entered via Canada. Although I seem to recall that several of those suicide bombers were here on expired student visas–yes? Anyway, what of the daily acts of terrorism–murder and kidnapping–perpetrated by Mexican drug cartels?

        • NunJoBizNess

          Hey Alex! I wonder why there are Koran’s and Spanish for Dummies books found all along the southern border? Jihadistas, maybe?

      • Another American Citizen

        To: ndfenceofobama,….Thank you for your opinion of Obama.

      • Shiloh

        You asked where is the melting pot…that is exactly what the problem has become. Immigrants came to the states to change their lives for the better. They learn our language, they learn to work and live here according to our laws. The hispanics that are coming here illegally are not doing any of that! They come here and take our jobs, they do NOT want to learn our language, they are NOT following our laws, and they are trashing our country!!

        Walk into the stores in towns where they live. There is product all over the floors, because they don’t care. There are so many empty packages where they have stolen the items left all over the store. Who do you think pays for that?? WE DO!! Our prices go sky high to cover the shop lifting losses! Our high school students and graduates cannot find jobs because the illegals have them! We now have to learn another language because THEY refuse to learn our language. You can bet if we went to their country they would insist that we have to learn their language!!

        You may think that I don’t know what I am talking about, but I lived 2 miles from the Mexico border for more than 25 years!! They have no regard for our laws and rob people whom they call friend as well as strangers!! I know, because my “friend’s” kids robbed us three times!!! I have seen the transformation that has taken place in our stores, towns, public facilities, medical facilities, work places, rental homes, apartments, and schools! They are trashed by them!! Graffiti, broken structures (plaster walls crushed, windows broken out, etc.), trash, feces, drug parapenallia, just plain filth everywhere!! Don’t get me wrong, there are some of them that are not like that, but there are too many of them that are!!

        I have the utmost respect for those that come here legally and go through the process as an immigrant. I have nothing but contempt for those that come here illegally and trash my country!!!

        Illegals from other countries are about as bad, but they are not as prevelant as those from the south!

      • DaveH

        Phoenix is a border town? Just how wide is that border?

      • LocalYokel

        Perhaps if you read the new book describing Negrophelia written by an American that has more African blood than your hero you could fully understand what’s been happening here for 150 yrs. Racial bias was created then as it is today by those playing the race card whenever other political games failed and there was at least one willing victim to play out a reaction. There’s money in it.

      • http://aol wayne a

        ndfenceofobama,you’re a real winner! lol lol one reason past presidents didn’t do a whole lot was because it wasn’t a big problem then.bush did send 6000 troops to the border to help out the patrol.bush also started building the fence that obama stopped!74% of the americans are against giving illegals amnesty and citizenship but obama is going to try! the flow of illegals has actually increased because of what obama says he wants to do!yes violent crime is down in the USA but not Arz.between 2007-09 there were 2500 murders on the arz.-mex 2009 there were 300 kidnappings in phoenix 2008 tucson had 150 home invasions.since 2005 there has been a 61% increase in home invasions in Arz.22%of illegals sentenced in maricopa 2007 were convicted felons and 10.6% of those sentenced for murder were 2009 there was 1.2 million lbs.of pot seized in Arz.ndfenceof obama tell us another obama lie!

        • Ms. Jones

          Illegals = victims = Democrat voters.

      • Al Sieber

        Just because past presidents didn’t enforce the law, doesn’t mean Obama can ignore also. your’re a mental infant that makes childish remarks.

        • Al Sieber

          that remark was for ndfenceobama.

    • Wanda Murline

      Not only should they be impeached, they should be put on trial for TREASON against the people of America as they have aided and abetted the invaders…the Bushes can go in with them also…they were just as bad. It is time for our government to be responsible for their actions. In November, when we get control again, I believe that the
      Jobgate and the invasion of our country should be investigated and heads should roll.

    • bur Day

      I agree but under “Malfeasance” you should also add “produce a legal birth certificate” I can’t believe that I’m a citizen of a country who has a Constitutionally legal president.

    • American Citizen

      Obama is all talk and not action. He went down to the Gulf today for some more photo ops and more talk. He is the most know-nothing president we have ever had. He and his handlers have no clue as to what to do except to blame and want to prosecute and drive under the company that has to pay the piper now.

      • independant thinker

        Saw a clip on the news tonight. They showed some one from England (mayor of London I think) and he said Obama was full of hot air.

  • bargal

    See penal code 8343B for the state of California

  • s c

    Progressives have a battle royal on their hands. Their hand-picked, incompetent ‘non-leader’ has set up America for a time when it would be hard to tell if America has been invaded by an army or let go to seed via traitors.
    Thanks for NOTHING, you wretched TRAITORS! Many of these scum belong in mental asylums. Most belong behind bars for LIFE. The rest might as well pose before firing squads.
    We deserve FREEDOM, and we’ll never get it from subhuman vermin who never had any use for freedom or a free country.

    • http://none Alex

      God, you Teabaggers sure seem in a Rush (pun intended) to put people before a firing squad!
      Grow up, little whiny baby.

      • David in Ma.

        Your a foolish person, you are.

      • Ron

        Alex = The typical progressive resorting to name calling while adding nothing of value to the discussion. Who needs to grow up.

      • Ron

        Alex = The typical progressive resorting to name calling while adding nothing of value to the discussion. Who needs to grow up?

      • http://naver samurai

        Alex, its about time to get off of the liberal crack before it totally fries your brain? Post some facts from some reliable sources and not things that you are paid to say from your boyfriend Obama bin Laden.

      • JC

        High Treason against the People of the United States of America is worthy of a firing squad or the gallows. Always has been.

        • http://none Alex

          So, JC, the textbooks (ESPECIALLY the ones from idiot Texass) need to show that Robert E. Lee and J.E.B. Stuart and Stonewall Jackson were traitors allowed to go on living, even though the KILLED THOUSANDS more Americans than Osama bin Laden.

          • Sandra

            Gawd Alex you’re so pathetic I’m starting to feel sorry for you…..

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear Alex,
            You need to bone up on your history. Gen. Lee, Gen. Jackson old Jeb only killed invaders. Sort of like shooting a burglar who breaks into your house. A legitimate exercise. Lee and Jeb made one foray into Union territory and it didn’t end well. Unfortunately, Jackson was no longer around. But that foray would not have been necessary were it not for the actions of that tyrannical despot Lincoln.
            Best wishes,
            P.S. I respectfully request that you refrain from your name-calling rants. Intelligent discussion is appreciated. Childish foolishness will get one banned.

          • JC

            You really are an idiot. Do you not ralize that the 13 cotton states had “legally” seceded and that it was an actual war between TWO governments? Before you go spewing off at the mouth again…read a book.

          • http://naver samurai

            Did you know that Lee believed that slavery would fade away over time as our country was becomming more industrialized? Did you know that “Stonewall” Jackson started a sunday school for slaves and tought them how to read? Did you know that secession is legal? Did you know Union generals like McClellan and Sherman hated abolitionists and what they stood for? Did you know when Lincoln wanted to fight the war to free the slaves, 90% of all his troops under sergeant said that they would go home and not fight? Did you know that the Emancipation Proclimation didn’t free a single slave? Did you know that General Grant was responsible for the deaths of more Americans than Lee ever was? How is it that these generals decided to defend their country make them a bunch of traitors? You are a traitor to all common sense and reason! Go back to your friend Obama bin Laden and do some crack together, or probably each other, you moron!

      • marvin

        Alax, from your post you must be good at tea bagging i am a tea party member never done any teabagging, tea bagging is for people like you gay, homosexual,just because you can not find an opposite sex partner so if you want to be post stuped go to move on .org

        • Vicki

          Prior to liberals using it as a derogatory reference to the tea party movement I did not even know the practice existed let alone a name for it. Thank you liberals so much for sharing more then we needed to know about your sex lives.

      • bluejacket

        Arn’t you the one who wanted to put Bush on trial?

      • JeffH

        Alex is a now semi-regular liberal troll, just like American Liberal, timr, Tim, mick, etc., all of whom were sent here to talk stupid just for kicks.

        • bluejacket

          I can see, as everyone else, that Alex is not here for discussion, but rather as an antagonist. I suggest he be ignored.

        • bp

          Yes, you’re right. Everyone Beware of “Alex”, “ndfenceofObama” (probably thinks that’s clever!) and “Another (Anarchist) American Citizen” all belong to Romper Room! Liberals remind me of childhood when “clubs” were so cool! “Okay, you be President, you can be Vice-President, you Secretary, and Treasurer!” -Blank looks on all faces- And then we would run back to our regular play. I am really looking forward to having grown-ups back in office come November!

        • independant thinker

          So far I have not seen a reply from AL, do you suppose Alex is his new disguise?

        • meteorlady

          Don’t forget Eyes Wide Shut….. where did that one go?

      • American Citizen

        Alex, get you head out of the sand. Stop listening to the liberal lies. All of you progressive liberals have a rude awakening coming. You ignore the warnings and keep going full speed ahead with all the programs that have been proven not to work but drive the economy into the ground.

  • Alton

    So if the illegals do not have to obey the law can I now go start robbing banks, or stopping people on the streets and robbing them?
    The law is the law, so if I can’t do that why can people who are not citizens be allowed to break the law?
    I’m not against allowing immigrants into this country as long as they do it legally. Come to visit and I say welcome, as long as it is only for say a month. But do not come here illegally and expect to be given a free rein to do what you want.

  • Tom Martel

    They wont do any thing to Obama,no one in Washington has any gut’s or ball’s.All of them are Traitor’s to the people who voted them scum suckers in office.Shooting them is too good for them,put them all in
    prison and they might fine a boyfriend(BUBBY) that will take care of (ALL) there Need’s,if you get my drift?

  • Paul Z

    Amnesty after Amnesty = Open Borders………..Enforce our Immigration Laws and complete the “approved” 2-Layer fence and make E-Verify mandatory.

  • Al Sieber

    My friends live 1200′ from the border, out of Sierra Vista, Az. they told me they find more prayer mats then anything. I find lot’s of back packs, with tortillo’s and water bottles in them.

  • Angel

    Gone are the days that people do things….”because it is just the RIGHT thing to do”. Breaking the law is breaking the law. Going into someone elses house and taking their things is wrong. Disrespecting people is wrong. Yelling so loudly for your rights that you drowned out the rights of the American next to you is wrong.

    Everyone is entitled basic human rights. So feed them, give them to drink, bathroom so they can wash and relieve and send them back. Those are basic human rights. Rights to citizens are reserved for citizens. Obama is not a citizen and deserves no rights,

    ~INHALE….EXHALE~ gone are the days that doing the right thing, is the right thing to do. When I was working at the hospital, and was called in to a trauma or code, I wonder how people would have felt if, I didn’t save a life that could have been saved, “because I had ulterior motives”. Not many have a conscience anymore. Doing right, for rights sake alone. I am so glad my parents raised me the way they did and I am even more glad that the Lord leads and guides me daily to do right, for righteousness sake alone! Thank you Lord!

  • Annie Ladysmith

    AZ should immediately procede to bus the “borders” to Tiaquana and dump them there by the bus losd. If the Jackass dosn’t like it he can declair civil war on AZ, AND THEN SEE fast it will deteriorate into bloody civil warf, AZ will have the country demanding their consittution back to a local and state level.

  • Richard Gooch

    Our communist president knows exactly what he is doing, and he is succeeding. I saw three busloads of illegals being transported into our country during a 2 hour interval just 2 weeks ago.

    He wants communusm and by God he is going to accomplish it. I read the communist manifesto yesterday, and this is the guidebook he is using.

    The communist insist that no classes should exist in a society. The state controls means. The workers are all treated the same. Private property is highly condemned, and working for an hourly wage is considered evil.

    Our federal government is destroying capitlism on purpose. They are bringing in illegals to develop support.

    Do you want to be a communist worker? I do not. I had much rather die fighting this evil tyranny in which we are becoming enslaved. It is happening in a rather quick and dishonest manner.

    • http://none Alex

      The body of your screed clearly shows you as incapable of having “read The Communist Manifesto yesterday” as you claim. Remember, silly Teabagger, Cliff Notes don’t count!

      • David in Ma.

        You really are a foolish person, YOU REALLY ARE!

      • Joe K


        You certainly are an arrogant, foul mouthed little simpleton, aren’t you? And it is evident that you even take pride in that. You persistence in calling people ‘teabaggers’ who disagree with the communist wannabe who call themselves ‘progressives’ seems to indicate that you just have no tolerance for people running down or criticizing government. May I suggest that you move to Cuba, China or North Korea where no one badmouths the government. I am sure you would be very happy and perhaps they could use a little lamby pie sheep like yourself.

      • http://naver samurai

        Taken into account that I have read the Communist Manifesto and Mien Kampf, this administration’s policies are right from the pages of these books. If you ever took the time to do a little light reading you’ll see that you are just full of BS! Get off of the koolaid!

        • http://none Alex

          “kool-aid”—straight out of the mind of Bill O’Really?
          When will you people ever think for YOURSELVES?
          You read “Mein Kampf?” Just forgot how to spell it, huh?

          • http://naver samurai

            OK, I’ll take the hit for the spelling error. But you have to admit that what I said was true. I’m not blindly following the lead of any political party, just want this country to return to the ways of common sense and reason. You know, the ways of our christian founding fathers. Get off of the liberal crack, its frying your brain.

          • DaveH

            You call “thinking for yourself” what you Liberals do? I call it Hoping and Dreaming. It’s easy to want the nice things in life, but earning them legitimately is not so easy. Liberals are quick to embrace the “sweet sounding lies”, as that is much easier than to face reality.

          • meteorlady

            Alex – how much free ice cream do you get a month? You probably want more too huh?

      • MotherT

        Alex, My only child fights in defenseof this country. Her 2nd tour is allmost over, and by the grace of God she will come home. I hope you arent here when she gets here. Go back to whatever hanky stomper gave you life, attempt to find someone to justify your miserable existance,.I have looked on your behalf and come up empty!

      • MotherT

        Alex, My only child fights in defenseof this country. Her 2nd tour is almost over, and by the grace of God she will come home. I hope you arent here when she gets here. Go back to whatever hanky stomper gave you life, attempt to find someone to justify your miserable existance,.I have looked on your behalf and come up empty!

      • JeffH

        Just read Alinsky’s writind is enough to understand Obama…you should know Alex, you practice the same writings.

      • DaveH

        It is only about 70 pages long. We realize that Liberals are reading-challenged but most people can easily read 70 pages in less than a day.

      • Vicki

        Alex dear. Demonstrate for us your knowledge. Share with us if you will what sprouted from the ruins of feudal society and what was it that was done that the writer disliked.

  • BILL

    I would vote for a shoot to kill policy at OUR border. If our government would stop all the free handouts (NOT AVAILABLE TO AMERICANS) but we do get to pay for, the beaners would have no need to come here.

    • http://none Alex

      You are a pig and will burn in Teabagger Hell for your most insensitive and racist drivel.

      • angel-wanna-be

        Your Village called Alex, they’re missing there idiot!

      • Conservative at Birth

        Land Mines might be a little exteme. Why not Bear Traps? Or, what would be wrong with defending our sovereinty, allowing all land owners the right to shoot to kill?

      • Ken

        School is out for they summer I guess, right Alex? Mommy sending you to little commie camp this summer?

      • Ono Nadagin

        Alex … IS the Mexican Government racist?

        They will shoot you if you try to run a border crossing from north to south. If you dont think this is true go give it a try.

      • JC

        Get out there with your sign and defend them yourself. Hold still, smile…wait for the flash.

      • http://naver samurai

        And Obama bin Laden isn’t a racist and liar?

      • David

        Do you even know what the “tea bagger” name refers to ?
        Or do you just like to use it because you think it sounds insulting?
        The Boston tea party occurred when American colonists,in 1773, refusing to
        pay a British sovereign’s tax on a shipment of tea,boarded the ship where it was
        stored awaiting return to England and threw the tea into the ocean.
        Kinda a “we’ve had it up to here and aren’t going to take it anymore” moment.
        Many Americans have arrived at that same conclusion with our current
        politicos and rightfully so.
        If you think it’s insulting to be called a “tea bagger”
        you are as misguided in that as in the rest of your rhetoric
        posted here.

      • DaveH

        Such vile, hateful comments from the Liberal Alex. Do you think that wins you points, Alex? Please continue posting at this site so the fence-straddlers can see what Liberals are really all about. Liberals are hateful, controlling, ignorant thieves and the more your kind posts on this board, the more people can learn that fact.

        • meteorlady

          You forgot SELFISH – I think selfish is the most apt description of a true liberal/progressive/socialist because they want you to work hard and pay for the ideas they have for the general good of our citizens. That way they can take credit for the idea, don’t have to actually contribute their time and energy, and the believe it buys them respect from others.

          • bp

            meteorlady; so true! I had a bad boss like that once.

      • American Citizen

        Alex, are you an illegal? You surely sound like one and are in defense of them.

      • independant thinker

        Mommy took all of Alex’s Barbies away so this is how he compensates.

    • http://firefox Buddy Cousatte

      I agree with you completely. I think that if Ar. would issue hunting lisences then a lot of retired people like me would be happy to come there for a hunting trip. I will promise not to shoot any southbound beaners.

    • bp

      Good, Bill. We already have a right to bear arms to defend ourselves against our own government. (Come to think of it, maybe B.H.O. wants this to happen, so he can impose martial law!?) They will only stop coming when we deport the 20+ million already here. Amnesty only encourages the rest of the family to be “sponsored”/walk on over!

      • Ted Crawford

        You bring up a very valid point, with Martial Law, bp. In considering this same thing, I wondered if enough American troops would obey any such order! I then recalled that obama very quietly, about a year ago, enacted EO-13524! If I’m understanding this correctly, that is the last piece needed to give the president complete control over NATO forces ststioned in this country!
        I now wonder if he might use these forces, should he decied to declare Martial Law. That puts a whole new spin on the issue!!

  • http://personalliberty rob

    “We the People” need to start being seen in “GREATER” numbers and heard from in masses. We need to see and hear from candidates where they stand on major issues and hold them accountable. Why is it we are not asking our candidates or elected officials outright on their stance with major issues as immigration. Quit hiding…..NOW is our opportunity to be heard….NOW is our opportunity to be seen….November is coming soon….don’t pass it up.

    • DaveH

      Throw them all out (except a few like Ron Paul). Vote Libertarian, the Principled party. If you want Individual Liberty, Individual Responsibility, Limited Government, and Free Markets, there is only one choice:

    • meteorlady

      I have a very good senator that I will vote back into office. He is one of the few that is openly pushing for the federal government to step up and do their jobs regarding securing our borders. I would hate to see that voice go away.

      • meteorlady

        Did you also know that George Soros has a lot of Democrats and some Republican’s under his control now? It is probably time to take DaveH’s suggestion and start investigating the Libertarian party for new blood.


    The hell with a fence,land mines are cheaper.

    • http://none Alex

      What a horrible statement to make! You are a heartless pig! Obviously you chickened out every time your country called you to battle or you would never want land mines anywhere. If you believe in any sort of God you had better pray for forgiveness!

      • Jim H.

        Alex, We would have signs WARNING about the minefield. They would be written clearly in ENGLISH and posted on the NORTH end of every minefield.

        • gary

          hahahaha LMAO

      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        I agree with the land mines but with ample signs and warning before the mines and not after. We are being invaded by an enemy who are proving they are willing to kill, kidnap, steal from, and rape Americans. If land mines can save just one American life it would be worth it. Isn’t that the excuse liberals use for fascism (if we can save just one life…).

        • David in Ma.

          Don’t forget the razor wire coiled all along the border wit the mines!
          Right Alex?

      • http://naver samurai

        It’s obvious to me that you haven’t got the BALLS to serve. What does a commie pinko faggot know about God? I suggest that you go back to church, enlist, and get a life.

        • http://none Alex

          waaaa waaaaa waaa

          • Alex’s Social Worker

            I apologize to everybody on here for Alex’s behavior. He is kind of a rare case. His mother was a “professional welfare cheat”, and a drug addict, and she crossbred with a donkey.

      • marvin

        Alax, you set there and call straight people teabaggers, teabaggers are like you homosexual, then say we need ask god for forgiveness[i say you don,t know god],mabe land mines are just a little to much, but if you know that my yard had traps set you would not cross so go home to obamaland and do what ever you do

      • angel-wanna-be

        Alex, you’d better pray there’s a cure for Liberal Insanity___SOON!

      • Another American Citizen

        Alex, yes, these are horrible statements that these so called human beings made about land minds……Racism can be a very dangerous thing. Sounds like some of these people want to start a war against Mexico….Are they not tired of so many years of war already….These people are scary because they have so much hate,….I wonder if they even believe in a God.

        • Alex’s Social Worker

          And this good people, is the donkey that fathered “Alex the libturd” (see above)

          • bluejacket


        • Jim H.

          AAC, We could put signs up on the south side of a field warning of mines, written in Spanish, but actually plant NO mines. We could see how many minutes it took for them to call our bluff, or for an illiterate one to just go across anyway.

        • American Citizen

          Are you legal or are you here on a green card?

        • meteorlady

          Most here joke – but there is much frustration involved also. We all KNOW that we have a problem and we have LAWS to fix that problem and our government WILL NOT step in and enforce our laws. That’s about the size of it – if Obama continues to ignore our laws and continues to suck up the the Mexican President there will be border wars and more and more people are going to get killed at the frustration escalates into hate and people take the law into their own hands. Arizona passed a law because they are smart enough to know that they needed to do this to protect their citizens and their state from bankruptcy.

          • bp

            hello again meteorlady; “…the frustration escalates into hate and people take the law into their own hands.” It becomes more and more clear to me that this is the goal here. BHO would like to impose martial law and “transform” America into his dictatorship.

  • Pep

    Those of us who agree with the “off with their heads” concept can only “talk” so much. Who do we go to to get the ball rolling for more than impeachment? It’s time for ACTION! Don’t you think?

    • David in Ma.

      I think all Americans with a terminal illness should move to the AZ., NM., CA.,(preferably a state with no death penality) border area’s and form gun clubs, join, practice and get good at “gun-control” (hitting what you shoot at).

      Then, pick different days for different groups to go to the border and wait, see illegals, shoot to kill.

      When the law comes, give up peacefully, go to court & plead no contest.
      Get convicted, go to jail and let obama get his wish. FREE HEALTHCARE for ya’ll along with free food, clean bunk, T.V.& a rec. room.

      Kinda like being in the rest home, just a little bit more secure.

      I’ll probably get a visit for posting this.

  • RoBoTech

    I am not going to lie, I think LEGAL Immigration has gone beyond Insanity. Over 1.5 MILLION new citizens last year, alone. And MORE in 2007 AND 2008! We hand out so many VISAs that they have to make up #’s as they have ran out of Letters! We get 650,000 legal workers a year on work visas and 250,000 on student VISAs, 60% of which NEVER GO HOME!
    And the feds TRY to convince us that there are ONLY 12.5 Million Illegals in the Country? BS! There were 12 Million estimated in March of 2004! You had better get ready for 25-30 MILLION getting Amnesty, PLUS their families! There goes the resources (landfills, gasoline, fresh water, food, social services, etc) and the neighborhoods. Oh yeah I mean exactly that! It has already happened, but imagine it 50X as bad!
    This Country is GONE and we have the Liberals and Neo-Cons to thank for it!
    Diversity, my BUTTOCKS!

    • http://none Alex

      Your name says it all: you are a robot, with no heart and no brain of its own.

      • Willie B

        Maybe you are thw “ass” OB is looking for !!!!

      • http://naver samurai

        Have we forgotten to take our ritlin today?

      • DaveH

        How many illegals are you sharing your home with?

      • meteorlady

        Alex – how hard do you work and do you pay your fair share of taxes? If you don’t work and don’t pay taxes why do you think that any of us give a rat’s butt what you think or write?

  • Conservative at Birth

    Give me Liberty or Give me Death!!!! I am 60 years old. I tried to enlist in the Army in 1968. I was denied that opportunity, because I had a wife with a child on the way, and they could draft me and not have to pay dependent benefits. Their loss and my gain. I chose the Fatherhood Deferement. I had never owned a fire arm until that fatefull day in 2008 when the sheep voted for a pig (Animal Farm by George Orwell) and I felt it neccessary to prepare to defend my family from the totalitarians. My father served in World War II in the Battle of Luzon, and said to me that, I didn’t know what War is. I said to him, I will die a free man and not succumb to the impending slavery that this false Mesiah has planned. I now own three fire arms, 38 special, 9mm with 15 round clips, and a 12 gauge shotgun 7 and one shot capability. Not enough ammunition yet, but I and accumilating as my family and I practice. My wife is very proficientw with all three. As you may be aware Obama has stated the need for a National Police Agency. Any ideas on what that might be for. Could they be the Brown Shirts (ie Nazzis)? Just get prepared my friends for Marshall Law. They are laying the ground work for civil unrest now.

    • meteorlady

      Did you know that Hillary is signing onto the UN Small Arms Treaty? Might be time to start accumulating unregistered guns.

  • Dennis

    Why are we suprised about this? It has become apparent that Congress and obama are not up to doing anything. These people are to them more handouts and more dependants on the system. They look at them as votes. Then it is very hard to throw rocks when you live in a glass house, obama knows the truth about his ability to hold office. Those in his clan also know the truth, but are willing to go along for the power and controll. We must take back our country in Novemebr.

  • Barbara

    The welfare system needs to ask proof of citizen ship. No legal status no free anything.
    What happens when I loose my job? hhhmmm I will not be paying taxes, I will need to be on welfare. Will I get the same freebes the illegals – bet not. You want to feel sorry for some one, how about feeling sorry for those of us who pay and pay and pay. Yet when we hit hard times we get told we don’t qualify because —–. I am barely getting by yet my taxes are going up so the government can give to the illegals everything they want.
    The illegals get free medical care but if I walk into the hospital I have to set up a payment plan; that is if they will even see me. I am tapped out. One more bill and I will loose my house.

    • Doug Foncree

      I am 72 and live on $1099.00 a month. I am also one of those who paid into Social Security all my life until I retired. After watching a group of “hispanics” (status unknown) pay for several large shopping carts of food with their “welfare credit cards,” I went by the local assistance office and inquired about food assistance for myself. I wouldn’t have taken it because I always pay my own way, but after the incident in the grocery store, my curiosity was piqued. I was told after several hours of waiting that I did indeed qualify for food assistance and was eligible to receive $16.00 a month. When I was able to stop laughing I left. Every one of the puerile fool liberal/socialists who comments on this site in favor of babying these illegal aliens will find himself/herself in dire straights in the coming years. When they really need assistance of some kind and it isn’t available because of what they are now supporting, it will be sad but too late. The saddest thing of all is that they are causing harm to innocent Americans, not just their guilty selves.

      • meteorlady

        Doug – did you every serve in the Military. If so you should try for your VA benefits.

    • meteorlady

      Did you know the problem exists for legal immigrants also? In Seattle they have government subsidized housing and most are filled with immigrants both legal and illegal. They band together like the Somalians and stay in the same complex where they have their own bankers. They work for cash, collect welfare, food stamps, get free interpreters, free health care, free legal aid, and whatever else they can get all while working and making money. They are mostly Muslims and have far more children then they can afford so we taxpayers pick up the tab.

      Seems that since Jimmy Carter welcomed all of them he also opened up our government entitlement programs, as well as Social Security and SS Disability. Since that time, around 45% of the immigrants that have entered this country, most sponsored by churches, have headed for the entitlement offices with their church “sponsors” and are receiving some type of assistance..

  • Bill V

    I have been telling my friends for the last 3 monthst that our so to speak elected representatives (Congressional and President) have take an oath to uphold the Consitiution of the Unites States and enforce the laws of this nation. When have they been given the right to select the laws they will enforce? I consider these actions as a need for the citizens of these United States take action to recall any and all of these law breaking respresetatives.

  • Conservative at Birth

    If you have not read the “Ombamation” by Jerome R. Chorsi, I suggest you do so immediately. I read it in May of 2008, and made predictions that are coming to fruition as we speak. These Comrades are doing everything in their power to destroy the Constitution and Our Free Enterprise Economic System, as did F.D.R.

  • gary

    I have always known that if the blacks ever came to power there would be no equality anymore. They will turn on us. It kind of reminds me of the movie, “Planet of the Apes”. They also have a very different way of looking at things and of course because most of them live in poverty and will for years to come, socialism is good for them. We do not need more Mexicans or anyothers coming here for that matter. WE need to really close our borders to all, until we can sort out our domestic problems. We also desperatly need a regime change.

    • Alice Obukhova

      Gary!!!! Color has nothing to do with this!!!! This has to do with agendas that have been on the launching pad for a very, very long time. Open your eyes and see who is backing Obama and I assure you they are quite diverse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • David in Ma.

        Color? Maybe & maybe not, name one country governed by a black person that is doing good, no crime, no economic problems, freedom, food, work, etc., etc.,

        There are none!

        Black people seem to have a nack for governing as dictators and the conditions within their countries can deteriorate to anarchy and poverty they do not care, any that do, do so for their own benefit and any attempt to rectify those conditions are always met with spend, spend, spend & tax & tax & tax.

        Which results in conditions worse than they were previously, but the dictator lives the good life and doesn’t give a chit, he got his or hers…… (beat me up over this if ya wants ta, i ain’t coming back to read any response to this post)

      • gary

        Sorry Alice but you are dead wrong.It was mostly people of color that got this guy elected, and of course bleeding heart liberals of all colors.

      • Another American Citizen

        Alice,……I agree with your statement when you say: “its not about color”. I agree also that we are individuals by how we think and are educated…..not by the color of our skins. Good for you Alice !

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      Actually I think what you are saying has already happened in South Africa but this is not about race so do not make it about race. Fox News has been a blessing in showing many conservative blacks and conservative woman. Without Fox News you would not know they existed. If you look at Cuba it is the people in government that benefit most from raping the wealth of a country. Also, Obama is surrounded by whites and has backing from Obama Zombies like Alex.

      • DaveH

        What saddens me is the Black people who did the right things and are starting to enjoy their rewards just in time for Obama to shaft them for their efforts.

    • American Citizen

      Gary, I have always thought the same thing that if a black person was ever elected President, we would be in for a heap of trouble because of the way far too many of them think. Remember all the hullabaloo about reparations in the not too distant past? Too many think this country owes them. I guess they don’t consider themselves ordinary American citizens as we do. This country, especially the Liberals, are in for a rude awakening. It’s too bad all will suffer no matter the political persuasion.

    • Ms. Jones

      It’s statements like these–and the suggested land mines–that give conservatives a bad name. All it takes is one racist to undermine the entire TEA (stands for “Taxed Enough Already”) party movement. I do not oppose illegal Mexican immigrants on the basis of their skin color; I oppose citizens of other nations coming here illegally to take advantage of American largesse. Shoot, I oppose all these social programs on principle as unconstitutional, even for American citizens. Charity is wonderful, and something I regularly practice, but it should be VOLUNTARY, not enforced by our very own stormtrooper IRS.

    • meteorlady

      Color and race have nothing to do with this. It’s about defending our country and enforcing our laws. It’s about freedom and not having to pay for everyone else that chose not to take advantage of their opportunities in life or don’t want to work. It’s about the pride you have when you are standing on your own two feet taking care of yourself and your family. It’s about voluntarily having the freedom to work and donate to charities of our choice.

      No, it’s never about race or color – it’s about freedom and our AMERICAN way of life.

  • Robert Lebischak

    After reading all the comments, I wonder how we allowed this to happen. We elected the ones that are doing this to our country. We need to look past the elected officials to ourselves, we need to wake up and actually think. How many voters just vote straight party? Before we blame others we have to look at ourselves. One last thought, how many people did not even turn out to vote?

    • Barbara

      Change remember that is all Obama would say. NO one asked him to describe what and how he intended to change. The MSM fell all over themselves supporting change. Everyone wanted change Well we got change. We now get stabbed in the back with Obama’s change, more government control, high taxes, higher gas prices. Openly hostile to Israel, bows to Islam leader, feds controlling the banks and stock marked, private companies (auto). He controls the change in how we are insured.
      We have changed from some semblance of a republic to a fascist government

      All progress is change.
      NOT all change is progress.

      We got change alright.

      • Alice Obukhova

        Barbara, I love how you put this!! “Change” is all I heard here in the SE!! Everyone wanted change but no one asked the question!! What change? No one counted the cost. Blinded by trust on a very superficial level. And how I warned those who were going to the polls for the first time … “You’ll get chane alright..but it won’t be the kind of change you really want.” The level of financial support to Mr. Obama was on a world level. There is no possible way for a candidate to purchase three or four tv channels 24/7, entitling the program “Obama” without a very large scale support system!!! Who insisted Mr. Obama disclose his fiscal supporters? I never heard one word from the media!!!!

        • Vicki

          He promised change you can believe in. That wording is very careful. It causes you to believe that he is going to change things the way YOU wanted them. Thus he can promise change to all and all will think he is right with them.

          He then goes on to do as he will and then points out that he did change things.

          Some of us of course didn’t ask cause we KNEW what change he planned. We voted for the other guy (well gal :) )

        • meteorlady

          I think (hope) there are a lot of people that are researching and meeting the candidates now more than ever before. But sadly most just vote for a candidate like a box of yummy cereal. They don’t look at what the yummy cereal contains or how good it is for them, they look at the commercials on TV and the crap in the paper, check out the nice front of the box, and they vote.

      • bluejacket


      • American Citizen

        The hypocrisy oozed out of him. Anyone who did a modicum of research on him could tell what he is. Conservative pundits had him pegged.

        • bp

          Oh, American Citizen (Naturalized?), how I wish that was true! Maybe we wouldn’t be in the current “hope” mess. No pundit defined the “change” and NO ONE asked the right questions. Only Palin had him pegged. :-)

          (How black people think? The current situation is VERY telling. The White House is focused with BP money “clean up”, no oil spill effort!)

    • Delores Smith

      What is happening now is something Americans can never blame themselves for. We see things clearly now, and that’s what is important. If we were to remain silent now, it would be our responsibility. I have a saying…

      Please, everyone go to the polls, and avoid anger, because we are being prompted. Our votes will change things…and continue to speak your feelings.
      Delores Smith

    • MBeltram

      Yeah Robert, I worked the Primary this year (first time ever) and we had a turn out of only 12%. Since I worked the Roster I noticed that there was still a lot of people who were not on the vote by mail list
      that didn’t show up. So how does one vote for the right people when the voters don’t bother to show up on election day. To me the Primary is very important in order to get the right person on the ballot for the November election.

  • Wanda

    I don’t care what party they belong to if their for illigal allliens being here we need to get them out of washington. We don’t need illigals here in our country and I am not going to be eating at a place where there looks like illigals are working or doing business with anyone who hires them. So the people who think they are saving money will end up loosing money instead.

    • bp

      Boycotts are a GREAT idea! Thanks, Wanda.

  • butch from lakeport fl

    rev.jim you were correct.when asked what his girls got for xmas,we don’t exchange gifts or observe xmas. what does that tell ya? could he be jewish? i don’t think so

    • American Citizen

      It surely says he’s not a Christian as he claimed to be.

      • Ted Crawford

        From his book, in HIS OWN WORDS; “…Should a conflict arise, I will ALWAYS side with the Muslims” Reasonably clear answer, wouldn’t you say?

  • Al Sieber

    these elected one’s aren’t gonna do anything, they’re gonna continue to let them pour into this country to take advantage of every free program we have, bankrupting this country more, they laugh and sneer at us and won’t learn our language, they’re alliance is to Mexico and they scream racist if we voice our opinion, which is pointing out the obvious. this can’t go on much longer. we need to take of our public servants like they did in Romania in 1988, we’re not responsible for Mexico’s problems. Calderon, better “cowboy up”, enough said.

  • gary

    Conservative at birth you are correct and we should all be getting ready for war on our soil like nothing ever seen before. It will be bloody for sure. But it will be better to die in a fight to save our freedom than to lay down and let them run all over us. I fear that is what most Americans will do and not fight. It’s a bitch I cannot even guarantee my two sons the same America that I grew up in. It has almost disappeared and it is because we have been to friendly to all that want to come here.

  • Joe’s Grandma

    Alex…obviously you’re hiding your real name. It’s probably Alejandro and you’re here illegally or you wouldn’t be calling everyone idiots and tea baggers. Are you laughing all the way to the freebies you can get while we barely make it on our Social Security that our so-called president deemed didn’t need to be increased while prices are going up all around us? Are you living a life of comfort while we had to give up our lovely home because taxes went up so high we could no longer afford it, and renting it out at a loss to a family from India who may or may not be here illegally? Are you delighted that you can get free medical while Medicare won’t pay for the one name brand drug I need, even though it’s the same price as the generic but more stable in the dosage needed? Laugh, “Alex” – then go back to where you came from and take a bunch of friends with you.

    • DaveH

      No, Grandma, he probably isn’t an illegal. He is just a Liberal. Name-calling and ridicule is all they know how to do, because they are capable of thinking only with their Lizard Brain. The Liberals’ ideas fall flat on their face when they are exposed to even a modicum of scrutiny. So they have no choice but to pursue the manipulative tactics of Eighth Graders.

  • Big John in Virginia

    Why do we have 37,000 troops on the border between North and South Korea, but we can’t put enough on our borders to protect us. Let’s all go to Arizona for vacations this year. I am. I’ve always wanted to see the Grand Canyon!! Help make up for the boycotts. See ya there!!!

    • David in Ma.

      Whatever happened to the Minuteman Militia?
      I never hear about them anymore.

    • Ted Crawford

      Big John, good idea!! With a little more effort we can also look for goods and services that we use that could be purchased from Arizona! In any case we should not buy anything from California!!!

      • bp

        California has nothing left to sell. It is bankrupt because of liberals and illegal resident aliens. :-( There’s no water for the San Joaquin Valley, once our country’s “bread basket”, due to “environmentalists”! (Read: government manipulation)

    • Ms. Jones

      I’m heading there this week!

    • meteorlady

      I’m going to Arizona in a couple of weeks and spending money golfing, visiting the Grand Canyon and staying in Cottonwood. Can’t wait!

  • http://yahoomail william alford

    I am a 70 year old man and I can recall when you had to meet certain criteria to be considered a man. The criteria was honesty, good judgment, good character, God fearing,courteous,observant ,kind ,loyal to a fault and without envy.
    The elected officials in Washington D.C. do not posess these traits and therefore,cannotbe trusted. I personally think the Mafia has move to capitol hill.
    The letter of the law must be followed if our republic is to stand. Let there be no doubt , there are those who would love to see America fall.
    Yes Arizona and all who know, let us stand together and defeat this plague that has inaded out country.
    I thank God every day of my life for my ability to see and do the right thing.
    God Bless America.

  • J.M.R.


  • Victor

    Listen you MORONS if the comrade and his cronies’ can get you to focus on the “illegals” then they can proceed to continue with their dastardly plans for America…do you honestly believe that anything will change for the better once they get rid of all the illegals? Get REAL! The problem is in D.C. that’s where the change needs to begin…vote ALL the incumbents out and strip them of their entitlements!

    • David in Ma.

      What “obama is doing” is not the work of one person, this has been being put in place for years by many people, some now dead, and obama is only a puppet. When he has done what his handelers want he will be thrown under the bus.

      • Ted Crawford

        I agree David! Much like what they did to John Kennedy when he DIDN’T do what they wanted!!

    • Another American Citizen

      Victor, thank you, you are of the very few that really has his eyes open. You are right when you say that they want us to focus on other things than on the “Real Focus”……..and they have all these gullible and hateful people they have convinced. This gives them ample room to proceed with their dastardly plans for America. Nothing will change if we get rid of the illegals, ………Hopefully it is not to late to open everyone’s eyes and make them investigate where we should be putting our big efforts and angers!

      • DaveH

        Enlighten me. Where do you think we should be putting our efforts?

    • meteorlady

      I think that illegals are a hugh problem right now. They are problem for the sovereignty of our country and they are bankrupting states. There are hugh source of crime, drugs and welfare fraud. They hold jobs that Americans need and the companies that hire them are scum. What will happen when our troops come home – will they find jobs? There are probably more like 25 million of them in this country and a whole lot of terrorists have probably entered our country illegally. So, yes I do think it’s important or they wouldn’t be ignoring it like they have been. If you have other, more pressing matters, let us know.

  • Joe’s Grandma

    I agree with Big John. Let’s all plan to go hunting in Arizona this summer. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon, but it’s worth another look.

  • gary

    Its getting so dark in America that we need to turn on some lights. WHy have we been so naive and so kind? Look what it got us.

    • David in Ma.

      I find it amazing how 30 million black folks & 45 million hispanic folks(not all legal)can dictate to a country of 300 million what will be.

      The only answer I can come up with is, there are too many people NOT VOTING and causing an imbalance in the majority rule concept at the ballot box!

      • gary

        I can sum it up for you.The civil rights act and the civil liberties union. Never should have happened. Not ever.

  • gary

    I thought this was a conservative site and we still had the 1st amendment. Surprise Surprise, we lost that too.

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      You can say what you want Gary but people have the right to disagree we you. You also have the right to shoot yourself in the foot but most conservatives would not agree that is a good idea. What you do not realize is that when free speech aids and abeits the ennemy you will find opposition to your opinion.

      • gary

        What do you think is happening at this point in time??

        • American Citizen

          I agree with you on the ACLU, but disagree with you on the civil rights act. All citizens should have the same rights, emphasis on citizens. The ACLU has its good and bad, mostly bad points.

          • bp

            American Citizen (& Patriot!)
            The problem with “civil rights” (an oxy-moron?) is where do yours end and mine begin? The courts are full of personal litigation because of this. There are no “rights” without responsibilities. Therefore, the act should be limited to public, or governmental, not private sector “civil rights”. Our country was founded on the principle of personal accountability to God, which has kept our Republic for all these years.

          • meteorlady

            The problem with “civil rights” is that we have them in the first place. We stepped over a line in a lot of cases when these laws were passed. I agree that people have rights, but we are generally protected by the Constitution.

    • Vicki

      Gary. Like most people you mistake a restriction on government for a power. The First amendment does not read “ must allow anyone voice their opinion.”

      This is a website belonging to Personal Liberty News who very graciously allows us to voice our opinions as long as we are civil.

      The First Amendment rather clearly says CONGRESS shall make no law…. and as such obviously is a restriction on the FEDERAL government.

      There of course have been quite a few court cases to affect the amendment but none have extended the limitation past government and into private presses.

  • ben aldridge

    One things for sure Obama will giving another nice sounding speech.
    That’s all he really knows how to do. All throught the USA, in every city where I know people, the illigal aliens are wreaking havoc. Drunk driving, drug peddeling, living off our socialism. Basically corrupting our societies. Not all of them are bad people, but enough are.

  • J.M.R.


  • 45caliber

    Oath? What oath? Just because I held up my hand and repeated some nonsence words that someone else said doesn’t mean I took an oath! Besides what does an Oath mean? Nothing! It is simply meaningless words. Support the Constitution? Of course I do! And I support it be wanting to take everyone’s guns (except mine of course) away from them so they can’t attack the Constitution! Oh, there is something there that says I can’t? Don’t be silly! I know what is there! I saw it once on a school trip when I was 10 or so.

    Signed, Your Congressman

    • JC

      It’s been going on for a while .45
      The problem is “systemic” and both sides encroach on our rights.
      We need a return to a Constutional Republic.

      Bush – Constitution
      ‘Just A Goddamned
      Piece Of Paper’

      By Doug Thompson
      Capitol Hill Blue

      Last month, Republican Congressional leaders filed into the Oval Office to meet with President George W. Bush and talk about renewing the controversial USA Patriot Act.

      Several provisions of the act, passed in the shell shocked period immediately following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, caused enough anger that liberal groups like the American Civil Liberties Union had joined forces with prominent conservatives like Phyllis Schlafly and Bob Barr to oppose renewal.

      GOP leaders told Bush that his hardcore push to renew the more onerous provisions of the act could further alienate conservatives still mad at the President from his botched attempt to nominate White House Counsel Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.

      “I don’t give a goddamn,” Bush retorted. “I’m the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way.”

      “Mr. President,” one aide in the meeting said. “There is a valid case that the provisions in this law undermine the Constitution.”

      “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,” Bush screamed back. “It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”

      I’ve talked to three people present for the meeting that day and they all confirm that the President of the United States called the Constitution “a goddamned piece of paper.”

      And, to the Bush Administration, the Constitution of the United States is little more than toilet paper stained from all the shit that this group of power-mad despots have dumped on the freedoms that “goddamned piece of paper” used to guarantee.

      Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, while still White House counsel, wrote that the “Constitution is an outdated document.”

      Put aside, for a moment, political affiliation or personal beliefs. It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent. It doesn’t matter if you support the invasion or Iraq or not. Despite our differences, the Constitution has stood for two centuries as the defining document of our government, the final source to determine ­ in the end ­ if something is legal or right.

      Every federal official ­ including the President ­ who takes an oath of office swears to “uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

      Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says he cringes when someone calls the Constitution a “living document.”

      “”Oh, how I hate the phrase we have-a ‘living document,’” Scalia says. “We now have a Constitution that means whatever we want it to mean. The Constitution is not a living organism, for Pete’s sake.”

      As a judge, Scalia says, “I don’t have to prove that the Constitution is perfect; I just have to prove that it’s better than anything else.”

      President Bush has proposed seven amendments to the Constitution over the last five years, including a controversial amendment to define marriage as a “union between a man and woman.” Members of Congress have proposed some 11,000 amendments over the last decade, ranging from repeal of the right to bear arms to a Constitutional ban on abortion.

      Scalia says the danger of tinkering with the Constitution comes from a loss of rights.

      “We can take away rights just as we can grant new ones,” Scalia warns. “Don’t think that it’s a one-way street.”

      And don’t buy the White House hype that the USA Patriot Act is a necessary tool to fight terrorism. It is a dangerous law that infringes on the rights of every American citizen and, as one brave aide told President Bush, something that undermines the Constitution of the United States.

      But why should Bush care? After all, the Constitution is just “a goddamned piece of paper.”
      © Copyright 2005 by Capitol Hill Blue

      • DaveH

        As Thomas Jefferson said “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories”.

      • Ted Crawford

        JC, Just a hint, BUSH IS NOT IN OFFICE!!! In any case, obama added to the patriot act, making it even more aggregious!!!

      • meteorlady

        Poor George – the recipient of so much hatred because of the news media. They took great pride in crucifying him as they do others that don’t conform to their owner’s political views. I’m not a hugh Bush fan – but he’s gone! He was not the worst of our Presidents – not even close, so why not put forth some valid argument, comments or points for rational discussions?

  • gary

    WHat is really lacking in America is the color you print your response on.

  • Joe’s Grandma

    Victor is correct. Obama and his motley crew want us to fixate on illegals. One thing I’d like to point out that Hispanic is the wrong term for people of Spanish descent. They are European, and thus caucasian. Mexican can be either Spanish or mixed with other races, but they are not considered black. Their language is also Spanish, but with the same type of difference as German to Germany, and German to Austria. That said, we have been a melting pot for years and years and all people were welcome until they started coming illegally. Now they are being encouraged by Obama and Calderone to destroy the United States to become “One World Order” headed by a king. Guess who wants to be king of the world? Never happen. He has too big of an ego and no brain and he can’t see that he’s a puppet for other nefarious characters. We have to change our government and do it quickly in November or we’re in deep doo-doo! Build the fence! Enforce the law — state by state if we have to. Then let us talk about legal immigration and what to do with the criminals who came here illegally — and they are all criminals because they broke the law.

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      Victor I think is missing the point. Illegal immigration is a huge problem and is a rallying cry that pulls everyone together to do just what you and Victor want to do. The same can be said about the deficit.

    • American Citizen

      The only pertinent word about all of this is “illegal”. They are criminals as soon as they step foot on our territory. Nationality means nothing here.

  • WeroInNM

    How the “Illegal Immigration” issue affects our everyday lives!

    I am a proud American Citizen, who has honorably and unselfishly served his country as a Marine for twenty years, like many before me.

    Although I am a registered democrat, I have to admit that in the past sixteen months this President, his Administration and allies, with the help of the Main Stream Media, have been systematically eroding our Constitutional rights, which seems to be just fine with the President as evidenced by his numerous deplorable actions that will permanently divide our country to a point of no return.

    I also believe that if they are allowed to continue without restraint their actions will more than likely cause civil unrest and/or an uprising, which may be his ultimate goal because it would allow him to declare “Marshal Law” as a means of completely doing away with our “Constitutional Rights” and ultimately take over as our country’s life-long dictator.

    Note: These recent articles and/or blog posts support my statement above-You Decide:

    Is Obama fomenting a race war? “Fanning the flames of racial tension in Arizona is deliberate”-Posted on The Washington Times-By Jeffrey T. Kuhner-On April 30, 2010:

    From One Hispanic to Others — Arizona, You’re Being Had By the Media-Posted on Alicia Colon-On April 29, 2010:

    I also believe that, as an American Citizen, who also happens to be Hispanic, I have a God given right and/or duty to stand up for and defend those rights given me under our Constitution and have chosen to do this under my “Freedom of Speech Rights” by laying out my numerous concerns as professionally as I can on my blog web site, which I will continue to share with you in the hopes of getting the word out on issues that I feel the Main Stream Media continues to deliberately and blatantly keep us in dark about.

    I realize how extremely sensitive the “illegal immigration” issue is in our country simply because it deals with and affects human lives that I know for a fact have been forever oppressed by their country. And, although I know in my heart and soul that we must show some compassion for these individuals, which I do, as I do for many others around the world that live in oppressive regimes, I also find myself to be extremely concerned and disgusted about how our government leaders in Washington have unjustly and unfairly dealt with the issue of “illegal immigration” in our country. I also believe that not every “illegal immigrant,” regardless of what oppressed country they come from, has been treated equally, and, most importantly, their inaction to deal with this sensitive issue has not only hurt and/or destroyed human lives in the past and continues to this date, but has created what I consider to be a grave “security” issue for our country.

    My main concern on this issue is one of “homeland and national security,” which has been exacerbated by our country’s 9/11 terrorist attack and truly believe that our government leaders have not done enough to secure our boarders, although our country’s tax payers continue to flip the bill for failed security measures, as evidenced by the recent failed Times Square terrorist plot and Christmas day attempted terrorist airplane attack in Detroit.

    And with that being said, what follows is my recent blog post that reveals a letter that I forwarded to one of our City Councilors in 2006 regarding the issues that some of my co-workers and I experienced with un-documented workers (illegal immigrants), along with those employers that hired them, while employed with a State Government Agency and am taking the liberty of sharing it with you as a means of giving you an insight into some of the issues that most of our U.S. Citizens shy away from sharing with anyone, to include their employers, for fear of being labeled as a “racist,” which I find extremely disturbing because we should not have to live and/or work in this environment as American Citizens, who supposedly live in the “land of the free.”

    What I find even more deplorable is that some of our City, State and National elected officials seem to deliberately ignore the illegal immigrant issue for fear of being labeled as “racists” and/or are more concerned about their political careers than taking care of their employees and/or constituents, with the exception of the Governor of Arizona that has recently signed the “Illegal Immigration Law” in her state and I truly admire her for listening to over 70% of her constituents and having the fortitude to deal with the issue, which is more than I can say for some of our elected officials in my state and in Washington-You Decide:“illegal-immigration”-issue-affects-our-everyday-lives/

    Disclaimer: I am not a politician and thus am not known for always being politically correct because I call it as I see it. I lost my father, a WWII Veteran, who survived the Battle of the Bulge, but lost the battle with his PTSD symptoms at the young age of fifty-nine and I also lost many a friend during the Viet Nam War that fought and died to uphold our “Constitutional Rights” and the freedom that too many “Americans in Name Only” take for granted. I have to admit that I tend to get extremely concerned when I see politicians, regardless of political affiliation, sex, race, color (In the Marine Corps we were all green), creed, ethnic origin or religion, doing things and/or taking actions that I see as a threat to the freedom and/or rights given us under our Constitution and/or the safety, security or welfare of our Veterans, active duty members or their dependents/survivors.

    “Food For Thought”

    “God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe”

    Semper Fi!

    • meteorlady

      I think that if Obama really wanted to do something he would put pressure on Mexico the clean up it’s act and start helping their people. I believe that Obama does not want to do that because it would get millions of people our from under and oppressive government and he doesn’t need that to happen right now.

      I’m sorry for these people, I really am. But they know exactly what they are doing and how to do it when they cross our borders illegally. My community has people that take food and clothing over the border but they are required to pay taxes on what the bring into the country. So they just pack suitcases and bag and take them to the villages and leave them. Lately though they aren’t going anymore because of the violence and one church person will killed there.

  • Jim H.

    Maybe if some illegal’s were voted into the House and Senate(already one in the White house), our lawmaker’s would see “THEIR” jobs threatened by illegals and do something about it.

  • Chuck, a vet

    Its obvious this person in the White House has no intention of enforcing our laws and protecting our sovereignty. These hipsters from the south side know no integrity. This is just another “3 card Monte” gig with the government for sale to the highest bidder.

    Illegal immigration supplies his voting base and the key to perpetual power, with the press bought off so they can sell out their own country. Norway had its Quisling; we have GE.

    • http://none Alex

      Did something fall on your head? Illegal immigrants to expand his voting base? You obviously have no idea about the laws of this country. You are very silly.

      • JC

        Chuck is silly? Hmm let’s see he understands what it is he’s trying to say. And he has a valid point in that Illegals will vote for the goodies that the communists in the White House will give them.
        Where as you mention the laws of this country but make no referebce as to which ones or how they apply and then you impune someone’s character.

        Yep! You’re a Moron.

        • Al Sieber

          couldn’t have said it better.

        • Ted Crawford

          alex would also like us to forget about the “voter” registration pratices of acorn(now ahca),,organizing for America, seiu,etc. It’s clear that many illegals do vote!!!

      • http://naver samurai

        Just shut the !@#$%^& heck up and stay off of the site, you moron!

        • bp

          Samurai, I am so disappointed! This is exactly the reaction “they” are looking for! Please do not facilitate the “civil unrest” agenda!

          • http://naver samurai

            OK, OK, I’ll behave myself!

        • meteorlady

          We do have freedom of speech and he is amusing somewhat. I vote he stays….. maybe he can get a semblance of an education.

      • DaveH

        And you, Alex, are just an ignorant Liberal. Baby-steps is what the Pregressive movement is all about. It takes time to put together their ultimate goals of a brainwashed and captured electorate.
        There is nothing compassionate about Liberals. They want to force their way on others, and take other peoples’ money. And if they meet any resistance, name-calling and ridicule are their main tools. They can’t use logic, because logic eludes them.

        • DaveH

          I know, Alex, I misspelled “Progressive”. Bad me.

      • American Citizen

        alex, don’t you listen to what those illegals are saying? They claim this is their country and their goal is to take it over.

        • American Citizen

          As for that matter, it is also the aim of the Muslims to take over the whole world, so in the future, there may be a war between the M & M’s for control here.

      • meteorlady

        Alex – do a little research – ACORN: see how many times they have been accused of voter registration fraud.

  • Chas

    Failure of our political whores to uphold our Constitution points up the urgent need for us to clean house in November. I believe one-term politicians is the answer. I don’t believe our Constitutional framers envisioned professional politicians. How soon they lose sight of the fact that they work for us, not we for them.

    • Vicki

      The framers were well aware of “professional” politicians. They had to put up with a king after all. They created a Constitutional Republic with selection of representitives based on democratic principles. They expected us and WARNED us that we had to be sure and vote. We are the ones who must enforce term limits by voting out the politician when they go professional.

      The one thing our forefathers probably didn’t expect was the merging of all the little newspapers into just a few big presses. As such propaganda would be so much easier to accomplish.

      Fortunately for us progress that brought us mergers also brought us a new paradigm where EVERYONE has a printing press. And in cases like this blog more then just one printing press. Presses with circulation that would make some big media giants envious.

      This is why government fears Al Gore’s invention :)
      This is why the governments around the world try to suppress it.
      This is why our government is trying to control it.

      • Ted Crawford

        I also do not believe that they could ever have concieved that the 17th. amendment would come to pass!!

  • Markus

    Mr. Alford,
    Unfortunately integrity has been replaced with narcissism in this country now. The seven deadly sins are infesting this once great country and we are doomed. There are people in high places that have been choreographing this whole thing and we, the naive, have been complacent to the point of our own extinction. There is nothing we can do about it now except vote, but that isn’t going to help either because that whole process is rigged too. We allowed this to happen to ourselves by being so morally bankrupt, not electing true conservatives to represent us and most importantly, TURNING OUR BACK ON GOD. When we did that, our fate was sealed. So, America, in the next couple of years, just remember that it was our own apathy that caused this downfall, get on your knees and beg God to forgive us, bacause this country is history as we know it.
    To bad for our kids.

    • Margaret

      Here, here! We all need to return to our roots–pray that God will restore this nation to us, and promise to take better care of it than before. “In God We Trust”; all others back away!

  • lynnbo

    Sorry to tell you this but my research says that Obamacare will put hiring of illegals just to attractive for companies to resist.
    Millions of Americans will loose their jobs. And your pay will be reduced because you will be paying for illegals health care in the mandated state programs.


    Despite all that has happened in the USA in the last 50 years, there are still some differences between Democrat and Republican.

    Time was when the Democrat Party was the party of the working class and the Midwestern and Southern social conservatives. Today, the Democrat Party is the party of heirs and heiresses educated in today’s leftist universities, lawyers, leftists, liberals, and “new money” people who made their fortunes in entertainment and morally questionable activities.

    The basic beliefs of the Democrat fat cats and rank and file registered Democrat voters are, today, much the same. They love European traditions, the United Nations and believe in abortion on demand, all sexual acts between consenting adults, guaranteed income and health care for all, strict environmental protection laws, strict separation of church and state, and strong centralized government.

    The Republican fat cats and rank and file registered Republican voters, by contrast, have little in common. The fat cats who are not old money are business owners or have worked mostly in the business world. They want an unlimited supply of cheap labor so they won’t ever again have to spend money modernizing their businesses. The rank and file registered Republicans, by contrast, are cultural and social conservatives of modest means economically. They believe in the family as the basic social unit, Judaeo-Christian principles upon which the USA was founded, and right and wrong. They want political leaders who will not compromise on principles, not just more money in their wallets. They still revere Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. Many Southerners who were once Democrats are now Republicans.

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      Good observation D Davis.

    • Jim R

      Our country was NOT founded on Judeo-Christian principles but rather the beliefs of the enlightenment and of John Locke in particular. The principles outlined by the Ten Commandments are common to almost all social entities. Many of the founders of this country, including Thomas Jefferson who regarded the Bible as dangerous, did not regard themselves as Christian but rather as Deists.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Jim R,
        Sorry, you could not be more wrong about this.
        Best wishes,

        • Al Sieber

          Christian, not Christian- Judeo?

      • angel-wanna-be

        JimR, The Founders WERE Christians, your a Revisionist in training.
        TRUST, BUT VERIFY!!!

      • bp

        Well, there’s good news and then there’s good news. The United States of America is a CHRISTIAN nation (like no other) and if you do not like it, more good news is that your American passport is honored in most countries in the world! ‘Bye!
        (I love this link!)(

      • http://naver samurai

        Look out everyone! Jim R is another plant by the libs on this site. How do I know? Jefferson, baaaaa! Diest, baaaaa! Bible and church are dangerous, baaaaa! Enlightenment, baaaaa! John Locke, baaaaa!
        Chaaaaaaange! These are some of only a very few strategies they use, so please be careful!

  • http://??? G. Marshall Tip

    With the braying of NDFENCE. I note another foaming at the mouth liberal democrat who has not awakened and still thinks everything is OK. WAKE UP NDFENCE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Victor

    Yeah, right J.M.R. and you’re the big [offensive word removed] who knows it all…thanks for proving my point!

  • Russell

    Is “one man one vote” still in effect?

    Corporations and unions “don’t have a votes” are for sale. What do corporations and unions want in return for their donations to the parties?

    We the people “all have a vote” are for sale. What do “We the people” get in return for our vote? Fifty percent pay no income tax, fifty percent get some sort of largess from the government. (Welfare, food stamps, subsidies housing, farm subsides, and many more.)

    The first amendment gives us the right to voice our opinion but it does not give us the right to demand that the government be our sugar daddy. If we are a compassionate nation, then why do we demand that the government take over the responsibility that should be that of the “We the people”

    Why do we have a constitution? Is it something to hang on the wall like a picture? Or is it a blueprint for neighbors to be neighborly and to keep the government from interfering.

    Our founding fathers established three equal branches of government and that each branch was to ride heard on the other two. Who is going to stop the fiasco that has penetrated the legislation and administration. The only one that can stop this fiasco is the judicial to declare that government welfare and subsidies are unconstitution. We can’t depend on “we the people” to do the job.


    these forgien people have figured this admin. out Look at Iran more sanctions and what happens N Korea sinks a ship and then what happens Iran is crossing The iraq border with more terroist. Then the pres of mexico comes over and bad mouths arizonas law They are all working together to dismantle this great country. And our commie president stands by and pats him on the back. Obama and his cronnies have already started recurting for the 012 elections look out he will buy all the votes he needs. This high yeller should never have come to office in the first plce. We sure dont need him back.

    • gary

      Well of course. This evil Obama knows exactly what he is doing.He is bringing America down with financing I suspect from all kinds of America hating groups.I think the remainder of his term will finish us off.

  • J.M.R.

    v can’t you focus on more than one thing at a time i can

  • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

    Another great article Bob Livingston. Keep up the good work. I believe illegal immigration, the huge deficit, and big government growth is the under belly of the fascist politician. If there were not these overwhelming problems to rally around no one would be getting voted out in November. It would be business as usual. I think there are some bloggers here who are well read but do not know there has to be issues to rally around.

  • http://yahoo frederick

    The most honorable thing Hussein Obama can do is RESIGN.
    tell me ! I said ! (one) thing he has done for the american people, except do his best to bankrupt our country. I believe his ultimate goal is to destroy the United States from within. Barack Hussien Obama
    your time is coming, you just can’t keep demoralizing and ruining the US and forcing them into revolt.

  • hoss

    Apparantly Ndefence of Obama and Alex are two of the same! These two are Just what America needs to push this country to exinction!.

    If you are not part of the Solution! You ARE part of the Problem!

    Besides the biggest concern we have now is the influx of potential Terrorist insurgents over the Mexican border! this is alarming!

  • John Wesley Bowman

    The President of Mexico was here in our Country recently and was interviewed on TV. He was asked how illegals in his Country are dealt with and found. We should enforce our Laws the same as they do.
    Why is it that we are evil if we do as they do?

    • bluejacket

      To John Wesley, answer: it is the liberal/Democrat/progressive double standard.

      BTW, my grandparents never voted Democrat until they were dead.

  • Donald Tate

    Stop feeding,health care,houseing illegals,our government is not doing there job,cut there pay,no retirement. Get them out. This illegal thing can,and must be stoped.


    do you have a list of reps & congressman that have voted against immigration reform..

  • M.L.

    I suppose I will have to repeat myself. We have one out of every seven Mexicans in Mexico in our country right now. If these thirteen million are legalized the fence will be no longer needed, especially since our pro. mex. gov. wants to bring in their extended families as well. Everyone is still saying we can’t afford to deport them. I beg to differ, in the seventies we deported ten mil. Mexicans. If it could be done then, it could very well be done now. Sure it will cost us. But the cost of keeping them here far out-weighs (on a constant bases) the cost of them staying. We what need to do is to corner both parties to pick the people they will represent, Americans or Mexicans. It really has come to that. Tell them in no-uncertain terms “if I see your adds in Spanish I will not vote for you.” Make them fear the American vote, not the Hispanic vote. Obviously they need reminding this is still America.

    • Ted Crawford

      Her is my take on the deportation issue M.L. We will pay a PRICE to deport these people, I’m sure it will be high. It will be made even higher by the progressives demands that they be given many “rights”, that I believe should be for citizens only! That being said, the term PRICE implys a one time expense. To keep them here will be,trully, a COST. A COST implys an ongoing expense!! Tremendous difference here!!!

    • bp

      M.L. Please fill me in and excuse my ignorance. WHY is it too costly to deport trespassers? Can’t they just walk back, the way they came here?

  • M.L.

    Sorry about the blunders, but I think you catch my drift.

  • A Proud American

    Impeachment is in order for our President and his men. I am tired of trying to understand what exactly he stand for. He appears to be on the side of the terrorists and illegals because he refuses to do anything about it. He has shown for sure that he has no Backbone what so ever.
    I’d like to see action and less lip service.
    As far as the oil spill he can’t plug it and BP is trying to plug it so stop bellyaching about it and help with the clean up instead of looking at it and waiting forBP to do it. If the government don’t like what you are doing to retain your beaches I say that is to bad. GO FOR IT. I’ll be first in line to support your decisions.

  • gary

    Suddenly I feel like I am standing on the deck of the Titanic, singing Nearer my God to Thee. Hang on we only have 15000 feet to go.

    My thanks goes out to all you liberals that seem to think the sinking of America is good. FOOLS we are all going down together.

    • TIME

      Gary, A good post, but again these fools are not liberals, they are Marxist, there really is quite a differance.

      And as these Marxist fools have yet to grasp that thier heads will roll long before anyone else, as you can never trust a trader.
      Then the Unions will all be taken out, again never trust a trader.
      Then all the homeless, then all the welfair rolls will be removed as they have zreo value anylonger.

      • American Citizen

        The first to go will be the media as you can’t have any criticism. The lamestream media had better shape up.

  • FreedomFighter

    Impeach Obama, he has broken his oath.


    • bluejacket

      To Freedom Fighter: We need the Speaker of the House’s support for impeachment. Do you think Nancy Pelosi (the jack-in-the-box applaud machine) is up to it?

  • talk radio listener

    Over the years I have been listening to late night radio talk shows with very intelligent speakers on, who are in the know about the government. Obama is simply a figure head puppet doing what the Bilderberg Group and under-government wants him to do. Did you know that it’s the Bilderberg Group who hand picks leaders of the countries. Each year before an election, these “players” are invited to the Bilderberg gathering…Reagan, Clinton, Tony Blair, Steven Harper, and a lot of previous others….and just imagine it, they become “leader” the following year. Something is smelling rotten in the current state of affairs. Their agenda is a “One World Government” with them at the helm. Just look up the Bilderberg group… it’s scary. This could be why they don’t really care how many are coming over the border as they had planned to unite Mexico, U.S. and Canada as one, the North American Union. Another scary thing about the Bilderberg group is that it was started by an EX S.S. Nazi who helped to spirit a lot of Nazis out of Germany to South America. Read up about what could be on the table for us all.There are many influential people in this group..Rockefeller, Kissinger, monarchy from Sweden, Holland, England and more. Read up on it. Daniel Estulin has written a book about the group who wishes to control our very existence. Arm yourself with knowledge, as knowledge is POWER!!! BEWARE of the shadow government.

  • thomas


  • mlhtmilldr

    The aliens were apprehended “at the borders of the United States, in the interior of the country and at designated sites outside of the United States.” The 2008 yearbook lists 791,568 deportable aliens by country (Page 97). Some include:
    Afghanistan: 29
    Algeria: 41
    Cuba: 3,896
    Iran: 98
    Iraq: 118
    Lebanon: 188
    Libya: 11
    Nigeria: 299
    Pakistan: 494
    Saudi Arabia: 71
    Somalia: 66
    Sudan: 46
    Syria: 71
    Yemen: 78

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      I was surprised to see that many Cubans listed.

    • American Citizen

      How many from Mexico?

      • bp

        American Citizen: The other 786,062, if my arithmetic is correct. :-)

    • Another American Citizen

      I guess you finally admit that all illegals are NOT “Mexicans”. Finally someone with brains speaks with facts and statistics instead of with hate against all “Mexicans”. We have killed many Mexicans, and that is outrageous to any Country,this is not the answer, that is the Animalistic way…….Get rid of your Hate ! Lets not lose Focus, lets concentrate on solving the “Many Problems” in our own Country, and its not by killing and causing other Wars with additional Countries…..No Bad Economy needs an additional War!

  • JeffH

    Did The Obama White House Commit Multiple Impeachable Offenses?
    As unanswered questions over the alleged bribe of Congressman Joe Sestak continue to mount, new allegations of bribery are starting to see the light of day. Recently, Andrew Romanoff claimed that he was offered multiple jobs to drop his U.S. Senate challenge to Senator Michael Bennet and confirmed his claim by releasing an e-mail from White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina that described three jobs that could potentially be his if he dropped out of the race.

    Representative Darrell Issa, Representative Lamar Smith and Representative James Sensenbrenner have already stated that these allegations and the White House’s own explanation of these allegations appear “to catalog a violation of the federal criminal code, the tampering of evidence, witness tampering and evasion of the legal process.”

    Allegations of this magnitude scream for an independent investigation. Federal law is clear. It is a felony to offer anything of value to an official of the government in exchange for a favorable action by that official. It’s bribery. Moreover, if these allegations are true, someone (or a number of individuals… perhaps even Barack Obama) in the Obama White House may have committed an impeachable offense. Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution reads; “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

    Your duty is clear. These possible impeachable offenses must be fully investigated and the American people deserve to know the truth… the whole truth… and nothing but the truth. And yes… if Barack Obama had knowledge of these offers or was a party to any evasions, cover-ups, tampering or other obstructions of justice, then Articles of Impeachment must be drawn up immediately!

    • Ted Crawford

      Impeachment is only half the battle! Maby not even that much! We might recall that clinton was impeached, that didn’t do much good did it?? If,as in clintons case, the Senate refuses to remove him from office, it’s just a slap on the hands!!

    • bp

      FYI: the IMPEACH.COM petition is closed with over 5,000 “signatures”.

      • bp

        That’s the above. FYI.

  • Bob

    One of the things that outrages me most is not only is this criminal Obama regime letting these illegals cross our borders at will but once here they have no interest in becoming Americans. Just look at them, they protest anything that’s good for this country and not to their liking. A disproportionate number are not interested in learning our language. They do not want to meld into the U.S. way of living, they just want to continue to embrace their third world regressive culture. And on top of it all, they want us to dole out to them all the perks from our already sky high taxes they don’t deserve. Try and imagine your ancestors who came from all parts of Europe to pursue the American dream protesting against this country and raising their flags above Old Glory. My ancestors were from Ireland but I would never stand for an illegal influx of Irish immigrants to this country. Since this regime is going to do nothing to protect our country we are getting precariously close to finding another way to save the U.S. from traitors within.

  • http://yahoo freedom99

    Funny in California we have numerous homeless people pan handling or better put beggin for money on street corners, intersections and yes at times just come up to your car while you parking.It is always whites who do this.Never seen a black, Asian or Mexican begging for money. Perhaps these whites should get a job.

    • Marilyn

      Perhaps the illegal Mexicans have panhandler’s jobs or Illegal Mexicans do not have to panhandle. The State of California gives them your tax dollars to exist. The panhandler, white, does not get those benefits.

    • meteorlady

      That’s because the Mexicans have the white guys job – and they get entitlements and don’t need to beg – they just steal someone’s identity and their into the government welfare trough.

      • Another American Citizen

        Those are nothing but excuses to take the blame away.

        • meteorlady

          Excuse me? The blame away from whom? for what?

          Where I live they are in construction – those jobs used to pay $25/30 per hour and the citizens that had them paid taxes. Now they pay $8/10 per hour and the illegals that have them get welfare besides not paying taxes.

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      I saw a Tv show on that. Many whites who are alcoholics do not want any part of the social system if they have to fill out forms or do anything to get the money. They prefer to beg rather then be in the system in any way. Minorities on the other hand have training centers in their neighborhoods to learn how to work the system which they somehow feel they are deserving of.

    • Another American Citizen

      You are right…..I always see whites as the beggars on the corners, or sleeping under bridges and on park benches, and these are people who look young and healthy……..while the others are busy trying to find work or working up a sweat in whatever job comes along. It is always whites that do this, hardly ever see blacks, Asian or Latins begging for money.

      • Alex’s Social Worker

        You’re right. Only the white people have to panhandle on the streets. Those other races you mentioned get their welfare checks, and food stamps delivered in their mailboxes.

        • bluejacket

          To Alex’s Social worker, sounds like affirmative action for the government benefits WE pay for. Isn’t it great? (sarcasm)

  • Rosebud

    With the last amnesty, many of those illegals got into politics, trying to make way for another amnesty. We must get these moles out of office. There is voter fraud. Watch the voter polls, and those that are participating at the voter polls. I received information that, there are rushes at the last moment of the day, when the polls close, for ‘stuffing’ the ballot box. The pollsters look on the voter roster lists, see who has not voted…and do their voting for them. Become a POLL WATCHER…see if the voting is legitimate.

    We are having our country stolen by thieves, heathens, barbarians.

    This is an old war between us, and Esau, Ismael, and the serpent’s seed.

    • meteorlady

      The 1986 amnesty resulted in an 84% fraud rate because we did not have enough people to verify paperwork that was presented. We allowed and estimated 1.3 million into the country and they in turn petitioned to bring in another 1 million or so of their family. They were mostly illiterates that the government said would go to school, make something better of their lives, and pay taxes. Ten years later they were costing the American taxpayer around $10 to $15 million per year (1986 dollars) in entitlements and continued to routinely have more children than they could afford to support. Most still did not speak English and their children were never taught the importance of a good education so they were a net loss to the educational systems. Around 53% of them settled in California – I will leave it at that.

  • Marilyn

    “Alien Rule” gnerates agitation.

    He who angers you, controls you.

  • Elle

    #1.) I grew up believeing ANYONE that COULD be in PUBLIC Office, EACH ONE had TO BE A LEGAL United States Citizen. THEY spoke ENGLISH, THEY SUPPORTED the U.S.A. Constitution. That was the country I grew up in. Slowly I have seen comunisium/dictatorship creep in. First real awakining was when several of us Mothers tried to reason on Sexation when we realized the books used in OUR schools were Publishers who of a comunist backgrown and not in favor of the Parents belief as to THEIR OWN CHILD and TO THAT of the PARENT! From there it has spred like a weed through out our country. IT IS TIME, past TIME we stand up for OUR HOMELAND!! Ill-leagals, NO MORE HAND OUTS, we are broke! GO home! The illegal Sneakes are runining the true citizenship of THIER brothers who have WORKED and PROVED there worth to be here. Just like leadership now has distroyed OUR belief in BELIEVING, HE LIES!! If it is TRUE then SHOW US YOUR PAPERS! Hiding, we thought it was a lie – TREASON!
    #2. SECURE BORDER CONTROL, Visits -Where with Who, What is the #of your (flight) departure and WHO WILL BE RESPONSIBLE to seeing you out of here? TIME IS UP! LEAVE. WE DO NOT HAVE TIME TO PUT UP WITH ALL THIS NONSENSE!! OH, you are to hard! WHAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND ABOUT LEGAL! Then Leave!

  • mehoward

    Dear Bob, thank you for publishing the oaths that our president and our congressmen take. We all know that they have failed miserably
    to protect and defend the constitution, they have also failed to protect us from foreign invasion. But most of all they have failed to protect us from an over reaching government. To the president and congress stop the nonsence and start upholding the constitution and for what it stands. Never in my lifetime have I seen so much corruption
    in our government. This is the result of letting anyone run for government just because they are old enough, I would like see you get a job in the private sector with only that qualification. No more hiring our president or congressmen with no experience, wake up America
    we are being sold down the river. Long live America and the American way. God please forgive us of our many sins and please heal our land.
    Meh pensacola,fl.

  • Elle

    Look at the Crime rate in your area and see WHO WAS REPONSIBLE??? A REAL eye opener! The drunk who JUST CRASHED into and kill ONE of our loved onrs! WHO WAS THE JUDGE?? REMEMBER; WE GET TO VOTE his soory posteror out to the unemployed line come Nov. WHO is on for giving PAROLS to criminals?? They need to go on the unemployment line too. VOTE, yes be a VOICE AND VOTE!

  • Jim K.

    Muslim Obama intentions of “change” for our country is to progressive marxism – socialist government control as fast as he can before he is voted out of office. Unfortunately there are many left Dem’s who want the same government control, example Maxine Walters, Barbra Boxer, Polosi, Reid, Unions, etc. who support government controlling our lives. Muslim Obama’s only concern for illegals is how many votes he can capture for 2012. Muslim Obama, his administration along with his thirty plus czars must go if the United States is to continue as a free country for its legal citizens and stop pandering to anti-Americans, illegals and groups who want to destroy our freedom. It is the time for all great Americans to stand up against this government tyranny.

  • B

    I live in Nevada; Reid is the biggest liar of any politician I have ever heard of. I will give you just one example to show how he does not care for this state. Nevada has two major east west interstate hiways the 15 in Las Vegas and the 80 that runs through Reno. The only north south road not hiway that connects the two interstates is 95; it is hundreds and hundreds of miles of very dangerous two lane hiway that trucks travel by the thousands. This shows you how much this long long term senator cares about his state…NOT!!! This only
    one example of how when he gets elected and goes back to Washington how he conveniently forgets us. Oh he shows one project on tv about a solar plant wow what an accomplishment for so many years.

    • Jim K.

      B-Says you are right on identifing H. Reid as such an disingenuous representative in Washington for Nevada. Hopefully you can get enough great Americans in Nevada to vote Reid out this November. Reid is not only bad for Nevada his socialist policies are destroying American freedom. Good luck for November !!!!!

    • JeffH

      B, ole dirty Harry is stale toast come November…

      • DaveH
        • Jeff

          DaveH, the NRA has never “endorsed” Harry Reid. What they did was thank him for the new Nevada shooting park that he lobbied for and encouraged Nevada NRA members to thank him, but they have never “endorsed” Harry Reid. There is a huge difference between thanking an “enemy” for supporting a shooting range and endorsing them. I’ve watched this situation very close and I’d be the first to pull my membership and yell if that were otherwise. The GOA and NRA give Reid the same grade for gun control issues, a “B”

          Might take a look at this: Snowflakes in Hell
          Firearms Policy and Politics in Pennsylvania

  • James A Graham

    28th Amendment (UNCLASSIFIED)

    Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

    Caveats: FOUO


    I would like to have your permission to share this with others. Not many people read the bulletins that we receive and I want to make sure this gets out to the people I know who would be interested in what you have to say.

    I agree with you 100%. I have just returned from 1 year in Kuwait and Iraq and watched CNN news every day. Looking at the US from across the water gave us even more reason to fear for our lives. Knowing and hearing what opinions citizens of other countries were forming of the US causes me concern for our Nation.

    God Bless our troops and leaders who are supportive of defending our rights and KEEPING our freedoms in tact.

    Thank you,

    Sheila K. Malone Fathullah

    Physical Security Division

    Anniston Army Depot

    256 235 4549

    Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution

    From: James Graham

    From: S STEELE

    As a widow of a military retiree, who stood with her husband for over 20 years while he served this country (which was the greatest in the world until this Congress and President took over), I have to say I agree. Shirley

    As a retired military man that have given over twenty-seven years of my life to my country, I truly feel that what this
    Country needs most is a new amendment to the Constitution . I am recommending that we add the 28th amendment to the Constitution of the UNITED STATES.

    For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Many citizens had no idea that Congress members could retire with the same pay after only one term, that they didn’t pay into Social Security, that they specifically exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed (such as being exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment) while ordinary citizens must live under those laws. The latest is to exempt themselves from the Healthcare Reform that is being considered…in all of its forms. Somehow, that doesn’t seem logical. We do not have an elite that is above the law. I truly don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever. The self-serving must stop.

    This is a good way to do that. It is an idea whose time has come.

    Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution:

    “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Congressman, Senators and Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Congressman. Senators and Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States”.

    This 28th amendment to the Constitution of the UNITED STATES Will apply to all passed, present and future
    Congressman, Senators And Representatives.
    Just think of all the money this would save the tax payers!!!!!

    I think the Senators, Representatives or Congressman that comes out strongly for this will be our next President.

    HTCM USN Retired James A. Graham E-Mail address is ( ) Please forward !!!!!!!

    Posted by: James A. Graham | April 13, 2010 at 06:30 AM

    Edward Goelz

    Some people got a Raise, I DID Not …

    I will send this out every month until election time, just as a reminder. If everyone remembers, we can make a difference.

    • Anthony

      Rip up the 17th Amendment – have all States recall all Senators.
      Prior to this Amendment – all Senators were appointed by State Legislatures

      Rip up the 16th Amendment – as it is IL-LEGAL, and goes directly against the Constitution. “All direct taxes MUST BE re-apportioned back to the people equally“.

      Currently, this is not happening – read: The Creature from Jekyll Island

      Erradicate, or Nationalize (questionable tactic), The Federal Reserve.
      Or, better yet, do what Andrew Jackson did – and defund that Communist Manifesto.

  • James A Graham

    Subject: Happenings in Fresno… FYI
    Very Interesting speaker at our local Rotary meeting here in Bishop last

    We now live about 30 miles from Fresno . We are up in the Sierra and
    Fresno is the first big town we encounter when we leave the mtns. We shop
    there often.
    I received this from my ex-homicide partner who is still active in law
    enforcement circles in the Fresno area.

    Excuse the language, but don’t excuse the facts. Don’t give up your guns,
    and buy necessary ammunition if you can find it. Be cautious and alert. Be
    ready if, God forbid, we need to protect our families and loved ones.
    If You weren’t at Rotary Friday. You missed the only decent speaker we’ve
    had in more than a year. LTC John Cotter is the 144th Fighter Wing’s
    antiterrorism officer. John had a two-part presentation. First part was
    describing his job as the units antiterrorism officer. Pretty standard
    The second part was information that will curl your hair. A Part-time air
    guardsman works as a checker at local Von’s. Two women in full burkas buy
    every pre-paid cellphone in the store. Clerk/airman gets to thinking about
    it. Goes to Cotter and reports incident. Cotter asks store for
    surveillance video. It’s scary enough that he contacts Fresno FBI.

    FBI investigates, determines these women have been doing this all over the
    Valley. Cell phones shipped through Canada to Iraq/Afghanistan where they
    become triggers for roadside bombs.
    The Shell station at Peach and Shaw. Every time a local GI goes there in
    fatigues they are asked specific questions. What is your unit? When are you
    deploying? How many aircraft are you taking?

    The F-16s out of Fresno fly CAP for west coast. As such they are the first
    line of defense so they have the US ‘s most sophisticated air-to-air
    missiles. Foreign governments would like to get their hands on those
    missiles or at least learn how to build them. Also how many we have, etc.
    Two spy groups are working on it, one based at Fashion Fair Mall (the
    F-16s take-off pattern) and one based at Sierra Vista Mall (the F-16s
    landing pattern).

    Cotter said the ragheads (But we don’t profile.) are always probing the
    base. Two dorks in a pickup show up at the front gate wanting to deliver a
    package marked Air National Guard, Fresno . No postage, no UPS, no FedEx,
    no DHL, no nothing. Just a probe.

    I asked Cotter why we haven’t seen anything about this in The Bee, on KMJ,
    on local TV news. He said they’re not interested. Since Friday I’ve learned
    of two other things. My brother-in-law Frank, (management at Avaya) had a
    Muslim tech who took a leave-of-absence for 6 weeks in Afghanistan . After
    the 6 weeks were up he called from New York requesting an extension. Frank
    (who does profile) said, you’re fired, and called the Fresno FBI who were
    very interested. Don’t know the outcome.

    A Muslim who owns a liquor store in my former hometown of Kingsburg was
    constantly bugging customers to buy guns for him. Finally one of the guys I
    grew up with called the FBI.

    We are a country at war and the enemy is among us. I don’t care what Janet
    Napolitano says, it’s a fight to the death and we should be as prepared as
    possible. Brother-in-law Frank has a theory and I think it may be closer to
    the truth than Homeland Security wants to admit. There are a certain
    number (probably a large number) of Muslims among us who are awaiting the
    trigger date and will begin randomly killing as many of us as they can, sort
    of a Fort Hood on steroids. I know I’m getting prepared to shoot back.

    Two items of interest. Sheriff Margaret Mims wants to grant concealed carry
    permits to all who are qualified. Columnist Jim Boren, among the most
    bleeding of the bleeding heart liberals, says it’s time for Fresno
    residents to arm themselves. LOAD up, you can bet this is happening in
    places other than Fresno.

    David Rayburn

    • JC

      Americans need to once again become a nation of riflemen.

    • Jeff

      James A GrahamI live one block below the west fenceline of the Fresno Air Terminal and the F-16′s roar all day long. There is no timeable pattern to their take offs and landings but there are always at least two in the air from dawn to dusk and 6 or 8 ready at all times. I see and talk to military personell quite often and occasionally by one or two lunch from time to time. I’m very familiar with the area now.
      As for Sheriff Mims…great sheriff and pretty easy to qualify for a CCW permit with a valid reason…thank god she’s running un-apposed for Fresno County sheriff again.

      • Jeff

        …thought I’d add that the Lemoore NAS (Top Gun & International training) is also in the central valley just a couple minutes by air from Fresno. Lotta firepower!

    • bp

      JA Graham and Jeff:
      Thank you so much for sharing this sensitive info. So, they’re targeting military bases?! Reminds me of the Texas insider terrorist.

  • James A Graham

    Who would have thought, and yet many are thinking it.

    By Lou Pritchett, Procter & Gamble



    Lou Pritchett is one of corporate America’s true living legends- an acclaimed author, dynamic teacher and one of the world’s highest rated speakers. Successful corporate executives everywhere recognize him as the foremost leader in change management.. Lou changed the way America does business by creating an audacious concept that came to be known as “partnering.” Pritchett rose from soap salesman to Vice-President, Sales and Customer Development for Procter and
    Gamble and over the course of 36 years, made corporate history.
    Dear President Obama:

    You are the thirteenth President under whom I have lived and unlike any of the others, you truly scare me.
    You scare me because after months of exposure, I know nothing about you.

    You scare me because I do not know how you paid for your expensive
    Ivy League education and your upscale lifestyle and housing with no visible signs of support.

    You scare me because you did not spend the formative years of youth growing up in America and culturally you are not an American.

    You scare me because you have never run a company or met a payroll.

    You scare me because you have never had military experience, thus don’t understand it at its core.

    You scare me because you lack humility and ‘class’, always blaming others.

    You scare me because for over half your life you have aligned yourself with radical extremists who hate America and you refuse to publicly denounce these radicals who wish to see America fail..

    You scare me because you are a cheerleader for the ‘blame America ‘ crowd and deliver this message abroad.

    You scare me because you want to change America to a European style country where the government sector dominates instead of the private sector.

    You scare me because you want to replace our health care system with a government controlled one.

    You scare me because you prefer ‘wind mills’ to responsibly
    capitalizing on our own vast oil, coal and shale reserves.

    You scare me because you want to kill the American capitalist goose that lays the golden egg which provides the highest standard of living in the world.

    You scare me because you have begun to use ‘extortion’ tactics against certain banks and corporations.

    You scare me because your own political party shrinks from
    challenging you on your wild and irresponsible spending proposals.

    You scare me because you will not openly listen to or even consider opposing points of view from intelligent people.

    You scare me because you falsely believe that you are both
    omnipotent and omniscient.

    You scare me because the media gives you a free pass on everything you do.

    You scare me because you demonize and want to silence the
    Limbaugh’s, Hannitys, O’Reillys and Becks who offer opposing, conservative points of view.

    You scare me because you prefer controlling over governing.

    Finally, you scare me because if you serve a second term I will probably not feel safe in writing a similar letter in 8 years.

    Lou Pritchett
    This letter was sent to the NY Times but they never acknowledged it.
    Big surprise. Since it hit the internet, however, it has had over 500,000 hits. Keep it going. All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.. It’s happening right now.*

    • Claire

      Of course the New York Times would not acknowledge this letter you posted. In reading this letter, it scares me too but not to the point I will not fight back. Fear makes me madder than heck. I don’t like being controlled. It makes me want to stand my ground.

  • Save America Susie


    SADLY & IRONICALLY, all this debate over the law and illegals may be a mute point in just a few years. IT may not hinge so much on defending the law, or voting, or the courts, as much as BIRTH RATE! People of European descent are declining in birth rate. They only have 1 or 2 kids on average. Other peoples are major reproducers. So IF the new demographics of this country do not support our American CONSTITUTION, we may be in for big CHANGE & big TROUBLE soon. watch?v=6-3X5hIFXYU

    If it does not come through, type:
    Demographics youtube

    into your internet browser.

    Check this out….Very eye opening!

  • Airangel

    Ron Gochez is a history teacher at a government i.e. public high school in California rioting students against America and “borders”…revving up for a revolution and stating “our people” north of the Rio Grande – “that means more than 40 million potential revolutionaries North of the border, inside the belly of the beast.”

    “When you hear from our commandantes, Fidel Castro Ruz, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Brazil, Equador, you name it, we have nine, nine left of center governments in Latin America right now. And they know something that one young Argentine, Che Guevara, said. It was called the domino theory. And he knew that every single country would go revolutionary, one after the other, after the other, after the other.”

    “But we know that all that is happening within the context of where we now stand — this stolen, occupied Mexico. And the message that we bring is that we want to bring a little bit more of a revolutionary context to this. Why is it that these people, these frail, racist white people, want to keep us out of this country? It’s not simply that it’s the color of our skin. It’s not simply that they want to exploit us. I’ll tell you why. It’s because on this planet right now, 6 billion people, at the forefront of the revolutionary movement — is La Raza.”

    I personally think this teacher should be fired and not waste any more tax dollars…If you have schools in Los Angeles and Tuscon teaching this well then you will pit American against American and Illegals and it will get bloody just like the Uzbeks and Kyrgyzstans right now with ethnic cleansing, also Somali…is that what want to happen? It will if this administration continues to do nothing.

    • Save America Susie

      Airangel, Yes, it is heartbreaking what is happening in this country of ours. We may lose everything the Founding Fathers fought for and stood for. At least for a little while we can control that. And hopefully by the grace of God, the American Constitution will prevail. Of course it is vital for people to respect our laws. For the government to do something about the illegals running across border. Having a border fence. Yet, the greatest thing we can do right now is Pray for America in order to preserve her FREEDOM & CONSTITUTION.

      Thanks for sharing about the La Raza teacher….It fills in the blanks of what we don’t know. What he is teaching is treasonous, of course–overthrowing our government is just plain wrong. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to matter to him. I can’t see that going back to the way the government was 300 years ago will make it better. It got to be this prosperous BECAUSE of our American Way of Life, our freedom and our right to the free enterprize system. That is what made it great.

  • M.L.


    • meteorlady

      So stop doing business with these companies. I have written Home Depot regarding having to select English when self-checking out. I don’t support Microsoft products anymore because their support of off shore. I don’t do business with local construction people that bring in Mexican workers and can’t show me proof of citizenship. Protest!

  • Ms. Lupe Weaver

    Back in the 60s there was no electoral vote. How can we get rid of it now? The reason is that Hillary Clinton got 18 million votes and than the electoral votes put her out and put in B.H.O. That is not right because in actuality it means that our votes DID NOT COUNT. And why is it that no one can do anything about his birth certificate? Why is it that on one can do anything about him agreeing with what the stupid Mexican president said about our country? There are more and more things that are not right and we must do something now. I still say America love it or leave it.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Ms. Lupe Weaver,
      I’m not sure exactly what you’re saying about Hillary Clinton, but the electoral college has existed as the means for electing the President of the U.S. since the beginning. It is described in Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution. The electoral college does not, nor has it ever applied to the primary.
      Best wishes,

      • Save America Susie

        Bob, Lupe may be referring to the Democratic party’s system of “super delegates” which changes who wins the nomination. Some of the delegates have more voting power than others, and their vote counts more than 1 vote. Hillary could have been the nominee had it not been for those super delegates.

        • Save America Susie

          Please Check this out–Harold M.Ickes, speaking on behalf of Hillary Clinton at the last Democrat Convention 2008. He is former White House Chief of Staff for the Clintons. There was a great split in the party at the time, and many people were upset about what happened here to say the least.

          • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

            I went to the site and left a few blogs. You need to clean your computer now as they are using spyware on bloggers. Many liberal sites use spyware so I always check when I leave a liberal site. I am not kidding either they are using spyware.

          • Save America Susie

            BruceD….Are you saying Youtube is a Liberal site? When I saw this one a few minutes ago, the blog capability for this video was disabled long ago. Its just You Tube.

          • JeffH

            Bruce D., It isn’t just YouTube or the liberal websites. Spyware is used by a lot of websites…I thank god for my Norton protection as they are blocked and removed all of the time.

          • Save America Susie

            I have a blocker too.

          • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

            Woops I posted on the wrong blog. There is anotherblog site here for Latinos posted that I was referring to.

          • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

            I looked for the blog I was referring to but do not see it anymore. I left four blogs. Maybe Bob deleted it or I just can’t find it. It is a site for Latinos who post so called grievances against Americans and the AZ law. It is not malware but it is spyware and any time you go to a lib. site you should check your computer for spyware.

          • Jeff

            Save America Susie, Harold Ickes and Hillary have a common friend in George Soros if memory serves me right.

          • Save America Susie

            JeffH….Very interesting…Harold Ickes senior(middle initial is L. instead of M)–I found out–was “Secretary of the Interior” under Roosevelt, and implemented much of the FDR’s “new deal”, (Wikipedia says.) That clip–if you watched to the end–shows Bill Clinton’s frustration at the time of the Dems party shake-up of 2008. Just after that, he actually campaigned for McCain for 3 days! I saw it, as I was glued to the set at the time. I am Conservative Republican, but even I was upset about that video….Hillary should have been the nominee.

  • angel-wanna-be

    Sure, Keep flooding our shores, with a continued influx of immigrants while we are STILL, in the throes of a recession. That should force more and more Americans, onto the feeding trough of Welfare and unemployment, to further aid and albeit, Obama’s agenda, the economic collapse of America. My money is on GOD, NOT GOVERNMENT!
    If that makes me a Christian wackjob___so be it!!!

  • meteorlady

    So I blame government for all the violence, death and destruction that is caused by their lack of enforcement. I blame the people and industries that hire them for the destruction of our way of life. As for hiring illegals – when was the last time you looked at your maid, your lawn person, your tree trimmer or the construction company that is building or remodeling your home and asked for papers? When was the last time you looked at companies you buy products from to see if they are hiring American workers? Tyson Chicken hires illegals, the fish processing plants in Petersburg, AK bring them in, most local construction companies (framers, brick layers, tile and granite) all hire them so why do we keep doing business with them? Until we start to do that we are not in control either and are part of the problem.

    I live in a border state. I live in a pecan orchard. Most here working are illegals and they work in the orchard long enough to start a yard care business or get into the construction of homes here. In Washington state the illegals came to eastern Washington to pick crops and then they discovered construction jobs on the west side and moved there. Either that or they started growing drugs on private property. Now the orchard owners on the east side are having to import their labor from Honduras… Are we stupid or what?


    Like so many rights this administration and this congress has stepped up the assault on rights of a catagories, states rights not excluded and in the midst of all this legal grab, there are spectacular end runs to avoid the responsibility to enforce laws and provide for the common welfare, such as living up to the governments end to help in the recent oill spill and the ongoing refusal to enforce the border or the immigration laws, subversion is taking place at a alarming rate. Hell there isn’t anyone even enforcing the election laws because if they had Barry would not be in the seat of the POTUS.

    All those in favor of kicking that devious little bastard Holder out of the AG office and getting a real adult in there….SAY AYE!

    • Airangel


    • JeffH


      • Claire


        • Jim H.


          • Claire

            Lets not forget Emmanuel, Geithner, Gibbs, and the rest of the pathetic do-nothings.

          • Jeff

            Claire, double AYE!

          • Jim H.


          • http://GOGGLE vaksal


    • bluejacket

      It’s going to take a lot more than replacing Holder to restore the Republic. When you are ready to die for this nation, only then can we save it.

    • Ted Crawford


  • Airangel

    This sight is promoting LaRaza and of course attacking Jan Brewer and Sheriff Araipo…they build their momentum on hate and racism against “whites”..I say we infiltrate their blogs and comment to educate those they are trying to reach who would believe what they’re spewing…they pop up high on Google searches…we have to do our dudiligence and vote for the right candidates come November but also educate and cause “reasonable doubt” on these other sights so they question things and hopefully actually think…….

  • Average Joe

    When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security. –Such has been the patient sufferance of these colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former systems of government.

    I beleive we have reached this point again in our nation’s history….it is time for us to unite as one people and oust every single incumbent holding office…be it local, state, or federal. Send the statement to our (supposed) representatives: “Listen to us or face the unemployment line.” A return to Constitutionally proper government is the only answer…and those in power are not doing their jobs…fire them all! NO EXCEPTIONS!!(even Ron Paul wouldn’t mind going home….if he knew that that freedom and liberty were showing signs of growth and abundance).

    • Jim K.

      Average Joe– I could not of said it better. A great test for your message will be when the citizens of Nevada have had enough of the corrupt socialist government by H. Reid and vote him out this November.
      There still is hope for America to keep our freedom however, marxist socialist congress members must go with H. Reid being one of the most liberal socialist in Washington Federal Government. Even with Las Vegas the largest gambling city people must realize lost of freedom by socialist leaders like H. Reid is not the type of representative wanted to send to Washington.

  • Kevin

    The problem of illegal immigration has been ignored for years… Not only by Obama.. but presidents past. The American people are sick and tired of what is going on. Republicans see cheap labor for various business industries.. which make employers happy to hire hard workers at slave wages.. Democrates see more poor people which they can enslave into feeding off the welfare system, thus bringing more votes to their party. Unions want to line their coffers by bringing them into fellowship of their corruption. We the people simply want to see our laws enforced..and that our immigration policies are followed. Secure our borders.. all of them. Terrorists could care less how they gain entry into this country. Illegals that have criminal records should be deported immediately. Employers that hire illegals should have to pay harsh fines and/or prison. We have allowed our politicians to invite illegal immigration to this country standing by and doing nothing .. all for selfish party reasons which do not serve the needs of our country. If we didn’t give them jobs.. why would they come? As for the illegals that come here seeking a better life.. they should be given a path to work legally… (not the right to vote!!) and a time frame to meet all requirements to live and work in this country legally or also be deported. This isn’t rocket science… We can correct the problems of illegal immigration with some common sense.. something that progressive liberals and most of the “Washington” establishment can’t seem to demonstrate.

  • Tanarus



  • barbara

    If there was ever a time in history, it is now when we can see so many people in public service who have broken their oath of allegiance to the United States and to protect her from all enemies foreign and domestic ” So help me God” Any one who opposes what is going on in Arizona is breaking allegiance to the United States. America First. Sure we support our troops but do we support the country for which they stand? We give and give and the enemies take and take. The enemy within aids and abets the president in his nefarious deeds trying to make this a socialist country. I fear for our future if the true patriots don’t join together and fight our opressors who disguise themselves as Democrats or Republicans, tree huggers, green earthers etc, (the far left and the leaning left). I also strongly believe ties with God should also be strengthened because we can’t do it with out His help. The devil can’t thrive where God is ever present.

  • Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    The answer to the Government and the current administration not to close the borders as they should and support immigration reform for all border states including the SB1070 bill from Arizona by Governor Brewer as they should are future Democratic votes,votes,votes,votes,votes and votes.

  • meteorlady

    Here’s one that is fighting:

    In Case You Missed It: Border Security Isn’t Just a Border State Problem, It’s a United States Problem

    By U.S. Senator John Cornyn – Washington Examiner

    Just last year, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano testified before a Senate panel that Mexican drug cartels were operating in as many as 230 American cities. During her testimony, she claimed that cartels are the greatest organized crime threat to the United States.

    The federal government’s refusal to secure the border has enabled Mexican cartels to operate across America. In April, a North Carolina DEA special agent reported that Mexican drug organizations have taken over most of the Charlotte heroin market.

    At the same time in Oregon, about a dozen armed marijuana growers were caught working for a Mexican drug family. Last December, Salvador Guzman, a member of a Mexico-based cartel, imported and concealed kilograms of cocaine in the drive shaft of vehicles. He transported the drugs to the Midwest, dismantled the drive shafts, extracted the cocaine and delivered it to customers in Ohio and Tennessee.

    Mexican drug trafficking organizations are now operating in every region of the United States. Last year, there were more than 200 incursions of ultra-light aircraft crossing the southwest border. These aircraft have become the transport of choice for many cartel operatives and traffickers to ferry drugs and cash and help give cartels links in virtually every state in America.

    The Department of Justice now reports that Mexican cartels have expanded operations in Florida, the Mid-Atlantic, New York, New Jersey, and New England. Cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, and New York City, as well as parts of North Carolina, serve as consolidation points for tens of billions of dollars in bulk cash drug proceeds that are smuggled into Mexico.

    Mexican cartels are also expanding outdoor marijuana cultivation in the U.S. from their traditional strongholds in California, Washington, and Oregon to states such as Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, North Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

    Cartels aren’t the only organizations that see our ill-defended border as their strategic opportunity. There is little doubt that terrorists are constantly attempting to illegally cross into our country to try and harm innocent Americans.

    Since January, Mexican immigration officials have detained more than 600 individuals from more than two dozen nations trying to enter the United States illegally, including those from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran.

    Our porous border endangers every American, yet Washington refuses to make border security a priority. President Obama’s recent proposal, which would provide up to 1,200 members of the National Guard across a 2,000 mile border, would only add one guardsman for every 1.6 miles of border.

    Obama’s budget request for Fiscal Year 2011 cuts the Secure Border Initiative by more than 25 percent and the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program by more than 12 percent. At first, the White House even proposed cutting the Border Patrol by 181 agents, before many of us in Congress pushed back. The Obama’s proposals are an unacceptably small short-term solution to a large long-term border problem.

    Last week, I offered an amendment to the supplemental appropriations bill that would have deployed needed resources to secure our border. My amendment was fully paid for and reflected what law enforcement on the ground said they needed, but Senate Democrats blocked it using a procedural maneuver.

    Some argued that preserving stimulus funds was a higher priority. Others argued that border security must remain linked to broader immigration reforms. I believe that credible immigration reform must begin with border security, because too many Americans no longer trust the federal government to secure the border or enforce the law.

    The time to act is now. These cartels already have a known presence in 48 states and the District of Columbia. Until Washington restores its credibility on border security more states will be forced to act much like Arizona did. Washington needs a sense of urgency, or many American families will lose their sense of security.

    Border security isn’t just a border state problem, it’s a United States problem.

  • JJ

    If you cross the North Korean border illegally you get 12 years hard labor. If you cross Iranian border illegally you get detained indefinitely. Cross the Afghan border you get shot. Cross the Saudi border you will be jailed. Cross the Chinese border you will never be heard from again. Cross the Venezuelan border you will be branded a spy and your fate sealed. Cross the Cuban border you will be thrown in prison to rot… However, cross the U.S. border illegally and you get a job, a drivers license, a social security card, welfare benefits, food stamps, credit cards, subsidized rent or a loan to buy a new house, free education, free healthcare, the right to vote, and all without speaking a word of English.

  • darraugh

    When you were talking about “the sugar daddies” why did you not include Soros, Gregorian and the slave labor corporations?

    On a Numbers USA post it said “that billionaires Soros and Gregorian control and contribute to the Democratic Party who benefit from amnesty. They gave l8 million to amnesty ads.” Why Rev Wright said the Zionist will not let him talk to obama. Why a man said the Jews put in obama as president. Stick the race card since I have dated a lot of Jewish guys. Must I even have to say that because the race card has been over used as a way to bully and because people don’t have the intelligence to debate it.

    Also when I was on a top left blog I said that the Democrats were for the illegal for the votes. Their very intelligent and political left blogger said he thought that at first. But then he realized the corporations were behind both parties and they are well insulated. On a right blog an equally intelligent and political right blogger said “there is a small group of coherent slick individuals aka slave labor corporations who control and contribute to both parties and judicial who benefit from amnesty, North American Union and Iraq. They engineer and manipulate the elections like in 2008 with both obama and mccain being for amnesty. In recent years they don’t put in the best of the best but puppets who will not steal the shows like bush, clinton and obama. He said a lot more that I cannot remember.

    This has been going on since George Washington days but this is the first time they made us a third world country with outsourcing, illegal and foreign workers taking the American’s jobs and wages down. They need to be exposed and kicked out for the US to be a great nation again. But the left media is Pravda and in obama’s back pocket nor have I ever read the right exposing them either. Not even you with your sugar daddies.

    • Anthony

      You need to look up these other groups – which we don’t vote for…

      Council on Foreign relations
      Trilateral Commission
      Federal Reserve
      World Bank

      And, yes, the Corporations are near the top of the pecking order, depending on which Industry they are a part of. Here’s an example:

  • karen

    Since both congress and president SWORE to PROTECT, Uphold AND PRESERVE the constitution and are now directly opposing the constitution, wouldn’t that be reason for charge of treason, to kick them out?
    President in his own words years ago, thinks the constitution is TOO restrictive on both congress and president!!! ???? and this Kagan woman he wants to be superior court judge would have to make daily decisions based on the constitution she thinks is “Defective”…..
    The people in power doesn’t believe in America’s constitution. THat ought to scare the heck out of everyone.

    • JeffH


      **Resolved, that Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States, is impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, and that the following articles of impeachment be exhibited to the United States Senate:

      Articles of impeachment exhibited by the House of Representatives of the United States of America in the name of itself and of the people of the United States of America, against Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America, in maintenance and support of its impeachment against him for high crimes and misdemeanors.

      Article I

      In his conduct while President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully to execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has:

      Unlawfully exercised the authority of his office to take private property for public use in violation of the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution, which guarantees to the People that “private property shall not be taken for public use without just compensation,” and without “due process of law”;

      Unlawfully interfered with the management of private companies for the purpose of achieving government control of them, in violation of the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

      Unlawfully interfered with the economic rights of the People by imposing unreasonable impairments in the fulfillment of their intended contractual obligations, and their ability to enter into such contracts, and attempting to change our fundamental economic system, where there is no significant or legitimate public purpose to do so.

      In doing this, Barack Hussein Obama has undermined the integrity of his office, has brought disrepute on the Presidency, has betrayed his trust as President, and has acted in a manner subversive of the rule of law and justice, to the manifest injury of the people of the United States.

      Wherefore, Barack Hussein Obama, by such conduct, warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States.

      Article II

      In his conduct while President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully to execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has prevented, obstructed, and impeded the administration of justice, and to that end, through his subordinates and agents, has:
      unlawfully engaged in a conspiracy to suppress evidence of the true place of his birth. This obstruction of justice has resulted in a violation of the Constitutional provision that a President of the United States must be a natural born citizen.

      Unlawfully refused his assent to the Laws of the United States, and exercised false powers of veto that are contrary to Constitution.

      In all of this, Barack Hussein Obama has undermined the integrity of his office, has brought disrepute on the Presidency, has betrayed his trust as President, and has acted in a manner subversive of the rule of law and justice, to the manifest injury of the people of the United States.

      Wherefore, Barack Hussein Obama, by such conduct, warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States.


      • bp

        The petition is closed with over 5,000 names. Will it be enough?

  • Jim K.

    Muslim Obama interest in illegals is only for their votes. Muslim Obama has no concern for border security, drug cartel traffic, nor people smugglers. His token response to Arizona to send 1200 office desk clerk guards for the entire border with Mexico is more than laughable if it was not so serious. Muslim Obama started shredding the United States Constitution immediately upon taking office by appointing czars to circumvent congress and continues to be be disingenuous. Oath taken by Muslim Obama were words required for Presidential Office however meaningless to Obama. We need to start to remove marxism – socialist Obama policies by voting out socialist members of congress this November.

  • http://personallibertydigest M.L

    If they cant’ come over the border, they’ll come under the border. Drugs are already being transported in tunnels under the border. We, not only need to take care of solving this problem, butalso, as many have stated, we need to make employers in the US accountable for hiring illegals. Most importantly, the president needs to get it together with his people to figure out how to make the foreign governments south of our border take responsibility for solving corruption down there, so people will want to stay in their own country instead of trying to find a place where they can work for a decent salary and live in peace.

  • M.L.


  • John Brickner

    The simplest fix to the problem… it worked in WW II… advertise if you are in the US after a specific date say in 60 to 90 days and you are determined to be here illegal you will be considered a spy in this country for the purpose of espionage or terrorism and treated accordingly by law which basically means no deportation… No judicial rights ….simply swift and sure termination of the problem.

  • http://personallibertydigest M.L

    The only thing we can do is take time(and it is difficult, because most people don’t have a lot of time these days)to investigate the stances our candidates hold, and vote accordingly. Most of us have been taking our country for granted and not really studying. We need to get the right people in office by finding out who will vote the way we, the American people, want them to vote. The other thing we can do is become active in our local parties whose candidates we support and offer a hand.

  • jr bob

    when you keep looking the other way when you see illegal actions happening and say nothing or do nothing you are part of the problem and are contributing to the demise of america. you will soon regret not doing anything or saying anything. voting for liberals and communists is encuraging the demise of america. I know that america is gone and lost allready but i still try to encourage americans to revolt just because we might finnally see the truth and revolt . Good bye america.

  • Liberal Patriot

    jr bob – Sounds like a whining quitter to me. Like your quitter from Alaska, Failin Palin. You whine because you don’t think that things that aren’t done your way are the wrong way. Revolt? You and whose Army? I’ll stick with my Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corp, thank you.

    I was expecting our southern and northern borders to be walled or at least heavily and completely fenced and armed within 2 years immediately post 9-11-2001. But noooooo. Your idiot Bush just stuck his finger in his nose and cowboyed into Afghanistan and Iraq…without a clue.

    Funny. I am totally against illegal aliens in this country. No problem with legal immigrants at all. I wonder where you ever derived your opinion from that “liberals” coddle illegals. Maybe some do but I would more than bet that more of your sneaky conservative republican Chamber of Commerce rat faced business snakes who hire the illegals with full knowledge have a bit more clout in their protection than ‘We the People’ do.

    • JC

      The problem is “systemic” not red or blue.

      • JeffH

        Sound eerily similar to American Liberal

        • Claire

          JeffH–Why do people change their handle? Are they ashamed of themselves?

        • http://naver samurai

          I agree. Different name or not, its still the same old BS in a different package.

          • Claire

            samurai–Heck, everyone knows me, maybe I should change my name! Naw, I’ll keep my name.

          • http://naver samurai

            That’s OK, Claire. Always like reading your posts. Keep up the good work!

        • Jeff

          Claire and samauri, some of the liberal hacks, most post with lower case names, are leftist trolls whose job it is to disrupt these conservative sites. There have been plenty of oddballs but there is a constant about these people…they’ll make off the wall comments that attempt to take away from the thread, engaging whomever they can into name calling or defensive behavior. I can spot them a mile out anymore. Best to not respond and eventually they leave.
          They use all kinds of names but they all sound like a parrot…baaarrraaaccckkk!

          • http://naver samurai

            100% agree. I’m trying to be more carefull.

  • owldog

    The solution to illegal immigration is the same solution for illegal drugs:

    Legalize legitimate hard-working immigrants for the jobs they do. Provide enough seasonal work visas that are necessary.
    Legalize the cultivation and sale of natural drug producing plants

    Both of these solutions involve the retaining of revenue dollars now lost and badly needed to pay the debt and fight endless wars.

  • owldog

    Even with legal medical marijuana growing and use, in California and other states, the Drug cartels have infiltrated our National Parks and national forest, where they grow marijuana illegally.

    Pity the poor hiker or hunter that wanders into their hidden plant fields and lands in their crosshairs.

    Legalizing the small scale growing of Marijuana, poppies, etc. would end this problem immediately.

    Big Pharma Wall and Street companies are the biggest obstacle to progress. They want a monopoly on how these natural products are harvested and used.

    People should be free to grow their own varieties of plants, and make their own medicine from the plants nature/God gave us.

    • bp

      owldog: sounds like you’ve been smoking and landed on the wrong blog!

  • S Rubicon

    In the end, both political parties have failed us. That said, its time “we” demand our porous southern border be properly secured. We can put a serious dent in illegal drugs. We can stop the flow of guns to Mexico, even though less than 17% are American supplied. We can serious slow down illegal crossings of anything. Not stop… nothing will ‘stop’ the flow. But that does not mean we should not try.
    Drug savings alone would pay for the fence & upkeep.
    We cannot allow an amnesty until we see success in securing the porous southern border. As for other borders, we must also work to make sure they are secure. But we must start with the most porous first & foremost!

  • C J Madden

    Do the dolts in Washington not understand that the AZ law is a mirror of the FEDERAL LAW? Taking AZ to task will be akin to taking on the US Constitution–and if those in Washington win in Court, it will be the first actual loss of a part of our US Constitution. Hurry up with that impeachment;those imposters are using every spare moment they can to dismantle our Republic.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    Let me see if I understand this properly. They put their hand on the Bible and swore and oath to God that they would uphold the constitution and yet they continually either ignore or go against it. Our Lord takes oaths very seriously and all liars shall have a place in the lake of fire. (Rev.21:8) Some would say The Lord cares not if people should be dishonest and continually lie and do not the truth but they really need to examine Acts. chapter five when He struck two people dead for lying. WHAT SEEMS TO BE MISSING IN AMERICA TODAY IS A FEAR OF GOD. Maybe we need to remind those in office about the possible seriousness of the oath they have taken. The Lord holds the keys to life and death and He could cash in any of our chips at any time. (Rev. 1:18) We all need to fear the only one that can cast our souls into hell as “what would it profit a man if he should gain the whole world but lose his own soul.” If we care for others souls, we will tell them the truth, even as the truth shall set all that receive Him, FREE. Henry

  • Marilyn

    I have nothing against the Mexican people. Those who have immigrated here legally produced the best little daughter-in-law in the world and she has produced the two best little grandchildren in the world, BUT it must be done according to the law.

    My father-in-law came to this country as a small boy with his family just before WWI. They escaped, literally, from Austria-Hungary at the very last moment and got out by a lucky happenstance. Then they applied to immigrate to this great country. They had to wait and they had to be healthy, have a sponsor, have a place to live and some money in their pockets. They came in through Ellis Island without knowing our language or our customs. They lived in the tenements of Chicago where the children were sent to ENGLISH ONLY schools, but they learned the language very fast if they wanted to survive. Everyday, they took their beds apart and took them down to the tenement grounds to scrub them with kerosene to get rid of the bedbugs and at night each leg of the bed was put in a can of kerosene to try to keep the bedbugs from crawling into the bedding.

    NOTHING was given to them. They worked very, very hard and my father-in-law grew up to be a very productive citizen with no trace of an accent and if you asked him about the old country, all he would say was: I left nothing there. I am an American.

    They did not have the social services in place then that they have now where they give everything away. Their biggest fear coming to this country was that one of their large family would become ill during the long sea journey and they would all be sent back to Europe.

    If we expected all this from our immigrants over a hundred years ago, why should today’s be treated any differently.

    I admire anyone who wants to have a better life and is willing to work hard for it without being a drain on the resources of this country and who obeys the immigration laws.

    I have lived in a third world country in the Middle East and to see the poverty nearly broke my heart, but we cannot bring all of them to this country. They need to work on improving their country for themselves…same goes for Central American countries. We cannot save the entire world. I think we have done a fabulous job over the past century of trying to help others, but there comes a time when they have to dig in their heels and work to improve their own country rather than illegaly moving into a bordering country. The only time that should be allowed is when there is slaughter going on and everyone is in jeopardy.

  • Linda

    I think the only or main reason Canadians come here is for our hospitals. They at least pay for their treatment. We have had incursions from Cuba for years. If they make it to our shores they can stay. If picked up first on the water they are sent back. What a dumb law. Illegals are everywhere. They take our jobs. They are used like slaves so those employers who promote this are being bad employers. I read where Arizonan’s on the border have to keep their fridges on the porch because they do not want to wake up in thenight with illegals in their house hungry and thirsty. This is wrong. Their kids cannot play outside in the country. Go to and then come back and tell me we do not have a problem.

    • Millicent

      Hi Linda, I am a former Canadian and it is not the main reason for coming here. My mother had to leave Toronto, Ontario Canada and come to a warmer, drier place or she would have been crippled up and in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. We came here legally, it took me over a year of paperwork stacked high, red tape galore and someone to sponsor us for a year so we wouldn’t be a burden on the USA if we couldn’t get jobs. Our fingerprints had to be done in triplicate and copies sent to the FBI, Immigration & the Canadian RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). It was not easy and we almost gave up, but mom was our primary concern and we stuck it out…yes I had a Green Card for awhile but my money did not go back to Canada, I paid taxes like everyone else, I did also become a US Citizen and no I do not speak French and never would..I speak English and have done all my life. My Grandparents came to Canada from England in 1912, they too had a hard way to go to get there. I think a lot of people have the wrong idea about some things about Canada, but that is normal for people who have never been or lived there.
      Granted, the Healthcare in Canada NOW is not the best, but when I worked there they took a bit out of our paycheck each month and if I needed to go to the Hospital for surgery etc, we had it free “so to speak”. Sorry I will get off my Soapbox now….lol.

    • bp

      Linda: Thank you for bringing up Cuba. Remember Elian Gonzalez? His mother died to bring him Freedom and he had relatives in Florida. Our (Clintonian) government moved heaven and earth to send him back. And now he is a poster boy for Castro and his father a parliamentarian, just like predicted. Don’t tell me we can’t close that border!

  • DaveH

    Here’s another example of Obama trampling our Constitution:

    Remember how he assured us during his campaign that he respected our 2nd Amendment rights? Just another of his many lies.

  • chuck b

    barry soetoro didn’t worry about taking the oath of office and placing his hand onm the bible, it meant nothing to him, it was not the quran.

    • bp

      He flubbed it up, remember? Could hardly get the words out of his mouth!

  • Edpc

    Any US citizen who has embraced Marxism is committing treason. The refusal by authorities to enforce existing law is a reflection of this. It is time to eliminate Marxists from our society.

  • Claire

    First of all, I apologize for getting off the subject BUT I have to post this somewhere!!! On my way home from work tonight I listened to the Mark Levin radio show. He was saying that 13 countries have offered their help to the US in regards to the oil spill. This is the first time I have heard this!! Why didn’t Obama accept this help if this is true??? If anyone can verify this for me, I will be forever grateful. If Obama did indeed refuse the help from these 13 countries, I will be fit to be tied. Good grief, we need all the help we can get!! Does anyone know anything about this?
    I didn’t want to ask this question on an old site for fear no one would read it.
    My apologies to Bob Livingston and all of you but for getting off the subject. I have to know the truth.

    • Ruby

      Do you watch Fox News, Claire? I’ve been hearing that since Friday (I think Friday). Anyway, it’s true. What about all the average folks (some small business owners), that have been trying to get an audience with SOMEONE regarding their ideas to help clean up the spill. There were several demonstrations on Huckabee and Hannity – did you see?

      • Claire

        Ruby– No, I didn’t get to watch any news- just the weather channel-storms here again. What in the world is Obama thinking?? We need all the help we can get. Obama is a fool, doesn’t he realize how BAD this oil spill is? I am so damn disgusted. What the hell is he waiting for? What has he BEEN waiting for? I rue the day this man was elected.

        • DaveH

          He probably thinks he is going to convert the Gulf Coast citizens to Greens. But all he is doing by his inaction is gaining more enemies.

          • DaveH

            Obama is a flat-out zealot. In his zeal to push his agenda, he is probably oblivious to the growing number of people who dislike him.

          • Claire

            DaveH–He and his co-horts are destroying the gulf. The economy, the land, the environment, the marine animals, and the wildlife. I am just so fed up with this garbage I could have a fit. I have never been so disgusted and angry with an administration in my entire life. I am done. I am fed up. My entire family is fed up.

          • bp

            Claire, Dave H hit the nail on the head! Watch his speech tonight. PURPOSELY he waited for the damage to increase. Remember the first news reports? Some pinhead from a helicopter, “it looks like chocolate milk”, nothing to worry about. Then the reports just became worse “estimates increase”! Until now, BP MUST HELD ACCOUNTABLE! To the tune of a 20 BILLION trust, read slush, fund for “future” claims. He never focused on cleaning up the oil, he’s cleaning up BP’s money! If he had accepted the help from Britain and Holland he wouldn’t be able to say: Like Katrina, this catastrophe will impact us for years to come!

          • bp

            (with corrections: sorry about that, forget to edit myself)
            Claire, Dave H. hit the nail on the head! Watch his speech tonight. PURPOSELY he waited for the damage to increase. Remember the first news reports? Some pinhead from a helicopter, “it looks like chocolate milk”, nothing to worry about. Then the reports became worse “estimates increase”! And now, BP MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! To the tune of a 20 BILLION dollar trust, read slush, fund for “future” claims. (This is how black people think.) He never focused on cleaning up the oil, he’s cleaning up BP’s money! If he had accepted the help from Holland on day three, he wouldn’t be able to say: Like Katrina, this catastrophe will impact us for years to come!

          • Claire

            bp—I don’t want to watch Obama say a damn thing. I am tired of the same old lies, the BS. My husband doesn’t even want to watch. His so-called oval office speech is nothing but crap. Obama is too late with saving the gulf. Now he is going to act the part of a president that supposedly “did” something? I’ll tell you what he did–nothing. And he should have from day one. He should have hit the ground running and did everything he humanly possibly could do. He should have took all the help he could get but no, that would have been the right thing to do and he sure didn’t want that!! He did nothing but listen to the brain-dead people he has surrounded himself with. He just wandered around like he was lost. I will never forgive him for this mess. I wonder does he have a soul? Does he have a heart at all?? Does he have a conscience? Do any of them in this administration have a conscience?

    • Edpc

      It was on Fox News Sunday, but that one mention of it is all I have heard. Seems Obama does not want to anger the shipping unions so he refused to over ride the “Jones Law” which requires only US citizens be allowed to work in US waters. Since the work would have been voluntary this seems like a ridiculous excuse.

      • Claire

        Edpc–Anger the unions??? To hell with the unions. The Jones Law sucks especially at a time like this. Where is the COMMON SENSE???

    • chuck b


      fox news reported several countries offered help with ships equipped to handle this type of spillage and barry refused, probably as one poster said, it has something to do with the personnel on the ships not being unionized. it figures!! and you know what the media is going to give this guy a pass when its all over.

      • Claire

        chuck b– I’ve had it. Union personnel??? Give me a break. I am so sick and tired of this pansy a$$ administration I could barf. I know one thing, I sure as heck won’t give him a pass. As far as I am concerned, I am done with the whole lot of them. This administration doesn’t have the brains of a jackass. Don’t they realize WHAT they are doing to these gulf states and the people?? The environment, the marine life? There is no way they care about the situation, the environment. They make me sick.

    • Antonio

      Hi Claire, I heard that the Netherlands offered help back when it all first started. The Administration said no way jose. Texas has had ship skimmers waiting on the “go”, but they dont call and say “go”. I’m guessing that this disaster is what they want in order regulate another major buisness. I dont know just my guess. Either way we’re scwered!!!

      • Airangel

        The Dutch/Netherlands offered on day 3. They received a letter back “thanks but no thanks”…much of this could have been controlled before it got so out of hand…but hey…Obama was there since Day 1 assigning commission groups and playing golf and hosting Paul McCartney of the Eagles…he’s been there in spirit…what a guy huh?

        • Claire

          Airangel–Yeah, real nice person. Shallow as hell. His cronies, too. Sorry, but I am mad.
          I am sending old Durbin an email, letter, whatever. I know I’ll never get through to anyone else. These idiots don’t pay any attention to me. They don’t care about anything. We need to do something. For the first time in my life, I am thinking impeachment. I’ve said this before, but this is the straw that broke America’s back and I am fed up.

      • Claire

        Antonio–Thanks to all of you I got my answer. I got the truth and I am appalled. All this help offered and Obama and company did not want it. I am mad as heck. I am fed up with the crummy attitude, the lies, the inability to take care of a situation such as this. They don’t want to take care of it. Now he is going to give a speech. Big deal. I won’t watch it that’s for sure. I am sick of speeches, lets get to work and get this damn oil spill taken care of. All this time has gone by, when something could have been done to keep it from the shores, and prevent some of the destruction of the economy down there and the marine life. I can’t even stand to see any of the pictures on TV anymore.
        Thanks to all of you for the info. I am so aggravated I can hardly type these words.
        A message to Obama–thanks a lot. Real strong guy. Real has-been that never was.

        • bp

          Claire: Hope you return to this blog. He knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. No one can be that stupid. He has a shadow government, a hidden agenda and he’s doing it ON PURPOSE!

          • Claire

            bp–I will be on this blog for exactly one year on September 12th. And I don’t plan to leave, unless they throw me out!

          • Denniso

            bp…let’s see if I can follow your ‘logic’. Obama is intentionally letting this oil disaster,started by BP,Haliburton and Transocean, continue on for political reasons,all the while it is damaging him politically. The economic and political disaster has the power to hurt the Dems and Obama in the Nov elections,yet they are allowing the spill to drag on, decimating the Gulf marine life and people’s well being? Think a little more about it and use some actual logic…

          • http://naver samurai

            Here we go again duhniso! Haliburton, baaaaa! Chaaaaange! Just a sheeple!

          • Denniso

            Of course,you don’t address the point…typical rightwing drivel.

      • JeffH

        Safety Experts: Salazar lied about what we said. posted at 11:05 pm on June 8, 2010

        The deepwater drilling moratorium is estimated to cost 40,000 jobs and cause 200,000 barrels a day in lost capacity. But why again are we destroying the Gulf coast economy? Obama’s panel of safety experts say that they never supported Obama’s six-month drilling moratorium. In fact, they didn’t even know about it until it was implemented.
        Members of a
        panel of experts brought in to advise the Obama administration on how to address offshore drilling safety after the Deepwater Horizon disaster now say Interior Secretary Ken Salazar falsely implied they supported a six-month drilling moratorium they actually oppose.

        Salazar’s May 27 report to President Barack Obama said a panel of seven experts “peer reviewed” his recommendations, which included a six-month moratorium on all ongoing drilling in waters deeper than 500 feet. That prohibition took effect a few days later, but the angry panel members and some others who contributed to the Salazar report said they had only reviewed an earlier version of the Interior secretary’s report that suggested a six-month moratorium only on new drilling, and then only in waters deeper than 1,000 feet.

        Obama is the king of straw men and false choices. But the choices here are not limited to either unsafe drilling or long term destruction of the Gulf coast economy. The moratorium was a political decision, and a bad one. It should be reversed immediately.

        • JeffH

          Obama Administration Rejected Help with Oil Spill Cleanup

          Three days after the explosion, the Dutch government offered to assist the United States by sending ships equipped with oil-skimming booms. It also provided a plan for creating sand barriers to protect the sensitive marshlands of the Gulf coast.

          According to Geert Visser, Consul General for the Netherlands in Houston “The embassy got a nice letter from the administration that said, ‘Thanks, but no thanks.’”

          Almost seven weeks later, the administration finally relented and agreed to accept partial Dutch assistance with the cleanup. The administration has not accepted Dutch ships, but has allowed the skimming booms to be airlifted from the Netherlands and deployed in the Gulf.

          Part of the problem is the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, also known as the Jones Act. This act is a piece of protectionist legislation which requires that all goods transported by water between U.S. ports be carried in U.S.-flag ships, constructed in the United States, owned by U.S. citizens, and crewed by U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents. The provisions of this act make it illegal for the Dutch to come to our aid.

          The United States Maritime Administration could issue a waiver of the Jones Act limitations, and has done so several times in the past. Doing so, however, would subject the Obama administration to criticism from labor unions who demand protection from global competition

          • Claire

            JeffH–To hell with the Jones Act. This is a time of CRISIS. In this disaster, laws such as this were made to be broken. Sorry, but that is how I feel. Forgive me, I could curse and yell to anyone that would listen.
            I’m going to take care of my dogs. I need to calm down.

          • Jeff

            Obama is simply using this disaster to push Cap & Tax, that’s why he did nothing about it(gulf oil rig blowup), plain and simple.

      • Ted Crawford

        This “spill” is a multi-dimentional blessing for obama! First he ignores the problem, next he stiffels all local efforts at prevention, IE the barrier islands and booms. Then he enacts a moritorium on drilling.
        Now the beaches are fouled the waters are contaminated. That effectively kills most fishing and tourism, two of the states most profitable industries. With the moritorium in place now the state has nearly no income. He had lost the state with health care, now he wants to buy them back with government “help”!
        In addition to these goodies for him, he can now go after two more of his goals, the take over of the energy industry and the further damage to free enterprize.
        I’m certainly not willing to claim he caused this but, like his buddy rammy says, he’s not going to let this disaster go to waste!!! There are many good ideas out there but he’s not going to use them untill and unless we force him to!!!

        • bp

          Ted; Shortly before this rig blew, BOH changed his course and allowed deep water drilling. I have no proof that he did this on purpose, but he did look straight into the camera and say “under my plan, electric rates would NECESSARILY sky-rocket” without batting an eye!!

    • Millicent

      Hi Claire, I think it’s another way to raise the price of oil and keep us buying Foreign oil. We have plenty of oil here, but no refineries..Anywhere they wanted to build one, the people didn’t want it so close to their communities etc, so here we are still having to buy Foreign oil.
      Just my take on this whole mess…

      • Claire

        Millicent– I just saw a bit of news, baby dolphins washing up on shore dead. And the carcasses are disappearing in a hurry. What is Obama/BP doing now? Playing cover-up so that Americans won’t find out? This administration thinks the American people are stupid.I can tell by the way he talks, his tone of voice, his patronizing manner, like he is talking to a bunch of kids.
        Oh yeah, he wants to keep purchasing oil from foreign countries. That is why he is playing this oil spill for all he can get.

        • Jeff

          CAP & TAX and his green agenda!

  • rob

    I don’t know if any one else has concider this. If we can not secure that bordor with Mexico. Then we must secure Mexico. I do not know how many state Mexico has. But, it should bring the number of state up to around 100. As for the drug coming across the border. It will be an internel problem for the FBI, Drug informice. ect. And a run off of the 2 presadent to see who will run it all.
    Good luck.

  • Anthony

    The bottom line, folks, is that FREEDOM and the vigilance it requires is something that we’ve allowed ourselves to distracted from. NOW, many of us are waking back up from this hypnotized slumber. You shouldn’t be so shocked. Many of our so-called “great” Founding Fathers were instantly working to strip us of our freedoms and our rights, as per the Constitution, as soon as they were written down.

    Alexander Hamilton
    John Marshall
    John Adams

    The above are just a few of those we’ve been told were great americans for giving us this Constitution and the Declaration.

    You don’t like the current state of processes that these Hamiltonian Fascists have spent almost 200 hundred years putting in place? I’m surprised at all of you – this is about who has control of ALL the money. All the ‘monopoly’ money, that is. Fractional Banking has morphed our currency into exactly that. It is valued against nothing tangible.

    As for the ILLEGALS ? They will have to worry about facing the exact same problems that many hispanics have had to deal with south of our border, for a long, long time. And, that’s finding themselves still living under a dictatorship (like Hugo Chavez) no matter where they go or who they side with….. UNTIL, that is, they finally come to their own sense and start taking sides with those of us who actually get it.

    Bush 1 called it a New World Order – try reading and listening to some of the commentary on this website – and pay attention to the discussions about those who are NOT caucasion – then ask, who is it that’s promoting this stuff… because MOST real Americans would not be who that is…

    I used to be a conservative republican – I have disavowed my relation with that false party — and, I have never had any respect for the backstabbing Dem Party …. I was a kid watching LBJ try and push us into poverty all at once — try googling USS Liberty.

    All my life I never quite understood what was happening, and the real reasons why were never told to us —- NOW, I understand I’ve always been a LIBERTARIAN and will remain as one until my death.

  • Roberto

    When does a socialist have ever said one true in its life?

  • Antonio

    What ?

  • Antonio

    I believe that they do not want to close the borders for the main reason that they are trying to make a “north american union” and to start a new currency called “AMERO”. That is my guess to all this that is going on.

  • leecal

    We’re being invaded! Invaded by people who want to… cut our grass, wash our dishes, and harvest our food; all for low wages! And all in an effort to support their families! Oh the horror!

    • American Citizen

      It’s an untruth they take jobs Americans won’t do. They are taking jobs from Americans. Our teens are having a hard time finding a job any more. Also people who are low income are also having a hard time. They are willing to work, but can’t find a job.

      • Ms. Jones

        Cincinnati just cancelled its annual Summer Job Fair which historically has benefited inner city Black youth. Only three prospecting employers signed up this year, in contrast to the typical 100 or so who signed up in previous years. Not too long ago, I read that ICE rounded up a number of (say, 100) illegal Mexicans at a construction site. The next day, 300 Americans showed up to apply for those vacant jobs. Don’t tell me that, in this economy, natural born Americans won’t wash dishes, harvest crops, and mow lawns to support their own families!

  • Stephen Russell

    Time to Impeach & time to recall US Congress, Senate for Sp elections.
    (Damn the Nov vote wait time).
    Recall NOW as Backup.

  • Millicent

    I would like to be the one to kick his butt out the front door of the WH along with his whining wife….lol

    • Denniso

      Bob Livingston says ‘we are being invaded and the gov’t is doing nothing to stop it’. Is that supposed to be a joke? I just drove along a part of the border and the highway was full of border patrol vehicles, driving back and forth. We have thousands more border patrol agents than we’ve ever had all along the border,at a cost of billions of dollars per year…what is that? doing nothing?

      Come on Bob, don’t twist the facts just to stir up the hotheads in the country more than they already are. If thousands of agents swarming the border is doing nothing and building a ridiculous and multi billion $$ wall is nothing, then I wonder what it is you would consider doing something?

      • Claire

        Denniso–Thousands of border patrol agents driving back and forth? That is good, but I hate to tell you the illegals are still getting in! So what good is the government doing? The government needs to come down and come down hard on this mess.
        Obama did not accept the help for the oil spill he was offered. This is a horrible crisis and I am mad as hell. And don’t tell me that others have swayed my mind concerning Obama. I made up my own mind and I no longer have any respect or any use for this administration. Take a good look at them then next time you hear them on TV. Laid back, like they are getting ready to take a nap. They all act lilke they are half dead. The condescending tone of their voices, they don’t give a crap about the oil spill. They don’t care so many lives are in an economic shambles, not to mention the killing of marine life. This oil spill will be/is Obama’s albatross, you can count on it. People are getting sick down there on the gulf trying to clean up the mess. Denniso, I hope you are pleased with this administration because I sure as hell am not. My entire family is in an uproar. We CARE about the people in the gulf, we CARE about the environment, we CARE about the tragic loss of marine life. Like that one guy from Louisiana said, “the gulf is bleeding” and what the hell is this ignorant administration doing about it? BP is a travesty. An oil company that should have been better at what they do but look at them. They are all failures. I have a conscience, these people do not.

        • Claire

          If my post makes me a “hothead” then so be it. At least I care.

          • Airangel

            I am with you Claire…the oil spill tragedy is sickening, the illegals crossing the border like they aren’t worried about being shot is sickening…it’s like they have been told “nothing will happen to you”…just check out these hidden camera border crossings

            They don’t even act like it’s a big deal or could possibly get shot at…something is up here

          • Denniso

            Airhead, I mean AirAngel…so, are you proposing shooting immigrants
            crossing the border into our country?

          • JeffH

            Another stupid question by duh!nisso…

          • http://naver samurai

            If they shoot first, duhniso, why not? Self defense is allowable under the law!

      • http://personalliberty rob

        I’ll tell you what…….Instead of spending Billions more on border control, how about pulling the plg on all the “FREEBIES” these “ILLEGALS” receive and SAVE “BILLONS”

  • JR-AZ


    A. Mexico's immigration law is more stringent than AZ sb1050 and states:

    If you migrate to this county, you must speak the native language
    You have to be a professional or an investor. No unskilled workers
    There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools, no
    special ballots for elections, all government business will be
    conducted in our language.
    Foreigners will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they
    are here.

    5 Foreigners will NEVER be able to hold political office.

    Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers. No welfare, no
    food stamps, no health care, or other government assistance programs.
    Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount
    equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.
    If foreigners who come and want to buy land that will be okay, BUT
    options will be restricted. You are not allowed waterfront property.
    That is reserved for citizens naturally born into this country.
    Foreigners may not protest; no demonstrations, no waving a foreign
    flag, no political organizing, no badmouthing our president or his
    policies, if you do you will be sent home.
    If you do come to this country illegally, you will be hunted down
    and sent straight to jail.

    B. And here is the status of Missouri’s immigration law:

    In 2007, Missouri placed on the ballot a proposed constitutional
    amendment designating English as the Official language of
    Missouri. Nearly 90% voting in favor! English became the
    official language for ALL governmental proceeding in Missouri.
    It also means no individual has the right to demand government
    services in a language OTHER than English.

    In 2008 a measure was passed that requires our Highway Patrol
    and other law enforcement officials to verify the immigration
    status of any person arrested, and inform federal authorities if
    the person is found to be here illegally. It allows Missouri
    law enforcement offices to receive training to enforce federal
    immigration laws. The bill makes it clear that illegal
    immigrants will NOT have access to taxpayers benefits such as
    food stamps and health care through Missouri HealthNET.

    In 2009 a measure was passed that ensures Missouri’s public
    institutions of higher education do NOT award financial aid to
    individuals who are here illegally. The law also requires all
    post-secondary institutions of higher education to annually
    certify to the Missouri Dept. of Higher Education that they have
    NOT knowingly awarded financial aid to students who are
    unlawfully present in the United States.

    So while Arizona has made national news for its new law, it is
    important to remember Missouri has been proactive in addressing
    this growing problem.

    Missouri has sent a clear message that illegal immigrants are
    NOT welcome in our state and they are certainly NOT welcome to
    receive public benefits at the cost of Missouri taxpayers!

    Article in “The Ozarks Sentinel” Editorial Opinion – Nita Jane
    Ayres, May 13, 2010


  • chuck b


    ou were probably driving along the canadian border.

    • Ted Crawford

      I doubt it Chuck. I don’t think his keepers are foolish enough to allow him in the front seat!! He might have his own little seat in the back with an attached steering wheel!!

      • Denniso

        Funny…the Mexican border is crawling w/ border patrol agents, billions of dollars/yr.. We’ve spent billions on a wall that will not work anyway and is an environmental disaster. Smarter people than you two clowns have said repeatedly that you cannot absolutely seal the border…then there’s the Canadian border.

        Claire, I’m apalled by the oil spil…I’m a ardent environmentalist/animal lover who knows that this is what happens when we have an entirely oil based economy and consume oil like pigs…that has to change to prevent this sort of tragedy.

        • Jeff

          I hope you aren’t including yourself in the category of being “smarter than you two clowns” and the best I can read from your writings is that you qualify as being an eco-extremist at best.
          Do you drive an eco-friendly, non-carbon footprint auto? If not, you’re just another part of your eco-problem.

          • Denniso

            Bob Livingston says that the ‘elected elites’ love having illegal immigrants come across the border…wrong. It’s various industries and biz interests that love them for the cheap labor,no benefits and work ethic they represent. Liberals/progressives and many actual Christians see them as real people who have crossed the border back and forth for generations,who have family on both sides of a border that didn’t exist until we stole NM,AZ,TX and parts of Colorado and California from what was all Mexico. We don’t demonize them and call them scum and cockroaches as some rightwingers do. They are people who
            in the vast majority are only here to work and help their families.

          • Jeff

            The fault lies with Congress for failing to require that employers certify legal immigration status of workers before hiring by using a Department of Homeland Security program called E-Verify. The program allows employers to check the validity of Social Security numbers provided by new hires. It is available to employers on a voluntary basis.

            “They could have deterred this, but they chose not to,” said Steven Camarota, director of research for the Center for Immigration Studies.

            He said a federal requirement that employers use E-Verify would have reduced, if not eliminated, the hiring of immigrants in this country illegally.

            The version of the stimulus bill passed by the House of Representatives included a provision requiring employers to check immigration status with the E-Verify system before hiring. The Senate did not include such a provision, and it was not in the version sent to President Obama.

            The Obama administration has delayed until at least May 21 a Bush administration executive order requiring federal contractors to use the E-Verify system in hiring. It had been scheduled to take effect in January. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce filed suit seeking to block the requirement, joined by the Associated Builders and Contractors and other business organizations.

            Don’t blame the “Imperialist Corporations”, blame the government once more for failing to act in the “best interest” of the nation and the people.

          • bp

            Jeff; no, Denniso is just another lefty!

          • JeffH

            bp-that’s a given.

        • Jim H.

          denniso, What non-oil using vehicle were you driving along the border with, so you wouldn’t be part of us oil consuming pigs?

          • JeffH

            Jim H., duh!nisso is one of those “others” that Ayn Rand described in her book “Atlas Shrugged”.

          • Denniso

            Jim H…everyone alive in industrial countries uses oil because we have an oil based economy…driving is only one aspect of the oil economy,but there is a difference between using oil and wasting oil,as many of us do. My cars get 30 mpg and I only drive about 5000 miles per yr. My house is only 1500 sq ft w/ some passive solar. I minimize my consumption as much as is practical. You?

          • Jim H.

            Denniso, Our home is about the same size as yours. No solar though. Short commute to work, in 2 years 17000 miles. Weather permitting I’ll ride my bicycle to work. Burn calories not gas. Saving energy also saves me money. We have rain barrels for the garden and a compost pile. We reuse and recycle as much as we can and try to purchase stuff that doesn’t over do the packaging. We have our “green” bags with when we go to the store. We try to do what we can and still maintain a standard of living that is comfortable.

          • JeffH

            Jim H., people like duh!nisso fail to accept that even the “righties” are capable of respecting the environment, reycling and being conservation minded.

          • Denniso

            Jim H…I appreciate your life style, but how many Americans drive large cars and huge trucks that get 15 to 20 mpg? How many have 3,000,4,000, 7,000 sq ft houses?…many do. Why can’t we Americans imagine dropping highway speeds down to 60mph and save millions of barrels of oil a yr and save lives? We’re mostly too accustomed to a cushy,fast and selfish life style,so we’re essentially willing to have a few oil spills so we can continue our wasteful ways.

          • Claire

            JimH–Good for you!! I read where California has banned plastic bags. I have a huge yard with gobs of flowers–my neighbors let me use their compost bin, thankfully. I also have a rain barrel for the flowers. I use my green bags when I go to the store too. I keep my air at 78 degrees, and I used to keep the heat at 68 degrees but now my husband is so cold with all of his health issues that I have to turn the heat up. I have the “crazy” light bulbs but they do last for a long time and they have helped with the light bill. We had new windows, vinyl siding, insulation, and steel doors put in about 5 years ago. Also a steel two-car garage door and the garage stays right at 57-60 degrees all winter and it is not heated. I have white blinds on the windows that face the sun and keep them closed in the summer. White reflects the sun. And in the winter I keep them open. No unnecessary trips in the vehicles. I make lists of what I need so that I don’t forget anything. No solar, but I do what I can to conserve.

  • Ms. Jones

    “why are major crime stats showing a decline?”

    Concealed carry, baby! Folks are fed up with the “just give them what they want and they will leave you alone” mentality and are starting to fight back.

    • bp

      Ms. Jones;
      I had a roommate like that once. They just come back for more! And with no gratitude! They’ll take you for everything you’ve got!

  • Bill A

    The citizens of this country voted for the politicians and judges who gave the “give aways” to the illegal aliens.
    The vast majority of the Illegal aliens have income tax, social security, medicare, etc. taken out of their paychecks. Since they do not fill out a tax return, the government keeps all of this. This is billions of dollars in taxes. Legal residents who earns $12.00 an hour or less get their taxes returned to them plus they receive an additional earned income tax credit.
    Illegal aliens not only pay massive amounts of taxes, but they also cannot receive unemployment when their job runs out. They simply go home.
    Therefore, if our elected officials had not given them those benefits, we would have the perfect situation.
    Labor only when we need it, no unemployment to pay to unemployed workers, and income tax and social security taken out of their pay checks that is not returned to them.
    Instead, thru our prejudices, we are killing the goose that “laid the golden egg”.
    P.S. Name one Mexican “terriorist”. I have never heard of one. The drug dealers are a problem that we have been dealing with for many years and they are not illegal aliens, they are simply thugs that cross the border. We must deal with them, but not “kill the goose that laid the golden egg” in the process.

    • Ms. Jones

      Bill, illegals do not have social security numbers. They are paid paltry wages under the table–no taxes, no social security, no employee benefits.

  • WeroInNM

    Question: Do you believe that the American people have sufficient justification to call for the immediate resignation of President Obama based on incompetence, deceit, fraud, corruption, dishonesty and violation of the U.S. Oath of Office and the Constitution?

    My recent blog post contains an article that provides us with the indisputable answer to this question-You Decide:

    “Food For Thought”

    “God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe”

    Semper Fi!

  • Ross Wolf

    Is Obama’s refusal to secure our Mexican Border from millions of invading Illegal Immigrants by design?

    This President vehemently refuses to secure the Mexican border despite America approaching bankruptcy, while millions of unemployed Americans are losing jobs to illegal aliens and while many states’ infrastructures are broke and can’t afford the burgeoning expense of illegal Immigrants’ medical, educational and incarceration costs warehousing illegal immigrants that commit crimes. Before addressing that question, one might also ask why Obama in the midst of the U.S. Financial Crisis wants to burden U.S. taxpayers making Puerto Rico a state, often referred as Welfare Island. Americans find it unbelievable Obama came out against Arizona’s immigration bill SB 1070 without reading the bill. But it is believable when you consider Obama has a Socialist/Marxist constituency that intends to absorb into their ranks millions of illegal immigrants via Amnesty to help Obama force his socialist ideology on America—socialism mandates U.S. Citizens’ share their wealth with the masses. Increasingly it appears Obama intends to force Socialism on Americans—even if that means destroying the U.S. economy in addition to abolition of the U.S. Constitution. It is problematic that if Obama can bring into the U.S., millions of indigents that a large number will vote for his socialist policies, bleeding U.S. Taxpayers dry, politically changing the direction of America toward Socialism. Recently the Obama administration took legal steps to stop an illegal Arizona immigration law that will take affect that criminalizes employers that knowingly hire illegal immigrants. Obviously Obama does not want to remove the main driving force that brings most illegal immigrants to America, jobs. And obviously Obama is numb to millions of Arizonans and other Americans out of work. America’s greatest threat is not from foreign enemies, but from Marxists and Socialists like Obama that slithered into U.S. Government. Despite America being in the worst recession since the Great Depression Obama’s has forced unaffordable health insurance, new taxes and regulatory costs on U.S. Citizens and businesses that will inhibit investment and hiring of new employees for years. If Comrade Obama succeeds in spending America into bankruptcy, it is foreseeable millions of disparate Americans might accept, even welcome a hybrid form of Marxist/socialism. Millions of Americans in every State should peacefully march across in their State in protest against the Obama Government and ask Obama to Resign Now!






    • JeffH

      ROBERT, are you an American citizen?

      • Anthony

        Jeff – Does it really matter? Robert is asking ALL OF US…

        WHERE WERE WE when it counted? Were we vigilant?
        When it comes to defending the Constitution with our Votes?
        How many Americans actually know how to interpret that document?
        Where were we during 8/11, and now after the Expose’ [ Loose Change ] … where the heck are these so-called TOUGH AMERICANS?

        Like it or not — Robert… has a point, a real point….
        Why are we attempting to divert his conversation, and his questions?

        WHERE WERE WE ? What’s MORE, like Costners “Untouchables”…

        Like it or not – the man has a point. Time to look in the mirror.. not worry about where someone comes from.

        • Anthony

          TYPO …. I meant NINE/ELEVEN….

          • JeffH

            it’s time for people to stop making excuses and my question was valid.
            There are plenty who aren’t citizens that make comments in here and my question was asked for that reason. I’ll not apologize for it either.

        • http://naver samurai

          Tell that to the families of those that died on 9/11! How about the ones killed along our southern border every year? Sometimes it is prudent to ask someone where they are from and proof of citizenship being required. I hope you don’t move to Arizona anytime soon!

      • bp

        Jeff: Their real names are Antonio and Roberto. Lefty lunatics.

  • JeffH


    Oh, there’s MUCH more to know about Sheriff Joe!

    Maricopa County was spending approx. $18 million dollars a year on stray animals, like cats and dogs.. Sheriff Joe offered to take the department over, and the County Supervisors said okay.

    The animal shelters are now all staffed and operated by prisoners. They feed and care for the strays. Every animal in his care is taken out and walked twice daily. He now has prisoners who are experts in animal nutrition and behavior. They give great classes for anyone who’d like to adopt an animal. He has literally taken stray dogs off the street, given them to the care of prisoners, and had them place in dog shows.

    The best part? His budget for the entire department is now under $3 million. Teresa and I adopted a Weimaraner from a Maricopa County shelter two years ago. He was neutered, and current on all shots, in great health, and even had a microchip inserted the day we got him. Cost us $78.

    The prisoners get the benefit of about $0.28 an hour for working, but most would work for free, just to be out of their cells for the day. Most of his budget is for utilities, building maintenance, etc. He pays the prisoners out of the fees collected for adopted animals.

    I have long wondered when the rest of the country would take a look at the way he runs the jail system, and copy some of his ideas. He has a huge farm, donated to the county years ago, where inmates can work, and they grow most of their own fresh vegetables and food, doing all the work and harvesting by hand..

    He has a pretty good sized hog farm, which provides meat, and fertilizer. It fertilizes the Christmas tree nursery, where prisoners work, and you can buy a living Christmas tree for $6 – $8 for the Holidays, and plant it later. We have six trees in our yard from the Prison.

    Yup, he was reelected last year with 83% of the vote.
    Now he’s in trouble with the ACLU again. He painted all his buses and vehicles with a mural, that has a special hotline phone number painted on it, where you can call and report suspected illegal aliens. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement wasn’t doing enough in his eyes, so he had 40 deputies trained specifically for enforcing immigration laws, started up his hotline, and bought 4 new buses just for hauling folks back to the border. He’s kind of a ‘Git-R Dun’ kind of Sheriff.




    Sheriff Joe Arpaio (In Arizona ) who created the ‘ Tent City Jail’:
    He has jail meals down to 40 cents a serving and charges the inmates for them.

    He stopped smoking and porno magazines in the jails. Took away their weights Cut off all but ‘G’ movies.

    He started chain gangs so the inmates could do free work on county and city projects.

    Then He Started Chain Gangs For Women So He Wouldn’t Get Sued For Discrimination.

    He took away cable TV Until he found out there was A Federal Court Order that Required Cable TV For Jails So He Hooked Up The Cable TV Again . Only Let In The Disney Channel And The Weather Channel.

    When asked why the weather channel He Replied, So They Will Know How Hot It’s Gonna Be While They Are Working ON My Chain Gangs.

    He Cut Off Coffee Since It Has Zero Nutritional Value.

    When the inmates complained, he told them, ‘This Isn’t The Ritz/Carlton…… If You Don’t Like It, Don’t Come Back.’

    More On The Arizona Sheriff:

    With Temperatures Being Even Hotter Than Usual In Phoenix (116 Degrees Just Set A New Record), the Associated Press Reports:
    About 2,000 Inmates Living In A Barbed-Wire-Surrounded Tent Encampment At The Maricopa County Jail Have Been Given Permission To Strip Down To Their Government-Issued Pink Boxer Shorts.

    On Wednesday, hundreds of men wearing boxers were either curled up on their bunk beds or chatted in the tents, which reached 138 Degrees Inside The Week Before.

    Many Were Also Swathed In Wet, Pink Towels As Sweat Collected On Their Chests And Dripped Down To Their PINK SOCKS.

    ‘It Feels Like We Are In A Furnace,’ Said James Zanzot, An Inmate Who Has Lived In The TENTS for 1 year. ‘It’s Inhumane.’

    Joe Arpaio, the tough-guy sheriff who created the tent city and long ago started making his prisoners wear pink, and eat bologna sandwiches, is not one bit sympathetic.. He said Wednesday that he told all of the inmates: ‘It’s 120 Degrees In Iraq And Our Soldiers Are Living In Tents Too, And They Have To Wear Full Battle Gear,
    But They Didn’t Commit Any Crimes,So Shut Your Mouths!’

    Way To Go, Sheriff!

    Maybe if all prisons were like this one there would be a lot less crime and/or repeat offenders. Criminals should be punished for their crimes – not live in luxury until it’s time for their parole, only to go out and commit another crime so they can get back in to live on taxpayers money and enjoy things taxpayers can’t afford to have for themselves.

    • Claire

      JeffH–Good post. Every sheriff/police chief in the US should be like this guy. I bet there would be less crime. To me it is NOT inhumane. Look at the crimes these jerks have committed. Crime is inhumane!

      • libertytrain

        Claire – Jeff —I think if I were not married, I would love this man.

        • Claire

          libertytrain—LOL!!! America needs more men just like this guy!! It would be fabulous!! Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs, all law enforcement, and the judges!! The crime rate would drop drastically.

          • Claire

            This reminds me—our sheriff here in town hit a telephone pole one night, he was drunk as a skunk. He got off, and was re-elected!! He is a real creep.

          • libertytrain

            Claire – I can’t even imagine how life would be if the laws of the land were actually enforced.

          • Claire

            libertytrain–Neither can I. It appears to me that laws were made for the criminal’s benefit, not for honest and decent law-abiding citizens.

    • Anthony

      I’m waitin for the CFR to step in and assure he doesn’t get re-elected. This kind of success would be bad for their plans on the New World Order.

      • JeffH

        Anthony, he’s being attacked on all fronts by every liberal immigration advocacy group in the country to insure he doesn’t get re-elected. He’s been called every name in the book also, but he a kind of modern day America hero in Arizona and now recognized around the country for his good work in Arizona.

  • JeffH

    Just an FYI…get ready for Obama’s dog and pony show from the oval office. This gulf disaster has been embraced by the eco-green Cap and Tax proponents and Obama will use it for political gain. Thank God that Americans are not buying the wares he’s peddling.
    He’ll say all the right stuff but this is his best opporunity to push Cap & Tax…resist. We, as a nation of citizens, can rise once more and help out the people in the gulf states, don’t allow this Marxist to push his carbon tax scheme, climate change scheme off while America is mourning the oil rig blowup, shore oil balls and the intense disgust with BP.
    Think about where it will ultimately lead us.

    • bp

      Americans’ disgust is with BHO, not BP. Why does a governor (Jindal) need to wait for the president to do something for their state?
      “If you have to ask permission, you are not free”. -Anonymous

      • Claire

        bp— I am disgusted with BP and BHO. BP was negligent and so was Obama.

      • JeffH

        bp-both Obama/government and BP are equally disgusting, and believe me when I say…the people are disgusted with the way BP has handled this whole debacle and the way Obama has responded. There should have been a national disaster declared within 48-72 hours and the Obama administration should have taken the Dutch up on their offer instead of politely saying NO. 53 days later they decided to reverse their decision on the Dutch offer…almost two months. Never let a crisis go to waste…

        • Claire

          JeffH–I agree with you 100%.

          • Claire

            All I can think of is the economy of the gulf states, the entire gulf is polluted. Dead fish, dead sea turtles, dead dolphins, dead birds. geez, it makes me ill. BP should be put out of business. Obama should be kicked out of office.

          • JeffH

            Claire, you’re correct…we will all feel the impact of he gulf blowout right in our pocketbooks and Obama siezed the moment to push his green movement and Cap & Tax…we have to stop him and his cronies from destroying the American dream and teach our children about real American and world history so they can understand and preserve this country for future generations. The “baby boomers” have got it all screwed up right now.

        • bp

          Jeff: Accidents happen (if it was an accident). The response, however, was INTENTIONALLY slow! Remember, “never let a crises go to waste” is their battle cry! The most annoying part is that they have no regard for WE THE PEOPLE and think we are too retarded to see through their arrogance, thus the “speech” from the oval office.
          “You can fool all of the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” (-Teddy Roosevelt,maybe? -Churchill? i don’t remember)

          • JeffH

            bp, you’ve got it right.

  • Claire

    Well, did anyone watch the speech? My husband watched an old western movie. I watched about 5 minutes of the speech. I simply did not want to hear anymore. Was anyone impressed?

    • bp

      No, Claire. Can’t watch BHO anymore; makes me sick & already knew what to expect. I did watch Palin and the reactions on FOX, though.

  • Pat Tremain

    When people say that immigrants from Mexico and Central America are not taking American jobs, they are dead wrong. There are so many Spanish-speaking illegal and legal immigrants in Los Angeles that half the ads for any job includes: “Spanish or Bi-lingual preferred”. By law, they cannot say, “Spanish Only”. I know, I was unemployed 5 years ago and had a hard time getting an entry-level position as a secretary or receptionist or data-entry operator. Everything required “Bi-Lingual, Spanish Preferred”. Check out your own local want-ads and see if I am not right.

    • Antonio

      It is a shame isn’t it? Where i am from you would have to pay for an interpreter or pay to have a document translated for you. There are a few people who speak basic english that can be of help, but not required for a job. They are just people who wanted to learn english because a lot of turists go there. But here??? Oh man where do we start to change things i dont know.

    • bp

      Pat; Totally! L.A. is the worst, though. What a travesty to cater to the Spanish language! Just makes it easy for illegal resident aliens.

  • Delores Smith

    Bob, I agree with everything in your article. If we were to ask ourselves who is the most responsible for the condition of our nation, we would have to agree that it is Obama, his radicals, and the Democratic Majority. The Republicans didn’t have the votes this time. Obama has an agenda unlike any other President (although others have tried). I have him down pat. When his eyes go down, he is starting to lie. He has angered every American group deliberately. This distribution of wealth does not not include him or his friends. They don’t even pay taxes. What do we do? We vote, and make lots of notes on the grounds upon which he can be impeached when we do have the votes. He is pushing through legislature as fast as he can. Mr. Obama, you are always mentioning HISTORY, as if you are writing your bio. Don’t forget to include the importance of unions (Andy Stern -SEIU), and how you want to unionize health workers and illegals. How does Andy Stern like his office in the White House. Nice of you to appoint him to a commission.
    Delores Smith

    • Denniso

      Delores…you are so clueless and paranoid it’s hard to know where to start w/ a response. The Repubs controlled Congress for most of Clinton’s 8 yrs…Bush was president and the Repubs had Congress for 6 of those 8 yrs…Obama has been prez for less than 18 months and the Dems have controlled Congress for less than 3 1/2 yrs…the economic collapse began under Bush…Cheny/Bush started 2 wars and failed to finish them due to ineptitude…the national debt doubled under Bush…Bush and the Repubs loosened regulations on the oil industry which helped lead to this disaster in the Gulf.

      And now you and your fellow undereducated extremists and loons lay all the blame on Obama and the Dems. Can you actually reason
      your way through this recent history and see how foolish your simplistic comment is? You and your allies are partisan loyalists who are in denial about your party and Bush’s culpability for all the messes we are experiencing.

      • JeffH

        “clueless and paranoid, Bush & Cheney, undereducated extremists and loons, Can you actually reason your way through this recent history and see how foolish your simplistic comment is, partisan loyalists who are in denial about your party”.

        It’s all I can do to not “LAUGH OUT LOUD” or puke…partisan loyalists…HAH! OMG! LMAO! LOL!

        Bringing in the sheep! The mirror broke 8 years ago! Polly want a cracker? baaarrraaaccckkk!

        • Denniso

          I’m glad to see that you don’t mind wasting your time typing a couple of paragraphs that don’t address the point and say absolutely nothing.

          Your time must truly be worth nothing at all,for you to repeatedly say nothing and only blab nonsense and personal attacks…

          • JeffH

            Now you’ve done it, I hope you’re happy…you hurt my feelings…NOT!
            Polly want a cracker? baaarrraaaccckkk!

  • montgomery333

    Two Words, “Cheap Labor”.

  • montgomery333

    selling out the American workers. We were doing those jobs before they got here. believe me , I was one of them.

  • montgomery333

    Forget obama, we should even go back to the early eighties and under clinton during the ninties . A head imigration guy told me.”I said me” Told me. He told me that he had orders and every immigration office around the united states had orders to leave the illeagal mexicans alone in this country unless enough americans complained and if they did , just go out and make a showing and let them back go and even issue them a creen card. Those orders come from janet reno , the attorny general , whom Bill clinton appointed. every Administration after have just followed suit. “Treason” Treason” Treason” and someone should be held accountable for selling out the American workers in the united states. The INS was defunded purposly in the eighties so cheap labor could purposly flood this country. What I am posting here is the Gods honest truth. “lobbiest”, Home builders associations, Big general contractors, Bankers, The rich eliet. all sent lobbiest to washington to close the Ins so cheap labor could purposly flood this counrty. Treason, Treason, Treason. I have had meetings with our mayor about immigration. In Memphis, Tn nothing will be done about it.

  • Jim Baxter

    I.Q.Test for President Obama

    Which creature lives best in which environment?

    (A.) Goldfish (B.) Canary (C.) Human Choicemaker

    1. In a cage. 2. In Freedom 3. In a bowl of water

    1.( ) 2.( ) 3.( )

    Mr. President, if you pass this test you will be
    allowed to attend Mr. Baxter’s 5th Grade Class.

    vincit veritas
    James Fletcher Baxter
    5th Grade Teacher – 30 years

    semper fidelis
    Jim Baxter
    Sgt. USMC
    WWII & Korean War

    No one is smarter than their criteria. selah jfb

  • hundabuxt

    There’s much bluster and political tennis here but I don’t recall any solutions. What do we have at our disposal to change our country back into something recognizable? Voting? Yup. That works assuming those with a vested interest get out and do it at least as well as influence family and friends to do likewise. It worked for ACORN and like organizations which is one reason we’re here not to mention the bungling Bush did, which opened the door of opportunity. Was there voter fraud? In my opinion absolutely but then Chicago politics works like that. Is even the voting process nation wide subject to fraud? Probably and might even include electronic manipulation. What else do we have? Demonstrations perhaps such as the Tea Party has done. Its worked to a degree for the gays, liberals and womans lib among others. Are these thing’s enough? I doubt it now. November will give us an indication of how successful the peaceful means of resistance pays off, but I’m not optimistic. If we don’t turn this around soon Obama will destroy this country. He’s made a good start already. The Fox is in the chicken coop.
    Obama has set the wheels in motion for a radical change in our country so he wasn’t BSing during the campaign about “change”, however many I know who voted for him because they were mad at Bush are now questioning their wisdom.

  • http://mog7@cox.net06042CT Muriel P. Goyette

    What a disgrace that president is. Not even once since he has been in office has he supported anything for AMERICA. But has CONGRESS supported Americans? Hardly. Has the Supreme Court allowed the case of Obama’s Eligibilisty Question to be heard? NO. Let us see if the Supreme Court obeys the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    WHICH DEMANDS THAT THE GOV GUARANTEE THE STATES TO BE FREE OF INVASION. Since OBama has been in office, look what has happened: ABC
    BANNED THE WEARING OF FLAG PINS?! I remember when JFK was elected. He
    directed all schools from kindergarten up to emphasize PATRIOTISM. He knew people who love their country will not abuse it. It is an evil
    force that is at work in our government today. All intimidated by the Elite, the famed BILDERBERGERS? THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS? and last but not least: THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION? Hmmm what happened to Government by the People, FOR the people, that someone PROMISED:
    WOULD NOT PERISH FROM THIS EARTH? Corrupt, dishonest, poisonous greedy anti-Americans were appeased, voted in (legally or illegally one will never know) students indoctrinated, with moronic political correctness.They have been eating away at this country for decades. Why? When it has been the most sucessful country in the entire world.
    Why would anyone argue with SUCCESS? A three-country NORTH AMERICAN ALLIANCE would KILL the American Spirit. It is plain to see that illegals and many immigrants DO NOT LOVE AMERICA BUT ARE HERE FOR HANDOUTS AND GRAB FROM AMERICA WITHOUT RECIPROCATING. But the history of this grand country encourages us because America won against all odds then and will again. We the People must vote in PROPER LEADERS. Not be buffaloed by those who hide their credentials. No more BLIND VOTING…flag burners are like leopards….not likely to change their spots…..the proof is what a disaster it was for America! come November, may this be ONE NATION UNDER GOD once again.

  • MBeltram

    Here is two organizations doing something about America’s problems
    take a stand with them as they both use the law to fight our battles. (Liberty Council) and or LOL, God Bless America.

  • Elbert

    Good article. For more on the seditious conduct of the Democrats, click here:

  • Gloria Jimenez Ross

    OK – so if both parties look the other way with regard to curbing illegal immigration because of their future vote potential and because they provide a ready pool of labor they can hire at slave wages why is that even though we supposedly use these workers at slave wages to pick our product, etc. still the majority of our produce is coming from third world countries. I was at a high scale market yesterday, and at the produce section, the entire top level of vegetables were labeled “Producto de Mexico,” and down below were their counterparts (minus a few selections) labeled “Product of USA.” I asked the Produce manager if I had somehow crossed the border to shop as the majority of the produce (products) in that area were “Producto de Mexico,” to which I received an uncomprehending look. So my question is, if we are using “slave labor” to put food on our tables, why are we importing the same products from the same country whose people we supposedly are exploiting. The only losers in this whole scheme of greed are we, the American people, the American consumers and wage earners.

  • Boo Ewald Taylor, IL

    I’m so tired of the squeaky wheel, can’t we just get rid of it? I WISH!

    • Jim H.

      Boo, to get rid of the squeaky wheel we would need grease( oil base). We will need alot of grease, so a lot of oil.

  • airdaleusn

    POLITICAN: A person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow short-sighted reasons.
    TREASON: The offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance.
    TRAITOR: One who betrays anothers trust or is false to an obligation or duty.
    OATHES Why would any elected offical in D.C. or else where expect to be held to their word, you silly naive,helpless americans, You’ve been betrayed by your own.

  • dan of arizona

    Dan3803 of AZ:

    This just gives me “the hope and change” warm feeling all over the place!!

    Subject: Special army unit ready to be deployed on American soil just before Nov.. The announcement earlier this week, that Andrew (Andy) Stern, President of the SEIU would be resigning very quickly, is very interesting considering.
    … Show More

    This just gives me “the hope and change” warm feeling all over the place!!

    Subject: Special army unit ready to be deployed on American soil just before Nov.. The announcement earlier this week, that Andrew (Andy) Stern, President of the SEIU would be resigning very quickly, is very interesting considering. What is said in this article about him and his Union Thugs.

    In October of this year, one month prior to the November midterm elections, a special army unit known as ‘Consequence Management Response Force’ will be ready for deployment on American soil, if so ordered by the President.

    The special force, which is the new name being given to the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 3rd Infantry Division, has been training at Fort Stewart, Georgia and is composed of 80,000 troops.

    According to the Army Times, they may be called upon to help with civil unrest, crowd control or deal with potentially horrific scenarios such as massive poisoning and chaos in response to a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-yield explosive, or CBRNE, attack.

    The key phrase is, ‘may be called upon to help with civil unrest.’ This afternoon, a local radio talk show host reported that he’d been in contact with a member of the military. This military source stated that the armed forces have been alerted to the strong possibility that civil unrest may occur in the United States this summer, prior to the midterm elections of 2010.

    The source described this as ‘our long, hot summer of discontent’ that could be eerily reminiscent of the summer of 1968 when riots broke out in many of our largest cities.

    However, the summer of 2010 could well be much worse due to the players involved. In 1968 the major players were war protesters. This time, the outrage simmering beneath the surface of American society involves a broad cross-section of the heartland, and most of them are heavily armed.

    It’s highly unlikely these citizens would ever initiate armed conflict of any kind. In their view, gun rights are for self-defense, and for defense against tyrannical government, which our Founders regarded as the most dangerous force on earth.

    However, it’s become clear that other groups may well initiate violence in order to start an ‘incident’ that would give Obama and a rogue Congress a reason to implement martial law, confiscate the citizens’ guns, enforce curfews, and suspend all future elections until such time as it’s deemed ‘safe’ to proceed with human liberty as encapsulated in the right to vote.

    Tea Party members, for example, have been warned in recent days that members of Andy Stern’s SEIU union and members of the organization formerly known as ACORN plan to infiltrate Tea Party gatherings in order to incite some sort of incident that could result in armed conflict. (HELLO!!..This has already been reported on FOX News!)

    In addition, all indications point to a humiliating defeat for the Democrats and Obama in November. Not only will the House in all likelihood transfer to Republican control, but it’s increasingly possible for the Democrats to lose the Senate as well. There are Left-wing groups in this country that would use whatever means necessary to prevent that from happening.

    ACORN has already gone underground, changing its name so as to fly beneath the radar screen. How many people will the group register to vote illegally? With Obama’s plan to naturalize between 10 and 20 million illegal aliens, a brand new voter base for the Democrats will be in place prior to November.

    Add to this the growing unrest over continued high unemployment, the coming spike in interest rates and inflation, and the still-boiling outrage over the manner in which Obama and the Democrats shoved ObamaCare down the throats of the citizens, and all of the ingredients are present for a major F-5 tornado to sweep across the heartland.

    To what extent would soldiers use deadly force during such ‘civil unrest’ should the Consequence Management Response Team be utilized? During the anti-war riots of the 1960s they killed student protesters. What about now?

    The military source cited by the radio host today was asked this very question. He would merely say that the culture of the U.S. military is changing; half support Obama and the other half are dead-set against him. His conclusion? There’s no way to know for sure if they’d obey an order to open fire on ordinary citizens.

    Update: The Cato Institute published this warning when the program was launched in its first phase in 2008 (the program has been updated and expanded since 2008). The Founders insisted that standing armies were never to be used against American citizens on our own soil, no matter what violations of this principle have occurred in the years following. In the spirit of the Patriots and of real journalists, government must be questioned constantly and held to intense scrutiny in order to preserve liberty.

    How’s that for change? Don’t you feel better now? I hope you’re prepared.

  • atlas reborn

    I would not put anything past the present administration. I believe we have a possible government take over much like adolph H. communism and facism, and marxism all would like for that to happen because their greatist dream of a one world government (U.N.) would happen. No i am not saying it will happen, but it is likely to happen if the circumstances present themselves. our present government loves that idea.


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