BREAKING: Senate Votes To Exclude Border Fence From Immigration Bill


The U.S. Senate tossed a provision in the Gang of Eight’s controversial attempt at bipartisan-backed immigration reform, voting 54-39 against a measure that would have mandated the construction of a 700-mile long border fence physically separating the U.S. from Mexico.

The vote largely ran along party lines, although Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and four other Republicans conspicuously voted to preserve the spirit of the Gang of Eight’s original plan, which never called for completion of the border fence, by voting against the add-on.

Rubio has been roundly criticized by fellow Republicans and some conservatives for backing a bill they believe is far too permissive of illegal immigration as a path to U.S. citizenship through amnesty. Senator Jeff Session (R-Ala.) goaded Rubio’s pro-immigration reform TV ads Tuesday by implying he’s not the conservative whom Florida voters elected to the Senate in 2010.

“He is the one that’s in everybody’s homes running the ads,” said Sessions. “Makes you want to say ‘Marco, there’s somebody on the television pretending to be you, saying vote for the bill that you recently said shouldn’t pass in its current form.’”

The idea of a border fence isn’t new to Congress. It passed the Secure Fence Act in 2006, and the law was signed by President George W. Bush that same year. It was partially constructed, with the biggest span running from San Diego, Calif., to Yuma, Ariz., but has remained unfinished after the Department of Homeland Security either ran out of or stopped spending the non-earmarked fund it receives from Congress to enforce border security. Finishing the fence project could cost $6.5 billion per year on a 20-year construction cycle, well above the paltry $2.4 billion that’s been spent so far.

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Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • Lie breaker

    Berlin had the Wall for decades and it was torn down, China still has the Great Wall which is impressive to visit, and now america’s version of the Berlin Wall, which would end up being torn down as not being beneficial to the few and the MANY..How about doing something really worth while and put a limit on Commercial overdose…

    • rivahmitch

      Fences make good neighbors.

      • podunk1

        Every yes voter should have their citizenship revoked, put in a tanning bed until well done, and tossed across the Rio Grande naked & broke! Mad Maxine could get an ugly exemption if applicable.

    • JRR

      How about reducing spending by $346 Billion a year – the cost of supporting illegals? Send them home and build THE FENCE!!!

      I’d like to live in the U.S. again, rather than in what is being turned into Mexico Norte. To hell with the Ladies Who Lunch having their cheap maids … let them pay an American a decent salary, or clean their own toilets.

  • Debbie Hogan Tate

    They should shut this bill down. They are sending us into a depression! Closing our borders is the first thing to do! They are all stuck on stupid! We will see mass waves of immigrants here and do not have enough jobs for those who live here without inviting MILLIONS more into our country!!! They just don’t care! WE ARE BEING SOLD OUT BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT!!! Vote out all who voted for this bill in 2014!! Vote them all out!!

    • IsThisAmerica

      I will, but with so much fraud in the voting I only hope my ONE vote will help. They vote 3 or 4 times, remember?

  • hungry4food

    between this and what the SCOTUS did with the voter ID requirements ruling , the USA is doomed as a Constitutional Republic !!!!!

    The ability to corrupt the system with the Post Card Voter is what will be the manipulating force in voter fraud continuing !!!!

    Notice how they targeted the Post Card registration system as the most interested avenue to get out the vote , any vote , LOL What a JOKE !!!

  • camdenme2

    Rubio needs to walk away from Presbo-Schumer Immigration Bill !!!!

  • camdenme2

    Senators Isakson and Chambliss need to walk away from this bad piece of legislation on Immigration !!!

  • foxxybey

    I guess I have to start over again well, no fence that means a open border with a welcome door mat to the land of free stuff, and the plantation of all races and colors, the Nazi masters in the demo-rat party want you to be their guest.

  • John H. Holliday D.D.S.

    Those Democrats and RINOs are erasing, nullifying and abolishing the U.S. sovereign border and laying out the welcome mat to millions more illegal alien foreign nationals in return for the undocumented Democrats to outvote all real legitimate genuine U.S. Citizens of Constitutional, lawful and legal immigrant ancestor heritage, thereby selling out or selling those real legitimate genuine U.S. Citizens down the river which will disenfranchise those real U.S. Citizens from their own country which was originally founded, built and defended by their own immigrant ancestors and defended by their succeeding generations of native born U.S. Citizen descendants many times by sacrificing their own lives in defense of their country. Really the Democrats and RINO or Pseudo-Republican Treasonous Traitors are auctioning off the entire country to the highest Democrat VOTE bidders, regardless if those high Democrat vote bidders are illegitimate and fraudulent U.S. Citizens based on immoral and unjustly Amnestied illegal alien foreign national heritage. Those Amnestied illegal alien foreign national Pseudo-Citizens will massively outbid or massively outvote all real legitimate genuine U.S. Citizens and the entire nation will be auctioned off and sold off to the highest mass Democrat vote bidders and the new owners of this country will be the Amnestied and fraudulently, unjustly and immorally created fraudulent and illegitimate U.S. Pseudo-Citizens of illegal, unlawful and Unconstitutional illegal alien foreign national heritage, simply by casting tens of millions of future Democrat votes for Democrats as payment to the Treasonous Democrat and Treasonous RINO or Pseudo-Republican Traitors in return for rewarding Amnesty that will be followed by rewarding an undeserved, unearned, unmerited and illegitimate pathway to grabbing tens of millions of LOOTED, PLUNDERED, PILLAGED and STOLEN U.S. Citizenships all to be used as leftist, ultra Liberal progressive socialist/neo communist/neo-marxist Anti-American and Anti-Constitution political weapons to massively outvote and disenfranchise all real legitimate genuine U.S. Citizens of Constitutional, Lawful and Legal immigrant ancestor heritage. Much the same as criminals helping other criminals. I bribe you and in return, you bribe me. I buy your votes by making your criminal behavior legal and lawful by intentionally, deliberately and arrogantly placing all illegal alien foreign nationals ABOVE THE LAW (meaning above all current U.S. Federal Immigration Laws)for my own political convenience and for my own political advantage against all Law abiding Legal immigrants and against all legitimate U.S. Citizens who are not important to supporting and feeding my insatiable narcissistic ultra egotistical megalomaniac political goals. Political Crime pays big and permanent dividends. In this case, Professional Career Political Prostitute Whore Criminals, more commonly known as U.S. Senators, U.S. Congressmen and Justices or Judges of the SCOTUS(many who were first discovered crawling under rocks), rewarding mass unjust and immoral Amnesty, aka history’s greatest and finest mass political prostitution blow job orgy to their tens of millions of illegal alien foreign national Criminal “Johns” or “Juans”, that tens of millions of Democrat and RINO VOTES can buy. Washington D.C. is now officially the world’s largest criminal and immoral National Political Prostitution Whorehouse, Bordello and Brothel on the face of the earth where so called U.S. Senators and so called U.S. Congressmen, aka “elected public servant prostitute whores or pimps for illegal alien foreign nationals”, of the illegal aliens, by the illegal aliens and for the illegal aliens, will continue to criminally, immorally and Unconstitutionally service their illegal alien “Juans” to get re-elected into Permanent Overwhelming Democrat Political Power and Control over the entire U.S. Federal Government and over the entire country. Criminal, Immoral and Unconstitutional Political Bribery based on professional criminal political prostitution whoring is alive and well in the National Political Crime Prostitution Whorehouse known as Washington D.C..

  • American Patriot01

    Bait, Bait, Bait, SWITCH!! Mr. Marco Rubio is a sellout!! We need to pray for his soul.

  • LastNameFirst

    Why hasn’t anyone posted the names of the traitors in support of this amnesty bill? That way we can flood their phones and emails telling them that the AMERICAN citizens are against this and if they don’t stop, we will vote their azzes out in the next elections.

    • IsThisAmerica

      Well let’s see there’s Gramnesty, Mcain, Flake, Rubio, and that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. All are REPUBLICANS “E”. Flake sold out Arizona lying about his issues to get voted in, hmm nothing new there, as all of them lie to get to D.C. so they can turn on us and say “Who are you again”? Look what Rubio did to the tea party.

    • Patriot66

      Subscribe to this site and they will keep you informed of current information on this issue and on which congressmen are for/against these issues:

  • IsThisAmerica

    They will NEVER protect the border. They want amnesty and WIDE OPEN borders. let all the terrorists, and Islam nut cases in. He DON’T CARE and that needs to be drilled into everyones head. He wants his agenda and never mind our constitution, and our bill of rights which he said is the bill of wrongs. His agenda? Remember hope and change? He hopes to change the US into a communist country that has all muslim faith. He rewards people doing wrong and goes after law abiding citizens. That’s been so in our faces that I wonder why no one sees it. Illegal immigration is a start. Obamacare continues, in fact demon crats read it and now want to be exempt from it while shoving it down our throats. No no you passed it you are no differant from the rest of us. Remember all these scandels don’t forget them. Think it’s high time for a 3rd party. He’s already tried to take freedom of speech, and freedom to own arms away. A defenseless people can not fight back for their rights. God bless everyone.

  • Sarah Conner

    Put simply,we will build a secure border first,with moats and ‘gators and barb-wire fence,a few bouncing ‘bettys’ for color [imagine all the jobs that would be created,all the business’s that would florish…nah,can’t promote self-sufficencey ]back to the issue at hand…once the fence is secured with our returning military as armed border security and remains secure for 2 years[after deporting ALL illegals back to their 3rd world countries] then and only then will we DISCUSS temporary visa’s…they WILL TRACK THOSE VISA AND DEPORT THOSE WHO VIOLATE AMERICAN LAWS…

  • village idiot

    Always with walls and fences, one has to decide who one is keeping in and who one is keeping out and it makes very little difference to those wishing to go either way.

  • Woody Ulmer

    build 2 fences 100 yds apart and anything in between is in a free fire zone.. If you are caught trying to sneak into other countries you are tried as a spy. If the people trying to sneak into the country have to climb over rotting bodies to get across the border maybe they will try the legal way. Illegal immigrants have broken the law and should be prosecuted not rewarded.

    • Walt

      Hell Woody, fences are no deterrent for these criminal invaders, they’ll just burrow under the fence like gophers. Where there is a way, there is plenty of will.
      The best deterrent is hiking up the penalties BIGTIME for employing criminal invaders! Put in place mandatory prison time for employing an illegal and you’ll see a significant drop in illegal employment. Threaten to revoke business licenses for businesses that violate the law and see how many construction companies or landscape firms will risk losing their livelihood and spending a few years in federal prison in exchange for getting cheap, off the books labor, while their kids and wife go through the inconvenience of having to visit them in prison.
      The key is employment! Take that away as an option, and you’ll dramatically drop the reason to cross the border in the first place.

  • BarrackHussein

    You could have a bounty system for half that price…