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Branstad: Paul, Gingrich Strong In Iowa

December 5, 2011 by  

Branstad: Paul, Gingrich Strong In Iowa

In the opinion of Republican Governor Terry Branstad of Iowa, one month away from the caucus, GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul has the strongest organization in the State.

“Ron Paul has got probably the best organization and has a very loyal following. He’s got more yard signs and bumper stickers than anybody else,” he said. “I don’t think he’ll win, but I think he will get 15 to 18 percent. The person who wins is going to probably get 25 percent plus.”

The Iowa governor believes Newt Gingrich could win the Jan. 3 caucuses depending on his performance in the last two debates, according to POLITICO.

“The debates have had more to do with this than anything else,” he said. “I still think organization matters, and yet more people are watching the debates.”

Branstad said that he believes of the seven potential candidates, none will procure more than 30 percent of his State’s electorate.

Gingrich has not spent a great deal of time in the Iowa and he did not open his Iowa campaign headquarters until last Wednesday, but Branstad believes his voters will be those social conservatives who have not fallen in line with any one candidate.

The Iowa governor has not offered support to any of the GOP candidates in the race.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Bob in Boston

    I love how when Ron Paul wins straw polls, straw polls don’t matter but when Cain wins one, then they are “very telling”. When Ron Paul is in 1st or 2nd in Iowa, then he has “good organization but won’t win”. We’ll see I guess – I can’t imagine Ron Paul not winning Iowa and getting 1st or 2nd in New Hampshire based on the support I’m seeing. I think people are seeing who the most conservative candidate actually is!

    • http://yahoo ted in houston

      Bob, squirrels love nuts too.there would be nothing more that the democrates would love if ron paul won. He does have some good points on things,but over all he scares the heck out of me. the way the world is now we need a man with experiance. When Bill Clinton was president and left office with money surplus, low iterest rates, low unemploment, who was running the show in the house? newt ginrich was and was speaker of the house clintons last 4 years. he did it once he can do it again.

      • s c

        t, do you understand the difference between a RINO/neocon/’Republican and a conservative? In the event that you’re not a utopian plant, kindly learn what makes a conservative different and BETTER than ANY RINO/neocon/’Republican.’

        • http://yahoo ted in houston

          SC I May not understand much but if ron paul is elected u forget that much of what crazy wants he desires will have to be voted for in the senate and the house which aint gonna happen. it would be 4 more years wasted. the only thing voted for paul in the house and senate would be his impeachment. until u get more people like paul elected in the house and senate u will go no where. dont waste ur vote this time. he really sounds like a little boy instead of a grown man when he says he wont endorse someone else if not elected. or maybe a little senile.

          • s c

            t, you can’t say that I didn’t give you a chance to EXPLAIN yourself. Your response sounds like something you’d throw Ron Paul’s way. If you’re a conservative (I doubt it), you need to spend a lot more time COMMUNICATING and not sounding so ‘crazy’
            or ‘senile’ yourself. All you needed to do was to ANSWER the question. WHY is that so hard for you?

          • bob wire

            As long as the GOP has a bunch of people that think like Ted from Houston, ~ your toast. ~ Clinton’s administration successes were in spite of Newt’s the historian’s “Contract ON America”. A Newt nomination is Christmas come early for the DNC. TRUE , his is bright but his history is known and he’s as dirty and “guilt as Cain” ( mister “false & unproven” )~ too funny, ~ like unproven alone might make preponderant evidence false!~ more of a Freudian slip of the tongue, sounds like to me.

            Please give Americans a “choice”, a Ron Paul or Obama decision.

            To do other wise, it’s clearly an Obama pick for Americans like myself, conservative democrats.

            I love this latest flare up with Trump and Paul. This is just what Paul needed, it’s timely! ~ Americans love their “drama” ~ but unlike most of late ~ this is really “good drama”. The Don needs a good smack down b1tch slapping. I guess that he’s got over his last little bout with “O” and need a manly head knuckling, one more time.

            There is just too much “fear” in the GOP. They hate uncertain and will hang tight to a losing hand simple because they know what they have.

            Stand up, get some backbone and muster your wits about you, Ron Paul is a solid and sound change from the directions that we are presently on and in dire need of today.

            He does not flip -flop, he is not for sale and the desire to hold the position of President is not strong enough to make him lie about his plans and intentions or offer up candy mouth “sound bits” for media fodder and general amusement.

            Ron Paul is not running a circus but a serious as cancer Presidential Campaign.

            Give us worthy contenders and a great 2012 general election.

          • http://yahoo ted in houston

            I am a tea party member who is not going to waste my vote on a person with such wild statemates this man has said. he has no sense of reality and probly was a flower child in the 60s.i am less then 30 miles from his hometown and half the people there thinks hes a joke. u know if u ever really want to protect ur freedom u would not let a man like paul run ur country.bring all troops home and let the moslems take over the world. u need to watch a documentary called the third jihad. it will help u see what is going on in the world.

          • Bleh

            ted, you can’t impeach for just any reason and Paul following the Constitution is not illegal and will to be cause for any sort of impeachment. More than likely you will multiple vetos and repealed Executive orders and all the troops brought home. This Paul can do all by himself, not that he is a stranger in building coalitions for legislation.

          • Bleh

            If you are a Tea Party member then you have already betrayed your roots by not supporting Ron Paul. Sorry, but good ol’ Ron pretty much Founded the movement…

          • bob wire

            Yes, I’m very familiar with Lake Jackson, Klute, Freeport ,Brazoria area. The area is “time capsule” where you step back into time, 30 to 40 years.

            And everyone that has lived there a lifetime or so, will say and do things the rest of us might find odd, a little offbeat or strange. Why would you trust their opinion when you don’t trust? ~ As I understand it , he is their elected congressperson, who are they? How did he gain the position of a congressman if he fails to represent most of them or was seen as a nut?

            If you want to go back to yesterday, when things were simple, clearer and kinder. When government was not expected or asked to do or provide for everyone that simple failed to produce, vote for Ron Paul as that is where he will attempt to lead us. Maybe families needs to learn to live and work together again, to depend on each other and not government for all their misfortunes.

            The only concern and questions I have of Ron Paul is , if elected how will he effect all these proposed changes as he must go head to head with entrenched power and buck a strong current that offers preferential treatment to some at great cost to others.

            These obstacles are real, Jimmy Carter faces them and was defeated after winning the chair. Obama has faced them and fared much better but still he has been contained to short yardage and “status quo” refuses to yield.

            We need a Nixon, a Lyndon, a Clinton, a Jackson, someone that knows how to wield power and effect change from the 1st chair position.

            Newt is not such a man, Newt is a carpetbagger, an opportunist and would sell his mother.

            Texas runs it’s self, Perry is an empty shirt and serve status quo well.

            Huntman is nice, but green as a gourd,

            Roomey is nice, bright, clearly a wealthy bureaucrat and would be welcome by status quo, to offer lip service and appease while staying clear of their playhouse as much as possible.

            Bachmann; what can I say?~ full of energy and her heart is in the right place, short sighted and a pretty head full of someone else’s bad ideas. I don’t feel bad for her, she is making good political hay and will find use for it later, she’s young and has years to spend it.

            That bring us to Ron Paul, the crazy guy that wants to curb some of this Socialism, down size the Fed, rearrange our national priorities, to invest and work in our own rose garden. If other nations want to plant thorns, stickers scrub oaks, fine! let them. America want to quit that and catch with the rest of the developed nation.

            America has all but wasted the last thirty years, We have three crowning achievements to be very proud of , the works of NASA, Boston’s big dig project and a top shelf, high tech military next to none.

            We are huge nation that gains a new citizen every 14 seconds. I’m not satisfied with only these three achievement, not and be found carrying a public indebtedness of 14.7 Trillion today.

            No Sir. ~ not at all.

          • bob wire

            “.bring all troops home and let the moslems take over the world. ”

            Well Ted, the world is not ours. ~ We only need to worry about our stuff, our business. You have become lost in ownership and dominion, building your own prison.

            Ted, America is only 247 years old Sir.. No one has given us the world. We have fought and helped others fight for ideas and dominion over their sovereign lands. The Colonial years has passed and now but at an end. The world has became too small.

            If you are concerned about Muslims taking over the world start supporting and defending the process of making and raising American babies.

            Do you know which group of Americans today that are seen as the poorest? WOMEN & CHILDREN ! That right, women and children. If you are sincere with you beliefs, you would work to change that.

            Why do you think “some women” even consider abortion as an option? They are poor and don’t see a way to raise a child. They see few options.

            Now if you say, they should not have sex then,~ we could both agree. But us agreeing fails to change things or effect a solution. Not to mention it not 100% her option to decide to have sex or that it’s abnormal.

            Make babies, support the process of building strong, large family’s.

            When my dad’s mother dies, she left behind 178 decedents. Wow! I remember a time when I was 7th and the youngest. It’s seem like a slow process but the more you have the faster it grows.

      • Lost in Paradise

        You scare too easily. Paul has 30 years experience in the government. Paul could easily get elected president, if Americans were not a lot of dumb asses. You go ahead as usual, and vote for a liar, and a mainstream bandit,crook, outlay, what ever.

      • metalflyer11

        Ted. You think Ron Paul has a few good points but the rest scares you?
        It is sad so many that call themselves conservatives think the same way. I guess I can not blame you since I do not think there is anyone alive today that has trully lived under the Constitution. You fear leaving behind the “status quo”. All of the citizens alive today were born and are being born with this coutry engaged in some war because they have led us to believe this is how freedom is defended. How about we stop bombing & invading other nations and start doing business and trading with them. Is that too radical for you? Is taking responsability for yourself and having the government out of our lives scares you?
        If you think Newt will do anything to fix this country and you still believe very evil muslims from far lands want to get you, then you are still asleep in the matrix drinking the Kool Aid.

  • Lastmanstanding

    Ron could win in Iowa…imaging how that will send the rats scurrying.

    Folks, we will need a higher power helping Ron…and our votes.

    • Alex Frazier

      I’ll get behind that. Those of us who are praying people need to be fighting this fight as much on our knees as at the polls.

  • Curtis

    Ron Paul is like nostradamus,everything he predicted many years ago came true today.He is a political and mathematical genius to say the least,and he is not bought by the so called elite!

  • martin

    I can not support Ron Paul because he said he would not support any of the other candidates if didn’t win the nomination. To me that shows he really doesn’t care if Obummer get another term.

    • Patrick

      To me it shows he has principles and stands by them. The others show limited support for/understanding of the Constitution. How could he in good conscious support them?

    • Brian

      Martin, I second what Patrick said…Ron Paul has very strict principles and to endorse another candidate who doesn’t share those principles would make Paul appear as just another politician…

      • Alexandra

        I will NOT vote for the lesser of two evils again. I WILL VOTE FOR RON PAUL…or to hell with it all…we’ll still be in a sinking boat. The rest are self absorbed neocons that don’t hold our best interest at heart.
        RON PAUL or none at all.

        • Bleh


    • Alex Frazier

      You know, I think that’s really funny, because I won’t stand behind any of the other candidates either. lol. Most of them either have bad politics, or they have already demonstrated themselves betrayers of the public trust by voting for unconstitutional legislation.

    • Lost in Paradise

      You are incorrect! It means he cannot in good concience support more of the same corruption, and lies. Take a look at Newt for instance and he is basically a Democrat. Romney is about the same. Instead of being very stupid, why don’t you check their voting record. If you have already done that, then you are also part of the problem.

  • Bob Marshall

    Google Land Destroyer/Which Path To Persia Find out why it doesn’t matter who is president after Jan.2012. Millions of ignorant and dumbed down Americans are making this possible while back in America our government is taking away more and more of our freedoms and liberties. Our constitution is slowly but surely being dismantled. while million were more concerned with facebook, twitter, games , sports ect. our country was being taken over by Communist and Socialist organizations. Millions are calling for more money for defense when the Pentagon reported that they can’t account for 25% of the money spent on defense.May 18 2003 The department of defense announce it had lost 56 airplanes, 32 tanks, and 36 Javelin Missile Command Launcher Units. the Pentagon adds 25% to their budget to make up for the lost funds annually. What a government!

    • Lost in Paradise

      This is why I have been saying my fellow Americans are a bunch of total dumb asses, and their own worst enemy.I cannot believe the mentality I am hearing. Totally unbelievable. A good case in point is the election of a black man for president. I new before he was elected that was a “sink hole for money”.

  • DavidL

    I really feel the pain of you “conservatives.” Romney is a liberal and Gingrich is a crook with some liberal views. Cain has now demonstrated that he is also a liar and crook only in the race to sell books and make money. Five women lying? I have a bridge I want to sell you. Bachmann is factually challenged as are many of the other candidates.

    The only candidate in the race with integrity and who is not a hypocrite is Ron Paul!

    • Lost in Paradise

      So do us all,and your country a huge favor, and vote Ron Paul.

  • Michael






    Please make sure you meet the requirements in your state to vote Paul in the primary-in some states you have to register Republican, you can still vote on all the issues and anyone you like in the General Election.

    • DavidL

      Stand up, vote your conscience, and let the chips fall where they may.The only candidate in the race with integrity is Ron Paul!!

      • Brian

        Hear, hear…!

        • Lost in Paradise

          Hear hear, vote Ron Paul.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Paul may be nuttier than a pecan grove at harvest time, but he’s not as frightening as his supporters.

    • Patrick

      I don’t understand how espousing positions based on the limitations imposed by the Constitution is considered “nutty”.

      • Bleh

        I have to agree. If believing in the Constitution and believing the Constitution places a limit on Federal powers labels one a nut, then I guess I will just have to vote for the nut every time…

      • Lost in Paradise

        More than likely, most or at least many Americans do not like,or know the constitution. You also need to understand how many people have immigrated to this country illegally as well as legally in the last 30years, that do know diddly about the constitution, nor do they care.

    • s c

      2WarAbnVet, are you a modern-era FDR backer? I’m a bit confused when someone who has a military background doesn’t seem to understand key issues that separate ‘talkers’ from ‘believers.’ Care to elaborate?

      • Lost in Paradise

        From all his posts, I have determined he is a “wanna be”. Probably never been in the military, and if he was something happened to scramble his brains and not his eggs.

  • Vern Holford

    2WarAbnVet, You and the Neocon warmogers are what is frightning. You might want to find out why Paul gets more money from active military than all the others combined.

  • John Vaiarella

    Ron Paul is the only one who can save this country,PERIOD!!!!! He has been warning us for over 20 years, but no one would listen. It is time to stand up and take our country back for the ones who are corrupting it!!!

  • Buck

    If anyone trusts Gingrich any further than they can throw him they will be sorely used . ELECT RON PAUL !!!

  • http://liberyalearts john p.


    • Bleh

      The Republicans do, his name is Ron Paul. The issue is, are the Republicans smart enough to vote for Ron Paul or will they vote for another jerk off that equals 4 more years of “More of the Same”.

    • Lost in Paradise

      Everyone,including yourself needs to help us save America and vote Ron Paul. TO hell with Iran,and all the other war monger countries that everyone thinks Paul will forget about. One large nuke will have Iranian’s peeing kidney stones that look like DIAMONDs. LMAO!

  • hitthedeck

    My thoughts about Newt and other contenders:
    Why does he remind me of a straight Barney Franks? I know Newt is a very intelligent man and probably knows more about politics than any man in Washington and Newts knowledge on American history is awesome. He would bury Obama in a political debate and I have never seen a teleprompter in front of Newt. He has all the qualities and knowledge to be the President of the United States but I see something missing and I will try to explain. I will use my own words of description and say that Newt does not have Leadership Masculinity! A leader has that certain trait that makes a statement with a force that is final and unchallengeable. In history that trait could be recognized in great generals and presidents that had an Iron will and were loved and respected by the people.
    We only have two popular candidates in the GOP field. Newt and Romney are taking the lead. I don’t trust Romney for the simple reason that I don’t trust a man that talks that fast. It is a trait of a salesman and I don’t want a salesman for a President. I was hoping that the Republican Party could bring the party into the 21st Century by putting a younger man in the public eye that represents the future for the younger men and women that are the majority of the population. The young people of today are not looking for a grandfather of the nation but they are looking for a Brother or an Uncle that can lead them into the future. Young Republican Representatives like Col. Allen West or Mark Rubio and Governors Christie of New Jersey and Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.
    These young Republicans are smart and when they speak the words are listened to and remembered. They have Leadership Masculinity and as far as I am concerned it should be Newt and Mitt who should be selected for Vice Presidents as advisors or cabinet members. The way things are going I can only pray that one of the people I spoke about will enter the race and cause a surge in Republican support. I guess I should have mentioned Bright eyes Bachmann to keep me from looking like a macho pig but every time she gives a speech she always says she is a tax attorney and the word attorney turns me off.
    I want to see a landslide for Obama’s defeat but with Newt and Mitt it is going to be to dam close to call. Another four years with Obama will cause me to die in vane.

    • http://yahoo ted in houston

      hitthedeck u are very wise and i agree with u 150% however west,rubio, christie,and jindal are better choises u must pick someone with a nack for debates. remember obama can sway people with his speaches.i listen to him long enough and hes got me believing in him. we must have someone with great knowledge of goverment and can hold there own in debates. Newt is the only one who can bring us that and get obama out of there.

  • chuckb

    newt gingrich is the strongest possible candidate of the bunch. when he was speaker my only complaint was he lacked courage to face off with bill clinton, when clinton accused him of shutting down the government, newt ran and hid, that’s when i lost my regards for newt, otherwise, there is no one in this field who comes close to presidential material. romney is a complete empty suit.
    we should not listen to the likes of karl rove and charles krauthammer these two rino’s are a danger to the conservative movement. fox news seems to be in the romney camp, especially the likes of bill o’reilly. fox is becoming more like the main stream media each day, is this the real balanced truth showing.

    • eddie47d

      Actually Newt is also a salesman like Romney. He conned even Bill Clinton into NAFTA and that is another thing that we got shafted on. How will Newt sell us down the river if he is President?

      • chuckb

        eddie, we are already sold down the river, thanks to your hero ‘barry soetoro” “conned bill clinton?” nobody conned bill clinton, he was too busy keeping himself out of prison, that was the one thing that helped save the country. hillary and bill spent all their eight years defending themselves against investigations and accusations, plus his affairs with other women. hillary is probably the only first lady that committed murder and got away with it.
        michelle and barry are topo bu

        • chuckb

          cont. too busy living the high life and vacations, plus allowing the muslims to overrun the middle east.

        • bob wire

          “hillary and bill spent all their eight years defending themselves against investigations and accusations,”

          And after 8 years of wasted time and millions of tax dollars spent ~ you got NOTHING but a hand full of empty fingers! And where are they today? an International Statesman and Secretary of State.

          and where is NEWT and Kenneth Star and the GOP ? Still chasing the ambulance to the scene and playing “defense”, attempting to stop the drive and keep the DNC to short yardage.

          and Today the GOP, STILL cannot run on a Track record!

          I’d say, if the GOP wants things to change, ~ they’d be wise to start with themselves and nominated Ron Paul. These old stump broke GOP dogs are not about change ~ but more of the same.

      • Lost in Paradise

        You do not want to know!!

  • Moosedrool

    I cannot hold my nose and vote anymore. I did last time and we still got the scum in office now. This time I will not. I will not vote for Romney, Gingrich, or Perry. Bachman is not much better. While I do not agree with Paul’s drug policy and some of his foreign policy. I so agree with his domestic policy, and right now, that is what we need.

  • Malibu Kim


  • FromUSA

    Gingrich is the only House Speaker to be brought up on ethics violations.
    None of the top 4 (Newt, Perry, Romney, and Paul) are worthy to be president, although nobility better than Osama.
    The guy that has Tea Party support with no baggage and is a true Conservative is Rick Santorum.
    Sorry Michele, just a little too much big government for me.

  • Darlin

    Ron Paul is the only hope we have people. Please do your homework on him. Stop running him down and read. Vote Ron Paul 2012 READ READ READ. NO MSM, RESEARCH yourself.

    • http://yahoo ted in houston

      Darlin u need to watch the documentary the third Jihad before u vote for ron paul. please have ron watch it too.

      • Bleh

        BS… Ron Paul’s position on the Constitution clearly makes him above that crap. Shiite Law and the Constitution do not mix. Read the Constitution…

      • Joseph

        ted, you need to stop watching television, and start using your brain. The only place where the “Islamic Invasion” exists is in “American Media”! You know, like in movies, television, newspapers-where fiction is BIG BUSINESS!!! oi vey…

        • Lost in Paradise

          Best advice ever. USE your brain. Its a pity most cannot do just that, which is why the lamestream media is so effective.

  • chuckb

    bob wire,

    if the tables were turned and clinton represented the republican party he would have suffered a worse fate than nixon. the only reason he wasn’t removed from office was to keep al gore from the presidency, that would have been a bigger disaster. i will agree ken star was a very weak special prosecutor. hillary is secretary of state only to keep her out of barry’s way. you call clinton a statesman. i call him one of the biggest frauds of all time, only surpassed barry soetoro. he did capture the mindset of the weak minded democrats and minorities.

  • Prosperity

    Ron Paul is a kook? Amazing how the Constitution spooks people. Ron is just stating what the Constitution says, and that is considered “kooky”

  • jopa

    Newt is running on a platform that isn’t even his.He is trying to take all the credit for the accomplishments of past presidents such as Reagan and Clinton.There was even a sidebar poll on this site,” who created more jobs Newt or Obama”.It said Newt was the winner so I looked it up and he was trying to claim the jobs from the Clinton era.In reality it was guys like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates that created all those jobs.Then it all came tumbling down when two out of work cancer cells said” We have to get Jobs.”


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