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Brainwashed Pediatricians Dropping Patients For Refusing Vaccinations

February 21, 2012 by  

Most physicians come out of medical school brainwashed by Big Pharma into believing that drugs are the cure-all for diseases and that they have all necessary knowledge when it comes to battling disease. They hate to be challenged by knowledgeable patients who resist their “cures” and treatments — especially when it comes to vaccinations. And they hate having their money funnel flow slowed.

“As patients have become savvier and more willing to challenge doctors, physicians have become increasingly reluctant to deal with uncooperative patients,” Arthur Caplan, a bioethics professor at the University of Pennsylvania recently told The Wall Street Journal. “In addition, doctors may feel financial pressure to see more patients and so have less time to contend with recalcitrant ones.”

There is now a growing trend of pediatricians who are dropping patients who refuse vaccinations for their children. The Journal referenced a study of Connecticut pediatricians that showed 30 percent of pediatricians asked a family to leave for refusing vaccines. That’s up from 16 percent in previous years. A study of Midwestern pediatricians found 21 percent had done the same.

When challenged about the efficacy of vaccinations and other drugs, doctors turn logic on its ear. Try pointing out the rise in autism rates among vaccinated children. Parents recognize that symptoms of autism manifest around age 2, after children have been bombarded with round after round of inoculations. Rather than look for a connection, so-called researchers claim it’s a coincidence.

Doctors say they don’t want unvaccinated children mingling with their vaccinated patients out of fear the unvaccinated will spread disease among the vaccinated. That’s either illogical and nonsensical, or it demonstrates the doctors have no faith their vaccines work as stated.

The truth is, many people and even a few physicians are breaking free of the mind-controlling clutches of Big Pharma, which values profits over health at every turn.

Do your research and discuss vaccinations with your physician before mindlessly submitting yourself or your child to the Big Pharma chemical cocktail of destruction. Present this linked article by Catherine Frompovich to your physician and make him or her discuss it with you to your satisfaction before automatically taking the doctor’s word that vaccines are safe. Your health and that of your child is your responsibility. Theirs is to their Big Pharma master. As the article in The Journal stated, “Most pediatricians consider preventing disease through vaccines a primary goal of their job.”

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Rebecca

    The same thing is happening with people and veterinarians. SAME issue too. Vaccinations. Children are becoming increasingly allergic to vaccines while dogs are doing the same thing. It’s already been proven (by Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM) that yearly shots for dogs is NOT NECESSARY. Like children, puppy shots and one booster is all that needed but the vets are NOT letting go. They have upped the anti and are telling people that now they must vaccinate every 6 months. They too are seeing an end to their “cash cows”.

    • Ellen

      Rebecca, Interestingly, animals now have type 2 diabetes, too. Did you ever know anyone whose cat had diabetes 30 years ago? Now, it is somewhat common because cats are kept indoors and can’t supplement their nutritionless dry food by eating mice. Vets act like this is normal. Doctors act like it’s normal for the autism rates to keep climbing. Children who aren’t vaccinated have normal amounts of autism, ADD and allergies (meaning very rare). If I had it to do over, I would have had a select few vaccinations given to my children – maybe the ones I had back in the 1960s.

      • katrael59ganaiden

        Ellen, that’s very interesting. I’m sure all of this diabetes is caused by our SAD diet. I was told that human kind are the only creatures on this planet that suffer with varicose veins and hemorrhoids? I’ve been wondering about this as this was attributed to diet. I believe there is something else that contributes to this disease but won’t comment on my belief here. Do you know of any statistics about hemorrhoids in other animals?

    • Jerome Bigge

      The physicians do the same thing. Unnecessary check ups and such to “fatten” their wallets. Prescription laws were the greatest benefit government ever gave the medical profession, both human and animal. Without prescription laws the docs and the vets would both be singing a different tune. Ron Paul is the only Presidental candidate who understands this truth. None of the others do!

      • AintSayin

        Go Ron Paul!!!
        Ron Paul 2012

  • Sirian

    This runs the same gamut that the annual “flu shot” is based on. Kids are the convenient, easily accessed “experimental study group”. Profitable, very profitable.

  • CJ

    My GP ‘hinted’ to the potential of dropping me if I didn’t change my position on taking bloodpressure meds. I’m only pre-hyper, has been at the same level for almost 10 years and I monitor it on my own. I currently take NO prescription meds and hope to keep it that way.

    • Karolyn

      I have been so lucky to have had either young doctors of those who are not pill-pushers, other than a gastro who wanted me to subject my body to chemo for hepatitis C and poo-poohed what I had to say about alternative methods.

      Dr. Oz is having Dr. Mercola on his show today. Should be a good one!

    • Jerome Bigge

      Doctor can’t make the money off you that he could from someone who had prescriptions for blood pressure. The “money maker” for doctors is the prescription law that allows the doctors monopoly control over the supply of medicine. Without these laws, the average primary care physician would suffer a considerable drop in income, the so-called “shortage of primary physicians” wouldn’t exist. The AMA would be very unhappy if that happened.

  • s c

    MDs. Ya gotta luv ‘em. Not really. Not when MONEY trumps care. Not when PROGRAMMING replaces knowledge. Not when Uncle Scam is a key part of the current dictatorial equation. Junk science is junk science, no matter who “pushes” it.

  • ph

    mainstream medicine has zero intrest in curing anything because that would interfere with their cash flow that is generated by pushing dope & unneeded screening of anything they can talk people into which usually results into invasive surgery of some type. It’s a big rip off that has been visited onto the people of the world when their so-called treatments make people sicker & even kill them. I grew up in the 40′s & 50′s & I can not recall that there was ever any kind of epidemic of any type like there are today. There has to be a reason for all of these malidies being full blown today. Could it be the medical mal-practice,could it be the geneticly altered food,could it be all the bad advice from the diet ‘experts’,or could it be all of these ? They know what’s going on but the reasons are being covered up.The truth will never come out when they are protected by the governments that they are lapdogs for & in bed with.

    • Karolyn

      I don’t remember anybody having allergies when I was a kid. Nowadays every other kid has peanut allergies, and half the population has other allergies. Of course, that could have to do with what we breath these days.

      • katrael59ganaiden

        Karolyn, I had to find this out the hard way….after being sick for the first thirty five years of my life and being diagnosed with chronic bronchitis. Almost all of our allergies don’t come from the air we breath be it pollen, dust or whatever. These things have always been with us. Most sensitivities to these things are created by the foods we eat. Most of our modern over-processed food sets up toxic conditions in the body to where it has to react to any kind of further unwanted intrusion by dust or whatever.
        I didn’t break this lifetime problem until I was taught to know which foods made me sensitive. I didn’t even have to pay to learn how to know this and didn’t even need a doctor’s help. Allergies, like many ailments, are only our bodies way of telling us what’s wrong with it and If we learn to listen to our bodies we’ll have health greater than anything that a doctor’s prescription will ever give us.
        The only thing I needed to do to have the health I had never experienced before was to stop eating foods that made me sick.
        Take heartburn as an example, that’s our body’s way of asking us not to put that crap down our throats and many people know which foods sets this off in them. Then they turn to the doctor to give them a little purple pill so that they can go on abusing their body with what pleases the tongue.

    • katrael59ganaiden

      Hey ph, check this out. What you’re talking about has been a problem for thousands of years and the writer of this piece knew back then what it would develop into.
      Rev_18:23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceriesG5331 were all nations deceived.
      See that word sorceries? Probably a bad translation here because this is what it really means.
      From G5332; medication (“pharmacy”), that is, (by extension) magic (literal or figurative): – sorcery, witchcraft.
      I’ve posted this before. Maybe you’re believe in the source of this or not , I’m not saying that you do either way, it’s just that I find this statement to be an amazing insight from a primitive that lived thousands of years ago.

    • tgeer

      So, you don’t remember polio? It was on the front pages of newspapers quite frequently during that time. In fact, my Mom and her Cousin caught it.

  • katrael59ganaiden

    Bob this is so true now and is becoming more prevalent. It’s always been a problem though. Back in the early nineties my mother’s doctor got mad at her when she refused to take all of the medications he prescribed. She complained of the side effects and told him she could live with some but not all of the side effects from the drugs. She explained what she wanted to do and he told her that it was impossible for her to ever recover from her disease be it his way or her’s. He told her that he refused to be her physician anymore but, to keep in touch so that he could see what effects her self treatment were bringing her. I was there when he told her this.
    She did the impossible and her recovery was miraculous to say the least. She didn’t just stop taking some of the drugs but all of them. She didn’t bother to let him know of her recovery; his need for an education didn’t mean anything to her. She didn’t feel like he would listen anyway.
    Our bodies hold the healing nature within them and our bodies only need to be given the proper raw materials for them to do the job themselves. Drugs rarely do anything but treat symptoms and create others.
    Having said that: give me the best surgeon possible if I get into an accident and need to be put back together. Doctors do have a place in our lives, but, they don’t understand disease or don’t care to.

  • L Pearl

    These people don’t want doctors

    • katrael59ganaiden

      Which people are you referring to L Pearl? But, you’re probably right, nobody posting here want’s a doctor who can’t do anything but make their life worse of for them. I’d be willing to bet that includes you. If you go to the doctor you want him to help you get better not worse. I’d be willing to bet that most people who post here have had a negative experience with a doctor. Those guys don’t give us a satisfaction or your money back guarantee.

  • Jerome Bigge

    Prescription laws are the driving force behind the arrogance of the medical profession. Without these laws the cost of health care would be considerably less. The need for health insurance would be less. Oddly enough, the only one of those now running for President who understands this is Ron Paul. No prescription laws, no drug laws period. Ever stop and consider that at least a third of all the people who are in prison are there because they violated some drug law? Were they hurting or harming anyone else? No, as a general rule. Consider that these laws are extremely profitable not only to doctors, but also provide income for the police, the legal system, the prison guards and those who build prisions. Additionally these prescription laws make health care more expensive than it needs be. Many people living in a society without prescription laws or drug laws would have little need of seeing a doctor except perhaps once every few years! Imagine what a loss of income this would be for doctors, both human and animal. Yes, you have to have a prescription to buy heart worm pills for your dog or cat? Why does the government do this? One easy answer. The professional organizations lobby for this. They are really “labor unions” for professionals. No different than labor unions for ordinary workers, labor unions for government employees. All of these “unions” make things cost more! Only one politicial party opposes all of this! That is the Libertarian Party! However, Ron Paul, Libertarian and Republican, supports repealing prescription laws, drug laws. He believes in freedom. Keeping prices low. Remember, only Ron Paul is willing to do this. No one else. Not Obama, not Romney, not Santorum. Only Ron Paul!

  • tgeer

    I don’t know any Doctors that come out of medical school thinking that there is a cure-all for anything.

    I do know, however, that the diseases that the vaccinations are given for can, and have been, epidemic killers. Just a simple look at history proves that. My children got all the vaccinations that were recommended. Why? My Mother had polio, my Grandmother got tetanus, My Great-Grandmother’s older sister died of Diphtheria, etc.

    Are the vaccinations 100%? Of course not. Nothing is 100%. Are the vaccinations safe? Yes, for most people. There will always be a very small percentage that have reactions to them. That is not enough reason for the majority of people to not have their children vaccinated. And, personally, if you decided to not have your children vaccinated, I want to know that so that I can keep my children away from yours.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear tgeer,

      You write: “Are the vaccinations 100%?” They are far, far from 100%. I give you these for your education.

      You write: “There will always be a very small percentage that have reactions to them.” Please consider this.

      You write: “And, personally, if you decided to not have your children vaccinated, I want to know that so that I can keep my children away from yours.” You are using the same illogic posed by doctors. If vaccines work, what have your vaccinated children to fear from unvaccinated children?

      Best wishes,

    • Nicholas Sundquist

      If you are truly confident that the vaccines work why the worry?

      • katrael59ganaiden

        Nicholas, you make the most excellent point, why should they worry if someone isn’t vaccinated while everyone else is? Vaccinated people can’t come down with the disease they are vaccinated against…right? No, these people really know these vaccines are worthless. Just a way for Pharma to make money at the expense of people who are forced to accept what they don’t want or need.

      • tgeer

        Why would I be worried? Because Vaccinations are not 100% effective. NOTHING is.

        Anyone who has studied history knows what these diseases do, and how widespread they can get. They, also, have taken the time to learn the pathology of the diseases. If you are counting on good food, fresh air, and wisdom to keep you, or your children, safe from diseases you are doing some major magical thinking. Those can help, but cannot protect you.

        Instead of patting yourself on the back for how self-righteous you feel for doing the “right things”, think about all the other people who, also, did the right things and STILL became ill. You are not one of the exceptions. You are always susceptible to these diseases, and the new ones that come along. The vaccinations that have been developed have been developed because of the seriousness of the diseases, not because the Pharma’s want to scare us.

        You don’t want to study history? Fine. At least have the honesty to say that history doesn’t matter to you, and neither do the facts behind the diseases, or the vaccinations. I will have much more respect for you by stating the truth, rather than some utopian belief that eating the right food and living the right life will protect you from the diseases.

        • katrael59ganaiden

          tgeer, why should it be magical for a healthy person’s body to fight off disease? If one half of the population dies from a plague, why didn’t the other half die with it? Prove that these diseases just hadn’t run their course when the general population began to be vaccinated against them. I can accept that an immunity may be imparted by exposure to a disease but then you have to explain why it didn’t kill that person? My objection to vaccinations are that I don’t feel that the government has a right to force me to accept one or to force me to have my children accept them. I don’t accept a position in favor of forcing anyone to take one. I don’t accept that any substance is good for you when it contains aluminum, mercury or any other harmful preservative. I don’t believe that it’s good to assault a child’s system with a half dozen concoctions at once. I see all kind of reasons for people to reject modern vaccination practices as mandatory.
          And perhaps the reason that vaccinations seem to work so well isn’t due to the vaccination but to a healthier population in general? In 1850 the average man lived to be 52 and the average woman 35. These people weren’t healthy and their body would easily succumb to disease and that’s why they died so young. Vaccinations prove nothing.

  • WickedPickle

    Then if their going to be a selective bunch of hypocrites, I say, “Piss on’um”.. I’ll just save my deductible. Doctors are scammers in any case. They swear by the Hippocratic oath but then raise up a wall of cash to interfere with duty and profit. And those who don’t are very rare indeed.

  • s c

    Here’s a thought for the caring, compassionate, open borders, instant citizenship for Illegal aliens [utopian] crowd. Those MILLIONS that Obummer thinks will equal easy votes in the next election ARE checked for diseases, aren’t they?
    That is, the CDC is concerned about various health matters
    (it’s de LAW!). One issue that’s rearing its ugly head now is known as ‘disease resistant TB.’ Obummer, it seems is so needful and greedy for easy votes that he’s quite willing to introduce interesting diseases to America.
    My question (above) was rhetorical, folks. Obummer’s indifference to the health of those who enter America ILLEGALLY should set off many alarms across America. So is the CDC above such insanity? Is the CDC comfy with the idea of new strains and new diseases getting into America the easy way? What price votes Obummer?
    The White House has LOTS of room in it (right?). Is there any problem with 50 or so ‘guests’ moving in for a while? And, please don’t try to “profile” anyone by demanding tests to determine if they have disease and constitute a potential health threat to anyone. It can’t happen here – RIGHT? Food for thought, folks.

  • nasknit

    There are reasons vaccinations have been around for so long, & have faired so well overall. Before vaccinations, people worried about contracting smallpox, diphtheria, typhoid, whooping cough, typhus, malaria, tetanus, polio, etc. Millions have died from these diseases, or been permanently “damaged”. Do away with mandatory vaccinations, & the death tolls will rise. Not immediately, but when they do, it will be dramatically. Who wants to take a chance on having your child die?

    • AintSayin

      Naskit, you are FULL OF IT!! I raised strong healthy children on quality, nutritious food!! And they had NO childhood diseases – NONE!! Those diseases you mention are the result of inferior PHUDE and unsanitary living conditions. Big Pharma ATTEMPTS to treat symptoms of disease. If she were to CURE you, it would put a halt to her income! I have had my own experience with Big Pharma and she failed me!!

      • tgeer

        You seem to be pretty proud of being ignorant about how things work in this world. Why? I wouldn’t think that being ignorant would be anything to be proud of.

      • TruthHurts

        Then why…Tgeer, are you so ignorant? You really need to do your homework. Vaccinations are part of the New World Order eugenics agenda (population reduction).

        • Katrael

          TruthHurts, maybe tlgeer’s problem is she’s been drinking too much fluoridated water? I’m not saying this to be mean spirited but there is a link between fluoride and mental sluggishness. Fluoride was used both by the Nazis and Russians for the purpose of making enemy populations more docile. There is more than ample evidence of this and if you google or bing the question, “is fluoride a mind control drug” you’ll find plenty of information. Here’s one example:

          Our government knows all about fluoride as they sent researchers to Germany after the war to investigate I G Farben a chemical manufacturer who produced fluoride, among other things, for this purpose.

          Also, many of Nazi Germany’s war efforts were funded by many of the wealthiest families in the world…the ones who now control the global banking system and who long ago bought out the US government lock stock and barrel. Big business, big banks and big government have it in for us.

  • nasknit

    I don’t blame doctors for dropping them as patients. I worked in coronary care for 9 years. One of the best cardiologists I worked with, told his patients who smoked, that he required a letter from them admitting that smoking was detrimental to their health,they knew it, & that he’d keep them as patients if they so desired. NO one needs people blinded by self-denial.

    • AintSayin

      nasknit, please go away!!

  • Catlanding

    Better to loose a Physician than loose your child. I think this dropping patients tactic
    is mainly to intimidate. The motivation of doctors is to make money, & pushing prescription drugs serves that end. If you can find a doctor who will accomodate
    freedom of choice, you’re so much better off. If some parents think all of these vaccines are helpful & good for their kids, then fine go for it, & good luck to them. But if people have different beliefs about them, they too should be free to decide tor themselves & their children.
    If vaccines are so wonderfully protective, then why fear the “unvaccinated.” They’re
    supposed to make you safe & disease proof right? Or does all of this just make you a ‘good little patient’ who follows the orders of so called ‘experts’ (who don’t know either)?
    In the end, WE are still the only one’s truly responsible for our own health, & that of our
    dependent children. NOBODY ELSE REALLY CARES, no matter what they SAY.
    Governments would just as soon reduce both expenses, & populations. And doctors
    just want to justify the cost of their education, make money with ease, & not get
    sued. Stop falling for their pretended altruism. Use them as a tool, not as parent
    substitutes. It’s time we all started to understand in this country, what it means to be an adult.
    You’re responsible for whatever you do, or don’t do, so YOU decide.

    • AintSayin

      You are right Cat. It is an intimidation move, and I will bet Big Pharma is behind it!

  • katrael59ganaiden

    Question, if a disease killed half of all of the people, why didn’t it kill the other half? The answer, I believe is due to health. Healthy people don’t succumb to disease. A person can look healthy and not be so you can’t go by looks. The vaccinations that are given may in fact be worthless at least the kind that big pharma passes out. There was something to be said for exposing someone to a strain of a disease that was less lethal but would give the recipient an immunity, small pox vs cow pox. Some people exposed to cow pox seemed to be immune to small pox. Oh well, what does anybody know but what they hear and believe. I don’t believe in vaccines. I don’t trust doctors to treat disease. They are good with trauma though.

  • mike

    A few practicing doctors know the dangers, but there’s no way they can keep up with all the new drugs coming out. I’m always amazed that people who go on and on and on about unions being the cause of this, that and the other thing, never mention trade and professional associations. Is it because somebody that wears a suit might be above stifling competition or setting prices? The AMA is probably the worst, There’s certainly no union that can get the government to prosecute and lock up their competition.

  • AintSayin

    Everybody, please know this! There as a time in my life that I ALWAYS hurt. I am 60 years old and can still remember the childhood pain. I stayed in and out of the MEDI-QUACKS office. I was given pain killers, muscle relaxers and other “junk” that I cannot remember. You know what! I kept right on hurting! Then I decided to take matters into my own hands. I was really tired of hurting. I first stopped the Big Pharma drugs. Then there was this “new” thing I heard about called Chiropractic. I decided it could not be any worse, so I tried it. Along that same time I decided to work with the diet and started watching how and what (especially what) I ate. I started studying nutrition. I also decided to detox my body and take massage treatments. Guess what!! The pain went away. I have a physical condition that causes me to still have some stiffness, but I can live with the stiffness as long as the pain is gone.
    Another thing I would like to share with you was my Dad’s experience. I remember when he got sick. Yes, he was sick, but nothing life threatening, that is until he went into the hospital. He then took a nose dive, and was gone in just a few days. So I tell my children and all of my family members, when or if I ever get sick, DO NOT TAKE ME TO A HOSPITAL. God and I will take it from there.
    So to the doctors of Big Pharma, who refuse to treat the unvaccinatted, I say SCREW YOU and thank you for letting me know to keep my children out your friggin office. I know from personal experience that there is a better way that DOES WORK! My children were given healthy, disease CURING nutritious food. I did not wise up in time to not let them receive any vaccines, but as soon as I did, I put a stop to the vaccination propaganda. Take your children to naturopathic, or wholistic or chiropractic doctors and feed them CORRECTLY. Study nutrition yourself so you know HOW to feed them. They will be fine! Mine were. And they did not have childhood diseases. I informed the school that I did not do the vaccine thing. I even refused to put them in plastic diapers when they were babies. They used cloth diapers. We only put the plastic covers over their diapers when we were out in some formal settings. As soon as we returned home, the plastic came off. Guess what! Never had a diaper rash! NEVER! Screw Big Pharma and her brainwashed quacks!!!

    • katrael59ganaiden

      AintSayin, You said it all. Like you I suffered for many years, thirty five, before I started to learn the answers that weren’t being given to me by what you refer to as the “medi-quacks”. We need to be responsible for ourselves and to teach others how to do the same. Most won’t listen as they’ll continue to turn to others to do it for them. This is laziness, ignorance and often a fatal way to live. We were not meant to be sick and in constant pain. Pain is our friend because it lets us know we need to change our behavior and that we need to listen to our body as it will tell us what is working and what it needs. Sounds like you’ve learned this?
      Gan Aiden, or the Garden of Eden was a garden planted in the east of the land of pleasure and delight. We have the only remaining dirt left from that garden. If we tend it then we will have pleasure and delight. You’re getting yours and I’m getting mine. Anybody want any of that “pleasure and delight”?

  • Cheryl Reynolds

    I have been taking my seven youngest children to the same pediatrician for over 12 years. He doesn’t see them very often because they are very healthy children, but the last time we were there to have some warts removed, he told me that the practice had decided that patients who were not vaccinated would no longer be seen. I told him that he knew how careful I am about my childrens’ diets, etc., and that he knows I didn’t make the decision against vaccinations without reason. He agreed with me. Even though he didn’t agree with me when I got goats and fed my kids raw goat milk, he still supported me in doing what I thought was best for my kids. But not the vaccinations…no, he said sorry, that is the new policy and I had 90 days to get them vaccinated or they wouldn’t see us. I called another pediatrician but explained to them about the vaccinations because I didn’t want to start somewhere new only to be told later that they won’t see us either…and they said no. We’re without a doctor right now.

    • katrael59ganaiden

      Cheryl Reynolds, Hurray for you. Keep those children healthy and they’ll never need those vaccinations they’re not getting. Most people don’t understand what real health is and it boggles their mind that someone like you would do such a heinous thing to their children and resort to nutrition but that’s their ignorance speaking. It’s taken me sixty years to learn what I know now and it’s astound how much people don’t know. I don’t like tooting my own horn and that’s not what I’m trying to do here but, I feel better at 60 years old than I did the previous 59. I say this so you’ll know that there are others out there who’ve searched for a better solution when the one they’ve been presented with didn’t work. I’m one of those people. I suffered with chronic bronchitis for 35 years until I learned what was causing it and did something about it. I’ve been learning to understand what my body tells me by what I experience. If I experience pain then the pain tells me what is wrong and believe it or not what I need to do to fix the problem. Brief example: strike finger with hammer and experience pain, it’s the bodies way of asking us to stop hitting the finger with the hammer. But, there are so many other signals that our bodies give that most of us don’t understand and it takes time to learn them. When you experience thirst you drink which is another example. So what about arthritis, cancer and a host of other maladies? They are all ways of your body trying desperately to get your attention and while there may be a point of no return the vast majority of the time the body will heal itself if we stop abusing it and give it what it needs to heal itself. This whole process is a journey and I pray that you continue to have success. Oh by the way, feeling good is the bodies way of telling you that you figured out it’s message and did the right thing.
      We have been purposely lied to about health and we have inherited a lot of lies and misconceptions about it.
      I feel sorry for your doctor and any who succumb to his treatment options.

    • Cheryl Reynolds

      Thank you, Katrael…As an update, I did find a doctor at Ohio State University Integrative Medicine who will see my children with no vaccinations.

      • Katrael

        Cheryl Reynolds, maybe this doctor you found knows more that his or her fellow practitioners? Let’s hope so. I pray for you to have all the success with your journey with health. Be well and prosper.

  • Thinking About

    What happened to the personal liberty of the doctors? Why would any one want to limit their freedon of choice? If the parents refuse to allow treatment of their child then I would tell them to take their kids to someone else, I would be in the business of preventive health care and treating the patient to the best of my ability. Brainwashed doctors, it is more like brainwashed parents who abuse their children by allowing them to have illnesses of which can be prevented. Perhaps in the near future a cause of autisim etc but so far a bonafide proof these problems are caused from injections

  • Alexa

    Doctors refusing to see un-vaccinated children? Ba humbug.

    Remember how long Red Cross insisted their blood was safe and it was impossible to be infected with AIDS?

    ‘Don’t bank on doctors being knowledgeable.


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