Boy’s Water Pistol Threat Leads To Confiscation Of Father’s Guns, License


Yeah, this makes sense: A 10-year-old suggests a bully should be shot with a water pistol, so the police confiscate his father’s firearms and the State revokes his concealed-carry permit.

It happened in New York, a State that is notorious for the difficulty it causes its residents who want to legally carry a gun and that recently suspended the U.S. Constitution and passed draconian gun restrictions. The father posted news of his plight April 1 on the forum.

As much as he’d like it to have been a bad April Fool’s joke, it’s not. In addition to having his guns confiscated and his license revoked, John Mayer’s son was suspended for two days by the Hauppauge School District following the March 1 incident. When Mayer inquired the next day about when his license would be restored, police told him it would be restored when his son turned 18 and moved out of the house.

Those running the non-education indoctrination system that passes for education have simply lost whatever minds they once possessed; and their ridiculous, mind-numbed zero-tolerance policies are causing kids and parents all manner of hardship and even resulting in criminal records for victimless non-crimes. And New York government long ago divested itself of common sense and restraint.

Mayer has sued the school system and the Suffolk County Police Department in Federal court. “It’s completely absurd,” Mayer’s attorney James Murtha  said. However, Murtha does not find the case surprising. He said that Suffolk County has a reputation for stepping on individuals’ gun privileges.

“We’ve been involved in cases and situations where police have severely injured or hampered someone’s rights,” he said . “We see enough wrong doing on both parties to be going toward a federal cause of action because of the civil rights implication.”

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  • independent thinker

    I know it won’t happen but everyone in the school system. the Suffolk County Police Department, and any other local law enforcement or other officials involved in the unconstitutional restrictions on Mr. Maher’s gun rights and his sons suspension should be put in jail for at least 10 years with no parole.

    • carlcasino

      Never gonna happen, N.Y. has almost as many nut jobs as Kalifornika and now it looks like Conn. is joining the crowd. This is what happen when you allow inbreeding ot continue.

  • vicki

    Is this really any different than punishing the ~300 Million Americans who DIDN’T shoot anyone? It’s the same mentality. It is made even worse by the act by one person that was used to justify the punishment of another.

    Stop punishing the innocent for the acts of a very few.
    Stop it
    Stop it NOW.

    • monizame

      quit whining and do something about it

      • vicki

        False premise that I am whining
        False premise that I am not doing something about it.

        Since you asked, what are YOU doing about it.

  • vicki

    The OP writes:
    ” Mayer’s attorney James Murtha said.
    However, Murtha does not find the case surprising. He said that Suffolk
    County has a reputation for stepping on individuals’ gun privileges.”

    Mayer should fire that attorney. Gun ownership and carry is a RIGHT not a privilege.

    • Michael Shreve

      WE THEE PEOPLE are responsible for ALLOWING the right to carry and to carry concealed to be INFRINGED because WE actually believed it would make us safer.

  • Montana Grandmom

    I made the decision not to post any of my opinions about guns and gun control on my facebook page long before Personal Liberty added the facebook comments section. If I choose to post here, I don’t want it showing up on facebook. I was disturbed this mornng to find that now the ‘post to facebook’ box is checked by default and I now have to be sure to uncheck that box under every article I read before reading any comments in case I decide to make a comment. I am not pleased with this change. I don’t like having my ID here associated with any social media. As a result, except for this post, I probably will no longer post my opinions here.

    • podunk1

      facebook is governments third eyeball in the back of their head – govs little helper in all things curious & conniving!

      • rocketride

        Which among other reasons is why I don’t “do” Facebook.

    • independent thinker

      Montana Grandmom; I never uncheck the box and none of my posts to PLD have shown up on their facebook page. The only of my posts that have shown up on facebook are the ones I have made in the facebook section with the intention of it showing up on facebook.

    • Spencer Cameron

      @disqus_LpdU8G3aCg:disqus is correct. Disqus comments are separate from Facebook comments. They won’t post back to your Facebook even if the “Post to Facebook” box is checked. If you’re logged into Facebook, you will see your profile picture in the Facebook comments reply box. Don’t let this alarm you. Again, it has no effect on Disqus comments.

    • Michael Shreve

      Trust me, you OPINIONS are ALREADY well known to the SECRET POLICE.

  • securityman

    montana grandmom, you need to just set back and not make any comments at all. this section is for the people who care enough and are not afraid to voice their opinions, whether the idiots in government likes it or not. the cops in that place in new york state had better stay up there. i know that they would be very, very unhappy trying to pull that s— in places like tex,ark,and ok. i,m an okie but i,m living in ark. and i garuantee you the they would find it extremely rough to try to take MY guns because of a stupid water pistol. people down here believe in the 2nd amendment and we are not going to give it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ol jim

      Same here in Kentucky, the good ol boys would show these [comment has been edited] I don’t know any one here that would put up with this nonsense.

    • Jeff Pringle

      Won’t happen in Michigan either.

  • mjnellett

    Why don’t the Progressives’ just pass out the brown shirts, and jackboots, already, especially in New York, and get it over with? Herr Bloomberg apparently did learn a lesson of history, unfortunately, it is the WRONG lesson.

    • Jacobite2

      Read a history book sometime. Hitler was a loon, but he was NOT anti-German. The whole point in the US today is that the entire Leftist movement is 100% anti-American, anti-white, and anti-Christian. You never would’ve found any Nazis trying to import millions of non-Germans into their country. In fact, as you might find out with some reading, the Nazis took kind of a dim view of non-Germans. Ergo, Nazis were just about the perfect opposites of US Leftists.

      • rocketride

        But that didn’t make them non-leftists. National-Socialist, remember?

      • $20888627

        WRONG. YES, Hitler was anti German, unless you think “pro-German” means being a fascist and murdering multiple people because they’re different. Obumma IS Hitler Lite. Just because hes going about destroying America in a different way is irrelevant.

  • fsa0033

    Simple. Move to a more gun friendly state. Get more guns and enjoy a safer life. Think about all the gun owners leaving New York. Leave all the criminals and sheep to be slaughtered.

    • chocopot

      I don’t disagree with you, but what about having a job? There are no jobs for someone to get if they just up and move like that.

      • georgec

        Plenty of opportunity here in Texas

  • Duane A. Fisher

    You choose to live in a state dictatorship , so you should enjoy being enslaved. Or you can wakeup–get your family out–your money out -and your bussiness out. Move to a state that the socialfascist have less power & bring your guns.

    Local,county,and state Law Official are telling their communities to “Hide your guns & ammo. Only register the guns you want “CONFISCATED”! “You will need them to defend the CONSTITUTION, your family lives , and your life. These Official are asking , “How come obama has not been impeached?…? “He is setting himself up like Adolph Hitler. These comments come from the fellow patriots that protect your community everyday from crime. Are you going to “TRUST”them? Or corupt politicians in Washington, trying to stripp you of your rights,tax dollars and the authority to raise your own children? And SHAMEFULLY using the families of SANDY HOOK to start the comming “CIVIL WAR” so he can declare Martial Law. If we have a “CIVIL WAR” these SANDY HOOK families who aided the gun grabb will be reponsible for the DEATHS OF CHILDREN in the Conflict they helped bring about.

    • $20888627

      I have a feeling that those people are either accomplices in Sandy Hoax, are brainwashed MK Ultra style or they truly believe that Sandy hoax happened, even tho there’s NO WAY it went down the way they said it did. CIA went in there and blew those kids away that’s why they can’t release any footage of Lanza entering the building, he NEVER did. He was murdered and set up to be the patsy in the hope that non thinking Americans would believe it. But less and less people are falling for the false flags. We’re waking up. Will it be enough?

  • podunk1

    People need to start filing 2nd Amendment lawsuits in local government courts. ALL judges and courts are bound by and to support the Constitution. FORCE THE ISSUE NOW!!! SUE THE COURT IF YOU HAVE TO – MAKE ACLU & NRA HELP!

    • chocopot

      “ALL judges and courts are bound by and to support the Constitution.”

      Maybe so, but that doesn’t mean they will. Leftist judges have been ignoring the Constitution for decades.

      • $20888627

        We still have to try.

      • podunk1

        Both left and right will put the screws to you, if necessary to protect their master. They can determine facts without testimony or exhibit, and violate Amendments at will – appeals take two years each & eventually one runs out of money and relevance – sad but true.

        Local courts, bad as they can be, tend to “getRdone” & if you have a legitimate case, good honest lawyer, and a jury, chances are very high justice will prevail. A jury decision usually ends the BS – good, bad, or otherwise. Someone like Holder would get fried, especially in a local court, & especially if he was carried to district after district where he corrupted citizenship voting laws, Fast & furious, etc

    • Michael Shreve

      Granted WE should be suing to FORCE the governments to abide by the constitution, but, as with Obamacare, you cannot TRUST the U.S. Supreme Court NOT to discover a bogus, between the lines, justification for POLICE STATE actions.

      • podunk1

        That risk is reality today & odds are against individuals. 315 million people outnumbers them, but… Got to wear them out or the end result will be tyranny – this bunch is absolutely corrupt to the core

  • Al Chemist

    Any freedom-loving person should leave NY State. It’s only going to get worse with the liberal/commies in charge. And it is very clear that they are in charge.

    • Javier Nieves

      I would love too. Easier said…iI’ll have to wait to receive my nys retirement. Untill them I’m stuck here

  • The Snarf

    There’s another one that should be wising up and getting out of there soon. Gee,and the Dems there can’t figure out why all the intelligent people are leaving the state?

  • Paladin

    Sounds like a case of “when liberals have control of your guns, they will have ALL the power”.

  • $20888627

    Don’t the people of NY vote?? What EXACTLY would it take for those idiots to wake up to the tyranny they elected?? I ask my friends who Obumma what it would take to abandon him and they NEVER answer. It just doesn’t compute. If Ron Paul were to change his tune and start supporting tyranny, I would drop him in 2 seconds. I guess Libtards need to have a “savior” even if hes really their murderer.

  • Joseph Miller

    Wonder if anyone has talked to the bully that started all this…and ask if the son is in fact now being protected against the bully… ?

  • Average Joe

    Assault Weapons Ban: analysis of comments


  • Average Joe

    Data from FBI site and analysis :

    In 2011, there were 12,623 total murders in the United States
    Broken down as follows:

    6,220 murdered by a handgun
    323 murdered by rifle
    356 murdered by shotgun
    1,684 ,murdered by an unknown type of firearm.
    1,694 knives or cutting instruments
    1,659 other weapons (not firearm, not cutting/knife)
    728 murdered by Hands, fist, feet this category includes being pushed

    You are over 5 times more likely to be stabbed or slashed to death than to be killed by someone using a rifle.

    You are 5 times more likely to be beaten to death with a bat, nun chucks or some other weapon that is not a firearm and not a blade than you are of being killed by someone using a rifle.

    You are 2.5 times more likely to be beaten to death than to be killed by someone using a rifle.

    Link to FBI data on Murders in America 2011……

  • Joe ThePimpernel

    Punish the innocent, reward the guilty. It’s the “Progressive” way.

  • sleeper48

    There have been too many liberalotomies in NY.

  • Chip Burgess

    “Suffolk County has a reputation for stepping on individuals’ GUN PRIVILEGES.” Since when are they privileges??? They are called RIGHTS for a reason!!!


    New York, Northern Illinois, and California are the cesspools of the USA. And Colorado has just been added. They all need to be flushed their are allot of turds floating around in those states.

  • Simon

    “Individuals’ gun privileges?” I wasn’ aware that the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights was a privilege.