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Boston Bruins Goalie Declines Visit To White House For Political Reasons

January 27, 2012 by  

Boston Bruins Goalie Declines Visit To White House For Political Reasons

The backbone of the Boston Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup championship team skipped a visit to the White House due to political differences with President Barack Obama, News Core reported.

According to the news outlet, Tim Thomas, a native of Flint, Mich., was the only Boston player to decline the invitation.

“I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People,” Thomas said in a statement. “Because I believe this, today (Monday) I exercised my right as a Free Citizen, and did not visit the White House. This was not about politics or party, as in my opinion both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country.”

News Core reported that Obama noted the goalie’s stellar play on the championship run by the Bruins, despite the netminder’s lack of support.

Members of the team’s front office supported the decision by the goalie, as they noted that everyone has a right to voice their opinion, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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  • Sprock

    Wow, that brought the Federal Government to it’s knees. Boy I sure hope Tim Tebow doesn’t get any ideas from this, that could be catastrophic to our National psyche. Sheesh!

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      Good man! Now this is a guy with real class! To bad we can’t say the same for the rest of the team1

      • Laurie Karakhanian

        I totally agree! Kudos to him for taking a stand!!

      • slapjack

        He’s sure got more intelligence than the OBAMASOROS. Can’t blame the Goalie one bit.

    • Joe H.

      Hey, just send
      Steven tyler singing fame to Washington to sing the national anthem again. If THAT don’t bring them to their knees, nothing will!!!

    • BSG

      He may wish to run for office someday and having a pic with him and the Obamintor would be something to explain. Kind of like Gingrich cozying up to his friend Nancy

  • skippy

    Well, I would say Tim Thomas has had an excellent upbringing, and is a very principled person!! Kudos to him. Now, when will he run for public office to REALLY make some changes??!!! :)

  • M L

    I applaud the Boston Bruins goalie, Tim Thomas. I would have to be chained and dragged to meet Dictator Obama…and bring a barf bag with me.

    • Robert Smith

      Read the article again.

      It is BOTH parties that are responsible.


      • s c

        Comrade, WHEN will YOUR White House God ADMIT that HE’S also part of the problem? As always, comrade, YOU do NOT get out of it any easier than the false God in the W H. You’re consistent with your flawed reasoning, aren’t you?
        HUZZAH for Tim Thomas! Squat for you and your God.

      • vieteravet

        Obamanation has spent as much in 3 years ass Bush did in 8! Now during SOTU he wants more power, what an A-hole!

        • vieteravet

          The ass was a freudian slip, Obama always makes me think he’s that.

    • Joe H.

      M L,
      OH, I don’t know, I’d kinda like to meet him and ask some embarrasing questions of him!!! Like What does he have against the United States of America, or what does he have against the constitution, or why does he think he is ABOVE the law? you know, THOSE kind of things!!

  • Glen

    Kudos to the goalie! It is rare that we have someone with public visibility willing to take a stand. Sprock’s comment was unnecessary, thoughtless, and reflective of his intellect.

    • Sprock

      It seems to me that if he was really proud of his personal accomplishment and that of his teammates he would not have tarnished that accomplishment with a totally unrelated political statement. The President was recognizing the accomplishment of each players efforts to achieve the sports most sought after prize. What a shame he had to grand stand and make the event about his personal politics.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        You have not read the article and yet you had to comment.

        • Sprock

          Uh, it’s right at the top of the page!!!!

          • GRusling

            Did it ever occur to you that he might simply be a man of principle, with no desire to meet and shake hands with someone who has none?

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Fatdaddy

        Obama and his predecessors have used these types of invitations to their political advantage for decades. Very seldom do their invitees decline. Hurray for Tim for standing up for his (and all of our freedom of speech) by not allowing his name to be used as a political endorsement of Obama.

        • Robert Smith

          Read the article again. If it had been a Republican in office he would not have gone either.


          • Jackie

            Regardless of your political affiliation, the President is still responsible for his administration. I really wish you people could get past your party affiliations and see that the Government is out of control. This administration has started us down a path of failure as a democracy. Open your eyes and ears. Use the mind you were given and you will see that our rights and privileges are being eroded. It is not a Republican or a Democratic effort, but a combined effort to gain control over the American people. As long as we divide ourselves, we will not have the power to fight back. The only way we can win is to fight for our rights together. It should not be up to an athlete to stand up for what he believes, but all of us should.
            Jackie Davis

          • vieteravet

            I think he was trying to be politically correct, I bet he didn’t vote for Obamanation.

        • Deborah

          For decades. I thought President Obama has only been in office for 3 years thus far??? PLZ.

      • Patriot1776

        I for one am unsure how it can be seen as a negative to stand up for ones convictions when faced with an opportunity to subvert them and participate in a political theatre show. The White house meeting with sport champions has everything to do with politics, and nothing to do with recognizing anybody’s accomplishments. It’s a great photo-op. Cheers to Tim Thomas for spoiling the sham!

      • box-bb-car

        And it is not a political statement for Obama to try to get some of their accomplishment to rub off on him? Thomas at least held true to himself, rather than appear the hypocrite by presenting a photo op for that with which he disaagrees. It brought no shame on his team nor their accomplishment.

      • s c

        You’re WRONG on two points, genius. Your prez has NO use for most individuals in America (especially if they recognize crap when they see it). AND, your last sentence describes your prez almost perfectly.

      • Jeanie Davidson

        We need more people like him that stand up for what they believe in.
        I would love to shake his hand. Too bad that we can’t get men like
        him in the White House….I don’t consider shaking Obama’s hand a

  • William Baylor

    ‘ We live in a democracy that protects human rights and the Boston Bruin morons can do what ever they want even demonstrate they ignorance and childish mentality. No matter what you believe to be the truth, you may not trample any one else’s human rights in this society. Many unlawful and unconstitutional laws are being forced into our democratic system by Republican insane, ignorant, self serving, dogmatically taught religious Republican followers, apparently the Bruins are one of those. Keep your ‘moral imaginations’ out of my schools, my bedroom, my government, my stores, my public meeting places, and quit trying to destroy my democracy.’

    • Sirian

      Num, Num, Num, good little robot.

      • Robert Smith

        Another cogent argument from the extreme right (NOT).


        • Joe H.

          you mean like your little acorn arguments??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Better check what country you are living in because your babbling has nothing to do with living in USA.

      • Robert Smith

        Are you saying that the Republicans don’t want to legislate what’s going on in bedrooms?


        • ChristyK

          Most just don’t want others immoral behavior being shoved down our throats. Christians also don’t like that they are sued, fired, and put down by those that disagree with their heartfelt beliefs. It is OK for a gay to walk in a parade scantily dressed and making out, but it isn’t OK for a Christian to say that the bible says homosexuality is wrong. If a homosexual throws a rock, with a threatening note attached, throught he window of a church, that is just free speech, but a Christian quoting the bible is illegal hate-speech. I think this is the behavior that most Republicans/Christians have a major problem with.

          • Robert Smith

            Christy says: “Most just don’t want others immoral behavior being shoved down our throats.”

            How is something being shoved down your throat?


        • Joe H.

          robbie, but it’s ok for the libbies to legislate invasion of privacy by the unions???

          • Robert Smith

            How so Joe? The unions haven’t done anything to me.


    • Lastmanstanding

      The US is a republic and you are an idiot…this democracy crap will end badly because of both sides of the isles and those that have perpetrated the vile crimes of the last 100 + years…

      The fight of our lives is coming soon…the more you think that you are exempt and that any politician/govt can save you, you have made a grave mistake.

      Ron Paul can get us on track…it will take the rest of us that believe in the US Constitution to right this wrong…and we will do it by whatever means necessary.

      • Cayla MK

        Let’s be honest. The USA is nothing like Rome. That is to say, that we are neither a republic or a democracy. We are a constitutional republublic. Get it right for once.

    • Lady Donna

      When you say there is no GOD, you are a fool. So you would rather have rape, sexual deviancy, hatred, bullying and all the other foul behavior that follows in the footsteps of kicking Christianity out of our country shoved in our faces? And by the way, this country is a republic with checks and balances against too much power and not a democracy. Have you ever noticed that every “Democratic” country is a totalitarian government with no freedoms for the people?

      • Robert Smith

        Donna says: “When you say there is no GOD, you are a fool.”

        Really? I simply have trouble following somthing that is invisible and can’t be heard.

        Do you hear his voice in your head? What’s it like!


    • vieteravet

      Ahh! Little Obama lover butt hurt?

    • http://google rose

      It’s a republic not a decomcracy. We have a republic form of government.

    • http://personallibertydigest Gottaplenty

      William Baylor you must be a super capitalist,, owning all those schools , stores , meeting places etc. you claim to own. Get your name posted on the front of the buisnesses so the religious right fenatics can be shure to avoid you….A typical commie progressive trying to control every thing down to what anybody that doesn’t agree with you does ,thinks or says…stick it idiot…..

    • Jibbs

      We are a Republic, not a democracy!

  • http://personellibertydigest Marcus

    I am shocked and surprised at some of the statements being made here ,Then again very little suprises me anymore ,It would seem that some of the idiots that posted comments did not read the article and obviously some did ,There is a reason why I call the Democrates ( The Party of Stupid ) I won`t even mention their Poster Child ( The Communist from Kenya ) It would seem that The Goalie for the Boston Bruins is a Satndup Guy with Integrity and has every right to voice his opinion and exercise his Rights of free speech ,Before The Socialist Dictators in Washington D.C. completely destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights ,4 more Years of Comrade Obama and we may all lose those Rights ,Tim Thomas you are welcome in Arizona anytime even though our Hockey team kind of sucks

    • cawmun cents

      I dont know much about anything,but a bruin will whup a coyote every time.-CC.

  • Lawrence Ekdahl

    A real man stands on his convictions.

  • Ed Sullivan

    Good for you, Tim Thomas. Too many citizens don’t seem to care about the downward spiral of our personal rights and liberties. America is a wonderful nation being brought to its knees by the activities of the current administration. Hopefully, your comments and action will encourage others to examine the daily operations of both political parties.

  • Greg

    When Sprock is goose stepping down main street to the tune of his puppet master the federal gov’t perhaps he’ll wish that more people would have shown their disgust and outrage. What you fail to understand Sprock is that the current administation started the politicing by inviting a non-related to politics anyway to the white house in the first place. The a$$holes in office should be focused on fixing the mess we are in instead of looking for photo ops with some sports figures.

  • Mike

    Why use a headline that is the view of News Core instead of the truth? Somehow, I thought this was an alternative opinion/news site. A man tells the truth and puts his future endorsements on the line by standing up for truth and the best you can do is quote News Core? Very sad!!

  • Daniel Ponton

    Robert Smith: I did reread the article. His main problem was the size the government. It has grown out of control. Yes we have RINO’s helping out. Who do you think is turning our government into a monster on his own? He said if congress gets in the way. He has & will just go around them. Your man has already spent more money than all other Presidents combined. I think this could be part of his problem. I think he’s mad @ RINO’s for not stepping in & trying to stop him. (JUST MY OPINION)

    • s c

      Daniel, trying to ‘enlighten’ someone who loves National Socialism and Communism ['r'] is like urinating into a high wind. The intent may be OK, but the result is always predictable. ‘R’ worships a combination of National Socialism and Communism – just like his role model in the White House.

  • http://google Mary Buerkley

    Good for him, he is sticking to his principles and letting people know that he has them……luve it!!!!! the other team members should have done the
    same……they’re like sheep going to their leader…..Kudos to you Tim Flint!!!
    NOBODY should attend this imposter’s doings of any kind……..that would tell
    the world what we think of our pseudo leader! Holly Wood, you too, paying
    all that money for a plate of food to support a person who intends to put into
    place laws and mandates to destroy us? When will the citizens of this country ever wake up? Their heads are in the sand…….thinking because they have what they enjoy now will forever be with them? that they’re exempt from any infringement on their freedom? the eagle has been plucked, and the pin feathers are slowing being pulled out………thanks America, especially the ones who voted for this imposter…….you haven’t learned a thing..and u’re taking us all down with you. that’s the sad part. u’ve sacrificed every last one of us, including your own children and grandchildren.

    • http://google Mary Buerkley

      Sory Tim Thomas, I got your last name wrong, should have known, even have a nephew by that name…… are a great American…..keep it up and hopefully your team mates will see the light as I’m hoping all America will for this election year…..

  • r.p.

    Tim Thomas’ full statement can be found on the Activist Post. It’s all three branches of our government that he was protesting.

    Has anyone heard about “O’s” signing ACTA. It’s a back door U.N. internet censorship treaty. Hmmmmmmn!!

  • http://yahoo mike hardin

    It is always both partys fault when it is the libs. fault. Speak the truth. It is obames and the lib. dems fault. THAT is the TRUTH

    • Joe H.

      mike haedin,
      The dems and repubs are two sides of the same coin!!! They both want big government!!! fifty years ago, you might have been partly right, but now the RINOS have taken over the repub party and are just Dem lite!!

      • ohoh

        Take your pick, welfare state Democrats or warfare state Republicans. They’ll both have excuses for growing government at the expense of individual liberty and the Republic.

  • http://yahoo mike hardin

    sprok and smith would love to get under obames table and have a grand ol time

  • Logan

    I am simply appaled at the complete lack of respect that our great nation seems to be gaining. You do not have to like the President or his policies or politics to respect his position. I did not like any part of Bush Jr. being in the white house, but if I had been invited to meet the President of the United States between 2000 and 2008, I would have been HONORED!!! Anybody who would act like this should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Rachett

      @Logan says:
      Saddam was the leader of Iraq too Logan, I suppose you would have been honered if he had invited you to his presidential Mansion ! Free and honorable men don’t honor the office or the man holding office if the office holder isn’t an honorable man.

    • Joe H.

      i have quoted Mark Twain here before, but in this case it bears repeating. “respect your country ALWAYS. Respect your government WHEN THEY EARN IT!!!!

    • Jeanie Davidson

      I respect the office, just not what you are calling a president.
      I would not shake his hand under any circumstances. I too, in
      my little ole’ feeble mind have a right to think for myself, if
      Obama gets another term, that may get taken away as well.

  • John – war veteran

    Tim Thomas is sticking to his principles and letting people know that he has them. . . . We have but a few months to get it right and need to see many more expressions like this to make a real point. Respect the position, but this man, you have to be kidding, he got there by coning the uninformed, minorities, and the power of the unions. Margin of victory was very close. His character is non existent, a true narcissist,no background for business, no leadership qualities, can’t speak without his teleprompter, 25 of his pre election friends were bad characters, appointed 50+ questionable Czars, shown he is anti-American, no love for our military, lies about his Faith, after asked dozens of times never produced a real birth certificate, has made 50+ bad decisions over the last 3 years, caused the second highest unemployment rate (real 16%) ever this country, raised the national debt higher than all other presidents combined, (your children will each have $50,000 debt to pay off), he has been caught lying more times than one can count, and tells the public his interpretation on his issues which is usually 180° from his actions, he is absolutely a non-constitutional president, circumvents proper congressional and this Country’s Constitutional checks and balance process to pass his agendas, can’t properly salute our nations flag, he and his spendthrift wife have spent multi-millions to take many vacations costing multi-millions when this country needs a 24/7 leader, when in foreign countries, numerous times has insulted My America, its values and its heritage, wants to continue to spend another 1 to 2 trillion to do the same things he failed at already. obama and liberals want more government and we need less ….his father wrote papers about Socialism and advocated increased taxation of the rich, communal ownership of land if necessary, confiscation of privately controlled land, his mother was a Communist Sympathizer since her youth, according to a March 27, 2007, Chicago Tribune. Exactly how much more do you need spelled out. I can list 50 more bad things about this Marxist. You couldn’t get me 100 yards near the Whitehouse to even look at this Socialist much less shake his hand.

  • ohoh

    The progressive agenda, which always comes with an ends-justifies-the-means set of values, easily accommodates such flaws and betrayals. No biggie…as long as they get what they want.

  • jopa

    So the goalie got one too many pucks in the head.That’s the nature of the game.

  • Louise schlittenhart

    I admire his willingness to stand for his convictions. If more of us knew the constitution, bill of rights and declaration of independence, we would decline a visit also. We have far too long glorified our leaders like movie stars and lost our sense of their purpose. First and formost is to protect our freedoms and limit government power.


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