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Boost Your Immunity!

June 5, 2012 by  

The study of the human immune system is critical to longevity. Longevity (aging with health) is directly related to quality of life.

American conventional medicine teaches and understands the anatomy of the immune system, but American doctors do not practice preventive medicine. They practice symptomology, i.e. they “doctor” symptoms after the patient is already sick.

To harmonize with the human immune system, preventive care must be the focus of health. There are two basic ways that this can happen. One is self-taught healthy living, and number two, work only with alternative practitioners whose priority is preventive medicine.

In fact, American doctors disregard alternative medicine as bad science without scientific proof. They discount anything not processed through the medical protocol of tests.

Many tests at very high cost is a protective of the “orthodox medical club.” This keeps out alternative people “without medically accepted credentials.”

Our immunity varies with individual biochemistry. In other words, it matters who our parents are. It is not a guarantee that if our parents live long, healthy lives that we will, but it puts the odds greatly in our favor.

In our time, we can greatly help add years by supporting our natural immune system with supplemental nutrition and whole natural foods. There is one thing conclusively proven and documented, and it is the fact that reduced calorie intake produces more years for us.

Would you commit to eating a lot less if it helped add a few years to your life? A small, but growing group of extreme dieters believe that by drastically limiting the amount of food they consume they will not only slow the aging process, but avoid heart problems, diabetes and other chronic diseases. So think calorie restriction for both health and longevity.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Karolyn

    I tell everyone i know to boost their immune systems. Unfortunately, they are not all as committed as I am. It is so frustrating to see people constantly getting sick and running to the doctor when there is no need. In defense of doctors, I have had several (some were third or fourth year residents) who were very accepting of alternative methods. Unfortunately, many doctors succumb to what the patient wants vs. what’s good for them. Of course, that is due to the constant media bombardment of Big Pharma advertising – even in magazines like “Prevention” (Ha!), which I will never buy because of their advertising policy. Like Bob Livingston, I am a big proponent of D3, which is gaining more and more respect as a cancer fighter, among other things.

  • GALT

    Well it would be interesting to see what actual teaching is involved…….they might mention it from time to time, but Western Medicine is based on ” Germ Theory”……and in it’s application it discounts the “immune system” entirely………and much of this problem is that this “profession” and I use the term loosely is wrapped in a “mysticism” which like all
    “specializations” has drawn a mantle of protection around itself, the greatest one being that the common ordinary folk, do not have the intelligence to understand the methodology involved…….and that to do so “professionally” would require a license to PRACTICE….which should by its very construction start alarm bells ringing.

    “Hi, I’m Doctor X and I will be practicing on YOU today.”

    The first part of beginning to dismantle this myth, is to realize that there is no need to understand the methodology since the only claim to fame that germ theory can point to
    is the discovery ( accidental ) of anti-biotics, and because Western Medicine had already
    discounted the “immune system” approach of BeChamps in favor of Pasteur, anti-biotics
    was used without restraint and without patients being advised, of the proper course of treatment…….with further damage being done by the fact that, anti-biotics were introduced for all manner of reasons……into the animal population ( food supply ) so that the total affect was to weaken the immune systems of everyone, while allowing the resistance of the
    “germs” to grow stronger, since the mechanism of natural selection works much faster,
    in bacterial populations………and this has entirely negated any further contributions
    this particular approach can be used for…….the last line of defense is Vacomycin….so when you here this word, know that if it doesn’t work……death is the result.

    On the immune system side, the saddest part concerns the war on cancer and the fact
    that an effective treatment has been available since the late 80′s, and I say treatment, because cure is the wrong word……the immune system approach….does not seek cures, it seeks to restore the balance required to allow the system to work effectively….and in the case of cancer, your immune system has been dealing with this, all your life…….for free radicals ( cells which malfunction ) are constantly being eliminated.

    The treatment here is 714x and was developed by a canadian, Gaston Naissons, and involves a series of 21 injections, intra lymphatically of a natural substance called camphor, which inhibets the cancers quest for nitrogen, giving the immune system
    time to do what it has always done……….this treatment can be found in texts on alternative medicine unfortunately the only study that was done on animals, was sobotaged by the people entrusted to do it, and it was administered intra venously, and failed……the literature reports the failure, but not why it failed…….

    Gaston, who obtained a medical degree in Vichey France which was not recognised, had been treating people for free……the only failure here were those to far gone……to recover. As a result, he found himself on trial for murder……unfortunately for the prosecution, his success rate was so good, that he was acquitted……and THEN, the drug companies got involved……..and it has been buried ever since. The cost of the treatment at the time, circa 1990, was $300………it is still available from Canadian, US. and Mexican sources ( the substance ) as well as….proper treatment procedures……so the Canadian source is the best option……….it does not matter what type of cancer and it has shown positive results with MS too, which is another auto immune disease………strangely enough, it can be effectively used with chemo therapy, which demonstrates exactly how powerful it is, since the chemo is attempting to suppress what this treatment is trying to restore……

    There is a book available on this The Trial and Persecution of Gaston Naissons, but it is very difficult to find……..

  • BigBadJohn

    I recently had a heart attack – the widow maker 100% blockage. They were able to put a stint in so I walked out three days later.
    I came across a book – “Practicing Medicine without a license” and started following the recommendations. My cardiologist would not even talk to me about it, even though I started feeling 100% better than just drugs alone!

    According to the latest research, BLUEBERRY’S are as effective as statins in reducing cholesterol. Niacin is the only thing that changes the ratio of LDL to HDL, yet doctors ignore this because it does not come from the drug companies.

    • Charlotte Collum Beard

      Read the book, “Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. and also watch the movie, “Fat, Sick. and Nearly Dead”. They’re both about boosting your immune system and building your health. I believe you can rebuild your health and overcome your heart ailments. Good luck in your health success!

  • Polski

    Conventional medicine is part of the “SICKNESS INDUSTRY”. The Sickness Industry is NOT interested in healing and prevention, it is interested in making money. So you know, the Sickness Industry needs sick people to make money. If everyone was healthy, than the Sickness Industry would go broke. For instance, the CANCER INDUSTRY makes $300 billion a year. If a cancer cure was found, what would all the doctors, nurses, hospitals, “medical equipment” manufacturers, BIG PHARMA, FDA, FTC, USDA, test labs, Insurance companies, etc. etc., do? Do you really think the Cancer Industry would ALLOW a cancer cure.

    Do not make the mistake of thinking these Sickness Industries are honest. They are CROOKS just as the BANKING INDUSTRY, INSURANCE

    • GALT

      Yes they would love a cancer cure……… fact they are seeking many cancer cures, because the latest propaganda is that each cancer is different……..and each individual is different………ergo………..$$$$$$$$$$$$$ …….this latest approach is genetic, which requires specific tests and targeting……and all very expensive…….

      A cure is fine……as long as it is expensive. ( and patentable )

      • ActualDoctor

        Please tell about your extensive knowledge of cancer genetics and mutations and about how there is one big cure for all of it. I’d love to know.

  • Mike in MI

    Actual Doctor (if you read this…I missed Bob’s and your dispute on May 29th ((probably just as well) -
    One thing I would ask you to clarify for me would be one question:
    If your and your peers’ undoubtedly extensive and thorough training is so ellegantly conceived and demonstrable, scientifically reproducible and (in your mind) unarguably superior then why is it that it demonstrably doesn’t work? If it were successful in curing patients and restoring high levels of wellbeing one sign of that would be reductions in per capita costs? Instead per patient expenses keep exploding. It’s as though once a person starts under medical care with something minor that’s just the start of bigger and better to come.
    Pennicillin is a prime, but by no means isolated, example. For decades it was used on everything – from “protection” against infections (that weren’t acute OR present) to treatment of infections (that Pennicillin wasn’t PROVEN by a lab to kill) to treatment of viral stuff that can not be vulnerable.
    They did this for a while until it was found to be a potent neurotoxin producing everything from allergies to anaphalactic deaths (some which could only have originated in Central Nervous Structures of victims).
    “Well,” they said, “that just can’t be. It can’t pass the blood-brain-barrier.” So, they kept on injuring and killing people – they were only patients. In those who lived lifelong allergy treatment became a necessity. Then, in the mid-eighties “CELL” magazine reported that it had been discovered that during acute emotional or traumatic stress and for variable periods during the immune response the blood-brain-barrier opens up wide enough for passage of Pennicillin molecules.
    “OH-h-h-h, darn. OH-H-h-h, gee. Oh, well. That wasn’t bad while it lasted.” They passed the word to quit using it proscriptively in surgery. But, otherwise, never much got out.
    The problem here is you do something, today, ignorant of the consequences to the patient in months and years to come, that screws up the neuro-endocrine balances, or ablates some protective redundancies. When it does manifest nobody can, or will, connect the origin with the manifested consequence.
    But, it pays for a lot of advertizing and vacations to pharmaceutical seminars…or stuff.
    I contend you can’t put poisons in the human body without it resulting in damage – now and/or later.
    This is just one thing I could report.

    • ActualDoctor

      Mike in MI,

      Today’s medical students are taught from early on about what physiological states cause a breach of the blood-brain barrier, and what medications are not safe during those states. The entire point of science is to continually learn, and not brow beat people from trying to discover more. Many things which occurred in medicine decades ago are no longer used, because the medical community learned from them. And that’s the entire point. As a scientific community, we strive to constantly improve.

      Also, you are trying a little too hard to sound like you really know what you are talking about. I never said I disregard alternate methods of treating patients. But what I do know, is if your appendix bursts, you need surgery. If your artery is 100% occluded, you do need a stent. Are herbs and natural methods helpful in addition to modern medicine? Absolutely. Should they be used without actual research, and studies which will prove their efficacy? No. That’s how we learn. There’s nothing wrong with peer-reviewed studies which are published in reputable journals. What is wrong is quack-pot, pseudoscience that ignores mounds of actual, peer-reviewed evidence.

      Furthermore, if you wish to sound intelligent, please learn to spell elegant. Also, don’t try to site the bible as a scientific source. I’ll just laugh.

  • Mike in MI

    Oh ya, Actual Doctor -
    Have you never run accross any reports of GREAT, ELLEGANT scientific proofs from “medical science” (that other offshoot of run-of-the-mill science) purporting to show evidence proving this-or-that something-or-other to be worthless against whatever disease. Or, on the otherhand, the “miracle cure everybody’s been hoping for”. Then find out that the study(ies) were not consistently reproducible by others or under different conditions – usually years later? Want to know how they do it?
    It’s really easy to rig one’s conclusion by pre-loading the protocol – especially with humans and animals “in vivo”. There is so much known about anatomy, physiology, psychology, nutrition and effects of subtle environmental factors that predetermining outcomes is often not a problem.
    In the write-up you just don’t include certain information and if a reader is unaware of what you’ve done it all looks real kosher and wonderfully “scientific”.
    Well, it is. Then you pay some bird with lots of letters after his/her name to support you (though they maybe never lifted a finger to the work), find a sympathetic -but busy- peer review panel and then publish, slide it past FDA, produce and sell, seLL, SELL.
    Medical doctors control all the beauracracies so that makes everything easy on everybody but payers and patients. And the Economy.

    • Mike in MI

      Guess she’s at a seminar.
      Maybe I should ask her sometime why medical xperds are so reticent to approach studies about the placebo/nocebo effect. Maybe they’d have to correlate those with experiential (anecdotal, ‘scuse me) reports from information going back as far as to Biblical times. “Scuse me again, one cain’t git “scientific” mixted in width ainythin’ possibly involvin’ “S-SP-PI-I-IR-rit,” AH-H-H-h-h, ee-ee-ee,oh-h-h, n-noooooooo. HICcup, BURP, drool. Sorry.

      • ActualDoctor


        If you’d like to have an actual discussion about alternative versus modern western medicine, acting like a respectable, well-informed person instead of a child who resorts to name calling and references to me drooling would be more conducive to a real conversation. Let me know if you grow up and learn how to act like an adult with real evidence or at the very least a sensible argument and not a petulant toddler.


  • Janet

    From what I understand the real reason heart attacks occur is the homosysteine levels are too high. A good B-100 complex would help keep it down.
    I met a 91 year old gentleman that also takes hawthorn berries for his heart and he has no problems; in fact, he shared he takes natural aids for every organ in his body and does not take any prescribed drugs at all.

    • ActualDoctor


      Not all atherosclerosis is caused by high levels of homocysteine or genetic homocystinuria, but for people who do have it, you are absolutely right about increasing levels of vitamin B (B6 in particular). Other reasons for atherosclerosis (the fat in vessels that eventually occludes arteries and veins) include smoking (a major risk factor), high alcohol consumption, fatty diet, sedentary lifestyle, and genetic predispositions. Congratulations to your friend on his health.


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