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Bon Jovi Flies To New York On Air Force One

June 6, 2012 by  

Bon Jovi Flies To New York On Air Force One
Rocker Jon Bon Jovi sat alongside President Barack Obama on Air Force One.

In the 1994 chart topper “Wanted Dead Or Alive,” Jon Bon Jovi boasted of riding on a steel horse. His mode of transportation has changed. On Monday, the rocker flew to New York on Air Force One.

A White House official said that Bon Jovi was a “guest of the President.” Bon Jovi’s trip was paid for courtesy of the Obama campaign because he was scheduled to play at a fundraising event held in the Waldorf-Astoria hotel.

Since reaching the national stage, Obama has been criticized by conservatives for his affinity for celebrities. Obama’s plane ride with Bon Jovi comes a month after a dinner with George Clooney. Earlier in the year, Obama held a fundraiser at director Spike Lee’s New York townhouse.

On June 14, “Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker will be hosting a fundraiser for the President alongside Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

The first nationally televised Obama campaign advertised the fundraiser Sunday night during the MTV Movie Awards. Parker touts her support of “that guy” who “ended the war in Iraq… and who says you should be able to marry anyone you want… and who created 4 million new jobs.”

But Obama’s celebrity socializing may not land him as many votes in 2012 as it did in 2008.

“All our polling shows an increased level of frustration with the pace of change, with the control of money and corporate interests in our political process,” said Heather Smith, president of Rock the Vote, an organization that organizes young people to participate in politics. “The question for the president will be not whether he uses celebrity spokespeople, but how he uses them and what kind of message they convey. People are worse off than they were four years ago. So it’s not just a straight to camera ‘go vote’ campaign. They need to leverage celebrities to actually talk about the issues.”

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • http://Facebook Martha Vincent

    Why are we allowing the president to fly people to the WH to meet him, at a cost of about a million dollars an hour, on taxpayer dollars when it is obviously a campaigh tactic?

    • Robert Smith

      Apparently you didn’t actually read the article, or maybe home schooling left you with a reading deficit. From the article: “A White House official said that Bon Jovi was a “guest of the President.” Bon Jovi’s trip was paid for courtesy of the Obama campaign…”

      NOT taxpayers.


      • danny meyer

        Because he is in a position of power and he can.
        All that see his behavior should vote. Yes if you agree and NO if you don’t. Then look at your Congress and others for their job performance

      • Robert Smith

        Taxpayers still didn’t pay for it.

        I’d like to base MY vote on reality, not the rantings of someone who is simply piling crap on because they can.


      • cawmun cents

        Who paid for Air Force One?
        Just asking.

      • Randy131

        Was the ‘REAL’ cost of ‘Air Force One’ reinbursed by Obama’s campaign, I seriously doubt it, and besides, it is suppose to be used only for transporting the President, not used as an airborne limousine. Just another abuse of power because the 1% (Obama) has the money to do it. I wonder if he also sends ‘Marine One’ to ferry his friends, as a limousine also? Shameful for one who had a conscience, and that’s why it doesn’t bother Obama and Michelle for all the money it costs to entertain them and send them on 17 vacations to date.

      • Jim

        You’re a typical Libtard, Robert….still drinking the koolaid while accusing others of naivete.

      • Robert Smith

        Still the FACT remains: ” Bon Jovi’s trip was paid for courtesy of the Obama campaign…”


      • Philip

        What about taxpayers paying for the maintenance of the plane? Did the campaign pay for the maintenance too. And, what about the crew members’ pay for the trip?

      • http://IRISHBULL mark grimes


    • David in MA

      Chair Force One, the Security laden Office of the Prez in the sky is used to transport civilians?
      Ya gotta be chitten me!
      and rest assured, obozo will not pay a dime for it’s improper usage.

  • Patriot1776

    I hope that the majority of Americans can see the inconsistency of this administration; driving class warfare and denigrating the successful, wealthy Americans while attending fund raisers with the same group; advocating abortion while taking away our right to self defense; advocating “healthy living” while attacking natural foods like raw milk; touting the end of the Iraq war and withdrawl from Afgahnistan while launching drones to cross his enemies off of his kill list.

    • Robert Smith

      From Patriot: “driving class warfare”

      Do you mean like purging voter rolls like in Florida? Oops, that’s a Republican thing.

      “denigrating the successful, wealthy Americans while attending fund raisers with the same group”

      Nope… The looters from Wall Street are NOT the same group.

      “advocating abortion while taking away our right to self defense”

      Really… Name ONE law that has gone on the books from Obama. In FACT he carried through with the Bush policy of allowing guns in National parks.

      “advocating “healthy living” while attacking natural foods like raw milk;”

      From – “In other words, raw milk has been linked to more than 90% of the cases of milk-borne illnesses, ten times the number linked to pasteurized milk.”

      Chilren have DIED from infections from drinking raw milk.

      “touting the end of the Iraq war and withdrawl from Afgahnistan while launching drones to cross his enemies off of his kill list.”

      Works for me. Really reaching out and touching someone with minimal risk to our troops seems like a good policy.


      • Ken

        Wobby, have you been smoking that loco-weed again?!

        Amid all the other baloney you posted “pasturized” milk is far more dangerous to your

        health than raw milk could EVER be….but then again, I wouldn’t expect you to know

        that….and drinkin’ too much pasteurized milk’ll rot your mind!!

        Stop drinking the stuff, for cryin’ out loud!

      • Robert Smith

        Awwww Ken… You still haven’t figured out the difference between faith and science, have you?

        SHOW me where one is more dangerous than the other as you claim.


      • Ladyhawke

        Pasteurized and homogenized milk kills people every day. It is pure poison. All the good enzymes and bacteria (yes, RS, there are good bacteria) are killed off, the protein structure is damaged by the high heat and then homogenization breaks down the fat globules so small that they can cross the gut and get into the blood circulation. Even dairy ranchers have been duped into believing the government lies.
        Louis Pasteur never intended for milk to be pasteurized, it was for the beer/ale. He even lamented the fact that “they have ruined the milk” by pasteurizing it.

      • ChristyK

        I have friends who are missionaries all over the world. Many of them were commenting on facebook that when they lived in the US they thought they were allergic to milk or lactose intollerant because they would become ill if they drank our pasteurized, homogenized milk that was full of anti-biotics and hormones. They went over seas to Africa where milk is either not processed or barely processed and the cows aren’t pumped full of chemicals and they can drink the milk without any health concerns. Also, if bad bacteria are introduced to pasteurized milk and raw milk, it will grow much faster in the pasteurized milk.

        I wish I had raw milk available from a local farm that I could inspect to make sure I trusted how they handled the cows and the milk. If I had that situation, I would definitely buy the raw milk instead of the processed milk for my whole family. I have considered getting a cow or goats to produce my own milk, but life won’t allow me to commit to milking twice a day, every day.

      • Robert Smith

        I suggest you look at the facts: “In other words, raw milk has been linked to more than 90% of the cases of milk-borne illnesses, ten times the number linked to pasteurized milk.”


      • Jay

        robert, you gullible fool you, do you believe everything you read on the internet? Is the great “GOOGLE” your god now? And you claim you’re not religious; silly simpleton!

      • alexa

        I’m certain the BlogSpot website has all the research and scientific references are noted as well as opposed to simple rhetoric.
        Do you know that 87% of all statistics are made up?

      • s c

        Pull up your threadbare pants, comrade. Florida purged the votes of D E A D voters. Do you UNDERSTAND the difference between legal voters and D E A D voters? It sounds as though you D O N ‘ T ! Maybe you should have been homeschooled, comrade. And, you also need to be reminded that somehow you WON the abortion lottery.
        MOST thinking people understand that, comrade. What you seem to understand on ANY given topic seems to be EXTREMELY limited. Take off, hoser.

  • http://Yahoo JTWallace

    Face it. Hollywood is the modern version of Communism. Today they are known as LeftWing Socialists or Progressives. They stick together in order to succeed in the business of entertainment business and they are embraced by the Democrats who work hand-in-hand to promote their Socialist agenda. It hasn’t changed their basic communist leanings but, they wear the coat of glamour to attract the young and impressionable.

    • cawmun cents

      Apparently you didnt see Errol Flynn do his impression of Robbing Hoods.

    • Robert Smith

      Posted: “It hasn’t changed their basic communist leanings but, they wear the coat of glamour to attract the young and impressionable.”

      Yes, I’ll bet “pry it from my cold dead hands” is a leader of that mess out there…

      Tom Selleck.
      Bill Engvall
      Ronald Reagan

      And, and, and:


  • jerry ford

    i just dont understand every since president obama came into office
    certain people has had a problem with him for nothing
    and this man had to try to fix another presidents crap where he messed up
    this man has kept his word on every promise he made
    and bush couldnt even catch bin laden
    he has wiped out every criminal that has came against the united states
    and what i like he has his own money to bring in stars to white house
    and it shows how people just tell lies that quick about this man
    its sad that this country is still predjudice
    in due time GOD is gona bring down destruction on the usa for this predjudice
    obama will be the president of the united states in 2012

    • Ken

      You’s is raeally unda edjacated on dis subjeck

      • s c

        You were VERY polite, Ken. Speaking as an ex-educator, I am no longer inclined to be “polite” or p c. I would have been tempted to ask that yahoo if he was waiting for ‘his share’ of Obummer’s “stash.” Homeschool, private school or church school – _____ public education! Is it any wonder that Amerika’s public ‘schools’ are some of the WORST on the planet?

    • the big easy

      @ jerry fudd————COMRADE——You and ALL your lilly pink progressive left wing liberal flea-infested flea-baggers are in for a very large SURPRISE on Nov. 6,2012,it is called a LANDSLIDE,and then WE can get this THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD back on it’s proper footing as number one in the world.And if you and ALL your lilly livered left wing parasites that ONLY take from the TAX PAYERS and put NOTHING into the economy are so upset with CAPITALISM,ya’ll can go to one of those wonderful countries that are so much better than AMERICA,like iran,china,pockystan,greece,france,italy,russia,korea,cuba,mexico,yemen,egypt,etc..And if you don’t have enough money for a one way out bus ticket,I will start a KICK THE COMMIE OUT FUND for your fare out.And on the way out be sure to give up your AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP (that is if you really are an AMERICAN CITIZEN?) and don;t let the border hit you on your ass on the way OUT.————-What a puke———————

      • Brad

        coon’t have sayed it bettar maself :)

      • Jay

        iza second thet thire motiom!

    • Bill

      It sounds to me, like you live under a rock. Obame is braking the country, and people like you go on believing he can do no wrong.

      • eddie47d

        …and folks like Bill thinks he can’t do anything right. So your point is mote. Personally I don’t think Air Force One should be carrying anyone outside of official duties. No matter how remote there is always a possible security risk whether a Republican or Democrat is in office.

    • charles

      obama didn’t catch him either.he only knew about it ,”after navy seals confirmed his death .only then did obama take credit .

      • Robert Smith

        “Good Brownie”
        “Mission Accomplished”

        Sheesh, how quickly the extreme right forgets.

        And! Obama DID make the decision to go ahead at very great risk. He could have failed like Carter did.

        Ohhhhhh, that’s right, it wasn’t Carter’s fault. It was the fault of the military. Is that your pooint of view? Blame Carter, but don’t give Obama credit.

        Guess it wasn’t Bush’s fault Obama wasn’t caught, is that it?


      • Mamamia

        You are a lier about this one Charles. Flat out!

  • Patricia

    Yes, it did cost the taxpayers. Who pays for the pilot, co-pilot, gas and help on Air Force One? We do!!!! And do you seriously think that his campaign paid for Air Force One. Give me a break!!! How nieve liberals are. That’s why we have a president like this. The Great Obama Depression. The movie star wanna be!!!

    • Robert Smith

      “And do you seriously think that his campaign paid for Air Force One. ”

      That’s what Mr. Nash reported. Are you questioning the author of the article here? Is he part of the “liberal” press?


      • Jay

        What’s wrong with questioning the author’s article, robert? Ooops, i forgot, questioning, or applying critical thinking, is a violation of one of the liberal’s “Ten Commandments”! Its number 2 i believe; thou shall not question, nor shall thou apply critical thinking, for it is strictly forbidden, and, should anyone violate this commandment, be it a man, or a woman, they shall surely be ridiculed, condemned, and ostracized!

    • the big easy

      @—-robbie (the commie) smith————COMRADE——-I guess you are one of those that still ‘GET A THRILL RUNNING UP YOUR LEG’ every time you see your dear leader. Is that what they mean by ‘man crush’ ???? ?

  • Renie

    Rob, you sure are going to be one unhappy fellow come November 2012. The American people have awaken and they are mad!!!!! We want our country back based on the Constitution of the United States, period!!!! And anyone, anyone trying to make this a racial thing is just buying into the Democratic smear machine. If it was racial, Obama would not have been elected in the first place. Please, get some smarts and open up your mind instead of being so mean spirited. Just think about it instead of going off like a rocket everytime someone says something you don’t like.

    • HH

      Renie said, “If it was racial, Obama would not have been elected in the first place”.

      Wrong on that comment Renie, countless number of blacks voted for Obama ONLY because he’s black, that’s racism. MLK probably rolled over in his grave, voting for a man because of the color of his skin, goes against everything he stood for! Sad fact is there are STILL a countless number of blacks who will vote for him AGAIN for the same reason, most don’t agree with ANY of his policies either….. they will vote for him BECAUSE of skin color only………….. Racist!!!

  • HDMania

    I didnt realize we had so many idiots in Hollywood and a few out here too..especially Rob and Jerry..Obummer hasnt done one thing he promised..he does the opposite Jerry..when he moves his lips that tells you he is lying..god help us.

  • 45caliber

    Now if he rode along because Oblama was already going there and simply had an extra seat, I don’t care. On the other hand, if Oblama decided to take him there because he wanted to impress him, then I do have a problem. Besides, what was so important that Oblama had to fly there at my expense?

  • alexa

    The aircraft is Air Force One when and only when the president is on board. Even a crop duster would be Air Force One if the president was on board. In other words, it was just another plane if the president was not traveling.

  • Carl Manning

    How appropriate for Jon Bon Jovi to join Obama – after all, we most certainly now are “LIVING ON A PRAYER!”

  • swampfox

    This is a pure (expletive deleted), for
    Air force one is for the use of the lotus and should NOT be used for this (expletive deleted) personal agenda!
    Like the constitution ovomit doesn’t give a (expletive deleted) about (expletive deleted) on it.
    This is just Another example of his uranating on our country and shows his utter disregard and arrogance for anything but his own socialist whacked out agenda.
    (expletive deleted) right taxpayers are being crapped again!
    I am struggling like never before because of this Marxist and he uses airforce 1 like it is his own personal taxi,
    What a (expletive deleted)!


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