Boehner’s Moment Of Clarity


House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) slipped up and said something uncharacteristically conservative in an appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday: He said that the American regulatory and legislative environment is bloated and that Congress should be in the business of repealing laws — not making them.

That’s the kind of Tea Party talk Americans have come to expect from a tiny minority of conservative Senators like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz or from Representative Justin Amash, but to hear the small sermon on small government from the mouth of the Weeping RINO is confusing. After excoriating Obamacare and hemming and hawing about his true stance on immigration legislation, Boehner offered this:

…[T]he American people are looking up at a government that’s out of control. It’s too big to govern. And so the mission I came here with as a small businessman 23 years ago is still my mission — to fight for a smaller, less-costly, a more accountable federal government, to empower the private sector to be all that it can be, to create jobs for our kids and grandkids. That’s what drives me every day. And I know people from the outside look in and go, “how can he put up with all this nonsense?” But I don’t look at it that way. I stay focused on the mission I came here with, and it’s still the mission I have.

…[W]e should not be judged on how many new laws we create. We ought to be judged on how many laws that we repeal. We’ve got more laws than the administration could ever enforce. And so we don’t do commemorative bills on the floor. We don’t do all that nonsense. We deal with what the American people want us to deal with. Unpopular? Yes. Why? We’re in a divided government. We’re fighting for what we believe in. Sometimes, you know, the American people don’t like this mess.

In throwing true conservatives a bone, is Boehner motivated by some internal party pressure? Is the vocal minority of conservatism in Congress — and among back-home constituents — becoming more vocal and less of a minority?

Lest people worry that Boehner is experiencing a sea change in his philosophy of government, a look at his discussion of immigration reform should set their minds at ease. CBS host Bob Schieffer tried everything but waterboarding to coax out of Boehner a definitive explanation of his views, but the best he could manage was this response:

If I come out and say I’m for this and I’m for that, all I’m doing is making my job harder. My job is to — as the leader of the House — is to facilitate this conversation, this process, that involves members on both sides of the aisle, involves the American people, and when they can see us moving in a deliberative, step-by-step, commonsense way.

…Yes, I’ve got certain things that I’d like to see accomplished. But this is not going to be about me. I said it the opening day. And it’s never going to be about me. It’s what’s in the best interest of the country. If we’re listening to the American people and we’re following their will, our House will work just fine.”

So… are you for amnesty or not? Didn’t quite catch that.

Perhaps the biggest reassurance that the Speaker hasn’t truly bought in to the whole “get government out of the way” ethic came in Boehner’s breezy conflation of government entitlement with government deregulation:

Republicans have a plan for job creation. We’ve been at this now for the last two and a half years. And whether it’s making student loans more affordable, stopping unnecessary regulations, trying to get our budget deficit under control — all of these things would help get our economy moving again.

So cheap government-subsidized loans and disentangling government treats from people and institutions somehow go hand in hand?

For now, it looks as though Boehner’s transitory moment of clarity was just that: a moment.

Personal Liberty

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • northbrook

    Finally something from Boehner that reflects real conservative thought not the usual political CYA

  • IsThisAmerica

    Don’t worry his moment will pass. He’ll be right back to his own self shortly.

  • rivahmitch

    But, since Boehner won’t “take a position” but only “facilitate a conversation” and freedom’s enemies will take a position and conversate his RINO buddies and himself around to some mid-point reflecting their side (all in the interests of collegiality and workplace harmony, I’m sure) it doesn’t make a damned bit of difference that for one minute he saw clearly. This guy is not and has never been a leader.

  • dan

    his inner conservative will soon be stifled and locked in the deep recesses
    of his conscience…no wonder he weeps

  • Bill

    If the government would stop making laws, things would improve dramatically. They only do so to push a political agenda or warrant their existence

    • Scotty44

      You forgot kiss their major contributors’ butts. Thus the laws favoring corporations. Do you really support leaving the mess as it is?

      • Vis Fac

        Corporations and unions are the governments best friends Corporations have the money and the unions have the votes. Please do not mistake small business owners with the corporate machine. Small business provide JOBS corporations and the government take our money and offer nothing in return.

    • Vis Fac

      The only laws that are enacted are to limit personal liberties, control of the people, and expansion of government. Government is self serving and will eventually take control of the population.

  • Dave

    John Boehner is the worst Speaker of the House who presides over the worst House in my lifetime.
    He is a pathetic excuse of a “leader”.
    The Gov is not to “big to govern”. It is too hyper-partisan to get anything done. They have earned their 10% approval rating. There could be thing thing called compromise to get things done but the conservatives don’t do compromise or anything that might make Obama look good. They made it clear what their mission was just 3 months into Obama’s first term and they do not care if they take the country down to do it.

    • Liberty Lover

      You are too young to remember Nancy Pelosi?

      • Dave

        Pelosi, like her or not got stuff done… Boehner on the other hand, can’t even get his own party together to support their own legislation.
        There is a very good reason Congress is at historic lows in approval. Harry Reid and John Boehner have alot to do with it.

        • Liberty Lover

          Getting nothing done is infinitely preferable to getting the wrong stuff done! And most of what Congress does is “the wrong stuff.”

          • Dave

            In a severe recession???? I think not.

          • Liberty Lover

            The notion that government has a meaningful role to play in managing the economy is as perverse as any idea that has led this country to its current dire straits.

          • Dave

            Well, that is simply not true. Glass-Steegal effectively prevent severely bank failures and it was not until the private sector lobbied to relax those rules that the meltdowns started happening.
            Gov does have a prodcutive role to play when they are not beholden to corp interests.

          • Liberty Lover

            Ignorance can be bliss, but government is inevitably beholden to special interests…..and not only the corporate variety. It was government pressuring banks to issue mortgages to minority applicants who could not afford them that was the root of the real-estate bubble. The leverage games played by the banks came to a bad end precisely because the paper underlying those games was rotten at the core.

          • Scotty44

            You must be blissful. Expand your sources on the financial crash and perhaps you will find different reasons
            for it. Do you really think the government forced those special interests even you say they are beholden to to do anything they didn’t want to do? The deregulation so many here love and pressure on government agencies to accept it, when necessary, got government out of the way of the financial industries gambling.

          • Liberty Lover

            Yes, government authorities definitely used the coercion of their overall regulatory powers to force banks to make imprudent loans they would not have made voluntarily, and their motivatiions were those of socialist egalitarians.
            There were, of course, multiple factors in the crash. Life is cyclical, including economic life. Government efforts to prevent naturally occurring corrections because their timing might be politically inexpedient inevitably lead to much larger corrections down the road. Bernanke’s current experiment in “quantitative easing” is one prime example destined to produce an economic calamity in the not-too-distant future.

          • Scotty44

            Nope. It just deregulated as the financial institutions wanted, and forced the departments to comply with the new regulations. The gluttony of the financial institutions did the rest.

          • Dave

            It was not over-regulation that caused the 2008 meltdown to happen… It was deregulations and non-enforcement of existing rules. You are right, ignorance can be bliss.

          • Vis Fac

            You are reporting on BUBBA Bill Clinton’s Legacy here. Clinton’s mandate that banks make “government insured” mortgages available to people who could otherwise not afford them. This set in motion the “creative financing” boom which allowed for loans exceeding the appraised value thus artificially inflating real estate values people were able to “borrow” more than the property was worth. The bubble would eventually burst because liberal economics dictate so. Liberals never learn from history and are in for a repeat performance the saddest thing here is what will happen under ODUMBO’s plan will be far worse than last time. Any money you have in the bank will be taken and you will be penniless and out on the street.

          • Vis Fac

            The days of wine, roses and excess money took off
            during the Jimmy Carter Presidency. We got lucky because two things happened that saved the Nation. Paul Volcker, a fiscal-tough-love economist, was
            appointed Fed Chairman and Ronald Reagan was elected President.

            America was weaned off of cheap money. It meant tough times for a spell, because the cure seemed worse than the disease. The Nation had to endure a rolling recession that cut deep into America’s agriculture and the resource sectors. Yet Reagan risked his political career because he knew it was the right thing to do.

            If you are in your 50s or older, you will recall the early 1980s when interest rates shot through the roof. We can look back on it and know it saved the U.S. dollar, but it was painful.

            Consider what happened to the 30-year mortgage rate. It stood at 10 percent during the last year of the Carter Administration. Because the Fed squeezed the excesses from that economy, the 30-year mortgage rate reached 18.5 percent by 1981.

            Reagan and Volcker understood that too much money and too much debt would kill the dollar over the
            long term. Kill the dollar, and in time you kill America.

            Fast-forward three decades. Obama and his Fed Chairman did the exact opposite of Reagan and Volcker. Instead of pulling easy money out of the economy, they injected trillions of dollars more through three series of quantum easing. Obama and Bernanke didn’t care what America needed. (Of course, the claim is that the Fed acts independent of the White House. If you believe that, you probably believe that the National Security Agency isn’t spying on us).

          • Vis Fac

            Yes that’s right! YOU DON”T THINK PERIOD! Liberals are only capable of one dimensional thinking and INCAPABLE of grasping the concept of reality. Thinking you can borrow print tax and spend your way into prosperity is ABSURD!!!!!!

        • Justsomeguy151

          Dave, just admit that yr stupid. Anyone who would defend the worst “president” in history HAS to be stupid or LOVES being robbed, lied to and enslaved while their country is bankrupted and transformed into a police state. You’re the kind of idiot that would blame one criminal, Bush jr, while absolving, even adoring the other criminal just because he belongs to yr preferred criminal cartel, the Demonrats. You desperately need to wake up to reality. Obumma HATES you. Just like Bush jr does. And Clinton. And Bush 1 …. They ALL work for the Banksters/NWO/Rothschilds and think people like you are a joke for worshiping them, a cancer to be cured.

          • Dave

            I have never defended George W Bush… The rest of your ramblings is just that… ramblings… go drink your kool-aid like a good little conservative fool.

          • Justsomeguy151

            I never said that stupid idiot. I was talking about yr god Obumma, he stole the title of worst president in American history long ago and yr stupid ass worshiped him the whole time w/ yr lips planted on his ass just like a barnacle. If by ramblings, you mean yr too stupid to rebut them, I agree.

          • Dave

            You said the worst president… and the worst president allowed 9/11 to happen, then used 9/11 to waste trillions of dollars in Iraq, bungled Afghanistan badly, was a global laughing stock, presided over the 2008 economic collapse, outed a CIA operative, allowed our spy plane to be taken by China. had a religious litmus test at the DOJ, Secret energy meetings, Gave oil contracts to China from the Iraq invasion. had tax cuts in place while having 2 wars raging. Horrible Fed response to Katrina. Complete incompetance at the Nat Sec Advisor, Defense, FEMA and DOJ posts, Torture is ok,
            That guy is the worst president and your trouble is that he was a conservative and his name was George W Bush… Now run along little boy… Your mom is calling you to do your homework.

          • Vis Fac

            First of all I’ll remind you that your IDOL Bubba Bill Clinton had FOUR chanced to rid the world of Osama bin Laden and REFUSED to do so FOUR times. Bush was in office less than nine months and you have the audacity to blame Bush. According to the liberal one dimensional idiot-ology of yours nothing is ever ODUMBO’s or the DUMBOCRITES fault right? So whenever you have trouble defending and/or nothing to substantiate your position you simply fall back on the Federal Board for Blaming Bush.. Then all your inadequacies are soon to be forgotten.

        • Vis Fac

          Piglosi DUMBOCRITE from the Peoples Republic of Commiefornia STUFFED ODUMBOCARE down our collective throats by saying “we must first pass this bill in order to know what’s in it”. What kind of RESPONSIBLE thinking is that? It is nothing more than liberal one dimensional Idiot-ology perpetrated on the American people. Unfortunately Washington DC is rife with stupidity and criminal activity. We as a nation are done we must be active at the state and local level if we are to survive.

  • $36364326

    As he himself writes and backs some of the stupidest legislation ever!

  • Big Red Johnson

    They all talk about “fighting for smaller government”, but the government continues to grow at an exponential rate. Either they’re lying or they’re incompetent because smaller government is not happening.

  • Justsomeguy151

    The only reason this idiot kept his post is because Republicans were afraid to give it back to the Whore of the House, Peloser.

  • Alan

    After seeing his past performance, I dont believe for a moment what he says now. There is a movement to unseat him and he doesnt want to lose his position, so once again he tries to look conservative.

  • Sonoffar

    Surly no one still breathing takes any of this Boehner talk seriously.
    The man is a professional politician and a consummate liar. His grand plan is to be re-elected as many times as possible, thus insuring that he never again be forced to get a real job, and further insuring that he remain at the top of the heap, down in Foggy Bottom.
    Anyone who honestly believes these parasites are in it for the good of the country and the Citizens should consider some professional assistance in Cranial Sphincter Muscle Extraction.

  • Alondra

    Did not he weep while talking?