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Boehner Says He May Back Obama’s Tax Plan

September 15, 2010 by  

Boehner says he may back Obama's tax planHouse Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said on Sept. 12 that he is willing to support President Barack Obama’s plan to extend tax breaks for the middle-class and increase rates for the wealthiest Americans —but only if that’s his only option.

Appearing on the CBS program Face the Nation, Boehner stated that his preference is to extend all of the tax breaks approved by President George W. Bush in 2001.

If presented with a bill that doesn’t include continued tax cuts for those earning more than $250,000 annually, Boehner said, "of course I’m going to do that," but added that he’d prefer to approve legislation that will "extend the current tax rates for all Americans." The Bush administration’s tax cuts are set to expire at the end of this year.

According to, Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) are facing resistance within their own party on this issue. A total of four Democratic representatives drafted a letter to Pelosi, expressing their desire to have all of the tax breaks extended in order "to provide families and businesses the certainty required to plan and make sound decisions," the news source reported.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19939336-ADNFCR

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  • s c

    Tax cuts, yes. Tax increases, no. Boehner, maybe. Pelosi, never. And Obama, and Biden, and Reid, and Waxman, and Fwank . . . and all of their ‘peers,’ no frickin’ way.

    • dan az

      I ditto that!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Ditto two!!!!

    • Jack Herzik

      The $250 ceiling is crazy. No jobs will be offerd. If our business was big I would move it to another country NOW~

      • Carole Howell

        Hey! all you ditto heads, the tax cuts have been in place for a solid decade now…….notice all the jobs they created? Hmmmm?

        Does the country’s huge debt really bother you? Do you know at no time in the history of the world has a country cut taxes during a time of war, until the USA did under George W. Bush.

        Ever think about that?

        Hello!!!!we are still at war…..are you there? Obama only wants to return to the tax level during the Clinton years, now he could take us back to the Reagan years when taxes were even higher.

        What on earth is stuffed into the space between your ears? You want more tax cuts for the stinking rich who sat on their free money and have not invested in a single stinking job for 10 long stinking years. What are crazy? Are you nuts? What in the heck is wrong with you silly people?

        • a progressive nightmare

          Carole Howell, We have some “Silly People” on this blog and I would place you at the very top of the list.

          You say “The rich” sat on their “Free” money. Are you braindead or what? I think you got that in reverse, don’t you? When did “Rich” people start getting “free” money? It’s their money dip stick, not yours!

          Have you been sucking off the government hind zit so long that your brain has malfunctioned?

          “It’s the progressive spending-STUPID” and it has been going on for a 100 years!!!

          • Denis

            If you pay or have been a TAX payer you get to vote, the rest get ZERO vote, and for all the Obots out there let’s not get Technical you Know EXACTLY what I Mean. I have kept it Pithy, a poor person has never given me a Job. Government Kings, Princes, Queens and Princesses Pay ZERO to Social Insecurity why de WE?

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Carole H.
          Have YOY ever thught how many MORE jobs would have been lost had those cuts not have been there? Use your brain for something more than something to keep your ears apart!!

    • Warrior

      Stand your ground and don’t give an inch. Start the conversation about reductions in government.

      • Carole Howell

        Warrior, you are right, start with the bloated military, we have…..In the midst of an economic crisis that’s getting scarier by the day, it’s time to ask whether the nation can really afford some 1,000 military bases overseas. For those unfamiliar with the issue, you read that number correctly. One thousand. One thousand U.S. military bases outside the 50 states and Washington, DC, representing the largest collection of bases in world history.

        No other country feels the need to have foreign military bases in other countries. So WHY do we? Cut that waste. Trim that excess fat.

        Lets cut Congresses’ medical benefits, if Socialized medicine is too good for us, it is too good for them, CUT that fat out. Cut their wages in half. They get paid very well by big business and some foreign powers. CUT that fat.

        Here check this out….

        Is this how we want our tax dollars to go, we really want to fund this.Getting your $$’s worth here?

        This estimate of total U.S. direct aid to Israel updates the estimate given in the July 2006 issue of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. It is an estimate because arriving at an exact figure is not possible, since parts of U.S. aid to Israel are a) buried in the budgets of various U.S. agencies, mostly that of the Defense Department (DOD), or b) in a form not easily quantifiable, such as the early disbursement of aid, giving Israel a direct benefit in interest income and the U.S. Treasury a corresponding loss. Given these caveats, our current estimate of cumulative total direct aid to Israel is $113.8554 billion.

        Then figure in…..

        It must be emphasized that this analysis is a conservative, defensible accounting of U.S. direct aid to Israel, NOT of Israel’s cost to the U.S. or the American taxpayer, nor of the benefits to Israel of U.S. aid. The distinction is important, because the indirect or consequential costs suffered by the U.S. as a result of its blind support for Israel exceed by many times the substantial amount of direct aid to Israel. (See, for example, the late Thomas R. Stauffer’s article in the June 2003 Washington Report, “The Costs to American Taxpayers of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: $3 Trillion.”)

        I say we have a lot of fat we could cut and hey! we could pay off our National Debt in no time at all and we would not have to sacrifice a thing.

        • a progressive nightmare

          Carole howell, let’s do even better than that, as follows:

          1.) Cut the federal workforce in half immediately, futher reductions will follow.

          2.) Mandate that all federal workforce pay does not exceed the private sectors median average for the same job function. Currently the almighty federal workforce makes 54.8% more than their respective private sector counterparts.

          3.) Dismantle the department of education and return it to the states and local governments. This way we can teach our children the greatness of AMERICA instead of being indoctrinated by the progressive’s marxist ideology.

          4.) Privatize both Freddie and Fannie. The federal government has no business being involved in housing. Housing for the poor can be returned to local governments, as in, community homes for the poor.

          5.) Eliminate any and all entitlement programs. Our rebublic was not designed for government controlled welfare systems. Again, this needs to be handled at the local levels of government so WE THE PEOPLE can hold those we place as “SERVANTS in charge” accountable for every LOCAL public dollar spent. In other words, start with a repeal of the oblamacare bill and go back in time for the past 100 years analyzing every entitlement bill passed to date. If it violates our constitution, then repeal it. Most of them are nothing more than DUMB PONZI schemes.

          6.) Eliminate the EPA,department of homeland security, etc etc etc.

          7.)TERM LIMITS!!!!!

          8.) Then BEEF UP our Military—continuously!

          This is just a start, should I continue?

          Fact is, I’ve worked with a dozen people over my professional career that could fix this mess in less than 5 years with a balanced budget and ZERO DEBT!

          • Conservatives United

            Great Post!!!!!
            You forgot the Department of (Lack Of) Energy and HUD (one of the most corrupt of all)

    • Brenda

      If I were President, I would CUT overseas spending, & give tax breaks to business that do not outsource anything to India, China and other overseas places. Bring the jobs back home, make American, work American, buy American, hire American. That is the only way we are going to increase jobs, and make the economy better. I cant stand the fact that everything you buy is made in China. You call America Online, or other big American businesses, like the power companies and you have to talk to someone in India. We have people right here in the US that are looking for jobs and cant find them! We have people here at home that are starving and cant afford health care. Why are we sending so much money overseas to help with food and healthcare when we havent even cleaned up our own back yard?

      Oh yea, AND I would secure our borders, step up immigration laws and start massive deportation of illegals. They are bleeding our resources!!

      Of course there are other things in America that would have to change, but that would be a great start.

      • Susan

        You say bring the jobs back home. That is unlikely to happen; however, if the businesses [that are still here in the [over-$250,000-a-year tax bracket] are able to keep their tax cuts wouldn’t they be more likely to increase their work force? Wouldn’t that mean jobs for those who are earnestly seeking them? Of course, they would need to keep the unions out because they constantly demand greater wages and “extra benefits.” That is one of the reasons big businesses went overseas and Mexico in the first place.

        According to some cable news channels fifty percent of the population in the US pay NO income taxes so those people will not receive tax cuts anyway.

        The generosity of the American people is why God blesses our nation. Our churches,family support centers, and independent volunteer organizations all give of their time, effort, and money to help the underpriveliged here in our country. We also have Medicaid, Aid to Dependent Children, and many other programs to help those in need. Contrary to what our president believes, we are a Christian nation. Giving aid to oppressed countries is the also the American way. On the other hand, I agree we should not help the countries that stab us in the back by harboring terrorists, yet we do it!

        We are the most blessed nation on earth. If we want God to continue to bless us we need to elect a president who is a person of faith. If we had such a president we would see this country do a complete turn around!

    • alpha-lemming

      Extensions good…. additional cuts better…. spending cuts (lots of ‘em) BEST!!

      • Warrior


        • eyeswideopen

          Just because she lied about having a college education,( rec’d it on Sept 1,2010) doesn’t think women should be in military, has been living off of campaign funds,(illegal) didn’t pay her college fees,(they sued her) owes IRS,( they have liens against her) Lied about her last campaign against Biden,(she didn’t win any districts) didn’t pay her employees,(still owes them) thinks that masturbating is wrong, all the while wearing makeup to entice men. What else could be wrong with this hypocrite?? Anticipating a young man coming forward with some racy sex tapes next!! So funny how the repubs want to dictate how you should live your life, and they want the government to enforce their desires… Karl Rove is hammering her, wow, he and I finally agree on something.

          • alpha-lemming

            Sounds like she’s eligible for a cabinet position.

          • eyeswideopen

            alpha, since she doesn’t like masturbating, she sure as heck won’t like the republican senators, who only sit around doing said act and voting no….. Have you heard that Rand Paul knows how to pay for tax breaks but won’t tell anyone untill after the election??? His quote is giving every sane person a great laugh….Have the repubs figured out how to give tax breaks without paying for them?? Thought they were supposed to want to reduce deficit?? Oh, that is second to making the rich,,,,,richer!!!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            i can only guess how you know that that is all they do!!!

    • guyb

      How can pelosi look Americans in the eye and tell us her and reid and obama are for the American people and with there plan and stimulus bill we will create jobs when they cut the water to 50,000 farms and farm workers in northern california and said a 2 inch delta smelt might go extinct if we do not shut off the water. WOW, we raise trout and catfish and salmon ect and we could raise 2 inch delta smelt by the millions with only 1 acre of delta water. Now,billions of gallons of water flow into the ocean along with the delta smelt who become bait fish. Oh,I almost forgot,pelosi still gets all the water she needs for her multi million dollar northern california vineyards while putting farm workers in a food line.America will not put up with this anymore!!!!!! Lets fight back… Lets vote pelosi and reid out and vote in people who love our great nation. The nation of America!!!!!!

  • Michael J.

    The 250K ceiling on tax breaks will decimate small busineses and in itself is an admission of guilt on the part of those that claimed that the Bush tax cuts only benefited wealthy Americans. The same Democrats that have claimed for years that the Bush tax cuts were a give away to millionaires now want to extend the Bush tax cuts for the middle class,WTF?

    • Dave

      What don’t you understand Michael J? If you give someone a tax break of 5% who gets to keep more money? Someone making $100,000 or someone making $1,000,000? It’s pretty simple math, if you were taught that in home schooling. HOw does this hurt small businesses? Even people who make a million dollars can get a tax break on their first $250,000. It’s not taking everything away. These tax breaks are adding to the deficit. I thought you guys cared about that? Who are you being lead by?

      • Michael J.

        The drive behind the current push to extend the Bush tax cuts is to create jobs. Since the wealthy are the ones mostly likely to create jobs, it makes no sense not to include them in the extension.

        Further down in your post you mentioned that,”These tax breaks are adding to the deficit. I thought you guys cared about that?”
        Doesn’t spending 50 billion dollars which will have to be borrowed and paid back with interest on roads, bridges and runways add to the deficit?

        As for being lead, only the victims of socialistic indoctrination assume that humans need to be lead anywhere.

        • Dave

          I’m not saying anyone needs to be lead I said you being are. YOur emotions are being taken advantage of. The 590 Billion dollars directly creates jobs. The rich had this tax extension throughout this crisis and obviously it didn’t help. People in the top tax bracket used the money to play the stick market or invest in real estate or hide in a offshore bank account. How can you guarantee people will use this tax break to create jobs. People are greedy by nature. If a company used to net $1,000,000 per year and then sales went down then they cut the staff so that the owner of the company still makes his salary. It’s the middle class worker that bares the brunt of the hardship. They normally have little savings and high debt. They need the relief right now and in exchange they will definitely spend that money on going to college, paying debt, buying consumer goods. Those things in turn prop up the business owners and the wealthy who can then create jobs. The trickle down economic policies of the Republican party are flawed at best. Every time they push those policies we end up in a recession. Then people forget and get wrapped up in the paying less taxes thing.

          • guyb

            Demoncrats tax more than the middle class. They tax the poor and the needy and they are going to tax us so much pretty sone the demoncrats will have us sign over our paychecks(if we still have jobs) to the feds and they will give us food coupons or something.What we really need is a way to hold all people running for elected office to there promises or we need a way to move them out for lying.If its a felony for anyone to lie to congress then it should be a felony for congress to lie to the American people.

          • eyeswideopen

            Dave, but what about the almighty deficit the repubs are constantly screaming about?? Do you want to add 3.1 trillion over ten years to that already big deficit that the repubs started for us, by passing medicare advantage bill, starting two unfunded wars ?? Can’t have it both ways, economics 101.

  • cella

    Wow, you people are so programed to think that the very rich who are still making tons of money and are paying a tax rate 10 years old, is a good deal. The government is broke, after a failed war that has bankrupted the country. the tax rate should expire for everyone. The only problem is now people who are lucky enough to have a job are making less money. Since Republicans have outsourced all the jobs everywhere but here, those options are really not a good one now. But if you were serious about getting rid of debt., tax cuts should go. You can’t run the government on a shoestring. Getting rid of all government workers, and the auto industry, like the Republicans wanted to do would have hurt us even worse. the Republicans will bring this country down. What a shame.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Cella.. Why do you think Republicans want to get rid of all government workers? That’s a little out in left field…

      • eddie47d

        That’s hardly out in “left field”.Everyone here talks about downsizing government. Get rid of the DOE,the EPA,the FDA,ect. Cut their pay,take away government benefits,fire them all. Some have even taken on the Post Office.

    • Linda

      Cella, please, stop drinking the kool aid…the truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable…Please at least try to find out what the “truth” is about the Republicans, instead of just spouting the garbage. the reason the Democrats are in power is because Republicans got rid of their garbage in 2006…unfortunately, the Democrat garbage is just as bad if not worse.

      • Dave

        What are you even talking about? Cella is right. Republicans will get rid of Government jobs because that’s what they want to do as their main goal. Shrink the size of the government. Do you think they want to keep the employees but get rid of the buildings or something? If you privatize social security what happens to the people who work for that office in the government? It’s really you who are drinking the koolaid. Turn off Fox and read a bit.

        • s c

          D, you sound like a programmed parrot. Where’s your comments on the internet kill switch? Cella, whiz off. Kill the farkin’ tax cuts. STOP the insane spending. Progressives, ‘Dems’ and libs, get a brain transplant. I’m sure Herr Obummer will put you ‘special people’ (including Gore and Waters) at the top of the frickin’ list.

          • Dave

            We sound like Parrots? You’re the one spouting out right wing media slurs over and over again.

        • Warrior

          Ok that’s a good start. Now let’s go to a flat tax and do away with the IRS and tax accounting profession as well. Maybe go back to an economy that produces.

          • guyb

            A flat tax is really the best option!!!!! If you want to keep what you have then fine… If you buy something then you pay a tax. Sounds great.

        • JAG

          The “Governemnt” spending we need to get rid of is the lifetime retirment packages the politicians get. You and I work at least 20 years (or lots more) in order to get some of OUR OWN MONEY back from the government. However, if you work for the government, you only have to work a couple of years and exit out with at least a 6-figure retirement income, plus all kinds of benefits. Why? It should be a privilege to serve not a life time ahievement award. Do your job, clean your desk, go home. End of story. Imagine just how much money would stay in our treasury. And, it is our money, you know, not the governments.
          As for reducing the number of government employees…why not? The current administration strategy is putting the rest of us out of work. We might as well all be out of work. We won’t have to pay taxes and can sit on our fannies and wait for the government checks to go into our bank accounts. There will be no incentave to go into business for ourselves, because we might make over $250,000 and the government will take our ‘profits’ so we can’t continue our business anyway.

          • eddie47d

            The wealthy have been creating very little for so many years now so unemployment was bound to go up.Those tax breaks were a gift to them to spur growth and they went out and built bigger homes for themselves. $250,000 is allot of money (U.S. average is $52,000). I say it’s time for them to stop complaining and put those tax breaks where they are needed or give them up. I’m not supporting your high end lifestyle any longer.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            One of the government spending areas we need to get rid of is these private secirity forces in Iraq!!! 500 to 1500 dollars a day!!! They seldom have to fight like our troops do daily and they make fifty times what the troops do!! also if the push comes these are the people that haven’t even considered taking an oath!!! they don’t care who they shoot at as long as they get paid!!! I don’t worry about our troops that much, but these guys I do!! there are over 50 security companies there as we speak!!

          • Dave

            No one is taking anybody’s profits over $250,000. They are just taxing them at a normal rate without a tax break. I hope and pray that I have to worry about how much of my money over $250,000 gets taxed. That sounds like a good situation to be in. I agree with not giving huge retirement packages to congressman. I’m not sure that even happens anymore but if it does I’d vote to repeal it. We agree on that. See we can agree on things.

          • eddie47d

            Joe H. I agree with you. Miracles do happen.

    • alpha-lemming


      A few FACTS to put things back in perspective. The yearly federal budget is what???? about 3 trillion dollars. That’s an effective rate of ~$10,000 EVERY YEAR for EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD in the country. A family of 4=$40,000/yr in taxes. We have a progressive tax so we don’t pay that…. who makes up the difference???? oh, that’s right… you told us… THE POOR!! What are they paying??? 100..200 thou a year so a bunch of millionaires can escape their fair share?? No wonder government’s broke. Hey.. we need MORE POOR PEOPLE so they can better fund the government!!

      1 out of every 3 federal dollars is wasted. The generous statement would be “Congress has proven themselves to be poor stewards of the peoples purse” but EVERYBODY knows that it’s really lost to redudancy, conyism, corruption, graft, embezzlement, and plain ol’ theft.

      Average salary (w/ perks and bennies) for someone in the private sector… $60K
      Average salary for a public sector (union) job…. $125K. And you still wonder who’s takin’ care of who??!!

      Wanna keep more jobs in the USA??.. STOP BEING ANTI-BUSINESS!! Everytime a new tax or regulation comes along, business has got to get “leaner and meaner”. That means no expansion, no new jobs because they aren’t GROWING… they’re just surviving. You can be (explitive deleted) sure government’s getting their pound of flesh though for doing NOTHING!! Well… they do make more government… you think that’s easy????

      Increased taxes REDUCES the take to the feds (for the above reason). It’s happened everytime it’s been implemented. Reducing taxes (Kennedy and Reagan) INCREASES revenue to the feds because MORE people are working and contributing.

      Minimalist government is the best government!! The right was taking us to h*ll on a freight-train… the left is taking us there on an SST!!

    • guyb

      Anyone who says republicans will bring us down must be on some free government giveaway program.Look,Obama and pelosi and company are the ones who are giving away our country. The stimulus bill obama and reid and pelosi rammed through to create jobs was more money then both wars put together and where are the jobs???? Crap and trader!!!!! Look, the demoncrats are far worst than republicans but thats not to say that republicans have all the answers. The real answer is finding a leader who really loves Amaerica and the American people fisrt!!!!!We need to drill for our own oil in the bakken and anwar and colorado shale fields and stop spending 3 to 7 trillion dollars on imported oil from opec who also funds most of the radical mosques and imans and hates America with a passion. We need a leader who will do what is truly right for America and the American people over and above special interest groups. Lets shut down the racist acorn and aclu to start with and take back our great country…

  • artinthewild

    This would be a penalty to people who are working hard to increase their business sales. I was a young woman with two children to support – lost my job – went to employment ofs. they had a job for people who want to upgrade their life – I made 10.00 to much the year before. What? That will happen to our small business owners. They won’t want to increase their sales, won’t hire new workers, etc.

    • Dave

      Despite what the current administration thinks, it still takes money to make money. The cutting edge of our economy is small business, people who have “discretionary funds” invest in infrastructure, operating capital, etc. and hire people to run their business. A populace without “discretionary money” can’t buy anything hence small business soon goes out of business. It’s really quite common in my neck of the woods to see a small business open, advertise, begin serving people, making a product, and before you know it, are closing their doors. Often those staying open are living off the residuals of the past, hoping to begin again and encountering the devastation of a sinking economy, shrinking dollar, and the rising hopelessness of people giving up on every having anything.

      • Dave

        Opening a small business is very difficult and most fail. Even in a boom economy most small businesses fail. That’s just a fact of life. To blame businesses failing on repealing a tax break is ridiculous. Many small businesses flourished before the Bush tax cuts. This isn’t going to be enough of an increase to force someone out of business that was getting by before. It just doesn’t make sense.

    • Dave

      When you see the unemployment rate drop remember that people who give up, stop looking and applying for work drop off the radar and aren’t counted.

      • ValDM

        No one has fallen off the unemployment rolls, didn’t you hear about Pelosi’s rage about the party of “no” not wanting the extension (99 weeks). Incidentally, I don’t want to support a lot of these people that refuse to take a cut in pay to go back to work. “I make $500/wk on unemployment. Why would I take a job that only pays me $10/hr.” That kind of mentality must go the way of the Dodo bird. The fact is that tax cuts are only going to ease the pain of our economy not provide relief from the pain of our economy (or alck thereof). Discussing the relative merits of this or that are just distractions from what needs to be done: throw the bums out and start over!


    Cella, very good comment, reality we must face. The infrastructure in the USA is failing but we have put much money in rebuilding the infrastructure in Iraq, it is time to bring our dollars home and rebuild this nation. It is time to stop paying companies to take our jobs to other countries and time to bring them home so we can get our own finances in order. Tax payers makes money and guess what, we are able to collect taxes from their salaries, bet the jobs sent to other countries are not paying taxes on their salaries and they are not buying products in the USA. USA all the way.

  • J.M.R.

    Boehnor you have lost one vote, no compromise, that trouble with all you thieves you kiss mine and i’ll kiss yours and that just crap

    • Dave

      He gets no vote from me because he’s way too conservative, and an ass, but look what you’re doing. You’re saying you won’t vote for someone because he’s trying to compromise with Democrats in a rational way. What do you think will happen to this country if no one works together on anything and no one compromises? Face the facts, this whole country is not conservative. There is more than one party for checks and balances which means nothing goes all one way or the other. Without compromise there’s nothing. If you don’t want to compromise go live on a compound somewhere.

  • Walter Ramage

    Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    Mail Call

    Thinking Buds!
    I am surprised, while at the same time not surprised, it would appear that the House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) is willing to support Obama’s plan to extend tax breaks for the middle-class and increase rates for the wealthiest Americans —but only if that’s his only option.
    Option is the key word here!
    Mr. Boehner seems to have stepped out of the tanning bed and into a quagmire of class ideology, unless he changes his course and soon, which in the long run, I suspect, he will find himself adrift in a turbulent sea in a ship of self centered fools captained by an egotistical socialist with absolutely no sailing or navigating skills, kind of like, (the day dreamer who envisions the grandiose sailing trips he has read about in this or that sailing magazine, on circumnavigation, but has never sailed a boat in his life).
    Imagine this dream world, while sipping wine at the tax-payers expense surrounded with his closest friends who, themselves have never experienced the turbulence of a high seas venture or even ventured out into stormy waters, who envision themselves as leaders, and captains of a new class society created by themselves here in America.
    Well like the crew of the Bounty of world fame, this crew of sailors; (called the American people) have pretty much seen all they want to see with this so called Captain, and his cohorts and to use the old metaphor, it won’t be long before this so called Captain A.K.A. day dreamer is cast adrift along with his cohorts in some sort of longboat among the float strum of his own making in a dream sea of ideology selling his socialist ideas to those pesky Middle Eastern chaps he seems to admire so much. After all, with 1.6 billion Muslins world wide there is always the hope of selling a few books and giving a few speeches, on how bad we American folks really are. WFR

  • tony

    You have let the rich make money too or they will send their money where they can or just sit on it at a lower rate and they still make money but they won’t create any jobs. Have Irag pay us back for bailing them out. They’ve got lenty of oil they canpay us back with. We can’t bail out the whole world and not exspect not to be reinbursted for some of it.

  • Norm

    Everyone is digging through the lively exchange that David Gregory had with GOP leaders John Boehner and Mike Pence on Meet the Press Sunday over whether to extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich. But the most interesting aspect of the exchange was that Pence, the chairman of the House Republican Conference, openly admitted that the GOP has a “credibility problem” on tax cuts and the deficit.
    Most people are focusing on the fact that the two Republican leaders, under persistent questioning by Gregory, refused to say how the tax cuts would be paid for.
    PENCE: Well, I understand the credibility problem, David. You know that during the first six years of this decade, I spent most of my time fighting against runaway spending under Republicans. I opposed No Child Left Behind, I opposed the Medicare prescription drug bill, I opposed the Wall Street bailout.
    Pence’s admission seemed intended as part of a larger GOP strategy. Republicans have undertaken a systematic effort to achieve separation from Bush and the GOP Congress of the previous decade by acknowledging that the previous GOP leadership was out of control and claiming the new leadership is very different. That’s what Pence seemed to be driving at.
    But from a messaging perspective, Pence’s formulation seems ham-handed, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Dems adopt it as a talking point for the coming deficit and tax cut showdown, which promises to be central to the midterm elections: “Even the number three in the House GOP leadership says his party lacks credibility on this issue.”

  • Kent S.

    We have so removed ourselves from the truth. We live in the greatest country on earth. Why do people from other nations want to immigrate to the US? Read the constitution! You’ll not find redistribution of wealth there! Opportunity for all is the foundation of our country!
    Kent S.

    • Dave

      Why is making the rich pay the same percentage of their money in taxes as the rest of us class warfare? No one is saying their burden should be higher. You can argue the economic virtue of job creation through tax cuts but the the class warfare line is a BS talking point that gets parrotted by all of you sheep who listen to right wing brainwashers.

      • alpha-lemming

        I think the rich would absolutely die and go to heaven for the opportunity to pay the same percentage as everyone. But they don’t pay the same now do they??? They’re at a MUCH HIGHER (with another increase to come??) rate. At the same rate I just know the little guy’d be gettin’ boned. My math is a little rusty….. which is more??? 15% of $20,000 or 15% of $15,500,000??? I bet it’s the former.

  • Tina

    Sounds like a Progressive pretending to be a conservative.

  • trp878

    “We the People” another “Bum” bites the dust. GOP should still keep their eye open as there are a few more to go. “Throw the Bums Out”. The top GOP should start to take notice, “We the People” do not like the GOP Politicians in there as they have sold our Country down the drain with all the personal perks, special interest favoritism and arrogance in Lieu of our Conservative values. Some of the GOP and the DEM’s are thinking the winners are not going to be a strong enough candidate in the upcoming General election.
    “We the People” know who the good ones are and we will “Throw the Bums Out” in November.
    GOP quit favoring the “Rhino’s” because you owe them and you may think they are your friends. If you do not start to listen to “We the People”, you may very well become one of our goals in “Throw the Bums Out”
    “verbum sat sapienti- (A word is enough for a wise man.)

  • Steve Dolyniuk

    Boehner sure wasn’t using his head, when he made that statement.The Rich already pay 90% of all the taxes in this country. Where does it all go?? To Illegals, in one form or another. To damn near all of the other countries in the World. People in Congress must have to pass a “STUPID TEST” in order to qualify to vote on any issue. Why are we giving money to all of the countries who hate us?? Why are we the main supporters of the UN, when 76% of the members always vote against us?? Why when we negotiate with other countries, it is always How much money can we give you to either start or stop this or that?? We the people have let the idiots in Washington ruin this country. Both Parties are at fault, But this Administration is by far the WORST. We MUST vote out All of the old timers, that head up the various committees !!

  • April

    I hope and pray Boehner does not cave. Hopefully this new wind of Young Guns will be strong and enduring. Government has become so top heavey that it is a matter of time before rights of religion, true education, and the economy crumble due to lack of support. But if We the People stop listening to the wiles and venemous deciets of the media(ABC,CBS,NBC, MSNBS, CNN,etc.)and learn for yourselves the Constitution and reasoning and honour behind it, as well as who what when where and why the USA, instead of the warped dishonourable versions, it will be obvious the need for good ole fashion Conservative values that are the lifes blood of this country. Those who are evil want to rob kill and destroy us; those who are good see the good of what our fore Fathers fought for and want to be a part of it. Those who do not like us- MOVE to ANOTHER Country. Obama, Reid, Pelosi and their like need to MOVE to ANOTHER Country. They smooze and take advice from those who are evil and hate America. Don’t take my word for it, do your homework as I have and check out the background and plans of these people for yourselves. Wake Up Folks!!

    • eddie47d

      The wealthy are always Moving their money and companies to Another Country!They have been doing this long before Obama became President. Maybe you should Wake Up and see what their real motives are!

      • April

        Eddie this is not just about the wealthy. It is obvious that is who you want to target. It’s about AMERICA and We The People within; our core values and standards and freedom of speech and opportunity to make more of ourselves such as ideas and inventions, and the spreading of human kindess in these sort of ways as We the People choose, not forced as those in Washington are trying to do. Some aquire wealth by illgotten gains, but alot of folks earn it honestly. I believe in human kindness and that more than not want to help their fellow neighbor. Sharing from one purse has never worked and never will. History is proof of this. Robbing the rich to feed the poor is not heroic nor is it reasonable; and eventually even the ones you think you are helping by utilizing government will be hurt a great deal more than they are presently suffering. I am sorry for you that you refuse to see this. Your socialistic views help noone, but deeply hurt everyone.

  • jopa

    I know all of you are millionaires but I’m in the 98% of the population middle income bracket making less than $250,000.With the Obama plan I will keep my tax cuts which are no where near the hundreds of thousands the rich are getting to keep each year but it helps.One of the reasons those making less than $250,000 a year get to keep their tax cuts is they will more than liikely spend it and help out the economy, where as the rich would just put it in savings or invest in the stock market with advantages we do not have like insider info etc.If we continue the tax cut for the rich Uncle Sam will have to borrow 700 billion to cover the deficit and then you know who pays for that tax cut for the rich, the middle income guy,me.

  • D. B.

    I think you have all been drinking the Kool Aid! The billin 1913, to implement Taxes was never ratified and therefore ALL TAXES ARE ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL! You are all barking over nothing and are distracted from the facts! Go back to the law that was never ratified. Yes, even Harry Reid said it himself, that taxes were illegal and Unconstitutional! He was telling the truth….for a change!

  • ReddFrogg

    Open comment to Mr. Boehner: Never compromise with Progressive Fascists!

    • eddie47d

      Welcome to the real world Mr Boehner. Don’t let those right wing fascists control your every decision.

  • chuck b

    did anyone watch fox last night and hear karl rove cut up christine o’donnell the gal who just won the connecticut repub senate nomination?
    rove must be an under cover agent for the democrats. this only proves we should vote out all the old guard republicans come november. boehner is already trying to compromise with barry and the demo’s, this is exactly what got bush into trouble and these guys can’t wait until the elections over. “kick’em all out” the democrats already have us heading down the road to communism. send the “i wanna get along repubs” packing.
    its time the people in the republican party start waking up.

    • eddie47d

      How could Rove be an undercover agent for Democrats? He cut his teeth in trying to destroy the Dems.

      • chuck b


        rove sounds like he is trying to make amends for past sins against the demos.

    • chuck b

      correction: should be delaware, not connecticut

  • Bobk90

    The upcoming election will just be another Fraud by the Elists who could care less about Dems or Repubs! But when the Dems do Lose the Power in both houses which will not really change things, Obama and cronies will fabricate something to Delcare “Marshall Law” and there will be NO 2012 Presidential or any other Elections for that matter!!!!!

  • JAG

    What happens to these Republicians that take a stand against a bill, policy, the Presidents ideas, etc. They say, “no, no, no I won’t, never….well, okay I will.” As for myself, I plan to vote against all incumbents anyway, but I sure would not vote for someone that defied the ‘establishment’ movement until something changed and they roll over and betray ‘we the people’.

  • Fast Freddy

    Boehner let that old progressive fart [ Siefert], put him in a box, his question to Boehner was, “IF your ONLY choice was to allow the tax cuts to remain in effect for middle class Americans would you oppose it?” He damn well couldn’t say yes to that. He did NOT say he would approve of eliminating the cuts for ALL Americans, he was clear on saying that he intended to continue arguing for ALL the cuts to remain in place. That old lib fool- tool Siefert should have retired years ago, his left-wing slant on issues has become tiresome.

  • Harold Olsen

    What a surprise! Another cowardly Republican caves to the left. THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!

  • Marilyn

    Obama’s way of saying he is punishing those above 250,000. businesses. Dumb Arzz. Give tax credits to businesses and watch new businesses spring up and hire people. I am dumb so Obama must be dumber. Oh, I forgot. Obama has an agenda. It’s all coming to fruitation. Hang ON.

  • William

    Hey if the “Spook in the Booth” wants all these grat things have him give up hald his salary and benfits and save the government the money.

  • FN Taber

    What has happened to destroy manufacturing jobs in America
    U.S. business went to China to get cheaper goods. They did not use American management methods to keep the prices for them low. They did not protect American workers by purchasing goods that paid workers for 40 hours only, not the 60 actually worked.
    The U.S. companies did not train the Chinese management in fair accounting methods and fair employee work conditions. On an employment interview with a large computer manufacturing company in Shanghai to teach Chinese managers better communication English. When leaving the main office building, I encountered an American visitor that asked why I was there. Chinese host, “We wanrt to teach our managemnt better English for communicating. He is not too smart.” American, “He looks pretty smart to me. Why did you not ask us for help.”
    CPA firms understand what has and is taking place, but are keeping quiet to protect their franchise.
    Norman Taber
    PO BOX 36201
    San Jose, CA 95158
    408 334-6344




    • chuck b

      f n taber

      who is raping ther american worker other than the democratic party? i don’t understand what you are talking about, you sound like a disgruntled union worker. did you ever stop to think, maybe the unions and taxation is the cause of our industry leaving the country?. this is hard for most liberals to understand.

      • Centerist

        We don’t use prison labor. We don’t have illiterate people moving from the country to become indentured servants to corporations for food and lodging. We have workers compensation for workers hurt on the job and on and on and on. Wake up and smell the coffee. We CAN’T compete with virtual slavery but you seem to think we can or should. Your COMPLETE lack of understanding and simplistic views are but one of our current problems.

        • chuck b


          you sound like another disgruntled union worker. keep voting for the pelosi’s and reid and of course the muslim in the white house.

  • Sam

    Boehner needs to stick to his original premise and not support another failed Obama plan… How much longer do we have to endure this type of ridiculous banter? We need people in office that will stick to their guns, so to speak, and not cave in… Obama is a master of deception and anyone that doesn’t believe that is living in la-la-land.

  • guyb

    Can Obama answer any questions at all without twisting them.Obama said if we pass the almost trillion dollar stimulus bill then we can keep unemployment under 8% and create jobs!!!!! Let me just say for the record….. Obama and reid and peeeeeelosi cut the water to 50,000 farms and farm workers in northern california because they said a 2 inch delta smelt might go extinct. Hogwash!!!!!! We raise trout and catfish and salmon and bass ect. and we can raise 2 inch delta smelt by the millions on just 1 acre of delta water!!!!!!So obama and reid and peeeeeeolsi feel that a 2 inch delta smelt is far more valuable than the 50,000 American farm workers who now have to stand jobless in food lines and struggle to keep there famlies afloat….Why does peeeeeelosi still get all the water she wants for her multi,multi million dollar northern california vineyards and has the nerve to hurt all those hard working farmers and yet once again she gets what she wants. Anyone who votes for a demoncrat this time around is on some free government giveaway program or they are anti-American.

    • Centerist

      Boehner, the current spokesman for the Republican party NOW agrees with Obama. If all goes as Republicans plan he will be the next Speaker of the House. Watch as Obama brings to light the deceptions your Republican leaders have been leading you by the nose with.

      • Claire

        November is just around the corner–of course Boehner has to say that he agrees with the middle-class tax cuts. A few more will say the same thing. Votes count and this is what all of them are thinking.

  • chuck b


    barry couldn’t bring a light bulb to light.

    • Centerist

      He brought Boehner. Sooner or later the truth comes out, this is just the beginning.

      • Dan Burke

        Not quite true. WE bought Boehner. WE were told that WE must compromise by electing officials in the “middle” to bring to the negotiating table. I am all for negotiating, when it is honest. Even if we are right, we must be willing to accept that not everyone shares our point of view. Suppressing others is what is upsetting us so much as the suppressed, so why are we so hasty to do exactly the same thing!?

        Here’s the problem with our negotiations with the Democrats. When we are to the right, and our negotiator is in the middle, do we end up with a result in the middle? No. We end up with a result that is over to the left. Why? Is it because we were in the middle actually and were just deceiving ourselves? Or, do we start off with the wrong negotiator? We started by coming to the negotiating table with someone who we thought was the middle of the road. In other words, this is what position we thought the end negotiating would look like. We were convinced that if we just cut to the end everything would work out great, but then when the negotiating was done we found that everything was far to the left. We wonder where we went wrong. It is simple, because we should have started negotiating from where we actually stood on things. By doing so, then other side would either have to steamroll over us (which they’ve been doing lately anyways) or they would have actually had to come half-way too. Both parties have gotten used to the idea that when negotiations fail, move the negotiations further left of center. In other words, become more alike until you cannot tell them apart no more–and surprise, surprise we cannot tell the Republicans from the Democrats hardly any more (which is why I despised the Presidential Debates just a couple years ago–they were using different words but saying the SAME things).

        • Centerist

          Actually Boehner saw the writing on the wall. Defending the over 250k income earners Bush tax cut IS being paid for by us. He tried to hide this under the guise of the upper income brackets willingness to “continue” hiring with these tax cuts removed. Reality is reality, no matter how much you want to deny it. The Republican party is doing everything in their power to appease the wealthy as re election is their ONLY goal. Obama brought him over with REALITY, not you. If he thought he could get away with continuing the tax cuts on the wealthiest of Americans, he would.

  • http://gmail i41

    guyb,I hope the farmers and ag people never forget nor their children, what the total worthless socialist democrat party and smuck apponted agency wonks did to screw them. It was just some more socialist democrat radical green idoits, showing how f–ked up Washington is to save a rat or a mouse and a fish. But that is OK because some spoilt liberal airy fairy faggot will now feel gay and like dancing. When liberals talk about rich people paying the same taxes as everyone else, then the rich should pay nothing or maybe 1%. How many welfare dinks pay anything. Never have seen a “middle class” create a job even if it their own. Liberals are such stupid jackasses, usually lawyer parasites on society. If you socialist democrats every created a job that wasn’t financed by taxpayers money and actually had to jump thru all the do nothing unproductive paper hoops, maybe you dick weeds would understand how your assine stupidity kills off jobs and moves them over seas.

  • Mila

    Obama is an illegal president of US. He wasn’t born in US. All his power is illegal.

    • Centerist

      Get over it, if qualifications were a REAL issue the Republicans in congress would be all over it. Even Boehner stays away from this kind of nonsense.

      • CJM

        That’s because Boehner and the Old Guard GOP is afraid to look into the matter. Obama’s citizenship IS a REAL ISSUE, as well it should be. If, indeed, it is finally proven that he is a non-citizen, all those “laws” he signed will have no effect.

  • Ron S

    Spending is the main problem. Cut the spending on BS, that will balance the budget, or should I say move us in the direction of getting rid of the debt. And make a law that what ever Congress passes, they and the president have to live by and do it also, SS, medicare, Obamacare, their employer (us) tell them when and if they get a raise, how much they make, etc.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Ron S,
      Hey, we need those studies on the sex habits of earthworms, we need the studies on the effects of cow flatuance, we need all those BS studies like we need another BS president in the White House!!! Get us back to the Constitution!!! If these people want to study things like this, let them do it on their own dime or donations!!!

  • CJM

    We could save a bundle if no monies were provided to those nations that are unfriendly to the US; we give too much foreign aid as it is. We also need to quit bailing out failing businesses, banks,and states–if the individual is supposed to fall flat and go bankrupt, so should big business. Besides, a business in bankruptcy doesn’t fare half as bad as the individual! There should be no increase in taxes and Obama needs to resign, taking his corrupt cohorts along with him (and that includes Pelosi and Reid).

    • Centerist

      Do you have any idea what state America would be in without the bail out? You embody ignorance with your views.

  • JAG

    What if there were NO taxes? No IRS, no sales tax, FET etc. What would happen? Let’s imagine for a minute. What would YOU do if you brought home 100% of your paycheck.
    What if paying for SS, or FICA was voluntary. Would you?


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