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Boehner Insists Government Will Not Shut Down, Default On Loans

February 2, 2011 by  

Boehner insists government will not shut down, default on loansSenator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has accused Republican lawmakers of "playing with fire" by threatening not to pass a budget or raise the debt ceiling unless deep spending cuts are made. Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) said that the GOP will not allow the United States to default on its loans, but he does expect President Barack Obama to "cut up the credit cards" if his chamber is going to raise the debt limit.

On CNN's State of the Union on Jan. 30, Schumer warned that the government-funding resolution is slated to expire on March 4. He voiced his concern that if the GOP fails to approve a budget because it does not meet the party's fiscal ideology, the nation is in danger of falling into a deep recession or perhaps a depression.

Boehner said that while his party is committed to cutting spending, he discarded the notion that Congress will allow the U.S. to default on its loans.

"That would be a financial disaster not only for our country, but for the worldwide economy," said Boehner, quoted by FOX News. "You can't create jobs if you default on the Federal debt."

The government is currently operating on last year's budget figures because Congress never approved a budget for the 2011 fiscal year. During the lame-duck session, lawmakers voted to fund the government on 2010 spending levels until March.

According to the news provider, Boehner said that the Republicans won't insist on across-the-board cuts for 2011, but they will target spending that is tied to the bank bailout, Obamacare, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the government's support of mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

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  • Vic

    I say shut the government down. We would be better off. I’ve never seen such an insane bunch of people as we have in D.C. I say let’s go back to the United States Confederacy.

    • dgknj

      Gotta agree %100. Get fed.govt back to basics like protecting our borders.
      These assclowns are completely out of touch with the reality of middle class, most are bought by lobbyists. This would be good way to start over.
      This can’t go on.

    • Norm

      That means:
      No pay to the military;
      No pay to SS and Medicare;
      No payments to government contractors;
      Defaulting on government securities and bonds;
      Etc Etc.

      That would be a disaster and would cost the government and the taxpayers dearly in the long run.

      It’s stupid and will never happen.

      • Carrie TPT

        Norm simply not true, they Can continue to pay the military, and the “entitlement” programs Without raising the Debt limit. It just means that they Must cut spending elsewhere – which is the whole point. The Propaganda and “Fearmongering” Left wants to scare you (us ) into doing what they want again – that’s what got us in this mess.

        • Norm

          Carrie TPT
          If the government shuts down it defaults on all payments. No checks can be cut.

          • Gary G.

            NORM,NORM,NORM, you are not listening…..last years budget will take care of all expenditures for the government this coming year. The liberal progressive communist spend thrifts, will no longer be able to further the the bankruptcy of the USA

      • Bus

        Never say Never. Other great countries and empires have collapsed and what makes our’s so unique?

      • JohnK

        It also means no homeland security, fda, epa, etc. :)
        sounds good to me.

    • EddieW

      Have you noticed, when the government thinks of cutting expenses, they always cut where it will hurt the largest number of people! Like medicare and SS!! How about cutting foreign aid, save a few billion per month, and they vote against us 95% of the time in the UN!! How about cutting the unwinnable war? Save Billions per week!! Far better than can be done with SS and Medicare!!! Maybe we could cut Obaba’s salary too…he not earning it!!!

      • Bruce D.

        I agree Eddie. We need to see some fiscal responsibility from the federal government before they even start talking about these two programs other than the fraud that Obama says in rampant. It takes some nerve for government to steel SS. blind over the years and not cut foreign aid and other programs before they even think about SS..

    • Bruce D.

      I believe Boehner is right. Even Rand Paul agrees with him on that. If reduction in debt is not done in a sensible fashion it will effect jobs and without jobs you will get chaos. We need to first balance the budget and then proceed with reduction of debt. The thing that is the most important is the firm commitment to do this without excuses.

    • martin weaver

      had the south won the war for southern independence in 1861, our country would be much better off today. it was all about the washington federal gov. and it’s desire to control everything all those years ago, and handcuff states rights, which they have accomplished. need to go back to basis, which is the constitution.

      • Bruce D.

        You can easily make a case that the outcome of the Civil War was the end of the Republic. Abraham Lincoln was to first to use Executive Orders to run the country. The military was sent into both northern and southern states after the war to force the states to rewrite their constitutions. This created an enormous amount of federal power and continues to this day. Lincoln also was the first to use the income tax to support the war. When I was going to high school in a small town in Rhodie Island many years ago my history teacher Mr. Brown said that the war was not fought over slavery but over states rights. That stuck with me for some reason.

  • Douglas

    We must keep their feet to the fire of He!! no…no more spending money we don’t have. No more bailing out organizations that should go under if mis-managed..regardless of size! When Iaccoca asked for help…he came with a sound business plan to turn things around. Washington’s idea was to replace the company President..with a Union friendly guy! So John is almost right..Obama should have his credit cards taken away as a college kid that was out of financial control. Then many of his foolish ideas should be reversed as soon as possible. Then each department should be informed that their pay is being cut..and in order for them to get a pay increase they must run a tight ship from now on!! Set each department a budget, and hold them to that budget..and stop giving bonuses for failures!! God has Blessed this Great Nation…It Is now Up To “We The People”!!

    • Bob

      Unions have made this country great, for the middle class. In the past years, look what corporate interests (repubs) have done to the middle class. Repubs won’t rest, until slavery is legal again! That’s the next bill, boner will introduce.

      • ajb

        bob your a big dummy you should get your head out of the sand all demo want is more money to pump up more progressive programs. we need to audit the fed take back our money that they line their pockets with

        • Pat R

          As soon as the Global Settlements are made (actually in progress now),
          the Federal Reserve Bank will be no more!!!! Since the IRS is not a part of our Government; it also should go away.

          • Gary G.

            OH! Please, you really believe what you wrote….you have to be kidding!

      • dgknj

        When unions started working conditions were bad. The conditions now are much better. Not anti-union just anti-financial fantasy. Pension funds are
        broke, taxpayers can no longer afford to pay public pensions and medical
        expenses. Politicians made promises they couldn’t keep to get votes. Most
        have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that they are forked-tongued 2 faced liars that only care about getting re-elected. Set term limits, get
        started with budget cuts. Most of financial problems will go away. USA will
        default one way or other-debts unpayable.

        • Bus

          The Unions served a valuable service to the working man, back in the day, now they serve as a useable tool of the elitests as a group that can be bought off in order to keep the political machine in power.
          Problem with the Unions is that once they got a hold of the workingman’s dues then corruption set in among their leadership as well.

        • r.p.

          What’s with this term limit BS I keep hearing about!!! Are You unaware of the Constitution? Term limits are set by the People! If you don’t like the results of the rep you voted into office, you either Recall, Impeach, or just Vote them out of office…. Term limits are set by Us (We The People). To pre-set term limits becomes a nightmare, when you get a rep that actually gets things done and actually upholds and protects the Constitution, supports the idea of a Constitutional and fiscally responsible government (IE Ron Paul/John Fleming), you re-elect them. To preset a term limit automatically ties their hands,it’s naive and childish…

          • independant thinker

            “Term limits are set by the People!”

            The problem with this is…………….All the stupid @#&%*&^ who vote party line or incumbent no matter what the politician believes or his/her voting record. I do not know how many times I have heard someone say “I have always voted democrat and I am not going to change now”.

      • Pat R

        Stop bitching and moaning! You’re already a slave and have been for decades!

        • Gary G.

          You are totally right…we are all straw men to the government!!!

      • Conservatives United


        • Gary G.

          The last president to try and shut down the federal reserve and do away with the CIA was assassinated…JFK

      • Bruce D.

        Unions lobbied hard for Obamacare and turned around and asked for and got an exemption from Obamacare. Do you need more evidence than that of the problem and corruption in Unions.

  • guest

    Mr Boner,

    Shut the f@#%@#%$#% government. We’re better off without it..

    • guest

      Amen Vic!!!

  • TIME

    When will the buffoons in NY ever vote that “con artist” out of office. For all the educated people in New York I am still not quite able to grasp how utterly stupid they are.

    On the point of upping the debt level if Mr Boehner allows such, we are really going down even faster than I had thought.
    Spending cuts are not only needed they are “beyond past due.”

    For anyone one who has a brain, this I am sure you can grasp.
    If you make $100K per year, but buy a home thats $2.5 Million, you buy three cars at $200K per unit, and you send you’re 3 kids to Privet schools at $20K per year times 3, and you’re wife spends $20K per month on cloths, and you spend $20K per month on stuff.
    And you give you’re kids a $2500.00 per month allowance x 3.

    Plus you joing a CC at $125K per year, plus tee fee’s of $3500.00 per round and you play 6 times per month.
    And you eat out every day times 3 meals x 5 people at the in sopts times $65.00 per person per meal with tips.

    At some point the money runs out.

    Thats what our Government have been doing now for about 30 years and the numbers are now at a point where it just can’t hold out anylonger.
    Keeping in mind that YOU’RE tax dollars State, Local and Federal are crazy and the privet level jobs just are not there anylonger as most every company you can name is now in CHINA or MEXICO.
    And the Government jobs are at all time high’s who’s going to pay the bills?
    The answer is not just print more money. Thats sublimating debt with worthless paper.

    But then again when the country is so spoiled that they can’t grasp the most basic level math of 2+2=4 I guess thats what can be expected. Want to buy a 14.5 TRILLION Pounds of Junk Bonds?

    Why not? Thats whats going on. By the way we are in a “depression” just in case you can’t quite grasp that.

    • james karalis

      schumer keeps getting elected because he is a jew and new york is over run by jews .

      • Bob

        This site, is showing its true repulsive ideology, again.

      • TIME


        I have many friends who are Jewish and they dislike Schumer too and please do keep in mind Jewish folks are no differant than you are.

        If you understand the Bible, there was a fellow named Adam and his wife the first time around was Lyth, the second time was Eve.
        They were all Jewish, thus YOU too are from the same base. Get it?

        So to make such a post tells us all you dislike yourself.

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Diego

          Explain the Lyth comment.

          • TIME


            Lyth was Adams first wife its that simple so there is not much else to say.
            Other than Adam was made from a hand full of dust as was Lyth as in they were equal.
            Where as Eve was made from one of Adams small ribs, thus making Eve not equal to Adam.
            Do some looking into it as its all there for anyone who wants to know.

          • JJ

            Diego, listen not to those boneheads that want to tell you stories about the so called woman named Lyth. James has obviously been watching to much of the history channel or some other liberal educational TV.

            James I’m not implying you are a lib.

            Here’s the real deal from the bible. It’s simple, Gen 1:28 this is their so called Lyth. but it really is Eve. Then they want you to believe that because God mentions Eve in 2:22 that their is two different women.

            What they didn’t read is Genesis 2:4 “This is the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God made earth and heaven.”
            The key to solving this problem is Chapter 2 is that God is giving an accounting (more details) of His action in Gen 1. With this in mind this whole thing is put to rest.

            If only the libs could read.

        • Tinman

          time: Hate to tell you this, but there were no jews when adam and eve were around. Did not start till Abraham came out of the city of UR and at that time there were no muslims or christians.

          • TIME


            What ever dude. If that floats YOU’RE boat then float on baby.

        • smithington

          Time, I don’t know what “bible” you’re reading, but there is no Lyth in my King James Bible, which is the ONLY true Word of God.

          • TIME

            Hello Smithington,

            Who again is King James?

            I can’t seem recall his name on the roster of who’s who when TIME began.

          • JLC

            Smithington — Actually, the King James Bible was – or is – an English translation of the earlier Latin version which was, in turn, a compilation of earlier writings, some in Greek, and some in Latin. None of this, by the way, has anything whatsoever to do with Obama’s budget —— or lack thereof.

      • Pat R

        Schumer is also probably one of the Nazis that was brought here after Germany fell. They promised to destroy America, and have done it.
        Henry Kissinger is one of them. He was in Hitler’s army, (SS) and look what he has done for us. Not a damn thing with any merit. He also was the one who brought down Zimbabwe.

      • Conservatives United

        “Chinky” Schumer gets reelected by BRAINWASHED MORONS!!!!!

  • wasadoc

    Granted, we need cuts, but let’s start with the ones that are obvious. EPA, Energy Dept, Illegals. There are so many places where we are just throwing money down a hole. Remember, government does not have money. In order to spend money, they must tax us.

    • David in Ma.

      Foriegn Aid………….

      • 45caliber

        Amen! But to Schumer and friends, this is important. Otherwise they would p***-off their “friends” in other countries. They need to keep paying them to be “friends”!

    • http://n/a Gary in Oh

      The dejure gov we used to have didn’t need taxes much beyond import and they lasted for years with enough to do what was needed/neccesary. Now that we have a defacto gov that is way to big all the money they can (steal)get from taxes that aren’t constitutional arent enough. And then they give their friends (or should I say owners) in the banking industry WHO KNOWS HOW MUCH MONEY to bail out/ help fix the economy and they pay astronomical bonuses to their execs that went along with the PLAN!!! Are any of the banks really paying back the people that think the federal/ national debt is ours? THE UNITED STATES is a private corp it is not the gov of this great country and the debt is theirs. I think we need to let THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA worry themselves to death about the debt they have, while we the People get the dejure gov out of the ashes of the war of 1812 and get the original 13th amendment back( it was never legally done away with) and get our gov back by starting Assemblies in your counties yourselves. If you want proof of the existence of the original 13th look into your state constitution before the war of 1812, it’s is in Ohio’s 1802 constitution.

  • J.M.R.

    we have listened to lies for 2 years from the libs and look at the mess this great country is in,now its time to listen to the truth schumer need to have a knuckle sandwich.

    • 45caliber

      Actually he needs to be gently and carefully escorted to the nearest mental hospital for an extended stay.

      • Conservatives United

        Maybe we could give him a cell mate EGORE (Al Gore), after his latest statements that all the snow was more GLOBAL WARMING.

  • Polski

    So we have 2 lousy presidents in a row (I mean lousier than usual) in DUBYA and OBAMA. So no one should be surprised at the mess. Just remember, every politician is a crook, every corporate executive is a crook, every US AIR FORCE executive officer is a crook.

    • ValDM

      But not the Army, Navy, Marines???? ALL politicians: are not born, but excreted; Cicero.

    • Conservatives United

      You forgot SLICK WILLIE and GHW Bush!!!!!!!

  • George Edmundson

    The USSofA is broke (bankrupt) and not too big to fail (it already has). It is time to file bankruptcy, reppudiate our debt and get on an honest money system. It will not be easy, but the longer we wait the worse it will be.


    • Dan az

      Dear Mr. President,

      Please find below my suggestion for fixing America ‘s economy. Instead of giving billions of dollars to companies that will squander the money on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the following plan.
      You can call it the “Patriotic Retirement Plan”:

      There are about 40 million people over 50 in the work force. Pay them $1 million apiece severance for early retirement with the following stipulations:

      1) They MUST retire. Forty million job openings – Unemployment fixed.

      2) They MUST buy a new AMERICAN Car. Forty million cars ordered – Auto Industry fixed.

      3) They MUST either buy a house or pay off their mortgage – Housing Crisis fixed.

      It can’t get any easier than that!!

      P.S. If more money is needed, have all members in Congress pay their taxes..

      Mr. President, while you’re at it, make Congress retire on Social Security and Medicare. I’ll bet both programs would be fixed pronto!

    • 45caliber


      That won’t work. I sat down some time back and came up with only five ways to settle the problem:

      1) pay it off by cutting costs. (Lots of luck on that one.)
      2) declare bankruptcy. (The lendees would LOVE that! Our court system would transfer ownership of half the US to China, Japan, etc.)
      3) repudiate the loans. (See above.)
      4) have a civil war. (Might work, particularly if the rebels win. That would result in a “new” country who refuses to pay off the debts of the old one.)
      5) split up the country. (This is what the USSR did. And it might occur since all the politicians want the top position.)

  • http://deleted Claire

    Schumer and Boehner? My dogs have more common sense than these two politicians.

    • Dan az

      They never bite the hand that feeds them and they sit and shut up when told! Good point!Now all we have to do is get a good trainer in there.Want the Job?

  • Deep River Rat

    This is Chuck Schumer’s ploy to pay off the unions and giving the republicans the guilt trip.Let the unions go under,it will be good for them. “Don’t raise the dept limit”

  • TND

    The senior senator from New York, Charles Schumer, was shown in a clip on the NBC Tonight Show explaining to someone that the three branches of government were the Senate, the House and the President. How can anyone put any credence to anything he says. The only way that people like him are kept in office are by giving away the store to the millions of Americans and illegal aliens who are leaching off our tax money. There is no reason the the US has to default on its loans. Just stop the horrendous waste of resources on illegal aliens, lazy welfare cheats and greedy whining bankers and other business people who made bad decisions that they alone should have to live with. Also, immediately stop the lifetime pension and benefit programs that our congressman and Senators enjoy while those of us who worked all our lives now struggle to stretch our pensions and reduce our standards of living to pay for. I have never been able to understand how the average working American could vote for the liberal politicians who are destroying this nation. I chide the conservatives in politics for not publically denouncing the entitlement programs and telling the truth about government spending.

    • s c

      TND, I fail to see how anyone can have any use for a twit like Schumer. More and more, this entire administration seems to be full of airheads, wannabe elites and over-educated putzoids who can’t get a job in the real world.
      How do you think Schumer would react to flipping burgers at a choke-and-puke or cleaning toilets in the Senate? These fields seem much more appropriate Schumer’s ‘true’ talents. Obviously, Chuckles didn’t get where he is based on intelligence or potential. I guess that makes him just another big chunk in Washington’s septic tank.

      • Dan az

        sc its time to flush the stink is unbearable.

      • 45caliber

        I fully believe that Schumer, Boxer, Feinstein, Pelousy, Reid, etc. are elected simply because they control the ballot boxes. For instance, it was proved early that the computerized ballots in NV were counting only one of four votes for Reid’s opponent. Supposedly this was changed. He was running way behind until the last hour of voting – and then all the votes were his. Some of the others were elected by 80+% of the vote when all polls showed they were at best even.

    • http://n/a Gary in Oh

      Doe’s anyone know what the 4th branch is? Seriously !!!
      Its the Independant Grand Jury which gets its authority from the dejure gov of the country the common law. WE the People are supposed to be the gov (self governed) in a Republic (nothing to do with the REPUBLICAN defactos) that have twisted the name so Ron Paul doesn’t have a party that is proud enough to nominate him to run for the job that he was the best man for 2 yrs ago (my opinion).

      • 45caliber

        It was SUPPOSED to be. But all power has been stripped from it a little at a time since. Juries of any sort were supposed to be able to do the same. But in the last year I’ve seen a judge overturn an innocent verdict because he disagreed with the jury, a judge overturn a jury sentence because he thought it was too harsh, and a judge inform the jury that they were to find the defendent guilty (they did because they HAD to do what the judge said, right?).

        • Gary G.

          Your statement is simply not true, there is no way a judge has the power to what be construed as jury tampering get away with it…what documentation can you provide?

  • Kris


  • Ted Crawford

    The only reason this is a problem is due to the fact that Nancy Pelosi was too busy facilitating Obamas’ take over of our Economics, to produce a budget for fiscal year 2011! Had she gone about the Nations legitimate bussiness, as she was elected to do, there would be no problem! Should we subsequently default it is clear where the responsibility lies!

  • David in Ma.

    Anyone with half a brain has to be picking up on this nonsence shumer is putting out, the DEMONcRATS did not pass a budget and they spend, spend, spend and then want to raise the debt ceiling, so when the republicans come into the majority in the house the DEMONcRATS point their fingers at the republicans for not doing the same thing, well, at least the republicans are working to lower debt and present a budget the American people can live with, it seems the DEMONcRATS only wanted to do things that would destroy America!

    The DEMONcRAT Party and it’s DEMONcRAT members are using tatics which I believe are usually reserved for incompentants and communist/socialist/marxist fools, and that is to accuse the opposition of the very things they are defecient in, and do it often enough and long enough and hope the people will eventually believe it and apparently many did, they elected obummer.

    Years ago there was a booklet out and if I remember correctly it was called A PRIMER ON COMMUNISM and let me tell you, from what I can remember, the DEMONcRATS must have read it because what they are doing looks & sounds like their play book is an exact copy….

    • Pat R

      Your comment reminded me of a YouTube video that showed Maxine Waters in a meeting. On the desk, in front of her was a book called “Communism for Dummies”. When she screwed up and coudn’t think of what to say or do; she picked that book up several times and put it back down.
      This is “our government”! HA HA

      God Bless the Republic!

    • Dan az

      Very simply, reaching the debt limit means that spending is limited by revenue arriving at the Treasury and is guided by prioritization among the government’s obligations. How the government would decide to meet these obligations under the circumstances is a matter of some conjecture. Certainly, vast inflows of federal tax receipts – inflows that are far more than needed to pay monthly interest costs on debt – would continue. Thus, the government has never defaulted on its debt. Whether Treasury is required as a matter of law to prioritize incoming receipts to pay interest costs first is an open question, but there appears to be little doubt Treasury would do so. There is, therefore, no real question that Treasury would take the actions necessary to preserve the full faith and credit of the U.S. government and avoid defaulting on debts due,”

      Read more: Debt or alive: Obama ‘pushing panic button’

  • http://com i41

    Schumer is a just s spoilt overeducated brat, who has done nothing in his life that was productive or useful. His rich elitist daddy put him thru college and bought him as seat in Congress. Where he has live off of taxpayers ever since. A Soros Socailist that loves spending taxpayers money non stop. Cut all elected salaries in half, their staffs down to 2 people, tear up their tax payer paid credit cards for starters. But do not raise the debt limits any way shape or form. They need to learn to live in the real world like the taxpaying citizens do.

  • Charles

    Bob,I`m an Independent.I don`t know how the hell you think the way you do. You either have so much money, that it doesn`t matter what happens, or your one of those people who live off the goverments give-
    away programs. If I had to guess, I would guess the give-aways.I would like to know, do you know the difference between a Democrat and a Progressive? Do you really know what you are? Please tell us Bob,I can`t hardly wait to find out,please…please tell us .

  • Nick

    Why call it a “DEBT LIMIT”, when the politicians keep raising it, every time they run out of money to spend at their leisure. Call it “The SPIGOT” then! BUT we are BROKE! AIN’T GOT ANY MORE money ! Somebody, get some good sense! Weld-shut “The Spigot”!
    One good politician suggests, we pay-off our debt’s interest FIRST, then pay the rest of the entitlements and government expenditures, with what’s left, and START CUTTING SPENDING !!!
    Mr. Boehner, don’t take the easy way out of this DEBT LIMIT dilemna. DO NOT RAISE THE LIMIT ANYMORE, because if you do, the PAIN OF YOUR ACTIONS, WILL BE HARD FOR ALL AMERICANS, living and the yet-unborn, down the road! Remember your words (?)- “Let’s stop kicking the can down the road”?

  • Charles

    ajb, Quit calling this bunch in Washington, Democrats.They even call themselves Progressives. I would say, that is a stretch, I would call
    them by what they should be called, MARXIST! I`m 74 years old and no
    President has tryed to destroy this country the way Obama and his GOONS
    have.There are about 45 to 50 real Democrats left in Congress and they are scared to death.If this man is not voted out of office in
    2012 you can kiss the good old USA good by. You won`t have to worry
    about taxing the rich,they will take their money and be long gone.
    They didn`t get rich by being stupid, allso, I don`t know of a poor person who ever gave me a job.Obama and his goons are really serious
    about destroying this country and by doing so, will only make him stronger.

  • http://n/a Gary in Oh

    THE UNITED STATES is a foreign corporation, that is all Obama is president of. He doesn’t qualify to be president of the united States of America (the country we are proud to live on) He belongs to the corp that controls THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA which is 10 miles square +-. The 14th amendment (which was never properly ratified by the way)turned the power structure upside down and put the fed on top of the power not the bottom where it belongs. We the people are supposed to be in charge thru representatives that listen to us not $pecial interest. All 10 planks of the communist manifesto are law in this country so why are we arguing about democrats or republicans appearently were communist!!!!!Personally I think Obama needs to be tried for treason for impersonating the president of the country and go from there with the rest of the criminals that are running the corporation (USA) you think should be running the country. I am sure we can find enough rope to get the mess handled.
    Or we can get back control of this great country by getting the original 13th Amendment back and some 90+-% of the defacto government will not qualify to hold office so we can have a new criminal free chance to get on the right track to becoming what we once were.

    • Dan az
      • Dan az

        Sorry it didnt work but this one will.

        • http://n/a Gary in Oh

          Holy pop your head out of your keester, We have been studying for years to get this info and haven’t put it this plain and simple as this 3 page explination. Thanks for the site.

    • Pat R

      I hear you loud and clear and agree 100%.

  • Charles

    David in Ma,quit calling them Democrats, they are Progressives.The
    sooner we learn this the better off we will be. We could work with them if they were Democrats, Progressives we will never be able to work with. It`s either their way, or the highway.

  • 45caliber

    “If you don’t let us borrow more money so we can get other things we want, we are going to shut down everything! And it will all be your fault!”

    Sort of reminds me of kids sometimes.

    The problem is that we don’t NEED to borrow more money. We simply need to live within our means. Millions of young people today are told that all they need to do is sign up for another credit card and borrow more money. And they go broke.

    What we SHOULD do is simply pay our bills and see what is left. If we can’t pay all our bills, then we pay the most important ones and try to pay the rest when those are paid off. We don’t go rushing out to buy even more things.

    What Schummer, etc. are threatening is to cut off the important things to pay for just what they want. Just like a teenager will ignore paying a bill so he can get a new game for his Xbox.

  • Charles

    Gary in Ohio, YOU SAID IT RIGHT>> I`m also am from Ohio, we from Ohio
    seam to get it, why don`t the people from the Liberal states seam to get it? Being a Liberal is not being a Progressive.There is a big difference.The Progressives or another word for them, Marxist, have
    taken over our country. Voters,all they heard was the word change.
    We better pay attention the next round (2012} what the word change realy means.This is geared to the Independents of witch I`am one of them. I think a lot of us have woken up and have come to our right
    mind and won`t let it happen again. After all,we are the ones who put
    this Communist jerk in office to begin with.

  • Ronald Johnston

    osama obama, schumer and the rest of the yellow bellys all believe the end justifys the means. Watch out, they will do anything. osama is already using his dictatorial powers.

  • GOD

    Three religions fighting with each other, I going to torch you all and take the Pagans to Heaven. islam is on fire so will it be that the jews and the christians are too! PI$$ me off some more!

  • James

    “Congress will not allow the U.S. to default on its loans?” Congress doesn’t make loans. It can only default on its debts and/or the entitlements it has committed to.

  • Dan az

    “If Congress ultimately inclines toward raising the debt limit, then it could, in the same legislation, impose immediate, substantial spending reductions along with strong new rules such as hard spending caps to require continued, sharp spending reduction in future years,” Foster wrote. “The outcome should reflect a clear, quick path to a sound fiscal policy. Congress should also consider carefully both the size of any increase in the debt limit in light of the other opportunities it will have over the course of the year to reduce spending and the importance of having yet another forcing opportunity if further spending reductions are not forthcoming. The responsibility for driving down spending and borrowing rests – under our Constitution – squarely with the Congress and the president of the United States.

    He said if Congress decides against increasing the debt ceiling, there will be “a massive restructuring of federal spending.

    That is the goal of a separate campaign that has been launched to encourage majority GOP members of the U.S. House to force the government to live within its income by leaving the debt limit alone.

    Read more: Debt or alive: Obama ‘pushing panic button’

  • Billy Cooper


  • 45caliber

    We NEED to shut down at least the departments of Education, Energy, HUD, Homeland Security, & Oblamacare. We can’t afford – and don’t need – any of them.

    The only problem is that it would put another couple of million people on unemployment checks.

  • r.p.

    What’s with this term limit BS I keep hearing about!!! Are You unaware of the Constitution? Term limits are set by the People! If you don’t like the results of the rep you voted into office, you either Recall, Impeach, or just Vote them out of office…. Term limits are set by Us (We The People). To pre-set term limits becomes a nightmare, when you get a rep that actually gets things done and actually upholds and protects the Constitution, supports the idea of a Constitutional and fiscally responsible government (IE Ron Paul/John Fleming), you re-elect them. To preset a term limit automatically ties their hands,it’s naive and childish…
    Leave the debt ceiling where it’s at or even lower it. Eliminate Corporate Welfare, reduce military spending, bring our troops home to protect our borders, reduce our military bases overseas, and reduce foriegn military welfare (IE: Saudi Arabia,Kuwait.Dubai) “They’ve got their OIL. Put the House and Senate on Social Security and Medicare and eliminate their special healthecare and retirement programs Those cuts alone will keep Social Security, Medicare, and Welfare solvent with $$$$’s to spare.

  • Charles

    PassedBilly Cooper, Not the Democrats, The Progressives. There are no more Democrats.There are about 45 true Democrats and most of them are to
    scared or to dumb to really know whats going on in Washington or the country. I don`t know if I would reather be scared or dumb or maybe both. After all, it was the Democrats who let the Progressives kick their asses and take their party away from them.Thats one reason
    you don`t have many Democrats left in Congress.After 2012 you probley
    won`t see any Democrats left. The Progressives, will have made a complete sweep of the Democrat party.If the Republicans can keep
    from being scared of the Progressives,they stand a good chance of
    running the country. Let me remind you ,the Progressives are not afraid
    of the Republicans, nor are they afraid of the majority of the American people.They have proved this by the number of unpopular bills
    they have passed Obama more or less gave the American people the old
    middle fingere, thats after Obama and his goons beat the shit out of
    members of the Democrat party to make sure they voted for what he wanted. At that time there were 3 times the number of Democrats as
    there were Progressives. It did not matter,the Dems were weak and not very smart and yes they were afraid of Obama, If they opposed him, the
    beatings would just get worse. Cowards are born every day,Washington
    sure has there share of them.The Republicans have sent in a bunch of
    new youngins who just might give Obama a fight for his life.

  • Charles

    r.p.>>>> Could`t have said it any better.

    • r.p.

      Thanks Charles: It wouldn’t hurt to nullify or defund those top 3 unConstitutional CONS–Obamacare,National ID,& The PatriotCon

      • bob wire

        I guess the question should be; who will it not hurt?

        rare is there a win/win for everyone on any single decision.

        That some are presently enjoying a winning position, it needless to say they have no vested interest in “change” and deplore the prospects.

        While many are finding themselves in a “no win” position and see change as a positive thing.

        We are fighting for a long term win/win that everyone can agree on and finding it totally impossible in mid game. While at the same time finding any attempt to start anew equally impossible.

        So sour grapes for some is inevitable and unavoidable while they feel entitled by virtues of a system found out of balance and have enjoyed the bias for many years.

        It’s not really that hard to understand everyone feeling in the matter of fairness and equity. But accepting it, seems impossible.

  • Charles

    God,Please tell me how many Gods do we have. Obama has already threw
    the media claimed he is God.

    • Dogma-Free ‘The Trinity’

      @Charles – Sure, I can field this one for you.

      The Indians had many gods. That is to say, the Native American Indians (as opposed to the Indians from India), you know…the original (and some would say, rightful) owners of this land we all now live on, before the white man came and swindled it from them.

      Anyways, yeah…many gods, as it was just easier than trying to figure out why we really had thunder and lightning, ravens, and wolves.

      This was confusing to the white man, because they had no idea when to give each other presents. So they said, instead of having a bunch of gods, let’s just have one. Having heard of a pagan holiday on December 25th, they thought they could just use that date for their own…you know, just kind of *sneak* it in there.

      So that worked out okay, and then they had a set date where they would buy from all the merchants, and give each other meaningless gifts. And if they didn’t really like you, they’d give you fruitcake.

      Then they came up with the story of a son for their newly-found god…which they called ‘god’, probably because ‘Percival’ didn’t sound as epic. Anyways, as the story goes, this son is born, works as a carpenter, hangs around for a while, and then dies. Then, to add some spice to the story, they decided he should come back to life! For some reason, they decided three days would up the anticipation level sufficiently, and that he should come back as a giant chocolate bunny, or something.

      It really is a fascinating tale. Apparently they have made scads of money off the book.

  • Charles

    45 caliber,
    I agree with you 100%. Shut them down, none of them are worth a crap,

  • Charles

    You are right again and 45 caliber had some excelent points.

    • r.p.

      Charles… 45cal is usually on top…Homeland Security is a part of the PatriotCon as is TSA, and now we have the Food SafetyCon. Ron Paul didn’t quite get enough support to fight these unConstitutional bills. It seems that just one (1) investigative journalist worth his salt should be able to post who are the sellouts and who are the supporters of our Constitution….Where is he?

  • http://com i41

    I take you think term limit would be bad, leaving it the way it is now lets life long smucks build a war chest and get too many lobbyist hanging on their belt buckles. Soros massive billions wouldn’t work so well or like all the f–king tax cheats would be removed for a while. It should be serve 1 term ansd sit out 2, then run for 1 more term. We would have more varity of people and the smucks would have to return home, instead of becoming lobbyists. If they became a lobbyist there wqould be a conflict of interest, so ban them from being one for double their term, like some states do. Also go after the welfare fathers and put both the sireand the dam on a work farm program, instead drug and bar room training for couch lizard polishing. End all Agencies totally, Dept of Ag, Energy, Education, EPa, Commerce, Health, Human Services as well as all the other feel good beltway idoits. If the Pres and his brood want to vacation, stay at Camp David or pick up their own costs.

    • r.p.

      i41: I’m assuming that you are replying to my post. Our (We The People) responsibility as voters is to be informed before we enter the voting booth. Although that may seem too hard or impossible to do, that’s the nature of self governance. You have to do your homework. I know many people make their decisions depending on the sound bites they get from the LAME STREAM MEDIA. That is a result of ignorance, and the representatives (many of them) that we have are a result of this mentality. The bad reps are counting on you to think this way. To put a redundant term limit on the books only successfully limits a good rep from accomplishing anything substantive. You are by nature then admitting that you are too lazy to do your homework and you prefer to stay ignorant and let this lame reduntant law vindicate your lack of responsibility.

    • r.p.

      i41: I’m assuming that you are replying to my post. Our (We The People) responsibility as voters is to be informed before we enter the voting booth. Although that may seem too hard or impossible to do, that’s the nature of self governance. You have to do your homework. I know many people make their decisions depending on the sound bites they get from the LAME STREAM MEDIA. That is a result of ignorance, and the representatives (many of them) that we have are a result of this mentality. The bad reps are counting on you to think this way. To put a redundant term limit on the books only successfully limits a good rep from accomplishing anything substantive. Just like gun laws don’t address the law breakers. You are by nature then admitting that you are too lazy to do your homework and you prefer to stay ignorant and let this lame reduntant law vindicate your lack of responsibility. There are many very good people in the house and the Senate, who are not on the take from lobbyists. And not all lobbyists are bad. Do your homework! Although I do agree with you on some issues, most of what you say sounds like the rants of a mad man. It sounds to me like it’s just possible that you are not informed, or at the least ill informed.

  • misguided

    You ran out of money at private school.

  • http://com i41

    The idea of a good elected representive to stay in office for decades, it is only when they know they are expendable they stay good. Unions of any color are prime examples of thinking no one came do a same or do a better job than they are. There is plenty of good effective people that can fill the elected positions. Keep the lobbists getting ombedded to deep and tight with life long smucks. Serving one term, sitting out 2 terms, they get to enjoy the jackassed regs they force on the rest of the civilians. Too many organizations, or parties keep the same people for years, they get stale and go to hell or dissolve into nothing.

  • http://Persoanllibertydigest Jim

    You can place the Blame directly on 565 people living with-in the Belt way of Washington– They are the members of Congress — Then the rest of the Blame rest on you my fellow 300 million Americans for our failure to keep informed and allowing this to happen — Enough of the garbage of the Civil war, War between the states etc — The Buck like Harry Truman say: STOPS HERE– Shutting, default ect down the Government is a Foolish method to pursue — But men like Chuck Shumer lives in a fantasy world, He’s never really had a real job — So unfortunately we are faced with a dilemma – How do you get people to see we are living in peril — God only knows but we sent him out of our Republic too — Hopefully smarter people than me can convince the blind to see again

  • http://yahoo Edward

    All said and done Boehner is the Man. We need the conservatives to stop this socialist and progressive democrats to stop there agenda from further destruction of our country.For ever and always God bless United States of America!

  • chuckb

    i wonder if boehner will cry if they do shut the gov. down and blame it on him, remember newt gingrich his out for three days when bill clinton blamed him for the shut down, these republicans have tender skin.

  • Charles

    Dogma- Free >>>>>> YOU are one scarey DUDE. I will Keep believing
    in God and his son Jesus Christ till people like you can show me
    something better.We had to get her somehow.

  • Charles

    You are right the buck stops here with us. The reasons you gave for this are so true. We have nobody to blame but ourselves.

  • http://N/A Razstetter

    I wholeheartedly agree with the Republican House. Finally we have part of the government that will stand up to this arrogant SOB and tell him that his free reigns with spending us into oblivion has come to a screeching halt !!! Pelosi , Reid and the rest of the liberal democrats rode rough shod over the American public until last November when American rose up and fired all of those Obama clonies up for re-election and sent their butts home for good. Now we need to spread the word as far as the 22 democratic liberal that will be up for re-election next year and remind all of our fellow Americans these 22 liberals supported Obamacare in the Senate by voting along party lines on Wednesday February 2 , 2011 , so that next year when they are up for re-election they can be fired too and sent home for good surely as their leader Obama will be. If I was Boehner I would inform Obama that no increase in the debt ceiling will be approved by The House until he gets serious about slashing spending to the bone ! The 1st step that I would encourage him to take would be to repeal his un-constitutional Obamacare and let common sense representatives on both sides of the aisle start over and replace this shame of a healthcare reform with something that will not bankrupt this nation and will truly help all Americans in obtaining good healthcare. If he says he cannot go along with those stipulations I would then inform Obama that he is ,…S O L as far as the debt ceiling being raised under the republicans watch in The House of Representatives !

  • Charles

    If they cut spending, they won`t have to raise the debt ceiling.

  • Greg

    Balance the budget?
    Cut DOD and homeland security spending by 50 percent.
    Tax all non profits.
    Problem solved


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