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Boehner: Congress Should Consider Ending Birthright Citizenship

August 12, 2010 by  

Boehner: Congress should consider ending birthright citizenshipHouse Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) has indicated that it is "worth considering" modifying the 14th amendment so that children born to illegal immigrants are no longer guaranteed United States citizenship.

Boehner joins Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) in supporting the idea of debating the change, which they believe will discourage illegal immigrants from crossing the border, CNN reports.

"To provide an incentive for illegal immigrants to come here so that their children can be U.S. citizens does, in fact, draw more people to our country," Boehner said on NBC‘s Meet the Press.

"I do think that it’s time for us to secure our borders and enforce the law and allow this conversation about the 14th Amendment to continue," he added.

While Boehner noted that he is not an "expert" on the issue, he encouraged Congress to consider debating whether it is worth amending the Constitution, which would involve a laborious process that would necessitate state-by-state voting, Newsmax reports.

Most political pundits believe the GOP has little chance of initiating a repeal of the 14th amendment as it would require a two-thirds majority vote in Congress.


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  • Jim H.

    20 years ago I was watching a documentary about Mexican mothers crossing into El Passo just about ready to give birth. It seems at the time only 2 countries gave automatic citizenship to babies born in their country. One is the U.S. and the other was a small European country like Liechtenstien. The fact that the rest of the world doesn’t do this should tell everyone something. Even if polls show most Americans agree with it I’m sure it wouldn’t mean anything to our congress. Let’s see how far John Boehner gets with this.

  • s c

    ‘Consider’ is the wrong word. DO IT! Isn’t it bad enough that Congress and the Whore House are infested with people who have the common sense of a cracked brick? Illegals constitute an invasion of America. Those who can’t or won’t see it that way are guilty of being no less than domestic enemies.
    To hell with feel-good politics and easy votes. Do it right, and SOLVE the damned problem!

  • Claire

    Politicians will promise anything right now, especially with November coming up. I am suspicious of all of them.

  • TIME

    I say wheres the Bill? Show me the bill.

    • Claire

      Time–I agree with you–show me the bill.

  • Anthony

    From this armchair, this looks like grandstanding, from the Republicans. Instant Citizenship has been used more profitably by the Left… look back on the 1996 Election for Bill Clinton. The Dems in California were allowing citizenship without the usual procedures, all throughout the summer months heading into THAT election, as well. Mitch McConnell & Co know they have no muscle in this Congress… so, it’s just a bunch of yapping chihuahua’s.

    The whole conversation is meant to do one thing, and one thing only.. much like the [False] Left/Right Paradigm itself… and that’s to distract and cause citizens to have wasted their time & effort.

    If Boehner were in the room, my response would be:

    “Yes, yes, your efforts are all well and good, John. But what about “de-funding” THE FED? Do you have comment? On Congress taking back control over our Country’s own Currency, where do you stand?”

    I am all over the politico websites demanding answer to this question and this question alone. Especially Mitt Romney’s FB page. You cannot begin to think about taking back OUR Country, until you run the Banking Cabal.. outside our Borders.

    As should every other Country worth their own salt…
    Even Stalin bitched that someone else was actually running Russia after the Bolshevicks took over in 1917. He bellowed constantly that his power was false… whined like a little baby.

    Like Andy(By God)Jackson, it is imperative that we shut down this illegal corporation, first and foremost.

    To me, this birth discussion should have been dealt with back in the early years by our own Founders. If they felt it apppropriate and now only (what) 200 years later, it suddenly becomes an issue? Seriously… this is dribble. LBJ and Reagan(?) absorbed illegals as a part of the so-called plan to deal with this issue and it did nothing to stem the tide….

    The Mexicans come here because the Patricians in their Country are who is actually funding their own Drug Lords… only now, with NWO on the Horizon, maybe many of them are pulling back that funding… and the Drug Lords are having a snit-fit? The Patricians in that Country have never cared for anyone but themselves… they’ve been as Hamiltonian south of the border as John Marshall, John Adams and Abe Lincoln have been… right along with LBJ, Carter, and the rest of them, save Ford & Reagan… and even Reagan gets blamed for stuff the DEM Congress pulled during the Eighties… people are that slim minded about it all. Reagan was NOT a Member of the CFR and that’s an important distinction.

    The only way this Birth Rule gets changed, is if the CFR & Bilderberg want it that way. Boehner’s going to do nothing in the end.

    How about we force the conversation back to where it belongs……

    • libertytrain

      re your comment: “To me, this birth discussion should have been dealt with back in the early years by our own Founders. If they felt it apppropriate and now only (what) 200 years later…”

      The Founders had more than enough to deal with…and did a pretty good job – it’s the Supremes, etc. that should tread carefully as to what they trample on now.

      • Anthony

        I agree with you, yet it is our Politicians who “appoint” these Judges.

        • Claire

          Anthony–And I agree with you.. Gee, I am sure agreeable tonight! lol

        • libertytrain

          Anthony, yes it is the pres and politicians that appoint these people but it is these people who need to stop and think what gift they have been given by the Founder’s to care for this Nation – if they are truly intelligent, they will have to put their emotions and “feelings” aside. I wonder how often that happens – I wonder, especially now with the newbies if they have the intelligence to do that.

          • Claire

            libertytrain—Aha! another good reply.

      • Claire

        libertytrain–Common sense, thank you. This type of comment from you is what I appreciate when reading these posts. You always have a good reply that is logical, rational and full of common sense. It is always a pleasure to read your posts. You never go off half-cocked, and you give everyone the courtesy of a decent reply even when you do not agree with them.

        • libertytrain

          That’s very kind of you Claire, now I’m blushing.

  • Fed Up Gal in NM

    While the intent of the 14th Amendment may have been geniunely a humanitarian effort, who would have imagined then our country’s generosity would be so abused as now?

    Sometimes families have to make tough decisions; I think it’s reasonable to address this problem now. The American family can no longer afford providing life-time benefits for those who deliberately come here to obtain auto-citizenship.

    • Anthony

      Totally agree. In the 1770′s, this Group you speak of were called FEDERALISTS. Their intent has always been to assure Federal Dominance over the States – when the Constitution states the exact opposite. The Constitution has been perverted by this Group – who constantly change their name, btw.

      I don’t mind the current rule all that much. Its what our Gov’t has done in misleading support of it, behind our backs that is causing the real misery.

      Q: Ever ask a hispanic why they don’t unite against their own Patrician-led (ultra-wealthy) society and fight for real independence?

      In truth, they aren’t any braver than we’ve proven ourselves to be up to now.

      If they are illegal aliens, then only their granchildren can be called real US citizens… How abuot that for an approach?

      • Viktor Leben

        You got to admit, the illegal immigrant mothers aren’t having abortions at the same rate as the American women ….

        Those mothers having anchor babies love their children … maybe we should give them amnesty because they are more Pro Life than American women …

        Better yet, let’s revoke the citizenship of every woman in the USA who has had an abortion … then transfer that citizenship to the illegal alien mothers who are having babies. WOuldn’t his be a better country ?

        • Fed Up Gal in NM


          While I believe in pro-life, I don’t agree with your suggestion. Personally, I believe abortion and illegal immigration is wrong. Unfortunately abortion is legal in this country, whereas illegal immigration is not….which is what I thought the discussion was about.

        • s c

          Viktor, Victor, Victor. You’re talking like a fence-sitting RINO and a progressive. There are TWO main reasons why Latino mothers are having ‘fewer’ abortions than ‘regular’ American mothers.
          First, they’ve been told that having a baby confers automatic citizen status. Now, here’s the tricky part, and I REFUSE to give you the answer.
          Ask ANY Latino woman WHY she won’t have an abortion. Her first response will be because she’s here to live in America (especially with our treasonous politicians pandering to them). The BIG issue has to do with WHY they would not have an abortion. WHO is stopping them, and WHY?
          Now, go get the answer, and re-think your comments, Viktor. Get it right this time. Please don’t act like a RINO on some issues, and then act like a progressive on other issues.

        • Claire

          Viktor Leben–did it ever occur to you that these women are having “anchor babies” just to be able to stay in the US? Don’t tell me it is because they “love” their babies. It is simply a matter of “convenience” to get what they want.

    • TIME

      You hit the nail on the head, after all we didn’t have all the social programs that FDR and Wilson had set up so the Illegals were not thinking about how they could have a better life if they came to the US. They just stayed home.

      Now things are far differant as the American Experiment really worked. Lets be real for 5000 years the world was flat lining, as in no real change, note I said “No Change”, the world over people lived in rotten conditions being two class’s the Rulers, and the POOR even lower than the POOR were Slaves.

      Strange as I could be wrong but is that not Marxism? So for 5000 years Marxism failed!

      Then along comes this up start of a country, telling the King of England to bloody bugger off, it worked after a lot of blood had been spilled on both sides.

      People were free to invent to produce and to own land with out a KING.

      We Progressed well until Wilson when greed and control of the mass’s crept back into the hearts of evil men. So laws that started to restrict the growth came about, still no Illegals.

      Then came the Great Depression, still no Illegals, then came along FDR, and the hand outs, that failed to stop the GD, and along with the hand outs came Illegals on mass.

      Then the Masters of spin the raciest Democrats with pockets full of Social Security moneys to hand out for welfair to the blacks, as the also tryed to remove the blacks by way of controlling the brith rates.
      Hey it worked for some time and no one cought on.
      Then bam, like a bolt of light it was leeked out what was going on.

      The Marxist Progressives had srated to eat away the guts of the USA back in Wilsons day and had done a good job up until the light was turned on then, then they stoped being so obvious for a while.

      Now saddly in 2010 we have a sitting Pres, who is more than likly not even and American Citizen, who has done more damage to the USA than all the others combined, and yet by way of mass control the old Telie, you would think its quite the opposite that he is in some way a GOD.

      Sad how we are working our way backwards and the ILLEGALS are being used like modern day slaves, by the very EVIL people who splater rhetoric and by giving out Americans hard earned money to not only these poor people, but around the world to people who hate us.

      Welcome back to being a SLAVE again. How long do you think it will last this time, 10,000 years, 20,000 years.

  • Viktor Leben

    Boehner ? ha HA HA ha Ha HA ! You got to be kidding ! Do you know how hard it is to amend the Constitution ?

    The Republicans were in power from 2000 until 2006. I guess they made a serious fatal mistake, and that mistake is not closing the border. Now all those Latinos are going to vote Democrat. So another political party bites the dust (Republican). What third party (or parties) shall replace these “geniuses” ? …

  • Claire

    As far as I am concerned “pretty boy Boehner” only cares about his looks and his suntan. These two items are most important to him. Like most politicians he is going to say whatever he can to maintain his status. He can “talk” all he wants, but actions speaks louder than words.


    Fed up in California!That’s me & 3/4 of the state (that is if they are allowed to be honest & not worry about being deemed “racist”). Heck, I am just an average woman from the suburbs of San Diego-transplanted to the Sacramento suburbs.
    The USA should have citizenship laws for adults without citizenship who have their child in OUR COUNTRY as we would have if we went to their country to reproduce…Look at Brad & Anjelina….they have kids all over the world, but because they (the parents)are American, their child(ren)is/are American as well. Every pauper South of San Diego knows if they can just run up the middle of the Freeway after cutting through some brush @ the border, The Border Patrol will not-Is Told Not To Try To STOP THEM (for fear the ILLEGAL ALIENS WILL GET AN OWIE!) They even have signs posted on San Diego Freeways warning against stopping illegals!!!! It’s all those bleeding hearts in California that are pushing us farther into BANKRUPTCY…..AND GOSH FORBID AN ILLEGAL DOESN’T GET INTO A CALIFORNIA COLLEGE W/FINANCIAL AID (FREE $$=GRANTS FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT & LOANS & FEE WAIVERS AS WELL AS FREE LUNCH MONEY AND HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS TOWARDS BOOKS…WHILE I, the average white female Republican, isn’t going to even be able to purchase books until September….to the Library I go to rent out my texts until I can afford used books on MY WAITLISTED
    courses….There’s a HUGE silver lining though…..I don’t have to take English as a Second Language!!! :-D Have a Great Day!!!

  • Doc Sarvis

    To me the big “if” is IF Americans want to stop illegal immigration on a large scale then they will stop hiring illegal immigrants and stop patronizing businesses that hire illegal immigrants.

    • Fed Up Gal in NM


      Unbelievably…..this just may be an argument you and I can agree on (at least to some extent). The problem is, there is no really good way of knowing [for certain] which businesses are indeed employing illegal immigrants…that I’m aware of.

      Another point….I live in NM and in the past I have hired people that were referred to me to do work around my home that could have been immigrants or even possibly illegal immigrants. In many cases they charged less than our “licensed and even un-licensed” contractors to do yard work, minor exterior repairs, etc; however in some cases their prices were similar to those charged by “legals”…so to speak. Also, consider it was not “PC” to ask them for their green card, so I did not.

      I’m contemplating a change to my policy in the future….contemplating asking to see a green card for verification the person(s) is/are in the country legally…..hmmmmm….how long do you think it would take for the ACLU, our own NM Governor [Hollywood] Richardson or President Obama and team to jump all over that and accuse me of “racial profiling”, being a “racist”, and/or trying to do “their” jobs (which probably would be a huge improvement…but I guess that’s beside the point to some people’s way of thinking).

      In a previous post, I referenced Americans feeling as if their hands have been bitten by those they have fed (meaning this country’s generosity by, for the most part turning a blind eye toward illegals entering the country). From my perspective, everyone is to blame….either partially or fully. This does not alleviate our responsibility to immediately solve this problem, and I’m personally getting tired of emotional blackmail being lobbed at those of us who believe it’s time to say enough is enough…….and really mean it!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Fed Up Gal,
        That’s why we need to make E-verify permanent and manditory!!! Any company that can’t prove they used it prior to hiring gets a big fine!!!

        • thinking about

          Perhaps the fine should be enough to cover the cost of abuse by illegals on our system then they would probably find time and effort to verify. I own a company and we do not hire illegals, it does not take much to determine who is and who isn’t. Laws have been on the books since 1986 to fine employers who hire illegals and it is not used. This law should have almost put away the need to change any admendment. If the jobs was not given to the illegals, they would be returning home very fast.

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            thinking about,

            If I’m understanding your comment, I think we’re pretty much on the same page.

            What I was trying to say is related to individuals (not the companies that hire illegals). I personally do not know where to find legitimate, verifiable information that shows which companies hire illegals…..if I did, I would not buy from those companies.

            As far as individuals (ex: homeowners) hiring illegals to work, not sure the best way to determine that either (at least in my area, NM)….I guess the only way would be to ask any worker (contractor or otherwise) to show their driver’s license…but even that would not work here, since illegals are able to get drivers licenses in NM…..stupid as that is.

        • Fed Up Gal in NM

          Joe H,

          Yes, I agree. But……what about individuals that hire workers (where are we able to E-verify?)….would be nice if we could that in NM.

          • thinking about

            You are correct in individuals not having the ability to personally participate in E-Verify and this should be corrected. You and I know if there was not jobs provided to illegals they would not be coming to the USA for jobs.

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Thinking about,

            While that may be true, it’s still illegal and living in a border state….I can tell you many will still come, even without jobs…because we have too many bleeding heart liberal/progressives who want to gain their votes (sooner than later) at the expense of our money they control via taxes (including lighting tax).

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Thinking about,

            Ooooops….meant to type lightning tax…not “lighting tax”….sorry about that. For those who may live in NM….you’ll know what I meant.

  • s a in Az

    Our founding fathers never intended birthrights to illegals they expected all who came here to come in the front door and become Americans in every way. Since we have spent over 20 years ignoring this invasion, we have to change it NOW so they have less reason to flood our borders illegally.

  • mr lee

    BUSH II SAID:These are jobs Americans don’t want.Oh Really? I’ve been in construction in California for 40 yrs.and it used to be AMERICANS of many ethnic backgrounds who dug foundation footings to putting on the roofs and everything in between.Anybody see something different than me?HOW ABOUT THE RESTAURNT AND HOSPITALITY INDUSTRIES? Landscaping? Bless those who want to better their lives, but don’t whack the quality of my life.Go thru proper channels,pay your dues!!! A phenom I see all over California is a YOUNG Mexican girl with 2 toddlers in tow, 1 or 2 in the stroller, and 1 in the oven.These Anchor Babies will get housing subsidies,food stamps,health care,education I don’t want children to suffer but crooked ass Mexico needs to develop it’s resorces and take care of it’s own.I’m Anglo and have been married to a beautiful Chicana for 45 yrs.My sons are married to Chicanas.THE 14th amendment has been obsolete for a long time


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