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Bob Barr criticizes McCain, Obama over liberties

October 31, 2008 by  

Obama has not protected liberties, Barr saysNeither of the two major candidates for U.S. president – Republican John McCain nor Democrat Barack Obama – has successfully protected citizens’ personal liberties, Libertarian candidate Bob Barr has claimed.

Barr told an audience in Durham, South Carolina that placing support behind either man on November 4th is the equivalent of "a wasted vote," the Duke Chronicle reports.

The former Republican congressman from Georgia criticized McCain and Obama for supporting amendments to the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

These amendments have been the subject of much controversy among civil liberties groups, who claim that they violate Americans’ rights by allowing warrantless domestic wiretapping.

"It is the job of the president to protect our liberty," Barr said, according to the news provider.

He then suggested that the two candidates have allowed the government to overextend its reach, saying that "both of the two major parties have an institutional interest in not diminishing the power of the president."

Throughout his political career, Barr has supported shrinking government, combating government violations of personal privacy and reducing – or eliminating – taxes on U.S. citizens.

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  • Michael Ray Thompson

    Neither John McCain or Barak Obama would protect our civil liberties sufficiently.  Bob Barr would be a much better selection.

  • Frank Vozenilek, US Army (Ret.)

    As a soldier I took an oath to defend this nation against all enemies . . . foreign and domestic.  As a soldier I am aware of the type and standard of leadership training provided our military and I must tell you, I would sooner follow the lowest placed military leadership school graduate than any civilian who graduated in any capacity from any civil university in any state having been taught by civilian leadership “experts.”  This includes the likes of Mr. Barr.  My evidence is in the news media.

    In the past 40 years we have had the following civilian leaders  embarrassed.  A senator by the drunk driving death of an innocent girl in his limo, another by the illicit affair with a call girl as he attempted to run for president.  A president resign in disgrace and embarrassment, taking a secretary with him for a potential part in his error in judgment, a president “step down” in apparent failure due to a lengthy war and disjointed nation over that war, racial issues and welfare state problems emerging.  A Southern Governor gunned down because he attempted to run for president.  Another president who was a farmer, and governor of Georgia who cost farmers across the US their own family farms while allowing corporations to buy them out.  And that same president through his inept handling of foreign affairs caused this nation to become the world’s laughing stock and to be “pushed around” by virtually every Third World nation who threatened they had a bomb.  A president formally impeached because he could not control his sex drives as a gentleman, but instead acted like an adolescent teenaged boy to get some “back seat oral sex.”  And when challenged on the issue, instead of being a man, let alone a man of integrity and courage, that president acted like a spoiled adolescent and argued the definition of “IS”.   And I have not even scratched the surface of senators caught in affairs, homosexual/lesbian relationships, child abuse with interns, and solicitation in restrooms or corruption scandals.

    And how many military leaders have you heard about in some sort of scandal ?  Five ?  Six, maybe ?  Captain Medina and Lieutenant Calley from Vietnam ?  The three naval officers from the “tail-hook” scandal?  Two majors nailed for contract kick backs and the two Air Force generals busted for incompetence.  Gee, I’m sorry.  Nine military leaders since the 1960′s in public scandals.

    Now Senator Obama is openly challenged to provide simple paperwork to verify some of his claims.  The claims go to his character.  And already how many illicit issues is he accused of ?  Some by his own family in Kenya !

    Senator McCain has already responded to the same or similar requests.  And John McCain. How many public scandals has this man been accused of ?  One !   And he was proven innocent by a Congressional hearing after he cooperated and provided ALL records. 

    Who . . . who . . . demonstrates the better leadership character and capability?  The TRAINED AND EXPERIENCED MILITARY MAN ?   Or the Chicago “Street Coordinator who is no more than a Wanna’ Be” ?

    Finally, if you look at the Libertarian Part standards, they don’t want your liberties protected either.  But the Libertarian Party does want to abolish anything that restricts idiocy and relativity therefore allowing whatever they want to happen, happen, as long as your ideas don’t interfere. 

  • Danny

    In regard to the retired soldier’s comment.  He wouldn’t recognize a leader!  I find it hard to believe that he’d rather have a military man above all others head the nation as president.  Apparently, he believes that being a general officer qualifies one to be a president.  Colin Powell endorses Obama? 

  • sushmita bose

    A comment by the gentleman above runs as follows: “And already how many illicit issues is he [Obama] accused of ?  Some by his own family in Kenya!”

    I think this half-brother story has been milked for all its worth. Talk radio hosts offering to set up a fund to help this brother. Communal oohs and aahs about how badly Obama treats a member of his own family. The poor guy lives on a few dollars a month! If Obama cannot look after his own family, what hope is there of his looking after the nation!

    This is wrong and very very unfair. For the following reasons:

    1) This half-brother is a child born to Obama’s father and another woman. Obama’s father left his mother to marry this other woman. Is it so very wrong that Obama does not care to keep brotherly ties with this guy? Come on…if my father left my mom and married another woman, I would NEVER be able to accept this treachery on his part. I would — like Obama — have no ties with children born in that marriage.

    How many people in this great nation love and adore the kids born to their parents from other marriages? Why expect Obama to be God in this respect? On one hand, Republicans hold up marriage as the purest form of partnership. And then they point fingers when Obama does not weep with love for a brother born after his parents divorce! Wierd!

    2) Who knows anything about this half-brother? Nobody knows anything beyond what this half-brother himself said to the press. What proof is there that this man lives on few dollars a month? So what if he lives in what Rush Limbagh calls “hut sweet hut” (that was funny though!)

    Go to the Third World and see that living in huts and having a few dollars to spend a year is pretty much the norm. Millions of people in the Third World do it. Why is thsi half-brother suddenly so special that people have to gift him with fund money? Do you know, a few dollars go a long way in the Third World. So this false concern on the part of Talk Radio hosts is asinine.

    3) HOW WAS THIS HALF-BROTHER FOUND? I forget the name of the magazine, but how did they find him…did they peep into every hut in Kenya to locate this half-brother? Nobody cares to ask this question…Chances are that the guy approached this magazine himself. He initiated the interview. Why in the world have so much faith in his testimony then?

    I cannot for the life of me understand why this half-brother is all relevent to anything. And if he is, why didn’t anybody ask pertinent questions in this regard….

  • Bob Livingston

    The article above and quote by Bob Barr is correct in that neither McCain nor Obama is the best choice.  Unfortunately these are the ONLY two choices since Barr nor any other candidate has a dog’s chance in hell of winning a presidential election. 

    The Republicans and Democrats are the parties that rule America.  In effect what we are doing is voting for the lesser of two evils.

  • Dolores Fleming

    i am afraid what is going to happen In this country.It looks me it looks like it is going to hell.You tell just how Obama can run this country.We are already so deep in debt on account of that dumb a– Bush.There is no way in hell Black Obama is going to  get this country going. He has been up in washington barley three years and he is going to run this country.He even has said with his big mouth that he never got into washington but he knew it needed a change.Obama has to have a teleprompter to tell him what to say as he has said whith his big mouth he always mixes up his words.I hear he wears an ear peace that tells him what to say also.He will be like Bush ,VP Cheney is running this country.Looks like Biden will run this country and that alone is scary.Remember what Obama said he never got into washingto after beign up there three years,  Biden is always running off with his big mouth.There where words on the internet that said if Obama wins there will be racial war in this country you have never seen.That alone is scary.

  • 1LTLos

    Ladies and gentlemen; as an Army Reservist Officer, Iraq 2003-2004 and Operation Gulf States Relief (Katrina) veteran, please – after electing your wet behind the ears, 241 day wonder boy and “organizer” – listen to the Retired Officer above!  Danny after the election results,it is more than apparent that you and 90% of the nation not only cannot recognize Karl Marxism when you hear it play over and again now for 21 months, it is you liberals who cannot recognize leadership.  Mr Obama and his background is reprehensible and his being elected reflects how this generation is incapable of sorting out obviously inane lack of substance from pure and simple successful track record of accomplishments.  Liberals are losers and so loses America!  I hope you are happy because you will not be for long.

  • http://wildblue Nan

    Well its too late now, but thanks for the info.  Our presiden has been chosen to my dismay and our liberty is at stake

  • http://wildblue Nan

    PS. who will fight for our freedoms now? Will Republicans and Independents and others stand by this cause, or will they sit back as usual looking only out for their own personal interests?  Who can we trust in Government or the Senate?  What politician can we possibly trust while our freedoms are slowly being abolished? 

  • Susan L

    It is very sad that Senator Obama was elected.  What is more sad is the state of the Republican party.  Too many moderates and Rhinos have taken over and have forgotten about Conservative principles.  It is also sad that people think we can only have two parties.  What if all the unhappy Republicans deserted the republican party and went to another party.  If republicans are going to be moderate and Rhinos then lets take the conservative base and go somewhere else.  Have any of you looked at the Constitution party.  Their presedential candidate was endorsed by Ron Paul.  I actually considered leaving McCain behind and voting for him.  Let’s look forward and get together on principles we all believe in and talk straight even when the left doesn’t like it.  Notice all moderate republicans lost office this year.  That should tell you something.  We need to either reconstitute the Republican party or leave it.  I agree with the gentleman although I am not a libertarian.

  • Edge

    What is sad is that we let George Soros take the ill-advised and seriously flawed McCain-Feinghold [sic] campaign finance reform and twist it to skewer John McCain with his own idiotic bill. After Soros lost 25 Million (Ok, it is chump change to him) on Kerry in 2004, he needed to seriously focus on buying the presidency of our country. Using MoveON and his CSI group to get some serious financing in place with a large amount untraceable, He analyzed the field and chose the Black Guy over the First Woman because he knew the black vote is lemming like and it would give him the edge demographically as long as they had ACORN to get out the vote, both legal and fraudulent. Hiring his sock puppet a crackerjack team of political sharks and hitmen, they floated loans to the NYT and LA Times to keep their doors open, ordered them to dump on Hillary, got their boy through the primaries and were ready for whatever Repub. they needed to take on. After seriously lackluster debate performances and McCain getting uncomfortably close, they convinced China to shutdown credit lines, engineered a financial crisis, blamed it all on the Republicans and reversed the McCain / Obama trends. With a record turnout and an astonishing 60% hispanic,  97% black, and 35% stupid white people voting for their selected stooge, our fair country had it’s first black President.
    Too bad the real POTUS is a Hungarian Billionaire Hedge Fund manager who made many of his billions shorting the UK pound and almost wiping out their economy.
    Sounds like a good novel except the action hero never got there in the end to stop the nefarious scheme. Mitch Rapp where are you?

  • patty

    My husband and I were blogging on ABC News yesterday about Obama and all our posts have been deleted. What happened to freedom of speech. They were not mean and we did not use filthy language in the blogs we just stated some facts!!!

  • peter

    Hey all you voters who chose bo, get ready for your change higher tax on employers & higer Inflation for your daily basics”. Hope you keep your jobs., excuse me, what it really means is “your paycheck is smaller and everything else will cost more”!

    I know you dont mind, it’s what you voted for! Enjoy

  • Heavy Metal

    My Father ,God rest his soul, was a Vietnam vet.
    He gave me three fundamental rules to live by as a free man.
    I am sad to say I am truley worried for my childrens future. Socialism is a failed social model. Yet here we stand in a country that is on the verge of becomming just that.
    Either one of the men that ran for president would have taken us down the wrong road as a country.
    Liberalism and the culture of tolerence will ultamately be America’s demise. I am conservative free thinker. I make my decisions based on logic and reason. Your ethnicity and religion mean nothing to me. For those of you who would choose to call me a racist or hate monger, I have one reply. Once again to quote my Father,” PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT’S GOING ON AROUND YOU.”

  • VA gov

    I wanted to comment and thank the author, good stuff


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