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Blowback Against TSA Grows

November 10, 2010 by  

Blowback Against TSA Grows

The blowback against the increasingly invasive Transportation Security Administration porn show/grope fest at airports is growing — finally.

First it was a lone pilot who objected. ExpressJet Airlines pilot Michael Roberts chose to go home rather than be subjected to a full body scan or TSA sexual assault-like “enhanced body pat-down.”

Now the president of the Allied Pilots Association, which represents 11,500 pilots, has urged members of the union to revolt against the use of backscatter radiation machines. In a letter published in the Atlantic, Association President Captain Dave Bates writes that “…the practice of airport security screening of airline pilots has spun out of control and does nothing to improve national security. It’s long past time that policymakers take the steps necessary to exempt commercial pilots from airport security screening…”

Bates noted health risks that pilots face from increased radiation exposure. He wrote that a typical Atlantic crossing during a solar flare can expose pilots to the radiation equivalent of 100 chest X-rays per hour and that requiring pilots to pass through the backscatter radiation devices exposes them to even more radiation.

He also addressed the enhanced pat-down procedure that pilots and passengers are subjected to if they choose not to have a naked body image made of them for leering TSA perverts. With the new procedure, TSA agents are cupping women’s breasts and sliding their hands inside the crotch area. And it’s no longer restricted to males searching males and females searching females. Even children are subjected to the search, which if done by anyone other than a person wearing a uniform would be considered sexual assault that would result in jail time for the offender.

“There is absolutely no denying that the enhanced pat-down is a demeaning experience. In my view, it is unacceptable to submit to one in public while wearing the uniform of a professional airline pilot. I recommend that all pilots insist that such screening is performed in an out-of-view area to protect their privacy and dignity,” he wrote.

Others are joining in. The International Air Transport Association, the U.S. Travel Association and British Airways are complaining about the procedures. It’s estimated that so many foreign travelers have chosen to avoid flying to the United States because of the security procedures that the U.S. travel industry is losing about $60 million a year.

There is no question that any exposure to radiation is harmful. But, thanks to the TSA’s new enhanced pat-down, your choices are limited to radiation exposure and nude photos, or sexual assault — for you and your children.

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Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • DaveH

    The leaders have gotten exactly what they want. A nation of sheep who will gladly give up their Constitutional rights and dignity for the fleeting promise of safety.

    • TIME

      I agree with with you that the sheep have gone right along like good little bubba’s they all are.
      I fought this from day one back when the PA was signed into law.
      I was told I was a Freak a Commie, a wack job, a fruit cake and countless other names by the good little sheep.

      We can afford to fly on charter craft, thus we avoid such absurd behavior. It only took me one time with all this shoes off jackets, off, place all you goods in a tray crap to piss me off like mad.

      I understand that most people can’t afford to fly like we do so they take the “air bus” its sad when we hear of the treatment people put up with.
      But it just goes to show the Sheep will do anything to please their masters.

      Please Wake up people. You allow the NWO to rob you, treat you like crap on a stick, yet you all just keep bending over, once they round hole you your toast.

      • Jack

        Very well said. If the “war on terror” was real,if 911 was not an inside job,if gov were not involved in false flag ops, then mabe I could justify them asking me questions. I say abolish the fed,tsa,irs and all the alfabet garbage agencys.


    • EddieW

      I wrote to TSA asking if we can sue them, when we get cancer from their X-rays…Of course…they didn’t answer, but I tried to plant a seed!! Now ALL will be subject to a full hands on body search, Men,Women and Children…This is a TRAVESTY!!! Time to reign in these unconstitutionalists!!!!Tearing our Constution apart piecemeal…STOP IT !!!!

    • Bus

      After 9/11 everyone was clamoring for the government to step in, replace the private airport security companies, and protect us. It has just turned into another example of a government agency without any restraint and an unlimited budget gone bad. They have just ordered another 1,000 of the machines, and what is the proof that they have helped prevent any terrorists? Would a private company make such a move? Send the boondoggle TSA packing, but better give them a pat down as they leave to keep them from stealing everything not screwed down.

      • TIME

        As you see sometimes when you ask for something it may not turn out quite as planned. Your no safer now then you were then.

        • vicki

          Less safe. Cause many people THINK they are safe and will fail to pay attention. The Christmas bomber proved how easy it is to get past all that expensive TSA security. Oh and dare we mention the toner cartridge bombs? Caught by tip and police work not TSA and funny rays.

  • Dan az

    Hey if it where females patting me down I might just fly again and again and again even if I didnt take the plane ride. But that just me.As far as the scanner goes I have had enough films made of me that I think I glow in the dark now.Its probably why I now have osteo perouses (spelling sucks)I think that they should all stand for what is right and kudoes to them.

    • Wandamurline

      The most effective way to keep us safe is to “profile”, sorry but it works. Profiling has been used for decades and still works without the general public being raped at the airports. We don’t go anywhere anymore that we have to fly commercial. We used to go all the time, at least twice a year, we went somewhere where we flew on a commercial airline. We built our own 2 seat plane, so now we can fly ourselves across America and can avoid this pestulance. I would not allow the scanner or the pat down (as I am not a criminal) so I would probably get arrested in the airport, so it is best that we did what we did. We just can’t go into another country with our little plane. Radiation kills, even in small amounts and I don’t like having my profile on record for everyone to gaulk at.

      • adam mickiewch

        there where very similar tactics used to intimidate population some times ego but these imperiums are all gone

  • http://none Mike

    The dangers of radiation alone should have made this a no brainer.And especially for the pilots who would be subject to this at a much higher rate just by doing their jobs. But like a typical left leaning overreaction we have to searc everyone but the most likely to bomb our planes because that would be racial profileing. So granddad and his hip replacement are subject to humilating patdowns and serches while joe Arab walks right by with no questions asked. Begs me to ask the question. Which is more likely to blow up a plane? The piolet,80 year old grandmother going to visit the grandkids,80 year old grandpa and his walker or Middle eastren born turbin wearing muslim.Oh gee sorry that was profileing its obviously the grandmother because the republicans are going to cut her social security. Mike L.

    • Bobbie


    • vicki

      Mike writes:
      “So granddad and his hip replacement are subject to humiliating pat-downs and searches while joe Arab walks right by with no questions asked.”

      What is truly sad is these folk fail to realize that they profile when they choose to pat down everyone but joe Arab. To give a pass they have to have profiled.

    • Andrea B

      Actually, I just read where Obama said that muslim women that wear the jahib can only be ‘searched/felt up’ on their head and neck. The rest of the body is off limits for religious reasons.

      No one has the right to act surprised about this, either. Obama said that when the political winds shifted in an ugly direction, he would stand with the muslims. Those are HIS words, not mine.

  • Anthony

    Some people …. just need to stop making light of a very, very serious situation. We’re talking about a machine that corrupts human DNA and disables its ability to replicate normally … think about that for awhile.

    I’ve been listening to online radio for the last few days, and on this one station they do discuss this issue openly … and not in subtle undertones, either — but, with live callers who were discussing their own experiences going thru Airports and being “felt up” … in many Airports, it’s females only, btw … so, if you value your partner’s or your daughter’s personal safety… you best do more homework on this issue…

    This is one time, where the Author of this Article did not go deep enough into the discussion ….

    [change the dashes to dots]
    [bookmark it]

    Folks no matter where you stand on the devaaluation of America … shutting out an opportunity to learn more and therefore become self-armed … is just plain stoopid.

    Forewarned is…….

    • PHILesq

      Anthony….It’s good of you to lead people to the Alex Jones site ! Hopefully they’ll wake up and understand what the H E DOUBLE fence post is going on in OUR nation. God Bless .

    • Wandamurline

      this is no surprise since the one world order says that they must reduce the number of people on this planet. Obamacare will do a lot for that aspect as it will deny services to our seniors who have worked their entire life to defend our nation, now being repaid by denial of coverage. Just started scanning the health care law and found some (not all as I just started) items most of you do not know. Almost everyone know that your W2 next year will have the added amount your employer pays for your health care on it, there is a 10% tax on indoor tanning, 3.8% investmant income tax, you cannot expense medical costs unless it is above 10% of your income, new medicare payroll tax of 0.9%, 528.9 billion in cuts of Medicare, 205.9 billion in cuts to Medicare Prescriptin Advantage, 16 million more people added to Medicaid, physicians will be reimbursed for your care on a “value based” criteria, a new medical device excise tax, annual fees for hospitals and doctors, and of course individual and company mandates to purchase something whether you want it or not. If they don’t reup the Bush tax cuts, your dependent deductions will be cut in half, any capital gains will be raised to 39.6%, the death tax goes into effect, so if you die and your family has a big farm that has been in the family generations, your kids will be taxed on it value at around 39-40%, whether they have the cast to pay or not, and they only have six months after your death of pay it. These are just a few of the hidden taxes that will hit on January 1, 2011.

      • Dan az

        And thats only the tip of the ice berg!

      • Karen W

        I’ve read the bill. Are you on dialisis or need oxygen at home or any other machine to keep you healthy? They will put cameras all over your house and you will have a social worker like nurse who will check you regularly. Do you smoke? If you have these machines and you get caught on camera or by the social worker your equipment is removed for ever. There is also ‘Whistle Blower’ monitary rewards. Meaning. Go uotside to smoke and get caught by the neighbor and he gets a pretty penny to turn you in. Just a little token of freedom in the Obamacare LAW.

  • Howard N. Wolff

    I guess I won’t be flying again, until this nonsense is stopped. Myself, I definitely believe in profiling. I profile everything, even the cattle in the pasture. Always looking for things that don’t look right, act right, or just make my skin crawl. That is why I am still here. Must rely on instincts.

    • Susan

      I quit flying right when they started all the security measures. If I can’t get there by car or bus or train I don’t go. Flying used to be glamorous and fun now it is abusive and invasive. I say no thank you to being felt up or radiated or jammed into tiny little seats where you are so close you feel like you are in a sardine can and don’t forget all the extra fees. Maybe they will start charging to use the loo or even for using the air conditioning vent. All of it is so wrong, so very wrong. Go Profiling.

  • tom bailey

    pilots properly identified should not be screened. I am a retired airline pilot and in the cockpit we have an ax. we are also completely in control of the aircraft and if we are so inclined as an Egyptian pilot was a few years ago I could just dive the plane into the ocean.

    • Bob M

      Careful there my friend, tell that to too many people and you’ll end up with a commisar riding with you in the cockpit telling you how to fly. I can read the report now, “The pilot Tom Bailey climbed 500 feet to clear the mountain without my express approval and should be fired!”

  • PHILesq

    What we’re witnessing here are the intrusive beginning steps of a police state ! Incrementally….step by step on a daily basis our civil rights are being taken away. I assert that the current procedures with the T.S.A. have absolutely nothing to do with catching terrorist, and everything to do with indoctrination of our nations people to a police state….just to see how far they can go and to see how far we’ll let them ! I also assert that this is being done under F.E.M.A.’s Janet Napoliano’s verbal directives. I also assert that there isn’t any directive in the T.S.A.’s guidelines for these procedures to be taking place….like wise with F.E.M.A. ! If you have any doubts about the police state that’s on it’s way please consider and look into “F.E.M.A.’s EXECUTIVE ORDERS” and “THE CONSTITUTIONAL FREE ZONE” ! This isn’t hype….these are laws that are on the books, and were put there while WE Americans were sleeping ! It’s time that the collective “WE” woke up !

    • TIME


      Great post dude.

    • Dr. Mabuse

      On point Phil,
      Being a lawyer, I assume you’ve read and are aware of the unconstitutional aspects of Patriot Act I, Pat II, and that real piece of work known as the Victory Act. How can legisalators (on both sides of the aisle) pass laws without even reading them? (the 9/11 hysteria is no excuse). Bush’s numerous Executive orders are an anathema to anyone who claims they want Constitutional government.
      The Teabaggers basically are toothless, and the sheeple are too distracted and apathetic to give a damn. Whats left? Those of us who are rightfully outraged are designated as “hostiles” and “enemy combatants.” The plans for COG, Continuity of Government, have been denied even to members of Congress. The claim being that their security clearance isn’t high enough. (Are you kidding me?)
      All of this happenned under the Bush regime and so far Obama has reneged on his campaign promises to address these problems.
      Bottom line: One man’s terrorist is another man’s Constitutionalist.

      • Fedupwithmorons

        Never, ever ass-ume anything, especially when it comes to the loons running this side show!

      • PHILesq

        We can assume that there are controlling powers in OUR nations capitol that go far beyond our government, and yet these powers aren’t of the government! That there are powers that go beyond our military and they aren’t of the military! By logical deduction we can also assume that those that WE elect into the various seats of OUR federal government are very aware of these powers, yet they do nothing ! I will assert that these powers have installed their people into position within OUR government for no other reason than to gain total and absolute control of our government, and the people who run it. So what is this power that’s so intrusive ? What is the major controlling interest of our government, the common denominator that even trickles down to the average everyday citizen, the one thing by which nothing will work ? It’s money plain and simple. With money comes power and corruption . The worlds financial power elitist are in the final stages to have their one world government. In order to gain absolute control they must break down the very structures of governments, businesses and people and create their form of order.With out exception, every president after Reagan has used the term “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT” or “NEW WORLD ORDER” ! Eisenhower in his final days warned our nation of these powers, but an uneducated population had no understanding of what he was talking about. With the advent of the internet people are getting the real truths, and some, but not most are waking up to this harsh reality . These New World Order types are everywhere. I’ve stood next to them. They knew who I was . I knew who they were, but more importantly they knew I knew who they were and why they are here. This last election is but a small patch on the tattered remains of what once was the greatest nation that ever existed on GODS green earth. OUR work has only just begun ! God bless.

        • Bobbie


          Does the name George Soros sound familiar? A very rich, extreme liberal who has plans to destroy the U.S.A.

          • PHILesq

            Bobby….Soros is a Globalist, a New World Oder leader and a major Bilderberg. His allegiance is only to his world glass financial elitist cohorts in globalism who are members of the same organizations he belongs to, and to his wallet ! You, I, and OUR nation mean nothing to him unless we serve his interest in some manner. It’s people like Sorros, Kissinger, Rockefeller, and the “House” of Rothschild that are leading the way to globalism….a one world government where the collective “they” will rule ! It’s kinda scary I know, but there are more of us than them, and their little scheme of world domination is finally coming out into the open….in to the light, and scumbags like them can’t even begin to stand the light of day yet alone the truth !GOD bless.

    • old white guy

      you already live in a police staate. review all the things that you can and cannot do without some form of government interference. the can do list will be very short.

      • Fedupwithmorons

        Yes, let’s start with the nutknobs at the local gov’t level, code enforcement whack jobs who violate our constitutional rights on a daily basis!

      • TIME

        Old White Dude, thats 100% spot on!

    • David

      It is getting like this everywhere. Last week I had the displeasure of going into federal court. I have an implant in one knee. I was forced to empty my pockets, remove my shoes, take off my belt and suspenders which hold up my pants. I was then asked to extend my arms so they could go over me with a wand and my pants fell to my knees. As I reached to pull up my pants, I was told to stand up and extend my arms. So I had to stand there with a line of people behind me with my pants half way to my knees. Im glad I had my whitey tighties on. This is an affront to every American, its not about security, its about control and teaching everyone to be compliant.

  • Nat

    Planes are high on the radical Muslim list of favorite places to murder innocent people. So if TSA people did not do complete searches, a plane-full of people would die horribly and TSA would become a big political issue.

    Also, I must agree with Mike’s view of the absurdity of “NO racial profiling!” Feeling-up tennis-shoed Granny and ignoring the black-bearded guy is political correctness at it’s worst.

    • Jo Ann

      I am wondering if they will either use the full body scan on a Muslim woman or if her husband refuses to allow it, will they then do a “full pat down”? Now that will be interesting! I’ll bet they will write a “law” that Muslims are “exempt”.

      • Paul

        Jo Ann

        Maslams are already exempt from the the use of the scanner and also from pat downs so they are free to do what they want to whom ever they want the prez has said so. Of course what do you expect from a maslam loving prez.

  • Joseph C Moore, USN Ret

    Israel has superior security to any other country, not by the use of body scanners or pat downs of everyone but, by the use of PROFILING. It is IDIOTIC not to do the same!

    • rosina

      You are so correct.
      I suggest that the USA government hire only Israeli trained personnel to handle this situation. I have not yet flown with the newer ‘body scan’ machines but if this is NOT an invasion of privacy I do not know what is.
      it is also disgusting.
      My answer to the TSA, you can scan me IF I can scan you also!!!!

      • Paul

        A friend of mine went through a body scanner and a few weeks later pics of her daughter showed up on a porno site, it showed her almost totally naked all from the use of a full body scanner these things show much detail that’s this is a serious invasion of privacy to the body we might as well go through with out any clothes on any way. these machines also subject you to a very high dose of radiation and it is of the gamma type. This is a very high level radiation that can and will cause more harm than most sheeple know.

        • Rachel H

          Have any proof of the scanner to porn site incident? I’d like confirmation before I explode all over the internot on that one.

          I believe it’s probable, but would like confirmation.

    • 2WarAbnVet

      Impossible, this country is completely subservient to “Political Correctness”.

  • Bob

    Another important difference about Israel is that besides profiling, they employ very intelligent people as opposed to unionized morons with rap sheets.

  • Polski

    Why is everybody so upset by profiling NOW? When my grandparents came from Poland in 1912, there was a quota for Polish. THIS IS PROFILING!!! They went to Toronto to live for 3 years before they were allowed to come to the US, LEGALLY!!!

    • http://personallibertydigest Bob Henning

      Had we never allowed a single Muslim to step foot on American Soil we wouldn`t be wasting Billions Trying to Keep The Murdering Muslim Freaks from killing us. If 99% of all terrorist acts are perpetrated by Muslims then Profile the Hell out of Muslims, DUH.The Hell with the Muslims, Their Mosques and their Rights. Americans have the Right not to be Murdered by Muslim Shit Heels on US Soil.

      • Fedupwithmorons

        Every assault on this country has been chicken [offensive word removed]… Done by bully cowards who don’t have the spine to let you know what their plans are!

      • Ricker

        I’m with you Bob! This PC stuff is just a bunch of crap and if people don’t wake up our great nation is going down the tubes.

        • Sam in Cal

          SO…lets wake up ,I say. stop talking about it and do it

    • Fedupwithmorons

      Thank the ACLU and lame stream media for our not being allowed to “profile”!

      • Paul



        Remember these words they are the death knell to this country every time they see a cross every time they see the words GOD or CHRIST they are going to raise such a fit that they will make you take it down or have you put into prison until you agree to do their will. The a.c.l.u. they have so much power now they think that they own the country and every one herein. So remember a.c.l.u. stands for

  • Mae

    Profile these people and keep Americans safe, but naked scans and excess radiation and people being touched in the wrong places needs to stop and stop now. Put discerning women at the security posts and a woman’s intuition far exceeds any other means of security. I will trust my intuition and discernment any day!!!

    • Paul

      had a friend of mine file over a tsa pat down. She was wearing a dress and the tsa agent got a little to touchy feely with her and she screamed rape and the guy got arrested and charged with assault and sexual misconduct under the color of the law. So these bozos do have a soft spot just cry rape and a lot of this stuff can be brought to a stop. Even men can cry rape when it is against their will.

  • Tim

    This is all besides the point. Increased airline security will not, no NEVER, stop terrorism. Where there is a will there is a way. If someone wants to incite fear on a plane they will find a way to do it. To really stop these ridiculous searches you have to stop the problem where it begins, the US involvement in the middle east. Pull all troops, close all bases, cease the funding of Israel, and encourage free trade agreements.

    None of this will happen though. New oil discoveries have been on a decline with the start of discoveries around 1900 and peak around 1960. We’re looking at an almost stop to new discoveries around 2020. Exporting countries will use the oil for themselves and halt international sales. So we’ll need Iraq to keep our status quo and our military active. This also explains China’s oil ventures and partnerships all over Africa and the middle east.

    • Scott

      Withdrawing from the Middle East is probably the dumbest idea I’ve seen yet on this site. All that would do is give the extreamests the ability to seize power again in that area, eliminate any opposition within thier borders, and then hold a gun the our heads by shutting off the oil tap. It will only end up causing massive bloodshed and strife.
      What we need to do is go over, eliminate the threat, and occupy the land until such time as a government we can trust can be established. And I don’t mean a war like Desert Storm, Desert Shield, or Afganastan. I mean, no holes barred, crush the enemy, take possession of the land war like WWII. I think our biggest problem with the Middle East is when we did go in, we treated them like children. We came, we spanked them, and then we told them to go to their room and not come out until they were ready to play nice. It was insulting to them.
      You have to realize that this area lives by 17th century morals. Hornor is chief amongst their virtues. If you dishonor them, they will never stop trying to regain their honor. And they will use any means to do so. But, honorable defeat is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s they way they live, the strong rule the weak. They will accept an honorable defeat.
      What we did was an insult to them. And until that insult is addressed, they will never stop, no matter what we do.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Paul W. Brock

    Solution is simple. Follow the Israeli procedures. They haven’t been bombed or hijacked in years and never will. They use pro filing. It is time to push back against the PC crowd and do the most common sense procedure. I have a feeling that it TSA is just another enormous bureaucracy that has to invent rules to justify all the money they receive.

  • David Mutende

    We have no choice but to profile muslims every time they walk into a airport. All immigration og muslims must stop. Remember its Muslims that are the source of terror.All muslims believe its their duty to take over the world. There is not one muslim that does not celebrate the killing of Americans

    • Paul

      While it is true that not all maslams are terrorists it is also true that all terrorists are maslams.

  • Ted McElroy

    I am a self employed Energy Consultant and an Instrument rated pilot and once the government began this BS I quit flying commercial all together. I refuse to submit to this intrusive and disgusting “inmate experience” by our government.

    • Karen W

      Ah, good for you Ted. I’ll bet you are a provate pilot in a teeny little airport now chartering flights. I don’t fly commercial since 9/ll patriot act. I and my family and friends fly private charter. Its a little mote but not much more expensive than the Big Belly Airlines but worth it for freedom and peace of mind. I meet a lot of X-commercial Pilots in the little airports. I usually hunt a smoking pilot so I can smoke on the plane. It’s like traveling in the 70s when I was a teen. There was freedom. You also get fed and don’t have to pay for extra baggage. Good-ole American Ingenuity.

  • Holly

    Yes, it is about time we fight back. Now I’m hearing men wearing baseball caps must remove their hats, but someone wearing a turbin does not have to remove it. What a great place to hide something! TSA is checking the wrong people.

    Profiling! We all do it. Go into a fast food place, get your food. When you turn to find a seat the first thing one does is look around to see who they want to avoid and who looks safe. We all do profiling all the time without realizing it. Do it! It is better than what the TSA does to our bodies.

    • vicki

      Maybe all the boys going into an airport should wear turbans. That would get them a pass at all the checkpoints :)

  • JC

    This so called security crap is NOT about security. It’s about training us to do whatever we’re told to do…because “Big Brother Knows Best”.
    Fact is we’re learning what a hassle it is to fly so we avoid it, thus curtailing our mobility. Another subtle limitation on our freedoms…and it’s working.

  • Carl Wisnesky Sr

    This won’t stop until the airlines start to complain. MONEY TALKS. I realize this is not possible for everyone, but as many people as possible must choose to travel by some other means instead of flying commercial. Example: Maybe a family could drive to their vacation destination instead of flying commercial. When customer count drops enough, the airlines will howl to the politicians and this will end. A nation-wide pilots strike would also work.

    • Fedupwithmorons

      When airlines experience customer dropoff in ticket sales, profits go down, and then the airlines run to the gov’t expecting to be bailed out!

      • Carl Wisnesky Sr

        New Congress. No More Bailouts after January 2011.

        • vicki

          In our dreams. We should be very observant of our Congress. Both now and in 2011-??? whenever it is dissolved.

    • Karen W

      Well guess what the pilots don’t have to strike now. The government exempted them. Oh happy day…for THEM. A__holes! Watch whose next nation wide it will be the stewardesses, probably because of STRESS of the whole {patdown} ordeal they won’t be able to do their job…so..they will be EXEMPT too. Enjoy the FREEDOM sheeple, it only gets worse from here.

  • Crashaxe

    It’s time to toss political correctness out the window and go back to profiling, look it’s not the cute little blond girl, the middle aged white business man from the mid-west, or the elderly grandmother type that are hijacking and blowing up airliners, it is middle easterners from the age of 18 to 34 of Islamic persuasion on there way to Hell to meet the demon god Allah.

  • RandyH

    I’m a cancer survivor and I refuse to be unnecessarily radiated more than I already have been. Plus, the tsa is a joke, it’s just another avenue for the federal gov’t to hire blacks (sprinkle in a few whites here and there). Most are overweight black gals whose uniforms look like [offensive word removed] hanging off of them and they could not care less about preventing terrorism, and now the perverted guys can legally get their cookies off feelin’ up the little white chicks. Hopefully, the guys have to wear condoms and the gals have to wear maxi pads as part of the uniform so at least they don’t have perpetual wet spots on the front of their pants. Just statin’ the facts. IS IT TRUE THAT MUDSLIMS CAN AVOID ALL THIS?

    • Fedupwithmorons

      I am or was a cancer survivor as well, but back on chemo. No one knows better than a cancer patient just how much radiation we are exposed to. This does not include those who get radiation as part of their therapies! Why should the traveling public become experiments for these gov’t goons?

  • newspooner

    TSA *** It is called communism.



      • vicki

        Hadn’t been invented yet.

  • Pissed

    After the chicken- [offensive word removed] attack on Pearl Harbor, the japs were rounded up to a point where we could keep an eye on them….Time now to round up the muslims, intern them or DEPORT them…Thier “religion” tells them to HATE and kill Christians! I see NO posible reason to permit these Missled MORONS to be here in the first place. Freedom of religion is one thing, harboring a race(religion) that has a zero tolerance for other religions is close to treason! SEND THEM HOHE!!!

    • Ricker

      Hey that is not a bad idea…

      • BANDIT

        If the iranians want a nuclear bomb so bad why don’t we just give them one from 80,000 feet that way they can see it land or do whatever it is going to do, either way iran more to the point theran could very easily be taken foo the map and a very big hole get lift in it’s place.

  • Eve Saint

    Where can I complain about Security abuses in the Helsinki Airport?
    I am scheduled for a return flight and do not want a repeat of what I experienced before. Their office was useless.

  • Ken Roberts

    So the poor pilots get radiation while flying the plane well what about the passengers do they just avoid it because they are passengers or do they get the full radiation effect as the pilots get.? I would say what ever the pilots are subject to the passengers as well. And what about the indignity suffered by the passengers , there must be a better way of making sure no one gets on board with a bomb or bomb making materials. surely the elites have the intelligence to come up with a much more dignified way and a more tech type of way to check out people than this antiquated x-ray method or groping .

    • BANDIT

      Had a friend go through that a busted gas in the guys face

      • Frank Zappa

        That’s the greatest. More people should follow his lead.

    • independant thinker

      While I agree with you in principal the deal with pilots is they are routenly exposed to the radiation while most passengers are not exposed to nearly as much. The exception for passengers would be people who have to fly routenely as part of their job and so are flying weekly or more often.

    • Uncle Steve

      The passengers do get as much radiation as the pilots… but the pilots have to get exposed to it every day in order to do their jobs. That’s the big difference.

      But one other thing has been bothering me: if the PILOT wants to hijack the plane, he doesn’t need any weapons or bombs, he’s the PILOT for Christ’s sake, so what’s the point of searching him?

    • http://none Mike

      Ken its called haveing 2 armed sky marshels per plane. But this isnt going to happen because the left is so afraid of guns. Irrational I know but wish it would happen. The ones that got us on 9/11 were armed with boxcutters. My view I wish they had brought a knife to a gunfight. Mike L.

  • 45caliber

    My wife recently went from Houston to Little Rock and back by plane. On the way back she was picked to check closely. She didn’t have a lot of problem with it – but there was an Arab family right behind her that weren’t checked at all. A man, three wives, and three kids. All walked right through. Odd, isn’t it?

    • RandyH


  • John

    Follow the money. All this crap started with the underwear bomber. Immediately after, the companies that sell these things ($150,000 each I am told) got in bed with the politicians who then authorized their use. QUESTION: Since these things were authorized until now – have there been any bombing attempts. It seems to me that if anyone wanted to do us harm their golden opportunity would have been before these machines were installed. Nonsense, they will prevent nothing except our freedom as US citizens. Say good-bye to the America we once knew!!

  • Ken

    How nice that we have found jobs for gays and lesbians, patting us straight folks down. I’m certain they enjoy their work and are all for “don’t ask, don’t tell” in this instance.

  • Frank Zappa

    Well first we are told it is all about “National Security” so we first walked through a Magnetometer where you had to strip down to practically naked, bend over i.e take your shoes off, bend over some more, take your belt off, all that fun stuff and then bend over. Herein is the now “New Problem” aside from the “X Ray’s” they now want to expose you to. Lets say that (“You Tsa Perverts”) let some Muslim wearing middle Eastern Turban Banging, towel head, scratch in the Sand *******r get on the aircraft, (OOH Profiling) and he has a Vial of anthrax or some other Vial of a Biological agent shoved where the Sun Don’t Shine, now how are the Polyester Wearing TSA Morons/Perverts who have a Third Grade education (Or Less) are going to find That??? It will be a one time occurrence and all air travel will come to an immediate halt, air travel as we know it WILL BE FINISHED. Unless WE THE PEOPLE stand up an write to Senators and Congressman we are finished as a Nation WE MUST PROTEST AND COMPLAIN, then Complain some more we are done. I often wonder does Obama have to go through a scanner? What about Pelosi? In the final analysis it is about CONTROL, more specifically Government Control, remember to Bleat, and make the Sheeple Sound as we all are subjected to More Invasive Government. It was George Bush Senior who brought forth the term of a “New World Order” back in the early 90′s. NEVER IN MY LIFE have I ever felt less secure and more invaded by The Government as I do now, It’s all BULL$H*T, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE NEW WORLD ORDER. GET IT IN YOUR HEAD. STOP IT NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. RISE UP AND DEMAND FREEDOM MAKE THE CONSTITUTION LEGAL ONCE AGAIN.

  • Tunaman

    If you have been asleep, you are now witnessing AMERICA committing suicide!!! If you don’t stop this CRAP by this commie democrat congress and this illegitamate bo regime, just KISS your families future GOODBY!!!

  • j.McConnell
  • jopa

    One guy sleeping on the job and ignoring all the warnings of an impending attack caused all these issues today if you really sat back and thought about it.Yes George W, and 911 was only the beginning.He then went on to start unjust wars killing thousands of Iraqis and American soldiers and contractors.If that wasn’t bad enough he drained our national treasure and put the wars on a credit card for our grandchildren to pay.Now he has come out with a book that I heard was called My Pet Goat II.The idiot is back.

    • Vigilant

      Yeah, jopa, the idiot’s back, and it’s YOU.

      Cut the bash Bush crap, we’re all tired of it.

      • confused

        Yes please quit the blame of everyone except were it belongs, OURSELVES!

        We have sat back and allowed all of this to go on and to continue to go on. Sending letters to Congress will not work, we need to refuse to pay them to wreck our country, we give them a nice paycheck and they say “what a good job I do”. The people have to take a stand as a United people. I or you can’t do it alone. AND just so you know I don’t mean to vote them out, I mean stop paying them period. which means employers would need to be a part of the process of shutting the government down. That would get their attention!!!! NEW BOSTON TEA PARTY……

        • Karen W

          Thats intresting because government officials for 100 years or more used to work and they were unpaid by the country for their government positions. Maybe its time we take their money and make sure the Polititions don’t get to go Career. By the way the Presidents didn’t get paid either. I mean really…did you see the Polititiacans Dems in 2008 who went into office with NOTHING and now they have MILLIONS!!!! Some even have 100s of MILLIONS. What’s up with that?!

    • Jewell

      Jopa said on Nov 11 4:22pm, “One guy sleeping on the job and ignoring all the warnings of an impending attack caused all these issues today if you really sat back and thought about it. Yes George W, and 911 was only the beginning. He then went on to start unjust wars ….”. Hold on. George had only just taken office. Where was Clinton for the previous eight years before 9/11 ? A US Warship was badly hit in a Yemen harbour, various Consoles had been blown to bits, what did Clinton do. He fired cruise missiles into Iraq. What about Lebanon and the killing of the marines during the Reagan pres? The “Muslim Brotherhood “ formed in 1928 and they have been systematically, and patiently been plotting our demise since. Follow the money and be weary of the pyjama pants trouble makers who are just ponds in the big picture of the top “One Worlder,s”

  • Carlucci

    Wow – what a fabulous way to start and end a family vacation!! Traumatize the entire family unit at the airport when arriving and departing their destinations. I don’t know about anyone else on this list, but I could not spend the money and ruin a perfectly good trip when it starts and ends like this.

    A friend of mine is a paralegal. She told me last week that there are big law firms chomping at the bit to file lawsuits against the TSA for sexual harassment of adults and molestation of children.

    Years ago, Prohibition was overturned because the federal courts were flooded with hundreds of thousands of lawsuits on the unconstitutionality of attempting to legislate morality. They didn’t have the manpower or money to fight all the suits. This is just one example of how the govt. screws up everything it touches. Prohibition made organized crime much worse. But the same thing can be accomplished if a huge percentage of passengers revolt and start filing suits against the TSA. It just takes one to start a domino effect.

    What will it take for people to start filing law suits? When the TSA goes even further and starts fingering inside the genitals of women and children. Their excuse for that will be the scanners can’t see stuff hidden inside the body, so they’ll have to do it for “safety”. Wait and see. They’re getting away with perverted behavior now, and “finger investigation” is next.

  • Carlucci

    Oh, and what about bombs that are put in cargo? Remember Pan Am Flight 103 that exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988? That’s where the bomb was – in cargo.

  • DaveM

    This is a true story….a few months ago an Airline captain was asked to dump his travel mug of coffe before being allowed to board the plane that he was about to fly. He refused and continued to walk through then the ‘roid monkeys [police] and airport security stopped him. They told them they were going to charge him with “boarding an aircraft with a liquid substance that may be used to take control of the flight”. How retarded is this getting? He is the guy that is SUPPOSED to control the flight of the aircraft!!!

    They have created another parasite industry that no one is supposed to question.

  • Barbara

    We will be taking a plane trip to CA later this month and all these comments aout what’s taking place at various airports really scare me. I am slightly disabled, use a cane and wear a built-up shoe, so no telling what I will be subjected to. How could we have been so stupid as to give up common-sense profiling and replace it with these stupid so-called security measures? I am a tennis-shoed granny and I just might find myself getting arrested at the airport when I protest anything I consider unproper treatment and disrespect for my age!

    • Karen W

      The 90 year old I saw fell twice because they took her cane. These people have no shame and no mercy. If you have a large upper torso they will play there several time. This woman was treated as if she was resisting everytime she fell. She was stripped to her skivies. These are not I repeat NOT NICE peaple. Please just pay a little more and find yourself a little Private Airport where there are no TSA and fly that way or go to a little Train Staion out of the way and get a ticket. On the trains they have Restraunt cars and a place to sleep. Please exercise your right to be free and have peace of mind. Don’t fly with these Big Bellied Airline Perverts. Their Airpirt security, employees, and Air Traffic Control guys watch this happen to us from their offices and snicker. Seen that too. The whole airports are DEPRAVED. It’s just disgusting. Those Airlines should be filmed and put on the net NOT THE NEWS because they will do nothing. Make this stuff go VIRAL people. I’m serious even the janitors are in on this decrepidation.
      Barbara, you need to hang back somewhere close to where they do these pat downs and watch for about 30 minutes and see what we are talking about. If you see what we already know and you leave you can find a bus, quickly, but you being senior like my Mom your seat in the bus for a lengthy domestic might be too much. There are no scans or perverts to deal with in SMALL bus stations, SMAL train stations, and SMALL airprts. Healthcare {OBHcare} is already Death Paneling our very prescious seniors who have so much to teach us. Please dear, find another way if you can. Buses and some trains are actually cheaper than Airlines. Trains have GREAT perks too.

  • http://com i41

    Well I’m waiting to see how the chocolate purple lipped marxist muslim, will have to say about his pedophile pervert smucks that caught using 13-17 year old girls in prostitution rings. It will probably be just a culture thing, or maybe a muslim thing. My guess the jug eared jackass will not comment or just ignore it, like it never happened. I think the first thing is cut them to a short sack, brand them on their foreheads with a R bar P. Stands for rapist and a pimp. These bush monkeys love to scar themselves and think it is status mark. Then put them in prison for 20 years, to see how rape feels. Do I hate muslims, you have a doubt, round up all the pedophile pervs and build a big fence around their nesting area for at least 2 generations, they are so inbred anyway, the diaper heads can not get any goofier.

  • http://BobLivingston Carole Aus

    I am fortunate in that I can choose to fly or not fly even though I live in Hawaii. I’ve traveled all over the world in my younger days and have now opted not to ever go through U.S. security procedures again…even though my son lives on another island. (He comes to my island periodically.) My brothers live on the mainland; if they want to see me again in this lifetime, guess they’ll have to fly over here. I wonder how many others have simply decided to opt out of air travel….. Business CAN be done via the phone and internet and, on the mainland, there are other modes of travel. Could be devastating for airlines AND for my State since we depend on tourists…..

  • dahni

    I’m afraid that a lot of the things the Feds are doing to ‘protect Americans’ is part of a plan to make us totally dependent on the existing government. Then those who have power over the government have power over America. There are limits to personal freedoms in any society, for the benefit of the society.

    We all know that we cannot stop those who want to murder others if the murderer is willing to die in the process. The only safety we have is to identify (profile) those most likely to be murderers and check them most closely. Current TSA rules are absolutely unable to protect us. We need to demand more freedom from such laws while accepting the personal responsibility for making that decision.

    Perhaps a day in which everyone refuses to fly will get the attention of the Airlines, and a two day ban on flying might get attention directed at the TSA to make better decisions that are not politically motivated. Certainly a quick check of those doing the TSA inspections reveals a lot of bottom feeders and incompetents who can hold a job only with the government.

  • Frogbalz

    Folks there are (according to a 2008 CBN report) 32 muslim terror training camps in the U.S. I’m sure the trainees are all on the no search list!

  • j.McConnell

    just doing the jobs Americans won’t do – Eh?

  • PeaceDove

    Ending the TSA Insanity thru Boycott
    The Congress and Senate are doing nothing to end this trespass on our Constitutional rights. The only way we can get them to listen is to strike back at them through their financiers. As it appears they want to restrict our travel, it would not be wise to boycott airlines as the government will just further subsidize them. I am suggesting that other companies are boycotted to the point their stock prices drop until their CEO’s and Board members tell their owned assets in congress to stop the bleeding. I am suggesting a boycott that each quarter grows with another company name on the list. Within 2 consecutive quarters, the impact will be felt, and those companies listed next will be panic’d to realize the slaves have awoken. Since our congress is not listening to us, let them listen to the executives of:
    1. GM- Buy No new vehicles till scanners are removed
    2. Chrysler- Buy No new vehicles till scanners are removed
    3. Disney- Buy no products or visit the parks or see the movies
    4. New York Times- Buy no papers (Perhaps we can identify another advertiser in their paper boycott)
    5. FOX news- Stop watching- lowering their Neilsen ratings and thus their price for advertizing on air
    After 2 consecutive quarters, let We the people add more to the list- this time we add more companies

    6. Bank of America- Close all accounts
    7. Citigroup- Close all accounts
    8. Walmart- No more shopping at ChinaCo
    9. Exxon (buy gas but not from here, this will force them to have a surplus and drive their share down)

    in 30 days if the machines are still at the airports- add:

    10. BP (buy gas but not from here, this will force them to have a surplus and drive their share down)
    11. Chevron (buy gas but not from here, this will force them to have a surplus and drive their share down)

    Once these companies start seeing their profits disappear they will end the boycott by removing the machines from all airports. IMHO, Cronyism is what led to these machines being put in place, and Cronyism means profit. Take the profits from others in their circles, and those people will clean their own house.
    If our votes are not being heard, our Boycott will drive the powers that be into doing the right thing, or our elected officials will lose their campaign contributions

    Ghost of Franklin

    • vicki

      Interesting that you picked on Fox News but gave a pass to MSNbc, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, and a host of real faux-news outlets. Why would that be?

      • Anthony

        Now, now, Vicki … Most of his recommendations have merit.

        Especially the BP reference. If i’m not mistaken, I do believe that’s HUGO CHAVEZ’s little Oil Co … and we seriously don’t need to support him, do we ?

        Besides, he did sign his name as GHOST oF FRANKLIN …

        Truth is, when the FED bill was signed, the Rockefellers already had agreements from most of the major large Family Firms and fellow Corporations that had begun sprouting up in the late 1800′s.

        Rockefeller told all of ‘em that since they now had control of the currency, they – not the people, or the marketplace – would now control how profits were made… end of debate.

        If one group decided to balk, the others would simply run them out of business … You all know how this goes… c’mon, stay with the BIG picture…

        Just sayin….

      • 1955 The Keeper

        Fox was picked because of its funding of the Ground Zero Muslim Center in New York City I would conjecture.

    • Karen W

      FOX? Funding the Ground Zero {Rabot} mosque? Seriously. They don’t report like they do. FOX is the only News chanel where the Watchmen are still on the Wall reporting the truth. The rest are OBHites. I live in a rural area and only have a Walmart so thats out. The Airlines are CONDONING this and favoring the PILOTS and not us! Boycott the Airlines people! They are not NATIONALISED yet and THEY can SAY NO as we have seen.

  • Carlucci

    I forgot to add this. I used to live in the middle east. All of this TSA nonsense could be avoided if every non-muslim passenger on a plane, train, or bus was armed with a pork product of some kind. Bacon bits would be effective as they can be thrown like confetti at the terrorist. A terrorist act would come to a screeching halt as they cannot be defiled with anything having to do with a pig. If muslims are defiled in that way, they cannot enter “paradise”. Buses in Israel now have big bags of pork lard hanging inside them. In the event of an explosion, pig lard would go everywhere including on the terrorist.

  • Warren (Yoppeh in Russian)

    I set off every metal detector I go through having both knees and the L hip replaced. Just compare my experiences not counting several trips I took into the courthouse in Brigham City Utah to get and straighten out divorce documents. Checks there were similar to Summit Counties at the court house in Park City for jury duty.
    When you have read these compare it with the last with a body scan in Russia and tell me which you would prefer.

    Salt Lake International Airport, SLC, Utah. Sept 17, 2009 I set off the metal detector.
    Man came close to privates but did not touch them. He made comment, “We hate this part. Don’t we?” as he neared the private area.
    Oha’r International Airport, Chicago, Illinois Sept 17, 1009. I set off the metal detector.
    Woman security guard started pulling her gun when the metal detector went off even thogh I had pointed to my hip and knees and tried to tell her they had been replace. She was half awake at 2:30 in the afternoon.

    Warsaw Poland International Airport Sept 18, 2009 I set off the metal detector, no panic as they knew what I ment by pointing at my knees and hip as I stepped into the metal detector. Polish military man in fatigues checked but did not come near my privates, only barely touched my legs. Just looking for bulky items that might be there.

    Sheremetyevo 1, Moscow Russia, (serving domestic Russian flights only) Sept. 22, 2009. I set off the metal detector, no panic as they knew what I ment by pointing at my knees and hip as I stepped into the metal detector..
    Russian military woman in fatigues checked me but did not come near my privates, only barely touched my legs. Look on her face indicated she did not like the process of checking mens below the waist but she smiled at me trying to make it easier. Just looking for bulky items that might be there. Most of the time during the check was spent running the wand over my knees and hip and once she noticed the metal snaps on my shirt she checked them with the wand.

    Lech Wałęsa International Airport, Gdansk Poland Nov. 3, 2009. I set off the metal detector.
    Polish military woman in fatigues checked but did not come near my privates, only barely touched my legs. Just looking for bulky items that might be there.

    JFK New York City Nov. 3, 2009. I set off the metal detector and secrity was gun happy again but not as bad as Chicago…

    Now something to think about.

    Yunost Park, Kaliningrad City, Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia, Sept. 27, 2009. Irina and I walked up to one of the entrances to Yunost Park and she remarked she had never seen security on the gates there before. I had my Pentax istDL Digital SLR camera hanging from my neck and my Cannon A10 point and shoot in my jacket pocket. In the gate was a metal detector device with some uniformed and plain clothes men beside it. As I approached it I pointed at my hip and knees and the man beside the control unit knotted he understood and I could see his lips moving and could read them. He was reading the patch on my jacket. It reads Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association, Life Time Member. Largest truck drivers assocation in the US and Canada. I was wearing cowboy boots shirt and a large brass belt buckle. Deffintly dressed as a North American.

    I stepped through the detector, hearing it and seeing it go off I stood aside waiting to be searched. The man spoke and then Irina said, “He said they do not need to check you.”

    20 minutes later after taking some pictures we sat on a park bench by a sidewalk. I ask Irina what this beautiful building was and she said, “A library dictated to Russia language.”
    I took two pictures of it, numbers 4467 & 4468. A few minutes later the blonde on the steps came walking by. I turned the camera towards her but did not take the picture as she seemed not to want me to do it. I dropped the camera and she smiled and continued on. When she was 20 feet away Irina told me who she was. Later we were to see her on the news giving children awards for scholastically performing in school. After returning to the states I found pictures of her on the internet taken that day by the Official Russian Photographer.

    The woman, well she is the former First Lady of the Russian Federation, Lyudmila Putina, wife of Vladimir Putin former President and present Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Undoubtedly he is the most powerful political man in the world.

    What is the US searching 65 years old men and feeling their penis’s for except that they must have hired gay security men to do it as they seem to enjoy their job and feeling you up. If I go to a park here in the USA and a former first lady is in it being procted by the US Secret Service will I be treated like I was in Russia by the Russian Secret Service. No the USA has to have their legegalized sex games in the name of Security. Russia has been dealing with Muslims for hundreds of years and do not need to be POLITICALLY CORRECT and search old men and women just for the SEXUAL thrill of it like the USA dose.

    GIVE ME THE EX-RAY MACHINE ANY DAY. Those of you crying about pictures getting out think about this. There are vans that can take the same pictures of you in your own house while driving down your street…

    Going through the metal detector reminds me of a coed public dressing room. Half naked in front of both sexes and children too.

    • JC

      No X-ray machine…any day…ever!
      It’s a training exercise, not security. We’re being trained to put up with whatever we’re told to put up with…you know, for our own good.
      It’s not making me feel any more secure. In fact it creeps me right out that our own system is this far gone.

    • Robert Tavella

      I have knee replacements and I always set off alarms when I travel. My Dr. issued me a laminated card to show TSA and they still touch every part of me when I go through security, yes even including my genetalia. I really do not care for the sake of my safety and the safety of the other passengers. So I welcome the x-ray machines and the little exposure to them. To all of you that complain consider this, how about when your doctor tells you to get a cat scan because there is something in you that he is worried about, tell him no. Then your vanity, prudish ideas, or privacy, will only put you in danger of death and not other innocents.

    • Desert Rat

      Warren — Another OOIDA member here.

      The groping during the hands on body search IS NOT about sex, but about showing who has the POWER.

      It is INTENDED to make the person being searched feel demeaned & powerless. After all it his/her own fault for resisting/refusing the X ray.

      • LifeonMars

        I agree. Although, I have not flown on a commercial flight since 1995. I have no experience with the TSA.

    • Karen W

      Well I hate to say it but Russia is looking better every day. We live in a free country and we are NOT free. Russia is a communist country {which we are becoming but worse} and they ARE free. Ya know most of the European Nations don’t scan or molest you with the pervert pat down. THEY use hand scanners and simply frisk lIke he said searching for weapons and bulk.
      Sorry but the Dirt Rodent is wrong. They are free in this respect and America is not and should revolt againdt these Airlinea. We have the power of the Consumer you know. Why should the Pilots and Stewardesses be exempt and NOT US?!!!! I want to see the Airlines go bankrupt in the next feul hike. Can’t wait. WE BWTTER NOT BAIL THEM OUT EITHER!

  • Bill Clapp

    Pee on the pat down and or the X-rays. Profile and then issue each adult passenger a tranquilizer gun. If one goes off accidentally,the airline charges the victim extra for the sleep and if somebody slips thru and goes for the flight deck door 4 or 5 folks plunk them and they are O.D.’d and we hang them on the airport fence and let CNN take pics and put them on Wulf (I love commies) Blitzer’s show or better yet on Rachel Madcow’s show. The way it is now were are wasting billions on all this security window dressing and allowing people to feel us up and or being xray’d to death and in the meantime the enemy laughs at us for our expensive knee jerking.

    • Robert Tavella

      They laugh at us because of people like you and your needless worries

      • Bill Clapp

        I am not worried about terrorism, I am worried about the idiots running the asylum here in the US and the way they react to things. There is no common sense in DC. True?

  • Nancy

    I don’t fly anymore. I just drive where ever it is I’m going. Isn’t worth the hassle.

  • JB

    You make a good point about boycotting airlines = government further subsidizing them.

    Isn’t it amazing how one gov’t agency warns us about avoiding unnecessary radiation exposure and another subjects you to radiation far beyond “safe” levels? What about frequent fliers and stewards, etc., as well as TSA workers themselves being exposed to excessive radiation. Could they be so stupid not to know that the “enhandst” (spelling intentional) pat-downs would be abused?

    Sheesh, now we need radiation suits and electrified dignity protectors to protect ourselves from the TSA (insert your own derogatory T.S.A. acronym definition here). Too bad we’d miss our flights due to incarceration.

    My thought is that all gov’t officials and their families should be subject to every law they pass (this, ObomaCare, any other stupid law they have/are trying to pass), no more Cadillac health plans, golden parachutes, also the same pittance the public gets for retirement/social security. It might just make them think about things a little harder if they were.

  • CC Coleman

    TSA employees will have to stand near those new Body Scan Super X-Ray Machines daily. I am sure they are not as precise when they spray their rays all over the place.

    Watch as the TSA Goons hair begins to fall out. They will start having terrible headaches. Then they will be forced to experiance the horrors of State Run Healthcare when they are told they have brain cancer.

    There is a certain irony.

    On the other hand, we all know who will be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes. “Only following orders” didn’t work as a defense in Nuremburg, Germany.

  • 50s cars

    Wait a second. Why do we need to screen the pilot, the co-pilot, the navagator at all? They don’t need some weapon to take control of the plane–THEY ALREADY HAVE THE KEYS TO IT!!!! THEY ARE DRIVING!!!
    Pure absolute bureaucratic STUPIDITY.

    • LifeonMars

      Major point that I did not get. I did wonder why and came up with the idea of terrorist dressed as a pilot and/or with pilot credentials who was trying to get less inspection at the pilots’ counter. Other than that which may not mean much, I concur with you.

  • Robert Tavella

    You people will be the first to scream and complain about the lack of security when a feww planes go down and kill hundreds of innocents. I did not hear any conservatives complain when Bush decided to listen in on U.S. citizens. Stop talking out of both your mouth and your ass.

    • Bill Clapp

      I am afraid you are one of the idiots running the asylum. Ride one of these airliners two or three times a week and your perspective will change.

    • LifeonMars

      Wrong Robert T. I knew that the preventive legislation would over reach when first spoken of after 911. More so, I did not support the kind of security used in Israel years and decades before 9/11. I had hoped that it would never come to the US. I am as conservative as they come and did not like Mr. Bush because he was too liberal.

  • Robert Tavella

    I thought they were allowed to carry guns?

  • libra

    july2009–miami intl. airport fl u.s.a. was passing through t.s.a. on way to beijing china. baggage was a back pack and small carry on bag.. t.s.a. decided i had a lethal weapon–my 220 v. travel iron.. before i could dress and get shoes on– the basket with my passport and r.t. tickets to china disappeared. after becoming quite loud and even accusatory and threatening to call the cops and cancel my trip–the passport and tickets reappeared. i still believe the wisking away of baskets with items still in them was intentional. i do not even carry a handbag so that i have less to keep track of. i do not trust any of them and wonder how many could pass a security clearance test.. we all now know that obama could not even be hired to work in the whitehouse. wonder what he is hiding.

  • Desert Rat

    Four years ago it was discovered I had cancer. Chemo with 47 radiation treatments were the RX. Leading up to it I had Xrays, CT scans, a PET scan & MRI. Since then I have more Xrays, countless CT scans, 2 PET scans & an MRI this year!

    Every time I am exposed to radiation it increases my chances of developing another cancer.

    The article above ended, “But, thanks to the TSA’s new enhanced pat-down, your choices are limited to radiation exposure and nude photos, or sexual assault — for you and your children.”

    Wrong. I can drive or just keep my money & stay home. I think I’ll drive, & stay off the interstates so I can really see my country!

  • Georgio

    it’s interesting that the US airlines and travel industries have not been at the forefront of the argument against TSA policy, or leading the charge in assuring travel security … it’s in their own best interest, yet they leave it to a government who already has trust issues with its constituency

  • stella Milam

    It is so demeaning to be patted down. I am 75 years old, and have a total knee replacement. I have a card from my doctor about this, but each time I fly, not only do I get the full body scan, but I am patted down, and my breast is very interesting, because it gets the full treatment several times. Because of this, we no longer fly. We love to travel, but this has stopped us from flying. My husband is now ill, so we can’t drive the distance to visit our daughter and her family.

  • les

    “Land of the Free!” – You are free to do whatever the Federal Government tells you to do.

    9/11 is the biggest money laundering scheme on the planet. Trillions of dollars spent all over the globe by us and our “allies” and we can’t find 2 people on this planet.

    The scanners are a sterilization scheme. You only have to sterilize one half the population. You can bet NONE of the elite go through these procedures. You think Pelosi, Reed or and of them get scanned every time they fly? Only the Sheep get fleeced, only the Sheep….

    If the “Terrorists” force us to change the way we live, they win – George Bush
    I guess we should declare defeat and sue for foreign aid.

  • Richard

    We are already assimilated, compliant sheep..

    • LifeonMars

      I have to agree. I am not and catch hell all the time. I could paper the walls of Hoover Dam with all the certified letters I get from the governments, city, county, state, and federal. I hate light green and of course the orange post office notification card.

      I will paint a house in these colors one day. But, who should reside there?

  • Justice NOW for U

    TSA to turn normal citizens into new millionaires
    Make sure you file a complaint with the police department if you feel molested during your pat down. This will protect your rights should the TSA employee be arrested in the future as a child molester or a sexual predator. Should a report be filed and the individual that did the molestation actually be found guilty, you may be able to sue the police department and TSA for exposing you and endangering your children for failure to catch this predator.
    The legal risks to local and state police departments for closing a case on someone who is later found guilty due to a future arrest is not something to be taken lightly.
    If you or your child was groped by said agent, and you filed a complaint with the Police Department after the incident at the airport, you may be entitled to a large settlement.
    When you opt out, and experience what you may believe is a molestation pat down make sure you ask for a police officer to be called and file a complaint immediately. Follow up to make sure you have the Police report number. Protect your legal rights now. Create a record and a paper trail showing negligence in background screening and investigation follow up. The odds that you are being violated are greater than winning the lotto.

  • http://2010PersonalLibertyDigest Matt

    It’s only $2,000.00, but our family is opting out of trvaling by air this Christmas.

  • Bonnie

    I’ve been flying commercially since the early 60′s. I used to love the whole experience, now I avoid it as much as possible. It is not the terrorists I fear! It’s the gang behind the “man/woman handlers”.

    How about all of us who are AAA members or of one of the other travel groups, convince them into take a very public stand on this issue? It appears that unless it is a formal, recognized organization doing the complaining, nothing gets supported or listened to. So let’s form or join a club to put a stop to this invasion. Numbers make the impact. Or is the top layer of even this organization part of the problem?!?!?!?!?

  • Karen W

    Since this was enacted after 9/11 did anyone think it would get better. These TSA perverts are horrid. I quit flying large Airports then and recently took friends to the airport and went in with them and saw this horrible demeaning defiling pat down done to a stewardess and a 90 year old lady. My friends had to go to England for a family thing {a funeral I think} I asked them did they really want to go through this? They stepped out of line and looked back as a five year old was being groped. I said, “There is a better way if you want to pay more.” There was silence and they followed me back to the truck and got in and I took them to a little airpirt where I knew an individual with a private DC3. I told them you will have to pay about 200 more per ticket but there are no scanners and they feed you and since he smokes you can on the plain. You’ll only have the inconvenience of having more stops before you cross the ocean. He only feuls at small airpoets. Oh and you don’t have to stay on the plain while they fiel like a prisoner. In regular large airlines you pay 20 to 50 per extra bag and pay for food and drinks too along with intrusive Air Marshalls and TSA pperverts. You also lose you cell your laptop etc. Is it worth it to pay the extra couple of 100 for the freedom? Yes. Try little airports and private pilots. Its getting lucrative now.

  • Karen W

    As for domestic flights. Take a private little Piper Cub or pay a little more for a private plane and freedom or take a train. Don’t take a bus. Too much restrictions and the porta-potty is not glamorous either. AND now you can;t smoke. Most passenger trains provide food and have a smoking car and a bar. It’s been a bit since I rode a train. I stood on the trelace of the last car and smoked a cig and there was a smoking car. It was just a pretty day then. As far as I know these little small train stations don’t pat you down or scan you. Try that for domestic. I am sorry but as rediculously priced as the airlines have gotten you won’t pay much more for freedom than the Perverted Big Belly Airlines. If the American people would quit flying them then maybe they would GET THE MESSAGE. They lost all my business, my family’s business, after 9/11. Now my friend’s business and any other friend I can find. Pilots are leaving Big Belly Airlines for privates. Chances are any private plane you take is flown by an ex Big Airline Pilot. Good luck.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    This current leftwing regime in Washington is really pushing the American people too far, and we may soon see a revolt. And while Americans are being hassled and harassed at airports, we know illegal aliens continue to enter this country daily. Yet the BHO administration will do nothing to secure our borders. In fact, these morons are fighting states which try to enforce the laws and protect our borders. One of my satirical absurdities is to cite the fictitious Archie Bunker’s suggestion that all airline passengers carry guns during their flight. However, IMO it makes more sense than the actions of the moronic BHO administration. For one thing, perhaps if the ‘Archie Bunker Rule’ had been in effect on 9/11/01, the World trade Towers would still be here today!! And of course pilots should have firearms training and be able to carry guns on the job. BTW, I heard a talk show last night that even pilots are being searched. Where is common sense??!! Even in a worst case scenario, a pilot wouldn’t need explosives. He just has to crash the plane – like that suicidal nutcase kid who stole that private plane and crashed it into an office tower in Tampa to mimic the 9/11/01 tragedy!!

  • Billy Kroener

    I found your blog through ws sign Google and I i would like to say that I believe your writing is just stunning! Thanks once more with regard to providing this content at no cost.


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