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Bloomberg’s Rampant Totalitarianism, And Stopping Its Spread

July 12, 2012 by  

Bloomberg’s Rampant Totalitarianism, And Stopping Its Spread
NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg loves power and gains it through fear, a tactic used by notable totalitarians of the past.


There is no question that maintaining law and order in America’s most populace city, New York, isn’t an easy thing to do. But where is the line between necessary public safety measures and creating an openly totalitarian regime within the borders of a country founded upon the principals of personal liberty and freedom?

Many people would agree that officials in New York City crossed it long ago.

The events that took place on Sept. 11, 2001 are ones that have defined our Nation for more than a decade. Fear of another mass casualty event in a heavily populated area has led police throughout the Nation to resort to Big Brother surveillance tactics assuming guilt before innocence and rampant spending on police power has bolstered many police departments to the point of domestic militarization. But nowhere is the phenomenon more visible than in the City of New York.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has become the poster boy for American nanny statism, was elected as the dust was still settling in the city following the World Trade Center attacks. In fact, New York’s mayoral primaries were ironically scheduled to take place on the very day that the attacks occurred. The primaries were moved to Sept. 25 of that year, and Bloomberg—a lifelong Democrat who changed parties for the election—emerged the victor on the Republican Party ticket.

In the general election Bloomberg—whose current net worth is around $22 billion and who owns 88 percent of the Bloomberg media empire including a New York radio station—faced a libertarian-leaning Democrat, Mark Green. Green’s campaign, however, was disadvantaged on many fronts.

First, he had criticized Mayor Rudy Giuliani who had become popular among many residents of the city because of his response to the 9/11 attack, for suggesting the city do away with the two-term limit on New York mayors. Giuliani had, however, been unsuccessful. He subsequently endorsed Bloomberg’s candidacy.

Green also lacked a financial war chest anywhere comparable to Bloomberg’s and planned to rely on public access media to advertise his campaign. Bloomberg’s hefty media relationships, meanwhile, earned him endorsements from a variety of major New York media outlets.

Another problem for Green was the fact that many fearful New Yorkers thought that he lacked the ability to protect the city from terror. Now, some in the city are beginning to learn that terror from law enforcement comes in more subtle but more disturbing ways when everyone is labeled a criminal.

 It was “a terrorist-provoked, money-soaked aberration.”

That is how The Economist described some New Yorkers’ reaction to the Bloomberg victory, as some Democrats began to point out the Republican-soon-to-be-mayor’s Democratic roots. Perhaps the “R” next to Bloomberg’s name made New Yorker’s feel he would be a better protector. After all, war hawks are almost always notable Republicans. So how has Republican Mayor Bloomberg done in protecting his city’s more than 8 million residents? He’s done pretty well, if it is a city where only thugs, terrorists and toddlers reside.

One of Bloomberg’s first moves as mayor was to replace Giuliani’s police commissioner with Raymond Kelly, the man who had previously held the position a decade before under former mayor David Dinkins.

Kelly immediately stepped up the stop and frisk tactics adopted under the Giuliani administration and began a campaign to lower the number of reported violent crimes in the city by putting pressure on individual precincts to reduce reports of major crimes while increasing citations and arrests for lesser charges.

It has become a numbers game for New York police officers, rather than a devotion to law and order. This means that New York Police Departments, through means of constant surveillance and intelligence gathering, have created a massive dragnet capable of entrapping any individual who in any way finds himself on the wrong side of even a footnote in the law book.

And Kelly, under Bloomberg’s direction, has most certainly given the New York Police Department every means necessary to operate as a totalitarian force—or in the Mayor’s words, his “personal army.” The NYPD now commands about 33,000 officers, including some who gather information in foreign countries and other U.S. States that lie completely out of their jurisdiction; operates very closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency; and has an annual budget of around $4 billion.

Yes, crime has dropped in the city. But there has also been a marked increase in reports of innocent New Yorkers being abused by the “army” of NYPD officers instructed to use jackboot tactics to enforce the city’s totalitarian policy initiatives.

Such is evidenced by the following examples:

The New York Times reported this week that a group of friends in Brooklyn received citations from undercover police officers for drinking in public because they were enjoying alcoholic beverages on the stoop of their home on July 4. The citations are being fought, as the individuals’ stoop is several feet away from the sidewalk and separated by a private gate.

Upon being informed that according to the law, the individuals were indeed on private property, an NYPD officer responded, “I don’t care what the law says, you’re getting a summons.”

Early last month, The Times reported that a New York Supreme Court justice approached a scene of chaos on a New York Street as two police officers dealt with an unruly crowd. The judge called 9-1-1 and reported that the officers may have been in trouble and in need of assistance. Unfortunately, standing too close to the events unfolding before him caused one of the officers to become enraged at the judge and punch him in the throat. There are dozens of other instances like these.

It has been noted by many New Yorkers that Manhattan, the epicenter of the 9/11 attacks, has become a militarized fortress likened to the New York City portrayed in “Escape From New York” the 1981 dystopian film that predicts the city would operate in the future as a maximum security prison.

While the push has reportedly dropped violent crime rates in some areas of the city (if you believe the official numbers), it has done so at the expense of basic 4th and 5th Amendment rights. And as for the effectiveness of the massive counter terror arm of the NYPD, it turns out the “terrorist-provoked, money-soaked aberration” that it grew from serves ulterior motives. While Kelly argued in an editorial in Newsweek last month that his department has thwarted at least 14 full-blown terror attacks in the past decade, it has been pointed out that two of the 14 actually failed because of the perpetrators ineptitude rather than NYPD intervention. A handful of the “thwarted terror attempts” were actually set up by the NYPD, which then recruited weak-mined patsies to label as terrorists. And other “terror attempts” were actually cases in which the department labeled individuals with no plans but who had been critical of government or involved in protests as “terrorists”; in those cases, no charges were filed.

So why does Bloomberg need such a force if it really isn’t that effective? Simple, New York’s mayor is a full-blown totalitarian control freak. As he neared the end of his second term with the prospect of another run hampered by the same law that booted Giuliani, he lobbied the City Council to change the New York term limit law, and they did. He controls a media empire that is capable of shaping much of the information disseminated about him to be largely positive, hence his ability to be re-elected time and again. And now in his third term as New York’s mayor, Bloomberg is really letting his penchant for complete control to shine brightly; right down to what residents of his city are allowed to eat and drink.

Bloomberg’s version of New York City should serve as a reminder to the rest of the Nation as to what can happen when Americans cast aside freedom and liberty in the name of safety. Sept. 11 changed the course of thinking in the United States, and New York City was the place hardest hit. But, domestic armies, constant surveillance and a loving nanny state are not the enemies of terrorists; they are the enemies of freedom and liberty utilized by elitists who wish to control your every move.

The rest of the Nation can be derailed from a slower track to the same destination if patriots fight back against elites like Bloomberg. But, it isn’t going to happen by relying on Washington D.C.’s group of criminals.

It must start in hometowns much smaller than New York City with Constitutional sheriffs, city councils that believe in private property rights, local police departments that maintain relationships with community members and residents willing to stand up to any of their local government agencies when totalitarianism begins to manifest itself in the smallest of forms.

Totalitarians hate freedom and they fear groups of liberty-minded individuals. By keeping these things in mind and by exercising Constitutional rights that remain to the fullest extent, Americans can keep the totalitarian cancer from spreading to every locale in the United States.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Michael J.

    Echoes of National Socialism at it’s finest. It is the destiny of those who ignore history, to repeat it.

    • coal miner 1

      How could that be?Bloomberg is Jewish.

      • TIME

        Dear CM 1,

        Now I know you know far better than your post, {you know all about Zionist,} of what BloomBUTT is.

        Peace and Love

      • phideaux

        So, just because he was raised Jewish doesn’t mean he does not admire the tactics of the Nazis and Fascism and practice them.

      • Michael J.

        So is George Soros.

      • TIME

        Dear CM 1,

        Just as a side note; Adolf Hitler was a Rothschild, if you look at pictures of many of the modern Rothschilds you can see the family

        Also check into David Icke book The Biggest Secret, where you can find more on Hitlers family tree. As most of you don’t have the ability to dig into the National Archives to find these records. David did the work for you with {all the proper – foot notes) as to where these Doucments can be found.

        So with just that wild and crazy fact of TRUTH – and keeping in mind that Hilter has been noted as the 20th Centry’s most well know person who hated Jews. Yet he was of Jewish blood! Go figure.

        Can I get a shout out for what is a “Zionist” Alex for 500.

        Peace and Love

      • s c

        Hey, cm 1 dude, long time no rant. This will screw up your day, but for a moment ponder the fact that if it hadn’t been for Hitler targeting Jews as Germany’s untouchables, Jews would have had to choose between what amounts to the lesser of two evils [National Socialism or Communism].
        As for ‘Bloomy,’ maybe he’s related to Rahmbo in Shecawger. They seem to be made of the same “stuff.” When ‘Bloomy’ is tired of trying to act like a ‘Republican,’ maybe he’ll move to Rahmbo’s domain and the two of them can make that place even worse than Capone would have. Isn’t it amazing that such people are filthy RICH but they get treated as though they “care” about Amerika? Hypocrisy must be a religion with ‘Bloomy’ and Rahmbo.

      • pweiters9

        7/14/12, He takes money everyday.

  • Bobseeks

    The fact that Bloomberg is a “former” democrat is all I needed top know to explain his totalitarian tendencies. We are slowly giving up our freedoms to these megalomaniacs and every time that happens, a disaster follows. WWIII anyone?

    • Robert Smith

      Hmmmm, Ronald Reagan was also a former democrat and union president.

      Now I can see where the totalitarian garbage started at the top.

      Thanks for the insight.


      • FreedomFighter


        Both Jesus and Satan want a one world government. Like good and evil, light and dark, day and night

        Sadly you have choosen evil, dark, and night. The perpetual and eternal trickster, tricks all, even the very wise.In what is coming all will choose a side, like it or not, even not to choose is a choice.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

  • sean murry

    The SOB is acting like hitler.

    • Robert Smith

      Can you show us where he built any showers?


      • FreedomFighter

        Can you show he isnt planning on it, comrade?

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Big Woody

        Good question R.S. Look for the nearest FEMA camps and then learn how many of them are near NYC. Do they have showers? Or just fences?
        Has anybody put together a data base of FEMA camps, location and size?

      • Michael Big Woody, Mr. Smith look at the enclosed web site VERY interesting.

        Semper Fidelis!

        mdd1956 USMC (Retired)

  • peter

    Bloomberg kinda looks like Hitler. Then again, maybe it’s just the moustache. A little scary though. I think I would feel a little uncomfortable in his company, nothing to do with his money or his position – just him. I have always felt there are some folks who should be avoided at all costs and he would qualify in that assessment. Nothing personal here, but he seems a scary fellow.

    • my 2¢ worth

      Peter.. That ‘look’ is not unintentional.. Would you tote a hitlerstash? Do you know
      anyone who would wear a hitlerstash? To me it’s a simple message.. A (subtle?) clue, and you have three guesses.

  • TIME

    BloomButt is a 100% total NAZI PIG, – and always has been.

    Even the whole dollar he takes for his salery is not a good deal for the people of New York City, – let alone the other 50 states.

    But then again the people of New York City are not quite as smart as they all think they are! Or the fact that nearly 65% of the people living in NYC and the 5 Burgs are on {Heavy Pharm Meds.}
    Plus Just look what the effects of all that Floride in their drinking water is doing to their BRAINS! Making them compliant and stupid.

    Have you – ever look at a NYC person in the eyes, they are dead looking! Always in a rush and with no place to go.

    Now reflect back to the years 1940 – 1945 when the Germans were giving the Jewish people Floride Tabs and how compliant they became.
    Just look at the pictures of them getting off the Cattle cars, the very same look that the average NYC person has! As a matter of fact that look is quite common in DC too, oh and London, Paris, and Berlin.

    You know there just may be something to just how mindless people have become!
    I guess the question is – is it the Drugs & Floride in the drinking water? The crap they spray in the air, or all the big Pham drugs that have become a staple of the totaly neurotic city freeks?

    Is it a case of Cause and effect? You tell me I am open to learning.

    Peace and Love

    • Robert Smith

      Strange… I went to a convention at the Javits Center a little while ago.

      Everywhere I turned from the moment I got off the train until I got back to my car everyone was alive, friendly, and doing something. It was almost electric.

      I don’t know where your perception of NY came from but mine was exactly the opposite.

      NY is a alive vibrant town.


      • Michael J.

        Robert Smith,
        Though animated, Zombies are actually dead. When is the last time you checked yourself for a pulse?

      • Mike

        Robert, NYC is indeed alive and vibrant in many ways, but not so much in outward politican discussion or questioning their leaders, or god-forbid, dissidence towards their leaders. They are certainly compliant and foolish because they’re so busy with their careers and social lives that they just don’t seem to mind having so many of their personal liberties taken away from them.

        Yes, of course some people out of 8 million are upset that the Fuhr (Bloomberg) is governing their salt, soda, tobacco, and guns, but those are the minority, and some of them have been bullied for speaking out.

        Bloomburg is a major douche bag elitist who’s in love with himself and his power.

      • TIME

        Dear Mr. Smith,

        I had an office in NYC for years, as a matter of fact nearly 40 years.

        So I have had the {dis – pleasure} of watching a city die from within.

        NYC has ZERO Soul anylonger. Now its mostly hate or greed filled heartless people looking to cut each others throats for a few bucks. Had you stayed long enough you would have seen that its just plain ugly when you strip away the thin veneer.

        So you got an – “Electric feeling” – yea – thats one way of looking at CITYS – well that is if your a person who has never lived in one nor had to deal with all the passive aggressive mindless sheep within them as they just get more and more self absorbed and nasty daily.

        Peace and Love

      • froggy1944

        Yea run by a nazi

    • Margot

      Hey there TIME, as a New Yorker living in NYC I really take offense to your comment. Yeah we have time schedules to keep and we would like to take a breathe of fresh air and not have to rush, but with traffic and congestion always happening, whether it be public transportation or private, we can’t. Most of us see whats happening with Bloomberg especially supporting Muslims over Christians and Jews, we are not blind. We were absolutely shocked he supported the building of the Mosque in the shadow of 9/11 holocaust and wondered what planet he came from. Bloomberg is a ***** jerk, 100% agree but New Yorkers aren’t stupid and we do see Crystal clear whats going between Bloomberg, Schumer, Peliosi, Gilbrand and Obama! We can clearly see the Bull **** Flying between them and the lies coming at us!

      • TIME

        Dear Margot,

        Wow you take offence to my post, why is that again?

        Look I walked away from New York – we even sold our home only for what we had in it. As in “NO profit” – let me be quite clear – we could have made a killing. But we chose to just get out while the getting out – was still an option.

        Are there some good folks still in NYC or Long Island, yes; but their numbers are so small that they would be better served to move the hell out – and let the crap go down the drain.

        Really, Margot I ask you have you not seen NYC rotting to its core over the years? The sickness that infest it is beyond any words I can post.
        Its now nearly as bad as when the DINK was the mayor, thats when pure greed was King!

        Be that as it may, I wish you all the best of luck, really please do think about an other state where the sickness is not as evil as it is in NYC. Its not just D’s the R’s are just as bad.

        Peace and Love

      • phideaux

        “Most of us see whats happening with Bloomberg especially supporting Muslims over Christians and Jews, we are not blind. We were absolutely shocked he supported the building of the Mosque in the shadow of 9/11 holocaust and wondered what planet he came from. Bloomberg is a ***** jerk, 100% agree but New Yorkers aren’t stupid and we do see Crystal clear whats going between Bloomberg, Schumer, Peliosi, Gilbrand and Obama! We can clearly see the Bull **** Flying between them and the lies coming at us!”

        Margot you are either a lier or totaly blind. If what you say is true then Bloomberg would no longer be in office you would have voted him out the last election.

    • msbets

      I pretty much a known fact that people who live in New York, think there is no one else outside it’s borders, they really are a bunch of kooks.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        All of New Yorkers by your words are kooks. What an amazing fellow you see yourself as that you have contact with every New Yorker and Know them all personally with all their burdens,
        Did you by chance consider that they have adapted to life in the beehive with its’ limitations?

  • mark

    Yeah, Bloomberg is a totalitarian, another Hitler. Is there no cuckoo clock, obscene, and immoral analogy that you loons will not stoop to? Ronald Reagan invaded Grenada and Lebanon. Hitler invaded France and Russia. Therefore Ronald Reagan is Hitler. No! That is totally false – and what is known as a logical fallacy. Jumping to ludicrous, vastly exaggerated conclusions over small, unconnected, and specious comparisons. Hitler was a vegetarian. Most hippies in San Francisco were vegetarians. Therefore all hippies are Hitler! I mean, come on people. This is stuff we learned was irrational in high school logic classes. Have any of you ever gone to high school, including the author of this piece?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You may have taken a logic class but it does not appear that you learned anything from it.

      • Love

        Excuse me, but I am amazed to hear that you think that there have been riots in Madrid ??? What kind of news do you have un America? Yes, we have had some big but eailntssely pacific demonstrations by people fed up with the unemployment rate that the politicians have not been able to handle so far, but apart from a group of people that has been camping in the center of Madrid ( Puerta del Sol ) for several weeks to annoy the regional government (which is conservative), no disturb has occurred. And this camping has been possible because the central (socialist) government was in no hurry to stop it, they have become good pals pretty fast. Riots have occurred in Cairo, London, but not in Madrid. I am amazed the mayor of New York does not know that.

    • Ted Crawford

      You might have been better served had you attended a few more History and Civics classes !

    • Rick

      Mark Single events are not the basis of any comparasion between Bloomberg and Hitler. They looking at actions and attitudes. Both have used violent situations to gain both power and to take the rights of the people away. All with the promise of doing it for their own good. And check your history, When Reagan when into Grenada he when to free americana citizens being held hostage and then got out. and Lebennon was a UN effeort. And as for the comparing having body gaurds the difference is that all the ones others named had them but denied the people the same right to defend themselves. you have taken out of context and totally mssed the point of what is being said.

    • coal miner 1

      They ought to stop smoking that stuff,smoke Coal Miner Golds.Ha Ha Ha

      • Ster

        I have to agree with James. The statement is not very dumb. A sicagfiinnt contributing factor to unrest in Egypt was a highly education yet unemployed population. I am assuming that Bloomberg was not suggesting we stop educating our children, but rather that we need to get folks jobs. (If he was saying the former then, yeah, that is dumb.)

  • Rich

    Bloomy goes around with armed body guards, while he deines the rest of NYC the same means of self defense. Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Mao, & Obama do and did the same.

    • mark

      Right, as a presidential candidate Ron Paul now has bodyguards. Therefore Ron Paul is just like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. Justine Bieber has bodyguards. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao had bodyguards. Therefore Justin Bieber is just like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. There is no difference whatsover between them because they have this one thing in common. Pol Pot chewed gum. Your grandmother chewed gum. Therefore your grandmother is exactly like Pol Pot. The genius of the participants on this blog is truly inspiring.

      • Ted Crawford

        You continually prove two points here Mark; First that you have richly earned The title created for you by L’Umanita and that P.T. Barney was, indeed correct !

      • phideaux

        Wrong mark. In none of the examples you gave are those being protected by bodyguards advocating or forcing others to do without firearms for personal protection.

      • TIME

        Dear Mark,

        OMG, you have to be kiding right?

        You can’t be really thinking that way, – can you?

        No one can that has any gray matter, as what you posted is utterly let alone totaly absurd by any standard.

        Come on dude get real will ya.

        Peace and Love

    • coal miner 1

      Rich says:

      July 12, 2012 at 9:14 am

      “Bloomy goes around with armed body guards, while he deines the rest of NYC the same means of self defense. Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Mao, & Obama do and did the same”
      All heads of state do.

      • Imagine That

        Maybe so but Republican politicians recognize that the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States protects an individual right to keep and bear arms, the 10th Amendment might dictate ‘state’s rights’ but the 14th Amendment states no state shall create a law denying a right to a law-abiding citizen and this, my friends, is EXACTLY what Bloomberg has done and is the exact reason I moved away from that (expletive deleted) six years ago.

  • 45caliber

    If we allow the government to take our guns, as they have in NYC, this is the type of thing we can expect from them. Bloomy has at least half a dozen heavily armed guards that go everywhere with him to keep him protected while no one in NYC except the police and politicians are allowed to carry (except a very few select people who pay for the privilege). He can do what he wishes without any worries. And that is what Washington wants as well.

  • cerebus23

    I laughed when a man that essentially owns the media in ny got elected, really even if the guy was the most hateful war monger that ever lived how would his own press say anything against him?

    And he parleyed that into getting them to lift the tern limits, even more hilarious. now this guy has a free ticket as far as the eye can see, god help us all if he ever runs for pres. Watch out if he starts buying up more national media down the road folks…..

    • Rick

      You are right he has done all ths but the people of New York keep electing him. So they must like having their rights taken at the will of this self-improtant jerk.One thing He may want to thinbk about Hitler had thousends of bodyguards and he still ended up dead. maybe he will show the same strenght oas hitler and will take himself out.I will donate the bullet same for the Kenyan jerk in the whote house and his trained ape Holder.

  • Justice4All

    I see NYC as the center of a world that most citizens recognize to be only a part of the upcoming demise of a (once ) GREAT COUNTRY. The Northeast states have been and are becoming even more the epicenter of the Socialist earthquake trying to encompass the entire nation.
    There are remedies to stop the harm that we have already endured, but time is not on our side. Each of us much regain our independence, our backbone, our ideals and remove all that would be a cancer on the American way of life.
    So to speak, we need to stand up or give up. What’s the answer?

    GOD Bless The U.S.A.

    • Cicera

      I’m pretty sure the driese to overthrow the government arises largely from economic difficulty. Corruption, cronyism, highly unequal distribution of wealth, and the like don’t seem so bad when the people are doing OK themselves. It’s when the majority of the people have time to sit around and think about what they don’t have that they start to notice problems in their government.

  • Thinking About

    It is interesting to have Bloomberg as a national socialist because of the stop and frisk, now I know how to label Sheriff Joe and his bunch, they are national socialists and this makes stopping anyone to harrass them, the gun laws was before Bloomberg went into office so he is just doing his duty as a mayor of NY.

    • 45caliber

      Sorry but Sheriff Joe and his men do not “stop and frisk”. All they do is ask for ID – just as your local cop does when he stops you for speeding and wants to see your license. Please don’t try to twist things into something they aren’t – but then that’s the liberal way to argue isn’t it?

  • ROGER, Irish -Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    “Elite”, “Control Freak”…come on…lets call a “Spade a Spade”.the man is a Zionist.

    Notwithstanding the “Constitutional Violations”, I’m kind of old fashioned-I DON’T believe the “End Justifies the Means” when it is stated “Crime is down”……..
    NO, and actually, crime is NOT down when you consider the constitutional abrogations. CRIME IS UP and in a BIG way !!!

  • revnowwhilewecan

    I’m from Boston so I guess me commenting on anything new york would be biased, so I won’t.

  • daniel

    California cities going bankrupt for bad spending policies. New York having Bloomberg dictating life in New York even to the table. They are great examples as to why we have self governing entities at local levels. That gives everyone a chance to try new and different things and to toss out what does not work. I would say New York and California qualify for the dumpster of failed experiments. Now if we can get some states rights back.

  • Vil Rovner

    I agree with the author of this letter. Where I disagree is that we can actually exercise our rights and expect government to comply. Unless we remove all of these (expletive deleted) from power by force, it’s only a matter of when, not if, we will see oppression on such a level as to make the loss of freedom that we’ve experienced thus far look like pleasant times.

  • Karen

    I suspect, but certainly hope I’m wrong, that NY will eventually be swallowed up by it’s own politics, or natural disasters. I and my family stay as far away as possible from large cities such as NY, although, in the end, it may not matter where someone lives.

  • my 2¢ worth

    Why the hell is this idiot wearing a hitlerstash?? Couldn’t he have just come out and tell everybody what he is?

  • T.L.

    Adolf Hitler was one quarter Jewish, Bloomberg is 100%. Both certainly don’t follow what the Jewish Faith preaches. At least the unadultered Faith, if such still exists in this crowd. Power always corrupts, a lot of people, more proportionally, the quote “jewish” who have read and followed the polluted word that is their guidence. Anyone with this kind of power should be brought in line, kiciked out of office before they do “Re-write” their oath to the people. It is obvious where this guy is going, NYC is to be his “Fiefdom”, and you will be his “stooge”. So much for NYC being the melting pot for America. I would rather have the 1978 Big Apple with rude people and trash strikes representing a “melting pot” of the USA than the “Modern” Nanny-City that is now NYC. Send the Statue of Lberty West where LIBERTY still means LBERTY. Let MASTER BLOOMBERG have his STATUE- one of a Gestappo dressed Thug with a lighted NYC Police badge, stand in NY Harbor.

  • Steven Alvin York

    The facts are: No one should serve more than two terms, according to Jefferson. Precisely because crap like this happens. Bloomberg said he wanted a 3rd term so he could HELP NY get thru its financial crisis. He spent $60 million getting elected After the Law was changed to allow it. He beat a black candidate who was a Democrat. He HIRED an Israeli MOSSAD Chief, Shabtai Shavit, as a counterterrorist organizer for the NYFD, to “prepare for future terrorrist attacks”. Shavit was top recruiter for the Mossad, which is greedy, lazy, conceited, selfish and ultra right wing fascist. It has its own hit squads. It wages war by Lying and lied to get us into Iraq. It is now lying, with Netanyahu to get us to help it bomb Iran. It has a hit out on President Obama because it does not want peace, which he does, does not want to give back the land it stole in 1967 with land swaps, but wants War or Unconditional Surrender. Shavit is the number one advocate of bombing Iran. I heard Net. say Iran might send an ICBM into Manhattan with a nuclear weapon. Alyona on RTV said she heard Israel is going to nuke NY and blame it on Iran! Someone here (Lieberman?) is selling Israel 23 Stealth bombers to bomb Iran, which is ready to shut off 90% of the oil here via the Straits of Hormuz. It has 11,000 conventional SAMs from Russia which it can use to shoot down 12 jets/rocket. The Saudis have already agreed to look the other way on the flyover. Ed Koch is working for the Mossad which got him to stop Jesse Jackson from winning the NY primary and recently got him to get a Reb put in Wiener’s place instead of supporting the Democratic candidate because he might not support Israel’s bombing of Iran like the Republican candidate (and Romney) would.

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  • Z.K.

    This man is a hater of all non-Jews.
    I experience it firsthand, and he thinks that he is right with his racism.

    10 years I never thought … but now I believe it almost that Israel(Jews) knew about 9/11 before it happened. It was a good chance to drag the USA in armed conflicts against whose enemies. And it worked.
    ” No American lifes in a war for Israel ”

    Ariel Sharon former prime minister of Israel said:
    “…. don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it. ”

    Hitler was an Austrian-Catholic nothing else he was not even a German.


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