Bloomberg’s Gun-Control Group Eats Its Own With Ads Assassinating Democrats Who Break Rank

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Mayors Against Illegal Guns, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s charity for municipal elected Democrats who view gun control as a palliative for urban violence, is being less than charitable to a few U.S. Senators who helped defeat the Manchin-Toomey gun control bill last month.

Funny thing is, those Senators are Democrats, too. Because, when it comes to social engineering projects that subvert the Constitution, Bloomberg’s grand agenda is too myopic to let party solidarity get in the way.

It’s potentially damaging to Democrats’ control over the Senate — sufficiently damaging, in fact, to prompt Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to implore Bloomberg to back off attack-ad TV spots against vulnerable Senate Democrats in Alaska, Arkansas, Montana and North Dakota.

But Bloomberg doubled down instead. His group already is prepping hit pieces against Democratic Senators Mark Begich of Alaska, Mark Pryor of Arkansas and Max Baucus of Montana. Mayors Against Illegal Guns has also indicated it’s not done with Democratic Montana Senator Heidi Heitkamp, who, like all of the Democrats in Bloomberg’s crosshairs, sided with Republicans last month to stop the Manchin-Toomey gun bill.

Never mind the fact that waging a PR campaign, one designed to defeat Democrats who break rank with the party on gun control, can only help the targeted districts elect Republican candidates whose 2nd Amendment views distance them even further from the Bloomberg gun agenda.

The internal party fragmentation, especially because it involves such a well-funded adversary in Bloomberg, is rocking the boat. Congressional Democrats are fuming, with one anonymously telling POLITICO: “How does hurting Mark Pryor help them? I just don’t see how it gets them where they want to go.”

There’s likely to be a gun-control encore in the Senate this summer, with sponsor Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) telling the Sunday talk show crowd he’s prepping revisions to the failed gun-control bill that will, surely, have his Republican colleagues jumping on board next time around.

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Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • Don 2

    Good, get rid of all Democrats at every level of government. If they vote against gun-control measures, it is only because they face re-election. Once re-elected, they will turn against their Constitutional oath and support more anti-2nd. Amendment measures. They are not to be trusted.

  • FreedomFighter

    Lucifer demands then extracts a heavy price for defiance by his followers, its why democraps eat there own.

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

  • americalandofthefree

    It never ceases to amaze me how childish Democrats can be. they call republicans bullies in the play ground then turn around and start throwing mud when nothing else fails. I’m not saying republicans are perfect but Bloomberg sure helps point out that democrats are more childlike and bullies than most. I wonder when the government is going to take the blinders off and actually look at the true facts on gun control and a number of other items. FACT: Every state that has some kind of gun control has a higher crime rate than those that dont. Fact: ObamaCare is putting people out of work and shortening many workers ours to 30 a week. There will be no full time jobs soon (thank you Obama). And there will be more people who cant afford Ins or pay the so called penalty (tax). FACT: Amnesty will cut more of hurt on jobs that are already scarce plus on the systems for benefits FOOD STAMPS for one. FACT: Internet tax is going to be a nightmare for states.trying to figure out who sent what and if its correct. States will have thousands of checks for small amounts of money EACH MONTH that they will have to process. Our government does not think. Would it not be better to allow the state with the seller collect that state tax and send it to there state? Gee that would help that state. But instead the government wants sellers to figure out the tax for each state then each month figure out home they collected and send 20 – 49 checks to different states. Does any one in WASHINGTON actually have a brain??

    • Patti Patterson

      And what will be REALLY fun is that everyone will make friends in Oregon, ask THEM to buy the internet stuff and send it. No state taxes in Oregon.

      • randy

        So paying double the shipping is saving money?

  • Timothy Marvin

    I cannot believe the people of BY GOD WEST VIRGINIA voted in a gun

    The internet tax, the gov’t wants everyone to have as much paperwork as they have. That way people have to hire more bean counters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smaller gov’t is the only way to go!!!! Quit voting for these vote pandering yoyo’s!!!!!

    • Lori

      you are so funny

      • Justsomeguy151

        Libtards WOULD be funny, if they weren’t trying to destroy our nation and murder us all.

    • rp

      Manchin promoted himself as a conservative Dem. Said he wouldn’t be a rubber stamp vote for ObamaCare. He proved it by shooting a copy of the bill with a hunting rifle. Well, that was a lie. Manchin showed that he could not be trusted after he was elected. When push comes to shove, this man will always side with the Dems, he is not the independent thinker he portrayed himself. Manchin took the place of Robert Byrd and I think his term is only a partial one and may be about up. He may be in a lot of trouble the next time around. Rockefeller is going to retire and with the Dems attacking the coal industry, it leaves WV very vulnerable to the Dems losing federal control of the state for the first time in years. The Dems are finding it hard to hang onto a state without Robert Byrd’s help and their anti coal industry stance. Obama didn’t win here for reelection. The tide is changing.

  • momo

    Remind me to buy those Democratic senators a big gulp, then Bloomberg would have two reasons to go after them!

  • securityman

    they have their own F.B.I. report that says more guns=less crime and they still want to grab them. i used to pour concrete and it was not as dense as the brains are in D.C.

  • Michael Shreve

    May they succeed in unseating Democrat, liberal, progressive, communists due to their SINGLE issue zeal.

  • Dragon 1

    Bloomberg thinks he’s President and his cronies are his toilet paper. He is like an animal in a trp he will chew his own foot off just to stay in charge. Him and Obama live in that fantasy world: Known as I’m right and everyone else is an Idiot and your to listen to me as I am a GOD compared to you. I have no use for either of the IDIOTS !!

  • Don 2

    Gun Control Made the Holocaust Possible – No More Nazi Gun Control Laws in America
    Regulations Against Jews’ Possession of Weapons – 11Nov1938

    • Robbie

      Have a look at my posting right above yours. Wondering what you think of the grannie in Texas who gave a gun (one of those Cricket guns for kids) to a 5 year old who then blew away his 3 year old sister. I was just recalling that saying that the best way to stop someone with a gun is to have one yourself. I guess grannie should have armed the 3 year old as well so that she could have protected herself. But I think them shooting it our right near the store would have been dangerous what with other shoppers around and all. Grannie should have put them in the backyard where they could have had a shootout with no danger to others. Amazing stuff eh?

  • Robbie

    A news report out of Texas today is so neat. It’s about guns and I’m sure Texans generally won’t mind this report because they do love their guns down there.

    So a grandmother brings her two grandchildren – one is 3 and one is 5 – to the store. She sees an ad that promotes a real gun for children. It’s called the Cricket or something fun sounding like that. You can never be too young to start shooting says the ad. So granny buys a gun for the 5 year old. Some ammo as well. Not much use in having fire power without some ammo. Within a couple of minutes junior load up and blows his 3 year old sister away. Blows her away real good. Fun times. Did the Founding Fathers ever think a 5 year old could be part of “a well regulated militia”? I wonder how grannie feels about guns now.